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Nightbloom: For Lewd Justice

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Izuku Midoriya trudged out the doors of Aldera Middle School and walked along the base of the school building while grumbling to himself.

What does Kaachan think he's doing? You can't just go around telling people to kill themselves. What if I'd actually jumped off the roof, huh? What would you do then, Kaachan?

Kaachan was just so frustrating. He was so cool, and had such a good quirk, but he... had his rough edges. Rough edges that Izuku thought were in danger of holding Kaachan back. Izuku hated the thought that Kaachan might not live up to his dream. He wished Kaachan could see that all Izuku wanted to do was help him be great, but it wasn't worth saying anything. If Izuku told him it was wrong to say things like that, Kaachan would probably just say more things like that out of spite, and then Kaachan might get in trouble and not get to go to UA. Izuku would just have to keep quiet. That was probably for the best.

Izuku looked up from his feet and blinked. "H-Hey! That's my notebook!"

And then the rest of the scene registered and Izuku squeaked, freezing in place. It was his notebook alright, in the hands of a pretty girl who was sitting there on the edge of the koi pond reading it!

"Oh! This is yours, Midoriya-san?" the pretty girl asked, looking up from the pages that contained his hopes and dreams. "It's really cool!"

A pretty girl knew his name?!?! A pretty girl thought his Hero Notebook was cool??!??!?!?!

He knew her, of course. This was Michiko Kinohana. She'd transfered into his class a few weeks ago at the start of term, and mostly kept to herself. Why was she reading his notebook?!??!


Izuku squeaked again, suddenly realizing that the pretty girl had stood up and was now peering at him, her cute, smiling face and striking green eyes filling his field of view, shiny black hair in pigtails. "Ah! Y-Yes. It's mine. How do you book? I, I mean..."

"Oh, well, I was walking home when it came flying out a window and landed right on my head," Kinohana explained with a giggle. "What're the odds, right?"

"Ah!" Izuku reflexively bowed. "I'm sorry."

"It's fine!" Kinohana closed the notebook and handed it back to him. "Do you really have thirteen whole notebooks full of quirk analysis and summaries of hero careers?"

"Oh. Yes?" Izuku said nervously. "I'm sorry. I know it's a w-weird hobby."

"Who told you that? It's not a weird hobby at all. This kind of information is really useful if you want to be a hero!" Kinohana exclaimed.

Izuku felt tears well up in his eyes. Was this what validation felt like? "Y-You really think so, Kinohana-san?"

Kinohana's head bobbled several times as she nodded. "I really do! Oh, and call me Michiko, okay? I don't like it when people use my surname unless we've literally never met."

Izuku squeaked again, "Ah! Okay? Isn't that too familiar though?"

"I like being familiar," she said, with a warm smile that made Izuku's insides go all gooey. "You can be as familiar as you like with me... Izu-kun."

Izuku's brain threw an error and rebooted.

"Say, Izu-kun?" Kinoh-Michiko asked soberly. "Are you really serious about going to UA and becoming a hero?"

Still blushing at the nickname, Izuku nodded. "It's my dream. To save people with a smile, and make them feel safe. Just like All Might."

Kino-Michiko made an inexplicable, odd, high-pitched strangled sound and wiggled in place for a moment, before seeming to calm down. "I see. I'm actually applying to the UA hero course too!"

"Really?!" Izuku said with sudden excitement. "Why didn't you say anything in class?"

"Because it's none of their business," Kin-Michiko said with a sudden flat bluntness.

"O-Oh, sorry..."

Ki-Michiko smiled at him again. "It's hardly your fault. In fact, I was going to ask if you wanted to train together."

"T-Train together?" Izuku asked.

"Yeah," K-Michiko said, bouncing on her feet a little. "I've been practicing parkour every morning and I've been sparring at a mixed martial arts dojo on weekends. What kind of training have you been doing on your own?"

Izuku was struck by a sudden sense of sinking dread. "Training... on my own?" he repeated in a tiny voice. "W-What do you mean?"

There was a long, awkward silence.

"Izu-kun," Michiko began gently, "tell me something. Do you think you could beat Bakubaka at arm-wrestling?"

Izuku sputtered. "Bakubaka?!"

"Hey, he calls everyone 'Extra'. I can give him a nickname if I want," Michiko said, sniffing. "Answer the question."

"Um," Izuku said. "No. Kaachan is so amazing, and has such a good quirk. I don't think I could ever beat him."

"What the heck does Bakugo's quirk have to do with arm-wrestling, Izu-kun?" Michiko asked. "You're the quirk expert. How does explosive sweat make the muscles in his arms stronger than the muscles in your arms?"

An excitement welled up in Izuku. She was asking him about quirks! "Oh! Well that's actually because when Kaachan's quirk first manifested his nitro-sweat had very low thermal action to force ratio so when he first started using it the constant concussive forces caused by the detonations allowed him to harden his skin and muscles against impact without burning himself. Of course these days he's pretty burn-resistant too because he's had so long to get used to the heat of combustion from his bigger blasts, allowing him to cause explosions with high destructive potential!"

Michiko nodded along. "In other words: he's stronger because he trained himself to be stronger, his quirk was just the source of his workouts."

Izuku froze. That... was kind of what he'd said, from a certain point of view. "But..."

"Doesn't that mean you could have muscles just as strong, skin just as tough, if you went through the same training?" Michiko prompted.

Izuku reeled. "I... I suppose, in theory, that's true." Izuku couldn't deny the logic. She was right. This wasn't even anything Izuku didn't already know. Somehow, he'd just never made the connection before.

"Yeah!" Michiko nodded eagerly. "You really do want to go to UA and become a Pro Hero, right?"

"Of, of course!" Izuku asserted, feeling off-balance from this roller-coaster of a conversation.

"To do that without a quirk," Michiko said, "don't you have to be able to beat dangerous villains who do have quirks?"

Izuku flinched. "Yes? Yes. You're right, I would. Somehow."

"Knowing what you're up against is an excellent first step," Michko said more kindly, gesturing at his notebook. "But I think, if you want to face villains as a quirkless hero, you also need to be faster and stronger than your opponent is without their quirk. That way, even with their quirk advantage making up the difference, you can still win."

Izuku didn't know what to say to that. It was a clear, logical argument that he couldn't find fault with. But the idea of fighting a real villain seemed so vastly far out of reach, that trying to get stronger on his own seemed laughably pointless. And it didn't help that everyone he'd ever told about his ambition had flatly told him it was impossible...

"I think you need three things, actually," Michiko continued, shaking Izuku out of his thoughts. She sounded thoughtful, like she was only just remembering this herself. "Knowing what you're up against. Enough physical prowess to overcome your opponent's quirk advantage. And tools: force multipliers, holdouts... Hey, the UA rule says you're allowed to use any support items you've made for yourself, doesn't it?"

"Oh! Um. Yes? I think that's what I read on the school's website," Izuku confirmed. "But, um, I really have my heart set on the hero course! I don't want to settle for the support course. I don't think I could make my own support items."

"Support items don't have to be high technology," Michiko pointed out reasonably. "All you really need is materials and a hobby shop for something to count as self-made under UA's rules, right?"

Izuku's mind spun. It was true that a lot of heroes fought with weapons. Sometimes even very simple weapons. After all, even a simple stick was a force multiplier, wasn't it? Izuku actually remembered watching a video with some guy ranting about how a plain wooden stick was an underrated weapon.

"Huh, yeah, you're right," Izuku agreed weakly.

Michiko nodded reasonably. "So... why haven't you been training and stuff, then?"

Izuku's gaze dropped to the ground. Why hadn't he been training his body and skills, or learning his way around a machine shop? He wasn't afraid of hard work. It wasn't that he was lazy, even if analyzing heroes and quirks was more fun than exercising. He just... hadn't.

"I don't know why," Izuku admitted.

"Izu-kun," Michiko said softly. "I don't know you very well, but from the moment I first laid eyes on you, I've had this feeling. You're a lovely boy. With a healthy body, a wonderfully keen mind, and a beautifully kind heart. I believe you have what it takes to be a true hero, and the only thing standing in your way, is that question."

Izuku trembled as tears welled up in his eyes. "Do you really think so? Could I really, for real, be a hero, without a quirk?"

"You can," Michiko said firmly. "You can. I know you can."

Izuku couldn't hold back the tears. He'd been waiting so long for someone, anyone, to say those words to him. He fell to his knees, all self-consciousness forgotten.

He felt warm arms wrap around him, pull him into softness and comfort. His head came to rest on fluffy warmth. A hand stroked his hair.

After a few minutes, Izuku managed to get himself back under control. And that was when he abruptly realized that he had his face pressed into a girl's chest. Through her uniform jacket, he could feel her boobs.

Izuku practically teleported out of her arms, standing and facing away from her as he scratched the back of his head. "Ah! S-Sorry!"

"I was the one who put your head there," Michiko said. "It's totally my fault if my shirt's wet now. I'm glad I could help."

Izuku sighed. He supposed letting a deku like him cry on her was a pretty heroic thing to do. No. If he was actually going to get anywhere, he had to stop thinking it was useless to even try. He clenched his fists and turned around to face her.

"I still don't have an answer," Izuku said, wiping his eyes. "But it doesn't matter, because I'm going to do it now. I'm going to try my best, and get strong enough that I don't need a quirk to win against villains and save people with a smile!"

Michiko giggled. "That's the spirit, Izu-kun!"

"Ah, thanks," Izuku said, smiling. "Thank you, M-Michiko-chan."

"Any time," Michiko said warmly. "So, we should probably get going. Do you want to walk home together?"

"I'd, I'd like that," Izuku agreed as he finished drying his eyes.

Michiko bounced over to him and took his hand. Izuku's breath caught, feeling her warm skin against his, then yelped as she tugged him along.

Together they left the school grounds and entered suburbia, where the apartments were spacious and in buildings no more than ten stories tall.

Izuku almost tripped as he had another stunning realization. Holy whoa! I just talked to a girl! HOLY WHOA! I'm on a first-name basis with a girl! HOLY SUPER WHOA! I'M HOLDING HANDS WITH A GIRL!

Beside him, Michiko giggled. "It's not as lewd as the internet would have you believe. Unfortunately."

"Oh no," Izuku squeaked. "Did I say that out loud?"

"It's fine, Izu-kun. You can enjoy holding my hand as much as you like," Michiko said warmly. "Speaking of which, are we going to be training buddies? You didn't give me an answer, before."

Izuku flailed for a moment and then nodded. "Y-Yes! I'd be honored to train with you, Michiko-chan!"

Michiko beamed, like she was actually happy about getting to spend time with him. "In that case, I should explain my quirk!"

Izuku's attention was instantly riveted. "Yes please!"

"I call it Cultivation," Michiko began. "It's a cell-activation type quirk. I used to use it to make plants grow in my dad's garden, but the thing it does when I'm not trying to do anything specific, is cure cancer."

"Cure cancer?!" Izuku exclaimed. "Wow! That's so amazing. Most cell-activation quirks are actually dangerous around cancer because they can make it worse. How does it work? If you can grow plants that means you're energizing cells to divide super quickly, right?"

"That's right!" Michiko said, sounding impressed. "It actually took a while to figure out, but it turns out that energizing cells is only half of my quirk. The other thing it does is control the genomic expression of those cells."

"Genomic expression?" Izuku repeated curiously.

"Um, that might be the wrong term," Michiko admitted sheepishly. "It's what my quirk councilor called it. What it means is that my quirk can treat any cell at all like a stem-cell, or even turn ordinary cells back into stem-cells, and control which specialized traits the cells take on in real time."

"Wow! That must have so many different applications?" Izuku inquired eagerly.

"I can take living tissue from any organism and basically grow it into any shape at all, in any substance that its genes can code for," Michiko agreed.

"Does that mean you can use it like a fabrication quirk?" Izuku asked.

Michiko nodded happily. "Yeah. I can basically 3d-print in bone, or keratin, or other organic materials that don't need to be kept alive, if I have something alive to start with. I've been practicing with that for making my own support items. I can make really dense bone if I try, way stronger than a normal person's skeleton."

"Does that mean you can strengthen a normal person's skeleton?" Izuku asked, his mind spinning with the possibilities.

"Yep. Not just your skeleton either. It won't be instant, or painless, and it'll still require some actual work, but the UA entrance exam is in ten months," Michiko said. "If we had to spend all year just getting your body ready, we'd be doomed. I think I can get us both to a necessary level of fitness by the end of this month, if we don't hold back. Then we'll have the rest of the year to train in important skills."

"W-Wait!" Izuku suddenly exclaimed. "You're willing to use your quirk on me so I can get stronger faster?"

"Of course, Izu-kun," Michiko said kindly. "By this time next month, you will be able to beat Bakugo at arm-wrestling, I promise."

Izuku felt himself tearing up again. "You'd really do that for me? Thank you so much, Michiko-chan!"

She squeezed his hand until he got himself under control.

"You have such an amazing quirk," Izuku sighed. "I think you're going to be a great hero too, you know?"

"That's the plan," Michiko giggled.

"A quirk that powerful," Izuku mused, then hesitated. "Ah, you don't have to tell me, but any quirk that powerful probably has some pretty important weakness, right?"

"I think Cultivation's biggest weakness is that it has no psychokinetic aspect," Michiko explained easily. "No matter how hard I try, I can't just grab cells with my mind and move them around. So, I'm actually pretty terrible at healing fresh wounds. I'm fantastic at healing scars. But fresh wounds? I'm better than nothing, but not better than a first aid kit."

"I see," Izuku said, following the thought. "Of all the healing quirks I've read about yours is almost a reverse of the standard expression of the type, which could lead to extremely efficacious synergies with other cell-activation types since you're good at what they're bad at and visa-versa. As a hero you would be ill suited to the role of a battlefield healer and as such your branded persona would likely benefit from a de-emphasis of the nature of your quirk and strong emphasis instead on its products. The implication of the genomic expression thing curing cancer without overt control suggest an intrinsic behavior of forcing cell-cooperation. Could multiple organisms be fused into one? Chimeric lifeforms sometimes occur in nature so fusing cells from different gene lines into one organism should be within Cultivation's ability. What about-"

Michiko pulled on his hand, dragging him to a stop. They were just outside the underground tunnel that connected two neighborhoods.

"Ah!" Izuku yelped. "Sorry, I was muttering wasn't I?"

Michiko smiled at him. "It's not that. I just, have a bad feeling about this tunnel, today. Do you mind if we go around instead?"

"Oh, uh, sure, that's fine," Izuku agreed.

They turned around and strolled on, hand in hand. Michiko glanced back, looking relieved, but also... worried? Torn? She muttered something uncertain-sounding under her breath that Izuku didn't catch. Izuku was curious, but didn't know how to ask.

They remained quiet for a bit as they walked, and Izuku reflected that... he was feeling really happy. He and Michiko had just had a long, energetic conversation about quirk minutia and she hadn't even gotten mad at him when he fell into muttering. What's more... he'd been able to talk to her like that. She kept up with his ramblings. That had never happened before.

"So, um," Izuku began hesitantly, hoping to keep the conversation going. "Who's your favorite hero?"

"The R-Rated Heroine, Midnight!" Michiko replied without hesitation. "She's amazing! I love how she can stand up for sexuality without shame, championing her cause out in the light in open defiance of society's mores!"

Izuku felt a flush creeping up his neck as he stared at his new training partner in surprise. "You um, that's a very um," Izuku flailed.

Thankfully, Michiko merely giggled at his awkwardness. "What about you? Who's yours?"

Izuku sighed in relief, then smiled shyly. "Um, this is probably a very obvious choice, but, it's All Might. I've always wanted to be just like him. To stand up with a smile and make people feel safe, because I'm there."

"I understand completely, Izu-kun," Michiko said, squeezing his hand. "For what it's worth? You've already got the smile."

Izuku felt something inside him bloom with warmth. "R-Really?"

"Yes really!" Michiko suddenly exclaimed. "Izu-kun, that smile of yours just about melted my panties off right then and there!"

"Wh-Wha-What are you saying a thing like that out of nowhere?!" Izuku sputtered, blushing so hard he was probably producing steam.

"I'm just telling the truth, Izu-kun!" Michiko insisted. "You're really really cute!"

Izuku yelped in denial. "No I'm not!"

There was a long moment of pregnant silence. Izuku slowly opened his eyes, to see Michiko facing him, her striking green eyes full of earnestness. He gulped as he realized he was holding both of her hands at the same time.

"I always tell the truth when I say lewd things, Izu-kun," Michiko said softly. "What kind of Midnight fan would I be if I didn't?"

Izuku gulped. Put like that, he could see where she was coming from. He knew exactly what it was like to idolize someone as a macrocosm of exactly the sort of goodness he wanted to put into the world himself. He knew enough about Midnight to guess that Michiko probably saw saying l-l-lewd things without getting embarrassed as a skill to train herself in on purpose. Izuku noticed for the first time that Michiko's cheeks were a little pink, but despite that she still wasn't balking even slightly. She was pushing herself forward with determination, going beyond and trying her best, for the sake of achieving her dream.

"Hey, Michiko-chan?" Izuku said, smiling tentatively. "It's really your dream to become a hero like Midnight, huh."

"I will become a hero like Midnight," Michiko said, full of determination. "No. Not just like Midnight. My dream is to surpass her! She's the R-Rated Heroine? Well I'm going to go beyond, and become the X-Rated Heroine!"

Izuku blushed in embarrassment even as he admired the clarity of her ambition. "I'm sure you can do it, Michiko-chan. And I'll help however I can!"

Michiko giggled and released one of his hands, hooking her arm through his instead. "Thanks, Izu-kun."

Izuku spent the next few moments preoccupied with the fact that he was now walking arm in arm with a girl. A girl who called him cute! His brain was refusing to process the other thing she'd said, but.

"You know," Michiko commented, "I don't think I want to ever have a boyfriend."

Izuku's heart leaped into his throat. "I-I-I-I didn't mean I wanted to be your boyfriend!"

Michiko stared at him in surprise, and Izuku suddenly felt like he'd said something wrong. "I know, Izu-kun. That isn't what I meant... but before that, do you want to be my boyfriend?"

Izuku's brain locked up and he made a mortified squeaking sound.

"It's okay if the answer isn't yes or no," Michiko told him, giving his hand a squeeze. "Take a moment to think and tell me how you actually feel."

Thankful for such responsible-sounding guidance, Izuku did as instructed. "Well, you are very pretty and a girl, but you're also the first person who's ever believed in me. You're even going to help me become a hero. So what I want to do in return is be the best friend and training partner that I can be and do whatever it takes to help you achieve your dream too!"

"I'm really glad to hear you say that, Izu-kun," Michiko said with a beaming smile. "You really are the sweetest cinnamon roll."

"Thanks, I think?"

Michiko giggled and gave his arm a squeeze. "So anyway, as I was saying I don't think it makes sense for me to ever have a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. A monogamous romantic relationship, I should've said. If I'm going to be the X-Rated Heroine, I can't ever have one of those, and I'm pretty sure I don't want one anyway."

"Oh," Izuku said, feeling slightly lost at that declaration but wanting to be supportive.

"That said," Michiko continued, slightly hesitant as a blush appeared on her face. "If I'm going to be the kind of hero I want to be, I need to be sexually experienced. Very experienced. And I have to start somewhere."

"Oh," Izuku said in sudden, embarrassed comprehension.

"So, um, Izu-kun," Michiko said, grinning somewhat bashfully. "As my training partner, could you do me a huge favor?"

Izuku blinked at the change of topic, but quickly nodded. "I'll help you however I can, Michiko-chan."

"Then, would you take my virginity, Izu-kun?" Michiko asked earnestly.


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I arrived home with a skip in my step. I'd gotten the cutest boy in class to agree to be my lewd training dummy! I let out a blissful, dreamy sigh as I thought about Izuku, and the lewd things we would soon get up to. If I trusted my own resolve less, I'd probably be a little worried about falling in love with the adorable boy, but fortunately I was armed with the lewd knowledge of a sexuality nerd!

"I wonder if Izu-kun knows more about quirks than I know about sex? Or visaversa," I mused to myself. "Anyway, if I fall in love with him, I fall in love with him. It won't change what I'm going to do or how I feel about sex."

My dad was at work, leaving me alone in the apartment as usual. We actually got along really well. We just only saw each other once a week, on Sundays, when he could get time away and I didn't have school. One of the downsides of growing up in Japan, I supposed, was how 'free-time' was something of a dirty, foreign concept. If school wasn't so easy, I'd probably have a reputation as a delinquent by now.

I left my shoes by the door, and pulled off the rest of my uniform and my underwear as I headed into the laundry nook. Clothing in the wash, I stretched contentedly as I ambled through through the house in the nude. I went to my room and put on my favorite choker as well as the the mini-hoodie I used to keep my shoulders warm, and flopped into my computer chair, spinning around on it once as I giggled, having a naughty thought.

I grabbed my phone, opened the camera app, and held it up over my head. Click!

Then I opened my email and sent Izuku a message.

[Your training begins now! Your homework assignment is to look at this picture of me while you pleasure yourself to completion. Have fun~!]

Giggling, I put my phone down and rolled my chair in to my desk. I opened up a document on my computer and started hashing out a training plan to give Izuku the super-soldier-serum treatment with my quirk. It bore almost no resemblance to traditional fitness plans, but that was the both awesomeness and hardship of using Cultivation.

There was a method to my madness. I knew I was... more ready... to have sex than Izuku was. It was utterly baffling, how my past life could've known anything about a boy who was no older than I was, but I hadn't lied, when I'd told him that I'd known him from the moment I'd laid eyes on him. I'm sure I would've thought he was cute either way, but thanks to my past life, somehow, I also knew that he was extremely important, so I was going to put my all into helping him. And that included giving him the best possible experience of sex, obviously, though I like to think I'd put in the effort to do it right no matter who I was... enlightening.

An imaged flashed through my mind, in relation to the idea of Izuku having a lover. A girl, with a cute, round face, soft brown hair, and a permanent blush on her cheeks. I didn't know who she was, but I had the impression that she and Izuku were meant to be together, and might even have had sex without my help... at some point after they were middle-aged.

I groaned. Could a past life be from the future? That made even less sense than past lives being a thing in the first place.

My phone beeped, and I checked my new message. [OMG why did you send me that you aren't serious right?]

I giggled and typed a reply. [Completely serious. I'll expect you to have 'done your homework' when we meet up tomorrow, so don't think you can slack!]

I waited a few minutes, but Izuku didn't reply. I tossed my phone onto my bed.

My plan was simple. Izuku was sheltered, and probably didn't even have enough non-academic knowledge of sex to think about it in anything but abstract terms. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd never watched porn. So before we actually had sex, I wanted to at least get him to the point where he could think about fucking a girl, in concrete terms, without flinching away from the mental imagery. I wanted to ease myself gently into the inner privacy where he kept his sexuality, and give him room to desire my body as a lewd object on his own terms.

I idly considered trying to track down the cute round-faced girl to offer her the same enlightenment, so that if she and Izuku ever met for real, they'd actually fuck instead of... not that. I had no idea where to even start, though. Maybe something would come to me, but until something did I'd just have to remember her face and keep an eye out for her.

Bouncing out of my chair, I put on some panties, a cute green dress that had a hem way higher than my uniform skirt and plenty of cleavage, and threw on my favorite leather half-jacket over that. I was always full of energy, something that I appreciated a lot, thanks to the strong impression from my past life of constant lethargy and exhaustion, and that made me reluctant to waste it.

I grabbed my most prized possession, a horribly expensive hair-band that was actually a disguised holographic camera, slipped it onto my head, and bounced out of my room. I had a list to complete.

There wasn't any one point, when I could say it all began. I was a perfectly normal baby girl. I learned to talk a little early, but I figured that was down to me being a smarty-pants. As I grew up, though, I'd recognize things I'd never seen before, spontaneously generated opinions I had no reason to have, and knew facts I'd never learned. It seemed ridiculous, but explaining it to myself as memories of a past life just fit way too well.

Some things, like the realization that the rituals of dating and marriage were completely absurd to define as the default sexual behavior, I like to think I came to on my own, and only found out that I agreed with my past life about it later, but I'm not sure that's even a meaningful difference.

Anyway, I grew up with a single father, a faceless office drone who none-the-less loved me dearly and supported me to the best of his ability, who trusted me. I discovered my quirk when I was five, a bit after my peers, and I was lucky I did because I've spent an incredible amount of time learning to control it and I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do.

It is a frustrating quirk in a lot of ways, missing many of the required secondary powers that would make it both easy to use and immensely more powerful, but quirks tended to be like that sometimes. When I let my quirk work on its own, the two halves of it worked together seamlessly to do one very specific thing: correct breakdowns in cooperation between cells. As I told Izuku, this made curing cancer, or healing scars and the like, very easy. The trouble was, trying to control my quirk and make it do anything else caused the two halves to operate separately. I could force cells to replicate, or I could force cells to alter their specialized traits, but even doing both at once, the two effects ignored each other.

I'd found a pet store that had live mice for feeding to snakes, and gone through hundreds of the things experimenting. The super-soldier regimen I planned to put Izuku through, and which I was already halfway through myself, took me months of tireless work to get to the point where I felt safe trying it for real. I still didn't trust myself with trying to alter the structures inside a body directly, which was why the regimen was still going to take up to a month instead of just a few hours. Organs were extremely complicated machines and my quirk didn't make me any better at understanding how to put one together than a normal person.

The sensory aspect of my quirk was probably the most frustrating part. I had to actually use my quirk and feel out the echo of my own quirk energy, and it was more like trying to figure out what something looked like by running my fingertips over it in a pitch black room than the sort of psychic fMRI you read about in stories. Even once I got the trick, the amount of information I could glean was paltry. I had a vague sense of how much tissue I was affecting, as well as a sort of hum, a harmony, that corresponded to which genes were being expressed in those cells. The first few years of exploring my quirk were mostly spent figuring out which cell types corresponded to which harmonies, and practicing my aim.

Working with plants was so much easier, and so different that it was a mostly unrelated skill. They could not only survive, but even entirely fail to notice grotesque deformities that would have a mammal wishing to die. I could sculpt them almost like a video game model, into any form I wanted, and most of the time their internal structures, if I was careful, would adapt well enough that they lived. Our little balcony garden saved my dad numerous trips to the produce stand. Plants were also fast. I could do things with plants that might actually be useful in the middle of a battle, especially if I didn't need the plant to live afterward.

