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Fei Du does not think much of it at first. 

Luo Wenzhou doesn’t normally join him on trips like this. But when Fei Du returns to his hotel room after a long day of meetings with the head of engineering and a bevy of construction managers, and sees his husband sprawled on the bed, book in hand, he has no complaints. Whether he stays at one of his own places or at a hotel, the front desk always has instructions that Luo Wenzhou is permitted in at any time.

It makes for a nice sight anyways. Luo Wenzhou’s dressed casually, in jeans and a light grey crewneck, hair ruffled like it hasn’t seen a hairbrush in a week. It’s not till Fei Du’s clicking the door shut behind him that Luo Wenzhou lazily looks up, gaze expecting. Fei Du is briefly reminded of the way Luo Yigou looks when it gets close to his feeding time and then Luo Wenzhou puts down the book and shifts, sitting up and dispersing all thoughts of their haughty cat from Fei Du’s brain. 

Fei Du doesn’t hide his appreciative glance at the way Luo Wenzhou’s biceps and broad chest stretch the fabric as he moves, and takes off his coat.

“Long day?” Luo Wenzhou greets, and Fei Du smiles as he moves into the room.

“Better now with company,” Fei Du says easily, approaching Luo Wenzhou from where he’s still sitting on the bed. Luo Wenzhou circles his hand around Fei Du’s wrist and squeezes it, drawing him closer and closer till Fei Du has no option but to prop a knee onto the bed, half sitting on Luo Wenzhou’s lap.

“Have you eaten?” Luo Wenzhou says, and Fei Du tries to give as beatific a smile as possible to hide the fact that the answer is an emphatic no. Luo Wenzhou doesn’t fall for it, by the stern way his brow furrows, so Fei Du tries to switch tracks.

“What about you?” Fei Du nearly purrs, raising a hand to cup Luo Wenzhou’s face. He runs a thumb over Luo Wenzhou’s bottom lip, thinking it’s been too long since he’s been able to taste it. A grand total of four days since he left for Binhai, but still. “Have you not eaten yet? What are you thinking, travelling so far at this age with no rest?”

Fei Du expects Luo Wenzhou to huff, pinch him, kiss him and then either drag him down to the hotel restaurant for dinner or order room service. It would be a shame, given how appetizing Luo Wenzhou looks right now, but far be it from Fei Du to let him lose an opportunity to hen peck.

However, Luo Wenzhou does this instead; his gaze sharpens, growing unfathomably dark in the low light of the hotel room. The grip he has on Fei Du grows tighter, and Fei Du has a fraction of a moment to register it before his world is tilting and he’s thrown onto the bed. Luo Wenzhou crawls on top of him like a tiger and kisses him as fiercely as one too. It is so intense that Fei Du immediately finds himself melting, sinking into the mattress as Luo Wenzhou moves his lips in a way that makes his head spin.

Luo Wenzhou grumbles something under his breath as he starts to paw at Fei Du and unbutton his shirt, but when Fei Du opens his mouth to say “What did you say, darling?” he finds it suddenly invaded with a hungry tongue. His words turn into a soft groan instead and Luo Wenzhou starts kissing down his neck.

It is an unexpected visit, yes, but Fei Du is not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Specifically not when a short while later, Luo Wenzhou has his mouth around him and is making him see stars, nor some indeterminate time after that, when despite the fact that Fei Du has returned the favour, Luo Wenzhou still finds it in him to hold Fei Du up in his lap and fuck into him. Fei Du tries to move but Luo Wenzhou doesn’t let him, trapping him in his arms in a display of strength that almost feels like he’s trying to show off. Not that Fei Du spends any time fighting him, too busy trying to keep his brain from completely melting out of his ears.

Luo Wenzhou is relentless and by the time he’s well and truly done with Fei Du, Fei Du feels rather used. In a good way. In a “sending his assistant a memo to clear his morning and some of his afternoon and immediately sending for room service so that Luo Wenzhou can hand feed him a late dinner” way. They tumbled around in a rather vigorous manner but Fei Du just chalks it up to the fact that despite the grand scheme of things, four days really can feel like an eternity to go without sometimes.

So no, despite his crisp observation skills, Fei Du is too busy soaking in the afterglow, and does not see anything amiss here.  

Fei Du doesn’t notice it when he’s returned from his trip either. Not immediately anyways, though part of that can be attributed to some of the lascivious air he naturally holds around him. 

Luo Wenzhou only stayed for two days in Binhai before he had to return to work. They had made good use of those two days in that whenever Fei Du wasn’t needed somewhere for business, he was trapped between the sheets, nothing more than a plaything for the handsome captain. It had been nice to not think and simply be, and Fei Du had returned three days after Luo Wenzhou had left, in a much better mood. 

