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of findings and discoveries

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Jaehyun was 21 and just out of his military service when he realized that maybe he wasn’t as straight as he’d thought. In other words, Jaehyun was 21 the first time he first met Yuta.

On his first lecture of the year, Jaehyun was sitting on the third road, turning on his laptop and plugging in its charger into the socket right by his feet, completely oblivious to the people chatting and catching up around him. Since he hadn’t been as fluent in English at the time, tuning off the conversations had been much easier than trying to understand the quick speaking and the thick accents.

“Is this seat taken?” someone asked. It took Jaehyun slightly too long to realize he was been spoken to, a pained smile on the face of the man next to him.

“Oh, no, you can seat”

He tried to smile but was convinced it came off as a grimace. Nevertheless, the stranger seemed pleased with the answer, and swiftly removed his backpack and place it on the table before sitting right by Jaehyun's right side.

Jaehyun took a moment to take in his appearance: dark short hair with prominent eyebrows, and big ears. He was also almost as tall as him, if not taller.

"I'm Jaehyun" he politely introduced himself. "You can call me Jay if it's easier for you"

The stranger stared blankly at him. He blinked, once, but didn’t make any signs to have heard him otherwise. Jaehyun started feeling awkward, his ears burning with shame.

“Are you Korean?” the stranger suddenly asked. The deepness of his voice took Jaehyun by surprise, not having taken notice of it the first time he had heard him. It didn’t suit his pretty looks.

"Yeah, I'm from Seoul" and because he was starting to get bothered by not knowing how to address the stranger, he added, "what's your name?"

The stranger’s eyes went comically big, and he gaped.

“Sicheng. Thought I had already told you, sorry”

He had a thick accent, as if his mouth wasn’t yet used to the foreign phonemes. It wasn’t difficult to figure out the stranger – Sicheng – was from china, and it immediately made Jaehyun more comfortable, knowing he wasn’t the only foreign student in his class.

Throughout the lecture, Jaehyun learned Sicheng wasn't very talkative. But not on the shy side, but because he didn't seem fluent enough to properly communicate his thoughts. He also leaned Sicheng was an acting major, and that had worked as a dancer for the past years before he'd had to stop because of an injury. Learning they were both the same age sealed the deal, and they went on separate ways after the lecture with the other’s number saved into their phones, and the feeling of having made a friend.

Sicheng turned out to be the key to broadening his friend circle, previously consisted of his dormmate Mark, and the tentative friendship he'd been establishing with Johnny, the guy from the dorm next to his and Mark’s who had offered him weed the day Jaehyun had moved in before even asking for his name.

Sicheng texted Jaehyun a week after their first encounter, asking him if he wanted to join him and his friends at the cafeteria. Jaehyun had checked his calendar, and after making sure he was done for the day, he sent Sicheng a dry ‘omw’. Texting wasn’t part of his skillsets.

He spotted Sicheng in the cafeteria quite easily, he was sat at possibly the noisiest table in the entire place. To Jaehyun's bewilderment, Johnny was occupying one of the seats at the table, his arm hanging around a guy with feline-like features.


Johnny shouted the moment he saw Jaehyun approaching their table, loud enough to make the entire population of the cafeteria stop what they were doing to look at him. Jaehyun could feel his ear start burning up.

“You two know each other?” Sicheng asked, arching one of his eyebrows.

“He’s Mark’s roommate”

Recognition dawned on their faces, and they immediately started bombarding him with questions. Where was he from, how did he manage to room with Mark and not kill him in his sleep, what was he studying…If he wasn’t mistaken, one of the guys had even asked if he was single.

Choosing the empty chair by Sicheng's side, he sat and tried to answer as many questions as he could. He felt slightly uncomfortable, being the center of attention for so long, but Sicheng’s friends were all quite nice. Perhaps a little nosey, but nice nevertheless.

“So who’s coming to the party this weekend?” The guy with feline features who Jaehyun had come to learn was named Ten, asked.

“Sicheng-ge and I are coming!”

A tall Chinese guy named Lucas replied with a grin. Jaehyun had heard a lot about him over the last week, Sicheng mentioning his tall roommate on almost every single conversation they had.

“What party?” Jaehyun asked. He had heard some people around campus mentioning a party, but he wasn’t sure Ten was talking about the same one.