My best trick for getting around my limitations on working inside bodies, though, was actually pretty simple in concept. It wasn't hard to sweep through a bit of flesh and seed it with pure-tone stem-cells. If I waited for the cells to start specializing naturally, I could modify and grow the surrounding cells and then use the combined cancer-curing mode of my quirk to force the old cells to fall in line with the new unmodified stem-cells, which triggered a kind of natural regeneration that gave the tissues the best of both. It hurt like hell, and left me sore for days, but it was worth it. My skeleton was stronger than titanium, and my reinforced joints were so supple that, well, actually that didn't do much for me while my muscles and tendons were still normal, but it was an important step, and my blood cells held enough oxygen that I could sprint without getting out of breath. The same trick let my skin get stronger without forming callouses, which was super important. I had to have sexy, silky soft skin if I was going to be a lewd icon!

I don't actually remember the first time I saw Midnight or when I learned who she was, but I remember how I'd latched onto her. I remember how it felt like the entire world was blind and finally here was someone else who could see. My dad never bothered to restrict my internet access. By the time I was a teenager, I probably knew more about sex than all of the teachers at any of my schools combined, and I also knew about the kind of cases that Midnight actually took when she was doing serious hero work. The truth is, I don't think Midnight goes far enough, but I still look up to her, and it pisses me off that all of her greatest deeds are basically treated like shameful secrets by other heroes.

It took me a while to realize that my past life had known about UA High, but once I did I knew I had to go there. It just felt like the most important place in the world, like I'd be missing out, like my life wouldn't be real, if I wasn't there. I did my research, of course, and found myself reading information that I already half-remembered. I had a sense of the shape that the next couple of years would take, and I had most of a plan.

One rather large aspect of that plan had nothing to do with my quirk, however, and everything to do with the kind of hero I wanted to be.

I reached up to click the concealed record button on my hair-band and stepped onto the packed commuter train, one nubile teen girl among a sea of weary salarymen. As the press of bodies closed in around me, squishing me up into close contact with at least three different men, I schooled my features and tried to calm the warm flutter of anticipation between my legs.

The odds were, nothing would happen. I would know. I'd been doing this nearly every day for two years. In those two years, I'd been groped over my clothes thirty-nine times, molested under my clothes eleven times, and actually raped zero times. That came out to less than a 7% chance of anything interesting happening on any given attempt. Statistically speaking, there was probably at least one molester in the train car, but there was only one me, and a low chance of us ending up squished together.

I felt the man behind me get an erection, his bulge throbbing against the small of my back. But I also felt him pull away, and then do his best to hold as still as possible. I couldn't turn my head far enough to catch his eye, but I hoped the way I relaxed against him instead of stiffening up was reassuring.

Then, ever so slowly, I felt fingers on my mons. I tried not to show it as a shiver of excitement raced through me. The fingers carefully walked the fabric of my dress, drawing it upward to expose my panties. I gasped softly at the sensation as those fingers made contact with my skin, and then slid down into my panties to cup my bare pussy. The fingers froze, feeling the slick heat that betrayed my arousal spill onto his hand, then eagerly started moving, stroking over my folds and sliding over my clit.

I couldn't tell who's hand it was. There were at least four suspects close enough that it could be them, and none of them outwardly betrayed their lewd intentions. It didn't matter, though. That's what the holographic recording was for. I could go over it later and see which of them was fingering me. Then I could run a search for their face and find out who they were. If it was someone useful, I could track them down and see how amenable they were to doing me a favor. If it wasn't anyone useful, well...

A less honest girl might refer to what I was doing as 'hunting'. And while it was true that collecting leverage like I was addicted to a blackmail gatcha machine was one of my goals, I was also a kinky slut at heart. Being pinned in a mass of bodies, helpless to stop strangers' hands from violating my sexy, nubile body was just... so fucking hot.

A flush crept up my face and sweat broke out on my skin as a strangled moan forced its way out of my throat. My core clenched and my body trembled as the mystery fingers brought me to orgasm, and then kept stroking as I climaxed. I let my eyes slip closed, leaning my forehead against the shirt-and-tie in front of me to hide my lewd, blissful smile.

The fingers kept massaging me, setting off aftershocks until those aftershocks turned into a genuine second orgasm. I gave up on hiding my reaction and moaned like the kinky slut I was. That, finally, made the fingers stop moving and withdraw.

I was pretty sure I could rule out the man behind me, since he suddenly got rock-hard only after I moaned like that. He probably didn't realize that he'd been pressed up against a girl while she had an orgasm until right that moment.

The train pulled into the station, and the press of bodies suddenly released, spilling through the open doors. I paused to turn around and give the nondescript salaryman a quick hug and a sly smile before I skipped off the train.

I kicked off the railing, planted my foot against the side of the train car, and vaulted up onto the car's roof. I leaped from the roof to the glass awning above the platform and raced up the incline, gaining speed. Anyone who looked up would be able to see right up my dress, see the black silk of my panties plastered to my vulva, but that was just fun, and I was moving fast enough no one would recognize me.

I launched myself from the awning onto an adjacent rooftop, rolled through the impact, and continued on to race home across the skyline.

I set my hair-band on my desk and started the upload of the holovideo file while I bounced into the bathroom and took a quick shower.

I returned to my room in the nude to find it finished, and plopped down at my computer to review it. My hands flew over the keys, long habit reducing this process to something automatic. Isolate the elements of the scene. Drop the opacity on the salarymen one by one, until the hidden groper was revealed.

"Hello there," I murmured, rotating the image to get a good look at my latest molester's face. "I wonder who you are."

I took the face and used a popular social media API to auto-tag the picture, and sure enough...

"Gomori Ono. Age, 28. Single. Quirk: Thermal Sight. Likes mecha anime. He's a door-greeter at Bank of Lazarus? Wow that's completely useless. Oh well."

I leaned back in my chair and stretched. Then, on a whim, I brought the holo-recording back up, and switched things around to get a good look at the polite guy I'd used as a backrest, then auto-tagged his face too.

"Takote Jinuzaru. Age, 36. Divorced. Quirkless. No kids. Likes to cook... Draft Manager at Hedera Studios?!?!" That was the company contracted with UA to produce female hero costumes! "Holy fucking jackpot, Batman!"

I paused. Who the heck was Bat-nevermind, not important. I had a manager at a costume design company to stalk. A devious scheme was already forming in my mind. I clicked over to my archives and scrolled through the list of useful gropers I'd logged over the years. Oh yes, I was going to break Midnight's greatest failure over my knee.

Class was dismissed for the day and I skipped over to Izuku's desk, ignoring the glare Bakugo shot my way. "Hey, Izu-kun! You want to come hang out at my house today?"

Izuku brightened, offering me a small smile. "Oh, sur-"


Izuku cringed and flailed as he tried to answer. "Well, um, we're just..."

"Doing nothing that's any of your business," I interrupted, stepping in front of Izuku and folding my arms. "Since when do you care how Midoriya spends his time, anyway?"

"Tch," Bakugo made a face like he wanted to spit on me. "As long as Deku's not mouthing off about becoming a hero, you both can fuck right off. Don't go thinking I give a single fuck about you, new girl."

Bakugo spun on his heel and stomped away, collecting his hangers-on without seeming to notice. I sighed and turned back to Izuku as he stood up timidly and slung his backpack on.

Izuku pulled out his phone. "I just, um, have to let my mom know. You, you really want me to come to your house?"

"Yep," I said with a reassuring smile. "We need to plan out our schedules and decide when to do the using-my-quirk stuff."

Izuku nodded. "Right! I'll just..." He poked at his phone, but after a moment he froze and suddenly went red as a tomato. I peeked and caught a glimpse of my own name in a list of messages before he used a shaking thumb to scroll to [Mom] and send a short text.

I giggled quietly to myself. That probably meant that he had done his 'homework' after all. "Ready?"

Izuku nodded again and put his phone away, refusing to look at me. "Y-Yeah. Let's g-go."

D'aww. Poor embarrassed Izuku. I reached out and took his hand, resisting the urge to just hug him into my boobs and nuzzle his broccoli mop. He squeaked softly at the contact, his eyes flicking to my hips, my chest, back to my hips, even if he was exuding mortification the whole time.

I was pleased. That was much faster unleash-Izuku's-inner-pervert progress than I'd expected. With a happy hum on my lips, we left the school together and headed down the street. I decided to take his mind off of my body, for the moment.

"Hey, Izu-kun," I said. "You brought workout clothes, right?"

"Y-Yes? I figured I might need them."

"Great!" I said, pointing ahead of us. "Did you know it's exactly a mile from that intersection to my house?"

"It is?"

"Yep! So hey, let's race," I suggested. "When we get to the crosswalk, I'll start running, and you have to chase me. If you can catch me before we get to my house, you win. Sound good?"

He finally looked at me, confusion on his adorable face. Then understanding. Then apprehension mixed with resolve.

"Right! I'll do my best, Michiko-chan," Izuku said, and I gave his hand a squeeze before letting go.

We reached the curb. "Ready, go!"

I bolted, flying down the sidewalk on long strides, my pigtails streaming in the wind. I leaped sideways, taking three steps up a retaining wall to dodge over an old man lugging shopping bags, then leaped off the change direction rapidly. I hit the street, rolled to my feet and then glanced back to see how Izuku was doing.

He was... lagging. I slowed, jogging backwards to allow him to catch up. I wasn't that fast, was I? I hadn't even enhanced my muscles yet. Was I this much faster than him just from a few years of ordinary practice? It took Izuku several whole seconds to reach the old man, who he slowed to pass normally. Breathing hard, he rounded the crosswalk and charged after me.

I gave him a cheerful wave and sped off. I kept my speed down to something he could match, though. I was leading him to my house. I had to make sure he didn't lose sight of me.

Soon, we reached my building, and I chose to take the stairs rather than vault up the outside balconies. I darted up to lay a hand on my front door. A few moments later, Izuku rounded the corner of the stairwell and staggered out onto the landing, huffing, puffing, and drenched in sweat.

"Ah, I made it," Izuku panted. "You're, really, fast, Michiko, chan."

"Thanks, Izu-kun," I accepted with a gracious shrug. "You did a good job too. Now c'mon. Let's get inside."

"R-Right," Izuku panted.

I let us in, and we removed our shoes. Without even thinking about it, I started taking my uniform off as I headed to the laundry room. Izuku gasped at the sight of my bare back, and I hesitated for half a second. Retroactively on purpose, I finished stripping out of my uniform, leaving me in nothing but a black sports bra and the tiniest green thong I owned as I loaded the washer.

"C'mon, Izu-kun," I said, "We should put your uniform in the wash too. You're drenched."

"Ulp." Izuku practically vibrated in place for a few moments before shakily nodding. "Y-Yeah, that's p-probably a good idea."

Rather than make Izuku even more self-conscious by watching him undress, I went to get the laundry soap, which was in a cabinet down by the floor. Giggling to myself, I planted my feet in a wide stance and bent in half at the hips, showing off my ass and barely-covered pussy for Izuku to ogle. I took my time, pretending to rummage long after I already had the box in hand, until I heard Izuku resume undressing and rapidly stuff his clothes into the washer.

I popped up to find he'd turned his back and was muttering frantically to himself, now clad in nothing but a pair of generic green boxers. I let him carry on as I started up the washer, but the noise of the machine startled him out of his muttering.

Izuku glanced at me, keeping his body half-turned away in a futile attempt to hide the erection he was trying to push down with both hands. "A-Ah, should I change into my workout clothes?"

An image flashed into my mind: Izuku roared triumphantly at a fiery sunset, his body a chiseled sculpture of perfect muscles. It contrasted starkly with the slim, nervous, noodly teenage boy standing awkwardly in front of me, but while the muscles suited him, Izuku didn't need them to be irresistibly adorable.

"You can if you want," I replied, grinning, "but I think you're even cuter naked."

"N-Naked it is!" Izuku agreed, forgetting to hold his erection down for a moment.

I giggled. For some reason that reaction brought surge of deep amusement from the impressions of my past life, almost like deja vu only hilarious.

On impulse, I grabbed Izuku and pulled him into a tight hug, feeling his hard cock press sideways across my belly for a moment, before bouncing back out into the living room. I'd already cleared the space, folding the dining table and chairs up against the wall, and put down a mat.

"So," I said, spinning around to face Izuku. "Where to start? Oh! I know! I'll teach you the meditation kata we do at the dojo."

Izuku followed me onto the mat, fidgeting awkwardly. "Meditation kata?"

"It's a series of slow movements designed to force you to practice moving your whole body with really high precision," I explained. "The way we do it at the dojo is that we have to wear these accelerometer rings on our fingers and toes, and they beep whenever our movements aren't steady enough. I thought that was really clever; it's actually why I picked that dojo in the first place. Anyway, we can cheat with my quirk to get your strength and stamina up to peak levels, but it's just as important to train your nervous system as it is to train your actual physical muscles, and we can't cheat at that part."

"Oh, that's really neat," Izuku agreed. "I've read about how in strenuous physical training, sloppy form is the leading cause of injury, so having a training aide like that makes a lot of sense."

I nodded happily. "Yeah. My set is over there on the counter. You can borrow them when you're ready."

"I will," Izuku said. "Thanks, Michiko-chan."

I beamed at him. "Alright. Just watch me for now. I'll go through the kata a few times so you can see how its supposed to look, then I'll walk you through it yourself until you have it memorized, okay?"

"Yeah!" Izuku agreed.

I closed my eyes for a moment to focus, and then I started moving. I moved my body from pose to pose, sliding my limbs through the air on precise lines. I was proud of my hard-won grace. After finishing the kata once, I pivoted ninety degrees and started over. I repeated the kata with Izuku behind me, then to my left, then again facing him.

"Ready to try?" I asked.

Izuku blushed hard, and then dropped into a formal apology bow. "I'm sorry. This is actually really distracting. I couldn't pay attention to anything except how, how much seeing your body like this makes me want to touch you. I'll do better, I promise!"

I felt a pang in my chest at his flustered sincerity. Aaaa, Izuku, how are you this wholesome? I went over, nudged him upright, and then hooked one finger into the waistband of his boxers. I tugged the elastic out just far enough for the head of his erection to pop through the gap, then let the elastic snap back and pin his cock to his belly. Then I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him tight, pressing our sweaty and mostly-bare bodies against each other.

Izuku's breath caught as he looked into my eyes with earnest, disbelieving hope and his cock throbbed against my waist. "M-Michiko-chan?"

"Izuku, did you do that homework I assigned you?" I asked, my voice gently curious.

I felt his cock throb against my flesh much more strongly. "I, I, I did, y-yes? Your picture was, you are, so, so sexy a-and you told me to so I figured... It, it felt like some kind of crazy dream, but, seeing you right in front of me with barely any clothes on, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. About, um, how you asked me to..."

"Be my first sexual partner?" I finished gently. I was genuinely impressed with him. He'd gone from sex being unthinkable to actively wanting to have it in one night of masturbation. He really was the sort to excel at whatever he was passionate about, wasn't he.

"Y-Yeah, that," Izuku said with a slightly giddy smile.

"Do you want to do it right now?" I asked hopefully.

"If, if you want to," Izuku said with nervous hope.

"Oh, Izuku," I sighed affectionately. "Of course I do."

Izuku's nervous smile brightened into that beautiful grin that put All Might's to shame, even as tears formed in his eyes. "Thank you for being so nice to me, Michiko-chan."

"You're very easy to be nice to, Izuku," I said earnestly.

"Th-Thanks," he said thickly. "So. Um. Should we... kiss?"

I giggled. "That is the obvious place to start."

Izuku nodded, and then leaned in until out lips touched. For a moment, I was startled by his initiative. Izuku made the first move! I closed my eyes and melted blissfully into the soft, almost chaste kiss, just feeling his lips against mine. His lips pursed, and he made a faint smooching sound. I giggled.

"Okay," I said, brushing my nose along his, "let's try more."

"You've... studied this kind of thing, right?" Izuku asked, tentative. "What should I do?"

I beamed at him. "Yeah. The kind of kissing called 'making out' is next." I stuck my lips out illustratively. "Don't do this. You're supposed to keep your mouth more relaxed, and just a little bit open." I demonstrated. "Like that." I brought one hand up and cupped his cheek to push his head to the side. "You tilt your head like this, and I go the other way like this, so our lips kind of make a cross. But you don't have to go all the way to a right-angle cross, and if you do then your neck'll hurt." I paused in consideration. "Also, um, the tongue part is important, but all I can think of is that you don't open your mouth more when you stick your tongue out," a flash of past-life memory welled up, "oh! And remember that we're not licking each other, just, think of it like our tongues are snuggling and rubbing on each other?"

Izuku nodded, wide-eyed and attentive. "O-Okay, I think I get it."

"You sure?" I asked, worried. "That's kind of a lot to keep track of."

"Mhm!" Izuku confirmed. "It's a little complicated but, you explained it really well; all the parts make sense, y'know? You really are good at this."

I smiled, bashful. "Aww, thanks, Izu-kun."

This time, I initiated the kiss. Our mouths met and it was like all my theoretical knowledge instantly fell together into a practical epiphany, a flash of past-life memory preventing a collision of teeth before it could happen. Our tongues danced, slithering into each others mouths more and more eagerly as we gained confidence. I moaned into Izuku's mouth, feeling his body shiver against me as I held him close. Heat wound around itself in my core, swelling and dripping onto my thighs as I lost myself in the feeling of kissing the sweetest, cutest, strong-hearted-est and most wonderfully nerdy boy I knew.

Izuku moaned into our kiss, a sound of needy heat that sent a thrill of desire down my spine. He spasmed in my arms, half pulling away before his hips bucked forward and ground his throbbing rod hard into my abs. I felt his dick pulsate violently against my skin, as hot fluid oozed onto my belly.

I held him tight to me as he finished cumming, his lips slipping away from mine, soaking in the feel of him shaking in my arms. I felt the tension fill his body as he realized what he'd done, and hurried to say something reassuring.

"I loved feeling that," I told him honestly, then smirked. "Mmm, having a cute boy like you cum in my arms was just, so, hot."

Izuku relaxed, and a small giggled bubbled out of him.

"What?" I giggled in return.

"It's just," Izuku said, softly amused, "you really did sound like Midnight for a moment."

I laughed and kissed him. "Oh Izuku. You are definitely best boy."

Izuku blinked. "Huh?"

I just giggled again, then released him. "Okay. Cum isn't anything to complain about but cold cum is gross, so..."

I grinned, impish, then grabbed his boxers in one hand and shoved on his chest with the other. He flopped back onto the mat with a startled yelp, leaving his feet caught in his underwear. Giggling, I tugged the boxers free and skipped out to the laundry room. After using his boxers to wipe myself dry, I peeled off my own thong and paused the wash cycle long enough to add both articles to the load. I left my sports bra on because I wanted to give Izuku at least one piece of clothing to strip off of me himself. I didn't have an 'unwrapping' kink but I knew most people enjoyed pulling their lover's clothes off more than I did. I didn't really get that myself. I'd always thought it was sexier if everyone involved was naked before anything even starts, so that there wasn't that extra step between deciding to have sex and having sex. But whatever.

I returned to the living room to see a nude Izuku sitting up on the mat. His eyes instantly locked on my bare pussy as I strolled over, his obvious desire sending a thrill down my spine. Feeling very happy about the way this was going, I went right up to him and stood over him with my pussy right in his face.

Izuku stared. I put my hand on his head and gave him pets to encourage him to keep looking. He took his time, drinking in the sight of my vulva while his cock hardened in his lap.

"Could you lay down and spread your leg-" Izuku cut himself off with a squeak.

I dropped to my knees and pressed my forehead against his. "Sure, Izu-kun. I promise, your perverted inner Izuku, your curious nerdy Izuku, allzukus are safe with me. There are no boundaries here, no shame. You don't need to hold anything back with me. Not curiosity, and definitely not lust."

Izuku swallowed heavily, before smiling at me with that lovely smile of his. "Okay. I'll do my best to remember that."

I giggled and gave him a quick kiss, then scooched over and laid down on my back. As requested, I spread my legs as wide as I could. "Look. Touch. Play with my body as much as you want," I invited.

Izuku sat facing my butt, reaching out to gently stroke the skin of my labia. "It's so pretty... this is what it looks like under the pixels?"

Speaking of legacies that I'm gonna break over my knee...

I relaxed, enjoying the attention as Izuku felt his way around my pussy, occasionally caressing my thighs and butt. After several minutes he finally grew bold, and I felt a finger poke through my folds and slide inside me.

"It's so slippery and warm," Izuku gasped softly to himself. "Female arousal is usually called 'being wet' as a counterpoint to 'being hard' but this isn't just wetness, it's so slick it's like there's no friction at all... the way that would feel during intercourse is far more specific and... ulp, pleasurable, than the word 'wet' or even the clinical description of 'secreted lubrication' implies..."

"There's more to it than that, even," I spoke up, Izuku's eyes flying to my face. "My vagina swells and gets bigger inside my abdominal cavity when I'm wet, same as your dick swells and gets bigger when you're hard. From what I've read, girls and boys actually have the same internal parts. I mean, inside your penis, there's these three structures under the skin, and inside my body those same three structures are wrapped around the outside of my tunnel."

"Oh! That's really interesting," Izuku said. "You really do know a lot about this, huh." A sudden, revelatory smile came onto his face. "You like lewd things the same way I like quirks!"

My heart melted. He understood me. "Yeah. That's exactly it."

The smile fell off of Izuku's face. "But... everybody thinks quirks are the coolest. Everybody talks about them all the time, and the other kids still make fun of me for studying them. If it's the same for you, but with something that everybody says is shameful to talk about..."

I sat up and shifted onto my knees to give Izuku a hug. "I think it's actually been worse for you. I can't pretend it's easy, living in a world that disagrees with me about something so fundamental, but... I never had a doctor diagnose me with asexuality as a child, because no one goes around hoping their kids will develop really strong sexualities as early as possible. Rather the opposite, really."

Izuku giggled wetly. "You maybe have a point about that."

I tugged him up to his knees to hug him more firmly, a bolt of desire running through me as his erection slipped between my thighs and brushed directly against my pussy. "Hey, Izu-kun, you should take my bra off."

"Oh, uh, yeah..." Izuku agreed nervously.

I giggled. "Don't worry, it's a sports bra. It's just elastic, no secret tricks to getting it off."

Izuku smiled sheepishly and slid his hands up my ribs. I raised my arms and let him push the bra up and over my head, but he got distracted by my boobs before he finished. I tossed the bra away myself and stuck my chest out proudly. I had awesome boobs and knew it. I'd been mostly too afraid of messing something up to tweak much about them with my quirk, but during puberty I'd done a few small adjustments involving hormone signaling. I couldn't tell if that had made a difference or if I was just lucky with my genes, though.

Izuku reached for my breasts, hesitated, then seemed to remember that he already had permission and cupped my breasts in his hands. I hummed happily and pressed myself into his touch. With a small, awed smile, Izuku played with my boobs, caressing and stroking and experimentally tweaking my nipples. Mmm, that felt so nice.

"Would it be weird if I... like I'm nursing?" Izuku asked, blushing.

"You can suck on my nipples as much as you want, Izu-kun," I said with a giggle. "That's not even something an ordinary girl would think was weird. Totally vanilla."

"Vanilla?" Izuku asked, pausing in confusion.

"Vanilla means it's the kind of super common lewd act that normal people expect their partner to be into," I explained.

"What's the opposite of vanilla?" Izuku asked curiously.

"Kinky," I stated.

"Oh! Wow, that makes so much more sense now," Izuku said with an awkward smile.

I ruffled the adorable boy's hair and tugged his head to my breast. He latched on with a small moan, licking and sucking at my nipple as he pressed his face into my breast.

"Uuh, that feels amazing, Izu-kun," I sighed.

With more room between us, his hand returned to my pussy, two fingers sliding into me as he cupped my groin, arousal juicing onto his hand. His lips popped away from my nipple, releasing it with a jolt of pleasure.

"I, I want to," Izuku swallowed nervously. "I want to see you have an orgasm. Can, can you tell me how?" he asked earnestly.

"Keep doing what you were doing, but rub the top wall of my pussy with your fingers, a-and use the heal of your hand to rub my clit," I instructed. I was already close and it wouldn't take much to make me cum, but that was no reason to teach him bad habits.

Izuku's hand started moving, clumsy at first, but he figured it out fast. He went back to sucking on my nipple. My pussy clutched at his fingers as he mashed my clit. He grabbed my butt with his other hand to keep me steady, and I moaned out long and loud as I came, pulsating pleasure radiating out of my pussy.

I slumped over his shoulder as the blissful spasms died down, kissing at his neck.

"Michiko-chan?" Izuku asked.

"Yeah, Izuku?"

"I, I want to keep going, and, and have real sex with you," Izuku said timidly. "But, what if you get pregnant?"

"I can't get pregnant," I told him. "I fixed that with my quirk as soon as I figured out how."

"Oh!" Izuku perked up. "How did you do that? Are you sure it worked?"

"I did some research and sealed off my fallopian tubes," I explained. "I haven't had a period in six months, so I'm pretty sure it worked."

"Ah, okay, that's a relief," Izuku said warmly. "Then... we really can..."

"I said you didn't have to hold anything back," I reminded him. "I meant it."

"R-Right! Sorry."

I giggled and nuzzled him. "You really are such a sweetie. So anyway. This is the first time you're having sex too. What position do you want to start with?"

"Position? Like, 'cowgirl' or 'doggy-style'?" Izuku asked.

"Yeah," I said.

Izuku's lips brushed my boob. "Um, I don't know. Which do you think is best?"

"I'm hoping to do all three of the basic positions today," I said, thinking it over. "Well, based on how quickly you got hard again after you came on my belly, I'd guess that you can go three more times no problem, but still, just in case... I've read that its easier for a boy to stay hard if he's laying on his back? So that puts cowgirl last. And I think, visual stimulation gets less effective faster than touch does? I'm not sure if that's true. But yeah, I think that means the best way to go is doggy-style first, then missionary, then cowgirl."

"Wow that's really well-reasoned," Izuku remarked, his voice unsteady with anticipation and lust. "I can't believe I get to have sex... and with such a pretty and smart girl... this is really happening, right?"

