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A Pocketful of Miracles

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A Pocketful of Miracles: A Miraculously, Magical Love Story

The Principal Characters (and the roles they play)

The Kwamis of True Love

  • Tikki (the enthusiastic kwami)
  • Plagg (the sarcastic kwami)
  • Pollen (the dutiful kwami)
  • Longg (the courteous kwami)
  • Sass (the wise kwami)
  • Leo (the majestic kwami [OC])

The Dudes

  • Adrien Agreste (the model Prince Charming)
  • Nino Lahiffe (the DJ dude)
  • Luka Couffaine (the zen musician)
  • Ivan Bruel (the softhearted rocker)
  • Max Kante (the gamer genius)
  • Kim Le Chien (the dumb jock)
  • Nathaniel Kurtzberg (the lovelorn artist)
  • Marc Anciel (the story maker)
  • Tristan Despatie (the lovestruck idol [OC])

The Dudettes

  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng (the baker's daughter)
  • Alya Cesaire (the feisty vlogger)
  • Kagami Tsurugi (the fencing princess)
  • Mylene Haprele (the nature lover)
  • Rose Lavillant (the unicorn rocker)
  • Juleka Couffaine (the shy model)
  • Alix Kubdel (the skater girl)
  • Zoe Lee (the aspiring actress)

The Anti-Dudettes?

  • Chloe Bourgeois (the mayor's princess)
  • Sabrina Raincomprix (the princess's lackey)
  • Lila Rossi (the fibbing model)

The Parents & The Adults

  • Tom Dupain (the proud baker)
  • Sabine Dupain-Cheng (the baker's wife)
  • Gabriel Agreste (the fashion mogul)
  • Andre Bourgeois (the doting mayor)
  • Anarka Couffaine (the Liberty skipper)
  • Jagged Stone (the legendary rocker)
  • Nathalie Sancoeur (the loyal secretary)
  • Gorilla (the Agrestes' bodyguard)
  • Caline Bustier (the homeroom teacher)

The Celebrities & Personalities

  • Clara Nightingale (the poetic pop star)
  • Mireille Caquet (the official weather girl)
  • Aurore Beaureal (the deputy weather girl)
  • Xavier-Yves Roth/XY (the unoriginal pop star)
  • Alec Cataldi (the enthusiastic TV personality)
  • Nadja Chamack (the never-bemused news anchor)


On a gentle breezy dusk at Harmonie Cove...

"Luka, you have been with me for the past year when I was going through my period of heartbreak and sadness. And as the days go by, I now feel that I won't be able to move forward without you. And so, Luka..."

Dashing dreamer Luka Couffaine anticipated what the hopeful baker's daughter would say next when he hushed her. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, with bluebell eyes sparkling with hope, opened her ears when he spoke.

"Marinette," he spoke her name in a soft whisper. "Before you continue, I would like to say this. If what you're about to say is what my instincts say, then I feel that... this isn't the right way to do this."

Marinette's hopes partially shattered. "But Luka, I swear, my feelings for you are real. You're very kind, smart, and patient, and you've taken the time to guide me back to life again. I thought that maybe... I want to give us a chance."

Luka found the intricate charm bracelet still hanging down her pocket and reached for it. He took her right hand and placed it on her palm, closing it tight. "If you are ready, you won't be carrying this like you always do."

"But Luka---"

"Marinette, you have to completely let go. Everyone knows about this special charm and how much it means to you. I think that... you really need to spend more time to yourself regarding all this. I don't want you to regret anything with this path you decided to take. You have to be sure that you are truly prepared to really move on."

Luka placed his hands on her shoulders. "I really like you a lot, Marinette. But I don't feel that I'm the right one to fill that empty void in your heart. It wouldn't be fair to both of us. So please... think it over again. Things shouldn't be at rush. There's a time for everything."

Marinette dropped her hand with the charm bracelet inside and lowered her head, sighing. "Luka... I guess... I guess you're right..."

He could see her eyes filling with tears, then placed his arms around her, embracing her, as she cried.

"Marinette, I'm sorry. You may think I'm the one right now, but I feel that the kwamis disagree... and I feel the same way."

She nodded and continued weeping in silence.

"Listen. Let the kwamis decide who should truly wield your heart. Enlist yourself at the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony tomorrow."

She looked up, wiping off her tears. "The kwamis? But it's an ages-old myth. Do you really believe all that kwami stuff, Luka?"

"Every night, I prayed for the kwamis to answer my calls. Maybe it's not the same but deep within, I get my answers from them... and they all say, you are not the one. And so... try to participate tomorrow. The kwamis are very real, once you get to know and understand them."

Marinette lead a sigh, then began to think to herself. "I admit, I'm not very good at following our town's ancient traditions and legends. But I will try to believe, just this time."

"Okay then." Tears disappeared and replaced by smiles, the two embraced each other for comfort and relief. Moments later, they separate.

"It's getting cold and dark. The seaside winds are getting stronger too. Should I walk you home?"

"I'd like that, Luka."

