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“ this…?”


Sasuke raised his head slightly but fell right back on the mattress. He signed. Fatigue crawled right over him the moment he got to feel his tender body. 




Naruto sat up in his armchair the moment he saw the movement, “Sasuke, you’re- You’ve regained your senses much sooner than the nurse said-”


“I remember, right?.. What happened?.. Because I’m to tell the medics what kind of Jutsu you were performing.”




“A-..Sasuke..We found you in the forest. I found you. You were..drained. Almost completely..they’re trying to find the cause-”


“Oh, right. So the village can keep track of me. Like I’m an enemy already...Now they’ve sent a newly indoctrinated spy. Close to me, and qualified for the task, believing that I’d reveal my true intentions to you-”


“Spyyy?.. Ahahah..That would be spy on you, Sasuke..I think they’re just really trying to hel-”


“You...Your voice is so damn irritating.”


“...” Naruto just brushed it off and continued. 


“They had to search your body for clues. Whether it’s been an attack or an ambush. can probably feel the bit of oil..yeah! 


Sakura-chan told me about this..The medics apparently,...hmm it is hard to feel the chakra points especially if a ninja is really drained, so they use something like a cream orrr..oil.”


Sasuke just stared at the wall.


“That helps to sense it better, she said it helps the tips of the fingers to almost become drawn to the chakra system like a magnet or something..No..she didn’t say magnet..Hmmmm, what was makes it way easier-”


“Stop..talking. My clothes,” Sasuke interrupted the ongoing blabbering. 

“Yes, yes! They had to take them off, you see..They were pretty much burned off..don’t know what caused it but your body if..exempt from the burn..any clue? Do you remember anything-”

“I want..clothes!”


He glared at Naruto. 


This idiot thinks I’m perfectly comfortable with him talking to me without as much as a blanket over my body..Numb-brained-


His body was still on display, Naruto just watched him. 


Konoha..and all the people in it..all they ever want to do is know what I’m up to. To put me back in my place..on my knees, begging for help and charity. 


And then they send this imbecile to drive me crazy, no doubt..Make me docile with his mind-numbing stupidity. 




“Ahhaiiiii! ya..” Naruto grinned. 


“The nurse was about to drape you in a hospital gown, but I relieved her of her duty..Told her since we’re friends..I could do that, hehe.. No need to be impatient, one hospital gown, coming up!” Naruto yelled in his usual overly motivated positive upbeat tone.


Sasuke just stared at him with disbelief. “We…”




The way Sasuke said it though, it seemed like he was asking Naruto whether friends are or aren’t supposed to do that-


“Hhhh-hhh, yes..” Naruto nodded, smiling wide. 


“Friends are supposed that for each other, don’t worry about it Sasuke,” he smiled warmly, completely mishearing what was said.


“You.....annoyingly..everlasting..cockroach..that mocks all my attempts to exterminate him and his presence in my house..”




Naruto just blinked, the cruel words, now clearly understanding what was said before that.. that they aren’t friends..


It wasn’t new. Sasuke would often chastise him with a fresh shower of disdain and cold attitude. But it was Naruto who brought him to the hospital, who waited until they were done with him, who thought Sasuke would want to see a familiar face when he wakes up. 


Who thought his privates and his body should not be seen or clothed by a nurse, so to maintain his friend’s dignity he offered to clothe him. The one person who just wanted to protect him…in his way.


“Give me..the fucking gown..Na-..ruto..” The tone was of a snake’s spat venom. 


“-and while you return with the intel, won’t you suck Lady Hokage’s tits as a thank you for letting you spy on me!!” 


His eyes glared with a red gleam.


“You think I need your help?! ME?! Do you think this village will ever accept what they’ve done?! 


Do you?! 


Do you really believe that they feel bad about it just for a second in their busy day?.. That they think about what they’ve caused while they’re alive, living their lives..ha?!!”


“H-” Sasuke got cut off in the mids of an accelerating outburst-


Before anything else Naruto was stood over him, a fistful of Sasuke’s hair, pants down and cock right on those poisonous lips.


