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Ready to Love

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Busan, South Korea.
325 km from Seoul, 5 PM.

Silence reigned in that particular jet, but Vernon and Hoshi's voices broke it now and then, just to see how the two agents were on the other side of the jet. There were four men and a woman inside that luxury cubicle - as Joshua quickly called it - and only one of them had no idea what was about to happen.
And it was good that he still didn't know, or else everyone would have problems with S.Coups when they landed in Seoul.

“I ordered it with ice! Are you deaf?!”, ChungHo said sharply, throwing the glass with the amber liquid on the tray and soiling the Chinese man's shirt.

“I apologize, Sir.”, Jun bowed even though against his will and bit his tongue not to say what he shouldn't have, “That won't happen again.”

“I hope not”, ChungHo gave him a disdainful look and snapped his fingers, “Come on, get out of here!”

The Chinese obeyed and strode to the end of the jet, where the small pantry and a door were that separated the cockpit from the rest of the jet. It was possible to see how irritated he was only by the cracked jaw and his fisted hands. Joshua, seeing that scene, bit his lip, containing a laugh.

“He'll see just where I'm going to put this ice!”, Jun muttered under his breath, throwing the tray on the counter, “Joshua, this is not funny! I am really angry!”

“I know that!”, Joshua squeezed his friend's shoulders, trying to relax him for a moment, “But be calm, in a few minutes you can punch his nose and do whatever you want with this ice.”

“I have a cooler on the speedboat if it makes you feel better, Jun”, Vernon's sarcastic voice sounded again through the communicator of the four.

“Please do not touch this cooler”, Jun asked closing his eyes, already wondering what he would do with that information.

“Okay... Hoshi? Jennie? How are we?”, Joshua asked, knocking lightly on the cabin door, seeing his friend's head pop up quickly.
“We're almost there, right Jen?”

“Five more minutes and we can start”, The woman replied pressing some buttons on the panel, opening a smile for her co-pilot, “Are you ready, Hoshi?”

“Why can't I just go on the jet with you?!”, Hoshi asked for the tenth time in a tearful tone.

“Because I'm not going to land in Seoul, and you know it very well.”

“Put your parachute on already, Hoshi”, Joshua said looking at his watch and smiling at Jun, “How's your fist?”

“Ready to hit someone”, Jun showed his fist with an evil smile.

“Great. Take his drink and don't leave until I show up, okay?”

“Yes sir!”, Jun saluted and picked up the tray again.

“Hey! I’m the field leader!”, Hoshi complained while attaching the parachute straps.

"Josh is more handsome.", Jun shrugged and left before he heard his friend's outburst.

“Come on Hoshi, concentrate”, Joshua laughed peering at the corridor that led to the armchairs, “You remember the plan, right?”

“I made the plan!”, Hoshi said indignant, making Jennie laugh in the cabin.

“Great, so you know what to do”, Joshua smiled and took off his suit, revealing the straps of the parachute and the gun at his waist, “Showtime!”

With light and silent steps, Joshua moved down the hall, listening to ChungHo's complaints on Jun. He leaned his back against the wall where he could have a full view of his friend who was now beside the day's target.

“Do you intend to stay there until we reach Seoul?”

"No, sir", Jun replied, clutching the tray between his fingers and watching Joshua nod in the hall.

“Then get out of here!”

“I will retire, sir”, Jun smiled at the angry man in front of him, “But I will have to take you with me.”

With a single, sure move, Jun hit the tray on ChungHo's face just as he was drinking his drink. The sound of the glass shattering was no louder than the man's cry of pain.


ChungHo tried to get the gun he kept in the suit's inner pocket, but Jun's hands were faster. In a matter of seconds the beautiful golden weapon was pointed at the head of the man who now had a frightened expression and a nose full of blood.

“Who do you think you are to-”

“If you don't want to take another blow to the head, I suggest you shut that fuck up!”, Jun pressed the gun to ChungHo's forehead, pushing harder when the man didn't answer, “Do you understand?”

“Perfect as always, Jun”, Joshua appeared with a satisfied smile, “I'm glad he shut up. His voice was already giving me a headache.”

“Don't even tell me”, Jun rolled his eyes and with his free hand started to search the other pockets of the surrendered man, just to make sure that was the only weapon he had, “It's clean. You can go.”

“Do you know who we are, ChungHo?”, Joshua asked putting on his black gloves.

“From the police, I believe”, ChungHo replied grimly. The bitter tone satisfying both boys.

“We are not from the police”, Joshua answered opening the suitcase easily with the code that Woozi had given him the previous day, smiling even more when he found everything he was looking for, “We are better than them.”

“You can even be something”, ChungHo laughed looking directly into Jun's calm eyes, “But you are not bigger than me. And you know that very well, don't you?”

“Of course, we are not idiots”, Joshua closed the briefcase and fastened it firmly against his chest, returning to Jun's side, “But at the moment you are just a small insect. And we don't like insects very much, right Jun?”

