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It is a busy day in the roads of Hanyang. The loud noises of the horses pass by, the laughter and chatter coming from the restaurants, vendors getting attention of possible buyers, and all the brawling commotion in all establishments part of that place. These are the usual emprise that Hanyang streets compose. Along with those, a little girl seems busy to find her mother "Eomma, eomma where are you?" beads of sweat are already forming in her forehead and even her eyes are puffy yet tired from her own dilemma. "Eomma, eomma why are you hiding do you not love me?" while uttering in her childish tone she suddenly bump someone and landed on the ground. Carefully, the child lifted her head and told the stranger she just bumped "Eomma I finally found you" even though a ray of sunlight blocking her peripheral view. 


So Yong at that time just escape from the palace together with Hong Yeon. She told her confidante to accompany her to look for new books outside the palace. On their way to the store, Hong Yeon ask So Yong to wait in one corner for she wanted to purchase something and the Queen just allowed her. While waiting, So Yong entertain herself watching Hanyang with big admiration; her husband really change the fate of these people and even their own. She suddenly got back to memory lane, the day when they fought back for the King's crown and position but what stuck her when she got shot. She remember the blood, Bong Hwan left her body, and the precious child in her womb. While standing there, evidently her face showing the emotions while thinking about it and abruptly she feel a little figure bump her that causes to snap back reality, she regain her composure. As she turn around, So Yong saw a little girl around 4-5 years old lying on the ground and utter "Eomma, I finally found you".

As thoughtful So Yong, she help the little girl stand up and wipe some dirt from the little girl's clothing "Omo mianhe, I didn't saw you little girl" So Yong utter those words while helping her and can't help but smile. She finds the little girl adorable for mistakenly calling her "Eomma" and she gently rub a finger to the girl's cheeks while staring at her face. The queen thought again from her memory a while ago, her baby that she didn't even meet. After that gun shot incident, her heavy bleeding led to death of her unborn child; Bong Hwan change some fates but not the death of her baby. There are no days she mourn the death of their baby but the king never left So Yong's side and he became good husband to his wife through ups and downs; they continue to be each others comfort even though its been 4 years after that terrifying day. She suddenly shed some tears and the little child somehow bothered of what she witness and place her little fingers to So Yong's cheeks and wipe those tears. "My baby is same age as yours if she was still here" the queen's voice breaking while staring at the girl. "Where did your baby go? Is she lost also like me? Maybe I can help you find her" the clueless little girl wanted to help without thinking of her own dilemma. So Yong manage to stifle a chuckle while wiping her tears, having an encounter of kids really melts her heart. 

The conversation between them unexpectedly stop when the little girl suddenly saw her eomma behind So Yong. The little girl's face brighten with her smile, she run towards her mother and took a final glance at So Yong saying "Your baby will be back and babies do find ways to be with their mother" and she waves goodbye to So Yong. The queen smiled with innocent gesture and words from that little girl.

 So Yong heave a sigh and realize she must still be grateful despite of what transpired many years ago but she still miss her child; she stare where the little girl standing before and say inside her mind "My baby, wherever you are eomma loves you and will always". 
Later on, Hong Yeon come back "Your Highness, I brought you sweets since these past few days you're craving with-" she suddenly stops and watch closely So Yong. The queen looks pale and Hong Yeon being caring suggest they better go back to the palace but So Yong refuses and assured her she's fine. The two proceed with their agenda. 





On their way home, So Yong smiles can never be hidden since they bought her new set of books but also she had encounter of that cute little girl and curious Hong Yeon ask her " Your highness, it seems that you showcase your fortuitous smile, are you planning to surprise Your Majesty something?" but So Yong just widen her smile.

The two ladies are already near Daejojeon hall when So Yong suddenly stops in her tracks. She gets to hold Hong Yeon's arm; So Yong feels her head spinning and her vision starts to blur. The lady companion of her drop all the things she carries and hold the queen "Your highness are you okay? I told you that we should not proceed with our plan since this morning you are-" before she can continue her line the queen pass out in her arms. The worried and rattle expression of Hong Yeon creates a noise and ask help from the passing court maids. 

The court maids immediately arrive at the queen's chamber. The worried face of Court Lady Choi was also evident even though she is busy instructing the court maids of what to do and Hong Yeon arrive together with royal physician bringing his suitcase for his expertise. During the preparation in checking the queen, the door of chamber opens announcing the arrival of the king. The king's face trying to catch his breath, not even minding the sweats in his face and rush to So Yong's side. The king takes a hold of his wife's tiny hands; the last time this situation occurred was so traumatic for him for his wife before fighting between life and death. He did also recall the blood in the past situation and adds to his anxiety feeling at that moment. 