He didn’t say anything he just pressed it on and had Sasuke pulling really hard against the grip to evade it, the sensation of skin on his lips. That skin. 


“..You owe me..Sasuke..You owe me a moment of truthfulness..”


“What?! I’ve never-!!” 


“Be quiet. Do you ever think about it from other angles..than yours?.. Think that they haven’t wronged me? They were doing their best to protect the masses.. 


In my case...Do you see me still weeping about it?.. 


My father and my mother gave their life..and sacrificed my childhood and most of my life..Do you think I don’t think about the other options, Sasuke? Whether my father made the right choice? Whether they really had to die? 


And... the looks I receive? Why?.. Life isn’t fair, Sasuke..but..there is a way to happiness if you just find someone to walk the way with you..”


“I’d rather drown in my own blood than walk any kind of way with you. You are fucked. You’re done, Naruto. 


They got you, do you get it? Do you hear it? It’s them on your tongue. 


You still act like you have any idea what it is to lose..How can you know what’s it like..You’ve never had it in the first place, thanks to them .”


“Ugh-!” Sasuke slapped Naruto’s hand from his hair. 


“They have taken everything from me..and..they schemed and manipulated behind the doors in secret. Then when it all worked out..They got to stay one is even questioning it..walking through the village..heads held high because they won..” 


“And you….They won over you the moment you decided it was okay to let it go. The moment you accepted their crimes and forgave them for your benefit?! To let yourself move on?! Heal?! 


...WHO RAISED YOU?! Are you grateful that they took care of you? How exactly?!.. The way you lived? In your parents old unkept flat..surviving on ramen? With Iruka occasionally dropping by? Do you really think it was worth their sacrifice? 


Where were the people indebted to your parents?! The way they haven’t even for a day bothered to check on you, ..or shield you from those looks you mentioned.. You’re accepting this?.. 


We got nothing in common..Now all I want is power. I got no desire to heal and let the past be past. I will not give you any fitting truthfulness. My belief is my truth.”


He forced his arm over his chest and shielded his mouth with his hand.


“You’re a weak spineless fool, Naruto..You lack the intellect to understand the intricate lies. It must have taken no more than a couple of “deep” emotional talks to confuse you. 


They used you and your family and will continue to do so because they have you believing it is to preserve the lives of many...and those many? They don’t give a fuck about you..your diminished clan..your parents’ legacy. None of it....


And all this is possible because you let them..but I won’t let them. They will never get me. Alive..”


Sasuke made a disgusted expression and looked at Naruto.


“You gotta be kidding me with this attitude..


Why do you always act so smug? Do you really think the simple people in the village, those not in the high places had anything to do with those decisions? They’re just glad to be alive, not starving and having a roof over their head..they had nothing to do with the tragedies-”


“Shut up! Idiot. It was for their benefit and I won’t hear it. Your perception of the truth is nonexistent. You don’t possess the brain cells to decode what is really going on in here…


You’re infected with their mantra...always have been, depending on them for support... AND -get that thing out of my face! 


Have you lost your mind?! Put your pants back on, moron! This is-!”


Face disgusted, just inches away from Naruto’s manhood, his body was far too weak, anaemic even. He felt like he survived a massive haemorrhage and his body felt dry and powerless, wondering whether the medics have done a bit more than just searching. Maybe taking his blood..


The ninjutsu promoting oil and medics prodding at his muscles and body parts to the point of limpness.  


People taking the liberty to touch’s as if I belonged to them. A walking Sharingan. Me and my power. “The village must have Sharingan.” It’s not theirs to use at their disposal. Never will be!


“I couldn’t have let you die there today.. It’s unlikely you’d have regenerated enough to start recovery without the intervention of the med team, though-”


“So? Is this what it is? I underestimate how wiped you are. You expect-”


Naruto sighed. “Whatever you say, Sasuke..I don’t want you to talk anymore..and I won’t either..Words seem to..cause us to drift apart..but I want to be with you till we feel better..”




