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Various Methods of Escape

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The first thing that hits is the smell.

Taeyong has to squint to see through the potent smoke clouding up the front porch, small groups of people scattered outside the noisy house. Mark helps by taking his elbow and leading him inside.

The second: Mark’s apologetic smile.

“Hey, it’s cool,” Mark’s hand is on the small of his back as he opens the front door like he lives there. “Johnny’s cool, and he probably has the good shit too. You should see all his glass pieces.”

Taeyong lifts an eyebrow, beginning to take in the view of the spacious house around him while trying to conjure up an image of Mark’s friend. The house is fairly modest for what he has learned of American houses—just one floor with tall ceilings that help it look more spacious despite all the people stuffed into it. Mark’s attempt at staying by Taeyong’s side lasts exactly ten minutes before he’s whisked away by some old acquaintances, leaving Taeyong to fend for himself around strangers.

Him being so agreeable is one of the reasons he ends up here in Mark’s suburban hometown outside of Chicago for spring break. The two of them have been roommates in university going on two years now, and since Taeyong usually only goes home to South Korea for the winter holidays and stays the rest on campus, Mark jumped at the opportunity to invite him home for the week. His town was only a four-hour car ride from university, so they peaced out as soon as Taeyong wrapped up a major lab report he didn’t want to have to work on during the break.

Although Mark’s family is nice enough to let him stay at their house for the week, that still meant he pretty much had to do everything Mark did. One of those things includes being here at some Johnny’s house, reeking of weed and walls vibrating with the powerful bass of the music.

But Taeyong considers that he might need this. He's been clenched through the shittiest semester of his life (so far) in his biochemistry track, and this party could potentially help him unclench.

He makes small talk with whoever approaches him—they’re asking him who he is and who he’s with, especially interested in his life in Korea and his impression of the States. It seems that Taeyong stands out as a very obvious stranger to this circle, but they are nevertheless welcoming. Bloodshot eyes and droopy grins, there isn’t much else they can do except ask him to repeat himself multiple times when they cannot understand his accent.

“Yong, over here!” Mark’s voice saves him from the current conversation on Trader Joe’s kimchi, its source at the top of the stairs to the basement. Mark is waving him over, and Taeyong is too happy to oblige.

“Come on, we’ve going down to Johnny’s Weed Lair,” Mark wiggles his eyebrows at him before turning to descend down the stairs. Taeyong grimaces but follows.

“Is this what you call a man cave?” Taeyong asks just loud enough for Mark to hear. After his second relationship, Taeyong now considers all man caves red flags, so entering the basement that’s all dim lights and incense around him is not immediately exciting.

“It’s a Lair,” Mark corrects through his teeth. “Not a cave. And it’s sick.”

Taeyong soaks in the scenery around him: neon lights lining the corners, shelves stacked with video game cases and controllers, and at first glance he thinks he sees empty vases on the shelves, but when he squints and looks closer, they turn out to be bongs. A shriek from behind startles him, but it’s just a group of people at the TV smashing their controllers playing Mario Kart. It seems like it’s getting pretty serious.

“Johnny, man,” Mark’s voice is loud over the lo-fi vibe of the background playlist. “This is Taeyong! Yong, meet Johnny.”

Johnny is unassuming at first glance, molding into the couch he’s draped over to become one with it. But when his eyes land on Taeyong and he gets up, he’s striking.

Johnny’s tall—fucking tall—and his size would be intimidating if it wasn’t for his cozy grey hoodie draped over him and heavy bloodshot eyes, smiling lopsidedly at Taeyong. His hair is grown out brown down the back of his neck with a beanie sitting on top. Taeyong wonders if it’s covering up some skipped showers, as he's often guilty of the same thing.

At first, Taeyong thinks Johnny is kind of gross. Then, he thinks he’s really hot. Both those things being exactly Taeyong’s type because honestly, he could be gross too. Especially when it came to—.

“Taeyong, nice to meet you. I’m Johnny,” he introduces himself in Korean, mouth slowly forming a grin and eyes curving into crescents. The native language immediately puts Taeyong at ease. “Welcome to our little town! Hope you don't get bored of it too quick.”

“It’s nice here, I like it,” Taeyong answers politely. He tucks some loose hair behind his ear while looking down awkwardly at the paraphernalia scattered on the coffee table.

“Mark is the worst person to show you what it’s like here,” Johnny plays up, throwing an arm around Mark’s shoulders. “You’ve been gone for like a year now, didn’t even come home for the holidays, the hell do you have even know anymore?”

“Aw, bro, I missed you too,” Mark laughs while turning to hug him. Taeyong doesn’t get this ritual between them but lets it play out until they all plop down on the sofa. Johnny immediately reaches into his pocket and pulls out a joint, rotating it between his fingers.

“It’s good to have you back, brother,” he says, meticulously burning off the tip of the paper and taking a few puffs. He passes it to Mark. “So what’s it like out there in the real world?”

Mark snorts. “Shit, I wouldn’t know. This college shit is easy.”

