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Stiles groans in annoyance as he wakes up and sees his wings are out again. That's been happening often, he's loosing control of his shift.


You see everyone is born human, but on your 13th birthday you find out your other half, sort of anyway. You find out what shape you can take or what you really become, and it's totally random. Two werewolves could have a banshee. Two mer-people could have a Selkie. Two pixies could have a fairy. You never know.


Then there's the rarest of them all, the Angel. The Angels are treated with kindness, love and devotion because they're so rare. They have the power to heal anyone they wish, and they're know for their kindness.  They're also the strongest, they don't need to train. They have 'the instinct', which means angles knows what to do when ever they come face to face with danger. No-one can kill and angel, unless you rip it's heart from it's chest. They're also the hardest to control, and the most painful.


That's right ya'll, Stiles is an Angel, though he has never had trouble with controlling it, until now. He's sixteen now and goes to high school, and is bullied almost everyday by Jackson Whittmore. He can control his instinct, but it's getting harder.


No-one really knows why Jackson bullies him, but they don't seem to really care either. The only people who do care is his father, the sheriff. Scott-his best friend, and Derek Hale. Though Stiles doesn't actually know if Derek cares, they're sort of friends. They talk sometimes and Derek also stops Jackson from pushing him around allot. But the problem is Derek is the most popular guy in school, and Stiles is at the bottom.


Also, only four people know he got the Angel at 13. And one of them is dead.



On the way to school, Stiles picks up Scott, who can't stop talking about Allison. Allison is a fairy and Scott is a werewolf. In Stiles opinion they would make a brilliant couple, Allison's parents on the other hand, not so much. Werewolves and fairy's don't really get along.


Arriving at school Stiles lets out a sigh of relief when Scott jumps out to find Allison, and follow her around like a puppy. He chuckles a little to himself and walks into the building, where he is immediately shoved into the lockers.


"Careful Stilinski, wouldn't want you to get hurt." Jackson sneers as he walks away with his laughing friends. Huffing Stiles gets his bag and stands up, smoothing down his clothes.


"You alright?" A voice behind him asks, making his heart skip a beak. Turning around he comes face to face with Derek.


"Hey, yeah I'm alright. I'm used to it anyway." He waves off, Derek growls a little and it really shouldn't turn Stiles on as much as it did. He's fighting to keep his wings in, not wanting to expose himself and have everyone act different around him. Stiles doesn't really like it when the attention is on him.


"You shouldn't be, the asshole thinks he can push anyone around." Growing angrier by the second, Derek punches the lockers, causing them to dint and Stiles to flinch. Derek must of seen it because he apologizes and excuses himself. Leaving Stiles there looking dumbstruck.


Derek's never really gotten that angry around him and to say he was scared would be a lie, he was actually turned on. He was pulled out of his thoughts by the bell. Swearing under his breath he ran to his first lesson, chemistry.


Just what I need right now he though sarcastically to himself.


He was the last one through the door, so he was, yet again, Harris' target.


"Mr Stilinski, late yet again. What did you do this time? Piss people off, wait that's normal for you. Please sit down and shut up, detention."


He scowls at Harris and takes his seat next to Scott, some of the class are snickering under their breath. Sometimes he wishes he could stand up and announce he's an angel, but he knows people would treat him different. He'll automatically become popular, everyone will want to be his friend and no-one would bother him.


He doesn't want that, nope. He wants to see how people would treat him without knowing what he really is, he wants to know who his real friends are.


Derek doesn't know, and Stiles really wants to tell him. Stiles might just be in a lot of love with Derek, but Derek's hot, popular, and an alpha werewolf, and Stiles doesn't think he has a chance. Rumour has it Derek has a mate, and Stiles is not going to humiliate himself when he doesn't have chance in hell to be with Derek.


Stiles listens as the teachers hammers on about their work, trying not to think about everything else when he feels a pain go up his back. He jerks in his seat and looks around quickly, hoping no-one noticed. It's just his luck Derek, Scott and Jackson are all looking at him strangely.  He's trying not to freak out because any second now his wings are going to come out, and everyone's going to know, and he can't-


He can't breath. Everything's spinning, and there's blood rushing to his ears. He runs, knowing Scott will follow him out. 


"Stilinski!" He faintly hears Harris call.


 He runs to the boys bathroom, silently thanking all the gods and goddesses that no-one is in there. He slides down to the floor, landing on his knees as he try's to remember how to breath, when another pain shoots up his back.  He holds in a scream and lets the tears flow freely down his face. The door opens and Scott's comes in, Derek following after.


They both kneel down, Scott pulls Stiles close to him and sooth's him. He can feel Derek's hand trailing up and down his back, mumbling something.


"Come on Stiles. In, two, three, four. Out, two three four." Scott's repeating the word over and over, until they start having their effect.


 When he's calm enough he stands up, and looks around. Not wanting to meet anyone's eyes. Especially not Derek's, god he's just embarrassed himself in front of the guy he's in lo-like with. Clearing his throat, he thanks them both before leaving. 


He goes home, he can't stay in school. Not after that.  He'll probably get hundreds off detentions of Harris but he can't bring himself to care, not after HIS WINGS ALMOST CAME OUT.


He sends Scott a quick text, explaining what happened and if Derek had said anything, before falling asleep.