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No Alone Time In This House

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It started out as a peaceful morning. Waking up to the soft chirping of birds and sun filtering into the room. The occasional noise of branches hitting the side of the house. Being embraced into a nice hug. A perfect way to start the day.

That peace was unfortunately short lived. That should honestly be expected in this household. When was there ever peace here? There probably wasn't an answer to that question.

"Koharu! You left us!"

"Why're you in here instead?"

Suddenly the bed was a lot more cramped as two extra bodies piled onto it. Yakumo sighed and opened her eyes. In front of her was Souda, watching the scene unfold behind her with amusement in her eyes.

"When did you get in here, Koharu?" Souda questioned, "I don't believe I remember you coming in at all."

"Around midnight, I guess." Koharu replied, "I tried not to wake you up when I came in."

"You left us..." Suzu whined, "You left us all alone!"

"I did not."

"You betrayed us! Now you have to pay!"

"Huh? H-hey! Let go!"

So much for having any sort of peaceful morning. They had only just woken up and chaos had ensued. That seemed to be the normal anymore. Something always had to be going on at some point in the day.

Yakumo didn't even dare turn around to see what was going on behind her. Did she even want to know?

"Suzu, dear, don't strangle Koharu to death, please." Souda sat up.


"Now, why don't you three go get dressed?" Souda shooed the three girls out of the room.

Once they were gone she looked at Yakumo and just shook her head, "Those three are certainly a handful every day."

"That they are." Yakumo definitely couldn't disagree with that, "So, any plans for today?"

"I was hoping we could have some alone time today." Souda replied, "But something tells me that isn't going to be an easy task."

"Depends on what they're doing today." Yakumo replied as she sat up and stretched, "Seeing as it's going to be raining all day in a little while, the chances of them leaving us alone are very slim."

"They're very clingy." Souda commented, "They don't like being left out."

"I don't blame them. After everything they've dealt with because of their parents, I can see why they're like this."

"Well, guess we better get up. Or else we'll have them barging in again."

The easiest solution to that would be to simply lock the door. However, that wasn't something either of them wanted to do. They wanted to let the four kids have the ability to come in if they ever needed to.

It didn't take long to get up and ready for the day. As they came downstairs, they found everyone else was already down there. They had found something to watch on TV. It looked like a cartoon.

When they entered the room, everyone greeted them.

"Good morning!" Suzu said, as if she hadn't just seen them already, "What are we having for breakfast?"

"How about you make something today?"

"Eh? We get to cook today?"

"Sure. Just... don't burn the house down, please."

Suzu jumped up excitedly and drug Koharu and Hisame to the kitchen with her. After a few moments of debating, Sakura went after them as well. She seemed to be worried about how this would go.

"Is this really a good idea?" Souda questioned, glancing at the kitchen.

Yakumo shrugged, "No idea. Hopefully they can manage something."

"You aren't planning to supervise?"

"No. I think they can handle themselves." Yakumo said, taking a seat on the couch, "Come sit."

Souda took one more glance at the kitchen before joining her on the couch. Yakumo wrapped an arm around her waist. After a moment, Souda leaned against her shoulder. It was peaceful... for a moment.

"I am not trusting Suzu near the stove."


"You can prep other things."

"I can cook!"


Looks like breakfast was going to be a while. They couldn't even decide who would do what. Did they even know what they were going to make yet? Who honestly knew.

"Our kids are not good cooks." Souda chuckled.

"Only one way to learn. And it's mainly Suzu who can't cook." Yakumo replied, "Koharu and Hisame seem to know the basics. Sakura is learning still. I hate to say that she's picking it up better than Suzu is."

More arguing ensued in the kitchen as they tried to figure out what to do. Suzu was very offended that she wasn't being allowed near the stove.

"I have a feeling today isn't going to be peaceful at all." Yakumo sighed, rubbing her head, "It's not even past 8:30 yet and this is the state of our house."

Souda reached up and poked her cheek, "That's on you for letting them be in charge of breakfast."

Yakumo frowned at her for a moment. She then took hold of her hand and placed a kiss on it.

"My, being romantic this morning, aren't we?" Souda smiled teasingly.

"Just making the most of our time alone." Yakumo replied with a smirk.

"That won't last very long."

"I know."

They fell silent for a while, listening to the conversation coming from the kitchen. It sounded like they had reached an agreement of some sort and were now actually cooking. That was at least a start.

Even if that had gotten things settled, it didn't mean they were being quiet by any means. They were all still being very loud. They were making a lot of noise with all the items they were using to cook.

"I didn't know cooking could be this noisy..." Yakumo sighed.

