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Aether would stay in Inazuma for a little bit longer after bringing peace to the nation and coming to an understanding with Ei, but there had been something gnawing at him since he left. 

Mondstadt felt like home with the first friends he’d ever met, always there to greet him and give him a place among their ranks in the Knights of Favonius or even as a regular customer at Angel’s Share. Inazuma now saw him as a hero, the one who helped calm the storm raging at the border and helped those hiding in the dark to keep their visions and see the light of day again. 

But Liyue was the place where two particular alphas lived. 

Being an omega was hard enough in his line of work. Unexpected heats changed his plans more often than he would have liked, nearly every unmated alpha he met was keen on courting him, but he would waste precious time if he complained. Suppressants were enough to stave it off for the most part, but even then, it was difficult. 

It was especially difficult with those two. 

When he first met Childe after being rescued, he could tell every fiber of the alpha’s being was set on keeping himself restrained. He would lean in a little too close to get a whiff of his scent before standing back, trying to mask his own pheromones the best he could, but no one would be able to hide the pungent aroma of an interested and, frankly, very horny alpha. Even the smallest whiff of Childe’s scent made him weak at the knees, the smallest glimpse of sweaty skin made him melt, and his heart leaped whenever he bared his fangs at an opponent. His inner omega had fallen hard, hard enough for fantasies of him to plague his heats.

And Zhongli? Oh, Zhongli. Zhongli carried himself with pure confidence and composure, always sure of himself and his own abilities. His inner omega saw him as the most capable mate to provide for him and swooned whenever those cor lapis eyes locked with his own. He heard him growl exactly once when they went on a walk and another alpha got too close, and Aether almost wished he could hide the smell of slick that he immediately secreted. Almost. The reaction he got out of Zhongli, how those eyes cut through him like hot knives, wanting and nearly feral despite his composure still being impeccable, was enough to haunt him forever. 

But he couldn’t have both. He knew this. It wasn’t like an omega having multiple mates was unheard of. It was just... Zhongli and Childe just never got along. Aether knew they were interested in him too by how often they fought in front of him, Childe bearing his teeth and growling when Zhongli got too close followed by Zhongli emitting a possessive scent so strong it made Aether’s head spin. 

But that was a month ago. It had been a long month not seeing either of them, but a month nonetheless. Hopefully, given that he didn’t have much time to daydream about the two alphas compared to before, everything would be a little more relaxed now. 

The boat Aether took back was now parked at the harbor. He considered going home with Beidou’s crew, but he wanted to surprise her too with his sudden visit. He took careful steps down it, setting his feet onto solid land that still felt like it was swaying a little. He took in the sight of the harbor and breathed in the warm, humid air. 

Just as he remembered it. He felt welcome already. The atmosphere around him was akin to coming home from work to a warm meal sitting on the dining room table. 

“Paimon’s so glad to be back!” Paimon cheered from next to him. “It’s been a long journey. That calls for some grilled tiger fish, doesn’t it?”

Aether rang out a laugh as they both began to stroll into the city. “I could eat,” he decided with a smile. “And, I guess that means I have to treat you too-”

“Aether? Is that you?! Aether!”

Aether’s head followed the voice that called out to him, and before he could process who was sprinting full-speed ahead in his direction, Childe slammed his body against his in an embrace. Aether was lifted in the air and spun around as Childe heartily laughed before being set down again while Childe’s hands still firmly grasped his waist. 

“What a pleasant surprise!” Childe exclaimed. “Is your journey in Inazuma over already? How was it?”

“It was, well… A lot,” Aether returned with a wobbly smile he managed through the thick of smelling Childe’s seaspray musk that was always intoxicating, but especially now. “But I’m back! It’s good to see you again.”

“It’s good to see you too!” Childe beamed. “I know it’s only been a month, but it feels like it’s been forever!”

“Ah, Aether. It’s lovely to see you again.”

Aether didn’t need to look up to know that baritone voice as smooth as melted chocolate was Zhongli. They met eyes, Zhongli smiled tenderly, then he stepped next to Childe to take Aether's hand. 

“It has been a while,” Zhongli hummed. “How have you been? I wish to hear about your journeys.”

“Me too!” Childe cheered. “What about dinner on me tonight? What are you doing tonight?!”

Still the excitable puppy I remember him as, Aether thought to himself with a smile. 

“I would also like to treat you to a meal,” Zhongli nodded. “You should be properly welcomed into Liyue after such a long journey. You deserve to rest.”

And the same hospitable gentleman I remember him as. 

“No, I offered first,” Childe said quickly. “We’re going to dinner tonight."

“Childe, it would be quite unfair for you to take him alone.”

And… They’re both just as possessive as I remember them being. 

He should have anticipated them fighting a little more. Aether fanned away the heat that crossed his face, shifted his weight, and licked the dryness away from his lips. 

The heat…?


Oh no.

Was it seeing both of them together that made him feel like this? Yes, that must be it. It had to be. His heat wasn’t due for another week, so it should be fine. He was fine. 

The slick that started to accumulate between his legs said otherwise. And, from the way both the alphas froze in place, Aether knew they knew. 