I pulled away from our slump to look him in the eye. "It's real. This feeling you're having right now, this feeling of lewd desires, acknowledged and accepted, not merely tolerated but welcomed gladly, not as an expression of love, not as a means to an end, but as a pure expression of the fundamental truth that lewd behavior does not deserve to be shackled and oppressed and scorned... this is the feeling I want people to have, whenever I am there."

Izuku nodded fervently, his eyes tearing up. "Your dream is amazing, Michiko-chan. I promise I'll stand by you and help you achieve it. So y-yeah! Let's do it!"

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"Grab my hips," I suggested. "Move me like you're using my body to stroke yourself."

On my knees, with my face pressed to the exercise mat and my ass up in the air, Izuku Midoriya took my virginity. His hands on my waist were tender and firm as he held me in place. His cock was hot and throbbing, vividly real and alive, as it split open my folds and drilled into my core. I shivered blissfully at the sensation, and at knowing what it meant, that my slutty pussy was wrapped around a cute boy's cock for the first time in my life, finally ascending to its destined purpose. I clenched down on him, hard, savoring the feel of his girth inside me as I gasped in pure rapture.

"I'm, I'm not hurting you, right?" Izuku asked, breathless, as his hips settled against my butt and his balls came to rest on my clit. "It doesn't seem like I am?"

"Having your cock in me feels so good, Izu-kun," I moaned. "That th-thing about it hu~uurting the first time, i-is like h-halfway a myth. A girl, bleeding and feeling pain, the f-first time she's penetrated; it happens but not even most of the time."

"R-Really? I, I had no idea," Izuku said, his cock twitching inside me. "It, 'it hurts the first time' is, it's like the o-one thing everybody knows about girls?"

"It's stupid," I gasped out as I wiggled my hips against his hands, feeling his cock stir around in my depths. "If, if it hurts, then it hurts for reasons. It doesn't have to hurt, people are just dumb about it so they don't even try to, to make it not hurt beyond 'wait until you're ready' which is, is absolute shit advice that doesn't even actually mean anything!"

Izuku pushed me forward an inch or two and then pulled my hips down firmly, thrusting his cock back into me as deep as it would go, and I trembled in pleasure from the one little thrust. "I'm so glad, you know how to not be in pain. This, this feels so good and I want you to feel good too."

"I do, Izuku," I breathed, smiling. "This is wonderful. And you're not even thrusting yet."

"I just, I've never felt anything like this," Izuku panted softly. "I don't want to, to rush past it."

"Me either," I assured him, rubbing my butt on his hips.

"Why, why does it hurt, sometimes?" Izuku asked.

"It could be one, or more, of a number of different things," I rambled. "The hymen, can bleed if it's stretched too much too fast, but it's actually really easy to make sure you're pre-stretched enough to take a cock. It can even happen by accident without a girl noticing. Then, there's the obvious reason, the, the girl isn't aroused enough, but that has less to do with lubrication, though that does matter, and more to do with how it means your vaginal canal is not engorged and not at its full size, which means that it isn't as sturdy as it needs to be and also there's no cushioning between your partner's cock and, like, your intestines, so that's like three different reasons in one. Also also, the kegel muscles, you know, the muscles I use to do this," I clenched down on Izuku's cock, making him gasp, "can cramp, or get pulled, same as any other muscle, especially if they're weak from under-use and completely tensed up in a natural reaction to bracing for pain because the girl is expecting it to hurt because the one thing 'everyone' agrees on is that she should expect it to hurt. Augh."

Izuku giggled nervously. "That's, um, you've been holding that in for a while, huh."

I smiled, my face still pressed into the mat. "Yeah. Sorry."

"It's fine," Izuku said earnestly. "I'm glad you could vent to me, Michiko-chan."

"Sweetest. Cinnamon roll," I reiterated, wiggling my hips more. "You're going to spoil me, Izu-kun."

Izuku made a bashful noise, and I giggled. That giggle transformed into a moan as Izuku firmed his grip on my hips and slowly drew his cock halfway out, before pulling me down and filling me up again. This time he kept going, tentative, savoring, but he put just a little more force into each subsequent thrust, until he was fucking me for real and his hips made a slapping sound as he collided with my ass, pounding pleasure into me as his cock plunged in and out of my dripping, quivering cunt.

"Michiko-chan!" Izuku cried out, his voice a whine of animal need, and suddenly he was slamming his cock into me hard and fast, cute little grunts of unfettered lust huffing out of him as his hips hammered my ass.

"Oh! Oh fuck!" I moaned, so excited by Izuku's loss of control that the rapid stimulation stoked a bone-deep orgasm that exploded through me and made my vision fuzz over, roaring waves of ecstasy filling my body to the brim.

I quivered and trembled, riding the aftershocks as Izuku pounded my pussy with a desperate urgency, and then I heard him cry out and slam in extra-hard, again, and again, and again, and a flood of gooey liquid heat poured into my core, sending a shiver of delight through my everything.

Slowly, I felt Izuku's cock deflate as he slumped forward a little over my butt. We stayed like that for a few long moments, catching our breath. Izuku's cock slipped out of me, releasing a river of white from my pussy as he plopped down on his butt.

"Holy whoa..." Izuku breathed softly. "I just had sex with a girl..."

I burst into giggles and flopped over, rolling onto my back. "Heehee... stop being so adorable way over there and come be adorable over here, Izu-kun."

"Mhm." He crawled between my legs and then settled himself down on top of me, weight on his elbows as he covered my chest with his. "I still feel tingly..."

"Me too," I said, pulling him down into a brief kiss, that turned into a somewhat longer kiss. "I think that was... as good as a first time between two virgins could ever go, probably. Yay for us."

"It's thanks to you, Michiko-chan," Izuku said with that smile. "You're amazing. I'm sure I would've messed it all up a bunch of times if you didn't know so much about how sex works."

Izuku didn't know his own power. I was already a puddle an he was going to melt me all over again. I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his neck, nuzzling him. My precious broccoli cinnamon roll was going to end up with so many girlfriends that he wouldn't have any time left for hero work.

I made a mental note to give him the in-depth polyamory talk early.

Releasing his head, our lips met again and we just made out in post-orgasmic bliss on the floor of my living room for a while. I felt his cock twitch against me, and rolled my hips to press against him, but after a few moments he pulled away.

"I, I feel like I want more, but, I'm not... getting hard?" Izuku said uncertainly.

"That's fine, Izu-kun, we've got plenty of time," I said cheerfully. A flash of memory, "Oh, I know. Go use the bathroom."


"I've read that relieving yourself can sometimes reset a boy's refractory period," I explained.

"Oh!" Izuku said in realization. "Um, but I don't..." he trailed off, blushed, and then sprang off of me. "R-Right, I'll do that."

"Bathroom's that way," I said, pointing. "Fun fact, sexual excitement has a tendency to suppress other urges, which is usually a good thing, but also something to keep in mind."

Izuku nodded and fled. I kipped up to my feet and went to the other bathroom, since I might as well. After we were both done, we met in the hallway on our way back to the living room.

As soon as Izuku caught sight of me, his cock jumped, rapidly going hard. "It worked?"

I breamed at him, glad that my advice had been sound. "Hey, wanna see my room? We can do missionary on my bed instead of the exercise mat."

"I get to see your room? Oh gosh, um, sure!" Izuku agreed happily. I heard him continue in a low mutter, "why does that still feel like a big deal after we've already had s-sex?"

Smiling, I led him down the hall the other way. My room was a cozy, dark, slightly messy nerd-cave. High-end computer setup against one wall, with two monitors and a holo-projector, all unadorned, on a sturdy, utilitarian desk with a thickly-cushioned but professional-looking swivel chair. Opposite that, my double bed contrasted sharply, decorated elaborately in glitter-goth style. Black satin sheets and pillows. A be-sparkled pink comforter with black cartoon chains running across it like shadows, and a slim, minimal bed-frame outlined in cyan LED strip-lights, low down where they wouldn't reflect in the computer screens. My walls had a couple of Midnight posters, and there was a wide bookshelf next to the heavily-curtained window full of novels and manga.

I pranced over to my bed and tossed the covers back, then sat on the edge, bouncing a few times as I waited for Izuku's reaction, and also took a moment to enjoy that I had a naked Izuku standing in my doorway.

Izuku grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. "I know I don't actually know you that well yet, but, your room really feels like a 'you' place! Um, that's what I think, anyway."

I giggled. "Thanks, Izu-kun. Now come on in already."

Izuku lurched forward before catching himself and walking more steadily toward me, an eager if still slightly hesitant light in his eyes. I reached for his hand as he came close, then scooched back to lay down on my bed properly, pulling him with me. I wriggled in delight as he loomed over me, his earnest eyes drinking in the sight of my bare body. He put his fingers between my legs, one digit slipping inside me, my pussy welcoming him in, and his cock throbbed, twitching as he made a soft keening noise.

"Take me, Izuku," I encouraged him.

Shivering, he lowered his body onto me, and I spread my thighs wide, raising my hips to help him get the angle right as he guided his glans to my entrance. One slow thrust, and he was all the way inside me once more. Then he was moving, his hips pumping forward with jerky, needy motions as he drove his cock into me again and again.

I moaned blissfully, wrapping my arms and legs around Izuku's slim form to urge him on.

Later, after a quick rinse-off and Izuku calling his mom to check in, we were actually doing the meditation kata together. The accelerometer rings on Izuku's fingers and toes beeped every couple of seconds as he failed to move smoothly enough.

"One of the properties of my quirk that we're going to have to rely on is that the cell-energizing can affect healthy cells passively," I was explaining. "Which in the case of muscles means spontaneously generating ATP and eliminating lactic acid."

"Then... we can push much harder against our natural limits, right?" Izuku asked, his voice tense with concentration.

"To a point," I said. "You'll be just as sore afterward. I overdid it the first time I tried, and ended up bedridden for a week. I think I've solved that. I tested it on some mice and it seemed to work."

The rings beeped a bunch as Izuku wobbled, a result of him glancing over at me. "Really? Cool! How did you do it?"

"There's a sort of pattern where I seed strands of fresh stem-cells into the muscular micro-tears?" I hedged. "It's really tricky, precision work, too. It took me forever to learn how to recognize the feel of those micro-tears, they're tiny. But the hardest part was actually getting the mouse to sit still long enough to do it, so I shouldn't have that problem with a human subject. Anyway, then I can use the combined form of my quirk to integrate the new muscle, which, as far as I can tell, does result in major gains while avoiding deformity and fixing the damage from over-training. But I haven't actually tried it on myself yet."

"Ah, Michiko-chan, you can test the technique out on me before you use it on yourself," Izuku offered selflessly, pausing in his kata to give me a determined smile.

A tiny affectionate sound formed in the back of my throat. I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug, feeling his cock jump and harden as our nude bodies pressed together. "Oh, Izuku. No. I couldn't take advantage of your generous heart like that."

Izuku wrapped his arms around me, his hands caressing my bare back as he shook his head. "It makes sense," he argued earnestly, "since if you're not tired you'll be less likely to make mistakes, and if something does go wrong, you'll still be healthy, which will give you a better chance of fixing it."

My sensible, clever, logical cinnamon roll. I couldn't help myself and kissed Izuku hard, our tongues slithering against each other for a long moment before we broke apart. "Okay. Your reasoning is convincing. Let's try it."

"You really think so? I, I mean, right!" Izuku agreed brightly. "Let's try it!"

The next day, Izuku won our race to my house.

One would think that losing his virginity in such spectacular fashion might inflate a boy's ego, but not Izuku. Over the next week, he certainly relaxed more around me, but even though I tried to remind him that he was doing me a favor, he always hesitated to initiate anything lewd, even when I had us exercise naked, which was always, when we weren't in public. We still had a lot of, admittedly vanilla, sex, and he was always so cute, I really didn't mind having to encourage him.

Thanks to my quirk, we'd both put on enough lean muscle to make a visible difference. My body looked twice as athletic as before, and Izuku had gone from slim and noodly to maybe a third of the way to the chiseled perfection from my flash of past-life memory.

It was the weekend, and I was taking Izuku down to the parkour gym where I'd gotten my own start on the myriad techniques of urban maneuvering. Hand in hand, I pulled him through the front doors and bounced over to the reception desk. The girl working today wasn't one I recognized.

"Hi!" I chirped. "Could you please tell Akachi-san that Michiko would like to speak to him?"

"Uh, sure, one moment." She picked up a desk phone and hit a button. I waited, idly swinging Izuku's and my linked hands. "Sir, there's a 'Michiko' here asking for you." Pause. "What?" Pause. "Um, she's got short black hair in pigtails, and green eyes? Wearing a green dress and a leather jacket?" Pause. "Um, yes sir!" She hung up. "He'll be right out."

A minute later, a buff blonde guy in a tank-top and bike shorts appeared and shot me a wary look then huffed, "Well, come on. We'll talk in my office."

"Wait here, Izuku, okay? I'll be back in a moment," I said, releasing his hand.

"Um, okay," Izuku said. "You know him?"

"Akachi-san is the owner," I explained. "We're acquainted."

"Oh! I see."

I gave Izuku's head a pat and followed Akachi down the hall to his private office. It was small, stuffed with extra gym mats, a few framed pictures, and other such paraphernalia of the sport. I could hear the faint sounds of grunts, cheers, footfalls and thumps, through the window into the main gym, which was covered by cheap blinds.

"What do you want, whore," Akachi snapped. "You finally getting greedy?"

"I just want a second life-time pass, for my friend out there," I explained placidly. "I'm not threatening to change the terms of our deal. I'm just asking. It's been eighteen months, hasn't it? Don't you think I've earned a little trust by now?"

Akachi rolled his eyes. "You've earned a damn spanking, is what."

I smirked, and reached back to tug my dress up and expose my ass. "I mean, if that's your price..."

"What, and give you more evidence to hold over my head?" he bit out. "Fuck off, whore."

"It's kind of objectively true that you'd be giving me more leverage," I said, "but I'm sincere about being down to fuck if you are. You know I've never judged you for what you did."

"Yeah, 'cause you probably enjoyed it more than I did." Akachi stared at me flatly. "I've got a girlfriend now, you know."

"Ooh! Is she cute?"

"None of your fucking business." Akachi sighed and pulled open a drawer. "Fine. One life-time pass for your wimpy boytoy. No charge. Now get out of my face."

"Thanks, Akachi-san," I said sincerely. "Hey, do you mind if we use your hot tub, after?"

"Whatever. Just clean up after yourselves."

I bounced back out to the reception area and handed Izuku his life-time pass. "All set. You ready?"

Izuku's eyes bugged out. "H-Hey, aren't these expensive?"

"Not very," I said impishly. "I got a special deal."

"I guess, if you know the owner personally?" Izuku asked curiously. "How did you meet, anyway?"

"Sorry, Izu-kun. I promised I wouldn't tell anyone that," I said.

"Oh, I'm sorry for asking, then," Izuku backpedaled.

I giggled and hugged him. "It's fine, Izu-kun. Now, c'mon! Let's go inside."

We separated at the locker rooms, to change into our workout clothes. Bikini-cut spandex shorts and a sports bra for me, gym shorts and tank-top for Izuku.

The main area of the gym was a massive indoor obstacle course, with ramps, railings, inclined walls, and everything in between. A couple of regulars were using the course, and up on the wall on a giant screen were the names of the record holders for best time on a full-course run.

Izuku looked around, nervous and impressed as he watched the regulars wall-run over a foam pit, but when he spotted the leader-board, he gasped and pointed. "Michiko-chan! Is that you? In first place?"

I giggled bashfully. "Yep."

"Wow! You're amazing!"

I blushed at Izuku's earnest complement, but, "It's... we're going to be Pro Heroes, right? The people who use this gym are civilians. If we're going to succeed at either of our dreams, we can't compare ourselves to the average. We have to compare ourselves to the best of the best, and strive to exceed even them. By the standard we're going to have to hold ourselves to, earning the course record in a gym like this isn't impressive, it's just expected."

Izuku deflated a little bit. "I... I get it. That makes sense." He made a fist and gave me a grin full of determination. "I'll do my best to catch up!"

I beamed at him. "I believe in you, Izu-kun! Now come on, I'll show you the routes."

"Are you sure we're allowed to be in here?" Izuku asked nervously.

After running the course until Izuku was too fatigued to continue, I'd wasted no time dragging him into the employee-only locker room, which had, among other things, a private hot-tub.

"Yeah, Akachi-san gave me permission," I told him, closing and locking the door. I went over to the hot tub controls and turned on the water to fill it, then turned to face Izuku. "Here, I'll do you first. Strip."

Izuku barely hesitated to get naked in front of me anymore, the week of sex, skinship, and nude exercise having made him comfortable with exposing himself to me. I smiled at him and then put my hands on his shoulders.

Closing my eyes, I reached out with my quirk, running imaginary fingertips through his flesh. I started at his head and worked my way down, first feeling out the shape of each muscle, and for each muscle very carefully feeling for the barely-there texture of exercise-related micro-tears. I dragged my imaginary touch through each muscle in careful lines, gently tugging stem-cells into existence.

By the time I reached his toes, the hot tub was full and all the way warmed up. I stood up and stretched. "Wanna strip me, Izu-kun?"

Izuku nodded eagerly. As it turned out, he did seem to like getting to take my clothes off of me. He pushed my sports bra up slowly, watching rapturously as my boobs spilled out. When he went for my shorts, he knelt between my feet and peeled them down slowly, sliding them down my legs in a caress. Before I could step out of them, he leaned in close, staring hungrily at my pussy.

"Is it weird to say that I like the way you smell, even when you're all sweaty?" Izuku asked softly.

I ruffled his adorable broccoli mop. I was proud of him. A week ago he would've been too shy to ever ask a question like that without breaking down into a stammering mess. "Depends on the girl, I think, but it seems like a really nice compliment to me."

Izuku smiled up at me for a moment before his gaze returned to my pussy. "I want..." Almost seeming mesmerized, his hands slid to my butt and pulled. His face squished into my pussy, shooting a jolt of pleasure up my spine as he moaned into my flesh. He kissed and licked hungrily, pushing me to lean against the outside of the hot tub as he smeared my juices all over himself.

I moaned, running my hands through Izuku's sweaty hair as I gave myself over to the sensations. It might have seemed like receiving oral sex from him wasn't part of the whole 'lewd training partner' thing, given that it wasn't Izuku's sexual skills that were important to our future, but I wasn't dumb enough to fall into that trap. I completely empathized with the occasional urge to just bury one's face in a beautiful pussy or cock, purely for the sake of being as close as possible to that central essence of lewd beauty. I was so glad I'd gotten to Izuku before he'd picked up the idea that he 'owed' his partner oral sex to 'prove' he was a 'selfless lover', so that his enjoyment of this moment could remain pure. And I wasn't about to tell my precious broccoli cinnamon roll that there was anything he couldn't do with my body, if he wanted.

Eventually, whatever urge had overcome him finally settled down, and he pulled back to catch his breath. His cock jutted up from his lap, throbbing and harder than I'd ever seen it. "C-Can we have sex now, Michiko-chan?"

"Always, Izu-kun. I told you, you don't have to ask." I reminded him.

Izuku gave me a sheepish grin, then stood up, glancing around. "There's nowhere to lay down... should we do it in the water?"

"Let's try it standing up," I suggested, turning my back to him and bracing myself on the edge of the tub, sticking my rear out as I spread my feet apart far enough to put me at the right height for him to fuck.

"O-Okay, yeah." Izuku grabbed my ass, feeling me up and spreading me before he stepped in and pressed his cock to my folds. He thrust, and my pussy swallowed his rigid meat, my body welcoming the now-familiar girth. "Oh wow... this feels, really natural. I thought, it w-would be more awkward."

I rocked my hips back to meet his thrusts, paying attention to the timing and his cues so I could continue to improve that skill, even if his hands were guiding me so I didn't have to. I'd never get tired of the feeling of his hips slapping against my butt as his shaft plunged deep and filled my pussy.

"Is, is sex standing up, vanilla?" Izuku asked, breathless.

I moaned as his hands slid up to my breasts, my flesh squishing between his fingers as he gripped me and pulled me harder into his thrusts. "It, it's, really common, in, in vanilla porn," I gasped. "But I don't, oh, don't know for sure. S-Some people, are, oh, are weird about, about any sex that doesn't h-happen in bed."

Izuku made a thoughtful noise but didn't ask any follow up questions, kissing me between my shoulder blades as he slammed his cock into me harder and harder, unrestrained desire unleashed upon my tender flesh. He bucked against my ass, moaning into my back, his hands clenching down on my boobs as his cock erupted, filling me with the balm of his release. I reached between my legs and gave my clit a half-dozen firm rubs before I started to cum, just as the last spurt left Izuku's cock.

We took a moment to catch our breath and bask. He slipped out of me as I turned around and pulled him close, my breasts squishing against his chest. We exchanged soft kisses for a while, until the burn in my limbs got to me.

"I need to do my muscles, but I wanna get in the tub first," I said. "Can you help me in?"

"Of course," Izuku said. He bent down and carefully picked me up, grunting as his new muscles strained to lift me and place me in the water. "H-Here you go, Michiko-chan."

I sank into the warm water with a blissful groan. "Thanks, Izu-kun."

Smiling, Izuku climbed up and slipped into the water himself. I let the ripples of his movement gently jostle my body as I relaxed into the tub's bench seat, leaning back as I closed my eyes to focus on my quirk. Seeding my own muscles with strands of stem-cells went a lot faster for me than Izuku, since it was my own body and my quirk could use my proprioception as a jumping-off point.

When I finished, I opened my eyes to see Izuku watching me contentedly. I pushed off and floated over onto his lap, settling against him to kiss him some more while I filled us both with the passive energy of my quirk. A subtle, wriggling tingle filled my body, and from the way Izuku squirmed he felt the same. The change was subtle, but I could feel the difference as the muscles under his skin got a little bigger and a lot harder. And then it was over, and we both had our gains for the day.

I felt Izuku's cock stir under my butt. Shifting slightly, I reached down and guided him in, sinking down onto his new erection and taking it back inside me. Izuku made a sexy little gasping noise and tightened his arms around me.

"We have to keep in-and-out thrusting to a minimum in the water," I noted.

"Huh? Okay. Why though?" Izuku asked curiously.

"Water isn't slippery enough by itself," I explained, "so we have to be careful about keeping my juices from washing away."

"That does seem important to know," Izuku said. "It makes a lot of sense, actually. We rinsed off with just water before, and that washed away our, um, fluids, so it follows that being in water would have that effect too."

I giggled and gave Izuku another kiss. "Yeah, exactly."

For a little while, we just made out softly, and enjoyed being joined.

"So," I eventually said, reluctant. "We should get to the other reason we're here."

"R-Right," Izuku agreed. "My bones. We need the hot tub for that?"

"Need, no, but it makes it easier," I said, nervous. "If I don't have to compensate for the normal force of compression on your bones from gravity while I'm hardening them, that'll eliminate any chance of me messing up and leaving you with a bone shaped wrong."

"This is how you did it for yourself?" Izuku guessed.

I nodded, grimacing. "It's pretty straightforward. You'll be fine, but, it's going to hurt. A lot. It feels like, all of your bones are, are breaking, all over, all at once. I tried to go slow, but I sank and had to finish in a hurry before I drowned..."

Izuku gave me a squeeze. "That sounds scary. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, then."

I let out a dreamy sigh even as my pussy clenched down on his cock. "Oh, Izuku... You sweetheart, you couldn't have known at the time. And it's over and done, for me. You're the one that's going to have to be in pain now."

Izuku nodded. "I know, Michiko-chan. I'm ready."

I took a deep breath to steady myself, and slipped off of Izuku's cock. I hauled myself out of the water and went to our duffel-bag, grabbing the four loops of cloth I'd made for this. The tub had bolts under the outer edge, where I could hook the cloth loops at evenly-spaced points. I did so, then climbed back into the water.

"These are to keep you from sinking once your bones are denser," I explained. "You should lay on your back and float, here, I'll help you put them on."

Izuku nodded with grim determination and let me put the cloths around his wrists and ankles, stretching out to reach as he floated, spread-eagle. His cock jutted out of the water, but it was already listing to one side and going soft.

I settled in between his legs, standing over him. "Okay. I'm going to start. Try to stay relaxed, if you can?"

"Go ahead, Michiko-chan," Izuku said. "I won't give up now."

"I know," I whispered affectionately, closing my eyes.

I reached out with my quirk, feeling out the shape of his skeleton, keeping a metaphorical fingertip on each bone I found. Then, I began the process. Stroking the harmonies to trick the marrow cells into 'thinking' perfectly healthy bone was instead shattered powder, and feeding in enough energy to kick the natural processes into gear without starving Izuku's tissues. Then, primed, I started manually feeding the cells that produced the structural calcium-based fibers that made bone what it was.

Izuku didn't scream, but his agonized whimpers were almost worse. I gritted my teeth and kept going.

I walked slowly down the street, Izuku clutching my arm and wincing with every step. I supported him, careful not to jostle him.

"I'm sorry, I know it hurts, I'm sorry," I murmured. "But it's a good sign? The tenderness means I didn't accidentally crush any nerves or blood vessels. If something goes numb then we need to worry..."

Izuku patted my arm even as he continued to wince in discomfort. "It's fine. It's not that bad," he lied. "It's only for a day or two, right?"

I nodded quickly. "Right! Just a couple days for your body to calm down and adjust."

Izuku gave me a brave smile. "It's worth it."

"Yeah, sorry," I said, wincing myself. "I shouldn't insult you by acting like you can't handle it. I know you can. I really do believe in the strength of your heart, you know."

Izuku blushed. "I just know that I can't give any less than my best, especially for you Michiko-chan."

I smiled at him, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "Like I said, Izu-kun."

We continued to stagger down the street, until Izuku suddenly looked up in alarm. "W-Wait! This isn't the way to your house. This is where I live!"

"Yeah?" I said, nonplussed. "You said you wanted to rest at home?"

"R-Right," Izuku agreed, "but, um, my mom is home, and she doesn't know about, either, um, all she knows is that I made a friend... and she's going to want to meet you!"

"So?" I asked. "I can meet your mom. That's fine."

Izuku nodded shakily. "Oh good? Good. I think? Okay. Yeah. This is fine. Just promise you won't stop being my friend if she shows you my baby pictures."

