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Moving had been hard.

Bella had known what her choices would lead to, she’d known one day she’d have to leave Forks, even with her Father being somewhat aware of the odd happenings around them. Carlisle was masquerading as much older already, and with her supposedly being about to turn twenty-one and still looking the same as she had as an eighteen year old, similarly with Edward as a seventeen year old, it was becoming increasingly difficult, and that was without even considering Renesmee. People in her Father’s neighbourhood were beginning to notice a girl who was aging rapidly who looked strikingly similar to the girl they’d seen a week previously. Questions were beginning to arise, something that couldn’t be allowed.

Moving had been their only option, and really, she knew she couldn’t complain, this was the life she had signed up for in exchange for being with Edward. Sure, she’d have to leave the people she’d once considered friends, Jessica, who had stayed working for her Mother’s firm in the town, and Angela who she saw when she returned home from college, but for Edward, she’d give them up in a heartbeat… if she had one.


The morning Carlisle had finally raised the issue, the Cullens, plus Jacob had gathered in the large dining room that mainly functioned as a meeting place within the Cullen household.

“Thank you everyone for being prompt, now, what I am going to say is… difficult, and I understand the hardships that will come with it, especially this time around, but unfortunately we have pushed it as long as we can, we no longer have any other option.” Carlisle spoke, his words careful and deliberate.

Edward hmmed quietly as Carlisle’s thoughts washed over him. He’d known for a while that he’d been considering it, and he knew it too was the only option.

“We’re moving?” Emmett asked.

“Yes, we’ve been thinking about a place in Canada that Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward and I frequented around seventy years ago.”

Emmett nodded, seemingly to himself.

“You’re leaving?” Jacob asked, snapping out of the state of shock he had seemingly been in since Emmett had first spoken.

“Indeed. Questions have begun to arise, and you must understand why we cannot allow that to happen.”

Jacob’s eyes flickered to Renesmee before looking back at the doctor.


“Of course Jacob, you are quite welcome to join us, and come with us. From what I understand you are functionally immortal as long as you continue to phase, so you could easily move around with us, if you so wish.”

Jacob fell silent for a few moments.

“You guys go through school repeatedly, right?” He asked, twirling a leather bracelet he adorned on his wrist.

“We do.” Rosalie confirmed.

Jacob was silent once more.

“Of course, that does not have to be something you do. Bella informed me that you have a proclivity for vehicles. We could easily find you a job working with that if you so wished. Or you could have some time staying at the house for a while, whatever you are most comfortable with.”

“And Nessie?” He asked, his eyes flickering to his imprint.

“Ah, yes. For now, Renesmee will continue staying at home with Esme until we feel she could meritculate as easily with the locals, once she has that ability, especially now she is aging slower, then she will join the others in attending school, though that likely will not be until the move after this one.”

Jacob sighed.

“How long do I have to make this decision?” He asked, voice quiet.

“We will need to leave within two weeks, so one week as we will need documents.”

Jacob sighed, but nodded.

“Thanks Doc.”

The vampire smiled before he turned to look at the rest of the family.

“For now I ask you to go about your day, we will meet again tomorrow morning to discuss some finer details, but for now I must get to work.”

The Cullen’s began dispersing, Esme giving her husband a soft kiss as she did, and before anyone knew it, the dining room was empty once more.


Bella was not at all surprised when Jacob approached her that evening as Renesmee and Edward played the piano together, something which had become more common as their daughter’s skills improved.

“Bells, can I talk to you?” He asked quietly, although in a house full of vampires, the volume would make no difference.

“Course Jake, why don’t we go for a walk?”

He nodded, and as the two left the house, Bella broke into a run, knowing her friend would likely appreciate the lack of unwillingly prying ears.

When the two finally emerged into a clearing five miles from the Cullen house, they stopped with Jacob ducking behind a bush to dress himself in the shorts and shoes Bella had willingly carried for him. When the man emerged, his face looked slightly solemn.

“You want to talk about the move.” Bella said.


For a few moments only the sound of woodland animals surrounded them before Jacob turned to her.

“This entire time, I’ve known what my decision would be, although there are parts still undecided, but it’s hard.”

“Of course.”

Bella was sure she already knew what his decision would be, what it would have to be, but she waited for him to say it, unwilling to force it.

“I’ll come with you guys to Canada.”

“Of course.”

