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Julian Fawcett may be a man of many things; an avid outdoorsman was not one of them, however.

This was something that Robin and he agreed on. The great outdoors wasn’t safe.

No. He liked nice hotels, with things like heating, and bars, and beds. Yes. That was just what he liked. Great big beds that he could throw a willing body onto. His political advisor. The secretary with the legs. A waitress that had been particularly gifted in all the right areas. Desks also worked quite nicely. Yes, he’d had a great lot of fun with those. But not sticks and mud and creatures.

He’d tried it before, of course. Lord, was there anything he hadn’t. And he’d even been having a jolly good time at first. He’d picked up a particularly nice piece of skirt at the party conference, and who was he to turn a lady down when she said she needed him. And needed him now. So, he’d done what any gentleman would’ve done. He’d parked the Jag in the first lay-by he found, and before he knew it, she was on the bonnet with her legs round his shoulders. Yes. That had been a particularly nice excursion. But then he’d heard something. Had he? No, best not to think about it. He was hoping that the whimpers in his ear would distract him. But no luck… He’d had definitely heard something approaching on the other side of the wall. Those hedges were moving too much for it to just be the wind. And was that a rumble?

“Ughhh, wait. Stop!” Julian hissed into the woman’s ear. And wasn’t that a first.

“Hmm, what, why. Why would we stop?” She whimpered.

“I think we’re about to be attacked by a rabid animal, didn’t you hear all that. There’s definitely something over the wall” Julian exclaimed in a panicked whisper.

The woman said nothing. She simply raised her eyebrow, and pulled him in with her legs.

Then she stopped, her head cocked. And slowly she pushed him off. Her eyes focussed on something behind him. Her eyebrows drew down in worry. “I think we might’ve been giving off the wrong impression.” She hissed.

Julian’s brow creased in confusion, “what are you on about?”

The woman’s eyes locked on the thing behind him, then quickly darted away.

“Alright to join the party?” a voice piped up, “we saw you’d left the light on inside.”

Bloody weirdos. It’s just not on to sneak up on a man when his trousers are down.

Julian’s head whipped round, and a grin number five was soon plastered on his face. “Ah, best not chaps. We’ve got to be going soon. No time to stop and chat. Or to y’know…” He trailed off, gesturing lamely at the bottom half of the men, whilst he tried to pull his trousers up and get back into the car as fast as was humanly possible. Tripping only twice in the thirty seconds it took him. He had the car started and speeding away in no time. Bloody perverts. Christ, he thought. They better not have recognised me. Ha! I mean could you imagine ‘Julian Fawcett MP, caught in sex scandal’. No sirree. That’s the last thing he needed when he was trying to get this bloody bill passed.

Julian glanced to the woman at his side, weighing up his options. Would she still… No. Probably not going by the look on her face. Right, best get rid of her then. Maybe Margot would be up for it when he got home.

Julian was interrupted from his story by a gruff voice. “So you left her in wild to die?”

“No! Of course, I didn’t. I dropped her off in front of the train station.” Julian exclaimed.

“In my tribe, we no leave each other at train station.” Robin murmured, glaring at Julian.

“I even gave her money for the bloody ticket!” Julian tried to appease Robin. He didn’t know why, but Robin’s disappointment made him feel the strangest way. He was used to those looks from the others, after a particularly saucy tale. Or even, when he thought about it, the not so saucy tales. He had been stuck with a bunch of squares. But no, he couldn’t have Robin looking at him like that. Not while he was grasping to the man’s strong fur-clad body. Not while they were pressed up close – for their own safety – in this makeshift cave. He met Robin’s eyes. They were close. Were they too close? Christ. They were closer now, had he leaned in? Robin did have quite nice eyes though.

Something moved in the distance, and both men jumped closer together.

“Julian,” Robin whimpered, as he grasped the man’s tie to pull him even closer. “We alright in cave. Cave safe.”

Another noise.

“Cave definitely safe,” he muttered whether it was to himself, or to Julian didn’t really matter. Neither of them believed it anyway.

“Robin, tell me about the moon again. I can’t sit here in this bloody silence waiting for something to kill me,” Julian hissed.

The other man looked at him, “Julian, we dead.”

“Thank you, Robin. Yes. Very helpful-“ He was cut off before he could get any further into his rant by Robin.

“Shh Julie, Moonah protect us. I tell you all about her if you like. Again.” Robin murmured, prompting Julian to nod.

He listened to Robin wax lyrical about his bloody Moonah. Or as close to it as the caveman could get. He would sit here forever, he thought. As long as Robin was with him. Christ. He sounded like a bloody love-struck teenager. He ran his fingers through the furs secured on Robin’s arms, and nestled his head onto the man’s shoulder. Robin’s arms worked their way around his body, and Julian had never felt safer.

In all his forty odd years of life – and his subsequent death, of course – Julian had never liked the outdoors. But in this moment, he thought he just about might.