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A Day in the Snow

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"Chris, look, it's snowing!" said Tobin animatedly, looking through the window of one of Channing's guest rooms in Denver.

Christen grumbled from beneath the covers, covering her head even more with the soft light-blue blanket. They were spending the week at her sister Channing’s house in Colorado, and even though Christen was enjoying the family time a lot, today she did not want to leave the comfort of the warm bed. Not when it was so cold outside.

"It's so beautiful”, Tobin sighed with a big smile on her face.

Tobin was from New Jersey, so she was used to cold weather and she loved the snow. Playing in the snow with her siblings when she was a kid had always been one of her favorite childhood memories, and now she was dying to see her own children enjoy those moments too. Her wife, however, had never been a fan of snow and she was showing it today.

Tobin went back to the bed she shared with Christen, ready to convince her to get up, help her put their children in winter clothes, and go outside to play, make snow angels, slide on the snow…

"Chris, baby, love of my life, my beautiful wife, mother of my children..."

"It's not going to work, Tobin. I'm staying here where it's warm and cozy", said Christen from beneath the covers.

"But Chris... this is Sophie's first snow. We should go outside and make some more nice family memories all together. Josh loved playing in the snow last time. He had so much fun, remember?"

"Oh, I remember. You two got in a snowball fight with your brother and SOMEONE managed to land a snowball on my face", said Christen, removing the covers from her head just enough to look at Tobin, narrowing her eyes at her wife.

"It was an accident! I was trying to hit Jeff and I clearly miscalculated my throw", said Tobin quickly.


"Besides, I think I made it up to you later on that day and multiple times, didn't I?" smirked Tobin, wiggling her eyebrows.

"That you did, yeah", Christen smiled while a slight blush covered her cheeks at remembering that night. And what a night it had been.

"Maybe I can make it up to you tonight too if you, my lady, are brave enough to go out in the cold so we can all play in the snow?" suggested Tobin charmingly, getting under the covers again to lie beside her wife.

"That's not gonna be enough to convince me this time, Heath", answered Christen, trying to suppress a wide smile. "But you can try and bribe me with hot chocolate afterwards..."

"Ummm, that I can definitely do. Marshmallows included?" asked Tobin with a huge smile on her face, wrapping her arms around Christen and burying her face on the brunette's neck so as to kiss her there.

Christen giggled at the ticklish feeling Tobin's kisses were giving her and ran her hands through her wife's long wavy hair. Tobin slowly moved her hands beneath Christen's pajama top to stroke her back lovingly but Christen yelped.

"Oh my God, your hands are freezing!" Christen squirmed, trying to get away from Tobin.

"Oh, come on, babe, they're not freezing…" Tobin giggled on Christen’s neck, keeping her wife against her and intertwining their legs together.

"And your feet are fucking cold, too! Nooooo, go away!" Christen was laughing at this point, unable to escape from Tobin and resist her wife's charm.

"Give it some seconds and my hands and feet will be less cold than before, love", said Tobin, looking at Christen in the eyes and still keeping her body pressed against hers.

"Ugh, you're so annoying, why do I love you so much?" Christen pouted, and then kissed Tobin softly.

"Dunno, but I'm glad you do because I love you too and I love doing life with you, even if it implies annoying you to get you out bed sometimes", answered Tobin with a very soft smile, getting lost as usual in Christen's green eyes and kissing her deeply.

A minute later, their loving and private moment was interrupted by the door of the room being opened and by the sound of small feet entering the bedroom.

"Here we go", whispered Christen against Tobin's lips with a smile.

"Mommies! There's snow!" chided little Sophie happily.

"Ohhh, cuddle puddle, yessss!" said Josh excitedly, jumping on his moms' bed to join them.

"Hey, little dude", Tobin greeted the seven-year-old with a smile, ruffling his already messy bed hair.

"Hi, Mommy. Morning, Momma", answered Josh, kissing Tobin on the cheek and hugging Christen while she helped Sophie up to the bed.

"Hi, my babies!" cooed Christen, kissing and hugging her children. "Did you just wake up?"

"Yes. And we saw auntie Chan", said Sophie.

"She told us to go have breakfast when we're all ready", added Josh, lying between his mothers now with a happy sigh. Sophie followed his lead and positioned herself in between her brother and Christen, who wrapped an arm around the little girl's body. "Did you just wake up?"

"I've been up for a while watching the snow", said Tobin, lying on her side again and putting one arm over her two kids to hug them. "And I was trying to convince your Mom to go outside and play all together".

"Yes, it's gonna be so fun! Soph, we can have a snowball fight!"

"No more snowball fights or snowballs for me, and definitely not for your sister", said Christen with a frown while she stroked Sophie's fair hair softly and protectively.

"But I want to play in the snow, Momma", Sophie pouted wide eyed in a way that reminded Christen too much of Tobin.

"You can go play in the snow, baby girl, but no fights for you or me".