President Fei,” his secretary buzzes. There’s a little bit of mirth in her tone when she says, “There’s a guest here to see you. I told him you were in a conference, but he said that’s not an option.”

Fei Du is not in a conference. He doesn’t take them in his office. That’s just what he gets his secretary to tell people when he needs to be alone for a while, whether to concentrate on getting work done or to aimlessly watch videos of cats that look like Luo Yigou and Fei Qiang— Skinner. Currently, he’s doing the latter. His secretary knows this. 

He leans forward, and presses the intercom. “Tell him I’m busy.”

Predictably, thirty seconds later, his persistent guest is rapping insistently on the heavy mahogany doors leading into Fei Du’s office. Fei Du takes his time sauntering to the door and opening it, leaning against the wood. 

“Trying to lock me out, President Fei?” Luo Wenzhou says, and holds up a paper bag from a local restaurant. The smell coming from it is divine and Fei Du simply steps in with a light, “Sweetheart, I didn’t know it was you.”

“Shut up,” Luo Wenzhou says and Fei Du smiles to himself as he closes the door behind him for his soundproof office. Despite Luo Wenzhou’s snippy words, the kiss in greeting that follows is incredibly sweet. Fei Du can taste the coffee and the egg tart and chases the sweetness of it as Luo Wenzhou wraps his free arm around him. 

“To what do I owe Captain Luo the pleasure?” Fei Du murmurs, going easily as Luo Wenzhou walks him backwards towards his overpriced black sectional. 

“Just wanted to make sure you’re doing your work,” Luo Wenzhou says just as Fei Du’s calves hit the edge of the sofa. The food gets set down on the coffee table and Fei Du gets set down on the couch. 

“I’m technically still on the clock,” Fei Du points out, running his hands through Luo Wenzhou’s hair as he’s pressed against the backrest, Luo Wenzhou looming over him. “Mister Luo, you’re so forward today.”

“Hm?” The man in question is unbothered by the accusation as he wedges a knee between Fei Du’s legs. “Didn’t hear you.”

With the strength that he can muster, Fei Du flips them over till it’s Luo Wenzhou with his back against the sofa. Fei Du properly straddles him then and before he can get a word in, two large hands land on his ass, the smack of it sending a shiver down his spine. 

“Hey old man,” Fei Du says, and Luo Wenzhou freezes from where he’s been mouthing at Fei Du’s neck. This is still his favourite type of barb, even if Luo Wenzhou is barely in his thirties. “Take it easy on me, eh? I know I’m more youthful but that doesn’t mean I can’t get exhausted.”

Slowly, Luo Wenzhou draws back, looking at Fei Du. Fei Du has become well accustomed to Luo Wenzhou’s face when he’s in the throes of wanting and he’s seeing something similar, weaved in with something more… competitive. Though who Luo Wenzhou thinks he’s competing with, Fei Du has no clue. 

“Who are you calling old man?” Luo Wenzhou demands and the tone of his voice alone has Fei Du’s eyes going wide. Luo Wenzhou surges up against him like a large wave, yanking Fei Du down into the undercurrent of his desire. And despite the fact that Fei Du had gained an early lead, it is still he who ends up on his knees, mouth full as Luo Wenzhou’s legs remain spread like he’s some sort of spoiled emperor. 

Fei Du doesn’t get the control he normally does over this but it’s fine. He flutters his eyes close; Luo Wenzhou tangles his fingers in Fei Du’s hair and helps him slowly sink down. Fei Du lets his jaw relax and his mind start to clear up as he feels Luo Wenzhou tilt his hips up into the heat of his mouth. He tries to wrap a hand around Luo Wenzhou but Luo Wenzhou raps his hands, making them drop back down. 

“Touch yourself,” Luo Wenzhou orders and Fei Du easily obeys, groaning around Luo Wenzhou. It’s blissful, really, to have Luo Wenzhou so worked up with his touch, to know the man took time to come out of his hovel of an office during his lunch break because he was too impatient to wait till Fei Du came home. 

Fei Du is so lost in this — gets even more weightless when Luo Wenzhou spills down his throat then lays back on the sofa, tapping his mouth as he beckons Fei Du to come climb onto his face— that he doesn’t notice anything’s different. Not yet. 



No, Fei Du only starts to get an inkling later that evening, when he goes to pick Luo Wenzhou up from the station after work in one of his imposing black SUVs. Luo Wenzhou rests his hand on Fei Du’s thigh mere minutes into the drive, and Fei Du can feel it slipping closer and closer to the inner junction of his leg. 