“Jackson Wang’s party!”

The name did not ring a bell, and it must have shown clearly on his face if the bordering offended look Ten gave him meant something.

“Jackson Wang? The guy who throws the most amazing parties in uni?” Ten’s pitch rose with each word.

“Sorry? I haven’t been here for long, I haven’t heard about him”

Ten gaped and murmured something under his breath along the lines of ‘I can’t believe this’, before his face morphed into a determined expression. A shiver went down Jaehyun’s spine.

“Then that’s it, you’re coming to the party with us” his tone left no place for interpretation. Then, Ten ogled him from head to toes, frowning when he took in his sweatpants and old hoodie and added "And I'm styling you."

“It’s been a pleasure to meet you, man” Lucas snickered. Sicheng patted Jaehyun’s back, and he wondered just in what mess he had gotten himself into.




Friday afternoon came with Ten and Johnny invading his dorm. Ten was hell-bent on his mission of finding clothes he deemed adequate for the party, completely ravaging his wardrove. Johnny was sat on Mark’s bed, smoking a joint without caring the smell was probably going to remain on Jaehyun’s dorm for a while. At least he was pretending to breathe out the smoke by the window.

“I think I’ve got it” Ten announced. “Here, try this”

He was holding a grey muscle-tee with black stripes, and an orange shirt with flowers that shone under the dim lights. He paired it with a pair of jeans and a white belt. Jaehyun stared at the clothes - honestly, he hadn’t even known he owned that shirt. He wasn’t sure how that combination was supposed to look good, but even after his short time since meeting Ten, he knew better than to go against what he was saying.

He dropped the clothes on his bed and removed his hoodie without a second thought. He immediately heard Ten gasp.

“holy fuck you’re hot”

He felt heat rise to his ears, his neck reddening after hearing Ten’s comment.

“What?” he squeaked, turning to look at Ten who was now sat by Johnny’s side and was all but eating him with his eyes.

“He’s shy, Ten, don’t say that” Johnny intervened. Ten turned to look at him.

"Oh, come on, no men who look like that doesn't like being praised. Kun and you could take a note or two, look at his abs…”

Jaehyun knew when he didn’t want to keep hearing a conversation, so he turned back and quickly changed clothes.

“I finished changing” he muttered, interrupting the heated conversation Ten and Johnny were in.

"Something is missing" Johnny nodded, agreeing with Ten. "Let me do your hair".

When Ten was finished with him, he himself had to admit he looked pretty. His hair was falling over his forehead in his natural waves. Ten had finished his look with a golden pendant that somehow made the part of his chest that was showing under the low neck of the muscle-tee seem more attractive.

“There you go, everyone’s gonna want to have a taste of you” Ten smirked, patting his shoulders.

That didn’t sound that bad.




Mark, Johnny, Ten, and he shared an uber to the party and arrived at Jackson's party around 9 pm. The house - Jaehyun wondered whether to call it that or a mansion, which was probably more accurate given its size – was already filled with people by the time they arrived, the music blasting onto the street.

They crossed the garden, making sure to not step too close to the dampened edges of the swimming pool. Jaehyun guessed someone must have fallen into the water in a drunken daze.

Sicheng was the first person they encountered when they entered the living room. He had Lucas’ arm around his shoulder, and they both looked like they’d already had a little too much to drink, jumping and screaming the lyrics of the song that was playing.

There was another guy with them who Jaehyun did not know. Ten launching himself into his arms and kissing him while Johnny stared nauseatingly fondly at them was all Jaehyun needed to know the guy had to be Kun.

He definitely needed a drink.

Jaehyun turned to ask Mark if he wanted to grab a drink only to find his roommate had already disappeared. Jaehyun vaguely recalled Mark telling him he was going to try out his luck with a freshman he’d met on the music club, but he wasn’t completely sure. In any case, he hoped Mark would enjoy his night.

Alone, Jaehyun wandered into what he assumed was the kitchen, given how many people came in and out of the room. He was right, and he went back to the living room where his friends were after successfully acquiring a beer.

Sicheng and Lucas looked drunker, if that was even possible, and had completely switched to speaking in mandarin. Ten was nowhere to be seen, and Kun was latched onto Johnny’s arm watching something on the latter’s phone. Jaehyun felt out of place.

