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1 It’s satin /// Luke&Khaotung


Tick. Tick. Tick. Thwang! “Shit.” Khaotung sighed. The alarm clock barely read 4am and he couldn’t sleep. At first it was Earth’s snoring that woke him up but it soon became apparent he wasn’t going to fall asleep again, especially with that quiet yet still very noticeable sound from downstairs. At first it was the little tick tick, as if someone was tapping their finger onto something hard right beside his ear, but then he heard something hard hit the ground, and a cursing in English, and he knew. Luke was throwing darts, and missed the target with one. Khaotung slipped out of the bed as gently as he could, briefly glancing towards Earth and Mix who were hugging so tightly they turned into one indistinguishable pile or arms and legs, before tiptoeing down the stairs and into the yellow play room.


Luke nearly jumped out of his skin when Khaotung tripped over the tiny stool, causing a sound. “Oy, hey, you alright?” Luke quickly dropped the darts on the table and quickly helped Khaotung back on his feet. “What are you doing here?” He asked, clearly confused that someone else besides him was awake at this hour. Khaotung yawned. “I can’t fall asleep. I got trouble sleeping in a strange environment the first night. Besides my whole room is just snuggling; P’Earth and P’Mix got each other and P’Gun has that stinky blankie. He took the bolster too.” Khaotung said as he sat down onto the beanbag and hugged one of Snack Jack pillows. “Hang on; why are you up?” He tilted his head. Luke shrugged. “Before coming here I took one hell of a nap during the day, so I won’t be able to fall asleep anyway until tomorrow night. Well, actually today I mean.” 


“Oh. Makes sense.” Khaotung nodded, watching Luke as he threw few more darts before settling on the sofa himself, stretching his legs and leaning back against the wall. “You know your pyjamas are…” “It’s satin.” “I was gonna say really weird. That does not look super comfortable.” Khaotung laughed quietly while Luke touched his shirt. “It’s alright, the fabric feels nice, you can touch it if you want?” “Ha?” Luke gestured towards the hem of his top, shrugging. Khaotung didn’t hesitate before crawling over to the sofa and burying his entire face into Luke’s shirt. “Oh, hey, what…?” “You’re right, it does feel nice.” Khaotung muttered, nuzzling Luke’s chest. Even over the layer of fabric he could feel the clear and defined musculature of Luke’s chest and abdomen. 


Luke’s muscles instinctively flexed upon the touch, but quickly relaxed as the younger man moved his hands to the side and let his head drop onto Luke’s chest again, yawning. “Mmm, so sleepy…” “Then go to bed?” Luke chuckled, awkwardly repositioning his legs so Khaotung could lay between them. Surprised the both of them could fit comfortably on the sofa, Luke slowly placed his hands onto Khaotung’s back before hugging him a little tighter. Khaotung let out a happy hum when a strong hand moved into his hair and scratched his scalp, causing him to fall asleep in the muscular man’s arms. As he finally awoke from his short sleep, he was in the bed beside Gun. He couldn’t even remember if Luke struggled carrying him upstairs, but those strong arms held him like nothing. As he joined others for breakfast, he gave Luke a wink.



2 Like the others /// Pond&Phuwin



“You know it’s okay to just do some skinship, right? No need to overdo it; it’s noticeable.” Pond said quietly. His mic pack laid by the feet of their bed and he absentmindedly plaid on his phone when Phuwin came back from the main bedroom and gave him overly tight hug. Phuwin awkwardly chuckled as he pulled away and took his mic off too. “What…?” Pond shrugged. “They’re our seniors, our friends. It’s okay to cuddle your friends, and it’s okay to not do so. But what you’re doing is just…weird. Even with me. It’s making me uncomfortable.” Pond said as he switched off his phone and walked off onto the roof for some fresh air. It didn’t take long for Phuwin to follow and hesitantly sit by Pond’s side.


“Can you explain what you meant?” Phuwin asked quietly. “Do you not like my hugs or something? I mean we kissed on screen and-“ “That’s it. On screen.” Pond nodded. He saw how lost Phuwin’s eyes were, and he felt pity for the youngest one. “We’re an onscreen ship, at least our characters are. Sure, here we’re under cameras again, but as us, as friends. We don’t have to pretend for some fan service, and we’re not like P’Mix and P’Earth. It’s like you’re forcing yourself to like boys, which I can tell, you do not actually like. And that’s fine, truly. Just…don’t force yourself to be some sort of character. Just be ourself. Be Phuwin. Everyone here likes Phuwin.” Pond finally smiled, ruffling the boy’s hair.




3 Next best thing///Earth&Khaotung


Earth watched as his boyfriend gobbled up another plate of food, his chubby cheeks adorable as always. He almost leaned closer and asked for a bite, if Luke didn’t do it first. Mix gladly offered a big spoonful, feeding the muscular man and nodding in agreement with him; the food was delicious to say the least. Earth faked a yawn, giving his boyfriend’s back one last bitter look before turning to his left and hugging Khaotung who was dozing off beside him. The boy smiled when a big hand stroked his cheek and Earth hugged him, briefly registering a faint scent of vanilla coming from Khaotung’s hair. The boy felt so familiar, his body soft, his skin had almost the same feel as Mix. Even their hairstyle and face shape was similar…


Mix cleared his throat, causing Earth to quickly separate from the next best thing to his boyfriend and finally pay attention to Mix who continued to devour his meal like nothing happened. It was when he finished and finally tapped Earth on the thigh to stand up that Earth noticed the tiny devilish smirk playing on his boyfriend’s lips as they left the living room. Khaotung and Luke exchanged a knowing look and a grin; jealousy was in the air and it was quite cute. They didn’t see how Mix dragged Earth out of camera’s sight and hissed into his hear “That’s gonna cost you later.”