“Shixiong,” Fei Du only half-complains, and gets a squeeze for his efforts. Luo Wenzhou likes to call him a little shit for enticing him too much and then turns around and does this. Fei Du’s knuckles go white on the steering wheel as Luo Wenzhou gently cups him through his pants and asks him “What?” in an infuriatingly casual voice. 

Fei Du manages to keep cool and drive them home in one piece. Miraculously. As soon as they’re in Luo Wenzhou’s house, they both surge forward, only barely remembering to close the door. Fei Du accidentally stumbles over Luo Yigou, who has come to give his patented look of disdain, and meows in protest. 

Luo Wenzhou pauses for a moment to stare off with his own cat, before sighing and leaning forward to kiss Fei Du’s cheek. 

“Go,” Fei Du says, kicking off his own shoes and taking off his coat. He doesn’t mind— the cats do need to be fed, and Fei Du is rather hungry. Maybe they can eat dinner and Fei Du can make that work call he forgot to do today and oh, Luo Wenzhou is stalking towards him, he’s already fed the cats and Fei Du wonders if he asks nicely enough if Luo Wenzhou will make him some fried—

“Wh—!” Fei Du exclaims as Luo Wenzhou bends down just enough to grab Fei Du’s thighs.  He gives a yelp as he’s unceremoniously slung over Luo Wenzhou’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes and marched to the bedroom. He’s distracted momentarily by the fact that Luo Wenzhou’s shapely ass is within squeezing distance and he gropes it as he still attempts to be aggrieved. “Have I wronged you, darling?”

“Very much so,” Luo Wenzhou says, dumping Fei Du onto the bed. Heat starts to spread in Fei Du’s chest as Luo Wenzhou tugs his tie off but throws it on the mattress instead of the floor, as if he has plans for it later. “You keep interrupting my thoughts at work. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate with a relentless intruder like you?”

Fei Du’s mouth parts, speechless. 

Luo Wenzhou proceeds to show him then, very thoroughly, what thoughts Fei Du had supposedly infiltrated his mind with. Fei Du has to commend this subconscious version of him for being incredibly creative in Luo Wenzhou’s daydreams, even if lacking self-preservation instincts.

Later on when Fei Du is spread out on the bed, screwed into a stupor while Luo Wenzhou makes them dinner in the kitchen, whistling loudly, he twigs on to the fact that something must be up with his dear husband. 

It’s only further affirmed the next morning, when they’re barely even able to get out of the parking lot. The area is empty, thankfully, and it’s still very dark out so no one can see into the foggy windows of the car that’s moving, yet stationary. 

Within it, Luo Wenzhou, the utter demon that he is, is taking full advantage of the fact that Fei Du is still relatively easy to slide into because of their activities from the night before. Fei Du is trapped with his back flat against the bench of the back seat, clutching one hand onto the headrest of the front passenger seat and the other into Luo Wenzhou’s hair as he’s fucked fast and rough. 

He is practically folded in half, legs thrown over Luo Wenzhou’s shoulder, pants hanging on for dear life off of one ankle. His belt clinks gently to the time of Luo Wenzhou’s movements, and Fei Du’s glasses have been long knocked off, lost to the lightless depths of the car floor. 

Yes, something must definitely be up with Luo Wenzhou, and it can’t just be the small quip Fei Du had made this morning about Luo Wenzhou’s stamina being impressive for his age. He wonders if Luo Wenzhou’s had a near death experience recently or something, but Fei Du would know if he did. 

He can’t make any smart ass comment now though, not while his eyes are rolling to the back of his head as wave after wave of pleasure tides over him. And not while his tie is stuffed into his mouth to prevent him from getting too loud as Luo Wenzhou whispers into his ear just how well Fei Du clings onto him. 

Any further thoughts exploring this thread are quickly wiped away at the next angle Luo Wenzhou thrusts into, the silk muffling Fei Du’s moans. 

He’ll figure it out. Eventually.

Fei Du makes a valiant attempt at figuring it out at the station. It’s two days later and late at night, and Fei Du has stopped by with dinner. He isn’t been able to find Luo Wenzhou in his office, but Tao Ran tells him Luo Wenzhou is in one of the copy rooms on his way out. Fei Du bids farewell to him and Lang Qiao before stalking down the halls, looking for his man.

