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The Fates' Wish - The Battle of the Labyrinth

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The demigods and gods reached the mall and walked to the map. They entered ‘dress shopping.’ The map appeared on the screen and they went to the shop.


“Ah we’re here.” Nico grinned


“Right.” Poseidon said


“They’re preparing themselves.” Percy laughed


Triton laughed with him and so did the demigods.


“Sudden change in style is a big change.” Poseidon protested


“We aren’t asking you to change your style we are just showing more options.” Thalia corrected


Poseidon nodded to show he understood.


“Hello everybody.” The worker said


“Hi, what’s your name?” Nico asked


“Cam and I’m a satyr.” Cam smiled


“Hi Cam. Nice to meet you. You probably know these four.” Percy said gesturing to the gods. “I’m Percy.”


Cam nodded and smiled.


“I’m Jason.” Jason waved


“Nico.” Nico smiled


“Thalia.” Thalia


“Hi guys.” Cam said


“So let’s go one by one.” Jason said


“Let’s start with the eldest, it isn’t reverse alphabetic order.” Nico grinned


Percy grinned and gave Nico a fist-bump.


“Soo, we need color for Hades.” Jason said


“Not too much.” Hades said


The demigods ignored him.


“What about crimson red and navy blue with black or red converse?” Nico asked


“Perfect.” Percy grinned


“Should suit him.” Jason nodded


Nico ran to the t-shirt section and grabbed a red t-shirt which said ‘Go to hell, oh honey where do you think I came from.’ Then he went to the jeans section and fished out a pair of dark blue jeans. Then he went to the shoes section and grabbed some black and red converse and he grabbed a black and blue watch from the watch section.


“Here dad, put these on.” Nico said


Hades blinked at the clothes, he had never worn so much color but he took the clothes and went into the try room.


“What do you think?” Nico asked


“I think he’s going to look great.” Percy grinned


“I agree.” Thalia said


“What about you two?” Jason asked Zeus and Poseidon


They shrugged. The demigods and Triton rolled their eyes at once as if they practiced it.


Hades came out two minutes later and he wore the black converse.


The demigods looked at him.


“You look great uncle.” Percy grinned

“Yep, I have great taste.” Nico grinned


Everybody laughed.


“Try on the red converse.” Triton said


Hades went in and came back two seconds later with red converse.


“Brilliant.” Triton grinned


“So that’s one pair down.” Thalia grinned


“How do you like it though?” Nico asked Hades


“It looks pretty good.” Hades admitted


Nico grinned.


“Oh yeah dad remove these jeans try this one with this shirt.” Nico said, giving him a pair of skinny black knee slash jeans and a plain crimson red t-shirt.


Hades nodded and went back to the try room.


He came out wearing the black jeans and the t-shirt


“Looks lit.” Nico grinned


“Right now you can change back to the normal clothes.” He said


Hades nodded and went back to the try room and changed back to his normal clothes.

He came out and Triton said-


“Now dad.”


Percy whispered something in Triton’s ear and he chuckled.


Poseidon paled. What were his children planning?


The two of them went and grabbed a plain sea green t-shirt and another t-shirt which said ‘Sea breeze.’ Then they went a grabbed a pair of light blue jeans and some white knee length shorts. In shoes they got the blue converse and white converse. In watch it was a black and blue one.


“Here, try these.” Percy grinned


“I think it’s really going to suit him.” Jason nodded


“Let’s see.” Triton said


Percy leant against the wall.


Five minutes later the door opened and Poseidon wore the first outfit.


“Looking great dad.” Percy grinned


“He’s right.” Thalia grinned


Poseidon looked pleased.


He went back and came out two minutes later in the second outfit.


“This is even better.” Nico grinned


“You can change back now.” Triton smiled


Poseidon went to the try room and came back in his normal clothes.


Jason and Thalia rubbed their hands mischievously.


Everybody laughed.


Thalia and Jason ran off to the different rows of clothes.


They grabbed a plain light blue t-shirt and another navy blue t-shirt which said ‘I like when it rains hard.’ They also took some light blue knee slash jeans and a pair of navy blue jeans. In shoes they got the white converse and a pair of white Adidas shoes with the three black stripes. In the watch they got a white watch with light blue touches.


“Try them on.” Thalia grinned


Zeus blinked and took the clothes. He went inside the try room.


“We have good taste.” Triton grinned


“Oh yeah.” The demigods grinned


“What would these people do without us?” Nico joked


The two gods chuckled and a chuckle was heard from the try room as well.


Zeus came out after two minutes and was wearing outfit number one.


“Looking awesome dad.” Jason grinned


Zeus smirked and went back to the try room. He came after another two minutes in outfit number two.


“Suits you very well.” Thalia smiled


Zeus grinned.


“Change back now dad.” Jason smiled


Zeus went to the try room and came out in his normal clothes.


“You kids do have good taste.” Hades said


“Why thank you.” They all bowed.


Everybody chuckled.


“Hi Cam.” Percy grinned


“Hello Percy. Like the clothes?” Cam grinned




“Soo here are the clothes for Hades.” Nico said and kept it on the counter.


Cam looked at the clothes.


“Looking good.” He grinned


Everybody chuckled.


He billed the clothes and put it in a black packet.


“These for Poseidon.” Percy said


“Awesome.” Cam grinned


Triton and Percy fist-bumped.


Cam billed the clothes and put them in a sea green packet.


“And these for Zeus.” Thalia said


“You know I’m interested to see the gods in these. You guys are great at picking out clothes.” Cam grinned


Thalia and Jason smiled.


Cam billed those clothes and put them in a light blue packet.


“So the total is sixty drachmas.” He said sheepishly


The demigods and Triton chuckled.


“Kind of expected from the amount of stuff we bought.” Jason said


The three elder gods were reaching to their wallets but the demigods grinned at them and pulled out their own wallets.


“So twenty per god?” Jason asked


Cam nodded.


Nico and Percy pulled out twenty drachmas each and Jason and Thalia pulled out ten drachmas each and gave it to Cam.


“Thank you.” Cam grinned

The demigods smiled and nodded.


They all left the shop.


“Why not let us pay this time either?” Hades asked


“Our treat.” Percy said simply


The three gods blinked and smiled.


“If you like to pay then maybe we could have pocket money.” Thalia laughed


“Sure.” Zeus said


“We were kidding, there’s no need for it.” Nico chuckled


The gods tilted their heads and then nodded.


“Hey guys.” Thalia said to everybody once they reached back


“Hey, how was the shopping?” Annabeth grinned


“Brilliant.” Percy grinned and gave her a kiss on the cheek


Nico, Thalia and Jason covered their eyes dramatically.


Percy and Annabeth stuck their tongues out at them.


“I’m quite excited to see them in the new clothes.” Hermes grinned


The demigods smirked.


“How much did you guys spend?” Apollo asked the three gods


“Our children treated us.” Poseidon smiled warmly


“That’s nice of you guys.” Apollo told the demigods


They shrugged.


The gods were wondering how much more unique this gang of demigods could get.

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The rest of the day, everybody was just chilling out in various places. Percy and Annabeth had a lunch date and so did Will and Nico. Hazel and Frank were with their respective parents but had planned a date for the night. The others all were with their parents or were talking with each other.


The demigods and gods decided to sleep during the afternoon for some time. That is when all the drama of Aphrodite started…


She had somehow asked the Fates to give her the power of teleporting the others back. The Fates had given her that power only for one time. So Aphrodite teleported the big three and their wives into a simulator.


The Big three kids woke up and didn’t find their parents or their spouses anywhere so they figured they were probably busy or had gone for the therapy.


Meanwhile with the gods…



Persephone woke up because she was feeling extremely uncomfortable on the hammock. Wait hammock? She shot up because as far as she remembered she was sleeping on a bed. She got up and steeped on something extremely gross. She hoped it wasn’t anything Hermes had done to prank her but then she realized it was something much more. Then she realized that Hades wasn’t on the hammock. He was sitting on the base of the stomach. Hold up stomach?! What was going on here?


She walked carefully to Hades. The sight which met her eyes broke her heart into a thousand pieces. His eyes were bloodshot from crying, his head was buried slightly in his hands and he was still crying. She kept her hand on his shoulder.


“What’s wrong dear?” She asked, though it looked like everything was wrong.


Hades shook his head and pointed to the surfaces. Persephone bit her lip and looked around. Then she gasped. She connected the pieces of the puzzle. Hades-Stomach-Kronos. They were in-in Kronos’s stomach. Her blood ran cold. But she knew that Hades need her more. She had no idea how long he had been awake.


“There has got to be a way out.” Persephone said


“There-there isn’t. I was down here for years and after that also Zeus got us out.” Hades whimpered


Persephone was afraid that he might go insane.


“Trust me.” She said


“I do trust you dear.” Hades said, looking at her. It hurt her to see her husband like that.


“Then I trust you too.” She said


“I can’t do anything right now.” He said


“But we can.” She said


Then there was suddenly a loud creak that made Persephone jump a foot. There was a door in the ‘stomach.’ Persephone tapped Hades on the shoulder and pointed to the door. He stood up only to fall again due to weakness. Persephone helped him up and slung his arm over her shoulders and hobbled to the door. She pulled it and they stood in a very very pink office. Persephone recognized at once what was going on.


“Aphrodite!” she growled


“Hello Persephone.” Aphrodite said, trying to stay calm but there was a touch of fear in it.


Persephone wanted to go up to Aphrodite that very second but she felt Hades getting weaker and put him on the nearest couch. He definitely had a very high fever.


“How do I take him back to the quarters?” Persephone growled


“The way you got him from the simulator. My office is in the middle of the quarters of Hades, Zeus and Poseidon.” Aphrodite said


Persephone glared at her. She helped Hades up and slung his arm on her shoulders again and got him ready to get back to the quarters.




Amphitrite woke up in a similar situation as Persephone. She was extremely confused and very grossed out by her surroundings. Last she remembered she was at Olympus, asleep, after a reading. She looked around for Poseidon and found him trying to push and punch a wall. He finally gave up and crashed on the floor. He buried his head in hands and had tears streaking down his face.


Amphitrite ran as fast as she could on the bumpy surface and rushed to him. She faced him.


“What’s the matter honey?” she asked


“Stomach. Help.” He whimpered


Amphitrite’s heart broke seeing him like that. Then she realized what he said. She looked around, swallowed and froze. No it couldn’t be, the demigods had defeated Kronos, they couldn’t be here but he might have returned. ‘Shit.’ She thought. Then she tried calming herself down. There has to be a way out right?


“Poseidon look, there will be a way out okay, we will get out of here.” She said sternly


“How?” he moaned


“Trust me and I trust you.” She said


“I do trust you Amphi but it is impossible to get out of here.” He said


“No, we will get out here.” She said. ‘We have to.’ She thought.


Then boom there was a loud creak and there was a door in the ‘stomach.’ Amphitrite’s eyes widened and she shook Poseidon. He looked at her then at the door. He tried getting up but he fell too. Amphitrite was extremely worried about this. She did the same as Persephone and slung Poseidon’s arm around her shoulders. She walked over to the door and opened it. They stood in an extremely pink office that temporarily blinded her. She set Poseidon on the couch.


“Aphrodite” she snarled


“Hello Amphitrite.” Aphrodite said


“Why?” Amphitrite asked


“It was a trust exercise.”


Amphitrite growled at Aphrodite but then Poseidon whimpered and her attention turned to him.


“How do I take him back to the quarters?” she asked


Aphrodite gave her the same explanation as she gave to Persephone.


Amphitrite slung her husband’s arm over her shoulders and took him to his quarters.





Zeus woke up, shifting uncomfortably in a hammock which he realized he had no clue as to where it came from. He stepped down and almost jumped a foot when he felt the floor. It was very bumpy and gross. He heard a few tears and looked in the direction of the voice.


He saw his wife, Hera sitting and crying her eyes out in her hands. Worry clouded his eyes and he rushed to her.


“What’s wrong dear?” He asked


“Father.” Hera whimpered


Zeus’ eyes widened as he took in the meaning of Hera’s words and the surroundings. They were in Kronos’s stomach? They had to get out of there somehow. He was afraid that Hera might go insane. This was one of the most traumatic places of her life. 


“We’re going to get out.” He said to her


“How? You saved us the last time.” Hera trembled


“Then I will get you out this time too.” Zeus said


Hera looked at him.


“Trust me Hera.”


“I do.” She said


“Then I trust you too.”


There was suddenly a loud creak which almost made Zeus jump. He looked around and noticed a door. He held Hera in his hands bridal style. She did blush but she was mostly terrified. Zeus walked into a pink room, a very pink room.


“Aphrodite.” He growled.


“Zeus.” She said


“What have you done?” he asked


“It was a trust exercise.”


Zeus growled but looked at Hera and the anger vanished.


“How do I take her back to the quarters?” Zeus asked


Aphrodite told him. He picked up Hera in the same bridal style way and took her to the quarters.




When I woke up, I wasn’t able to see dad or Persephone so I figured they had gone for the therapy or were simply busy. I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. Hazel had gone out for her date with Frank. I was glad that he was treating my sister well otherwise he would have to deal with death boy. I was almost done with making my coffee when Persephone came in supporting my dad. I dropped my coffee and I mean I actually dropped it on the floor and rushed to them. I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack when I saw what condition my dad was in. I helped Persephone support him and took him to a couch and laid him down.


“What happened?” I asked Persephone


She explained me to whole story and I felt like that if I was an angry Leo, I would have been on flames right now and that too black flames. Aphrodite was going to be sorry she messed with my dad and thus messed with me.


Persephone told me that Poseidon and Hera had the same exercise. A maniacal smirk appeared on my face. Maybe Percy could help, I thought. Just then my dad let out a whimper and I froze.


“Get Will now.” I said or ordered for that matter


Persephone froze but nodded and went to get Will.


“Nico. What’s the matter? All okay?” my boyfriend asked in panic.


I gave a light chuckle and pointed to my dad.


“Castor, we need Castor.” Will said, pulling out some cold packs.


“Castor, son of Dionysus?” I asked

He nodded.


Persephone went and got Castor.


“Don’t worry, he’s not going insane.” He said


Me and Will sighed in relief.


Will stayed for some time.




I woke up around five pm and smiled at the memories of me and Annabeth. I got up and went to drink some water.


“Hey sleepyhead, you’re awake.” Triton teased


“Shut up.” I said, though I was grinning


He winked at me.


Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I went and opened it. My blood ran cold at what I saw. Amphitrite was supporting my dad and he was not in a good condition. I immediately slung my dad’s other hand on my shoulder and helped them inside. Triton saw us and the smile melted off his face. Tyson had woken up and he also froze when he saw dad. Me and Amphitrite set dad on the bed.


“Tyson can you go get Apollo and Pollux.” I said very worriedly. It may not have showed on my face but I was freaked out


“What happened?” I asked my step mother.

She explained everything to me and I’m pretty sure that the tides on the beach increased massively.


“She’s going to regret this.” I growled




I woke up and was listening to some music. Thalia was sitting next to me and was asking me to put Green day again and again until I finally gave in and put Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Then there was a knock on the door. I got up and opened it. I saw my dad carrying Hera, yeah I said carrying. I knew something was wrong at once looking at my dad’s and Hera’s face. Thalia must have realized it too because she came rushing to us as well.

Dad set Hera on the bed.


“What happened?” I asked


Dad explained everything to me and I shook my head at Aphrodite when I realized that what about Percy and Nico. Thalia thought the same.


“Shit, I’m going to go check on Percy and Nico.” She said and ran out of the room at top speed.


I sighed.


NOBODY’S POV (Like not nobody nobody but the word nobody. Ah you get what I mean.)


Thalia raced to Nico and Percy’s quarters. She went to Nico’s room first as it was closer. She knocked on the door and a Nico with tears on his face opened the door.


“Hey Thals, come on in.” He said quietly


Thalia went in and saw Will sitting on the bed.

“Same thing happened to Hera as well.” Thalia said


Nico nodded.


“I’m going to meet Percy in some time.” He said


“Why don’t you come now, I’m going to his place too.” Thalia said


Nico nodded.


“I’ll take care here till you come back.” Will smiled


“Thank you sunshine.” Nico smiled kissing Will’s forehead



Nico and Thalia went over to Percy’s room. Percy looked in equally bad condition as Nico. His hair was a mess and he had tears on his face though his eyes had a glint of anger.


“Hey Perce, how’s your dad?” Nico asked


“Same as yours I guess.” He said


Nico nodded.


“Aphrodite’s going to regret this.” Percy growled


“I was thinking the same thing.” Nico said, sitting on the bed.


“Let’s go then.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


Thalia looked at them but she went along with them for their sake.


“I’ll be back in ten.” Percy said


Amphitrite, Triton and Tyson nodded.


“I’ll tell them what to do.” Apollo said


“Thanks Lester.” Percy smiled


“No prob Perce.” He smiled



Percy, Nico and Thalia knocked on Aphrodite’s door. Silena and Piper opened it and looked at them.


“Hey guys.”


“Hi Silena, where is your mother?” Percy asked


“She’s in the lobby with Ares. What’s wrong?” Piper frowned


Nico told her everything.


“I’ll take you there.” Piper said


“Be kind please.” Silena said


“She messed with our family, don’t expect too much kindness.” Percy said


Silena swallowed and nodded. He had a point.


“What about you Thalia?” Piper asked


“I’m just here for these two.” Thalia replied, gesturing to Percy and Nico.


Piper and Silena took the two angry demigods and Thalia to the lobby where Aphrodite was just about to kiss Ares’s forehead.


Percy and Nico took out their swords and went to her.


“What’s wrong with you, you-?” Percy asked, he was about to call her something foul but Thalia gave him a look and shook her head.


“Get out punk.” Ares growled


“Shut up.” Nico snarled


“What did you say to me?” Ares growled


“I told you to shut up, this is a personal matter. Stay out of it.” Nico glared murderously.


Ares kept his mouth shut, he wasn’t going to admit this but their glares scared him.


“Now, How. Dare. You. Do. That. To. Our. Parents?” Percy snarled, twirling his sword.


“I made them do a trust exercise.” Aphrodite said simply


“By sending them to most traumatic place for them? What kind of crazy lady are you? You almost drove them insane. Bloody hell. Too hell with the trust exercises and to shit with your methods.” Percy snapped


“What are you going to do about it?” Aphrodite retorted


“Oh you have no idea what family means to demigods. You mess with it and we don’t care whether you are a god, demigod or an immortal.” Nico laughed, humorously which was frankly very scary.


Aphrodite gulped.


Nico put his sword in the rug of Aphrodite’s room when there was an urgent knock on the door.


Percy went and opened it.


Persephone stood there


“Bad time?” Persephone asked


“We were just threatening Aphrodite.” Percy shrugged


“Right. We need your help. Yours and Nico’s.” she said in panic.


Percy and Nico looked at each other worriedly and raced out of the room.


Thalia stood there and glared at Aphrodite.


The two demigods went to the Hades quarters. Apparently he was having a really bad nightmare.


The two demigods went and sat next to Hades.


“What is he dreaming about?” Percy asked


Persephone shook her head.


“No, I have -to get out.” Hades thrashed


“Stomach.” Nico said


Hades thrashed even worse.


“That’s what he’s dreaming about.” Percy’s eyes widened


Nico grabbed his father’s hand.


“You’re not there anymore dad, you’re at Olympus, in your bedroom. You got out.” Nico said gently


Hades calmed down a bit but he was still shaking.


“Yeah you’re out of there, you made it out.” Nico continued


Hades turned and went back to sleep.


Nico and Percy sighed in relief.


“I’ve got to go Nico.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


“Take care man.” He said


Percy nodded.


“That was handled great Nico.” Will smiled


Nico gave him a weak smile.


Meanwhile at Zeus’s.


“Get Apollo.” Zeus told Jason


“He’s with Percy.” Thalia said, coming into the room.


“His son?”


“Will is with Nico.”


“The others?”


“They don’t specialize in healing.”


Zeus sighed.


“Castor is with Nico and Pollux is with Percy and Dionysus is with his wife.” Thalia informed


“Do you know what to do?” Zeus asked, holding his wife’s hand

“Cold packs.” Jason said


Zeus got some out of the refrigerator and put one on Hera’s head to reduce the fever.



Percy went back to his quarters and sat on the bed next to his father.


“So Perce, I’ve kept the cold pack on his head and there is a set of them in the freezer. They each last for an hour and I think you guys know how to handle nightmares.” Apollo said


Percy nodded.


“Thanks Lester.” He said


“No problem.” Apollo grinned


“You can go back now if you want.” Percy said


“You sure?" Apollo asked


“Your wish.” Percy shrugged

Apollo nodded and smiled at him and went out.



*Time break*


It was eight pm and Percy and Nico hadn’t eaten anything. The others had one to dinner and came back but the two demigods were still in their quarters.


Percy made some coffee for himself and went and gave some to Nico. He learnt from Triton that even Nico hadn’t shown up to dinner though Percy knew that Will would have given his some food like Annabeth did for him.


“Hey Nico, I figured you would like some coffee.” Percy said


“Thanks Perce.”


“Where’s Will?”


“I told him that he should go and get some rest.”


Percy nodded.


“How’s he?” Percy asked


“Asleep.” Nico said


“What about yours?” he asked


“Same.” Percy sighed


Nico nodded.


“I’m not letting Aphrodite mess with them again.” Percy said


“Me neither.” Nico said


Percy nodded and went back to his quarters.


When Percy went back, his dad was having a nightmare about ‘the place’ aka the stomach.


He grabbed his father’s hand and told him that he wasn’t there anymore and that he got out and was at Olympus.


*Time break*


“It’s ten Percy, you should rest.” Triton said


“I’m not tired.” Percy said


“Amphitrite you should rest.” Percy said


“You sure?”

Percy nodded. Tyson had already crashed.


Amphitrite said her good night, placed a kiss on Poseidon’s forehead and went to sleep.


“You should sleep too Triton.” Percy said to his brother who was rubbing his sleep out of his eyes.


Triton was very worried but he was too tired to complain. He hugged Percy and went to his room.



“Hey Nico.” Hazel said, walking into his quarters


“Hey Hazel.”

“What happened?”


Nico explained everything to her.


“Shoot.” She said


“You need help?” She asked


“I’m good and you are very tired right now, I can see it in your eyes. You should rest.” Nico smiled


Hazel chuckled, her brother knew her well.


“You sure?”

Nico nodded.


“You too Persephone, you look dead.” Hazel said


Persephone raised an eyebrow, she was very tired.


She looked at Hades but nodded and went to another room.


Nico sighed.


About an hour later, his dad started thrashing in his sleep. Nico was glad that the doors were soundproof.

“No, I don’t want to go there. Help.” Hades thrashed


“It’s okay dad. It’s okay.” Nico tried, it hurt him to see his dad that way.


It didn’t have an effect. Hades was still thrashing with tears streaking down his face and he was covered in sweat.


Nico suddenly got an idea. They used to use this trick for nightmares at camp. He grabbed a guitar from his room and played a song and sang along. He decided to play Viva La Vida and the Scientist and Story of my Life. In the middle of The Scientist, Percy burst into his quarters.


“Hey Nico, you got an extra guitar?” he asked


Nico nodded and pointed to one.


Percy ran and got it. He said a quick thank you and raced out.


Hades calmed down after story of my life. Nico didn’t let go of his hand though and put a cold pack on his father’s forehead.



Poseidon was having a nightmare as well. Percy thought about the same idea as Nico. He went and asked him for an extra guitar. Percy decided to play Under the Sea first, then Riptide.


He strummed the guitar and sang along. Poseidon’s breath relaxed and he calmed down.


Percy put his hand on his dad’s and Percy put a cold pack on Poseidon’s forehead.



Hera’s fever shot up in the night. Zeus pressed her hand and put a cold pack on her forehead. Jason and Thalia had crashed in their rooms so he was the only one awake.


*Time break*


Poseidon’s fever shot up too but Percy was running out of cold packs. His father had had a couple of more nightmares but Percy was able to calm him down with a song or some words.


He ran to Nico’s quarters.


“Nico, you got cold packs? I’m almost out.” Percy asked


“Wait you too? My dad’s fever shot up as well. I hate Aphrodite but anyway I’m almost out too.” Nico said


“Zeus might have some.” Percy said


Nico pulled a face but he said-


“No time for my pride here. Let’s ask him, he might give us a few.” Nico said


Percy nodded and the two demigods went to Zeus’s quarters. They knocked on his door and he opened it.


“How are you two awake?” Zeus asked them


“We wanted to take care of our parents.” Percy said


Zeus nodded.


“We came here to ask if we could have some cold packs. We’re almost out, Percy can’t make ice so fast and we don’t want to wake up Apollo or Hestia.” Nico said


“I have extra.” Zeus said


He went inside and got a box of them.




“Thanks.” Percy said


Zeus nodded.


The demigods went to their quarters and divided the cold packs.


“How many nightmares?” Percy asked


“Around six. What about you?” Nico said


“Around five.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


“Man it hurts seeing them like this. I was practically crying for the first two hours and now I still do in the middle.” He said finally


“I know Nico, I know. Same thing is happening to me. I hate seeing dad like this.” Percy sighed


“But can you imagine, going to the most traumatic place again?” Nico shook his head


“It freaks me out.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


“I got to go Perce.” He said


“Me too.” Percy said


They hugged each other and went to their quarters.


Zeus, Percy and Nico were up the whole night. They would keep changing the cold packs, helping the gods out of nightmares and Nico and Percy would sing songs.


Amphitrite, Triton, Tyson and Poseidon saw Percy in the morning once they woke up. Poseidon felt way better and he had a very vague memory of somebody singing as he was asleep.


Percy had crashed on the chair, his head was rested against the wooden back, one of his hand was hanging down the side and the other was holding Poseidon’s hand gently. There was some drool on his shirt and a guitar next to the chair. There was a cold pack box on the floor next to him and clearly visible tear tracks on his face.



Hades, Persephone and Hazel found Nico in the morning. Hades was feeling better too. He remembered somebody telling him it was okay. He woke up covered by an aviator’s jacket and a blanket.


Nico was in sitting position on the floor and was on his knees with his head falling on the bed on one of his arms and the other hand held his father’s thought the grip was very light. His hair was messed up and he also had clearly visible tear tracks on his face. He was wearing a plain black t-shirt and black pants as he kept his aviator jacket on Hades.


Jason, Thalia and Hera found Zeus asleep as well. He was on the bed though he was sitting. His hands held Hera’s and there were faint tear tracks for him as well.

Chapter Text

“Percy. Percy.” Triton shook his brother awake and he was surprised that Percy woke up.


“I was barely asleep. How’s dad?” Percy asked


“He’s right there.” Triton smiled pointing at Poseidon


Percy shot up from his chair, he tripped a little due to weakness but he ran at top speed and jumped at his dad. Poseidon hugged Percy back.


“Percy you look like a dead man.” Triton said


Percy shrugged.


“Why?” Triton pressed


“I was awake the whole night.” Percy muttered


“WHAT?!” Everybody in the room exclaimed


“Tell me you ate something.” Triton said wearily


Percy didn’t answer.


“Anything?” Triton asked


“Six cups of coffee, one energy drink and a small bowl of noodles.” Percy said


“Oh gods, six cups?” Amphitrite asked


“Booster.” Percy said


“What did you do in the night?” Poseidon asked


“Um sat with you. I don’t really know how to answer that question.” Percy said


“How exactly did you take care of him?” Triton asked


“Cold packs, music.” Percy said


“You were the one who was singing?” Poseidon asked


“Yeah, thought it probably wasn’t that great.” Percy said


“It was brilliant.” Poseidon smiled warmly.


“How are you feeling though?” Percy asked


“Better.” Poseidon admitted


Percy sighed in relief.


“I’m going to kill Aphrodite.” He said and he marched out of the room.


Everybody looked at him in shock. They all had noticed the tears.



“Cold packs, yeah it’s okay.” Nico muttered in his sleep.


Hades tapped Nico on the shoulder from behind.


“Brother wake up.” Hazel said


Nico rubbed his eyes.


“I was hardly asleep.” Nico said


“When did you sleep?” Hazel asked


“What’s the time?” Nico asked


“8 am.” Hazel said


“Yeah I slept at 7:45 am.” Nico said


“What now?” Hazel asked


“You slept for fifteen minutes?” she asked


“Ten. I fell asleep by 7:50.”


“Did you eat something?” Hazel asked worriedly


“Will got me two slices of pizza as dinner but other than that me and Percy drank only coffee. Though I feel nowhere hyperactive right now.”


“Wait shit shit, where’s dad? Did Aphrodite get them again? I’m going to kill her then I’m going to kill her again. I remember him being here fifteen minutes ago. She better not have done anything.” Nico said suddenly


“Whoa whoa calm down Nico. Dad’s right behind you.” Hazel chuckled


“Wait what?”


“Turn around.” Hazel said


Nico looked behind and saw Hades smiling at him.


Nico launched himself at his dad.


“Thank the gods, thank the gods.” He muttered under his breath.


“But I’m still going to kill Aphrodite.” Nico growled and he ran out of the room.


He ran into Percy at his door.


“Hey Nick, how’s uncle?”


“He’s good. How’s your dad?” Nico smiled


“Same.” Percy grinned


“I’ll go meet him. I‘ll meet you back here. I’m assuming you’re off to Aphrodite?” Nico said


“Yeah we left the threat unfinished.” Percy said


Despite the anger of the demigods none of the gods and Hazel missed the tears of happiness and sadness on their faces.


Nico nodded and raced to Percy’s quarters while Percy went inside Nico’s quarters.


He hugged Hades.


“How are you doing now?” He asked


“I’m doing pretty good.” Hades smiled


“Great great.” Percy said


“Hey Perce.” Thalia said, reaching the quarters


“Thals, wassup?” Percy asked


“I should be asking you that. You look like the walking dead. I met Nico he looks equally bad. Triton told me that you two barely ate anything and are highly caffeinated though you’re very tired and he also told me that you were awake the whole night.” Thalia said


Percy shrugged.


“They slept at 7:45 today.” Hazel said


Thalia raised an eyebrow at Percy.


“Hey guys I’m back.” Nico said


“Did you guys cry the whole night?” Thalia asked


Percy noticed his father come with Nico and Nico noticed his father looking at them.


“Why do you ask?” Percy asked

“I can see your face.” Thalia said


‘So did you?” She asked in concern


“Not here Thals.” Nico said

Thalia looked at the parents and nodded understandingly.


“How’s your dad?” Nico asked


“He’s getting freshened up.” Thalia said


Percy and Nico nodded.


“Let’s go.” Nico said


“Threatening Aphrodite?” Thalia asked


Percy nodded.


“She’s in for some tough times.” Hazel chuckled


“You have no idea.” Nico said dangerously.


“You’re eating first.” Will’s voice came from the door


Everybody looked at him.


“You are eating first. Then you can do what you want.” Will repeated


Nico pouted.


“I’m not hungry.” Percy said


“Yes you are.” Will said


“Then it’s not important.” Percy said


“Why can’t you guys care about yourself?” Will groaned


“Just wait for half an hour.” Nico said


“No. You are going to eat right now.” Will said


“Fine.” Nico said


Will smiled in satisfaction.


“Hey Nick sit with me. Let’s discuss tactics. You too Apollo.” Percy said


“Tactics for what?” Apollo asked


“Threatening Aphrodite.” Percy said


Apollo grinned and went to him.


Ares heard that.


“You better not do anything to her punk. She only made them do the trust exercise.” He growled


Within two seconds there was a celestial bronze and stygian iron sword at Ares’ throat.


“How would you feel is she took you to a jar like the one of the giants?” Nico growled


Ares paled and stepped back.


Percy and Nico smirked.


After breakfast, everybody went to their quarters as they would start the reading after lunch.


Percy and Nico went to Aphrodite’s quarters. They took Thalia with them.


Piper opened the door. She didn’t protest as they requested her to let them in.


“Now where were we?” Nico asked.


“Your sword was in the rug.” Silena said


Nico nodded and put his sword back in the rug.


They stood in front of Aphrodite.


“Don’t you dare do anything to our parents again.” Percy said


“You know I want to know what you are going to do about it.” Aphrodite challenged.


“Masterminds don’t tell they’re plans.” Percy said


“And ours are pretty good.” Nico said


Aphrodite swallowed and closed her eyes.


“Right, we’re going to go.” Nico said


Percy and Thalia nodded.


The demigods went to their respective quarters. The Hades quarters were empty. There was a note from Hades which said that they were in Poseidon’s quarters because they want to talk to him and Percy.


Nico swallowed and went to Percy’s quarters.


“Hey Percy.” Nico said, sliding in after opening the door.


“Hey Nico.” Percy said nervously.


“What do they want to talk to us about?” Nico muttered


“I have no clue.” Percy said


“Where’s your jacket?” Percy asked


“Oh I gave it to dad in the night.” Nico said


“Ah okay.”


“Sit down please.” Triton said


“Uhh suree.” Nico said


Percy and Nico sat on the single seaters.


“How are you?” Poseidon asked


“How are we? Let that be, how are you?” Percy asked


“We’re better but we wanted to apologize.” Hades said


Percy and Nico blinked in utter confusion.


“We didn’t mean to keep you guys up all night.” Hades said


“WHAT?!” Percy and Nico screamed


“You did not keep us awake, it was our will and we don’t regret it at all.” Percy said


“One day of sleep isn’t as important as you to us.” Nico said


Hades and Poseidon had tears in their eyes.


“Any side effects?” Nico asked


“Trauma.” Percy said


“Right except for that?”

“Nightmares I guess.”


“Percy let them answer.”




“Percy’s correct.” Poseidon said with a shudder


Nico and Percy froze and looked at each other.


“Hopefully the reading helps.” Hades said


Nico was alarmed.


“Hopefully?” he asked


“Yeah.” Hades said with a raised eyebrow.


“No in the sense what if it doesn’t?” Percy asked, understanding what Nico said


“Nothing then, it’ll get better.” Hades said


Nico and Percy sighed in relief.


Percy’s eyebrows rose.


“Amphitrite and Persephone a word please.” Percy said


The two ladies nodded.


Hades, Poseidon, Triton and Tyson went out.


“What happened in there?” Percy asked


Amphitrite and Persephone explained their stories in detail.


Percy and Nico turned very pale.


“Right.” They choked out, they were trying to keep the tears at bay.


“Let’s have lunch.” Percy said


“I’m hungry too.” Nico said


Everybody went outside for lunch.


“Alright everybody I have an announcement.” Katie said


Everybody looked at her.


“We are going to have a New Year dance tomorrow and karaoke. Also snow fights and all.” She said


Everybody nodded


“Can we get people as friends?” Jason asked


“Yes, you can come as friends or as partners.”


Everybody gave her a thumbs up.



Chapter Text

Nico and Percy walked in together to the throne room, close to their fathers just in case of Aphrodite.


Jason and Thalia grinned at them.


Percy’s hand was in his pocket.


“I’ll read.” Nico said and picked up the book.


“Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth.” He read out


The ones on the quest sighed.


The Greek campers looked down. The gods frowned at the reaction.


“Are you going to be okay hearing about this?” Clarisse muttered to Chris.


“I guess yeah, I mean I don’t remember much either way. Are you going to be okay? Those guys dwelling into the Labyrinth might bring memories.” Chris said


“I’ll be fine I think.” Clarisse said


“Well I’m here and I guess your father is going to help too as well as Frank.”


Clarisse gave him a smile.


Nico raised an eyebrow at the chapter title and looked at Percy. He showed him the book and Percy groaned.




Rachel winked at Percy who stuck his tongue out at her.


“Monsters?” Connor asked


Percy nodded.


The last thing I wanted to do on my summer break was blow up another school.


“That’d be nice to not to.” Leo sniggered


But there I was Monday morning…take me to get kicked out of this place.


“Think positive.” Amphitrite chided


Percy sighed.


“Just relax.” My mom didn’t sound relaxed.


Everybody chuckled.


“Aunt S is worried about Paul.” Thalia chuckled

Percy nodded.


“It’s only an orientation tour.”


“Anything can go wrong if it has to.” Annabeth said


“Especially with Percy.” Rachel laughed


Percy pouted at her.


And remember, dear, this is Paul’s school.


“Told ya.” Thalia grinned


So try not to…but he wouldn’t listen.


“That’s nice of him.” Hazel said


“To not listen?” Percy asked


Hazel laughed.


“No to get you in.”


Percy grinned sheepishly.


I looked at my mom…high-heeled shoes.


“Sally always looks good no matter what she’s wearing.” Annabeth said fondly


Percy beamed at her.


“I thought we should wait,” she admitted…It’s only one morning.”


The demigods winced.


“Jinx.” They chorused


“Great,” I mumbled…trying hard not to smile.


“Dammnn.” Travis stretched


“Even Percy’s mom ships you two.” Silena laughed


“Your mom’s too cool dude.” Lee said


Percy grinned though he was blushing from Silena’s comment.


“You’d better get inside, dear…jeans decorated with marker drawings.


Everybody looked at Rachel.


“Yep that’s me.” She grinned


“Quite an odd coincidence.” Will laughed


“I wanted to run all the way to Hoover dam when I saw her.” Percy admitted


Rachel laughed.


“I bet you did.”


I caught a glimpse of her face…Not even my luck could be this bad.


“Percy.” The demigods groaned


“Why do you keep jinxing yourself?” Jason asked exasperatedly.


“Hey it was a thought, I didn’t say it out loud.” Percy defended


“But something always goes wrong when you even think it.”


“Fair enough.”


Yeah, right. I was about to find out my luck could get a whole lot worse.


Everybody groaned.


Poseidon face-palmed.


“See.” The demigods chorused


Percy pouted.


Sneaking into orientation… I know what I’m talking about


Everybody laughed.


“We know all too well.” Annabeth said


“I know even better.” Percy said


Frank and Hazel nodded in agreement.

Annabeth raised an eyebrow.


Both girls had their names stitched in cursive on their uniforms, but with my dyslexia, the words looked like meaningless spaghetti.


“That’s so true.” Connor said


“That’s what I’m calling letters now.” Chris snickered


“Welcome to Goode,” the blond girl said…the scent of freshly washed horses.


“That’s weird.” Michael said


“Weird defines monsters.” Nico snorted.


Maybe she owned a horse…“What’s your name, fish?


Everybody blinked.


“Did she just call you fish?” Leo asked


Percy nodded.


“That is unsettling yet accurate as you know you’re Poseidon’s kid.” Castor said


“My exact thoughts.” Leo grinned


Percy laughed.


“I have to agree but it was very awkward.”


“Fish?”… “We’ve been waiting for you.”


Poseidon groaned.


Then another voice came from inside…like I’d just hit a flagpole


Everybody turned extremely serious.

“Ow,” she muttered…you’ve seen a ghost.”


“This was worse and I’ve seen ghosts. I’ve seen many of them.” Percy said


“Yeah, uh—”…The teachers know how to help.”


“Though that is not your concern, it’s still very nice of him. He’s a good person.” Hestia smiled


“Yeah, mom’s happy so I’m happy and I quite like Paul.” Percy grinned


Poseidon and Hestia smiled at him.


“Didn’t you guys threaten him?” Grover asked


Annabeth nodded.


“We told him he better not hurt Sally. Poor Paul.” Nico chuckled


“Yeah, he said he would never do that so we liked him immediately.” Thalia laughed


Percy grinned.


“He was a little freaked out that demigods with powers were threatening him but he knew he’d stay true to his word.”


I almost wanted to laugh…I had a bad feeling about them. . . .


“At least your instincts are on point.” Reyna nodded


Then I looked down the hall…Don’t notice me, I prayed.


“She’s going to notice you.” Katie said


“To be honest it was a good thing she did.” Percy smiled


“You’re welcome.” Rachel grinned


She noticed me…metal baseball bat


“Ooh poor cats but the music would have sounded awful.” Will said


“You have no idea.” Percy said


Older kids, probably student council…made me want to throw up.


“Those are kind of bad.” Zoe agreed


None of the other freshmen…what the brochure said.


“That sucks.” Beckendorf said


Everybody nodded.


The marching band…started talking


“Dad?” Jason and Thalia joked


Zeus chuckled.


“We’re going to wear the new clothes tomorrow.” He said


Jason, Thalia, Nico, Percy and Triton grinned.


But the sound echoed around the gym…my redheaded nightmare.


“How rude.” Rachel said, with mock offence


Percy grinned.


“Rachel Elizabeth Dare,” I said…remember her name.

“It was very shocking.” Rachel admitted


Percy smirked.


“And you’re Percy somebody…when you tried to kill me.”


Connor raised his hand.


“Percy Gotta-go.” He grinned


Everybody laughed.


“Look, I wasn’t…time to time, okay?)


Everybody chuckled and Annabeth shook her head.


“Hey I had never met such a mortal except my mother.” Percy defended


“We get it.” Will said


I always figured she lived…your typical chance meeting.


“Yeah it’s so typical. I mean chased by skeletons and you know running into a clear-sighted mortal. Eh such a normal day. Happens every time.” Nico said, nonchalantly


Everybody snickered.


“Percy, Thalia and Will’s sarcasm is rubbing off on him.” Pollux laughed


The three demigods grinned and winked.


Some guy behind us whispered…Kelli did a cartwheel.


Everybody scrunched their noses.


Next to me... cheerleaders in horror.


“You could see them even when they didn’t turn?” Annabeth asked


Rachel nodded.


Tammi didn’t seem to notice…wonder what was wrong


“Yeah, you’d have to answer and say that it was demon cheerleaders.” Rachel laughed


“He would have definitely run off then.” Percy chuckled


Then I thought about Rachel Elizabeth Dare…see through the Mist.”


“You’re going to confuse her.” Lee winced


“Confuse her more.” Rachel corrected


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“The what?”… What was I thinking?


“I wasn’t thinking anything.” Percy snickered


I could never explain…Minotaur and the Hydra?”


“Name names.” Castor said


“Yeah, just try not to say…“And the Sirens, and—”


All the demigods laughed.


“Yeah you want to attract monsters then just put Thalia, Rachel, Percy and Nico in one room.” Annabeth laughed


The four grinned sheepishly.


“Monster magnet gang.” Nico said


Everybody laughed harder.


“Okay!” I looked around the band hall, sure that Rachel was going to make a bunch of bloodthirsty nasties pop out of the walls; but we were still alone.


“They aren’t going to jump out just because you said their names.” Hades snorted


“Yeah well with my luck with meeting monsters, I wouldn’t be surprised.” Percy said


“Good point.”


Down the hallway…I couldn’t tell anybody.

“It’s like that for all clear-sighted mortals. They don’t understand anything unless they meet somebody from our world.” Poseidon sighed, thinking about Sally


“Yeah mom said she was extremely confused and freaked too but then you explained stuff to her.” Percy said


Poseidon nodded.


I couldn’t—”…“And half what?”


“Half god.” Percy confirmed


“Gee I didn’t realize after so many years.” Rachel said sarcastically


Percy grinned.


Just then Tammi and Kelli…Rachel gasped.


“It was so freaky.” Rachel shuddered


Tammi and Kelli were still wearing…hair swept over her shoulders . . .


“Enchantment.” Apollo breathed


“Percy,” Rachel warned…faint golden light.


“Thank you.” Poseidon said gratefully to Rachel


“Any time.” Rachel smiled

Tammi’s smile turned to a sneer….We feed on whom we choose!”


“And these are our friends, we kill the monsters who harm them.” Nico growled


“Not just monsters.” Reyna said


“Oh yeah.”


“We don’t give free passes but warnings sure.” Percy said, looking at Aphrodite and gave her the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture


Aphrodite gulped.


Nico fist-bumped Percy.


Then she began to change…but it was made of bronze.


Percy and Annabeth exchanged frightened glances. They shuddered. Percy closed his eyes.


Nico understood at once and squeezed Percy’s shoulder. Percy gave the younger boy a grateful look and Nico smiled.


“Empousai.” Hades said


“Uhh, a vampire with—”…with the pom-poms


“That’s bizarre but it’s not funny with the eyes and fangs.” Michael shuddered


But I couldn’t laugh…servants of Hecate.”

“Hecate’s fine now I think.” Nico said


“Hecate’s good now.” Hazel clarified


“Mmmm.” Tammi edged closer to me…just swatted that away, too.


Everybody cheered for Rachel.


Percy, Annabeth and Nico grinned at her, remembering the hairbrush incident.


“I don’t usually kill girls,” Tammi growled…dust all over Rachel.


Everybody winced.


“That’s disgusting.” Dakota said


Rachel coughed…band-room floor.


Percy and Annabeth’s eyes widened.


Nico gave Percy’s shoulder a squeeze again.


“Thanks Nick.” Percy said gratefully


“Don’t mention it.” He smiled


Poseidon watched this exchange in worry. Why were Percy and Annabeth so traumatized?


“I am senior empousa,” she growled…but it was really distracting


“Magic.” Silena said


“Poor dear.” Kelli chuckled…merciful to end your life now


“To shit with the demons.” Will spat


All the Greek demigods nodded.


Before you have to see that…“why did you throw that?”


“Oh no.” Triton said


I was too surprised to answer…instruments crashed to the floor.


“She destroyed instruments.” Lee said, shaking his head


“Stop it!” I said…“What have you done?”


“Oh shit.” Jason said


Kids screamed and ran down the hall…ran straight into Annabeth.


“She must have found it hilarious.” Thalia looked at Annabeth


“At first but then I told her about the monsters.” Percy said


“Hey, you’re out early!” She laughed…have a cool afternoon hanging out together.


“I wish we could’ve had that afternoon.” Percy said


“What about later?” Annabeth asked


“What about around 5?” Percy asked


Annabeth smiled and nodded.


Then Rachel Elizabeth Dare…“We should go.”


“She’s jealous.” Aphrodite said


Percy shot her a glare and Aphrodite kept quiet.


Ares glared at Percy.


Nico glared at Ares and Ares stopped.


Nico and Percy grinned at each other.


Thalia shook her head fondly at her cousins’ antics but still gave them a wink.


“I want to know more…Now get going.”


“I did owe you that much.” Percy said


Rachel smiled.


“You know if you hadn’t told her the truth then she would have been driven insane. I mean I can’t heal or cause madness, that’s dad’s thing but I can know if a person is going to go insane and so can Pollux.” Castor said


Percy nodded.


Dionysus beamed at his son.