"You forget what chaos it was when we were students?"

"I didn't hang around the common room." Yakumo replied, "I don't know what it was like there."

"Oh, right." Souda said, "Well, this is honestly quieter than that was."

"It is?"



"We're done!"

Suzu came back into the living room. She was smiling proudly.

"Alright then. What exactly did you guys make?" Yakumo was a bit scared to ask that.

"Pancakes." Suzu replied.

Yakumo and Souda got up and went to the dining room. Thankfully the food seemed normal and the kitchen didn't look a mess. That was one less headache to deal with at least.

It was a peaceful breakfast at least. There were bits of conversation here and there, but for the most part it was silent. That definitely wasn't going to last long. Soon enough they would be back to chaos.

"What are you all planning to do today?" Souda asked the four kids.

"There's a marathon of a TV show on later. We were going to watch that." Suzu answered.

"If it wasn't for the rain we'd have gone to the park." Hisame said.

"Rain always ruins everything." Suzu pouted.

"What are you gonna do today?"

Yakumo shrugged, "No idea."

"Then you should join us for the movie marathon!" Suzu stated.

"We'll consider it."

"Please?" Suzu didn't seem happy with that answer.

"Suzu." Koharu tugged on Suzu's shirt.

"What?" Suzu pouted at her now, "Can't I ask them to join us?"

"Not like that."

"Koharu, you know Suzu won't listen to you." Hisame commented.

"Yep. Mom, momma, please?" Suzu returned to begging them.

Yakumo and Souda exchanged glances. Well, what choices did they really have? They weren't going to get alone time with them all in the house. Even if they wanted to hide in their room or something, they would probably get disturbed by them at some point too.



Once everything was cleaned up from breakfast, Suzu drug Hisame to the living room to find the show they were going to watch. Koharu followed them after letting out a long sigh. Sakura vanished into her room for a little bit but then returned to the living room as well.

Yakumo and Souda went upstairs for a while.

"You weren't wrong that we wouldn't get any peace today." Yakumo sighed.

"You agreed to join them. We could've done something else." Souda replied.

"Like what?" Yakumo challenged, "There's no other rooms but ours and it's pouring down rain outside."

"Hmm... I guess that is true." Souda agreed.

"Well, we better head down before they come looking for us."

"One minute."


Without another word or warning, Souda pulled Yakumo into a hug and then kissed her. Yakumo froze up, unable to process what was happening. They still didn't do too much romantically. And Souda definitely wasn't the one to initiate. This was very unusual.

"S-Sawa?" Yakumo stammered as said girl pulled away.

"What? I can be bold too, you know." Souda smirked and gave her a playful wink, "Ready to head down?"

"Y-yeah..." Yakumo was still trying to process all of that.

Souda grabbed one of Yakumo's hands and kissed her on the cheek, "I like this side of you. Maybe I'll have to initiate more often then."

Yakumo turned bright red and quickly looked away. Souda chuckled and hugged her.

"I love you, Kyoko."

"I... I love you too, Sawa."

"Momma! Mom!" They heard someone -definitely Suzu, possibly someone else too- approaching.

They barely managed to separate in time before Suzu barged into their room. She was pouting at them. Hisame stood back and watched Suzu in annoyance. More annoyed that she got drug along than anything else.

"You're taking too long!" Suzu complained.

"You're all very spoiled. Always demanding our attention." Yakumo walked over and ruffled Suzu's hair, "It's been like five minutes, Suzu."

"But, mom~" Suzu continued to protest.

Yakumo fondly rolled her eyes, "Let's go then."

Suzu smiled brightly and started tugging her to the door. Yakumo followed along as Suzu lead them to the living room. Souda and Hisame followed at a distance.

"Suzu is always so hyper, isn't she?" Souda chuckled, looking at Hisame.

"Yeah. She really is." Hisame agreed, "And she's the one who doesn't seem to have a favorite."

"A favorite...? What?"

"Parent. You know that me and Koharu are still closer to mom. And Sakura is closer to you. Suzu is even. She clings to both of you the same amount." Hisame said, getting embarrassed after the fact of what she just admitted to her.

"I don't think you can call it favoritism, Hisame." Souda replied, "That would be more of leaving one out. Neither of you do that. You just choose Kyoko more when offered that choice. And there's nothing wrong with that."

Hisame went quiet for a while.

"Momma... um... do you know anything about our... old parents? Or... do you not care about them now?"

Souda stopped walking and faced Hisame, "What brings that question on?"

Hisame frowned and nervously fiddled with her hands, "Well... I just... have this stupid fear that... that maybe they'll try and take me back at some point..."