“Right”, Jun smiled pulling the man so that he would stand, Joshua handcuffing him next, “Do you know how to fly, ChungHo?”

“How is it?”

"I think that's a no", Joshua laughed, walking to the emergency exit door.

“We will give you the opportunity to learn right now”, Jun smiled widely, pushing the handcuffed man toward the door Joshua was about to open.

“Are you crazy?!”, ChungHo shouted with wide eyes trying to get away, “You can't throw me off the plane!”

“Yes, we can. Look!”, Joshua opened the door and with a single kick Jun threw him out of the jet, “See you on the launch!”

Joshua jumped out of the jet in a row, leaving only Jun and Hoshi behind. He was responsible for catching ChungHo, who was screaming as he fell with handcuffed hands. It was not a difficult task, he just followed all the training he had done since he became an agent of the Korean government, so he quickly caught the man between his legs and opened the parachute.

“Come on Hoshi!”, Jun shouted taking off his suit and getting ready to jump.

"G-Go ahead!", Hoshi stammered, holding on to the open door.

“Don't take too long, Jennie has yet to deviate.”

It was the last warning before jumping out of the aircraft. Jun put his arms close to his body and leaned over, the way he learned in his training. He could see Joshua arriving with ChungHo on the speedboat where Vernon was, and just seconds after opening his parachute he also landed safely next to his friend.

“Where's Hoshi?”, Vernon asked putting on his sunglasses. Jun and Joshua looked him up and down with expressions that shouted how confused they were with the clothes he was wearing, “What is it?”

“Hawaiian shirt and shorts? Seriously?”, Joshua asked throwing the suitcase so that he kept it in one of the compartments of the launch.

“I wouldn't be wearing a suit in this sun in the middle of the ocean!”

“If you arrive dressed like that on the coast, S.Coups will finish you off.”

“Coups loves me. And he doesn't need to know that I have these clothes on at work, does he, Josh?”, Vernon asked with a smile that made the older man roll his eyes. Satisfied, he raised his hands to the communicator in his ear to speak to the only one left on the plane, “Hoshi, do you hear me? We have to go now.”

“I can't jump! I will pass out before opening the parachute and I will die in the sea devoured by some shark!”

“Sharks hate human blood, don't worry.”

“The bite can kill you, but they won't eat you.”

“It's not helping, Joshua!”

“Hoshi everything is fine, we will pick you up when you’re close!”

“I’ll catch you, leader! And I still pay for your dinner tonight!”, Jun said looking at the jet.

“Will I be able to order as much kimchi as I want?”

“As long as you don't feel sick afterwards, yes”, Jun replied looking at the jet that was still in motion, “Jump, count to five and open the parachute, okay?”

“Okay... If you don't catch me, I swear I'll tell Minghao your darkest things!”

Jun just laughed when he saw his friend jump out of the jet. They could hear the desperate screams of Hoshi, who quickly counted to five and opened the parachute, trying to remember the instructions he received in his training.

It was not an easy task to try to hold it, but Vernon managed to move the speedboat so that Jun could hold him when the time came.

“Okay, scared kitten, it wasn't even that bad!”, Vernon laughed starting to drive the launch to the coast.

“You know I hate height!”, Hoshi grunted, letting go of Jun, “Why did you make me go with them if you know that, Vernon?!”

“Don’t worry because of that, Hoshi. You will thank me even more one day”, Vernon smiled and threw a bottle of water on his friend's lap, “Drink this and stay against the wind, you will feel better.”

“You are pathetic”, ChungHo complained and only then the four remembered his presence on the launch.

“Look, a cooler”, Joshua pointed to the large ice-filled compartment, smiling at Jun.

“Take a closer look”, Jun grabbed him by the shirt and threw him sitting inside the cooler, smiling mockingly at the irritated scream that the man let out by the low temperature, “Is it cold enough now, sir?”

“Ah okay! I'm feeling better”, Hoshi took a deep breath and stood up, looking at the man who tried unsuccessfully to get up. Taking his badge out of his pants pocket, he cleared his throat and spoke in his imposing voice, “Bon ChungHo, on behalf of the Korean government's special operations department, you're under arrest for conspiracy and international drug trafficking.”

“And for being a pain in the ass”, Jun muttered as he unfastened the buttons on his shirt. Joshua laughed and pulled him close to Vernon while Hoshi did his monologue on ChungHo's rights.

“Is Coups waiting for us on the coast?”

“No, Woozi is there. Coups is waiting for us with the police at the beach house”, Vernon replied focused on driving the speedboat.

“Great, I'm tired and all I want is to get to the beach house and get some rest.”

“Don't forget my kimchi, Junhui!”

“Shit!”, Jun muttered looking at the sky, “Even Minghao doesn't give me as much work as Hoshi.”

“That's because you give Minghao work”, Vernon countered with a singing smile, making Joshua laugh.

Jun looked at him seriously for a few seconds, only to agree and end up laughing with both of them.
The day was long, but at least they would end together and with one more mission successfully executed.