"Mommy, convince her, please?" Josh whined, turning his attention to Tobin and wrapping his arms around her neck to look her in the eye.

"I was trying to do what when you guys came in…"

"You were kissing. Again”, teased Josh with a smile. His moms kissed and hugged all the time.

"Yeah, because we love each other", said Christen with a soft smile, extending an arm to intertwine the fingers of her right hand with Tobin's.

"I know", smiled Josh at his mothers.

"And kissing usually works to convince your mom", smirked Tobin, blowing a kiss to Christen, who rolled her eyes in reply.

"Can you kiss again so we can go play?" pleaded Sophie again impatiently, tugging at Christen's pajama.

Tobin, Christen and Josh laughed at the almost three-year-old old's impatient tone.

"That we can definitely do. We love you, guys".




After enjoying some morning family cuddles, the Heath-Press family went downstairs to meet Channing, Mikel and their two children. Josh and Sophie adored their two cousins, Luke and Mia, who were just a bit older than Josh, and whenever their families visited each other, the cousins would always manage to get into some sort of trouble together.

"Ohhh, look who's here!" said Mikel cheerfully. "Morning, guys!"

"Morning, uncle Mikel", Josh answered, giving the man a hug and high-fiving his cousins with a smile on his face. "Hi again, auntie Chan".

"Hi, handsome! And hello to you, little cutie", said Channing to Sophie, picking the little girl up and placing her on her hip. "Ready to play in the snow for the first time?"

"Yeah! I want snow! It's shiny!" Sophie answered happily, looking outside through the window from her aunt's arms.

"It's gonna be super fun! I'm so happy you're all here", Channing said, kissing the toddler's cheek lovingly. Sophie was the youngest of both Tobin and Christen's extended families and everybody loved her and loved spoiling her. The perks of being the only baby of the two families.

"But Momma doesn't like snowballs", murmured Josh, putting a mouthful of pancakes on his mouth.

"Chris never liked losing in snowball fights, yeah", chuckled Channing.

"Channing, that's not true", huffed Christen, sitting at the table while Tobin did the same. "I just don't like the cold and being thrown snow at my face".

"But that's so boring, auntie Chris! Snowball fights are the best!" Luke said.

"Weeeell, OK, it’s fine if Chris doesn’t like snowballs. We'll keep her out of our fights", said Tobin, stroking Christen's back comfortingly. "But we can all play together. Who wants to be on my team today?!"

"Meeee!" screamed all the children at the same time.



After breakfast, Tobin and Christen dressed up their kids in warm winter clothes to get them ready to face the cold outside. Josh and Sophie were so excited about going outside that, for once, they did not spend a long time trying to decide what clothes to wear. When they all were ready, the family went downstairs again and saw that Channing and her family were already in the yard having fun.

"Are you ready to play in the snow, Soph?" Josh asked, wrapping an arm around his little sister and looking at her lovingly.

"Yeahhh! Snowww!" the girl answered, jumping up and down excitedly.

"It's gonna be cold. Don't take off your mittens, OK, baby?" said Christen, taking one of Sophie's hands to lead her outside while Tobin recorded this special moment on her phone.

Sophie's look of pure wonder and happiness at feeling the snowflakes landing on her face for the first time was one her mothers would never forget. As she was only two years and a half, she was still constantly discovering new things about the world that surrounded her, but this… this was something else. Something utterly special. The girl kneeled to touch the snow with her mitten-covered hands and giggled at seeing the shapes she could make. She looked up at her mothers and brother with a huge smile on her face.

"So what do you think, Soph?" Tobin asked, still making a video.

"I like it", she answered, smiling shyly at the camera. Her brown eyes, almost covered by her Angel City FC winter hat, were shining bright with happiness.

"Yeah? Wanna go make some snow angels?"

Sophie nodded excitedly, still unable to turn her eyes away from the white yard.



After spending time making snow angels with Sophie for the first time, the Heath-Press family and Channing’s family joined efforts to build a very big snowman. One that ended up being decorated with real clothes and accessories, to the little girl’s delight. This day was undoubtedly going to be unforgettable for the toddler, Christen thought, while she looked from afar at Tobin, Josh, Luke, Mia and Mikel throwing snowballs at each other and laughing like they were having the time of their lives.

Sophie also looked at them curiously and grabbed a chunk of snow with her little hands. She attempted to throw it in the group’s direction, but the snow just fell short of where she was, making the girl frown in frustration. Christen kneeled to be at her daughter’s height.

"Oh, baby, let me show you. You have to make the snowball... like this, you see?" Christen showed the girl how to make a snowball and gave it to her so she could throw it again.

The snowball didn't go very far from where they were, but Sophie seemed happier this time with the result and smiled widely at Christen, who just laughed and made another snowball for her daughter after kissing the side of the little girl’s head.

"Hey, how are you two doing? Don't you want join the snowball fight, sis?" Channing teased Christen.