“H-How about we just go together?” Aether offered without thinking. 

“Yeah!” Paimon pitched in. Aether nearly forgot she was there with all that was running through his mind. “Paimon is starving. Paimon would love…”

Paimon paused, met Aether’s gaze, then a small frown crossed her face. She opened her mouth to speak, but Childe swiftly beat her to it. 

“That’s a wonderful idea! How about we all go to Wanmin together? It’s around dinner time after all!”

“That works for me,” Zhongli smiled. “And you, Aether? How does that sound?”

“Paimon just remembered!” Paimon loudly announced. “Paimon and Aether both promised to… say hi to Qiqi as soon as we came back! We have to go, but we’ll meet you for dinner! How's five?”

Zhongli paused before nodding once more. “So soon? Very well, if that's all the time you need, we will see you both at dinner then.”

“Don’t miss me too much, comrade!” Childe called as Paimon took Aether’s hand and began to drag him away, pulling him out of Childe’s grasp on his hips and Zhongli’s hand holding his own. Aether followed her, ignoring the heat that was pulsing through his entire body in waves. 

It wasn’t a heat. Just… a false alarm. He couldn’t be cursed with a heat at a time like this, could he?

“Are you okay?” Paimon asked in a hushed voice. “You look like you’re about to… You know…”

Aether sighed, pulled out the bottle of suppressants Baizhu gave him the last time he was in Liyue, and shook two pills out. “I’ll be alright,” he smiled with a shaky voice. “Don’t worry.” Aether popped both of the pills in his mouth, swallowed thickly, and released a shaky breath. 

“Paimon thinks we should get you some iced water and a place to rest,” Paimon frowned. “Paimon can help you go back to the teapot then go play with Qiqi until it’s… done.”

Aether let out a small sigh. “I’ll be alright,” he smiled. 

Paimon paused before speaking. “Do you… still need privacy?” She asked sheepishly. “Paimon doesn’t mind getting you water and more medicine, but if Paimon needs to leave…”

“Yeah,” he found himself saying without knowing why he was agreeing. “I think I need some privacy.”

It wasn't because he wanted alone time with Zhongli and Childe, of course. But, he could apologize later and deal with… whatever was going on when dinner was over. Yes, that was a good plan.

“You’ll find Paimon if you need something, won’t you?”

Aether laughed weakly. Hopefully these pills would kick in soon. “I promise. Don’t worry, Paimon. I’m a tough cookie to crack.”

Paimon was silent for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay,” she agreed. “See you later?”

“See you later.”

With that, Paimon vanished into a cloud of sparkles and Aether slowly began to feel himself cool down. He didn’t feel back to his usual self yet, but it was enough. He tucked the pills back in his pocket with a sigh. Maybe it was just a flash before his scheduled heat arrived in a week. Flashes were a thing, right?

“Not going to play with Qiqi?”

Aether turned to see Childe and Zhongli approaching. “You can walk with us if you’re still hanging around,” Childe offered. 

“We would greatly appreciate your company,” Zhongli added, and Aether found himself smiling. 

“Paimon went ahead without me, so I’ll go with you guys.”

Another wave of heat passed through him and he began to fear two pills weren’t enough. But, even then, he knew it was too late to bail to have another miserable five days alone with his fingers in the teapot. 

Not that he would have to, of course. These were not pre-heat symptoms. Not at all.




Wanmin was only a short distance walk, and thankfully no longer than that. He could already smell the aroma of food cooking, warm and soothing, enough to distract him from the warmth pooling in his stomach. Aether swallowed all of his worries when they walked through the door, they were greeted with chatter ringing off the walls, then Aether caught eyes with Xiangling. 

The beta immediately lit up, scrambling over herself to run up to the trio, nearly knocking down a server bringing a tray of food to a nearby table. After exclaiming apologies, she quickly darted all the way towards them and closed all the space between Aether and her in a tight embrace with a ringing laugh. 

“Aether!” She nearly sobbed. “Oh, you’re going to give me a heart attack from just showing up out of the blue like that! I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too,” Aether returned with a wobbly smile. “It’s good to see you again!”

Xiangling sniffed and beamed at him. “You too!” She cheered before directing her attention to the two alphas, who Aether just noticed were frowning a little in her direction and filling the air with an unmistakably possessive scent. With a small yelp, Xiangling quickly stepped back from their hug and gestured towards them. “Mr. Zhongli and Mr. Tartaglia! I’m so glad to see you two too! I feel like this is a great big reunion we must celebrate with a feast! Come on and sit down! I’ll take your orders. Springvale boar is back on the menu, by the way!”

“That sounds delicious,” Zhongli smiled as Xiangling led them to their table while bouncing on her toes. On the way, Aether felt Childe lean down next to him, gently ghosting the shell of his ear with warm breath. It sent a sharp shudder down his spine he wasn't able to repress. 

“Are you alright?” Childe asked gently. “You look a little pale.”

“I’m alright!” Aether assured quickly with a small laugh. “I still have sea legs, that's all.”

