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Elizabeth pulled over her Tablet and tried to read the report, but her mind wasn't on it, instead it was filled with thoughts,images,what she had seen and had to imagine.
Pushing away from her desk she went out onto the bridge that linked her office to the Control Center. The night shift techs carried on with their jobs, then Chuck came over and gently touched her shoulder"You should go get some restMa'am, you need to sleep" she knew he was right but it still rankled. That her mask had slipped. He could see she was agitated. Instead she agreed and left.

In her quarters,alone in her empty bed, she fretted,fumed but did not sleep. Couldn't. The images filled her and she burned. After all she had done for him, where was The Thanks. The Gratitude. The Love. No he had taken it all, as his due, and then Betrayed her in the worse possible way. He had Ignored her, oh he was polite, deferential, smiled but otherwise ignored her. As a woman.The relationship was not a new one. Not with that level of familiarity, trust, not a new. bond

She knew when they had first met. He had come with O'Neill, impressed the General with some fancy flying. Gone on to impress everyone else with his damn Gene. Her included. His easy ability to work the Chair had certainly impressed McKay.
She had told O'Neill, she had to have him,on the Expedition that is. The more she had insisted, the more amused O'Neill had been. The matter of his Black Mark was negligent, he had got it trying to save comrades, should have been lauded a hero. O'Neill had said if she wanted him she could have him and smirked.

McKay sat gazing out at the night sky, an alien sky with alien constellations. Behind him sheppard was now calm , the fear and anxiety that had near crippled him gone.
"Feeling better now John" Sheppard nodded "Yeah, I guess so," he pointed to the small wooden table and blushed, then "Would you really have, you know what you said about" he waved a hand between them. Rodney smirked widely"What do you think?"
John's ears burned."It's getting late,let's go"
McKay agreed, but for reasons of his own. Ones he couldn't tell John.
John slipped on he's shoes, looking up thru his lashes he said"Gonna come and tuck me in?"
Rodney pushed his shoulder to get him moving and breathed a sigh of relief when they reached the Senior Staff Quarters. "Night John,and remember sleep",


Rodney walked back to his own quarters, thoughtful expression on his face. He was sure, certain in fact , that they had been spied on. A very tricky situation. While Rodney was a civilian and Canadian and his affairs were nothing to do with anyone. He was also not subject to the Archaic Military (US) Rules and Regs, unlike John. He had to think about what to do.

With Sumner dead it fell on John, as Ranking Officer to take on the role of CMO. A role he neither wanted or was fully equipped to take on and any hint of impropriety and he would be sunk.The Marines that now came under his Command were split, Those that had been with Sumner from the beginning,before Atlantis, were resentful that a Mere Major, an AirForce one at that, had taken on Command of the base. The others couldn't care one way or another, possibly saw John as an easy mark.
John personally preferred the first type, their loyalty to their previous CO had meant they wouldn't chop and change as the mood took them. He was also under no illusions that getting them to accept him as their new CO was going to be easy.

John had arranged a meeting with Elizabeth to plan another mission to Athos. He knocked on her office door and came in. He sprawled in his seat, one arm thrown over the back, the movement caused his tee shirt to rise, exposing a line of tanned skin and black belly hair. His legs had fallen open and he drummed lightly on a thigh his hand close to his groin. Elizabeth looked up towards his face, eyes slightly closed his tongue tip swept across his lower full lip leaving it wet and shiny. He was talking about going to Athos, to try and make some Allies and friends.
Elizabeths breath caught as the hand had now moved closer to that taut clothed groin. She knew what lay there had seen it awake. Her head had started to pound, and still he talked about Athos and Teyla. How "I could be a good friend, his lips smiled. She could guess what kind of "Friend" he meant.
She wanted to deny him, punish him for his neglect of her. The more he put his reasons for going the anger burned in her. How dare he ignore her. If it wasn't for Her he would still be a glorified taxi driver in the arse end of nowhere. She made it happen. Her. She swayed on her feet, when had she stood up. Still the little voice in her head nagged at her*God you are so pathetic Liz, why would a hot property like him want you, look at you twice. You couldn't hold your own man, on and on it went* "No, you're wrong" she screamed.
"Elizabeth, Elizabeth, What's wrong?"
She looked up, the Major was standing by her desk. Not sitting or sprawling, there wasn't even a chair. God it was happening again. The hallucinations. The voices. Madness,
As he was speaking Sheppard radioed the Infirmary, then got Beckett to come to the Control Center,
"What's the matter, Major?"
Seeing Beckett, Elizabeth screamed accusing McKay and Sheppard of conspiring against her. They wanted to get rid of her, take over Atlantis. Then she said that neither of them were fit for their Positions. They are lovers. She tried to say what she had seen on the balcony, before slumping from the sedative Beckett had injected.