He takes a long drag and looks at Taeyong.

“But Taeyong here, he chose the hard life,” Mark points to him with the joint hand, blowing the smoke out at once. “Gonna be an academic. He actually wants to like try hard at shit. Isn’t it crazy?”

Taeyong would say this is stoned Mark, but that was actually still him.

“Some of us want to reach our full potential,” Taeyong rolls his eyes, not really judging but only wanting to have something to say in return.

“Nah I’m okay with cruising till I graduate.”

“Mark, you’re easily the most talented person I know. That’s why you’re cruising,” Johnny says.

“That’s what I’ve been telling him!” Taeyong pipes up. Johnny focuses on him with a dazed look that seemingly stretches time, taking him in from head to toe. It confuses Taeyong since he doesn’t look anything out of the ordinary—graphic tee and ripped jeans, choppy brown hair still drying from the shower he took beforehand.

“How long are you two in town?” Johnny asks.

“Just this week. It’s spring break, baby!”

Johnny grins then leans forward to smack Mark on the knee as a reminder for him to stop nursing the lit joint.

“Then we have to make it worthwhile,” Johnny says. Mark smile has now found its permanent resting place on his face, and he’s finally passing the joint to Taeyong.

The thing is, they’re so nonchalant about this whole thing. It’s probably because weed is legalized here, Taeyong thinks, but he is from a country where it’s still fairly taboo. He also doesn’t know what he’s technically supposed to do with it, having mostly ignored it at all the university parties he's gone to.

He decides to boldly take the roll and try to mimic Mark’s earlier hand positioning and movements. Placing it firmly between his lips, he sucks in.

Then chokes. Then starts coughing and spitting.

Both Johnny and Mark break out into laughter, doubling over as they howl. Meanwhile Taeyong is fighting for his actual life, each cough scratching down his throat.

“Full potential doesn’t know how to hit a j,” Mark mocks, slapping his knee. Johnny’s laughing too but he’s also being useful and tossing a water bottle in Taeyong’s direction. Then, he pulls out a small candy bag from a drawer.

“Here, I have something better for you,” he says, holding the candy bag up in front of Taeyong. “Two of these and you’ll be chill the whole night.”

Taeyong ponders for a short moment but decides—fuck it, what’s the worst that could happen? He takes the offering from Johnny’s hand and pulls out two pink, gummy edibles. They’re sweet like cotton candy when they hit his tongue, but he chews them down and swallows, sinking back into the cushions.

It takes about an hour to get him there, but then the rest of the night is a blur for him. He spends half the night vibing to the playlist and the other half of it mesmerized by whatever is on the screen. He does get his shining moment to kick Mark’s and Johnny’s asses in Mario Kart, which Mark set himself up for since he knows what his roommate can be capable of.

Taeyong concludes that being high is fucking great—head empty, just sensory stimulation. He wonders what it would be like to fuck while stoned.

When all the unfamiliar people started clearing out of the house, Johnny asked the two of them if they want to stay the night, not wanting them to drive home high. They agree, Taeyong especially happy because the second they settle in to start watching some movie, he’s knocked out cold on Mark’s shoulder.

When he wakes, he’s still on the couch that they were watching the movie on, but the TV is shut off and it’s dead quiet other than Mark snoring on the other end of the room in a loveseat. His bladder is about to burst from the water he chugged earlier to soothe his cough, so he gets up in search of a bathroom on the main floor. He tip toes around the dormant house until he finally finds the bathroom and switches on the light, immediately closing the door behind him.

The nap he took during the movie chased away all his drowsiness, even though it’s the dead of night. He washes up and uses the toilet, body still buzzing with the come down from the edibles that didn’t fully wear off. He's fumbling with his hair, brushing out the knots with his fingers, when he hears sounds break through the quiet stillness. There are footsteps outside the door; he twists the door handle and peeks out.

“Johnny?” Taeyong has to squint for his eyes to adjust in the darkness, but the silhouette of the dude is so large there is no way it can be Mark.

“Hey, I was hoping it was you,” Johnny says, leaning in close so he can keep his voice hushed. “Wanna come to my room?”

Taeyong doesn’t allow himself time to think, just nods. Johnny takes his hand and leads him through the dim hallway and soon enough they’re in the low glow of Johnny’s room.

The walls are splattered with posters all over; there’s a desk with three monitors and a record player, a guitar in the corner, some clothes out of place. Johnny goes to sit on the floor against the unmade bed, and Taeyong follows, crossing his legs under himself as he sits down. Something about Johnny’s room and the calmness of his after-high gives him comfort and peace down to his limbs, leaning back against the bed and sighing happily.

“I thought maybe I should give you a one-on-one lesson,” Johnny pulls out a glass piece, already packed and ready to go. “If you want it.”

Taeyong tries not to grin too hard, but he feels giddy for some reason, here alone with Johnny. There is no other noise around them or any other people filling in space. Just the two of them in a room that overwhelmingly smells and feels like him.

“Sure,” Taeyong answers, pushing up off the bed. “Teach me, then.”

