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Jeong Jaehyun is not gay.

He just likes to go to gay clubs. 

There’s a huge difference and the difference is this: it’s much easier to score a fuck on Thursday evenings during Neo City’s Gay Night.

Jaehyun wouldn’t say that he frequents Neo City. It’s a great club and all but only one day of the week truly interests him. Perhaps it’s because the alcohol is twenty five percent off during Gay Night. Or that half the time he’s not the one paying. Or maybe it’s because everywhere he looks there’s always someone eyefucking him so aggressively in the open that one lip-bite from him would buckle their knees and make them primed for the taking.

Jaehyun is a selfish fucker: not in that stingy asshole who doesn’t like to donate sort of way but that he has a habit of fucking selfishly. He likes to butter people up with his looks, open them up with his filthy words, fuck them hard, release inside and dip without bringing his partner to the edge.

It’s happened too many times to be called a coincidence.

But as they say, there’s an exception to every rule and to Jaehyun that exception comes in the form of a petite, sharp-eyed, twenty-something with a mouth as foul as a sailor’s.

It’s dark in the club. The beat is pumping. Bodies are sweating everywhere. Jaehyun is on the prowl but none of the ones who have offered themselves truly hit the mark for his type. In the sea of dyed hairdos, shirtless torsos, and booty shorts, he can feel that the one is out there either lurking near the stalls or waiting by the wall to be snatched up by the next fella.

When he finds him, it’s neither of those.

Jaehyun’s eyes land on a little twink tippy toeing by the bar to speak with the bartender. His ass is cute and perky, unusually bubbly for a boy his size. Despite the dim lights, Jaehyun can tell that the boy has smooth, milky thighs that will surely redden with just one echoing slap.

He zeroes in on how he’s giggling at the bartender. Small mannerisms that indicate he’s interested in the one serving him. Except Jaehyun knows the bartender and the stranger will need to try harder, grow a few inches, and drink about eight shots of espresso every morning if he wants to have even the slightest bit of chance of getting into Mark’s pants.

He kinda feels sorry for the boy. Mark only has eyes for his fiancé. So really it’s only right that Jaehyun dives in to save the twink from further embarrassment and a bruise to his ego. Plus, Jaehyun is better looking and (probably) a much better fuck anyway.

He waits until Mark comes up to a new customer before making a move.

“You’re barking up the wrong tree, sweetie.” Jaehyun says as he slides next to the stranger.

The boy gives him a sour look. But oh. Oh. He looks pretty. Gorgeous, even. Jeong Jaehyun isn’t gay but maybe Jaehyun can be gay for him.

His face is delicate. As if the Creator took their precious time in molding this boy’s features. The bridge of his nose is high and steep. Hooded under meticulously drawn brows, his lashes are thick and stark black against his brilliant eyes. His hair runs just past them in waves of jet black and bleach blond. It’s a two-toned style that Jaehyun’s seen in recent magazines and during those idol group music shows his little brother Sungchan likes to watch.

A knotted band is tied around the boy’s forehead. Collarbones jut out from beneath his loose shirt; long and slim and perfect for Jaehyun to sink his teeth into. His pale, narrow shoulders are bare and glistens with a dust of glitter under the colorful lights of the bar. There’s a satisfying combination of soft boy energy and scathing sarcasm when he speaks.

“Who are you?”

Jaehyun smirks. “I’m J-”

“Oops, wait. I don’t care.” The boy interrupts him and leaves.

Jaehyun doesn’t understand the situation until the stranger is already lost amidst the gaggle of dancing bodies. Did he just get turned down? Well this is a first. He’s usually the one doing the turning down part but he supposes karma is a whore that likes to go around.

It’s made worse when he hears someone chuckling behind him.

“Dude, that was gnarly,” Mark comments as he wipes dry a tall glass. There’s an irritatingly smug grin on Mark’s face as he asks, “What did you do to him?”

“Nothing. Just told him that he probably won’t have any luck with you.”

Mark laughs. “I don’t mind being flirted with. Especially by the pretty ones. Not like I’ll ever take them up on their offer. Even if the offers are plentiful and silent.”

