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Halloween Party for Little (Ang big) Frogs

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Kakashi Hatake should win an award as the best guardian ever. At least he thought so. But hey! Many people agreed that he was doing an excellent job while raising his protegee, Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto was now getting in his teenage years and just as Kakashi remembered from the boy’s mother, he was insane. The amount of energy in that little body was crazy and sometimes scary. The kid was the son of his former adoptive father and technically his young brother, that’s why he was in charge of the boy when both parents passed away.

Usually Kakashi was very confident in his parenting skills and it helped to understand how Naruto felt sometimes. But he was not used to regular energetic and hormonal teenagers. He was never one himself and kept his distance from his crazy colleagues in school.

Having one now to care for himself was a challenge way harder than Gai’s challenges usually were. And the little monster knew all his weak spots too just as his best friend did.

A couple of days before Naruto got home with a big bright smile and a spark in his eyes that meant trouble. He held out a paper too close to Kakashi’s only good eye for him to see properly what the thing was about. Not that he had to wait long with the fast speaked explanation.

“It’s a competition! The best costume wins! I have to go and kick Sasuke’s ass and impress Sakura so she can finally know that she’s in love with me!” Naruto yelled his plan with a certainty that made him envious.

“Oh, really? Sounds…” ‘not realistic’ was what came to mind, but he couldn’t say that to the poor kid, right? “Nice. I guess you want money for the costume?”

“What?” Naruto laughed on his face. Again. He laughed. On Kakashi’s face. “No! I’ll make one! That’s the fun part! And I’ll make you the best costume after mine too.”

“Cool.” Kakashi rolled his eyes before realising what the boy said “Wait, my costume?”

“Yeah, we have to take an adult or no entry.” Naruto sounded bored as he did everytime someone reminded him he was just a kid and not responsible for himself.

“No.” Was the first thing that came to Kakashi’s mind.

He had no intention of spending Halloween night on a party full of kids in really questionable costumes and judging parents. He had plans!

Ok, maybe he did not have plans, he would just send Naruto to have fun with his friends and relax at home watching nonsense on TV. But still!

In the end Naruto gave him puppy eyes, promised to be the best kid someone could have for the rest of the year and even played the “you say mother liked Halloween” card that always got Kakashi on his knees.

So now here he was. At least he convinced Naruto that a costume made by a professional was way cooler than a made home one. And yeah, the costume looked nice, just not on him as the mirror was clearly showing.

Naruto was into this show where ninja frogs from another world came to earth to save our planet and that’s exactly what he chose. A ninja frog full with green paint to make it more realistic. He was the main character, of course, and gave Kakashi the post of his sensei.

The ninja costume was cool, but the wig reminding a frog skin was not that nice, speaccilly with the paint that made him look sick. To complete, the eyepatch he had to use on his bad eye and that Naruto painted for him gave a pirate touch that had nothing to do with the character.

Anyway, he had promised to do as the boy wanted and had to go like that. He just hoped he was as unrecognizable as he felt.


“Look!” Naruto pointed to a family entering the ballroom where the party/competition was being held. “They look so plain. And they look like they’re not wearing a costume at all!”

“Don’t put us in trouble by saying this stuff of people!” Kakashi adverted knowing he would talked louder and louder till someone was offended. “C'mon, let’s find your friends.”

“I bet Sasuke is in something as silly as a superhero costume. And Sakura must be the most pretty princess around here.”

Knowing the girl, Kakashi bet she was wearing something very different from a princess costume, but he kept to himself, not wanting to be a buzzkill.

“Look, I think it is Ino's father over there,” Kakashi pointed out where the man was standing as a king from a fairy tale.

Kakashi was right, it was Ino wearing a princess costume and side-by-side with a boxer fighter Sakura. Instead of disappointment, Naruto looked even more interested and Kakashi just knew he would have trouble when the boy started to actually date.

Kakashi’s friend, Itachi was quietly smiling at the kids with a hand on his brother’s shoulders. Both him and Sasuke were wearing something as weird as Kakashi, but they were snakes and not frogs.

That awakened Naruto’s passion for the show and both kids started to yell at each other while the adults ignored and engaged in a conversation Kakashi was just half paying attention.

He was looking around, trying to understand everyone’s costumes when the lights caught an interesting vision.

A guy, a little younger than him apparently, was scoulding three young kids. That was not new of course, but well… Kakashi had a lot to see. The man was bending, which could be interesting if he was not in a big and fluffy onesie… A frog onesie.