Johnny smirks lights up the bowl with a quick spark. He holds the smoke in for a couple of seconds before blowing it out above their heads. Then it’s passed to Taeyong, who doesn’t immediately take it, just pauses like his hands are unsure where to start. He stares at it for a second before turning to Johnny and wordlessly seeking help.

“Hm, I have an idea,” Johnny says, sensing the hesitation. He lights the bowl again, this time inhaling twice as long, gathering the smoke up in his mouth.

Then, Johnny grabs Taeyong’s jaw and coaxes it open while at the same time pulling him forward. It’s so commanding and direct that Taeyong goes dizzy for a second, any fight response dying in his throat. He lets his jaw be pried open, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks as his eyelids fall.

Then, Johnny’s face is in front of his, eyes zoned in on Taeyong’s parted mouth. The smoke dances off his lips when he comes closer, parted hovering centimeters away from Taeyong’s. He makes a low sound in his throat and the smoke rolls off in clouds between them.

Taeyong doesn’t really know what to do—he’s never done this before, and the first time obviously went badly. The smoke keeps pouring out and Taeyong does the first thing he can think off—he licks out at it with a quick swipe of tongue, catching Johnny’s bottom lip.

There’s a chuckle coming from Johnny, but he doesn’t move away, exhaling the rest of the smoke into Taeyong’s mouth before loosening his grip and letting go.

The smoke sits in Taeyong’s mouth, and he dares to inhale it deeper in, realizing he’s been holding his breath the whole time. The final exhale is cathartic.

He looks back at Johnny, not sure if he’s hazy from the lack of breathing or if the drug is supposed to hit that quick. Taeyong realizes he’s almost in Johnny’s lap, one knee bent over his leg while sitting shoulder-to-shoulder. They stare at each other for a moment before Taeyong breaks out into giggles.

“Cute,” Johnny says with a droopy grin. “Wanna try again?”

Taeyong nods which urges Johnny to repeat the ritual. This time, Taeyong opens his mouth without Johnny's help. Johnny’s eyes are glazed, but Taeyong can still see them darken and twitch at the sight. He leans in, grabbing the back of Taeyong’s head this time and bringing their mouths dangerously close.

Taeyong breathes the smoke in slower and easier this time, his lips so close to Johnny's and mirroring their shape perfectly when he takes it all from his mouth. He doesn't inhale too deeply, letting the smoke dissipate around them as it coils out of his mouth. The effect of the drug clouds the world around him, like there is nothing beyond the two of them in this moment. In the blur of it all, he finds Johnny’s mouth and kisses him.

A groan instantly escapes Johnny at the contact, and he’s kissing, slowly at first until he grows hungrier, kissing deeper, the hand on the back of Taeyong’s hand gripping harder. Taeyong keens, resting all of his weight onto Johnny, completely swept away by the kiss.

Taeyong has to pull back to catch his breath.

Then, he’s lunging forward again, one hand in Johnny’s shirt collar, kissing him with such fervor that Johnny has to put out his arms behind him, otherwise they’d both topple over.

Johnny’s hands are then in Taeyong’s hair, leading the kiss as their lips move with one another. Taeyong gasps, lapping at Johnny’s lips and pulling him closer with a firm grip in his shirt. Their tongues find each other in the space between, playful and hot, until Johnny sucks Taeyong's into his mouth.

The moment Johnny responds with such vigor to his advances, Taeyong dives in headfirst. He’s climbing into Johnny’s lap, pressing him into the side of the bed when his legs settle on either side of him. Johnny’s hands immediately snake around him, fitting so perfectly around his waist, palms hot to the touch on his skin and fingers gripping down to the muscle. Taeyong moans, and the sound is swallowed up by Johnny’s mouth. Every nerve in his body is buzzing and Taeyong cannot tell if it's because of Johnny or what Johnny gave him, but his head is spinning and he wants to keep drowning in this.

Johnny rips his mouth away before attaching it to Taeyong’s neck, sucking down harshly at the spot right below his earlobe. His tongue traces along Taeyong’s jawline, alternating kisses and bites when he descends down to his collarbone, and the smaller man writhes in his arms, grinding his hips down into Johnny’s.

He’s floating, more so when Johnny grabs his jaw to tilt his head away, biting at the new flesh there and soothing it with his tongue. His hands are so warm and calloused, pressing into the veins of his neck just enough for Taeyong’s head to spin. He chokes out a moan, shoving his hips down more desperately to get some friction from Johnny, who was getting hard under him too.

“Johnny-“ Taeyong whines, wrapping his arms around his neck and pressing close. “Johnny, touch me.”

Johnny is nodding eagerly before leaning away to reach for something on the bed above. Taeyong moves to get off his lap to find a better position, but Johnny’s hands are back on him in an instant, possessively gripping his hips.

“No, stay here,” he rasps. “Love you in my lap like this.”

Taeyong can’t hold back the groan that erupts from him, burying his face in Johnny’s neck, burning up all over in desperation to be touched. His hips move on their own accord, leaning into Johnny’s hands as they slip into his boxers, one in the front and one in the back.