Jaehyun does a double take. It almost sounds as if Mark and the stranger are somehow acquainted. And because Jaehyun is as curious as a cat, he asks.

“You know him? The one that just left with the pretty collarbone?”

“He’s one of my fiancé's close friends. Probably going to be his best man.”

Consider Jaehyun intrigued. He orders whiskey on the rocks and Mark comes back with a glass of clear brown liquid. He swirls the contents as he drinks with pursed lips before inquiring.

“What’s his name?”

Renjun is the name that comes out of Jaehyun's mouth at night.

His name is sung in grunts and moans in the privacy of Jaehyun’s room. It can be heard in between the rhythmic noises made by Jaehyun’s wet hand and cock.

“Renjun,” Jaehyun groans as he speeds up his pumping. His palm is warm. Snug. But nothing at all like the hot grip of a cunt or a hole. He can imagine it now: that bubble butt sucking him in all vicelike, slim fingers marking his broad back in parallel lines of faint scarlet, Renjun’s slender legs wrapping around his hips to keep him in until Jaehyun shoots a full load inside. “Fuck. Take it, baby.”

The thought delivers him to the clouds and Jaehyun’s hands decelerates as he jets creamy semen on his abdominals like a cock fountain. He cums so hard that a rope or two manages to catch him on the cheek.

Breathing is a challenge as he comes back down. He’s jerked off to Renjun about two to three times a day ever since that humiliatingly unforgettable meeting last Thursday night.

It was so embarrassing that Jaehyun didn’t even finish the evening at Neo City, choosing instead to rush home after his drink and pleasuring himself in bed while thinking of a certain sharp-tongued stranger.

But this week. This week for sure. Jaehyun is going to score.

Like last week, Renjun is on his toes as he converses animatedly with Mark.

Like last week, Jaehyun waits until Mark attends to another customer before he stalks in.

“He’s not gonna fuck you.”

Again, Renjun gives him a scowl.

Today there’s a tiny flower plastered high on his cheekbone. Its petals are glued as if they’re getting carried by a wind that blows only on Renjun’s visage.

Goodness. Jaehyun wants to see up-close that pretty face as he brings him to ruins.

“I thought I already told you to fuck off last week?”

“You remember me?” Jaehyun beams. “It seems I’m not the only one who found our meeting serendipitous.”

Jaehyun is wearing less clothing today. He’s just in a plain white shirt. His biceps peek out from the short sleeves and Jaehyun made sure to do a few reps of bicep curls before coming here just to get his arms bulging. If he squints his eyes, his nipples makes the slightest bump on the white cloth.

Jaehyun reduces the space between them until he can feel Renjun’s breath on his chest. To his surprise, Renjun doesn’t move away, choosing instead to watch as their bodies get closer and closer until they’re as close as they can get without touching. His eyes rake over Jaehyun’s torso, veiny forearms, and swollen muscles. And gulps.

His favorite cologne clings to him today, a heady scent of ember-crusted wood and ocean water that reduces most of his conquests to putty when they take a large whiff of it. Jaehyun makes a show of licking his lips and he doesn’t miss the way Renjun’s eyes follow the movement.

“There’s nothing lucky about meeting you,” Renjun replies. It’s late. It’s raw. Like his mind is all jumbled up. It’s exactly how Jaehyun likes the ones he fucks. “Now if you’ll excuse me-”

And because Jaehyun panics, he says, “Renjun, wait!”

This gets the shorter boy to stop in his tracks.

“Fucking creep? How do you know my name?”

Jaehyun’s mind short circuits. Will it be weird to say that he asked the friendly bartender for it and proceeded to sculp it with his own tongue every time he came during his nightly ritual? Probably not a smart decision.

“Quickly. Before I break your balls.”

With a burst confidence, he snatches Renjun’s hand and places it on the big dent on his jeans. The gasp that escapes the smaller boy makes Jaehyun ruttish. Renjun must feel Jaehyun’s solid heat. His larger-than-average size. He must sense the warmth pooling there from how much Jaehyun desires to make Renjun’s surely tight hole gape open.

