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White Rabbit

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Bella often dreamt of bare feet leaving imprints into red clay earth of Pylos as she walked through the reeds of a small stream that brushed past her silk dress as she bent to collect water. A catfish would drag and gulp past her muddy ankles and stones turned to dust beneath its fins. It looked at her and asked something, but she could not understand. During the sunset, the catfish would lift its large head from the water and speak to the sun in its language asking for love and become burned. The catfish wept, and the stream became deeper. When sun became the moon, she would stand still as the catfish lifted its head once more and ask the moon for love. She would tell the catfish, as she did every time she dreamt about the poor little catfish that she would give it what it needed. The catfish gulped and gasped and waded through the silt to her feet, grooved into the clay, and rose up to become a man, seven-feet tall, dark skinned, adorned in only a silver repoussé bull-shaped helmet with gold horns.

"To my love, I give you the world, and all shall love you."