They strolled through the sands and reached the pavement. At the paved walkway was her forever best friend, Alya Cesaire, who reached for her and embraced her. Marinette brought her there as a witness, as well as an open shoulder to cry on in case the worst scenario comes.

But instead, Marinette gazed at Alya with a smile on her face.

"Girl, Luka, what happened?"

"I'll follow yours and Luka's advice. I'll give the kwamis a chance."

Alya giggled. "You advised that too, Luka?"

Luka winked. "We're Harmonians, Alya. We should all have faith and trust on the kwamis, especially when it comes to love."

Alya placed her arm around Marinette. "You should've enlisted yourself in the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony when you were still younger, Marinette, way before A---" Just as she was about to continue, she changed her tone instead. "Well, because Nino and I did find each other and have fallen in love through the ceremony and through the wise words of the kwamis, I'm sure it will be the same for you."

"Oh Alya..." Marinette gave a little pout.

"Look, tomorrow's the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony. Let's talk about all this tomorrow. I have to get home and get changed and meet Nino so we can attend the party."

Marinette nodded. "You go home first and get ready, Alya. Luka offered to take me home instead."

Alya scratched her head. "You sure you don't want to go to the party? I mean, your parents are catering the dessert booth after all."

"No. It's better this way. I need to be in solitude before I give my fate up to the kwamis tomorrow."

Luka nodded in agreement. "I think that's the best decision for tomorrow, Marinette."

"Alright, girl. I'll text you later tonight when Nino and I get home from the party."

Marinette gave her a thumbs up, as Alya proceeded her way home. With his trusty bike, Marinette sat on the buddy seat, as Luka began pedaling his back to the Tom & Sabine's Pattiserie, where Marinette and her family lives above the bakery.

About an hour later under the same gentle breezy dusk at Harmonie Cove...

The Harmonie Elite decided to throw a night beachside party for the early-engaged couple, top teen model Adrien Agreste and his equally perfect fiancee, Kagami Tsurugi. After both the Agrestes and the Tsurugis announced throughout the vicinity of their perspective heirs being arranged to marry and join two of Harmonie's most powerful families together when they come of age, they were bestowed a one-year schooling in one of the world's most elite boarding schools to broaden and pursue their interests, as well as furthering their relationship from simply acquaintances into two young people in love. This also meant that for one year, Adrien had lost touch with his friends. On the other hand, because of the engagement, Adrien was no longer allowed to make contact with any of his friends --- most from the Harmonie common folk--- ever again. Even if that was the case, he never forgot any of them, especially the one whom he cherished the most since childhood.

When Nino Lahiffe, Alya's boyfriend and Adrien's best friend, arrived at the party formally dressed along with Alya, Marinette's best friend continued to pry for answers. Even Nino felt it was also strange that he received an invitation from Adrien himself for this party, even after one year of completely no contact with one another. Still, Nino was relieved that even after one year at a faraway boarding school with Kagami, Adrien still hasn't changed.

Alya lead Nino to the dessert booth, where they found Tom and Sabine Dupain-Cheng, the owners and bakers of the town-famed Tom & Sabine's Boulangerie Patisserie and Marinette's parents. They chatted for a bit, with the married couple asking Alya about Marinette. Although things didn't turn out the way she wanted, Alya said to them, Marinette still stood triumphant.

"She will enlist at the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony tomorrow," Alya continued. "She is finally taking our advice since the beginning."

Sabine nodded with pride. "Good. I appreciate Marinette living in reality, but believing in the powers of the Kwami is a must-follow tradition here at Harmonie. And Luka still ever-so-gentle even after turning her down."

"Ah, why didn't you convince Marinette to come to this party? We tried," Tom showed his concern. "At least she should have stayed with us and help us with the catering."

"And also... doesn't Marinette want to see Adrien again? I mean, he has returned," Sabine added.

Nino nudged Alya on the side. "Hey, Adrien's there with Kagami. He's waving right at us. I'm gonna talk to him for a bit."

"Update me after you're done, Nino," Alya winked, with Nino blowing a kiss to her, as he made his way out to see his best friend. She continued on with her conversation.

"Marinette's gonna need some time to prepare for tomorrow, I think," Alya chuckled. "Plus... I think behind that chipper smile of hers, her heart still pains for him. Even Luka himself could see it through her. But with the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony, we're gonna support her all the way."

"As do we, Alya," Tom grinned.

"So, do you have an idea why the need of a beachside party in the first place?"

Sabine answered while serving some freshly-baked macarons to her. "I heard from the crowd that Adrien and Kagami will be making a big announcement that may... um... shock... the entire town. Maybe."

Alya's curious ears peaked. "Oh? What announcement?"

"Well," Sabine continued, "the couple were sent to that fancy boarding school last year to broaden their curriculum and to also... um... enhance their relationship with one another. After their year is completed, they return here and both will make an announcement to everyone if they will confirm their arranged engagement to one another and get married in the future or not. I think that's how it goes."

Oh no... I can't tell Marinette about this... she's had her heart broken the second time with Luka just now... and now Adrien and Kagami? Alya's concerned eyes blinked and led a sigh.

