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The Fates' Wish - The Battle of the Labyrinth

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“Oh now something wrecked your birthday too?” Pollux groaned


“No actually. It was just a grim piece of news.” Percy said


“Oh well that’s a little better.” Pollux said


“Way better.” Percy corrected


Pollux nodded.


The rest of the summer seemed strange… played practical jokes on the other cabins.


“Oh the jokes were hilarious.” Connor grinned


“Finding nemo wallpapers on my walls was quite amusing.” Percy said


“Nemo wallpapers?” Triton snickered


“Yeah, little mermaid too.” Percy smirked

Everybody burst out laughing.


Triton stopped snickering and pouted.


“We kind of declared prank war once we pranked Percy.” Travis said


“Oh yeah, I remember Percy filled my mattress with fart pillows. It was quite embarrassing.” Chris grinned


Percy smirked.


Artemis continued reading.


I spent a lot of time with Tyson…it hurt when I wasn’t with her, too.


“Well you kissed and yet you were awkward. I’m getting why it took so long.” Silena said


Percy and Annabeth turned red.


I wanted to talk to her about Kronos…She would shut me out every time I tried


“You’re going to have to talk about it. It’s not avoidable.” Apollo pointed out


Annabeth sighed.


July passed, with fireworks on the beach…harpies would devour me if I stayed past noon.


“I’m sure I would’ve tasted like sea salt and water.” Percy said


“Not tasty then.” Thalia joked


“Shut up Pikachu, I might also taste fresh and something like candy.” Percy said


Thalia sputtered for a second.


“I would taste like the smell of rain.” She said


“Nah, that would be Jason, you would probably taste like burnt ground.” Nico said


Thalia rolled her eyes and Jason grinned.


“What about you?” Percy asked Nico


“Damp earth I guess.” Nico shrugged


“Nah, you would taste like happy meals.” Will said


The demigods chuckled.


The gods watched the scene in amusement.


“Yeah okay, let me continue. We can talk about what you would taste like to harpies later.” Artemis said


At ten o’clock I stood on the top of Half-Blood Hill…I would take turns visiting her during the year.


“Yeah, I looked after her the rest of the time.” Beckendorf grinned


“I remember she chased Clarisse around camp.” Travis snickered


“Shut up Stoll.” Clarisse growled


I hoped Annabeth would be riding into Manhattan with me…back to her father’s place in San Francisco.


“We barely saw you for two months.” Percy shook his head


Annabeth grinned sheepishly.


“There’s a private school out there that I’ll be going to…huge box of hurt and worry and anger  


Percy grimaced.


Annabeth looked down.


She fixed her eyes on the woods in the distance…We raised a lot of the dead.


Nico grinned sheepishly.


“That we did.” He said


We saved Ethan Nakamura…Are you happy now?”


“That’s a horrible depressing ending.” Rachel grimaced


“I still don’t get why you’re lashing out at Percy were asking questions. He just wanted to know and see how it was fulfilled.” Triton said


Annabeth winced.


“Let it be Triton.” Percy said, spotting it


Triton sighed.


“I’m sorry man.” Triton said


“This happened before. Me and Annabeth are totally good now.” Percy assured him


Triton nodded.


The sun seemed colder than it had a moment ago…he was the only one who really cared about me. I thought . . .”


“Now I have you guys.” Annabeth smiled


“You bet you do.” The demigods smiled


Before she could continue…Your quest was a success.”


“How the hell is that a success?” Athena asked angrily


“Oh she answered that.” Annabeth said darkly


“A success?” Annabeth said…I am proud of you.”


“You-.” Hermes snarled, getting up from his seat


None of the demigods made any moves to stopping him.


“If she’s proud then that means that it’s not good.” Thalia said


Hermes was marching up to Hera. Apollo went and stopped him.


“I know what Hera said is wrong. She’s callous cow towards us and so is dad but there’s no point in punching her.” He said


“It’ll be satisfying.” Hermes growled


“Fair point but maybe later, not right now. She’s done worse stuff later on.” Apollo said


Hermes reluctantly went to his seat where his kids gave him side hugs.


Zeus noticed how Apollo had called him callous as well.


“Yeah, one thing I don’t want to do is make Hera proud.” Nico deadpanned


“Ditto.” The demigods chorused.


I balled my fists. I couldn’t believe she was saying this.


“Is it so hard to believe?” Thalia snorted


“Very easy to believe.” Percy answered


“Man you should’ve gone for the nose, you already balled your fists too.” Travis said wistfully


“I know right.” Percy agreed


“This reminds me of Thanos. You should’ve gone for the head.’ He had said. SO Percy’s Thor here and Hera’s Thanos.” Pollux said


The demigods snickered.