Luo Wenzhou finds him first, and Fei Du doesn’t see anything wrong initially. They make idle chatter as they stroll down the hall, and Fei Du is intently listening to a story Luo Wenzhou recounts with great theatrics. So intently that he doesn’t realize that they turn down an empty hall that’s most definitely not in the direction of the main office, nor does he realize that the door Luo Wenzhou opens is not to a room but to a closet.

Fei Du pauses, and arches a thin eyebrow in Luo Wenzhou’s direction without a word. Luo Wenzhou simply raises his own eyebrows, challenging in the way that they stare down.

“Tell me,” Fei Du says as he steps into the closet, bathed in darkness. Luo Wenzhou at least has the forethought to pull the chain for the little lightbulb, allowing a dim yellow glow to wash over them. Fei Du sets the takeout bag on a small rack, and looks over his shoulder. “Are you in heat, Lao Luo?”

He expects Luo Wenzhou to do a spittake at the brazenness. All he gets instead are two palms on his hips pushing him forward till he has to hold his hands up in front of him and brace himself against metal shelves. The smell of paper, ink and office supplies is strong in this room, but gets quickly overshadowed by the smell of Luo Wenzhou’s cologne as he brackets Fei Du in.

A broad chest presses against Fei Du’s back, the heat of Luo Wenzhou a hard line against him.

“I can stop,” Luo Wenzhou says, one of his hands sliding from Fei Du’s hip to his torso. It rests over his chest for a moment before pinching through the cloth, eliciting a gasp from Fei Du that makes Luo Wenzhou laugh, mellow and dark. “If you feel like you can’t keep up.”

Fei Du decidedly does not want to stop. He is vaguely curious though, as to why Luo Wenzhou has gotten noticeably more free with his affections, why he has been taking Fei Du both to task and to bed so regularly. It’s not that they experience a dearth of intimacy; but Luo Wenzhou is doing it more so than normal, to the point where it is noticeable. 

They’re also doing it at incredibly irregular places, though Fei Du has no reason to complain. How many times has he teased Luo Wenzhou about dragging him into a closet at work and knocking the supplies off the shelves? Whose fault is it that Luo Wenzhou beat him to it?

The hand groping Fei Du’s chest makes it up to his neck and wraps itself around it, squeezing gently. He feels wandering lips mouth across his nape, sucking expertly at all the sensitive spots. Fei Du tilts his neck, baring it further, and Luo Wenzhou rumbles against him, pleased. Luo Wenzhou is hard, impressively so, and Fei Du feels it as Luo Wenzhou grinds against his rear. 

Fei Du exhales, shaky. A hand closes over one of his, and Luo Wenzhou nips at his ear lobe.

“Your window of escape is narrowing,” he murmurs, and Fei Du twists just enough for Luo Wenzhou to plant a proper kiss. Luo Wenzhou licks his bottom lip instead, the action tasting like a particularly filthy promise.

“Is it?” Fei Du murmurs, their lips brushing together as they speak. “I’ve never known you to be sloppy enough to provide one in the first place, Captain.”

Yes, he does want to know why Luo Wenzhou has been more freely pawing at him like a particularly hungry beast.

But he can wait for the answer.

(Fei Du finally gets it; just not from Luo Wenzhou.)

The bar is crowded, the smell of cooking oil interlacing with the smell of cheap beer and permeating through the air. Fei Du is sandwiched between Xiao Haiyang and Tao Ran, the latter trying to give sage romantic advice to the former as if it did not take him months and months to finally string together enough words to confess his crush. Xiao Haiyang nods along like he’s being imparted some great wisdom, and Fei Du is mildly entertained by it. 

“If I get some wine, will you keep it from the boss?” Fei Du cuts through their conversation, loud enough to be heard over the din of the bar. Xiao Haiyang nods as Fei Du flags the bartender down, and Tao Ran laughs.

“You probably have a good twenty minutes before you need to be worried,” Tao Ran says. “He’s probably still twisting himself into a knot trying to get his last report done.”

They’re interrupted by the bartender finally coming to them, and Fei Du orders chianti that he highly doubts is the real deal. As the bartender pours him a glass of red wine, Tao Ran continues.

“We’ve had a new hire that’s strangely efficient,” he tells Fei Du and Fei Du gives him a look. “Though nowhere as handsome as you, of course. He’s fresh out of school. He was good enough that Captain Luo even gave him a compliment.”

“Oh?” Fei Du says, pulling the glass of red wine towards himself. 

“And the boy says— Xiao Xiao, what did he say?”

Xiao Haiyang clears his throat and recites it back like he’s giving a presentation. “That it was to be expected that he would be more efficient than Captain Luo, given that younger people are more efficient with technology. Lang Qiao accidentally called him an Empress dowager after.”