Finally, the stage is set. Alec, one of their vicinity's top-billed TV show hosts, and famed news anchor Nadja Chamack began the commencement of the party with explaining the purpose of the party. They even showed a few clips and photos of Adrien and Kagami spending time together on a projected screen during their year at the boarding school. From the looks of their faces, they looked very much in love with each other, which gave Adrien's stern father, fashion guru Gabriel Agreste, sat up with a prideful grin on his face. Tomoe Tsurugi, Kagami's strict blinded mother, listened to the hosts' words and also gave an assuring grin.

"Finally, the moment we've been waiting for!" Alec announced. "Here we are, our future hot couple of Harmonie: Adrien Agreste and Tsurugi Kagami!"

A loud applause broke out from the crowd, showing excitement and enthusiasm. Alya showed a very worried expression on her face and even spotted two of Harmonie's popular but unlikeable girls, Harmonie's mayor's daughter Chloe Bourgeois and the the diplomat's daughter who loves to cry wolf, Lila Rossi, frowning while silently wailing in sadness at the same time.

Adrien... Kagami... so you're finally are in love with each other... Alya's voice spoke inside of her. I guess... Marinette will need more support from us, more than ever...

Nino returned to their spot, wrapping his arm around Alya's waist. "What's wrong, Alya?"

Alya turned to her boyfriend, who seemed enthusiastic with the smile on his face. "Nothing... well... that is... I feel like I want to break into tears for Marinette."

Nino gently rubbed the small of her back, calming her down. "Everything will be alright, don't worry."

"But Marinette---"

Nino hushed her. "I'll let them announce what they will be announcing first. Then I'll talk to you about what we talked about just now."

"Hm. Alright then."

As Adrien and Kagami, appearing without holding hands, stood behind the podium, they both thanked everyone for coming and also expressed their understanding to those who didn't make it to the party. After their brief introduction, the actual announcements have begun.

"Well... yes," Adrien began, "Kagami and I have spent our time one year at that boarding school, getting to know each other, as well as our true interests, our daily lives, even talked about the people who are the most important to us. We had a very good year together, and neither of us regretted our time over there."

Kagami smiled, nodding in agreement. "We've also learned our own past, our own secrets, and even the positives and negatives. However, even though we found each other perfect, we also have decided together that our parents alone can't be the judge of who the perfect couple should be..."

Say... what? Alya's eyes widened in surprise and turned to Nino. "What the heck are they saying now...?"

"Shh," Nino winked at her, as both continued to listen.

"Therefore," Adrien continued, "Kagami and I have decided, rather than following the path that our families made for us, we..."

Kagami picked up from where Adrien continued: "We decided to stay true to ourselves and to follow the traditions of Harmonie like everyone else--- and let the power of the kwamis decide of our fates to true love." Right then, both Adrien and Kagami removed their engagement rings and placed it on the surface of the podium, declare that both are no longer engaged and are officially single once more.

The crowd broke into an eye-opening expressions while Chloe Bourgeois stood from her seat with her arms crossed: "What? 'Let the kwamis decide'--- what? That whole 'kwami' bit is only for commoners and now Adrikins and her joining that stupid ceremony tomorrow? Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!"

Gabriel stood from his seat, looking defiantly against his son. "Adrien, what is the meaning of this? You don't need this 'kwami' to decide what's the best for you!"

"I'm sorry, Father," Adrien answered, also in a slight stern tone. "Kagami and I do thank the both of you for sending us away from Harmonie for us to discover each other. But unfortunately, our feelings are completely aligned with each other on everything, not just with love. If everyone else, including you, have gone through the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony to find your destined loves, we should also be doing the same. Between yours and the kwamis, I think the kwamis will have the last word."

Gabriel Agreste fell silent, realizing that his son was correct. Remembering his late wife, Emilie, they did go through the kwami matchmaking ceremony, found each other, fallen in love, and get married. Things have changed since Emilie's passing and Gabriel swore to keep the Agreste line and reputation on its highest pedestal as it should be without any outside interruption, which was why he made a pact with the Tsurugis to arrange the engagement of his only son and heir to the Tsurugi daughter and heir Kagami in the first place.

Meanwhile at the dessert bar, the Dupain-Chengs turned to one another with confusion and wonder. "What... just... happened... Sabine?"

"Tom... I believe tonight, the deities and the kwamis have arrived a day early," Sabine murmured.

As for Nino and Alya, they remained calm and collected, but not with a sly smile appearing on their faces.

"Well, well," Alya snickered. "It looks like after one year of melancholy, the tides have turned."

"Now I'm about to tell you what Adrien talked to me about earlier today, Alya."

The couple walked out together at a more private spot, not too far from the waters. "Alright, Nino. I know Adrien and Kagami just returned back in town but what on earth's going on with those two?"