4 Bathroom tiles /// Luke&Gun


Gun was utterly fucked. At least he thought so right on the first day as they walked into the house and Luke put his arm around Gun’s shoulders. He wasn’t as tall as Pond but with his wide frame and stocky build Gun felt incredibly tiny by his side. He’s noticed all the little looks Luke gave him, the way he eyed him up and down whenever Gun had some tiny shorts on like he wanted to devour him whole. It was no surprise when the two started secretly bonding as the only ones not acting in any series with the others and not properly ‘fitting in’ as Luke called it. Luke wasn’t the only one sneaking a peek on the other, so did Gun. He admired the younger man’s build, his big hands and strong arms, his sharp facial features, his deep voice…For Gun, Luke was a forbidden wet dream and he was praying not to see him shirtless. However his downfall came at the pool when Luke tossed away his shirt, causing a quiet thirsty gasp from Gun who blushed profusely as they made eye contact.


Even with his security blankie Gun has woken up multiple times at night, usually falling asleep again within minutes, but not this time. His mouth felt dry and his head hurt, so he slipped out of the bedroom and quietly walked down the stairs into the now empty kitchen. At least he thought to find it empty if it wasn’t for the shirtless man hunched over the kitchen counter snacking on some apple slices Phuwin cut up earlier. As silently as he could, Gun creeped up behind Luke and poked his sides with no reaction from the man. “I’m not ticklish.” Luke chuckled while Gun pouted. As he opened the fridge and drank a good half of an icy water bottle, Luke finally turned around and grinned. He was sure Gun would be cute with his messy hair and oversized shirt as pyjamas, but he didn’t expect him to look this sexy. Luke noticed those sleeping shorts were shorter than anything Gun wore around the house, and the oversized shirt exposed an entire shoulder just waiting to be pulled up.


Luke eyed him up and down as Gun put down the bottle and finally looked at Luke’s torso. He gulped, thirsty, but not for more water. For Luke. Those wide shoulders, those firm pecs and prominent abs, and those thick biceps and veiny forearms, not to mention the big hands. Gun couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel on his skin, gripping his hips, pulling on his hair, stroking his cock… He stared so hungrily he didn’t even realise he dribbled a little until Luke stepped closer and wiped the water off of Gun’s chin, his thumb slowly stroking his bottom lip. Unconsciously Gun’s lips parted more and he sucked on Luke’s thumb, his tongue swirling around it before he let it go with a wet ‘pop’. Luke swallowed audibly; was this an invitation for something more, or just a harmless teasing? The silly gesture made an effect on him more than it should, and Gun noticed pretty quickly as he let his eyes travel down Luke’s body till they settled on his bulge. Gun didn’t need to think twice. He grabbed Luke’s wrist and dragged him upstairs to the bathroom, carelessly slamming the door behind them. Luke nearly stumbled over the threshold as he eagerly followed, his hands quickly reaching for the short figure infront of him.


Gun’s waist was so slim and his little butt fit into Luke’s hands a little too perfectly as the younger man hoisted him up onto the marble counter, wedging himself between his legs. Gun’s pulse quickened as he was being manhandled by Luke and his shirt got yanked off and ended up somewhere on the floor when Luke mercilessly attacked his neck and collarbone. He could feel the man’s heat, smell his arousal, hear his heavy breathing, and in sudden act of confidence Gun grabbed Luke’s hand and pushed it between his legs needily. Hand that was more than skilful with tugging his shorts off and stroking him earnestly while his mouth focused on the chest, roaming over his skin and leaving pink marks Gun hoped would disappear by the morning. Words were not needed to what happened next, as Luke’s action of dropping to his knees and pushing Gun’s legs up was self explanatory. Gun could almost feel his eyes rolling back when Luke’s hot mouth worked him open, wishing it would suffice, but by the look of the size of Luke’s bulge, Gun knew he’d have to put in some work too.


Luke felt his heart race and his mouth suddenly got dry when Gun slipped off the counter and crouched infront of him, his hands tugging Luke’s shorts down. He didn’t bother taking them down all the way, just past the knees was enough for the older man to use his hands to stroke his arousal. Gun’s face was flushed with desire and he licked his lips, hoping he’d be able to take Luke at least half way in the mouth. Luke watched as those plump lips parted and Gun introduced his talented tongue to play, causing Luke’s jaw drop. Gun had some serious skills when it came to felatio, and the obscene wet sounds his mouth was making only riled up Luke more. When Luke finally pushed Gun’s head away, a long thick string of drool and precome run from those plump lips to his cock, finally breaking apart as Gun stood up and turned around, his hands rested on the marble counter as he bent over and glanced over his shoulder to Luke.