Renjun doesn’t move. He doesn’t even look at Jaehyun, dazed and drooling at the hard cock that he is now softly fondling. Jaehyun leans in until his lips brush the outside of Renjun’s ears and growls.

“Then break 'em.”

Jaehyun brings him home.

As soon as he closes the door, Jaehyun cages him in and pushes forward until his clothed cock is right up against Renjun’s ass. Renjun seems to be into it as he presents his butt and blinks at Jaehyun over his shoulder.

Jaehyun bites his lip. “How do you like it?”

Renjun circles his hips. “Rough.”

Their naked night begins with Renjun on his knees and Jaehyun towering over him. His cock hurts from how hard it is. Renjun’s eyes barely leave Jaehyun’s massive member as he crawls closer to get a taste.

Jaehyun sighs when Renjun fits him in. His mouth is incredibly warm. Satisfyingly wet. He moans when he sees how wide Renjun has to open his mouth just to get him in. Even though his mushroom head hits the back of Renjun’s throat, there’s still a couple of inches to go.

“Fuck, that’s it slut.”

Slowly, he pulls his cock in and out of Renjun’s lips. Letting the boy get used to his girth. Renjun starts to become enthusiastic, head bobbing up and down as he sucks Jaehyun’s cock in a steady rhythm.

“Take my cock like a little whore.”

Jaehyun’s fingers card through Renjun’s hair. He settles it there as encouragement. Renjun groans whenever Jaehyun pets his head, sucking him even faster like a man on a mission.

“Doing so well, baby. You like how I taste? Or are you just that hungry for cock?”

Spit covers all of Jaehyun’s dick. The surrounding area of Renjun’s mouth is completely glistening with saliva. The slurping noise is obscene.

“You want me to fuck your throat? Make sure it’s sore tomorrow?”

Renjun rubs his legs together, trying to get friction on his dick. His eyes are begging when Jaehyun’s hands tighten on his skull and gradually pushes in.

Jaehyun nearly cums when he bottoms out. 

“Fuck, baby. You took me all in.”

The base of his cock is squished right on Renjun’s lips, his pubes tickling the tip of the small boy’s nose. The head of his dick is past the tight ring of Renjun’s throat, sliding into that wet heat. Renjun’s throat constricts on Jaehyun’s cock as he struggles in his attempt to deepthroat.

“You look fucking gorgeous with your mouth stuffed full of cock.”

Renjun doesn’t even get to moan before Jaehyun starts to thrust in and out his channel. His dick keeps pushing against the back of Renjun’s mouth before slipping past his tonsils. It’s exhilarating. It’s heaven. Renjun’s throat must be the Eighth Wonder of the World. Jaehyun has never felt anything like it as he continues his rough fucking. Short, broken, gargling sounds are all that’s in the room as Jaehyun feels the tingly build-up of an incoming orgasm.

“Babe, I’m about to shoot.”

It’s all the warning Jaehyun can give as his cock begins to spurt strings upon strings of hot cum.

“Fuck. Renjun, swallow it. Swallow it all.”

And because Jaehyun never likes it wasted, he grabs Renjun’s by the back of his head and slithers himself as deep as he can. Renjun must be practiced because he holds in his gag all throughout Jaehyun’s orgasm. Jaehyun wonders if Renjun can feel his cum hitting the back of his throat.

When he pulls out, Renjun’s eyes are watery. His jaw and knees must ache from sucking dick for that long.

“Open your mouth, baby. I wanna make sure you got your meal.”

Renjun is glassy-eyed as he obeys. Jaehyun crouches down to survey the result. Sure enough, there are no traces of cum in Renjun’s waiting mouth.

“Good job, baby.”

Renjun sticks out his tongue like a dog waiting for a treat. And even though Jaehyun’s just came, his cock awakens at the thought of giving Renjun’s mouth something else. It’s a new thought. Foreign but familiar like it’s always been in the back of Jaehyun’s mind and was waiting for the right moment to show itself.

