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Your Worst Nightmare is No Longer a Dream~UNDER EDITING

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Hello! My name is SALT. Welcome to my book! I’m happy you decided to read it, and I hope you enjoy. However, there are a few things that I must warn you about before you read, as it could be upsetting. I also have to set out the timeline for ya.

First off, this book was adopted from @EmeraldOnion, I own everything from the chapters 2, 3, and more(will add when I’ve gotten past that section of book).


This takes place BEFORE the events of Gravity Falls. Originally, it took place after but that would mean that I didn’t have a clear story line to place the book on. Also, in regards to DSMP timeline, I started writing this right after Dream was put into Prison(about, or during that arc). That means that Ranboo isn’t dead yet and Ghostbur is still technically “living.”
Oops, spoilers.
I’m sure everyone knows by now tho.


This book includes the following:
~Major character death
~Death in general
~Angst, a lot of it.
~Not strong language, but things like damn and hell are still there
~Past Trauma
~Anxiety, from Ranboo mainly.

If I missed anything please let me know!


This book is currently in the process of revision. Things won’t make a lot of sense, but the chapters with the title •N A M E• are new and fresh outta my brain. I try and do stuff to this book when I can, but honestly I just don’t have a lot of time on my hands so I’ll only be doing stuff on the weekends and Wednesdays.

Anyways, again I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful rest of your day!


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• D R E A M •

“Well, well, well, would you look at that?” A voice comes out of nowhere, loud and obnoxious, bouncing against the obsidian walls of his cell. “The great Dream, brought down to such disgrace.”

The prisoner takes one look at his visitor, his emerald green shining through the cracked hole of his mask.

“A millennia not seeing each other, and that’s the first thing you decide to say?” he smirks, a hand pressing against his chest “I’m deeply wounded, old friend.”

The other scoffed.

“You say, as if the last time we saw each other, you didn’t try to gouge my eye out.” he replies without even a pause “Do you know how long it took to regenerate that?”

Dream chuckles, clapping his hand together thrice. Instantly, a luxurious, comfortable-looking chair pops into existence, landing on the hard ground with a little clatter.

“Here, take a seat.” He offers, himself leaning back into the obsidian wall lazily, the rock scraping his back more than it was. “Made of living human flesh, just how you like it.”

His… friend? Are they friends? He doesn’t think they are. Dream demons like them don’t do friends, simply because they can’t. Dream and him are creatures of lies and manipulation. They only know how to use, not love. Establishing something with as much sentimental value as attachment is not only impossible, but dangerous as well, for they know if the need arises, they are always ready to stab each other in the back.

So are they acquaintances? No. That’s not it either. Their relationship runs much deeper than that. Dream demons do in favors. And yet, they do not need any favors to help the other. As long as it doesn’t hurt, they are ready to jump in the fray for their not-friend’s sake.

Ally. He will settle on ally for now.

His ally takes the offered seat, one hand fixing the monstrosity of a top hat on his head. Not that Dream can judge when he himself is wearing tattered and bloody prisoner clothes.

“You don’t know how intrigued I am.” The other comments once he is comfortable with his new position “To think the oh so mighty Dream could have defeated by some mere flesh bags.”

The Dream Demon hisses. “You say that as if you weren’t that human’s puppet, using you for his own gain.”

“Keep talking, and I’m gonna pull all of your teeth out”

In front of a threat like that, can’t help it.

He doubles over, and he wheezes.

The other growls, red spark flickers dangerously, clearly offended, but the prisoner knows he won’t do anything.

Not in his domain.

“Let… Let me guess” the blond squeezes out between laughter, wiping away the tears gathering in his eyes. Prime. His stomach hurts “You want my help?”

The other nods stiffly, and he has to give him some credit. It takes lots of gut to do that.

Deities like them do not ask for help. Such is the nature of dream demons. They can give favor, but they will never accept one.

For the other to do something like this... He’s truly desperate, huh?

Well. Who is Dream to leave his ally alone?

So with a flick of his hand, he sheds the human form, opting for his blob one.

He can feel the usual comfort settles in already. Being human is fun, but it’s just so… inconvenient.

Seriously, why do they need to eat so much? And what’s with that outrageous amount of time spent on sleeping?

No wonder mortal dies so easily.

The demon seems taken back by his transformation, and if he had an eyebrow, it would raise questioningly.

“Not wanna play with your silly flesh bags anymore?”

“Nah.” He shrugs “I’ve gotten bored. Those mortals are so predictable. It stopped being entertaining after a while.”

It was exciting at the start, twisting puppet strings around those little fools. He had so much fun cracking them bit by bit and savoring the rage and pain and despair inside their eyes as they realized the truth. That they were nothing but a pawn. That their friends were dead and their home was gone and they’re all going to die.

Out of every mortal, Tommy was probably his favorite. The boy was so chaotic, so stubborn, he can’t help but want to break him.

He wishes the kid had lasted longer, though. His spirit was shattered a little bit too soon. Even if the look on his face and the tears from his eyes were nothing short of delicious, it’s kinda disappointing.

Well. It was fun while it lasted, he guesses.

And it’s time to move to a new game.

Luckily, he has just the one.

He smirks as the world flickers around him, ones and zeros glitching black and white, overtaking the little cell he is in.

He knows what’s happening.

Without his magic as support, this dream is crumbling, returning its people into their rightful place.

Into the real world.

“It’s time to wake up, anyway.”

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• R A N B O O •

It’s raining.

Ranboo hates the rain. It hurts him.

Thunders cut through the sky, shaking the night with each blinding strike. The wind is a raging monster, hissing and growling, threatening to tear everything to the ground. Cold, heavy droplets spat themselves against the little roof he has over his head, creating a steady pitter-patter, no different than the sound of a rumbling war drum.

The bus station is devoid of people, not having much use in a small town like his, and none wants to go out in this terrible weather in the middle of the night. Water forms into little puddles, reeking with the smell of dirt and old rubbish. The metal poles creak with each blast of wind, unable to hold their weight after so many years without maintenance. Truly not a place you wanna go on the weekend.

And yet, here Ranboo is, sitting on the rusty bench of this bus station, wrapped in a transparent raincoat, trying his best to get away from the splattering water. Even though his signature mask and glasses are still there, he has forgone his vest in the order of a much more comfortable T-shirt, which doesn’t help much with the freezing temperature.

Prime. Of all days, why must he choose today? The teenager thinks, hugging himself so that he can save a little warmth. This is the worst weather he can have to travel in.

And it’s not even the wind. It’s not even the cold. It’s the rain.

They say insecure people take comfort from the rain, but Ranboo begs to differ. The rhythm of water droplets has never calmed his raging thought and the fresh, dust-free air had never managed to ease his soul. In fact, right now, he still feels that persistent itch like an annoying bug under his skin. No matter how much he scratches, it’s there, crawling and clawing and dragging. A bug that only appears on rainy days.

And the water. Prime, the water.

Despite his best effort, the dirty blonde cannot completely shield himself from the freezing rainfall. Each droplet feels like scalding lava on his skin, and each strike of lighting leaves him shaking and flinching.

It’s not like he is allergic to water or anything. He just… hates it. He doesn’t know why. He doesn’t know since when. But he hates it. Hates it with all of his mind and body and soul.

He hates the fact that he hates it.

Another slash of rain hits him, and Ranboo shudders, unable to control the spike of fear inside his heart. Prime. Why is he so unreasonable. It’s just water, damn it. How can he be so scared of such a stupid thing?


The sound is small, almost unrecognizable in this heavy downpour. But recognize it, he does, and the teenager blinks in surprise.

“A cat…?”

A tabby, to be exact, with dirty, overgrown fur and mismatched emerald eyes, almost like someone has tried to glue oversized buttons into the feline’s face and failed miserably. No name tag, so it can’t be a pet. A long, hairless tail with only a tuff of orange at the end swings back and forth, hitting concrete floor with a terrible ‘splash’. It is rubbing its head into his pants, smearing mud everywhere.

It’s the ugliest cat he has ever seen.

And he loves it desperately.

Ranboo can’t help but coo, bending down to pet the cat with gloved hands. It doesn’t flinch away, unlike normal strays, and instead leaning into his hands.

He has cats at home, too. Or rather, Techno does, and the whole family just brands them as their shared pets. Every time he’s stressed, the boy likes to sit down and run his hands over soft fur, listening to the quiet purring. The action had never failed to calm him down.

He lets himself fall into the familiar motion, focusing on the calming rhythm. The rain suddenly doesn’t seem so scary anymore with a silent companion by his side. The pitter-patter noise is drowned out of Ranboo’s ears by the sound of the cat purring.

But atlas, everything has to come to an end.

A loud horn rings through the air, and a bus screeches into a halt in front of him. Ranboo immediately reaches for his traveling bag, long fingers wrap around leather straps.

The vehicle’s door swings open, and he stands up, ready to board.


The little cat bites his pants, small fangs digging into fabric, as if not wanting for him to leave. The teenager jolts, staring down as tiny green eyes look back at him.

He swallows.

Oh Prime, no.

It’s the kitty eyes.

Ranboo tries his best to resist. He does! But how can he abandon such a small, helpless animal in the middle of this terrible, terrible world?

The driver seems to notice his predicament, because he scowls.

“The sign says no pets on the bus, kid.”

“Why not?” a new voice exclaims, young and bubbly “You let Waddles on, didn’t you?”

“It’s because your parents paid extra, girl!” he hisses “I will not tolerate-“

“Just use the grappling hook again, Mabel.” another voice, this one bored and unfocused.

“Ah… Uhm…” he cuts in, hoping that the others can hear him despite being out of his sight “You don’t need to do that. Really, I wouldn’t want to be a bother.”

A head peaks out from the door, long, messy chocolate brown hair flows loosely in the air, some even brush against the floor. The girl -Mabel, he assumes- is wearing a big, obnoxious pink sweater and there’re glowing star earrings hanging from her ears.

That’s… certainly a strange fashion sense.

Well. Some people are just… unique, he guesses.

She looks at him, and she beams.

“Don’t worry, I would literally die for a kitten so this’s not really that bothersome.” she grins “And you’re a hot boy, so it’s a plus.”

Ranboo splutters, face a bright red.


“Ignore my sister.” The other signs, revealing himself to be a brown-haired boy with a backpack slung over his shoulders and leather book settles neatly inside his arms “It’s the best way to deal with idiots.”

“I’m not an idiot! You idiot!” she pouts, pushing her sibling.

Ranboo just stands there, watching everything with wide eyes. If he said it doesn’t twist his heart, it would be a lie. The exchange reminds him too much of Techno and Wilbur before…


What was he thinking about again?

“Come on! How long do you want to stand there for?” the girl’s cheery voice snaps him out of his daze, and Ranboo is startled to realize she is tugging him by the arm “Let’s get on the bus! And you too, little kitty!”


The driver tries to protest, but before he can say anything, Mabel snaps her head around, staring directly at his eyes, and-

Is that a freaking grappling hook?!

“Did you want to say anything?” she smiles.

It isn’t a kind smile.

The driver gulps, visibly shrink into himself.

“N-Nothing!” He laughs nervously “Who cares if there are animals in the bus? Certainly not me!”

“I’m glad!” she beams “It would be so bad if you got into some… ah, terrible accident.”

Okay. That doesn’t sound ominous at all.

Ranboo glances at the other sibling, wondering what he thinks of this situation. To his surprise, the brunette doesn’t even seem to care, still shoving his nose into the leather-bound book.

As if this is nothing but a usual occurrence.

Now that he thinks of it, that book certainly doesn’t look like a normal book.

Oh Prime. Do those siblings come from a mafia or something?

Ranboo can’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

This is bad.

This is really, really bad.

He knows that book. Ranboo knows where he’s seen that book before! The demon had it when he…

When he…

What was he thinking about again?

Curse his memory.

He mentally sends a silent apology to Tubbo. Look like he can no longer keep himself out of trouble.

And he isn’t even at Gravity Falls yet.

No. He can’t let himself drown in the negativity now. There must be a way to get out of this.

If only he can stay away from these manic teenagers then-

“Here!” Mabel exclaims, pushing him into a seat at the very back. Right next to the other boy “You can sit near us!”

Ranboo bites back a scream.

This is going to be a tiring day.

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• S T A N L Y •

“Sleeping Beauty Syndrome?” Stanley repeats, can’t help cringing at the ridiculous name. His brother must have noticed, too, because he says.

“It’s the scientists that named it, not me” he shrugs, not even bother to tear his eyes from the leather book. Nerd. “Apparently, anyone who is unfortunate enough to fall victim to this strange disease goes into a coma suddenly and unable to wake up despite the doctors’ best effort”

“Wait” a horrible realization dawns upon him “Are we going to perform an autopsy on an unconscious human being? Because that’s seriously messed up. And coming from me, it’s saying a lot”

“No! All of them woke up a few weeks ago.” Pointdexter exclaims loudly, as if questioning how Stanley even got the audacity to think of it “How the hell did you come to that conclusion?”

“Well. Given that we are driving in this ass hour and to the middle of nowhere” he snaps back “Excuse me if I’m thinking of the worst!”

Stanford glares at him, and he would love to glare back if he isn’t focusing on driving right now.

That doesn’t mean he can’t flip him off, though.

Stanley opens his mouth, ready to argue, but then thinking the better of it and snapping it shut.

Smart move. His brother can be stubborn, but he is stubborn too.

In the end, the nerd decides to drop the topic and finally, finally, starts to explain.

“We are heading to Saint Bernard psychiatric hospital, where one of the patients stay” he points a finger at him “We’re going undercover, so don’t you dare mess anything up.”

“Brother. Brother” he tutts his tongue “Can you stop for a second and remember who you’re talking to?”

A pause, then…

“Right” Pointdexter signs “Just… Try your best, please.”

He grins.

“No promises.”

It isn’t long before they arrive at a large, plain white building residing at the top of a hill, surrounded by thick layers of trees. Under the dim sunset, the structure certainly looks more threatening than it should be.

Passing a thick, metal door, they enter the hospital. Stanford instantly makes a beeline for the reception, where a tall lady with oversized glasses and long, wavy raven hair is sitting, separated only by a glass wall.

“Excuse me” his brother says with that annoyingly polite tone of his, passing a card through the wall “This is Ronald and Harry Jasons, please”

The receptionist inspects the card, seemingly looking for something, and judging by the small smile on her face, she has found it.

“Welcome, Dr. Ronald and Dr. Harry” she says “Please wait for a minute. Someone will lead you to the patient right away”

Doctor? Seriously?

Stanley raises an eyebrow, but before he can say anything, the other stomps on his foot. Hard.

He bites back a scream, glaring at his two with the heat of a thousand suns. Unfortunately, the nerd has developed an immune to his intimidation, and he just rolls his eyes.