You know what? Maybe that was it. Otherwise, the suppressant pills would have helped a little bit more… right? It was sea legs that were making him tremble as he felt a little more slick spill out of him. 

Gods damn it all, body! Why are you doing all of these things?!

“Right here!” Xiangling beamed. “Go on and sit down! What’ll you have to drink?”

“Bring some jasmine tea for the table and water for me,” Zhongli’s soothing voice hummed. It made Aether feel dizzy all over again. He almost wanted to tell him to keep talking just for the sake of listening to him. 

“I’ll have the same!” 

Aether stumbled through his words before he managed to speak, crossing his legs in an attempt to make his issue a little less obvious as he masked it with a smile. “I’ll have s-some iced water.”

“Coming right up!”

With that, Xiangling disappeared, leaving them alone. When she was out of earshot, Zhongli leaned in with a small frown. 

“Are you alright?” He asked quietly. “You don’t look well.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same,” Childe added. “Do you need anything?”

“N-No, it’s fine,” Aether smiled. “I’m alright. Still just a little seasick is all!”

Maybe he could pop some more pills if he were discreet about it. If he could just reach in his pocket from under the table without them noticing…

“If you need to leave, we may,” Zhongli frowned. “We don’t want to keep you if you are feeling sick.”

“No, it’s alright!” Aether assured again. “I’m feeling… absolutely fine. I promise.”

“Waters all around!” 

Just as quickly as she disappeared, Xiangling was back with their drinks. “I’ll be back later with that tea,” Xiangling hummed as she set their glasses down in front of each of them. “In the meantime, do you know what you want to order?”

“Springvale boar,” Aether smiled. Maybe having a little taste of Mondstadt would make him feel better.

“The same!” Childe beamed while Aether reached in his pocket to feel for the pill bottle.

“I’m also interested in trying it,” Zhongli nodded as Aether uncapped the bottle with a single hand and reached in to grab three more pills.

“Three Springvale boars and one pot of jasmine tea coming right up!”

Xiangling skipped away, Aether held his iced water, and he involuntarily let out a sigh when the coolness touched his fingers. With his other hand, and while they were both looking away, he brought the pills to his mouth, and-

Right before he could swallow them down with the water, Zhongli locked eyes with him and Aether watched his expression drop. Aether choked on his water as soon as he processed his piercing gaze, covered his mouth with his elbow as he coughed and tears stung his eyes, and he felt two pills fall to his lap. 

How graceful of him. 

He looked down as he felt both of their eyes piercing through him, wiped his mouth with a nearby napkin that he only realized was Zhongli’s when he sat down in his lap, then he cleared his throat. 

“E-Excuse me,” he stuttered. 

Zhongli leaned forward a little, hesitated, then to Aether’s horror, he spoke in a mumble. 

“Aether, if you are entering a heat, you shouldn’t be in public. We should return you home.”

He was right, but Aether felt like dying once he heard Zhongli say it out loud, the all composed and sophisticated Zhongli. He felt morbidly embarrassed and the feeling only intensified when Childe spoke in turn. 

“Yeah, you should rest,” Childe frowned. “I had a hunch. You know you can just tell us if you want to go home, right?”

Aether sputtered out a few sounds before speaking. “I d-didn’t want to wait any longer to see you, hnng!”

When his thighs rubbed the wrong way together, he felt a wave of heat wash through his entire body. He felt sweat accumulate on his forehead, more slick in between his legs, and worst of all, more eyes on him. He immediately started to pick up on the scent of responding alphas, their instinct making them turn their heads in his direction and sniff the air. 

Fuck, of all the times. Of all the times. It was undeniable now and Aether felt like crawling in a hole. 

Nothing but a preheat felt like this.

“Let’s take you back,” Childe decided aloud, standing up while Zhongli followed him. “You shouldn’t be out when you’re like this.”

“N-No, it’s-”

“We’re taking you back Aether,” Zhongli insisted. “That’s settled.”

Fuck, Aether wished his commanding tone didn’t make his heat pulse through him even more. And, when Childe touched his arm to lead him to stand up, he had to cover his mouth to suppress another sound. 

And when Zhongli took his other arm? Aether felt the corners of his vision black out. 

Two alphas. Two alphas. Two of them… 

He was so absorbed in having two unmated alphas’ hands on him that he barely processed Childe apologizing to Xiangling and paying their tab while Zhongli emitted a soothing scent. It made Aether involuntarily sigh and a purr rumble from his chest as he scooted closer to that scent until he was flush against Zhongli’s side, nuzzling into his shoulder and… 

That wasn’t appropriate. 

The sound of the restaurant door closing behind him pulled him out of his daze. Both of the alphas escorted him to the side, outside of earshot, then with a shaky voice, Childe spoke. 

“Do you need help getting to the teapot?” He asked. “We can get you settled and have dinner on another day.”

“N-No, I have more pills,” Aether exhaled. “We can still hang out-”

“Aether, no,” Zhongli insisted again, and Aether keened. “We’re taking you back. You’re in no shape to go on an outing as of now.”

Aether felt a whine rise from the back of his throat, and before he could stop himself, he was speaking. 

“B-But I don’t want to be alone.”