Souda sighed and embraced her, "That won't happen, Hisame. I promise. They have no rights to you any more. They have no ground to take you back."

"I know it's a stupid fear..."

"It's not. I'm sure it has happened to people before." Souda hushed her, "As for if we know anything... not really. They don't have any right to contact you or ask about you so there's no reason for us to interact anymore."

"I see..."

"Don't think like that, Hisame. You know we'd never let them hurt you again." Souda said, "Now, shall we enjoy today?"

Hisame nodded, "Yeah. Let's have fun today."

With that settled, they went to the living room. In the little amount of time it had taken them to return, a lot had occurred from the look of it. Suzu had "captured" Koharu into a hug and was not letting her go as much as the latter tried to get away. Sakura was trying to help, but it was to no avail. Suzu was not letting go of Koharu.

"Suzu..." Hisame sighed.

She came over to them and forcibly pried Suzu off of Koharu. Suzu pouted at her. The upset look didn't last long and suddenly Sakura was imprisoned in a hug.

"S-Suzu?!" Sakura yelped as she started struggling against the older's grip.

"Since Hisame won't let me have Koharu I'll take you instead." Suzu smirked.

"Onee-chan, help me!" Sakura pleaded.

Koharu sighed, "Suzu, can you behave for one day?"

Suzu shook her head, "Nope. It'd be too boring if I behaved."


The four of them started bickering back and forth. Koharu was trying to convince Suzu to let Sakura go. Hisame was watching them for the most part.

"Didn't take long for more chaos to ensue, did it?" Souda asked Yakumo. The two of them were standing a little back and watching.

"Nope. We came in and Suzu immediately jumped on Koharu." Yakumo replied, "What took you two so long?"

"We just were talking about something. I'll tell you later."

"Should we interfere?" Yakumo glanced back at the four girls. No progress had been made in getting Sakura out of Suzu's death grip.

"I'll let you have fun with this one." Souda chuckled.

Yakumo frowned at her before taking a deep breath. After thinking over what to say, she walked over to them.

"Suzu, please let Sakura go." Yakumo said, "I'm sure you will have plenty of time to do... that... later."

"Aww... but I wanna-"

"I thought we were watching TV?"

"Eh... right." Suzu released Sakura from her grip finally, "Let's get ready then. It's almost time."

Sakura scrambled out of Suzu's grip and hid behind Koharu. Koharu shook her head.

After a few minutes, everything calmed down and everyone was sitting. Suzu turned on the channel. It was almost time.


Somehow they got through everything without anymore problems. That was very unexpected. Suzu was behaving herself for once. Well, somewhat. She was still being a bit chaotic by positioning herself in weird ways on the couch.

As it stood, she was laying across Koharu and Hisame's laps. Her head was on Hisame's. Hisame was running a hand through her hair every now and again.

"That was fun." Hisame commented as the final episode ended.

"Yeah! This was a fun way to spend today!" Suzu agreed.

"It would've been better if you wouldn't be so hyper." Hisame replied, pinching Suzu's cheek.

"Ah! Hisame~" Suzu whined as she tried to pry her hand away.

"You're always so troublesome." Hisame grumbled.

"Koharu! Save me!" Suzu pleaded as she continued trying to get Hisame to let go.

"Payback for earlier. You're on your own." Koharu responded.

"Eh?! No!" Suzu complained.

"You're all so noisy..." Yakumo grumbled, "Can you please take this... scolding elsewhere?"

"Sure. Let's go, Suzu." Hisame grabbed said girl and drug her away, Koharu helping her. Suzu was pleading for mercy, but neither were listening to her.

"Is Suzu gonna be okay?" Sakura questioned.

"Can't say. I'm sure it won't be that bad." Yakumo replied, "Not interested in seeing it for yourself?"

Sakura shook her head, "No. I'm good."

"No! Hisame, let go!" They heard another cry from Suzu.

Souda chuckled, "Sending them off didn't quiet them at all."

"No, it didn't..." Yakumo sighed.

"Let go! I'll behave! I'll behave!"

"Should we check on them?" Souda questioned.

"Nah. They'll be fine." Yakumo shrugged her off.

"If you say so. What shall we do?"

"Start dinner?"

"Alright. It is that time already."

"Yeah. You wanna help, Sakura?"


The three of them started on making dinner. The three girls upstairs fell eerily quite. No one was sure about investigating, so they just left them be. Those three wouldn't do anything too bad.

"Today certainly was interesting." Yakumo commented.

"It was." Souda agreed, "But, it was nice to spend time together like that."