By the way that Tao Ran presses his lips together afterwards, it is clear that Lang Qiao wasn’t the only one to make a slight against Luo Wenzhou. Fei Du has a small flashback to that night in Binhai when Luo Wenzhou had shown up, and had been spurred on when Fei Du had teased him.

“It’s become a running joke now,” Tao Ran says.  “And old Luo is acting like a cat whose tail got stepped on. I had to stop him the other day from forcing the new hire into a competition at the gym.”

Come to think of it, over the past couple of days, hadn’t Luo Wenzhou been more vigorous the more Fei Du made fun of him…

Fei Du raises his glass of wine to hide his smile. He has a faint idea that if he asks how long ago this had happened, he’d already know the answer. So, Luo Wenzhou’s  been unexpectedly thrust into a midlife crisis before he’s come anywhere near middle age and has been going home to his Mistress Fei to feel young again.

Good. Very good.

The wine is sweet, and a lot tastier than Fei Du had anticipated from a place like this. Warmth unfolds in him like a blanket, and he listens keenly to Tao Ran’s next story, which is interrupted by  the man’s eyes going wide.

“Ah, the boss is here, give me that,” Tao Ran reaches for Fei Du’s glass, and Fei Du curls away from him. “Hey, do you want us both to get in trouble!”

“Has he seen us yet?” Fei Du asks and the look on Tao Ran’s face tells him no, so he quickly slides off his stool. “Tell him I went to the washroom. I’ll be back when I’ve finished this.”

With that, he slips into the crowd of the bar, looking over his shoulder for Luo Wenzhou. Fei Du can’t spot him in the crowd of people which is just as well, because it means that Luo Wenzhou can’t see him. He starts to chug down the wine, hunched over his glass like it’s something illicit as people chatter and dance around him.

He bumps into someone and immediately steps back, placating smile on his face as he sees another young man. The young man is about to say something indignant before he catches a look at Fei Du’s face, and the expression on his face shifts.

“Sorry,” Fei Du offers, and the young man says something that Fei Du can’t quite hear over the music. “I didn’t catch that.”

The young man leans in, catching Fei Du off guard as he says, “The only apology I’ll accept is a dance.”

Fei Du is about to brush him off in a congenial manner, but suddenly the man is getting shoved off by the shoulder.

“Hey!” he exclaims, just as the hairs on the back of Fei Du’s neck prickle. Whatever he sees over Fei Du’s shoulder must be terrifying though because his eyes go wide and he immediately starts backing off before spinning on his heel and darting away. Fei Du can feel a weight against his back, a looming presence that radiates a threatening aura.

Fei Du wonders if he can somehow turn around and hide his wine glass at the same time.

“Darling,” he starts as he slowly pivots on his heel, bringing his occupied hand behind him. The trick doesn’t work, and Luo Wenzhou is easily plucking the glass out of his grasp. “It’s so good to see you. How was work? I was saving this for you, of course.”

“Running around already?” Luo Wenzhou says, looping an arm around Fei Du. He knocks back the remainder of the wine and sets it down on a nearby standing table before wrapping his other arm around Fei Du. The crowd is dense around them, so no one notices the way Luo Wenzhou’s hand slides down to settle on top of Fei Du’s rear and squeeze.

Fei Du would normally deliver some honeyed words, or redirect Luo Wenzhou’s attention to the wine, followed by a sweet kiss. He remembers the conversation he had with Tao Ran though, and wears his best shit-eating grin. 

“Why,” he cocks his head, looking up at Luo Wenzhou. “Afraid some strapping young man is going to steal me away?”

Luo Wenzhou frowns, and tugs Fei Du even closer. He smells like cologne and tobacco and sweat and Fei Du has to resist the urge to lean in and inhale deeply like a creep.

“I am a strapping young man,” Luo Wenzhou says and Fei Du doesn’t mean to burst out into a laugh, but he does. He can’t help it— the conviction with Luo Wenzhou says it with is amazing.

Fei Du does end up paying for it though fifteen minutes later, when Luo Wenzhou has dragged them into a dingy, empty alleyway beside the bar. The brick wall scrapes against his back, ruining the precious designer silk of his shirt as Luo Wenzhou presses Fei Du against it, keen on disproving an accusation that has yet to be levied against him.

There’s no chance to even protest because as soon as they had stepped into the darkness, Luo Wenzhou had pushed Fei Du up against the wall and kissed him, taking no ceremony before shoving his tongue into Fei Du’s mouth. Fei Du can barely feel the cold, too trapped by the heat of Luo Wenzhou’s body and the intermingling taste of wine.