A brunette, probably a nurse approaches them with a clip note inside her hands. She offers a polite greeting before telling them to follow her.

Pointdexter should be thankful for that brown-haired lady, because if she wasn’t here, he would murder him.

They walk through the hallway, and Stanley can’t help wincing at the whiteness of it all. The walls. The light. The ceiling. All of them are just… white.

And not a normal white, no. It’s the kind of white that blinds your eyes and taps against your skull. The type of white that rings your ears and messes up your head.

No wonder this is called a mental hospital. It drives its patients insane.

Finally, they stop at a cold, grey door, and he cheers internally, grateful that this boring hallway of white has ended.

“I’ll leave you to talk with the patient. Please press the red button if there’s any problem” the nurse says, and with that, leaving them alone.

They share a glance with each other, before pushing the metal door.

Creaking and groaning, it opens, revealing an average room with a set of plastic tables in the middle. And can you guess what color this room is?

Yep. White.

Fortunately enough, not all of it is white. There’s a man sitting on the chair, a black beanie on brown head and yellow sweater covering his lean frame. And… What the heck is that blue stain?

At their arrival, the man snaps his head up, beaming brightly. Both Pines twins flinched back at his appearance. His eyes were scribbled out with black lines, leaking out some sort of blue fluid.

“Are you here for me?” he says cheerfully, his voice echoed although the twins put it off as the room they were in was mostly empty. “I haven’t had visitors in a long time! I guess the last person to visit was Phil, but that was ages ago. Seems almost like 13 years since I’ve last seen him.” The man goes back into his thoughts.

They make themselves comfortable on the chairs, and Stanford smiles back.

“My name is Ronald Jasons, and this is my brother, Harry Jasons. It’s nice to meet you” he flips open the book he’s carrying with “Do you mind if we ask you some questions, Wilbur Soot-?”


His twin blinks, not expecting the interruption.


“Call me Ghostbur, please” the man, ‘Ghostbur,’ corrects “It sounds so weird using Alivebur’s name, given that he is dead now.”

O… Kay…?

That doesn’t sound weird at all.

But he guesses that what he gets in a mental hospital.

“If you insist.” Pointdexter says “So, do you mind if I ask you some questions, Ghostbur?”

“Of course not!” he answers with a bright smile “I didn’t expect to be questioned on my vacation, but I certainly don’t mind. Company is always welcomed”

Let’s just ignore that.

His brother surely thinks the same, because he continues.

“To my knowledge, you are a victim of the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, right?”

“That’s what everyone says, yeah”

“Do you remember anything from the time you were in the coma?”

Ghostbur rubs his chin, thinking.

“I don’t know… It was so fuzzy to me. Like a big, fluffy cotton candy”

“… Cotton candy?”

“Yes! Have you eaten cotton candy before! It was super duper sweet!” he grins “I remember one time, Tommy really wanted some cotton candy but Phil wouldn’t let him have any because he’s diabetic. Alivebur went to a stall at whatever place they were at and bought a TON of cotton candy. All six of them ended up sharing it all.“

“Six of them? You only mentioned three people.” Pointdexter questioned.

“Yeah,” Ghostbur started naming off names. “Alivebur, Phil, Tommy, Techno, Ranboo, and Tubbo. They’re my family.”

Stanley coughs, trying to get the conversation back on track.

“The question, Ghostbur”

“… Oh” he blushes “Sorry. I got distracted”

“It’s fine” his twin shakes his head “Can’t you really remember anything? Anything at all?”

“Now that you mention it…” he hums “There’re… colors.”

“What’s color?”

“Purple, green.” he replies “And blue. A lot of blue”

“I see” Stanley writes something on his book, before asking again “Where do you think those colors come from?”

“I…” he hesitates “I don’t know. I don’t remember”

“It’s fine” Stanford waves his hands on reassurance “Can you remember anything else?”

“Oh!” the man suddenly clasps his hands together “There’s Friend!”


“Friend is my sheep friend!” he explains cheerily “He is so soft and fluffy! And he is blue! Speaking of, do you know that sheep has rectangular pupils? Just like goats! I wonder if that’s why Jschlatt’s eyes look so weird, and-“

“Why that is certainly… interesting” Stanford cuts in “Is it okay if we go back to the topic at hand?”

“Ah. Yes. The topic at hand” a pause, then “What is it again?”

Pointdexter frowns.

“You don’t remember?”

“Sorry. I have a little bit of a memory problem” Ghostbur taps his fingers on the table absentmindedly “I have a book to counter it, though! Do you want to take a look?”

“Amnesia… Interesting…” his brother notes “Is everyone with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome the same?”

“Not that I know of…” the other hums “But Ranboo has it, too!”

“… Ranboo?”

“He is my beloved adopted brother!” Ghostbur nods furiously, but then pauses “… Or is he?”

“You don’t even remember your own family?”

The question slips Stanley’s mouth before his brain can register, and he can feel his brother’s burning glare at the back of his head.

But he can’t tear his eyes away, even if it means he can’t glare back.

Because to forget your own family… To forget the people you love the most…

It’s no laughing matter.

It’s scary. It’s horrifying. It’s the fuzzy blanket that wraps tightly around your mind. It’s the strangers’ faces at every corner of the room. It makes you question if tomorrow, when you wake up, will you forget once again. It makes you think all those sweet honey words are just that, a lie.

It makes you wonder if you’re truly ‘you’.


They look at him and he can’t help curling upon himself because he doesn’t know them he doesn’t know them but they say he’s their family but he can’t remember what if they’re lying or worse what if they’re saying the truth and he can’t just remember what would they think then-


It’s a fate he doesn’t wish on his worst enemy.

Besides, the patient doesn’t seem to mind. Instead, he answers with a bright smile.

“Of course I remember them!” he says joyously “I remember Phil and Tech and Tommy and Tub and Ran and Dream-“

There’s a moment. A moment when the world seems to freeze. A moment when he stops.

Everything next happens so fast.

Ghostbur suddenly leaps across the table, grabbing him by his collar. Stanley lets out a yelp in surprise, but is drowned by the other man’s frantic voice.

“I… I have to save them” he hisses, hot breath blowing on his face “Dream is going to… I have to save them! Dream is going to kill them!”

And Stanley can only stare.

Staring at the pure terror on Ghostbur’s face. Staring at the hands grasping him, covered in cuts and burns dripping blue powder that stained his shirt. Staring at those eyes as they flicker black to green to black to blue.

“Stay away from him!”

Stanford grabs the yellow sweater and throws him to the ground. The man just lays there. Cold and still and unmoving-

“Are you okay?”

His brother’s voice snaps him out of his daze, hand gently cubbing scarred cheeks. He blinks, looking at the identical worried face.

Normally, he will answer with a quip. A ‘Of course I’m okay! Who the heck do you think I am?!’

But this is not normally now.

“I… I’m fine” he says, more shakily than he would like to admit “Furthermore, shouldn’t you worry about that insane bastard?”

Pointdexter spares him a suspicious glare, but decides to drop the subject.

He’s glad.

They part, and both of them stare at the figure laying on the floor.

“What should we do with him?” he asks.

“Let’s just call the nurse-“

Ghostbur suddenly shots up, and they tense, ready to fight if necessary.

But then the man looks at them with innocent blue blue not red not green blue eyes, and a wide smile splits his face.

“Are you here for me?” he says cheerfully “I haven’t had visitors in a long time!”



“It’s so nice to see you!” he continues on “My name is Ghostbur, and you are?”

This bastard.

This bastard really doesn’t remember.

“Who’s Dream?” Pointdexter asks. Ghostbur’s face become’s blank.

“Where did you hear that name?” He said softly, although aggression was layered under the soft tone.

“You told us.” Stanly said.

“Oh, I guess I forgot already.” Ghostbur tapped his chin. “Let’s see, Dream was- no is the dream demon that Tommy and Tubbo made the deal with. But now…”

Stanley sends his brother an uneasy glance, and sees him mirroring the expression.

“Sorry! I can’t remember what happened. I only remember everyone being sad about it.” Ghostbur’s happy voice was back. The Pines both gave an annoyed stare.

“Well. Would you look at that?” Stanford says, voice carefully blank “We have some important business to attend to. I’m sorry, Ghostbur, but can we talk later?”

“It’s fine” he beams “Just please remind me, or else I’ll forget you!”

Without any answer, they make a beeline to the exit.

It isn’t until the metal door closes behind them does Stanley open his mouth.

“Let’s not visit any psychiatric hospital again soon”


Chapter Text

• R A N B O O •

Ranboo blinks himself awake.

For a moment, he just stands there, unable to recognize his surrounding.

And with a jolt, he realizes, oh, he sleepwalked again.

The teenager wishes he could say that he was surprised, but then he would be lying. Despite his best effort, ranking from blocking his door to literally tying himself into the bed, waking up in an unfamiliar place has been somewhat of a normal occurrence for him now.

Even now, in the middle of this dark, steady forest, alone and not able to pinpoint his way back, instead of panic, all he can feel is exhaustion and annoyance.

This is kinda concerning, a part of him thinks.

He pointedly ignores it.

He pats his pockets, searching for the phone with bee and disks keychains. It’s a familiar routine by now. Wake up. Find out you’re lost. Get your phone. Open the GPS. And find the way home.

And he does just that, only…


There’s no signal.

Ranboo signs. He should have expected this, really. With his mess of a life, this is just another cherry on top of the cake.

Well. The traditional way it is.

He’s so lucky his notepad written when he went exploring with Mabel and Dipper is still there. Avoiding dangerous nighttime mythical creatures would be so much harder without it.

He starts walking, be careful to follow the trail he leaves coming here, bare feet crunch against dry leaves. Moonlight shines his way, dancing on patches of glowing mushroom as shimmering fireflies lazily drift through the night.

It is… beautiful.

Even though he is tired, Ranboo can’t help being captivated by the scene in front of him, one undisturbed by the city’s pollution and can only be described as coming straight out of a fairy tale.

If he didn’t wander out, he would never be able to see this.

Maybe sleepwalking isn’t so bad.

The teenager slips, falling face-first into the ground and rolling several more. He groans, shakily sits up, only for a spike of pain to shot through his back.

Maybe he spoke a little bit too soon.

Waiting for the pain to ease, he stands up, glancing at his body. Luckily, it looks like he isn’t injured, though his pajamas are torn rather badly now.

Finally, he takes a look at his surrounding.

It’s a clearing, just as pretty as the rest of this forest. Green grass feels cool under his feet and flower petals gently tickling his skin. And in the middle…

A statue?

It’s a strange statue for sure. A triangle with an eye that reminds him of the Illuminati symbol. As if it isn’t weird enough, it is wearing top hat and bow tie, overgrown vines hanging messily over it’s outstretched arm.

He wonders who put it here.


A comforting sound reaches his ear, and Ranboo is surprised to see a familiar cat trotting toward him, beady green eyes seem to be shining in the darkness.

“Enderchest?” he asks, scratching the tabby’s ears “What are you doing here?”

“He lead me here”

The voice nearly makes him jump, startled, and he stares with wide eyes as Dipper comes into the clearing.

“… Pardon?”

“I wake up with that thing on my face-“ he points toward Enderchest, looking rather bitter “And he dragged me here”

“Oh” Ranboo blushes “Sorry”

“It’s fine” brown eyes fickle toward the statue, and then back at pinning at the taller boy “Why are you here, anyway?”


The teenager says, before trailing off.

Should he say the truth?

His sleepwalking isn’t exactly a secret, per se, but it doesn’t mean he’s not uncomfortable with board-casting it to the whole world. What if they think differently of him? What if they try to use it against him?

Not like something like that hasn’t happened before.

He wishes to trust the twin, he really does! They are nice, and they don’t look at him as a weird freak. They even let him join them on their little adventure. But…

Lesson 53:

Never fully trust anyone.

But he can’t.

He just… can’t.

“I can’t sleep, so I decided to take a walk”

He hates how easily the lie rolls off his tongue.

“And you just conveniently stumble upon this exact clearing?”

“… Yeah?” Ranboo says, unable to find the reasons for that strange look on Dipper’s face “Is there anything wrong?”

A pause, then…

“Nothing” the brunette shakes his head “Let’s just go back”


He follows after his new friend, a strange feeling crawling on his back.

“Is there anything wrong with that statue?”

The question slips off out of his mouth, and Ranboo instantly claps a hand on his mouth.

Prime! What was he thinking? It’s clearly something Dipper doesn’t want to talk about. That was so insensitive of him!

He should just apologize, then…

“It is Bill Cipher’s statue.”

The shorter’s voice cuts through his thought like a knife.

He blinks.

“… Who…?”

“The Dream Demon that tried to take over the world last year.”


Ranboo gasps, feeling something inside his head click into place.

Of course, Dream Demon.

How could he forget?

The very being that started it all.

He has to-


Once again, Dipper’s voice snaps him out of his daze.


He must have looked so strange, standing still like that.

“Sorry” he says, unable to conceal the giddiness in his tone “I zoned out. Let’s go home, shall we?”

Ranboo hurries his step, wanting nothing but shoving his face into researching and finally uncover all of this mystery.

He never catches the suspicious glance threw after him.

Chapter Text


Ranboo takes a deep breath, knocking on metal surface. A loud ‘come in!’ can be heard from the other side, and he opens the grey door with a long freak.

Wilbur is standing at his usual spot by the windowsill, yellow sweater stained with blue and daze brown eyes reflected by sunlight. There’s a bright smile on pale face, complete opposite to the bland white room.

“Boo! I miss you so much!” he beams “I didn’t think you would come”

“Of course I come, Will” he gives him a soft smile, hoping it would hide his unease “I promised, didn’t I?”

Unconsciously, Ranboo tenses.

He won’t. He knows he won’t. He has seen it, after all. The shallow shell of an empty promise, oh so easily fragile. The hallow love held by tangled lies, locked and chained behind an iron heart.

He hates it.

But he understands.

It hurts, it hurts so much, to be with someone else but still so alone, to look at the one you love with all of your beings and see nothing but a stranger.

If someone who has only known Wilbur for 4 years like him can have his heart twist apart, he doesn’t know how Phil, their father, the person who loves so deeply, who raised them and watched them grow day by day would feel.

He just wishes his dad was a little stronger, then maybe Techno wouldn’t always look so tired, then maybe faking a smile would be much easier.

Ranboo immediately scolds himself for daring to think so. How ungrateful can he be? Phil has taken him in when he was young and naive and has nowhere to go. He must be such a spoilt child to demand even more things from his savior.


Wilbur’s voice snaps him out of his turmoil, and he blinks as the brunette opens his palm, revealing some strange blue powder.

“You look a little sad there” his brother says “Do you want some blue?”