“I’m glad you can tell that much.” Nico said


“I swear.” Percy said


Pollux and Castor smiled at them.


“Why though?” Poseidon asked


“We had to get you two checked up.” Percy said


“But—”…“She’s kind of cute.”


“Aww thanks Annie.” Rachel said


Annabeth stuck her tongue out at her.


“You’re so jealous.” Silena said


Annabeth blushed.


“Don’t worry about it. I’m all yours Wise girl.” Percy smiled


Annabeth blushed harder.


Thalia slapped Percy on the back of the head.


“Oww.” He whined


“Calm down loverboy.” She said


Percy grinned.


“Honestly I don’t think I’m the biggest loverboy here.”


“Sure sure, I meant in demigods.” Thalia rolled her eyes


“Nico and Will.” Percy shrugged


Nico and Will blushed.


“Fine all three of you.”


Percy grinned.


“I—I never thought about it”… laughing at me


“That’s scary.” Chris shuddered


Your pretty little camp in flames…Camp Half-Blood. Now.”


“It was a good thing you came.” Beckendorf said


Percy and Annabeth smiled at him.


“Done.” Nico said


“I’ll read.” Jason said


Nico gave him the book and Jason started.




Chapter Text

“Nico’s calling you?” Will asked quizzically


“Not Nico.” Percy said


Nothing caps off the perfect morning…punched her grandmother.


“You know if you go into the technicalities then my grandma is dead and my step grandma is Hera who I’m not going to say anything to due to the circumstances caused.” Annabeth said


Zeus nodded.


Percy and Nico winced.


All I managed to get out of her… twice since Christmas


“Were you okay?” Athena asked


“Mostly.” Annabeth said




“Just some cuts and bruises.”


But wouldn’t tell me why…Nico di Angelo (long story).


“What do you mean no word about me?” Nico asked


“We were looking for you and you know trying to learn about your whereabouts. Don’t feel bad about it.” Annabeth said


Nico did feel bad but as soon as Annabeth said not to he calmed down.


“Any word on Luke?” I asked…I knew she still liked him.


Annabeth sighed.


When we’d fought Luke on Mount Tamalpais…we call this a “problem.”


“It is a huge problem.” Hephaestus said


“We deal with problems everyday so we just refer to every battle as a minor problem but when we say problem we mean huge problem.” Leo clarified


The gods grimaced.


“Mount Tam is still overrun with monsters,” Annabeth said…the way she does when she’s worried


“Those goats.” Clarisse sighed


“Hey one of them came around.” Percy said


“You’ll see,” she said…Please eat me now!


The demigods snickered.


But I figured this call was important.


Poseidon nodded.


I left a message…Paul Blofis I was sorry.


“I guess that’s fairly okay.” Annabeth laughed.


We rode in silence after that…my friends imprisoned.


“I’m sorry Percy, I was already so confused and then maybe even the oracle powers could come into play and I would actually have gone insane.” Rachel said


“It’s no problem Rach. I get it.” Percy smiled


Rachel gave him one in return too.


And why had Kelli exploded into flames?


“Senior and experienced monsters can do that. They escape but don’t die.” Hermes said


Percy nodded.


I knew monsters never truly died…seething in the Underworld.


“Tartarus actually.” Persephone said


“Oh okay.” Percy said, not letting it slip that he actually knew that.


But still, monsters didn’t usually…decided not to argue.


Everybody chuckled.


“This reminds me of when you guys escaped Vegas.” Apollo laughed


Percy, Annabeth and Grover smiled at him.


Annabeth and I hiked to the crest…cross-eyed with pleasure.


“Yeah he does that.” Rachel laughed


“Hey, Peleus,” Annabeth said…waiting for something bad to happen.


“This guy’s instincts are on point.” Hermes said


“Why thank you.” Percy grinned


We walked down into the valley…weapons for Arts & Crafts


Hephaestus smiled at his children.


The Athena and Demeter teams were having a chariot race around the track.


“Who won?” Athena asked


“Does it really matter?” Rachel asked




The demigods face-palmed.


“It was a tie.” Annabeth said


And over at the canoe lake…A typical day at camp.


“That’s…typical?” Amphitrite asked


“Training really.” Percy shrugged


“I need to talk to Clarisse,” Annabeth said…“What for?”


Clarisse and Chris glared at Percy.


Clarisse from the Ares cabin…she was just great.


“Sarcasm.” Leo said in a sing-song voice


“We’ve been working…“Great talking with you, too.”


“It’s so annoying when nobody gives you complete answers.” Percy said exasperatedly






“I know right.”


“I mean a few people know and they still won’t tell us.” Thalia said


The demigods nodded.


As I made my way through camp…the camp’s SUV


Hermes and Chris high-fived the Stolls who were grinning.


Silena Beauregard, the head counselor for Aphrodite, waved at me from her pegasus as she flew past.


Silena and Percy smiled at each other. Silena didn’t have a problem with Percy and didn’t want ruin her friendship with him just because of what her mother did.


I looked for Grover…one thing I actually understand.


“Same here Prissy.” Clarisse said


Percy grinned.


I walked into the amphitheater…biggest hellhound I’d ever seen.


Beckendorf, Percy and Nico smiled.


I mean, I’ve seen some…when I was twelve


Poseidon grimaced.


But this hellhound was bigger…chewed the head off a combat dummy.


“Poor dummy.” Leo snickered.


It hadn’t noticed me yet…sword blocked my strike.


“Whoa.” The demigods jumped


“That was so sudden.” Thalia said


CLANG... attack with no problem.


“That guy’s good.” Jason said from behind the book.


“Yep.” Percy said


“Whoa there!” he said…“Mrs. O’Leary?”


“She’s awesome.” Percy smiled


Nico and Beckendorf nodded.


At the sound of her name…Get the Greek!”


“You know that command sounds a little wrong.” Castor said


Mrs. O’Leary bounded…disappeared under his collar.


Athena gasped.


“Mrs. O’Leary is my pet,”… That might have scared her.”


Everybody snickered.


“Killed her to be more precise.” Nico said


Percy looked sheepish.


“Who are you... “Quintus.”


“Fifth in Latin.” Reyna frowned


Percy nodded.

I shook his hand…Chiron while Mr. D is away.”


“I actually want to know where he got toys for her.” Beckendorf shook her head


Percy chuckled.


“Oh.” I tried not to stare…best news I’d had all day


Dionysus glared at Percy.


“It would’ve been better if he was there.” Percy said


“I swear in the battle especially.” Nico said


The Greek demigods looked down.


He was only our camp director…summer might actually be cool.


“It was very very far from cool.” Percy said


On the other hand…TRIPLE G RANCH


“I hate that place.” Percy, Nico, Tyson, Annabeth and Grover said




“Uh sure okay.” Piper said


“Yeah just how we order death. Excruciatingly painful.” Percy laughed


The demigods snickered.


“It was a joke.” Percy said to his father who looked at him in concern.


“What’s in the boxes?” I asked…You’ll love it.”


“I far from loved it.” Percy snorted


“Uh, okay,” I said…never seen an old demigod before.


“The truth behind it is depressing.” Piper said


The gods winced.


Quintus chuckled…“Percy, there you are!”


“Well I came just on time.” Chiron said dryly.


Percy grinned sheepishly.


He must’ve just come from…though he sounded sort of pleased.


Everybody looked at Chiron who blushed.


“Come, Percy…he apparently changed his mind.


“See that’s what I’m talking about.” Percy said


Leo nodded.


“First things first, Percy…“Except for Rachel.”


Rachel grinned at Percy. He still gave her credit for it.


Chiron nodded…it brought back bad memories.


Percy and Nico winced.


Chiron plunged into the woods…glade blanketed with wildflowers.


“Sounds beautiful.” Dakota said


The Greek campers smiled at him.


A bunch of satyrs were sitting…Council of Cloven Elders.


Clarisse groaned.


Grover seemed to be telling…I was taller than he was now.


Grover stuck his tongue out at Percy who grinned.


Standing off to one side…like she’d been working out


Clarisse smirked.


Ares gave her a high-five.


She glared at me and muttered…hello by trying to kill me.


“Good way to identify moods.” Chris chuckled


Annabeth had her arm around…“He’ll be fine, Juniper.”


Grover smiled.


Annabeth looked at me…She was a tree nymph—a dryad


Grover nodded.


Aphrodite cooed.


Grover glared at her. Percy had told him all about his night.


Aphrodite kept quiet.


“Whoo, who knew Grover can look scary.” Nico chuckled


The demigods chuckled fondly.


Grover winked at him.


“Master Underwood... handful of goat chow.


All the demigods laughed.


“Wow Prissy.” Clarisse snickered


Percy grinned.


I wasn’t sure why Grover…the wild god Pan speak.”


“But he did!” Hermes protested


“He did.” Percy said.


Hermes frowned.


“But I did!”


Hermes and Grover smiled at each other.


“Impudence!” said the elder…would speak to . . . to him.”


“He’s chosen by my son.” Hermes growled. The council was getting on his nerves.


“Thank you.” Grover smiled


Juniper looked like she wanted…they were working together.


“Both actually.” Percy chuckled


“For six months,”… “You have found nothing.”


“He will if you give him time, you impatient goats.” Clarisse grumbled


The demigods, Hermes and Dionysus nodded.


“But, Leneus—”…“One more week.”


“Chiron suggested one more week?” Percy asked


“No I suggested more time, the council decided on the limit.” Chiron sighed


Percy nodded.


“What? But, sir…Or tap dancing.”


“Finding Pan was his dream.” Thalia growled


“Let it be Thalis.” Grover smiled


“This meeting of the council…how hard you’ve tried!”


“I agree with her.” Annabeth said


The demigods nodded.


Grover gave them all a grateful look.


“There is another option,”… pieces all around the cabin.


“I feel bad for Aunt Sally.” Nico laughed


“Shut up Nico.” Percy pouted


Nico smirked at him.


I raced toward the commons area…daisies cover their roof


Demeter beamed at her kids.


“What about some cereal art?” she asked


Hades, Persephone and Nico groaned and face-palmed.


Katie bit back a groan and didn’t look at her mother. Her face showed her desire to groan too.


A few demigods snickered but Travis got her out of the mess.


“How does it matter? It should be beautiful and all’s good.”


Demeter tilted her head and nodded.


Katie mouthed her thanks.


Travis winked at her.


Which was totally unfair.


Katie smirked.


“Hey it is unfair.” Percy complained


“Nope, it’s skills.” Katie grinned


“Yeah you must get excited when it starts to rain.” Percy joked


The next second he found a cushion thrown at his face.


Nico and Thalia laughed.


Percy threw two cushions at them too.


Then there was a full blown two minute cushion war between the three cousins which ended when Percy accidentally threw a cushion which hit Zeus, Thalia threw a cushion which hit Hades and Nico threw a cushion which hit Poseidon.


The demigods and a couple of gods were laughing while the three demigods grinned sheepishly.


Zeus sighed and the other two gods chuckled.


I don’t think they ever got last place…still had a head start on me.


Hermes chuckled.

Over at the Aphrodite cabin…I would have to scrub tonight.


Aphrodite winked at Silena who gave her a forced smile. Then she stuck her tongue out at Percy who smirked.


The Poseidon cabin was at the end…good breeze blowing through it.


“It feels good.” Tyson grinned


“Yeah it does.” Percy grinned.


Poseidon smiled.


I dashed inside…it’ll wake you up quick.


Everybody chuckled.

Tyson gave Percy a sheepish grin.


I managed to survive his bear hug…Tyson clapped happily.


Tyson hugged Percy again.


Percy was squeezed but he had gotten used to it and tried hugging Tyson back with the same strength but it wasn’t possible.


Everybody chuckled fondly.


Yay!” he said…enthusiastic about everything.

Everybody in the throne room was smiling too. Tyson was a very sweet cyclops.


“But first,” I said…Demeter kids could whip up.


Triton whooped.


“Good job Tyson.” Poseidon smiled


“Brilliant.” Percy grinned


Tyson blushed from the praise.


Demeter and Katie pouted.


Nico snickered and nudge his father who asked him what happened. Nico pointed at Demeter’s face. Hades snickered.


“Tyson, the cabin looks…polished and gleaming.


Everybody clapped.


Tyson blushed again.


I looked at Tyson…I’ll remember that.”


“Correction: Tyson cleans up well.” Silena laughed


“True.” Percy grinned


She winked at me…Beckendorf was impressed.


“Wow Tyson, impressing Charlie is not easy.” Silena praised


Tyson grinned.


Percy and Poseidon looked proud of Tyson.


While he worked…raging all over the Atlantic.


Poseidon, Triton and Amphitrite sighed.


Hearing that made me feel…“We can make them go boom.”


“Yep.” Percy grinned


After the forges…it would crush him.


Grover sighed and gave a small smile to Percy.


“What’s this ‘other way’?”… my nose itchy.”


“Not anymore.” Tyson said


Grover smiled.


And that pretty much ended…won with a sword at your throat.


The demigods whistled.


“He is very good.” Jason said


“Yeah.” Percy said


“Good try,” he told me…like a quail or something.


Athena gasped again.


“What’s that on your neck?”… got ready for dinner.


“Yeah being sweaty and then dinner, not cool.” Leo said


Percy grinned.


I was feeling good…I was careful to step over it.


“That is a big fissure.” Hades looked at his son.


“Yeah, yeah it was.” Nico sighed


“But it’s not the worse I’ve done. Losing my temper with Percy and blaming him for nothing is very minor to what I did to a person.” Nico said


Reyna realized at once what he was talking about.


“It was creepy but it was fine Nico.” She said


Nico nodded.


“Big crack,” Tyson said…“The god of dead people.”


“Sure. That’s one way to describe me.” Hades said


Tyson grinned sheepishly.


“Sorry.” He said


“its fine.” Hades said


“Yeah.”… Tyson was pretty smart.


Percy smiled at Tyson.


He knew that the next child…easily apply to Nico.


“Luckily not.” Nico said


“Exactly,” I said….awake around midnight


“So yesterday was not the only time you fell asleep late.” Triton said


“I slept at 7:45 today and second I have stayed awake the whole night before.” Percy said


Triton looked worried.


“Hold up hold up, 7:45?” Silena asked


“No wonder you two looked dead today morning.” Piper said


“Eh. Sleep wasn’t important yesterday” Percy and Nico shrugged


Hades and Poseidon gave soft smiles.


“Sleep is important.” Will groaned


Nico grinned sheepishly at his boyfriend.


Staring at the bunk bed…tranquilized elephant.


Tyson grinned.


I didn’t know what to think…been living on the streets.


Nico and Leo winced.


“You’re very observant. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes annoying.” Nico said


Percy shrugged.


Hades felt guilty.


I waited for him to look at me…but I couldn’t see who was talking.


Nico grimaced.

Hades wondered which ghost it was.


“It’s important to be a kid sometimes.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


Nico stared across the river…“Is there? Speak.”


“Ghosts aren’t always good advisors. They have old grudges.” Hades warned


“I know that now.” Nico sighed


Something shimmered…“I’ve offered!”


Hades flinched and Nico cringed.


“Did you think that I would accept your soul and let you die?” Hades asked his son


“Rocky start.” Nico tried weakly


“Yeah well I won’t accept it ever.” Hades said


“Thanks.” Nico smiled


“Not yours,” the ghost said…You’re talking about murder.”


Hades sighed. At least his son wasn’t completely under the influence of the ghost.


“I’m talking about justice”… she would help me.”


“She would not agree.” Nico said


Hades nodded.


“I will help you,” the ghost promised…other kids suspended.


“I hate those kind of bullies.” Clarisse said


The demigods nodded.


“All of you have dealt with bullies?” Ares asked in concern


“Yes.” Beckendorf said


The gods frowned.


Nico turned from the fire…The connection was broken.


“How do you guys have so much drachma now?” Apollo asked


“Skills Lester.” Percy grinned


Apollo chuckled. He was getting quite used to the demigods calling him Lester and he really liked it.


I stood in the middle of the cabin…would come looking for me.


“You haven’t cheated death. Cheating death is that you should have died many years ago. Somebody who doesn’t follow the laws of death is who cheats death.” Hades explained


Percy nodded.


“Done.” Jason said


“I’ll read.” Triton said


Jason gave him the book.



Chapter Text

“Luke again?” Triton asked


“Nope. Training exercise.” Percy said


“What kind of training do you do?” Poseidon groaned


“Life or death training.” Percy shrugged


The next morning…This has happened before.”


Apollo beamed at Lee.


“Great job Lee.” He grinned


“Michael and the other archers helped.” Lee said


“Well I’m proud of all of you.” Apollo said to his three sons


They beamed.


“Aye,” Quintus said from the head table…We only had about eighty campers.


“What?” Hermes frowned


The demigods sighed. Chiron sighed.


Three years ago…Some had just disappeared.


The gods looked down.


“This is a good reason…Grover’s problem . . .”


Hades, Hermes and Dionysus gave Percy grateful looks. He had so much on his plate yet he asked for help in others’ problems.


Poseidon sighed. He couldn’t help his son out in these things but he was glad that his son was so selfless. Though he realized that last night but still…


There was so much to worry…slumped next to me.


Dionysus got bleary eyed as well.


Tyson shifted uncomfortably…why he asked that.


“Percy and the Percy fines.” Beckendorf sighed


Was it possible he knew something about the weird Iris-message I’d gotten?


“No, just making conversation.” Chiron smiled.


Percy nodded.


“I brought Grover over,” Chiron said…I mean right next to me.


“You definitely liked that.” Piper laughed


Percy blushed.


You’re not supposed…“But the rules . . .”


“Since when do you care about minor things called rules?” Will snorted


“Never.” Percy grinned


Everybody laughed.


She knew as well…but Mr. D wasn’t here.


“Dionysus wouldn’t do that, would he?” Athena asked warningly


Dionysus gulped and shook his head.


Chiron had already left…but he didn’t say anything.


“Dude that guy is chilled out.” Leo whistled


“Look,” Annabeth said…back in the old days?”


“Percy is a genius in myths.” Frank deadpanned


Percy grinned.


“Thanks Frank.”


Frank winked and smiled at him.


“Exactly,” Annabeth said…being in Los Angeles


The gods nodded.


“I get why you thought that but the Labyrinth is way too big to be under a building.” Clarisse said


I was feeling pretty…much less a single building.”


“It is very huge.” Apollo said


Jason and Piper nodded.


I thought about my dream…Underworld is way, way down.


“Yeah our friend way downstairs.” Nico snickered


Percy laughed.


Hades chuckled.


The Labyrinth is right under…He didn’t die.”


Chris winced but not enough for anybody but Clarisse to notice. She squeezed her hand in such a way that nobody except the demigods to see.


“Sometimes madness if a worse fate than death. Like if you’re badly affected.” Castor said


The demigods sighed.


“Madness is a crazy thing.” Percy said


Dionysus nodded.


“Oh, joy.” Grover’s lower lip quivered…rules to come sit next to me.


Annabeth and Percy blushed.


Aphrodite was about to react when Piper shot her mom a warning look.


“It was secret,” Annabeth agreed…driven completely insane.


Hermes choked on tears.


“You—y-you were driven i-i-i-nsane?” He choked out

Chris nodded.


Hermes gave his son a hug. Chris’ shirt felt a little wet and so did Hermes’.


The demigods smiled sadly.


Clarisse brought him back…back to health.


“Thank you.” Hermes said gratefully to Clarisse


“Any day.” Clarisse smiled


Chiron came out…What could’ve driven him mad?


“Nobody good.” Percy growled


“How that guy is related to justice…” Grover shook his head


I looked at Grover…expression turned a little dreamy


A few people chuckled at Annabeth.


“The builder, Daedalus…around with incredible speed.”


The Greek demigods shuddered, thinking how worse it could be.


“Except it’s a maze, right... mumbling about string.”


“Theseus didn’t deserve it.” Percy spat angrily


Triton nodded in agreement.


Poseidon looked at his children and sighed. Theseus didn’t deserve Ariadne’s help but he didn’t deserve to get lost in the Labyrinth either.


Dionysus blinked at Percy. Castor and Pollux smiled at him.


“So Luke is trying to find…She had some close calls.


Ares grimaced.


I researched everything…he’s been impossible to find.”


Hermes sat up.


“That’s a reasonable explanation.” He nodded


Grover shuddered…throw up my silverware.”


Grover sighed.


Dionysus felt a little sick.


“Grover, it may be…who were staring at her


“Good job Annie. Don’t listen to them.” Thalia smiled


“Perfect hunter type but I think Percy will murder us before Annabeth can say yes.” Reyna laughed


Percy grinned sheepishly.


Grover buried his head…Grover was terrified of the big guy.


Tyson looked at Grover.


“Not anymore Tyson.” Grover smiled


Tyson grinned.


“I have to leave”… finds cowards attractive.”


“You aren’t a coward, you have to face one of your biggest fears. You’d be a fool to not be scared of your biggest fear.” Hermes said


Grover smiled gratefully at him.


After he was gone…I smiled and fed him a handful.


Everybody laughed.


“Percy and Blackjack are too similar.” Silena chuckled


Blackjack and I went…up in the glue factory!


Everybody snickered.

“You may be right…we’ll stampede anybody for ya!


“See. A loyal and a loyal horse.” Silena smiled


Percy grinned.


I told him I’d keep…Blackjack for a long time.


“Why are your thoughts like that?” Triton groaned


“Instincts brother.” Percy grinned


That night after dinner…emptied into the woods.


“Creepy.” Apollo muttered


“Right,” Quintus said…look like a ghost.


“Sounds like a member of the underworld.” Nico laughed


Everybody snickered.


Mrs. O’Leary bounded…and stay alive.”


“That’s too serious.” Poseidon frowned


“Dad we have excellent healers.” Percy said gesturing to Will. “And when we get outside the borders t’s even more serious.”


Poseidon grimaced but was glad about the healers part.


Nico, Will and Apollo grinned at Percy.


The crowd started murmuring…looked pretty happy about.


Beckendorf and Silena blushed.


The Stoll brothers…They did everything together.


“Yeah we do.” Travis and Connor grinned and fist-bumped


Everybody chuckled.


Clarisse was with Lee Fletcher…a tough combo to beat.


Clarisse and Lee smirked.


Quintus kept rattling off…redid my straps for me.


“How is she so random?” Thalia laughed


Annabeth grinned.


“Grover Underwood,” Quintus said…nervously on his wooden club.


“Uh that’s kinda awkward.” Pollux muttered


“They’ll be fine,” Annabeth said…we’re going to stay alive.”


“Yep, important thing to worry about.” Triton said


It was still light…about as stealthy as water buffaloes.


Everybody snickered.


The Stolls turned red.


“I can barely see them anymore.” Percy groaned


Then they smirked.


“But it’s still so hard to steal from you.” Chris complained


“That’s called skills dear.” Percy grinned


Everybody laughed.


Once the Stolls had passed…bitter taste in my mouth.


Nico grimaced.


“I saw him last night,” I said…That’s not good.”


“Summoning the dead isn’t bad but who he summons is the main thing.” Hades said


“The ghost was giving…And they resent the living.”


“Some of them.” Hades said


“He’s going to come…several different directions


“Oh no.” Poseidon said


We were circling the boulders…“What are you doing here?”


Poseidon exhaled in relief.


“I live here”… We’re not busy,” Annabeth said.


Everybody snickered.


“Yeah absolutely not busy.” Thalia laughed


“What’s wrong…he was seeing another tree.”


“Never.” Grover said


Percy and Annabeth smiled at him.


“No,” Annabeth said…about his searcher’s license.”


Grover nodded.


“He can’t go underground”… each other’s moves.


Annabeth and Percy grinned at each other.


We could do this, easy…half the monsters come at us?”


Poseidon groaned.


I swallowed…nice juicy meal of demigods.


Poseidon and Triton shuddered.


“Look out!” Annabeth parried…keep that up for very long.


Poseidon’s face clouded with worry.


I took another step sideways…been there a moment before.


“What?” Hermes asked, his tilted to the right.


“One sec.” Percy said


I could see the scorpions…I was freaking out.


“I swear it is so hard to stay calm when you’re freaking out.” Nico said


“I know right.” Percy shook his head


The crack between the boulders…thing had happened to us.


“No, that fissure was an accidental entrance to the underworld. This is something else.” Nico said


“So, you just created an entrance to the underworld in anger?” Zeus asked


“Yeah.” Nico said


I lifted my sword again…endlessly in both directions.


“Shit.” Poseidon swore.


Annabeth’s hand slipped into mine…Ancient Greek Delta.


“You were in the labyrinth.” Athena said in a little horror.


The roof slid open…and then he sneezed.


A few people snickered at the Grover and Tyson incident.


Clarisse was wearing the gold laurels, but she didn’t even brag about winning them, which wasn’t like her.


“I changed after the Labyrinth Prissy.” Clarisse said quietly


“I know Clarisse.” Percy smiled


Chris gave his girlfriend a sympathetic shoulder squeeze.


“A hole?” she said suspiciously…but curfew is past!”


“There is practically a Labyrinth entrance and you say go to sleep?” Demeter asked Chiron


“I didn’t want to scare the younger campers.” He said


There was a lot of mumbling…heart of the camp.”


“That is bad. Really bad.” Hephaestus said


The demigods nodded and looked down.


“Done.” Triton said


“Hey it’s 4:20, the four of us have our dates at 5.” Nico said, gesturing to himself, Will, Percy and Annabeth


The other three nodded.


“Let’s take a break for now, then we can continue around seven, after dinner.” Hestia said


Everybody nodded and went outside.

Chapter Text

Percy and Nico wanted to walk with their parents so Annabeth and Will went with them. They all went outside and Thalia, Will and Annabeth sat with the sea gang and underworld gang.


First they ate quickly. Poseidon and Hades were thinking about the last day.

Then Thalia nudged Percy and Nico and pointed to the right. Percy and Nico looked and saw Aphrodite walking towards them. Percy’s hand went to his pocket but Nico put a hand in front of him to stop him.


“Let’s see what she has to say.” He muttered


Thalia and Percy nodded. Nobody noticed the exchange between the demigods.


Aphrodite reached their table.


“Hey Poseidon, Hades, Amphitrite and Persephone, the next session is on-“


She tried something but Nico and Percy had their thing going on.


Percy had pulled out Riptide and was twirling it in one hand and was making a small shark out of water in his other hand, acting completely casual.


Nico had pulled out his Stygian Iron sword and was tracing his hand across it and the shadows were bending at his feet. He was also acting completely casual.


Percy and Nico winked at each other and Thalia stifled her laughter.


“Hey Perce, that shark looks awesome. Though can you make a huge one out of a water body?” Nico asked


“Thanks, yeah I can do that. It looks awesome.” Percy grinned


“So it can hurt?”




“Dude between, I love your sword. I mean I like mine better but yours is awesome too.” Percy grinned.


“Yep Stygian Iron. Everybody hates it, I mean my enemies especially. Be that demigods, monsters, gods or any immortal.” Nico grinned


“The shadows look lit too.” Percy grinned


“Oh yeahh.” Nico smirked


“You know I can do more with shadows.” Nico grinned


“Oh I know.” Percy said


“Yeah also Jules Albert and skeletons.” Nico said


“Yeah Jules Albert!” Percy grinned


“Jules Albert!” Nico whooped


“Man you created such a huge crack. Freaked me out too.” Percy said


Nico smirked.


Aphrodite paled drastically. All the color left her face.


“Oh yeah Aphrodite was saying something.” Nico said


“Oh me? I-I wasn’t saying anything.” She said


“Okay then.” Percy grinned


Aphrodite went back and Percy and Nico exchanged fist-bumps.


Thalia, Will, Annabeth and Triton winked at the two demigods. Amphitrite grinned. Persephone blinked. Hazel smirked. Hades and Poseidon chuckled.


Suddenly Hazel nudged Nico. He looked at her quizzically. She pointed to her right too.


Nico looked in the direction and nudged Percy. Ares was walking towards them and he looked very angry.


Percy and Nico pulled out their weapons and Thalia’s hand went to her wrist and her bow appeared on her shoulder.


Ares marched up to Percy and Nico and snarled.


“How dare you?”


“How dare we what?” Percy asked


“Scare my girlfriend.” Ares growled


“Oh we dare.” Nico said


Everybody was looking at them now.


“All she made them do was a simple trust exercise. How does it matter? I mean it’s just a couple of nightmares and memories. It isn’t important and they are acting too weak either way.” Ares snarled

Poseidon and Hades looked down and a tear slid down their faces. The demigods sucked in a breath as the two demigods froze, looking at their parents.


The second Ares said that, he was pinned to the wall with a Stygian Iron sword at his throat and Riptide near his stomach. Percy had pinned Ares’ hand with his.


“Thalia.” Nico called.


Thalia ran and activated Aegis.


Ares snarled.


“You know Clarisse and Frank deserved better and to think you were changing.” Percy said


“Yeah you’re right.” Nico said


 “We should give him a good experience of trauma and see what it leads to.” Nico said


“Maybe just buying a good jar. I mean we have to be better than the insensitive people.” Percy said


“Yeahh Absolutely.” Nico said


“Maybe we could make that jar follow him.” Thalia said, angry on her cousins’ behalf


“Why are you here?” Ares asked, swallowing his fear


“Percy and Nico are my cousins.” She growled


“You see unlike you Ares, we care about family.” Percy said


“Hey Perce, Christmas has passed, maybe a jar for New Year’s.” Nico said


“Yea-ah absolutely.” Percy said


Nico pushed the point of his sword a little deeper but was still acting all casual without showing his anger and seriousness though everybody guessed it as he and Percy were trembling a little from fury.


“Maybe the Hermes gang is up for some pranks eh punk?” Percy laughed


Travis flashed Percy a thumbs up.


“Man I love the punk part.” Nico laughed


“Yeah maybe a shock can fix Ares’ feelings.” Thalia laughed


“And his brain. You know to get the logic of right and wrong.” Nico snickered


The three demigods laughed.


“You know Hephaestus deserves somebody much better than Aphrodite. I mean Ares and her are the best match, being so insensitive and all.” Thalia said


“I know right.” The other two demigods said


“Dude you I know I think it’s time for some sarcasm.” Nico said


“Persassy is right here.” Thalia laughed


Percy smirked.


“Sure why not?” he laughed


“I am so glad Ares is so sensitive. I mean I have never seen somebody so sensitive who goes around insulting people. I have no idea why nobody like him. Like he is always so calm and considerate that I don’t know what to say. He is so one of my favourite gods.” Percy said


“You know, same here.” Thalia and Nico laughed


Nico pushed the sword point a little deeper but was careful to not draw blood.


“Now let’s get serious.” Percy said, his eyes darkening, looking like hurricanes.


A fire lit Nico’s eyes.


“Absolutely.” He said


“If you say what you said again then you will have to deal with us. We aren’t going to be this nice if this happens again. You better pray to whomever you do that you don’t have to deal with that side of ours. The anger inside us isn’t dead, it’s just asleep. You say what you want about us but never eyen step a millimeter close to saying anything about our family. I’ll be a great person to warn you to not wake the anger up.” Nico snarled murderously


Percy did the same.


I was scary enough to make Ares and Aphrodite’s blood run cold. The temperature which had dropped when Percy and Nico started returned to normal. All the color drained out of Ares’ face.


Chiron felt the need to intervene as Percy and Nico didn’t look ready to let Ares go and the god looked ready to pass out. The two demigods looked like the mini versions of their parents when they were angry.


“Children.” He said


Percy looked at him, all the anger vanishing.


“Please let him go now.” Chiron said


Nico removed his sword from Ares’ throat but Ares was still unable to move because of Percy who growled at Ares’ face and let him go. Thalia deactivated Aegis.


“Thanks Thals.” Percy said


“No prob.” She replied


The gods except Hades and Poseidon looked at Percy and Nico. Ares walked. Correction: ran to his quarters.


Thalia, Nico and Percy exchanged fist-bumps and mimicked explosions.


Then Nico and Percy saw their respective parents looking down. They froze, their smirks vanishing.


Thalia nodded and went to the table. Percy and Nico rushed there too.


“That was awesome.” Triton grinned


“Thanks.” Nico said distractedly


“Hey you guys okay?” Percy asked Poseidon and Hades


“Yeah, yeah we’re fine.” Hades said, quickly blinking away his tears before looking at the demigods


“Yeah absolutely.” Poseidon said, doing the same as Hades.


Percy and Nico frowned at each other.


“Did-did we scare you?” Nico asked Triton


“No.” he said


Percy and Nico’s frowns deepened when they looked at each other as they listened to Triton’s reply. If they didn’t scare them then what was the problem? Then a realization struck them and a look of horror and pain crossed their faces. Maybe the old memories were troubling them. The same thing had happened to them and Annabeth after Tartarus.


They didn’t want to say anything out loud so they had a conversation with weird eye, head and hand expressions which nobody except those two understood.


Finally Percy sighed and gave Nico a thumbs up.


“What just happened?” Triton asked


“Their secret language.” Thalia snorted


“Nobody other than those two understand it.” Will laughed


Percy and Nico smirked. Triton raised an eyebrow.


“Hey dad your food’s left.” Percy said


Poseidon looked down at his plate and chuckled. He continued eating.


“Hey lets’ go.” Will said


Nico, Percy and Annabeth nodded. Nico and Percy patted their parents on the back, shot Aphrodite a deadly glare that made her shiver and went with their partners.


“What are you guys going to do?” Annabeth asked Will


“Picnic in the garden.” Will and Nico grinned


“What about you?” Will asked


“Similar. Picnic by the beach.” Annabeth and Percy smiled


“So see you in half an hour?” Will asked Percy


Percy and Annabeth nodded.


Nico and Will held each other’s hand and went to the garden.


Percy and Annabeth held each other’s hand and went to the beach.


Percy and Annabeth reached the dining hall by 5:30 and Nico and Will reached by 5:45.


They went back to their table.


“So what did you guys do?” Percy asked


“Swam.” Triton said

“But me and Percy were at the beach.” Annabeth said


“Dad’s quarters had a pool.” Triton grinned


“No way.” Percy grinned


“Yes way.” Triton smirked




“We have a bar with every single drink in the world.” Nico grinned


“Lit.” Percy grinned


“Why don’t you six, Thalia and Jason come over?” Nico asked Poseidon, Percy, Triton, Annabeth, Will and Tyson


They all nodded and grinned. Jason flashed Nico a thumbs up from his table.


“When?” Annabeth asked


“1st Jan.” Nico said




“We can have a pool party too at our place for everybody.” Percy grinned


“Done.” The demigods and gods chorused


“Without Ares and Aphrodite though, they can go on a date.” Percy snickered

Nico and Thalia laughed.


Triton chuckled and so did Will and Annabeth.


“Hey Will, will you go to the New Year’s dance with me?” Nico asked


Will blushed and nodded immediately.


Nico pressed a kiss to his forehead


“Will you go with me?” Percy asked Annabeth


Annabeth blushed.


“Of course Seaweed Brain.” She grinned.


Percy kissed her cheek.


Suddenly the dining hall was filled with everybody asking their partners, friends, cousins and relatives.


The demigods were super excited though Percy and Nico were worried about Poseidon and Hades.


“We’ll start the decoration tomorrow.” Katie said


All the demigods cheered and the gods chuckled and clapped.


“Let’s continue reading now.” Hestia smiled


Everybody nodded.


Ares and Aphrodite sat on a couch which nobody wanted to sit on.


“I’ll read.” Artemis said, picking up the book.






Chapter Text

“Didn’t she already do that?” Hermes asked


“Yes but this was a serious one.” Annabeth said


Chiron had insisted…Sleep tight!


Everybody snickered.


“That’s so true but he doesn’t want to stress us out in the night. Not knowing is better than knowing the whole thing at times.” Nico said


The demigods nodded.


Chiron smiled at Nico.


It was hard to fall asleep, but when I finally did, I dreamed of a prison.


Poseidon fell asleep.


I saw a boy in a Greek tunic…other things I didn’t recognize.


“I bet Leo and Beckendorf could’ve identified them.” Nico laughed


Beckendorf and Leo grinned.


The boy huddled in the corner…along with the boxes.


“That’s horrible.” Pollux gasped


Percy nodded gravely.


Then the double oak doors…His lips were bloody


The demigods looked horrified.


“What happened to him?” Piper asked


“It might come up in the book.” Artemis said


The boy took…“I’ll kill you!”


“That kid’s got guts.” Clarisse said approvingly


“If somebody had done that to my dad, they would have been dead by now.” Percy growled


The demigods nodded.


The guards moved aside…daughter against me.”


“Minos.” Hades breathed


“I hate him.” Nico muttered.


“You did that yourself…young boy cried, “Stop!”


The demigods winced, feeling bad for the old man and the boy.


“You love your maze so much”… it will be on him!”


“That’s pure cruel.” Apollo said


Everybody nodded.


The king swept out of the room…with his bloody mouth.


“It does sound creepy.” Rachel said


“Take heart, my son”… woke in a cold sweat.


Poseidon shot up in cold sweat.


“I think anybody would wake up in such a condition. This was a pretty cruel nightmare.” Travis shuddered


I was still feeling shaky…squeaky pink rubber yak.


Everybody chuckled.


Chiron and Quintus stood at the front…hundred-eyed security chief.


“If Argus is there then it is very serious.” Hera said


Chiron nodded.


That’s how I knew it…whole body turned bloodshot.


“That sounds weird.” Piper shuddered


“Very amusing but also a little weird.” Percy nodded


“Luke must have known…“She has good taste,” Grover said


“If she’s with Grover then she has good taste.” Thalia smiled


Grover grinned at her.


“I wouldn’t have paid any attention…about good taste.


Everybody snickered.


“Interesting.” Quintus polished…Yes. I understand.”


Chris grimaced and Hermes flinched.


“The one in the what?” I asked.


Clarisse glared at Percy.


Clarisse glared at me.


“Some things never change.” Annabeth chuckled


Percy grinned.


“The point is, Luke has been looking…Then . . . to Olympus.”


Everybody in the room shuddered.


The campers grimaced, they lost many friends in the labyrinth battle.


The arena was silent…He might still be down there.”


“Not at that point of time.” Rachel muttered


I thought about the old man…much less three thousand years.


A few snickers.


“We need to go in,” Annabeth announced…“I’ll get the dynamite!”


Everybody laughed.


“We have dynamite?” Travis asked with a glint in his eyes.


“Yes but not to whatever you two are planning.” Chiron said


“Come on Chiron.” Connor pouted




“It’s not so easy, stupid,” Clarisse growled…entrance just shifted a few feet.


Everybody snickered.


“For some reason I can picture that very well.” Leo laughed


Clarisse scowled and glared at him.


The best we can do is prevent Luke…waiting with our bows.”


“That’s good but you will require more.” Apollo said


“We will certainly…strength to defeat them.”


“That’s not good. If Chiron is saying that then… He normally tries to be positive.” Hermes grimaced


Chiron sighed. Those were difficult times to be positive about.


Nobody looked real happy…Annabeth and me like a tennis match.


Everybody laughed.


“Their banter is extremely fun to watch. Don’t forget the popcorn.” Beckendorf laughed


Percy and Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


Mrs. O’Leary’s squeaky yak went EEK! as she ripped off its pink rubber head.


“That’s oddly disturbing.” Will said


Nico nodded in agreement.


Chiron cleared his throat…Clarisse, chicken?”


“That was so unnecessary.” Travis groaned


Clarisse nodded.


“Sorry Clarisse, I shouldn’t have said that.” He said


“It’d fine.” Clarisse said


Hermes was upset about what the book Travis said but this Travis seemed to be genuinely sorry so he was proud of him for apologizing,


Clarisse got to her feet…anyone else noticed.


“I didn’t.” Beckendorf said


“Nobody did, you’re the only one.” Annabeth said


Percy nodded in understanding.


“Very well.” Chiron turned…discuss what to do next.”


“One piece?” Apollo asked with a raised eyebrow


“I meant sane.” Chiron said


Waiting for Annabeth was harder…I still had nightmares about that.


“That was seriously creepy.” Thalia shuddered


I’d never felt threatened…real they died of fear.


“Well then I’m really very glad it’s Rachel now.” Jason said


Everybody nodded.


Rachel grinned.


I paced the arena…put those in your shopping cart.


“I’m pretty sure no but I think he made them.” Nico said


“Quite possible.” Percy said


Chiron was deep in conversation…Tyson had made out of armor scraps.


“That is so cool Tyson.” Leo grinned


“Thank you Leo.” Tyson grinned


I gave up on pacing…Suddenly he was just there


Percy and Chiron sighed.


“Weird.” Dakota said


You have to tell Grover…but Mr. D was still away.


“Aw you’re missing dad?” Castor teased


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“I was used to seeing him there.” He said


I walked down the hallway…dirty black T-shirt.


“JACKSON!” Clarisse roared.


She marched towards him.


“Clarisse please sit down.” Chiron said


“Not this time Chiron.” She said


“Maybe we could go outside.” Percy suggested


Clarisse grabbed Percy and took him outside. Chris followed her not wanting to hear about this.


His hair was greasy and matted…What had happened to Chris in there?




Hermes was crying in his hands.


Everybody had looks of horror on their faces.


“That-that is awful.” Thalia choked out


“Worse than awful.” Pollux said


“Poor Chris. Nobody should go through that.” Connor sobbed


Then the doors of the throne room opened. Percy was walking in and he had a bruise on his face so everybody figured Clarisse had succeeded in getting one hit.


“I deserved that. Sorry Clarisse.” Percy said


Clarisse nodded.


“Apology accepted.” She said


“What about you Chris?” Percy asked him


“I forgive you too but next time please be careful.” He said


Percy nodded.


“I’ll try.”


Hermes and his kids engulfed Chris in a huge hug.


Artemis continued after five minutes.


I heard a creak from above…quest to find Daedalus’s workshop.”


Athena gave a small smile.


“It was both and determination I think.” Annabeth said


Thalia gave Annabeth a sympathetic smile.


Nobody cheered…that weird maze again.


“At least not alone.” Percy promised


Annabeth smiled at him.


Chiron scraped a hoof…the lost one raise.”


“Lost one meaning Pan.” Hermes brightened slightly.


Grover perked up…only child of Athena, right?”


Annabeth smiled at Silena who returned it.


“But who’s this ghost king?” Beckendorf asked.


Nico grinned and winked.


Everybody chuckled.


No one answered…does not sound complete.”


“There is something missing.” Apollo said


Annabeth looked down sadly.


Apollo decided not to press her.


Annabeth hesitated…something she heard.


“Yeah that wasn’t a good lie.” Travis shook his head


Annabeth shifted on her bench…I didn’t even hesitate. “I’m in.”


Annabeth smiled at Percy who grinned.


She smiled for the first time…recyclables for snacks!”


Everybody smiled.


“And Tyson,” Annabeth said…who was dozing in the corner.


Everybody chuckled and laughed.


“Wait, Annabeth,” Chiron said…“Chiron, it’s important.”


“So that’s the rule she broke.” Apollo said


“Yeah.” Percy nodded


“That’s quite an important rule to break.” Poseidon said worriedly


“It worked out.” Percy said


“I know, you’re alive right now but in general.” Poseidon chuckled


Percy grinned sheepishly.


I didn’t know why she was so certain…Only three came back.


Nico and Hades winced.


Think on that….sons of Kronos.


Zeus, Poseidon and Hades smirked.


It is a good strong number…I saw real concern in his eyes


“He was concerned but…” Percy trailed off, not wanting to give spoilers


Annabeth nodded.


“I don’t like the idea of you…enter aren’t that lucky.”


Athena nodded grimly.


He handed me…I almost dropped it


“Stygian iron.” Nico said


“A whistle?” I asked…so you can only use it once.”


Hades nodded.


“I wonder how he got it though.” Hades said


“Maybe through the Labyrinth.” Percy suggested


“Quite possible but still odd.”


I thought about Luke…So concerned.


“Yes, you don’t want to trust him too much.” Zoe said


Percy nodded.


And Mrs. O’Leary liked him…I’d trusted Luke once.


“It sucks when somebody betrays your trust.” Michael said


Everybody nodded.


“Thanks,” I told Quintus…I walked closer.


Athena had a small smirk.


“Hello?” I called inside…didn’t matter very much.


Will groaned.


“It does matter.” He said wearily


Most of the room was filled…plates glinting in the sun.


Athena smirked.


Annabeth stood in the back…Didn’t hear you.”


A few chuckles.


“You okay?”… Annabeth knew that already.


“Yeah, I did but how much I didn’t know.” Annabeth said


Percy nodded.


Clarisse and Chris shuddered.


“We’ll figure it out,” I promised…We wouldn’t miss it.”


“Never.” Tyson, Percy and Grover said


Annabeth gave the three of them smiles.


“But . . .” She stopped herself…smelled like lemon soap


Silena cooed.


“You’re crushing Percy.” She grinned


Percy blushed.


Everybody chuckled.


She was shivering…His face was bright red.


‘Oh I can just imagine how awkward it would be for him.” Jason laughed


Annabeth and Percy blushed.


“Um, sorry,” he said…Malcolm stared at me. “Okay.”


Everybody snickered.


“Tell Chiron I’ll be right there”… “You’d better go, Percy.”


“Correct.” Apollo said


Get ready for the quest…back from this quest alive.


“Done.” Artemis said


“Let’s continue tomorrow as the quest starts then.” Chiron suggested


Everybody agreed and walked to their quarters after saying good night.



Chapter Text

Nico, Percy, Thalia and Jason walked together as their quarters were very close by.


“Hey you guys planning to sing for New Years?” Percy asked


“Yep, we’re going with thunder.” Jason smiled, gesturing to him and Thalia


“The hunters are also singing roar.” Thalia grinned


“Me and Will are planning on singing One Thing Right and I’m singing someone you loved as well.” Nico said


“Nicee.” Percy grinned


“What about you?” Jason asked


“I’m singing Riptide. I’m also singing Stand by you for Annabeth.” Percy grinned


“Awesome.” Thalia smiled


“Hey Perce want to do a duet?” Nico asked


“Which song?” Percy asked


“Before you go, you know.” Nico said, clearing his throat


Percy nodded and gave a thumbs up.


“Hey what about Rockabye for Aunt Sally and maybe even Leto and Rhea?” Thalia asked


“Absolutely.” Percy said at once


“Lit.” Jason said


“I’m so in.” Nico grinned


“So I’ll inform Katie. Demeter’s quarters are right next to ours.” Thalia said


Percy and Nico nodded.