“You took my drink,” Fei Du complains, and Luo Wenzhou scoffs. Fei Du decides to take it back by tugging Luo Wenzhou in for another kiss, determined to lick into his mouth till he cannot taste the wine anymore. Luo Wenzhou is fierce in his response and Fei Du is ready to see stars with the way their lips move against each other.

Luo Wenzhou wedges a muscular thigh between Fei Du’s leg and hitches him up by the hips, just enough that Fei Du’s feet lift off the ground till he’s standing on his toes. Fei Du’s breath hitches in his chest for a moment before Luo Wenzhou is rolling his hips against his thigh, and then Fei Du really is seeing stars.

“Ah—” Fei Du gasps as Luo Wenzhou repeats the action again, stoking a fire low in his gut. “Babe…”

“Shh,” Luo Wenzhou hushes against his neck as he continues to torment Fei Du. Fei Du feels his grip going weak as he keeps getting subject to Luo Wenzhou making him rut against his leg.

It’s quick and it’s dirty. Fei Du never stood a chance, and there’s no amount of sweet talk that can get him out of this alleyway and back in the bar, not unless he wants it. And Fei Du only wants this, only wants Luo Wenzhou spitting on his hand before sliding it past the waistband of Fei Du’s pants and circling it around his base.

Luo Wenzhou doesn’t even bother pushing down Fei Du’s pants. He draws back to openly watch Fei Du’s face as he jerks him off, like a particularly studious predator. Fei Du is turned into a mess in the alleyway, hips twitching of their own accord, trying their best to chase the friction of Luo Wenzhou’s hand.

“Shixiong…” Fei Du half-moans, though he doesn’t know what he’s appealing to Luo Wenzhou for. He tips his head back as he starts to come and the tension in his gut uncoils as fast as a whip, making a mess in Luo Wenzhou’s palm. He slumps forward and Luo Wenzhou catches him, unceremoniously wiping down his hand on the side of Fei Du’s pants.


“We’re a mess.”

“You are,” Luo Wenzhou says and Fei Du presses down the front of his shirt before Luo Wenzhou finally lets him go. Fei Du shivers gently, the chill of the night finally catching up to him. Miraculously, they have yet to be caught. “Where’s your jacket?”

“Inside,” Fei Du says, and Luo Wenzhou huffs. “What?”

“Use mine,” Luo Wenzhou says, shrugging his leather jacket off. “I’ll tell Tao Ran to take your coat home. I have to drive him to work tomorrow anyways, I’ll pick it up then.”

Fei Du watches, half in a daze as Luo Wenzhou pulls out his phone to call a car with one hand, while using the other one to nag Fei Du into wearing the jacket. Luo Wenzhou shivers in the cold as well though Fei Du figures he did it on purpose, willing away his own hardness before they step out into the street.

“Are we going home?” Fei Du asks, and Luo Wenzhou gives him a once over.

“You want to go back in looking like this?” Luo Wenzhou scoffs, before turning back to his phone. Once Fei Du is semi-decent, Luo Wenzhou hooks an arm around his waist and pulls them out onto the street. He sneaks a kiss to Fei Du’s temple. “Plus, it’s getting late.”

It’s not even midnight yet, and normally that’s not something Fei Du would point out. However, a conversation from earlier still echoes within his head and Fei Du can’t help but prod again.

“Late, huh?” he says, looking out onto the road, watching for any car pulling over. “I keep forgetting how early a bedtime the elderly keep.”

The arm around his waist tightens, and Fei Du sees the clench in Luo Wenzhou’s jaw. However, he gets silence as a reply, as if Luo Wenzhou had not heard at all.

And that, Fei Du knows from experience, is the most dangerous response of them all.

Luo Wenzhou is relentless the moment they step through the doors. Maybe it’s the wine, maybe it’s the day’s stress, maybe it’s the fact that Fei Du had made a handful more elderly jokes on the ride home. 

Either way, it gets Fei Du shoved against a wall as soon as they enter their place. Luo Wenzhou wastes no time in hitching him against the wall, calling him an impertinent brat. They don't even make it to the bedroom— Luo Wenzhou decides their sofa is the best place to dole out punishment. He dumps Fei Du onto it before he leans forward and digs through the cushions, grinning to himself when he’s able to procure a certain bottle.

“You’re very eager nowadays,” Fei Du comments as Luo Wenzhou pops open the front button to his slacks. It’s a relief to get his messy pants off, and Luo Wenzhou gets to work on the buttons of Fei Du’s unnecessarily expensive shirt next.