The teenager quickly gathers himself, pushing all of his worry and self-hatred into a box, locks it up and throws the key into the void, choosing to put on a strained smile.

“I’m fine” his voice is carefully blank “Just a bit tired. What did you say again?”

As expected, the man instantly abandons the previous topic, grinning.

“How is everyone at home?”

“Tubbo is fine. He re-enrolls in college just last week. Tommy… Tommy is getting better.”he isn’t, but his sibling doesn’t need to know that “Techno is trying to get a psychology degree, and Phil’s traveling overseas for a business trip.”

“A business trip?” Wilbur repeats, furrowing his eyebrow “Again?”

“Y-Yeah. The hospital fee is higher than he thought, so he must try his best to cover the cost.”

The lie tastes like ash on his tongue.

He ignores it.

“I see” the older hums innocently, and Ranboo stifles the guilts weighing heavily in his stomach “And how about you?”

He blinks.

How about me?”

“Yeah!” the older says “Has you finally found a cure to your sleepwalking?”


Ranboo’s surprised he even remembers it.

“You can say that.” Eventually, he answers “Niki just recommended me a rather effective calming tea. It works like wonder”

“Ah, Niki. Always a mother hen.”

“Yeah, she is” he replies “What’s about you? Anything interesting’s happening?”

His brother instantly brightens, starts rambling about anything and everything. About the new piece of music he’s trying to write. About the books Techno lends him. About the little spider in the corner of his bed which he has taken to name ‘Friend’.

And Ranboo just sits there, letting Wilbur’s voice washes over him like a warm blanket. This is familiar. This is comforting. This is the voice that calmed him after a panic attack and told his bedtime story every time he had a nightmare.

Moment like this makes him glad that he hadn’t followed Phil, hadn’t given up on his family.

“-And then she climbs on my palm. On my palm! Isn’t she such a cutie?”

The teenager lets out a chuckle, nodding along.

“I’m sure she is”

“Speaking of cuties” he beams innocently “How Sally the salmon?”

Ranboo freezes.

“Wilbur, you…”

“I’m what?”

You killed her.

Ranboo remembers now. That’s what he was thinking about when he met the Pines Twins for the first time. He was thinking about Wilbur.

Wilbur’s pet salmon, Sally, was Wilbur’s obsession. He could never get enough of Sally.

You put her in your palm and squeezed until her gut splattered on your hand.

You took the fish that your father gifted you, that you cherished more than anything and destroyed her with a smile on your face.


“Say it, Boo” his brother smiles, but it’s so wrongwrongwrong “Unlike me, you remember, right, so why are you hesitating?”

Ranboo doesn’t say anything.

He can’t say anything.

The older man seems to realize this, too, because he chuckles darkly.

“Ah, dear brother, ever the coward” he grins this is not Wilbur. This is not Ranboo’s brother. “Only able to stand back and do anything, aren’t I right?”

And he can only stare.

Stare as his sibling’s face melts into blue. Stare as manic eyes lit up with red. Stare as hands and hands and hands in white grasping yellow sweater, clawing and crawling and dragging Wilbur into the darkness.

He can only stare.

Why can’t he do anything?

“You let them take me away” he’s still talking stop shut up shut up SHUT UP “You hear me scream for help, and yet still let them take me away”

It’s not true!

He wants to deny. He wants to scream. He wants to grab his brother and save him from those damn people in white that damn hospital.

But he can’t.

There’s puppet strings wrapping themselves around him, bind and strangle and shimmering green and he can’t move can’t breath can’t talk no no no no-!

And as darkness completely engulfs one of the people he loves more than anything, all he can hear is-

“You let me die, Ranboo”






Ranboo startles awake.

For a moment, he just lays there, staring at the ceiling, sweats trickling down his chin.

And everything crashes in at once.

He chokes, a silent scream tears his throat open. His heart is beating and his limbs are trembling and why can’t he breath why why why-

He doesn’t cry, no, he’s too much of a coward for that.

And yet, more than ever, Ranboo wishes he could,

It would be so much easier then.

But he can’t.

So he can only bury his face into the pillow, muffling all of his screams and cries and hiccups.

It’s not fair.

It’s not fair that his family has to go through this. This pain and fear and whatever that forsaken syndrome is. It’s not fair that Phil doesn’t come home anymore and Techno has to put up a strong front and Wilbur get locked up in that terrible, terrible place and Tommy has become unresponsive completely still inside his room and Tubbo must flinch at every loud noise and-

It’s not fair.

It’s just not fair.


Why must they deserve it?

… Why?

If he wants an answer, he must do it himself.

And for his family, for the people who he loves oh so deeply…

He will do anything.

Chapter Text

• R A N B O O •

~ F L A S H B A C K ~


He freezes, hand hovers a mere inch from the doorknb.

He doesn't need to turn back to know who it is.

"... Tubbo"

For a moment, there is silence. Silence that wraps its hand around his neck and chokes until he can't breathe. Silence that weights inside his stomach like heavy lead, cold and sickening.

And then-

"You are going to leave"

He knows.

Of course he knows.

Despite his best effort, Ranboo ought to slip sooner than later. There's no way someone hasn't seen the corkboard hidden behind his closet, the journal buried deep inside his backpack or the light peaking from his room every restless night staring at the computer.

He just...

He just wishes he could go without any confrontation.

Without seeing that abandoned look inside his family's eyes.


His voice is bitter. Pained.

Something inside Ranboo twists.

"You know why, Tubs"

Tubbo is smart, he must have seen it too.

The way Tommy's eyes lose their life.

The way Wilbur smiles so emptily.

The way Techno whithers away.


The way their family falls apart.

"Then you can take me too" his brother whispers, almost pleading "Why must you leave me behind?"

Oh, he wants to.

He wants to so badly.

Because it is scary. To leave the people he has lived with for a whole 4 years. To go through all of this alone.


"Then who will take care of Tommy?"

He hears the moment Tubbo's breath hitches.

"Techno can-"

"Techno has had enough on his plate already" Ranboo says, clutching the straps of his backpack "He can't, not without completely destroying himself"

No response.

Perhaps, a part of the younger has known...

There's no other choice.

"Don't worry" he smiles. It's strained "I'll come back, no matter what"

"... Promise?"

"Tommy would hunt me down to the end of the Earth and kill me otherwise, wouldn't he?"

His sibling giggles.

It sounds wet and broken.

"He would"

Ranboo takes a deep breath, turning around.

And staring at Tubbo's tear-stricken face.

Without a word, he opens his arms.

Instantly, the brunette slams himself into his embrace, nearly knocking him over.

He doesn't say anything, just silently stroking those chestnut brown curls.

"This is not farewell" he whispers softly "It's 'See you again'"

"... Stay safe"

"I will"

It will be hard. It will be lonely.

But as he stands there, family inside his arms, he knows.

Everything will be okay.

Chapter Text

• T U B B O •

"Good afternoon, Tommy!"

Tubbo chirps, setting a tray of food on the bedside table.

There's no response.

It's okay. He didn't expect any.

"Phil is going to come home tomorrow. Isn't it nice? And Techno-" the brunette suppresses an unexplained, involuntarily shiver at his brother's name "Techno finally got his license now! He said with it, he could help us so much better"

He pauses, as if waiting for the familiar "I don't need help! I'm a Big Man!"



He feels his face falters, just a little, before the bright smile comes back.

"The doctor said we could visit Wilbur next week. And maybe we can bring Niki and Eret too! It will be so much fun!"


"Speaking of, I heard Niki has reopened her bakery. Puffy and Jack also helped. I'm glad. It would be great to taste her awesome pastries again"


"Bad and Skeppy have yet another breakup. Seriously, this is the third time this week. How argumentative can they be?"


"Punz and Purpled have gone back to business. Personally, I want them to rest a little bit more. But their choice, I guess."


"Jschlatt... Well, Jschlatt is just as usual. That annoying, alcoholic bastard. And he drags Quackity alone, too. Still... It's nice to see someone hasn't changed"


"Fundy... Fundy still hasn't talked to us... I don't understand. Did I do anything wrong?"


"Karl has finally achieved his dream of becoming a librarian... Do you remember? You have always called him a nerd for wanting to do so..."


"Goerge and Sapnap... They haven't woken up yet... They're just like you, so unresponsive... It's terrifying..."


"And Ranboo hasn't come home, either... Even if summer is about to end..."


"Hey... Tommy..."


"I'm scared..."


"What if you stay like this forever...?"


"What if Ranboo doesn't come back...?"


"What if everything falls apart...?"


"Please... Answer me..."

"Say something..."




"... I miss you..."

Something wet slips down his chin, and Tubbo blinks.


He's crying.

Hot, salty liquid slowly trickles from chocolate brown eyes, landing on unresponsive arm with a patter.

How embarrassing.

Even since he woke up, he has never cried.

Not in front of others, at least.

Only in the safety of his room does he let the dam break, sobbing and hiccuping and screaming into the silence of the night.

He has to be strong.

For his family.

But he even fails at that now.

Just like how he fails everyone.

A foreign hand softly touches his face, gently wiping the tears away.

Tubbo feels his heart skips a beat.

"Tommy, you..."

Are you comforting me?

The blond doesn't say anything, doesn't even show a single sign that he has been listening.

But his hand is there, warm against his skin.

And Tubbo...

Tubbo can't choke back a cry.

Tommy has moved, Tommy has become responsive, that means...

That means he can get his best friend back!

He has to tell Techno! And Wilbur! And Ranboo! and maybe even Phil! And-! And-!


Shakily, he cubs the pale, ashen hand inside his palms, leaning into the rare comfort.

And he smiles. Truly smiles.

The first time in a long time.

"... Thank you"


“Woah!” Tubbo says excitedly, clasping a hand over his mouth “This is so awesome!”

Their new friend chuckles, colorful strings dickering around him, twisting into various shimmering animals that in through the air.

Even Tommy, being who he is, can admit this is kind of cool (only kind of, though, because he is much, much cooler than this!)

“I’m glad you like it” their companion smiles softly “Do you want to touch them?”

Tubbo gasps.

“I can do that?!”

“Of course you can. They are my creations after all” he moves a yellow little bee closer to the 6-year-old “Say hello to Mr. Buzzbuzz~”

Without a second thought, the boy wastes no time to bury his face into the seemingly very soft material, making noises of content. Tommy can’t help the wave of jealousy rising inside. He wants to play too! But he can’t put down the book, because then their newest addition will disappear! And he doesn’t want it at all!

Luckily, the magician has noticed his struggle, because he suddenly finds a red raccoon snuggling against his cheek.

Tommy makes an annoyed face, but the coo he makes completely betrays it.

And he definitely does not snuggle back! Nope! What are you talking about?

His friends just chuckle. Bastard, all of them.

“Toms! Tubs!” a familiar voice cuts through the air “Where are you?”

Tommy freezes, and he knows Tubbo does the same.

It’s Phil.

This is not good. Not good at all. If Pa finds him, he will find out about the book, and he will know they had sneaked into his study. Which is strictly prohibited. Oh god, what if Phil gets mad? What if he throws him away because he is such a worthless burden, just like Mom and Dad? What if-?

“Calm down” a gentle voice snaps him out of his turmoil “If you want to hide from your father, I can help”

Tommy looks at him, trying hard not to look hopeful.


“Really! All you have to do…” Dream smiles “is to make a deal with me”

Chapter Text

“Dipper, I don’t know about this…”

“Mabel, this is for the best. Do you want something like Weirdmageddon to happen again?”

“Of course not! But still, preaching his privacy like this… Are you sure it’s not just paranoia?”

“It’s not paranoid if they’re out to get you”

Mabel swallows, hovering nervously as her brother rummaging the dual-colored bag.

She doesn’t want to do this, not at all. She likes Ranboo! He’s a kind boy. And she likes his kitty. And he lets her braid his hair. And…

And apparently, he has a strange interest in Dream Demons.

The girl almost doesn’t want to believe that at first. Shy, sweet Ranboo? The cutesy who can’t say no for his own good?

But Dipper says so.

And she has no reason to doubt her own brother.

It’s just… It doesn’t feel right, doing something like this.

But she understands.

Because she still wakes up at night, tears running down her cheeks and a cry stuck in her throat. Because the very sight of her reflection makes she wants to scream in disgust and smash the mirror into pieces.

Because some nights, Dipper still tries his best to stay awake, as if he’s afraid of the nightmares constantly haunting him. Because even if he’s smiling, there’s nothing joyful inside his eyes.

Because they can’t go through something like that anymore.

Not again.

Dipper lets out a little ‘ah-hah!’, holding out a leather-bound book, strapped in golden chain and a heavy lock.

Plastering across its front, wide and proudly, is the phrase ‘Do not read’.

… That doesn’t sound ominous at all.

With a little tinkering (and a hairpin), her brother has opened the lock, flipping the book open.

Mabel peers over his shoulders, hoping against all hope that this isn’t what she thinks.

Fate has never been so kind.

Pictures, so many pictures, pinned and glued and stitched into weathering pages. There’s a triangular glass window, a strange-looking circle, a crudely drawn smiley face, and…

A statue.

A very familiar statue.

Her stomach twists.


—— Entry Date 6, 12, 2013

Dream demon. Named Bill Cipher? Dipper seems uneasy. Refuse to elaborate. The page’s written. Loud and clear. I should come back tomorrow. I wonder, what is that haunted look on his face?



With shaky hand, her twin flips the page.


——Entry Date 6, 16, 2013

I found a cave yesterday. The drawing has faded, but the vague image of a triangular shape is still visible. I will be looking more into this.



And another.


——Entry Date 6, 17, 2013

I suddenly notice how most of the Mystery Shack’s windows resemble the Dream Demon, and some objects, too. Is there a connection? Stanford has a secret laboratory downstairs. Should I sneak into it? But I don’t want to cross any boundaries. No. This might be the only lead I have.



And another.


——Entry Date 6, 19, 2013

I found it.

I found the summoning circle.

It’s time.

I can finally fix my family.




——Entry Date 6, 21, 2013

I miss everyone. I want to go home.

I can’t

I can’t stray from the path.

Not again.

I have to find out why Tommy hasn’t woken up yet. I have to figure out why I can’t remember anything from when I was fifteen. I need to find a way to get Wilbur back to normal.

I want to go home.



The book falls on the ground with a loud clatter.

Some words are crossed out, but Mabel doesn’t need them to know the truth.

Ranboo has been lying to them the whole time.

He is trying to bring Bill back.

“… Guys…?”

A familiar voice rings through the air.

Ranboo’s voice.

As sudden as a hammer, tension strikes upon them.

For a moment, no one says anything.

Multicolored eyes lock on with chocolate brown one.

And then…

“You lied.”

