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We Never Break a Promise

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The trio had never run faster in their life.

Genuinely, George didn’t know his feet could move that fast. But when the world is flying by you in a blur of panic, anger, and fear, anything is possible. Arrows rattling on his back, twigs cracking underneath him, but all he could hear was his screaming heartbeat in his ears. He and Sapnap had a mission they intended on carrying out in full.

Sapnap’s grip on his axe had his knuckles turning white and his fingers losing their feeling. He felt as if he was on fire, eyes burning holes in his target not very far up ahead and his lungs burning from the harsh autumn air. He was gaining on him. And he was thrilled.

They were going to kill Dream.

Dream knew this was going to happen. The prison alarm was still wailing across the server, as it had been for days. Still, he was defenseless, barely an inch to his name, quite literally running for his life, hair blocking his view and orange prison jumpsuit dirty and torn.

From his own two best friends.

Who promised they’d kill him if they ever saw him again.

He could still hear the promise Sapnap screamed at him as he was being hauled off to prison by Sam:

“I swear to fucking God, Dream! If I ever see your goddamned face again, it’s over! It’ll be too late! George and I will hunt you down, and we’ll fucking kill you!” His voice was raw, his eyes were tired. And he absolutely was not joking.

George stood stoic next to Sapnap, face made of stone and expression unwavering. Pure disappointment at first glance, but Dream knew George better. He was enraged. Without even saying a word, Dream knew George would kill him without a second glance if ever given the chance. The sight of his two best friends that day still haunts him nightly.

Dream came back to reality as he sprinted full on into a clearing in the woods, and it was like the sound was sucked out like a vacuum and time was moving in slow motion. He turned around for just a split second, to see Sapnap open his mouth to scream at him, but it seems as if no sound came out. Dream’s ears were ringing, and time was moving so slow…

When he fell.

Dream, a wanted fugitive currently 2 steps away from being decapitated, fell.

Right in front of the oak tree where the three of them would sit, in the beginning days of the server. Joking around, having fun, looking fondly over the land they called their own. Back when it felt like they ruled the world. Dream hadn’t even realized it was that tree and that clearing until he looked up slightly and was met with a carving in the base of the tree.

“D+S+G were here.”

His breath caught in his throat.

Dream can still remember the day Sapnap took out a small dagger and carved the initials into the tree for the three of them, reminding them that no matter what, they’d still have this tree and they’d still have this special spot on the server, and no one could take that from the three of them. That was their spot, where they’d spend early mornings and long nights all together, leaning up against the tree and each other, enjoying the silence and eachothers company.

Three perfect best friends and their perfect spot.

Time caught up to Dream at this very moment, turning around quickly to see Sapnap and George standing 20 feet away from him, waiting anxiously. They were breathing heavily, both poised to fight Dream at any moment, Sapnap wielding his axe that could cut steel and George with his bow and arrow that he most definitely shot to kill.

“Dream, make this easy for me please, I have more important things to get done today.” Sapnap said nonchalantly, walking closer to Dream while dragging his axe on the ground, puffing air out of his mouth.

“Sap, please, you don’t have to do this. Just let me stay out here, right here. I missed it. I miss you guys. I’m so sorry for what I did.” Dream begged, turning around and pushing himself up against the tree. His hands were shaking and his voice was wavering. Somehow, after everything that had happened to him, Dream was scared to die.

His hands were bloodied from ripping through prickers and nettles, and scars covered his face and neck still from the years of battle he had been through. His body told a story of the carnage he had caused, he was the living evidence for why he was locked up in the prison.

Sapnap laughed, but it sounded more like a dry bark. “You’re pathetic, you know that right? Now, only when you get caught, you’re begging for mercy. You do remember what I told you, correct?”

“It doesn’t have to end like this. Please. Let me live. I’m so sorry. I’d take it all back if I could, but please don’t kill me.” Dream implored, voice cracking.

“I promised you, Dream. You knew that hell would rain down if you ever fucking broke out of that prison.” Sapnap heaved, eyes blazing.

An arrow narrowly flew past Dream’s face, the sender poised behind Sapnap with dangerous confidence, hitting its mark on the tree behind Dream’s head.

“And we never break a promise.”

Dream’s resolve broke with a wretched sob. It was so painful, Sapnap and George winced at the sound. George moved forward towards Dream, wanting to comfort his life-long friend regardless of what he’s done. Sapnaps sturdy hand slammed into George's chest before he could step forward anymore.

“Be careful George, he’s dangerous.” Sapnap dragged out his last word, dripping with sarcasm while eyeing Dream, who buried his eyes into the palms of his hands.