Johnny's palm presses against his erection and Taeyong squeals, thrusting forward chasing the friction. He’s so impatient, Johnny’s hands spreading a vibrating fire through his body. The hand on his hard-on wraps around and gives a few experimental strokes, the other grabbing his ass cheek and pulling it apart, lewdly spreading him open.

Taeyong whines again, nibbling down on Johnny’s earlobe while Johnny handles him. Their lips meet again, both bitten raw and slick with saliva, but all Taeyong can concentrate on now is one of Johnny’s fingers pressing against his rim.

“Ah, fuck-“ Taeyong gasps, his words vibrating against Johnny’s neck. Johnny suddenly pulls away, grabbing the bottle of lube he got earlier from the bed and making quick work of slicking his fingers.

“So fucking pretty,” Johnny says, looking at the flushed, sweaty Taeyong in his lap, messy hair in his eyes sticking to his lashes. “Wanna make you cum so bad.”

Johnny does not waste any more time returning his hands into Taeyong’s shorts, gripping his dripping cock with a firm, slick fist, at the same time letting one finger sink into him, quick and jarring until it's halfway in.

“Johnny!” Taeyong yelps, throwing his head back at the overload of sensations hitting his high brain. “Johnny, Johnny-“

He falls forward onto Johnny’s shoulder, arms wrapping around his neck securely as the only thing able to hold him up. He’s chanting into Johnny’s shoulder, hips torn between wanting to fuck into the fist or push back onto the finger inside him.

“God, fuck yes,” Johnny moans as if he’s the one being touched. “Look at you, so fucking good for me.”

With the praise comes another finger penetrating him, settling inside until both of them curve up, making a puddle of incoherent sounds out of Taeyong. Johnny's fingers are thicker, rougher than Taeyong's and it has his mind reeling, stretched out so well that he almost begs for more. His hips move frantically to chase his orgasm before he seizes up, thighs quivering and squeezing when he starts spilling into Johnny’s hand. He’s milked to the last drop until he begins whining from oversensitivity while Johnny spreads his cum over the sensitive head of his cock.

Slowing his hips, he is heaving trying to catch his breath, shoulders rising with each deep inhale. Eventually he peels himself off, opening his eyes and seeing Johnny for the first time again.

Johnny’s beanie fell off at some point, leaving his hair tousled with some stray locks falling into his face. He looked fucking hot, heavy eyelids and black eyes, lips parted because he ran out of breath too.

“I want you to fuck my mouth,” Taeyong blurts, closing his eyes and nuzzling his nose against Johnny’s. “Please.”

Johnny chuckles breathlessly, pulling his hands away from Taeyong and letting him move off his lap. Taeyong settles on his knees, back of the head on the bed and mouth agape. Johnny curses something under his breath, not taking his eyes off the smaller man serving himself up to him, getting up to stand in front.

He barely takes his pants off, just letting them rest under his ass as he pulls his cock out and guides it to Taeyong’s waiting mouth. One hand settling into the hair on top of Taeyong’s head, Johnny slides his cock halfway in, letting him lap at it and suck on the head. He groans at the sight, watching those small lips work around him before pulling forward and taking him all the way until he hits the back of his throat.

Taeyong chokes around it but doesn’t pull off, sucking Johnny deeper in and bobbing his head shallowly. He gags again, swallowing up the sound while sliding his tongue out against the base of Johnny's cock.

Johnny pulls out for a moment, one hand cupping Taeyong's jaw as he examines his face. “Shit, you okay?”

Taeyong giggles, a little fucked out and dumb before wrapping a hand around Johnny’s cock and leading it toward his mouth again. “It’s okay, I like it.”

Johnny curses louder this time. “Fuck, you’re fucking perfect.”

Taeyong flutters at the praise, swallowing Johnny down enthusiastically. He lets Johnny grip his hair and fuck into his mouth, as deep and as hard as he wanted, jaw going slack as he took it all in. He didn’t want to breathe, just get throat fucked until his face was soaked from tears.

Johnny growls out Taeyong’s name again and warns him, not letting Taeyong have a moment to catch his breath before he’s spilling into his mouth, cock shoved so deep it spills straight down his throat. Taeyong takes every drop as Johnny fucks his face through his orgasm. He pulls out and frees Taeyong’s mouth, the hand in his hair loosening up and sliding down to his cheek, stroking it as he gazes down at Taeyong.

Johnny kneels down next to him, and they take the time to catch their breaths. Now Taeyong feels completely spent, ready to pass out the second his head hits the pillow.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

He doesn’t remember getting cleaned up or getting into bed, so exhausted that the next thing he wakes up to is the singing of the birds outside the window at the first sunlight of the day. He groans to himself, his limbs feeling like jelly from how hard they settled into the bed, each part of his body in full recovery mode. He turns and realizes that he’s in Johnny’s bed, but he’s completely alone. He doesn’t think too much about it and closes his eyes again, hoping to pass out until Mark wakes him up.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

The morning is sufficiently awkward: they’re sitting around the kitchen island and Mark is chatting the time away. He doesn’t seem to pick up on any weirdness, probably chalking Taeyong’s silence up to being shy around new people. Taeyong glances at Johnny who flashes a quick grin before turning his attention back to what his hands are doing.