Like fragile glass, the silence shatters.

“… What do you mean?” his voice is soft. Unsure “Did I do anything wrong?”

“It’s time to drop your facade.” Dipper scoffs “I know what you want, Ranboo. I know what are you planning to do.”

Mabel sees the moment realization dawns on his face.

And she sees the moment those eyes harden.

“Dipper” there is something there. Something pained and bitter “Did you read my book?”

“I did. And I’m glad I have done so” the brunette hisses “How could we find out about your true natures otherwise?”

A pause.



Mabel feels herself flinch back.

Because Ranboo…

Ranboo is crying.

His face releases steam off of his cheeks. He had a look of betrayal in his eyes.

“I got to attached.” He said before turning around.


She tries to call out. To do something. Anything.

But she isn’t fast enough.

And he runs.




Ranboo is crying.

He doesn’t care.

He just runs and runs, past the forestry, cold winds whipping against his face and sharp rocks dig into his shoes.

Was he being delusional?

Was he being too hopeful?

Was he an idiot for thinking a freak like him would ever manage to make friends?

He should have learned. Should have listened. Should have known that the only people he needs in this world are his family. And this, this his the consequence.

In the end, he only has no one to blame but himself.

His foot catches something and he stumbles, slamming face-first into wooden surface.

He wonders why it stings this painfully.

Ranboo doesn’t get up. He doesn’t have the energy to. He curls into a ball, leaning against the tree trunk.

He learned his lessons now.

He would never, ever love anyone else. Only his family. Only the close-knit of people that have taken him in and accepted who he really is. Only them.

Who cares about Mabel.

Who cares about Dipper.

They only wanted to use him. To trick him into thinking they’re friends and then throw him away when it’s convenient. He doesn’t love them, and he never will.

So why does it hurts so much?

The teenager bites back a hiccup, feeling another drop of tear rolling down his cheeks. It burns, no different from lava on his skin.


Something rubs against his knees, and Ranboo nearly jumps, only realize the animal just in time.


The feline meows again, licking his gloved fingers.

The dual-haired blinks.

“Are you… comforting me?”

Enderchest just purrs.

A giggles bursts from his mouth, it’s weak, and it’s tearful, but it’s there.

Ranboo slowly cradles the small cat, burying his face into soft fur.

“…Thank you”

His little friend meows back.

He doesn’t know how long they sit there, bathing in the comforting presence of each other, but when his eyes dry and his limbs stop trembling, the sun has already set.

He should get his bag back from the twins.

The teenager resists a sign. This is going to get messy.

He stands up, wincing a little from the pain searing through his legs.

That fall must have taken a lot more than he thought.

Limping, he strolls through the forest, leaning against the trees for support, and Enderchest…

Wait, where is Enderchest?

Ranboo snaps his head back, just in time to realize the familiar form slithering through a nearby bush. With a yelp, he quickly follow after it.

What’s with his friend today? Did he see a fairy and get distracted?

He hopes not. The forest is dangerous at night. The little tabby may get hurt.

Heart twisting with worry, he doesn’t pay any attention to his surrounding.

That is his first mistake.

He puts his foot down, expecting it to catch the ground.

Only to meet nothing.

He realizes this a moment too late.

Without any balance, he falls into a ravine, arm snaps out to grasp a branch just in time.

Hesitantly, he takes a look at what’s below.

Ranboo swallows.

It’s a river.

A river filled with water.

And his second mistake…

He feels his eyes widen as the very feline leads him into this situation boredly grooms himself on the exact cliff he just falls off.

“Ender… chest…?”

Said cat titles his head, looking at him with emerald green eyes.

A pair of familiar emerald green eyes.

Is trusting someone else.


Dream’s eyes.




Chapter Text

• R A N B O O •

It is raining.

Ranboo presses his face against the car's window, giggling every time one playful droplet hits the glass surface.

Rain is the sky's cheerful melody that never fails to cheer him up when he's upset. Rain is the pretty dance of little critters that he would never be able to see otherwise.

But most importantly, rain is his father's warm embrace as he slowly calms him down from a particular nasty thunderstrike. Rain is his crooked, yet gentle hands guiding him as they're twirling under a shower of rainfall, laughing and grinning with each other.

Rain is nice. Rain is fun and rain is kind.

"Well, aren't you such a happy little boy?"

A familiar teasing voice reaches his ears, and the 10-year-old beams at the tan face of Edward Beloved.

"Of course I'm happy!" he says cheerfully "Papa finally lets me go with him on a Haunt now!"

The black-haired man rolls his eyes, but there's a fond smile on scarred face.

Ranboo resists a pout. He can't help it! Papa's adventures sound so cool, but he never lets him come along before. Apparently, he was 'too young', even if a mage is supposed to perform at least a Haunt at the age of 7.

But the little boy is not surprised. He knows what happened to his mother. She was a well-known hunter, one feared and respected by many others, and yet, she was killed by a Mob when she was still 25.

Papa understands how dangerous a Hunt can be, so he is hesitant to allow him on one.

He just hopes Papa believes him a little more.


He remembers their carefree laughter, bouncing between the walls and eventually melt into the steady pitter-patter of the rainfall.

He remembers his father's warm smile, as bright as the sun and yet as gentle as the moonlight.

He remembers the excitement inside his chest, swelling like a little balloon, ready to burst open.


There was rumbling.

There was rumbling then screaming and crying and then...

Then, there was nothing

Only him.

Only him, on that empty cliff, alone.

His father is nowhere to be seen.

"Pa... pa..?" the little boy shakily asks.

His shaky voice drifts into the lightless night.

No one answers.

The endless ocean remains silent, its colorless surface staring at him, no different from a mocking smile, laughing at his helplessness.


He remembers the fear gripping his heart as a crash of dirt and rubbers slamming against their car, straight into the hungry ocean.

He remembers his father's familiar magic, shoving him from harm's way.

He remembers watching, watching and watching and only watching as the car slowly sinking away, unable to do anything.

He remembers.


But he has never wanted to remember.



Charcoal smile and porcelain head, baring straight into his soul.

"Because remembering is painful" the 10-year-replies, face blank and eyes empty "Because remembering means reliving that pain every single day, and I'm not strong enough for that"

He has never been.

"Then why don't you just resurrect him?" the demon asks, curiosity leaking over the edge "That would be easier, surely? No brain memory loss, no unexplained terror..."

"I'm a mage. I know how dangerous necromancy can be. And..." for the first time, his voice breaks "And I don't want to break a promise with dad"

He has broken one.

He'd rather not break another.

"I see" a hum "So, do we have a deal?"

Ruby eyes lock on with abyss orbs.

Carefully masked face on unreadable one.

And he nods.

"We have a deal"




Ranboo wakes up with a scream.

Instantly, he is pulled into a tight embrace, hands wrapping around his body as if trying to shield him from this cruel, cruel world.

It’s warm, and it’s kind.

Like Edward’s.

Like Papa’s.

Normally, he would panic.

Normally, he would pull away.

This is not normally right now.

So he buries his face into green fabric, and he cries.

He cries, for the pain is too much to bear.

He cries, until his eyes go numb.

He cries, because he remembers.

“There, there” a warm hand gently wipes his tears away. Through the blurry veil on his eyes, he can see the familiar face of one Philza Minecraft “Let it all out. It’s okay. You’re safe. It’s okay. Dream can’t hurt you now”


His mind screeches into a halt.

“How do you…?”

How do you know that name?

And why is he here, in Gravity Falls?

His voice is weak and teary. Luckily, his father can still hear it.

It stings, the word ‘father’, like someone has drilled into his heart with a needle.

Ranboo pointedly ignores it.

Phil gives him a smile, but it looks so sad, and so, so tired.

“I would love to tell you everything, mate” he whispers, soft and calming “But you have had a long day, haven’t you?”

Oh, right.

He fell into the river.

True, he is safe now, inside his father’s embrace and with a blanket drapes over his shoulder, but…

But thinking back about the cold slowly seeping into his bones, about drifting further and further into the darkness and about struggle and thrash and kick and scream but still no one no one comes he can’t escape he-

Did Papa feel just like this, sinking into an ocean of pain and helplessness? Did he fight back, or did he let the current take his last breath away with resignation?

The dirty blonde can’t help but shiver.

Phil seems to notice, because he ruffles his hair comfortingly.

“Come on, take a nap. It’ll make you feel better”

But what if he has another nightmare?

The boy doesn’t think his mind can stand it anymore.


He doesn’t want to bother his father.

He doesn’t want to be left behind. Not again.

So instead, Ranboo nods, leaning into Phil’s chest.

Slowly, he drifts into sleep.




Ranboo opens his eyes.

And they’re bright purple.

Chapter Text

• D R E A M •

Dream still remembers that day.
The day everything he has ever loved or held dear got consumed by a raging flame. The day green strings snapped and he saw his universe crumbled into dust.
He remembers curling into his brother’s embraced, tiny hands wrapping around his fragile body as they tried their best to protect each other from the ugly inferno.
He remembers the fear and terror behind his parents’ eyes, screaming and thrashing as darkness dragged them further and further away.
He remembers laughing.
He remembers laughing and laughing and laughing until the cries stuck inside their throat become muffled, until they both passed out from pain and exhaustion.
He remembers falling asleep.

Dream doesn’t think he has woken up yet.


“Daydreaming again, Smiles?”
The blob titles his head, charcoal eyes gleaming at the golden triangle floating above.
“Well. At least it’s better than staring into space, right?”
“What’s else do you want me to do?” his ally whines “I’m so bored~~~ Have you finished playing with that flesh bag yet?”
“Oh?” he snickers playfully “Never had I imaged there would be a day where the almighty Bill Cipher got bored of messing with pitiful mortals”
“Don’t blame me for wanting revenge. I’m itching to get my hand on those arrogant Pines family already” he pauses, a manic glint flashing through cat-slitted eye “Hey, you reckon I can cut off their heads and keep them in a painful half-alive state until the end of eternity? My screaming heads collection is getting rather bare”
“Again? That trick is aged-old now, Dorito” he signs “Think of something news, won’t you?”
“I’ll do that when your stupid puppet manages to free me”
Dream grins.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want”
He reaches into his connection, where a lovely little doll is strolling deeper and deeper into the forest.
Where a certain statue lays.

Chapter Text

• P •

Once upon a time, there was a little boy with a big dream.
He yearned for adventures, for anything and everything the world got to offer. He yearns for freedom, for a pair of wings that will carry him across the vast sky.
He yearned to escape the golden gilded cage he was locked inside, to be something more than a pretty little mage who would do whatever his parents said.
And escape, he did.
The little boy bursts open his chain with a battle cry, feathers stained with ash and death laid upon his wake. He reached for the clouds far above, and the cloud reaches back.
And his dream suddenly was no longer a dream.
From the forgotten temples sunken deep beneath the sea to the snowy mountains constantly filled with deadly blizzards. From the ancient tomes covered in sand and the underworld bubbling in lava. Nowhere. There was nowhere that he hasn’t been.
And before he knew it, the little boy wasn’t little anymore. He had grown into a fine young man with battle scars littered across his skin but a fire of life inside his eyes.
Then the young man met a beautiful woman whose hair was made of the night and heart made of death, and he fell in love.
Love was such a foreign feeling, a typhoon of happiness and jealousy and sadness, and he was just a broken man, a helpless victim against this whirlwind of conflicted emotions.
Luckily, his beloved was there to guide him along the way.
They settled down. They rested their wings and vowed to spend the rest of their life together. There were tears, and there was pain, but at the end of the day, he had never regretted his decision.
But everything had to come to an end.
His beloved got pregnant.
And he would have joy, would have celebrated, if only it wouldn’t have killed her..
Because a human’s body wasn’t supposed to contain magic, and inside his beloved’s belly, two little mages were growing day by day.
She had accepted it, had prepared to die.
But he hadn’t.
The man knew he would never be the same after losing her.
So he made a deal.
He had two sons, after all, what’s the matter if he lost one of them?
It pained him, but losing his wife would destroy him.
And the devil took away one of his sons.
Yet, he made a miscalculation.
He was able to stand the death of his own blood, but his beloved didn’t.
And, bearing the loss of her child, the poor woman slowly withered away.
A little boy saw his mother’s pain, and he decided to make a decision.
He would bring his brother back, even at the cost of himself.
So the devil took away his second son.
The child he once sacrificed come back, but he didn’t do it right.
Nothing but the ghost of his past self, he greeted his mother with an empty smile and decaying mind.
His beloved couldn’t do it anymore.
To a mother, there was nothing more devastating than losing her own baby.
And she had experienced it twice.
So she begged God to be able to see her children, one last time.
And the devil took his last family away.
Alone and left behind, the man realized his mistakes a little too late.
His hands are stained with the blood of his loved ones, and there was a hole inside his heart that nothing can quite fill.
He screamed until his throat bleed. He cried until his eyes were gone dry.
And on that day, he vowed to himself.
To get back what was his.
To repent for his sins.
And to take revenge against the monster who had destroyed it all.
Even if it meant playing with the devil at his own game, then so be it.

Chapter Text

• T O M M Y •

Why can’t he move?

Why can’t he wake up?


What had happened?

He doesn’t remember.

Tommy, his name is Tommy.

And Tubbo, he has to save Tubbo.

But he can’t move. Why can’t he move?!

He can hear someone crying. Sniffling being the only sound in the near silent room. He wants to comfort him.

Why is Tubbo crying?

Tommy wants to move, he wants to move to comfort his best friend. The only thing he can do is twitch his finger.

He lifts his arm, using all of his strength to put it on Tubbo’s cheek to wipe his tears.

“Tommy…?” Tubbo whispered, leaning into his hand. “Tommy! Tommy are you awake?!”

Tommy couldn’t answer. As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t. Why couldn’t he move, or talk at least? He wanted Tubbo to know that he was okay.

The only thing he could do was smile. Softly, almost not there. He slightly hummed, trying to let Tubbo know that he was awake.

“Tommy! Tommy you’re awake!” Tubbo shouted, “You are, aren’t you?” Tommy couldn’t answer.

He felt Tubbo’s cheeks rise. He was smiling too!

Hopefully, just maybe, he had given Tubbo that little bit of courage and hope that he needed.

Chapter Text

• G H O S T B O O •

Everything is white.

Well, not everything. Willow trees that had purple leaves surrounded his spot on the ground(?) while everything else was white.

Why was he here again?

The only things he remembered where one; His name is(was?) Ranboo. Two; His family needed to be fixed, to be saved.

Ranboo(?) looked around the white world. It was empty, lifeless except for himself and the willow trees. He doesn’t remember willow trees being purple, but that’s okay. He doesn’t remember most things either way.


He tested his name out on his tongue. It didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like his name.

“Hello ghost.”

