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he is away while i cry. far away. my cries wont reach him. and i dont know why i cry. for they wont stop the beating, the turturing, the pain. no noise could make them stop; only death. and who am i to kill them?

as i lay on the ground, becomming one with mother earth, i count the blood dripping off my fingers. warm and wet and mine. the woods are silent. there should have been sadness where my form lies. cold, covered in wind. life is unforgiving. with the next thought, a free fleeting line of black in my mind, i wish to summon my brother. wish for his calmness and kindness to guide my anger. i could kill the gods. could kill life and everything precious. come to me now. appear. from the darkness of the woods, from the deeps of the lake, from the skies endless blacks. come forth. be with me.

and magick dearest friend, granted a wish. here he stands. eyes wide, with trembling hands. close, closer still. and we are together again. my anger resigns for one blink. two. three. the blood drips and he kneels; pleading oh sister dear, the villagers what have they done? what misery have they brought upon my flesh?

the answer it lies before you, dripping red, crying blue. the boy monsters are gone, i begged them away. devils daughter will do these things, calling forth her father satan, to take the thieves away, the thieves of innocence. there is no forgivness in hell.

he soothes my dress. little ghost girl is shivering in the dirt. her legs broken. her mind astray. mother doth not deserve the pain i am causing. like fire i am burning. shadows roam the forrest and i wonder about everything. have i wished them away like i wished for my brother to be near? have i contracted the mighty dark? oh lord you have forsaken us.

the bleeding stops as the sun rises. to see another day. i leave a piece of wonder behind, put it gently in the dark grass beneath me. i refuse to take home fear. will only take the pain. my pain. pain.

spirits high, dark minds of pleasure, wind take us home to mothers arms. let her busom sooth our trouble, let her smile ease our wounds. let her kiss be eternal. burned onto our cheeks. he walks me home. secure haven. alac the angel. alac the king. ask the queen to remain silent. i never want to see her. my flesh belongs to myself only. he doesnt speak. how wonderful.

did i kill the youngsters? did i burn their homes? did i become the very witch they fear me to be? why does the mind wonder? my fingers hurt. my legs they move from memory only. i sway over the ground just slightly. an owl lands on a tree. the pain it doesnt bother me. it becomes me.

what act to be commited first as a weapon of humanities demise? i watch him walk with ease. no emotion able to enter. shutting away the grieve. its deep inside him and there it will remain.

we reach the village. its morning