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The whole idea started after Nozaki bravely asked Hori for help. Ken, his editor, asked him for a fairy tale story to match the manga's monthly theme.
The thing is, Nozaki had some idea of the interactions and the story but he needed to see the actual thing.
That's why he asked Hori for help and to borrow some Drama Club props.

Hori accepted begrudgingly but they'd have to come back late at night to use the stage without bothering anyone. Luckily it was only going to be Nozaki, Sakura, Mikorin and Wakamatsu, so the play wasn't going to finish with him embarrassed out of his mind with his hands all over Kashima. That was a blessing and a curse. No matter how much they enjoyed themselves, they always acted like it never happened and it was starting to take a toll on the Drama Club President.

The first night, after the Sleeping Beauty he had to go home, take a long cold shower and hop to bed with the most vivid memories fresh in his mind. Then he couldn't sleep because he spent the rest of the night wondering if he was too greedy, too handsy and too desperate. What if he had ruined his friendship forever.
The next day felt even weirder, when he reached Kashima ready to apologize, she acted as if she didn't know what he was talking about. The Drama Club was the same, except for some blushes and some heartbroken looks directed at him. He also couldn't spend much time with Kashima after that, since her fan club became even more demanding.
The weeks went by and everything went back to normal. Sort of.

After the second play, The Beauty & The Beast, he stopped blaming himself. Kashima got jealous of Wakamatsu and practically pounced on him in the dressing rooms. It was so hot when she started things, it made him feel wanted.
Was it because he was wearing a dress? No, she already kissed them and he was dressed like a prince.

The next day was exactly like the one after the other play, however, many of his friends and classmates acted weird. Congratulating him and patting his back. That was weird. They couldn't know, right? Unless Seo and Wakamatsu had opened their mouths but Waka was too noble to do that and Seo was late so how did they find out something happened? It wasn't until Drama Club that he saw himself in a mirror and noticed two huge hickeys in his neck. He covered them with a hand and ran to get some makeup. Kashima gave him an annoying look, like she was having fun with the whole situation.
She did it on purpose, he thought, no. He knew.
She seemed annoyed when he came back with a clean neck. How come someone who had a whole club of admirers could be so greedy. He decided to give her the cold shoulder the rest of the day.


"The Little Mermaid" was born as some sort of apology to Wakamatsu. However, playing pirates went a bit out of control and he and Kashima were found again fooling around.
That was the most annoying one because he wanted to keep enjoying the holiday with his friend but her fan club and his? fanclub? kept them away.
Kashima insisted many boys liked him, but to him, they were just really eager to learn drama.

And there they were. Setting up the lights of the stage once more. At least this time he wasn't going to need a cold shower post play.
"WHY ARE YOU HERE!?" Asked Hori to Kashima and Seo, who had just arrived.
"I asked Waka about his plans and he spilled the beans faster than a train" Said Seo, not making any sense.

“And you decided to come? Just like that?” He said, with a frustrated grunt escaping his lips.
“Hey, I gotta protect him from you, mr. lose hands. I don’t want him doing a casting couch for whatever part he is having” Said Seo leaving a shocked Hori shaking without an answer.


“So, what are you guys doing?” Asked Kashima, trying to lighten the mood in the room.
“We are doing Cinderella!” Exclaimed an excited Sakura showing her the script. She then lowered her voice and confided: “And I'm Cinderella, isn’t it romantic? With Nozaki as the prince we could… we could... “ She wanted to say “kiss” but then realized who she was talking to and remembered the Sleeping Beauty finale. “oh god, I hope we take things a bit more slowly than that”

Kashima feigned ignorance and turned his head to Nozaki. “Are you the prince?”
“No, I haven’t got the physique” then added “Curse this body why can’t I be a bishounen?”
“What? Then… who is going to be the prince?” Asked a very disappointed Sakura.

“Don’t make that face, kitten, i’ll be your prince” They all turned around to see a very flustered but very handsome Mikorin, in a prince costume, trying to keep a sexy facade but flustered and trembling.

“I could be a better prince than him!” Kashima took Sakura’s hands between hers and kissed them. “And you’ll be my princess, cara mia”. Both redheads shoved their faces between their hands screaming. She could understand Sakura being embarrassed, but Mikorin was a bit too much.