“Well nobody really liked Thanos either.” Thalia shrugged


“You’re the one who paid Geryon to let us through the ranch…He does not belong.”


Silence. The temperature dropped.


“How dare you?” Hades growled at Hera.


“He’s a mistake.” Hera sneered


Hades made to get up but Persephone held him back.


“Maybe later.” She muttered


The demigods stood up from their place, ignoring their parents trying to ask them to calm down.


The started toward Hera and Thalia went nose to nose with her.


“You better not utter those words ever again in your immortal life, you all mighty loose cannon.” Thalia growled


“She better not dare.” Percy snarled


“She’s going to experience first-hand what wrath of demigods means.” The Stolls agreed


“If you say those words again, I will gut you.” Somebody said


Everybody turned to look at the person who said that.


“Hazel?” Jason asked incredulously


Hazel nodded and grinned sheepishly.


“Oh that was awesome. You’re a badass girl.” Annabeth grinned


Frank smirked.


“Well Hazel’s not wrong.” Reyna said


The demigods went back to their places and sat back casually.


“Hephaestus was right,” I growled. “You only care about your perfect family, not real people.”


The gods and demigods nodded.


“Told ya lad.” Hephaestus said


Her eyes turned dangerously bright…I would welcome a sacrifice for my efforts.”


“You wish you would get a sacrifice after saying that bullshit to our faces.” Annabeth snorted


Hera glared at her which she ignored.


Annabeth stood still as a statue…one of the things I liked best about Annabeth.


Percy and Annabeth grinned at each other.


“Percy is right.” She turned her back on the goddess…So next time, thanks . . . but no thanks.”


“She’s not going to like that.” Demeter said


“Doesn’t matter.” Annabeth said


“Hera deserved it.” Travis agreed


Hera’s sneer was worse than an empousa’s…I lost my chance.


Percy sighed.

“I know now Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth smiled


“I know you do.” Percy smiled


“You’d better getting going,” Annabeth said…I was running out of time.


Poseidon grimaced. It was that bad that Percy couldn’t even celebrate his birthday happily.


“Well it’s all good now.” Percy smiled


My mom threw me a small party at our apartment…start as a freshman at Goode next month.


“Thanks about that Chiron.” Percy smiled


“No problem at all my boy.” Chiron smiled


If I wanted to keep my record of getting kicked out of school every year, I’d have to try harder.


Everybody snickered.


“I can give some tips.” Leo offered


Percy grinned.


“I’m in college though and with Annabeth so, sorry.” He said


“Fair enough.” Leo grinned


Tyson came to my party, too, and my mother baked two extra blue cakes just for him.


Everybody chuckled.


Tyson blushed.


While Tyson helped my mom blow up party balloons…I guess it was that teacher aura.


Chiron smirked.


“Special auras.” He grinned


The demigods chuckled.


“You’ve had a rough summer,” he said…And . . . girl trouble?”


The demigods whistled.


“He’s got skills.” The Stolls grinned


“Paul’s great.” Percy nodded


“Yeah kind of like the cool dude-uncle vibe.” Nico said


“I feel offended.” Poseidon said


“Oh apart from you then.” Nico snickered


Poseidon smirked.


“I prefer him without the beard though now.” Percy said


I stared at him…Well, you’ve had a rough time.”


“He’s a good person.” Poseidon decided


“Yeah uncle, you better give him Elysium when he dies.” Percy said


Hades raised an eyebrow.


“Okay.” He said


Percy grinned.


I nodded. I’d promised my mom I would tell Paul the truth about me…And to a better year to come.”


“Well it wasn’t really that better but at least the war got over.” Percy sighed


The demigods looked down and nodded.


We tapped our paper cups together and drank…You mean . . . marrying her? You and her?”


A few chuckles.


“Well, that was the general idea…I didn’t talk to you about it first, man to man.”


“That’s really nice of him.” Reyna smiled


Percy smiled and nodded.


Poseidon gave a smile as well. He was really glad that Sally had a good husband and Percy had a good step father.


“Man to man,” I repeated…“Cheers, Percy. Let’s join the party.”


“That was the right decision.” Percy grinned


“Yes it was.” Amphitrite smiled


I was just getting ready to blow…“Who could that be?”


“Oh gee I wonder.” Poseidon said innocently which nobody bought.




“Your dad came to your birthday party?” Travis asked, keeping his jaw frim dropping to the ground though he didn’t succeed.


“Yeah.” Percy grinned


Poseidon grinned as well and Percy gave him a side hug.


“That’s cool.” Connor said


Hermes and the other gods who had not attended anything of their children grimaced.


“Pos—” My mother stopped herself. She was blushing right to the roots of her hair. “Um, hello.”


Poseidon grinned.


“Hello, Sally,” Poseidon said…Poseidon took it as a yes and came in.