“Nah…” Luke shook his head before grabbing Gun’s slim hips and turning him around. “I think I like you right here.” He said as he hoisted the man up and slammed him a little too harshly against the cold bathroom wall. A thump was heard from above as Gun’s head clanked against the tiles, but Gun didn’t seem to mind as his hands wrapped around Luke’s neck. He could feel Luke’s cock nudging at his entrance, ready to be taken in. His breath came out in a shaky groan as he felt it penetrate him, and there was no warning before he felt himself sliding down, feeling like he was being split in two by Luke’s big cock. “Fuck…” Luke hissed as the tight heat enveloped him and his grip on Gun’s thighs got stronger. Gun ran his hand up into Luke’s hair to lower his head, forcing the man’s mouth to clash with his in a desperate attempt to release some of that pain that made him want to scream.


Neatly filed nails dug into Luke’s shoulder as he finally moved his hips and Gun slid on his cock all the way down, his body trembling as he didn’t know how long he could endure the pain without crying. Luke sensed it, he knew there was something not quite right when Gun got quiet, but his hands comfortingly stroked the smaller man’s body without any other movement until Gun’s knees nudged Luke’s sides. “Move.” Gun said with a strain to his voice. He could still feel the underlying hum of pleasure beneath the painful sensation that lessened with each shallow thrust Luke delivered to make him used to his girth and shape. “Fuck, you feel so good…” Luke breathed hotly on Gun’s neck, his forehead touching the cold tile. “I want to be inside of you forever, Gun…” Luke said, dropping the polite prefix. As his lips traced the delicate slope of Gun’s neck, he noticed the man’s grip on his cock loosened as if a response to his voice and kisses, and he experimentally gyrated his hips.


Gun gasped when he slid a little lower and Luke finally hit the spot that sent waves of pleasure through his body whenever the man rubbed against it. “Harder…Luke…” Gun panted demandingly, his hands grabbing fistfuls of Luke’s hair, not that the man needed any encouragement to do so. A shiver run down his spine when Luke pulled away just far enough to look him in the face, those hungry eyes were telling him he was about to be devoured whole. Gun pulled Luke down for another hungry kiss that had them both panting until Luke pulled back with his teeth tugging on Gun’s lower lip, causing Gun to hiss at the mixture of pain and pleasure. He didn’t have any resistance in him as Luke pounded into his body hard, slamming his back against the tiles over and over with pleasure escalating higher, until the whispers of his name brought some of the reality back and he opened his eyes, mad that Luke’s words postponed his orgasm.


“Wha…what did you say?” Gun gasped, his hard cock rubbing against Luke’s stomach was leaking precome and he was ready to blow. Luke tried his best to form a coherent thought, but holding back his own release caused his own intelligence to postpone and all he could mutter was one word at a time. “Can…I cum…inside…” “M-me first…” Gun moaned as his hand moved rapidly in his lap. He couldn’t stop the very loud moan from breaking free and echoing through the bathroom as he came hard onto Luke’s stomach. Luke quickly placed his whole hand over Gun’s mouth to prevent any more sounds coming out, nearly dropping Gun as his own orgasm caused his knees to shake, and holding the shorter man one handed wasn’t as easy as it seemed to be. He managed to set Gun down onto the marble counter before washing the cum off in the sink and drying himself what looked like Neo’s lost t-shirt.





5 Pretty boys /// Mix&Khaotung


‘Holy crap he’s pretty.’ When Mix and Khaotung made an eye contact through a mirror, they shared the same thought. Standing side by side they both finished brushing teeth, ready to do Rock Paper Scissors for who will get to use the bathroom first, not knowing they shared the same thought. Khaotung broke the silence first as he took his shirt off and turned to Mix to face him directly. “Wanna take a bath with me?” He asked unabashedly before turning the taps to fill the tub. Mix stared at his lean back and instinctively touched his stomach; he had no abs like Earth or Luke, his stomach was almost starting to feel squishy, but was insecurity about his own body going to stop him from taking this opportunity? Hell no. “Sure.” He responded, removing his own shirt and shorts. He waited until he junior settled in the tub before taking off his boxers and joining him, causing the water to rise. “Shy?” Khaotung chuckled when Mix covered his chest with bubbles.


“A little. I’m not used to getting naked infront of others.” Mix shrugged, his cheeks flushed pink. “Not even P’Earth?” Khaotung teased, earning himself a little kick. “He’s an exception. Besides, he doesn’t always gets to see it if I’m behind him.” Mix smirked. He watched as the gears in Khaotung’s mind turned until they clicked and he gasped. “You mean he’s the one who gets…” He made an obscene gesture with his fingers. Mix nodded. “Damn, no way! He lets you?” “Lets me?” Mix scoffed. “He loves it. Sometimes we switch, but it’s not that often. What about you?” He tilted his questioningly. Khaotung shook his head. “Nah, I’m a virgin. I’ve only ever kissed people. I’m not in a rush, you know? I’m just enjoying myself right now. This is good.” He said as he stroked Mix’s calf under water, stretching out his own legs too as the bathtub was big enough for them both to sit comfortably. 


“Although…” Khaotung made a brief glance towards the door. “I wouldn’t mind getting dicked by P’Luke. Pity he’s only got eyes for P’Gun now.” He huffed, splashing the water around. “But P’Gun is going home tonight. I’m pretty sure P’Luke won’t look at P’…whoever comes tomorrow.” Mix said as he winked before grabbing his wash towel and scrubbing his arms and chest. “Wait, you know who’s coming tomorrow? No one here knows!” “No one but me and Earth.” Mix grinned. Just one deep kiss with Earth infront of P’Godji got her to spill the secret and tell them. “Come on, tell me, who is it?” Khaotung pleaded, but Mix just shook his head. The show will have to be renamed to ‘Save this house’ once Tay arrives, that’s for sure. 