“We’ll buy our dresses and suits tomorrow.” Jason said


The three demigods nodded.


“Good night Kelp head and Death Breath.” Thalia grinned


“Good night Pikachu.” Percy grinned


Nico burst out laughing.


“P-Pikachu?” Thalia sputtered


Jason snickered.


“Good night Squirtle.” Thalia grinned


Percy’s grin fell off his face.


Nico roared with laughter.


Thalia winked at Percy and Jason and the three of them said-


“Shut up Duskull.”


Nico stopped at once.


The three demigods roared with laughter.


Hades, Poseidon and Zeus chuckled.


Amphitrite and Triton grinned.


Percy winked at his cousins.


The demigods raced up to their parents.


“Come on Raichu.” Thalia and Jason said to Zeus who blinked.


Hades and Poseidon snickered.


“Let’s go Blastoise.” Percy grinned


Triton burst out laughing. Amphitrite smiled.


Poseidon chuckled.


“Yeah Dusclops.” Nico grinned


Hades blinked too.


Hazel snickered.


Everybody went to their quarters. Nico and Percy nodded to each other and came to meet in the center.


“What time till you check?” Percy asked


“Eleven.” Nico said


“Same.” Percy said


“Good night for now man.” Nico said


“Good night Duskull.” Percy grinned and ran off


Nico shook his head and went to his quarters.


Everybody changed in their quarters and wore some pajamas and random t-shirts. The kids reminded their parents that they were going to wear their new clothes the next day.


Nico jumped on the couch and put on his headphones.


“Nico are you sleeping right now?” Hazel asked


“I’m not really sleepy so I’m going to listen to music for some time.” Nico said


“But you didn’t sleep last night.”


“Surprising right? But I think the coffee is acting up.” Nico grinned, though half of it was a lie.


“Persephone why don’t you sleep in my room today.” Nico said


“Why?” she asked suspiciously


“Calm down, I haven’t kept anything there except a bed and bathroom.” Nico rolled his eyes.


“Why do you want me to sleep in your room?”

“Simply, I’ll probably go over to Will’s in the night and when I do, I wouldn’t want to wake anybody up.” Nico shrugged, lying again


Persephone blinked and nodded.


She went to Nico’s room and he activated the sound proof lock on all the doors.


Nico lay down on the couch looking at the roof, listening to songs.


“Hello Nico.” Hades said


“Hey dad.”


“You aren’t sleeping right now?”


“I think the coffee is acting up.” Nico said


Hades tilted his head and nodded. He went and lay down on the bed.


“Good night Nico.”


“Good night dad.”



Percy changed into his shorts and t-shirt.


“Percy why don’t you wear full pants? Its cold today.” Triton said


Tyson nodded.


Percy nodded and went and changed into blue pants.


He made himself some popcorn and plopped down on the couch.


“You aren’t sleeping?” Poseidon asked


“I’m hungry and I think the coffee is acting up.” Percy said


Poseidon nodded.


Triton and Tyson had gone to sleep in their rooms.


“Hey Amphitrite can you sleep in my room today?” Percy asked


“Why though?” She asked


“I’m not sleepy so I’m probably going to put on some video on my phone. Dad has a deep sleep but it might wake you up.” Percy lied


Amphitrite nodded and went to Percy’s room.


Percy activated the sound proof device for all rooms too.



*Time break*


It was 10pm.


Nico and Percy were still awake. If they were right about nightmares and trauma then Hades and Poseidon would most probably have nightmares and they were right.


Around 10:30 Poseidon had a nightmare.


He started thrashing in his sleep, covered in cold sweat and his eyes streaming with tears.

Percy shot up from the couch and removed his headphones. He ran to the bed and sat on one knee on the floor.


“I don’t want to die. No.” Poseidon thrashed and screamed


Percy froze for a split second before he ran around looking for his guitar.


He found one and he tried to tell his dad its okay and tried to play the guitar but it didn’t have an effect.


Percy decided to wake his dad up as nothing else was working.


“Dad. Dad.” He shook his father.


Poseidon woke up but his eyes for glossy and he was still shaking which meant he was still in his nightmare.


“Dad it’s okay. It’s me Percy Jackson.” Percy said gently


No positive change. Apparently the nightmare got worse.


Poseidon thrashed worse with more sweat and tears.


“Dad please its okay. You’re not there.” Percy tried


It didn’t work. Percy wasn’t able to figure anything out and then he pulled his father into a hug. A nice warm hug. Poseidon was shaking.

Once Percy pulled back, Poseidon’s eyes were still glossy but he had stopped thrashing, sweating and only a few tears were streaking down his face.


Percy helped his father lie down as he was still dreaming. Percy checked his fever which had shot up drastically. Percy grabbed a cold pack and put it on his father’s forehead then squeezed his hand. Percy was shaking and had tears on his face as well.


Then he didn’t what overcome him, he got super mad at Aphrodite. He grabbed a cold pack and threw it on the wall.


“Stupid methods.” He growled and then went back to his father’s side, still blurry eyed.



Nico had a similar experience around 11pm.


Hades had started thrashing and shaking in his sleep.


Nico rushed to his dad and got on one knee too.


“Please don’t hurt me” Hades whimpered


Nico wanted to break down there but he kept it together.


“Dad its okay, you’re not there.” Nico said


Hades still thrashed and whimpered.


He tried the other methods of calming him down but nothing worked.


He also decided to wake up Hades. He shook his dad.


Hades woke up but he was still dreaming, his eyes were far away. Nico noticed it. Then Hades let out a scream which was worse than anything in the Fields of Punishment.


Nico’s blood ran cold. He pulled his dad into a hug as well. He felt his t-shirt getting soaked. When he pulled back, Hades was still dreaming but the worst of it had seemed to pass though tears were still streaking down his face.


He put his dad back to sleep and checked his fever. It had shot up very much. Nico grabbed a cold pack and put it on Hades’ forehead.


Once Hades turned, Nico removed the cold pack. Hades was still shaking so Nico decided to use the methods they used on the younger campers. He sang a song and patted his father’s head. It seemed to work. Nico’s tears were streaming down his face as well.


“Hey Nico.” Percy came into his quarters.


“Hey Perce.” Nico said, then he noticed his cousins’ face.


“Nightmare?” he asked


Percy nodded.


“You too?” Percy asked


Nico nodded.


“It was the worst one yet.” Nico choked


“Same here.” Percy said, tears streaming down his face.


“You got coffee?” Percy asked

“Are you out?” Nico asked


Percy nodded.


Nico got up and gave Percy some coffee.


“I’m almost out too.” Nico said


“We better eat something.” Percy said quietly


Nico nodded.


“I have some popcorn.” Percy said


He went to his quarters and got some for Nico and kept some for himself.


“I got to go.” Percy said


Nico nodded.


“See you in the morning.” Nico said


Percy nodded and went to his quarters.



Hades and Poseidon had a couple of more nightmares which were worse than the other day. It broke Percy and Nico’s hearts to see their parents like this but they managed to control the nightmares.


Poseidon and Hades were shivering and trembling so Percy and Nico kept their blankets on them as well as their hoodie/jacket.


Hades, Poseidon, Amphitrite, Persephone, Hazel, Triton and Tyson found Percy and Nico shaking in the morning.

Chapter Text

Poseidon and Hades had two blankets and a jacket/hoodie on them. Hades had an aviator jacket and Poseidon had a blue hoodie. Their children were on one knee on the floor with one of their hands holding Poseidon’s or Hades’. Their hair was a mess and they had tears on their faces. Their t-shirts looked a little wet.



“It’s okay please.” Percy sobbed in his sleep.


“Percy. Percy.’ Triton shook his brother awake.


Percy woke up. He looked at Triton and sighed.


“Whoa, what’s up with you?” Triton asked


“What do you mean?” Percy asked


“You look like you… like you didn’t sleep all night.” Triton said


Percy shuffled uncomfortably.


“Did you?” Triton asked


“I slept for ten minutes.” Percy said


“What the heck? Ten minutes? When?” Triton asked worriedly


“Yeah, I slept like ten minutes ago.” Percy said


“And you had a nightmare in that time?”




“What did you eat?”


“Popcorn and coffee.” Percy said


“Where’s dad?” Percy asked suddenly.


“Shit.” Percy swore



“Dad’s fine Perce. He’s looking at you like from behind you.” Triton chuckled


Percy looked behind. Poseidon was smiling though he held worry in his eyes.


“Dad! Shit are you okay.” Percy asked jumping on his dad


“I’m better Perce.” Poseidon said


“Why is there a cold pack on the floor?” Tyson asked


“It looks torn.” Amphitrite said


“Oh I might have thrown it in anger of Aphrodite.” Percy said sheepishly


“Might?” Triton asked


“I did.” Percy said


“I just want to sum this all up one second.” Triton said


“Go ahead.” Percy said


“So you basically slept for 1 hour 25 minutes including day before yesterday’s afternoon nap. You have not had a proper dinner and you have not been eating to your full capacity since day before yesterday. You’ve had only coffee, popcorn and energy drinks in the nights. Did I get that all right?” Triton asked


“Uhhh yeah.” Percy said


Triton threw his hands up in the air.


Poseidon grimaced.


“Is it absolutely correct?” Poseidon asked


“Yeah.” Percy said


“Sor-“ Poseidon started


“No way, don’t you dare apologize. It was my wish and my will. Remember my note.” Percy said sternly


Poseidon swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Yeah I’m going to go meet Nico.” Percy said and ran out of the quarters.



A similar situation occurred in the Hades quarters.


Nico had tears streaming down his face in the morning. Hazel woke him up.


“Nico wake up.” She said gently


Nico woke up.


“What were you dreaming about?” she asked


“Dad.” He muttered


Hazel nodded. Then Hazel actually looked at Nico.


His hair was a mess, his eyes were very bloodshot. It looked like he’d been crying for the whole night. He was shaking and was only wearing a half sleeve t-shirt with pants as his jacket and blanket was on Hades in the night. His t-shirt looked a little wet.


“Tell me you slept last night.” Hazel said


“If today morning counts too then I slept for ten minutes.” Nico said


Hazel looked at him.


“Food?” she asked


“Popcorn and coffee.”


Hazel buried her face in her hands.


“So let me get this straight, you slept for one hour 20 minutes in 48 hours. You haven’t eaten very well either.” She said


“Yeah pretty much.” Nico said


“Hold up, where’s dad. I’ve got to stop falling asleep.” Nico said


“You barely slept!” Hazel exclaimed


“Where is he though?” Nico asked


“Right there.” Hazel said, pointing to a corner


Nico squinted to see Hades and then spotted his dad blending into the shadows with the demigod power he had.


Nico ran forward but tripped a little due to weakness so Hazel helped him.

“Thanks Hazel.” He smiled


Hazel gave him a smile.


Nico ran forward and engulfed his father in a bear hug.


Hades hugged him back.


“How do you feel dad?” Nico asked


“Better.” Hades smiled though he was worried


“You didn’t sleep last night either?” he asked


“Uh... no.” Nico said


“I’m sor-“ Hades started


“Don’t.” Nico stopped him.


“Don’t apologize. It was my wish to stay up and it was my decision. I want to be there when you’re hurt. Remember the note I gave you.” Nico said


Hades swallowed a lump in his throat and hugged his son who hugged him back.


Thalia and Percy walked into Nico’s quarters.


“Hey uncle how do you feel?” Percy asked


“Better.” Hades smiled


Percy sighed.


“Did you two not sleep last night either? I mean you look dead.” Thalia asked in worry


“No.” Hazel said


“Food?” she asked


“No.” Hazel said again.


“Did you guys cry all night? You better answer this time.” Thalia said


“Yes.” Percy and Nico muttered


Thalia hugged her cousins.


Hades looked at Hazel.


Will and Annabeth walked in just then.


“Let me guess, these two didn’t sleep or eat and they were crying.” Annabeth sighed


Thalia nodded.


Annabeth hugged Percy and Will hugged Nico.


“Which reminds me you guys look awesome.” Annabeth told Hades and Poseidon who had just walked in.


Nico and Percy grinned.


“Now you two are eating.” Will and Annabeth said, taking Percy and Nico outside.


“Yes ma’am/sir.” Came from Nico and Percy


Everybody chuckled a little.


Katie had decorated a lot with the help of nature spirits, Persephone, Demeter and a few demigods.


“Looks beautiful Katie.” Percy grinned


“Thanks Percy.” Katie beamed


“Let’s go.” Jason said


Everybody nodded and went to the mall to buy clothes.


They came back an hour after with their suits and dresses.


“Party starts at 5pm.” Katie announced


Everybody nodded.


The played a snow war as promised and this time Lee won.


Everybody laughed and cheered.


“Uncle H, Uncle P and father you guys look great.” Hermes grinned


The big three demigods and Triton laughed and smirked.


Hades, Poseidon and Zeus grinned.


“He’s right.” Apollo said


The demigods and Triton smirked wider.


They got a lot more compliments and laughed and joked around.


*Time break*


Soon it was 5pm and all the demigods and gods went and changed into their suits and dresses. Suddenly there was a light and there stood… Calypso.


Leo ran and kissed her cheek and she chuckled.


“I’m only here for the dance.” She said


Leo grinned.


“You look beautiful as usual.” He said


Calypso blushed.


“You look very handsome too.”


Leo grinned.


“I always do.” He laughed


Calypso chuckled.



“You look amazing Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth blushed


“You look beautiful Wise Girl.” Percy said, kissing Annabeth’s hand.



“You look very handsome Nico.” Will smiled


“You look brilliant Doc.” Nico grinned


“Looking good Pikachus!” Percy and Nico yelled at Thalia and Jason


They laughed and smirked.



“You look beautiful Clarisse.” Chris said


Clarisse grinned.


“You look great too Chris.”


Chris blushed.



“Looking beautiful Katie.” Travis said in love


Katie blushed.


“You look very handsome.” She told Travis who grinned



“You look beautiful Aunt Hestia.” Nico, Percy and Thalia said


“Thank you.” Hestia smiled



“Looking great dad.” Connor patted his dad on the back.


Hermes winked.



“You look great dad.” Percy, Nico, Thalia and Jason said to their dads.


They grinned.



“You look as fresh and beautiful as a rose.” Hades said to Persephone with love


She blushed.


“You look very good too.” She said


He chuckled and gave her a rose.


Nico tried his best to pretend that he did not see that.



“You look like a queen Amphi.” Poseidon said


Amphitrite blushed.


“Yeah I’m going to go.” Triton choked and ran to Percy


His parents chuckled.


“You look great too.” Amphitrite smiled


Poseidon grinned.



“So we’ve got songs first.” Katie announced


“Percy’s first.” She said


Percy walked up to the stage.


“So this song is for my girlfriend. Yeah she’s right there.” Percy said, gesturing to Annabeth

“This one’s for you Wise Girl and everybody’s going to help me out here.” He said


Silena cooed.


Annabeth blushed.


The music started.


“Even if we can't find heaven… way to break through.” Percy sang. He had a great voice and everybody was vibing to the music


The next part was sung by every demigod along with Percy


“Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you.” Percy grinned and all the demigods chorused along with him.


Annabeth blushed.


“Love, you're not alone…I'm gonna stand by you.”  Percy sang


“Even if we can’t find heaven I’ll walk through hell with you.” Percy grinned lopsidedly and the demigods sang this part with him.


Annabeth had tears of love and happiness in her eyes.


“Love, you're not alone…I never knew I needed.”  Percy winked at Annabeth


“So true!” Thalia yelled


Everybody chuckled.


“And the heart…way to break through.”   Percy sang, looking Annabeth in the eyes.


“Always.” Annabeth said


Percy grinned while he sang.


“Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you.” Percy sang and the demigods cheered


The gods looked at Percy. Poseidon had a smile on his face and so did the rest of the sea gang.


“Love, you're not alone…I'm gonna stand by you.”  Percy smiled

Annabeth blushed deeper.


“I'm gonna stand by you…Even if we can't find heaven” Percy grinned


“I’ll walk through hell with you.” The demigods completed.


“Love, you're not alone…I'm gonna stand by you” Percy smiled


“Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you!” The demigods shouted and completed


“Love you're not alone…I'm gonna stand by you” Percy finished


Everybody cheered at the top of their lungs. Annabeth and Percy blushed. Annabeth ran up the stage and gave Percy a kiss.


The cheers from the demigods got way louder. The Stolls wolf whistled. Percy and Annabeth held hands and walked off the stage.



“Now Frank.” Katie announced.


Frank went up the stage.


“Now this song isn’t very much in my range but I somehow managed it. This one’s for my girlfriend.” He smiled


Nico and Hades’ eyebrows shot up.


Hazel blushed.


The music of Lay me Down by Sam Smith started.


“Yes, I do, I believe…stars are nothing without you.”  He sang


Hazel blushed.


“Your touch, your skin… can't be with you tonight.” Frank sang. It was clear by his expressions that he meant it all. His hand was on his heart and his eyes looked right into Hazel’s.


“I'm reaching out to you… I can't be with you tonight.” Frank sang. Hazel was looking at Frank with love in her eyes.


“Oh, lay me down tonight…Next to you, you.” He finished.


“I’ll always lay by your side Hazel, if and when you want me to.” Frank smiled when he finished


Everybody cheered.


Nico winked at Frank and gave him a thumbs up. Hades was clapping and smiled as well.


 Frank walked down the stage and Hazel gave him a kiss.


Nico wolf whistled.



“Now the hunters.” Katie said


Thalia, Zoe and Reyna went to the stage and the music played.


“I used to bite my tongue…so I fell for everything.” Reyna started.


“You held me down…gonna shake the ground.” Thalia continued


Jason and Zeus chuckled.


“You held me down…I see it now.” Zoe sang


“I got the eye of the tiger…You're gonna hear me roar.”  They sang together


Artemis grinned.


The demigods cheered.


“Now I'm floatin' like a butterfly…to my own hero.” Reyna sang


“You held me down…gonna shake the ground.” Thalia smirked


“You held me down…I see it now.” Zoe grinned


“I got the eye of the tiger…You're gonna hear me roar.” They finished together


Artemis and the demigods cheered.



“Now the Hermes kids.” Katie said


The Hermes gang grinned and walked up.



The music of Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons played.


Everybody chuckled and the Hermes demigods grinned.


Chris stood between Travis and Connor.


Travis started “Oh, hush, my dear…Innocent victims.”


Then Chris continued “Trust me darling, trust me darling.”


Connor did the next part. “It's been a loveless year…Crocodile tears.” He held up three fingers.


“Trust me, darling, trust me, darling.” Chris sang


Then the three of them sang together.


“So look me in the eyes…you're free to go (go)” They grinned


Everybody cheered and Hermes grinned.


“Did all my dreams…problems, problems, problems.” The Stolls grinned


“I wage my war…Oh, I've been askin' for.” Chris continued


Connor provided the ‘trust me darling.’


“Oh, I've been askin' for.” Chris continued


Travis provided the ‘trust me darling.’


“Problems, problems, problems.” Chris sang


“So look me in the eyes…you're free to go.” The three of them sang together.


“I can't breathe…Believe me.” Connor sang


“I'm a bad liar, bad liar…you're free to go.” The three of them grinned


“Oh…Please believe me.” Travis finished


Everybody cheered.


Hermes grinned at his sons.



“Apollo kids now.” Katie smiled


The Apollo kids went up.


As soon as the music played everybody cheered. They all knew that song. The music that was playing was Hall of Fame by The Script.


“Yeah, you can be the greatest…go bangin' on his door.” Lee sang, imitating banging on a door


“You can throw your hands up…going to the history book.” Will grinned


“Standin' in the Hall of Fame (Yeah)…walls of the Hall of Fame.”  The three demigods smirked


The other demigods cheered.


“You can go the distance…thought never could be broke (Yeah).” Michael grinned


“Do it for your people…when you're.” Lee sang


“Standing in the hall of fame.” The demigods cheered.


“And the world's gonna know…On the walls of the hall of fame.” The three demigods grinned


“Be students, be teachers…Yeah.” Will grinned


“Be believers, be leaders…Be truth-seekers.”  Michael sang


“Be students, be teachers…Yeah.” Lee continued


“Be believers, be leaders…Standing in the hall of fame.” The three demigods sang loudly and finished


All the demigods cheered and whooped.


“Leo now.” Katie said


“So I have two songs, one for me and one for my girlfriend.” He said


Everybody clapped.


The first song was Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons.


“Falling too fast to prepare for this…'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins.” Leo smirked


All the demigods especially the seven cheered.


“I do whatever it takes…Whatever it takes.” Leo grinned. Calypso smiled


“'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins…I do what it takes.” He smirked and finished


Everybody cheered.


“Now the second song is for you mi amor.” He smiled


The Stolls and Apollo wolf-whistled.


Calypso blushed.


The music to Photograph by Ed Sheeran started playing.


“Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes…wait for me to come home.” Leo smiled


Calypso was blushing and smiling at Leo.


“Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul…You won't ever be alone.” Leo looked Calypso in the eyes while singing this.


“And if you hurt me…Wait for me to come home.” Leo grinned


Calypso smiled. Leo felt a little teary eyed, remembering Ogygia.


Beckendorf grinned.


“Oh, you can fit me…"Wait for me to come home.” Leo finished.


Everybody cheered and clapped.


Leo went down the stage after bowing.


Calypso gave him a huge hug.


“Ah what about my kiss.” Leo pouted


Everybody chuckled.


Calypso gave him a kiss on his cheek. He pouted but then grinned.


“Now we have Thalia and Jason.” Katie smiled


Thalia and Jason grinned and went to the stage.


The music to Thunder by Imaging Dragons started playing. All the demigods chuckled and clapped.


“Just a young gun with a quick fuse…Wanna leave my own life behind.” Jason grinned


“Not a "Yes sir", not a follower…take a number.” Thalia continued


“I was lightning before the thunder.” They both smirked and had some lightning surrounding them.


Everybody cheered.


Zeus smirked.


“Thunder, thunder…Thunder.” They both continued.


“Kids were laughing in my classes…Dreaming 'bout being a big star.” Jason sang


“You say you're basic, you say you're easy…You were clapping in the nosebleeds.” Thalia continued


The demigods cheered and so did some gods.


“Thunder, thunder, thun-…Thun-thun-thunder, thunder.” They both sang together.


Everybody cheered.


As soon as they finished they both shot some lightning in the sky.


The cheers got louder after that.


“Now we’ve got a Nico and Will duet.” Katie grinned


Nico and Will grinned and got up.


The music to One thing Right by Marshmello and Kane Brown started playing.


They both stood at different edges of the stage, facing each other.


“I've cheated and I've lied…I've got nothing to hide no more.” Will started


“I've loved and I've hurt…than I deserve, for sure.” Nico continued


“Known to be crazy, known to be wild…But I got one thing right.” Will grinned


“Been the kind of guy girls' mommas don't like…But I got one thing right, you.” Nico smiled


“I got you…I got one thing right.” They sang together


“You saw right through my pain…your mind to walk away (to walk away)” Nico smiled


“When I was getting crazy, reckless and wild…yours to find its place (find its place).” Will grinned


The two of them were now taking small steps towards each other while singing.


“I've been at the wrong place…I got one thing right.” They sang together.


“I've been wrong about a million times…But I got one thing right (But I got one thing right)” Nico sang


“Been the kind of guy girls' mommas…But I got one thing right, you.” Will smiled


They were almost near each other.


“I got you…(I got one thing right).” They sang together.


When they finished, they were just centimeters apart.


The Will kissed Nico.


The demigods and gods burst into cheers.


“Now it’s Nico’s solo” Katie smiled


Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi started playing.


“I'm going under and this time…being someone you loved.” Nico sang


The demigods noticed that the song fit Nico’s voice.


“I'm going under and this time…til I come back around.” Nico sang

Will had a small smile on his face. His boyfriend was a great singer.


“For now the day bleeds…being someone you loved.” Nico finished


Everybody clapped.



“Now we’ve got Percy with a solo and then a duet with Nico.” Katie smiled


Percy grinned and went up.


The music to Riptide started playing.


The demigods chuckled and Triton winked at Percy.


“I was scared of dentists and the dark…sing the words wrong.” Percy grinned


Everybody cheered and laughed.


“There's this movie that I think you'll like…I can't have it any other way.” Percy sang. The words were coming back to Poseidon vaguely. Then he thought that Percy had sung this song the first day after therapy and his smile turned into a grin.


“I swear she's destined for the screen…feiffer that you've ever seen, oh” Percy sang. Hermes chuckled


“Lady, running down to the riptide…'Cause you're gonna sing the words wrong.” Percy grinned and finished


Everybody clapped.


“Now Nico and Percy’s duet.” Katie smiled


Nico joined Percy on the stage.


“Hey Perce do the intro.” Nico said


Percy nodded.


“So this song’s tune started meaning a lot to us in the last couple of days. Two days right?” he asked Nico


“Yep two days.”


“So the tune and some lyrics started meaning a lot to us in the last two days, so we thought we’d sing it for you guys.” Percy smiled


Hades and Poseidon looked at each other.


The music for Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi started playing.


“I fell by the wayside…words that I needed to say.” Nico sang with closed eyes


“When you hurt under the surface…Well, time can heal but this won't.” Percy continued, also with closed eyes.


“So, before you go…If only I'd have known you had a storm to weather.” Nico sang as he opened his eyes


“So, before you go…So, before you go.” Percy sang, also opening his eyes.


“Was never the right time…seeing that look on your face.” Nico continued


“When you hurt under the surface…Well, time can heal but this won't.” Percy sang, his eyes flicking to his father for a second. Not many people noticed this but some did. And the sea gang did notice.


“So, before you go…So, before you go.” They both sang together, this time both of their eyes flicking to their parents. This time everybody noticed this. Hades and Poseidon then realized that their children were singing for them.


“Would we be better off by now…you know.” They continued. Everybody clapped at the way the two of them stretched their voices.


“Before you go…So, before you go.” The two of them, with some tears in their eyes.


Everybody clapped and cheered. A few members in the audience including Hades and Poseidon had tears in their eyes from the raw emotion in the voices of Percy and Nico.


Poseidon and Hades hugged their children.


“Any go now before we finish it off with two final performances?” Katie asked


“I’ll do one.” Apollo said


“Alright come on up.” Katie smiled


Apollo went up on the stage.


“So this song is for my friends I made during the time I was Lester and the ones I made now. You know what-“ he snapped his fingers and was in the form of Lester.


The demigods who saw him that way before cheered.

“How did you get your powers back?” Percy asked


“I can just turn from Apollo to Lester and Lester to Apollo.” Apollo smiled


Percy nodded.


Then the song started. It was Count On Me by Bruno Mars.


The demigods cheered.


“Oh-oh…ooh, yeah, yeah.” Lester sang


The demigods smiled.


“If you tossin' and you're turnin' …help our friends in need.” He sang


The demigods grinned and cheered.


“You can count on me like one…never say goodbye.” He continued, feeling a little blurry eyed


So were the demigods and they sang along.


“You know...’cause I can count on you.” He finished.


“Always.” The demigods chorused


Jason grinned very wide.


“Now we’ve got the two finale performances. So first are Percy, Nico, Thalia and Jason.” Katie announced


The four demigods got up and went to the stage.


“So first we decided to dedicate this song to Aunt Sally and then we decided why not all the mothers we know who struggled. So in short this song is dedicated to Aunt Sally, Rhea and Leto.” Thalia grinned


Apollo, Artemis and the children of Rhea grinned wide.


“We want you guys to sing along with us too. If you don’t know the lyrics then they’re on the screen.” Percy grinned.


The Rockabye music started.


The demigods cheered.


“Call it love and devotion.” Jason started


“Call it the mom's adoration (foundation).” Thalia continued


“A special bond of creation, hah.” Percy grinned


“For all the single mums out there. Going through frustration.” Nico smiled


“Clean Bandit.” Jason grinned


“Sean-Da-Paul.” Percy smiled


“Anne Marie.” Thalia grinned


“Sing, make them hear.” Nico smiled


“She works the night, by the water…She's got to save him (daily struggle).” Percy started


“She tells him "ooh love"…Nobody matters like you.” Thalia sang.


Jason and Nico provided the ‘stay up there, stay up there.’


“She tells him…I'm gonna do what I've got to do"  Thalia continued


The three boys provided the ‘stay up there, stay up there.’


“So, rockabye baby, Rockabye…(Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye).” Jason sang


“Single mom what you doing out there…No time no time fi a jeer.” Nico sang


“Now she gotta a six year old…He don't know he's safe when she says.” Percy continued


The demigods and gods had huge grins on their faces.


"Ooh love"…Nobody matters like you” The four demigods sang together.


“So, rockabye baby, rockabye… just joy your eye.” They continued but this time the gods and demigods joined in


“Now she gotta a six year old…safe when she says.” Jason smiled


“She tells him "ooh love"…I'm gonna do what I've got to do" (yeah).” Nico smiled


“So, rockabye baby, rockabye…Angels around you, just joy your eye.” Everybody sang


Once the song stopped everybody cheered and whistled.


The elder six gods, Apollo and Artemis gave hugs and high-fives to the four demigods.


“Now the last is Story of My Life by all the demigods.” Katie smiled


The demigods climbed up the stage. The music started.


“Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain
I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days
” Frank sang

“She told me in the morning…These words will be written on my stone.” Travis continued


“And I'll be gone, gone tonight…With nothing in between.” Nico and Will sang


“The story of my life, I take her home…(the story of, the story of).” All the demigods sang


“Written on these walls are…But it stays right here in its cage.” Chris sang


“I know that in the morning now…my heart is untamed, still.” Hazel and Katie sang


“And I'll be gone, gone tonight…With nothing in between.” Thalia and Annabeth sang


“The story of my life…chasing the clouds.” The demigods sang


“The story of my life…The story of my life.” They finished together


The gods cheered.


The demigods hugged each other and grinned


“Now two of our most sassiest members are going to burn somebody here.” Katie grinned


“Nico and Percy.” The demigods chorused


“Yes.” Katie said


Nico and Percy stood on the stage.


“I’m first.” Nico said

He looked Ares dead in the eye and said “Roses are red, violets are blue, I have five fingers, the middle one is for you.” And held up the finger.


The demigods went crazy and cheered at the top of their lungs. A few gods joined in.


“Go to hell punk.” Ares growled


“Oh honey where do you think I came from?” Nico grinned


The cheers got louder. The demigods and a few gods were rolling on the floor in laughter.


“DOUBLE BURN!” they yelled


“Persassy next!” Travis grinned


Percy went up and looked Ares dead in the eyes too.


“Sweet as sugar, cold as ice, hurt them once, I’ll break you twice.” He grinned


Everybody cheered louder.

“I hate you punk.” Ares snarled


“Oh you don’t like me? Grab a map, get in the car and go to hell. Have a nice trip.” Percy said


The demigods were roaring in laughter and so were the gods.


“FOUR WRECKS!!!!” Triton roared in laughter


Percy and Nico winked.


“Now we have dances.” Katie smiled


The music started playing and everybody grabbed their partners, friends and relatives and danced.


The music was slow at first then got fast.


They all danced for about an hour.


Nico nudged Percy and pointed to Hades and Poseidon who were laughing and grinning.


Percy and Nico grinned really wide.



“Who’s up for some cards?” Travis asked


“Blackjack.” Percy grinned


“Poker.’ Connor said


“Let’s make tables.” Travis said


Some people sat on the Blackjack table and some on the Poker table.


They played for an hour and started dinner.


“Hey Nico have some pomegranate.” Annabeth teased

“Shut up Annabeth.” He rolled his eyes


Annabeth grinned.


“I have an idea.’ He said


“Hey dad! Want some pomegranate?” He yelled


Hades chuckled.




Everybody muffled their laughter.


“Ow my ears Demeter, I was asking dad.” Nico grinned


“MY POOR-“ She tried but the demigods and gods beat her to it.


“MY POOR PERSEPHON!” They yelled


Everybody burst out laughing.


Demeter pouted.


They all partied till 11:58.


“It’s 11:58.” Percy announced.


The demigods grabbed champagne bottles and as soon as the clock hit 12 they yelled-


“HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and sprayed the champagne.


Everybody cheered.


They all went to sleep an hour later after giving wishes.


The gods watched their kids crashed on their beds and smiled.





Chapter Text

Percy and Nico woke up, stretching their limbs.


“Whoo, I feel so freaking fresh.” Nico grinned, coming out of his room


“Finally, I’m glad about that.” Hades grinned


“Any nightmares?” Nico asked


“Nope, I think yesterday’s party had something to do with it.” Hades said


“Right. Awesome. By the way you look great in the new clothes.” Nico grinned


Hades smirked.



Percy woke up and started humming Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. He went outside.


“Well look who looks alive.” Triton chuckled


Percy grinned.


“Looking good brother.” Tyson grinned


“Thanks Ty.” Percy smiled.


“Hey dad, whats up? Any nightmares?” Percy asked


“No, all good. I think the party helped out.” Poseidon smiled


“Then you should party more often. But not too much.” Percy grinned


Everybody chuckled.


“By the way you look awesome in the new clothes.” Percy grinned


“I know right!” Triton exclaimed


Poseidon chuckled and smiled.



Everybody met at breakfast and discussed the party.  Calypso had been sent back by the Fates.


“Dude I won yesterday in poker.” Travis grinned


“I won Blackjack.” Percy grinned


They exchanged fist-bumps.


“What about you Wise girl?” Percy asked


“I won some Blackjack.” She smiled


“Whoo.” Percy whooped.

“Ah so the dead are alive.” Thalia and Jason clapped Percy and Nico on the back.


The two of them chuckled.


“Good morning Pikachus.” Nico grinned


“Ah dear old Duskull.” Thalia grinned


Percy laughed.


“So did you win yesterday?” Percy asked


“Fifty fifty.” Jason said


“Same.” Thalia grinned


“Ah uncle whats up?” Nico and Percy grinned to Poseidon and Hades


The two of them chuckled.


“Any nightmares?” The demigods asked


The gods shook their heads.


Nico and Percy grinned and fist bumped.


“So how was your game?” Percy asked


“Dude wrong question.” Nico said




“Dad mostly always wins Poker.”  Nico said


“Cool!” Percy grinned


Hades smirked.


“What about you?” Nico asked Poseidon


“I won in Blackjack.” Poseidon smiled


“We won too.” Apollo and Hermes grinned


“Good job guys.” Percy grinned



“Let’s continue with the reading.” Zeus announced

Everybody went to the throne room.


The demigods grabbed some fries and pastries and plopped down on the couches.



“So none of you are reading?” Hermes asked


“Later, you can read first.” Will grinned


Hermes laughed and opened the book to the correct page.


He raised an eyebrow at the title and looked at Nico.




Nico blushed.


“Offerings?” Hazel asked


Nico nodded.


At least I got a good night’s sleep…That night in my dreams


Poseidon fell asleep.


I was in the stateroom…Almost too healthy.


Nico nodded.


“Our spies report success…It was freezing with cruelty


Hera, Hestia, Demeter and Zeus cringed


Hades flinched next to Nico.


Poseidon trembled a bit next to Percy.


The two demigods put their hands on their respective parents’ shoulders.


Hades gave a smile to Nico and Poseidon stopped trembling.


Once we have the means to navigate, I will lead the vanguard through myself.


The Greek demigods shuddered at thought of Kronos leading the battle to camp.


Luke closed his eyes…It had never even occurred to me.


Poseidon shivered in the sleep.


Luke drew his sword…blade I really feared.


“It is a freaky blade and this is coming from me.” Nico shuddered


“I swear, something that can kill monsters and mortals…” Jason shivered


You pledged yourself to me, Kronos reminded him


Hermes winced.


You took this sword…Luke’s body. “Yes.”

Hermes winced again.


“Dad I’ll read.” Travis said quietly


Hermes gave him a grateful look and a side hug.


Travis took the book from him and continued reading.


The coffin glowed…we will march on Olympus.


“You killed campers and made our will to fight stronger.” Will laughed humorously.


The demigods nodded.


“Will the laugh’s getting better.” Nico grinned


Will winked.


“Ah practice practice.” He said


Everybody chuckled.


There was a knock on the stateroom doors…fangs, and flaming hair.


Annabeth and Percy shivered.


“What is it, demon?”… heart belongs to you, Luke.”


Everybody gagged.


“So even monsters have a crush on him?” Silena asked


“Apparently.” Nico shrugged


“Wow.” She said


Everybody snickered.


“Thanks, but no thanks…She bared her fangs and lunged.


Everybody jumped.


“She could sense you in a dream?” Katie asked


Percy nodded.


I woke with a start, my heart pounding.


Poseidon woke up, taking deep breaths.


Nico tossed him a bottle of water which he had brought from the dining hall.


I could’ve sworn the empousa’s…The sound calmed me down a little.


Tyson grinned.


I didn’t know how Kelli…happen very soon.

“I can’t imagine what would have happened if Kronos would have led them.” Lee shuddered


“Well you have Nico to thank for preventing it.” Percy grinned


Nico grinned and chuckled.


“Why what did you do?” Will smiled


“Underworld-y magic.” Nico smirked


Everybody laughed.


“Underworld-y magic?” Hades asked with a raised eyebrow


Nico grinned.


I was tempted to go wake up Annabeth and tell her, middle of the night or not.


“So why didn’t you?” Annabeth asked


“IM.” Percy sighed


Then I realized the room…Iris the messenger goddess.


“That’s a little worrying.” Hermes frowned


“Beside Iris…” Chiron said, thinking


The water shimmered…“I want a second opinion!”


“But don’t ask ghosts for advice unless you can trust them completely.” Hades said


“Yes dad.” Nico sighed


Nico snapped his fingers…“They have as much sense.”


“There’s nothing wrong in being kind.” Hazel said


Nico smiled.


Nico ignored him…Cokes into the grave


“A whole twelve pack!” Leo complained


Nico rolled his eyes.


“Why the whole pack?” Connor joined Leo


“Continue reading Travis.” Nico said


“I want to know the answer too.” Travis pouted


“Gods. Fine modern offerings and more souls.” Nico said


Travis continued reading.


And pulled out a white…McDonald’s Happy Meal.


“When is the last time you had one?” Nico asked


“A month ago.” Percy said


“We’re getting you a happy meal at dinner.” Nico deadpanned


Everybody chuckled.


He turned it upside down…At least let me keep the toy,” the ghost said


“What is the ghost going to do with a toy?” Piper asked


“He’s weird.” Nico shrugged


“Explains a lot.” Piper snickered


“Be quiet!” Nico ordered…Happy Meals into the grave


“Another twelve pack?!” Leo and Connor exclaimed


“And three happy meals?!” Travis complained


“Somebody please read.” Nico said


Travis pouted and continued.


Then began chanting in Ancient Greek…Real happy stuff.


Everybody snickered.


The grave started to bubble…Coke and cheeseburgers.


“I never thought I would hear that sentence.” Frank muttered


“These are Percy’s thoughts, get used to such sentences.” Reyna laughed


Percy smirked.


“There are too many,”… “You don’t know your own powers.”


“For once I agree with the ghost.” Hades said


“It already happened.” Nico reminded


“Not really the point.”


“I’ve got it under control,” Nico said…seashell on his cloak


Dionysus scowled and Poseidon raised his eyebrows.


“Who are you?” Nico said…“I am Theseus.”


Triton and Percy groaned.


Dionysus’ scowl deepened.


No way, I thought…huge, buff guy


“You aren’t huge or buff either and you’ve done hell a lot.” Piper said


“Yeah.” Percy sighed.


The ghost I was looking…older than I was.


The demigods grimaced.


Poseidon sighed.


“How can I retrieve my sister?”… It is madness.”


“I can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree.” Hades said


“Just tell me!”… I know that voice.”


“Whoa, he must really have a good memory.” Leo said


“Theseus knows him and doesn’t like him?” Hades asked


Nico nodded.


Hades thought of a few spirits and the one who was most likely to manipulate his son.


“Minos.” He groaned


Nico nodded.


“No you don’t, fool!”… Struggling to recall.


“I wonder what would have happened if Theseus would have recognized the ghost.” Percy said


“Nothing good.” Hades told him.


“I want to hear about my sister”… princess who guided me.”


“And then you betrayed her you idiot.” Percy spat


A few gods jumped but the demigods remained calm. They agreed with Percy.


Poseidon looked at him but he knew that Percy wouldn’t change his mind and somewhere he knew that Theseus shouldn’t have betrayed her.


Dionysus looked at Percy.


“We don’t need any of that”… whispering in nervous tones.


“Shit.” Hades swore


“Somebody senses your power.” Persephone warned


“I want to see my sister!”… escaping right out of the fountain


Everybody was taking in deep breaths.


“You have to stop.” Hades pleaded his son.


“Dad this already happened.” Nico sighed


In desperation I uncapped Riptide…but he kept sleeping.


“Yeah sorry about that.” Percy said


“I’ll send a new one.” Poseidon smiled


I sank to the ground, shivering from what I’d seen.


Everybody else in the throne room was shivering as well.


Tyson found me there in the morning, still staring at the shattered remains of the saltwater fountain.


“Okay that’s a sort of creepy.” Triton said


“I mean he just found you staring like that...” Castor said


Tyson nodded.


Just after dawn…made for me was on my wrist.


“That’s good supplies.” Apollo nodded


It was a clear morning…sneakers to hide his goat legs.


“Yeah better safe than sorry.” Hermes said


Chiron, Quintus, and Mrs. O’Leary…just in case.


“Good move.” Chris said


Annabeth was doing one last check…“Percy, you look terrible.”


Thalia snorted.


“Well we’ve seen worse looks on them now.” She said, gesturing to Nico and Percy


They stuck their tongues out at Thalia who smirked.


“He killed the water fountain last night,” Tyson confided.


Everybody laughed.


“Good one Tyson!” Pollux laughed


Tyson grinned.


“He did.” He shrugged


“What?” she asked…was related to one another somehow.


“I’ve met a couple of cousins that make me wish that it wasn’t true but then I met many who I’m glad I’m related to.” Percy said


“So true.” Nico said


“Percy, why would you remind me that?” Katie asked


“What? Do you have somebody you’re oddly related to?” Percy asked


Katie gestured to Hades.


“He’s my uncle and brother in law. Let’s just not go there. ” She said


Everybody snickered.


“Don’t get me wrong, he’s pretty cool but the two relations you’ve put in my head…” She said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


But it wasn’t exactly something Chiron…him when I grow up!


A few people snickered.


“Such a role model.” Nico said sarcastically


Everybody laughed this time.


“Do you know what he mean…twist anyone to his will.”


“He’s not called the Crooked One for no reason.” Chiron sighed


“Not anyone,” I promised


Poseidon and Triton smiled proudly at Percy.


The demigods chuckled fondly.


Chiron managed a smile…worthy of the forges of Hephaestus.”


Everybody froze.


“Indeed,” Chiron said…That was a real pleasant thought.


“Very.” Leo said sarcastically


“We’ve got to get to Daedalus first”… managed to turn him evil?


“I’m not an oracle but I know that I’m never going to turn against you guys no matter what.” Nico promised


Everybody grinned widely.


Hades gave a side hug to Nico and Thalia and Percy gave Nico high-fives.


“I’m an oracle.” Rachel grinned


Nico chuckled.


It was almost enough…make him listen.


“And we succeeded.” Percy smiled


Annabeth, Rachel, Grover and Tyson grinned.


Nico smiled too.


“I don’t know,” I said at last…you mean you knew?”


A few people snickered at book Percy’s reaction.


“Percy, when Quintus showed up…make me question his loyalty.


“That’s a good tactic but also dangerous.” Athena said


Chiron nodded.


But believe me…descended into darkness.


A few chuckles at Grover and Tyson.


“Done.” Travis said


“I’ll read.” Zeus said


Travis gave the god the book and Zeus started.

Chapter Text

“You met Janus?” Apollo asked


Annabeth nodded.


We made it a hundred feet before we were hopelessly lost.


“Well that’s just brilliant.” Jason groaned


The tunnel looked nothing…just the cold wind.


“You better hope it was the cold wind.” Nico said


“I hope it was.” Percy said


Annabeth tried her best to guide us…way led back to camp.


“Holy mother… that’s crazy. I mean you said that and it just got way more confusing.” Leo said


Percy nodded grimly.


“Left walls are mean,” Tyson said.


Suddenly the seriousness vanished and everybody snickered.


“You two are great at easing the situation.” Dakota said to Tyson and Percy


Percy and Tyson grinned at each other.


“Which way now?”… “Deductive reasoning.”


“She’s guessing.” Thalia grinned


“Yes.” Percy chuckled


Annabeth pouted.


“So . . . you’re guessing.”… loudest noise in the maze.


A few snickers.


“I can’t stand it anymore,” he whispered. “Are we there yet?”


“You’ve barely been down there for five minutes according to your time.” Chris said


Grover turned red.


“We’ve been down here maybe…This is the opposite of the wild!”


“Exactly the reason he would be there.” Dionysus sighed


Grover nodded and looked down.


We kept shuffling forward…Zeus was partying with satyrs


“I still can’t imagine Zeus partying with satyrs. People okay but anybody else no.” Nico said


Zeus scowled at him.


Nico shrugged.


And Hermes was flying through…not that handsome


Dionysus glared at Percy.


“I can be handsome when I want Perry. That’s how I look when I look very much like a god. I keep the director form to annoy people.” He said


“Okay Mr.D.” Percy said


Dionysus rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers. He changed into his form in which he looked when he was younger and the form that he only took for special occasions. The Fates had left them with power to snap into their forms but not their true form.


The demigods gasped.


“Wow Mr.D, you’re pretty good looking.” Percy said


Dionysus smirked.


“Looking great dad.” Castor, Pollux and Dakota grinned


Dionysus smiled at them. He decided to keep this form for some time longer.


And Hermes’s nose wasn’t that big.


Hermes went cross eyed to look at his nose.


“My nose isn’t big is it?” he asked after relenting


“No dad.” Chris chuckled


Hermes grinned.


In the middle of the room…never made it as far as Long Island.


“Yes but the Labyrinth keeps expanding.” Athena said


Percy nodded.


“The Labyrinth is a patchwork,” Annabeth said…Grover whimpered. “Please?”


“Yeah lets not.” Triton said


“All right,” Annabeth said…I said helpfully.


Everybody snickered.


“Yeah go Moz!” The Stolls whooped


Everybody laughed.