Sasuke growled angrily, annoyed with his body, unable to counter the action, tried to move his head away but the hand in his dark locks held it in place. He realised he was overpowered.


The grip brought his closer. Tightly..painfully.


...and then..the soft firm pressing dull shape slipped in..



“Hm-a-” He parted his mouth in shock more than obedience and immediately closed his eyes. It was too much to accept. He wasn’t going to be there. 


Soon enough, in darkness, his other senses awoke and he started analysing the feelings and sensations. It wasn’t anything like he thought Naruto’s flesh would..taste like? Not that he’d ever thought about this, but it was clean and soft..and warm.


He could hear the sounds his mouth was making as the tip resided deep in his mouth. Just hearing those he got shivers and felt his nipples harden with the chill.


He only ever thought about Naruto’s body when they trained shirtless and that was years ago…


The longer Sasuke stayed, the more isolated he became. 


Avoiding everyone. Only ever taking part in missions, the rest of his time was trying to decode old Uchiha scrolls. Slowly sinking lower and lower with his standards. Desperate for power, with no one to help. 


Kakashi refused to fuel his anger and opted out of training him further. Just like that. And days went by. In the forest, on his own, trying to make something out of lost words and non-sensical scribbles. One incomplete forbidden Jutsu after another, only ever nearly killing him in process. 


He made up his mind. He was going to have to seek him out. 


Sasuke moved his jaw, his tongue got under the big tip and plopped out of his mouth only for Naruto to quickly guide it back in.



“Hm-m”..He groaned lightly and furrowed his brows at the re-insertion and focused not to open his eyes. Impossible to move his body parts and it wasn’t getting out of his mouth. What he felt was pushed back. Something along the lines of concealed or restrained...but it wasn’t Naruto directly with his dick that made him feel that way. 


He was angry.. It was just so much..All the much..Like a stream of never-ending energy using him as a channel. The flow was rapid and unstoppable. He was taken by it, filtered by it. Consumed and used by it. And all of those strange happenings were concealed within him. 


“-mmSasuke..try..relax.” A quiet voice, it felt like a humming caress.


Sasuke exhaled through his nose. There was nowhere to run and his brain was just so tired of the same old fight..forever and ever..the injustice he endured..and the people who kept raping him..using him..keeping taps on him...the only way out was with Orochimaru. 


The man holds Konoha in low regard...could agree on that. Mutual enemies make people come together...but that same man is a slippery snake. Backstabbing, the minute I give him a chance he will take it. The stench of darkness for miles around. I sometimes see me walk to his hideout through the forests..foretelling?.. 


“Mh-” Sasuke jumped a bit, unexpecting of any other touch. Naruto’s warm palms roamed over his pale weak body. The teen could barely move to slap them away, but would he want to? His body seemed in favour. He was indeed still drained but he could feel the touch, his body felt heavier with it, burying itself deeper into the hospital mattress.


Naruto brushed his bandaged hand over Sasuke’s penis. He handled the softness and gave a light but nice long stroke from the base, over the sensitive tip and Sasuke shivered.


“Ah--h..nn..” He moaned quietly, suppressing it, his moan got silenced with Naruto’s tip going back in.


Naruto stroke the rest of his own shaft, while trying to help Sasuke relax into it. Sasuke continued with the innocent tip play, kissing so sensually..just like he was. Sensual and gentle. Underneath. is no other boy our age that..makes me think that...his sharp features..closed eyes..Hm?..He doesn’t want to see me…’s easier for him this


With one sense gone..The sensation and sounds must be stronger for him...For an Uchiha..his sight is the strongest deliberately cut it off..he must be feeling secure enough to do that..He trusts me...


Naruto found comfort in his reasoning, hoping it could be true. 


He would not be told. But Sasuke might have found a fragment of comfort and security in the forced situation after all. His thinking led him to it. 


He longed to be finally discharged from the leading role in his brain. It was an ever-present, demanding role. A heavy driving force taking him. Insanity. 


Having to decide every second of his misery. Allocate the culprits responsible for his agony and gather the findings to end them..Only to conclude on every occasion he is not strong enough to see this through. 


