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Genetic Lottery

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It is a general rule of thumb that children look like their parents. That's how genetics work. She just thought it would be more of a mixture - she can see both her parents in her own face, and sure, Ben looks more like his mother, but his father is in there.

But that's not what seems to have happened here - Stephen and Westley Knope-Wyatt are no Knope, all Wyatt.

Her sons are replicas of their father. Both of them  - which makes sense, she must admit, even though it pains her - because they're identical. And she loves her husband and he's a very attractive man, so there certainly could have been worse outcomes, but still... all Wyatt and Walker, no Knope, nary a Griggs gene in sight. And it only becomes more and more apparent as the triplets grow. Julia sent a box of Ben's childhood photos and if anything, Stephen and Westley are becoming more like his clones everyday, dashing Leslie's hopes of a last-minute, come-from-behind genetic win.

It shouldn't matter. Her children are perfect and beautiful and everything good on this earth. Leslie's just always been very competitive and it irks her more than it should. It's just not fair that he gets two (two!) miniature Bens, and she only got one miniature Leslie.

So maybe she takes more pleasure than she should when she sees her husband look closely at their daughter and mutter about how he might as well have not been involved at all as he cuddles and tickles and Sonia giggles.

After all, he has two adorable, perfect monsters who took space in her uterus, but seem to have taken none of her DNA. Isn't it only turnabout being fair play that Sonia Knope-Wyatt is all Knope, no Wyatt?