Kakashi had to blink to be sure he was seeing right. It was slightly funny to him, until the man dismissed the kids and turned to his side and then Kakashi could see his face. He had put out the frog head to talk with the kids so Kakashi could see long hair painted green in a ponytail and smooth caramel skin.

“What are you staring? You said staring is bad!” Naruto’s voice got to him. It was too late to hide where he was looking at “Oh, that’s Iruka sensei! He said I would like his costume” Naruto laughed before grabbing Kakashi’s hand.'' Let's talk with him.”

Kakashi wasn’t the type that talked with cute guys, he usually stuttered, but Naruto was there, so he could just let him do all the talking and just admire from closer the other man while trying not to make a fool of himself.

“Iruka-sensei” Naruto yelled at the man’s face “You’re a frog!”

“Naruto-kun! So are you, but hey, is this a ninja costume as well?” Iruka was fully concentrating on the boy and somehow that made Kakashi’s chest burn a little. It was so cute and so nice! And that voice? How could a voice be so smooth?

Naruto started to explain their costumes in a fast way, but Iruka seemed to follow his words easily.
“So this is your guardian? And you convinced him to be a frog too!” Iruka complimented the kid before turning to Kakashi “Hey, I’m Iruka Umino, Naruto’s art teacher. I don’t think we met.”

“Unfortunately not,“ Kakashi answered and instantanely wanted to kick his own ass.

“Oh, they’ll say who won! I have to be close to the stage!” Naruto said abruptly and ran away.

“I told him not to do that” Kakashi sighed, not even trying to yell at the kid anymore.

“He’s a smart kid, he’ll be fine over there on his own'' Iruka answered “And I can keep you company in the meantime…” It sounded like a suggestion and Kakashi really wanted it to be more than just politeness.

“It would be great to have the company of another frog.”

Iruka laughed and damn, Kakashi could hear that for the rest of his life and it would not be enough. The young teacher was Naruto’s favourite and from whom the boy took all the ideas of the many DIY stuff he made Kakashi help him with. Iruka, if was not mistaken, was known for his short temper and loud voice too, so maybe it would be nice to keep in the man’s good side. Just because of that of course!

“So” Kakashi started to feel uncomfortable with their silence and that couldn’t happen “I had to come like this because of Naruto, but what made you choose frog?”

“I love the cartoon” Iruka shrugged “and also Naruto convinced me. He said…” Iruka frowned and tilted his head in a thinking way. Something seemed to click in his head and he laughed again.

It was so contagious that Kakashi saw himself smiling with the other man without knowing the motive.

“What is it?”

“Naruto… you have a really smart kid in your hands.” Iruka finally managed to answer, now with his cheeks in a cute pink tone.

“You tell me.”

“I think he wanted to set us up.” Iruka completed it.

“He what?” It was Kakashi’s turn to frown. Suddenly all their talks about this Iruka-sensei came to Kakashi’s mind. “Oh Naruto.”

“He just doesn't want you to be alone I guess.” Iruka tried to remedy it.

Kakashi sighed feeling the embarrassment warm his upper chest and face. Maybe he should have a little chat with Naruto back home… But then he really looked at Iruka and what he saw was an equally embarrassed man that didn’t object to the little kid’s shenanigans.

And looking like this, Iruka was a really gorgeous man with similar interests as his - at least from what Naruto told him. He had a temper but if Kakashi was honest with himself it only made the other man hotter.

“Can you kiss now?” A little voice came from their side making both men jump in place.

“Naruto!” Kakashi reprimanded, still wondering how the boy got them by surprise. “Don’t you have an award or whatever to win?”

“Oh! I forgot! Sorry, you can kiss while I beat Sasuke down then! Bye!” and then the boy was gone again, truly gone if his voice still yelling far away was indication.

Doubly embarrassed, Kakashi looked at Iruka again, the apology on his tongue. Iruka was holding a laugh back though and cracked with Kakashi’s wide eyes. In his laughing fit he leaned on Kakashi’s shoulder, getting closer to him.

At this close, Naruto’s suggestion seemed not funny but so plausible that it kind of scared Kakashi. Iruka wasn’t that intimidated though and leaned more till his lips touched Kakashi’s cheek, just where the man’s lips finished. It was a sweet, light and long kiss that made Kakashi’s insides melt.

“Maybe we can grab a coffee or something before the actual kiss?” Iruka suggested “You know where to find me.” He winked and disappeared in the crowd again.

Kakashi wasn’t the most fond of Halloween around there, much less of frogs, but going home later with Naruto complaining of losing the competition and jumping around like a real frog he had to admit he changed his mind. The spot where Iruka’s lips touched him burned so bright that he felt like he was the luckiest halloween frog ever.