Poseidon was actually looking smug now. Amphitrite rolled her eyes and smacked him on the arm and he grinned sheepishly.


Paul was looking back and forth between us…“Blowfish, did you say?”


“You totally did that on purpose.” Triton snickered


“Maybe.” Poseidon smiled innocently which nobody fell for.


“Ah, no. Blofis, actually.”… Which almost knocked off his fishing hat.


Tyson grinned sheepishly.

Poseidon chuckled.


Paul’s jaw dropped. He stared at my mom. “Tyson is . . .”


“Poor guy.” Thalia said, trying to stop snickering


Percy grinned and snickered.


“Not mine,” she promised…“That’s me. Ancient history


Everybody snickered.


“Yeah you’re an old old old man.” Percy grinned


Poseidon put a mock hurt hand on his chest but grinned.


“I’m 28.” He said


“Hmm, so two years younger than dad.” Nico said


“Yep.” Poseidon said


“But that doesn’t make sense. Zeus can’t be 32.” Percy snickered


Everybody snickered.


“He’s 25 I guess.” Jason shrugged


“Eh.” Percy said


Sally, Paul, Tyson…Tell me everything.”


“I still can’t believe a god visited his child for a quest and birthday.” Chris muttered


Clarisse squeezed his hand.


So I did. It was kind of disconcerting…When I was done, he nodded slowly.


“He’s a good listener.” Percy shrugged


“Thanks.” Poseidon grinned


“So Kronos is indeed back. It will not be long before full war is upon us.”


“Told you.” Percy said in a sing song voice


“Oh you did but according to Zeus it was dad’s fault.” Nico said


Percy shook his head at Zeus.


“What about Luke?” I asked…“Let me come down there,” I said. “Let me help”


The sea gang smiled at Percy.


“I stand by what I said in my note.” Percy shrugged


Poseidon smiled and hugged his son.


Poseidon’s eyes crinkled as he smiled…“I think you’ll know.”


“Didn’t you try to spend it in a vending machine?” Annabeth asked


Percy looked sheepish as he nodded.


“A vending machine?” Poseidon asked in amusement


“I was hungry.” Percy defended


“You’re always hungry.” Thalia said


“Shut up.” Percy said


She snickered.


I closed my hand around the sand dollar…And you, Percy, are my favorite son.”


“I feel offended.” Triton said, though he smiled at Percy


“I meant demigods.” Poseidon said


“I know dad.” Triton grinned


He smiled, and at that moment…I realized he was talking about something a lot bigger.


“I love how you’re mind went their first.” Nico laughed


Percy blushed.


“You already knew he exploded it?” Hermes asked


“I knew that but I didn’t know how.” Poseidon told him.


“The eruptions are continuing,” he said…I wanted to get on my birthday,


The demigods sighed.


But Poseidon patted me on the back…swept out the window on a warm ocean breeze.


“You couldn’t have left through the escape.” Percy complained through his grin


“Nope.” Poseidon said, popping the p


It took a little work to convince Paul that Poseidon had left…playing and went into my bedroom.


“I’d like to play witth Tyson.” Travis said


“Maybe we can play later.” Tyson offered


Travis grinned.


I set an uneaten slice of blue cake on my dresser…If the camp survived until next summer.


“Could you be abit more optimistic?” Jason asked


“Not really much room for optimism there.” Percy said


“True.” Jason admitted


I looked at the telephone by my bedside…The idea made me almost as nervous as a door into the Labyrinth.


Rachel smirked.


“Glad to know I make you nervous.” She said


“Oh what have I done?” Percy groaned


I patted my pockets and emptied out my stuff…glowing in the warm summer night


“She’s going to like that.” Hephaestus smiled


Percy grinned.


“Nice plant,” a voice said…“Didn’t mean to startle you.”


“Practicing shadow travel?” Hazel asked


“Yeah, I ended up in China once.” Nico grinned


“I remember that time. You came back with some shopping as well.” Hades said


Nico grinned sheepishly.


“Yeah I enjoyed a vacation.” He said


Everybody chuckled.


“That’s—that’s okay…see his son and Perdix on the weekends.”


“He’s getting to do what he loves and helping with traffic and stuff. That’s good.” Reyna said


“Well I was right about the justice part.” Nico grinned


Reyna nodded and Hades chuckled.


“That’s good.”… “Okay. I’m listening.”


“Well he was correct but it was dangerous.” Percy said


Nico nodded and grimaced remembering the trip there.


Nico glanced inside my room…“It sounds like we’ve got a lot to talk about.”


Hades, Nico and Will smiled at Percy.


“Book’s done.” Artemis said


“Let’s take the rest of the day off and start the next book tomorrow.” Chiron said


Everybody nodded and left the throne room.