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Hope New York Holds You

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Sofia needed two happy moms. Two happy moms and not two unhappy moms, right? That was what Arizona Robbins reminded herself for the nth time as she pulled up the driveway of Callie and Penny’s house with the child she fought so hard for.

“Thank you,” The brunette cried as she ran to give her ex-wife a hug of gratitude.

Arizona’s inner voice chanted “don’t cry, don’t cry” like a mantra as she feebly to curve her lips upwards through the pain of losing the two most important people in her life.

Arizona’s inner voice screamed “don’t cry, don’t cry” as she watched the love of her life build a family across the country with another woman and her own daughter. Her heart ached; it was like the plane crash again----the utter hopelessness that ensued having everything ripped away from her.

Arizona’s inner voice begged, “don’t cry, don’t cry” as the heavy mahogany door slapped shut on her now tear-stained face.

“How could I have let this happen?” Arizona exhaled as she strolled back to her car in melancholic silence, not daring to look into the happy household behind her.

Maybe some music will help. She thought while driving through the city to sedate her emotions.

“All my demons run wild.
All my demons have your smile.
In the city of angels, in the city of angels.
Hope New York holds you;
Holds you like I do.
While my demons stay faithful
In the city of angels-”

Oh, for fuck’s sake, way to pour acid on the wound. This is going to be one hell of a ride.