Annabeth took a deep breath…bunch of dusty bottles in wooden racks


Dionysus’ eyes brightened.


“Such a pity that the bottle in the Labyrinth.” He sighed


The demigods chuckled while a few gods rolled their eyes.


Like we were walking…we couldn’t get to them.


“That’s kind of good.” Katie pointed out


“Yeah I guess.” Percy said


We were stuck down here…Then we found our first skeleton


“What now?” Poseidon asked


“Well it’s the Labyrinth.” Percy said


He was dressed in white clothes…like a million years ago.


“Squirtle your mom isn’t that old. She looks pretty young actually.” Thalia said


Everybody snickered.


Percy grinned sheepishly.


What’s he doing here?”… here as human sacrifices.”


“That’s horrible.” Chris said


Everybody nodded.


Grover gulped…had died trying to get out.


“That’s creepy.” Piper said


“Only bones,” Tyson said…dead milk people.


A few chuckles.


“Oh, good,” Grover whimpered…mirror-image sideburns.


“Yep that’s Janus.” Reyna said


He was dressed like a New York City doorman…stay on his doublewide head.


“Yeah that won’t be easy.” Leo said


“I know right.” Percy grinned


“Well, Annabeth?” said his left face. “Hurry up!”


Athena gritted her teeth.


“Don’t mind him,” said the right face…the left face scolded


Everybody snickered.


“Now come along, miss”… Talk to me, please.”


“Okay now that is weird.” Castor said


The demigods nodded.


The two-faced man…he wanted Annabeth to choose.


“Good job Perce. I mean it.” Grover grinned


Percy grinned.


Behind him were two exits…going back the way we came.


“Oh that’s just great.” Poseidon groaned


“The exits are closed,” Annabeth said…choice between doors.


Athena gritted her teeth again.


“It was.” Annabeth sighed


The color drained…Endings. Choices.”


“Whoa.” The Stolls said


“I’ll see you soon enough…“Such fun!”


“Causing such indecision is fun for him?” Pollux asked


Dionysus nodded.


“Shut up!” his left face said…But no pressure, Annabeth. Choose!”


“Yeah absolutely, no pressure at all.” Beckendorf said sarcastically


“I mean yeah totally.” Leo grinned and joined Beckendorf.


A few nervous snickers.


With a sudden chill…shimmered with colors like oil on water.


“Hera?” Zeus asked


Hera nodded.


“Janus,” she said… I was talking to myself.”


Everybody laughed.


“Wow I mean that’s so weird.” Silena laughed


“I see,” the lady said…“Shut up!” the right face wailed


Everybody roared with laughter.


“Poor right face.” Connor snickered.


“Not you, milady…“Causing indecision,” the woman corrected


“You shouldn’t disrespect anybody’s domains.” Hestia chided


“Now be gone!”… And disappeared.


“Now that I have to agree with.” Thalia muttered to Percy and Nico who muffled their laughter.


The woman turned toward us…“Sit with me and talk.”


“Yeah that’s not going to happen again.” Percy blurted


A few people snickered.


Hera glared at Percy.


She waved her hand…pitchers of lemonade.


“Now I want lemonade.” Leo whined


“Seriously?” Piper asked


“Come one Beauty Queen.” Leo said


Hestia chuckled and conjured some Lemonade for everybody.


“Thanks Aunt Hestia, you’re my favourite aunt.” Percy grinned


“Mine is Hestia and Sally. My favourite and only granty is Demeter though.” Nico laughed


Hades groaned.


“Who . . . who are you?” I asked…“Queen of Heaven.”


“I mean why do you just say that? When you say all the tiles it’s way more impressive. You can include the queen part in the other titles.” Percy said


“I agree.” Thalia grinned


Hera glared at the two of them.


“But then well she’s goddess of family and marriage and stuff so I wouldn’t really go into that.” Annabeth said


Hera glared at her.


“Zeus continue reading.” Poseidon said


Zeus grumbled but continued.


I’d seen Hera once before at a Council of the God…another peanut butter sandwich?”


“How is she being so nice right now?” Nico asked


“She hasn’t started screwing up our lives yet so we didn’t dislike her then.” Percy informed


“What all has she done?” Poseidon asked


“It should come up in the books.” Percy said


Poseidon nodded.


Tyson stifled a belch…It’s because they want something.


“That should change.” Poseidon said


“Yeah but Apollo comes to visit now. You do too. Nico goes to the Underworld. Hermes checks in at camp sometimes. At least a couple of gods actually changed.” Percy grinned


Apollo gave him a flashing grin.


Jason smiled at Apollo.


Poseidon, Hermes and Hades smiled at Percy.


Still, that didn’t keep me from chowing down on turkey-and-Swiss sandwiches and chips and lemonade.


“Of course not Kelp head.” Thalia snickered


Percy stuck his tongue out at Thalia.


I hadn’t realized…like an ice-cream cone.


Everybody chuckled.


“I didn’t think—…think you liked heroes.”


“She doesn’t.” Annabeth confirmed


The demigods snickered.


Hera smiled indulgently…because of one disagreement.”


“Yeah it was so little. You practically ruined his life but then again it’s not a surprise and Hercules was a jerk either way but still…” Percy said sarcastically


Everybody sniggered.


Zoe shook her head.

Hera glared at Percy who ignored her.


“Didn’t you try to kill him…children by another woman.

“Exactly the point. Seriously Percy I’m so freaking glad Amphitrite’s agreed to be out adopted step mother. I mean Nico says Persephone turned him into a dandelion but that’s still better than being poisoned and driven insane and combusted and I could go on forever.” Thalia said


Percy grinned.


“Yeah I got lucky.” He admitted and grinned at Amphitrite


Amphitrite gave the big three demigods a smile.


“Thalia, being turned into dandelion is not fun.” Nico informed


“Better than being a victim of Hera.” She said


“Well that’s true.” Nico said


“You’re getting turned into a rose next time.” Hazel laughed


Nico paled.


“Dad next time you want me to visit, you can come to camp.” He said


Hades chuckled.


“Yeah none of us mind and those who do well… it doesn’t matter.” Will shrugged


Hades smiled at him.


“Hey Perce, the party at your place is still there right?” Travis asked


“Absolutely.” Percy grinned


“But isn’t the first part in the Underworld?” Connor asked


“Oh yeah.” Travis said


Nico grinned.


My patience wore thin, I’ll admit it.


“When the hell does it not?” Thalia snorted


Everybody laughed.


But Zeus and I have had some excellent marriage counseling sessions since then.


Zeus turned red.


“Not suggested.” Percy said, glaring at Aphrodite who gulped


Nico nodded.


We’ve aired our feelings…Hera’s eyes turned toward me frostily.


“Bruh you have a death wish.” Leo said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Percy Jackson, isn’t it?


“Nah Peter Johnson.” Percy grinned


Everybody laughed.


One of Poseidon’s…word besides children.


“I’m proud of these three being my kids.” Poseidon growled at Hera


Percy, Triton and Tyson grinned.


The demigods smiled.


“As I recall, I voted to let you live…support the rise of my father.”


“That’s what happened because nobody paid them any respect.” Chris sighed


The gods who were changing looked down.


“Your father?” I said…I put it out of my mind.


“Yeah good move. You don’t want to dwell on that.” Nico said


“We must watch the minor gods,” Hera said…big picture and start being selfish.


“Yeah so it’s selfish to feel bad after being treated like dirt?” Nico asked


“According to the Queen of the Heavens.” Thalia smirked


Everybody muffled their snickers.


But I’m the goddess of marriage…keep your goals in mind.”


“Such a hypocrite.” The demigods and a few gods muttered under their breath but most of the people heard it.


“What are your goals?” Annabeth asked…“Percy knows the answer.”


“Loopholes dammit. You should have asked for an exact way.” Thalia said


“I know now.” Annabeth said


“I do?”… Athena would agree.”


“Unfortunately yes.” Athena sighed


The room rumbled like distant thunder…looking at his empty plate.


A few chuckles.


“Well,” Grover sighed…plunged into the dark corridor.


“It’s a good thing Grover and Tyson went with you.” Piper said


Everybody nodded.


“Done.” Zeus said


“I’ll read.” Demeter said


Zeus gave her the book.





Chapter Text

“You got arrested?” Poseidon asked in worry


“Luckily no.” Percy grinned


“That’s a little better.” Poseidon sighed


The good news…Dust trickled from the stone ceiling.


“That might bring down the ceiling.” Hephaestus warned


“But they have to hurry.” Triton said


“But they won’t survive if the ceiling falls.” Hephaestus said


“Guys we’re still alive.” Percy said


“Hurry!” Grover said. “Don’t bring the roof down, but hurry!”


“Exactly what we meant.” Triton sighed


Everybody chuckled.


The boulder finally gave way…We’d tunneled straight into a cell.


“Oh that’s just great.” Poseidon groaned


“What in Hades?” Annabeth tugged on the bars.


“Come on!” Hades protested


Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


They didn’t budge…Cyclops to slip through.


“Dude you were super strong now you’re even stronger.” Leo grinned


Tyson smiled at him.


“Thank you fire boy.” He said


“Ah I like that.” Leo grinned


“Wait!” Grover called…It’s like a museum.”


“That’s like the other side of the country.” Thalia said


Annabeth nodded.


It didn’t seem possible that we could’ve popped out of the Labyrinth on the other side of the country


“Anything is possible in our world.” Nico said


The demigods nodded.


But Annabeth had been living…shapes had been fully defined.


The gods’ eyes widened so much that they looked like drachmas.


“Kampe.” Zeus breathed


The demigods were shuddering. They remembered Kampe too well for their liking.


“My sons are going to face Kampe.” Poseidon said in worry and shock.


“It’s her,” Tyson whimpered…Before the gods.”


“That’s creepy.” Leo said


“You understand it?” I asked…“I hate it when he does that.”


“I think anybody would feel scared if anybody mimicked that voice.” Triton said dryly


“Kampe is scary.”  Tyson said

Like all Cyclopes…enjoy your pain, Briares.”


“Wait Briares?” Dionysus asked


“I thought he faded too.” Hermes said


“No, he helped in the war.” Percy said


“That’s surprising.” Hermes said


Dionysus nodded in agreement.


Tyson faltered when he said that name…Think on this until I return.”


“The first punishment was worse than unbearable, how can she have planned something worse?” Grover shuddered


“She’s cruel.” Percy said

“That explains it all.” Grover said


The dragon lady tromped…She was our jailer in the bad years.”


Everybody shuddered.


Annabeth nodded…“Unless you’re a mountain.”


 A few people chuckled.


“Kampê was the jailer,” he said…“Bad,” Tyson summed up.


“The Tyson summary reminds me of Percy summing up the theft of the master bolt.” Thalia said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Kampe is worse than bad.” Demeter said


“So who’s in that cell?” I asked…why he was crying.


“He’s scared. Kampe tortured them before and to be trapped by her again is a nightmare.” Poseidon explained


Percy nodded.


“I guess we should check it out”… He wore a loincloth like a big diaper


“The diaper part just had to be there right?” Silena asked, wrinkling her nose.


Percy shrugged.


His feet seemed too big…spaghetti somebody had twirled together


“That’s weird Prissy.” Clarisse shook her head


“I think it like I see it.” Percy shrugged


Several of his hands were covering his face as he sobbed.


“I feel bad for him.” Chris said


The demigods and gods nodded.


“Either the sky isn’t as tall as it used to be,” I muttered, “or he’s short.”


“Really?” Amphitrite raised her eyebrows.


Percy grinned.


Tyson didn’t pay any attention…“You can do anything!”


“Crap.” Travis muttered


“I feel bad for Tyson, to see his hero like that. It’s upsetting to see somebody you’ve looked up to like that.” Connor said, seriously


The demigods nodded.


Briares wiped his nose…then disassembled it just as fast


“That’s pretty cool.” Leo said in awe


“Where is Briares now?” Beckendorf asked


“Forges.” Poseidon said


“Cool!” Leo said


Other hands were scratching…what it had been before.


“He is really depressed.” Persephone said


Percy and Tyson nodded.


“No good,” he said…get a yearbook picture,” I said.


“That’s what you were thinking?” Clarisse asked


“My brain works in a weird way.” Percy said


“Trust us, we know.” Thalia laughed


Percy rolled his eyes playfully.


Tyson was still entranced…She’ll sense us sooner or later.”


“That will not be good at all.” Hades said


“Oh we know.” Percy grinned


“So she met you?”




“Poor Kampe.” Hades grinned


Percy pouted.


“I’m just playing with you.” Hades said


“I know uncle.” Percy told him


“Nico’s rubbing off on you.” Percy said


Hades rolled his eyes playfully.


Nico grinned and smirked.


“Break the bars,” Annabeth said…attempt to break the bars.


“Oh dear. This is why sometimes you shouldn’t meet your heroes.” Silena sighed


“If he’s so strong,” I said…hinges like it was made of wet clay.


“That’s cool.” Castor said


“Come on, Briares,” Annabeth said…and you won, remember?”


The elder six gods smirked.


“I remember the war”… “Lightning shook the world.


Zeus smirked.


We threw many rocks…Tyson would cry for weeks.


“Thank you brother.” Tyson smiled at Percy


“No problem Ty.” Percy smiled


“One game of rock…we’ll leave you in jail.”


“He can make all three so he’s definitely going to win.” Hermes frowned


“Percy had a plan.” Annabeth said


Annabeth looked at me…“A gun beats anything.”


Hermes laughed good-naturedly.


“That was great.” He grinned


“That’s not fair.”… Anything about fair.


“Nicee.” Nico grinned


Kampê’s not going to be fair…followed us out of the cell.


“Sometimes.” The Stolls shrugged


“In your case it’s always.” Katie laughed


The Stolls grinned.


I started to feel hopeful…Kampê was snarling at us.


“Oh fantastic.” Poseidon groaned.


“The other way,” I said…she was planning to kill us.


A few people snickered.


We scrambled down the stairs…hint that anything was wrong.


“Mist is a powerful thing.” Hermes sighed


Everybody nodded.


“It’s even worse,” Annabeth said…hot even across the yard.


“Oh gods.” Rachel breathed


“I can’t imagine staying sane after seeing that.” She said


“Poison!” Grover yelped…shrivel slowly to dust, yes.”


A few chuckles.


“Let’s avoid the swords,” I decided…There was no fighting this thing.


“She is very creepy.” Zeus agreed


“The world’s ending.” Percy said, throwing his hands in the air


“He didn’t say the same thing.” Annabeth said helpfully


“Okay so it’s back to medium now.” Percy grinned


Everybody managed a few snickers.


We ran through the jail yard…but it could not have been good.


“No I don’t think so.” Apollo said


“The boat?” Grover asked…But it won’t kill.”


“NO!” Poseidon exclaimed


“He’s fine dad.” Percy placated his father


“Are you sure?”… Ever risk that again


Percy and Tyson smiled at each other.


But there was no time to argue…pushing her back into the wall.


“Go Tyson!” The demigods cheered


Tyson blushed.


She shrieked and slashed…faces around her waist and roared.


Poseidon shuddered.


As we sprinted for the cellblocks…We dashed back into the jail yard.


Everybody chuckled.


“Good one Tyson.” Nico chuckled


Tyson grinned.


“Can’t make it,” Briares huffed…crooked plastic Alcatraz sunglasses.


This time a few people laughed at the mental image.


“Hurry!” Annabeth said…past me into the maze.


“Nice one Percy.” Lee grinned


“Maybe you can do aiming.” Michael grinned


Percy shrugged.


“I wasn’t going to let Tyson die.” He said


Tyson smiled at Percy who grinned at him.


Kampê charged, but she was too late…glad to be back in the Labyrinth.


Most of the people exhaled sighs of relief.


“Your adventures are going to give me a heart attack if I can still get one and if I can’t then I’ll get awfully close.” Poseidon said


Percy and Tyson grinned sheepishly.


“Done.” Demeter said in relief.


“My turn now I guess.” Hades sighed


Demeter threw the book at him which he caught and smirked at her.


Demeter rolled her eyes.

Chapter Text

“Demon dude?” Grover snickered


Percy grinned.


We finally stopped in a room full of waterfalls…jump in and save you trouble.”


Percy and Annabeth grimaced but made sure nobody saw it.


“Don’t talk that way,” Annabeth told him…blinked tears out of his eye.


“That’s actually sad. I mean you’re the only one to exist and then your worst nightmare returns.” Reyna said


“Yeah it is depressing.” Frank agreed


“What exactly do you me…he was thinking of Pan.


“I was. The only hope I was hanging on to was the prophecy.” Grover sighed


Hermes and Dionysus looked down.


I remembered something Medusa…leaving him with the duties of the sun god.


“How the heck did you remember that?” Thalia asked incredulously


Percy shrugged.


“You have a great memory Perce.” Beckendorf said


Percy smiled at him.


Poseidon smirked.


I’d never thought about it…and totally alone.


“Depressing.” Grover summed up

The demigods nodded.


“I must go,” Briares said…“Not anymore.” Briares rose.


“He is strong but he has lost the will to be so.” Piper said


“Yeah, that’s true. He felt that he wouldn’t win this time and Kampe would torture him. That’s a lot of pressure.” Percy said


Piper nodded.


“Hey.” I grabbed one of his arms…He risked his life for you.”


Tyson nodded and smiled at Percy.


I told him about everything…Kronos’s golden coffin.


“You told him all that?” Zeus asked


“I trusted him. I knew that he would definitely not go to the other side. He wouldn’t wish to join and help Kampe. He would much rather fade away. I knew that he would either fade or roam the Labyrinth if he wouldn’t help out.” Percy said


Zeus raised his eyebrows.


The demigods smiled.


Briares just shook his head…give up on yourself.”


“Fair point.” Nico sighed


His pure brown eyes regarded me…lost in the shadows


The demigods sighed.


Tyson sobbed.


Poseidon had blurry eyes too because of the curse.


“It’s okay.” Grover hesitantly patted his shoulder, which must’ve taken all his courage


“That’s nice of you.” Thalia smiled


“And brave.” Annabeth smiled


Grover gave them a smile and blushed.


The demigods gave sympathetic smiles to Tyson.


I wanted to make him feel better…place to camp for the night.”


“Yes please.” Poseidon said


We settled in a corridor…when it’s morning?” Grover aske d.


“That is actually a very good question. How are you going to know when it is the morning?” Katie asked

Annabeth chuckled.


“You don’t, what I meant was to get some rest.”


Katie nodded.


“Just rest,” she insisted…He kept disassembling the pieces.


“He’s thinking and he’s confused.” Leo stated


“Yep, happens to the Hephaestus kids too. No matter what we make, whether it’s good or not we just aren’t satisfied with it so we keep disassembling them.” Beckendorf said


Hephaestus nodded. He did that too.


“I’m sorry I lost the shield,” I told him…“I’m sure he’ll get over it.”


Percy smiled softly.


“He is not strong,” Tyson said. “He is not important anymore.”


The demigods and a few gods sighed.


He heaved a big sad sigh…made it real hard to relax.


“I suppose so.” Jason said


I picked up my bedroll…I knew she had a lot of guts.


Annabeth smiled at Percy.


Percy grinned at her.


“He’s not wrong. No matter your expression, you have heck lot of guts.” Thalia smiled


Percy smirked at Thalia who stuck her tongue out.


“I just wish the quest…New York to California in a day?”


“Logic is not a very common thing in demigods.” Nico grinned


“Yeah no wonder.” Hazel snorted teasingly


Nico pouted at her.


Thalia and Percy snickered.


Nico threw two cushions which hit them right on the faces.


They jumped on him.


“Ahh help!” Nico choked out


Everybody laughed.


Percy and Thalia laughed and got off him.


“Space isn’t the same in the maze”… clue where we’re going.”


“You’re doing great. You managed to free Briares as well. All the convincing has most probably paid off as he helped in the war.” Triton said


Annabeth blinked and gave him a grateful smile and then she raised an eyebrow at Percy who shrugged. He raised an eyebrow at Triton who leant towards him.


“She’s you girlfriend and you’ve done pretty well till now.” Triton whispered


Percy nodded and grinned at him.


“You’re doing great.”


Percy winked at Triton.


“I’m becoming like Percy.” Triton groaned playfully


Percy stuck his tongue out at his brother.


Everybody else chuckled.


Besides, we never know what we’re doing.


“Especially you.” Triton snorted


“Hey! You’re supposed to be on my side.” Percy pouted


Triton smirked.


It always works out… “You made a cute guinea pig.”


Percy turned red.


“Yeah it was hilarious though.” Nico snickered


“You got turned into a freaking dandelion.” Percy shot back


Nico stopped snickering at once.


Thalia started snickering.


“I’m sure you made a pretty dandelion.” Will grinned


Nico blushed.


Everybody chuckled.


“And Waterland, how you got us thrown off that ride?”


“You totally got us thrown off.” Annabeth grinned


“Excuse me? It was your simple physics.” Percy grinned


Annabeth pouted.


 A few people chuckled.


“I got us thrown off… which I was glad to see


Annabeth smiled at Percy.


But the smile faded quickly… Not in the dark.”


“I can’t blame you. After Kampe and knowing about Luke, Chris and other monsters with vengeful ghosts.” Pollux shuddered


The demigods and Chiron nodded.


“What about the choice Janus… I’ve got to think about it.”


“Sorry for stressing you out.” Percy grimaced


“You didn’t stress me out, it was the quest really and the war and stuff.” Annabeth said


Percy gave her a smile.


We sat in silence… But now he’s back in the maze


Hades winced. He did not want his son being in the maze, whether that be past, present or future.


He looked at Nico who grinned at him.


He’s coming after me.”


“Nah, I think I’ll pass.” Nico grinned

“It’s kind of a relief that you’re not after my soul.” Percy smirked


Annabeth was quiet for a long time… I’d never seen her look more tired.


“How are you so observant?” Rachel asked curiously


“I don’t really know.” Percy shrugged


“How about I take first watch?” I said… old man’s Labyrinth prison.


Poseidon fell asleep.


It looked more like a workshop now… seem like an even crueler place


Clarisse shuddered.


Chris gave her a reassuring hand squeeze.


The old man looked sickly… raw and red from working


Athena grimaced.


White hair covered his eyes… smudged with grease.


“Not a repair kid if you don’t have any grease on you.” Leo grinned


Beckendorf and Hephaestus chuckled.


He was bent over a table… thirty different shades of gold.


“That’s beautiful.” Leo breathed


The demigods nodded vigorously.


The boy left the bellows… honor of wearing them first.”


“He’s a sweet child.” Hestia smiled


Percy nodded.


The boy attached a leather harness… “One cannot be too careful.”


The people who knew what had happened to Icarus sighed.


“I have complete faith… anything in the world.


“Anybody would love a kid like him.” Travis said


“Now I will do your wings… but did not cry out.


“I hope they make it out.” Katie said


“What happened after they made it out is sad.” Percy muttered


When his left wing was sealed… “Going somewhere?”


“I hate Minos.” Nico scowled


Daedalus and his son froze… pluck you and make a soup.”


A few snickers but they were very short-lived. Nobody liked the king.


The guards laughed stupidly… but each got a stream of hot wax in his face.


“Go Icarus.” The demigods cheered


“The kid’s got a brave and kind heart.” Hermes said


“The vent!” Icarus yelled to his father… His sandals skimmed the waves.


“Oh no.” Rachel said


The realization dawned on those who didn’t know what was going to happen and a look of pain crossed over their faces.


“Stop that!” Daedalus called… three hundred feet below.


Poseidon woke up.


Everybody was quiet.


“Poor man.” Tyson said, breaking the silence


Everybody nodded.


“He got free only to lose his son.” Dakota said


The demigods looked down.


The gods thought what would happen to them if one of these demigods died. The thought was so horrible that they shuddered and put it out of their heads.


There was no morning in the maze, but once everyone woke up and had a fabulous breakfast of granola bars and juice boxes, we kept traveling.


“Well it’s better than nothing.” Will sighed


I didn’t mention my dream… others needed to know that.


“It was horrifying and painful.” Triton said


The old stone tunnels… “It smells like the Underworld in here.”


Will looked at Nico.


“Good nose.” Thalia smiled at Grover


Grover grinned.


Then I saw something glinting… brown carbonated muck


“Nico.” Hades said


Nico nodded.


“Nico,” I said… I started to run.


“You ran in the Labyrinth to find me?” Nico asked


“Of course man, I couldn’t let you get lost or worse for that matter.” Percy smiled


Nico, Hades and Hazel smiled at him.


“Percy!” Annabeth called… then backed away.


“Cattle guard.” Demeter said


Percy grimaced, remembering the red cows were for Apollo. Oh he was not going to like this chapter.


“It’s a cattle guard,” Grover said… Nico might be up there.”


“Bingo.” Nico said


She hesitated… “Sorry, cow!” he called.


Everybody chuckled.


Tyson blushed.


Then he gave us a boost… “Holy cows?”


Everybody laughed.

‘Holy cows.” Travis snickered


“Love it.” Connor grinned


Percy grinned.


“Exactly. But what are they doing—”… raised a hand in greeting


Everybody snickered.


The two-headed dog bared its teeth… bristling at the business end.


“Eurytion.” Ares smiled


“That’s guy sounds strong.” Frank deadpanned


“Tell me you didn’t fight him?” Poseidon asked


“No, I didn’t fight him.” Percy grinned


Poseidon sighed in relief.


“Heel, Orthus,” he told the dog…. “Not many ever leave.”


“I don’t understand whether that’s a warning or threat.” Rachel shook her head


“Wow,” I said. “I feel welcome.”


Everybody snickered.


The cowherd glanced… Eurytion kept him more or less under control.


“That’s casual enough.” Jason said


We walked down a dirt path… horses seemed tame enough.


“My foot, they’re tame.” Percy laughed


One big stallion looked… wondered if it hurt his sinuses.


“What a thought… Thought the answer is no.” Triton said, with a raised eyebrow


“Good to know.” Percy grinned


“What are they for?” I asked… “No more questions.”


“They’re working for Kronos.” Reyna said


Annabeth nodded.


Finally we came out of the woods… Oh boy, more people to torture!


“What a treat.” Travis said sarcastically, rolling his eyes


Everybody laughed.


I didn’t ponder that very long, though… since it had no arms.


“Percy.” The demigods groaned


Said demigod grinned sheepishly.


“The whole situation was very weird and your thoughts just made it weirder.” Thalia complained


The cowherd Eurytion… Nice ranch you have.”


Everybody snickered.


Before the three-bodied man… guests killin’ each other.”


“Well at least that’s good.” Amphitrite said


“But that’s—”… Yes, I know.”


“They aren’t monsters.” Thalia scowled


Tyson and Grover smiled at her.


“Monster friends?”… “They’re here to kill me!”


“What was wrong with me?” Nico groaned


“Trauma.” Percy supplied


“Nico, we’re not here to kill you.”… even talk about her!”


Nico groaned again.


“I’m sorry Percy, I don’t think that anymore.” He said


“I know Nico, you already apologized.” Percy smiled


“Wait a minute.”… Eurytion take it from you.”


Aphrodite and Ares gave small shudders being on the end of the sword themselves.


Eurytion sighed… played with Mythomagic cards.


Thalia, Percy, Grover and Annabeth sighed.


Reluctantly, he sheathed his sword…. death riding around in the moo-mobile.


Everybody snickered.


“That is quite a good punishment then.” Hades mused


“Oh yippee, a new punishment in the Fields of Punishment.” Nico snickered


Hades smirked.


Nico sat in the very back… bird legs putting a little hop in its step.

“Hold up, they still exist?” Artemis asked


Annabeth nodded.


“Rooster ponies,” Tyson said… “Very much in demand for omelettes!”


“WHAT?! They’re endangered species.” Athena exclaimed


“That’s horrible!” Annabeth said… kept narrating the tour.


Hermes nodded in agreement with Grover.


“Now, over here,” he said… Armies have to eat.”




Everybody looked at Apollo. Hermes looked nervous, knowing firsthand how much Apollo loved his cattle.


“He. Kills. Sacred cows. For meat?” Apollo asked angrily


“I’m going to kill him. Lester or not.” Apollo said


“If it helps, then he’s dead.” Percy said


Apollo nodded.


“You killed him well?”


“In a way you might like.” Percy smirked


“You kill the sacred cows… “That’s against the ancient laws!


Apollo nodded.


“Oh, don’t get so worked up, satyr. They’re just animals.”


Hermes, Dionysus, Artemis and Demeter scowled.


“Just animals!”… Quintus got his scorpions from you


“Shady.” Poseidon muttered


“Quintus . . .” Geryon mused… You must see them.”


“Wow, he described him perfectly and doesn’t know who he is. Horrible lie.” Connor shook his head


Travis nodded.


I didn’t need to see them… garbage boats on the East River


The Sea gang paled and everybody else gagged.


Aphrodite turned green.


Even Nico gagged… Eurytion mumbled from under his hat.


A few snickers.


“Quiet!” Geryon snapped… Was it the three bodies?”


“Monster sarcasm.” Leo shook his head


“You have to let these… “And you haven’t answered me.”


“Hopefully you didn’t make a deal with him.” Hades said wearily


“No I didn’t.” Nico assured him


Hades sighed in relief.


“Mmm.” Geryon examined a cactus… worth a thousand of yours!


“Sorry Percy.” Nico said again.


“It’s okay man.” Percy smiled


Now, can you help me… who’s been giving you advice?”


“Unfortunately.” Hades said


“That guy is pure evil and cruel.” Katie said


Everybody nodded.


“It’s none of your business, Percy!”… “Yes, you fool!”


Ares scowled at his son’s treatment.


Eurytion looked bored, but he wrapped one huge arm around Nico and lifted him up like a wrestler.


“He better let Nico go.” Hades growled


“He did. Eurytion was a good guy.” Percy said


“Pick up the sword, too”… “What do you mean?”


A few people looked at Hera.


“Never you mind, darlin’… I don’t want your help!”


“Thank you Percy.” Hades and Nico said


“No issues.” Percy grinned


Geryon chuckled… We’ll wait for you there.”


“Percy you are great at making deals but sometimes, never mind most of the times they are very risky.” Hermes said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


Eurytion gave me a funny look… Annabeth was a hostage.


“Nope.” Tyson and Grover said


Annabeth smiled.


I got out of the car… rumbled off down the trail.


“Done.” Hades said


“I’ll read.” Chris said


Hades gave the demigod the book.



Chapter Text

I lost hope when I saw the horses’ teeth.


“They were that bad?” Annabeth asked


“Scary actually.” Percy said


As I got closer to the fence…which were pointed like a bear’s.


“Yep that’s scary.” Thalia said


I tried to talk to him…Tasty half-blood!


A few people snickered.


But I’m Poseidon’s son, I protested. He created horses.


“That should work.” Poseidon nodded


Usually this gets me VIP treatment in the equestrian world, but not this time


“Huh.” Poseidon said


Yes! The horse agreed enthusiastically…waded through the field


The demigods were trying to keep it together but weren’t succeeding. Hades and Zeus were snickering.


“Your own creation wants to eat you.” Zeus snickered


Poseidon glared at his brothers.


Percy was himself trying not to snicker but he was only half successful so he let out a chuckle.


Triton raised an eyebrow.


Flies were buzzing everywhere…maybe control the water.


“That might work.” Amphitrite nodded


But if I couldn’t get close to the horses…Only four billion shovelfuls to go.


“That’s going to take way too long.” Artemis winced


“I had help.” Percy smiled


The sun was already sinking…Her arms were crossed.


“The Naiad isn’t going to like you using the river. It’s a pain to clean out the dirt and stuff.” Triton grimaced


“She gave me another way to clean the stables.” Percy said


“Oh no you don’t,” she said.


A few chuckles.


I stared at her…And you’re out of the water.”


“They can act human when they want.” Amphitrite said in amusement


“The ones at camp just giggle so I didn’t really know that.” Percy told her


Amphitrite nodded.


“What, you don’t think…bottom of the canoe lake.


“Fair enough.” Amphitrite said


“Look,” I said…“Oh, save it, sea boy


“Did she just call you sea boy?” Leo snickered


“Yep.” Chris clarified


Leo laughed.


“I’m so using that.” He said


“Wasn’t Aquaman and Water boy enough?” Percy asked


“Nah, one more couldn’t hurt.” Leo smirked


Percy shook his head.


You ocean-god types always think you’re soooo much more important than some little river, don’t you?


“No not really. Like there was a lot of stuff I couldn’t have done if rivers didn’t exist.” Percy said


Poseidon smiled proudly.


Well let me tell you, this naiad is not going to be pushed around just because your daddy is Poseidon.


“Daddy Poseidon.” Percy chuckled


Poseidon chuckled.


This is freshwater territory…by the way


“I feel offended.” Percy said keeping a mock hurt hand on his chest and wore a faux hurt expression


Everybody snickered and shook their head fondly.


He convinced me…NO THANK YOU!”


“That is one determined and mad naiad.” Jason chuckled


“Yep.” Percy nodded


The way she talked reminded me of my mortal friend, Rachel Elizabeth Dare—kind of like she was punching me with words


Rachel smirked at Percy.


“Yeah when you think about it, they do sound very similar.” Will chuckled


“Yeah Rachel can be like that.” Nico grinned


Rachel grinned.


I couldn’t blame the naiad…manure in my home.


The demigods nodded.


But still . . . worried she would lose.


“She’s worried because you’re my son and you can order her if you want. She would most probably not have a choice but to obey.” Poseidon said


“The thought doesn’t make me happy that they’re scared of me.” Percy sighed


“It’s okay brother, the sea people will warm up to you just like the rest of us. Once they know that you’re not that kind of person then they will act casual enough with you and some people have quite a funny mouth.” Triton smiled


“Thanks man.” Percy smiled


Poseidon grinned and Amphitrite smiled.


The thought made me sad…It’s your river.”


The demigods looked fondly at Percy.


Dionysus raised an eyebrow.


“Good job brother.” Tyson grinned


“Thanks Ty.” Percy smiled


“You’re very kind.” Persephone said


“It’s not about being kind, it’s about doing the right thing.” Percy said


Persephone raised an eyebrow at Hades who shrugged.


She relaxed her shoulders…It was part of the sea.”


“Oh yeah! You can start a small fountain to clean the stables.” Triton said


Percy resisted the urge to snort, the fountain was very far from small. Oh Zeus was not going to be happy.


Suddenly I saw what she meant…It is my life source.”


“That advice came in very useful later.” Percy said


Poseidon bit back a groan, what all had his son gotten into.


She stepped back…tearing into raw meat did it.


Silena gagged.


Seafood! one thought when he saw me. Come in! We’re still hungry.


A few snickers.


What was I supposed to do... shooting out of the muck.


Triton looked at his father. Poseidon figured that Triton was having the same thoughts as him. Percy didn’t even have to will the water to come out of it, he threw the shell in frustration. This was odd. Poseidon decided to wait for the entire chapter.


“No way,” I muttered…Yuck! he said. Salty!


A few people snickered.


It was seawater in the middle of a Texas ranch.


“I don’t think that’s ever happened before.” Jason chuckled


I scooped up another…saltwater spring erupted.


“You’re going to get really tired after controlling that much water.” Poseidon said


Percy sighed.


Stop! The horses cried. Meat is good! Baths are bad!


“I have to agree.” Leo laughed


“Yuck.” Piper said


Then I noticed the water…“More!” I yelled.


“You don’t want to lose control.” Triton said, practically on the edge of his seat. He felt like he was the one who was caffeinated.


There was a tugging sensation…dissolved into the earth



Everybody looked at Percy.


“You just-.” Zeus sputtered in horror


Poseidon looked at Triton. No demigod son of his should have been able to do that without passing out.


They looked at Percy who fidgeted under the attention.


“He’s too powerful.” Zeus said finally


“You aren’t going to touch a single hair on my son’s head.” Poseidon growled warningly


Zeus glared at him but Poseidon glared back.


And the water was now…streams down toward the river.


“Oh no, you have to stop it.” Triton said


“Stop,” I told the water…poison the fish and plants.


“That’s a lot of water, you have to concentrate.” Poseidon said gently


“I know dad.” Percy sighed


“Stop!” I concentrated…I collapsed to my knees, exhausted


“He should’ve passed out.” Ares said


Poseidon glared at him but he was thinking the same thing. The amount of power his son had used should have made him more than exhausted but that didn’t mean that Poseidon wasn’t proud of Percy.


In front of me was a shiny…teeth had been washed out


“Wow.” Jason said


“That was amazing.” Travis agreed


Percy smiled.


“Show off.” Nico teased


Percy chuckled.


We won’t eat you! the horses wailed…I didn’t stick around to chat.


“Well you managed to make naughty horses better horses.” Hermes laughed


Percy grinned.


The sun was going down.


Worry appeared on Athena and Hades’ face regarding their children.


I turned and ran full speed…because I really love barbecue


“Understatement.” The Stolls said in a sing song voice


The demigods nodded.


Percy grinned and blushed.


The deck was set up for a party…picking his fingernails with a knife.


“Wow such a tool to use for fingernails.” Annabeth said sarcastically


The demigods snickered.


“It’s absolutely perfect.” Castor snickered


The two-headed dog…their mouths gagged.


Athena, Hades, Dionysus, Hermes and Poseidon growled.


“Let them go!” I yelled…KISS— THE—CHEF.


The demigods gagged.


“I’m never ever kissing him.” Leo paled





“Never happening.”


“No way.” Came from the demigods.


“Did you, now”… but no matter.”


Triton growled.


“Naiads aren’t meant to be poisoned.” He said angrily


“We know.” Percy placated him.


“Let my friends go,” I said…“You promised!”


“You didn’t make him swear on the Styx.” Hades groaned


“Yeah well it took me time and near death experiences to know that I’m supposed to get a solemn oath.” Percy said


This time Poseidon groaned.


Geryon made a tsk-tsk noise…do it yourself.”


Clarisse, Frank and Ares nodded in agreement with Eurytion.


“He shouldn’t be dying for him.” Frank said in horror


“Yeah Eurytion didn’t deserve it.” Percy said


It was the most un-Areslike thing…came to sit by the cowherd’s feet.


“Eurytion made the right choice.” Apollo said


The demigods nodded.


“Fine!” Geryon snarled…table an inch from Eurytion’s hand.


Ares growled. His son better not have been hurt by Geryon. He was already a little mad about Eurytion dying for Geryon but he didn’t want that happening again. He was also thinking about what Percy and Nico had said to him ‘Frank and Clarisse deserved better.’ No matter what he did, he wasn’t able to get those words out of his head. Inside he did agree with the two demigods that Clarisse and frank did deserve better. He wanted to become a better parent to his children but he didn’t know how to.


I went on the attack…apron started to heal.


“He has three hearts, he’s not going to be easy to kill.” Hermes grimaced


“Nice try, sonny,” he said…she let out a muffled scream


Athena growled.


Tyson strained against his bonds, but even his strength wasn’t enough to break them.


“Those bonds are seriously strong.” Beckendorf said


Percy nodded.


I had to end this fight…bow with a quiver.


“No way.” Michael said


Geryon threw his barbecue fork, and it thudded into the wall right next to my head.


Poseidon growled this time.


He drew two swords…Just one shot. Please.


“Hopefully we helped?” Apollo asked


“No not really, sorry but I can’t be too sure if I’m supposed to trust the person who says they helped.” Percy said


“It’s us who should be sorry if we didn’t help.” Apollo said


Artemis nodded.


Percy gave them a smile.


“If we haven’t helped this time, then one call is all it’s going to take.” Apollo smiled


Percy grinned at him. Jason was smiling really wide at Apollo.


I notched an arrow…forehead of the grizzly bear trophy.


“Nice one Percy!” Lee cheered


“That was brilliant.” Michael agreed


Geryon dropped his swords…I figured maybe the burgers smelled okay.


“Mostly.” Hermes chuckled


“Yay for Percy!” Tyson said…heads on the cowherd’s knees.


Ares glared at Nico and Grover.


“How long will it take Geryon…We’re kinda tied together.”


“That’s awful.” Piper said


“Yeah I mean mostly immortality is supposed to be a gift but for him it’s a curse.” Connor agreed


The demigods nodded.


Ares sighed.


“Maybe you can change things,” I said…“That’d be all right.”


“Good job in convincing him Prissy.” Clarisse said


“Thanks.” Percy grinned


“Though he didn’t want to in the first place.” He added


“Get the animals on your side…“Now, that I could live with.”


Everybody chuckled.


“You won’t try to stop…“Shoot, no.”


“He’s a good guy.” Triton smiled


“Yep.” Percy said


Annabeth rubbed her bruised wrists.


Athena had a couple of bruises on her wrists as well.


She was still looking…You got my sister killed!”


The bruises disappeared.


“Oh yay, crazy me is back.” Nico said


“Nico,” Annabeth said…And I’m not afraid!”


“You are afraid Nico, there isn’t anything wrong in it either.” Reyna said


“Yeah.” Nico sighed


“You should be,” Annabeth said…“Not like that.”


“He’s right.” Hades said


“I know I know.” Nico said


Hades nodded.


“You didn’t know her!” he shouted…Nico not to listen to him.


Hades gave Percy a grateful look.


Percy grinned at him and waved it away.


“Let’s ask Bianca.”


“That should solve it.” Hazel nodded


The sky seemed to grow darker…so I can protect you.”


“That makes sense.” Hades nodded


Nico shook his head…dead like root beer.”


“It’s way better than animal blood.” Leo shrugged


“Done.” Chris said


“I’ll read.” Connor said


Chris gave him the book.




Chapter Text

“Doesn’t sound fun.” Rachel muttered


We did our summons after dark…mood of summoning the dead.


“Yeah, there’s a specific aesthetic you know.” Nico said


“Absolutely, like all black and red with a full moon and clouds. That just ruined it.” Percy said


“So glad you get it.” Nico said


Everybody snickered.


The moon was full…“Maybe he got lost,” I said hopefully.


“Me too Percy, me too.” Will sighed


Everybody chuckled.


“Unfortunately ghosts don’t get lost.” Hades informed


“Yay us.” Lee said sarcastically


Everybody snickered.


Nico poured root beer…freezing against the side of my leg.


“Why?” Grover asked

“It’s because Stygian iron is a metal of the Underworld. It will react that way to a person who is not part of the underworld if there is some magic of the underworld going on.” Nico told him


“Oh okay.”


“Make him stop,” Tyson whispered to me.


“Sorry Tyson.” Nico grimaced


“No problem.” Tyson gave him a toothy grin.


Part of me agreed…celestial bronze blade.


The demigods nodded.


But it was too late…alive with malice.


“Percy why are your descriptions so horribly accurate at times?” Silena shuddered


“Sorry Silena.” Percy said


“Minos!” Nico said…Almost in solid form—”


The demigods groaned.


Will growled.


“You are disrupting the ritual!”… Liars who would deceive you.”


“You’re the liar.” Will snapped


“Calm down Sunshine.” Nico said


Will calmed down at the nickname.


He turned to me as if I were some kind of cockroach.


“Armed cockroaches.” Thalia joked


A few demigods snickered.


Percy Jackson . . . my, my…centuries, have they?”


Poseidon and Triton gritted their teeth.


I wanted to punch him, but I figured my fist would go right through his face.


“Such a pity.” Thalia sighed


“I swear, if I could’ve punched him, he would’ve had a broken nose and maybe even some broken limbs.” Percy growled


“Percy’s angry.” Travis said in a sing song voice


“There’s not much I can do about it now.” Percy said


“Percy, if I would’ve been there, I’m sure I would’ve helped you.” Jason said


“No doubt.” Percy grinned


“Same here.” Thalia said


Nico smiled at his cousins.


“We’re looking for Bianca di Angelo,” I said. “Get lost.”


Leo whistled.


“Only Percy would have the guts to tell an evil and cruel king to get lost.” Jason said


“Nope, I’m sure you would’ve too. Not just you but any demigod here.” Percy said


Everybody chuckled fondly.


The ghost chuckled…Daedalus will help you?”


“Eventually.” Annabeth sighed


The other spirits stirred in agitation…he clung to Tyson’s shoulder.


“Yep, he’s nervous.” Thalia said


Grover blushed.


“Daedalus cares nothing for you…“Who did he kill?”


Athena sighed.


“Do not change the subject!”… I would make him a lord!”


“Bullshit.” Will said


“Did Will just say bullshit?” Lee asked


“If I heard right then yes.” Michael said


“Who are you and what have you done with Will Solace?” Lee asked Will


Will chuckled.


“Enough, Minos,” Nico commanded…Let me protect you.


“You’re literally one of the last people I would ask for protection. And no they are my family not my enemies.” Nico spat


The demigods grinned at Nico.


“Aw cuz, I knew you loved us.” Thalia teased


Nico rolled his eyes playfully.


I will turn their minds to madness…intrude deserve madness.”


“THAT BLOODY FU-“ Hermes started


“Language Hermes.” Hestia chided but it looked like she agreed.


“You better hurt him.” Hermes said to Hades, his voice trembling with fury.


“Oh I’m going to do that.” Hades said darkly.


Hermes got a satisfied look on his face and sat down. He pulled his three sons into a hug.


“Madness is a weapon but it shouldn’t be used in such ways.” Castor growled


Dionysus nodded.


Clarisse was trembling with fury as well.


“Be gone, Minos!” Nico demanded…You cannot trust these heroes.”


“I’d trust them with my life.” Nico growled


The demigods smiled at him.

“And we’ll always have your back.” They said


Nico smiled at them.


Hestia wore a smile on her face, looking at the demigods.


With that, he faded into mist…“Hello, Percy,” she said.

“Ouch.” Leo winced


“She said hello to Percy first?” Rachel asked


“Yeah.” Nico sighed


“I’m sorry Nico.” Percy said


“For what?” Nico asked


“That she said hello to me first.”


“Oh shut up Percy. That is not you freaking fault.” Nico said


“Thanks.” Percy smiled


“Exactly the kind of wave off I wanted.” He added, genuinely


Nico managed a weak smile.


She looked the same as she had in life…like her death was fresh and new


Percy flinched.


Nico and Hades winced.


Poseidon and triton put their hands on Percy’s shoulders.


I remembered searching…finding any sign of her.


“That was one of the most awful times of my life.” Thalia said


Zoe, Grover and Percy nodded. It had been horrible to not even find her body.


“I’m so sorry,” I said…I don’t regret it.”