A voice sounded out behind him, echoed because of the emptiness.

“Me?” Ranboo replied, turning around.

The man behind him was obviously shorter than himself. A green hoodie that had the hood up with jeans and a strange mask that had a smile face on it. Holsters for what ‘Ranboo’ supposed were knifes were strapped to his legs.

“Yes, you. Idiot.”

‘Ranboo’ decided that he already didn’t like the other.

“My name is Dream. I’ve come to make a deal.” The man, who was now known as Dream said. He walked towards ‘Ranboo’ with pride in his step.

“Why did you call me ghost?” Ranboo asked the other as he came closer.

Dream chuckled, low and menacing. “Isn’t it obvious? You’re dead! Just look at yourself.”

‘Ranboo’ looked down at his own body. He was wearing what seemed to be a black and white sheet over his head that had a singular red and green spot on it, which looked like it was bleeding.


“Yes.” Dream was looking directly into his eyes, ‘Ranboo’ could feel it.

“Like I said, I’ve come with a proposal.” ‘Ranboo’s’ interest was peaked.

“There’s a man named Wilbur,” ‘Ranboo’ remembered someone named Wilbur, although he couldn’t remember who they were.

Why can’t he remember?

“He’s stuck somewhere, and at the moment he is unable to escape.” Dream continued. “If you get him for me, I will bring you back to life and awaken Tommy.”

“Tommy, what a familiar name.” ‘Ranboo’

“Yes. He is your brother.”

A memory, no, two memories passed through his mind. One of his little brother Tommy and another of…

His father?

Chapter Text

• G H O S T B O O •

When Ranboo’s father had been revived, he was…


Different as in the sense that he looked different. He acted different to.

His eyes, they had that gleam of terror in them that had shown that he had seen things. Terrible, horrible things. His face, he never smiled, never laughed.

Ranboo didn’t like this side of him.

And Tommy. Ranboo had never found out what had happened to Tommy. Tubbo had been secretive about it and Tommy wasn’t awake to tell him.

So, that brought ‘Ranboo’ to the question;

Was it really worth it?

To be revived, to live again? He wanted Tommy to wake up but then again he had questions like why Dream even wanted Wilbur out, and why he would want ‘Ranboo’ to do it for him when he was MORE than capable to do it himself.

Ranboo was thinking, it was all he could seem to do now.

“Well, do we have a deal?”

Dream interrupted his decision making.

“Can I have a few days to decide? Can U call you back once I’ve decided?”

‘Ranboo’ noticed that his voice had turned echoed and hollow, almost like…

A ghosts.

While Dream looked annoyed at this, he sighed and handed him a note with instructions on it.

“Once you’ve decided, summon me with that.” He said, his form fading away. ‘Ranboo nodded.

“Okay, Dream.”

Chapter Text

• G H O S T B O O •

‘Ranboo’ had lost almost all sense of time by then, being in the white void surrounded by the willow trees.

‘Ranboo’ was tiered of it.

He summoned Dream again, using some strange wheel that was on the paper that he had been given.

Green light flashed in the white void. ‘Ranboo’ covered his eyes to keep the light from hurting his eyes(though it barely helped.)

“So, you’ve made your decision?” Dream’s voice sounded. ‘Ranboo’ nodded.

“Revive me, and wake up Tommy. I will get Wilbur.” He stuck out his hand. “That’s what the deal was, right?”

Although he couldn’t see it over the mask that Dream had on, he could feel the other smirking at him. Staring him down so hard that, if it was possible, he would melt.

Dream took his hand, and a green fire wrapped around their hands. Dream laughed.

“Good choice, Ranboo.”

From thin air, Dream pulled out a book. It was shining purple, although ‘Ranboo’ could see that the real color was a brown leather.

The same way the book appeared, a quill pre-dipped in ink appeared as well. Dream opened the book, wrote something in it, and closed it.

“You will be revived in less than ten seconds.” Dream said, disappearing just like he did the first time.

‘Ranboo’ instantly felt like his insides were burning. He hunched over, screaming his lungs out.


“Welcome back, Ranboo!”

Ranboo, yes, that was his name. He remembered now.

Ranboo started coughing like he was choking. Dream did nothing, just watching him.

When Ranboo finally calmed down from his coughing fit, Dream reached a hand out to him.

“I hope you’re ready to go in with your part of the deal, Ranboo.”

Chapter Text

•G H O S T B U R•

Purple eyes glowed in the darkness of the room. Ghostbur knew who it was immediately, the aura of the person tipping him off.

“Ranboo! What a nice surprise!” He beamed, looking up. His eyes scribbled black and bleeding blue.

A ‘vwoop’ sounded out in the white room. Ghostbur cocked his head to the side.

“Ranboo?” Ghostbur whispered, his voice echoed. “That is you, right?”

Ranboo didn’t respond.


As ‘Ranboo’ stepped into the one light in the room, Ghostbur could see that it wasn’t really Ranboo.

The person, if he could even call him that, was split black and white down the middle. His eyes shown purple, and scars ran down the black side of his face. He was wearing dance clothing, a black and white suit with a red and green checkered tie.

This wasn’t Ranboo.

Ghostbur backed up against the white wall, fear running in his veins.

“Who are you?” His voice strained. “What do you want?!” The humanoid keep coming closer to him, more ‘vwroop’ sounds coming from the other.

Ghostbur remembered something…


~F L A S H B A C K~

“Dad?” Wilbur asked as he looked up at his father. His father, who’s name was Phil, was looking at the thing in front of him.

Said thing was black and had green eyes. It was relatively tall, taller than his father(although that wasn’t saying anything. His dad was pretty short.). It was holding something in it’s hands. A mini-version(a child) of itself only half of it’s face was white. It was sleeping

“Yes, yes I’ll take him.” Phil’s hands reached out towards a bundle of cloth in the stranger’s hands. The stranger willingly handed it over.

“His name is Ranboo.” The stranger said. “Thank you, Ph1lza Minecraft.” Soon after it said that it disappeared in a flash of purple light, leaving behind purple particles.

~F L A S H B A C K O V E R~


It laid a hand in his shoulder, snapping Ghostbur out of his trance. Ghostbur was brave enough to look up at it’s face.

Purple particles surrounded them, and in a flash they were both outside.

Slow clapping sounded out, footsteps came towards them. It took it’s hand off of his shoulder.

“Well done, Ranboo!” A voice said from behind him. Ghostbur recognized it, but from where?

So it was Ranboo…

Ranboo’s eyes flickered back to green and red, not like they had been before when Ghostbur knew him but at least they didn’t have that sickening purple color to them.

“Ghostbur!” The voice said again. Ghostbur turned around to be met with…


The thing that tipped Ghostbur off that it was actually Dream was the mask. The unnerving smile that looked drawn on stared blankly at him.

“Dream…” Ghostbur frowned.

“Ghostbur.” Dream repeated back to him. “I want to offer you a deal.”

Ghostbur hummed. “What kind of deal?”

Although he couldn’t see it behind the porcelain mask, he could feel the smirk that Dream was giving him.

“Ghostbur, don’t take the deal.” Ranboo whispered to him. Ghostbur ignored him for now.

“I will revive you,” Dream said. “If you join me.”

Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

“I think it’s time that we told you about what happened at the psychiatric hospital.” Ford said as he sat down in front of the twins. Mable, who was sitting next to him, bounced her legs in excitement. Stan was sitting beside Ford, his arms crossed as he let out a heavy breath.

“When we got there, we were able to speak with a man who had recovered from the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome named Wilbur.” He pulled a piece of paper, no, a polaroid photo out of his tan trench coat. He handed the photo to the twins, who took it from Ford’s hand excitedly.

The photo showed two boys, both about twenty(20) with their arms over the other’s shoulders. They seemed to be twins, Dipper noticed. One wore a yellow sweater, his hair a fluffy brown. The other had faded, bubblegum pink hair that looked long, and was wearing a plain white shirt. One thing Dipper noticed is that the pink-haired man had tusks poking out of his mouth,

“Who is who?” Mable asked, her legs still bouncing up and down.

“The one in the yellow sweater is Wilbur.” Ford replied. “The other, I’m not sure who he is. I suspect him to be one of his brothers.”

Mable’s eyes lit up like stars. “I love his hair!!” She squealed out.

“Back on topic, Mable.” Stan reminded her. Her smile turned into a line as she sat up as straight as she could.

“Yes, thank you Stanly.” Ford sighed. “Anyways, Wilbur mentioned something about Ranboo, who has been staying here with you.”

Dipper hummed guiltily. “Wellll….” His voice trailed off. “He kinda ran off a day or two ago. We haven’t seen his since.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “He was acting strange so me and Mable went through his stuff and found a book labeled, “do not read.””

“And you read it?” Stan deadpanned. The twins nodded. “Alright then.”

“Yes, but that’s not all.” Ford said, “He mentioned something about a entity named Dream. Something about him being dangerous, a big threat. You two haven’t heard anything, correct?”

Dipper and Mable shook their heads.

The older twins sighed.

“Alright, thank you, children.” Ford rubbed his head. “I think we may need to go back to the psychiatric hospital for some more information.”

“Can we go with you?” Mable beamed. “I wanna meet Wilbur!”

Ford sighed again. “Maybe you’ll have more luck getting more information out of him than we did.” He got up, his back popping with the movement. “Alright, we’re leaving now. Let’s go.”

Chapter Text

•T O M M Y•

Had it been days? Or months? Tommy couldn’t remember.

Since Tommy found the strength to move that one day, he had started getting better. He even opened his eyes one day!

He was getting a lot better, and once he was good enough, he could go with Tubbo and Ranboo and get revenge on Dream!


Just the word alone made him feel sick. Not relating to Dream at all.


Maybe not.

Maybe he won’t get revenge on Dream.

When Tommy finally got to talk with Tubbo again, he had Tubbo fill him in on everything that had happened while he was asleep.

Wilbur was in the psychiatric hospital.

Techno was MIA.

Ranboo had disappeared, not being heard from in months.

Phil hadn’t been home in a few weeks.

Tommy’s heart was broken.

Tubbo had reassured him that everything would be fine. That they would find Techno and both Phil and Ranboo would come home.

He didn’t say anything about Wilbur.


“Tubbo?” Tommy whispered. Tubbo’s attention turned from whatever he had been doing to Tommy.

“Yeah, what’s up boss man?” Tubbo whispered back. Tommy felt like they were small children again, whispering away in the night as to not get caught by Phil and get in trouble for staying up too late.

“Can we go see Wilbur?” He asked, his voice light.

Tubbo’s expression turned grim. “Toms…”

“Tubbo, please! Even if it’s only for a few minutes! I have to know that Wilbur’s okay.” Tommy pleaded.

Tubbo looked down to the carpeted ground. He looked like he was thinking.

“Sure.” Tubbo said. “Do you want to go now?”

Tommy nodded.

And they were off.

Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

“What the hell do you mean, ‘he’s gone?’” Ford slammed his hands on the fake marble counter of the receptionist’s desk.

“He disappeared last night, someone took him from his room. I’m sorry sir, I don’t know any more!” The receptionist looked frightened. Dipper read the metal tag on her chest. It read ‘Niki.’

“Can we see any footage that you have of this then?”

Squeaky wheels sounded from behind them. Dipper turned around to see a boy, about sixteen(16) being pushed in a wheelchair by a smaller child. The one in the wheelchair had a pink hoodie with a golden crown on the chest. His hair was a golden blonde, matching that of the crown on the hoodie.

The boy that was pushing him around had on overalls, bees stitched into them, with a green undershirt. His hair covered his face, and it made Dipper wonder if he could see through his thick hair or not. He noticed scars that covered his hand and part of his face. Dipper internally cringed at how much they looked wrinkled.

“I wonder if they’ll let us see them.” The shorter one murmured.

“Of course they’ll let us see him, Tubbo! He’s our brother.”

The short boy, now dubbed Tubbo, frowned. He didn’t say anything else.

Dipper’s attention turned back to Ford, who had by then calmed himself.

“Yes sir, I’ll take you to the back room.” She then noticed the boys behind us. “May I help these two first?” She asked, looking at Ford.

Ford looked back at them, then looked forward again and nodded.

Niki sighed in relief. “Thank you.” She said, before turning her attention to Tubbo and his brother. “How may I help you?” She asked.

Before Tubbo could get a word out of his mouth, the other spoke. “We wanna see our brother, Wilbur, please!” He said, his leg bouncing.

“Wilbur Soot?” Niki asked. They nodded. “Well, as I told this lot, he’s not here.”

Tubbo stared in shock. “What?! But Phil, Ranboo or me should have been notified immediately if he was being discharged!”

“No, no no no.” Niki attempted to calm down an enraged Tubbo, which proved to be quite difficult. “I attempted to call your father, but when he didn’t answer I called your other brother and he didn’t answer either!”

The other boy looked back and forth between Tubbo, Niki, and the Pines.

“Well, Phil is over seas and Techno is missing right now. Did you think to call anyone else in the family to inform them of this?!” Tubbo was almost screaming now, his face almost red with anger. Niki’s face twisted to one of surprise before going back to being nervous.

“No, I’m afraid that he was taken out of his room.” Niki explained. “We’ve called the police and informed them about this already. I was just about to lead this group to see the camera footage. You could come too if you’d like.”

When Tubbo didn’t answer, his brother spoke for him. “Yes, show us.” He said softly. Dipper noticed that his leg had stopped shaking, and he looked like he was about to fall over.

Niki nodded and gestured them to follow her.

Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

As the Pines and the brothers were lead to a room that was near the back of the building, Dipper couldn’t help but ponder about a few things.

Although, the author is lazy and they will not be laying those things out for the readers.

Once they reached a door with a yellow triangle labeled ‘Staff Only” inside it, Dipper knew that they were in the right place.

“In here. I’m not supposed to be showing you this, so don’t tell anyone okay?” Niki cowered away from the door.

Ford and Stan nodded as they pushed open the door, which reveled a room with a few box televisions and a panel of buttons and switches on a table. The room was empty of any other life forms, other than a mouse-hole in the corner of the room.

The group entered the room, voices silent. Niki had left to presumably go back to the front counter. Ford found a switch on the panel that switched on the televisions. Dipper stepped in beside him to see that all the switches and buttons were labeled.

The rest of the group stepped forward, Tubbo rolled his brother towards the front of the pack to he could see from his seat in the wheelchair.

Ford scanned the panel, and pressed a button that was labeled ‘rewind.’ Below it, was a sliding thingy(Dipper didn’t know what it was called, totally not the author being an idiot). Ford slid it to the left to show footage from a few hours ago.

The screen went dark. Not ‘off’ dark but ‘the room was dark’ off. You could see Wilbur sitting on the floor, his eyes scribbled out by black lines and his skin faded almost grey.