It was a never-ending circle of pointing fingers and no one owning up nor simply saying, “We made a tragic misjudgement. We owe you and your clan an apology.” No.


The touching. The quiet strange sounds. It continued. 


The atmosphere felt nice and warm, though he was bare, the room temperature and sunbeams bouncing off the mint green hospital walls were coating him up.


I hate him for the way he is...Hate?..Maybe I do...Maybe I hate everyone and I no longer differentiate the depths of hate..To what degree should I dislike the people around me.. It’s all the same strength..I’m numb to the fine assortment of emotions. 


It’s all one feeling. Always.


Even for you...Naruto….and your obnoxious ‘village idiot’ ways..You must be the most bizarre person I have ever encountered. So strange that it makes you look like a fool. Always. 


Who thinks like that? After everything they have deliberately done to you, you grin like a brainless used up child soldier...Only he can truly believe in his bullshit..


That his good pure heart can heal all and change this world...The goodness within him shines so brightly and hot.....How does he make such a ridiculous way of being ring so true and right... Even now..I can’t deny his touch feels


He must know more than he lets be able to make it..into this..and it feels so.. So familiar to feels alright to let it.. My brain wants to squirm..I can feel it rise against the idea of this fool having his way with me ..and touching fades in another wave of.. that feels feels...good...


We see each other ourselves..


It was submission due to his fatigue and his pride was thinned with sourced desire. And he did it with all the desire that seldom came to the surface. He let himself. Sucking hard, then soft and gently over and over, slightly beyond the big tip. 


It was a bit of surprise how big-.. He never even thought about that.. 


“” His teammate, no..more than that. His soul mate. Naruto was compelled, trusting in his heart’s ideal. Sasuke was his soulmate. If he could just show him how much he means to him. If he could break through and soothe his torn-apart soul. Together they could mend..


Massaging, mending with touch even now, Naruto was feeling Sasuke’s pale body. His one and only chance to let his inner emotions show physically..


After this?.. Who knew what stance will Sasuke take on this once fully in power again. 


A touch, fingers smoothing over the oiled skin. His chest...his darker rosy nipples.. His..lower belly..the cut out “V” in the beginnings of its shaping, led Naruto to the hard member-


He’s-!!..He’s aroused-


Naruto was shocked to arrive there and find his teammate to be liking this.  


For most of it, he seemed….or at least a little bit.. He’s..Sasuke is... but smaller than me..his shape is nicer..Heh, curved upwards..A shade darker skin than his pale tone..and’s as pink as a sakura petal..huh..


I’ve never seen his...even that time we had to pee in front of each other I never dared look before. .Naruto smiled a bit and continued. 

His head moving with the thrusts, Naruto was fascinated with Sasuke’s whole being, memorising it while Sasuke kept on the blinded task. The freedom of being able to take a light hold of his teammate’s private parts...and stroke it..


Sasuke arched slightly in response. 


His weak leg rose with the feeling down there. A risky move on Naruto’s part, he was certainly pushing the boundaries. 


The motion showed the muscles beyond the surface as Sasuke tensed a bit, though never opened his eyes.


His thin fingers slowly pursued the odd unusual contact. Down there, they stilled at the small groove between his thing and the base of his penis. Right next to where Naruto was touching him. 


The same long pale thin fingers hurried to palpate against the edge of his intimate parts, just lingering there, as if afraid of the next touch and what it’ll make him feel like..


But the next touch was just as acceptable as the last, the nice slow strokes were keeping him hard, the blood refused to leave. Feeling no wrong, he went back up and lightly stroked his own chest..His skin was glistening and shimmering with the oils coating it up..the scent of the herbs from the strange medicinal oil filled the room.


“Uhnn,” he whined, the sensations were filling him up too quickly. It was still to be comprehended and yet it was passing on its own.


While Naruto assured by that reaction continued stroking. It felt so nice and warm in his heart... 


To know Sasuke acknowledged his touch like that. To see him react to being touched, to almost rush to the site with his own hand..and then..doing nothing to stop it. To respond with agreeing silence. To allow Naruto’s touch, accept it and enjoy it..