He’s making them breakfast—nothing extravagant by any means, just heating up toaster waffles and topping them off with ice cream. Honestly, Taeyong can't even complain because it was somehow the perfect meal for that morning.

After breakfast they don’t hang around for too long, having made plans to go into the city and go to music shops to check out recording equipment. Taeyong and Mark started thinking of writing music together a year into being roommates, so the music shop was one of their top priority destinations in their busy week at home.

As they’re heading out, the old friends exchange hugs when they part and Mark starts walking to his car. Before Taeyong can follow, Johnny calls out his name and catches his wrist.

“Taeyong,” he says, waiting for the other man to turn to him before continuing. “Can I give you my number? I want to see you while you’re still here.”

There’s a delay before Taeyong realizes what Johnny is asking. His brain cannot process the words to reply so he just hands out us phone and lets him type his number in.

“See you again,” Johnny smiles, handing Taeyong his phone back. Taeyong replies with his goodbye and turns to leave, his heart hammering in his chest and smile impossible to pull from his lips.

When he gets into Mark’s car, he’s immediately questioned.

“What did Johnny want?”

Taeyong turns to him and answers without missing a beat.

“To tell me that I drooled on his pillow, the asshole,” Taeyong smiles as that makes Mark burst out in laugher, and they head home.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Me [5:53 pm]
hii it’s Taeyong

Johnny [6:10 pm]
I was wondering when id hear from you

Me [6:12 pm]
sorryyy Mark’s family planned a lot of stuff for us to do
but tonight theyre visiting his brother and im all by myself

Johnny [6:13 pm]
would you rather not be?

Me [6:15 pm]
stop playing and come pick me up
Ill be ready in 20

Johnny [6:16 pm]
jeez bossy
See u soon

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Johnny pulls up to Mark’s place in an unremarkable Subaru, sliding into the driveway with practiced ease. Taeyong is already waiting for him under a lamp on the porch, slightly taken aback by the arrival—he honestly thought Johnny would drive something less motherly and more eligible bachelor-y.

Maybe he should try to learn some things about him other than how deep his cock can go in Taeyong's mouth.

“Hey, you,” Johnny greets when Taeyong slides into his seat. His hair is pulled into a half-bun, and he’s wearing a crisp black T-shirt with darked washed jeans, much more elegant than the first night they met.

“You look clean,” Taeyong blurts out, but Johnny’s laughter in response puts him at ease.

“Thanks. I thought maybe you’d wanna get dinner,” Johnny says, shifting the car into reverse and pulling out of the driveway.

Taeyong pauses for a second, genuinely surprised that dinner is what Johnny has in mind. He honestly assumed Johnny would take him home, fuck him as long as they had time and then drop him off in hopes of never seeing him again when Taeyong goes back to school. You know, fuckboy style.

Dinner was never part of the plan.

“Unless you’d rather do something else,” Johnny teases, glancing over at Taeyong with a smirk before returning his eyes to the road.

“I uh- actually ate at Mark's,” Taeyong says, sinking back into his seat. He realizes he’s also barely dressed for dinner—he’s not even wearing underwear. "But I could have dessert."

“How much time do we have?” Johnny asks.

“Like three hours before they’re home."

"Then we can do dessert," Johnny replies with a nod before turning up the music with the buttons on his steering wheel.

Although they didn’t explicitly talk about informing Mark of whatever they had between them, it seems that there’s an unspoken agreement not to mention it. Probably just to avoid Mark's inevitable awkwardness, not like he would be upset about this or anything. There just isn’t anything between them to talk seriously about.

“So, Subaru, huh?” Taeyong looks around the grey interior.

“Watch yourself,” Johnny waves a finger in his face. “She’s affordable and reliable.”

“Hey, no judgement, at least you’ve got it,” Taeyong says. “I probably won’t be able to get a car for a long time.”

“Mark said you’re gonna be an academic?”

“Yeah, I’d love to have my own research lab,” Taeyong sighs as he muses, eyes chasing landmarks outside the window. He’s not even sure where they’re going but it doesn’t ultimately matter. “But I’ll be broke for a while before I can get there.”

“Pretty and smart, huh?” Johnny chuckles and Taeyong tries not to squirm in his seat. He would usually be irked by the overflow of confidence, but something about Johnny made Taeyong think he wasn't made all out of arrogance.

“Are you in university?”

Johnny scoffs.

“Nah, fuck school,” he says before looking over at Taeyong. “No offense.”

“Whatever works for you,” Taeyong admits. "How come I've never seen you visit Mark?"

"I've wanted to but my job has really weird hours. I work for a European company, so the time difference kicks my ass."

Taeyong frowns. “What do you do?"