“I don’t remember him looking like this…” Stan murmured. “He looks dead.”

As it if suddenly hit Ford in the face, his breath hitched.

“He told us to call him ‘Ghostbur.’” Ford said, taking off his glasses and aiming his fingers to rub between his eyes. “You don’t think…”

Stan nodded, his face more serious than either Dipper or Mable had ever seen it.

Tubbo’s brother hummed. “Wilby always mentioned hearing voices in his head. While everyone dismissed it as his subconscious, when Techie started hearing voices too things got more serious.” His fingers went to his temples. “He always said that the name of one of the voices was Ghostbur.” He groaned. “It hurts to remember.”

Tubbo’s attention turned fully to his brother. “Tommy, don’t try to remember too much, okay?” He placed a hand on his head. “Here, I may have some aspirin for something-“

Tommy shook his head. “It’s fine, Tubbo! Big men don’t need aspirin.” Tubbo scoffed. Dipper could almost feel his eyes roll.

Dipper’s attention turned back to the screen. Just in time as well, as purple light, two of them, flowed throughout the room.

“Ranboo! What a nice surprise!” Ghostbur said cheerfully. A sound, one that Dipper compared to a portal sound, was made from whatever lights were in the room.

Tommy almost stood up in his wheelchair, although fatigue claimed him and he fell back.

“Ranboo?!” He yelled. “What the hell? That’s not Ranboo!”

Tubbo panicked. “Tommy calm down!”

“Ranboo?” Ghostbur continued from the video feed. “That is you, right?”

The creature didn’t respond.


The creature stepped more towards Ghostbur, into the small light that was shining above him.

It was split down the middle, black and white. He was dressed like he was going somewhere fancy, and as his eyes shown purple you could just see all the fear they held.

Ghostbur stood up and stepped back. “Who are you?” His voice sounded strained, “What the hell do you want?!”

Ghostbur looked like he entered a trance. Just for a few minutes, everything was still other than Ghostbur’s trembling.

It stepped forward again, laying it’s white hand on his shoulder. That was enough to snap Ghostbur out of his thoughts.

Purple partials started to surround the two of them, and suddenly, like that…

They disappeared.

Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

When the group went back to the front desk, they had a ton of questions to ask.

Niki(The receptionist, if you don’t remember) was busy doing something on her computer. Dipper leaned over the counter a few inches to see that she was playing Minecraft.

Ford knocked on the desk. Niki jumped, closing out of the tab that she had open like she had gotten caught stealing candy from a jar in her kitchen. She looked up at Ford.

“I take it everything went well?” She said with a small smile. Ford nodded.

“Yes, although I do have a question.” He said.

Niki nodded. “Go on…”

“Why was Soot in here in the first place?”

Dipper looked back at Tommy and Tubbo to see that they weee sharing a nervous look. He looked forward again to see that Niki was wearing a matching one.

“I’ll explain.” Tubbo spoke up. Attention turned to him as he started to drum his fingers on the handle of the wheelchair.

“One, he squeezed the life out of his favorite salmon, Sally. Literally, she’s dead now.” Dipper’s face twisted into a look of disgust. “And two, he says he has voices in his head! So did Techno when he was around, although Techno’s voices told him to kill people, Wilbur’s were a bunch of pacifists. Unless you count the times when he and Techno were playing tag.” Tubbo explained. “We were going to put Techno in here too, so Wilbur didn’t get lonely, but after Wilbur contracted the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, Techno went missing.”

Ford put his hand on his chin before coming up with an idea.

“You’re brother, his name is Ranboo, correct?”

Tubbo and Tommy gasped. “Yes!” Tommy screeched so loud it could rival a banshee’s. “Yes! We thought he was dead!”

“Well, he was staying with us until just a few days ago.” Ford explained. “He has some information that we need, so I propose a deal.”

Dipper, Mable, Tommy, and Tubbo shuddered.

“If you help us get that information from Ranboo, we’ll help you find all three of your brothers and bring them home safely.”

Tubbo and Tommy seemed to thing for hours.

“It’s a deal.”

Chapter Text

•R A N B O O•

That one snap changed everything…

Ranboo wishes he never took the deal in the first place. He wished that he stayed dead inside that white void that he later learned was called Limbo. His personal hell.

One of the first things that Ranboo had noticed when he was revived was that his appearance had changed. He felt… free? He couldn’t describe it in words, but he felt more powerful in whatever form he had chosen to take. Ranboo didn’t know if the boost of power came from being revived or not, but either way it felt good.

When Ghostbur took the deal, Ranboo had been frozen to his spot on the grass. The promise of revival had been to tempting to give up. Ranboo couldn’t blame him.

When the light finally went away, Ranboo let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

Wilbur’s new appearance was… strange to say the least. He looked like he did when he was alive in the first place, with a few changes. His eyes were blood red like Technoblade’s had been, and some of his skin was green and black with rot.

“Now, Wilbur.” Dream said, picking at his nails. “You’ll join me?”

Wilbur smiled, sadistic and sickening. “Of course I will, Dream.” He laughed, “I always keep up I my promises.”

Ranboo was still frozen to his spot. He felt like crying, but his fear of water even extended towards his tears. He couldn’t cry. Crying would feel like his face would burning, and he would see scars that weren’t really there beneath his eyes.

He cried anyways.

Chapter Text

•T O M M Y•

The Pines, Tommy, and Tubbo reached home.

“Can you tell us more about your family?” Ford asked. “Maybe it will help us find them.”

Tubbo nodded.

He started by telling them about their Dad, Phil. “Phil wasn’t always busy with his work.” Tubbo began. “He used to be a great Dad until Techno disappeared, and he’s been looking for him ever since.” He looked down, putting his scarred hand onto Tommy’s hair, threading it through the golden strands. “He was strange, yes. We moved the America after Techno went missing.” Tubbo paused his movements on Tommy’s hair. Tommy looked up to see his eyes start to water. “Everything changed after Techno went missing…”

“I’ll continue.” Tommy volunteered. “Starting from the twins, Wilbur and Techno. Techno really liked to spar. He always begged Phil to get him into different martial arts classes. He took so many that his schedule was always full!” Tommy let out a small chuckle. “Let’s see, Tubbo didn’t describe what Phil looks like so I’ll do that. He has blonde hair, and blue eyes, and like to wear Japanese styled clothing.” He thought for a second. “Techno, the last time we saw him, had long pink hair, though it was dyed. His actual hair color is brown. He’s tall, like really tall, taller than me and I’m 6’1!” Tommy was about ready to continue, until he got remembered an important detail. “Oh yeah! He has a scar over one of his eyes that makes him partly blind in that eye.”

Ford made a humming sound.

“Wilbur, you know him. He’s partly insane, and you know what he looks like, what he did.” Tommy paused. “Before that he used to on be a musician. Wrote his own songs and everything.” He took out his phone from the pink hoodie pocket and went to Spotify. He pressed play on Wilbur’s profile and “Your Sister Was Right” started playing. “He was the best. He always covered me when I was late and made breakfast for me, and Tubbo, and Ranboo almost every morning.” Tommy smiled in affection.

“Then, Ranboo.” Tommy leaned his head back and laughed openly. “The guy has the worst memory known to man-kind. Or monster-kind. I was only a baby when Phil took him in but I remember that he always has a bad reaction to water, but when we went to the doctor they never said that he was allergic to water.” Tommy sighed. “I’ve been asleep for awhile so I can’t really say much about him, but…” Tommy trailed off. “I still wanna find him.”

Ford nodded. “Okay, that’s a lot to take in.” He looked around, at the rest of the Pines. “We’ll look the hardest we can.”

Then, there was a knock at the door.

Chapter Text

•R A N B O O•

Tears burned Ranboo’s face as he cried. The clouds covering the full moon in the dark of night.

He didn’t know what to do.

Ranboo felt like he hit rock bottom, with no way up.

He had never had a good life. He didn’t know his father, or mother. People always kept secrets from him. Phil, mostly. Phil was always around him, but he acted scared of Ranboo.

That was when he came across someone.

Said someone worked in the shack. He never bothered to learn her name, or what she liked to do in her free time.

But that didn’t matter.

It started to rain, thundering lightly. Ranboo couldn’t care less at this point.

His body started sizzling. He hugged himself tightly as he started at her from a few feet away. Their eyes met, everything silent accept for the rain.

Ranboo decided to break that silence. “You work at the Mystery Shack.” He said. His voice was so soft that you could barely hear it over the rain.

She looked a bit surprised, like she didn’t expect him to know that information.

“What are you?” She asked.

Ranboo had forgotten that he looked like a monster now, duel-welding black and white skin and different colored eyes.

“I died.” He said.

He couldn’t think of anything else to say, except, for “I’m dead.”

“You don’t look dead.”

“You’re right.”

“You said you were dead.”

“Not anymore.”

Ranboo looked at the clouds.

“Why are you smoking?”

“I do that when I touch water.”

“Did you ever learn why?”


“What’s your name?”


The girl looked even more surprised.

“Your that kid that was living in the shack.” She said, pointing at him.

“Yeah.” He responded, hugging himself tighter.

“You look different.”

Ranboo didn’t respond. The rain was soaking him to the core.

He didn’t care anymore.

“You should probably go inside.” He nodded, seeing that he was closer to the shack than he thought.

So he knocked at the door.

Chapter Text

•T O M M Y•

There was a knock at the door.

Tommy didn’t think anything of it, until he looked at the clock above the table and saw that it was nine-thirty(9:30) at night. Then, he looked out the window and only saw the blackness of night, with the acceptation of the full moon’s dim rays.

The door was knocked at again. Everyone was looking at each other in confusion. Dipper eventually got up and opened the door.

He sighed, “It’s probably someone looking for shelter from the rain guys, not some monster who-“

He opened the door.

The creature looked exactly like the one that was on the camera footage at the Psychiatric Hospital. Dipper stared on in shock before stumbling backwards. Ford took out a strange looking gun from inside his trench coat and pointed it at the creature.

Tommy took Tubbo’s hands of the wheelchair and rolled himself towards the door.

“Tommy…” They whispered, so lightly that if he was an inch farther away he wouldn’t have heard it.

“Wilbur called you “Ranboo.”” He said to the creature. They nodded.

“I am Ranboo.” They said, hugging their arms closer to themselves. Tommy, at a closer glance, could see steam rolling off of the creature. He doesn’t remember that happening in the camera.

A memory is sparked, one about Ranboo, human Ranboo. Every time he touched water his skin would burn, like he touched a spark off of the campfire. Tommy hummed.

“I believe you.” He said. Everyone looked at him in shock. “The way your body reacts to water.” Tommy continued. “That’s what gave it away.”

The creature, no Ranboo smiled before putting on a serious face.

“Wilbur has been revived.” He said, stepping in out of the rain. “It was Dream.”

At that word, “Dream” he shut down.

Dream, the one who caused him to miss years of his life.

Dream, the one who Tommy and Tubbo had made the deal with in the first place.







He must have been trembling.

“He revived me too.” Ranboo continued from his previous statement.

Tommy couldn’t believe it. “You died..?!” He attempted to shout, but it gave him too much of a headache.

“Of fall damage.” Ranboo attempted to laugh.

“Who’s Dream?” Ford asked, looking at Ranboo.

Ranboo, who was about to answer, was interrupted by Tommy.

“A Dream Demon.” He answered. “He was the one who took my soul, and stuff.” Tommy looked over at Tubbo, who was sitting down on the floor against the wall.

“I wish we never made that deal…” Tubbo said. “Just to hide from Phil, Tommy. We’re so stupid…”

Tommy wheeled himself over to Tubbo and put a hand in his hair.

“If Dream really is back, we need to take him down.” Tommy said, determined.

Ranboo nodded, “I’ll help.” He said. His body had finally stopped steaming. “I feel like I’m partly the cause of this, so, you know it just feels right to help.” Ranboo gave a small grin.

Both Tommy and Tubbo smiled a long with him.

“We’ll, we’ve kinda had experience with a Dream Demon before.” Mable said, leaning against the table sipping a juice box and acting like she was being cool. “I think we can help too, right?”

Ford agreed. “Yes, we’ll help you with this.” He put the gun back into his coat. “If I may ask though, Ranboo what type of monster are you?”

Ranboo sucked in air through his teeth. “I’m not exactly sure…” he said. “Although, Phil said that he put a glamor or something on me so I look human, just like he put a glamor on his wings and the twins’ hybrid features.”

Tommy was starstruck. “What..?!?!“ He yelled, giving him more of a migraine.

“Oh, he put one in you too, Tubbo.” Ranboo said. “Your actually a ram or, something like that.”

Tubbo was also starstruck. “What the hell.”

Ranboo looked confused. “You don’t know?” He asked.

“Your Dad was JSchlatt.”

Chapter Text

•W I L B U R•

This feeling…

He feel great!

Wilbur felt like he was high on drugs. Like he was flying in the sky with Phil again.

“Welcome back Wilbur.”


Oh yeah, Dream. He remembered now, Dream revived him after he had been broken out of that dreadful place. That…

What was that?

It was a train station, yes. But the aura, one of death that he wouldn’t usually mind, felt overwhelming and sickening. He couldn’t stand it.

“Dream…” Wilbur whispered. It was only then when he realized that he was laying on the ground.

“Now, it’s your turn to honor your part of the deal.” Dream said, giving him his hand to help him up. Wilbur took it in his own and stood shakily to his feet.

“Of course.” He said, voice wobbly. Dream, still hand in hand, took him over to…

A statue?

The statue was in a triangle shape, with a singular eye. A top hat adorned the top, and it had one of it’s hands stretched out, as to shake it with somebody.

“This, is Bill Cipher.” Dream said. “He’s a dream demon, like me.”

Wilbur nodded. “And what do you want to do with him?” He asked.

Dream chuckled. “I’m going to break him out of the stone.”

Wilbur smiled. If this, “Bill Cipher” was truly as chaotic as Wilbur imagined him to be, then he couldn’t wait.

“Shake his hand.” Dream ordered, and who was Wilbur to object?

He stepped forward, swallowing a lump in his throat.

Was he scared?

No, he couldn’t be. He hasn’t been scared since…

Since Techno…


He reached out, but just as he was about to touch the cool stone someone called out.

“Wilbur don’t do it!”

Chapter Text

•T O M M Y•

Those words…

Those damned words…

He never expected that.

When Ranboo said, “Your Dad was Jschlatt.” He thought it was a joke. He thought that he was kidding.

But he wasn’t.

Tubbo, looked even more shocked. His hands were trembling, and he was just staring at the floor.

Then, he got really angry.