"It was a mutual decision between the two," Nino shrugged. "They both have a big interest in Harmonie's legends and traditions, especially the kwami legends. Not just that, Kagami values the kwamis a lot personally, and as they talked more about their beliefs and thoughts about the kwamis, I guess they both realized that how they got engaged was completely wrong. I mean imagine, the parents arranged them for power and connections, but without a proper ceremony process with being partnered up with a kwami to preserve the match?"

"Hm, you do have a point there. So... Adrien and Kagami will be enlisting in tomorrow's kwami matchmaking ceremony too... which also means..."

Nino exclaimed with a smile: "Marinette has another chance with Adrien, that's what it means!"

"But then the kwamis they may end pairing up with may not feel the same."

"Adrien did ask me about Marinette too."

Alya's curious ears peaked. "Well, tell all, Nino!"

"He noticed Marinette not being here when he spotted the Dupain-Chengs at the dessert booth. He and Kagami arranged this party themselves and it was the number one reason why he hired the T&S Patisserie to serve their desserts. He had high hopes Marinette would be here too."

Alya spanked her forehead. "Ugh, we should've mentioned about the party to Marinette earlier even after her failed confession with Luka and then she can get reunited with Adrien again! Missed opportunity..."

Nino placed his hand on his girlfriend's shoulder. "Just let Marinette be. She needs all the time she needs in solitude after what happened earlier. I don't think she's ready to face Adrien again after one year of being apart from each other. Let's give her time."

"You're right, Nino," Alya nodded.

"Tomorrow," Nino continued, "Adrien wanted me and the dudes to be with him at the ceremony tomorrow. Well, his dad would be there too. He and Kagami won't be going together. So, while I'm with him and the dudes, you and the dudettes stick with Marinette."

"Well, Marinette is the only girl in our group to enlist in the ceremony. The rest of the girls have their own kwamis now. And then there's Mylene and me, you know?" She overheard some loud angry voices coming from the crowd. It looks like Chloe and Lila Rossi are arguing with each other again over Adrien's attention.

"Tomorrow, we're gonna protect Adrien from Chloe and Lila and anyone else who stands between him and Marinette, for sure," Nino nodded. "Seeing those two starting to flirt with him after he and Kagami broke off their engagement is way too early. We're gonna have to do a lot of plotting on getting Adrien and Marinette alone together from this point on."

The couple gave one another their signature hi-fives: "Right on, Nino. I'm down!"

Later at another secluded spot overlooking the ebb tides, Adrien sat on top of the boulder, giving himself his own solitude. After a long discussion and argument with his father regarding the kwami matchmaking ceremony tomorrow, he finally got his consent. Even Gabriel once during his youth that he believed that the kwamis have the answers to everything when it comes to love. Why not his son also?

As he watched the tides rolling in, he reached out for his pocket and brought out the different-colored and designed charm bracelet similar to Marinette's charm bracelet earlier. Sure, he did end up liking Kagami a lot and being with her outside Harmonie for a year was one of the best times he's spent with someone in his life. However, even Kagami pointed out that there is something missing between the two of them that neither of them can fulfill in the long run. Therefore, before things get worse between them, they both mutually decided to believe in the kwami to find their very destined match.

Adrien hadn't forgotten about Marinette. Why would he forget about her? After staying the closest friends since childhood and the one who filled his lonely and boring days? Even making these charm bracelets by hand and giving them to one another for their birthdays? Marinette was the sweetest, kindest, strongest, and the most positive person that everyone in town would want to be friends with. Why would he forget about Marinette? Is it because he was engaged at a young age to another elite noble girl who's also as strong and kind as Marinette?

He remembered how his father forced him to break so many friendships with his friends back in school including Marinette because of the engagement. He also remembered how that period was one of the most devastating times he had to go through since his mother's passing. Since that time he learned that Marinette even changed her smartphone number so that he wouldn't be able to contact her directly, which even made his heartbreak more intense. Pouring all of his emotions to Kagami during their one-year boarding school time really helped the both of them into making this decision. Even Kagami showed interest in Marinette after sharing his stories with her during their time too.

Adrien, I'm disappointed that you aren't perfect as I hope you'd be, and because of it, I won't risk myself remaining with you. It's very clear that you have certain feelings for her but you deny it. Keeping a charm bracelet so close to your heart given with 'just a friend' is already a given. I want you to think it over yourself and don't be afraid to defy your father for the first time. I've been preparing myself with my mother for the longest time and the time has finally arrived. Don't you think so, Adrien?

"Yeah," Adrien muttered to himself. "You're right over there, Kagami." He held the charm bracelet tightly on his grasp, then a smile appeared on his face. "Thank you for the times we spent together, Kagami. I won't ever forget it."

"You better mean that, Adrien." The blonde model turned to see Kagami standing right behind him. He scooted over and offered an open space of the boulder for her to sit.

Kagami climbed up and sat next to him. "So, how are things with your father about... what happened?"

Adrien gave her a thumbs up, with Kagami smiling as her reaction. "My father believed in the kwamis once when he met my mother. I guess... he's forgotten and underestimated a lot about them."

"My mother too," Kagami smiled. "I haven't quite convinced her just yet about tomorrow's matchmaking ceremony, so I've decided to bring her along when I enlist."