The words hung in the air for a while, long enough for the two alphas to fully process them while Aether stood in pure horror for saying that out loud. Then, after an eternity of terribly thick silence, a small smile crossed Childe’s face. 

“Don’t want to be alone?” He almost cooed. “Do you need help?”

“Childe, not now,” Zhongli whispered, but his voice was even shakier and Aether could see his fists balled in restraint. “It may not be the best time to ask-”


They both turned to him, and after a pause, Childe nodded. “Yeah. Help.”

Aether felt himself frown. “But… W-Won’t that make Zhongli jealous?”

“Jealous?” Zhongli asked. “Why would that make me jealous?”

Aether blinked through confusion so strong it made his symptoms more bearable. “Well,” he said slowly, “you two kind of… fight over me. A lot, actually. So… Why aren’t you…?”

Zhongli cracked a small laugh. “I admit, in the past we were a bit competitive over you, but it won’t be an issue anymore,” he smiled. “During your absence, we actually came to an agreement.”

Aether furrowed his eyebrows. 

“He’s right!” Childe beamed. “We’re a couple now. There won’t be any more fighting over you.” 

While Aether had a hunch they liked each other for a while, this was still surprising, especially considering how much they fought over his time. He’d heard of two of the same sub-gender getting together before, but these two were especially territorial. And, if they were a couple, why were they still insisting to help him through his heat?

Aether wondered how they came to this agreement as he smiled through his confusion. “Congratulations for getting together. B-But… I’m confused. If you’re a couple, why did you ask if I need… help? ”

“Oh, that’s quite simple,” Zhongli smiled. “It’s part of the contract I made, actually.”

“To sum it up, we decided that, as a couple, we won’t be selfish but rather share everything as a unit in equal balance,” Childe added on. “You know, housework, date planning, and everything else. It helped solve a lot of territorial disputes, too.”

That was nice, but it didn’t explain anything-

“That’s why we agreed to share you too, Aether.”

Aether looked up once Zhongli said that last bit to both of their genuine smiles like they should be congratulated on such a decision. He blubbered through words before finally speaking. 

“Share me?!” Aether exclaimed. “W-What-“

“We know you’ve been struggling on deciding who you wanted to date, so you can have both of us now!” Childe beamed. “We’ve agreed to share everything, even you.”

“It’s only fair,” Zhongli agreed with a nod. “For this reason, we will both be courting you.”

“Together,” Childe added on with a grin. 

Aether stared at the two of them now holding hands and leaning in expectantly. He almost laughed at how ridiculous they looked, eagerly awaiting his next words like puppies staring at the treat in their owner’s hands. That’s all they were, wasn’t it? Two stupid, eager alpha puppies. Aether rolled his eyes. 

Wait… If they both wanted to share him… He wouldn’t have to choose just one anymore, would he?

Maybe he could amuse the idea. For fun, of course. Not because of… any other reason. 

“Then what do you propose as part of your ‘courting’?” Aether asked with a raised eyebrow, crossing his arms and he stared them down. “Before I left for Inazuma, both of you were at each other’s throats just to scent me. How c-can I expect you to get along now?”

“We will!” Childe promised with a pout. “Please? We’d feel terrible if you were welcomed back by spending the week wallowing in misery.”

“We simply wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves,” Zhongli nodded. “Please, Aether, you’ve done so much for us already. May we return the favor?”

Aether studied their stupid faces for a while longer. Suffering through a whole heat alone after everything that happened in Inazuma sounded dreadful, he’d admit. And… as embarrassing as it was to admit to himself… having both of them was very, very tempting. 

It wasn’t unheard of for omegas to have a pride of alphas to attend to them. He’d even heard of some high-class omegas having as many as ten alphas by their side. So, in terms of what was acceptable, it wouldn’t be too bad for him to take on their offer. Plus, it was both of them. It sounded like something out of a wet dream. 

Maybe that was the heat talking, but he hardly cared. What was the worst that could happen?


Childe’s eyes blew wide as his smile beamed across his face and even Zhongli began to visibly buzz with excitement. “Really?!” Childe exclaimed. “Y-You’re serious?! You really… Really?!”

“Traveler, you’re sure?” Zhongli muttered with eyes just as wide. “We don’t want you to accept out of obligation. You are free to choose whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“Yes, really,” Aether groaned with a roll of his eyes. They were acting way too excited. “And yes, I’m sure. Don’t ask me again before I change my mind.”

“So,” Childe began sheepishly, “can we take you home?”

Aether tilted his head. “The teapot, or…”

“Our home,” Zhongli smiled. “We moved in together.”


So… The two alphas who were on the verge of ripping one another to shreds every time Aether had a heat were a couple, living together, and offering to help him this time around? Both of them? 

Both of them. Aether hoped it was just the heat that was making his stomach bubble in excitement and arousal. He stiffened a little when he felt some slick leak out of him and smear against his thighs, but forced himself to relax while hoping they didn’t notice anything. But, given by how they both straightened up and pierced their eyes through him as the scent wafted through the air, they did. 

This was sure to be an interesting night.