“You mean to say, is that alcoholic bastard is my FATHER?!” Tubbo’s voice got progressively louder as the sentence went on, until he was full on yelling. “The one that had a fucking heart attack because he drank too much whiskey just HOURS after Techno tried to execute me, and then went missing?! Is that the one you mean?!”

Tommy looked back and fourth between Ranboo, Tubbo, Dipper, Mable, Stanly, and Ford. For once, Tommy was speechless.

Tubbo then sighed, “Do you know how to undo the spell?”

Ranboo shook his head.

Tubbo got up onto his feet, head down so his hair was off of his face. Tommy could see a slight glow in the fake, glass eye that he wore in place of his right eye.

“I need to kill a fucking dream demon.” His teeth grinded so loudly that even Tommy could hear it.

Ranboo nodded. “I can take you to the place where I last saw them.”

Ford took a deep breath. “Yes, that would be wise.” He said, stepping towards the door. “Lead the way, Ranboo.”

“Wait-“ Tommy interrupted. “I won’t be able to go with you.”

Tubbo was about to say something, before changing his mind to something else. “Your right, you stay here with Stanly while we take care of Dream.”

The group rushed out of the door, leaving Tommy and Stanly behind. They sprinted through the forest, passing Wendy on the way out. Dodging trees, loose roots, and underbrush they finally made it to where Ranboo had last seen the two villains.

“Wilbur, don’t do it!”

Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

“Wilbur, don’t do it!”


It couldn’t be…




Was Bill Cipher alive?

No, the last time Dipper saw him was…

Did getting Stan’s memories back revive Bill? It was possible. Dipper didn’t think it could happen, mainly because the thought of Bill surviving after everything they had done would give him nightmares.

But here Wilbur was, about to shake Stone Bill Cipher’s hand, with who he assumed to be Dream standing behind him.

Ranboo’s hand was stretched out, as if to reach out to Wilbur and grab his wrist. They were to far away for that.

“Ranboo?” Wilbur said, puzzled as he cocked his head to the side.

“Oh gods Wilbur, just shake his damn hand!” Dream shouted out. Wilbur nodded and swiftly grabbed the stone hand.

There was a moment of silence.

No sounds of locus, nor birds or any other animal, just silence.



Everything exploded from the colorful, dark glow of the forest to a black and white setting, like on an old television. A blue light came from the statue, and that’s when Dipper knew…

They had been too late.

A manic laughter sounded throughout the woods, one that Dipper could never mistake for anyone else’s. Bill Cipher’s laugh, the one that plagued his mind every night while he slept.

“Oh Gravity Falls it is good to be back!” He said, as the stone cracked and the blue light became brighter.

Dipper couldn’t see it under his mask, but he was sure that Dream was smiling. A crazed smile that would leave even Ford shaking in his boots.

“Hello old friend.”

Dream’s voice was even creepier.

A blinding blue light flashed from the stone, and Bill was finally free.

“Dream! My friend!” He said, almost too happily to be real. “I see you’ve decided to free me.”

Dream nodded, “Of course.”

Bill looked over towards Dipper and his group. “Oh, Pinetree, Shooting Star what a pleasant surprise!” He said, giggling. “And well, if it isn’t old scar face! Where’s your brother, huh? Still to scared to face me?!”

Tubbo almost took a step forward in anger, just before Ford held him back. He whispered something in Tubbo’s ear that made him step back.

“Now…” Dream said, taking a step towards Bill, “We will rule this world with an iron fist.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

The old bunker that Ford had made in case something went wrong with the portal, that’s where they went.

After gathering the townspeople, which included the Zodiacs, the rest of Wendy’s family, and whoever the strange trio of kids were(and a few others).

“Alright,” Ford yelled out. “Now that we have everyone, we need to start coming up with a plan to defeat Bill, Wilbur, and Dream.”

Someone in the group, probably Grenda, asked who Wilbur and Dream were. Just when Ford was about to explain, Ranboo stepped forward.

“Dream is a dream demon.” He explained. “He’s more powerful than Bill, and has the ability to bring people back to life.”

People gasped. The power to bring back the living from Limbo was almost unheard of.

“Hey!” Someone yelled. They stepped up, revealing their identity as Jeff, leader of the gnomes. “Your the kid I saw falling down that ravine!”

Dipper looked at Ranboo in sympathy. “Yup, that’s me.” He said, hugging himself. He took a deep breath before pointing at the map that everyone was standing around.

“This is where Dream, Bill, and Wilbur most likely are right now.” He said, pointing to the place where Bill’s castle was placed. “I say we get rid of Wilbur and Bill first. Getting rid of Wilbur gets a spy out of the way, and getting Bill out of the way just removes an obstacle.”

Ford nodded. “I agree with you, Ranboo.” He said. “So, I believe now is the time to tell you all that I have a way to defeat Bill.”

All eyes were on him.

“When I was exploring a cave thirty(30) years ago, I came across cave paintings that had a Zodiac, along with a story being told about the last time Weirdamegedon happened, and Bill ruled the world.” He patted around his trench coat. “Damn it. Does anyone have any chalk, spray paint, a marker, anything?”

The people looked through their pockets and shook their heads.

“We’ll have to go out to get something.” Ford said. “We have to draw out that Zodiac, or else we can’t get rid of Bill.”

Tubbo hummed. “Let’s send out a group of people to find supplies like canned foods and water. While your at it, try and find something to write with.”

Everyone nodded.

“Now, any volunteers?”

The room was silent all up until Wendy stepped forward. “I’ll go.” She announced. “And Tommy, Tubbo, Dipper, Stan and Soos will go with me.”

Dipper was about to get angry at her for voluntolding him, but caught himself before he could say anything.

Dipper took a glance at Tommy. He had gained enough strength to get out of that wheelchair that he was in, although right now he was sitting on the concrete floor. Dipper worried for him, but didn’t say anything.

“Let’s go then.” Wendy said, holding up her axe.

“We have a dream demon to kill.”

Chapter Text

•T O M M Y•

“Well well well, who do we have here?”

Once the chosen few left the bunker, they had been found almost immediately. Walking out of that forest had been their worst mistake.

The person that faced them was Wilbur himself. His brown trench coat flowing in the wind along with his hair. Tommy compared it to a dramatic battle scene in old western movies.

Wilbur looked different. Not so different that Tommy couldn’t recognize him, but so different that if he didn’t know what his eyes looked like he would have mistaken him for a zombie.


That was what he was.

Wilbur wore a brown coat that went down to his ankles. Under that, a yellow sweater and blue jeans. His skin looked stitched together, some parts of it being rotten. Maggots stuck to him, squirming all over the rotted skin. Tommy felt like he was going to be sick. His hands trembled, breath uneven.

“Wilbur, you-“ Tommy’s voice cracked. He couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence.

“Yes Tommy, I’m alive! I’ve been revived by our savior, Dream.” Wilbur gave him a manic grin. “Are you surprised?”

Wendy stepped up. “We’re not afraid of you, monster!” She shouted.

Wilbur laughed. “Monster? I’m nothing of the sort!”

That was Tommy’s last straw. He sprang forward, charging towards Wilbur with his fist pulled back. Wilbur smiled even wider, raising a hand to block Tommy’s fist and push it away. Tommy kept attempting to punch Wilbur, and each time when he was sure he was successful Wilbur always blocked him.

Tubbo ran forward to help Tommy, and so did Wendy, Soos, and Stan. Wilbur glanced back at the four of them, momentarily loosing his focus on Tommy long enough for Tommy to land a hit in Wilbur, right on his nose.

Wilbur stumbled back with a groan. He rubbed his nose. It was bleeding, but not broken.

That was Wilbur’s breaking point.

He reciprocated the hit by punching Tommy’s nose, successfully managing to break it. Tommy let out a painful cry.

The rest of the four were still running towards the two. That’s when Tubbo took a glance at Wendy’s axe.

He ripped Wendy’s axe out of her hands and charged towards Tommy and Wilbur faster than he had been before. He impulsively threw the axe with an aim towards Wilbur’s head.

And the axe was stopped by the bones of Tommy’s ribs.

Chapter Text

•T U B B O•

Tommy had always been impulsive. Whether it be towards Tubbo, Philza, Techno, or even random strangers, his impulsivity would always get him in some sort of trouble.

Now though…

It got him killed.

The axe wasn’t enough to kill Tommy. His determination alone was enough to stay alive.

But Tubbo felt so guilty.

“TOMMY!” He shouted, reaching his hand out.

Tommy, on the other hand, grabbed the part of the axe that he could reach. Tubbo would have loved to yell at him, tell him not to take the axe out of his chest unless he wanted to bleed to death. But he couldn’t manage to choke the words out.

Tommy took the axe, readjusting his grip on it, and swung it down towards Wilbur.

The axe hit him with a sickening crunch.

The axe hit Wilbur’s head, resulting in a quick death for him.

Tommy fell to the ground. Tubbo rushed over to him, sliding into the grass with fluid movements. He put Tommy’s head into his lap, cradling it like he would cradle a small child.

“Tommy!” He yelled out. “Tommy I’m so sorry.” Tubbo could barely get the words out, sobs racking his body. He was shaking so much, he could probably vibrate the ground and cause an earthquake.

Tommy put his own hand on Tubbo’s. He couldn’t say anything.


Someone had fallen behind them. Tubbo looked back.

It was Dream.

Dream separated the two boys from the rest of the group. Tubbo tightened his grip on Tommy, afraid that Dream would take him from him.

“I want to offer you a deal.”

Those words were the last thing Tubbo expected from Dream.

“No.” Tubbo immediately refused.

Dream stepped closer to the two, circling them so he was face to face with Tubbo. “Then I’ll finish him off.” Dream said, putting a hand on Tommy’s face and caressing his cheek.

Tubbo slapped Dream’s hand off of Tommy. “He’s already going to die anyways!”

Dream made a ticking sound with his mouth. “But if you made a deal with me, he would live.”

“Here’s my offer. I revive Tommy, and you two join my side.” Tubbo shivered under Dream’s gaze. He could feel the other smirking behind that mask.

“I said no.” Tubbo said, more force behind his voice.

Dream humphed. “Well, if you change your mind let me know.”

And with that…

He disappeared.

Chapter Text

•T O M M Y•

Tommy didn’t know where he was.

Everything was white. The floor he was standing on, the ceiling, the walls he didn’t even know existed.

That’s when she appeared.

Her, Lady Death herself dressed in a black wedding dress. Along side her was…


Philza smiled, his hands resting in front of him. He looked worn, older than Tommy had ever seen him before.

Memories flooded Tommy’s mind. Memories of Philza, Techno, Ranboo, everyone. And then…

Memories of how he died.

But if Tommy was dead, and Philza was here, that would mean…

“Are you dead?”

Philza shook his head, saying something that Tommy couldn’t hear.

“I killed Wilbur.” Tommy looked down at his feet, tears starting to pool in his eyes. Phil rushed towards him, wrapping Tommy into his embrace. Lady Death approached him as well, joining in with the hug.

Phil said something else, something that Tommy still couldn’t hear.

But, just being with him…

Was the only reassurance that Tommy needed.

Chapter Text

•R A N B O O•

When the group of four returned to the bunker, can of blue spray paint in hand, without Tommy, everyone immediately knew what happened.

Ranboo rushed towards Tubbo, falling down to his knees and wrapping his arms around the other. No matter what Ranboo could do, he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks.

“Wilbur and Tommy are dead.” Tubbo whispered.

Murmurs spread out throughout the crowd.

“Then, that’s one down and two to go.” Ford said, determined. “We need a plan to defeat Dream, now.” Ford looked around. “Any ideas?”

Dipper spoke up. “We should do the Zodiac thing first, that way Bill is out of the way.”

Tubbo, nor Ranboo, didn’t speak. Everyone reasoned that they shouldn’t have to.

“Right.” Ford took the spray paint from Dipper. “Back away, please.” He fanned everyone out of the way, making room to paint the circle onto the floor.

The smell of spray paint and blue filled the air. No one seemed to mind it too much as Ford painted each individual symbol onto the designated spaces.

When he stood back up, he pointed to Dipper. “The pinetree.” Then to Mabel. “The shooting star.” Then to Gideon. “The star.”

He pointed to each individual person, and they stood up to their corresponding place on the Zodiac.

“Now, everyone hold hands, yes just like that.” Stan even complied, knowing how dangerous this situation could be.

The group was soon enveloped into a blue light. Everyone stood back in awe of it. Then…

A blast sounded throughout the area.

Chapter Text

•D R E A M•

“I guess they managed to do it.”

Dream stood with his hands behind his back, standing tall and proud. He knew that the resistance had known about the Zodiac.


He had a spy.

Ranboo was still under his control. Not completely, so Ranboo could make his own choices, but Dream was still a part of his mind. He could see what Ranboo saw, hear what Ranboo heard, feel what Ranboo felt.

It was quite the fascinating thing, really.

So, when Bill had disappeared, along with all of his demon friends, that’s how he knew.


What to do with the resistance?

Chapter Text

•R A N B O O•

Ranboo had been invited to the recon mission.

He didn’t want to go.

Ranboo felt like he was going to be sick. The group was standing at the only entrance to the Fearamid(which was still there, even after Bill was banished). Except…

Someone was blocking them.

The person had blonde hair, blue eyes and a pair of obsidian black wings on his back.

The person was Phil.

Phil, the man who had been missing for years.

Phil, the man who had taken him in when he was just a child.



Ranboo couldn’t believe it.

Phil was here. He was here, and he had a pair of wings on his back.


Ranboo couldn’t move. He was frozen in his spot, like someone had glued his shoes to the floor.

Phil stepped forward, then immediately leaped for Ranboo. He wrapped his arms around Ranboo’s middle.

He couldn’t breath.


“Ranboo I’m so sorry!” Phil cried. “After Techno went missing I had to find him, and then I found him!” Phil pulled back. “Ranboo I found Technoblade!”

Ranboo could barely process the words.


Was found?

Phil found Technoblade?


Wendy, who was told to come on the mission too, stepped forward. She put a hand on Ranboo’s shoulder, snapping him out of his trance.

“You found Techno?” Ranboo asked. He finally made eye contact with Phil. He looked tiered, like he hadn’t slept for months.

Phil nodded.

Ranboo felt like he could cry.

“Once we get you out of this,” Phil said, “we’ll go find him. Don’t worry.”












•T E C H N O B L A D E•

Another loop.

However, this time it was different.

This time,

He had seen someone.

A ghost.

No, two ghosts.

Wilbur and Tommy.

They were dead?

No, that couldn’t be.

The Minecraft’s were immortal.

They never died.


Chapter Text

•R A N B O O•

Everyone was out of breath, hands on their knees heaving for air.

It had worked.

Ranboo knew it had worked. That explosion that rang out through the air, and the feeling of relief afterwards tipped him off.