“Just wait and see. He’s fun, I promise. Ow.” Mix winced when a rogue bubble got in his eye and he began rubbing it away, the soap stinging. “Let me help.” Khaotung moved, kneeling between Mix’s legs as he leaned forward and wiped away the soap with his thumb. His hand stroked Mix’s cheek and he bit his lip. Mix chuckled. “Ooo, you wanna kiss me so baaad. What are you waiting for?” He teased playfully, letting his arms bring Khaotung even closer until their noses touched and the younger boy exhaled sharply. “Can I?” He whispered, lips barely brushing against Mix’s, but Mix acted first. Water around them splashed and churned as Mix swapped their positions and deeply kissed Khaotung, passionately and very eagerly at first, before slowing down to a just a gentle kiss.


“Whoa…what…” Khaotung chuckled when Mix pulled away with a wet smack, biting his lower lip one last time. “Good?” Mix smiled. His hands cupped Khaotung’s cheeks again and Khaotung happily nodded. “Yeah…more?” “I think that’s enough.” Mix nearly jumped out of his skin when a big hand was placed on his mouth and pulled him backwards to separate him and Khaotung. Khaotung gasped, eyes locked with Earth who had a slightly disapproving yet still amused look on his face. “Seem’s like you’re having too much fun when I’m not looking.” “You’re not angry?” Khaotung asked awkwardly. “Nah.” Earth smiled, pulling Mix out of the bathtub. “It’s actually kinda hot, seeing two pretty boys together, but I’d rather be included.”

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6 My hands on your shoulders /// Pond and Luke


“Invisible fish?” “Huh?” Pond let his arms fall down and frowned at Neo who disturbed his daydreaming. Neo scratched his head, resembling a monkey. “Well you were doing something weird with your arms and then measured something on the table. Like a fish, you know?” Neo frowned when his friend got up and left the dining area without a word or any explanation for that matter. He watched as Pond walked off, hunched over and muttering something quietly with hands still spreading apart as if measuring something. “He’s the weird one, not me.” Neo gave himself a vocal reassurance before forgetting about the encounter and joining Gun outside for a glass of juice and some gossip while Pond stomped upstairs into their smaller bedroom to sleep.


On his way to bed he picked up a shirt from the floor, instantly recognising the asymmetrical cut and strange pattern. It was past 1am, cameras were off, Phuwin even had a habit of tossing a t-shirt over the bedroom ones ‘just in case’, but Pond still did a big double take before bringing the shirt to his face and inhaling Luke’s smell. ‘Really manly’ he thought to himself before spreading the garment in the air, wondering. “It must be at least 50 centimetres…” “What must be 50 centimetres?” Luke asked as he emerged out of the bathroom in his pyjamas and roughly dried his hair with the towel. “Your shoulders P’Luke.” Pond gestured with his hands. “They’re wide. And your back too. It’s kind of…” Pond didn’t know how to finish the sentence. As Luke sat on his bed, he patted the spot beside him, clearly inviting Pond to sit by his side. The younger boy obliged and sat in the spot, watching as Luke turned his back to him and shrugged.


“Uhm…” “Well? Measure it.” Luke chuckled. “With what? I don’t have a ruler. It’s just…” Luke felt as two hands touched his shoulders, hesitantly at first. It felt a little strange when Pond rubbed his shoulders slowly and run his hands down, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, although a little ticklish. “…so wide. Your biceps are so strong. The deltoids are thick, and trapezius firm…” Pond muttered, his fingers running slowly over the fabric and pressing onto Luke’s body before letting his hands fall down onto his lap. Luke hesitated. “Why did you stop?” He asked quietly without turning around. “Because it doesn’t feel as nice over the clothes. I want to…” He played with the hem of Luke’s shirt without finishing the sentence. The senior chuckled. “Go ahead.” Without waiting for Luke to change his mind, Pond lifted the shirt up and reached for Luke’s shoulders. He let out a little gasp when the muscles rippled under his fingertips and tensed up when he pushed on them.


“As I thought. So firm…” He whispered, touching Luke’s skin. It wasn’t really a massage but it still felt good for Luke when his young friend stroked his shoulders  and probed the musculature of his back, muttering the names. “Strong tendons…this is acromion, it’s so straight on you…teres minor and teres major…it’s fascinating.” “Muscles?” “No.” Pond whispered, running his finger over the vertebrae of Luke’s spine. “Your back. I’m tall but my bone structure is never going to look this good if I gain muscles like yours. It’s truly amazing.” Luke smirked; what was he supposed to say to that? Pond slowly moved his hands to the front of Luke’s shoulders while his face slowly dropped between the man’s shoulder blades. As soon as his eyes closed Pond quickly retracted his hands and in panic looked down into his lap before moving to his and Phuwin’s bed and hugging the bolster. What the hell was that?



7 Stress relief /// Mix and Phuwin


“Where is P’Mix?” 


“Is P’Mix downstairs?”