“We won’t have a play if you kill our Cinderella, dumbass” Hori hit her head with a feathered fan. “Here, Nozaki, i found this for your character”

“What? Who are you gonna play?” Sakura looked at him while he started weaving the fan around. “Isn’t it obvious?” He said while laughing maliciously “I’m the evil stepmother, bow before me!”

“WHAT!? WHY!?” The disappointment in Sakura was tangible. “Oh it’s always fun to play the baddies, right Hori?”

Hori nodded, laughing a little bit. “You are in the play too? Who?” Kashima’s interest peaked. “I’m an ugly stepsister… we thought it was cruel to give this part to a girl”
“Awwn, that’s so nice sempai!... But you didn’t include me in your play and that still doesn’t make it right” Kshima complained.

“Fine, you can be the other ugly stepsister,” He said, taunting her.
“I thought you said it was cruel to give that part to a girl!”
“Yeah, to a girl… not to you”
Kashima blew a raspberry to him. “I hope you use that tongue for something more useful in the future” He said without really thinking. Hopefully, he didn’t notice how those words could have a deeper meaning, but Mikorin and Sakura were red in the face and trembling again.

“What happened to Waka? Wasn’t he going to be the ugly stepsister?” Nozaki asked, oblivious to all the flirting around him.
“He was, but then Seo arrived and he prefered a role that gave her less reasons to bully him… so now, he is a mouse”

“Yeah, also, he was too embarrassed to tell you he broke the dress you gave him” Said Seo, showing up in a pretty blue dress but still in combat boots. “C’mon, show him” she encouraged Waka to stop hiding behind her.

“I’m very sorry, Seo was trying to zip me, but i think i-”
“He has the back of a pivot, no dress is gonna fit.” Seo explained, trying to cheer him up.
“Hey, I'm the pivot” Waka exclaimed, happy that she remembered her basketball position.
“And why are you dressed like that?” Nozaki asked, pointing at Seo.
“She is our fairy godmother… she insisted”
Hori’s face showed a little bit of regret, but this was a play among friends, “how bad could it be?”

“So, everyone has a part, but me?” Kashima stared at Hori, waiting for an answer.
“I told you already, you can be the ugly stepsister”. She pouted. “Unless, you let Waka do it instead”
“Like hell I will let that guy steal my… part!

They acted a few lines. Sakura had the right heart but she was painfully mundane. Waka didn’t help either, the guy was towering over her trying to convince people he was a small little mouse.

“Please, let’s try something else” Hori begged. “Everyone, go get dressed. We need all the help we can get to make this play work and the school uniforms aren’t gonna cut it”. Seo and Mikorin stared at each other, they had already dressed and were wondering why nobody else had.

It was basically because Hori didn’t think any of the dresses would fit the boys, as proven by Waka, but maybe they could manage with some pins.

The girls were busy in their dressing room. Well, Kashima was. Seo complained about how hot the dress was, and chose to snack in her underwear; her first line was in the second act, so she had time. Sakura was rummaging through the makeup looking for something soft, like a gloss.

“Oh, we don’t have much of that. In the theater the makeup has to be seen from afar, so up close we look very ridiculous” Kashima laughed.
“I just want to look… sexy” Sakura was blushing furiously and her friend had to fan her with her hands.
“I don’t think Nozaki cares if you are sexy.” interrupted Seo. “He likes you just as you are”. Kashima was a bit surprised about Seo being nice, she was usually painfully blunt. “However, if you wanna kiss Mikorin… that’s a nice piece of ass.” She added. Both Sakura and Kashima were a bit relieved that Seo went back to her normal self.

“Why don’t you go help Nozaki with his dress?” Kashima suggested. “I’m sure he’ll need help fitting into one.”
“Yeah, listen to quick-hands here, she knows”

They never noticed how quickly Sakura left, but a half naked Waka came rushing to their dressing room, holding his pants up and trying to cover himself with a piece of fabric. “Sakura barged in, and I was just getting dressed!” He complained bashfully.