“I'm a programmer. I learned to code in high school and got a job after graduating and figured I don’t need to go back. Best decision of my life actually."

Taeyong is ashamed to admit that he's impressed by that fact. He definitely passed a harsh judgement on Johnny when they first met, but now if he thinks back to that night, he realizes that the house was fully Johnny's—not his parents'.

Taeyong feels Johnny's eyes on him as he grows suspiciously quiet. But he doesn't say anything until he's pulling into a drive-in burger and shake restaurant, explaining to Taeyong how it works. It's a retro-looking building with red and yellow panels coupled with neon lights, rows on rows of cars parked at the drive-up menus. The place looks straight out of an American movie, Taeyong thinks as his eyes capture the scene, trying his best to contain his excitement.

The menu is massive but Taeyong zones in on the milkshakes, telling Johnny the one he wants so Johnny can place the order for both of them.

The waitress rolls up to the car with roller skates, expertly balancing the drinks. Taeyong holds back a chuckle at the scene, deciding not to comment since it’s not nearly the weirdest thing he’s seen since studying in the States.

“Very American of you to order the most sugary thing on the menu,” Johnny says when he hands Taeyong his loaded up shake, whipped cream almost spilling over the top.

“When in Rome, I guess?” Taeyong defends himself even though he’d do the same even back home. Johnny sets his own order aside and shifts the car into drive again. “Where to now?”

“Somewhere pretty,” Johnny says, focused on the road. “Pretty place for a pretty boy.”

“Smooth,” Taeyong rolls his eyes, staring out the window as he feels his face heat up.

This strangely feels like a date, Taeyong thinks. Not that he minds. He’s annoyed at Johnny for being so different from the impression he had of him, but really more annoyed at himself for being so shallow. Being around Johnny is oddly easy, the silences between them peaceful. Maybe it’s just the faint smell of weed in his car.

The slow tempo music hums from the car speakers on the short drive and eventually they are pulling up a winding road towards the edge of a hill. Johnny parks right next to the fence bordering the sharp cliff, but Taeyong doesn’t get a second to think about that. He’s already drowning in the view.

The hill overlooks miles of forest and prairie spanning through his entire field of vision, some woods denser while others clear out a patch for small bodies of water. Further out, the spread of the buildings becomes denser and denser towards the center until they reach the focal point—the bundle of skyscrapers against the sunset. It's breathtaking.

Taeyong goes completely quiet as he stares, the sound of the engine dying being the first thing to snap him out of his daze. Johnny pulls the keys out of the ignition and exits the car; Taeyong follows, walking around the vehicle to lean on the hood and re-experience the view from beyond the windshield glass.

"Wow," is all Taeyong can say.

"Right?" Johnny says, leaning on the hood of his car as his eyes jump between Taeyong and the scenery before them. Taeyong is left mesmerized, sipping his milkshake as they settle into another comfortable silence.

Until the sound of the lighter brings him back—the little spark lighting up a joint in Johnny's mouth. Taeyong snorts a laugh.

"Is getting high all you do?" he asks. Johnny takes a puff and lets it dissipate above their heads as he breathes out. He shrugs.

"Life is short and simple," he says, handing the joint in an offer to Taeyong. "Why not get high?"

Taeyong watches the joint roast with a thin stream of smoke off the end.

"I guess can't argue with that," he says, taking it with his empty hand. "Think I'll need your help with this again?"

Johnny laughs, following up with a sip of his own milkshake.

"If that's your way of asking me to kiss you again-" he starts, setting his cup down on the grass next to them. "-then you should know you don't have to ask."

The way he says it sets off a flood of emotions within Taeyong, threatening to spill out. But he doesn't want to himself away so easily, once again just going for boldly smoking the joint despite the racing of his heart.

He takes a lighter hit this time because he can learn from his mistakes, and thankfully it doesn't rip up his throat. He breathes it out, not in the sexy way that Johnny manages to do it but it still works.

"And what makes me so special?" Taeyong decides to play along, not really expecting Johnny to answer it.

Johnny leans closer and their shoulders bump—he snatches the joint from Taeyong's fingers and taps out the ash on the side.

"Don't know," he says, and Taeyong thinks it's a cop-out until he continues. "Just can't stop thinking about you."

Taeyong's heart jumps right up to his throat; he glances at Johnny who's just calmly watching the scenery under the setting sun and blowing out another puff of smoke while Taeyong feels like he turned into twelve shades of pink.

While Johnny's hand idles with the joint, Taeyong leans forward to catch it between his lips, taking a drag straight from his fingers. Johnny goes wide-eyed as he watches intently, not missing a moment of what Taeyong is doing. They fix their gazes on each other, and Taeyong wordlessly beckons him closer, opening his mouth to display the collection of smoke on his tongue.

With an understanding grin Johnny leans forward to pull the smoke from Taeyong's mouth with his own but does not hover—he goes straight for Taeyong's lips, letting the vapor dissolve around them when they meet in a kiss.