“Okay,” Aether agreed. “Lead the way.”




Aether had no idea how he made the walk all the way to Childe and Zhongli’s apartment. 

Granted, he had two suppressant pills in his system and it was only a block away, but Aether still considered it an achievement. Furthermore, he was surprised Zhongli and Childe didn’t accidentally run into a streetlamp and die from a concussion from how often they turned their heads back to him and swiped their eyes across his hunched-over body that felt like it was melting with every heat wave that pulsed through him.

Aether ended up flushing his side with Childe at some point, though he didn’t exactly remember when. He had a hunch it was when an unmated alpha nearby released an interested scent, presumably because she picked up on the heat pheromones Aether could barely contain, but Childe growled so low and loud any trace of it that lingered in the air instantly vanished. But, right when Aether was snuggled up under his arm, Zhongli’s hand was around his waist and pulling him close to his own. 

Aether had a feeling it’d be like that throughout most of the night, despite both of them claiming that they were going to “share.”

When they (somehow) did make it to the door, Zhongli opened it for him like he would any guest, stepping aside and nodding with a soft smile, signaling him to enter. And, when Aether finally did, the smell of alpha everywhere was so strong it gave him a headache. 

Everything smelled like them. There must have not been an inch inside of the apartment that they didn’t rub their scent on to mark their territory as both of their own. Of course, they had to vent their absurdly possessive nature somehow, Aether thought. He’d snort if he had the energy. 

Everything smelled like them, everything, everything, everything… 

Aether drew in a breath through his teeth when he felt his scarf being dragged off from around his neck, and when he turned his head, he saw Zhongli neatly folding it to place aside while Childe’s hand found the small of his waist. It grasped it a little too tightly as Aether watched Zhongli’s every movement, how his body moved slowly despite his breathing obviously being heavy, how his expression remained stoic despite his cheeks being flush, and how his hands trembled slightly in restraint. 

This heat was becoming suffocating. It usually wasn’t this strong until the worst of it, but that wasn’t until the third day or so. This one was bound to be fun. 

Well… Maybe not “fun” in a sarcastic sense with both of them here to help him through it.

“Poor omega,” Childe cooed, leaning down a little to flutter his lips against the top of Aether’s ear, earning a hard shiver out of him. “You look like you’re suffering so much. Can we skip the formalities and help you now?”

“I imagine waiting any longer would be dreadful for you,” Zhongli agreed quietly. “We can show you to our room if you’d please.”

Aether nodded, ignoring the slick that made his thighs sticky from how low they both spoke those words.

“Y-Yeah, that sounds good.”

Then the hand on the small of Aether’s back was gently leading him to the bedroom door. Zhongli walked in front of both of them, every step echoing off the walls, then Childe leaned back in to whisper. 

“He can smell your slick.”

Aether bit down a noise as they got closer to the bedroom. 

“I can too, you know,” Childe continued to whisper. “You’re so cute, playing all polite when you’re dripping down there.”

Aether pressed his thighs together and bit his lip as Zhongli opened the bedroom door for them, and once he turned to face them, Aether could see it. He could see the undeniable desperation in his face, the restraint, the want. It made Aether weak at the knees. 

Childe led him inside, Zhongli closed the door, then all eyes were on him. 

“You must be overheating in those clothes,” Zhongli stated like he would any fact other than the undeniable quiver in his voice. “Would you be more comfortable with them removed?”

Aether whimpered this time as he nodded his head. 

“I need a verbal confirmation,” Zhongli said a bit lower. 

“Y-Yes,” Aether managed. He didn’t think he could say anything else without releasing another embarrassing sound. 

Childe’s hand snaked around to his front, his fingers trailed up his exposed midriff, then they toyed with the hem of his shirt. He pressed a kiss to Aether’s ear and spoke again in that beautiful voice. 

“May I?”

Aether swallowed. “S-Sure.”

Childe began to pull up the armor from his chest, and like a child, Aether lifted his arms so it could slide off his body. While Childe began to play with the ends of his mesh shirt once the armor was discarded, Zhongli was kneeling in front of him, dipping his gloved fingers under his pants before looking up to him with a ravenous expression that made him melt. 

Aether was barely able to stand from his heat and they were still dragging foreplay on like this. It made him want to scream. 

“I’ll fuck your hole on my tongue,” Childe hummed in his ear as he pulled his shirt up, exposing his chest completely to the open air. Aether failed to fight back another whimper. “And Zhongli can lick your cute little cock to get you ready. Would you like that, darling?”

Aether bit his lip to fight back another moan. “Um,” he began in a quiet, shaky voice. “A-Actually, I have…”

Zhongli pulled his pants and boxers down in one slow stripe, and once he caught sight of his leaking pussy, his eyes went dark. 

“Oh,” Childe breathed, a smile evident in his voice. “Aether…”

The tone of his voice made Aether’s back arch. He couldn’t wait for another second, he fucking couldn’t. 

“I wanna taste it,” Zhongli breathed as Childe pulled Aether’s shirt off of his body in a sharp and feral tug. Zhongli’s face was so close to it he could feel every breath ghosting against his folds. “Aether, tell me I can taste it.”