Jaehyun was debating in his head what the best excuse for bolting the party would be or if he should just wait a little while until the others were too drunk to notice his absence when Mark came back with a mat of blond long hair hanging from his neck. It took Jaehyun embarrassingly too long to figure out it was actually a person.

“Sicheng!” the blond guy exclaimed before moving from Mark’s neck to the Chinese’s.

Sicheng immediately tried to get the guy detached from him, and finally managed after pecking the blond guy’s cheek. Then the guy turned, and Jaehyun forgot how to breathe for a moment.

The new addition to their group was possibly the prettiest person he had ever seen in his entire life. He had sharp eyes and a slit eyebrow, and Jaehyun felt for the first time in his life the need to tangle up his hands in someone’s hair. By the time his mind had caught up with what he was thinking, his ears were completely red.

“And who is this?” The blond guy eyed him from head to toe, his sight catching on his exposed collarbones. Jaehyun felt himself quiver under his glare.

"He's my roommate, Jaehyun" Mark answered and turned to look at him. "Jaehyun, this is Yuta"

"Pleasure to meet you, Jaehyun" his name rolled out of his lips, and Jaehyun had to physically contain himself not to ask him to say his name again. "I think we're gonna have fun tonight”

Yuta rolled his tongue inside his mouth, and Jaehyun knew that moment he was completely lost.

"Anyway, the reason I came was to ask if anyone wanted to play beer-pong"

“Oh, Jaehyun’s good at it” Mark added.

Jaehyun wished not for the first time since he’d met Mark that he would just keep his mouth shut. Mark’s comment caught Yuta's interest, and he locked his eyes with Jaehyun's, a smirk forming on his face.

“Wanna play?”

And who was Jaehyun to say anything but yes.




Jaehyun found himself in front of a table full of beer-filled cups before he could even notice. Yuta was grabbing his forearm, and he pointed to the two guys in front of them. Once he seemed to make sure Jaehyun knew who they were going against, he yanked his forearm to get Jaehyun to his height. All Jaehyun could think about was how surprisingly strong Yuta’s grip was for his size, at least before Yuta leaned to whisper into his ear.

“I’ll go first” his deep voice rolled out of his mouth, the heat of his breath finding Jaehyun’s ear. “And I want to win, so do you think you’re going to be a good boy?”

Jaehyun’s breath hitched, and he found himself nodding, unable to utter a word. He felt Yuta smirk into his skin.

“I knew you were gonna be into that" he patted Jaehyun's back and distanced himself from the latter. Jaehyun mourned the loss in his insides.

“Come on, let’s start!” one of their opponents shouted. Almost in a daze, he watched Yuta grab a ball, and launch it into one of the cups.

"Yes!" he celebrated and turned to wink at Jaehyun.

It was going to be a hard game.

Watching Yuta win was an experience by itself, the way his eyes creaked and flashed the prettiest of smiles to him. But it still couldn’t compare to when Jaehyun scored. It was so much better, not only because deep inside he was incredibly competitive and thrived off winning, but because every single time he managed to land the ball into a cup, Yuta approached him and whispered him praises.

“That’s it, well done” “You’re being a really good boy tonight, Jaehyun”

Jaehyun tried to recall another instance when he’d been that hard. He failed.

Jaehyun landed the ball on the last cup, making them the winners of the game. Yuta shouted next to him and hugged him. Belatedly, Jaehyun wondered if Yuta could notice him straining into his pants from that position.

“Well done, you did amazing. Now’s time for the reward” He couldn’t contain a moan.

Yuta must have been here before, Jaehyun thought while the other dragged him into a room on the second floor.

He was filled with nerves, excited about what was going to happen. Hooking up at parties wasn't something new for him, but he didn't even give a second thought that he was going to be doing it with a man. The only thing that mattered was that it was Yuta and that the image of him in between his legs with cum spread all over his face was too attractive to not happen right that moment.

Yuta closed the door behind them, and Jaehyun didn’t have time to take in the room before he was being shoved against the wall, Yuta’s lips on top of his. He elicited a moan, his mouth opening for Yuta’s tongue to shove in.

Yuta was a good kisser. A really good kisser. Jaehyun had never been kissed quite like this, the dominance Yuta was giving off turning him on more than ever in his life.
Yuta bit his lip, his hands roaming all over Jaehyun’s chest, feeling him up.

