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When She Wore Crimson

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A sudden burst of raw power spread across the frozen, Northern continent. A place no one would dare to step foot without the invitation of its own and Lord, Demon Lord Guy (Ghee) Crimson. Said person who took note of this power with slitted eyes as he sat up straight on his frozen throne and looked across his throne room hall. It had been almost five hundred years since he had felt power like that; the last time was the Great Tenma War with the Angels. Feeling curious about it, as the power seemed to vanish after appearing, Guy stood up and gave a quick wave of his hand. The gesture is almost feminine in appearance due to the long, delicate fingers. 


The silent message was received by his two most loyal servants, Mizeri and Raine. They, too, were like him, demons of the highest caliber. But thanks to him, after awakening to Demon Lord, had evolved upon him naming them into Demon Peers. They knew best how he was and would guard and manage the castle until he returned from inspecting the power surge source. Allowing a small smile to curl his thin lips, Guy walked to the window and jumped out of it, and flew in the direction he had felt the strongest part of the surge originate from. Something inside told him to be wary, and another told him that whatever he found would help alleviate his boredom.


Velzard had been resting contentedly in her small nest, inside the cave she lived in when she wasn't staying with her friend, Guy. So, much to her surprise when a bright light lit up all the ice crystals, almost blinding her as a large burst of power so pure erupted a mere two meters from where she lay. Once the light and power died down, she found herself curious enough to shift to her human form and inspect what was left behind. 


Being cautious as she felt the familiar aura of Guy heading her way, and fast, Velzard made her way to the now silver and pink-ish dome left behind. Her eyes easily take in the sight of a dark-haired human girl covered in blood and rather interesting clothes. Unable to help herself, Velzard smiled as she watched the unconscious girl. This was most interesting since transmigrants didn't usually come to the world in such a manner, let alone hurt like this girl was. But prudence and experience kept her from taking the barrier down. No, she would wait for her guest to arrive and let them instigate whatever chaos would come from this girl's strange arrival. 


But still, Velzard couldn't help but think of how the girl just arrived. The normal method was summoning, yet this didn't hold any of the magical residues of a summoning. And it was very clear that this girl didn't just reincarnate like the newest of Demon Lords, Rimuru Tempest, whom her youngest sibling was so fond of.