“I want to,” Childe hissed. “We agreed to share, didn’t we?”

“Let me have this, Childe,” Zhongli nearly begged with that shaky, deep voice of his purely dripping in lust. “Please.”

Silence filled the air while Aether’s trembled with this need to just be fucked already, and after a pause, Childe spoke again. 

“Are you okay with that, Aether?”

Aether barely managed to nod. “I-I’m… okay with that, yes.”

That was all he had to say for Zhongli to lean in to circle his tongue around his clit.

Aether’s legs immediately gave out as heat pulsed through him, but Zhongli’s sudden death grip on his thighs and Childe’s arms wrapping under his own kept him firmly in place. Being pinned like this between two alphas made him feel like he couldn’t escape, and while escape was the last thing he wanted right now, the idea still made him light on fire as Zhongli’s tongue traced circles around the bud of nerves. 

Aether couldn’t hold in his moans now. High and purely filthy sounds were ripped from his lungs with every circle that kept on making him gush out slick all over Zhongli’s face. Zhongli just groaned louder, the vibrations coursing through him as he licked and sucked every drop. It was driving Aether insane. 

But he felt so empty. He barely realized how empty he felt until now. He needed, needed so bad. So terribly bad. 

“Oh, you’re so cute,” Childe hummed in his ear, pinning his arms tighter while Aether slumped against him and on Zhongli’s face uselessly. “Your moans are so sweet, baby. What an adorable little omega you are for us.”

Aether was cumming already the second Childe sang those sweet words and Zhongli dipped his tongue inside of him. 

His head fell back with a cry as pleasure scorched through every nerve in his body, and the possessive snarl that Zhongli let out against his pussy made his orgasm thunder through him even stronger. He was choking on moans as slick spilled out of him, all to be drunk by Zhongli with another eager growl and grip so tight on his thighs his nails were cutting through his skin. And Childe was still talking through it. 

“Good boy,” Childe praised in an inhale. “It felt so good to cum on your alpha’s tongue, didn’t it? You did such a good job, baby.”

Childe called him a good boy. It was enough to make tears poke his vision. And oh, the way Zhongli just kept on eating him out. Aether thought he was going to die. 

Aether squirmed when Zhongli’s tongue went right back inside him, circling and licking like it was trying to learn every inch of him. It was so good, so good, but he still felt so empty. He needed it. Needed. So desperately needed. 

Having thoughts like that was all the evidence Aether needed to know his heat was now in full swing.

“I wonder how you’ll sound when you’re taking cock,” Childe purred. “Hmm. I think you’ll cry from how good it feels. I always imagined you had a beautiful crying face.”

Aether choked on a sob and his thighs trembled when Zhongli’s tongue found his spot effortlessly and kept abusing it as all too lewd smacking and squelching sounds echoed across the walls.

“Maybe you think we’re cruel, not filling you up with cum this soon. What do you think, Zhongli?” Childe called out. “Do you think he’s thinking about taking cock while you eat him out?”

Zhongli pulled back and growled so loudly and dangerously Aether felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand. He just glared at Childe before he met eyes with Aether again. 

“You’re going to cum on my mouth one more time before I make you cum on my cock.”

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…

Zhongli dove back in with another possessive growl while Childe laughed. “You two put on such a good show,” Childe breathed. “Fuck, I can’t wait for my turn. F-Fuck, Aether, do you hear yourself right now?”

He barely did. There was just the smell of his alphas, how good they were making him feel, and their promises. 

His alphas. His alphas. 

Just thinking that to himself made him cum all over again so soon while Zhongli’s tongue stayed buried inside of him. 

Zhongli groaned in bliss against him and drank his slick down again while Aether clenched and convulsed around him, and Childe let out a groan that lit Aether's nerves on fire.  They hadn’t even made it to the bed, Aether realized with undeniable bliss. He wasn’t even fully undressed and they made him cum twice. They wanted him that badly and h e couldn’t think. It felt so good he couldn’t think. There was just this, just this, just this. It was so much so good he could drown in it. 

“Gods, I can’t wait to fuck you,” Childe exhaled against his ear. “Just look at you. You’re such a fucking mess just from having your pussy licked.”

All Aether could do was tremble and moan as Zhongli pulled his pants completely off his body while still mouthing and sucking his clit, leaving him completely bare. Aether was feeling dizzy. So incredibly dizzy. 

“You’re awfully tight back here, darling.”

Aether barely processed Childe’s words until he felt an ungloved finger trace and poke against the rim of his other hole. He let out a pathetic whimper, toes pointing and the heat curling inside of him all over again. 

He felt like he was just being teased over and over again. His alphas were so cruel. So incredibly cruel. 

“Could it be that you just play with your pussy?” Childe asked, and as he purred the words out, Aether felt the first knuckle intrude. He let out a cry, writing against their hold while Zhongli let out another possessive growl against his cunt. “We can make you feel good here too, if you want.”

So much, but not nearly enough. Aether wanted to cry.

Zhongli pulled back at that moment once he gave Aether’s pussy one long swipe across with his tongue, and with his lips and chin glistening with slick, he spoke in that baritone voice in a drunken slur. 