Percy sighed.


“And you still blamed yourself?” Amphitrite asked


“Not anymore, I was fine after this.” Percy said


Poseidon pulled his son into a side hug.


"Then how come you had a breakdown at her death?" Persephone asked


"It all just came rushing back. It was very overwhelming." Percy replied


“Bianca!” Nico stumbled…dreading this moment.


Percy grimaced.


“Why would she dread it?” Reyna asked


“I think she hoped that Nico would stop trying the soul for soul trick.” Dakota said


“Hello, Nico…He’s not your friend.”


Nico grimaced.


Bianca stretched out a hand…got close to living skin.


“That’s sad.” Frank said, pulling Hazel close to him.


The demigods nodded.


“You must listen to me,” she said…You have to promise me this.”


“How did she know that?” Travis asked


“You come to know once you enter the Underworld.” Hades said


Travis nodded.


I can’t. Never.”… “It’s not fair!”


The demigods winced in sympathy for Nico.


“You are close to the truth now,”… It will be your doom.”


“She was right. It was mostly her I was mad at.” Nico sighed


“She’s right,” Annabeth broke in…anyone he can to his cause.”


“I love how she puts in the can. Like she knows he can’t twist some people.” Castor chuckled


The demigods grinned.


I don’t care about Kronos”… I can.”


Hades looked at Nico.


“I know I know.” Nico sighed


Hades nodded.


“Don’t try,” she said…It is not safe for us to remain.”


“Oh no.” Will said


“Wait,” Nico said…a cold full moon.


Nico looked down.


Percy looked at Will who gestured to him to give Nico a hug.


Percy pulled his cousin into a hug which he accepted.


Will and the others smiled.


Thalia and Jason got up and joined in. They might tease each other but in the end of the day they did love each other.


None of us were anxious…nightmares any better.


Poseidon fell asleep.


I dreamed I was with Luke…I’d seen last winter.

“That’s not good.” Hermes murmured


Green fires burned in braziers…“Continue your work.”


“So…he already had a plan?” Hazel asked hesitantly


“Apparently.” Percy said


“My lord,” a voice said behind him…“I told you to stay on Alcatraz.”


“Anybody would be scared of her.” Travis shuddered.


Kampê’s eyelids blinked…It is a position of great honor.”


Everybody shuddered.


“We should have left…Too powerful.”


The demigods nodded.


Kelli laughed softly…unpleasant to destroy your old camp?”


“Even if he does, then there is nothing wrong with that.” Thalia scowled


“I didn’t say that”… Mother Hecate for help?”


“I’m glad that Hecate’s good now. I’m very fidgety about the thought of learning from somebody who’s against us.” Hazel shuddered


The demigods nodded.


“She’s cool now though.” Hazel said


“Ah, some respect is all it takes.” Percy said, glaring at Zeus


“We have more than enough…ripped through my dream.


Poseidon shook for one second.


“She’s creepy.” Chris deadpanned


The demigods nodded.


Suddenly I was in a different place…even though it was a sunny day.


“That’s some bad eyesight.” Leo said, trying to lighten the mood.


It resulted in a few snickers.


A smiling boy about Nico’s age…though his tone sounded cold


Athena sighed.


“Done with your projects already?”… “I see. Not bad.”


“That sounds interesting.” Leo said


“I would like to make something like that if I had the notes.” Beckendorf agreed


“We can discuss it some time.” Hephaestus offered


Leo and Beckendorf brightened and nodded eagerly. Hephaestus smiled at them.


“The king loved it!”… smarter than you!”


“Ohh no.” the demigods chorused like they practiced it.


“Wrong thing to say kid.” Connor winced


“Did he now?”… Man have to die, anyway?”


“Because that’s how it is.” Hades scowled


The inventor scowled…Everything dies but the gods.”


Hades nodded.


“But why?” the boy insisted…I’ve made some notes.”


“Very very ingenious but very very wrong.” Leo said, shaking his head


Beckendorf nodded his head vigorously.


He handed the old man a thick scroll…Are your joints swelling up again?”


“Shut up kid.” Travis warned


“He better.” Connor agreed


“He’s messing with the wrong things.” Chris nodded


The old man’s jaw clenched…But my voice didn’t work.


“The wind is too strong. He could lose balance.” Leo said warningly


“Too late for warnings guys.” Percy sighed


Perdix wound up the beetle…Do you think I could?”


“Shut the heck up please.” A few demigods were practically pleading by this time.


“What the hell is he saying?” Castor shook his head


“He’s saying everything wrong. First messing with fatal flaws then bringing the worst memory back.” Nico shook his head


Maybe it was a dream…Choose.


Athena frowned. Janus was there?


Daedalus picked up another…eyes were red with anger.


“Oh no oh no.” The demigods said


“Perdix,” he called…He tumbled toward the sea.


Silence. Nobody spoke a word.


“That was…” Pollux said, not able to find the correct words.


“Wrong it was wrong. Kind of like indirect murder. I get that Daedalus was very very offended but going that far.” Reyna shook her head


Everybody nodded.


There was a moment…slipped it into his sleeve.


Hades groaned.


You do not understand…making everything go black.


Poseidon gave a yell of pain. Percy took some cold water form Nico and applied it where it might have hurt.


“Why are you feeling the pain?” Annabeth asked in worry


“Because I dreamed it.” Percy said dryly


I woke in the dark…“I miss Juniper.”


Silena aww’ed.

I rubbed the sleep…since we left camp.”


“No way.” Hermes said


“What?” I said…Council of Cloven Elders.”


“Oh no.” Hermes said


Grover sighed.


Grover put the TV remote…I have to find Pan.”


Hermes, Dionysus and Artemis sighed.


“You will, man…he muttered dejectedly.


“You are the Champion goat boy.” Thalia and Percy said sternly


“Yep, the one who smacked Medusa? I mean that is so cool.” Travis whooped


“Exactly. I don’t think many people would have the courage or ability to do that blindfolded.” Connor said


The two of them had had experiences where they would have to assure people about themselves in the Hermes cabin and they meant all of it.


“Then Sea of Monsters. You found a perfect way to survive and faced you fear. You opened the way for other searchers.” Leo said


“Then the way you distracted the guards in the museum.” Beckendorf said


“Then all your nature magic.” Chris said


“Also you super awesome scent.” Pollux grinned


“Then you found all the Greek big three kids. That requires skills.” Clarisse said


“You went to the underworld too. Let alone satyrs not even demigods and mortals or even some gods have the courage to go down and interrogate the ruler.” Nico said


“Then you helped the Ophiotaurus to safety.” Katie said


“This is just three books yet Grover. You did so much more after them.” Apollo said


“Thank you so much y’all.” Grover smiled a watery smile.


“You deserve it.” The demigods chorused.


A long time after he dozed off... Perdix reminded me of Nico.


Nico sighed.


He shook his head…too big even for a grown man.


A few chuckles regarding the robe size.


“I need time to think”… cling to him as he walked.


“That’s kinda cool.” Lee said


“I’m worried about him”… He’ll be safe, I promise.”


Hades and Ares smiled for their respective sons.


“What about you?” I asked…Might just sign up for the next rodeo.”


Apollo nodded.


The idea made me shudder…But only once.”


Hephaestus smiled and sighed.


“And you’re giving it to me…you’ll be on your way.”


“That’s nice of him.” Frank smiled


Annabeth pressed the button…way it was going.


“See another achievement.” Percy smiled at Grover


Grover gave him a smile.


We ran down a marble tunnel…back before I could fall.


“Thanks Ty.” Percy smiled


“No problem brother.” Tyson smiled


The tunnel continued…Go figure.


Everybody snickered.


Percy and Annabeth grinned at each other.


Annabeth got to the opposite side…(or was it a goatyback ride?).


“Both I think.” Grover said


The big guy made it across... Geryon’s stables, but almost.


“That’s horrible.” Rachel wrinkled her nose


Then I saw the monster…back to prove it.


Tyson shuddered.


Poseidon draped an arm over Tyson’s shoulder.


Spotlights blazed on either side…skeletons on the floor.


“What the-?” Nico asked


“Weird.” Hazel agreed


“Fabulous prizes!” the Sphinx said…Annabeth was the best one of us to try.


The demigods nodded.


She stepped forward…I gave her an encouraging nod.


“Yeah, thanks for that.” Annabeth smiled


Percy grinned at her.


“Okay,” she told the Sphinx…test sheet with a number 2 pencil.”


The demigods had weird expressions on their faces.


“That is soo weird.” Dakota said


“What?” Annabeth looked mystified…questions so we could leave.


“I swear but hubris.” Thalia sighed


Annabeth sighed. It was an insult to her wisdom.


“These aren’t riddles,” Annabeth said…I won’t answer these questions.”


“I’m sorry Annabeth but I’ve got to agree with Grover here.” Travis said


Athena gave her daughter a sympathetic look. She understood what her daughter felt.


Part of me was impressed…experience with a Sphinx before.


“That is seriously brave.” Travis said


“Nobody hurts Annabeth.” Tyson said


Annabeth smiled at him.


The demigods chuckled. Percy and Tyson were very similar that way.


He tackled the Sphinx midair…draw her knife.


“Wow.” Leo said in awe


Tyson blushed.


Tyson got up, his shirt clawed to shreds.


Poseidon’s shirt was ripped too.


“Aw man, the new clothes.” Triton complained


“They’ll get fine after we finish the line.” Percy chuckled


The Sphinx growled, looking for an opening.


Poseidon’s t-shirt went back to normal.


I drew Riptide and stepped…“I can fight!”


“I know that very well Wise Girl.” Percy smiled


Annabeth grinned at him.


“No!” I yelled…without my test scores!”


Everybody snickered.


The bars lifted from the exits…bought us just enough time.


“Go Grover!” the demigods cheered


Grover smiled at them.


Tyson pulled Grover into the tunnel…would have to grade by hand.


Everybody chuckled and sighed in relief.


“Done.” Connor said


“Let’s break.” Chiron said


Everybody got up and went outside.


Chapter Text

“You do what now?” Poseidon asked in worry


Percy grimaced.


“Let’s just continue reading.” He said


I thought we’d lost the spider…he turned the wheel.


Hephaestus chuckled. He was always happy to meet people who liked creating.


As soon as the door opened…chariot made entirely of flames.


“That’s so cool.” Leo and Beckendorf said


“It does sound amazing.” Clarisse nodded


“It looked it too.” Percy grinned


Hephaestus smiled.


Smaller projects cluttered…One leg was in a metal brace.


“Dad.” Beckendorf smiled

The spider scuttled straight…He wore a permanent scowl.


Beckendorf and Leo sighed. So did Hephaestus. He was fairly used to it.


Percy grimaced.


“Sorry Hephaestus.” He said


Hephaestus looked at him and smiled.


Leo and Beckendorf gave smiles to Percy.


His black beard smoked…then put it back together.


Tyson, Beckendorf and Leo grinned.


“That’s super lit.” Leo said


Hephaestus smiled at his son.


“Okay Leo, let’s not put the light on fire.” Piper chuckled


“Sure Beauty Queen.” Leo smirked


Piper chuckled.


“There,” he muttered to himself…“Shoddy workmanship.”


“I feel offended.” Annabeth said


Percy joined Annabeth in looking offended.


Everybody snickered because they knew the pair was hiding their grins.


He studied Annabeth and me…didn’t care one way or the other


Hephaestus grinned sheepishly.


He was just trying to figure out how my jaw worked, whether it was a hinge or lever or what.


Hephaestus raised an eyebrow at Percy.


“Would be helpful to make automatons.” He said finally


Percy snickered.


“Well then, if I didn’t smash…traveling with this lot?”


“Cyclops have great creativity and skills.” Hephaestus shrugged


Tyson grinned.


“Uh . . .” said Tyson, staring in wonder at the god


Tyson smiled and Hephaestus chuckled.


“Yes, well said,” Hephaestus agreed.


“All he said was ‘uh.” Apollo said


“The less the better.” Hephaestus said


“So, there’d better be a good…small matter, you know.”


“Sure dad.” Leo chuckled


Hephaestus grinned.


The demigods smiled.


“Sir,” Annabeth said hesitantly…his black eyes glowed.


“Uh oh.” Beckendorf and Leo said


“Uh, yes, sir, please,” Annabeth said…flew around the room.


“Whoa.” Leo breathed


“That’s awesome.” Beckendorf agreed


Hephaestus beamed at his kids.


Tyson laughed and clapped…nipped his ear affectionately.


Everybody chuckled.


Hephaestus regarded him…looking unsurprised. “Briares?”


“You knew he was alive?” Zeus asked


Hephaestus nodded.


“And you didn’t mention it?” he asked angrily


“The topic never came up.” Hephaestus shrugged


Zeus grumbled under his breath.


“Oh come one! You’re going to grumble about that too? You practically don’t give a damn as to what goes on until it concerns you.” Leo blurted out his thoughts


Everybody looked at him.


“Did I just say that out loud?” He asked


Percy nodded, with a glint of fondness in his eyes. He winked at Leo.


The demigods muffled their snickers. Hermes and Apollo were trying their best to do the same.


“I’m not sure we should let Percy and Leo talk to the gods at the same time.” Annabeth laughed


Leo and Percy grinned.


Zeus glared at the two demigods.


“Yes. He—he was scared…But he ran away.”


The demigods and the sea gang sighed.


Hephaestus grunted…You can’t trust ’em.


Chiron and Zoe sighed. They knew how it felt after all.


Look at my loving mother, Hera.


“Loving?” Hermes asked with a raised eyebrow


“Sarcasm.” Hephaestus shrugged


You met her, didn’t you... she saw my ugly face.”


“You’re still going to bring that up?” Hera asked


“Lady, you threw him off a freaking mountain.” Leo said


“I love how you call her lady.” Beckendorf snickered


Leo smirked.


Hera scowled at him and Hephaestus gave him a smile.


“But I thought Zeus…Blaming it all on my dad.


“To be honest, I’m not surprised at all that Hera would play the old blame game.” Castor shrugged. He was never fond of Hera but now he definitely despised her after learning what she did to his dad’s family.


Hera glared at him but he just shrugged.


The truth is, my mother likes families…Perfect families.


“That is so so true.” Annabeth grumbled


Percy nodded and glared at Hera, remembering what she said about Nico and Pan at the end of this quest.


She took one look at me and . . . well, I don’t fit the image, do I?”


“Very very harsh.” Pollux said


“You know, I’m starting to agree with Thalia here. At least Persephone doesn’t throw me off mountains or drive me insane or doesn’t do something off the rocker. Though Percy’s super lucky to have Amphitrite as his step mother.” Nico said


Percy grinned.


“Hey she’s kinda your aunt so you can think it that way too.” Percy said


“Brilliant. So adopted step mother and aunt.” Nico grinned


Amphitrite smiled.


He pulled a feather from the falcon’s back, and the whole automaton fell apart.


“You know that is something simple to do but for some reason a deeper meaning is coming to my head right now.” Jason said


“Go on sir.” Percy teased


Jason shook his head fondly.


“Well I mean I can think of three deep meanings here. First, that sometimes it takes just one thing to break somebody or to hurt them. Second, that just one thing pulled from something can make it all fall apart. Third, that sometimes all it takes is one more thing to make a person reach their breaking point. I mean the third one was similar to the first one but it’s still a little different.” Jason said


“That makes a lot of sense.” Percy nodded


All the demigods thought about that and they all agreed. Nico remembered the time with Reyna and coach Hedge and when he lost control. Percy remembered the time in Tartarus with the poison. He shuddered at the thought then winced slightly at the reaction Annabeth had. Thalia remembered when it was the last straw for her and she ran away from home. Annabeth thought about the poison as well but also when she had run away from home. Silena thought about the break down she had had when Beckendorf died. Zoe thought about the thoughts that she had had when she joined the hunters. They were all dragged out of their thoughts and memories by their parents and Amphitrite’s voice as she continued reading. The gods looked at their children in worry but didn’t say anything.


“Believe me, young Cyclops,”… work of your own hands.”


“That’s depressing.” Katie sighed


“You can trust us.” Tyson told him


Hephaestus gave him a grateful smile.


It seemed like a pretty lonely way…Hephaestus’s little projects.


“Fair enough. I get the point. I’m sorry about that.” Hephaestus sighed


Percy gave him a smile.


He focused on me…I’m used to that.


“Then it should change.” Leo said firmly


“Absolutely.” Beckendorf nodded


The demigods nodded as well.


Hephaestus smiled. He felt really bright inside and a feeling of warmth spread threw him. Hestia smiled at the demigods. She had never seen a group of demigods who valued family as much as them.


What would you ask of me…That’s an expensive favor.”


“I’d like a flaming sword.” Leo joked


“I’ll make you one.” Hephaestus smiled


Leo’s eyes widened.


“I’m not really the sword type dad but maybe could you make a flaming pocket knife. Like it could unlock anything. Sorry if it’s a lot.” Leo said a little shyly which was kind of new for him


Hephaestus chuckled.


“It’s not a lot. It’s very reasonable. Of course I’ll make you one. What about you Beckendorf?” Hephaestus said


Beckendorf’s eyes widened. He was smiling at his brother.


“I’d like a flaming sword.” He said a little shyly which was new for him too.


“Done.” Hephaestus smiled


All the demigods grinned.


“Thanks dad.” Beckendorf and Leo grinned and hugged their dad.


Hephaestus chuckled.


“You know where he is, then”… I need a favor done.”


“Oh yay.” Triton sighed


“Name it,” Annabeth said…How refreshing!”


“No offense but we aren’t the only ones who make rash promises.” Pollux said

The gods nodded.


“None taken.” Hephaestus assured him


He pressed a button…restless with the Titan rebellion.”


“You’re going to send them as scouts?” Poseidon asked a little angrily


“Yeah.” Hephaestus sighed


“Cause quite some commotion though.” He winked at Percy who rubbed his neck sheepishly


Poseidon bit back a groan.


“What do you want us to do?” I said. “Fight him?”


Ares snickered.


Poseidon glared at him.


“Not possible at all.” He said


“I know now dad.” Percy said


Hephaestus snorted…Typhon when he was free.


A few gods looked offended.


No, pray you never have…if they mean to lose Typhon.”


“That would be very dangerous though.” Hermes frowned


“Oh it was.” Percy said darkly


“You want us to find…when it landed at her feet.


“Sorry about that Annabeth.” Hephaestus said


“No problem.” Annabeth smiled


“My creation will show…I’m sure of it!”


Hermes and Dionysus perked up.


“He has to follow that trail but… you guys have to scout.” Hermes said


“We figured it out.” Grover told him.


Up ahead, the spider was getting…“The forges!”


“That’s his dream Annabeth. That was one of the main reasons he went for this quest.” Thalia said gently


“I know.” Annabeth sighed


Grover looked at her sadly…she didn’t understand at all.


Annabeth grimaced.


“Sorry Grover.” She said


“It’s quite alright.” He smiled


Annabeth smiled at him.


The spider was almost…“We’ll split up,” I said


“Thank you Perce.” Grover said


“You’re my friend G-man. No need to say thanks. This was your dream.” Percy smiled


Grover grinned at him.


“No!” Annabeth said…“I—I will go with him.”


“Whoa. That’s very brave Tyson.” Jason said


Tyson smiled.


“Goat boy needed help.” He shrugged


“You two are very similar this way.” Katie chuckled fondly, gesturing to Percy and Tyson


Percy and Tyson grinned at each other.


I couldn’t believe…I trust friends.”


Hephaestus and Tyson sighed.


Grover took a deep breath…give him another chance.


Chiron sighed.


“I hope you’re right,” I said…than chicken enchiladas.


Everybody chuckled.


“Be careful,” I told him…were lost in the darkness.


Tyson grinned sheepishly.


“This is bad,” Annabeth said…about Athena before.


“That’s one of the main facts about her.” Thalia said


“It’s just that I never focused on that. I mean she and I don’t really get along, then she didn’t like me being friends with Annabeth. So I didn’t really focus on such details about her. It was mostly what she said to me.” Percy told Thalia


“Oh okay.”


“But then—”…Annabeth didn’t notice.


“Oh I noticed.” Annabeth smirked


Percy turned red.


“Percy, you know how…the purest kind of love.”


“It is.” Athena said


“So your dad and Athena . . . so you weren’t . . .”


Everybody was snickering.


“How awkward were you feeling at the point?” Nico laughed


“Cousin you have no idea.” Percy shook his head


Annabeth pouted at Percy.


“I was a brain child,” Annabeth said…details of how I was born?


Everybody burst out laughing.


“I’m good.” Percy said


“Um . . . no…better left as mysteries.


“Yeah, I’m just not going to dwell on that.” Percy said


Annabeth smirked.


The roaring got louder…block of iron the size of a house.


“Yep, that is hugeee.” Leo said


Creatures moved around the platform…would Annabeth be safe?


“It’s kind of fifty-fifty.” Hephaestus said


“Fair.” Annabeth said


I looked back at the Labyrinth tunnel…happening in the middle.


“Why” Poseidon groaned.


Percy grinned sheepishly.


The heat was horrible…winter wonderland compared to this.


“Whoo! That’s hot.” Travis said


Percy nodded.


In no time I was drenched…stung from the smoke.


Poseidon was covered in sweat and his eyes were stinging. He closed his eyes to make it easier for him.


I moved along…nowhere to hide except . . . the cart


“Oh that’s just brilliant.” Triton groaned


Poseidon opened his eyes. The sweat had gone and so had the stinging sensation.


“Dad it’s going to hurt real bad soon.” Percy warned


Poseidon sighed and nodded.


I scrambled inside…“Thing weighs a ton.”


“I don’t think that Percy is that heavy.” Rachel smirked


“Shut up Rach.” Percy pouted


She snickered.


Annabeth winked at her.


“It’s celestial bronze,” the other said…time for questions afterward.”


“Monster films.” Leo shook his head


“It was super weird.” Percy agreed


The voices quieted down…to all young monsters


“Monster puberty.” Michael gagged


The demigods paled a little.


“That is disgusting.” Lee agreed


Excited snarling filled the room…finally it was over.


“Well that’s a relief.” Leo said


Percy nodded.


“Now, younglings,” the instructor said…another monster growled


Zeus growled this time.


“Very good,” the instructor said…one monster said.


Zeus looked affronted at the accusation.


“He cast us into Tartarus just because we used magic!”


“It was dark magic.” Zeus grumbled


“Well it came to bite you back.” Thalia shrugged


“Indeed,” the instructor said…our ancestral home!”


Percy swore.


Everybody looked at him.


“Language Perce.” Grover smirked


“Idiotas sangrientos.” Leo smirked


The demigods roared with laughter.


“Good one Leo!” The Stolls cheered


The gods translated what Leo said and raised an eyebrow at him.


Leo grinned.


I clutched my pen-sword…weapons for his army?”


“Eh you can make weapons for them when you grow up only if they are still there.” Travis smirked


The demigods snickered.


“Yes!”… like what I was looking at.


“That’s seriously weird.” Castor said, thinking about the mental image formed in his head


“Yeah, the mental image I’m getting is super odd.” Pollux agreed


“Well that’s good then.” Percy said


“A demigod!” one snarled…if you don’t BACK OFF!”


The demigods laughed and snickered. A few gods joined them.


“That’s hilarious. Good one Percy.” Hermes grinned


Percy grinned.


To my surprise…ran for the exit.


Everybody laughed this time.

“Only Percy would say that.” Annabeth laughed


“Well you know me.” Percy grinned


The monsters charged after me…blood to fuse the metals.”


“Father’s scythe.” Zeus breathed


The elder six gods looked grim and all the gods looked a little scared.


Percy nodded grimly. He hated that blade.


“Aye,” a second said. “It shall be even sharper than before.”


“That is not good at all.” Demeter shook her head


Everybody nodded.


“Sharper than before. I can’t even imagine that.” Hera said


“I hate that blade.” Percy grumbled


Poseidon looked at him in worry. Then he thought there was no way that Percy finished the war without seeing the blade.


“What is that?” I whispered…“With Kronos.”


“Easier for them to become allies.” Clarisse said


She nodded…“No! I’m not leaving you.”


“Never again.” Annabeth smiled


Percy blushed and smiled at her.


The other five and Nico smiled softly.


“I’ve got a plan…She kissed me.


The demigods cheered and Ooh’ed. Apollo and Hermes joined in.


Percy and Annabeth blushed red and grinned.


“How did it take so long for you two to get together?” Silena shook her head


“Oblivious Percy.” Annabeth smirked


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Be careful, Seaweed Brain”… remember what my name was


“Ooh.” The demigods chorused and laughed


Percy and Annabeth blushed harder.


Poseidon winked at his son, Amphitrite gave him a smile and Triton grinned at him which made him blush even more.


But the sea demons…bridge toward me.


And the tension was back.


I ran for the middle of the platform…whatever-it-was scared me worse.


“If that’s unfinished…” Rachel shuddered and trailed off


The demigods nodded in agreement. The gods shuddered.


The elder demons got…shall tear you to shreds.


“You won’t touch him.” Poseidon growled


“A bit late or that dad.” Percy said


Your father betrayed us…all the other Olympians.”


Percy swore more violently this time.


This time the demigods nodded in agreement and add words of their own.


“Pendejos sangrientos.” Leo swore


The demigods chuckled.


“Ho intenzione di uccidere quegli idioti.” Nico threatened


“Ah that could’ve been done in English but smooth Nico.” Percy grinned


The gods raised their eyebrows at their children. Apparently they knew how to swear in multiple languages.


I wished I had a plan…lying to Annabeth.


“You lied?” Annabeth asked a little angrily


“Well it’s me. What was I supposed to do? I wanted to get you out safely.” Percy shrugged


“That’s not supposed to be so nonchalant.” Piper said


“Eh daily basis for me.” Percy shrugged again.


I’d wanted her to get out safely…dog-faced sea-lion people


Nobody bothered snickering at the description. The situation as way too serious.


The young telekhines…I didn’t trust Quintus’s gift.


“It could save your life though.” Jason pointed out


“It came in useful later though.” Percy said


Before I could make up my mind…I remember screaming.


“NO!” Triton yelled


“PERCY!” The demigods and Poseidon yelled


“I’m fine guys but dad this is going to hurt.” Percy said


Amphitrite continued reading with great difficulty.


My whole body was on fire…howling in delight.


Poseidon yelled in agony.


Percy froze. This was just the start but he had to do something.


He put his hand on his dad’s shoulder.


“Will what should I do?” he asked in panic


“Water.” Will called out


Percy grabbed the water Nico passed him. He sprinkled it on his father. Poseidon seemed to calm down a little but he still looked pain.


“Amphitrite please continue.” Will said


Amphitrite got out of her shock and continued with the book.


Then I remembered…petrified seashell this time.


“That should not be possible. That should not be possible.” Triton muttered


Amphitrite looked at Triton and Percy, thinking about Percy’s power. Summoning the sea without any source wasn’t supposed to be possible for her husband’s demigod children.


And besides, the last time…almost gotten away from me.


Nico sighed.


I had no choice…I was a comet hurtling toward the earth.


Poseidon gave out an agonized yell. Percy tried to calm him down and asked Amphitrite to just read the next chapter title.


She looked at Percy in shock but managed to read the title.


“I take a permanent vacation.” She said


Poseidon calmed down. He knew everything that had happened despite being in the state he was in.


There was pure silence in the throne room after he calmed down. Everybody looked at Percy in shock. A few were looking at him in shock while gods like Ares, Zeus and Hera looked at Percy in pure horror.


“Did you just cause a mountain to erupt and survive?” Zeus asked in utter horror


“Uh maybe.” Percy said


“He is too powerful.” Zeus said


“Please kill us if you think that then. You practically never look at how he saved you.” Thalia said in disgust


Zeus was taken aback.


“Channeling the ocean’s power is practically impossible for my demigod kids.” Poseidon said, looking at his son.


“Can we please continue?” Percy pleaded


“Brother got hurt.” Tyson whimpered


“I’m fine now Tyson.” Percy smiled


Poseidon looked at Triton. They decided to wait for all the books before jumping to conclusions. Then Poseidon looked at Percy, sensing his obvious discomfort so he took the book from his wife and continued.


“Wait one second. Is Percy waterproof and fireproof?” Leo asked in awe


“Immune to lava really but not always.” Percy said


“Wow, that’s lit.” Leo grinned


Then Percy took in the expressions of the demigods. They weren’t looking scared or horrified but they looked awed.


“Thanks Leo.” Percy smiled


“It is awesome.” Connor agreed


The demigods nodded.


“Thanks guys.” Percy said gratefully


The demigods gave him grins.


Poseidon was about to read when Percy said-


“Dad I might wake up unconscious and all so maybe somebody else could read the book.” Percy said


Poseidon nodded.


“I’ll read.” Hestia said


Poseidon gave his sister the book with a smile.


“Between I’m sorry dad.” Percy said guiltily


“Why?” Poseidon asked, not understanding what Percy was apologizing for


“For the pain you experienced.” Percy replied


Poseidon pulled Percy into a side-hug.


“It’s not your fault at all.” He said


Triton nodded.


“Not even a bit.” He agreed


Percy gave them grateful looks.


Zeus was still very mad and horrified but decided not to say anything in front of his kids.


Hestia started reading.



Chapter Text

Leo raised an eyebrow.


I woke up feeling like…dry as sand


Nico handed Poseidon some water which he took gratefully.


I saw blue sky and trees…. “You’re too weak to rise.”


“Calypso?” Leo asked


Percy nodded.


Leo smiled.


She laid a cool cloth…repairing my burns.


Poseidon sighed in relief.


“Didn’t Circe mention Calypso in the sea of monster?” Silena asked suddenly


“Yes but she’s not evil.” Percy said


Leo nodded.


“She is awesome.” He said


Everybody chuckled.


“Who?” I croaked…jars of fruit preserves


“That sounds amazing. If that was a cave then I’d happily go there.” Rachel said


“But don’t you like your cave?” Apollo pouted


“Compared to hers, mine doesn’t sound awesome but I like mine too.” Rachel said


Apollo nodded.


Dried herbs hung…named them all.


“I’m surprised you were able to identify even those.” Nico laughed


Percy stuck his tongue out at Nico.


“Nico’s not wrong.” Thalia snickered


Percy grumbled good naturedly about being ganged up on.


There was a fireplace…throbbing pain in my head


Poseidon held his head.


I looked at my arms…And that didn’t exactly reassure me.


“Well it does make sense to not be reassured, especially as you don’t trust Quintus.” Nico said


With difficulty, I stood…I would’ve locked the car doors.


Everybody snickered.


“Oh well, we’ve seen your hair in that condition.” Triton joked


Percy pouted.


“But on the other hand, it isn’t healthy for him to look as if he lost twenty pounds.” Will said, his doctor instincts kicking in


Apollo nodded.


“That is worrying but you’re fine now luckily.” He said


Percy nodded.


I turned away from the mirror…Not salt.


“Wait you can tell that too?” Leo asked


Percy nodded.


“Epic.” Leo grinned


The sun sparkled on the water…where you get killed.


The gods sighed. Their children’s live for that dangerous that they couldn’t trust places which looked good.


The girl with the braided…why was I still alive?


“I remember Circe taking her name now. Though she might just be powerful at first but then got stuck on the island just for rooting with family.” Percy said, glaring at Zeus


“Exactly, she didn’t do anything to deserve that. She was just siding with her family as Atlas is her father.” Leo said angrily


“She sided with the Titans.” Zeus sneered


“So? Thalia and Jason sided with you.” Percy retorted


The demigods Ooh’ed at the burn.


Thalia and Jason muffled their snickers.


“Good job son.” Poseidon muttered to Percy


Percy grinned.


I walked toward her slowly…she’d just been crying.


Leo frowned.


“She didn’t want to offer?” He asked Percy


Percy nodded.


“Well,” she said…“You talk in your sleep.”


“We know.” The demigods chorused


Percy grinned sheepishly.


I blushed…stepped back nervously.


“Hey it was awkward.” Percy defended to Leo’s raised eyebrow


Leo sighed and nodded.


“I’m sorry,” she said…seemed to cushion your fall.


Zeus grumbled about something along the lines of ‘the boy is too powerful.’


Thalia and Jason rolled their eyes.


She pronounced it…geography was pretty terrible.


“It’s not near anywhere.” Hermes informed


“Well she told me.” Percy shrugged


Calypso laughed…cute when she laughed.


Leo and Annabeth raised their brows at Percy.


Percy went red.


“Dude she’s taken.” Leo chuckled


“Look, I have Annabeth now and I would want no other. No offence to anybody.” Percy said


Annabeth blushed.


Leo grinned.


“It isn’t near anything…turn men into guinea pigs.”


“Yeah, it was kinda hilarious.” Chris chuckled


Poseidon and Percy turned red.


Calypso gave me that laugh again…cinnamon and juniper.


Grover sighed. He missed Juniper.


The next time I awoke…ours who had died last winter.


Zoe smiled at Percy.


“Percy, what do you see?”… She just was


Aphrodite and Ares looked at Percy. Ares glared.


Leo nodded in agreement with Percy.


“She is.” Leo said


Ares glared at those two.


“Punks. Aphrodite’s super real.” Ares growled


Leo and Percy exchanged smirks which made the demigods think ‘Uh oh’.


“Please she’s so fake…’ Percy started


“…that even Barbie is jealous.” Leo continued


Nico fell on the floor and was rolling on the floor in laughter.


Piper and Silena had wide eyes.


The other Greek demigods were shaking their heads, a little fondly and muffled their snickers.


Ares was vibrating with rage.


“Beauty is beauty.” He said finally


“Then maybe she should eat some makeup, you know it would make her more beautiful on the inside too.” Leo and Percy said


They smirked at each other.


Ares was vibrating even more now. Nico was clutching his stomach on the floor.


The gods were wide eyed.


The demigods were muffling their snickers and were trying harder.


“Son are you…okay?” Hades asked in concern


Nico was rolling on the floor with tears of laughter.


“Top of the world.” He choked out


Hestia continued reading before any other arguments could break out.


With her braided hair…“Uh . . . I forgot.”


Percy buried his head in his hands.


She laughed gently…The flowers glowed as I held them.


“Those sound beautiful.” Persephone said


“I have one in my garden.” Percy said


“She gave one to you?”




Calypso picked up her gardening spade…“What does it do?”


“It lives, provides light and beauty. What else should it do?” Persephone asked Percy


Percy chuckled, remembering what Calypso said to him.


“Do?” Calypso mused…to do anything else?”


“Oh.” Persephone said, turning a little red


“You two could be related.” Katie said


“In a way they probably are but distant of course.” Travis pointed out


“I mean if I’m not wrong, Atlas is Demeter’s uncle. Calypso is his daughter so Demeter and Calypso are cousins so that makes Persephone’s aunt Calypso. That is one relation. The second one is Persephone is married to Hades. Hades’ uncle is also Atlas so Calypso is also his cousin. So you can make that relation too.” Travis mused


“SHUT UP TRAVIS!” The demigods and a few gods yelled


"But Atlas is Demeter's cousin." Connor said


"So Calypso is her niece which with one angle is Persephone's cousin. Second is Calypso is also Hades' niece." Travis said


"Please shut up." Castor begged the Stolls


They snickered and smirked.


“Why would even-?“ Katie shook her head


“You know you love me.” Travis teased


“That…that I can’t deny.” She blushed


Travis smirked.


The demigods cheered and Ooh’ed.


The gods chuckled.


“I suppose not,” I said…Dionysus sit up and beg.


Dionysus stared at him.


“That many?” Castor asked incredulously


“Uh huh.” Percy said


“Epic.” Dakota and Pollux grinned


“Back home,” I said…Ogygia in . . . a long time.”


“Which she should have been allowed to.” Leo grumbled


“Well, Manhattan’s a big city…outside has changed greatly.


Hermes sighed. He did want Calypso free. She was a good person. He was glad when Percy asked for it and when Leo freed her.


I did not realize it had changed…shiver down my back.


Poseidon shivered due to the curse.


I’d met the Titan Atlas…what your father’s done.


“Exactly.” Hermes said


Leo gave him a smile.


I knew another daughter…bravest people I’ve ever met


Zoe and Artemis smiled at Percy who returned it.


Calypso studied me…watch until she disappeared in the dark.


“Her punishment was very insensitive.” Leo complained


“Hey at least now she has you. She can finally be happy.” Percy smiled


Leo grinned.


I don’t know exactly…knowing if they were all right.


Grover sighed.


“I think it was the magic.” He said


Percy nodded.


On the other hand…else I’d ever experienced.


“He should’ve died.” Ares muttered


Amphitrite glared at him.


I didn’t feel like a prisoner…then there was Calypso herself.


Percy sighed.


“I regret hurting her but I definitely don’t regret being with Annabeth.” Percy said


Annabeth smiled.


She never talked much…then fly off cheerfully.


Leo smiled softly. She really was very beautiful.


Calypso’s eyes gleamed…understand what was bothering her.


“The gods’ punishment.” Thalia grumbled


The demigods glared at the floor. They hated if anybody had been punished unfairly.


One night we were eating dinner…washed and folded by unseen hands.


“That’s pretty cool.” Rachel said


“Hephaestus prefers automatons.” Percy said


Hephaestus grinned sheepishly.


“I prefer invisible servants.” Nico deadpanned


“Honestly, us too.” The demigods except the Hephaestus kids said


“Automatons for us unless they act up.” Leo and Beckendorf said

Anyway, Calypso and I were sitting…playing Hacky Sack with it.


Annabeth and Percy laughed. The others chuckled.


“You just had to right?” Grover grumbled


“Yep.” Percy grinned


She laughed, showing off…Please don’t say that.”


“It sucks knowing somebody’s problem but not being able to help.” Percy sighed sadly


“Actually it sucks not being able to help at all, no matter strength or wisdom.” Nico sighed


Percy understood what Nico meant and gave him a side hug.


“Tell me what the punishment is”… prisons are not nearly as nice as mine.”


Zeus nodded.


“Exactly, she should be grateful.” He said


Leo and the other demigods glared daggers at him. Leo’s hand caught fire.


“Think about this. You are stuck on an island just for supporting your wife because she is your wife, with somebody coming to your home to help you but they can’t stay. If they want to help they can never return. Now imagine having to live like that for thousands of years. You, Lord Zeus would go insane. For that matter anybody would. You should be grateful that you don’t have to go through that.” Leo spat


Zeus reeled back in shock. He was about to say something when Hestia said “Brother not now.”


Zeus went back to grumbling because nobody argued against Hestia. The demigods smiled at her. Thalia and Jason got up and sat on either side of their cousins.


“But that’s not fair,” I said…“What? But the Titans are evil!”


Ares nodded.


“Not all though.” Percy said with apologetic looks to the elder six excluding Zeus and to Apollo and Artemis.


They smiled at him.


“Are they? All of them? All the time?” She pursed her lips.


“Not all.” Percy sighed


“Tell me, Percy…because they are your family?”


“At that point only because they’re family but now generally I guess.” The demigods who got to know their parents sighed which meant a couple of demigods didn’t say anything


I didn’t answer…That hadn’t been exactly good.


The demigods and the sea gang glared at the gods who had voted to kill the gang.


“That would hurt.” Clarisse grimaced


“A little.” Percy admitted


Triton and Tyson squeezed Percy’s shoulders.


But still, I felt like I supported them because Poseidon was my dad.


Poseidon sighed. The gods should have behaved better from the start but he was glad that Percy wanted to fight for him just because he was Percy’s father.


“Perhaps I was wrong in the war,” Calypso said…And I cannot.”


“That’s even worse. You were telling her something she couldn’t have had.” Jason frowned


The demigods nodded.


The gods who were changing slowly sighed.


“You don’t have any friends?” I asked…hair smoldering with fire.


“Dad?” Leo asked


Hephaestus nodded.


“Lord Hephaestus,” Calypso said…spat a few curses and swatted the can away.


A few snickers.


“Stupid servants,” he muttered…They never act up!”

“Well sometimes they do.” Beckendorf said


“Junkyard.” Leo said


Hephaestus sighed.


“Hephaestus,” I said…telling everyone where you were.”


“Yeah it would’ve been bad to know that you were alive but weren’t coming back.” Beckendorf said


Percy sighed and gave him a small smile.


What do you mean?” I said…minor injuries and illnesses include—”


Everybody looked at Percy.


“Whoa man! Hearing it from your point of view was powerful enough but hearing it this way is even next level.” Jason said


“That’s pretty powerful dude.” Leo said in awe


“Quite an explosion.” Hephaestus nodded


“You don’t have to feel bad about it. We’re still your friends.” Thalia assured him, knowing how her cousin’s mind worked


“Thanks Thals.” Percy smiled


Hephaestus switched it off…We’ll have to wait and see—”


Zeus, Hera and Ares glared at Percy.


The rest of the gods and demigods glared back.


“I couldn’t release him…know your own strength.”


The sea gang gave small smiles to Percy but they were thinking about the limit of Percy’s power as well. Though Poseidon was still proud that his son was powerful and wouldn’t misuse it.


That’s the last thing I wanted him to say.


“Sorry Percy.” Hephaestus said


“It’s okay.” Percy smiled


I hadn’t been in control…my friends to think I was dead.


“WHAT?!” Annabeth exclaimed


“NO!” The demigods chorused


“Of course we wanted you to come back. You’re a great friend. That’s not going to scare us.” Beckendorf said in a controlled voice


Percy smiled at him.


“Thanks guys.” He said gratefully

The demigods chuckled.


“No need to thank us.” They said


Percy grinned.


Hestia smiled.


“What about Grover and Tyson?” I asked…just because she liked me.


“That’s like the opposite of what she should be doing.” Connor muttered


“Is this part of her plan?” I asked…I think you know how to navigate the maze.”


“That’s good advice dad especially as you told him to not ask you for advice.” Leo grinned


“Always like to surprise people.” Hephaestus grinned.


It finally sank in…leaving seemed very hard.


Percy and Leo sighed.


“Don’t decide yet,” Hephaestus advised…He turned bitter and angry and—”


Athena sighed this time. His son had made many mistakes but he was very creative.


“It isn’t easy being a brilliant inventor”… And when you break a person, he can’t be fixed.”


“You don’t feel that way right dad?” Beckendorf asked worriedly


“Not anymore son.” He smiled, giving grateful looks to the demigods who grinned at him.


Beckendorf and Leo swallowed and smiled.


“It must be horrible.” Jason shook his head


The demigods grimaced and nodded.


“It would be awful.” Nico agreed


Hades and Poseidon grimaced beside them


Nico and Percy froze as only those two noticed it. They exchanged pained looks.


“Dad you good?” Nico and Percy asked their respective parents


“Sure.” Poseidon said


“Yeah of course.” Hades said


Percy and Nico exchanged looks.


“Break time.” Percy muttered to him


Nico nodded.


“With Will and Annabeth?” He asked


Percy nodded.


“They might be able to help.”


Nico nodded.


Hephaestus brushed the last drops…forge and worked with his hammer, eh?”


“You’re right. We shouldn’t judge a person too harshly till you’ve met them.” Percy said


Hephaestus smiled at him.


“I’ll—I’ll try”… I’ll always remember you for that.”


“Well that’s good.” Percy said


Hephaestus chuckled.


It sounded very final…glowing red and yellow and blue.


“That’s beautiful.” Katie said dreamily


“Yeah it was.” Percy said


“He has ordered you to return,” Calypso guessed…could escape your prophecy.”


“That easily?” Lee asked open-mouthed


Percy nodded.


“That’s crazy.” Michael shook his head


“Yeah.” Percy sighed


I stared at her, stunned…I can’t help falling in love with.”


“That’s awfully horrible if that makes sense.” Castor said


“It does make a little sense.” Pollux said


The night was quiet except…I mean, I’m just me.”


“Exactly the reason.” Annabeth said


Percy grinned.


“That is enough,” Calypso promised…She looked down sadly


The demigods sighed sadly.


“I would never do anything to hurt you,” I said…I have to get back.”


Leo sighed. He knew that the Leo who had just met Calypso would be mad at Percy for leaving her like that but when he read about the situation and the thoughts of Percy, it all made sense to him and he just couldn’t bring himself to be angry because he knew that it would be wrong.


She picked a flower from her garden…like it would be very seaworthy, or lakeworthy.


A few chuckles.


“This will take you wherever…I will never see you again.”


“Well she did see me again.” Percy said


Leo smiled.


“I broke that rule.” Leo grinned


“Yeah, rules are meant to be broken.” Percy grinned


Leo and the Stolls grinned.


“No guys.” The demigods groaned


“But—”…She would always be my biggest what if.


“Is that still true?” Leo asked


“No.” Percy said and smiled at Annabeth who returned it.


Within minutes the island of Ogygia…“Sail me home.”


“Done.” Hestia said


“I’ll read.” Dakota said


Hestia gave the book to him with a smile which he returned.






Chapter Text

“Ah about time.” Rachel grins


Percy who was at the moment looking down, gave her a grin but it didn’t reach his eyes.


Annabeth raised an eyebrow at him, having noticed it. Percy caught her look and his eyes flicked to his father. Annabeth nodded understandingly.


Hours later, my raft washed…our prayers will be answered.


Chiron chuckled.


“Well who knew?” he said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


I have asked his best surviving…“He was probably the bravest friend I’ve ever had


“Aww thanks Annie.” Percy grinned


Annabeth rolled her eyes playfully at her boyfriend.


He . . .” Then she saw me…. I heard a few curses from the Ares cabin


“The people from my cabin are probably going to kill me for telling you this but they were quite pleased to see you so that’s their way of showing it.” Clarisse said


“Well it’s very affectionate. Thank you Clarisse.” Percy grinned


The demigods snickered and chuckled.


But Clarisse just rolled her eyes, like she couldn’t believe I’d had the nerve to survive.


“It’s you.” Clarisse deadpanned


The demigods laughed.


Chiron cantered over…happier to see a camper return


“I feel offended.” Clarisse muttered good naturedly


Chiron chuckled at her.


“Hey Chiron could we start the mist lessons after this book?” Percy asked


“Sure Percy, I know you’ve been busy.” Chiron smiled


Percy gave him a grateful smile.


“Thank you.”


“Ah it’s no problem my boy.” Chiron smiled


Percy grinned.


But you must tell me—”…Annabeth interrupted


“Annabeth’s turning into Molly Weasley.” Leo laughed


Annabeth rolled her eyes playfully.