"What happen to the queen? I didn't saw her this morning and she was like this!" mixed of worried and frustration evident in his voice. Then Hong Yeon burst into tears saying "I'm sorry Your Majesty... I did try to persuade your Highness... that since she's not feeling well we should not went to the market. On our way here... she just... she just passed out... and I take accountability for it Your Majesty... I'm willing to accept any punishment" Hong Yeon's kneeling and bowing her head and her voice was trembling. 

The royal physician is still checking the queen. The king seems too nervous every movement of the royal physician and the negative what ifs in his head killing him softly. "What if So Yong back to vegetative state? what if So Yong has a serious disease? I can't afford to live without my queen" these thoughts continue to invade in his system. 

Court Lady Choi and Hong Yeon are staying in one corner, heads bow down but their faces are full of worries. The court lady's eyes are getting misty trying all of her might not to create any sob; Hong Yeon still crying silently and fight not to create any loud sound. 

Finally the royal physician was all done in checking the queen. Set aside the equipments and faces the king then bows his head. 









So Yong find herself walking near the lake and she saw a man facing his back with her while his clothes not usually can be seen among Joseon men. "Hello?" So Yong ask the unusual clothing stranger and he finally face her. "Soyong-ah did my charisma made you faint?

So Yong can't utter any words and her eyes beaming with happiness as she saw her long time friend. Shes just too happy of seeing Bong Hwan again. So Yong trying to find exact words to say but Bong Hwan suddenly stops her and say "Don't say anything and I just visit you buddy. Soyong-ah please be happy... no... please be completely happy" he is sincere in every word coming out from his mouth. Then he's back to his usual way of speaking "Now all you need to do is to wake up and stop tormenting your Cheoljongiee" trying to imitate tone of a cringe lady. So Yong can't help but stifle a laughter.










Its been two hours after the royal physician left the chamber. Cheoljong still didn't left his wife's side and stared at her with full of admiration but turns into fear then sadness. Those emotions keeps on playing with him like a cycle after the consultation made by the physician. He was stop with those thoughts after he feel some movement coming from So Yong's hand that squeezes his finger. 

So Yong was just observing her husband for few minutes and finally speak up "Wonbeom-ah you're too adorable with your expressions". She close her eyes while uttering her words then decided to open it when the king didn't reply. She just got up so quickly that she bump her head with her husband's forehead "Yahh that was-" her speech was suddenly stop by Cheoljong "Why did you escape the palace without me? Care to explain Soyong-ah" his words are somehow playful yet authoritative and his eyes trying to form into small slits. Soyong just give him a peck on his lips and said "Your Majesty, how can I explain if your face still so close to me". 

So Yong told her husband about her adventure outside the palace and her encounter with the little girl. "She was so cute and adorable that she mistakenly calling me... her eomma" she find it hard to continue the story for it will lead to painful memories but "If our... child is alive... until now... they like on the same age" So Yong can't help her eyes getting misty. 

Cheoljong knew how hard was it for them after the death of their baby. He did everything to be strong for Soyong even though deep inside he was screaming. Besides of the challenges and hardships, the relationship and closeness they have become stronger. 
He try to wipe away the formed tears from Soyong's eyes. "My queen, I have to tell you something" telling it with mix emotions between gladness and worry. "The royal physician came here after you fainted" he was beginning to show his smile "Soyong-ah we are expecting a child" and from smile it changes to worry expression. 

So Yong was about to reason out that she was just tired, but when Cheoljong blurted out the news she is shock, for after 4 years she didn't expect to have a baby. She thought that was the only blessing and then this news makes her happy with it but when his husband's expression changes "Your Majesty, are you not glad about it?" and her husband reply "No, I'm really happy but I'm just worried" Cheoljong just look away from her but Soyong adjusted her position and face her husband. "Wonbeom-ah, look at me in the eyes" and her husband just continue to stare somewhere and Soyong put her hands to both Cheoljong's cheek, stared at him, and said "My husband, we should be happy for this another blessing and for sure this child will bring back the happiness that we once lost" Cheoljong seeing her wife's happiness and positive attitude makes his heart flutter and put on his smile again and embrace her. "You're right Soyong-ah... we can be the best parents for this child... we can protect him better by now... and give him the love that we didn't show with his late oreaboni". Soyong just move back a little to take a glance with his husband's face "Now I know why Bong-hwan appeared in my dream" she said with teasing tone "I can feel that my husband taking my pregnancy syndromes" and Cheoljong just shed some tears and touch So Yong's small bump on her tummy.