"Izuku!" I gasped dramatically. "I could never!"

Izuku let out a little snerk of relieved laughter. "Okay."

"I might have to figure out how to lactate and nurse you for real, though," I said in an innocent, musing tone.

Ah, there was that mortified stammering that Izuku was probably never going to leave behind entirely. I giggled and waited for him to calm down.

"Not your kink?" I asked with gentle amusement.

Izuku made a squeaky noncommittal noise.

I giggled again. "Sorry, you can think about that later. Why don't you introduce me to your mom and then you can show me your All Might collection?"

Izuku took a deep breath and then mustered up a hopeful smile for me. "You really want to?"

"It's part of who you are, Izu-kun," I said simply.

Izuku grinned brightly, and my heart melted even more.

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Izuku's mom was adorable. It was easy to tell that Izuku took after her in a lot of ways. She seemed to like me, if only because she was so glad that Izuku had been happier since he met me. Still, it would probably be a long, long while before she liked me enough to let Izuku and I openly have lewd sleepovers, but I was optimistic that it wouldn't be out of the question, eventually.

Inko didn't, actually, break out the Izuku baby pictures, but she did tease him a bit about it. That time. The next time I came over, I finally got to see Smolzuku, and had to glomp onto the real Izuku like a teddy bear and squee right in front of his mom, who started making grand-baby jokes, which I of course denied vehemently.

"THE HELL ARE YOU SMILING ABOUT, DEKU?!" Bakugo roared into Izuku's face, backing him up against the classroom's electronic whiteboard. "You think just because you've got a girlfriend now that means you're worth anything?!"

"What the fuck?"

"Midoriya's got a girlfriend?"

"I bet it's Kinohana!"

"Of course it's Kinohana you dumbass!"

"Whoa, no way! She's way to hot for Deku!"

"They're both weirdo nerds, even if she is hot!"

"HEY KINOHANA! Are you dating Deku?!"

I slapped my palm into my face as I hurried to finish stuffing my backpack and reached up to click the record button on my hair-band.

"D-Dating? Girlfriend?!" Izuku stammered. "No, Kacchan you've got it all wr-"


"I know! I know!" Izuku stammered frantically. "I know that, Kacchan! It's really not like that!"

Just as Bakugo was about to yell something else, I stood up on my seat, planted one foot on the desk behind me to distract the hangers-on with my panties, and pointed dramatically. "I beg to differ!"

Three slack-jawed stares, two flinching blushes, and an actual nose-bleed; wow, I'd thought that only happened in anime. Bakugo didn't even seem to notice my panties as he whirled around and snarled, "You! You better not be putting ideas in the nerd's head. I see you two sneaking around together like you're up to something. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?!"

I pushed off the desk with my foot, launching myself into the air. I tucked into a ball before my head hit the ceiling, flipping forward a full revolution as I arced over two rows of desks, before unfurling my body to land lightly an inch away from Bakugo's toes. He almost flinched, but managed to master his reaction and not move his feet.

"Lots of things," I said blandly, right up in his face. We were the same height, our eyes level with one another. "What's it to you?"

Bakugo grit his teeth, staring me down. "I wanna know what kind of dumbass reason you've got for dating this useless nerd. And you're gonna tell me."

I refused to blink, my voice low and biting. "Because he's the sweetest, cutest boy in the whole class, and because he is, in fact, better than you in every way that matters. Especially in bed."

Bakugo recoiled, his mouth falling slack in pure shock, before his eyes filled with volcanic rage. "You!!! DIE!!!"

I had a split second to decide what to do, remember that I was recording this, and brace for pain. Bakugo's hand slammed into my chest, and there was a sharp, deafening crackle-thoom that drove the air out of my lungs and sent my innards flying backward.

I slapped my hands down to control my slide as I hit the floor, my leg slamming painfully into a desk as crashed into the opposite wall of the classroom.

I let out a pained wheeze, croaking as I struggled to suck in my next breath. I could smell burned cotton, and a dull ache radiated from the point of impact. But I could've gotten up. A blow like that should've broken my ribs and collapsed my lungs, but I was fine. Pro Heroes took blows like that all the time, so it was nice to know I'd closed so much of that gap.

Bakugo hurtled across the classroom, winding up for a kick. He slammed his shoe into my gut with all the force of his rush, but I flexed my abs, bracing against the blow, and it barely hurt. I lifted off the floor and slammed against the wall again, hard enough to crack the plaster, but I was more startled by the realization that Izuku hit me harder than that in sparring.

I forced a vicious smile onto my face as I caught Bakugo's eye, encouraging him to keep digging his own grave. "Izuku, is, a better person, and a better hero, than you'll ever be, you walking-life-support-system-for-a-quirk!" I rasped.

"I KNEW IT!" Bakugo roared, apoplectic, slamming his hand into my face. "You've been pulling one over on me! DEKU'LL NEVER BE A HERO, GOT THAT! NOW DIE!!!!"

I felt his sweat smear onto my face from his palm, tingling hot with potential as his fingers... flexed... with a surge of something, and I had an instant to wonder how the fuck Bakugo had so much control over when his nitro-sweat ignited; that wasn't part of his quirk...

Something ripped Bakugo's hand off my face at the last instant, an explosion nearly bursting my eardrum as it scorched the wall behind me. I looked up and found Izuku had shoved Bakugo, saving my face from what probably would've been permanent scarring on a civilian girl. I was willing to go pretty far in letting Bakugo dig his own grave, but I couldn't pretend I wasn't relieved by Izuku's timely rescue.

"Kacchan, stop!" Izuku cried, hauling back on Bakugo's arm.

Bakugo rounded on him with a backhand blow that Izuku dodged with reflexive ease. "SHUT UP, DEKU! YOU THINK YOU CAN APPLY TO THE HERO COURSE BEHIND MY BACK?! I'LL KILL YOU FOR THIS!!!"

"You can do whatever you want to me but I'm not gonna let you hurt Michiko!" Izuku yelled, full of determination.

"You dare think you can stop me you damn nerd?!" Bakugo snarled. "You should've jumped off the roof when you had the chance, 'cause now I'm gonna THROW YOU BOTH OFF MYSELF!"

The funny thing was, Izuku and I had made enough progress in our parkour training that we managed falls that high all the time, which kind of took the sting out of the threat. Izuku just narrowed his eyes in determination, which only seemed to set Bakugo off.

A sudden flash of past-life memory, like deja vu, Bakugo and Izuku facing off exactly as they were now, only Izuku was wearing the weirdest green bunny-costume and Bakugo was bare-chested with these huge ridiculous grenades instead of arms. The flash passed, and I saw Bakugo fire an explosion at Izuku's face. Izuku brush-blocked, sliding inside Bakugo's guard, then caught Bakugo's arm and threw the taller boy over his shoulder.

Izuku let out a roar of exertion as he slammed Bakugo down into the isle between desks hard enough to crater the floor. A wet choking sound gurgled out of Bakugo's throat, his eyes wide in shock and pain as he nearly bounced from the impact.

Dead silence.

"Oh, crap," Izuku whispered, staring at what he'd just done.

I flipped upright, landing on my feet. I vaulted over several desks and grabbed Izuku's backpack. Spinning around, I threw it at him. He startled out of his shock and caught it.

"Come on, Izuku, we need to go, now," I hissed, making for the open window by the second desk from the back, on the left side of the classroom.

"But..." Izuku gulped.

"Now, Izu-kun!" I urged him, throwing the window all the way open.

Izuku darted over to me and together we descended the outside of the building, reaching the ground in seconds and hurrying off the premises, just as a pained, "GET BACK HERE EXTRA! YOU THINK I NEED THE TEACHER'S HELP TO PUT THOSE NERDS IN THEIR PLACE?! I'LL KILL YOU NEXT!" echoed out the open window above.

I let out a sigh of relief and slowed to a walk, while Izuku looked at me with dawning comprehension, even as he winced and drew into himself. "He sounds mad."

"At least he's consistent," I admitted with a sigh, rubbing my bruised stomach. I reached up and pressed the record button on my hair-band, turning it off.

"Why did you tell him about our, um, us?" Izuku asked, fretting. "Now he knows!"

"Denying it wouldn't have done any good," I opined. "This way, there's only one story, so no one can call us liars when they find out it's wrong."

Izuku gave me a dubious look. "I don't think it works that way, Michiko-chan."

I let out an awkward laugh. "You could be right. Sorry."

"I guess I don't really want to lie to Kacchan either," Izuku said in a small voice.

"Our training for UA is none of his business," I said firmly. "No matter what he thinks, he's not entitled to know anything about what we're doing together."

Izuku merely nodded, distant.

We walked in silence the rest of the way to my house. Upon arriving, we both stripped naked without comment, and I put both of our clothes in the wash. Izuku followed me into my room, where I sat down at my computer and pulled him onto my lap.

Izuku gave me a small embarrassed smile. "Shouldn't I let you sit on my lap?"

"I'm taller," I pointed out. "So nope! That's my job."

Izuku ducked his head bashfully and snuggled up. After a moment, he sighed.

"Why did you provoke him, though?" Izuku asked, sounding a little plaintive. "It looked like he was going to really hurt you, Michiko-chan."

"I just told the truth, Izu-kun," I sighed. "If Bakubaka can't handle that, then he deserves what'd happen when I walk into the hospital with his hand-print burned onto my face."

Izuku made a small horrified noise, and tried to say something but seemed to get stuck, gesturing and flailing helplessly.

"I know you still want to be a friend to him," I said, "but a hero shouldn't be a bully, and a bully shouldn't be a hero."

"Kacchan's not a... bully," Izuku said into my shoulder, sounding like he was trying to convince himself and not succeeding very well. "He's just very driven."

Frowning, I struck a key on my keyboard with more force than necessary, the sharp clack making Izuku jump in my arms. The holovid began playing back, showing the entire confrontation with Bakugo from beginning to end. I zoomed in and went slow-mo for the part where Bakugo was kicking me while I was curled up on the floor.

"Does any of this look like the actions of a hero, Izu-kun?" I asked softly. "If it wasn't your Kacchan, would you hesitate for one second to call this person a villain?"

Izuku sat up, staring at the holovid in surprise. "W-Wait, when did you, how did you, you recorded it? How? Why?"

I tapped my head. "My hair-band is a holocamera."

"Why do you have something like that, Michiko-chan?" Izuku asked curiously. One of his hands settled on my breast and squeezed my bare flesh gently, Izuku not seeming to realize he was even doing it.

"Because I hate the idea of trying to convince someone to take me at my word," I said.

Izuku gulped. "You're not going to get Kacchan in trouble, are you?"

"Maybe," I said. "I really want to at least send this to his mom."

"Hrk!" Izuku jolted, then groaned in despair. "Oh gosh, um, she would probably ground him for a decade. But, but what if she doesn't let him go to UA?"

"Then I guess Bakugo won't go to UA," I said simply.

Izuku sat up and turned to face me, filling my vision with his wide, earnest eyes. "We can't let that happened, Michiko-chan. Kacchan has to go to UA. Please! Can't you just erase the file?"

I met his lips with mine, sharing a brief kiss. "Is that really what you want?"

"Y-Yes! Please." Izuku smiled hopefully.

"Fiii~iine," I whined. "You have defeated me with your cuteness. I just can't say no to my precious broccoli cinnamon roll."

Izuku flushed, ducking his head. "Do you have to call me that?"

"Yes. Yes, I do."

Izuku buried his face in my boob and giggled.

"Alright," I said, poking the screen to pull up the file list. "I'm erasing it."

"Thank you, Michiko-chan," Izuku said, turning his head to watch the file delete. "Huh, that's a lot of videos. What are all of these?"

"Evidence," I said simply. Izuku still didn't know about my habit of riding commuter trains 'hunting' gropers, but I figured now was as good a time as any for him to find out; it wasn't like I was going to actively hide anything from him. "Go ahead."

Izuku poked the screen. A holovid opened and started playing, showing the inside of a packed train car, ghostly figures surrounding a man and a girl.

"H-Hey, that's you! And that man, he's!" Izuku turned his big earnest eyes on me again, his gaze full of concern. "You got molested, Michiko-chan?"

I gave him an indulgent, amused smile. "Yup."

After a moment, Izuku finally remembered just who's naked lap he was sitting on, and he smiled sheepishly. "Oh, uh, is that kind of thing really something you know how to handle?"

"I can handle much worse than a little non-consensual groping, Izu-kun," I said, gesturing at the screen. "I'm hardly gritting my teeth and bearing it, either. Honestly, getting felt up by strange men who don't ask permission first is a lot of fun."

"It's still a crime," Izuku noted tentatively, looking a little weirded out as he watched my holographic self cum on a stranger's fingers.

"But a victimless crime, at least when it happens to me," I said.

"I guess," Izuku agreed dubiously. "Why didn't you tell me about this, Michiko-chan? I could've helped."

I shrugged. "It just never came up. Spending time with you is more important, so it's not like I was ever going to cancel plans with you because I was busy with chikan-ery."

Izuku blushed, I think missing my pun, which was just as well. "So who are you turning the recordings in to? Are you sending them to the police?"

"I'm not sending them to anyone," I admitted. "I just use them to track down my gropers on social media and then keep a list of their names and where they work and stuff. It turns out, most guys who grope girls on a train, if that girl shows up later and asks for a favor, having a recording makes that conversation go... smoother."

Izuku was giving me an even more dubious look, before suddenly going still. "W-Wait, is this how you met Akachi-san? He molested you?!"

"I'd be breaking a promise if I answered that, Izu-kun," I said.

"He did..." Izuku murmured. "So that's why he gave us free life-time passes? Michiko, isn't that, kind of like... blackmail?"

"Only if I ask for money," I said, "and I never do."

"That's kind of a technicality," Izuku disagreed meekly. "Michiko-chan, shouldn't you just report these men and let the proper authorities handle them? Even if it's not blackmail, it's still kind of like you're profiting from their crime!"

"I'm not saying it isn't a little sketchy," I assured him. "But it feels even more wrong to, to set the law on someone for lewd behavior. It'd feel like I was playing the victim just to hurt them, when they never did anything to hurt me. That's not the kind of person, not the kind of hero, I want to be."

Izuku shifted in my lap, straddling me, his soft cock flopping against my belly and twitching a little as he stared into my eyes. "But those men didn't know you'd be fine with it. They assaulted you. What if they hurt someone else?"

"What if Bakugo hurts someone else?" I winced as soon as the words were out of my mouth, but I couldn't take them back.

Izuku reared back, sitting on my thighs as he broke eye-contact, looking stricken. I waited, running my thumb over his hip, a gesture of reassuring affection.

"He... he wouldn't..." Izuku mumbled weakly.

"Izu-kun... do you really believe that?"

"I... I don't know," Izuku admitted in a small voice. In a moment he raised his head and met my eyes again, looking resolved. "But you're trusting me about that, right? You deleted Kacchan's holovid just because I asked. So I'm going to trust you just as much, okay? How you handle those men, that's your decision, and I'll trust you to do it your way."

I stared at him for a long moment, then I yanked him into a tight hug. "Oh Izuku, you really are the best."

Over the next few days, Bakugo restrained himself to glaring murderously at Izuku and I, but it seemed like he'd cooled down enough to not murder us right in front of the teachers. Though given what the teachers already let him get away with, probably he could murder someone right in front of them and they'd just offer to hide the body.

Izuku and I made sure not to stick around after class any more than we had to.

A week later, we were relaxing after another gains session by taking a bath together, Izuku's dick getting hard again against my back as we cuddled and talked about my quirk.

"I was thinking about what you said, about how growing animal tissues was so hard because of the repeating fractal structure?" Izuku said. "I know you explained this before, but, I'm still not sure I exactly understand why it's so hard to grow cells according to their genetic pattern?

"I'm not entirely sure myself," I admitted, "but from what I've read, my best guess is that, in a multicellular organism, the DNA has instructions for which cells divide when, and this is how they form the structures of tissues and organs. But when I use my quirk, the cells aren't waiting for instructions before dividing, they just are dividing wherever I'm using that half of my quirk."

"Right, I think I understand," Izuku said thoughtfully. "So, what I was wandering is, the fractal structure is the result of how organs get written out by DNA, but is it actually necessary? I've read about how cloned transplant grafts used to be printed with their vessels in a grid pattern because that was easier for the bioprinter, and the artificial tissue functioned fine. So I was thinking, what if you could build up a working organism the same way? Design it like a nonliving machine with no fractal self-similarity, and don't even try to mimic nature?"

I sat up sharply, almost sloshing water over the side of the tub. "Izuku! That's brilliant!"

"It is?" he asked with a happy smile. "I was worried I'd missed something..."

I shook my head. "You know my quirk almost as well as I do by now. You're right! I've spend so much time studying biology and trying to mimic the ever-present self-similarity in natural organisms, but that's because I've been thinking in terms of designing species. Oh damn I feel dumb. As gross as it sounds, I should've been studying mechanical engineering and making meat robots this whole time!"

"Maybe you could look into soft robotics?" Izuku suggested.

I lurched up an clambered out of the tub. "Already have, actually. Wait there! I'll be right back!"

I raced to my room, trailing water across the floor, and grabbed my phone. Returning to the bathroom, I thumbed through my browsing history to find an image. A schematic someone had drawn out for a mechanical, pneumatic tentacle.

"A tentacle?" Izuku asked, peering over my shoulder as I climbed back into the tub and knelt.

"Of course a tentacle," I laughed. "How could I call myself the X-Rated Heroine without tentacles?"

I felt Izuku press up against my back, arms around my middle as his cock slipped between my thighs. "I'm just glad my idea helped, Michiko-chan."

I giggled and rubbed against his hips with my butt as I turned on the laser projector on my phone and aimed it at the tile so I could put the phone down and still read it. I reached out with my quirk, finding any still-living cells in the bathwater, and converting them into stem-cells. I poured on my quirk, forcing them to form into blobs big enough to see.

I started building out the structures in the schematic, one by one, assembling them in the water by hand, before manually growing the connections between pieces. I was using water instead of air, but the rest of the design was the same. Following the schematic was the easy part, though. The real challenge was deciding what kind of flesh to make each of the parts out of, and then laying in vessels and nerves in a regular grid pattern that wouldn't either starve or oversaturate the tissues.

I don't know how long I worked. Izuku held me patiently, silently supporting, and watching with fascination as I assembled the tentacle. It was smaller than in the schematic, just a proof of concept. I gave it a permeable outer skin so it could absorb oxygen without a respiratory system, and looked up an unrelated pump design to serve as a heart. It didn't have a brain. I couldn't even begin to fathom how to wire up neurons and I didn't know anything about linear circuit design, so instead I just wired it up to contract the muscles on one side, then the other, like one of those bath toys with a battery-powered fin.

I watched the little pink tentacle, the width of a finger and barely any longer, wiggle back and forth in the bathwater. "There's no way this thing won't be dead in an hour, but, but that's an engineering problem now. We can see what goes wrong, come up with a fix, try again. This'll let me iterate." I spun around and glomped my adorable nerd. "Thank you, Izuku!"

It was Saturday, and that meant it was dojo time. I'd gotten a second set of accelerometer rings to replace the set I gave to Izuku, and we'd both practiced to the point where we could do the meditation kata at four-times speed without any beeps. Twice speed was considered 'superior mastery' but like I always said, if we were even still competing with the civilians, we weren't good enough. We had to go beyond.

"Plus ultra," I murmured wryly as I bounced onto the mat and went to sit next to Izuku.

"Alright everyone," Rou-sensei called, smiling with his usual boyish smile, looking more like a handsome farmboy than a master of martial arts, "we have a new disciple joining us today, please welcome Himiko Toga to our ranks."

A violent frisson of deja vu slammed through me, my head snapping up to peer at the girl next to Rou-sensei. A flash of memory, this same girl, unkempt and grinning psychotically as she licked blood off a knife. The memory faded, and the girl in the present looked so normal in comparison, dirty blonde with an excited smile, dressed in the standard beginner gi.

"Now it might be a bit gauche, but heck, what do you say we show off a bit for the newbie?" Rou-sensei asked everyone.

"Let's do it, sensei!" the whole class chorused.

"Midoriya!" Rou-sensei called. "You're our rising star. Come on up. And... let's change things up a bit. Kinohana, you stay put. Instead, you four, yes you. You think you can handle four against one, Midoriya?"

I watched as Izuku blanched, before actually thinking about the question and realizing that the four boys sensei'd picked would probably be an easier fight than going up against just me. Izuku nodded respectfully. "Yes, sensei."

Himiko Toga plopped down in Izuku's vacated spot, shooting me a grin as she bounced excitedly. Up close, I could almost see the frayed edges that were so on display in my past-life memory. Bags under her eyes, a certain wan strain about her face, and her eyes, bloodshot and slightly glazed. Without the hint, I would've just assumed she was a sleep-deprived caffeine addict or something, but something made me sure it was something deeper and more serious than that.

I barely watched as Izuku darted between his four opponents, moving like lightning as he wove between punches and kicks, blocking blows and landing strikes on his opponents with a determined efficiency. For some reason, I could almost imagine green lightning crackling around his limbs... but it was Himiko Toga that had most of my attention.

Peering at the girl out of the corner of my eye, I tried to dig up any more impressions. Dangerous, was the biggest one. But like a starved animal. Starved? She didn't look starved... no, it wasn't literal starvation. It was something else. Lewd? No, unfortunately. Only... maybe a little? Was she a yandere with a weird fetish? That felt almost right... Licking blood off a knife.

Himiko Toga! Quirk: Emotional Support Vampire!

I blinked. Where the heck had that thought come from? It was obviously a bad joke. Except, it just felt right to call her a vampire? Izuku was a nerdy cinnamon roll. Himiko was a yandere vampire. These were the facts of reality.

There... were a lot of parents who might react badly to their daughter drinking blood. Yes. That felt right too. Himiko had a vampiric quirk, and her parents weren't letting her drink blood.

I felt a pit open in my stomach.

Himiko Toga was going to snap and try to eat someone. It obviously hadn't happened yet, but it would, because her parents were effectively abusing her and pushing her toward a breaking point. Someone needed to help her.

The last of Izuku's opponents slammed to the mat and tapped out. Himiko practically vibrated in place with excitement.

"Ah, thank you for the match," Izuku said, bowing sheepishly to his groaning opponents.

"Well done, Midoriya," Rou-sensei said. "So let's-"

"Ooh ooh! Me next! Can I try? Please please please?" Himiko begged, leaning way forward as she stared hungrily at Izuku.

Rou-sensei blinked at the interruption, then laughed good-naturedly. "Well someone's eager. Midoriya, what do you say? You willing to let Toga here show us what she can do?"

"Of course, sensei," Izuku said, happy to help.

Rou-sensei waved Himiko up, and the girl sprang to her feet, bouncing over to Izuku. "Yay! Ooh, you're cute. This is gonna be fun!"

Izuku blushed even as he smiled at her enthusiasm. "Ready when you are, Toga-san."

Himiko blitzed forward, a wild haymaker blowing past Izuku's ear as he frantically threw himself aside. Off balance, Izuku stumbled, but Himiko took the time to twirl, an overly showy move she probably learned from manga, which gave Izuku plenty of time to recover and cross-block her flying round-house kick, throwing her momentum off target and leaving her back exposed.

Izuku slipped in with a precise shove and a leg-sweep which took Himiko's feet out from under her, but the girl contorted, bending her body through something that looked kind of like breakdancing to turn her fall into a kick, which Izuku had to leap back to dodge.

Himiko flung herself back up onto her feet and then launched herself into another wild haymaker, dropping down on Izuku from above, a manic grin on her face. Izuku caught her punch and threw her to the mat, though much more gently than he'd thrown Bakugo in the classroom.

Himiko bounced, but she seemed only slightly winded. Despite that, she didn't try to get up, laying on her back and giggling under her breath.

"Ah, when you're done, you should tap out to acknowledge Midoriya's win, Toga-san," Rou-sensei commented.

Himiko rose into a back-bend, looking at them all upside down. "Huh? But I wanna keep going!"

"Maybe later, Toga-san."

Pouting, she rejoined the line, taking Izuku's spot. I, of course, scooched over, rubbing up against Himiko's side to make room for him. From the way she giggled, I figured she didn't mind.

"That was really impressive, Toga-san," I murmured to her. "You're very talented."

"Aw! You really think I've got talent? Thank you!" Himiko replied.

"She's right," Izuku added earnestly. "I've been practicing hard for months and you almost beat me."

Himiko giggled and clasped her hands. "Aaah, the cute boy is being nice to me!"

I smirked, turning to Izuku. "Izu-kun, this girl has the good taste to recognize your supreme cuteness and she's also a badass in the making. We must befriend her."

Izuku laughed bashfully. "That sounds good to me. This is my partner, Michiko Kinohana, and I'm Izuku Midoriya. Pleased to meet you."

Himiko wiggled in place. "Please call me Himiko!"

"First names it is," I said happily. "Izuku and I are going out for yakiniku after the dojo closes. Do you wanna come with us, Himiko-chan?"

Himiko nodded like a bobble-head.

A strip of beef sizzled on the grill as Izuku excused himself to the restroom. Himiko was in the middle between us in the little round booth, and waved him off as she snatched up the morsel on the grill and chomped it like a shark.

I giggled at her enthusiasm and scooched over a little so I could slip an arm around her waist and pull her against my side.

"Eep! Michan! What's up?" Himiko asked, blushing and smiling.

"While it's just us girls, I thought we could talk about this," I began. "You've been having lewd thoughts about me and Izuku, right?"

To my surprise, Himiko just looked confused. "Aren't lewd thoughts something only boys have?"

My brain stuttered as it tried to process this response. "Himiko... what do you think lewd thoughts are?"

"I dunno!" Himiko proclaimed cheerfully. "But mom says they're why I'm not allowed to use the internet."

"Not allowed to..." I shut my eyes in genuine pain. "Oh no."

Himiko's nose brushed my cheek. "What's wrong, Michan?"

I took a breath. "Can you do something for me, Himiko-chan?"


"Okay, I want you to try to answer this question as honestly as you can. What does it mean to you, that you think Izuku is cute?" I asked. "You noticed his cuteness right away. What does noticing that he's cute feel like to you? What does it make you want to do?"