The Doctor faced John and was meet by a pale shocked look on his face.
"I'm so sorry Major, Dr Weir is not a well person, she isn't responsible for her actions or words. That you and Rodney are conspiring is rubbish. All she said is rubbish."
The orderlies arrived with the gurney and after carefully securing Elizabeths limp body took her away to the Infirmary.
"Major,John I hope I can rely on your descretion in this matter. Back on Earth, before, she had been under an incredible strain to get the Expedition approved and well she had some personal issues to deal with"

"Of course Dr Beckett, but you will have to make an announcement of somekind explain Elizabeths absence"
"Yes I will, and it's Carson ok"

As soon as Beckett left,John radioed Rodney "I need to see you as soon as possible,south west pier."
When Rodney heard John's voice he said"Please tell me this is something very important and not because you're bored and want to chat"
"McKay, this is of the utmost importance. Hurry"

John was pacing when Rodney arrived a few minutes later, he looked agitated.
"It's Elizabeth, she knows about us Rodney"
"How do you know, she's been in the Infirmary with a virus according to Beckett"
John shook his head no "That's just a cover story , Beckett concocted it after her meltdown"
"I think you had better tell me everything John, just as it happened. Why were you visiting Weir anyway?"

So John did, from the beginning."She seemed a bit distant or distracted, then she started screaming I thought it was at me then she lunged a weired look on her face. I called out to her and then radioed for Beckett. She saw Beckett and freaked, shouting you were trying to get rid of her, you wanted her job. Then, then she said about you and me. Said she had seen and heard us out on that balcony"
"Damn it, damn it to bloody hell. I knew I had been right"
"Spill, McKay, right about what?"
"Er, about that night. When we kissed and whatnot. I thought I saw a shadow, someone hiding by the door".
WHAT,John bellowed, My god McKay you're unbelievable, you Might, might have seen someone and you still let me get naked. I'll have to turn myself in. God, what a fuckup"
"Hey, hey John, calm down. I think of something, ok. Just relax."
"Easy for you to say,relax. It's not your ass on the line Rodney. It's not like I'm the flavor of the month"
McKay was pacing snapping his fingers, then he spun round,"Was Beckett the only one who heard her, and he said she was not responsible for her words, right"
John nodded yes."He was, but he may think about it later and believe it, I mean we do spend a lot of our time together so......",
Rodney stopped his pacing and finger clicking. "I think Sheppard you're missing the issue here?",
",Oh really , and what's that McKay, do tell"
"Well for a start we are in another galaxy, far far away about 2000000 light years away, then we are out here with no contact or means of returning to Earth. You are the Military Commander, I'm Elizabeths 2IC, with her out of commission for the foreseeable future I'm the expedition leader. Now if by some random circumstance both you and I were to be out of action due to let's say Being banged up in the Brig. Then who the hell would be running the city??"

"Um good point Rodney, never thought of that"John mumbled.
"Yes we'll Genius talking. Besides there's no one who could arrest you idiot. You are the Boss.