"Pfff... no need. The two of us are just chilling here, learning how to make snowballs peacefully, right, my baby girl?" cooed Christen, pinching softly her daughter's chubby cheeks and moving the Angel City hat from her eyes.

Channing smiled at the cute Mom and daughter scene in front of her.

"You're adorable, aren't you? And I think you, little one, may be starting to get tired too. Too much snow for you today”, Channing said, looking at her niece. “We're going inside to make hot chocolate. Chris, do you want me to take Sophie with us?"

"Yes, great idea! I'll go get Tobin and Josh and we'll be inside soon. Wanna go with Auntie Chan to make chocolate, love?"

"Can I have marshmallows, Auntie Channy?" asked Sophie, giving her aunt her cutest and most convincing smile.

"Of course you can! Chocolate with marshmallows coming up for my favorite baby niece", answered Channing with a smile, picking Sophie up.

"I'll see you all in a bit", said Christen, waving at her sister and her daughter and walking towards her wife and her son, who were still full of energy even after being out in the cold for more than an hour. They just kept throwing snowballs at each other and laughing like there was no tomorrow.

“Momma!” said Josh excitedly, finally noticing Christen approaching them.

"Hey, you two! Are you guys coming inside for hot chocolate? It's so cold here!" Christen asked, shivering a bit.

"Oh, chocolate, yes!" said Josh with a wide smile on his face, immediately dropping on the ground the snowball he was about to throw at Tobin.

"Come here and give me a kiss before you run inside, little mister", said Christen teasingly. Josh ran to her and gave her a loud kiss on the cheek. "Oh, my baby boy, your face is freezing!"

"I'm not a baby, Momma", Josh laughed in Christen's arms.

"I know, you're a big boy now, but you'll always be my baby anyway", Christen pouted a bit. "I love you. Go inside, we'll be right behind you".

"I love you, too, Mom!"

As Josh ran to Channing's house, Tobin jogged to reach Christen and to get some more warmth in her body.

"Enjoying the cold, babe?" Christen asked, covering Tobin's rosy cheeks with her mitten-covered hands.

"I actually was when I was playing, but now that I'm not, damn, it's freezing", Tobin answered, exhaling puffs of air and putting her hands inside her pockets.

"Well, hot chocolate awaits us, my lady", Christen said, smiling at her.

While they were walking towards the house, Tobin started telling Christen animatedly about something funny that Lindsey's dog had done the other day. However, after a few seconds of silence from Christen, Tobin frowned and looked to her side, shocked at not seeing her wife next to her. But the shock was even bigger when Tobin turned around and saw Christen... holding a snowball in her hands.

"Chris...? What’s going on?" Tobin asked carefully.

"Oh, nothing’s going on, Tobes. I just decided to get some snow and make a nice snowball with it", smiled Christen innocently.

"To do what with it?" Tobin started to smirk.

"Oh, I dunno, maybe throw it at someone?"

"Chris, I'm helpless and freezing over here, come on", Tobin giggled, and started walking backwards while also trying to reach the ground to grab some snow herself.

"I was helpless and freezing too that time you hit me with a snowball in the face, Toby", Christen continued smiling adorably while she approached her wife.

"Wow, so vengeful, who even are you?" Tobin laughed and started running away from her wife.

Christen ran after Tobin and threw the snowball at her, but barely missed. While Christen stopped to make a new snowball Tobin did the same, and soon both women were in the middle of Channing's front yard throwing snowballs at each other and laughing like they were kids. Meanwhile, their own kids and Channing's family looked at them from behind a window, very amused.

"Told you. Christen never liked losing snowball fights when we were kids and I think she's looking for revenge now", Channing laughed.

"Honestly, I don't know who to cheer for", giggled Josh while he sipped his hot chocolate.


Back in the front yard, Christen and Tobin kept throwing snowballs at each other, but Christen was a bit more rested and she had a clear goal in mind. When Tobin started running backwards again, Christen decided it was now or never. She threw her snowball right at her wife's face and this time she didn't miss. Tobin went down and fell on her back, landing softly on the thick layer of snow, panting and laughing incredulously at what had just happened. Christen approached Tobin and fell on her knees next to her wife to check on her.

"Are you okay?" Christen asked, also laughing at the ridiculous situation she had put them in all of a sudden and wiping snow from Tobin’s face carefully.

"Yeah, yeah", answered Tobin, sitting down. "Damn, woman, you're so competitive. Were you a professional athlete or something?"

"Maybe I was. And now we're tied on snowball fights", Christen smirked at her wife and helped her get on her feet again. The two women started walking again towards the house, this time with their arms wrapped around each other.

"Is it weird that I'm freezing and yet you're turning me on with all this bossy talk and attitude?" Tobin whispered on Christen's ear.

"I knew you'd love it", Christen laughed, wrapping her arms around Tobin’s neck and kissing her wife before heading inside the warm and cozy house, where their family awaited them.