The demigods and the gods who knew what Leo was talking about laughed.


Shoving aside the other campers…nearly cracked my ribs.


“Ouch.” Poseidon said


Annabeth turned red.


The other campers fell silent.


“Awkwaaard.” The Stolls said in sing song voices


Annabeth turned redder.


Percy chuckled.


Annabeth threw a cushion at him and he chuckled more.


“I’m sorry,” I said. “I got lost.”


“Well it’s not a lie.” Hermes grinned


“Stretched a little but not a lie.” Apollo agreed


Percy smirked.


“LOST?” she yelled…I said it my palms felt sweaty.


“I guess you felt awkward not telling them the whole thing.” Jason said sympathetically


“A little.” Percy admitted


“You’ve been gone two weeks”… “I need to lead it.”


“Oh gods.” Annabeth sighed


“You’re still the leader but you’re going to need some help.” Reyna said gently


Annabeth nodded.


Chiron looked uncomfortable…“But it’s true.”


“Oh that is so wrong of me.” Percy sighed


“Why exactly?” Triton asked


“Mortals aren’t below me or anything. I mean before the fury and all I thought I was a mortal human too. I had no idea that I was half god or something. Then to say that it’s hard to admit that we need their help is wrong. I mean I just made it sound like I’m superior to them or something. Especially as sometimes-“ Percy stopped himself


Rachel gave him a smile.


“You’re right. It’s not cowardly or anything.” Annabeth said


Rachel gave her a smile too.


“Especially as sometimes what?” Triton asked worriedly


Percy looked to Thalia for some help. Thalia sighed and nodded.


“It’s because we’ve fought two wars and we’ve barely had time to you know actually be normal. Do normal things.” Thalia said


The gods swallowed. The ones who were changing thought that their children shouldn’t have to constantly worry about their lives. Hopefully the decisions taken during the reading might change this.


Annabeth glared at me…“So much for being the bravest friend she’s ever had.”


“Sorry Percy.” Annabeth sighed


Percy waved it away with a smile.


“She will calm down”… “She’s jealous, my boy.”


“Could this get more obvious?” Silena asked, throwing her hands up


“I mean even Chiron ships you two.” Leo said in amusement


Percy and Annabeth blushed.


“I didn’t mean it that way but I can’t deny that I didn’t have a feeling that they would end up together.” Chiron chuckled


The demigods laughed.


“Good one Chiron.” Travis whooped


The Centaur chuckled.


“That’s stupid…I think she suspects where you were marooned.”


“Well I think that’s a bit more than just territorial and a bit more than just friends.” Nico teased


Chiron chuckled again and the demigods laughed.


Percy and Annabeth turned redder.


I met his eyes…He’s pretty much seen it all.


“Yes.” Chiron nodded


“We won’t dwell on your choices,” Chiron said…I hadn’t even considered that?


“You had a lot on your mind.” Amphitrite said gently


“Percy. I am so freaking JEALOUS right now.” Thalia said


Percy chuckled.


“Why? Because Annabeth stormed off?” He teased


“No, your step mother actually helps you.” Thalia said


“Yeah, thanks Amphitrite.” Percy grinned


Amphitrite chuckled and smiled.


“You know that’s it. Apollo are there any papers that we have to sign or something to make the change of step mothers official?” Thalia asked


“I guess, I have to check.” Apollo grinned


“Well you better get started.” She said


“When we take a break, I’ll start but it’s going to take time.” Apollo snickered


“Fine.” Thalia said


Poseidon chuckled. Triton smirked.


“Chiron,” I said…We can still hope.”


“Grover has done nothing to be forced into be forced into an exile let alone shameful.” Hermes scowled


“It got solved at the end.” Clarisse said


Hermes nodded.


“I shouldn’t have let them run off”… “But he’s much worse


Hermes felt his heart stop.


He’s in the infirmary now…He has simply lost the will to live.”


“Oh Chris.” Hermes said and pulled his son into a hug. He blamed himself for this. He thought that if he would have claimed him earlier than Chris would never have gone to the other side and then he wouldn’t be sent into the labyrinth and he wouldn’t have had to have this experience.


“That’s…” Castor trailed off


The demigods looked a little shaken up after hearing this and remembering what they had read about Chris and Clarisse.


I shuddered…I’d never have made it out.


The sea gang shuddered. Poseidon pulled his son into a hug and the demigods weren’t able to see Percy except for his forehead.


“I’m sorry to say,” Chiron continued…It seems my judgment was bad.”


The demigods sighed.


“What about Mrs. O’Leary?” I asked…force it into a cage . . . or destroy it.”


“I don’t think anybody would have the heart to destroy her.” Beckendorf sighed


The demigods nodded. Even the romans.


“Quintus wouldn’t just leave her”… waiting for heroes that never came back.


“That’s the reason his job’s depressing at times.” Pollux sighed


‘Then not just his but Mr.D’s as well.’ Percy thought but didn’t say anything


Before dinner I stopped by the sword arena…because I got a pretty good bath.


Poseidon was covered in some drool.


Triton and Percy snickered.


“This feels disgusting.” Poseidon grumbled


Percy snickered more.


“Whoa, girl!” I yelled…it was that he really cared for his megadog.


Percy and Beckendorf nodded and sighed.


I was thinking about that…“Funny.”


“Well look at them getting along.” Thalia laughed


The two of them rolled their eyes at Thalia.


She walked toward us. Mrs. O’Leary growled…She pulled the sword out and kept walking


“Whoa! You’re feeling quite emotional right now.” Nico said understandingly


Clarisse looked at him.


“I know- We know how it feels.” Nico said


The demigods nodded.


“Yeah, well. Sometimes things go wrong”… I decided not to bring that up.


“Yeah, that’s what makes him a hero. He came back to our side. He realized it all.” Percy said


Chris smiled at him.


“Chris was brave,” I said…That person is evil. Plain evil.”


Chris gave Clarisse a side hug.


“It’s cruel but helpful too.” Annabeth said


Clarisse sighed.


For a second she reminded me of Eurytion…From now on, it’s for real.”


The demigods nodded. For a second the gods saw how all their children might work as a team. They saw how they would look when they were fighting. They saw that not only would the demigods fight for themselves but they would fight for the ones they loved, the ones they lost and the ones they had.


That night I slept in my own bunk, and for the first time since Calypso’s Island, dreams found me.

Poseidon fell asleep.


I was in a king’s courtroom…swept into the room.


“I love how you call him the royal creep.” Nico snickered


Percy grinned.

He was so tall and serious…Cocalus whistled appreciatively


So did the demigods.


“That is a lot.” Leo said


Everybody nodded.


“You must have bankrupted your kingdom…shell by putting honey at the far end.”


“That’s very clever.” Beckendorf said


Annabeth nodded.


“He was one of the best mortal inventor and clever persons.” She said


Beckendorf nodded.


“Ingenious man,” Minos said…man-eating lions or something!


“Yeah, he should’ve totally done that.” Will said


“Whoa, you’re feeling violent.” Lee chuckled


“That dude manipulated Nico and troubled the rest of my friends and drove Chris insane.” Will said


Lee nodded.


The demigods smiled at Will.


But the redheaded king just chuckled…I have been pursuing him for ten years.”


“Minos practically tortured him.” Reyna said


Athena gritted her teeth.


“I knew nothing of this... who harbor criminals, either.”


“They don’t like living idiots either.” Nico said


“Good one Nico.” Will chuckled


Nico grinned at him.


Cocalus nodded. “Very well…honored to draw the bath myself.”


“Oh something is so wrong.” Frank said


Everybody nodded.


She smiled prettily at Minos…scented oil over the king’s head.


“That guy is so dumb.” Leo shook his head


“You know, my lord,” Aelia said…Perhaps your daughter felt the same way.”


“He has my respect for telling the girls that they’re equal to men.” Artemis said


Minos tried to sit up…tightening across his body.


“So now they’re murdering him?” Thalia asked though she didn’t sound upset about it


“Yeah.” Percy said




“What do you want?” Minos demanded…you luck finding your justice in the Underworld.”


“Justice is for the ones who haven’t done anything wrong either. If the person asking for justice himself isn’t a good soul then they shall not have much advantage against another soul.” Hades said


Nico and Hazel grinned at their dad and the demigods have him smiles.


And with that, the bronze threads…once word of this crime gets out.”


Hades groaned this time.


“Then where will you go?” Aelia said…“Or perhaps not.”


This time lot more people groaned.


He patted Aelia’s shoulder…Impossible to get anywhere without passing it.

“Oh I hate that place.” Percy grumbled


“Why?” Triton asked


“Oh you’ll find out.” Percy said


That’s why we must have a truce with its master.


“Oh that’s even worse.” Triton groaned


We just have to stay alive until—”…“No one I’ve ever seen before, sir.”


Hades’ breath hitched in his throat and he looked at Nico. Nico shook his head.


“Not me.” he said


Hades gave a sigh of relief.


Luke nodded…I got to sleep again.


Poseidon woke up.


“That is disturbing.” Travis said


Percy nodded.


“I thought it was Nico so that was worse.” He said


The next morning I made sure…which he didn’t seem too happy about.


“I like her now though.” Beckendorf said


“Oh we know.” The demigods said


Then I hiked over Half-Blood Hill…talking with the ghost again, Minos.”


Hades looked at Nico in worry.


“He gave me false information.” Nico sighed


Hades gritted his teeth. Minos was in for some serious trouble. He was going to call Hermes for assistance in some punishment as well.


“He’s in danger,” I said…“That’s very, very bad.”


The demigods nodded.


“So what do we do?”… I know firsthand how that feels.


Poseidon grimaced.


“I’m not really glad about the fat you had to lift it up but… you… I don’t even know what to say really.” Poseidon sighed


Percy grinned sheepishly.


She sat us down at the kitchen…manure out of some monster’s stables?”


Everybody roared with laughter.


“Well Percy somebody’s unhappy.” Hermes joked


Percy stuck his tongue out at Hermes.


Annabeth laughed…it was nice to hear.


Annabeth smiled.


“So,” my mom said when I was done... always looking on the bright side.


The demigods who had met her smiled fondly.


“Yep,” I agreed…jumping through a window like a fugitive.


“Yeah, that’s going to make him uncomfortable.” Apollo said


“What did you tell him?” I asked…half-blood in the mortal world.


The demigods sighed.


“I’ll talk to him,” I promised…“Then there’s nothing to lose.”


Everybody chuckled.


“That’s the spirit.” Connor cheered


“Please don’t. He gets in enough trouble as it is.” Poseidon said weakly


Everybody snickered and Percy grinned.


“Thank you, Percy…when we first met.


Poseidon turned a little red.


“Yeah awkward.” Percy said in a sing song voice


Everybody chuckled.


Just be careful…but I sure as heck didn’t


Everybody laughed.


“Wow Perce. Really?” Rachel laughed


Percy turned red and grinned sheepishly.


“Well, remember,” she said…Without meaning to, I’d memorized it.


Rachel smirked.


We arranged a meeting…been touched by King Midas.


“Ooh I hate that guy.” Piper grumbled

Leo, Jason and Thalia nodded.


She was standing like a statue…she noticed us she didn’t let on


Everybody snickered.


“It was hilarious.” Rachel laughed


She didn’t move or even blink that I could see.


“Skills.” Connor grinned


Rachel grinned.


Being ADHD and all…“Maybe if we push her over,” Annabeth suggested.


“That’s a little mean.” Thalia said


Annabeth grimaced.


“Sorry Rachel.” She said


“Oh don’t worry about it, I would have suggested the same.” Rachel grinned


Annabeth stuck her tongue out at Rachel who smirked.


I thought that was a little mean…They’re half Greek god!”


“That’s hilarious but serious. Thought nobody would believe her.” Castor said


Nobody even looked over…What’s to be nervous about?”


“Sarcasm huh Rachel?” Leo grinned


“Yeah I’m in.” Rachel said


“You don’t even know what we’re planning.” The Stolls grinned


“Well I’m in either way.” Rachel grinned


The Stolls and Leo grinned.


“New partner.” They said


The demigods face palmed.


“Look,” I said…“Was it hard?” Annabeth asked.


“Somebody’s super jealous.” Silena said


Annabeth turned red.


“Okay, stop!” I intervened…“Nice guy,” Rachel said


Everybody snickered.


“My respect for you I growing very much Rachel.” Leo said


Rachel bowed.


“Oh it gets better.” Percy laughed, remembering when she threw the hairbrush


Rachel grinned.


“He’s under the influence of a Titan”… It’s got the mark of Daedalus.”


“Done.” Dakota said


“I’ll read.” Piper said


“Could we take a break for some time please?” Nico asked


“Sure.” Hestia said


“Thank you.” Nico smiled


“No problem at all.” Hestia smiled


The demigods got up and stretched their legs.


“Let’s grab something to eat first.” Percy said


The demigods nodded and went off to the dining hall with their parents.






Chapter Text

“Annabeth, Sunshine , Thalia and Jason, a word please.” Nico said

“Sure.” They said and got up.


“Let’s go somewhere private.” Percy said


“That table?” Jason asked, pointing to an empty table


“Heck sure.” Percy shrugged


Everybody snickered.


They all went to the empty table and put their heads together and started talking in hushed voices so that nobody else would be able to listen.


“Look we um spotted something during the calypso chapter and the volcano chapter. When Hephaestus said that once you break a person, it’s not possible to fix them Dad and Percy’s dad grimaced when they heard that as if they know what it feels like. Me and Percy were the only ones to notice as we were sitting next to them.” Nico said


“So you think… a bad case of PTSD?” Annabeth asked in a bit of horror


Percy and Nico nodded.


“So any ideas doc?” Percy asked


“I have a couple. So as the trauma is mostly caused by the stomach then you should ask your parents to sleep outside for a day, like camping or something. It will help them to get some air and they won’t be within four walls so they won’t feel claustrophobic. To avoid suspicion, you could one or two more gods to come along. Second, you could ask your parents to go on a date with their spouses. Not a double-date though. They can think of anything but the trauma for a whole day that way. The night outside will help them to have less nightmares as well.” Will said


Everybody looked at him with admiration.


“I love you.” Nico said, kissing Will’s forehead


Will blushed.


“I love you too.” He said


“Can we send dad and Hera too?” Thalia asked hopefully


“Why would you want to send them on a date?” Annabeth asked


“Are you kidding? A day without Hera.” Thalia said


Jason chuckled. He agreed with Thalia here.


The demigods laughed. Everybody else looked at them for a second and continued with their work.


“Yeah they can go too. But not with any of the other two pairs.” Will said


Thalia and Jason grinned.


Nico rushed over to Chiron.


“Hey Chiron, can we have a day off tomorrow?” he asked


“That was a little random but sure. I’ll inform everybody.” Chiron smiled


“Thanks.” Nico grinned and ran back to his group


“Chiron says we can have a day off tomorrow.” Nico said


“Great.” Percy said


“Let’s go tell our parents.” Nico said


The demigods exchanged fist bumps and went to their tables.


“Aunt Hestia, you have a mic?” Nico asked


Hestia conjured one and gave it to him with a smile.


“Everybody listen up!” Nico said


Everybody looked at him.


“Today everybody is going to camp outside. It’s gonna be lit.” Nico said


The ones who didn’t know what happened raised an eyebrow but nodded.


Then he went and joined Percy’s table as his dad and Hazel were there too.


“Hey guys, why don’t you go on a date day with your wives? I mean you’ve done a lot of bonding with us so it would be cool if you go with your wives.” Percy suggested to Poseidon and Hades


They looked at him.


“Double date?” Poseidon asked


“Nope. Separately.” Nico said


“Sure.” Hades said


“Okay.” Poseidon grinned


“Tomorrow is a day off everybody.” Chiron announced


Everybody nodded.


“Lets continue reading.” He said


They all got up and went to the throne room. Thalia and Jason had managed to convince Zeus and Hera.


“I’ll read.” Triton said and picked up the book




“Oh this chapter.” Percy groaned


Poseidon grimaced. This was probably the Antaeus chapter.


  The metal door was half hidden…It’s rusted shut.”


“It has to be touched by a half blood.” Chiron said


Rachel nodded.


“No.” Annabeth stepped forward…pretending or not.


“A bit.” Rachel admitted


Everybody chuckled.


She’d changed into a ratty Museum…hairbrush sticking out of her pocket.


“That hairbrush is awesome.” Nico laughed


Rachel grinned.


The ones who didn’t know what happened were wondering as to how a hairbrush could be awesome for anything but hair. Apollo chuckled. He was sure that this oracle of his could make anything look intimidating is she wanted.


Her red hair was tied back…It wasn’t human.


Everybody snickered.


“That would’ve been quite a shock.” Will laughed


“It was.” Rachel said


It was huge, for one thing—at least ten feet tall…socket in the center of its skull.


“Cyclops.” Tyson sighed


Poseidon sighed.


“A Cyclops,” Annabeth said…I didn’t want to meet.


“That would be scary and bad.” Leo said


“Well what isn’t?” Travis asked


“Fair enough.” Leo sighed


Rachel swallowed…“Well then, we’d better keep moving.”


Everybody snickered and laughed.


“You have no idea how weird it was. I mean monsters, I’m used to but then a friend tells me ‘Oh you know I have a Cyclops half-brother and a satyr friend.’ So nonchalantly. I mean come on!” Rachel complained


Everybody laughed.


Percy grinned sheepishly.


She stepped under the skeleton’s left arm…But forward is the correct way.


“Only a clear sighted mortal can see that light. Half - bloods won’t be able to see it.” Chiron stated


Rachel nodded.


To the left, farther down the tunnel…“Okay. Forward.”


“Whoa.” Leo said


“That’s so cool.” The Stolls said


“You could tell those traps?” Castor asked


“Yeah.” Rachel said


“You believe her?” Annabeth asked…“It never was before.”


“It shouldn’t be but we shouldn’t overestimate either.” Chiron frowned


“It was strange but Rachel knew that path well.” Percy shrugged


“So, Rachel,” Annabeth said…parents was something she understood.


Annabeth and Rachel smiled at each other.


“Well at least a common topic. Not a pleasant one but still…” Rachel said


Annabeth gave a small chuckle.


Before Rachel could answer…Kelli, the empousa cheerleader.


Everybody groaned.


“I hate her so much.” Rachel groaned


“You’re not the only one.” Annabeth and Percy said


“Well, well,” Kelli said…So easy to break!”


“Yet some have the capability to hurt you.” Rachel threatened


“Beautiful words.” Leo said


Rachel grinned.


Behind us, the footsteps came closer…red eyes and fangs.


Frank groaned.


The giant licked his lips…I’ve had plenty of nightmares.


“Oh that has got to be something considering your nightmares.” Poseidon said


Percy grinned sheepishly.


We were marched down the tunnel…if she were on living skis.


“Creepy and super weird.” Pollux summarized


“Pretty much yeah.” Annabeth said


“Who’s your host?” I asked…“That would be nice.”


A few chuckles.


Rachel grinned at Percy who chuckled.


The dracaenae prodded me toward the doorway…car around the rim if you pulled it really tight.


Triton groaned.


“Out of all places the Labyrinth could’ve taken you, you just had to reach there.” He groaned


“There was no other way.” Rachel said


Triton continued reading with difficulty.


In the center of the arena…Believe me, you don’t want me to.


“You really don’t want to.” Nico agreed


“That’s way too creepy and messed up.” Clarisse said, shaking her head


The demigods nodded.


In the middle of all this…I figured he must be Luke’s new bodyguard or something.


“Huge bodyguard.” Zoe said


Percy nodded.


There was a cry from the arena floor…They roared their approval.


Chiron closed his eyes and sighed.


The demigods looked horrified.


“How can they kill somebody innocent?” Thalia asked in outrage


“Kronos. What do you expect?” Reyna growled


“Nothing is too much for them.” Thalia admitted


A gate opened at the opposite end…He hated his father.


Hermes winced.


But he rose calmly to his feet…he seemed to be in a pretty good mood.


“That can’t be good.” Piper shook her head


The demigods nodded in agreement.


“Lord Antaeus,” Luke said…I have a brother of yours.”


“He’s not brother of mine.” Percy growled

Poseidon grimaced but he understood Percy’s reason.


Triton nodded in approval.


He pointed at me…Or die well!”


“I fight well okay. Though if I’m to die then I have a way I wish to. I only wish to die for those who I care and save camp if in trouble. So dear old brother I’m not going to die in your hands.” Percy said, giving a humorless laugh at the end


The demigods shook their heads fondly.


The gods looked at him.


“If his death pleases you,” Luke said…“How can you be a son of Poseidon?”


Triton nodded.


“He doesn’t deserve it.” He said


Percy and Amphitrite nodded in agreement.


Antaeus laughed…“I am his favorite son!” Antaeus boomed.


Triton and Percy snorted.


“Bullshit.” Triton said


“Behold, my temple to the Earthshaker…skull shall join them!”


“Why will Poseidon be happy with his own son’s death?” Leo asked with wide eyes


“Antaeus is crazy.” Percy said


“That explains it.”


I stared in horror at all the skull…much less somebody’s skull.


“I don’t want anybody’s skull though I wouldn’t mind a father’s day card.” Poseidon said, with a chuckle


Percy chuckled.


“Sure dad, if I remember and if I’m not in trouble.”


“Do you want one from me too?” Triton laughed


“I’d quite like it.” Poseidon grinned


“Brothers you’re gonna have to help me out.” Triton joked


“Sure.” Tyson and Percy grinned


“Percy!” Annabeth yelled at me. “His mother is Gaea! Gae—”


The demigods looked at Poseidon.


Leo turned warning green.


Hestia quickly conjured some buckets for the demigods.


Leo grabbed one in a split second, turned his face to the wall and emptied his guts out. The other demigods did the same. Percy looked very very close to being sick but he didn’t want to offend his father. Thalia, Jason and Nico were drinking water like crazy to stop it from coming up. Percy did the same.


Once they all regained themselves, Leo asked “You and Queen Dirt Face?”


Poseidon raised an eyebrow.


“Percy, you’re very lucky in the mother and step mother area and Tyson and Triton but very unlucky in other half-brothers at times.” Nico said


Percy nodded.


“That’s disgusting.” Rachel muttered


Poseidon looked at her.


“Any particular reason?” he asked


“Except for the one that we fought a war against her and she wanted to kill you all then there is still one more which makes it worse.” Rachel said


“Like?” he pressed


“Well…” She awkwardly cleared her throat


“Um… Kronos is your father and Gaea is Kronos’s mom so technically your grandma. I mean we don’t go into technicalities in these situations but this one was a bit more.” Lee said awkwardly


Poseidon shuffled uncomfortably.


“I’m just gonna continue.” Triton said. His face was green as well.


Her Laistrygonian captor clamped his hand…That would make him even harder to kill.


The demigods groaned.


“You’re crazy, Antaeus,” I said. “If you think this is a good tribute, you know nothing about Poseidon.


The sea gang smiled at Percy, glad that he knew this.


The crowd screamed insults at me…“Just my sword,” I said.


Zoe smiled.


Laughter erupted from the monsters…blade glowed with a faint light.


Percy smiled.


“Round one!” Antaeus announced…cheering of the crowd died.


Though the demigods cheered.


“Good one Percy!” Travis grinned


Percy grinned.


“No!” Antaeus bellowed…I’ll grant you that.”


“Thanks for the compliment.” Percy said


“Round two!” Antaeus yelled…“I have to kill you.”


“Son of Nemesis.” Percy sighed


“Wait so he’s the guy who lost an eye huh?” Leo asked


Percy nodded.


Hazel looked at Leo.


“Why are you doing this?”… Excellent at guarding his left.


“He’s good with it then.” Beckendorf said


“Yeah.” Percy sighed. He felt bad that Ethan died just before they won and got the minor gods some justice.


“Blood!” the monsters cried…He needed to impress them. I didn’t.


The demigods and gods nodded.


“Booo!” Antaeus said…but I also was lighter and faster.


“That’s a huge advantage. His swiftness would be limited.” Nico said


“But he’s more protected.” Michael said


The crowd went nuts…I helped him up.


Everybody looked open-mouthed at Percy.


“He was trying to kill you.” Hermes frowned


“He was a demigod who’s manipulated and given fake promises. I didn’t want to kill another demigod either.” Percy said


The people who didn’t know him were shocked that he could do this too.


“No one dishonors the games!”… Without looking like a coward.


“He’s a great wrestler.” Triton warned


“Oh he told me. He said he’s been wrestling since… the plankton or something.” Percy said


“Pankration.” Triton corrected


“Yeah that.” Percy said


“I am the greatest wrestler in the world, boy,” he warned…“Don’t mention it.”


Everybody gave a few snickers or chuckles.


Rachel was watching me with wide eyes…I swear to your terms!”


“You got him to swear on the Styx.” Hades nodded


“Oh there was a problem though, later on.” Percy said


He leaped off the railing…brushing after meals a real pain.


“How are you thinking about this?” Rachel shook her head


“Great thoughts though.” Connor snickered


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“Weapons?” he asked…the wound was gone.


“Dear old dirt face.” Leo said


“Yeah she’s definitely old.” Piper laughed


He charged again…thrown across the arena, weaponless.


“Uh oh.” Castor said


Antaeus bellowed in pain…Antaeus was fine.


“What the heck?” Jason asked open-mouthed


“That’s crazy.” Pollux shook his head


“Why dad? Otherwise such great taste in woman. I meant only mom and Amphitrite not Medusa but Gaia? GAIA? Like Medusa is a bit better.” Percy said


Poseidon rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.


“Now you see why I never lose…Suddenly I had an idea.


“Percy idea.” Leo grinned


“Oh yeahh.” Percy grinned


I feinted to the other side…“Not a worthy son of the sea god!”


“You’re the one who’s not worthy.” Triton snarled


Percy gave him a grateful smile.


I felt my pen return to my pocket…Or are you too slow and fat?”


“I’m not fat or slow.” Percy defended


Everybody chuckled.

“Come down here, coward!” Antaeus bellowed…I snagged Antaeus’ loincloth


“Disgusting.” Silena scrunched her nose


Everybody nodded.


“WAAA!” he yelled…up for a few more seconds


“Otherwise that would be disgusting and bad.” Chris said


“I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if it wouldn’t hold up.” Nico shook his head


While Antaeus cursed and flailed…I have a gift for getting stuff tangled up


“That’s true.” Thalia said


“I agree.” Annabeth said


Percy pouted at them.


Thalia and Annabeth smirked and laughed.


Plus I was desperate to save my friends…but empty swinging chains


“Good one Percy!” Leo cheered


“Good one brother.” Triton grinned


Poseidon sighed. He was glad that Percy was alive. Very glad but he didn’t want to listen to Antaeus’ death in such detail either. Though he thought that Percy will be running into a lot of his children later on.


A really big loincloth on a hook


“That’s a disgusting spoil of war.” Clarisse said


Everybody nodded.


Frank gagged at the spoil of war.


And a bunch of grinning skulls…before our great triumph.”


Annabeth sighed.


Every monster in the audience drew a weapon…My fingers closed around it


“Use it. She can easily help you win.” Nico said


Percy smiled.


For days I’d avoided using Quintus’s gift…“AROOOOF!”


“It worked!” The demigods cheered


“It did.” Percy grinned


Kelli the empousa screamed as a five-hundred-pound black mastiff picked her up like a chew toy and tossed her through the air, straight into Luke’s lap.


Everybody roared with laughter.


“That. Was. Amazing.” Beckendorf choked out


Everybody nodded.


Mrs. O’Leary snarled…jump out of the stands and follow us.


“Done.” Triton said in relief.


“Let’s take a break for the night after the next chapter.” Chiron said


Everybody nodded.


“I’ll read.” Zeus said


Triton tossed him the book and he started.

Chapter Text

“So you reached the workshop?” Poseidon asked


Percy nodded.


“This way!” Rachel yelled…straight into that death trap!”


“She knows the way better than you do. So that’s probably the way you have to go.” Pollux pointed out


“I know I know.” Annabeth sighed


“It was the way you needed to go”… as if nothing had happened.


“Wow.” Travis said


“That’s easy to pretend.” Connor said


Percy, Rachel and Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


I lost track of how many turns we made…Luke and his minions in the maze.


“That’s good.” Triton said


Then I realized something else…make sure she was following us.


“She’ll be fine.” Hades assured Percy


Percy gave him a smile.


“She was fine.” He said


Ethan collapsed on the floor. “You people are crazy.”


“I’m surprised it took him so long to realize that.” Lee snorted

Percy stuck his tongue out at him and Lee laughed.


He pulled off his helmet…Hermes cabin, years ago.”


The gods grimaced.


He glared at her…one subject he would not discuss.


“Yeah don’t even go into the details.” Hazel said


Leo nodded.


“You must be the half-blood…“Who’s Nico?”


“Percy.” Nico groaned


“Sorry man.” Percy grimaced


“Its fine, they found out either way.” Nico said


“Never mind,” Annabeth said quickly


Everybody sighed in relief.


“Thank the gods for Annabeth.” Nico said


“Sorry again man.” Percy said


“It’s completely okay. They were going to find out anyway and you didn’t tell them anything else so they just knew my name and nothing more. The name wasn’t very important either.” Nico said


Percy gave him a grateful look.


“Why were you trying to join up…“Gee, I wonder.”


“Annabeth’s in the sarcasm zone.” Travis laughed


“What’s the sarcasm zone?” Demeter asked


“Uh, it’s when a person is being really sarcastic.” Travis said


Demeter nodded.


Ethan struggled to his feet…Mercy has no place in this war.”


The demigods sighed. None of them liked killing other demigods but they didn’t have a choice that time.


Then he ran off into the darkness…“You’re impossible,” Annabeth grumbled


“Why would she still defend him?” Frank muttered under his breath


Hazel patted his arm and he just sighed and pulled her into a side hug.


She sheathed her dagger…Rachel hardly bothered to answer.


“Well everybody has to have some pride. You can’t show her as low to you.” Thalia said


“I know, stupid jealousy.” Annabeth grumbled


“Sorry Rachel.” She added


“Its fine. Past can’t be changed but we get along great in the present.” Rachel smiled


The demigods grinned.


“How many times do we live by that philosophy?” Nico chuckled


The demigods chuckled.


She’d burned the tip of a stick in the fire…“She’s doing the best she can.”


Rachel gave Percy a grateful smile.


Percy gave her a smile.


Annabeth stood…And she marched off into the shadows.


“She is so jealous.” Silena muttered


Piper nodded.


Rachel drew another figure…“Boys,” she muttered. “Totally blind.”


Everybody snickered.

Percy turned red.


The hunters chuckled.


“Hey, don’t you get on my case, too…“Hey, I’m usually about to die,” I promised.


“That is not a good thing Percy.” Poseidon groaned


“Yeah but that would make her feel better.” Percy said


“Still.” Triton added


“Don’t feel bad”… you know, normal stuff?”


“Not too much but we do. Like an average category. You know campfires and hanging out with friends and partners.” Nico said


Rachel nodded.


The gods felt bad that their children couldn’t do normal stuff but their children didn’t sound sad about what they did.


I’d never really thought about it like that…I shifted uncomfortably.


“After some time, we do get used to it.” Thalia shrugged


The demigods nodded.


“What about you…I may sleep for a while, okay?”


“Tough families.” Chris sighed


Rachel nodded.


“Don’t worry about it, many campers have it like that.” Chris said gently


“Yeah, I feel way better with you guys.” Rachel smiled


The gods grimaced at how casually Chris said that.


“Oh, sure. Sorry if . . . feeling she wasn’t really asleep.


“No I wasn’t.” Rachel said


A few minutes later, Annabeth came back…I fell asleep as soon as my eyes closed.


Poseidon fell asleep.


In my dreams I heard laughter. Cold, harsh laughter, like knives being sharpened.


Poseidon trembled.


Percy, Nico, Triton and Tyson exchanged looks and Percy and Triton put their hands on Poseidon’s shoulders and he stopped.


Nico did the same with his father who smiled at him.


Zeus did the same with Hera.


I was standing at the edge of a pit…whatever he’d been in his chopped-up condition.


Everybody shuddered.


“That is not good.” Hermes said


“Nope.” Connor said


“But…physical?” Chris asked


“The way it happened was definitely not good but the true form would’ve been worse.” Pollux said


Annabeth and Thalia wanted to glare at him but they knew he was right. If Kronos would’ve been in his true form then they wouldn’t have even stood a chance.


“I have much to thank you for,” Kronos said…He came barreling into the room.


“Percy didn’t abandon us.” Tyson frowned


“No he didn’t, it was our choice.” Grover said


Percy gave them grateful smiles.


There was a rumbling in the corridor they’d come from, and the head of an enormous snake burst into the cave.


“Oh I hated that snake. Grover grumbled


“Me too Goat boy.” Tyson said


I mean, this thing was so big its body barely fit…its fangs were as tall as Tyson.


“That’s huge.” Triton said


It lashed at Grover, but Grover scampered…wrapped around him and started to squeeze.


“NO!” Triton and the other demigods yelled


Poseidon started taking out deep breaths.


Tyson strained, pushing with all his immense strength…The whole cave seemed about to collapse. . . .


“Were you okay?” Triton asked Tyson


“We were fine.” Tyson smiled at him


I woke with Annabeth shaking my shoulder…“I like this way after all.”


A few chuckles.


It wasn’t long before we saw light up ahead…should be in the oldest section of the maze. This can’t—”


“The Labyrinth is designed to trick you.” Jason said suddenly


“Oh yeah, that might be a reason as to why she thought that.” Reyna said


“Like, Daedalus would’ve thought that anybody who enters the maze would thing the same as Annabeth as that is an obvious choice so he would’ve kept it in another section of the maze.” Thalia said, trying to make her friend feel better


Annabeth gave them all grateful smiles.


“It was an easy mistake to make and everybody makes mistakes.” Percy said


Annabeth smiled at him.


She faltered, because we’d arrived…Together we walked inside.


“I’m sorry Wise Girl, I didn’t want to make you feel so bad. I’m really sorry. I know that it’s your dream and then I just insulted you like that.” Percy said, guiltily


“It’s okay Seaweed Brain. I wasn’t acting like myself at the point and was being rude too you and to Rachel.” Annabeth said


Percy gave her a grateful smile.


Silena aww’ed.


The first thing that struck me was the daylight…Leonardo da Vinci sketches


“Whoa, that sounds great. I would love to see some designs but I guess that’s not possible.” Leo said sadly


Beckendorf nodded in agreement with Leo.


Several laptop computers were scattered around…so you could see all the gears turning.


“That sounds like a good idea.” Beckendorf said


“Would you um… like to work with me? I mean I get it if you don’t.” Leo asked sheepishly


Beckendorf’s face broke into a grin.


“Of course I’d like to work with you brother. You’re very intelligent.” He said


Leo grinned widely.


Hephaestus beamed at his children.


And hanging on the wall were several sets…self-adhesive strips ran down the sides.


“Yeah, that’s better.” Hephaestus said


I kept my hand on Riptide…red mesas and boulders and spires of stone.


“The Garden of the Gods.” Hestia said


It looked like some huge kid had been building a toy city with skyscraper-size blocks, and then decided to knock it over.


Everybody snickered.


“I love your descriptions.” Travis sniggered


“Why thank you.” Percy grinned


“Where are we?” I wondered…Now where is DAEDALUS?”


Everybody snickered more.


“The Sphinx was definitely psychotic.” Zoe nodded


Quintus came down the stairs…A fitting name, I suppose.”


“The view part is pretty cool.” Reyna said


“It looked beautiful and the idea that it switches is a good touch.” Annabeth nodded


“You’ve been here before,” I said…Another princess who came to grief.”


Dionysus scowled.


“Enough games,” I said…“Yeah right, and I’m Zeus.”

Everybody managed some laughs. It was even funnier as Zeus was reading the chapter. He raised an eyebrow at Percy.


“Oh don’t worry, I would never pretend to be you if I had a choice.” Percy smirked


Everybody roared with laughter.


Zeus scowled at him and continued reading.


The only thing I could think to say was, “But you’re not an inventor! You’re a swordsman!”


A few chuckles.


“I am both,” Quintus said…my feet as well as my hands.”


“That’s a little odd but it’s still awesome Rachel.” Will said


“Thanks Will.” Rachel grinned


“But you don’t even look like Daedalus,” I protested…You made yourself a new body.”


“Oh gods.” Hazel muttered


“That kid was really smart. What was the name again? Yeah Perdix.” Leo said


“Smart but not wise. Cheating death, that’s next level.” Beckendorf shook his head


Nico and Hades nodded.


“Percy,” Annabeth said uneasily…Wires glowed.


“Wow.” Dakota said


“That’s amazing!” Rachel said. “That’s weird,” I said.


“What a different reaction.” Travis snickered


Percy and Rachel grinned.


“You found a way to transfer your animus…Athena never lets me forget


“Well at lease he regrets it.” Piper said


The demigods nodded.


“That was kind of a sudden decision so he would’ve thought about it later.” Silena said




As Perdix died, she turned him into a small bird…“You really are Daedalus,” I decided.


“You can see that?” Jason asked with wide eyes


“Yeah but if I do it too frequently then people think I’m some weird creep or I have to make up some lie to cover it.” Percy chuckled


“Yeah they would be really weirded out, I mean I know I would.” Jason snickered


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“But why did you come to the camp... You can’t let Luke through the maze!”


“Exactly, the life of 100 mortal demigods is way more valuable than 200 immortal monsters.”  Michael said


Everybody nodded.


Daedalus set his sword on the workbench…Only my greatest enemy has kept after me, and even him I have thwarted.”


“That’s crazy.” Clarisse shook her head


“Yeah, hiding from the Furies, from Thanatos, from dad. That’s… that’s like a lot.” Nico said


“You mean Minos,” I said…despite the horrible things Daedalus had done


Annabeth sighed.


Just then a loud bark echoed from the corridor…Ariadne’s string so Luke can’t get it.”


“At least the whistle worked.” Amphitrite sighed


“You just reminded me of my mother, looking at the bright side of stuff.” Percy smiled


Amphitrite returned it.


“Yes . . . the string…I’d taken care of that for him by killing Antaeus.


“You had no choice.” Apollo said


“Yeah Antaeus would’ve killed you three otherwise.” Hermes agreed


Percy nodded and sighed.


“Kronos promised me freedom,” Quintus said…And I will no longer have to run from death.”


“Oh my gods.” Nico said, covering his head with his hands


“He’s insane.” Pollux deadpanned


“Brainwashed really.” Castor said


“That’s not gonna happen.” Percy said


“That’s your brilliant idea?” Annabeth yelled…you can hold back the might of Kronos.”


“Well guess what, we did it.” Lee grinned


The demigods chuckled.


“That’s not true!” she cried…You should have died two thousand years ago.”


Athena sighed.


Instead of getting mad, Daedalus hung his head…Nico was pushed inside, his hands in chains.


“What now?” Will asked in concern


“Trap.” Pollux said with wide eyes.


Then Kelli and two Laistrygonians marched in…tendrils of Mist coiling off his robes.


“Oh that is not good.” Hazel said


He fixed his gaze on Daedalus…And all Minos asked in return was your head, old man.”


“Such an easy and simple idea. So innocent and kind hearted really.” Rachel said sarcastically


“So beautiful.” Silena joined Rachel


Daedalus paled. “Treachery.”… One donkey leg, one bronze.


Everybody groaned.


“Percy,” Rachel whispered…And with that, all Hades broke loose

“Oh that’s just wonderful.” Triton groaned


Annabeth and I charged at Kelli.


“Of course you did.” Amphitrite sighed


The giants came right at Daedalus…green flames spreading quickly.


“That is not good. Greek fire is very dangerous.” Leo said


“Oh we know.” Annabeth said


“To me!” Minos cried…He’d somehow managed to remove his shackles.


“Oh that’s good. I mean the shackles part.” Will said


Nico smiled at him.


“You do not control me, young fool.” Minos sneered…“You have no power over me.


“Oh he does.” Hades smirked


“The next thing he did was pretty impressive.” Rachel said


Nico blushed.


I am the lord of spirits…sucked into the void with a horrible wail.




“That was… amazing.” The Stolls and Will finally cheered


“Very impressive son.” Hades grinned


Nico grinned.


“Oh he did more later.” Percy grinned fondly


Nico grinned wider.


Will looked fondly at his boyfriend.


The bad news: the fight was still going on all around us, and I let myself get distracted.


Poseidon groaned.


Kelli pounced on me so fast…Kelli dissolved into yellow vapor.


The demigods cheered.


Annabeth and Percy grinned at each other.


Annabeth helped me up…but he was bleeding golden oil instead of blood.


Athena was worried for her son, despite the problems they had had.


He’d found his sword and was using part of a smashed table…jumped out the window into open sky.


Thalia paled.


“Done.” Zeus said


“Let’s break for the day.” Chiron said


Everybody got up and went to their quarters to prepare for the night outside.






Chapter Text

Everybody went outside and found a place to set everything up.


The demigods formed a group and were laughing and joking around. If anybody would get a serious face then they would make them in laugh in the snap of a finger. The gods went and joined their children at which the demigods grinned.


They started a fire in the middle at around 6pm.


“Hey what about a campfire song?” Will asked


“The Campfire song?” Connor asked


“No, like some slow song.” Will replied


“Sure.” The demigods said


“Which one though?” Annabeth asked


“What about ‘I’m here by Sweet Talk Radio?’” Percy asked


“Perfect, I’ve listened to it before.” Jason grinned


“Well let me grab my guitar.” Will smiled


“Do you guys know the lyrics?” Thalia asked the gods


The shook their heads.


“We’ll catch into the chorus.” Hermes told her


They all sat on the ground and Will started strumming.


“When the tallest trees aren’t tall enough

To climb away or rise above

I’m here

You know that I’m here” Percy started with a smiled


The demigods’ faces were brightening up.


“When you’ve forgotten how to sing along

When everything you knew was wrong

I’m here” Lee sang


“I’m here.” The demigods all chorused


Their hands reached towards each other and they held their hands. They also held their parents’ hands. The ones sitting next to Will slung their arms on his shoulder. The gods looked at the hands their children held and smiled.


“I know you’ve been drifting lately

It’s like you’re an island and I’ve got no boat

It’s like you think you have to go it alone” The Stolls and Castor and Pollux sang


The demigods swayed to the music.


“But you don’t

I’m here

I’m here” The demigods chorused. This time the gods joined in as well at the last line, getting a hang of the chorus.


“When the world seems cold and meaner still

When every step’s a step up hill” Nico sang


“I’m here, I’m here.” The demigods and gods sang. The demigods smiled at their parents.


Hestia noticed that the demigods were forgetting their rivalry with even Ares and Aphrodite. This was a kind of a safe zone for them, where they knew they had no duties and jut had fun and thought about old days. This was a part of home they brought along with them. She smiled at the thought and hoped that they would be able to get into the gods as well.


“When the friends you had don’t call your name

When the rocks you leaned on, give way” Thalia and Jason sang.


“I’m here, I’m here.” The demigods smiled. By now the eyes of everybody has started getting a little watery with the emotion and the truth in the song. This is one of the reasons the song fitted them. They had experienced loss and would hope every day to just see the faces of their loved ones just one more time. They would cherish who they have and would do anything for them.


“I know you’ve been drifting lately

You’re an island and I’ve got no boat

You think you have to go it alone” The romans sang this time.


“But you don’t. I’m here, I’m here.” The demigods and gods sang.


Percy and Nico turned and smiled at their parents, letting them know that they meant this song for them as well. The rest of the demigods did the same. Even though they had had arguments and would be disappointed at times with them but they still meant the lyrics.


“Throw us a hurricane, throw us an act of God

We’re stronger than that, you just forgot

It’s all for one and one for always

You’re there for me in life’s little hallways

And I’m here

I’m here” The demigods smiled together. They gave a few chuckles but still sang.


“I know you’ve been drifting lately

You’re an island and I’ve got no boat

You’re an island and I’ve got no boat

And you think you have to go it alone

But you don’t

You don’t” They all finished together.


When they finished the demigods had tears in their eyes. They all got up and hugged each other just like they did after an emotional campfire song. Then they hugged their parents who were a little surprised but smiled and hugged their children back.


They all brought some chocolate and marshmallows and enjoyed those. In the background they put ‘On top of the world’ by Imaging Dragons.


They all laughed and talked. Percy and Nico smiled wide at the sight of their parents laughing and chuckling. Will, Annabeth, Thalia and Jason noticed this and smiled at them.


“Hey let’s make this more fun. What about a ghost story and Nico’s skit?” Lee asked


“No ghost stories for me.” Franks shook his head


Everybody chuckled.


“Come on Frank.” Nico grinned


“Not a chance.” Frank shook his head again.


“We do only kid ones though.” Percy said


“Oh okay then I’m good.” Frank smiled


“A rich man’s wife became deathly ill the night before Christmas in 1798, so he called for the doctor. By the time the doctor arrived, his wife had died, or so it seemed.” Nico started in an ominous voice


“Her husband was so grief stricken that he locked himself in his room and did not attend the funeral the following day. The servants of the house carried the rich woman’s body to the Vicar who, in a drunken stupor, held the ceremony quickly. The veil was drawn across her face, the stone lid lowered, and the iron grille locked. Just before the clergyman fell to sleep later that night, he remembered the beautiful emerald ring on the finger of the woman he had laid to rest. Wanting the ring and thinking no one would find out, he went downstairs, unlocked the lid, opened it, and tried to pry off the ring. It would not budge. He ran and brought back a file to cut the ring off her finger.” Nico continued in a low voice

“That’s creepy.” Frank muttered very quietly to Hazel so only she could hear it. Hazel chuckled and pulled Frank closer.


“When that did not work, he severed her finger and pulled the ring off. As he left, he turned around to pick up the iron lid, and screamed at the top of his lungs. He dropped the ring and ran. The woman had awakened, was moaning, and held her severed finger towards him with an evil smile on her face.” Nico continued and gave a maniacal grin for the effect.