"Yeah," Adrien returned the smile. "I'm happy Nino and Alya came tonight. I'm a bit sad that Marinette didn't show."

"Maybe... maybe she's not ready to face you yet, Adrien. Give her some time, maybe?"

"True. I wouldn't know what to say to her too if we do see each other earlier today. I mean... it may get a lot worse and my father would start blaming her for our decision... you know?"

Kagami reached out for her shoulder bag and brought out a slim box of macarons courtesy of T&S Patisserie. She opened it and out revealed an assortment of colors of macarons that both she and Adrien used to love.

"Whoa, T&S macarons! I miss eating these!" Adrien's face lit and grabbed two of his favorite flavors.

"I was told when I grabbed a box at the dessert booth," Kagami grinned, "that Marinette baked some of these. Let's enjoy them and feel like we're home where we belong!"

The two enjoyed the macarons and created their own moment of solitude together by watching the sea roll the tides in and back.

"Nino, Kim, Max, Ivan, Nath, Marc... maybe Luka too... will be accompanying me to the ceremony tomorrow. My father also volunteered to accompany me as well. If I can remember, a candidate has to be accompanied by a parent and a very close friend or two, something like that, right?" Adrien broke the silence.

"Yup, that's what it said," Kagami confirmed. "Although... I don't have any close female friends myself, so I'll be there with just my mom."

"I'm sure they'll still let you participate without a friend accompanying you. Not everyone is lucky to have a BFF after all."

"At least with you, you have Nino."

Adrien smiled hearing her mentioning Nino Lahiffe's name. "I'm a bit nervous though."

"Hm? About the kwamis?"

Adrien shook his head. "About... who my true destined partner is going to be, based on the kwami's decision."

"You're thinking about that already?" Kagami chuckled. "I thought we both learned from boarding school to not rush things and just go with the flow, right?"

"Haha, yeah," Adrien chuckled in return. "Nino and Alya did meet and fell in love with the help of their kwamis, you know. Too bad we're not allowed to talk about who our kwamis are at all."

"Yeah, but I think it's better to keep them anonymous."

"I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you hoped I'd be, Kagami."

"Adrien, stop apologizing. You've said the same apologies to me many times now. That's boarding school. We're back in Harmonie now. We should start over again as friends. And you're going back to Francoise Dupont High again, right?"

Adrien nodded with a smile. "Thank you for being here, Kagami... and everything else."

"Thank you the same, Adrien."

There were still a few macarons left in the box when Kagami reached for her bag again, revealing another full box. Adrien laughed, with Kagami joining the laughter too.

Just as the two were finishing the first box, their time together was interrupted with one single word.


The two turned to see Nino and Alya standing at their spot, with Alya waving at them.

"Nino! Alya! Come up!" Adrien invited the couple to their boulder, as they sat together next to Adrien's right side.

"Macaron?" Kagami opened the second box, offering to the couple.

"Hey, thanks, Kagami!" Alya cheered, as she and Nino took one piece from the box. She turned on her smartphone to take a short video of the four of them together using her phone's flashlight. However, her phone rang instead, with a photo of another one of their close friends, Alix Kubdel, flashed on her screen.

"Whoa, gotta take this one," Alya winked, covering the screen on her phone.

"Who's calling?" Nino asked.

"Alix. I gotta take this. You three just hang out there."

Alya jumped from the boulder and walked out to a more private area of the sands. She answered the phone and another familiar voice that doesn't belong to Alix shrieked in happiness.

"Alya! Alya! We just saw the news on the internet! Even Marinette is hiding underneath her blankies because of it! Oh what a beautiful night!"

Alya blinked, then giggled. "Rose, why are you using Alix's phone?"

The voice changed and Alix took over. "Girl over there got over-excited when we read the huge headline on TV. Her phone is currently charging so she used mine."

"Ah, got it. So, what's going on, girl?"

"We were watching the usual music shows when we saw the ticker headline. We're having our own little sleepover party here at Marinette's by the way, so all the girls are here!"

Alya overheard Rose gushing over from the background. "This is sooooo romantic! Soooo cute! We all believed even till this time that you and Adrien are meant to be! Gosh, Marinette, you don't need to hide! Adrien is single again--- single again, Marinette!"

"It's the power of the nature and kwamis, guys! For real!" She also overheard Mylene Haprele's enthusiastic voice on the background. "The kwamis are in action! They're really using their powers to control the nature now! Marinette getting rejected by Luka, and then Adrien and Kagami breaking off their engagement on the same time frame at the same location on the same day? It was meant to be! Right, Jules?"

Even Juleka's soft murmuring can still be overheard: "Luka knows what's up with Marinette all this time, that's for sure."

Alya softly giggled. "Is Marinette okay?"

"If you ask me, the mention of Adrien's name got her freaked and hiding underneath her blankies," Alix chuckled. "So, the ticker news - the girls wanna know what's going down since you and Nino are at that party this time. Is it true about Adrien and Kagami no longer together?"