“Did P’Mix go to the bathroom?”


“Where is P’Mix?”


“You were looking for me?” Phuwin turned around so quickly his glasses nearly slipped off. The lunch time stream ended and they were free to their activities without cameras, but it didn’t ease any of Phuwin’s anxiety. He put down his mic and tried to snooze on the sofa to calm down before their evening live stream, but as the others were very loud, he couldn’t relax one bit. Not when his beloved senior wasn’t even in the room. His hands tousled the hem of his shirt, Mix noticed his shaky his fingers were. “Hang on.” Mix said, leaving Phuwin by the dining table alone before going to the living room and whispering to Earth’s ear that they’re going to take a nap. When Mix returned back to the dining area, Phuwin was already walking in little circles on the spot. Mix smile. He quickly removed his mic pack and set it on the table before grabbing Phuwin’s hand and dragging the boy upstair to the master bedroom.


“What’s going on?” He asked quietly. He could sense Phuwin was slightly on edge since the day one, but couldn’t exactly pinpoint what was the reason. “I think I’m having a panic attack…it’s not going away, I can’t…I can’t breathe, P’Mix.” Phuwin quietly whimpered. The tightness in his chest made him feel dizzy and he stumbled into Mix’s arms, fistfuls of his shirt as he was unable to let go as soon as they made contact. “It’s alright, it’s okay. Come here.” Mix said as he dropped both of them on his bed and draped a blanket over Phuwin’s head while the younger boy hid his face in Mix’s chest, hyperventilating. Mix had these often, it was Earth that always calmed him down, but he never comforted anyone before this way. “Hey there…shhh.” Mix pulled away slightly, only to place his hand on Phuwin’s mouth and nose, and then pressed his lips against it. A kiss, with a barrier between them. It only took a couple of seconds for Phuwin’s breath to go under control and he hid in Mix’s shirt again.


The tight hug and entangled legs were the most comforting thing in the world right now, and even though Phuwin wasn’t that open with others, with Mix it seemed almost natural. The senior’s embrace was soft and warm, and Phuwin felt his anxiety easing up, bit by bit, until he felt completely calm and content. “P’Mix?” “Hm?” Mix gently rubbed Phuwin’s ear. “Don’t tell anyone that I…” “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I won’t. Do you wanna tell me what triggered it? Stress from exams?” Phuwin sighed. “It’s a silly reason, really. I just…I’m the youngest here. I don’t want anyone to look at me like I’m a little kid, but they still sometimes do. Just this morning Pond squeezed the toothpaste for me.” Mix chuckled. “Earth babies me too, it’s embarrassing. But it just means they care about us, you know? No one here sees you as an actual child, Phuwin. You’re one of us, we’re all young men, even though we’re really dorking around now. But trust me, no one here is looking down on you.” “Thanks P’.” Mix smiled, giving his forehead a little kiss before hugging Phuwin even tighter. “I know you’re feeling better now, but can we nap a little? I ate too much lunch..” “Please.”



8 Skin care /// Luke and Khaotung


In panic, Khaotung pressed a pillow on his face and quietly groaned. He thought it would be a funny joke, but his thumb tapped the send button too quickly, and his text got sent. Luke nearly choked on his Lactasoy drink as he read it, unsure what to make of it. Khaotung peeked from behind the pillow, his face reddened with blush as they made eye contact and Luke raised an eyebrow, tilting his head, as if to say ‘really?’. Khaotung bit his lip and looked around to make sure no one else was paying attention before shortly nodding and walking out of the living room, leaving everyone to watch the movie. He disappeared in the small bathroom and in sheer excitement(or panic?) splashed some water on his face to cool down. Not that it helped his lower half that started to announce its presence when his mind got filled by a very vivid imagery involving the mixed man.


Khaotung flinched when the door squeaked open and close, the little click of a lock followed by the shuffle of footsteps that stopped just behind him. In that moment Khaotung was glad this smaller bathroom didn’t have a mirror above the sink, because he didn’t want to know what sort of a face he was making when Luke’s hands gripped his hips and the man pressed his chest to Khaotung’s back and kiss his shoulder. Without turning around Khaotung moved Luke’s hands to his front and very unabashedly shoved one of them into his boxers, letting out a happy sigh when Luke stroked him. He regretted not having any release before coming to the Safe House, as it only took a couple of slow strokes for him to bend forward and cum in Luke’s hand under his shorts with a quiet whimper. “Fuck…”


“That was quick.” Luke let out a chuckle before pulling his hand out and rinsing it off in a sink. “Sorry…oh.” Khaotung finally turned around, grinning at the sight. Luke was slowly stroking himself, his shorts stuck just below his knees and a face filled with embarrassment. “I’m…I’m gonna be quick too. Your dumb text got me excited. Kneel down.” He panted, stroking himself faster. Khaotung crouched down, his heart beating faster and face blushing when he saw Luke’s cock so close. He barely had a chance to shut his eyes when the warm liquid sprayed on his face and Luke groaned, letting it all out. An involuntary giggle escaped Khaotung’s lips when he stood up, cum dripping down his cheeks. “Shit…do I look stupid?” “Nah…you look insanely hot. Can we do it again?”