“I can’t leave Nessie, but it’s… difficult, still difficult. I’ve never really lived anywhere apart from the reserve, and I’d have to leave my Dad.”

Bella nodded, the thought of leaving her Dad was killing her, and he had Sue living with him. She couldn’t begin to imagine Jacob’s pain.

“It’s hard, isn’t it?” She said softly.

“Yeah. I mean, at least Rachel is living back on the reservation again with Paul, and if needed it wouldn’t take me too long to get back here, but…”

“It’s hard.” She repeated.

“Yeah, and gods, the pack.”

The pack. For a while things had still been tense between Jacob and Sam, but over the year following the Volturi’s official visit to Forks things had mellowed out, and the pack had split further into two but they worked together easily which was a huge benefit, especially as Jacob could be reunited with Quil and Embry again.

Once the packs had completely settled, Leah had quickly begun to stop phasing. She had never wanted to be a wolf in the first place, nor had it ever been expected, so the decision was easy, although she still kept up to date with Jacob’s pack, and was still technically a member. Since leaving, she’d started her period once more, leaving her full of relief that she still could have children, something she’d always desired that she’d worried becoming a werewolf had taken from her when her menstrual cycle had stopped. Carlisle had also confirmed, at Leah’s request, that she seemed completely healthy and there was no reason to expect she wouldn’t be able to have children. It was a huge relief.

Slowly the packs had become less utilised, Seth was working towards his SATs, as were some of the younger ones who had joined when more vampires had appeared in the area, and things were moving forward, things seemed to be going okay.

“What do you think you’ll do with the pack?”

“That’s what I’ve been thinking about all afternoon. I think maybe my best option is to appoint a beta that would pretty much be the alpha.”

“Can you do that?”

Silence fell for a fleeting moment.

“I think so, I think there’s a way of doing it, although I don’t know if it has ever actually been done, my Dad will know, but I couldn’t ask him until I knew exactly what I was planning on doing, you know?”

“Mmm, do you know who’ll make your official beta?”

“I was thinking of Quil, he’s grown a lot since we were young, he’ll continue phasing for at least another decade, I’d trust him with my life…”

“I think that’s a great decision.” Bella told her friend sincerely. She’d really liked Quil when they’d first met, and her decision had not wavered as they’d grown and matured. Quil was a great choice.

“Thanks Bells.”

For a moment Bella grabbed his hand, and squeezed it gently, letting her emotions shine through in a way which she struggled to express, even with her closest friend.

“You’ll have to tell your Dad.”

“Yeah, so will you.” He shot back, quick and playful.


“Too right.”


The next morning, the Cullen’s and Jacob once again congregated in the dining room, faces firm and decisions made.

“Good morning everyone, now, once again roles have been handed out as to who you will legally be once we arrive in Canada. Jenks is already working on the majority of our documentation which will match this information.”

“Dear, we understand.” Esme said softly, smiling at her husband who smiled softly as he caught her gaze.

For a few moments the two stared into each other’s eyes lovingly, before Edward coughed and Emmett chuckled.

“God, guys, get a room.”


The man just chuckled before they all turned to look back at Carlisle again, who Bella was sure would have been blushing if he still possessed blood in his body.

“Anyway, this time things will be slightly different as there are more of us, so listen carefully. Jasper, Rosalie, you will once again be twins, the Hale’s, my niece and nephew. When we arrive you’ll be sixteen.”

The two smiled at each other briefly before they turned back to the leader of the family.

“Perfect, Alice and Edward, you’ll be Esme’s niece and nephew. You’ll officially be Cullen’s. Edward, you’ll be sixteen, Alice you’ll be fifteen.”

“That works.” Alice said, her eyes glazing slightly as Edward nodded.

“Now we have Emmett and Bella as the McCarty twins, with their younger sister Renesmee.” Carlisle said.

“Hell yeah! Twins! I have a twin, finally. God Bella, this’ll be great!” Emmett boomed.

Emmett’s enthusiasm was contagious, and Bella couldn’t help laughing along. She loved Emmett, he was a great big brother, and she was sure she’d enjoy being his twin, especially as she could continue getting involved with his jokes as she had been for the past few years. Although Renesmee was technically only three, Bella felt less like a Mother to the girl than she had been to Renee. Getting to hang with Emmett, often accompanied by Jacob made her feel as if she could have the childhood she never really got to have.