“Where does he get these stories from?” Travis muttered and chuckled


“Wearing nothing but her fine silk dress, the woman walked back to her home, knocked on the door, and rang the bell, but to no avail. The servants had all gone to sleep, for it was late on Christmas Eve. She lifted a heavy stone, threw it at her husband’s window, and waited. He came to the window with a sorrowful look on his face. Suddenly, to her surprise, he yelled, “Go away. Why must you torture me so? Don’t you know my wife has just died? Let me mourn and do not bother me again.” With this he shut the window. He did not realize it was his wife who had thrown the rock at the window. She repeated her actions, again throwing a rock at the window. He opened the window again, and she yelled to him, “I am no one but your so-called dead wife. Now come down here and open this door, unless you’d like me to die a second time on our doorstep.”” Nico continued


“He should go out but he shouldn’t go out. It’s kind of creepy” Katie muttered


“You and Travis are perfect for each other.” Connor snickered quietly


Katie punched him softly on his arm.


“”You are a ghost then?” he said to her. She said, “No, for ghost’s don’t bleed. Now come down here before I catch my own death of cold.” The man with a joyous look on his face came down to meet his wife and took her inside where he called the doctor once more and told him the news. Meanwhile, the clergyman ran home and up the stairs. In a state of fright, he hung himself from the rafters of his home. If he had only known that the woman only wanted to thank him. She had not died after all but had gone into a coma. When he cut off her finger, the pain woke her up.” Nico finished and laughed


Everybody joined in.


“That was creepy at first then had a weird ending.” Zoe laughed


“Nice story.” Hades chuckled


Nico grinned.


“Skit now.” Lee grinned


“I don’t have any other skits which are pleasant for me.” Nico said


“Pleasant for you?” Katie smirked


Nico’s eyes flickered to Hades and Persephone and he cleared his throat awkwardly. The ones who saw it snickered.


“Aw man.” Michael chuckled


“Let’s just talk then.” Annabeth said


They all talked about their time at Olympus and other incidents. The gods joined in as well.


They all decided to rest up around 11pm.


They all went into their tents and said their good nights. Nico and Percy met up outside for a minute.


“What do you think?” Percy asked


“I don’t think there are going to be nightmares today.” Nico said


“Hopefully.” Percy nodded.


“Good night man.” Percy said


“Good night Perce.”


They went to their tents and went to sleep. The next morning Triton received a very lively wake up.




Chapter Text

Triton woke up to a bucket of ice cold water splashed at his face at once. He woke up totally startled and ended up with a leg of toothpaste as his leg had squeezed the tube. His hair was dyed blue in color. Next to him Percy was roaring with laughter. Poseidon, Amphitrite and Tyson were chuckling as well.


Triton took a good look at himself and got a maniacal smirk. He jumped on Percy who was roaring on the floor. Percy yelled and Triton took some toothpaste and rubbed it on his brother’s face.


Percy was still laughing and he put some toothpaste on Triton as well. This was all going on when Nico, Thalia, Grover, Jason, Will and Annabeth walked in. They took one look at Percy and Triton and burst out laughing. The entire sea gang joined in.


“Well that was quite a lively wake up.” Triton laughed


“It was very funny.” Tyson laughed


Percy chuckled.


“Basically never let the Stolls, Leo and Percy plan pranks together.” Will snickered


Percy grinned.

“Oh hey dad and mom, you’re looking good.” Triton said, looking at his parents


“Yeah, we’ve got the date.” Poseidon grinned


“Oh yeah.” Triton said


“Yeah my dad and Persephone are ready too.” Nico said


“Dad and Hera too.” Thalia said


“Cool.” Percy grinned


“So how was your night Nico?” Annabeth grinned


“Oh gods, don’t ask me.” Nico shook his head


“We’ll ask later then.” Grover laughed


Nico rolled his eyes playfully.


“So what’s going on here?” Hades asked, coming into the tent


“Are you two covered in toothpaste?” he asked, gesturing to Triton and Percy


“Yep, Mint flavor.” Percy laughed just as Persephone walked into the tent


Nico roared with laughter. He started rolling on the floor in laughter.


The other demigods were muffling their laughter though Poseidon didn’t care. Persephone glared at Percy and Nico. Nico noticed this and said “Perce, you’ve got two minutes, run otherwise tell her your favourite plant.”


Percy’s eyes widened and he raced out of the tent. “Enjoy your dates!” he yelled from the distance. Everybody laughed. Percy came back after five minutes.


“Let’s get to our quarters.” Poseidon said


“Okay.” Everybody shrugged


They all left the tents like that as they planned to stay in the tents for a couple of more days and went to their respective quarters for the demigods to get freshened up. Once they did, Poseidon and Amphitrite went to the diner, Zeus and Hera went to the coffee shop and Hades and Persephone went to their quarters.




“Well mom and dad are gone now.” Triton said


“Yep.” Percy said, plopping on the couch and putting his bare feet on the other couch.


Tyson went and sat on the opposite couch.


“So what do we do now?” he asked


“What about call Nico, Hazel, Thalia and Jason? I mean the others are with their parents.” Percy suggested


“Sure, I quite like them.” Triton said

Percy grinned.




“So what do we do now?” Hazel asked


“I don’t know. Maybe we could go to Percy’s place.” Nico suggested


“Sure, where are dad and Persephone though?” Hazel asked


“Probably gone to the garden.” Nico shrugged


“Let’s go to Percy’s then.” Hazel said


Nico shrugged and got up. He opened his room’s door for two seconds before turning pale and closing it softly again.


“Maybe we should shadow travel.” He said, looking very green


“Why what’s the matter?” Hazel asked, getting up


Nico gestured to the door.


Hazel opened the door quietly and closed it again.


“I totally get it.” She said, looking pale


Then Nico’s phone started ringing. He picked it up.  It was a video call from Percy.


“Whoa! What’s with your face? It’s so green.” Percy exclaimed


“We’ll tell you later.” Nico said


“Sure, anyway dad and Amphitrite have gone to the diner, do you guys wanna come over?” Percy asked


“Yeah definitely.” Hazel said


“Great then.” Percy grinned


“We’ll be there in one second.” Nico said, cutting the phone


Nico held Hazel’s hand and shadow traveled to Percy’s quarters.




“You guys look so green.” Triton said, opening the door


“We just accidentally opened my room door only to see dad and Persephone kissing so don’t even ask me.” Nico shook his head


Triton and Percy roared with laughter. Tyson chuckled. Jason and Thalia who got there just then also joined in.


“I feel you though. Something similar happened to me with mom and dad.” Triton said


“Oh man, I feel bad for you guys.” Thalia laughed


“Yeah, I practically ran out screaming.” Triton snickered


Everybody laughed.


“So wanna watch Netflix or something?” Percy asked


“What?” Hazel asked


“What about Hercules?” Jason snickered


“Not now, maybe we have to leave it for some more serious scenes in the books so that the gods and demigods can have some fun time.” Percy said seriously


“Fair point.”


“Then what about Friends?” Nico asked


“Sure.” Thalia shrugged


They all plopped on the couch and Tyson switched off the lights. Triton got some popcorn and iced tea for everybody.


They watched an extremely funny scene of Ross kissing Joey. They all roared in laughter.


“Should’ve helped him practice sooner Ross.” Hazel snickered


Everybody laughed louder.


“How you doing?” Percy asked Triton, when they got to a scene when Joey said that


Everybody snickered. Percy wiggled his eyebrows.


“Hey what about we watch some movie now?” Jason asked, after watching four more episodes of friends.


“Sure, which one?” Percy asked


“Endgame?” Thalia suggested


“Totally.” Percy grinned


He put on Endgame and they all grinned.


“Who’s your favorite?” Nico asked generally


“Iron man.” Tyson said


Percy grinned.


“Iron man and Captain.” He said


“Thor.” Thalia and Jason said


“Isn’t he the god of lightning though?” Hazel asked


“Yes.” They said


“Spiderman too.” Percy piped in


“Don’t let Annabeth hear that.” Jason chuckled


“Yeah.” Percy said


“I like Strange, Cap and Hulk the most though.” Nico shrugged


“I like Cap.” Triton said


“I like Wanda.” Hazel said


“Yeah, she’s awesome.” Jason grinned


Then they reached the main Iron Man scene. They all put their fingers in the snap position and did it along with the movie.


“And I am Iron Man.” They said, snapping their fingers


They all watched some more friends. Then they put on some music.


“Lively tunes or slow songs?” Percy asked


“Both.” Nico said


Tyson put the music playlist.


They listened to some Imagine Dragons, Yaeow, Coldplay, The Weeknd, Twenty One Pilots and then listened to some no lyric songs. Then they played some games and basically chilled out.


*Time Break*


Poseidon and Amphitrite got back around 10pm. They saw the demigods laughing and talking in the quarters. The other gods and demigods were also in their quarters at the time and would meet them all at the tents at 10:30, they had already had dinner though.

“Hey guys.” Poseidon said


“Hey dad, had fun?” Triton asked


“Yep.” Amphitrite grinned


“Great.” Percy grinned


“What did you guys do?” Poseidon asked


“Netflix, songs, movies and games.” Thalia shrugged


“Nice.” He grinned


“So where are your parents?” Amphitrite asked Nico, Hazel, Thalia and Jason


“We have no clue.” They said


Everybody chuckled.


“Guess we’ll meet them at the tents.” Poseidon said


“Yeah.” Thalia said


They all got up and went to the tents for the night.


“Oh hey dad!” Nico called


“Hello Nico and Hazel.” Hades chuckled


“Enjoyed?” Percy smirked


“Yeah.” Hades said, turning a little red


“Bet you did.” Thalia snickered


Hades and Persephone tuned redder.


“Yeah clothes.” Triton pointed


“Yeah, I changed back into my robes.” Hades said


“Pity.” Hazel said


“We’re rubbing off on her guys.” Thalia chuckled


Hazel grinned sheepishly.


“You look odd now though.” Nico said


Hades raised an eyebrow.


“I wanted to wear these though.” He said finally


“Someone tell you to?” Percy said, raising his brows


Hades turned red.


Poseidon was snickering.


“I did.” Persephone grinned


Nico turned green, remembering the scene. Hazel paled too.


“I’m going to sleep, good night guys.” He said quickly and went off


“Nico wait one sec.” Percy stopped him.


“The seven of us have a different tent tonight.” Percy said, pointing to a tent which was blue, sea green and black.


“Oh okay, good night again.” Nico said and went off to the tent


They all said their good nights and went to their respective tents.



Chapter Text

The demigods woke up first and went out of their tents quietly. They stretched in the sunlight and grinned. They all jumped a few times for feeling a little fresher then they grinned at each other.


Percy, Nico, Triton, Tyson, Jason, Thalia and Hazel woke up and smirked at each other. They ran at full speed to their parents’ tents and screamed at the top of their lungs.




The other demigods laughed and Chiron chuckled. The gods inside the tents bolted awake. Then their children ran back to their tents and pretended as if they just woke up. When the gods came out of their tents they saw the demigods outside their tents.


“That was an intense wake up.” Poseidon grumbled


“You bet it was.” Percy smirked


Everybody snickered.


“Now we were pretty tired yesterday, did you guys have a good date?” Nico asked, concealing a smirk of his own.


“Yeah.” Hades said


Thalia smirked.


“Any part you’re gonna tell us which is not 18+?” she asked


The demigods snickered.


“Uhh not 18+? Then no.” Poseidon said


“Sureee.” The demigods said


“Hey Will!” Nico called


Will grinned at Nico and went to him. Will pressed a kiss to Nico’s forehead.


The other demigods covered their eyes in a teasing way. The two demigods grinned and smirked at their friends.


“Let’s get freshened up and continue reading.” Zeus said


Everybody nodded. They took a bath and ate some breakfast. All the demigods grabbed some milkshakes for the reading.


Apollo picked up the book and flipped to the correct chapter.


“I OPEN A COFFIN.” He read out


Percy grimaced.


Jumping out a window five hundred feet…flapping my arms like a duck.


“QUACK QUACK.” Thalia said


“Shut up.” Percy grumbled


Everybody snickered.


I plummeted toward the valley…dive anywhere I wanted to.


“Hmm I’d like to try flying with wings.” Jason said


“How come Zeus hasn’t blasted you yet?” Clarisse asked


“It wasn’t that high.” Annabeth said


I turned and saw my friends…smoke billowed from the windows of Daedalus’ workshop


Athena frowned. She hoped her son was okay.


“Land!” Annabeth yelled…“I don’t want to find out!” Annabeth said.


A few chuckles.


Rachel grinned sheepishly.


We swooped down…freaked out a couple of climbers.


Everybody snickered.


“Feeling bad for the climbers.” Connor sniggered


Then the four of us soared…we were shedding bronze feathers


“It’s good that you landed then. IT would have been very very bad if you wouldn’t have.” Leo said


Beckendorf nodded.


“Something like Icarus.” He said


Everybody shuddered.


It seemed a shame…pretty horrible way to die.


The demigods nodded.


“No,” Nico said…They don’t have mortal souls.”


Tyson and Grover sighed.


“We have to get into town,” Annabeth decided…I’ll take care of it.”


“Yeah, I’m never happy about using that card.” Rachel sighed


The people who knew nodded understandingly.


“How?” Annabeth asked…“I’m hungry.”


Everybody chuckled.


“What a reason.” Jason chuckled


“At least you’re eating.” Will said


Nico grinned sheepishly.


“I’ll stick with Rachel, then,” I said…down to the parking lot anyway.


“Sorry Percy, but you know why I didn’t want to show anybody.” Rachel said apologetically


“It’s totally fine. I get it.” Percy smiled


Rachel gave him a smile.


She headed toward a big black car…“The driver’s ready when we are,” Rachel said.


“Whoa Rachel.” Travis said, a mischievous glint in his eyes


“No.” Katie said immediately, noticing it


“But Katie-“ Connor protested


“No.” she said again


Connor and Travis pouted.


“The battle would be big if they need all the soldiers.” Ares said


Everybody looked at him. Chiron nodded.


The chauffeur was now talking…I’ve ordered another car for you.”


“I feel bad for that guy.” Chris said


“Yeah, but it was an emergency.” Rachel said


“Come on,” Rachel said…We started pigging out.


Everybody snickered.


“But that is awesome.” Piper said

“It totally was.” Annabeth grinned


“Lucky kids.” Travis grumbled


“Sure Travis.” Percy shook his head


Travis grinned sheepishly.


“Where to, Miss Dare?” the driver asked…Which didn’t exactly answer my question


A few chuckles.


We drove through Colorado Springs…random chauffeur and immediately get a ride.


“Oh well I know now.” Percy sighed


The people who knew sighed to too.


After about an hour we decided…“Western Museum of Mining & Industry.”


“She would be able to see the sign better than half-bloods. At least better than demigods, I don’t know about satyrs of cyclops.” Apollo said


Rachel nodded.


“It was very clear to me.” She said


Apollo nodded.


For a museum, it didn’t look like much…I can see it, okay?”


Apollo nodded, in understanding to his previous point.


She thanked the driver…way from the highway I had no idea.


“That’s awesome.” Reyna said


“Thanks.” Rachel smiled


“It just seemed visible to me for some reason.” Rachel said


“I think maybe because it is something of our world so it would stand out more. For demigods this is their normal world so it wouldn’t stand out for them.” Hermes said


“That makes sense.” Rachel nodded


I touched the padlock…we were back in the Labyrinth.


“Both.” Nico sighed


The dirt tunnels turned to stone…something about it from studying art.


“Well it’s a start.” Annabeth grinned


Rachel grinned back.


They talked about different facades on buildings around New York—“Have you seen this one,” blah, blah, blah, so I hung back and walked next to Nico in uncomfortable silence.


“It’s not blah blah blah.” Annabeth said


“Just not my conversation starter.” Percy said


“You asked her if she designed any new buildings.” Thalia reminded him


“That’s good but I’m talking about talking about different buildings.” Percy said


“Fair enough.” Annabeth said


“Thanks for coming after us”… It’s not natural.”


Hades nodded.


“That’s what you were after…they only do that out of fear.”


Hades looked down.


The Big three kids noticed it.


“Hey look Nick, your parentage doesn’t matter to us. You’re our friend and you will be accepted by us forever.” Jason said


“You’re our brother too.” Thalia and Percy piped in


“You’re my boyfriend. I love you Neeks.” Will said


Nico blushed and grinned at all of them.


“I love you guys too.” He said


“Nico said I love you.” Percy jumped


Everybody chuckled.


“This goes for everybody here though.” He said


“Darn right.” The demigods chorused


Nico grinned and Hades smiled.


“You could be accepted,” I said…he’d gotten almost . . . scary.


“Yeah, not anymore.” Percy grinned


“I think it was anger at the point of time.” Nico sighed


He had his father’s eyes—that intense, manic fire that made you suspect he was either a genius or a madman.


“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Nico smirked


“Uh good but dangerous.” Percy said


“Good then.” Hades smirked


“Sure.” Percy said


Everybody snickered.


“But seriously we all have looks that scare people.” Will said


“Yes.” Clarisse smirked


And the way he’d banished Minos, and called himself the king of ghosts—it was kind of impressive, but it made me uncomfortable, too.


“What about now?” Nico asked


“Nope, only then because you talked to me after so long so yeah…” Percy said


Nico nodded.


Before I could figure out…“Like in California.”


Zoe stiffened.


“Mount Othrys.” She breathed


Percy and Rachel nodded grimly. Annabeth grimaced.


Last winter, when we’d faced Luke…feel a whole lot better.


“Very comforting Nico.” Thalia snickered


Nico grinned sheepishly.


Annabeth and I exchanged glances…“I have to check it out,” I said.


“No!” Poseidon said


“I had to dad.” Percy said


Poseidon grumbled under his breath but didn’t say anything out loud.


“Luke could be right there,” I said…manipulated her too many times before.


Annabeth and Thalia sighed. They knew Percy had a point there. Though Annabeth wished that she had not been fooled so easily. She knew that she should have seen the whole picture and not fallen behind Luke but she wanted to save him.


“Percy, don’t,” Rachel said…“I won’t do anything stupid.”


“Not possible.” Thalia said


Percy pouted at her.


“You did do it.” Nico pointed out


Percy stuck his tongue out at his cousins.


Annabeth took her Yankees cap…This time, all I got was the hat.


Annabeth and Percy blushed.


Thalia laughed.


“So that’s the detail you remembered huh?” She teased


Percy grinned.


Before I even got to the exit…I’d saved his sorry life in the arena.


“I can’t believe he still went back. You saved his life and he still went to them.” Connor said


“Yeah. I mean I came back too.” Chris said


Clarisse squeezed his hand.


I crept toward the end of the tunnel…sever your soul from your body.”


“Ah so that’s how you knew that.” Poseidon sighed in relief


“This fact, yes.” Percy said


“That is a very dangerous blade. Like severing your soul from your body.” Franks shuddered


Ares nodded.


Ethan swallowed nervously…just beyond the fortress.


“Well he does deserve to be under the sky.” Castor shrugged


The ones on the quest of Artemis nodded vigorously while the others nodded as well but it was a normal nod.


“There!” the telekhine said…Now the weapon was re-forged.


The elder six gods shuddered.


“When I saw that blade for the first time, it practically froze my insides.” Michael shuddered


The demigods shuddered too this time.


“We must sanctify it in blood,” the telekhine said…It was too easy, but I approached the dais.


“Percy.” Poseidon groaned


“Sorry dad.” Percy sighed


The sarcophagus was just like I remembered…landmarks being smashed and burned.


“Such peaceful pictures.” Leo said sarcastically


The whole coffin gave off an aura of extreme cold…KRONOS, LORD OF TIME.


“You know when you see or hear a language older than Ancient Greek it practically gives you the chills because they are way too ancient.” Grover said

“Exactly.” Percy agreed


“Kampe spoke an Ancient language too.” Tyson shivered


“That was very creepy.” Annabeth agreed


My hand touched the lid…fell to the floor with a huge WHOOOOM!


“You should’ve kept it a bit more silent.” Travis winced


I lifted my sword, ready to strike…The body in the coffin was Luke’s.


“No.” Hermes whimpered. He didn’t want to imagine the image but it kept popping into his head. He couldn’t help but blame himself for the fate that his son went through. Travis, Connor and Chris hugged their dad who held them so tightly that they felt that their ribs would break but they held on.


I should have stabbed him right then. I should’ve brought the point of Riptide down with all my strength.


The demigods winced. Hermes whimpered again.


But I was too stunned…why he looked so very, very dead.


Annabeth and Thalia flinched. Thalia got up and went over to Annabeth and hugged her. Annabeth accepted the comfort gladly.


Then the voices of the telekhines…“Ethan, don’t!”


“Percy that- why would you?” Poseidon groaned


“I wanted to prevent Ethan from joining. Only one more demigod was needed.” Percy sighed


“It was way too dangerous.” Triton said


“Well I thought it would be more dangerous if he would’ve joined and it was.” Percy said

Triton sighed. It was a fair point.


“Trespasser!” The telekhines bared their seal teeth…And this is what I was made to do.”


Leo and Hazel grimaced. They remembered their encounter with Nemesis all too well.


He turned toward the dais. “I renounce the gods! What have they ever done for me? I will see them destroyed. I will serve Kronos.”


Zeus and Hera gritted their teeth while many of the gods looked down. The only thing they felt a little better about was that Ethan was a child of Nemesis but they felt guilty nonetheless.


The building rumbled…the marble froze like craters of ice.


Hermes buried his head in hands. Luke was gone. His kids held on to him and he was grateful for that. Though this had happened it didn’t hurt him any less.


He looked at Ethan and the telekhines…“Don’t you think so, Percy Jackson?”


Everybody froze and shuddered.


“I hate his voice.” Nico said, closing his eyes


“Total agreement there.” Percy said


I couldn’t move…For that I thank you.


“Luke was jealous of you?” Hazel asked


“Apparently.” Percy shrugged


Ethan collapsed in terror…I flew across the room.


“Holy crap.” Leo breathed


“How did he defect that?” Jason asked


“It’ll come up in the books.” Nico said


I slammed against a pillar. I struggled to my feet, blinking the stars out of my eyes, but Kronos had already grasped the handle of his scythe.


Poseidon held his head.


“Ah . . . much better,” he said…Percy Jackson. I do not.”


“Oh but I think you do fear him dear old grandpa.” Nico said


“Why though?” Dakota asked


“Percy was the hero of the prophecy. It would give him some fear that Percy could destroy him.” Katie explained


Dakota nodded in understanding.


That’s when I ran…Nope. I simply ran.


“Good choice.” Silena said


But my feet felt like lead…so strong it could bend time itself.


“Oh that is not good.” Pollux said with wide eyes.


“That’s insane.” Beckendorf said


I glanced back and saw him approaching leisurely…blue plastic hairbrush hit Kronos in the eye.




Everybody turned to look at Rachel who went red.


“You just-.” Leo started


“You just hit the titan lord with a blue hairbrush.” Piper laughed


“Brilliant!” Reyna grinned


“It was awesome.” Percy laughed


Rachel grinned.


“It was all I had.” She said


“You are very brave to even dare to do that.” Poseidon said


“Thank you.” Rachel grinned


“Next time in a battle I’m gonna be counting on Rachel’s hairbrush.” Pollux chuckled


“Yeah it has a good range and is portable.” Rachel grinned


“I was so confused when she came to me to modify a hairbrush but I know why now.” Leo grinned


Rachel turned red but still grinned.


“YEAH THAT’S MY ORACLE!” Apollo cheered.


Rachel blushed.


“Ow!” he yelled…full of surprise and pain


Hermes looked up.


“Luke’s still in there.” He said


Annabeth and Thalia got faint smiles on their faces.


My limbs were freed and I ran straight into Rachel…“AFTER THEM!”


Hermes looked down again.


“No!” Nico yelled…Dust billowed everywhere.


“Great job son.” Hades smiled


Nico grinned.


“That was awesome Nico. You brought his own room onto him.” Castor grinned


“You’re very powerful that you’re still conscious. I don’ think that you used so much of power for fun.” Reyna said


“No I didn’t use I for fun but it did make me a little tired but I was good for the battle but then again it did tire me out. My powers don’t tire me out much anymore though.” Nico said


Hades smiled at his son.


We plunged into the Labyrinth and kept running, the howl of the Titan lord shaking the entire world behind us.


“Chapter’s done.” Apollo said


“I’ll read.” Persephone said


Apollo gave her the book and she started reading.




Chapter Text

Hermes brightened up a little.


Dionysus and Grover sighed.


Hermes’ kids looked at each other.


We ran until we were exhausted…golden eyes staring out of Luke’s face


Hermes cringed. He wanted to get rid of the images forming in his head. He wanted to believe that it wasn’t his fault that Luke took this path. He wanted to think that this was Fate but…he couldn’t. All the time that had passed since the second titan war, he wanted to stop blaming himself whenever Luke came to his mind but he couldn’t stop blaming himself.


And the feeling that my limbs were slowly turning to stone.


The elder six gods and the demigods shuddered.


“I can’t go any farther,” Rachel gasped…Her sobs echoed in the tunnel.


Thalia squeezed Annabeth’s hand which Annabeth appreciated.


Nico and I sat next to each other…summed things up pretty well.


“You guys have a habit of summing up big things in a word or two.” Demeter said


“Yeah, it’s kind of normal life for us so we just sum it up in limited words.” Katie said


The gods grimaced a little at how casually it was said.


“You saved our lives,” I said…“Nice that they trust me so much.”


Everybody managed a few chuckles. Percy certainly had a way to lighten up things.


I shined my flashlight across the cavern…I couldn’t blame him.


Nico sighed.


“It was a lot to process all of a sudden. Like first Minos was trying to kill Daedalus and rise up from the dead, then Percy ran off to Othrys, then Luke is Kronos, then I conjure the spire and then because of that Kronos finds my parentage which he could use against all of us.” He said


“It’s totally understandable Nico. There are some times that it becomes a lot to process or a lot to handle.” Reyna said


Nico gave her a smile.


Annabeth lifted her head. Her eyes were red from crying.


Athena’s eyes turned a little red.


“What . . . what was wrong with Luke…“You saw when Rachel hit him.”


The red went away.

Athena wasn’t happy that Annabeth was trying to defend the boy but she didn’t say anything.


“You hit him with a hairbrush.” Michael grinned


Rachel grinned back.


I nodded, looking at Rachel with respect. “You hit the Lord of the Titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush.”


A few chuckles.


Rachel looked embarrassed. “It was the only thing I had.”


“I think Rachel would make a good archer or would be good at throwing knives.” Lee said


“Yeah, to hit someone with a hairbrush right in the eye, that requires some skill. If she would work with knives then that would be better. Archery is a little different as there is a bow there too but knives is similar enough. It’s portable and sharp so it should work and it would suit her a lot too. She could use her hairbrush to cause distractions but knives actually hurt.” Michael said


Apollo nodded, considering what his children said.


“They’re right. Maybe we could arrange some cool knives for you.” He said


“Thanks guys. I can practice here too then.” Rachel smiled


They grinned.


“But you saw,” Annabeth insisted…“You didn’t know him before, Percy. I did!”


“Why would Percy want Luke to be evil?” Triton asked


“It’s just that I was too emotional at the point of time. I thought that Percy didn’t like Luke and was…was jealous of Luke or something and that’s why he kept going against him.” Annabeth swallowed


Percy grimaced but didn’t say anything.


“Still, to say that to his face isn’t right. It would get annoying for him too because Luke had tried to kill him so many times. Even when he was just twelve. Kronos almost got him and you pulled into Tartarus. Also when he didn’t hold the essence of Kronos, you tried talking to him and he would disagree with you. He even tried to fool and manipulate you. Yet you defended him based on who he was before. Some people change Annabeth. A few people don’t always remain the same. I understand that Luke was manipulated but Kronos and it is understandable as Kronos was known as the crooked one and I also understand that Luke might have made the right choice at the end by how you guys react to him but that does not excuse his behavior. It does not excuse the deaths and damage he caused. Then to say that Percy wanted Luke to be evil was not nice. You were not defending who Luke was at the time, you were only judging who he was before. You have to look at the present. It is hard to let go of the past but it is not right at all to forget about the present. I get it is not easy to forget who a person was before but you can’t keep holding on to the past if you want to live the present. It’s extremely important to understand that. Now Luke’s not evil right? When he came here, he was sorry about it all. Now what are you going to judge him on the fact that he turned? No you won’t do that because you only look at what you want to. You won’t look at what you’re supposed to. Similarly you should have looked at what he was, not at wht he used to be. I get you wanted to save him but to insult one of your best friends on the past was very wrong. ” Triton said angrily.


He did not like what Annabeth had said to his brother for such a simple statement. It wasn’t Percy’s fault that Luke defected.


Everybody started at Triton. The demigods had judged Luke only on the choice he finally made but they had to admit that Triton had a point. They now also understood why the fates called Luke back and why Luke wanted to go back. They felt a bubble of anger inside them. It was the anger they had buried inside themselves after the first war.


Annabeth had tears welling up in her eyes.


“Hey Triton, its okay. She was in grief.” Percy said. He didn’t want Annabeth to feel bad about herself. He also didn’t like the fact that he, somewhere, agreed with Triton on this one. Though it wasn’t because he didn’t like Triton. Percy did love his brother but it was because he knew that there was truth in his statement.


Triton sighed.


“Look man, I’m sorry for just blurting it all out. I don’t mean any hate on Annabeth or anything. She’s a hero and I’m not going to deny that but I don’t like that fact… well what I just said.” Triton said


“He’s right. I’m so sorry Percy. I shouldn’t have said all that to you. I should have looked at all of it.” Annabeth said


“It’s totally fine Wise Girl.” Percy smiled, though it wasn’t totally fine but it was still fine.


“Let’s continue reading.” Chiron said


“Just one more thing. Are we allowed to say what we feel about certain situations or the demigods get therapy, once every two days, to discuss their feelings at those times?” Triton said


“You’re allowed to comment if you want and the therapy sounds like a good idea. We can keep it in the garden due to ADHD and so that they don’t feel claustrophobic.” Chiron said, remembering the most recent Aphrodite therapy and also the ADHD


Triton nodded.


Poseidon gave a proud smile to him and Triton smiled.


The demigods nodded.


“We know now why the fates took Luke back and why he wanted to go. He wanted us to get it all out of us, so we’re gonna do that now. Sorry Hermes.” Will said


“It’s fine.” Hermes said


Persephone continued reading.


“What is it with you?” I snapped. “Why do you keep defending him?”


The demigods and a few gods thought that if Percy snapped at Annabeth then it must have affected him in a way.


“Whoa, you two,” Rachel said…If it wasn’t for you . . .”


“It isn’t her fault.” Silena said gently. She knew Annabeth was going through a lot of emotions at the point of time and she didn’t want to make her feel worse.


“I know.” Annabeth said


Whatever she was going to say…. I still felt stunned


Everybody sighed.


Like Kronos’s time-slow effect…“He’ll send monsters after us.”


“It’s good that Nico isn’t so stunned. He didn’t really ever meet Luke so it was better for him.” Lee said


“Yeah.” Nico said


Nobody was in any shape to run…“You did good back there,” I told her.


Everybody nodded.


“Your aim was on point.” Michael grinned


Rachel smiled.


She managed a weak smile…How am I going to collect if you die?”


Some people managed a few chuckles.


I knelt next to Annabeth…The one Grover always wore.


“Oh no. Were you all right?” Thalia asked worriedly


“I was fine, the presence was a lot for me.” Grover smiled


“The cap got lost when monsters were chasing us.” Tyson said


Thalia nodded.


My hands shook as I picked up the cap…might’ve happened to Grover, too.

Grover smiled at Percy.


Then I noticed something else…sliding rather than walking.


“Well at least you had a play area experience.” Leo said, trying to lighten the mood, which worked partially.


“It wasn’t as fun though.” Rachel said


Finally we got to the bottom of a slope…He wasn’t moving.


Dionysus fell unconscious as well.


Castor, Pollux and Dakota were very worried but they knew that they couldn’t do much against the curse.


“Tyson!” I yelled…freezing to death.


Dionysus was shaking. His kids were extremely worried so they gesture for Persephone tor read on.


“What happened?” I asked…Then he hit his head on rocks.”


“Ooh that hurt.” Grover grimaced


I knelt next to him…“Splurg!” His eyelids fluttered


A few chuckles.


“That’s effective.” Travis chuckled


Grover turned red.


“Percy? Annabeth? Where . . .”… flare like she was going to blow fire


Everybody snickered.


“Well that would make her do that as Tyson said that Annabeth was pretty too.” Rachel chuckled


Tyson turned red.


“Both of you are pretty but I like Ella.” He said


Silena aww’ed.


“Thanks Tyson.” Rachel and Annabeth smiled


Tyson grinned.


“Anyway,” I said…closest to the power of Pan.


“That makes total sense. If he was in New Mexico or nearby then Grover would feel his presence but it would be nothing compared to how much he would’ve felt right now.” Hermes said


Grover nodded.


We got out of the water and kept walking…It smelled of trees and flowers and a warm summer day.


Dionysus and Hermes smiled. That was exactly how it felt to be near Pan. He would always be so bright and cheery and would always look on the positive side. It hurt them greatly to know that their friend/son passed on.


Grover whimpered with excitement…was a wooly mammoth.


The demigods and the nature gods inhaled.


“That sound so beautiful.” Pollux said longingly


Everybody nodded.


On the bed lay an old satyr…Around his neck hung a set of reed pipes.


Hermes and Dionysus frowned. They couldn’t remember Pan’s fur being gray. Things were really very bad for him.


Grover fell to his knees…“I . . . got lost,” Grover apologized.


“That’s one way to put it.” Apollo chuckled


Grover blushed.


Pan laughed…whole cavern with hope


Hermes and Dionysus smiled sadly.


The tiger-wolf sighed and rested his head…I could swear it was humming “It’s a Small World.”


Everybody chuckled.


Still, Pan looked tired. His whole form shimmered as if he were made of Mist.


Hermes and Dionysus looked down.


The Hermes kids and Dionysus kids exchanged glances.


I noticed my other friends were kneeling…“You have a humming dodo bird,” I said stupidly


Everybody chuckled again.


The god’s eyes twinkled…sounded like a funeral dirge.


A tear slid down Hermes’ face.


Travis, Connor and Chris gave him a side hug.


“This is the most beautiful place!” Annabeth said. “It’s better than any building ever designed.”


“That’s one of the highest compliments Annabeth can ever give.” Thalia said


“It-it was absolutely amazing. I’d never made anything like it.” Annabeth said

“That’s huge.” Thalia said


“I’m glad you like it, dear,” Pan said…This one shall stay undisturbed . . . for a little longer.”


“That’s depressing.” Katie said


“We can’t really create the wild again but maybe some parts near camp?” Travis suggested. He didn’t like seeing his dad or girlfriend sad and nor did he like the wild getting destroyed.


Katie smiled at her boyfriend. Hermes smiled at his son.


“We can definitely do that.” Chiron nodded his head


The demigods cheered pumped their fists in the air.


“My lord,” Grover said…Then Pan re-formed.


A tear slid down Grover’s face.


Castor gave him a side hug.


“I have slept many eons,” the god said forlornly…my dark twilight sleep. It must end.”


“No.” Hermes murmured, his voice trembling


His kids didn’t know what to do so they just gave their dad a hug.


“No!” Grover’s voice trembled…This . . . this is more like a memory.”


“He shouldn’t have died.” Hermes said, a little angrily


“I’m sorry Lord Hermes but…but it was more like a memory. He was already fading. He was fading for quite some time and he would have faded completely but he wanted to deliver his message.” Nico said. His voice informed the others that he was upset about this as well. Nico was careful to add the lord this time to avoid danger.


“But gods can’t die,” Grover said…their sacred places disappear


A fearful look crossed the demigods’ facial features. The gods noticed it and the demigods must’ve sensed it and the look disappeared.


The wild, my dear Grover, is so small now…My realm is gone


Hermes and Dionysus growled. Wasteful mortals had caused this. They wanted to stay angry but the grief was stronger.


That is why I need you to carry a message…“Are you singing Kumbaya again?”


None of the demigods were able to manage even a chuckle. The mood was too somber. The casual and free demigods weren’t able to find any humor in this atmosphere.


Pan sighed. “Everybody’s a cynic.”… It must be taken up by all of you.”


The ones present there sighed.


Pan looked straight at me with his clear blue eyes…you will not be ruled by fear.”

Percy closed his eyes. He thought he felt the awe and the various emotions at that point of time again. He sighed. He felt a certain kind of piece then, just after seeing Kronos in Luke’s body.


He turned to Annabeth…it may not be the role you imagined.”


Annabeth sighed. She now understood what Pan had meant.


Then he looked at Tyson…your name shall live among the Cyclopes for generations.


Tyson smiled. He had felt a lot better when Pan had said that. Though he still felt disappointed, he felt more comforted, more at peace when Pan had said that.


And Miss Rachel Dare . . .”… A tear traced her cheek.


A tear slid down Rachel’s face. She felt really guilty when Pan had looked at her, when she listened to what he had said. She felt guilty that she couldn’t do anything about what he father did. Then what pan said made her feel better but she remembered the promise she had made to herself. She had promised herself that she would never ever engage in destroying the wild. She knew that she couldn’t stop her father but she knew that she would plant more trees.


Finally he turned back toward Grover…why you must be the first to release me.”


Grover whimpered and buried his head in his hands. Castor hugged him as Grover was on the Dionysus couch.


“I don’t want to”… even a god, to do that for you.”


“He’s right. Nobody but us can help the wild.” Connor said

The demigods nodded.


“Chiron maybe once we get back, we could make some plans?” Thalia asked


Chiron nodded.


“Absolutely.” He said


Grover wiped his eyes…And we were alone in a dark cave, with an empty bed.  


Hermes broke down. He wept into his hands. Everybody felt very upset. They wanted to help the wild and regretted not doing it sooner. They knew they couldn’t have prevented it but every part makes a difference.


Dionysus went over to Hermes and hugged him. They both embraced in the memory of their friend/son. The Hermes kids wanted to comfort their dad but they knew that Dionysus could do it better this time. They just moved a little but did not get up from their couches.


The Dionysus kids comforted Grover who knew why it had to happen but it didn’t stop him from feeling upset. Rachel, Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and Nico had closed their eyes and rested their heads on the back of the couch. They remembered how at peace they had felt in Pan’s presence. His presence alone had made them feel better and it felt like a break from the other events of the maze. This was just a memory too, they thought about how cheerful he would’ve been if Pan wouldn’t have been in the danger of fading.


All the demigods decided to try their fullest to restore the wild. This was not just the duty of satyrs and other nature spirits but it was theirs too. They thought that the reason the fates had sent them here was fir the gods to realize their mistakes though they thought that this was for them too. They had to pay attention to the details and work on themselves as well.


The gods saw the emotions on their children’s faces. Pan was not their parent but they saw that the demigods somehow felt related and connected to him. They could not tell the emotions and thoughts in their children’s heads but they knew that it was something that would make them feel somehow calmer and maybe a little upset due to the fading but more determined towards the wild. The gods did not know how complicated the thoughts were but they thought they understood the basics. The gods knew that they would contribute to restoring the wild as well.


Persephone decided to get the chapter over with.


I switched on my flashlight…The great god Pan is dead.”


“Done.” She said


“Let’s take a ten minute break and continue.” Chiron said


Everybody nodded.


The demigods leaned forward in their couches and looked at nothing in particular. They had intertwined their own fingers. The gods sensed a lot of thoughts going on inside their childrens’ heads and decided to not disrupt them. They themselves sat quietly for five minutes and then a couple of gods got up and got some snacks and sat back down.


After ten minutes, Rachel took the book and flipped to the correct page.


“I’ll read.” She said





Chapter Text

“The final camp battle.” Chiron sighed


The Greek demigods nodded.


Distance was shorter in the Labyrinth…crystal cave where I’d watched a god die.


Hermes and Dionysus grimaced.


“It seemed so unreal, like the whole view of traffic and all felt strange to me and the crystal cave was beyond beautiful but New York just seemed real you know?” Percy said


“Yeah, the cave felt beautiful and peaceful but New York felt real and the stress of the war and camp just came back to you.” Nico agreed


“That’s true.” Tyson said


“I agree, somehow I felt at peace in Pan’s cave, more reassured. I was worried about what he said but then when we came back, first the light was weird and then it felt natural like we’re back in a city or state. The worry for camp and the worry and scare of the war just came rushing back.” Annabeth said


The gods grimaced. Their children shouldn’t be feeling stress at such a young age. They shouldn’t be responsible for the world and they should be jumping, playing and laughing around. The gods looked at their carefree children and thought how serious and stressed and maybe even upset they would look during war.


I led the way into an alley…“I’m lucky that way


Everybody chuckled.


“That’s good.” Triton said


Listen, we need a ride to camp quick”… eventually he agreed to carry Tyson


Tyson blushed.


“Sorry Guido.” He said


Everybody chuckled.


Everybody started saddling up…I mean, except for almost dying, and Pan . . .” Her voice faltered.


Rachel sighed.


“Hey you know that what your father does isn’t your fault right?” Will asked


“Yeah.” Rachel said


“He said something about your father,” I remembered…“Well, yeah.”


“Well you’re not bad for a rich kid.” Percy smirked


Rachel grinned.


“Yeah, you’re actually one of the good ones. You know not the spoiled brats. I hate spoiled people but I quite like you.” Leo said


Rachel smiled.


“Thanks Leo.” She said


“Ah no problem.” Leo grinned


“So that’s how you got the chauffeur to help us…And now that I’ve seen Pan . . . Pan’s death—”


Hermes growled and glared at Rachel.


“Hey it’s not her fault.” Connor snapped


Hermes was startled and looked at him.


“But-“ He started


“No, that is what her father does. She already said she hated it and she also blamed herself. Don’t blaming her for things that aren’t her fault.” Connor said


Hermes felt a little bad that his son snapped at him but he knew that he was right.


“Sorry Rachel.” Hermes sighed


“It’s fine. I was kinda expecting it.” She said


“You shouldn’t be expecting it. It’s not your fault.” Zoe said


“Thanks.” Rachel smiled.


“Hey, you can’t blame yourself for that.”


Everybody nodded.


Rachel gave them all grateful looks.


“You don’t know the worst of it…I shouldn’t have said anything.”


“Hey it’s good to share sometimes. People can help out especially your friends.” Thalia said


“Yeah.” Rachel nodded


“No,” I said. “It’s cool…I don’t care what your dad does.”


“Exactly.” Nico said


“None of us will judge you by your dad.” Apollo said

Rachel smiled.


Rachel looked at me gratefully…feelings had gotten pretty mixed up the last couple of days.


“It’s not really a surprise considering what you guys went through.” Clarisse said


“Yeah, you exploded a mountain, then you saw a demigod you knew get turned into the evil titan lord, then Annabeth was mad with you and you thought she had a crush on you too, you also thought Rachel had a crush on you which made you even more confused, then you watched a god die. Anybody would be confused after all that drama.” Beckendorf said


Percy smiled at them.


“I mean . . . I’d like that,” I said…Go save the world for me, okay?”


“You’re a cool person to hang out with, Rachel.” Percy said


“Yep.” Rachel smirked


Everybody chuckled.


She walked off down Seventh Avenue…Oh—uh, I didn’t mean you, boss.


Everybody snickered.


“He totally meant you.” Jason laughed


“Yeah Blackjack loves teasing me.” Percy grinned fondly


“Go without me!” Nico said…“Nico,” I said, “we need your help.”


“Yeah we really did.” Michael said


“We were glad you came.” Pollux said


Nico smiled.


He folded his arms and scowled…She stuck her tongue out at me.


Everybody looked at Nico.


“It’s just I got a sisterly feel from her. Especially after summoning Bianca and I felt like she was my elder sister for some time. That’s why I listened to her.” Nico explained


Annabeth smiled at Nico.


“I’m glad I made you comfortable.” She said


Nico smiled at her.


Everybody smiled at Nico, glad he had a sister figure at that age right after losing Bianca.


At last we got everybody on a pegasus…Kronos rising, I was mistaken


“Well I guess he guessed it or thought something like that would happen.” Chris sighed


“Yes.” Chiron said


“I feared as much,” Chiron said…I will have you exiled for speaking thus!”


“WHAT?! He’s telling the truth.” Hermes said angrily


“They were a bunch of stupid old goats. Let it be dad.” Chris sighed


Hermes scowled.


“It’s true,” I said…Nature-destroyers!”


“These children are far from being nature destroyers.” Artemis grumbled


The demigods smiled at her.


Chiron studied Grover’s face…Assuming we are still here this evening.”


“Well that’s a positive thought Chiron.” Apollo said

“Truth is hard at times.” Chiron sighed


“That’s true.” Apollo agreed


And on that happy note…already primed and aimed at Zeus’s Fist.


“That’s good.” Hephaestus grunted


Beckendorf grinned.


The Ares cabin was on the front line, drilling in phalanx formation with Clarisse calling orders.


Ares and the Romans nodded approvingly.


Apollo’s and Hermes’s cabins were scattered…Many had taken up positions in the trees.


“Yeah, it’s good to get a shot from a tree.” Frank nodded


Apollo and Artemis gangs nodded as well.


Even the dryads were armed with bows…A gray banner with an owl fluttered outside the tent.


Athena nodded.


Our security chief, Argus, stood guard at the door…warriors with water bottles and juice boxes.


Pollux choked on air.


Castor pulled his brother in for a hug.


It looked like a pretty good setup, but Chiron muttered next to me, “It isn’t enough.”


“That’s not good. If Chiron is saying that it isn’t enough.” Hermes said worriedly


I thought about what I’d seen in the Labyrinth…Titans didn’t believe in restrictions like that


“Dude, gods are forbidden from interfering in anything related to us except causing trouble on quests.” Chris snorted, then clamped a hand on his mouth as he realized what he said.


The demigods grimaced.


Hermes flinched.


“Sorry dad.’ Chris said with wide eyes.


“It’s fine.” Hermes said, with a strained smile.


“Shit, I’m so sorry.” Chris said in a pleading voice


“It’s okay.” Hermes said, giving a smile

Chris nodded, his eyes welling up with tears. Clarisse squeezed his hand.


Apparently, the Titans didn’t believe in restrictions like that.


“No, they do not. I swear, luckily we don’t need a god to defeat a titan.” Jason said


“Oh that would’ve been so hard then. Especially with Typhon and Oceanus.” Percy said


“Yeah, we’d be dead.” Nico summed up


Over at the edge of the clearing…And in his presence, time seemed to turn to liquid.”


All the demigods who fought in the war shuddered. They remembered that form too well for their liking.


“The time part is soo irritating.” Connor said


“I know right!” Travis agreed


I nodded. “How could he take over a mortal body”… Hopefully it also restricts him.”