“You’re so hot” Yuta murmured against his mouth, before detaching his lips from Jaehyun’s and trailing little bites down his throat. Jaehyun gasped when Yuta’s cold hands made their way under his clothes, trailing down the lines of his abs.

Yuta moved from his throat to his collarbones, Jaehyun’s body quivering against the wall. He tangled his hands into Yuta's hair and pulled slightly. Yuta groaned and hid his face on the crane of Jaehyun's neck. Then, he raised his head and pecked him on the lips.

“Come on, let’s take this off” and pulled Jaehyun towards the bed.

He removed his shirt and muscle-tee and threw them into the ground without a care. He looked at Yuta, who had begun undressing, and the sight almost made him lose every ounce of control he had. Yuta had removed his tee, and now the tattoos on his hips could be seen.

He had a butterfly on his left side, and what looked like flowers disappearing below the hem of his underwear. It was hot. It was so extremely hot. More so because he knew Yuta was watching. He knew the effect he had on Jaehyun, and the thought that he was getting off on Jaehyun admiring him almost made him cream his underwear. Then Jaehyun’s eyes caught on Yuta’s navel piercing.

Before he could process what he was doing Yuta was pinned under him in the bed, and he was licking his stomach. Yuta moaned, his left hand grabbing onto the bedding, his right one stroking Jaehyun’s head.

“You’re being so good, Jae”

Jae. Jaehyun had never particularly enjoyed that name, but now that Yuta had called him that it sounded too good in his head.

He let out a groan and continued sliding his tongue over Yuta's thin stomach, trailing the shadow of his abs, stopping only to admire his piercing. He wondered if there was something hotter than that moment.

He unbuttoned Yuta's jeans and quickly removed them leaving the other only in his underwear. The outline of his filled cock was perfectly visible against the fabric, wet where the head of his dick laid.

He didn’t hesitate, and dove straight to his dick, mouthing the shape with his lips. Yuta’s hips buckled up, the hand that had previously been stroking his head with care was now gripping it.

He decided to play with it for a while, his tongue trailing his length and wetting the fabric, his hands caressing his thighs.

“Jaehyun” Yuta warned after a couple of minutes. He liked when Yuta said his name like that.

He looked up, and Yuta's glare was enough to make his dick twitch inside his jeans. He wondered if being that hot was legal. Probably not. Someone that hot walking around would turn people crazy. How could he stare at someone like that?

He removed himself from his position and removed both his jeans and underwear at once. He positioned himself back on the bed and yanked Yuta's underwear off. He was so caught up with the image – Yuta’s uncut cock, filled and leaking against his skin. It was an image to behold. – that he almost missed how Yuta’s legs tangled with his, and how he grabbed his waist and manhandled him into a new position.

Once he realized what had happened – Yuta using his strength to manhandle him – he could feel his dick twitch. And Yuta didn’t miss it, the smirk he had sported almost the entire night coming back to his face.

“Look at you, behaving so good”

Yuta was now on top of him, and he leaned to kiss his chest, his tongue quickly moving to his nipples. Yuta liked one of them, and Jaehyun arched his back against the bed.
“Look at you, you’re so sensitive”

“Am…am I doing good for you?” Jaehyun asked, surprising both himself and Yuta.

Up to that moment, he hadn't participated more in the talking – he was obviously into it. After keeping quiet for most of the night, Yuta hadn't expected him to contribute much, but he'd been pleasantly surprised.

"You're doing it so well, Jae. You're being so good for me"

Jaehyun moaned, his hips buckled looked for friction.

“Are you going to let me fuck you, Jae? Are you going to be a good boy?” ´

Tears prickled at Jaehyun’s eyes. It was so hot. So humiliating and so hot.

“Yes, please.”

Yuta smiled and went back to kissing Jaehyun's torso. He went down his abs, and Jaehyun moaned when Yuta took his tongue out and licked down his happy trail. But before Yuta reached his dick, he detached himself from Jaehyun and stood out of the bed. Jaehyun whined at the loss of contact, incredibly frustrated that his dick hadn't been touched yet.
He could hear the sound of a drawer opening, and Yuta was back with a bottle of lube and a condom. He leaned and kissed Jaehyun on his lips.

“I’m gonna prep you” he warned.