“So, why did you come here?” Asked Seo, staring at him from head to toe. “Well, I didn't want a girl seeing me in my underwear!” He yelled.
“Well, you are seeing me in my underwear”. Seo wasn’t complaining, actually, she spoke casually and rested her hands behind her head, as if she wanted to give him a better show.

“SEO I’M SO SORRY!” he yelled, blushing furiously and throwing his shirt at her before running away again.

“Do you enjoy traumatizing him?” Kashima asked while Seo put on his shirt. “It is the source of my vital energy!” she answered, laughing and opening the door to follow the boy.

Kashima kept working on the wig she was going to wear when an irked Hori appeared in the room.
"Nozaki is deep in character and kept pestering me about proper behaviour in daughter"

Kashima just nodded, her eyes affixed in the half naked boy in the petticoat next to her.
"That's a look." she laughed. He just rolled his eyes at her, but quickly put on a dress. He couldn't tempt fate again.
"You got the blue one? you know blue is my color!"
"It's bigger than the light blue, stop complaining and dress" he barked back.
Her answer was a pair of shorts that flew unceremoniously to his face. He took his time to remove them. Partly because of how pissed he was. Partly because he didn't trust himself if he ever saw Kashima undressing.

There they were, in big ugly dresses, staring at each other. They both started laughing like hyenas and pointing at each other.
"This dresses are hideous"
"Wait until you see my wig!" Kashima grabbed a black long haired wig and put it on. "Don't turn until I tell you!" Said Hori while putting on a brown wavy wig.
They both turned around ready to keep on laughing but all they got was a soft chuckle. Kashima looked really good with that hair and Hori looked frankly adorable. They tried to hide their blushes turning to the mirror to do their make up.

"Remember, we are the ugly stepsisters, so we have to be hideous" Hori said, while underlining his eyes with a kohl pencil that, frankly, could have used some shrpening.

"I thought you said i was already ugly" Kashima said calmly, taking the pencil from Hori's hand nd sharpening it.
The boy looked flustered and annoyed. "C'mon, gimme that... And I never said you were ugly!"
"You said I could be one of the sisters" She replied while grabing his face and pulling him closer. She started underlining his other eye.

Hori stood still and looked up, apreciating the help… and contact. "Because you are an actor! you wouldn't be ofended by any role"

"So you think i'm pretty?" She asked while smudging a bit of his liner with her thumb.

Hori stared at her. Her mouth. Her lips. She was painfully close again.
He wanted her.

"Again?" Seo asked, having returned to the dressing room. Kashima and Hori jumped away from each other and denied everything they were doing.

"Whatever dude, i just came for my dress. We are still doing this, right?" she started to change from Waka's shirt to her puffy dress again while the two idiots did their makeup without peeling their eyes from the mirror.

They didn't dare to look at each other, except when Seo undressed and both send a warning look at each other. That was the curse of liking a fellow bisexual.

"Hey you guys look good! ridiculous, but good" Seo enjoyed the view of two heavily madeup pantomime clowns and claped.

They were wearing big blue eyeshadows, round pink cheeks and small heartshaped lips, and yet, they looked strangely endearing.
"The eyelashes do the trick, you can paint like Kashima and it'll still look presentable"
Kashima complained about his mean coment but was interrupeted by an even more ridiculous looking Nozaki.

He was wearing a hideous violet tafetta dress and a very misshaped bossom. A big gray wig and green eyeshadow.
They started laughing but the boy kept his stern look.
"Now now, daughters… what are you doing here? shouldn't you be looking for a good husband?" He said in a pitched voice while faning himself with the feathered fan Hori gave him.

"He has been in character… for a while" Sakura complained. "He said i did a sloppy job on his makeup"
"And in my nails!" Nozaki showed some red press-on nails to his friends.
Sakura seemed as tired as her character. Well, at least it was going to look better this time.

A very tired Sakura was sweeping the stage when a stupidly huge mouse entered the scene.
"Sa-Cinderella! You must hide your beautiful dress, your evil stepsisters are coming and they're going to rip it apart!"

"Good" sighed the girl.
"Here they co- what?" Waka didn't have much time to react to his confusion, but he kept going and hid anyway.