“Can I not take what’s mine?” Luo Wenzhou says, tugging just a little too harshly on the last few buttons. Fei Du’s pants get tossed over the sofa, and Luo Wenzhou starts to ruck up his undershirt. He places kisses across Fei Du’s collarbone as he freely gropes Fei Du’s chest. That roguish hand is followed quickly by his owner’s lips and tongue and teeth, and Fei Du arches off the cushions as Luo Wenzhou blows over the tender skin that he had wetted.

Despite the way that Fei Du’s toes are already twitching with the sensation, he can’t help but shoot back a, “I’m just surprised you have the energy to keep up, old man.”

Somewhere along the car ride home, Luo Wenzhou had gleaned onto the fact that his beloved colleagues told his cherished lover that he’s been bullied for being old, even by seniors that have more than three decades on him. 

“Unfortunately for you,” Luo Wenzhou skims his teeth over a sensitive peak on Fei Du’s chest before planting wet kisses up his chest and neck. “This old man has more energy than an entire army of you ever would.”

Luo Wenzhou can probably tell that Fei Du is about to make another quip because he flips him over, hitching his hips up. Undeterred, Fei Du tries to climb up by propping his hands on the armrest of the sofa, only to get knocked down again as Luo Wenzhou tears off the rest of his shirt.

“Careful,” Fei Du warns happily as the cloth falls to the side. “Replacing that shirt may cause too much of a dent in your pension.”

“Asshole,” Luo Wenzhou retorts and Fei Du laughs as he feels Luo Wenzhou start a trail of kisses down the length of Fei Du’s spine. Fei Du squirms under the touch and Luo Wenzhou steadies him with a light smack against, then squeeze of his ass. He mouths at the base of Fei Du’s spine before shifting and grazing his teeth over the curve of Fei Du’s rear. 

Then Luo Wenzhou bites down and sucks hard, making Fei Du squirm. He holds Fei Du down as he leaves the most egregious hickey on his ass, making sure the skin is almost purple before he leaves it alone. He runs a thumb over the indents of his teeth, and Fei Du starts to turn over. 

“You know,” Fei Du starts, reaching for Luo Wenzhou’s tie. Even though Fei Du is completely naked, Luo Wenzhou has all his clothes on. Fei Du wants to even the playing ground even by a fraction, and pulls the thing off. “You don’t need to go to such lengths to prove your virility. I chose a mature man for a reason. It’s my preference.”

Amusement flickers across Luo Wenzhou’s face at the first half of Fei Du’s sentence, before it’s quickly replied by belligerence. His chest puffs up for a moment, and Fei Du braces for Luo Wenzhou’s roaring lecture. 

Instead, he finds himself flipped over again, this time shoved up so his front half is propped over the sofa arm rest. It feels mildly precarious, moreso when Luo Wenzhou grabs the tie from his hand. 

“Wanna know what my preference is?” Luo Wenzhou says, his voice so casually dangerous. “It’s me not touching you except for when I’m fucking you.”

Fei Du opens his mouth to lob another creatively flirtatious insult back at Luo Wenzhou, but he’s interrupted by his hands being twisted in front of him and bound with Luo Wenzhou’s tie. He flexes his fingers just as Luo Wenzhou knots the fabric, and looks over his shoulder once again. Despite finding himself in this kind of situation, Fei Du raises an eyebrow. 

Many people need a shovel to dig their graves. Fei Du has to simply use his own words.

“You seem rather energetic in bed lately, Captain Luo,” Fei Du says, running his tongue over his bottom lip before giving Luo Wenzhou a placid smile. “Did you finally let your doctor know you’re having a midlife crisis?”

Luo Wenzhou just smiles back sardonically at Fei Du, and that does more to beget the feeling of danger than any words ever would.

The good Captain Luo makes good on his series of unspoken threats; Fei Du barely gets a moment to breathe as Luo Wenzhou makes him pay over and over again, first with his fingers, then with himself, sliding in hard and heavy into Fei Du with ease. He keeps his promise too; Fei Du can’t get out of the tie, can’t reach down and touch himself as Luo Wenzhou starts to move in him. 

Instead, he brushes up against a couch cushion, and the friction has him inhaling sharply. Fei Du’s hips twitch involuntarily, chasing the feeling again, and he hears Luo Wenzhou snicker behind him. It melts into a groan as Fei Du hinges back on his hips, and the heat rises immeasurably between them. 

It does not take long after that for the two of them to get lost to their more base instincts. Luo Wenzhou makes good on his promise not to touch Fei Du— instead, he plants his hands on either side of Fei Du on the arm rest and fucks him relentlessly, pushing him into the couch cushion. Fei Du makes a pretty plea for mercy that he doesn’t mean, which works just as well because Luo Wenzhou shows him none.