Alya turned around to see Nino entertaining Adrien and Kagami with his usual stories. She further walked inland for more privacy, then continued with the phone conversation.

"Girls, thanks for accompanying Marinette. I thought she may need some solitude to prepare for tomorrow."

"When Luka brought her home, he called up Juleka, who then called Rose, then called Mylene, and then me, to accompany her tonight and help her get prepared for the ceremony. You know, get her up to speed with what's gonna happen and stuff and all that?"

"You girls are the best, Alix! If it weren't for Nino and the party I would've been with you guys too!"

"That's what real friends are about, girl. We got this."

"Alix, can you put Marinette on the phone please?"

"We'll try to get out from her blankies, Alya."

Alya waited for a few minutes while keeping an eye out on the three friends at the boulder. Right then, she heard a very familiar voice answering her.

"Alya? Is it true? What we just saw on the news ticker?"

"Girl," Alya snickered, "I guess your solitude period ended very early tonight."

"Ugh, I swear, I'm not dreaming, right? Ugh, I hate myself, I should've just drop the whole confession thing with Luka and invited myself to Adrien's party with my parents instead!"

"Adrien did send an invitation to the entire Dupain-Cheng Family, dunno why you ignored it and decided to go for Luka anyway. But anyway, since you changed your phone number and Adrien doesn't know your new number, wanna talk to him?"

"Gah--- talk to him? N-no! Um... that is... I can't... I'm... I'm..." Marinette's voice began to stutter in that familiar fashion while Alya snickered, shaking her head.

"Hold on, I'm gonna go get Adrien right now---"

"Alya, wait! Please... um... not yet. I'm... I'm not ready to face him... just yet..."

"Can I give him your phone num---"

"No, Alya, please! Not... just not right now..."

"Ugh," Alya grunted, then sighed. "Well, I respect your decision then. Do you have any message to give to Adrien then?"

There was silence on Marinette's end, which also gave Alya her answer. "I guess not then."

"I'm sorry, Alya."

"Girl, seriously, get a grip. I gotta admit what happened earlier today at the party was a huge bomb that blew up, but at the end, we're all cool about it. Anyway, Adrien will be returning back to good ol' Francois Dupont in two days, so better be prepared to welcome him back now, hm?"

She heard Marinette sighing on the other end, with Alya showing her patience with her at the same time. "Um... Alya? Did Adrien... um... say anything about... me?"

"Hm," Alya snickered. "You know what, I'm gonna put Adrien on the phone right no---"

"Noooo!" Marinette shrieked in panic. "C-can you just... update me, pretty please?"

Alya shook her head. "Yes, Adrien did ask about you. He... he..." She gazed at the boulder again and caught the three friends laughing. She turned to her phone again. "He misses you... a lot... you know."

"Oh... r-really? Er... I mean... well, now he misses me since he's now back in Harmonie, not like he still remembered me while he and Kagami were away for a year, you know?"

"Marinette, seriously, you and Adrien really need to do a lot of catch up. I can't be your gopher for the rest of your life, you know? And speaking of Adrien, I have to mention this to you."

"Y-yeah? What is it?"

"He and Kagami will be enlisting for the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony tomorrow---"

"What?! Enlisting?? Tomorrow?? With the kwamis?? What?? Alya, please tell me you're lying---"

"Girl I'd never lie to you, I'm not kidding! What they announced earlier today was what exactly they said: they will be enlisting in the ceremony tomorrow!"

Marinette sounded like the cat got her tongue, finding the right words to respond. After moments of silence, she finally answered. "So... um... he wants a kwami to find his soulmate, huh? J-just like... me..."

"Yep. He'll go the traditional way like the rest of us: get a kwami to find his true match."

"Even Kagami?"

"Same with Kagami, girl."

"Then... I guess... it's official, Alya. I have to start believing and praying to the kwamis that they would lead me to Adri--- that is--- find me my destined soulmate."

"Right, girl. You know, you may be surprised. If that destined soulmate turns out to be Adrien, we should definitely have another beach party for it."

"Thanks, Alya. The girls gave me the lowdown on how the ceremony works. There's an option where I can write a petition letter to the kwamis to pray to match me with my chosen person and find a connection or something like that, but Juleka ruled against it and not write any specific names at all. She said it will take longer for the kwamis to find my true match if a name is indicated cuz it may not be him, you know? So, I'm gonna go with what Juleka said."

Alya could hear Juleka's lowered murmuring again: "If Luka were here he would say the same thing. Don't write any specific names on your proposal letter, Marinette."

"Thanks, Jules," Marinette smiled. "No names for sure!"

"You'd be seriously surprised on what your paired kwami can do for you, girl," Alya continued. "I'm pretty sure the kwami will agree that he truly is the one... because he truly is the one."

Marinette giggled. "Thanks for lifting up my spirits, Alya. Don't worry, I'll be prepared tomorrow---"

"And that's for both the ceremony and Adrien, right?"

"Um... yes."

"Good. Well, you girls better hit the bed now. I think Nino wants me back right now."

"Thanks for everything, Alya."

"No probs, girl. Goodnight, Marinette."