“I want to fuck him.”

Aether could feel Childe frown as the first finger slid all the way inside him, making his back arch and tongue fall out of his mouth with a moan. “I allowed you to taste him,” Childe returned. “I should indulge now.”

“That isn’t fair,” Zhongli hissed, gripping his bare thighs even tighter with a snarl laced in his tone. “I can’t drink his slick and not have more.”

“Look,” Childe almost growled, “We’re sharing, remember? Aether has the rest of his heat. You’ll get another chance soon.”

“You knew what you were doing when you agreed with me earlier didn’t you, Childe?”

Childe just laughed. “I’m not inclined to answer,” he hummed. “You’ll get what you want eventually, Zhongli. I’ve been so patient while you had your fill, so the least you can do is return the favor.”

Zhongli’s eyes met Aether’s, then they flicked to Childe’s. Somewhere in the exchange, Childe slipped a second finger inside, but Aether didn’t know exactly when. His mind was too mushy in heat and the promise to be fucked made to him. 

“Fine,” Zhongli finally exhaled, stepping back to undo the fastens of his jacket. Aether’s eyes trailed down to the bulge in his pants that was tenting so high it sent shivers down his spine. It was so big, so big… 

“I’m going to change my position, okay?”

Aether didn’t get the time to respond before he was being lifted and carried to the bed. Childe practically slammed him down on the wide mattress before hastily pulling his shirt over his head, throwing it aside, and pulling his pants and boxers down in one effortless swoop before Aether could even begin to fully appreciate the line of muscles and scars across his bare chest. 

When Childe was fully bare too, Aether couldn’t help but gawk at his arousal, proudly standing at full attention between his legs. It was long, long enough to reach the deepest parts of him that so desperately needed to be filled. The head was the same shade of angry pink as Childe’s swollen lips, the veins running down the shaft trailed to the lower part of his abdomen, and a small bead of precum was forming at the slit. It looked delicious and it was enough for his inner omega to present without a second thought. 

The smell of alpha pheromones was driving him insane. He didn’t think he’d ever had a heat that was so strong before, but then again, he couldn’t recall anything at the moment. 

“We’ll put on a show for you, love,” Childe promised to who Aether presumed was Zhongli despite every ounce of visible attention being directed towards the omega, still spreading his legs unconsciously a little wider. Aether was sure his leaking slick was making a mess of the duvet, but Childe didn’t appear to care in the slightest. 

Childe slowly turned his head over his shoulder as he crawled on the bed and flashed a smile to Zhongli, who was watching with a glare darker than one he’d ever worn before. Childe didn’t say a word, just creeping over Aether to nuzzle his face in the crook of his neck, and before Aether could make any demands, Zhongli’s voice slicked through the air.

“I can’t wait,” Zhongli growled, his eyes cutting right through Aether’s skull like a hot knife. “I need him now. A-Apologies, I just don’t know how much longer I can resist it. I m-might lose control if I can’t have him somehow right now.”

Despite the threatening scent that stung through the air, Childe’s smile never left as he hummed thoughtfully and tapped his chin.

“But we agreed it’s my turn, didn’t we?”

“You were still able to touch him before. This isn’t fair.”

 After a bout of silence, Childe snapped his fingers and grinned wider. 

“Take his ass while I take his cunt, then!” He cheered before turning to Aether. “Is that enough for you, love?”

Aether stumbled through words as heat rushed to his face. “B-Both at the s-same time?!” He stuttered. 

Zhongli paused before speaking. “That’ll do for now,” he then agreed slowly. “Aether? What do you say?”

Aether looked at Zhongli, to Childe, back at Zhongli, then shrugged his shoulders the best he could while the world was spinning from where he laid. 

“You know what? What the hell. Have at it, you two.”

It wasn’t until he said the words aloud that Aether realized the permission wasn’t phrased very arousingly, but it was still enough for Zhongli and Childe’s eyes to darken. Zhongli undressed so quickly it looked like a flash before moving towards the bed too, crawling behind Aether to gently sit him up to his knees.

He felt sandwiched, but he felt good. Fuck, he felt so good. If only- If only they would just hurry up and-

“Are you ready, Aether?” Childe smiled, and Aether had to take a few breaths through the cloud of alpha pheromones he was drowning in before he could speak. 


Childe then pressed his lips against his mating gland and began to suck teasingly, nibbling his teeth against it as he swung one arm to hold his thigh in the air and guided the tip of his cock to his dripping cunt with the other. Zhongli latched his teeth against his ear all the while, growling a low sound that made chills erupt up his spine as he lined himself against his ass. 

Aether could feel the tension in the air as Childe smirked against his mating gland and continued to tease it with nibbles and licks. Aether wanted to shove his face against it so he would be marked already, but he was completely powerless with Zhongli holding him up by the waist now that his tip was pressed against the rim of his hole.

“Hey, remember what we talked about,” Childe cooed before licking a long stripe across Aether’s neck. “You’ll get to breed and mark him soon. Don’t worry.”