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9 Next best thing 2 /// Luke and Mix


Sulking. There was no other word that would describe Mix on this day. It didn’t take long for others to notice that something wasn’t quite right between Earth and Mix. They barely spoke to one another, wouldn’t stand side by side, didn’t laugh at each other’s jokes, and when Earth gave Mix a hug, Mix pulled a face that was more than fed up. Luke wasn’t sure if he should say something, as other boys didn’t interfere either, and simply ignored the tension between the two, even if it made certain group activities slightly awkward. He wasn’t that close to either of them, but it still pained him seeing his two friends upset. Especially Mix. The usually bubbly boy looked like a sad puppy and he seemed to refrain from eating more than a little plate of food each meal. Just what in the world did Earth say to him? Luke was positive this ordeal was Earth’s fault, as he seemed to be the one wanting to make up first, but Mix wasn’t having it.


“Where is Mix?” Luke asked when Earth returned to the living room by the side of Khaotung and sat alone in the corner. “Taking a nap.” He grunted before turning to Neo and getting into a game of UNO Luke had no desire participating in. Instead the mixed man quietly left the living room and walked upstairs to check up on the situation. Earth seemed more pissed than before he went to their room, so Luke suspected they probably fought again, and his suspicions got confirmed when he entered the room. As he gently put his hand on Mix’s shoulder, Mix quickly slapped it away. “Ai’Earth, I said-oh…P’Luke…what’s going on? Did they announce a new challenge?” Mix sat up, letting go of the bolster. Luke shook his head and removed his mic pack before getting in the bed too and immediately pulling Mix onto his chest. “What are you doing?” “Comforting you of course? You’re upset.” “No I’m not, I’m fine.” “Really? Because your face and attitude say the exact opposite.”


Mix scoffed, rolled his eyes, but still let himself get hugged by those strong arms. Luke felt very nice to be around; he was tall, muscular, very handsome.  Not to mention his deep accented voice gave him a little exotic zing. He was Earth 2.0; Mix couldn’t complain when a man like him embraced him. “Do you wanna talk about it?” Luke asked, gently rubbing Mix’s back. “Not really.” Mix replied, hugging the next best thing to his boyfriend. “P’Luke, can I ask you something?” Luke hesitated, but nodded regardless. “Sure?” “Am I attractive?” Mix felt Luke’s hand to stop and the man raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, obviously?” Mix snorted in derision. “Yeah right.” “No really, you are. You’re really sexy, Mix.” Luke said. A soft hand took his and Mix put it under his shirt, guiding it from his hips, over the tummy, all the way up to his chest. “Even now?” Luke felt his pulse quicken. Mix’s skin was smooth, and his body incredibly soft and warm, not to mention a bit squishy, as Luke’s fingers sunk to his skin.


“Especially now. Wow…” Luke exhaled slowly when his fingers unintentionally brushed against the younger man’s squishy chest and tickled the soft nipple. Luke moved his hand back, lower, to rest it on Mix’s waist, but still remaining under his shirt. He couldn’t help but give the man a squeeze. “Is this what this is about? Body insecurity? Whatever Earth said to you…” “He said I have to watch how I eat because as an actor I must look certain way. Fuck, he never complained about my body before, and he’s the one who always loads a second plate for me. Idiot.” Mix grumbled. “Come on…” There was a little chuckle to Luke’s words. “Were his words really that bad for you to be cranky all day?” “It’s just the way he said it. Like I’m a child who doesn’t understand 1+1. Damn it…” Mix sighed. “I know I gotta pull myself together, there’s people watching us.” “How about we go downstairs and you two make up?” Luke suggested with a smile, but Mix only held on to him tighter. “No, I’m actually tired, I want a nap. Stay here, your body isn’t a bad pillow.”


10 After the credits /// Luke and Pond


“Just switch it off when you’re done.” Those were the last words Pond and Luke heard before Earth draped t-shirts over the cameras and joined his sleeping boyfriend in the bed. Phuwin and Neo has already left and Tay and Khaotung barely made it past the first half of the movie before also falling under the spell of night and quietly snoring away. Pond was very much immersed in the story, but the senior next to him soon fell silent too. Luke has propped his head up by his own arm as to watch more comfortably, but now his eyes were closed and he quietly snoozed while Pond finished the movie, unable to chat with anyone. He sighed when the ending credits started rolling and he looked to his left, contemplating what was the best way to wake up his sleeping senior. Pond gently tapped his shoulder. Nothing. Then pinched his bicep. No response. When even after a few more pats Luke didn’t move, Pond had a strange idea. Temptation rose in his chest and he hesitantly placed his hand on Luke’s knee.


When the man didn’t move, he let his hand travel higher over the musculature of Luke’s thigh, until the fabric of Luke’s shorts stopped the movement and he gave the thigh a little squeeze. The lack of response made Pond even braver and he shuffled his hand to the centre of Luke’s shorts, deflating in disappointment upon realising how taut the fabric was and didn’t actually lay tightly over Luke’s crotch. A sudden movement by his side nearly gave Pond a heart attack when Luke moved his hands too and stroked Pond’s leg. The younger man exhaled quietly. “Shh.” Luke whispered, stroking Pond’s thick thigh; the boy had really great legs. Luke was certainly more adventurous than Pond when he moved his hand directly under Pond’s boxers and unabashedly stroked his semi hard cock. Pond gulped, excited and nervous. His hand copied Luke’s actions completely without any more hesitation, and Luke let out a shaky exhale. Pond’s hand was a little cold, but it still felt really good when those long fingers wrapped around his cock and started to slowly stroke him.