“Please, I don’t want to die. I’m so scared.” Dream sobbed.

“You’re deplorable, Dream. You think you have the right to beg for your life after all the wreckage you’ve caused? Frankly, if Sam had let me, I would've killed you before you could have even gotten to the prison.” Sapnap’s words were like daggers to Dream’s ego, making him feel even smaller than he already felt.

As he spat insults at his crumpled form, Sapnap inched closer to Dream. The grip on his netherite axe adjusted as he raised his other hand to crack his neck. The look in his eyes was wild, and he was about to end Dream right then and there, until…

George’s surprisingly sturdy hand clapped down on Sapnap’s shoulder.

“Do you realize where we are right now?” George murmured in Sapnaps ear, while one hand remained on his shoulder. He didn’t let his guard down completely though, as he managed to fit his bow and arrow into his other hand.

Sapnap looked at George, puzzled. George pointed past Dream’s hand braced on the tree to point out the same carving Dream had noticed only seconds before.

“Oh.. oh my God.” Sapnap’s once confidence form deflated slightly once he saw the initials scratched into the tree.

“Do you remember when we’d all come up here at the crack ass of dawn to watch the sun come up? It felt like we were immortal back then.” George said quietly, almost to himself.

“Then I guess it’s a good thing we aren’t.” Sapnap regained his composure, pointing the axe towards Dream’s neck. “I have business to take care of.”

“Sapnap, please. He’s still your best friend.” George mentioned to Sapnap.

They both gazed at Dream’s crumpled body on the ground. He looked so much more different than they both remember him, prison had changed him. He was emaciated, pale, and so incredibly tired looking. Nothing like the confident, charming fighter they remember their best friend being. His hands were bloody, his eyes were greyed. He had been dead long before he escaped from that prison.

“Dream… I, you know I have to do this. I can’t take any chances.” Sapnap knelt beside Dream, placing the axe at George's feet, away from Dream's reach.

“Do it here. Please. This is my favorite spot on this stupid server, kill me here so I can stay here forever. I don’t want to be revived, I want to rot here, please Sapnap.” Dream’s voice was small and hoarse, from screaming and crying just moments earlier. His breath was still ragged as he looked at Sapnap.

Sapnap stood again, and looked at George, both sharing the same sentiment, that they knew what had to be done.

Even if they didn’t want to anymore.

George put away his bow and arrow and crouched beside Dream. He took both of Dream’s hands and pulled him to his feet, leading him towards the front of the tree, with the beautiful view of the server they once ruled together. The sun was starting to set and the crickets were coming out, and that was the only sound that could be heard as the three best friends overlooked the server together.

“I’m sorry Dream, you know what has to be done.” George whispered to him, voice cracking slightly.

“I know. It’s okay, I’m the one that’s sorry.” Dream nodded knowingly. “I just wish I could go and take it all back.” His eyes welled up with tears again as he knew what was coming.

Sapnap turned around to the front of the tree, wielding his axe once again. He looked at his best friends, and his eyes turned glossy as well. He pulled Dream into a tight hug.
“I love you, brother.”

“I know.”

Without another word, Sapnap went around to the back of Dream. He took a deep inhale and held it there, to avoid the sob that threatened to come out, and held the axe far above his head, ready to bring it down on the side of Dream’s neck.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to end.

Dream’s grip on George’s hands tightened as he anticipated what would happen to him, and George breathed, “It’s just you and me. Look at what we did. I’m so proud of you, Dream.”

“And I’m so sorry.” Dream sobbed.

In that very moment, Sapnap brought the axe down hard on Dream’s neck. It hit its mark with a thunk, and George watched the life drain from his best friend's eyes and he fell forward into his arms with the impact.

Blood was pouring out of the side of Dream’s neck, but he wasn’t screaming. His breaths were ragged and shallow, as he closed his eyes in George's chest. George’s hand immediately went to Dream’s neck to instinctually stop the bleeding.

George fell to the ground with the weight of Dream’s body, and Sapnap dropped to his knees next to the two. Both were sobbing as George readjusted Dream so he was laying his head in his lap, drenched in his best friend's blood.

Dream looked up at the both of them, at the beautiful sky, and the world they created together.

Dream took his last breath, and it tasted like the grass. Like the wind right after a storm. Like George. Like Sapnap. Like blood. And he was content with it, laying with his two soulmates in a world of their own design.

Dream died that day, wrapped up in his best friend's arms as they wailed with agony, willing their friend to come back to life, regardless of the atrocities he had committed. That was their soulmate.

“I’m so sorry, Dream.” Sapnap sobbed.

“But we never break a promise.”