“We can both fill him up there,” Zhongli snarled against his ear. Them conversing with one another as if he was an object was making Aether’s head fall back as his world spun in circles. “I bet he could take two cocks in his womb.”

“You know he can’t. We shouldn’t be cruel to our new pet. One at a time, right? I promise you’ll get to soon.” Aether watched with hazy eyes as Childe locked his gaze with Zhongli. “I’m just firing you up, babe. Think about how deep and hard you’ll breed him to ensure mine doesn’t take when it’s your turn.”

Zhongli moaned at that and began to sink inside, mouthing and groaning against his ear as Aether shuddered. His feet arched in the air as Childe began to enter him too with a shaky groan of his own. It was so much, he felt so full, so impossibly full. Aether had a passing thought that he wouldn’t be able to take both of them at once, but it soon melted in a puddle of mush when the girth of Childe’s cock pressed against the perfect spot. 

Both of their hips were flush against him now, panting in his ears and nibbling against skin. Then, without a single warning, Aether felt teeth sink into his mating gland. 

Aether’s back arched and he choked on a moan as he came, thighs quivering and slick gushing out of his pussy and over Childe’s cock. He heard Childe groan with his teeth still locked into his neck, and with so much power he was being knocked into Zhongli’s chest with every thrust, Childe started fucking him. 

Zhongli started moving too with a dangerous and violent snarl, slapping his hips flush with his ass with every brutal thrust forward. His lips found Aether’s ear again and he spoke so roughly Aether felt tears accumulate in his eyes. 

“You’ll climax even harder when it’s my turn,” Zhongli growled, emphasizing his words with a thrust that punched a cry out of him. “And when your cunt gets a taste of my cum too, you’ll be begging for our cocks every night.”

Childe broke from his mating gland to brush against his other ear and smile against it. “Ah, you like taking two, don’t you?” He cooed, angling his hips in a way that made Aether scream. “You’re such a good boy for us.”

“He’s right,” Zhongli agreed in a growl. “You’re such a good boy.”

Aether could only sob and clench down harder at the praise. Waves of heat and pleasure were coursing through his body every time the itch inside of him was scratched by a brutal thrust. His inner omega was purring at having two competent alphas saying he was good for them, holding him in the air with their strong arms and whispering promises in his ear. He didn’t think he ever wanted this to end. 

He had no time to regret proposing this sooner as he felt another orgasm creep slowly, crawling through his nerves and setting them on fire every time they hit the perfect spots. Aether felt Childe’s hand reach down to thumb and rub his clit, and just like that, he was gone. 

Aether’s cry was silent as he came again from all of the air in his lungs being punched out of him every time his alphas slammed inside him and pleasure engulfed him like a tidal wave. It made his toes curl, his tongue lolling out of his mouth, and a strand of drool lazily dripped out of his open mouth. Tears were definitely flowing down his cheeks now that he could feel two knots hitting and bumping the entrance to both of his holes. He needed them inside, desperately needed them inside more than anything. It was enough to make him feel like cumming all over again so soon. 

“P-Please!” Aether choked. “Please, ahhh, p-please, I n-need-”

“We know,” Childe huffed. “Fuck, Zhongli, I can feel your cock fucking him. It’s so good.”

“I c-can feel yours too,” Zhongli groaned. “Childe…”

Childe was still rubbing Aether’s clit as he leaned across Aether’s face to catch Zhongli’s lips, their mouths smacking together as they groaned against each other. The purely obscene sound melted with the loud pop that followed when Childe fucked his knot inside with one more brutal thrust.

The first wave of cum made Aether climax yet again. His legs were completely limp as he flopped in their arms uselessly, nothing but warmth and satisfaction as he felt his first mate fill him. Zhongli’s knot bumped against the rim of his hole, but right when Aether thought he was going to have to take two, Zhongli’s hips stilled with a loud groan as he too climaxed.

He was still being held as the thrusting stop and the room was silent other than the sound of the three of them catching their breaths in steady pants.

“Childe, you, haah, sly fox,” Zhongli then hissed through breaths. “You knotted him, didn’t you?”

Childe flashed a wobbly and fucked-out smile. “Is that alright, l?”

“Is me waiting for at least an hour alright?”

Childe laughed lightly and tugged Aether’s arm down a little. “He deserves a little break,” Childe hummed. “Don’t worry. You’ll get your turn next.”

Zhongli grumbled a little under his breath as he slowly pulled out and flopped down on the bed, Childe slowly led Aether to do the same while still connected, holding him in his arms while Zhongli wrapped his arms and legs around him from behind. 

“Are you tired, sweetheart?” Zhongli murmured in Aether’s ear, lightly pressing kisses against it. “You may rest until you require more.”

“Rest may do you some good,” Childe agreed in a whisper. “You’re safe with us, omega. We can help make you a nest soon.”

That promise made Aether’s purr flutter in his chest. His two capable alphas were so kind, promising to knot him back to back and keep him safe. He had no idea how he became so lucky. 

The soft sound of rumbling as his alphas contently purred and the warmth of Childe’s knot and Zhongli’s embrace was all he needed to slowly drift to sleep.