It filled Naruto with joy he hasn’t felt for a very long time.


Deep relaxed breathing became a bit faster, that acceptance brought him back and suddenly he felt the built up the slow touching and stroking left to brew within. And soft moans followed as he felt himself near. 


Wet slick noises of Sasuke’s tongue and lips as it slipped out occasionally. 


“Sasuke..Sasuke..” Naruto palmed Sasuke’s neck, he was almost there.. He touched Sasuke lightly not to alert him nor prompt him to feel dominated. But he was going to cum and he wasn’t sure how to-


He knew Sasuke’s deep nature and a step in the wrong direction could quickly put a stop to this. He had it in his mind, this was a new beginning. This was a new forming bond.


Little did he know of the actual purpose.


His hand slid over the perfectly soft skin..


“Mm-Sasuke”, he stroked himself faster and Sasuke opened his eyes slightly for the first time to understand the shaking sensation in his mouth.


That warm bandaged hand was just resting on his cheek and jaw while Naruto came-


“Ahh..A-Sasuke! Ah- nnh,’re-”


“Hn-” Sasuke tried to pull away as a thick flow of cum started filling his mouth, filling it up fast.


There was nowhere to...He was again restrained, in place, made to take it. Allow it to coat his throat in its slimy warm texture.


“Mmm-hm-uto!” He cried to get released but that hand on his cheek, its fingers extended just beyond and kept at the back of his head.


Sasuke’s eyes finally shot wide at the audacity of his teammate..He quickly glared up at Naruto’s face but when he caught his expression..


It wasn’t there. Not at all what he expected. Some kind of retarded victorious look over him. Or a self-serving satisfied grin...Something that would enrage him or make him feel low and beaten. No..if anything Naruto looked like the beaten one. 


Like he was about to cry, face flushed, brows furrowed, held in breaths, escaping through pained and pleading emotion.


Whispering..or just soundlessly mouthing the words-


-Please..Sasuke...I- ” 


It only ever came out as some distant beginnings of those words..Naruto’s thumb that remained at the cheek stroked it lovingly. Sasuke finally swallowed some of the load that remained in his mouth. His jaw was beginning to ache and he wanted to break it off. Naruto’s semen dribbled down his other cheek. 


Naruto moved away and brought his bottoms up. 


Sasuke laid his head on the mattress. Breathing deeply, he shivered a bit, the taste was strange but not disgusting.


Naruto gathered himself while leaning on the window sill. The sun pressed onto his back and from further away he really took the chance to appreciate the vision. He watched while unbinding the bandages over his hand.


Sasuke. Laid on the bed. Barely moving. His lean flat stomach rising and falling. His hard member stood stiffly, face covered in the raven strands and his hips looked almost uncomfortable with need, occasional spasm and arching. 


If anything he was the pleaser of the two. Somewhat slowly not to make a spitting noise, Naruto let a big drop of saliva fall on his palm and took hold of Sasuke’s hardness.


“Nh..don’t- I don't need-”


“..Let it be, Sasuke..” Let your pride and whatever stands between us be for a moment. .


“N..No..ha- No-” 


Sasuke breathed heavily with every laboured refusal. But when the perfect friction afforded him a feeling he reserved for his own bedroom. Instead of peaceful acceptance, he panicked.


“Get off-! You won’t!”


“Allow me...Sasuke...I want...Please show you like touched.”


Seeing unexpected determination and longing gently flaring in those azure deep tunnels, Sasuke couldn’t go against that. He resigned to the pleasure he didn’t ask for.


“-you’re...beyond-hh..annoying.. Naruto-h..”


Naruto smiled softly and “borrowed” Sasuke’s weak limp hand. Pressed it gently under his own and moved slowly...Sasuke’s palms were covered in the oil and it provided for pleasurable ease of friction. 


The yellow turned orange and by the time, the sun glowed less than before.


“Hnm..” He hummed softly and his leg readjusted once he felt it right. 


