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You Deserve Better Than This

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Kenny hadn’t been paying enough attention, that’s what sent him sprawling onto the sidewalk on a snowy December day at ten o’clock at night.

“Fuck,” the blonde scowled, and pulled down the hood of his parka so he could see what had tripped him. From the way his legs were tangled, the culprit seemed thick, and soft, but he hadn’t seen anything sticking out of the snow? Maybe it was garbage someone hadn’t bothered to take all the way down their driveway.

He glanced up at the house to his right in anger, and then realized where he was.

The Stotch’s residence. Which could mean-

“Ke-Kenny?” a whimpering voice came from behind him, and the blonde turned to find Butters Stotch, laid out like a pancake on the sidewalk, having been rolled over by Kenny tripping on him. The snow, which had been partially concealing the half-frozen blonde had fallen away.

“Hey, Butters,” Kenny said, pulling his parka hood back up. “Sorry for tripping on you.”

“Aw, that’s alright Kenny, I didn’t watch where I was sitting,” Butters replied, trying to apologize for something that really wasn’t his fault.

“What are you doing out here Butters?” Kenny asked, turning to face the blonde, who had tears freely flowing down his face, even as he smiled.

“My parents got awful mad at me,” Butters admitted, refusing to meet Kenny’s eyes. “I guess they didn’t expect the traffic to be so bad on their way home today, but that’s what happens when Stan, Eric and Kyle come up with one of their crazy plans I guess. The fellas decided they wanted more time between when they made it home, and when their parents walked in, so that they could have sex with their girlfriend's or play video games, or whatever in peace. So, they created a diversion that would add more travel time and-

“Right, the clock malfunction,” Kenny laughed, remembering his friends saying they had that planned for today. “I helped them carry all the supplies.”

When Butters didn’t laugh with him, Kenny got suspicious.

“Wait, why did you parents bitch about that to you? You didn’t even have anything to do with it,” Kenny asked, and Butters sobbed…loudly.

“Be-because I didn’t stop them,” Butters was shaking, had been shaking the whole time, but from the sobs or the cold, Kenny couldn’t quite tell.

“That’s crazy- hey, where’s your coat?” Kenny asked, trying to delicately acknowledge the shaking.

“My parents put it in the closet, and said I just needed to get outside and think about what I’d done,” Butters managed in between more sobs.

Kenny stared at Butters, unable to believe what he was hearing. He didn’t even realize how angry he was until heard a squeak from Butters as he leaned in to hug the sobbing boy, trying to share his parka with the other blonde. The more Kenny thought about how Butters’ parents could yell at him, and send him out into the cold like this, the more he began to shake, radiating anger.

“Kenny?” Butters asked, as Kenny pulled back just slightly to look Butters in the face.

“I’m so sorry Butters,” Kenny said, wishing he could just convey somehow how much it hurt his heart to see Butters feeling this sad. Why had he never thought before about how upsetting it was to see Butters cry?

Without thinking too much about it, Kenny took Butters by the shoulders, and leaned in, pressing their lips together. And for a moment, time itself was frozen, the snow didn’t matter, the shaking and tears didn’t matter, there was nothing for miles and miles and miles but two boys and a kiss.

When Kenny did pull away, Butters’ eyes were wide, and panicked. Shit.

“Ok, uh, sorry,” Kenny tried, but Butters was beyond hearing him.

“I need to get back inside,” Butters jumped to his feet. “My parents said they would leave the door unlocked but surely they’re expecting me.”

Kenny didn’t have the heart to tell Butters that by one glance at the darkened windows, he could tell no one was waiting for the small boy. Instead he nodded, and said, “okay.”

“Bye Kenny!” Butters said, too cheerfully.

“Bye,” Kenny replied, halfheartedly. As soon as Butters was back inside, Kenny walked back into downtown, into the alley by Tweek Bros. Once he was certain no one would see, although he really didn’t care if they did, Kenny McCormick took a gun out and promptly shot himself.

It was easier than dealing with whatever that whole mess had just been, and the thoughts swirling around in his head.