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On the Other Way, on the Other Side

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Chaeun turned the corner, and immediately saw it. It stuck out like they always did, for as long as he could remember. A small, dark swirl that promised terrible things were about to happen.

The irony was he wasn’t even here because of the hall. He still watched out for bugs, killed them on sight, and still sealed off halls where he could. It wasn't his job now, but it still felt like it was his problem. But today wasn't about that. He was just on his way to meet an old friend of Moonhoo’s, make contact with her that might turn to leads, that might turn to some work to cover their expenses. It was just his luck to run into this situation right now, by himself.

The core helped. He survived the dimensional poisoning because of it, Chaeun wasn’t as lowly a Master as he’d expected, and while he might not be able to close halls, he was better at sealing them up without any assistance now. But the core hadn’t eliminated the fear. As he saw a bug pressing up, pushing against the bounds of the hall, forcing its way into their world, he felt that fear surge in him. He hated it, hated the uncertainty of not knowing what was coming as much as he hated the bugs.

He shut his eyes for a second, preparing himself. The thought of Moonhoo flickered into his mind, the casual ease with which he dispatched bugs, when he wanted to, with his flames burning hot around him. He could do this. He might be scared as hell, but he could do this, and the thought helped him channel his fear into anger.

The bug was halfway through. Not a type he recognized, but also not a high ranking one that’d completely destroy the surrounding area. He could kill it, and he could seal this hall off before any more of them came through.

Chaeun flexed his fingers, and began. It wasn’t until he was halfway through the sealing that he noticed something was off. A strange, shimmering colour to the air that he had never seen before. Not the dark tear of a hall, pulling itself through to this dimension, but something else. Something else that immediately pinged him as something to get away from as quickly as possible, if he wasn’t stuck trying to seal the hall shut before the bug got all the way through.

His new sealing method was faster than the one Clarus used, a mixture of light and dark magic nobody else could manage without at least losing a limb, but it still wasn’t fast enough to avoid the miasma drifting towards him. Chaeun breathed in deep before pulling up the scarf curled around his neck up with his teeth, just about pulling it up over his mouth and nose as it rolled ominously towards him, shimmering like spilt petrol. Shit. He needed to get this done even quicker, before the gas reached him-

It rolled up to him, and he held his breath, pushing his magic harder, faster as his hands trembled. Fuck, he didn’t know what this gas would do to him, how long could he hold it for? Already he could feel something changing inside him. He didn’t want it to be like this, even if he’d expected it to be how he’d die for years, when some bug finally getting the better of him. He refused to die like this!

The strange, changing thing inside him shifted decisively. The suddenness of it was less startling than where it went to. He recognized the feeling immediately, but not the circumstances. His mind said Moonhoo before logic could kick in, because that was who made him feel like this. But this wasn’t Moonhoo, it was some fucking bug. Despite the ache burning its way through his body, it wasn’t Moonhoo casually touching him, pushing him up against a wall and kissing him even when he objected. It wasn’t Moonhoo pulling him along to a room where they’d have some privacy for a few hours, or promising to get the dried sand off him when his hands were more interested in lingering on his skin instead. Instead, some bug was doing it, spraying some gas at him to make him horny for some purpose he didn’t want to understand, and the thought of it made him feel disgusted.

The heat was spreading through him, even as he resisted it. His skin flushed even as he pushed his magic harder, sharp breaths escaping him even as he tried to repress the instinct, to hold his breath for as long as possible. Chaeun could feel it stirring, could feel his cock staring to get hard even as he wanted to deny it. It felt disgusting, like something had got all screwed up in his wiring, even if he knew he didn’t want it. To be turned on, almost panting with lust while sealing a hall, while forcing a bug back.

The seal snapped into place, closing off the hall and throwing the bug back to its damned dimension, and yet the gas still hung in the surrounding air. Chaeun staggered back, almost tripping over his feet in his desperation to get away from it. One thing was on his side at least: the gas didn’t follow him, didn’t drift along with the wind. He kept walking backwards, didn’t trust himself to turn his eyes away, like it’d follow him if he looked away for a second, before hitting a wall behind his back and dropping to the ground.

He tried to catch his breath as the coolness of the concrete felt stark against his over hot back. His body was reacting like he’d just been pinned down on a bed, with Moonhoo rubbing him through too many layers of fabric that he just wanted to rip right off. A good memory, one that he didn’t want to think of, to taint while he was struggling to keep it together, to not stick his hand inside his pants and jerk himself off right here, situation be damned. Chaeun wouldn’t. Not with what was responsible for it. They had ruined enough of his life, he wouldn’t let them ruin this part too.

It was so difficult to resist. It was a different pressure from facing waves of bugs with zero support, or waiting out to see if the hall would spit his arm back out. The need was softer, not bearing its weight down on him relentless but nudging, gently insisting. You have to do something about this, come on, you want to. Chaeun needed to get up, put as much distance between himself and this mess as he could, but his legs were frozen. Everything in his body was bowing to the urge, the need to get off, and couldn’t spare the energy for anything that wasn’t going to get him to come.