Himiko's face reddened, and she brought both hands up to her cheeks. "I dunno. I think kittens are cute too but that's not the same thing at all. I do kinda want to pet Izu, though. But he's just so... I want to kiss him and I want to be around him, and be nice to him so he'll be nice to me, and hug me and stuff? And I keep thinking about what he'd look like without clothes on, like if we had to take a bath together somehow, for some reason that makes me all squirmy and excited. I want to bite him. But in like a nice way?" She paused to drop one hand down to her waist. "It's like there's this warmth in here when I see him, this ache kind of like I'm hungry, and if feels like that ache is pulling me toward him, like it hurts because I'm not touching him..."

She trailed off, and I put my hand next to hers, resting flat over her womb. "Wanting to touch someone and see them without clothes on because you think they're cute. That's what lewd thoughts are about, Himiko-chan."

A little shudder went through Himiko's body as she rubbed herself into my side. "Is it really okay for a girl to feel those things? That's not normal, right?"

"Anyone who ever told you that lewd thoughts aren't normal was lying to your face," I said firmly. "I'm a girl and I'm like ninety-eight percent lewd thoughts by volume."

Himiko giggled. "Michan... You kind of make me feel that way too. That ache, is pulling me toward you too, and you're soothing it right now... can we cuddle more later?"

"Of course, Himiko-chan," I said, smiling affectionately. "And that feeling inside you, that you just described? That's where lewd thoughts come from. That's lust. The urge to have sex."

"S-Sex? Like making a baby?" Himiko asked, wide-eyed.

"Making a baby is something that can happen if you have sex with a boy in a specific way, but," I paused, grasping for the right phrasing to explain this to someone who wasn't allowed on the internet. "Saying that lust is the urge to make a baby is like saying that hunger is the urge to get fat. It might be true for some people but that's not what it means. You eat food because its tasty and nutritious. You have sex because it feels good to touch and be touched by people you like, and because orgasms are the purest good in the world."

Himiko's head tilted in confusion. "Whatogasms?"

"A pleasurable and satisfying series of muscle spasms in your crotch that happen in response to pressure and friction on your girl-parts," I described clinically.

Himiko's eyes suddenly lit up in revelation. "So that's what that was! I thought... I dunno what I thought... but... oh gosh I was sitting on my pillow and thinking about that other cute boy I go to school with, and... so that's what... that's...?"

"Your body was pretending to have sex with that boy you were thinking about, yeah," I said, hoping to link the proper concepts in Himiko's mind.

"Sex is, being naked, and touching each other, in a way that feels like that?! Oh gosh!" Himiko said, wiggling against my side. "That sounds so amazing! No wonder girls who have boyfriends and boys who have girlfriends sometimes look so... hey wait! Is Izuku your boyfriend, Michan?"

"Nope. We're training partners," I said. "But I do let Izuku do all kinds of lewd things to me, because he's helping me practice having sex so I can get really good at it."

"It's something you have to practice?" Himiko asked, boggling at me.

"You don't have to," I admitted. "You can do okay without practice, but sex is more fun when you're good at it, just like most things, and when you're good at it you can do more things with it."

"Things? It's just, like, naked hugging and rubbing on each other, right?" Himiko asked with bubbly enthusiasm. "Like tongue-kissing! But with your whole body, not just your mouth!"

I giggled. "There's more to it than that, but that's the basic concept. I think you have to see how it works yourself to really understand though." I gave her a more serious look. "Do you want to come watch Izuku and I have sex, Himiko-chan?"

"Oh gosh can I?!"

Izuku picked that moment to return from the restroom. "I'm back. There's something you wanted to do, Himiko-chan?"

Himiko practically vibrated with excitement. "I want to watch you and Michan have sex!"


"Are you sure you want to do this, Himiko-chan?" Izuku asked nervously as we left our shoes at the door and headed into my house.

Himiko nodded frantically, her face red. "Mhm! You're cute, and Michan is cute, and I really want to see what sex looks like! Especially when you do it."

Izuku smiled sheepishly. "Okay, Himiko-chan. If you're sure. Um, Michiko-chan, your room?"

I nodded happily and led the way. I tossed my jacket over my computer, shimmied out my usual green dress, and slipped off my panties, naked before I spun around and plopped down on my bed.

Himiko was even redder, her eyes sparkling as she stared at my bare body. She turned to Izuku, watching with eager anticipation as the adorable boy hesitated. After a moment, he shook himself and took off his shirt, revealing a perfect, chiseled torso sculpted with hard, lean muscle. He shucked his pants and underwear without ceremony, exposing himself to Himiko's ravenous eyes. His cock was hard, bobbing in from of him as he straightened up.

"That's what boy-parts look like?" Himiko squeaked.

Izuku smiled bashfully. "Uh, yeah, heh."

"You can take your clothes off to, if you want to, Himiko-chan," I added.

Himiko wiggled. "Oh gosh. M-Maybe I will."

Izuku's cock throbbed as he blushed. He came over to me and joined me on the bed. I pulled him into a kiss, and he relaxed into me, his hand going to my breast to fondle it. I pushed him down, laying sideways across my bed with his legs dangling off the edge. I straddled him, grabbed his cock, and rubbed it against my vulva, slipping and sliding it around my folds to show us off for Himiko's benefit, before catching his tip at my entrance and sinking down, swallowing up his cock with my pussy.

Himiko let out a gasp as Izuku's cock disappeared into me, and Izuku caressed my hips, looking up at me with tender affection. I curled down to kiss him, and started rocking my hips, riding his cock with firm, deliberate strokes.

We moved together, maintaining our sedate pace for Himiko's benefit, letting our pleasure build itself little by little, unhurried.

I heard cloth rustle behind me, accompanied by the soft plop of clothing hitting carpet. Then the bed dipped next to us. We broke our kiss to look.

Izuku gasped softly, seeing a girl besides me naked and kneeling over him for the first time. "Himiko-chan?"

"The pulling in here," Himiko said, hands over her pelvis, "I can't stand it, seeing Izu's thing go into Michan's girl-parts, knowing what that's for, I feel like I'm going to die if I can't touch you. I can't just watch anymore. Please let me touch you?"

I sat up, resting all of my weight on Izuku's hips. "Of course, Himiko. Come here. Sit just in front of me."

Himiko scrambled forward eagerly, almost kneeing Izuku in the gut before I caught her and pulled her into alignment with my body, pressing my boobs into her back as I pulled her down, a sharp gasp shaking her body as her bare pussy made contact with Izuku's chiseled abs.

Izuku looked slightly awed at having a second cute girl straddling him, and reached up tentatively. "C-Can I touch your boobs, Himiko-chan?"

Himiko nodded, almost bonking me in the face. "Y-Yes!"

Izuku's hands cupped Himiko's chest, and the girl let out a delighted squee. As I resumed riding Izuku's cock, I pulled Himiko's hips tight against mine, grinding her against Izuku's abs as I moved. I slipped one hand between her thighs, feeling past the puff of untamed pubic hair above her cleft.

The instant my fingers found her clit, Himiko spasmed hard, her whole body seizing as her head fell back onto my shoulder and her orgasm ripped through her. Feeling her cum like that, her body writhing against mine, brought my own orgasm boiling up, and seeing two girls cum at once on top of him set Izuku off too. He groaned, bucked, and his throbbing cock spurted inside me as we all moaned together.

We collapsed into a blissful pile of nubile flesh on top of Izuku, and Himiko seized the opportunity to take Izuku's lips. Izuku made a surprised noise before eagerly returning the kiss, my hands wandering over both of them encouragingly.

After a moment, Himiko's lips slipped off of Izuku's and she tucked her head into the crook of his neck. "I love Izu and Michan... please love me back..."

I saw the flash of wide-eyed concern on Izuku's face and shot him a reassuring smile. "It's normal to feel that way the first time you have orgasms with the help of someone you like. It'll fade in a few minutes."

Himiko stiffened. "It, it will?" she asked, sounding scared.

"Don't worry, Himiko," I said, squeezing her. "This was just a taste. I'd like it a lot if you wanted to keep doing lewd stuff with us. We like you and we do want to be your friends, right Izu-kun?"

"R-Right!" Izuku agreed. "You're definitely our friend, Himiko-chan."

"I wanna keep feeling like this," Himiko whined, clinging to Izuku.

"L-Like what, Himiko-chan?" Izuku asked tentatively.

"Like you want the real me!" Himiko wailed.

I hugged her tighter. "We do, Himiko. We want to get to know the real you. I think I maybe said the wrong thing before. Look, love is, lasting, enduring, and above all familiar. The warmth you feel when someone you know really well is just being the person you adore them for being. The devotion that comes with understanding someone so well that you viscerally desire their satisfaction and happiness the same way you desire your own. Love is knowledge. It's just that, in the moment, a good orgasm with someone you like can trick your brain into feeling a similar kind of attachment, so you have to be careful not to get those mixed up, okay?"

Himiko nodded slowly, relaxing between us. "So... what you're saying is, that nobody loves me at all."

Izuku and I shared a very worried glance. "Um."

Himiko raised her head, grinning, her eyes sparkling with tears. "What a relief."

I had no idea what to say to that, but I was even more concerned. Did I somehow explain love badly enough to drive her insane? All I could do is hold her and communicate with my body what I couldn't with words.

Himiko nuzzled me. "Thank you, Michan."

"I'm not exactly sure what you're thanking me for," I admitted.

"Everyone who's ever told me they loved me was lying!" Himiko proclaimed with a giggle. "Hey, Michan? Izu? Promise you'll never lie to me?"

Oh. That... was a thing. Izuku still looked confused, but nodded easily. "Of course, Himiko-chan. Promise."

"Yeah, that we can do, Himiko," I said. "I promise too."

Himiko let out a blissful sigh and nuzzled both of us. For a while, we remained in a naked cuddlepile, but eventually Himiko started squirming and asked where the bathroom was.

"Down the hall, that way," I said, rolling off of her.

"Be right back!" Himiko promised, prancing naked into the hall.

Izuku scooched up to lay on the bed lengthwise, and I flopped down next to him, holding his hand, and rubbing his leg with mine.

"You decided on a weapon yet?" I asked idly.

Izuku shook his head. "It's hard to find something better than a piece of steel pipe, that I can make myself, that actually covers my weaknesses."

"Weren't you gonna try tonfa?" I asked.

Izuku nodded. "I did, last week while you were learning the sleeper hold with Rou-sensei. Sorry, I forgot to mention. But they're too light? Even if I made them out of metal, they're meant to be a specific size relative to my arms and I don't think they'd have enough impact to be worth carrying."

I mentally reviewed my lists, then smiled. "I think we can solve that. What if I could get you some depleted uranium?"

Izuku smiled at me. "We'll have to ask at the machine shop if they've got tools that can work it, but, that's a good idea, Michiko-"

A terrified scream echoed out of the bathroom. Izuku was on his feet in an instant, and I was right behind him as we darted out into the hall to see a naked Himiko bolting toward them.

"There's a tentacle monster in your shower!" Himiko cried as she flung herself into Izuku's arms.

"Oh. It's fine, Himiko. That's just a project I'm working on with my quirk," I explained. "It can't even move on its own yet."

"Are you sure? It looked really scary!" Himiko insisted.

I went to peak into the bathroom to be totally sure, but yeah, my experimental tentacles were just as I'd left them. "Yep. Don't worry."

Himiko giggled into Izuku's shoulder in relief. "Okay."

"Hey," I said slowly. "Wait, you barely knew what sex was, but you know what a tentacle monster is?"

Himiko gave me a confused look. "What's sex got to do with tentacle monsters? Don't they eat girls?"

I sighed. "Nevermind, Himiko-chan. I'll show you later."


Chapter Text

I stifled a yawn as I waited just outside the train station for my quarry. It was early. Too early. But I hoped this didn't take too long or my dad was going to arrive home to an empty house. Notsu Goro worked on Sundays, thankfully, so I could catch him on the way to work without making myself late for school. He was a clerk at a metallurgic imports warehouse.

My phone chirped, and I glanced at it to see a, [Heyyyyy, goodmorning special friends!] from Himiko. [This is great! What u doing?]

[Stalking a guy so I can ask him for a favor,] I replied.

[Sounds like fun!] Himiko sent.

[Hi Izu!] Himiko sent.

[Izu?] Himiko sent.

[Is Izu still asleep?] Himiko sent.

I typed, [Probably.]

After the incident with the tentacles last night, Himiko's parents had called before we could go any further. She'd had to leave immediately to avoid getting in major trouble. Since she didn't want her parents to know anything, rather than simply give her our numbers, Izuku and I had put our heads together and figured out how to hack the parental controls on her phone so we could install a secure messaging app that used facial recognition to hide itself whenever the user's own face wasn't in view of the front camera.

[I can't wait to see you both again,] Himiko sent. [I wish we went to the same school so we could hang out!]

[That would be neat,] I replied. [Hey did you read that article I screen-capped for you? About the censorship thing?]

[I tried but it was complicated and borrrrrrrrrrrrrring,] Himiko sent. [I think it was saying that I should be even madder at my parents than I already was?]

["should" can only come from inside your own heart and mind,] I sent. [But if your parents ARE doing those things, that makes ME mad at them for not treating you right.]

Himiko sent me a nodding emoji. And then, [Oop my mom's up gotta go!]

I sighed as I put my phone away. A few possible designs for something like a 'table-top blood foundry' wandered through my mind, but I still didn't even really know if Himiko's problem was an underfed vampiric quirk or not. All I could do was try to lay the groundwork for her to feel comfortable sharing the truth with us, and maybe hint to her about how my brain insists on labeling her a vampire, if the opportunity arose.

A train pulled into the station. It wasn't as crowded as it would be on a weekday, so it was easy to spot the man I was looking for. As he trudged down the street, I bounced over to his side and fell into step with him. He was fairly generic, with short black hair and a plain face, slightly scruffy and slightly overweight.

"Good morning, Goro-san," I greeted him in friendly tones.

The man blinked at me in confusion. "Do I... know you?"

"We met on the U-Line six months ago," I said innocently. "Don't you remember?"

His face paled, eyes widening in alarm, before he turned away and huffed, "I've never seen you before in my life."

Rolling my eyes, I pulled out my phone and brought up a file. I held it up as a video started to play. Goro blanched and tried to snatch the phone out of my hand, but he was way too slow to even have a chance.

"Okay okay, I remember you! Put that away!" he hissed desperately.

I put my phone away and gave him a reassuring smile. "Relax. I'm not here to get you in trouble."

"You're... not?" Goro asked nervously.

"Nope," I said cheerfully. "Can we talk?"

"About what?"

"Well, for starters... maybe you could tell me why you did it?" I asked gently, already getting the impression that this guy wasn't one of the dangerous ones.

"You said you weren't going to get me in trouble..."

I swung my arms casually. "You're not the first guy to grope me on public transit, and you won't be the last, Goro-san. I'm not asking in an accusing, like, 'how could anyone do that?!' way, because that's a silly question with an obvious and unhelpful answer. I want to know what drove you to do it, Goro-san."

Goro stared at me, meeting my eyes for the first time. After a moment, he dropped his gaze to the ground. "I didn't mean to. I'm twenty-nine and I'd never felt a girls breasts before. I don't know how my hands even ended up there, in the shuffle, but when I realized what I was feeling, all I could think was that this might be the only chance to touch a girl's boobs I'll ever have in my entire life. I'm... I'm sorry I was so weak."

Ah, he's one of those, I thought, laying a gentle hand on his arm. He stiffened at the touch, confirming it further. "If that's the truth, Goro-san, then I'm not upset with you at all, and there's nothing to forgive."

"That's not something a girl would say in real life, is it?" Goro asked, giving me a wary look.

I giggled. "I decide for myself what people are allowed to do to my sexy, nubile body, Goro-san."

He flushed and looked away.

"You'd be surprised how many guys have reasons like that," I continued softly. "I really do think it's terrible that I'm not supposed to care that you were starved of physical intimacy to the point that your willpower broke; I really do think it's terrible that I'm supposed to paint you with the same brush as that psychotic jackass who just wanted to laugh at my suffering and who called me a disgusting whore for not weeping in terror."

That guy had been from just a month before I met Izuku. I'd cyber-stalked him for a couple of days and as far as I could tell he didn't even have a sadism fetish or a rape kink or anything like that. What he did have was a badge and a long service record harassing prostitutes. I still didn't know what to do about him, but I was gonna do something.

"Even if I wasn't the kind of girl who gets off on what you did, I still wouldn't be mad at you," I continued. "I'd be mad at society for making circumstances like yours out to be your own fault, and doing worse than nothing to provide you with ethical ways to fulfill your needs."

That was something else I was going to have to make a focus of my hero career. Japan had one of the most openly perverted adult industries in the world, but the entire edifice was also the biggest fucking tease imaginable, constantly going excessively far out of its way to taunt sexually frustrated men with what they couldn't have.

Goro looked up long enough to blink at me dumbly. "What?"

I gave him a wry smile. "Let's make this simple. I need a favor. If you help me out, I'll let you touch my boobs again! What do you say?"

I set the case of depleted uranium ingots down carefully by the door and went into my room. I spent the rest of the morning looking through several of the hentai forums I kept tabs on for something that could, hopefully, introduce Himiko to the concept of 'kink' in a reasonable, balanced way. It was a long search.

Finally I found an overly simple CYOA that had well-chosen images and reasonable descriptions of what seemed to me like a fairly representative division of kinks, without any of the usual point-buy trappings or fantasy elements. I opened the messaging app on phone and loaded the file.

[Hey Himiko, here's some of that "lewd internet stuff" your parents don't want you to see,] I sent. [What do you think? Which one would you pick as the most sexy?]

A few minutes later, Himiko sent me a 'steaming lewd blush' emoji. A few minutes after that, she finally replied with, [I can't decide! All of these are making my insides hot. Who thinks up all of this stuff?]

[The beautiful synergy between creative nerdery and exploratory perversion,] I sent.

[I don't know what that means but it sounds fun!] Himiko replied. [I think my favorite is Nantaimori! I wanna lick dinner off of Izu's abs!]

I raised an eyebrow. Himiko had a food kink? That... actually kind of fit. Yandere vampire indeed. If her parents kept starving her of blood until she snapped, and she was so innocent about sex that whoever she tried to eat ended up turning her on while she sucked them dry, her first and only concept of a sexual thrill would be exsanguinating someone. That would not have ended well.

[Oh gosh,] came a reply from Izuku. [Do you really? I guess we could try that at Michiko's place next weekend? If you want to, that is.]

[Yesyesyesyesyesyes!] Himiko replied.

[It's fine with me,] I sent. [Mixing food and sex is actually one of the few lewd things that I DON'T like, don't ask me why, I just don't.] I suspected my past-life was to blame. [But I'm happy to watch you two have fun!]

[Oh, I didn't know that,] Izuku replied. [About the food thing, I mean. You're sure you don't mind?]

[I'm sure. I'll find a tarp for the dinner table so you can go nuts,] I sent, adding a tongue emoji and giggling to myself.

I swirled my tongue around the head of Izuku's dick, suckling the tip while my hand stroked his shaft. "I'm going to try again," I warned him.

Izuku's fingers stilled, resting inside my pussy. "Okay. Good luck?"

"Remember, don't let me up unless I tap out," I instructed. "I don't just need to practice suppressing my gag reflex, I also need to be able to handle it if I do gag while I'm forced to stay down."

I felt Izuku kiss my pussy lip. "I don't like being rough with you, Michiko-chan."

"I know, Izu-kun," I said, smiling warmly as I breathed on his dick. "You're such a sweetheart. You are my 'safe, controlled environment' for learning these skills, you know? It's thanks to you that I can learn these kinds of things at my own pace."

Izuku gave my butt a squeeze. "R-Right! Go for it, Michiko-chan. You can count on me."

I took his cock back into my mouth, breathed in and out once, then bore down and swallowed his thick meat. It lodged in my throat, and I clamped down on my body's rebellion, pushing further until my nose was nestled in his balls. Izuku's sleek, muscular legs rose up and wrapped around my head, locking me in place. And then he dove into my pussy, his tongue lapping at my clit as his fingers resumed stroking. I shuddered in pleasure and almost lost control, but managed to hang on. If nothing else, constantly associating the gagging with the feel of Izuku eating me out would help in general. Izuku kept his hips still. Actually fucking my face would come later, I wasn't quite ready for that yet.

The thing was, my airway felt clear. I wasn't suffocating. I was holding my breath. It was like locking down the muscles I used to gag also locked down the muscles I used to breathe. I tried to inhale, and gagged instead.

I instinctively recoiled, my body trying to flinch away and expel Izuku's dick, but his legs tightened down, forcing my head to remain in place as my throat spasmed painfully. I shoved the feeling down and waited for the burning tightness in my chest to subside before I tried to breathe again. My second attempt got me a tiny wisp of air through my nose before I gagged again. My eyes were tearing up, and soon I wouldn't be able to breathe through my nose regardless. Third attempt. Like clapping one handed while drawing circles with the other hand, hold one action in place, then add the other. Slowly, carefully, I managed a breath. Then another. Then another.

Izuku's tongue flicked my clit just right, and I failed to gasp, gagging instead. That was fine. It was taking serious effort but this was nearly to the point of being sustainable. Practicing this would only get easier from this point on.

Izuku kept licking and stroking, his cock throbbing. I felt an orgasm well up through my body, and held my breath on purpose, clamping down on everything above my ribs so I could ride out the orgasm without distraction.

My head swam as I struggled to recover the skill of breathing without gagging. My nose was clearing, since my eyes were no longer watering, but I was a little worried about getting snot on Izuku's balls. I'd have to work on that.

Izuku's legs stayed tight around my head, and I could feel his cock throbbing with need, but his hips remained still even as he moaned into my pussy. It was all I could do to hold onto my current progress. I had no room to try anything fancy, like using my tongue or swallowing on purpose to stimulate his glans, but Izuku hadn't had any orgasms today yet, so I was hopeful that if I just held on long enough the pressure alone from how firmly my face was mashed into his crotch would bring him over the edge.

I held my breath on purpose again as I felt his cock throb, then throb again. My fingers dug into his butt as I tried to add just a little more pressure. The throbs slowly increased in speed, and I felt his hot and slimy cum flow into my stomach.

Woo! I did it!

I waited for Izuku to finish cumming, then gently tapped his thigh three times. His legs slackened, and I lifted my head, working my throat off of his shaft. I came up with a gasp, and coughed a few times. I crawled off of Izuku to get to the tissues so I could wipe my eyes and blow my nose.

Throwing the tissues away, I hopped back onto Izuku with a grin, straddling him face-to-face this time. "I did it!" I said, giddy. "That was definitely what I'd call 'minimum viable competence', I think."

"Congratulations, Michiko-chan?" Izuku said, sounding a little uncertain if that was the appropriate response, but smiling at me anyway. "This is like, I mean, this is you achieving a new milestone in your training, right? So, good job?"

"Yes, Izuku." I giggled affectionately. "Thanks! I'm proud of myself."

"It's good that you are, I think," Izuku said bashfully, wrapping his arms around me. "I know how hard you've worked to be able to do that."

"Yeah," I agreed, resting my head next to his and nuzzling him. For a short while, I just basked, but eventually, "Anal sex isn't a skill the way deep-throating is, but we've been kind of neglecting it, haven't we."

"A-eh? Um. Do you want me to...?" Izuku asked awkwardly.

I giggled at how he could still get flustered like that. "Not right now. But yeah, taking a cock in my butt doesn't require practice, but it is a form of physical conditioning. We should decide on an Anal Day."

"Anal Day?" Izuku sputtered, laughing. "Like, like Leg Day?"

"Exactly like Leg Day," I laughed, giggling into the pillow and Izuku's hair. "Tempting to skip, 'cause my pussy's right there and we'd both rather that's where you put your cock, but ya gotta commit and do it!"

Izuku clutched me, giggling helplessly. "Ah, Michiko-chan, I think you've corrupted me."

"Enlightened," I corrected impishly, lifting my head to give him a kiss. "Your lovely pure heart is incorruptible, I think."

Izuku squirmed with bashfulness. "You say too many nice things about me."

"That's only because there are so many nice things about you, Izu-kun," I said with an affectionate sigh.

"There's lots of nice things about you, too, Michiko-chan," Izuku said earnestly.

"Thanks, Izuku," I said softly.

I pushed myself up enough to reach down between us and give Izuku's half-hard shaft a squeeze. It hardened instantly in my hand, and I slid my hips back to take it inside me. I pulled my knees in and sat up a little, just enough to indulge in the familiar bliss of riding Izuku's cock.

Himiko slammed a headbutt into her opponent, and he reeled, blood spurting from his nose as he collapsed to the mat. Rou-sensei leaped in to call off the match, checking on his student as soon as he saw that Himiko had stopped. The rest of the class ground to a halt too, staring and murmuring. Izuku rushed over to help Rou-sensei with the injured boy.

I kept my eyes on Himiko, watching and worrying. She was staring at the the boy's bloody face, her eyes glazed with hunger, a trickle of drool peaking out of her mouth. I got up calmly and stepped in front of her, breaking her line of sight on Digou.

"Himiko-chan?" I prodded gently.

Himiko jolted back to herself, stiffening up. "Oh, Michan, I, I just..."

I grabbed her hand. "It's fine. Accidents happen. Let's take a bathroom break."

Himiko shook herself and gave me a perky smile, nodding. She let me lead her off the mat and over to the locker rooms. I tugged her into the private girl's room and shut the door, making sure it was locked.

"Ooh, are we gonna do something lewd?" Himiko asked eagerly, wiggling in place.

I smiled. "If you want to, sure. But Himiko, before we do that... I'm your friend and I want you to be okay. I don't think you're okay."

"I'm not?! I mean, I am! I think?" Himiko flailed, then tried to put on a brave face. "It's just, um, it's just my quirk. It makes me weird, sometimes. That's all."

"You haven't told us what your quirk is," I noted kindly.

Himiko's eyes went wide. "It's not important! I not al- Um, I never use it so you should just pretend I'm quirkless like Izuku."

I pulled Himiko into a hug, and she hiccuped into my neck. "I promised not to lie to you, remember? Don't you think it's fair if you tell me the truth too?"

"Th-That's different?"

I shook my head, kissing along her jaw. "I don't want to force you to talk about it. But, I kind of already have a guess. Do you want to hear it?"