Passion is nothing new to either of them, but this feels like it’s on another level. That, or Luo Wenzhou persistently mauling him all week has heightened Fei Du’s sensitivity. Even their simple touches from before ignited him more so than usual; each unsparing thrust makes Fei Du feel like he’s a live electric wire dropped into a pool of water. 

Luo Wenzhou places his hands on Fei Du’s hips, and the next time Fei Du tries to meet him, he finds his lower half pinned as his husband continues to use him. The cadence of his moans ticks upwards as Luo Wenzhou buries his face in Fei Du’s neck, and slides one hand under to rest over Fei Du’s belly. It’s infuriatingly close to where Fei Du would rather have Luo Wenzhou touch him, but he can barely voice it out loud because Luo Wenzhou’s movements increase in ferocity.

There was a time when Luo Wenzhou was overly cautious in the way that he touched Fei Du; not like he was testing their boundaries individually, but together, to see how far he could take the both of them. As charming as it was, Fei Du is glad that time is long gone and he’s allowed to lose himself to his senses.

He’s trapped here, sweat slick and panting, between Luo Wenzhou’s body and the sofa. Luo Wenzhou won’t touch him, just holds onto him as he mouths along Fei Du’s neck, sinking his teeth into the nape of it, just below where Fei Du’s collar normally ends. Luo Wenzhou moves hard enough to redden the back of Fei Du’s thighs, to make that hickey he had left earlier properly sting.

Fei Du’s hands are curled into fists, digging so deep into the palms that his knuckles are completely white as he gets any of his higher intelligence screwed out of him. Luo Wenzhou’s got too good of a grip on him for Fei Du to rut against a pillow, making his presence even more all-consuming. Fei Du feels enveloped, feels like he’s been made to completely surrender to the man above him, and can’t think of a better place to be right now.

His lower half starts to stiffen with the onslaught, and Fei Du doesn’t know what he says but mumbled words fall out of his mouth. It is halfway between an endearment and begging, and it has Luo Wenzhou murmuring in a broken voice just how much he likes Fei Du, how much he wants him, how he’s going to make Fei Du forget how to talk, how he loves Fei Du, how this isn’t the only way Luo Wenzhou will fuck him senseless tonight. 

When Fei Du comes, it feels like a never-ending string unravelling from a spool in his chest. He collapses forward and Luo Wenzhou catches him, drawing every dreg of pleasure he can from Fei Du’s body. Fei Du is sure the sound he makes is inhuman but Luo Wenzhou seems to enjoy it because he’s following shortly after, jerking forward as he makes a mess inside Fei Du. The sound of their groans intermingle into the night, twisting around the two of them as they stutter through the tail end of their release. 

Somehow, Fei Du’s glasses have survived the ordeal, despite being knocked considerably askance. It’s the only thing Fei Du notices as his mind starts to go blank, too overloaded with good feelings and a lovely ache.

He pants as he feels Luo Wenzhou start to go soft inside him, too strung out to notice how oversensitive his body feels.  Every part of him feels tender to the touch and though this is the part where he normally feels some extreme clarity, he feels drunk instead. As Luo Wenzhou pulls out, Fei Du feels his whole body shudder. He barely hears what Luo Wenzhou says, and gets just enough strength to lift his head up from where his body’s slumped.

“What?” Fei Du mumbles, brain still trying to catch up to the onslaught of sensation that had been delivered to his body. Luo Wenzhou leans in to whisper into Fei Du’s ear, and Fei Du feels the heat of a challenge shoot down his spine as his head suddenly clears up.

“Is that a bet, old man?” Fei Du says back, voice as easily charming as before and abruptly, Luo Wenzhou is sliding off his sofa and onto his feet. 

“Get ready to pay,” Luo Wenzhou promises and before Fei Du can ask where he’s running away to, Luo Wenzhou grabs him by the waist and tries to haul him up over his shoulder. 

Fei Du shoves, just to be annoying, but Luo Wenzhou anticipates it and man-handles him into a bridal carry. Fei Du gives up, and reaches over to pinch Luo Wenzhou’s face instead. He gets his fingers nipped in response, just as the bedroom door is swung open. Fei Du tries to level Luo Wenzhou back with a teasing look while Luo Wenzhou carries one for intimidation, but neither of them do much to hide the fact that they are eager to get their hands on each other again.

It is an endless night but it doesn’t matter—they’ve both got enough youthfulness to endure.