“Kronos in his full power.” Demeter shuddered


“He would’ve been impossible to defeat without you guys then.” Katie said


“Yeah, we would all have to hide somewhere and wait for you guys to come to do the slicing and dicing. We would’ve tried to help but we would’ve been a pile of ashes.” Percy said

“Or we would have to make a scythe and give it to Aunt Hestia which she would never accept.” Nico said


“Or find Mr.D somehow in some random party.” Chris said


“That would be super hard and super bad in short.” Grover summed up


“At least we would have had three options, normally we go with one.” Will said


“Fair enough.” Grover said


The gods looked at their children yet again. They were worried as to how their children would talk about their death so casually and how less options and plans they would have in times of trouble.


“Chiron, if he leads this attack—”…“You and your friend Nico, son of Hades.”


“I suppose I should as how but Chiron knows everything.” Beckendorf grinned


“Oh well, you caught me.” Nico grinned sheepishly


Chiron chuckled.


“Bingo!” The Stolls yelled


Everybody snickered.


A lump formed in my throat…if we are to survive this, we must trust each other. We must . . .”


“I do trust you Chiron but I thought telling anybody would make him more prone to danger. Announcing his whole parentage like that would make him more prone to not only titans but to the gods as well. Especially Zeus, if he found out before the war then he would waste not even a minute to blast Nico to ashes.” Percy said


Everybody glared at Zeus.


“I understand my boy.” Chiron smiled


Percy sighed in relief. He didn’t want Chiron to think that he didn’t trust him.


His voice wavered…a dozen warriors tossed to the wind like rag dolls.


“OW!” Ares yelled, as he felt the combined pain of his children.


“Uh oh.” Will said


“Fire!” Beckendorf yelled…giants vaporized at the touch of celestial bronze.


“Good job guys.” Apollo smiled at his children.


“We should make defenses like Wakanda at camp.” Leo said


The demigods managed a few chuckles.


“That. Would be amazing.” The Stolls grinned


The romans thought that how lucky they were to have so many defenses at their camp. Though they felt a little upset that their gods never visited camp, they now saw and learnt how dangerous the lives of the Greek demigods was. They had no defenses except the ones the Hephaestus cabin set up. They had only trained fighters who were really good at battle but to go against these many monsters would be very difficult.


But just when it looked like the Lastrygonians were about to get overwhelmed…Greek fire exploded into green flames, engulfing several of the snake women


“That’s good.” Hephaestus said


All the gods were at the edge of their seats in worry. The demigods were trying to brace themselves for the deaths but they were unable to get rid of the grief. The Apollo cabin was sitting very close to Lee and Pollux was sitting very close to Castor. Dionysus was aware that he was going to hear about his son’s death but he wasn’t able to brace himself for the pain. Currently the only comfort he was getting was that Castor was presently there next to him.


But many more kept coming…BONG! BONG! BONG


A few chuckles.


“Bad giant.” Tyson said


Chiron calmly aimed arrow after arrow, taking down a monster with every shot.


“Seriously great aim.” Michael said


Chiron smiled at him, though it was a little strained as he would have to hear about the deaths.


But more enemies just kept climbing out of the maze…Dionysus’s son went down.

Rachel’s voice trailed off at the end.


Dionysus held his arm and head but he didn’t pay any attention to it.


Pollux broke down and clutched onto his brother like he was a life line. Dionysus also buried his head in Castor’s hair. Castor was crying as well but he was mostly comforting his twin and father.


“Hey its okay, at least we get to spend this time together.” Castor said, taking a shaky breath


“Castor I’m so sorry, I should’ve been there, I should’ve done something.” Pollux sobbed


“It is not your fault at all. You couldn’t have done anything, you were fighting a monster as well, I saw you myself.” Castor said sternly


Pollux was still in Castor’s shirt. Castor tightened his grip on Pollux.


Dakota felt a little out of place so when he made to get up, Pollux caught his arm and pulled him into an embrace too.


Dionysus felt as if the pain he had felt before was now getting multiplied by 10. It hurt a lot more to just read about it.


Rachel didn’t know what to do so she continued reading.


Another enemy warrior shot flaming arrows into the trees…The only person anywhere near was Nico di Angelo.


Dionysus’ wound went away from his arm and head.


Hades’ eyes clouded in worry.


“I was fine dad.” Nico assured him.


Hades slung an arm over Nico’s shoulders.


He stabbed a telekhine, and his black Stygian blade…As one, they drew their swords and engaged the dracaenea.


“That’s epic.” Reyna said


“You don’t want to exhaust yourself.” Will said in concern


Nico grinned sheepishly.


Nico crumpled to his knees, but I didn’t have time to make sure he was okay.


“Well a bit too late for that.” He said


Will rolled his eyes.


Hades felt the stamina leave him and he took deep breaths. He grumbled but he knew Percy was right.


Nico gave some water to him and told him to take deep breaths because that used help him out.


I closed on the hellhound…I scrambled away, breathing heavily.


Hades’ stamina returned to him.


Poseidon wrapped his arm around Percy.


The satyr who’d gotten trampled wasn’t moving…It doused the fire, Juniper, Grover, and pretty much everything else.


“Hmm your control’s getting better.” Amphitrite said


Percy gave her a small smile.


Grover blew a spout of water. “Thanks, Percy!”


A few chuckles.


“No problem!” I ran back toward the fight…like she was going to tan somebody’s backside.


Grover smiled fondly.


Just when it seemed like the battle had balanced out again…. Others tried to run and got trampled by hellhounds or giants.


“Oh no.” Apollo said in worry.


“Not her.” Hermes groaned


The demigods shuddered.


“Di Immortales!” Chiron yelled…“Stand! Do not run from her! Fight!”


“No wonder you’re a general.” Triton smiled a Tyson


Tyson blushed.


Poseidon gave a proud smile to Triton.


But then a hellhound leaped on him…keeping pace, her sword in her hand.


“Was anybody in there?” Athena asked immediately


“Luckily no.” Annabeth said


Athena sighed in relief.


“This might be it,” she said…Together we leaped into the monster’s path


Annabeth and Percy smiled at each other.


Kampê hissed and sliced at us…I knew we couldn’t stand our ground for more than a few seconds.


Poseidon was taking deep breaths to get more air.


Come on!” I shouted…The monster had its forelegs on our chests, holding us down.


“Ouch.” Poseidon said as his eyesight went black because of pain as well.


Hundreds of snakes slithered right above me…snarling and snapping at Kampê.


The demigods smiled at Mrs. O’Leary.


“Good girl!” said a familiar voice…right as he made his way toward us.


Athena smiled at her son. At least he came back to do the right thing.


Next to him was someone else—a familiar giant, much taller than the Laistrygonians, with a hundred rippling arms, each holding a huge chunk of rock.


Everybody smiled but nobody smiled as wide as Tyson. He was glad Briares came to help. He knew that he was still strong.


“Briares!” Tyson cried in wonder…points sticking through the cracks.


The campers cheered once.


A cheer went up from the camper…and he stumbled and fell.


“NO!” Apollo yelled


“I was fine.” Chiron smiled and assured him


Apollo nodded.


“No!” I screamed…The tunnel rumbled shut, and the battle was over.


“Panic?” Hermes asked the satyr


Grover nodded proudly.


Hermes nodded.


“My son chose a brave successor.” He said


Grover smiled and grinned.


“You just finished the battle like that.” Reyna said in amazement


Grover smiled.


“Couldn’t let anybody else die.” He said


Everybody gave small smiles.


The clearing was quiet except for fires burning in the woods…we do not shoot centaurs with broken . . . Ow! . . . broken legs.”


“There isn’t anything embarrassing about getting hurt.” Apollo told him


Chiron smiled.


“It was a little awkward at first but yes.” He said


“You need help,” Annabeth said…“That was amazing,” I agreed.


Everybody nodded.


Grover blushed. “I don’t know where it came from”… “Percy, come quick! It is Nico!”


Hades and Hazel looked at Nico in worry.


“Just exhaustion.” He said


There was smoke curling off his black clothes…“Get some nectar!” I yelled.


Hades felt all the stamina leave him and his eyes close.


“Oh that’s not good.” Will said


Rachel quickly continued.


One of the Ares campers hobbled…but his eyelids fluttered open


Hades’ eyes opened as well and he felt a little better but not much.


He nodded weakly…gave him some more nectar.


“You don’t want to give him too much.” Apollo warned


“We didn’t.” Percy said


He blinked at all of us…but he looked better than most of us


Athena got a few scratches but she didn’t say anything out loud.


Apparently his automaton body healed itself quickly…signing autographs on armor, shields, and T-shirts.


Poseidon chuckled.


“I found the Hundred-Handed One as I came through the maze”… We both came to make amends.”


Everybody smiled.


“They made the right choice.” Hermes smiled


They all nodded.


“Yay!” Tyson jumped up and down…“I knew that a long time ago,” I said.


Tyson blushed and smiled at Percy who grinned at him.


“Tyson’s definitely a hero.” Grover agreed

Tyson turned redder but smiled.

“Thank you goat boy.” He said


Grover chuckled.


“But, Daedalus . . . the Titan army is still down there…This is worth . . . I don’t even know how much!”


Annabeth sighed. The laptop was her favorite gift. She hated that she lost it.


“Small compensation for the way I have acted,” Daedalus said…It is the least I can do before I pass on.”


Athena smiled. She was proud that her son made the right choice in the end.


“Whoa,” I said. “Pass on…I must face my punishment.”


Hades nodded.


“You won’t get a fair trial,” Annabeth said…That is all we can do, isn’t it?”


“I’m fairly sure, he’ll get a proper trial. Well I learnt from Nico that the underworld always gives justice?” Reyna said


Nico chuckled.


“Yeah.” He said


He looked straight at Nico…She must stay where she is.”


Hades smiled at his son.


“Good job son, Bianca would be proud.” He said


Nico smiled.


Daedalus nodded…“Yeah. Of course I will.”


“Yeah and now we all take care of her.” Beckendorf chuckled


Percy grinned sheepishly.


“I take care of her too though.” He said


“Yes you do.” Beckendorf said


“Then I am ready to see my son…Then the statue turned to gray ash and disintegrated.


Athena sighed.


“He was pretty amazing though, well at least his inventions and the decision at the end.” Leo said


“Yeah.” Annabeth sighed


Mrs. O’Leary howled…“We have work to do.”


“Done.” Rachel said


“Let’s take a short break. I think we should press on and finish the book today.” Chiron said


Everybody nodded.


“But one second. How many of our children died?” Aphrodite asked


“Well you know about me.” Castor said


Pollux choked and hugged Castor again who hugged him back.


“I died.” Lee said


Will and Michael sobbed and embraced Lee. Lee patted their backs and hugged them. Apollo joined in and they kept their heads together.


“We lost Annie, Liam. They were our half-brother and sister. We also lost Cresta, Oliver and Emma. They were unclaimed though we suspected their parentage. We thought that Cresta was a daughter of Ares. She wasn’t buff but she was strong, loved action movies and was good with hand to hand combat. We suspected Oliver to be a son of Aphrodite. He was pretty good looking and would like to keep his appearance nice though he wasn’t too paranoid about it. We thought that Emma was our half-sister as she would love pranks and mischief. She would also end up stealing small things and was very sneaky. Cresta was 15, Oliver was 16 and Emma was 12. They were at camp for two years each.” Travis said


“Liam was 15 and Annie was 17.” Connor added


Hermes choked up. He lost almost three more children and one of them was unclaimed. He hated himself for never claiming them and never acknowledging them. Annie and Liam died very young like a couple of other demigods and buried his head in his hands. Travis and Connor had tears on their faces and patted their dad’s back.


“We lost Aiden and Avery. They were full blood siblings and both were 13. Caleb had two broken limbs but he was fine.” Clarisse said quietly. He eyes held tears though nobody even wanted to comment. Chris squeezed her hand.


Ares looked down. His eyes were watery. He lost two children and possibly also Cresta who he was fairly sure was her daughter. He felt ashamed that he never bothered to claim her and the fact that she died unclaimed was horrible. It was even worse that she was at camp for two years. Then he also lost Aiden and Avery. They were only 13 and they died. That was way too young.  Frank went and sat with Clarisse and they sat with their father and squeezed his shoulders. Though Frank had never met any of them, he still had tears in his eyes.


“We lost Rose and Julia. Rose was 15 and Julia was 17.” Silena said


Aphrodite gave a wail and Silena went and gave her a hug. Piper was stunned. Another two siblings she would never know. Silena gestured to her and she went and joined in.


“We managed not to lose anybody.” Beckendorf said


Leo sighed in relief and Hephaestus nodded with a small smile.


“We didn’t lose anybody either.” Katie said, with a small smile


Demeter and Persephone sighed in relief.


“We lost Levi, Luis and Maria.’ Annabeth said


Nico and Hades froze and choked up at the last name.


Athena embraced her daughter who was crying. Athena herself had tears in her eyes. Percy wanted to help Annabeth but Nico wasn’t looking good either and he figured that this was a parent-child moment. Will was with his dad and brothers.


Thalia and Jason caught Percy’s look and went and hugged Nico. After Nico calmed down, they all hugged Hades who didn’t look any better than Nico.


Everybody pulled back after five minutes and sat quietly for two minutes to give silence for the dead. Then the older Greek demigods slowly got up and hugged each other in the center of the room and put their heads together and closed their eyes.


“We died a death we wanted to. I’m not saying we wanted to die young but we knew that if we died at a young age then we wanted to die for our friends, for our family and for you.” Lee announced

Castor nodded.


The gods wiped their tears but were overcome with a fresh wave of them. The older Greek demigods had tears streaming down their faces too but they managed small smiles.


They all took a 30 minute break to calm down and then Zoe picked up the book.


“I’ll read.” She announced and flipped to the correct chapter.



Chapter Text

There were too many good-byes.


“Way too many.” Will sighed, his eyes filled with tears


That night was the first time I actually saw camp burial shrouds used on bodies, and it was not something I wanted to see again.


“I was practically choking up. I not only lost Lee but I wasn’t able to save so many people.” Will said, burying his head in his hands


“You couldn’t save everybody sunshine. It is not your fault.” Nico said

Will nodded.


Among the dead, Lee Fletcher from the Apollo…golden shroud without any decoration.


Lee smiled softly.


“Nice shroud.” He said


The Apollo gang engulfed him in a huge hug.


“Glad you liked it.” Michael said


Lee smiled.


The son of Dionysus who’d gone down fighting…He’d been seventeen years old.


“Well you know me now.” Was all Castor managed to say before Dionysus and Pollux pulled him into another hug. Castor felt upset that his family was upset but he stayed strong for them.


“It’s way too young.” Dionysus said quietly


The gods nodded. The ones who didn’t lose children couldn’t imagine the pain they would feel if one of their or their only demigod child would’ve died.


His twin brother, Pollux, tried to say a few words, but he choked up and just took the torch.


Pollux sobbed. Castor patted his brother on the back and whispered things in his ear which did seem to have an effect.


He lit the funeral pyre in the middle of the amphitheater…until the leg was strong enough to take his weight.


“Luckily it’s only minor damage.” Apollo nodded


Chiron smiled.


“Thanks to the healers, it didn’t get worse.” He smiled


Will gave him a watery smile.


The grove was filled with satyrs and dryads…I stood by Grover’s side.


“It is a huge decision.” Artemis said


Hermes and Dionysus nodded.


Silenus wanted to exile Grover immediately


Hermes scowled.


But Chiron persuaded him to at least hear evidence first…calling it forth from within himself.”


“It was extremely cool.” Demeter agreed


Nico pretended to faint.


“Who are you and what have you done with Demeter?” He asked


Everybody snickered.


“What do you mean?” Demeter asked


“You just said…cool.” Nico said


Demeter glared at him.


“So?” She asked


“Well you haven’t given me that vibe yet. I mean the vibe I get is cereal and curse words.” Nico explained


Everybody sniggered.


Demeter scowled.


“Preposterous!” Silenus bellowed…Grover’s music was so awful it scared the enemy away!”


The amusement went away quickly.


“Now that’s just plain harsh.” Clarisse said


Everybody nodded.


“That wasn’t it, sir,” Grover said…I’d been insulted like that.


“I’m used to it.” Grover sighed


“You shouldn’t be.” Thalia said


“I’m not, anymore.” Grover smiled.


She nodded and smiled.


“He let his spirit pass into all of us…There is no one but us.”


Hermes nodded and smiled at the satyr.


“Exactly.” He said

Grover smiled and nodded.


“After two thousand years of searching…ridiculous young satyr, anyway?”


“They really are crazy old goats.” Hermes sighed, giving up on them and face-palming himself


“Told ya.” Percy sighed


“I would,” said a familiar voice…his curly dark hair carefully combed.


Everybody looked at Dionysus. The gods stared a little more. The demigods took one look at him and turned. They sighed. They all did feel bad for Mr.D. He had just lost Castor, it was no wonder he looked like that.

His eyes were bloodshot as usual, and his pudgy face was flushed, but he looked like he was suffering from grief more than wine-withdrawal.


Dionysus slung an arm on his childrens’ shoulders.


“You know Zeus, I know you’ve removed his restriction and stuff but seriously, you can’t just take away a freaking domain of a god just for chasing a nymph and literally cheating once except me, Castor and Dakota. I mean cheating is kind of your daily job. One nymph isn’t going to change that. Not that I’m encouraging that, if you stayed loyal to your wife then our lives would be more peaceful. The thing is that you can’t pluck off a domain and just be like ‘oh yeah, he chased a nymph I wanted to date so I’m just gonna strip off a domain cause of this and that’ and then come with a bunch of lame excuses. Taking something that is valuable to somebody or doing something that can hurt somebody can really grate on their mental health. But seriously it’s gonna be hard for you to understand that as it’s you full time job to hurt people. I mean Apollo was turned mortal a couple of times, dad’s wine was taken away, hades was banished, you screwed up our lives, and you cheated on your wife. I mean the list is endless. I could go on for days and months.” Pollux said


Everybody stared at him.


Percy and the Greek demigods gave him winks.


Then Pollux clamped a hand on his mouth.


“Shit. Did I just say that out loud?” He asked


“Yeah.” Dakota said


“Those were the thoughts in my head and I blurted it out but doesn’t mean it’s not the truth.” Pollux said, removing his hand from his mouth


“How dare you?” Zeus asked


“Yeah you did all that and we can’t even say that. Brilliant, Lord Zeus.” Percy said


“Zoe, I think you should continue reading.” Thalia said, spotting the look of rage which was clearly visible on her dad’s face.


“Well that just happened.” Jason muttered


The demigods sitting next to him muffled their snickers.


The satyrs all stood respectfully and bowed…“Well, I did not miss this place!” Dionysus snapped


A few chuckles.


“They’re like ‘if we say we miss him then there’s a problem, if we say we didn’t miss him then it’s a problem.” Chris chuckled


Dionysus glared at him half-heartedly.


“I bear bad news, my friends.”


“Ah.” Nico said


“Never paid attention to ‘friends’ part.” Percy said


“He was talking to the satyrs though.” Percy added


“Oh we know.” Nico said


Evil news…Hecate, Janus, and Nemesis, as well

“Gee, I’m soo surprised.” Katie said sarcastically


“I know right, I have no idea why that happened.” Travis said, equally sarcastically


“Yeah, I don’t get it. I mean we were totally allowed to add new cabins and pay respects to the minor gods.” Connor joined in the sarcasm train


“We were definitely allowed to acknowledge them and their kids.” Percy joined in


“Eh according to Zeus and Hera, it’s probably our fault that the demigods weren’t acknowledged. I mean apart from their insensitivity and their tendency to view us as gerbils why would they not care about camp or families. Though Zeus never had a sense of family but still.” Nico shrugged but looked almost murderous.


“Well I’m surprised more didn’t turn.” Jason said grimly


Zeus stared at him in shock.


“I would not suggest looking at him like that. Just because he’s your child doesn’t mean that he’s gonna be on your side in all matters.” Thalia said


They didn’t need to change their places as they were already sitting on the mattress near Nico.


The gods were surprised that the demigods said all this but some of them knew that the demigods were right. While some were still where they were before the readings.


Zoe continued reading before anything major could start.


Zeus knows how many more…“Even Zeus doesn’t know


A few snickers.


Now, I want to hear Grover’s story…Dionysus’s eyes flared with purple fire


“He’s angry and grieving. You don’t wanna argue dude.” Piper said seriously


The Greek demigods and Dakota nodded.


The gods noticed that the demigods were serious about this this time and weren’t casual about it.


“I have just learned that my son Castor is dead, Silenus…You would do well to humor me.”


Castor smiled at his father. Dionysus gave his children a hug. The demigods smiled sadly at them.


Silenus gulped, and waved at Grover to start again…You must start thinking for yourselves.”


Hermes and Artemis smiled at Dionysus. Then the demigods smiled at him too.


“Pan would definitely want Grover or anybody speaking the truth exiled.” Dionysus said


“No he wouldn’t.” Hermes agreed


He turned to a satyr. “Bring me some peeled grapes, right away!”


“Uh Mr.D, no offense or anything but you’ve got to be kinder to satyrs. I get you were upset but they have feelings and dignity too.” Leo said


Dionysus nodded. Hearing about Pan’s death hit him hard and he decided to be better with the satyrs.


“Yes, sire!” The satyr scampered off…“Then let it be dissolved!” Mr. D said. “I don’t care.”


“Thank you Mr.D and Chiron.” Grover said gratefully


“You did a good job.” Dionysus said


Chiron smiled at Grover.


Silenus bowed stiffly, along with his two friends…which ones would defend the parks in big cities.


Everybody applauded for Grover.


“Proud of you goat boy.” Tyson smiled


Grover grinned at him and everybody.


“Well,” Annabeth said to me, “Grover seems to be growing up.”


“I’m elder to both of you.” Grover stuck his tongue out


“Enchiladas.” Percy said in a sing song voice


Everybody chuckled and Grover blushed.


Later that afternoon I found Tyson at the beach…fortified walls, a moat, and a drawbridge.


Leo whistled.


“Serious skills right there.” He said


Beckendorf chuckled.


“I can barely do half of that.” Piper said


“It’s extremely hard.” Hazel nodded.


Tyson was drawing a map in the sand…how to make better weapons and armor.”


“He really helped.” Triton said


Poseidon and Amphitrite nodded.


“I want to see Cyclopes,” Briares agreed…. “They’re going to keep you really busy.”


“Well now you’ve been here and you have cookies there too.” Thalia said


“Dude, you’re lucky here. Aunt Sally makes cookies and so does Amphitrite.” Nico said


“You know what? You guys love my mom and Amphitrite so much why don’t you stay with us occasionally? I mean mom loves having you over. She also says that she wouldn’t mind having you permanently and Paul loves you too.” Percy chuckled


“Seriously?” Thalia asked


“Sure. You can visit when you want.” Triton said, leaning behind Percy’s back


Thalia’s face brightened up and so did Nico’s.


“Hey but I’ve gotta visit the underworld. First my dad’s there and second I have a job. Then I will definitely spend time with Will.” He chuckled


“Eh, mom doesn’t care, as long as you’re back by curfew. Though if you’re not she doesn’t say much and she’ll probably make an exception. ” Percy said


“Ditto.” Triton grinned


Percy and Triton fist-bumped.


“I got caught sneaking in the house at 12am in the morning after a date with Annabeth. Curfew was for 10pm. Though my mom just chuckled and grinned when she caught me. She was like ‘that’s expected.’” Percy snickered


Everybody chuckled.


“Dude I love Aunt Sally.” Nico said


“200%. The hunters lover her too.” Thalia said


Percy, Thalia, Nico, Hazel, Jason and Triton fist bumped. They got along great.


Poseidon and Amphitrite chuckled.


Briares’ face morphed to a happy expression…“We will meet again, Percy. I know it!”


Everybody chuckled.


“I would love to see how it looks.” Travis snickered.


Then he gave Tyson a big octopus hug…Let’s have dinner.”


“He throws very very very well.” The demigods chorused.


It felt good to have a regular dinner at camp…. My friends and I were alive.


Percy flinched violently at his own thoughts.


“I’m so so sorry. That was extremely wrong.” He apologized


“Hey hey it’s okay.” Lee said


Percy swallowed.


The demigods and gods assured him it was fine and Percy seemed to relax a little.


The camp was safe…but he had refused.


The demigods grimaced. They hoped it wasn’t them who made Nico uncomfortable. Then Beckendorf voiced the question.


“We weren’t the ones who made you uncomfortable right?”


“No, it wasn’t you guys. It was just my emotions.” Nico said


The demigods nodded understandingly.


After dinner, the campers headed toward the amphitheater…remembering the horror of so much fighting.


“Yeah even capture the flag lost its fun for a lot of time. I just couldn’t step there without thinking of the battle and the deaths.” Silena said


“It was way too painful.” Michael agreed


The demigods nodded.


I couldn’t see Nico…“Saying good-bye,” he said hoarsely.


The demigods and Hades smiled.


“We missed you at dinner,” I said. “You could’ve sat with me.”


“Isn’t that against the rules?” Hermes asked


Chiron resisted the urge to snort. Like his children cared about such minor rules. To be honest he didn’t either.


“None of us care. It was a matter of family.” Percy said


“We’ve broken more rules than those.” The demigods snorted


“No.”… “This camp isn’t for me


“Now it is.” Will said sternly


Nico nodded.


There’s a reason they didn’t put a cabin…I don’t belong. I have to go.”


Percy pulled out his phone and opened translate. He put English to Italian and typed some swear words.


“stronzate del cazzo.” He somehow managed to read out despite his dyslexia which was quite impressive.


Leo got a hint of the meaning and roared with laughter.


Nico and Hades’ eyes widened.


“Did you just… swear in Italian?” Nico asked slowly


“Yeah.” Percy grinned sheepishly


“What did he say?” Travis asked


Nico explained the meaning and the demigods roared with laughter. The gods raised their eyebrows at Percy.


“Wow Perce.” Beckendorf laughed


Then the demigods suddenly stopped.


“He’s right though.” Pollux said


“Absolutely.” Frank agreed


“Not even a chance of doubt there.” Jason said


Then most of the demigods huddled up and opened the translator and entered something.


“Sei la nostra famiglia. Tu e tuo padre sarete sempre con noi. Per cagare con pregiudizi.” They all said together as if they practiced it.


Nico and Hades’ eyes were filled with tears. Hestia and Chiron smiled proudly at the demigods.


“Um some English translation for us please. We aren’t able to translate it.” Apollo said


“You’re our family. You and your dad will always belong with us. To shit with the prejudices.” Nico choked out from between his tears.


The demigods jumped on Nico and tackled him in a hug. The big three demigods gave side hugs to Hades while the other demigods gave him fist-bumps.


“Dad seriously? How are you so prejudiced?” Thalia asked angrily


“Dude, I wish grandma was here.” Percy said


“Oh having her here would be soo epic.” Travis said


Then there was a flash of light and Rhea stood there.


“Hey everybody.” She said


Everybody grinned.


“I heard what was going on.” She smiled


“Nicee.” Leo grinned


“Yeah, I just came here to give hugs to the demigods.” She said and gave them all huge hugs.


“So when will you come for the reading?” Connor asked


“After the next book I think.” She said


“Cool!” The demigods said


“Yeah, so I’ve got to go now.” She smiled and vanished


“Well so that was brief.” Silena chuckled


Zoe chuckled and continued reading.


I wanted to argue, but part of me knew he was right…each one of us individually . . . except Nico.


“So I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.” Nico said


Percy sighed.


“But it does make some sense. I mean me and Pan are kind of opposites. He’s with wild and I’m the ghost king.” Nico said


“Your dad and Persephone.” Annabeth said


“Oh yeah.” Nico paled


A few chuckles.


“No but still, it’s still kind of different.” Nico said


“Oh okay.” Percy said


“When will you go?” I asked…I need to find out.”


“Oh I found out all right.” Nico’s face darkened as he glared at Zeus.


Percy glared at Zeus as well, knowing very well what had happened.


“Makes sense,” I admitted…I should’ve listened to you about Bianca.”


“You weren’t being a brat. You lost your sister. Your fatal flaw acted up too and you realized it in the end.” Annabeth said


Nico gave her a grateful smile.

“In the end.” Will chuckled


“I didn’t get it.” Annabeth said


“It’s a song by Linkin Park. It’s pretty good.” Will explained


“Oh okay.” She said


“Look I’ll play it.” Will said


He took out his phone and played the original and then he played the remix,


The demigods who knew the lyrics sang along.


“It’s good.” Annabeth grinned


Will grinned.


“By the way . . .” I fished something out of my pocket.


“Yeah you fished it out.” Triton joked


Everybody snickered.


“Tyson found this while we were cleaning the cabin…Nico had abandoned when he fled camp last winter.


“You still had it?” Persephone asked


“I didn’t want to throw it. So I kept it in my cabin.” Percy said


Persephone nodded.


Nico hesitated…“But only if your opponent attacks first.”


Everybody chuckled.


“Good one Perce.” Travis grinned


Percy winked.


“How do you have all those points memorized?” Katie asked


“Skills.” Nico grinned


“Hmm you know Nico, you got a lot of information about gods and monsters from that game.” Annabeth said


“Oh yeah though I never really thought about it.” Nico said


“I would buy those cards but I’ll feel a bit awkward now.” She said


“We have campers of your age who play Mythomagic.” Frank said




“Yeah. They have the whole sets, including the rare ones.” He said


“Then I’ll buy some too.” Annabeth said


Everybody chuckled.


“Annabeth you’re kind of an Erudite, in a good way though.” Thalia said


“That’s true. A good Erudite really.” Annabeth grinned




“You’re dauntless.” Jason said


“Yep.” Thalia grinned


“Okay guys, let’s continue, you can decide factions later.” Hermes said


The demigods grinned sheepishly.


Zoe continued.


I smiled. “Maybe it’s okay to still be a kid once in a while.” I tossed him the statuette.


The demigods nodded.


Hades gave a grateful look to Percy, glad that he told Nico this.


“We’re all a bunch of immature kids and we love it.” The Stolls grinned


The demigods cheered. Frank and Hazel had joined in so all the demigods were cheering.


The gods chuckled.


Nico studied it in his palm for a few seconds…like they were reaching out for his attention.


“That’s cool.” Leo said


Nico grinned.


A voice right behind me said…“Uh, thanks.”


The demigods chuckled.


“I’m glad.” Percy grinned


“Well we’ve started to interpret Mr. D’s language.” Nico chuckled


“Mr. D’s language?” Hazel asked


“Yeah, this statement meant that I have to talk to you and yeah I don’t mind it.” Nico explained


“It meant he always manages to annoy me.” Dionysus said


“Sure Mr. D.” Nico said, not believing it for even a minute.


We walked through the woods in silence…I guess he didn’t want to get them dirty.


Everybody snickered. A few gods rolled their eyes.


“We have had many betrayals,” he said


“For a betrayal, trust is required, which you didn’t give them so they couldn’t give it to you.” Thalia said


The demigods nodded.


Zeus reeled back in shock but didn’t say anything.


“Things are not looking good for Olympus…I thought you should know—it wasn’t a total loss.”


“He just said thank you in a way.” Silena grinned


The demigods chuckled.


We reached the amphitheater…“Madness is my specialty. It was quite simple.”


“Thank you.” Hermes, Chris and Clarisse said gratefully to Dionysus


“It was quite easy.” Dionysus said


“He just said ‘you’re welcome.’” Chris grinned

“But . . . you did something nice…Haven’t you noticed?”


The demigods laughed.


“Sure Mr. D.” Connor grinned


“Perry Johansson?” Triton asked


“Yep, Peter Johnson and Perry Johansson at your service.” Percy grinned




“Percy’s like ‘awkward.’” Travis chuckled


Percy grinned.


Dionysus rolled his eyes.


“Perhaps I felt grieved by my son’s death... it seems to have improved Clarisse’s mood.”


Clarisse and Chris blushed.


Hermes and Castor smiled at Dionysus.


“Why are you telling me this?”… Sometimes small things can become very large indeed.”


Athena stared at Dionysus. The demigods nodded.


“That’s one of my new favorite quotes.” Pollux said


“I thought about it and I decided I’m going to follow it.” Percy said


“Glad I taught you something.” Dionysus said


Percy grinned.


“You said that?” Athena asked


“No, his identical twin did.” Castor snapped


Athena scowled at the floor.


The demigods muffled their snickers.


He left me alone to think about that…I had to smile.


Chris and Clarisse blushed.


Silena ‘Ooh’ed.’


The Stolls wolf whistled.


Chris and Clarisse blushed harder.


The demigods chuckled.


“Done.” Zoe said


“I’ll read.” Artemis said

Zoe passed her the book and Artemis started.







Chapter Text

“Oh now something wrecked your birthday too?” Pollux groaned


“No actually. It was just a grim piece of news.” Percy said


“Oh well that’s a little better.” Pollux said


“Way better.” Percy corrected


Pollux nodded.


The rest of the summer seemed strange… played practical jokes on the other cabins.


“Oh the jokes were hilarious.” Connor grinned


“Finding nemo wallpapers on my walls was quite amusing.” Percy said


“Nemo wallpapers?” Triton snickered


“Yeah, little mermaid too.” Percy smirked

Everybody burst out laughing.


Triton stopped snickering and pouted.


“We kind of declared prank war once we pranked Percy.” Travis said


“Oh yeah, I remember Percy filled my mattress with fart pillows. It was quite embarrassing.” Chris grinned


Percy smirked.


Artemis continued reading.


I spent a lot of time with Tyson…it hurt when I wasn’t with her, too.


“Well you kissed and yet you were awkward. I’m getting why it took so long.” Silena said


Percy and Annabeth turned red.


I wanted to talk to her about Kronos…She would shut me out every time I tried


“You’re going to have to talk about it. It’s not avoidable.” Apollo pointed out


Annabeth sighed.


July passed, with fireworks on the beach…harpies would devour me if I stayed past noon.


“I’m sure I would’ve tasted like sea salt and water.” Percy said


“Not tasty then.” Thalia joked


“Shut up Pikachu, I might also taste fresh and something like candy.” Percy said


Thalia sputtered for a second.


“I would taste like the smell of rain.” She said


“Nah, that would be Jason, you would probably taste like burnt ground.” Nico said


Thalia rolled her eyes and Jason grinned.


“What about you?” Percy asked Nico


“Damp earth I guess.” Nico shrugged


“Nah, you would taste like happy meals.” Will said


The demigods chuckled.


The gods watched the scene in amusement.


“Yeah okay, let me continue. We can talk about what you would taste like to harpies later.” Artemis said


At ten o’clock I stood on the top of Half-Blood Hill…I would take turns visiting her during the year.


“Yeah, I looked after her the rest of the time.” Beckendorf grinned


“I remember she chased Clarisse around camp.” Travis snickered


“Shut up Stoll.” Clarisse growled


I hoped Annabeth would be riding into Manhattan with me…back to her father’s place in San Francisco.


“We barely saw you for two months.” Percy shook his head


Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


“There’s a private school out there that I’ll be going to…huge box of hurt and worry and anger  


Percy grimaced.


Annabeth looked down.


She fixed her eyes on the woods in the distance…We raised a lot of the dead.


Nico grinned sheepishly.


“That we did.” He said


We saved Ethan Nakamura…Are you happy now?”


“That’s a horrible depressing ending.” Rachel grimaced


“I still don’t get why you’re lashing out at Percy were asking questions. He just wanted to know and see how it was fulfilled.” Triton said


Annabeth winced.


“Let it be Triton.” Percy said, spotting it


Triton sighed.


“I’m sorry man.” Triton said


“This happened before. Me and Annabeth are totally good now.” Percy assured him


Triton nodded.


The sun seemed colder than it had a moment ago…he was the only one who really cared about me. I thought . . .”


“Now I have you guys.” Annabeth smiled


“You bet you do.” The demigods smiled


Before she could continue…Your quest was a success.”


“How the hell is that a success?” Athena asked angrily


“Oh she answered that.” Annabeth said darkly


“A success?” Annabeth said…I am proud of you.”


“You-.” Hermes snarled, getting up from his seat


None of the demigods made any moves to stopping him.


“If she’s proud then that means that it’s not good.” Thalia said


Hermes was marching up to Hera. Apollo went and stopped him.


“I know what Hera said is wrong. She’s callous cow towards us and so is dad but there’s no point in punching her.” He said


“It’ll be satisfying.” Hermes growled


“Fair point but maybe later, not right now. She’s done worse stuff later on.” Apollo said


Hermes reluctantly went to his seat where his kids gave him side hugs.


Zeus noticed how Apollo had called him callous as well.


“Yeah, one thing I don’t want to do is make Hera proud.” Nico deadpanned


“Ditto.” The demigods chorused.


I balled my fists. I couldn’t believe she was saying this.


“Is it so hard to believe?” Thalia snorted


“Very easy to believe.” Percy answered


“Man you should’ve gone for the nose, you already balled your fists too.” Travis said wistfully


“I know right.” Percy agreed


“This reminds me of Thanos. You should’ve gone for the head.’ He had said. SO Percy’s Thor here and Hera’s Thanos.” Pollux said


The demigods snickered.


“Well nobody really liked Thanos either.” Thalia shrugged


“You’re the one who paid Geryon to let us through the ranch…He does not belong.”


Silence. The temperature dropped.


“How dare you?” Hades growled at Hera.


“He’s a mistake.” Hera sneered


Hades made to get up but Persephone held him back.


“Maybe later.” She muttered


The demigods stood up from their place, ignoring their parents trying to ask them to calm down.


The started toward Hera and Thalia went nose to nose with her.


“You better not utter those words ever again in your immortal life, you all mighty loose cannon.” Thalia growled


“She better not dare.” Percy snarled


“She’s going to experience first-hand what wrath of demigods means.” The Stolls agreed


“If you say those words again, I will gut you.” Somebody said


Everybody turned to look at the person who said that.


“Hazel?” Jason asked incredulously


Hazel nodded and grinned sheepishly.


“Oh that was awesome. You’re a badass girl.” Annabeth grinned


Frank smirked.


“Well Hazel’s not wrong.” Reyna said


The demigods went back to their places and sat back casually.


“Hephaestus was right,” I growled. “You only care about your perfect family, not real people.”


The gods and demigods nodded.


“Told ya lad.” Hephaestus said


Her eyes turned dangerously bright…I would welcome a sacrifice for my efforts.”


“You wish you would get a sacrifice after saying that bullshit to our faces.” Annabeth snorted


Hera glared at her which she ignored.


Annabeth stood still as a statue…one of the things I liked best about Annabeth.


Percy and Annabeth grinned at each other.


“Percy is right.” She turned her back on the goddess…So next time, thanks . . . but no thanks.”


“She’s not going to like that.” Demeter said


“Doesn’t matter.” Annabeth said


“Hera deserved it.” Travis agreed


Hera’s sneer was worse than an empousa’s…I lost my chance.


Percy sighed.

“I know now Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth smiled


“I know you do.” Percy smiled


“You’d better getting going,” Annabeth said…I was running out of time.


Poseidon grimaced. It was that bad that Percy couldn’t even celebrate his birthday happily.


“Well it’s all good now.” Percy smiled


My mom threw me a small party at our apartment…start as a freshman at Goode next month.


“Thanks about that Chiron.” Percy smiled


“No problem at all my boy.” Chiron smiled


If I wanted to keep my record of getting kicked out of school every year, I’d have to try harder.


Everybody snickered.


“I can give some tips.” Leo offered


Percy grinned.


“I’m in college though and with Annabeth so, sorry.” He said


“Fair enough.” Leo grinned


Tyson came to my party, too, and my mother baked two extra blue cakes just for him.


Everybody chuckled.


Tyson blushed.


While Tyson helped my mom blow up party balloons…I guess it was that teacher aura.


Chiron smirked.


“Special auras.” He grinned


The demigods chuckled.


“You’ve had a rough summer,” he said…And . . . girl trouble?”


The demigods whistled.


“He’s got skills.” The Stolls grinned


“Paul’s great.” Percy nodded


“Yeah kind of like the cool dude-uncle vibe.” Nico said


“I feel offended.” Poseidon said


“Oh apart from you then.” Nico snickered


Poseidon smirked.


“I prefer him without the beard though now.” Percy said


I stared at him…Well, you’ve had a rough time.”


“He’s a good person.” Poseidon decided


“Yeah uncle, you better give him Elysium when he dies.” Percy said


Hades raised an eyebrow.


“Okay.” He said


Percy grinned.


I nodded. I’d promised my mom I would tell Paul the truth about me…And to a better year to come.”


“Well it wasn’t really that better but at least the war got over.” Percy sighed


The demigods looked down and nodded.


We tapped our paper cups together and drank…You mean . . . marrying her? You and her?”


A few chuckles.


“Well, that was the general idea…I didn’t talk to you about it first, man to man.”


“That’s really nice of him.” Reyna smiled


Percy smiled and nodded.


Poseidon gave a smile as well. He was really glad that Sally had a good husband and Percy had a good step father.


“Man to man,” I repeated…“Cheers, Percy. Let’s join the party.”


“That was the right decision.” Percy grinned


“Yes it was.” Amphitrite smiled


I was just getting ready to blow…“Who could that be?”


“Oh gee I wonder.” Poseidon said innocently which nobody bought.




“Your dad came to your birthday party?” Travis asked, keeping his jaw frim dropping to the ground though he didn’t succeed.


“Yeah.” Percy grinned


Poseidon grinned as well and Percy gave him a side hug.


“That’s cool.” Connor said


Hermes and the other gods who had not attended anything of their children grimaced.


“Pos—” My mother stopped herself. She was blushing right to the roots of her hair. “Um, hello.”


Poseidon grinned.


“Hello, Sally,” Poseidon said…Poseidon took it as a yes and came in.


Poseidon was actually looking smug now. Amphitrite rolled her eyes and smacked him on the arm and he grinned sheepishly.


Paul was looking back and forth between us…“Blowfish, did you say?”


“You totally did that on purpose.” Triton snickered


“Maybe.” Poseidon smiled innocently which nobody fell for.


“Ah, no. Blofis, actually.”… Which almost knocked off his fishing hat.


Tyson grinned sheepishly.

Poseidon chuckled.


Paul’s jaw dropped. He stared at my mom. “Tyson is . . .”


“Poor guy.” Thalia said, trying to stop snickering


Percy grinned and snickered.


“Not mine,” she promised…“That’s me. Ancient history


Everybody snickered.


“Yeah you’re an old old old man.” Percy grinned


Poseidon put a mock hurt hand on his chest but grinned.


“I’m 28.” He said


“Hmm, so two years younger than dad.” Nico said


“Yep.” Poseidon said


“But that doesn’t make sense. Zeus can’t be 32.” Percy snickered


Everybody snickered.


“He’s 25 I guess.” Jason shrugged


“Eh.” Percy said


Sally, Paul, Tyson…Tell me everything.”


“I still can’t believe a god visited his child for a quest and birthday.” Chris muttered


Clarisse squeezed his hand.


So I did. It was kind of disconcerting…When I was done, he nodded slowly.


“He’s a good listener.” Percy shrugged


“Thanks.” Poseidon grinned


“So Kronos is indeed back. It will not be long before full war is upon us.”


“Told you.” Percy said in a sing song voice


“Oh you did but according to Zeus it was dad’s fault.” Nico said


Percy shook his head at Zeus.


“What about Luke?” I asked…“Let me come down there,” I said. “Let me help”


The sea gang smiled at Percy.


“I stand by what I said in my note.” Percy shrugged


Poseidon smiled and hugged his son.


Poseidon’s eyes crinkled as he smiled…“I think you’ll know.”


“Didn’t you try to spend it in a vending machine?” Annabeth asked


Percy looked sheepish as he nodded.


“A vending machine?” Poseidon asked in amusement


“I was hungry.” Percy defended


“You’re always hungry.” Thalia said


“Shut up.” Percy said


She snickered.


I closed my hand around the sand dollar…And you, Percy, are my favorite son.”


“I feel offended.” Triton said, though he smiled at Percy


“I meant demigods.” Poseidon said


“I know dad.” Triton grinned


He smiled, and at that moment…I realized he was talking about something a lot bigger.


“I love how you’re mind went their first.” Nico laughed


Percy blushed.


“You already knew he exploded it?” Hermes asked


“I knew that but I didn’t know how.” Poseidon told him.


“The eruptions are continuing,” he said…I wanted to get on my birthday,


The demigods sighed.


But Poseidon patted me on the back…swept out the window on a warm ocean breeze.


“You couldn’t have left through the escape.” Percy complained through his grin


“Nope.” Poseidon said, popping the p


It took a little work to convince Paul that Poseidon had left…playing and went into my bedroom.


“I’d like to play witth Tyson.” Travis said


“Maybe we can play later.” Tyson offered


Travis grinned.


I set an uneaten slice of blue cake on my dresser…If the camp survived until next summer.


“Could you be abit more optimistic?” Jason asked


“Not really much room for optimism there.” Percy said


“True.” Jason admitted


I looked at the telephone by my bedside…The idea made me almost as nervous as a door into the Labyrinth.


Rachel smirked.


“Glad to know I make you nervous.” She said


“Oh what have I done?” Percy groaned


I patted my pockets and emptied out my stuff…glowing in the warm summer night


“She’s going to like that.” Hephaestus smiled


Percy grinned.


“Nice plant,” a voice said…“Didn’t mean to startle you.”


“Practicing shadow travel?” Hazel asked


“Yeah, I ended up in China once.” Nico grinned


“I remember that time. You came back with some shopping as well.” Hades said


Nico grinned sheepishly.


“Yeah I enjoyed a vacation.” He said


Everybody chuckled.


“That’s—that’s okay…see his son and Perdix on the weekends.”


“He’s getting to do what he loves and helping with traffic and stuff. That’s good.” Reyna said


“Well I was right about the justice part.” Nico grinned


Reyna nodded and Hades chuckled.


“That’s good.”… “Okay. I’m listening.”


“Well he was correct but it was dangerous.” Percy said


Nico nodded and grimaced remembering the trip there.


Nico glanced inside my room…“It sounds like we’ve got a lot to talk about.”


Hades, Nico and Will smiled at Percy.


“Book’s done.” Artemis said


“Let’s take the rest of the day off and start the next book tomorrow.” Chiron said


Everybody nodded and left the throne room.