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Hearts and Strings

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Prologue – A History of the Strings and Hearts


No one was sure when people began to see the Strings that tied people together, or the Hearts that intertwined various people throughout time. People had made assumptions about why this had begun, but the answer has never been found.

Eventually, it was not rare to see people walking around with strings leaving their hands, or the markings of hearts on their necks. There was always a variety of the two types of markings. You would see someone with multiple String braids coming from them, they would not attach, unless they were beside their other half. You also saw people with filled or unfilled Hearts on their skin. If you were lucky, you would witness the heart filling as a pair found each other. Many people began to notice that those who had a Heart mark on them, were drawn to a person who would complement them. Many believed that it was a coincidence; however, it was simply their Heart mark allowing them to form bonds with people of who could be considered a soul-mate match.

Also, it was not rare to see people who worked in a profession where trust was paramount, to have strong braided Strings with the people they worked with. The levels of trust and respect became synonymous with how thick and intricate the braided String was. For some people, the pattern weaved into the braid was all they needed to marry, and it lead to many polygamous marriages. For others, the Strings never did more than connect them to another person. People often pitied those who had few Strings, or even many Strings that were barely there.

Due to the way that people became intertwined, death was always a horrific and somber event. Strong Strings that were cut by an unnatural death always left an aching pain, opposed to natural deaths. However, both were often traumatic to those left behind because they knew that something was missing. For those with Hearts, it was different. If you had not yet or just met, the pain did not register past the itching of skin. If the courting process began, then there was always a dull ache, similar to those felt by a lost String. If the Heart-mate died after they had been together for years, it was rare that they would live very long. If they did live, then they would normally disassociate themselves from the on-goings around them, or they became very hostile and violent to those around them and would need to be put down to save the lives of others.

There was still other forms of trauma to consider as well; as many younger people of who found their Heart-mate, were normally abused. Most people believed that they had a Heart-mate because of their abuse, and never thought that they were abused by jealous family members who did not think that a baby should have a heart mark on them. People never thought to form hatred towards the bonds, as they were deemed destined by the populace. Men and women were intertwined with either, both or the same sex. People did not mind, but they were still wary. The countries were very isolated, and thus when a war broke out, the whole world was always involved. Many would join to keep their borders safe, but others would join to see about acquiring new people to “integrate” into their society. There were never any salves, however, many soldiers joined to see about finding their Heart-mates to bring home.

There is one thing that people forget about the Hearts and Strings, and that is also rarely ever mentioned in any republished history book for the masses. It is said that two Hearts that tie a braided String will change the world. This change began just before the World War of 1938, where two young boys would start their journey by binding together with a surprisingly strong String upon meeting.