"Night, Alya."

Alya hung up her phone and placed it back in her purse. She walked back to the boulder, where she climbed back up the boulder to join her three friends with their story sharing.

Two hours later at the Tom & Sabine Bakery roof...

With the girls already sleeping in her bedroom, Marinette decided to do some stargazing at her rooftop garden, lying down on her reclined clot. The sea breeze scent lightly lingers, and despite the dark gray clouds, the stars shone brightly up above.

Her charm bracelet was on her left hand, holding it tight. Maybe Alya, Luka, her parents, and all her truest loved ones were right about the kwamis. She thought a period of solitude after Luka's rejection was one thing she needed. But when she had a surprise visit from all her girl friends sans Alya, her solitude period ended very early.

She bit her bottom lip, knowing her heart beating rapidly, while thinking about the ticker headline they saw on TV earlier today: Heirs to the Agreste Family and Tsurugi Family Announces End of Arranged Engagement along with a subheading of Adrien Agreste and Kagami Tsurugi to Enlist for the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony Tomorrow.

What just happened tonight? What's going on now? I'm so confused. She covered eyes with her empty hand, trying to calm her inner nerves from thinking too much. She felt her heart breaking from Luka's rejection, but it was completely short-lived when that news ticker regarding her first love Adrien and the girl he got engaged with broke up. It felt wrong to her somehow. The it being her heart healed immediately just moments after the rejection.

She got up from her cot and took a deep breath and exhaled slowly in steady seconds. She inhaled and exhaled three more times in the same fashion until she finally felt free. She stood up, raised her charm bracelet, and presented it towards the starry sky.

To my future kwami... please use this charm bracelet as one of your keys to find my destined soulmate... Deep in my heart, I really hope Adrien Agreste is my destined soulmate, but... but... I'll take your words, no matter who my destined soulmate is.

Moments later, she climbed down to her room and sat down at her desk. Remembering what the girls advised her in how to prepare for the ceremony, she took out a stationery set and began writing her petition letter.

This is a Pre-Ceremony Petition Letter to my Future Kwami

First, I'm sorry for not enlisting in the Kwami Matchmaking Ceremony earlier on. I thought I was sure that that my cherished friend from childhood, would be my destined soulmate. I thought that Kwamis are the town's old man's tales and I never really believed in them. But with two rejections and two broken hearts, now I feel like I'm begging to you, Future Kwami, that you may find me the most suitable soulmate who can finally mend and heal this poor heart of mine.

I have an option of my preferred soulmate on this letter, but I know that everything lies in your choices and decisions, Future Kwami. Because all of my friends are now living happily ever after with their one true loves on their own, thanks to the Kwamis, now I am convinced that there really is someone out there, waiting for me.

Dear Future Kwami, my heart is in your hands now and I put my hopes and dreams within you. Please hear my call.

She made sure she re-read and proofread the letter. She used some examples from the girls of their pre-ceremony petition letters. Even though there was an option to write a specific person's name in the letter, Juleka Couffaine, Luka's twin sister, suggested not to write a specific person's name and put your trust and hopes to the Kwamis instead.

After re-reading it four times, she felt content with the letter. She folded the paper three times to fit in the envelope. She placed a sticker seal that symbolizes the temple where the matchmaking ceremony will take place. She was about to write her real name first, then remembered what Mylene tipped her and have to use an alias instead.

While thinking of the perfect alias, a ladybug suddenly flew inside her open window and landed on her desk. She smiled towards the wandering ladybug, knowing that ladybugs also carry good luck. While staring at the bug, she finally found her alias.

She wrote the alias quickly on the envelope: Ladybug.

When she finally sealed the letter and signed her alias, she turned off her desk lamp and sneaked in to her bed, tucking herself to sleep.

Meanwhile at the top floor of the Agreste Mansion ...

Lying down on his king-sized bed, Adrien gazed upon his charm bracelet on his hand. He never realized before that in order to officially confirm his engagement to Kagami that he has to rid of everything attached to his past. However, he never had the heart or the means to rid of the charm bracelet Marinette made for him when they were still innocent youngsters. Being one of the most successful youths in all of Harmonie, whether he was modeling or doing TV guestings or even competing at local and national fencing tournaments, he always ended up victorious. He believed that Marinette's charm bracelet had given him the best luck he could ever have.

He thought that keeping the charm bracelet would also ensure him of a successful engagement to Kagami and an eventual successful marriage too. However, Kagami was not fond of the idea of marrying someone who still has something attached to him given by someone else other than her. Even till now, he still has feelings and respect for Kagami, but those feelings were no longer feelings of love. Not only that, their arranged marriage wasn't even mutual for the both of them in the first place and forcing themselves to go through this event just to please their parents was definitely not the way for them to seal their forever happiness.

Marinette, overall, is his truest best friend. Sure, there was Nino, but there are many things he wants to talk about with Marinette that normal guys don't usually talk about. He never thought about her in any other way than being his cherished friend and confidant. But subconsciously, without him even realizing it himself, he treated Marinette in many sweet and dashing ways that would make girls like Chloe Bourgeois and Lila Rossi completely envious of her.