Himiko went rigid in my arms. "N-Nope! Definitely not!"

"Himiko..." I said, injecting some whine into my voice.

Himiko whimpered, sagging a little. "I, I shouldn't, but... okay."

"Well," I said, a bit sheepishly. "For one thing, you really have this sort of 'cute vampire girl' energy about you, so..."

Himiko stopped breathing.

"So, after the way you looked at Digou just now, I'd bet money that using your quirk involves drinking blood," I said gently, rubbing her back. "Am I right?"

Shuddering, Himiko nodded slowly, then buried her face in my shoulder and started bawling. I leaned back against the wall and held her, murmuring soothing nothings and petting her.

Finally, Himiko sniffled and met my eyes with her own watery gaze, her face split into a huge grin. "I've, I'm, I'm not allowed to tell anyone about that. But you figured it out! No one's ever done that before!"

Mood whiplash, thy name is Himiko. "You're not allowed to tell anyone?"

Himiko wiped her eyes, sobering. "My parents say drinking blood is evil, that if I want to be a normal girl who doesn't get shunned, I can't ever let on." She eyed me, searching. "But that was a lie too, huh."

I palmed my face. "Your parents sound kind of awful, Himiko-chan."

Himiko shrugged.

"How bad are the cravings?" I asked softly.

Himiko squirmed, blushing. "Bad. I hit Digou too hard on purpose... I just had to see him bleed... and it was so beautiful, I kinda wanted to nantaimori him."

I gave her a pat, not addressing that part just yet. "Are the cravings getting worse over time?"

Himiko nodded meekly. "It's been getting a lot harder to pretend this last week." She blushed more. "I think it's the orgasms. Now that I know what those are, it's really hard to resist touching myself, Michan! Especially when I'm thinking about you and Izu having sex! It makes me feel so good. I've had more orgasms this week than in my entire life before... but..."

"Now that one craving is being attended to, the other has less to hide it, so it's harder to ignore," I guessed hopefully.

Himiko bit her lip, making an uncertain face. "That might be it." She suddenly looked at me, her eyes slightly glazed. "Michan, you're my friend right? Will you bleed for me, Michan?" she gasped, breathless.

I booped her nose to stop her drifting closer. "Hold that thought. I want to try something with my quirk."

Himiko went cross-eyed, staring at my finger. Then she blinked, her eyes lighting up with a heart-breaking, hopeful shine. I concentrated on the back of my hand, feeling for the outermost layer of still-living skin cells. I had a new sheet sprout off of the natural one, tweaking the cells so they wouldn't attach very firmly to the skin underneath. Then I built the simplest of my blood foundry designs, before growing another layer of skin cells over that. I made the relevant cells start churning out blood plasma, and then manually started growing blood cells.

A bright red welt formed on the back of my hand and swelled rapidly, inflating like a blister as it filled with ounce after ounce of fresh blood.

"Ew," Himiko commented, sounding more fascinated than disgusted. "That's kinda gross, Michan."

"Sorry, Himiko-chan," I said. "It's just a thin layer of skin and pure, fresh blood inside, I promise. It's just, it might be good for you to, come to understand sating your craving for blood and sating your craving for lewds separately. Doing nantaimori blood play is kind of an advanced kink and you should probably work up to it instead of doing it first."

Himiko stared at the gross red blob stuck to the back of my hand, looking torn. I didn't think she'd heard a word I'd said after 'fresh blood'. I reached out and slashed at the blob with my nail, opening a tiny cut. I lifted my hand in front of Himiko's face.

Himiko snatched my wrist and chomped. I flinched as blood sprayed out in every direction, but Himiko was too busy sucking down gulp after gulp to notice the spray. I grimaced. Okay, that design needed work.

Fuck. How the fuck were we going to explain massive blood stains all over our gi? I groaned inwardly.

Himiko's frantic gulping slowed, then finally stopped as she moved on to licking my hand with a languid tenderness. "Mmmm. That was so good... Michan's blood..."

"Are you feeling better, Himiko-chan?" I asked.

Himiko seemed to gather herself, blinking at me with a clear gaze. "Yeah. Yeah! Yes! Oh wow, I feel wonderful!"

I giggled. "Good."

Himiko laughed, twirling around, and then pounced on me and went for a kiss. The taste of blood filled my mouth as her tongue speared through my lips. I ignored the taste, which was familiar and not really pleasant or unpleasant, and kissed her back, pulling her close and feeling the unique delight of my boobs squishing into her boobs as I suckled at her tongue. Himiko moaned, grinding up against me.

The kiss broke with a shared gasp and a giddy bounce on Himiko's part. "It's like there was no color in the world and now there is. I don't even want to nantaimori Digou-kun anymore!" She stopped, making a face. "Digou is so not my type, what was I thinking."

Seizing the opportunity, I said, "This is why learning about sating your blood cravings and sating your lewd cravings separately is a good thing to do before you try combining them, Himiko-chan."

"Huh." Himiko blinked a few times, then nodded emphatically. "You're full of good ideas, Michan."

"Thanks," I giggled. "I try."

Himiko stopped, stared at me a moment, then down at herself. "Aah! Crap."

"My fault for a poor design. Come on, let's go get changed and tell Izuku what's up," I suggested. "We can leave early and wash these at my house."

Himiko nodded energetically. "Oh wait!"


"You've got some blood on your face," Himiko said, blushing. "Can I lick it up? I promise I'm not mixing urges. I'd wanna lick you even if there was no blood."

I had to smile. "Sure, Himiko-chan. Just promise me, no biting."

"I promise!"

We barged into the living room of my house as I hurried to get Himiko's gi and my gi both into the wash with the extra stain-remover for the drying blood. Himiko was simultaneously more relaxed and more vivacious than I'd ever seen her.

"So um, usually the first thing Michiko and I do when we come here is take our clothes off," Izuku explained sheepishly as I returned. "Which we don't have to do right away this time! We just kind of got in the habit and, I guess it's nice that it doesn't feel strange to be naked in this place? I know you said you wanted to, um, try some more lewd things with us, but we don't have to rush... oh."

Himiko threw her shirt on the floor and popped her bra off, freeing her suckable little tits. She had a wild grin on her face as she stripped the rest of the way naked, her eyes raking my own nude body before turning to Izuku with eager expectancy.

With a sheepish smile, Izuku stripped as well. Himiko's eyes didn't leave his body for an instant as it was revealed to her once more. Himiko was obviously bi, but just as obviously, she was more attracted to Izuku than she was to me. Grinning to myself, I gave Izuku a shove on the butt that sent him stumbling toward Himiko, and collected their clothes to go in the next load.

Izuku ran his hands gently down Himiko's arms, while Himiko played her hands over his chiseled chest, glancing back to his face over and over with an excited expression. While they were being cute and innocent at each other, I went and dug that tarp we had out of the closet, quietly unfolding it and draping it over the dinner table.

Himiko, red-faced, was now looking shyly into Izuku's eyes. Slowly, she leaned in to kiss him. Izuku, being Izuku, still managed to react with surprise, but he kissed her back ardently, putting all the experience he'd gained with me to use. Himiko moaned and melted against him, catching his cock between her thighs as she pressed her naked body into his.

It was cute and hot and I had to hug myself and smile as I got out some fruit, some cheese, and a tub of vanilla icing. I avoided anything meat-like. It was probably better if, the first time Himiko did this, she didn't taste anything that reminded her of blood.

It seemed I'd anticipated them correctly, because as soon as Himiko broke the kiss, she nibbled her way down his neck and chest while asking, "Can I, can I really, mwh, really lick dinner off of you, Izu?"

"Ah! Himiko-chan, um, if that's what you want I'd be glad to do it with you," Izuku said, smiling earnestly.

"I don't know about dinner, but we've got snacks," I spoke up.

Both of them turned to look at me. Himiko laughed in delight while Izuku gave me a very fond, almost proud look that made my knees weak. I waved them over, and let Himiko pick her Izu-garnish. I gave Izuku a kiss and then flopped into the armchair to watch them, since I still didn't really want to play with food myself.

"Mmm, frosted Izu..." Himiko hummed, grabbing the icing.

Izuku moved the fruit and cheese aside. "I guess I should lay on the table?"

At our nodding, Izuku hopped up and got comfortable, laying on his back. Himiko swung herself up to straddle him, his cock twitching as she loomed over him. I settled in to my chair as Himiko opened the icing and started finger-painting on Izuku's torso.

Izuku giggled, and she giggled back, as they both seemed to have fun with it. Finally, Himiko bent down and started liking, making the most adorable lewd noises as she licked and lapped at his muscles, scooping up the icing with her tongue. She started at the bottom of his abs, tongue darting toward his cock before she giggled shyly and moved upward.

Himiko shuffled up Izuku's torso as she went, so that by the time she was licking his pecs, her butt was bumping into Izuku's erection every time she moved. I saw her shiver and squirm, and it seemed like she started doing it on purpose, pushing her ass into the shaft of Izuku's dick.

And then, as she licked one of the last bits of icing from Izuku's neck, the twitching of Izuku's cock happened to line up just so with her hips, and... Izuku's cock dipped, Himiko's hips pushed back, and the tip of Izuku's length split her glistening vulva before vanishing into her pussy.

Himiko froze, a gasping moan of shocked pleasure escaping her throat as her juices trickled down Izuku's dick. Izuku's eyes went wide as well, as he noticed the feeling, and what it meant. Still looking shocked, Himiko's hips ever so slowly crept down, down, down, until Izuku was sheathed in her completely, and that final contact jolted her out of her surprise.

"Izu!" Himiko's hips bucked, grinding her pelvis against Izuku's. "Izu! You're inside me!"

"Y-Yeah," Izuku agreed faintly, staring up at her as she shuddered in pleasure.

So, that was how Himiko Toga lost her virginity, and how Izuku Midoriya started fucking girls who weren't me. I couldn't even tease them. It was too cute.

Chapter Text

Himiko skipped down the street, humming cheerfully to herself as she felt the crisp winter air bite into her skin, her Michiko jacket flapping in her wake. Her best friend and sort-of girlfriend had given Himiko the jacket as a Christmas gift, after receiving a new one herself. Himiko loved it because it looked cool, and it smelled like Michiko.

Izuku and Michiko were both celebrating the holiday with their respective parent. Himiko had put in a token appearance with her own parents, and made the right noises to placate them. It was so much easier to lie to her parents now that she didn't feel guilty about it.

Himiko bounced to a stop in front of dark storefront, looking at her reflection in the glass. With a mischievous grin, Himiko made sure no one was watching before she pulled out a blood-pack and popped it into her mouth. It was one of Michiko's awesome inventions with her quirk. Her saliva dissolved the packet almost instantly, freeing a delicious mouthful of Michiko's blood right onto her tongue.

Swallowing it, savoring it, Himiko glanced around one more time to make sure she'd go unnoticed, then activated her quirk. Her flesh bubbled, the new form subsuming her. And then, it was Michiko smiling at her in her reflection. Himiko still hadn't told her friends and lovers that she could do this. They might have guessed. Michiko and Izuku were both really smart, but Himiko didn't think they'd figured it out yet. She'd decided months ago to tell them if either of them asked, but so far they'd let her keep this secret.

Himiko was kind of curious what sex was like as a boy, though. Maybe for New Years she could tell them herself, and then turn into Izuku so she could fuck Michiko hetero-ly? Himiko giggled and hugged herself. The lewd thought made her giddy and nervous, but it also filled her with the warm joy of honestly expecting her friends to happily agree to such a request. Himiko knew lots about Izuku and Michiko, and she adored them both for being who they were. That was love, right? That's what Michiko had said, back when they first met...

Adjusting her own smile, which looked a little out of place on Michiko's face, Himiko absorbed herself into identity of her friend. It wasn't just about thinking slutty thoughts, Himiko mused, it was about seeing the sexy in everything. Himiko knew that Michiko put actual deliberate effort into being a slut, working toward it like it was some lofty goal, but Himiko also knew her friend well enough to understand that it went deeper than that. To put herself in Michiko's shoes, she had to see all of the sex-that-could-be all around her and be disappointed when it wasn't. Or something like that, anyway. Himiko's head started to hurt when Michiko got too philosophical.

Himiko turned away from her reflection and tried to imitate Michiko's graceful tread. At first, she forced herself to imagine having sex with each stranger she passed, and while that was a naughty kind of fun, it wasn't quite right was it? Instead, she switched to aggressive curiosity about, who is this person when they're being lewd?

That was closer, but still didn't feel exactly right. When you really knew someone, it was hard to put how they actually were into words, or even a set of actions. It wasn't actually important or anything. Himiko wasn't planning to impersonate Michiko around anyone who knew her. But she still craved that feeling of getting the performance right. You can only become someone if you truly love them, after all!

Himiko bounced through an intersection, darting between slower pedestrians to the other side, and made a random turn. She didn't have anywhere to be. She was just amusing herself while her friends were busy.

It was a strange feeling, having friends. Himiko had thought she'd had friends: classmates she knew and giggled with, who brightened her school day. She'd had no idea. The Himiko of a year ago wouldn't have been able to understand even if she'd been told to her face. Now that she had real friendship, it was painfully obvious how empty and interchangeable those connections with her schoolgirl peers actually were.

"How can you be in love with Izu and not want to keep him to yourself?" Himiko had asked, like an idiot.

"It's because Izuku is so wonderful that I want as many people to experience that wonderfulness as possible," Michiko had replied. "Even if that weren't the case, I'd still... I guess it's time to give you the polyamory talk..."

Himiko shook her head at the memory. She really thought that she understood, now. She had fallen hard for Izuku, but even though she'd worried about it in the abstract, she'd never actually wanted Izuku to reject other lovers. Michiko was great too, of course, but it wasn't just that Himiko didn't want to stop having threesomes with her two favorite people. Izuku was his own person, and the person he was had a beautiful, blindingly pure heart that shone with a brilliant warmth. Keeping him to herself would be like stealing the sun out of the sky. Himiko wanted that light to shine on the whole world, and she'd cheerfully stab any bitches who thought they could hoard it for themselves.

Besides, if Izuku really did end up with dozens or even hundreds of girlfriends, he'd definitely need Himiko's help so he could be in two places at once a lot. Himiko giggled, blushing at the lewd thought.

Himiko, still wearing Michiko's form, sat on a bench and admired the decorated pine tree in the office park across the street.

Suddenly, a pair of strong masculine arms dropped over her shoulders from behind, hot breath whispering in her ear as a pair of rough hands seized her breasts. "Well well, if it isn't the train slut, all alone on Christmas Eve. Fancy that."

Himiko sat frozen, her instincts colliding in a three-way pileup. On the one hand, a strange man was molesting her and despite the sexual adventure her life had become, her first reflex was still that she ought to defend herself, or at least offer protest. On the other hand, she was currently being Michiko, and she was utterly certain that Michiko would welcome what was happening. Not only was the girl pathologically opposed to doing anything 'prudish' but Himiko also knew all about Michiko's kinks, and 'molested by a stranger' was one of the bigger ones. On the third hand, she wasn't actually Michiko and doing lewd things as Michiko without anyone else's knowledge was also bad, she was pretty sure.

Himiko put Michiko's best wry smile on her face and tilted her head back to get a look at her assailant. Ooh, he was kinda DILFy. Rugged, scruffy, short blonde hair, with a surprisingly handsome leer on his face. Himiko felt a thrill of pleasure race down into her groin as his hands continued to maul her breasts.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Himiko asked in Michiko's best tones of bland amusement.

"Name's Jin," the man replied with a lopsided grin. "I've been watching you."

Himiko shut down the first six things she wanted to say to that until she landed on something sufficiently Michiko-ish. "Oh? Should I be worried?"

"Nah," Jin replied easily, still groping her breasts, his breath tickling her hair, lips inches from her forehead. "I've just been enjoying the show."

Himiko clamped down on her urge to squirm away from his touch. Michiko wouldn't. Himiko couldn't think of a way to escape his groping without breaking character. Not that it felt bad or anything. Himiko was worried that if she let it go on much longer, she wouldn't want it to stop, and then... well, Himiko wasn't sure what would happen, but something probably would.

"Easy to spot the one sexy schoolgirl who always seems to end up on the dangerous cars, the ones packed full of horny, repressed office drones," Jin went on, oblivious to her inner turmoil. "Once, twice, maybe an accident, maybe I'd feel sorry for you, but you know what I think? I think you get off on it. I think you ride with the pervy gropers on purpose, you kinky slut. I've seen the way you smile, after they're done with you."

Himiko opened her mouth but nothing came out. Michiko did what? It did seem in-character, so Himiko wasn't really shocked or anything... Actually, now that she thought about it Himiko was pretty sure Michiko had told her about this, or at least mentioned it, but Himiko hadn't really paid attention at the time.

Himiko opened her mouth again, but this time she got stuck for a different reason. Everything she could think to say was something Michiko wouldn't say to this man. Himiko felt the small bubble of panic grow in her chest as the seconds stretched on and she still couldn't come up with Michiko's next line.

The bubble burst, and Himiko slumped in defeat. "Sorry. I really have no idea what Michiko would say next, here."

Jin's hands froze mid-grope. "Say what? Who's Michiko?"

"The girl I look like," Himiko said. She kicked out and swung her legs, catapulting herself off the bench with enough force to easily break Jin's grip on her chest. "Yeowch," she muttered under her breath, before spinning around to face Jin and giving him a toothy smile. "Can you keep a secret?"

Jin recoiled in surprise as Himiko's Michiko-features started to melt. Her flesh bubbled and sagged, turning into an oddly fluffy gray sludge that glooped onto the ground at her feet. Himiko shimmied to free the bits that got stuck in her clothes, then ran her hands through her once-again dirty-blonde hair.

As the sludge dissolved out of existence, Himiko waved at the stunned Jin. "Hi, Jin-san! You thought she was a slut, but she was me! Himiko!"

There was a long moment of awkward silence.

"So..." Jin said slowly. "You're not the girl from the train."

Himiko shook her head. "Nope. That's my super special awesome friend, Michiko. She's busy tonight and I guess I just wanted to feel close to her when I couldn't for real? So I used my quirk. Please don't tell?"

"Uh, sure," Jin said. "Who would I even tell? Gossip? Never heard of her."

Himiko giggled.

"Sorry about, y'know," Jin made a vague gesture, "grabbing your tits. I thought..."

"Michiko would appreciate that?" Himiko finished. "You're right, she loves it when that happens."

Jin huffed. "I knew it. No girl gets groped that many times by accident." Jin gave her another look over, a sly smile parting his lips. "And you were pretending to be her, huh? You do that often?"

Himiko flailed. "No! No no no! This was the first time, I swear. I just..." Himiko glanced aside, her face warm, smiling as she thought of her friends. "You can't become someone if you don't love them, because to love someone for real you have to understand them well enough to become them, for at least a little while."

Jin tilted his head, giving her a look like she'd said something strange, but not like he thought she was wrong, exactly. Himiko smiled at him, bouncing a little with nervous energy.

"Heh, I suppose I am sorry, then. Go figure," Jin said. "Let me make it up to you? There's a cafe serving hot chocolate just around the corner. S'where I was going before I saw you."

"Ooh, yum!" Himiko agreed. "Let's go!"

"...and that's when I realized that it doesn't matter what my parents think, because they're wrong," Himiko explained, nursing the dregs of her hot chocolate. "They, they reject the reality of who I am," she added, paraphrasing Michiko, "so it's like they're the ones demanding that I lie to them. If I'm telling them the lie they picked out for me anyway, why bother trying to be like that lie? If they don't want me, then fine, they don't get to know anything about me. Right, Jin-san?"

Jin nodded and reached over to pat her head. "Makes sense to me, yeah. When your parent's have a boot on your neck holding you down, the only thing to do is stop giving 'em that familial respect. Mine? The only reason they even had me was so they could retire young and live off me while I slaved away at some shit job right outta middle school. I said, fuck that, I'll get a job when you're dead!"

Himiko giggled and wiped her mouth with her napkin. "All done!"

"I can see that," Jin said, amused. Still smiling, he leaned in, elbows on the table. "So, okay, I've gotta ask. What have you gotten up to with Train Slut Michiko and this boy you mentioned?"

"Lot's of things," Himiko told him with a blushing grin. "So, so many things. Lewd things."

"How lewd?" Jin asked in a teasing tone.

"Internet lewd," Himiko said, giggling. She glanced around, then lowered her voice in a conspiratorial whisper. "Michiko's quirk does perfect birth control."

Jin's smile softened. "Sounds like the three of you have a real special relationship."

Himiko nodded eagerly. "I love them both so much. I want..."

"Hm?" Jin prompted.

"I want to you to meet them, so you can see for yourself," Himiko asserted, nodding to herself. "I was just thinking about this earlier. You wanted to do lewd things to Michiko, right? Well, I think you should, I think that would be awesome."

"Uh." Jin let out a bark of startled laughter. "It was really a spur of the moment whim, y'know. Is your friend really that down to fuck? I guess she'd have to be, huh..."

Himiko pulled out her phone and opened their group chat.

[Hey guys! MrryXmas. guess what I met this cool sexy older dude while I was out and it turns out he knows Michiko! He saw you getting lewded on the train, he said. He's a fan!] Himiko sent.

[Golly, my first fan,] Michiko replied after a moment. [What's his deal?]

Himiko worried her lip even as she smiled. [He bought me hot chocolate and we talked about our parents. He's cool! And he thinks you being a slut is super awesome! Do you wanna meet him? His name's Jin.]

Izuku replied before Michiko did, [Merry Christmas, Himiko! Um, this sounds a little stranger-danger? But it's also exciting if he's really a fan! Congratulations.]

[Thanks, Izuku,] Michiko sent. [If it's sex he's after that's hardly a danger and if he's some kind of psycho murderer, better us than someone less trained.]

[I really don't think he's a psycho murderer, guys!] Himiko sent.

[Himiko is usually a good judge of character...] Izuku replied.

[You know what they say. Trust, but verify,] Michiko sent. [But if he's been watching my 'fishing' expeditions and wants to fuck me himself, 'cause he thinks I'm cool? I can't possibly say no to that.]

[I don't know if I want to watch you have sex with a strange man,] Izuku sent. [It might be fine? I don't feel jealous just thinking about it. But maybe seeing it would be different? No, it doesn't matter. I trust you, Michiko, and this is part of being the kind of hero you want to be, isn't it?]

[Yeah. You're the best, Izuku,] Michiko sent along with a heart emoji.

Izuku replied with a bashful grin emoji.

Himiko looked up from her phone and gave Jin a wide, toothy smile. "It's a date!"

Jin laughed. "Great. A date for when?"

Blushing, Himiko returned her attention to her phone to ask.

Chapter Text

I gazed up at the shoddy apartment building, double-checking the address placard to be sure. Izuku held my hand, while Himiko hung off of his other arm, pressing her boobs into him as she bounced excitedly. We were all over-dressed against the winter chill, though in my case that just meant I had my jacket zipped up all the way and had added thigh-socks to my usual outfit. My pussy and inner thighs were going numb from the cold but I wasn't shivering or otherwise uncomfortable.

"You're really happy about this, huh," Izuku said to Himiko with a warm smile.

Himiko grinned at us, her cheeks pink. "My new friend is gonna be friends with my best friends and get to see how cool it is to do lewd things with Michan! "

I huffed a laugh, feeling a glow of pride alongside a tremble of nervousness. "No pressure."

Izuku gave my hand a squeeze. "I believe in you, Michiko," he told me with his usual simple earnestness.

Izuku never failed to melt my heart. I turned and pulled him into a kiss. Himiko pressed her face up between ours, watching, and I had to kiss her too. After a moment, Himiko broke away from my lips and kissed Izuku hungrily, as though after tasting him on me she needed the real thing.

I smiled at my friends, petting Himiko's hair as she and Izuku made out.

The sound of a rusty door creaking open ended the moment, and the three of us looked to the source. A ruggedly handsome blonde man in jeans and a tuxedo-print t-shirt stood on the doorstep, smirking at us.

"Ah!" Izuku yelped, bowing. "You must be Jin-san. Thank you for your hospitality!"

The man looked amused. "A polite one, is he?"

Himiko giggled and nodded.

"Yep," I agreed, nuzzling Izuku's cheek a little. "Our precious broccoli cinnamon roll."

Izuku blushed, sheepish.

"You know I'm gonna be fuckin' your girl. Not much hospitality there, eh?" Jin teased.

"Depends on your definition of hospitality," I deadpanned. I glanced at Izuku, a little worried despite myself, but he seemed to have taken the question at face value.

"Michiko is my partner and my friend and I trust her with my life," Izuku said after a moment. He looked up, his usual warm earnestness lighting up his beautiful green eyes. "She chose me to be her first, and we've been learning together, learning from each other, ever since. She's not my girl. She's training to be everyone's girl. So I can only be glad about the pleasure Michiko brings into the world, since I helped make it possible."

I beamed at him, glomping onto him instantly to dispel the uncertainty on his face as he glanced over to check my reaction. "Best best best."

"Damn," the blonde man in the doorway whispered softly. "You're really somethin', kid."

Handing a pleased, blushing Izuku off to Himiko, I approached Jin, looking up at him from the step below the doorway at the perfect height for headpats. "So, I hear you wanted to meet my tits."

Jin sputtered out a surprised laugh. "Yeah. I guess I did. Well, come in. No fun to be had standing around in the cold."

I stepped up into the doorway, brushing by him as I entered the dingy hallway. His hand palmed my ass through the flimsy hem of my short green dress, more of a push than a spank, and I merely smiled. Izuku and Himiko hopped past him into the hallway with us, and he turned to shut the door.

"It doesn't bother you, does it?" I asked him.

Jin shot me a questioning look. "It?"

"Playing with jailbait," I clarified. "It doesn't bother you?"

"I ain't into making girls upset with me, what's it matter how much weight the law gives your word?" Jin replied with a whimsical shrug as he led the way up a staircase. "Why? You gonna tattle on me?"

"Wasn't planning on it," I told him, amused. That was maybe not the best take but it was certainly a take. It made me suspect that Jin was already less than law-abiding in some significant way, though. He wouldn't be so casual about it, otherwise. It made me curious but it would be rude to poke if he didn't give me a reason.

"Speaking of which, you kids want some beer?" Jin asked as we reached a door on the third floor.

"Hard no."