He refused to give up, even as his body demanded he did. The heat was coursing through him, his cock starting to physically hurt from not being touched, but Chaeun dug his fingernails into his palms and resisted. As he felt his resolve starting to waver, after losing track of just how long he’d been there, fighting this off, because the intensity of his need was so fierce that it wanted to make him cry out loud, a shadow fell over him.

“I really thought we were going to stop meeting like this.” The voice made him look up, and even in the haze of lust that he was trying to push down, the appearance of Moonhoo, calm like there was nothing weird going on here at all, was a relief. The glance to his crotch said Moonhoo had noticed the situation, and the grin that bloomed on his face in response made him scowl. It wasn’t funny! The unstopping, crushing disgust and self-loathing he’d felt from the moment the gas had started working on him wavered at that grin anyway. It was reassuring, even in a situation as wrong as this.

“What caused all this?”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll deal with it.” Moonhoo sighed, crouching down to kiss him before he pushed him away. Part out of annoyance, but more out of concern that it might spread if they did kiss.

“Are you going to be this stubborn again?” Even with his breath coming out in heated pants, his cock hard and visibly straining against its confines, Chaeun nodded. He could wait this out, he refused to give into lust triggered by a bug.

“I didn’t lose my arm, did I?” Moonhoo let out a ‘tsk’ under his breath, before reaching out, cupping his chin gently in his palm to turn his face to look straight up at him. The touch shot through him like an electric current, making the heat inside him burn so hot, it felt like a physical burn.

“You don’t have to do it alone this time, though. I’m here to help you. Also,” despite his concern, the grin spread on his face again, “you expect me to see you all heated up from this and just ignore it? That’s unfair.”

“It’s because of a bug.”

“Sure, but if I get you off, then it’s not the bug doing it, is it? It’s just me,” despite his attempt to shove him away, for his own safety, Moonhoo leaned in and placed a kiss right under his ear. “And you like it when I do it.”

“This isn’t like that!” Still, there was a logic to it. It wasn’t the soundest logic but if he let Moonhoo touch him—and oh, with him so close and filling all his senses, it was incredibly difficult to think about anything else—then it wasn’t the bug getting him horny. It was Moonhoo. He swallowed as he thought of Moonhoo’s big, warm hands around his cock, jerking him off, and his resolve crumbled. The lust surging through him shoved his pride out of the way. “Just, just don’t kiss me,” the brief flash of disappointment on Moonhoo’s made him clarify, even as he struggled to get his words out, “don’t want it to get you too.”

“Got it,” Moonhoo was kissing his neck anyway, in a way that’d piss him off if the warmth of his lips didn’t make him squirm like he was already touching his cock. “Now quit worrying about me and let me take care of it.” The hand winding its way across his stomach wasn’t moving fast enough, even as it dove under his waistband. Knuckles brushing against his heated skin made him gasp, before Moonhoo’s fingers wrapped around his cock, and he forgot why he’d ever been trying to resist this at all. Because, oh shit, this felt incredible.

“That’s it, relax.” Chaeun wanted to say something, but only a choked off noise escaped him as Moonhoo started to stroke his cock. Fast, hard strokes that still didn’t feel enough with how hard he was, how much he needed to come. He folded over onto Moonhoo, flushed face pressed up against Moonhoo’s shoulder and inhaling him deeply. It felt like he’d never been touched before, all his life he’d been waiting for Moonhoo to jerk him off as he collapsed against him in complete surrender. His breathing stuttered as a thumb teased the slit of his cock. A few rapid, intense strokes and he bit Moonhoo’s shoulder as he came with a force that overwhelmed him, so sudden even he hadn’t seen it approaching.

It was the fastest Chaeun had ever come in his life. As he split over into Moonhoo’s fist, mouthing against his shoulder, he didn’t care, so caught up in his orgasm and the relief of finally coming after the mounting and edging tension of arousal. It wasn’t until he came back down and felt something that was suspiciously close to a chuckle vibrate against his cheek that he realised just how fast it’d been.

This time the warmth on his cheeks was embarrassment, not arousal.

“I was worried when I saw you slumped over again. Until I realised you were just horny and mad about it.” Chaeun was too tired to swipe at him, only managing a half-hearted push against his chest that didn’t even shift him. Still, making Moonhoo worry, even if he’d rebounded quickly, made him feel guilty.


“Forget about it. I got something out of it, after all.” Moonhoo paused, “Anyway, I got a better lead. We’re going after that instead.” Chaeun’s face turned up to look at him. He didn’t looked bothered by the running around after a lead that turned out to be nothing. It was admirable how Moonhoo rarely got phased by anything. Unfortunately, Chaeun felt a lot more phased by it.

“Seriously? Then I went through all that for nothing?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say for nothing.”

“You’re a pervert,” Moonhoo said nothing to deny the charges, but instead pulled Chaeun up to his feet. It wasn’t until he was facing Moonhoo again, head suddenly cool after the induced heat of that gas, that he noticed that Moonhoo was hard too. Despite his instincts telling him to ignore it, needing to go onto the next job, the next lead that might lead to something, he paused. If there was ever a time to apply a little of what his time with Moonhoo had taught him, it was now. “Let’s do something about that first.” The grin that spread on Moonhoo’s face was worth it.

“Thought you’d never ask.”