The Email light on John's caller was

blinking. It was from Beckett, he wanted to speak to John. It was urgent. Filled with nerves he made his way to the Infirmary.
"Hey, Carson, you wanted to speak with me?",
"Thank you John for coming, it's Elizabeth."
John felt a chill creep along his spine. Carson moved over to the filing cabinet pulled out a bottle and two glasses. He poured a healthy slug into each and handed one over.
"John this is hard for me to say, but I'm gonna need your descretion again. I've had to put Elizabeth in a light medical coma. No just listen. One of the nurses was leaning over Elizabeth and she freaked out, said Rodney had sent the woman to kill her, she tried to choke the poor girl. Now there's a special Doctor/Patient bond, what goes on Here can't be told, but you have to know to understand her.
Back on Earth, before we all left, she told me that her fiance Simon had no intention of giving up his job, he was a Senior Consultant at some private hospital also after dragging out an engagement he said he wanted out. The heartless bastard, dumped our Elizabeth and then less than a week later married. The poor girl was devastated.
Then when this Expedition was offered she jumped at the chance" A new start for her.
Carson refilled their glasses, the next bit was going to be easy either. "John, there is something you should see" putting action to words he passed over a laptop. It was on Carson moved to the other side of his office and let John look at it. It was filled with pictures of him. Some were from the SGC,their mess hall, the rec room, John sitting on the bonnet of a car in the Mountains carpark.
There were lots of photos from Atlantis' Mess hall and rec room, John playing chess with Zelenka or Rodney. There was even an old one of his Wedding Day. John was stunned by all of this. Why he wondered.
Carson came back, his kindly face wrinkled by worry.
"I had to show you John, and I'm very very sorry. I knew Elizabeth had a fixation on you, but not to this extent. It started with her demanding O'Neill to let you come to Atlantis, and I assumed when you did it would fade. I swear John I didn't know about these. Elizabeth asked for the laptop before I had to comatose her, she got quite angry so I said I would. She hid it under her bed, switched on, one of the nurses handed it to me."

John swallowed the rest of the Scotch he needed it. He had come to the Infirmary expecting condemnation, scorn being despised and had found himself viewed as a victim of a stalker.
"So what do we do now Carson,how do I proceed with this"
"John I don't know. I can keep her in the coma for a short period, after that theres some Anti Psychotic drugs I can give her,but unless she voluntarily comes here to take them there's not alot I can do."
"Thanks Carson. Keep me in the loop ok",John walked back to his quarters, he opened his door Rodney was waiting, he collapsed on his bed. Rodney didn't speak just gathered him up and held him tight till the shaking passed.

That night as they snuggled down in John's tiny bed he told Rodney about the photos and what Carson had said. Was there a way their lives could get any worse John wondered out loud. Rodney had laughed and said John had jinxed them now.

Lt Ford, Sgt Bates and four marines went thru the Gate to Athos. The Athosians had packed up and left. There was no way to say whether it was to a different part of that world or they had gone thru the Gate themselves.
John was disappointed with the news, their hopes of finding allies and trading partners was proving near impossible

Late one afternoon Chuck announced a radio
video transmission coming thru. Playing on one of the large screens was a young woman who they recognised
"I am Teyla Emmagen, I wish to speak with Elizabeth Weir"
John was immediately called to the Control Center
"Teyla it's Major Sheppard, Elizabeth is unwell, what can I do for you?"
"Major I bring you a warning, the Wraith are moving we have left Athos because of them. We are
There was the sound of screaming and the whine of stunners, the transmission faded to noise

Chuck tried but was unable to trace where the transmission had originated from or reconnect it. The fate of the Athosians was unknown.
Now they had been given a warning the Lanterns had to prepare for a war that was heading their way. Not a maybe more of a certainly but when anyone's guess.

Rodney leaned into John's back "Told you , you jinxed it idiot!!"