Bill Cipher was dead.

Now, they still had one more problem.


Dream was a dream demon, with the ability of possession and manipulation. Ranboo was terrified of him.

“It can’t be that easy, right?” Tubbo wispered, his grip on Ranboo loosening.

“I don’t know what happens after the ritual.” Ford says, still heaving for breath. “But I’m fairly certain that Bill is gone now.”

Ranboo breathed a sigh in relief.

“We just have to come up with a plan to defeat Dream.”

Chapter Text

This chapter had the mention of suicide at the end, please be aware of this before you read.


•R A N B O O•

Everyone was out of breath, hands on their knees heaving for air.

It had worked.

Ranboo knew it had worked. That explosion that rang out through the air, and the feeling of relief afterwards tipped him off.

Bill Cipher was dead.

Now, they still had one more problem.


Dream was a dream demon, with the ability of possession and manipulation. Ranboo was terrified of him.

“It can’t be that easy, right?” Tubbo wispered, his grip on Ranboo loosening.

“I don’t know what happens after the ritual.” Ford says, still heaving for breath. “But I’m fairly certain that Bill is gone now.”

Ranboo breathed a sigh in relief.

“We just have to come up with a plan to defeat Dream.”















•U N K N O W N•


He didn’t know if he could do this anymore.

Watching from a distance had drained him of all the energy he had left and more. He couldn’t interfere with the loop, unless he wanted them to come for him.

Blood continued to pour down his head, an endless waterfall of pain. The anvil had hurt so much. He didn’t know if he could take it. Maybe he should just kill himself?

No. He would never die. He couldn’t die. He still had to live. For Phil, For Wilbur, For Tommy, No matter how many people they throw at him, he couldn’t die. Although, that wouldn’t be a problem anyways.

Technoblade never dies.

Chapter Text

•T U B B O•

“Now we have to come up with an idea to defeat Dream.”

“We can’t just barge in there like we own the place.” Tubbo said. He hummed, trying to get rid of the sick feeling in his belly. “And we can’t not go in there. Nothing from a-fair will work. Dream is strategic and smart. He knows that he’s our next target, now that Bill has been defeated.”

“Your right.” Ford agreed.

“What if we go with the same plan as last time!” Mable shouts. Attention was now on her. “We can make the shack into a giant robot again and punch through the walls of the fortress.” To emphasize, she punched the air with her fist.

Tubbo shook his head. “That won’t work. We’ll need to come up with something completely unique to take him down.”

Ranboo stood up and went to stand beside Tubbo. “Anyone got any better ideas?” Everyone shook there head.

“Welp, we’re probably doomed.”

“Ah, don’t say that!” Mable said. “We gotta look on the bright side.”

“Yeah, well it’s hard when Tommy is fucking dead, and Dream is basically unbeatable!” Tubbo shouted. “The last time me and Tommy had an encounter with Dream, Tommy’s mind got stolen and he couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. He couldn’t do anything on his fucking own because of that asshole named Dream!”

Everything was silent.

All the chaos that Bill had brought with him had been banished along with Bill. All the chaos above was silent, with no sign of Dream. Tubbo knew he was waiting for the right moment to strike, he was watching.

“He’s a strategist.” Tubbo finally continued. “You have to come up with something totally outside of the box to beat him, and even then he’ll probably defeat us anyways.”

Silence again.


“Then we’ll think inside the box!”

Dipper reached into his vest, pulling out a leather journal with a golden six-fingered hand.

“Dipper, you-“

Dipper reached a hand out to silence Ford.

“If we can find something in this, something do obvious that even Dream won’t suspect it, then we can beat him.”

Ranboo hummed. “That may work.” He said. “We should do a recon mission, find out the layout of Dream’s base and find exits as well as weak points.”

“Great idea Ranboo.” Ford said. Ranboo blushed at the praise. “Okay then, let’s do that. With both Wilbur and Bill out of commission, we’ll have a safe route in and out of Dream’s base, where ever that is.”

“Okay, let’s do it.” Stan cheered, punching the air.

Tubbo’s stomach did flips inside of him. This wouldn’t work.

They were walking into their own path of death.

Chapter Text

•R A N B O O•

Ranboo had been invited to the recon mission.

He didn’t want to go.

Ranboo felt like he was going to be sick. The group was standing at the only entrance to the Fearamid(which was still there, even after Bill was banished). Except…

Someone was blocking them.

The person had blonde hair, blue eyes and a pair of obsidian black wings on his back.

The person was Phil.

Phil, the man who had been missing for years.

Phil, the man who had taken him in when he was just a child.



Ranboo couldn’t believe it.

Phil was here. He was here, and he had a pair of wings on his back.


Ranboo couldn’t move. He was frozen in his spot, like someone had glued his shoes to the floor.

Phil stepped forward, then immediately leaped for Ranboo. He wrapped his arms around Ranboo’s middle.

He couldn’t breath.


“Ranboo I’m so sorry!” Phil cried. “After Techno went missing I had to find him, and then I found him!” Phil pulled back. “Ranboo I found Technoblade!”

Ranboo could barely process the words.


Was found?

Phil found Technoblade?


Wendy, who was told to come on the mission too, stepped forward. She put a hand on Ranboo’s shoulder, snapping him out of his trance.

“You found Techno?” Ranboo asked. He finally made eye contact with Phil. He looked tiered, like he hadn’t slept for months.

Phil nodded.

Ranboo felt like he could cry.

“Once we get you out of this,” Phil said, “we’ll go find him. Don’t worry.”












•U N K N O W N•

Another loop.

However, this time it was different.

This time,

He had seen someone.

A ghost.

No, two ghosts.

Wilbur and Tommy.

They were dead?

No, that couldn’t be.

The Minecraft’s were immortal.

They never died.


Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

Phil was…


Sure, Dipper has seen his fair share of strange, but Phil was still weird.

“Well,” Ford said. “You’re here, your coming with us.”

Phil nodded. “I was planning on it anyways.”


So, they walked in.

The first thing they saw is the throne. Made of the stone people of Gravity Falls. They would have to find a way to turn them back. Dipper assumed that the stone people had been Bill’s doing. The walls were blue, a cobalt blue, with neon, glowing lines of purple, yellow, and green running across in cracks.

However, there was one other thing.

A portrait.

It was a man, a handsome one at that(I support bi Dipper, okay?). His skin was a fair, white color scattered with freckles and a large but light blush. Dipper assumed it was some sort of cosmetic. What you could see of his hair was brown, while the rest was covered with a large sun-hat-styled mushroom with small star-looking charms hanging down from it. He was dressed like he was royalty. Words were written at the bottom of the portrait.

For my love, George.

Dipper was confused. Who was hell was guy? His name was obviously George, that much was clear, but what was the significance of him?

Philza stepped forward. He studied the portrait with cautious eyes, like he was also attempting to make sense of it.

“I recognize him.”

Attention was on Philza.

“He’s some sort of queen, ruled the demon realm along with his lover or something.” He hummed. “I’ve only met him once, while he was still alive. Well, as much as he could be. He was, how do I put this?” Philza paused for a moment. “He was nice, undeserving of anything that came his way.”

“He sounds nice.” Mable whispered. “Wish I could have met him.” Dipper agreed.

Mable looked at Dipper, then at the portrait, then back at Dipper.

“I have an idea…”

Chapter Text

•D I P P E R•

Dipper hated Mable with every fiber of his being.

Mable had come up with the crazy idea of having Dipper dress up as this George dude.

And so, this is where Dipper is, standing outside of Dream’s quarters dressed in a puffy white shirt, black pants, and the tallest shoes Dipper had ever seen. A brown leather belt wrapped multiple times around his waist, and a red velvet, fur lined cape. The hat on his head was heavy and unbalanced, but it would do.

As Dipper stood outside of Dream’s room, he was plagued with fear. Of course they chose him, why wouldn’t they. He was always chosen for hard jobs.

Dipper took a deep breath. He reached forward and knocked at the spruce door.

Dream answered the door almost immediately. He took another deep breath.

“Hello, Love.”

Although he couldn’t see through Dream’s mask, the trembling of his hands gave everything away.


Dipper smiled, reaching up to Dream’s face and removing his mask, like it was something he would normally did.

He looked…


Dipper couldn’t believe that this man was the one who had caused all the chaos outside.

He was pale, freckles adorning his face. His eyes were a toxic but soft green, one of them was blind. A large scar ran across his face, looking like it was from some sort of weapon. A pair of ram horns curled down to his shoulders, along with a pit of fuzzy ears.

“I almost forgot how handsome you are, Love.” Dipper whispered.

Dream lunged forward, squeezing the life out of Dipper. Dipper reached up, reciprocating the hug.

“I thought XD killed you.”

His breath hitched. Dipper was confused. Philza didn’t mention anything about an entity named XD.

“I don’t remember that.” Dipper finally whispered. “I’ve had trouble remembering things since I’ve been revived.”

Dream smiled. “So, you met Kristan and Philza?”

Dipper nodded.

It was silent.

Until Dream asked the million-dollar question.

“Do you remember when we went into that cave?”

Dipper laughed. “Which one?”

“The one where I confessed to you.”

“Of course I do!”

Dream tensed.

“I never got the chance to do that.”

Dipper couldn’t breath. He was to tense. He messed up.

Dream didn’t say anything. He squeezed Dipper tighter, so tight that he couldn’t breath

“I hate it when people do things like this.” He growled. Dipper felt like his ribs were being crushed. He choked, fighting for air.

“I hate it when people toy with my feelings.”

Dipper was so screwed.

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•D I P P E R•

As Dipper’s vision started to turn black, Dream was knocked to the side, taking Dipper down with him.

Dipper frantically drank in air. He looked around for what had hit Dream, only to see Mabel’s grappling hook and a gash across Dream’s forehead. Dipper grimaced.


Mabel’s voice rang out across the empty hallway. She came running out from wherever she was hiding and grabbed her twin. They ran as fast as Dipper could manage in the tall heals he still wore.

Dream rubbed his head. His eyes glowed like emeralds in dangerous sunlight. He stumbled to his feet, grinning manically.

“That was a mistake, kid!” He yelled back at Dipper. “You never should have done that!”

Dipper stumbled, almost falling on his face if it weren’t for Mabel. His breath was heavy, the heals clacking against the black and blue tile.

Something pounced on his back. Dipper fell forward with a grunt.

“This ends now, Dipper Pines!” Dream shouted into Dipper’s ears. He winced, not being able to breath from both the breath being knocked out of him and Dream sitting on his back.

Then… the weight was gone.

Dream grunted, being slammed against the wall and breaking a dead potted plant. He groaned, tilting his head back as if he could breath better that way.

Tubbo walked in from the side, along with Philza at his side. Stan and Wendy walked in from opposite ends of the hallway, effectively blocking off any way of escape.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself, green bitch?” Tubbo growled. He raised the axe that Philza had gave him earlier to Dream’s neck.



Tubbo didn’t seem like he would give Dream any mercy.

“Leave us.”

Dipper gasped.

“Tubbo- are you sure?” Ranboo stuttered.

Tubbo nodded.

“I don’t want you to see this.”

Chapter Text

•R A N B O O•

Ranboo frowned.

He knew that Tubbo wouldn’t show any mercy to Dream. That’s what worried him.

Dream had basically killed Tommy, Tubbo’s best friend, as well as putting him in. A state of paralysis, leaving him motionless for months.

Tubbo was going to get his revenge.

Ranboo nodded, he knew he should. He grabbed Dipper from off the floor and set him down so he was standing. The group followed the hallway back to the main room, or the throne room, whatever it was called. The group shared a nervous look. Ranboo twiddled his thumbs. He had a bad feeling.

A few minutes later, Tubbo came back to the throne room. He smelled like cranberries. His axe was covered in what seemed to be blood. It dripped on the floor in small drops.

Philza stepped up. He put a hand on Tubbo’s shoulder, cooing at the other like a bird.

“Where is Technoblade?”

Philza tensed. “Well, that’s the thing-“

“He’s dead, isn’t he?”

Ranboo stepped forward. He placed a hand on Tubbo’s head, running it through his hair. This seemed to calm Tubbo down.

“No!” Phil panicked. “No, he’s not dead.”

Tubbo snorted. “You make it sound like he’s dead, or severally injured.”

Phil nervously chuckled. “Well, not exactly.”

Tubbo groaned. “Spit it out old man!”

“I’m not that old!” Phil laughed. He took a minute to continue. “Techno, he’s-“

A presence appeared in the room, one that made the knot in Ranboo’s stomach coil harder.

Ranboo looked around, along with the other people in the room. Phil seemed to be exited.

Finally, Ranboo’s eyes landed on a figure in the corner of the room. She was dressed in all black, her skin a deathly pale. Her lips were covered in black lip-stain, Ranboo couldn’t see her eyes. She had on a hat like George in the portrait, except it was a black sun hat with a veil handing across the bottom. She wore a wedding dress, replacing the traditional white color for a puffy black one. A pair of wings that were very similar to a raven’s or a crow’s stood proudly on her back. She was a bit plump as well, although Ranboo thought she looked beautiful like that.

Phil seemed to recognize this person almost immediately. She stepped out of the shadows, striding towards the seven of them. She stood in front of Phil, taking his hands in her own. The hight difference was almost comical, the lady standing almost a head taller than Phil.

“Kristen.” Phil whispered. The lady, Kristen, chuckled.

“You act like you haven’t seen me in years, Phil.” She said, amused. Phil giggled.


“I’m Kristen.”

Tubbo seemed annoyed that he was interrupted.

“Tommy and Wilbur’s mother.”

Ranboo stopped breathing.

Tubbo hummed. “Do you know?”

“That they’re dead?” Kristen responded. “Yes. It was unfortunate.”

“You know where Techno is, right?” Ranboo asked, finally finding the ability to breath again.

Kristen nodded. “I’m here to take you there.” She sighed. “However, I must explain both where you’re going, if you choose to go, and the risks.”

Ranboo frowned. Actually, he wasn’t sure he even stopped in the first place.

“Technoblade has been sent into a different universe.”

And, here comes the outbursts.


“Wait, the multiverse is actually a thing?!”

“I should have expected this.”

“First a raging dream demon, now this?!”

“Calm down!” Kristen yelled. “Let me explain further.”

“In this universe, there are strange things. You have to get to a certain hallway to both reach Technoblade and return home.” She sighed. “I’m afraid I cannot help you if you die. Me and Phil cannot help you on this mission.”

Ranboo though about it for a moment. They would save their brother, their one remaining brother.

He had to accept.

“Yes!” Both Tubbo and Ranboo shouted at the same time.

Kristen hummed.

“Very well.”






















•U N K N O W N•


Was it really that easy?!

It couldn't be, right?

Was that all he had to do?

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