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It was his handshake.  Firm, precise, militaristic.  Commander Adama had just admitted he was wrong, President Roslin had just secured the deal that she would handle the government and he would handle the military.  They shook on it just like heads of state would shake on a deal back in the colonies.  Except the colonies were gone, and it was up to her and him to work together to secure the survival of the human race.  It was the first time they really looked each other in the eye while they touched.  ‘Gods help us,’ she thought to herself.


He said he could dance, so she took his hand as he led her to the dance floor, glancing over her shoulder to her security detail to let them know she was as surprised as they were.  His firm touch was also gentle this time as her hand slipped into his while his other rested in the small of her back.  Without thinking, she caressed his broad shoulder, impressed with his ability to move gracefully to the music.  ‘Perhaps the grumpy old commander does have a soft side’, she convinced herself.


He held her hand in his, grinning at her as he tried to imagine her as a blonde.  His face always softened when he smiled, and he always smiled when he looked at her.  Before he left, she warned him to be wary of Admiral Cain, concerned that she would try to kill him.  She worried about the fleet if Cain were to succeed.  ‘I’m worried about my heart if something happens to you,’ she admitted to herself.


She was overjoyed to promote him to Admiral, certain it was one of the last things she would do.  She fought to maintain her composure when he told her she shouldn’t ever give up hope, either.  She needed his strength to stand.  His fingers held her chin as he smiled and gazed into her eyes, before soft lips found hers, lingering for what she wished was an eternity.  ‘If only we had more time,’ she lamented to herself.


Under the stars on New Caprica, they smoked and cuddled together while talking about life.  They were Bill and Laura to each other on that planet.  Her face nuzzled his neck, and he returned the gesture, his lips almost touching hers.  They slept peacefully together, his arm around her shoulders, her leg over his, his hand on her hip, her body pressed into him.  ‘Someday, with less clothing,’ she promised herself. 


He resigned his admiralty for her, remained alone in a raptor in deep space, unable to give up searching for her, unable to live without her.  She understood the risk he took and finally admitted what her heart had known all along.  He had only been waiting for her to catch up with him.  ‘I love you.  I love you.  I love you,’ she wept in his arms as he held her close.


The treatment was worse than the disease, robbing her of the little life she had left.  She pleaded with him to understand, his grip on her arm almost hurtful.  His eyes revealed the pain he felt in watching her slowly slip away.  She told him they both had earned the right to live, even if just for a little while.  After quickly kissing him, she hoped he understood her message.  ‘I won’t break if you make love to me, but I might if you don’t.’


His were the softest hands she ever felt.  Warm, gentle, soothing, and loving.  They touched her everywhere, every place she had ever dreamed he would touch her, and then a few more.  His lips followed his hands, nibbling her skin, covering her with kisses, and he made love to her like no man had ever done before - thoroughly, eagerly, passionately.  He gave her everything she desired until they were both spent, falling asleep, her back flush against his chest, his lips on her shoulder.  ‘We’re finally living.’


He offered her a better view of the wildlife on this amazing new planet, gently lifting her from her spot on the ground, cradling her in his protective arms, marching them toward the raptor.  She rested her head on his shoulder, trying to conserve what life she had left, just to spend more time with him.  Every second was precious, and as he placed her in the raptor seat, she turned her head and brushed a kiss to his lips.  ‘Thank you for loving me.’


The pink birds gathered in the water as the raptor flew over them, the spectacle dazzled her eyes.  Her final breath remarked at the abundance of life on this planet, and then she closed her eyes for the last time.  The softest hands she ever felt slipped his wedding ring on her finger, then his lips brushed against her hand, and tears fell from his eyes.  ‘You rest now, Laura.  I’ll find you again, I promise.