Johnny makes a satisfied sound before moving his lips and kissing back, cupping Taeyong's jaw in one hand so their mouths slot perfectly together. His tongue licks out to taste Taeyong's lips, sweet from his milkshake. Taeyong groans, already feeling his head spin. Is it the drug or does being with Johnny always feel so weightless?

He lets Johnny pull back for a breath for mere seconds before he's diving at his mouth again, pulling Johnny up from the hood of the car. His hands are on Taeyong's thighs, pulling them apart and to stand in between them before kissing him again, tasting his lips until all the sugar is gone.

Taeyong slides his leg up to Johnny's hip, wrapping around him and pulling their bodies flush against each other. Taeyong sets his drink aside so his hands can grab fistfuls of Johnny's hair, kissing the smokey taste off his mouth.

"Taeyong-" Johnny whispers against his lips. His eyes are almost closed, hazy in a way that is completely mesmerized by Taeyong. His arms wrap around his waist, slipping under his shirt and caressing the burning skin there.

Johnny pulls back just to look and really takes his time—taking Taeyong in from the wisps of brown bangs to his eyes to the tip of his nose to his small mouth, like he wants to say something at every point. But already having run out of patience, Taeyong pushes forward to kiss Johnny's neck, trailing his tongue down to the pulse point and sucking down on it.

With all of Johnny enveloping him and pressing him against the hood of the car, Taeyong nearly forgets where he is. All his nerve endings tingle, slightly dizzy but grounded in Johnny's arms on his waist.

"Johnny, fuck me," he says, tugging at Johnny's bottom lip with his teeth again as a groan escapes the taller man's mouth.

"Yeah. Okay, yeah," Johnny dumbly nods, looking like there's a battle within him between himself. "Let's go to my place."

"No, do it here," Taeyong commands, arching forward so their groins press flush against each other. They're both equally hard in an embarrassingly little amount of time. "Just fuck me here, I can't wait any more."

With that Johnny lets out a full growl, leaning away to look at anything but Taeyong. Taeyong is confused for a moment until the eyes come back completely black, ready to give and take. Taeyong doesn't allow him any more time to consider it, unbuttoning his jeans and sliding his hands into Johnny's boxers. He moans as soon as his hand wraps around Johnny's cock, mind flooding with the memory of it in his throat a couple nights ago, so fucking perfect.

"Taeyong, fuck-" Johnny sinks his teeth into Taeyong's neck, thrusting his hips to chase the friction of his hand. He sucks down on the flesh, moving up the column of his throat.

Then, he completely switches, pulling Taeyong off the hood of the car by his hips and turning him around, pushing on his back to bend him over. Taeyong arches with a strained groan, so turned on by this dominant side of Johnny as he feels his pants be pulled down over his hips.

When the cool air hits his ass, he hears Johnny hiss.

"Fuck-" he sucks in a breath, grabbing Taeyong's bare ass in his hands, pulling back and landing a solid smack on one of the cheeks. Taeyong's forehead smacks against the hood of the car with a strained whine unhinging from him at being spanked. Seems that going commando worked in his favor.

Johnny's hands are all over him, so large that the heat of them trails from his groin down to his thighs when he's touched from his cock to his ass. Taeyong feels fingers circle his entrance, rubbing around the skin. Quickly he pushes up, grabbing Johnny by the wrist to stop him.

"Wait, wait, I'm ready," Taeyong pants, looking over his shoulder through his messy hair. Johnny has a wild look on his face, lip pulled between his teeth. "I- I fingered myself before you picked me up. I'm ready."

The fingers on his hips tighten their grip at the words. Without skipping a beat Johnny grabs Taeyong's shoulder and pulls him flush against his chest, twisting his head to connect their mouths in a sloppy kiss. It's an awkward angle but Taeyong takes it because it feels fucking hot to have Johnny want him so badly.

"You're gonna be the fucking end of me," Johnny rasps against Taeyong's lips, wiping the spit off his bottom lip with the thumb then pushing him onto the car again. Taeyong doesn't question the condom being pulled out of Johnny's pant pocket, waiting with a needy wiggle of the hips as he wraps his cock.

"Hurry," he whines, almost not believing that it's him saying these things, feeling like this. Sure, he could be nasty and desperate, but this was a whole new level even for him. Bare ass for the city to see, only for Johnny to take.

When Johnny's cock finally slides in, his mind goes completely blank—he lets out a long moan, taking in a deep breath to relax himself. Still, Johnny is going way too fucking slow, so he takes matters into his own hands and pushes his hips back, forcing Johnny to bottom out in one move.

"Shit," Johnny hisses, stilling his movements. "You feel so fucking good."

"Move," Taeyong gasps. "Please, Johnny, move."

With a firm grip on Taeyong's waist Johnny pulls out and thrusts back in before repeating the motion, slowly stretching Taeyong out with each thrust. Their voices blend in the white noise of the night—shallow breaths, moans and slapping of skin against skin as Johnny starts fucking Taeyong more seriously now, pushing him up the metal of the car. Pausing for a moment Johnny leans forward to cage Taeyong between his arms, nuzzling his face into the crook of his neck when he picks up the pace again, moving at a new angle that makes Taeyong see stars.