Naruto has never been a detail-driven individual or much receptive to subtle hints and graceful nature of some people..but he caught it. 


It was the right was that way. Sasuke showed him, so he continued moving for both of them..just like that. No tighter nor looser..just that speed.




It started to feel really good after a few of those. Sasuke’s scraped bruised chest rose and sunk in fast intervals.


“Mmmh-gh-” He whimpered, once hearing himself in the empty room, just how seduced he got by the feeling. Angry with himself, for sounding so pathetically lewd. But this time the anger helped him make it through the border.


Naruto licked his lip, he was panting just as fast. .Sasuke...Sasuke, I can do this..I can be what you need...whenever you need me.. I can be there...for you.... .He prayed his name over and over.


The vision was crazy hot. His eyes darting from Sasuke’s emotional face to his wet throbbing pink manhood as they both stroked it, the rest of that pale body shone like angelic sculpture in the fading hazy sunlight. 


The clarity of the ambient feel sunk lower and suddenly a heat overtook the still scene. Like a mixture of two distinct auras filling up the space, the air waved and the flavour of that old hospital room changed.


Sasuke was visibly affected by it…”Na-ruto-”


“I know...I..feel it too, Sasuke..just..breathe through it.” ...What is this..sense?..I’s..hard to..think!


Neither of them understood the strong impression of the colours and deep flavours surrounding them. Like spirits, not meant for seeing with the naked eye, it scared them for a moment.


That environment, that stronger grip over his own hand driving it up and down.. Sasuke was done for. He was slipping into an area of his mind that’s been only ever revealed to one..and he was far too confused and exhausted to keep all his secrets chained..


In a moment of height when Naruto instinctively stroked much faster and tighter-


“A-owh-No!”...Sasuke squirmed helplessly under the heat as the strokes conjured his most intimate erection, most fleshly state- 


“G-haa-!” he grabbed a chunk of his long black fringe in an attempt to stop the influx, unable to withhold the sexual arousal.


“Sasuke-?!” Naruto gasped-


“Ah-haa-” Sasuke whined for his secrets inpouring down the route. They were about to run wild through him, the darkness shrouding them dispersed in that one moan that shone the truest bright-




He came. Naruto closed his eyes as the load shot out and squirted out of that small pink opening within the “sakura petal”.


“H-ple..mmh,..Don’t..leave me-” 


Sasuke was clearly way out of it to even monitor what was coming out. Tears filled the corner of his upper eye, he sobbed into the sheet. Not even trying to stop the maddening mess.


Naruto didn’t quite know what to make of that and once more his lack of deductive thoughts and piecing things together failed him. Unable to realise how deep he was able to reach within Sasuke in that moment..The unrevealed moan-buried name fell on deaf ears. 


Maybe for the best. Some secrets are not meant to be understood.


Naruto let go of Sasuke’s hand and it slowly fell to the side, as did Sasuke’s manhood..Spent and wet, his semen and its sprayed droplets glistened over his thin frame in the warm sunshine.


He wasn’t used to such activities. So much of his mental energy was used up with his personal issues. The mental space was occupied exclusively by emotional pain and vengeance..hurt and hate, but now, it was so clear even if just for a moment.


It was such a relief to feel free of the nonstop venom, cruising through his mind and soul. It was like he was a child again. Foolish and blind to the cruel cold truth. With the white lies and innocence..that provided for carefree existence.


Naruto went away for a moment and returned with a pillow from the next bed.


“Here...Sasuke..lift your-.. Sorry..Let me-” 


He realised Sasuke couldn’t even lift his head, a small hint of worry for his state slivered through him . Is he..gonna be okay?.. Did something..Did I take it too far?.. Was he not ready..I mean..and what was that..thing...


“I….thank you,” Sasuke said quietly once his head was laid on the soft cushion. Mumbling halfway into the pillow and whispering his rivals name, “Naruto..for..”


Naruto was still stood over him but Sasuke didn’t have the power to face him. Not physical nor mental. To even look him in the eye....and then-


His best friend leaned down and took his face in both hands, making Sasuke face him straight the only way he could. Invasively and crassly, grabbing him and staring at him.