After ending his engagement with Kagami earlier tonight, why was his heart now yearning to see Marinette all of a sudden? It's not as if they've been in love with each other in the past... or were they? Looking forward to the ceremony tomorrow, how would Marinette react when they finally see each other again after one year of being apart from each other?

How have you been, Marinette? I heard from Nino and Alya that you were sprung on Luka Couffaine for awhile now. If you're hurting right now because of Luka's rejection, I hope I can see you tomorrow and do whatever I can to heal you.

He sighed, thinking of those words, and still gazed at the charm bracelet on his hand. I don't like seeing tears falling from your eyes, Marinette. You know it also makes me cry when I see you cry. I cried a lot when Kagami and I took off from Harmonie and flew to our new boarding school. I really resent my father for forcing me to break my relationships with you and all our friends, but now I'm glad I finally stood up to him and let me grant my participation in tomorrow's matchmaking ceremony.

He gulped, as he got up from his bed. He wiped his forehead with a face towel on his side table, then stood up and made his way to his desk. Like with Marinette, he reached for his stationery set and his fountain pen. It was time for him to write his pre-ceremony petition letter, according to Nino and Alya's guide earlier today.

He began writing on the stationery with his first line:

Pre-Ceremony Petition Letter to the Future Kwami: Adrien Agreste

He looked on his line, then immediately tore the paper and wrote on a new sheet.

Pre-Ceremony Petition Letter to the Future Kwami

He decided not to write his real name on the letter. After all, Nino suggested that too. He gathered his thoughts within first, then finally began writing.

I am petitioning to my future Kwami of my desire to find my destined soulmate. Being sheltered in this house all my life, I wasn't sure whether I would even have a chance to meet new people and make new friends. Adding to that, I wasn't also sure whether I'm also going to meet the perfect girl of my dreams too.

I have been dreaming about her many times since my youthful days, even when I was engaged to Kagami Tsurugi not too long ago. I stopped dreaming about her when we started boarding school together, but during our final weeks of boarding school, she came back in my dreams again, calling my name and to return home. I wonder what that means?

Future Kwami, I hope you find this mystery girl who kept appearing in my dreams. I don't know her face, but all I remembered was raven hair and the most beautiful, expressive bluebell eyes I have ever seen. If it's not Kagami, then it must be someone... maybe someone close to me. I know the description doesn't help, but I hope it should be your key to finding my destined soulmate. Also, may this charm bracelet that my childhood friend gave me be also your key too, if you're able to use it.

My father has found my mother and we were truly living happily together through the powers of the Kwamis. Now, I am seeking the Kwamis to do the same for me. I hope you would be able to find her, no matter what it takes.

Future Kwami, I place my trust and faith in you. My true love's destiny is in your hands.

He read and re-read about ten times to be sure he chose the right words. Once he was satisfied, he folded the letter, and reached for an empty envelope. He began to write his first name, but when he wrote the first letter of his surname, he also remembered another tip that Nino gave him earlier.

He shook his head thinking about it, then ripped the envelope, tossed the pieces in his trash can, and grabbed a fresh envelope. He stared at the blank space of the envelope, thinking of what to write on there besides his real name. He then heard some scratching from outside his window, and as he gazed out, he noticed a black cat resting on top of the tree near his window. He stood up and headed for the window to take a closer look.

The small black cat flashed its yellow green eyes towards him. Then, the cat crawled back down the tree. Right then, Adrien flashed a smile on his face.

He wrote his new alias on the envelope: Cat Noir.

[A/N] I'm a brand-new (and very late) fan of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! I discovered the series when I was babysitting my toddler nephew, and at random while flipping channels, my nephew got excited when we randomly saw a superhero-supervillain fight scene with Ladybug, Cat Noir, and an akumatized supervillain that I can't remember. We ended up watching more in a row and I simply fell in love with the series.

It's been years since the last time I've written a fanfic and I really do miss it. Miraculous reminded me of a lot of things I loved from the past, such as Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, and other similar anime series. I also like My Hero Academia, so the superhero aspect also attracted me to the series. I mean... a superhero love story with so much fluff and awwws with very diverse characters and witty (English) dialogue? Yep, I was hooked.

So, this is my very first Miraculous fanfic. Just like my old fanfics, I'm writing it in a magical realism style like I did with Stuffed Animal. I'm using a lot of elements from the series except I changed the setting to somewhere a lot fictional than Paris. After all, it is magical realism-style right?

As you can see, I fell in love with both Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, both as individual characters and together, so yes, I'm an Adrinette/LadyNoir (and the rest of the "love square") shipper (as well as Alya/Nino and Mylene/Ivan too). My future fanfics (If I do end up writing more and not just one fanfic) will have the both of them as the central focus. And I love the other characters too. Except Lila Rossi. Don't talk to me about Lila Rossi. She's way worst than Hawk Moth/Shadow Moth imo.

Well, hope you like the prologue and will definitely write more in the unforeseen future!