It seems the right moment is now as Jaehyun holds Renjun’s face steady, hover over his lips, and lets his spit fall down into Renjun’s mouth. Renjun eagerly swallows the frothy liquid before sticking his tongue out again. The exchange of fluids stirs up something in Jaehyun’s cocks and the base of his stomach.

“Want more, baby?”

The small boy shyly nods and looks scared as if Jaehyun would find him disgusting. He needn’t worry as Jaehyun is respectful of people’s kinks even if it isn’t his own. Luck is on their side though because Jaehyun thinks he just found his new one.

He gathers his saliva, accumulating it on top of his tongue until he tastes its bland flavor before stabilizing Renjun’s face and spitting thickly into the younger’s awaiting tongue. Again, Renjun avidly swallows and settles down with heavy-lidded eyes as if he’s just finished dinner and dessert and is now experiencing a food coma.

Jaehyun hauls him up by the armpit and deposits him to the bed.

“Still with me, baby?”

“Yes,” Renjun nods. “But I made a mess.”

Upon closer inspection, there are cum splatters on his carpet and on Renjun’s thighs. Speckles of cum also decorate Renjun’s flat tummy.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Jaehyun joins him in bed to lick stripes on the places where Renjun’s milky fluids have stained his thighs. It’s the first time he’s eaten cum that isn’t his own. It’s bitter-salty. And thick. He gathers them in his tongue only to re-emerge in front of Renjun to deposit the combination of semen and saliva into the younger's mouth.

Renjun pants as they kiss, their lips getting smeared with all kinds of bodily fluids.

And Jaehyun finds himself getting harder as he pull away to attack Renjun’s stomach for more cum. When he’s cleaned up there too, he rolls his own seed in his tongue until it's fully blended with spit before holding Renjun's mouth open and letting the voluminous, foamy mixture drop into his eager tongue.

Again, Renjun swallows with surprising enthusiasm. 

Then Jaehyun moves to the last spot. Renjun mewls and weakly attempts to push Jaehyun away as Jaehyun sucks the head of Renjun’s hypersensitive cock to sip any remaining cum. 

“Hyung. Ahh. Ung.”

Jaehyun resurfaces with a pop . “I’m not done yet, baby. Are you?”

Renjun shakes his head as he drags Jaehyun up to meet him in a kiss. Jaehyun doesn’t like locking lips but he can’t help giving in with the way Renjun is lapping up at him. Kissing him like he’s giving his all. His chest and torso rise up like they’re magnetized to Jaehyun’s skin. Fuck, they’re warm.

After Renjun has had his fill, Jaehyun flips the other over until Renjun is on his tummy.

Jaehyun makes quick work of the lube from the bedside drawer. In seconds, he has a slick finger into Renjun’s taut hole.


“Fuck, baby. You’re tighter than a virgin.”

It takes a while for Jaehyun to get to two fingers. Even got cursed to the depths of hell when he inserted it too quickly. But soon after that, Renjun’s hole is taking four with ease. It twitches like it’s not enough. Like it wants something longer. Thicker.

“Hyung,” he grunts when Jaehyun withdraws his fingers. Renjun gazes over his own shoulder, pleading. His hands are on his ass cheeks, spreading them as he waits to be plowed.

Jaehyun hasn’t ever been this turned on to see someone submit themselves. It’s happened many times before but not quite like this. Not like his cock feels like it’ll explode from how stiff it is. Not like he’s unable to breathe if he doesn’t sheathe himself inside the younger right this moment.

Not like he’s going gay for it.

Renjun's breathing is heavy as he pushes back his ass. Presenting it to Jaehyun for the taking. To do as he pleases. Renjun’s full subservience goes straight to Jaehyun’s cock. Who is he to deny this beautiful creature?

They moan in unison when Jaehyun finally mounts him. His vision goes white for a second. The pleasure of it too much for him.

He’s snug inside Renjun. Fitting exactly right like key to a lock. As if Jaehyun is made to give and Renjun is made to take only him.

“It’s perfect, baby. This hole is perfect.”

Renjun moans at his words, tongue lolling out like he can’t focus on anything.