Jaehyun nodded and lifted some of his weight on his elbows, so he could look at Yuta better. He watched him open the tub of lube, and rub some into his fingers to heat it. Yuta looked up.

“Open your legs for me, Jae”

Jaehyun spread his legs as much as he could, and folded them by the knees, giving Yuta better access to his hole.

“Like this?”

“Exactly like this, you're doing it so well." Jaehyun keened at the praise.

Yuta didn’t warn him before touching his hole, his thumb kneading his rim.

“You need to relax a little, babe”

Jaehyun hadn’t noticed when he'd clenched but tried to relax.

“There you go. See? You’re doing it so good”.

Jaehyun let his head hang when Yuta introduced his first digit, the foreign sensation of a finger other than his inside his hole making him quiver.

Yuta knew what he was doing, carefully stretching Jaehyun with his fingers. He kissed his sensitive thighs before adding a second digit, scissoring his fingers while sucking hickeys onto the inner part of his thighs.

Once Jaehyun got used to the sensation, Yuta added a third digit. Jaehyun looked at him, wanting to take in the image of a turned-on Yuta in between his legs. His face was set in concentration, his eyebrows frowned, and his tongue pocking inside his mouth. And then there was his hand. Yuta was slowly stroking himself with his spare hand, his thumb pressing on the head, precum leaking from the top. Nothing could have prepared Jaehyun for a sight like that.

“Yuta, I need you” he moaned.

Yuta moved his eyes from Jaehyun’s ass to his eyes, and something must have convinced him because he quickly agreed.

Jaehyun gaped when Yuta removed his fingers, his hole clenching around nothing. He observed Yuta roll his fingers on the bedspread, trying to get rid of the remaining lube, and he opened the package, rolling the condom on his dick with expert movements. He tried to grab the lube, but Jaehyun was faster. He squeezed some lube onto his fingers and reached to stroke Yuta's cock.

Yuta gasped at the unexpected contact, his eyes shutting in pleasure. Jaehyun pumped his dick, covering it up with lube while Yuta took him all in with creased eyes.
“You’re so hot, fuck”

Yuta kissed him and removed his hand. He lined the head of his cock with Jaehyun's entrance, and slowly pushed inside. Jaehyun felt himself being stretched, a sensation bordering on pain despite all the prepping.

He was tense, about to ask Yuta to please stop moving when the other bottomed out. Yuta kissed him again, leaving small pecks on his lips and his jaw. Yuta reached his hand to pump Jaehyun’s dick, which had remained untouched up until that moment.

“There you go, you’re doing so good” Yuta whispered in between kisses. “You tell me when I can move, okay?” He also kissed the tears falling from Jaehyun’s eyes away.

After a couple of minutes, the stretch became less painful and increasingly better, until he felt ready to tell Yuta to go on.

Yuta started off with slow movements, stroking Jaehyun’s cock at the same pace he was moving. Jaehyun doubted any of them was going to last long if the blissed-out expression on Yuta's face was any indicator.

It didn’t take long for Yuta to increase his rhythm, his moans painting the room and filling Jaehyun’s ears. With the quickened pace Yuta’s dick slipped off, and he took the chance to lift Jaehyun and place a pillow under his back. Jaehyun moaned at the sensation, incredibly turned on by being manhandled again.

Yuta grabbed Jaehyun’s leg and placed it over his shoulder, sliding back in. It took a couple of thrusts for Yuta to find his prostate with the new position, Jaehyun’s back arching up the bed at the sensation. He moaned so loud he doubted a single person in the house hadn't heard him. Yuta seemed to have the same thought because he chuckled and leaned to kiss Jaehyun. It wasn't a kiss as much as their opened mouths pressing against the other's, their hot breaths mixing together.

“I’m close” Jaehyun cried.

Every thrust was hitting on his prostate, he reached down to his dick and imitated Yuta’s pace, coming after two strokes. He moaned loudly, his head hanging back and his vision blackening for a few seconds.

Yuta quickened his pace once again, his movements erratic. He came with a groan, rutting Jaehyun through his orgasm. Jaehyun squirmed with the overstimulation, new tears rolling down his eyes.

Yuta pulled out and removed the condom tying it up with a knot before collapsing next to Jaehyun on the bed. He smiled at Jaehyun, the blissed-out sort of smile.

“You think I can have your phone number?”