"No thank you, Jin-san."

Jin knocked on the door, smirking at us. "Just thought I'd ask, but I figured, you three seem resourceful enough that you wouldn't need my help if you did."

"Aw, thanks, Jin-san!" Himiko chirped.

I peered at the door, wondering why Jin had knocked. I'd assumed this was his own private apartment. Did he not live alone? It had sounded like he did, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The door opened, revealing a man identical to Jin, wearing identical clothes. "Surprise."

"Jin-san, you have a twin?" Izuku asked.

"Nope," the second Jin chuckled, swinging the door wider and stepping back.

I stared. Four more identical Jins waved at us from inside the apartment, then stepped aside to reveal a fifth Jin, this one dressed in a red silk robe.

"Jin has a cloning quirk!" Himiko burst out with excitedly. "Isn't it neat?"

Izuku grinned happily and started babbling questions at him as the first clone ushered us inside. I unzipped my jacket and handed it off to one of the other clones, distracted, my mind racing. Blonde guy with a clone quirk. Why was that so familiar? A flash of memory, a face. It was Jin's face. But he looked ten years older and had a massive sutured scar cleaved down the middle of his forehead. There was something important about him. Something my past life had known, even if that was impossible. Another flash, of a deranged and unkempt Himiko laughing with a man in a gray villain costume...

Heat and pressure stabbed through the numb chill on my sensitive bits, wrenching my mind back to the present. The red-robed Jin had reached under my dress, between my legs, cupping my bare vulva in his big, warm hand. The contrast made it feel like my pussy was melting onto his fingers, pleasure tingling upward to coil in my guts as my flesh warmed.

I glanced around, noting that the clones had surrounded me and were giving my body hungry leers that made my insides squirm in anticipation. Izuku and Himiko were squished into an armchair in the corner, Himiko's legs over Izuku's lap as he used her knees as a perch for his quirk notebook. One of the clones was watching him write with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm the real one, if you were wondering," the red-robed Jin said, drawing my attention back to him. "No panties, huh?"

"Not today," I said simply, moaning as he squeezed me, massaging a slow circle over my clit. "Why? Were you hoping for a souvenir?"

"Nah," Jin said easily. "Gettin' a handful of naked pussy straight off is way more fun."

I had to giggle at that, grinning proudly. "I love it when people are free to grope me without asking first. I'm a total slut for it."

"We noticed," the clones chorused.

I started to laugh again, but moaned instead as Jin's fingers plunged inside me, squelching slickly as my arousal spilled out and made his hand slippery. The warm bodies of the clones pressed in around me, blocking me in as a dozen caresses made me shudder.

Smirking, Jin pulled his hand free of my juicing pussy and nodded to his clones. Gentle hands suddenly became rough, grabbing me and manhandling me to face the other way. I gasped softly, not resisting as a pair of clones held my arms up out of the way while another couple pressed in more firmly, pinning me between them. I heard the soft rustle of fabric hitting the floor and then felt the stark heat of Jin's naked body pressed up against my back, his cock throbbing against my spine with only my dress between it and my skin.

A thrill of anticipation raced through me as I realized what he was doing. He was reenacting a train molestation, squeezing me in between all of his bodies so I couldn't move, but here with all of those bodies working together instead of merely providing cover. My heart started to race as a grin split my face.

I closed my eyes and let my head fall back onto Jin's shoulder, feeling hands sliding my dress up, feeling up my legs, pinning my arms, slithering down into my dress to squeeze my breasts. I squirmed and lightly struggled, just to feel how there was no escape. Molestation from all sides.

Lips and tongue assaulted my mouth. I flinched in surprise, but I didn't open my eyes and after a moment the assault persisted, forcing me into a deep kiss to which I yielded instantly, moaning as a throb of excitement raced down into my pussy. Fingers slid between my labia, plunging in and stroking my front wall, even as the pressure pinning me shifted slightly and a wet heat engulfed both of my nipples.

My whole body seized up and arched, orgasm erupting through me, wracking my body with pleasurable convulsions as Jin and his clones held me in place.

"Oi, stop that," Jin said. "Don't go out of turn."

The kissing stopped, freeing my mouth. I blinked my eyes open, uncertain.

"Sorry boss," the clone who'd been kissing me said, rolling his eyes.

"It's fine," I sighed. "That was good."

A strong hand clamped over my mouth. "Shush."

I shuddered with renewed arousal as the Jins slipped my dress off, making room for it to fall to the floor around my feet before pressing back in. I winced a little at all the rough denim rubbing against my hips, but the real Jin's thick cock was bare, throbbing in the cleft of my butt as he held me from behind, and that more than made up for it.

As he ground himself against my ass, fingers plunged back into my pussy, pumping and stroking while a dozen more hands pawed at and fondled my body, driving me right into another orgasm. I shook and thrashed as pleasure bolted through me, free and rampant.

As my orgasm wound down I slumped back against the real Jin, my legs shaking. I felt the rumble in his chest as he groaned into my hair. He released my mouth, letting me gasp, but thanks to my training I wasn't actually out of breath. In fact, the clones were panting harder than I was. From the effort of keeping me pinned? If I was strong enough to overpower Jin that was cool and also kind of embarrassing.

"Enough teasing," Jin groaned. "Boys, bend her over."

The clones pulled my upper body forward and down, hands on my chest and hips to steady me. As they moved out of the way, I saw Himiko and Izuku still in the armchair, watching with blushes on their faces. Izuku's pants were down, his erection caught between Himiko's bare thighs as she rubbed its head. I smiled at them a moment before I felt a hot pillar of man-flesh prod my flushed, slippery entrance.

Jin thrust in, his manly girth splitting me open and filling me up. He was bigger than Izuku, crushing my flesh against my insides as his cock plunged deep, wrapping my loins around him as he invaded my core. His hips rammed slowly into my butt, bringing him to a stop as my insides throbbed around him, and his cock answered with a spasming throb of its own. I started rolling my hips, moaning as his thick, rigid shaft stirred around inside me, my butt rubbing against him.

"Fuck yes," Jin grunted. "The slutty schoolgirl all up on my cock..."

With my face right there, it was impossible not to notice that the clones were all just as hard, tubular bulges distending the denim of their pants. A thrill of desire raced down my spine and made me clench hard around Jin's thick shaft. They were holding my arms, but my hands were free enough to reach out and palm two of their crotches, my fingers fumbling to pop the button.

The clones were eager to free their cocks, and took the excuse to unzip themselves. As the first of the clone's cocks sprung out, I reached for it eagerly, getting my first good look at the dick that was stuffing my pussy. It was thick and hefty and felt nice and meaty in my hand, but it was just a good dick. Izuku's was prettier, and I wasn't just saying that because it was Izuku's.

"Oi!" Jin protested from behind me as his fingers dug into my hips. "What did I say about going out of turn?"

"Hey, if the girl wants to add to the fun, who are we to deny her?" one of the clones rejoined smugly.

"They're right," I agreed, rolling my hips, slowly milking Jin's cock with my pussy. "You just gonna tease me with all this cock or you gonna all get naked and make this more fun?"

Jin's cock throbbed inside me. "Fuck. Fine. Strip, boys."

"Oh yeah!" the clones cheered.

"Stupid disobedient clones," Jin grumbled as he groped my ass. "Gotta figure out how to fix that..."

A memory flash of formless ominosity blew away as Jin swung his hips back and started fucking me, pounding that fat dick of his into my pussy and making my whole body shake with pleasure. A clone grabbed my face and stuffed his own fat dick into my mouth. I slurped it in and sucked on it eagerly, feeling out the shape of the head with my tongue as two more thick cocks found their way into my hands.

I shuddered and bucked, boiling over into orgasm again, but I could only urge the Jins on as they continued to fuck me into a puddle of bliss.

I slumped to the floor, covered in cum, the white fluid glazing my skin and dripping out of my pussy as one of the clones kept hold of me so I wouldn't face-plant. Though maybe he caught me because his softening dick was still in my mouth. I let it slip free as I leaned my face against his thigh.

Glancing over, I saw Himiko and Izuku had both gotten naked at some point, though Izuku still had his shoes on. Himiko straddled him, her back to his chest, as she rode his cock, the both of them looking flushed and satisfied. Izuku caught my eye and gave me a proud smile. I giggled drunkenly.

A dozen naked copies of Jin lay sprawled out on various chair, bed, and other surfaces. I'd lost track of which was the real one. The clone who'd just cum down my throat fell back into Jin's armchair, while the pair who'd jacked off onto my body helped me stand.

They took me into the bathroom and let me rinse all the cum off in the shower, before helping me dry off and wrapping me in a towel. I offered the helpful clones a thankful smile for their attentiveness, but gave the towel back and then pulled each of them into a kiss in turn.

When we returned to the main part of Jin's apartment, all of the other clones had disappeared, leaving only the presumably real Jin sprawled out on his bed. He watched me step out of the bathroom and made a lazy gesture. The helpful clones froze in place before melting, their flesh running like brown wax before evaporating away. I blinked at the unsettling sight, then mentally shrugged.

The singular remaining Jin closed his eyes for a moment, groaning in satisfaction. His limp dick twitched, pulsating as it hardened and lifted itself off of his thigh for a moment. I felt an answering throb in my core and shivered at the loose, gooey sensation of desire continuing to smolder in my well-fucked flesh.

Jin grinned at me as I approached the bed. "Not gonna lie. You're even better than I imagined." He shook his head and huffed a laugh. "Where do they make girls like you?"

A beaming smile lit up my face as I felt a rush of pride and accomplishment. "We make ourselves. I've always had a nerdy obsession with sex-positivity. That's something a girl just has to feel in her heart of hearts."

Jin grabbed his shaft and stroked a few times, getting his erection to stand up on its own. "That mean you wanna get my dick in your pussy of pussies one more time, then?"

"Pffff, well yeah," I said, crawling onto the bed and moving to straddle him. "The more time hard dicks spend in wet pussies, the more correct the universe is."

"What if you're gay?" Himiko chimed in innocently from across the room.

"The statement, where it doesn't apply literally, applies symbolically," I asserted, glancing over my shoulder at her and Izuku with affection.

Himiko mouthed an, "Oh!" and giggled.

Slowly, I sank down onto Jin's hard dick, feeling each inch of it push between the walls of my pussy as it slid in without resistance. I settled against his lap with a contented sigh, wiggling my hips to bask in the sensation of him inside me.

Jin grabbed my hips and pressed us together even more tightly, grinding my clit into his pubes as I rocked. His hands slid back to grope my ass, kneading my cheeks like he owned them. I moaned and bucked my hips, undulating in his grip. We fucked hard for a few strokes, then the urgency faded, both of us already mostly satisfied, but his hands continued to fondle me possessively as I rode his cock, slow and steady.

"Tell me when you're 'bout to cum," Jin said with a lazy smirk. "There's somethin' I've always wanted to try."

"Okay," I breathed. "Sure. Halfway there now. What's the thing?"

"I think I'd rather ask forgiveness than permission for this one," Jin teased.

A thrill of heat raced through me, making my pussy quiver around his shaft, before my whole body trembled with the unexpected surge of arousal. The rational part of me was wary and slightly irritated, but apparently in the right context even that cliche could be hot.

"Oh, you like that? Should'a guessed. Don't worry. It'll be fun."

I moaned as I started riding him faster. Coils of pleasure began to tremble in my core. "Going to cum soon, twenty seconds-ish."

A moment of time blurred.

"Good girl," Jin said, suddenly sounding ragged. "Cum on my cock for me, Mi~chi~ko."

I did. The pleasure boiled up and burst, my hips jerking spastically as I let the orgasm take me over. My pussy fluttered and seized, spasming around the thick shaft inside me as I let my head fall back and reached for ahegao. I felt Jin's cock pulsate in my cumming pussy, spurting his last load into me, a moan of helpless release escaping his manly control as he bucked beneath me.

Savoring the aftershocks, I finally looked down at him, curious. "What about the thing you wanted to do?"

He gave me a tired smirk and nodded at something behind me. "Already did it. Twice."

I looked over my shoulder, and nearly jumped out of my skin as I saw my own face looking back at me. I blinked, then slipped off of Jin's softening cock to face the other me.

"His quirk can copy other people, not just himself," the other me explained.

"You already said that," Jin interjected. "Twice."

But if she knew that and I didn't, then, "I'm a clone?!"

"And you already said that, twice."

Michiko grabbed my pussy and gave me a reassuring smile, and I relaxed, because I trusted myself. Behind me, I heard Jin snap his fing-

I blinked, looking down at Jin on the bed as the copy of me melted away like brown wax, and remembered for the third time cumming on his cock and then realizing what he'd done. The echo of his cum spurting into me was new this time, though. I went over the memories again, assuring myself that I was the sum of all Michikos and none of me had died.

"Your quirk is fucking ridiculous, you know that?" I laughed, for the third time.

"And you already said that twice before too!" Jin said.

"That was so cool..." Izuku muttered, staring at me with sparkling eyes, cheek to cheek with Himiko as he held her from behind. "Jin-san! Your quirk really is amazing!"

"Heh, thanks kid," Jin said, shaking his head. I could tell he was still a little incredulous at Izuku's Izuku-ness.

I giggled and turned back to Jin. "You mind if I use your shower again?"

"Knock yourself out," Jin replied. "You can use it. Twice, even."

"Thanks... Twice-san," I teased.

"Fuck off," Jin laughed, giving my butt a lazy swat.

"...because the scanning process must create a permanent link between him and the scanned individual which transfers the instantiated consciousness on dismissal of the clone and since there's only one real you that must be the source of the limit, where his quirk is capable of forging only one such connection at a time. Is it one-way? The link must persist but as we saw every clone is instantiated from the initial scan which doesn't seem to update itself without access to the original so..."

I smiled affectionately at Izuku's quirk-babble, following his analysis and nodding along as we walked home. "So even if Jin wanted to team up with us, there could still only be two of me at a time."

Izuku blinked and stopped babbling, and I felt a little bad about derailing his thought, but he just smiled at me. "Oh! Yes, that's a good point too, Michiko-chan."

Himiko clung to Izuku's other arm, looking happy to be there but... preoccupied with something? Guilty? "Hey, Himiko? What's on your mind?"

Himiko stopped us and glomped us both. "I love you."

""We love you too, Himiko-chan,"" Izuku and I chorused.

Himiko giggled softly, then bit her lip as as she looked at us. "Michan, you've been letting me drink your blood for months now, but you've never asked me what my quirk actually does."

Izuku and I shared a look. "We've been waiting for you to tell us in your own time, Himiko-chan," he said. "I have been pretty curious about it, though!"

Himiko smiled nervously. "Well, what Michan said, about there can only be two of her... I can maybe help with that?"

My mind flashed to a past-life memory as Himiko's flesh began to bubble. It should've been shocking but it felt like I'd seen this before. It was a lot like Jin's quirk, but the texture and color was different, light gray and slimy to Jin's brown and waxy. The bubbling stopped, and once more I was looking at a copy of myself.

"A mimic quirk!" Izuku exclaimed excitedly.

Michi-himi-ko nodded. "If I drink someone's blood, I can look like them. So see! I can pretend to be you or Michan if you need me too!"

I smiled and hugged my doppleganger. "Thank you for telling us, Himiko. How does it work? Is it just physical?"

"I think so," Michi-himi-ko said, nodding. "My body changes completely to match yours, but I'm still me on the inside."

"Do you have a time limit?" Izuku asked curiously. "Maybe based on blood quantity?"

Michi-himi-ko nodded again. "Yeah! Michiko feeds me lots so I can be her all day if I need to." Her flesh went gray and bubbly again, and a few moments later it dripped away to reveal Himiko's usual self. She was blushing. "Say, Izu-kun? Now that you know, could I try some of your blood?"

"Oh! Um, sure, I don't see why not," Izuku said. "I trust you, Himiko-chan."

"Yay!" Himiko grinned. "This'll be fun. I can even try having sex as a boy now!"

At that, Izuku blushed and giggled. I pulled them both back into a hug and then got us moving toward home again. Before we got there, Himiko's parents called her and we had to say our goodbyes. Playing with Himiko in Izuku's body would have to wait.

I knelt by the bathtub, both hands buried in the mass of greenish-black tentacles as I worked. Out in the living room, I could hear the soft whooshes and exhalations of Izuku practicing with his newly forged tonfa.

Piece by piece, I grew cells into place, building up my latest prototype. The suit slowly took shape, tentacles fusing and interlocking to form the rough outline of a body-stocking. Each tentacle was sterilized and hermetically sealed, each connection point a tightly regulated chemical interchange.

The most difficult part about building a meat robot was keeping it from rotting alive, it turned out. Even the most extremely basic immune system took more time and study to create than all of the tentacle suit's other features combined. I'd almost given up on the entire project several times, because the alternative was keeping it healthy myself, and I didn't want the constant drain on my quirk and concentration.

I smiled fondly. In the end, it was Izuku's earnest encouragement that kept me at it. And it had paid off. The tentacles could keep themselves healthy long enough to starve. Which took up to a week. Weekly upkeep was much more palatable and practical than hourly upkeep with a partial rebuild every morning.

Keeping the suit modular let it deal with injury as well. If a tentacle's skin was breached, I could eject it and grow a new one to replace it. I'd gotten a ridiculous amount of practice at the internal structure and at this point I could grow a new tentacle in my sleep, almost.

In fact, I'd modified the original design to take advantage of that, such that I could rapidly extrude a tentacle to a greater length and then sever it back to its original size. Not something I planned to use often, given the amount of dead tentacle that would leave lying around, but I had it just in case I ever needed the ability.

I heard Izuku's wooshing strikes stop, replaced by the sound of pencil on paper for a few moments, before the wooshing resumed.

The entrance exam was ever approaching, but we were ready.

Himiko vibrated with excitement as she reverently swallowed Izuku's blood. Her nude body bubbled and changed, and then there were two naked Izukus sitting side by side on my bed.

"How does it feel?" I asked, curious.

Himi-zuku smiled at me, and her cock twitched. "Weird. I've never been a boy before! But good weird, because it's Izuku." She giggled and hugged herself. "Thank you both so much for letting me have this..."

"I like making you happy, Himiko-chan," Izuku said earnestly.

"You do," Himi-zuku said, throwing her arms around him.

The sight of a naked Izuku glomping a naked Izuku did things to me. The yaoi has awakened...

Giggling to myself, I still noticed that Izuku himself only hesitated for a moment before shaking his head and returning the hug with a smile. A thrill went through me as my brain instantly questioned if that easy acceptance was a sign of latent bisexuality. I hadn't noticed any signs that Izuku was attracted to boys before, though. Probably I was just projecting.

Himi-zuku released him and turned to me, her cock jutting up from her lap. I moved in to straddle her, bringing my slick folds right to the tip of her cock as I pulled her into a kiss.

I felt a powerful shiver run through Himiko's borrowed body as she kissed me back hungrily, her hands immediately grabbing my hips and pulling. I sank down, welcoming in Izuku's familiar erection, though knowing it was Himiko experiencing this from the other side this time made the experience feel new again.

Himi-zuku fell back, and I followed her down, bouncing my hips as I continued to kiss her. Izuku's hand caressed my butt, feeling me up as I moved, and I moaned happily. Himi-zuku shuddered beneath me, her hips bucking up to meet my groin. And then I felt her cock spasm, spurting into my depths.

I slowed as she finished cumming, finally breaking the kiss. Seeing Himiko's brand of uninhibited bliss on Izuku's face was novel and kind of hot by itself.

I caught Izuku's eye and then glanced at the bottle of lube on my desk. "You know, I still haven't done double-penetration. Jin ignored my ass the whole time."

"Do you want to try it now, Michiko-chan?" Izuku asked.

I nodded. "Two Izucocks at once. Yes please."

Izuku giggled as he went to lube himself up. Himi-zuku was still hard, my hips moving in a slow circle to keep her that way. Izuku came up behind me, the chill of the lube a mild shock on my ass as he prodded my backdoor with his tip. Thanks to our training, my ass yielded without discomfort as his cock pushed in and slid deep, making everything inside me feel tighter and more full.

Himi-zuku giggled. "Yeah! Let's blow Michan's mind, Izu-kun!"

Giggling, Izuku leaned down, draping his body over mind as he kissed the soft spot behind my ear. "Does it feel good?"

I shivered between them, my innards fluttering and clenching around their two cocks. "So good, so lewd..."

Carefully, I twerked my hips, gasping at the sensation as I led them both into a rhythm. They took over as soon as they both got the timing, holding me between them as they pounded me in both holes.

I choked off a scream as my body locked up in orgasm, the alternating pressure tugging at or mashing something deep in my core, a sensitive spot at the root of my pussy that nothing had ever hit before. My vision fuzzed over as the pair of them worked together unknowingly to pound that spot over and over, pleasure bursting through me like my whole body was being pumped full of bliss.

I distantly felt the flood of heat as Izuku ejaculated, followed shortly by Himi-zuku doing the same. Once they finally stopped, I collapsed, boneless and sleepy from the utter satisfaction that filled me.

"Okay," I eventually said with a happy sigh. "That was new."

Izuku slowly and gently pulled out. "Huh?"

I thought about what I'd felt and compared it to my anatomy knowledge as Izuku flopped down next to us while Himi-zuku nuzzled me. It suddenly clicked, obvious in retrospect.

"What is it, Michan?" Himi-zuku asked curiously.

I rolled off of her, squeezing in between her and Izuku, taking a half-hard cock in each hand. "It's like this, you know how this feels?" I brought both fists down, mashing the edge of my hand into the space around the base of Izuku's cock, pressing hard so his ballsack and mound bulged out a little as my hand dug in.

Himi-zuku gasped. "Oh!"

"Mm! Yeah?" Izuku prompted.

I eased up, relaxing my grip. "I think for me those nerves are located deep enough that they get more stimulation from pressure on the wall between my vagina and rectum than anything else. Yeah."

"Oh, I get it," Izuku said cheerfully. "I'm glad we helped you figure that out, Michiko."

"I'll say," I giggled. "I guess this means I'm extra slutty for double-penetration. That's fun."

"What about you, Himiko-chan?" Izuku asked.

Himi-zuku shrugged. "I dunno! It might just be your body? It didn't feel super different-y to me other than how I'm you-shaped right now."

Izuku nodded thoughtfully and reached over me to pat Himi-zuku's head. I giggled and kissed his arm.

As the last few months before the entrance exam went by, I stepped up my stalking of Takote-san. My tentacle suit was finished, and while I could in theory wear a costume over it, it had come out looking good enough that I didn't want any costume pieces to obscure it. Takote was the key to my lewd future brand, so I had to figure out how to get him to support my vision.

I had to figure out how to make him want to objectify me.

This wasn't some minor favor I could guilt a random molester into doing for me. I needed him to know and respect the future hero I aspired to be. Not to mention, if I seduced him, I'd fight to my last breath against any law that would punish him for that. Using that as leverage against him was unthinkable. Sacrilege. A betrayal of my core ideals.

So I started with his public face, mapping out those parts of his life that were freely available on social media. He got his start in architecture, of all things. But I could see the progression. Takote had always been an artist at heart. There was a period of his life during which he shifted away from design and focused on concept pieces. He started including people in his cityscapes, and his work slowly shifted from the buildings to the people themselves, more and more focus put on their fashions and designs.

From what I could piece together, his wife left him because she wanted children and he didn't. He moved to a different part of town, and immediately afterward started work at Hedera. It seemed likely that his concept art had caught someone's eye and the skill transfered to designing hero costumes. After that his reliability and work ethic got him promoted until he reached his current position.

None of this gave me the lever I needed, but it filled in the background, gave me more context on the guy.

A month before the entrance exam, I was sitting outside Hedera Studios, waiting for him to exit the building. When I spotted Takote, I noted the time and followed him to the train station.

The car he boarded wasn't crowded enough to hide me, so instead I looked up the stops online and spent the next several days waiting at each stop until, on the fourth try, I spotted Takote getting off the train. I followed him home.

Takote lived in a high-class apartment building on the sixth floor. I didn't follow him inside.

"Now what?" I asked myself.

Chapter Text

The gates of testing ground B loomed over Ochako's head like some humongous, brutalist maw of concrete and steel. The butterflies in her stomach were just about ready to revolt, too, but she was holding it together.

Psyching herself up yet again, Ochako clenched her fists in determination and took a deep breath. The other hopefuls were gathered around her. Some of them exuded even more nervousness than Ochako herself. Some of them were calm. Some of them were bragging, acting cocky, and Ochako hoped those weren't about to have a rude awakening. Ochako was pretty worried about the robots herself, but figured anything would break if she dropped it from high enough; that counted as having a plan, right?

"S-Scandalous!" a high-strung voice suddenly shouted. Ochako turned to see a tall blunette in glasses chopping the air with his arm at someone Ochako couldn't see over the crowd. "Pardon me! I do not believe your attire is appropriate for this venue! We are all here to put our best foot forward, to discover if we have what it takes to be heroes and role models! This is a school, not a rave! What kind of impression are you trying to make, I ask you!"

Curious, Ochako slipped between a few of the other hopefuls until she could see the target of the tall boy's ire, then froze in place to stare, joining the small audience watching the spectacle. She could see the blush on the blue-haired boy's face, now, as he tried to glare sternly without actually looking at the... okay, Ochako couldn't think of a word to describe the girl that wasn't rude. She was worse than naked! The blue-haired boy was kind of being rude himself, though.

"A positive one, of course," the girl deadpanned in a warm, melodious voice. "Can you say the same about accosting a girl and shouting at her in public about how you think you have a say in what she does with her body?"

As the blue-haired boy sputtered, Ochako's eyes took in the details of the girl's, um, attire. Black, with an iridescent emerald sheen, it looked almost alive, woven from individual slimy strands each as thick as a finger. It was densest around her, um, well-endowed chest, clutching her boobies like it had ill intentions. From there it spread to most of her body, curling and criss-crossing over her skin while exposing and accentuating her lewdest curves, where smaller, tapering tendrils of material branched off the larger strands and clung to her exposed skin. Five individual strands clung to each hip, meeting at her spine where another strand ran between her legs, but this left each of her butt-cheeks separately bare and framed. Her powerful legs and sleek arms had only small braided strips running down their lengths, with those smaller tapered tendrils clinging to hold them on, though from the feet down the coverage was complete and possibly armored. Likewise, she had thick coils of those organic-looking strands coiled around her wrists and forearms.