“Fuck me, hyung.” He demands as he tries to fuck himself on Jaehyun’s cock. “Fuck me until I’m full of your cum.”

This boy will be the death of him. Jaehyun starts fucking Renjun rapidly, watching intently how Renjun’s entrance closes when Jaehyun only leaves half-a-head in and how it opens up to accommodate him massive dick when he thrusts forward.

“Shit, Renjun. I’m ruined.”

They’re bathed in moonlight. The springs of the bed squeak as Jaehyun drives in and out of Renjun. The younger boy can only grunt, his mind probably too fuzzy while being stuffed to the brim with cock.

“You’ve ruined me, baby.”

Renjun starts to whimper, mumbling something about how full he feels. How Jaehyun’s cock is so big and so good and so deep. How he can feel him all the way inside. In places nobody has reached before.

“Hyung, please.”

Jaehyun shushes him. Kissing his nape. His ears. Between his shoulder blades as he continues his quick demolition of Renjun’s channel.

“No other hole for me. This is it. Just you.”

Jaehyun admits, hips working at a brutal pace. Renjun’s ass jiggle with each harsh push. 

“Only this hole can satisfy me now.”

Renjun is panting high and loud. His breathing is becoming uneven. Jaehyun feels Renjun's hole tighten once in a while like it’s getting itself ready to be filled.

“Hyung. Your name.”


“Your name. Tell me it.” Renjun licks his lips as he starts to meet Jaehyun’s every thrust. They work together to get Jaehyun as deep as possible. “I wanna scream it all night long.”

Jaehyun smirks as he kisses the tip of Renjun’s ears before answering in a rough voice.


“Oh. Oh, Daddy-” Renjun moans as his orgasm is ripped out of him untouched. He’s shaking as he releases multiple spurts into the blanket. His insides grip Jaehyun tightly. His walls constrict like they’re trying to milk Jaehyun's cock of its potent seed.

“Fuck. Your slutty hole is so good, baby.” Jaehyun groans as he feels his climax build inside him. Twisting at the base of his spine. Renjun is spent and just lays like a rag doll as Jaehyun hammers at lightning speed. Renjun must still be conscious because there’s a self-satisfied smirk as he does a maddeningly tight squeeze of his walls.

That face is all it takes for Jaehyun to shoot inside Renjun’s waiting hole. His cock pumps Renjun full of cum, painting his insides cloudy white with each thick release. He stays in Renjun through it all, boneless on top of the younger and too dizzy to move.

They’re relaxing in ragged breathes and post-coital bliss when Renjun breaks the silence.

“You know, you still haven’t told me how you knew my name.”

Jaehyun snorts. Why is this the first question after they had possibly the most mind-blowing sex of their lifetimes. “Mark told me.”

“Mark told you?!” Renjun looks utterly betrayed. “Fucker.”

Harsh for someone who looked as if he was trying to get some alone time with the bartender. “I thought you wanted him to rail you?”

“Ew, no.” Renjun shudders. “I was testing his resolve. See if he really is serious about wanting to spend his life with our Jaemin.”

Well, this is an interesting revelation. Jaehyun surely didn’t think that would be reason why he was so obviously trying to seduce Mark.

“His will must be strong as iron.” Jaehyun says, softening inside Renjun. He plants a kiss on Renjun’s smooth shoulder. “I saw you in your outfit last week with that little booty jutting out as you flirted with him. One look at you and I was a goner.”

“How about when you look at me now?”

Jaehyun bites at his neck. “Like I wanna fuck you again. Swallow your cute sounds. Have you moaning my name all night.”

“Maybe if you tell me your real name, Daddy.”

The older smiles. The one that he knows will bring out his dimples. “Jaehyun.”

“Well, Jaehyun hyung. How about you ruin me tonight the same way you say I’ve ruined you?” Jaehyun learns that Renjun likes to play. Renjun clenches his ass again as he says, “My hole is feeling empty again.”

Jaehyun’s cock immediately responds.

Damn. He is so not straight.

“Then lets fill you up, baby.”