Without even looking at each other or getting closer, the two shared their silence as their hands moved, their pleasure slowly rising. Pond bit his lip when Luke’s thumb circled the tip of his cock, spreading the bead of precum over it in slow circles. He gasped a little, trying to focus on Luke’s erection too, but the pleasure the older man caused him clouded his mind and Luke could feel Pond’s grip on his dick weaken. He gave Pond’s thigh a little pinch and the boy hissed, resuming his hand movement without apologising. Luke let out a satisfied groan when Pond moved his fingers to massage his balls, causing his cock to throb in the younger man’s palm. Pond tried to squeeze his legs close when he felt the pleasure pooling in his stomach, but Luke didn’t remove his hand, and instead sped up just a little until Pond shuddered and Luke’s hand got warm and sticky.


“Fuck…” Pond breathed out quietly as he slumped lower on the sofa, trying to get his rapidly beating heart under control. He looked at his hand still in Luke’s shorts and bravely leaned down, popping Luke’s cock out and into his mouth. With his clean hand Luke run through Pond’s hair, pushing it back to stop it from sticking to the boy’s forehead, but to also give himself a full view of Pond’s face. It was a very nice sight, his thick cock disappearing between Pond’s full lips, Pond’s brow furrowed just a little. To Luke’s surprise, Pond hasn’t moved his head away even when Luke tried to warn him and push him off, he swallowed Luke’s entire load as if it was nothing and wiped his mouth. When Luke pulled his hand out and gave Pond a questioning look, the younger boy just shrugged and stood up. “G’night.” “Yeah…night.” Luke blinked in surprise as he watched the lanky boy walk out of the room and disappear in the dark hallway. “I said turn off the TV.” Luke nearly jumped out of his skin when Earth grumbled before sitting up in his bed and taking a sip out of the water bottle while Luke gave him a mortified look. “What?” Earth chuckled. “You’d rather have me interrupt you before you two finished?”



11 Test it out /// Tay and Luke


“Stop staring at me Luke.” 


“I’m not staring P’Tay, you’re staring.”


“How would you know I’m staring at you if you’re not staring at me?”


“What? I’m not staring, seriously.”


Tay scoffed. It’s been twenty minutes since he lounged on the sofa besides Luke. He picked up his kindle to quietly read while the mixed man beside him watched something on his phone, clearly immersed in the video until Tay sat down. At first he just glanced towards the senior for a few seconds, until it turned into full blown staring, so intense tay could almost feel the hole burning into him. When it was finally too much, Tay put his kindle down and turned towards Luke who in panic dropped his phone to the floor. It was Tay who picked it up, and chuckled as he saw the paused video on the screen. “What; never watched 3 Will be free?” He asked as he gave the phone back.



Luke shrugged. “I did, a while back. But…” “Say what you wanna say, Luke.” Tay tapped the sofa impatiently. “You made out with my best friend. It’s…weird to see.” Luke admitted after a little staring contest and finally put down his phone, his palms sweating. “It was pretty okay. Joss said I’m a good kisser. You can test it out for yourself if you’d like.” Tay said jokingly. But for Luke it wasn’t a joke. He did a quick look around to make sure none of the other Safe house guests were nearby before he leaned over the big Laktasoy pillow and latched himself onto Tay’s lips. After the initial shock, Tay kissed back, but only for a couple of seconds before pulling away and quickly rushing out of the living room, leaving profusely blushing Luke on the sofa. Luke touched his mouth. Those curved thin lips tasted incredibly good.

Chapter Text

12 Cozy /// Luke and Neo


Feral. Luke couldn’t find a better word that would describe Neo. How could so much energy fit into such small body? By midnight everyone seemed to run out of energy and started dozing off, except for Neo. The insane stamina and chaotic behaviour remained unmatched for days now, and Luke felt at loss as to what to do. He just wanted to read in peace by himself in the living room, but Neo barged in still hyper, jamming to a song played from his phone. “Ohooo, P’Luke, why not sleeping?” Neo flopped onto the sofa like a fish. When Luke didn’t budge, Neo stuck his feet onto his lap, knocking the heavy book out of Luke’s hands. “Oi, that’s work!” Luke groaned, but Neo didn’t move his legs. Instead he started playing a game on his phone, mouthing ‘pew pew’ while his laser shot some cartoon zombies.


“Seriously, isn’t it your bedtime?” Luke asked, letting out an exasperated sigh. “I’m not eight.” Neo frowned as he moved his legs. His frown turned into a shit eating grin. “Hey, wanna do something fun?” “No?” “Great, wait here!” Neo said, dashing towards the bedroom. He came back stomping just a minute later, holding a litre bottle of coke and shaking it above his head. “Ta-dah!” He said, plopping it into Luke’s lap. “I’m not stupid, I’m not opening the, it will go everywhere.” He shook his head. Neo clicked his tongue. “You know nothing P’Luke.” He said as he snatched the bottle and grabbed Luke’s arm, dragging him outside. As they sat by the pool, Neo opened the bottle without so much as a hiss and handed it to Luke again. “It’s coke and rum. Try it, it’s good.” “You brought alcohol in here?!” Luke couldn’t believe his eyes. “Uhm…yeah? And so did P’Gun; he’s been boozing himself up from that black flask of his. Wasn’t it kinda sus to you that his mouth always smelled of mint and vodka?”