"Cinderella! Is this your ugly silly new dress?" Hori laughed, fanning himself.
Both Kashima and Hori noticed the foul mood of the girl and gave each other a concerned look.
"Oh honey, I'm sure your prince will notice you soon!" Kashima said while patting her hair.
Mikorin looked for answers in the cast eyes, but Seo and Waka were just as confused.

"Yes, I bet he appreciates you a lot but he is afraid of his feelings" Hori joined them, also patting the girl.

Sakura pouted and looked at them "you think?"

"Of course… maybe he is just afraid that he'll lose you as a friend" Kashima replied, not wanting to look at Hori.

"Or maybe he thinks you are just playing with him because you can get anyone you want" Hori also hid his face behind his fan. Kashima hit him with hers, staring at him quite pissed.

"Why are my gorgeous daughters fighting?" Nozaki, oblivious to everything, entered the scene. "Why is Cinderella crying? i hope you are just gathering water for the bucket" He said in a high pitched voice.

Sakura looked at him confused. "I'm not crying"
"Cinderella! When you want to cry your nose turns red, I know that for a fact!" He replied, wanting to get back to the scene.

"You noticed that?" Sakura asked shyly. "Yes Cinderella! Also, you get hiccups when it's about to rain… now, WHAT IS THIS HIDEOUS DRESS!?"

Sakura smiled happily. Daydreaming about all the things Nozaki had noticed about her, but didn't tell. Meanwhile, the stepsisters and stepmother were back in character, ripping the dress apart.

"Now, you won't have anything to go to the ball! C'mon my gorgeous daughters, let's buy another dress and rip it up for funsies!" Nozaki said while exiting the stage with Kashima and Hori.

They didn't need to go out till the fourth act so they went back to the dressing room.
"Wow, that was weird, but I'm glad Sakura feels better now." Said Hori while checking his phone.

Kashima didn't say anything, but pushed him to the small couch in the room and climbed on top of him.

"Kashima what the f-" He couldn't finish his sentence because she kissed him in a way that was becoming quite familiar. He was tired of fighting his desire, so he pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.
Man he was weak. Another play, another excuse to kiss and touch and maybe go even further.

"How dare you think…" Kashima interrupted their kiss gasping for air "I will prefer someone else over you?"

Hori didn't want to have this conversation. They had very few minutes left before going back to the play or someone interrupting them or some other stupid thing happened.

"I'm not one of your girls" He answered, pulling her closer and kissing her neck. His fingers had found the back zipper of her dress and was pulling it painfully slowly for Kashima's liking.

"You are so much prettier" she laughed, melting between his arms.
He wanted her. She loved sitting on top of his lap and feeling just how much he wanted her. And she wanted him too. Her dress wasn't even halfway opened and she needed more. With a quick move, she opened his dress and enjoyed the view of his bare chest.

"Do you treat all your girls like this?" Hori laughed. "This is just for my princess" She leaped to his neck and started kissing and sucking while playing with one of his nipples.

"I'm still a boy Yuu, this doesn't do much to me… i should be doing this to you" he pleaded smoothly.

"Have you ever thought of doing this to me?" Kashima asked smiling, trying to hide the deep blush in her cheeks.

"If the thought of me touching your nipples makes you blush, I can't even tell you what I really want to lick."
She blushed furiously and Hoshi smirked, very pleased with himself. Damn that guy, she always lost in their "smooth" competitions, but she couldn't give him the win that easily. She wanted to make him sweat too.

Still on top of him, he reached for her zipper and let the top of the dress fall down to her waist. Looking at him with a very pleased smile, but ignoring the fact that her long wig was censoring all her torso.
Staring at her was a very happy Hori and a very still-in-character Nozaki

"Daughters!? What kind of game is that? We have to get back and torment Cinderella so she won't marry the prince!"

He left and closed the door with a bang. The two idiots were left staring at the door and then to each other. Groaning and complaining about going back.

"So, it happened again?" Seo whispered to her.
"I don't know what you are talking about." Kashima replied, feigning innocence.
"Ok, but you were wearing the light blue dress before.

Nobody dared to look at them, except for Nozaki who didn't notice even the smudged makeups in each other dresses.