"Hhn- fuck- like that, yes-" Taeyong blurts out before his speech becomes a mantra of pleas and Johnny's name, taking his cock so perfectly like he was made for it.

With a sudden stop, Johnny pulls out, and before Taeyong can complain he's being flipped over onto his back and bent in half again, Johnny's hands on his thighs holding his legs up and apart as he re-enters him.

"Wanna see your face when I fuck you," Johnny discloses, messily kissing Taeyong again, who can barely respond at this point, head full of static.

Taeyong's eyes roll back into his skull at how incredible it feels to be filled again, Johnny's cock rubbing right against his prostate in this position. His momentum increases until he's fucking him so hard that the car squeaks on its wheels at every thrust, Taeyong's back rubbing against the cool metal of the car.

"Fuck, I'm-" Johnny barely has a time to warn before he's groaning into Taeyong's shoulder and his orgasm hits him, riding it out with quick thrusts into Taeyong's ass. Taeyong moans unabashedly, soaring at the feeling of being filled up even through a layer of latex, biting down on his lip before he can say anything stupid.

Still floating on the combined high of the weed and being completely fucked out, there's barely a delay between Johnny pulling out his cock and replacing it with three fingers. Immediately his other hand also wraps around Taeyong's cock and he starts pumping.

"Stay like that for me," Johnny says and Taeyong nods, holding his legs spread open. He feels so lewd and exposed, only shielded from the world by Johnny's body and the last minutes of sunset before it becomes night. Johnny's fingers ram violently against his prostate, curving up perfectly with each motion until Taeyong is screaming, spilling all over Johnny's hand on his cock. His orgasm is full-bodied, leg muscles spasming before his body finally gives out, slumping against the hood of the car.

He really just let himself get fucked on a dusty-ass Subaru.

Before he can complain about the gritty layer that is surely covering his back, Johnny's mouth is on his again, but this time it's softer, no rush. He moves his lips against Taeyong's and kisses him slowly, sucking onto his bottom lip then letting go with a final peck.

Their faces are centimeters apart and Taeyong can feel Johnny's gaze on him in the darkness, darting all over his face. Somehow, he feels more exposed like this than having his bare ass out to the world.

"Made a mess of you," Johnny chuckles against his lips. "Wanna come over and play something till you have to go back?"

Taeyong nods, bracing himself for the inevitably awkward ride with cum between his thighs.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

The rest of the few days they had fly by and Taeyong barely notices how quickly they go until they are packing up to go back to campus. He thankfully packed light and is ready to leave as soon as he zips up his single backpack.

His roommate is having a much worse time packing, deciding to take all of his laundry from the past month home for one big wash. Taeyong paces around Mark's house, checking the bathroom for any leftover items he could have left, then walks downstairs to the living room.

He loiters for a bit and plops down onto the couch to play on his Switch until it's time for them to go. For a moment he considers texting Johnny, but that would open something he isn't sure he is ready for. Not only does he not really know what to say, he also doesn't think there would be any point. They had their fling and that was that.

The heavy footsteps stomping down the stairs announce Mark's readiness.

"Ok, I think I'm good. Let me just load this into the car," he says, heading for the door. As soon as he opens it, he exclaims. "Oh shit, Johnny's here!"

Taeyong perks up, looking over the back of the couch through the doorway Mark left open. Johnny's car is parked in the driveway, and Taeyong can faintly hear some conversation between them. When he goes outside to join, Johnny's attention instantly turns to him before returning to Mark.

"Shit, hang on, forgot my headphones," Mark says, making a beeline through the door into the house again.

Taeyong shifts from one foot to the other, looking at Johnny as the other man looks back to him. For the first time since they met, Johnny doesn't seem like he knows what to say, and the silence is less than comforting. Stepping down from the porch Taeyong walks up to him, looking up into his hesitant eyes.

"I had a good time with you this week, Johnny," Taeyong says with a small smile, which Johnny returns. He sighs like a weight has been lifted off him.

"Me too," Johnny says.

Taeyong turns back to walk towards the house but is held back by Johnny's hand on his arm. Stopped in his tracks, Taeyong blinks up at him with a frown. His heart is quickly picking up pace in anticipation of what Johnny will say.

"Do you think-" Johnny begins, clearing his throat as he pauses. "Do you think I could come see you some time?"

Taeyong's breath hitches—this is almost the last thing he expected. The actual last thing he expected was the butterflies rushing through his body at the words.

"You'd drive four hours to see me?" Taeyong asks, not even mentioning the fact that they're not mentioning Mark.

"I'd drive more," Johnny says with a foolish grin, and it's so stupidly corny that Taeyong makes up his mind right there. Glancing back at the doorway to make sure the coast is clear, he turns to Johnny to grab his face and kiss him, pressing their lips together in a way that leaves them both breathless.

Taeyong lets the kiss answer the question for itself, and Johnny seems to understand.