With a little hesitation Luke took a sip, immediately feeling the burn of rum in the back of his throat. He was surprised he could taste the coke at all; the ratio rum to coke was way off, but they continued drinking, and his grouchy tired mood soon changed into a very relaxed and very cuddly one. As the clock hit 3pm and the bottle got empty, Neo was finally running out of steam and Luke had to support his wobbly body upstairs. “It’s so chilly in here.” Neo complained as he fell onto the bed, shuddering. Who’s idea was it to put the AC so low? Something heavy and smelling of Luke got chucked at his face and he quickly unfurled the bunched up fabric. He recognised Luke’s sweatshirt the man wore earlier, and quickly put it on. The fabric was thick and very soft on the inside, causing Neo to hug himself and promptly pass out. He could care less about the teasing that ensued the following morning.


13 Warm me up /// Luke and Khaotung


Ten minutes. Ten minutes Khaotung stood at the feet of Luke and Neo’s bed, staring at the muscular man who slept on his back with arms on his stomach. During evening they gave each other glances, winks, accidentally touching hands, but when Luke excused himself to bed, Khaotung decided it was his turn to initiate things. He didn’t expect Luke to be already asleep with his three roommates, as he usually stayed up late and went to bed after everyone has dozed off. But now he was here, sprawled across the bed and looking so deliciously tempting with his naked torso, Khaotung couldn’t resist waking him up by sneaking under the blanket and sucking his dick while he wiggled out of his own shorts.


Luke let out a sleepy groan, unsure if it was a dream, but it felt way too real to be one. He lifted the blanket up before moving his hands under and burying his fingers into Khaotung’s hair. “Damn.” He exhaled heavily when the boy took him deep into his throat like it was nothing. After a few successful pumps Luke couldn’t endure any more of this teasing and pulled Khaotung up for a deep hungry kiss. Khaotung reciprocated it very eagerly before sucking on Luke’s fingers and leading the situation to where he wanted it. After some fingering and negotiation Khaotung was riding Luke slowly, teasingly, riling him up, but it didn’t take long for Luke to take the lead and push him down, the angle getting a little better as Khaotung pressed his knees to his own chest. 


“Ah…P’Luke…” He moaned. Hair was sticking to his face with sweat ands throat felt dry, but his horny brain made him ignore it and just focus on the man between his legs that was causing him to voice the pleasure. As much as Luke was appreciative of the sounds, he knew they’d be in trouble if any of the other guys in the room woke up, and he firmly placed one of his hands over Khaotung’s mouth. Even in the darkness of the night Khaotung could still see the hunger in Luke’s eyes and smell the animal instinct on him as he drove them both to a mostly silent orgasm. At least for Luke’s part, as the boy beneath him moaned obscenely, his sounds muffled by the hand shushing him.


“That was great…” Khaotung rasped as he pulled his shorts back on. He decided to stay, just for a little while, playing the little spoon to the muscular man who’s umber he saved in his phone as ‘maybe’. “Imagine it without these kids around..” Luke muttered, kissing Khaotung’s shoulder. Khaotung hummed. “My apartment has thick walls and my bed is pretty sturdy…” “Sounds good…” After some nice snuggling and a little more dirty talk, Khaotung finally left Luke’s bed, his butt getting a firm slap he knew would probably leave a print. “Night…” He whispered, taking one last look over his shoulder. He smirked when he made eye contact with Neo who’s eyes were wide open in shock, but instead of panicking Khaotung just pressed a finger to his lips. “Shhh….”

14 Present /// Tay and Pond


“Is Pond okay?”


“What in the world is he doing?”


“I don’t know, it’s been fifteen minutes.”


“I’m just concentrating, I’m not deaf. Stop gossiping about me.” Pond frowned as he very slowly creeped across the dining room area and rubbed his hands together. He resembled an oversized child imitating a raptor, his eyes opened wide as he concentrated on…what exactly? “Damn it.” He cussed, rushing back into the kitchen before resuming his highly suspicious moves, this time fully ignoring Neo, Mix and Phuwin who continued to mutter about his weird behaviour. When Pond finally emerged, he managed to finish his suspicious walk, stopping directly infront of the sofa. “P’Tay, I got something for you. Close your eyes.” The eldest was taken back by Pond’s request and gave a questioning look to the trio who peeked over Pond’s shoulder. Neo shrugged.


“Hurry hurry!” Pond said monotonously. He completely ignored the others who stood around them looking bamboozled. The only one who seemed very chill about the situation was Phuwin who just gave Tay a reassuring nod and a thumbs up. When Tay finally closed his eyes and reached out, Pond spread his hands apart, setting a big bubble onto Tay’s hand. “There you go. You can play with it.” Pond said as he wiped his foamy hands into his t-shirt and looked at tay to see his reaction. Tay let out an awkward chuckle, but when he saw Pond was serious about his ‘present’, he politely thanked him. “Ha, I’m gonna pop it.” Neo laughed, jumping over the Lactasoy pillow, but Tay quickly dodged it, shielding the bubble. “Back off, it’s mine.” He frowned before giving Pond a wink and staring at the bubble in his hands. It was actually kinda…cute.