The two finally levelled. This happened.


The blue in Naruto’s eyes was half-lit by the sun reflecting off the white sheen hospital curtain flanks.


It looked like the bottom of a well. The same eyes checked him over. His whole face..from that powerful brief lock-in with Sasuke’s dark irises..


Then his lips..


Naruto’s thumbs met at the corners of the soft blood-infused lips, pouty and plump from all the stretching and stimulation, the colour really suited Sasuke’s usually pale overly lifelessly stunning face.


“I know..Sasuke..” He said in his raspy voice.


Their eyes met again for a second or two and Naruto kissed him.


Holding onto him, first just on the soft cushiony surface, then deeply..going in with tongue, he could taste it on Sasuke..and he wanted more of the taste. More of his own essence from Sasuke..he wanted all.


Sasuke was too weak to carry on like this. He faded into the kiss and after a little while, he stopped kissing back completely..passing out.


Naruto slowly broke of the kiss and laid his teammate back on the pillow ..For the last time, he felt his chest, not to touch him or feed his fantasies. He felt his heartbeat..


...beating…….alive..I’m glad you’re alive…Sasuke... Was it silly to assume that Sasuke would die because of their first connection? Naruto thought about how many times Sasuke almost fulfilled his deathwish attitude. 


I know what makes you want to leave Konoha...but..could I not make you stay?.... You could just..stay…with me..the two of us…


We could ..maybe share a neither is lonely anymore...we could...maybe...take care of each other...I’m kind of a loner when it’s all done..people don’t want me around..and you don’t belong either.. We could..have Sakura and Kakashi-sensei over for ramen!..I’d..give you your space and peace and...if you wanted we could share our time... We could -...


But Sasuke could never just stay. He accepted Naruto for the good of his soul, but the rest..His way of thinking, his only purpose was set in stone.. He couldn’t




*Knock knock*














 The nurse in the corridor..few doors away. 


Naruto quickly took a pillowcase from the other bed hung over the rails and wiped Sasuke. He threw the open gown over him and climbed out the window in a bit of an adrenaline rush. 


What if the nurse could tell what they had just done.. .he went, taking a last glance at Sasuke. 


He looked so still.




Itachi….Itachi- why-?


“-tachi!...ahm,” he awoke himself calling for his brother, dwelt in that shrouded secret chamber of his mind too long towards the end. So long he was locked in by his faded consciousness..


Alone this time..dressed in that fucking gown, Sasuke realised few hours must have passed since he was last remembering some of the sunshine.

No...Was this real?.. Really happened?.. 


He looked for clues, but nothing. No sweat, no wetness down there, so it wasn’t a wet dream. The window  was cracked a bit so the fresh air. .No scent of bodies or..anything else..


He sat up, his arms shook as he supported his body and furrowed his brows.


It felt distant. He was hesitant to even admit to himself what the weight that idea carried. If it was a dream..then screw Naruto and his idiotic self..dreams of him bring nothing.


But what he remembered the most was the soft silky skin of that bulbous thick head in his mouth. How the before unfelt, undone act remained vivid. Matched the texture of the inner cheeks of his mouth, and..the freedom it brought afterwards..


But could it be a dream?.. Could it really?.. The way he...took my face in his hands, made me acknowledge him..He meant it...he wouldn't dare do that in real life..he-


That’s when he felt it, reaching under the pillow.


Dried semen on his sheet as he was helping himself, sitting further up. His palm ran over the crusty texture and he remembered, how it dripped and trailed down his cheek soaked into the fabric..


He took a deep breath. Another wave of relief mixed with something binding and heavy..


If it ever was just a dream, it would have meant he never got to thank his… .friend …before leaving for definite. 


It would be the last and only time he thanked him before leaving Konoha for good and what a memorable way to do it.


He closed his eyes letting the sunshine lull him back to sleep. A small satisfied smile faded into a neutral line on his lips..The last obligation he had left to fulfil. It was done now. 


For all those times Naruto understood him.