“Yes, you have a twin Emmett. Now, we are going to suggest that the three of you are not technically related to anyone here but instead we were recommended by a social worker as a last ditch effort to not have you split up in the system.”

“That sounds fine.” Bella easily agreed.

“Perfect. Now, Renesmee will, when outside the house, have to go by Nessie, although we can suggest it is Vanessa as the name is just too recongisable I’m afraid Bella.”

Bella looked at her daughter for a moment and once the girl easily nodded, she did the same. Really she should have gone for a more common name to fit in, but she hadn’t thought about it, and it was too late now, kind of. She didn’t want to take back the love that came with the name, but she understood the slight risks it posed.

“That’s fine Carlisle.”

“Perfect. Renesmee, you’ll be ten. Bella and Emmett, you’ll be sixteen, but a year younger. We’ll claim you re-sat a year after being adopted to explain Emmett’s height and build.”

Bella and Emmett nodded.

“Perfect. Now we were thinking that this time there is no need to be silent and not interact with others, in fact it may seem more suspicious if none of us interact with anyone else.”

Edward grimaced.

“Of course don’t feel pressured either way, but appearing normal is easier if you interact with others, so you can choose.” Esme added from beside her husband.

“I think that may be everything for now, we leave January 3rd so we will be prepared to start the new school January 8th.”

“Actually Doc, I need to also let you know, I’ll be joining you. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but…”

“Of course, don’t worry. We can say you’re a family friend who is staying with us if that’s easiest for you.”

Jacob smiled, he wasn’t ready to pretend he was an adopted child of the eldest Cullen’s, he wasn’t entirely sure when he would be, but as of yet the idea made him uneasy.

“Thank you.” He said after a moment,

Carlisle smiled, seemingly unconcerned by the wolves inner turmoil, before speaking again.

“I think that’s all for now.”

With that, everyone dispersed again.


The new house was nice.

Everyone had arrived on the fourth, and easily settled into their rooms. Bella and Edward’s looked deep into the woods, as did Jacob’s room next door to theirs, and Emmett and Rosalie’s on the other side. Renesmee had a room the floor below looking over the front garden with Alice and Jasper next door to her. Esme and Carlisle had the large basement room that was only a basement in technicality.

Overall, it was stunning.

There were two large living rooms, a state of the art kitchen, one that would actually get used with Jacob and Renesmee in the house, three large bathrooms, an art room for Esme, a couple of offices, two large garages, ten bedrooms, easily allowing for the possibility of guests such as Charlie or members of the pack, large acres of land on all sides and a big library in the attic. The house was gorgeous, although Bella kind of missed her cottage in the woods surrounding Forks, although she knew she could easily visit it, and it would remain there for her.

The first few days of living in the house passed quickly, and before she knew it, Bella was kissing her daughter on the forehead as she bid her goodbye, before she slipped out the door, hand clenched tightly in Edward’s as they made their way to Emmett’s jeep.

It was time for their first day at a new school.

They’d received their timetables a day earlier from the school office, and knew where they should be going. Everything was going to be fine, plus she had Emmett in all of her lessons, and a fair few with Alice, everything was going to be okay.

The entire Cullen clan had missed their form time whilst speaking to the principal, but they’d catch up with them the next day. They’d been released just in time for first period however, and Bella quickly bid goodbye to Edward before she and Emmett hurried at a human speed towards their first period.

Their first lesson, ironically, was biology, reminding Bella of that day four years previously when she’d first officially met Edward Cullen.

“Ready sis?” Emmett asked as the two paused outside the door.


Together, the two entered the classroom, approaching the teacher at the front.

“Ah, yes, I’m Mrs Thompson, I’ve been expecting you two.”

“Emmett and Isabella McCarty.” Bella told her, her voice soft.

The teacher smiled before turning to the room at large.

“Everyone, listen up!” The students, already seated or milling around the edge of the room catching up with their friend’s after the holidays, turned to look at the woman, their attention grasped by the stunning pair standing at the front of the room, making Bella feel slightly uneasy. As if noting her discomfort, Emmett slung an arm around her shoulders, and she relazed.

“Now, these are twins Emmett and Bella McCarty who’ve just joined our class, I hope you’ll make them feel welcome in our classroom.”

Emmett grinned, nudging Bella slightly until an identical grin appeared on her own face.

“This is going to be fun.” Emmett whispered soft enough only for her ears to pick up.

“Hell yeah.”

“Let’s go.”