Ochako stared. It was like a train wreck. Ochako couldn't look away. Though she did notice the sweet-faced, plain-looking boy with dark green hair who stood next to the lewd girl as if in support. He wore a simple tracksuit, but he had what looked like home-made steel-plated boots, and a pair of those 'T'-shaped fighting sticks.

With a flailing arm-chop, the tall blue-haired boy backpedaled. "That was not my intent! But you must see that your own disrespect of this auspicious occ-"

"HEY LISTENERS!" the voice of Present Mic suddenly bellowed, cutting the blue-haired boy short. "LET'S DO THIS!" The massive doors to the testing ground ground open with startling speed. "GO! GO!"

There was a beat of silence.


The sweet-faced boy was the first to move. He spun and shot forward like a thunderbolt, moving so fast he blurred. He leaped clear over the heads of several of the slower students, including Ochako, and raced through the giant doors.

Whoa, Ochako thought.

As everyone turned to race inside, the lewd girl suddenly locked eyes with Ochako, and a chill shot down her spine. The other girl froze for half an instant, her eyes going wide in surprise and something else Ochako didn't understand. But then the instant was over and the lewd girl was sprinting away and Ochako was running in with the rest of the pack.

Those with quirks that made them faster pulled out ahead, catching up to the sweet-faced boy as they encountered the first of the enemy robots.

Ochako turned left at the intersection and ran for all she was worth. She found a two-pointer and lunged at it as it turned to aim at her. Her fingertips made contact, and she sent the bot shooting up into the sky. A pair of one-pointers clanked toward her, and Ochako jolted in alarm before realizing... she scurried back, luring the two bots into place, and then...


The two-pointer plunged out of the sky and crushed the pair of one-pointers to bits, shattering itself into pieces.

The urge to cheer bubbled up in Ochako's chest. I can do this!

The next few minutes were a blur. Racing through streets, slapping her hand down on robot after robot, her heart pounding as the robots tried to hit back.

Suddenly, a siren rang out, and Present Mic's voice called out something about... the zero-pointer!

Ochako jolted in horror as a massive concussive boom exploded out of a nearby building. She stumbled and fell, choking on the dust as concrete rained down on her. Agony lanced through her leg, and the dust cleared to reveal a slab of broken building laying on her.

It had her pinned down, she couldn't reach it with her fingers, and her quirk was exhausted anyway. The other applicants were fleeing for their lives, but Ochako was stuck, left behind as the massive death-robot advanced, towering over her like a murderous mountain. She had to get free! Think!

"Hold on!"

Ochako's eyes snapped up in hope and surprise. One of the other applicants was still there! And it was the sweet-faced boy with the messy green hair! He raced toward her, a determined expression on his face.

The ground shook as the zero-pointer moved forward, but the boy was faster. He kicked off a piece of rubble, throwing his momentum upward to hit a faux utility pole, running straight up the side of it until he reached the top.

Hanging in the air for a breathless moment, the boy pulled a knife and slashed through one of the cables with a cry of effort. As it came loose in his hand, he dropped the knife, gripped the cable with both hands and twisted his body into an acrobatic flip.

As he started to fall, a big spiraling wave rippled down the length of the cable, a loop forming; a loop that whipped its way around one of the zero-pointer's limbs! It cinched tight with a loud metallic clang.

The boy hit the ground and rolled, rising easily to his feet like he took falls from that height every day. He raced across the street, looping the cut cable around another utility pole, a bench, and a stop-sign.

Ochako squeaked in fright as the zero-pointers tread blotted out the sun, but the cable suddenly went taut, and the giant robot's limb ground to a halt with the whine of protesting motors. Ochako turned in shock. The boy was somehow holding the entire zero-pointer back from crushing her, by holding onto the weave of cable. She watched him struggle to tie off the end, heart in her throat, but he managed it.

In a flash, the boy was standing over her, panting from the effort of what he'd just done. "I'll get you out! Hang on!"

He jammed one of his fighting sticks under the concrete and let out another cry of effort as he levered it up. Ochako scrambled out, just in time for the cable to give off an extremely ominous creaking sound.

The boy reached for her, and she reached for him, his arms scooping her up as he threw them both out of the way. The zero-pointer lurched forward with a bone-shaking crash, but it missed them.

Ochako clung to her savior as he carried her down the street, only to mentally stumble, and then yelp as the boy physically stumbled, as a siren rang out and Present Mic announced the end of the test.

""Eh?! We're already out of time?""

The boy slowed to a tired walk as they came back out onto the main avenue that led to the gates of the testing facility. The other applicants were gathered there, in various states of well-being. And... oh! That was Recovery Girl! The little old lady was fussing over... a bit of empty air. Ochako tilted her head in confusion.

"Are you alright?" the boy asked, his voice right in her ear.

Ochako turned her head, the boy's sweet face looking at her in open concern. "I, I don't think my leg's broken. It's just my ankle. Oh! Thank you so much for saving me!"

The boy gave her a dazzling, bashful smile, an earnest gladness that Ochako found captivating. "Honestly, I'm just glad my plan worked. When I saw you there I just went with the first thing I could think of."

"Really? But that was amazing!" Ochako told him earnestly. "Your moves were so cool!"

The boy let out an embarrassed chuckle. "I guess I just got lucky, then."

"I'll be the judge of that," Recover Girl interrupted. "Set her down over here, boy."

"R-Right!" the boy yelped, rushing to do so.

As the elderly heroine fussed over her, Ochako turned to ask the boy's name, but another teacher was already pulling him away, and then Recovery Girl was asking her questions and poking at her, ow!

"I am here! As a projection!"

Ochako's jaw dropped. "It's All-Might?!"

The holographic message continued to play, explaining that while Ochako didn't get a great score, she very much passed and should look forward to her hero academia!

As the disk projector went dark, Ochako stumbled across her tiny little apartment and flopped back onto her cot. For a moment, she just stared up at the dingy ceiling.

"...eeeee! I did it! It did it! I did it! I got in!" Ochako's legs kicked in the air as she hugged herself and wiggled back and forth.

After burning off her nervous energy, Ochako grabbed her phone and started composing an email to let her parents know the good news.

Once she finished that and sent it off, she found herself at loose ends. She'd been waiting all week to find out if she'd be attending UA and now that she knew she was, she wasn't sure what to do with herself. There was some paperwork to do, but that wouldn't take all day.

The most complicated form was the one about what kind of costume she wanted, and Ochako already knew that. She just had to write down the stuff she'd already decided on and send it in.

Moving back to her rickety little folding table, Ochako worked on filling out the forms, happily wondering what this new chapter of her life would bring.

She thought about the boy who'd saved her during the exam. She still felt bad that she didn't know his name, but maybe they would be in the same class. He was so amazing, he had to have passed. If they were classmates, Ochako hoped he'd want to be her friend.

Chapter Text

I stood, arms folded to express my displeasure, in between Izuku and Bakugo as our now-former homeroom teacher looked us over with a self-congratulatory gleam in his eye.

"Not one, not two, but three of our students going on to UA," our former teacher said smugly. "It's quite a miracle that all of you passed the entrance exam. Bakugo. Kinohana. Midoriya. You three will be a legacy to speak of for years to come."

"Ah, thank you, sensei," Izuku said, glancing nervously across me at Bakugo.

Bakugo stood frozen, face pale, his body rigid. He wasn't looking at us at all, and that felt kind of ominous. For my part, I acted like the adult in the room hadn't spoken, giving him nothing. I knew he knew exactly what he was doing. I knew he knew that this was going to make Bakugo furious with us. He was throwing us under that exploding blonde bus just so he could hear himself talk about how great a job he did. As if he contributed in any way to any of our accomplishments.

Finally, we were free to go.

I took Izuku's hand and together we walked out of Aldera for the last time, never to return. We shared a small, hopeful smile, and he gave my hand a squeeze.

Reflex had Izuku and I shoving away from each other at the first crackle, both of us springing back just as a snarling Bakugo bulled through the space between us. He skidded to a stop and whirled around to face us, eyes flicking between Izuku and I before he jabbed a finger at Izuku's face. Izuku flinched.

"What did you do to pass the exam?" Bakugo growled. "You must've cheated somehow, right?!" Bakugo glared at me. "It was you! You helped him!"

I just glared back. There was no point in arguing with the delusional.

"I'm supposed to be the FIRST AND ONLY student from this crappy school to get into UA!!!" Bakugo roared. "You two had to go and screw that all up! I WARNED YOU BOTH NOT TO APPLY!!!"

Izuku stepped in front of me just as Bakugo surged forward to throttle me. Bakugo's hands slammed against Izuku's, who matched him in strength and stopped him cold. A jolt of shock unseated the scowl of fury on Bakugo's face.

"Kacchan," Izuku began, his voice thick with emotion. "Michiko and I have been working for this; we made a promise to each other to reach for our dreams together and we're not going to let each other down. That's why we applied. That's why we're going." Tears came into his eyes even as he shoved Bakugo away. "I've come this far, even without a quirk! So like it or not, you can't stop us!!!"

Silence hung heavy for a long moment, before Bakugo ripped his hands away from Izuku and glowered. Izuku had stood up to him before for my sake, but this was the first time Izuku had ever stood up to Bakugo for his own sake. I could tell it had shaken Bakugo, even as he quickly covered it up with more anger.

"We'll see," Bakugo growled. He spun around and stalked off, quickly leaving us behind.

Watching the other boy leave, Izuku's hand found my arm, then clutched at my back, pulling. I slipped into his embrace and wrapped myself around him. Izuku clung to me and let out a heavy sigh.

"I'm proud of you," I murmured. "It needed to be said, and you needed to say it."

His grip loosened as he pulled away far enough to give me a watery smile. "I just wish I could... reach him."

I took his hand again as we resumed walking. "That might be a bit optimistic..."

Izuku gave me an earnest look full of resolve. "Maybe. But I'm not going to give up on the great hero I know Kacchan can be."

I sighed, but, "You wouldn't be you if you did."

Izuku gave me a sheepish smile, and I gave his hand a squeeze.

Two chaotic spreads of paperwork and notebooks covered the coffee table in the Midoriya living room, with Himiko herself serving as a divider.

"You really can't think of why your mom invited us over, Izu-kun?" Himiko's head bopped idly as she swayed in place.

Izuku gave us a sheepish shrug. "We don't spend a lot of time here, because, you know. So she probably just wanted to make sure we're all doing okay."

Himiko's cheeks flushed with color as her sway briefly became a wiggle. "Your mom's so sweet, Izu-kun. Not like my mom. I bet you could convince her to let us have our sexy fun time here!"

"That would be so embarrassing though!" Izuku protested. "For mom, and for me..."

Himiko looked to me for support.

I shook my head. "Inko-san isn't standing in our way. She took it pretty well when she found out, too. So we can respect her boundaries and not take advantage of her kindness. The last thing we want to do is make her regret not objecting to our lewd relationship." I smirked. "That said, it would be fun to 'christen' the All-Might shrine Izu-kun calls a bedroom..."

Himiko giggled as Izuku buried his face in his hands. I leaned over to pet Izuku's fluffy green hair.

"Hey, Michiko?" Izuku looked up, smiling as he nuzzled into my hand. "Are you going to add any costume pieces to your tentacle suit? I've been thinking about it and I have some ideas!"

"I think less is more when it comes to my look," I said. "But if my plan to get away with that fails, I'd love to see your ideas."

Himiko's head cocked to one side. "Huh? Get away with what?"

"Ever since Midnight's debut the amount of skin a Pro Hero's costume can expose has been tightly regulated," Izuku explained.

I nodded. "The law is written as an exact measurement of total surface area though, rather than naming explicitly any particular parts of the body. There are two figures, with a lower percentage allowed if your quirk needs exposed skin to work. Mine technically does, so I measured out my tentacle suit to only and exactly meet that lesser requirement."

"What's the problem, then?" Himiko wondered.

"I may be obeying the letter of that despicable law, but it's obvious that I'm openly defying its spirit." I scrunched up the side of my skirt, exposing the curve of my ass and hip to my friends' appreciative gazes. "If someone who believes in that spirit ends up in a position to make decisions about me or my image, I'm going to have a problem."

Izuku frowned. "You're right, Michiko. What are you going to do if that happens?"

"I'm not sure," I admitted. "I'll just have to do everything I can to make sure it doesn't." I turned to Himiko and gave her a sharp smile. "On that note, think you could do me a favor?"

Himiko bopped happily. "Sure, Michan! What'cha need?"

"Monday, eight in the morning, I need you to impersonate me somewhere public."

"Ooh, sounds fun! Izu-kun! We can go on a date!"

"Oh, uh, sure! If you want to." Izuku gave me a worried look. "What are you going to do, Michiko?"

"Something secret and sneaky." I gave him an apologetic smile. "Bakugo protocol."

That's what we'd taken to calling it when one of us was set on a course of action the other didn't or wouldn't approve of. We both used it very sparingly, partly because we just didn't disagree on much, and partly because we both understood that using it too often could itself become the source of friction in our relationship that it was meant to prevent. Izuku frowned, but reached over to give my thigh a supportive squeeze. "Okay."

Himiko made an indecent little noise and wiggled some more. "You both are so cool."

Cue identical blushing smiles from me and Izuku.

"You're cool, Himiko-chan!" Izuku replied earnestly. "You got in to Joyu-dai! I'm still kind of surprised your parents didn't mind."

Himiko giggled nefariously. "It's all thanks to them, really! The demure and chaste, perfectly normal, and not at all interesting Toga-chan was a very poorly-written character, but I have made her my own!"

I giggled at that. "It makes a lot of sense, you becoming an actress. I don't know why I never thought of that."

"It is going to suck that I still won't be going to school with my besties." Himiko sighed dramatically. "I'll cope though."

"You've got so much talent, Himiko-chan, I'm sure you're going to really impress your teachers and classmates," Izuku said.

"Awww, Izu-kun!" Himiko threw herself off the table and glomped him, knocking them both flat to the floor. "You believe in me! That's so nice!"

"Of course I do, Himiko," Izuku said warmly, wrapping his arms around her and nuzzling her neck. "You're going to be great."

Himiko moaned and started kissing him. I watched them make out and smiled at the cuteness.

The front door rattled and unlocked. "Knock knock, I'm home!"

I calmly fixed my skirt while Izuku made a strangled noise and frantically disentangled himself from Himiko. Inko came inside to find the three of us sitting behind the coffee table, fixing up the piles of paperwork.

"Mamadoriya!" Himiko greeted.

Inko giggled. "Oh, you. Hello, girls. Izuku, I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?" Izuku repeated curiously.

Inko set down the bag she was carrying and...

"Is that a costume?!" Izuku exclaimed.

...pulled out an Izuku-sized hero costume in green, black, and white.

"Congratulations, Izuku! I'm so proud you got into UA!" Inko exclaimed. "This might be jumping the gun a little, but I saw your notebook the other day, and I wanted to do something to show you my support."

Izuku stood up and beamed at her. "Thanks so much, Mom. It's great."

"To be honest with you, I've been feeling really terrible lately, about something I said to you." Inko bowed her head. "I think you might have thought that I gave up on you a while back." She gave Izuku a watery smile. "But now look at you. You persevered and kept chasing your dream like a real champion, and you even found good friends who believed in you when I didn't. I'm sorry, Izuku! And I promise, I'll support you with everything I've got from now on!"

Izuku and his mom hugged, both of them teary-eyed. I sat quietly and let them have their moment.

Himiko let out a wistful sigh. "Mamadoriya is the best."

It was five minutes to eight. I crept to the edge of the rooftop and peered down into Takote-san's apartment. This time of day, the glare of the morning sun reflected off the glass of his sliding balcony door and hid most of the interior, but today I wasn't here to spy.

In the end, my plan was simple. Simple enough that I could've come up with it the day I identified Takote-san. It had taken weeks of spying to confirm that it'd work. The process by which a student's hero costume got approved was frustratingly opaque. Takote-san was the lynch-pin in a larger system, and it had been an incredible stroke of luck to cross his path, but it wasn't Takote-san himself that was the real prize.

Below, the front door of Takote-san's apartment opened, and the man himself emerged. He locked the door behind himself, slipped his keys into his pocket, and turned away.

I moved. Coiled tentacles burst from the ankles of the baggy sweatpants I wore, dug into the roof around my feet, and launched me like a springboard as I leaped. My tentacles slurped back into my pants, leaving no trace as I sailed over the chasm between city blocks. I counted the seconds in my head as I shot through the air, then more tentacles burst from the sleeves of my hoodie, latching onto the balcony above his. Tentacles coiled on themselves, cushioning my deceleration, then gripped as I swung down and landed silently on Takote-san's balcony.

The sliding glass doors had a simple latch. I rapidly grew hair-thin strands of cells into and through the weather seal, then sprouted a piece of hard tissue on the latch, forcing it open. I slipped inside, carefully extracting the growth from the latch as quickly as I could.

I'd spent weeks looking for a lever on Takote-san, but in the end I'd realized I'd been looking for the wrong thing. I didn't need to convince the man to do what I wanted. No, it wasn't a lever on Takote himself I'd finally found. It was the password to his official Hedera Studios server log-in. With that, I could bypass the man entirely.

I threw the bio-growth in his toilet, then rushed to his desk. I only had minutes, at most. Hedera employees had an app on their phones that verified their log-ins. In a stroke of luck, Takote's was set to do so automatically over his local network. That phone was, at that moment, in his pocket, moving away as he made his way down to the street. At that moment, it was still connected to his in-home wi-fi, but as soon as it moved out of range the authentication app would refuse any log-ins from his home computer, since the two devices would no longer be connected locally.

But if I got to his terminal and logged in while his phone was still in range? Then I had full access to the seat of his authority, however briefly. I brought up his router's interface in the corner of the screen and watched the signal strength of the connected phone. Still at three bars.

I navigated through the Hedera software and found his task list. As I'd hoped, there was a section for the costume designs turned in by UA's new first-years. I found my own name and opened the file.

A copy of the form I'd submitted to bring a home-made costume. Some stats and other information. And a three-dimensional scan of the tentacle suit I'd sent in, wrapped around a wireframe approximation of my nubile body. As far as I could tell, the file was untouched. No one had looked at it yet.

The signal from Takote's phone dropped to two bars.

I scrambled to find what I was looking for. There were various tags I could flag the file with. Quickly, I found the right one and applied it, approving the costume to be shipped on to UA as-is. A prompt popped up asking me if I wanted to set the task-status of my file to Complete.

The signal from Takote's phone dropped to one bar.

I clicked yes and scrambled to log out as fast as I could.

The Hedera software closed. A second later, Takote's phone vanished off his router's connected-device list.

I let out a shaky sigh of relief. That had been close.

I smoothed out the skirt of my brand new UA uniform and rang the Midoriya doorbell. After a short wait, the door opened to reveal Inko.

"Oh, good morning, Michiko-chan. Are you here to walk Izuku to school?"

I smiled. "Yep."

Inko waved me inside. "Come in, then. Izuku's still in the shower, but he should be ready soon."

I toed my shoes off and followed Inko into the living room. "I'm not surprised that he was too excited to sleep last night."

"That does sound like him," Inko agreed affectionately. "This has been his dream for so long..."

"Inko-san?" I perched myself on the sofa's arm. "May I ask you a delicate question?"

"Hm? Oh, sure, Michiko-chan. Go ahead."

"Right, well..." I clasped my hands and looked at her earnestly. "How do you really feel about me? About Izuku's relationship with me and Himiko, I mean? I've been really curious to know, if it bothers you that I'm aro, of if it bothers you that we're poly."

"Oh," Inko said softly. She took a moment, her gaze distant. "I suppose there is a lot I could say, about how unconventional you've made Izuku's first experiences with intimacy, about how different this all is from the happiness I've envisioned for him, or even about how you're all too young for Complicated Adult Relationships, but..." Inko shook her head and smiled at me. "You've been so good for him, Michiko-chan. If there's one thing I've never doubted, it is the strength of my son's heart. He's happy to have the relationship he does with you. In the end, that's all that matters to me."

My own heart melted a little, and I gave Inko the brightest of smiles. "Izuku really did get most of his best traits from you, you know."

Inko giggled bashfully. "You're a sweet girl, Michiko-chan."

I joined her in giggling. "Thanks, Inko-san. Say, does that mean it'd be okay with you if I slept over with Izuku sometimes?"

"Well..." Inko hedged, amused.

The sound of feet on stairs preceded Izuku as he appeared, dressed in his own brand new UA uniform. "Oh! Michiko. Sorry I'm running a little late, I kind of overslept... just like you told me I would..."

"I'll get back to you on that," Inko told me. "Izuku, your breakfast protein shake is on the table!"

"Right! Thanks, Mom." Izuku went into the kitchen to chug his breakfast and then rushed out again to join me. "Alright, we're off, bye Mom!"

"Have a good day, sweetie!"

Shoes on, out the door, Izuku and I broke into a light jog and headed for the train station.

We made it just in time, and sat together on one of the benches for the short ride out of the neighborhood. Izuku was bouncing in his seat a little, and I had to admit I was nervous and excited too.

We got off the train and walked the rest of the way to UA's main campus, staring up at the towering H-shaped skyscraper of the main building. We went inside and started looking for our classroom, glad all over again that we were both assigned to the same class.

"There it is!" Izuku pointed at the label on a truly gargantuan door. "1-A! Whoa, are there giants here?"

An image, a not-memory, flashed through my mind, and I groaned.

"Huh, what's wrong?"

"Just suddenly worried that Bakugo'll be in our class again."

Izuku's eyes went wide, before he turned to the giant door with a skittish trepidation. "W-Well. Only one way to find out."

Izuku slid the door open. Izuku's shoulders slumped.

"Take your feet off of that desk now." A certain familiar tall blunette boy in glasses loomed over a relaxed looking Bakugo, loud and demanding.

Bakugo reclined harder at the taller boy with a dismissive, "Haah?"

"It's the first day and you're already disrespecting this academy by scuffing school property, you cretin!"

"You're kidding me, right?" Bakugo almost sounded amused. "Your old school put a stick up your ass? Or were you born with it?"

"It's Kacchan," Izuku muttered softly. "And that guy who tried to slutshame you, too!" Izuku paused. "Huh, it's been a long time since I've seen Kacchan in such a good mood."

"That's a good mood?" I muttered back, wry, even though I knew it in fact was, after a year of exposure to Bakugo myself.

The tall boy backed off and tried to be diplomatic, introducing himself as, "Tenya Iida, from Somei Private Academy," only for Bakugo to snap at him, at which point he reverted to scandalized shouting.

I gave Izuku a commiserating pat as we stepped into the classroom. Iida and Bakugo both noticed us at the same time, a hard scowl slamming down across Bakugo's face.

"Tch. Both of them." So much for Bakugo's good mood.

Iida however, marched over to me like he was on parade. "Good morning! I am Tenya Iida. Please allow me to apologize for my conduct during the entrance exam!"

"We already heard your name," I said. "You were very loud."

Iida winced.

"Anyway, my name's Michiko Kinohana. You were saying?"

"Kinohana-san, please forgive me for any offense I may have caused. I was out of line." Iida bowed to me.

I raised an eyebrow, pleasantly surprised. "Fine. Don't worry about it, Iida-kun. I'll forgive you if you promise to try to be less judgmental in the future, okay?"

"Yes, of course, that is very reasonable!" Iida straightened up and chopped at the air with his arm.

A new, cheerful, girlish voice chimed in from behind us. "Oh hey! I recognize that messed-up hair. Tonfa boy!"

Izuku turned around and broke out into a sudden smile. "Oh it's you! Hello!"

"This is great! You passed the exam too and we're even in the same class? Not that I'm surprised, those moves were amazing!" the girl enthused, emoting exuberantly as she proceeded to give a play-by-play of Izuku stopping the zero-pointer.

A frisson crawled down my spine as the sight of this girl hit me with the most powerful deja vu I'd ever experienced. The soft brown hair, round face, and blush-spots. The irrepressible cheerfulness as she geeked out at Izuku. I'd seen her. I'd seen this. Izuku... wasn't quailing under the onslaught of effusive praise, though. The Izuku standing in front of me was blushing, but only a little. He had a sheepish but genuine smile on his face, and he was responding to the girl's enthusiasm with the occasional earnest monosyllable.

Was I the difference? Was that what Izuku would've been like if I'd never befriended him? But then, how had my past life seen this stuff? Augh, this made no sense!

One thing was clear to me, though. This was the girl I saw. The girl who was basically Izuku's soulmate. And she was kind of ridiculously adorable. Imagining her and Izuku together brought a smile to my face. Befriending her was top priority.

"...gosh I can't wait to meet everybody!" the girl was saying excitedly.

And that was when something on the floor interrupted us. "If you're just here to make friends, you can pack up your stuff now."

The classroom chatter slowly died down as awareness spread. I flinched at the big yellow thing that was suddenly in our midst. The thing which had a face sticking out of it. There was a man in a sleeping bag in the middle of the floor and none of us noticed?!

The man tiredly stood up and unzipped, revealing black clothes and a thick gray scarf wrapped around his shoulders. "It took eight seconds before you all shut up. That's not going to work. Time is precious. Rational students would understand that." He glared around the classroom, then suddenly looked even more tired. "Hello. I'm Shota Aizawa. Your teacher."

The class gasped. """Teacher?!"""

"Right," Aizawa-sensei went on, pulling blue gym clothes out of his sleeping bag. "Put these on and head outside."

I tried to get a moment to introduce myself to Izuku's future life-partner and at least learn her name while we were all changing in the locker room, but all the girls were too nervous and in too much of a rush for any conversations to start, so I let it lie.

We filed out onto the nearby athletics field, rejoining the boys as the class gathered around Aizawa-sensei, who informed them they would all be taking a quirk assessment test.

"""""A quirk-assessment test?!"""""

"But what about orientation? We'll miss it!"

"If you really want to make the big leagues," Aizawa-sensei said, "you can't waste time on pointless ceremonies. Here at UA, we're not tethered to traditions. That means I get to run my class however I see fit. You've been taking standardized tests for most of your lives, but you never got to use your quirks in physical exams before. The country is still trying to pretend we're all created equal by not letting those with the most power excel. It's irrational."

The class shuffled nervously at the intensity of our teacher's speech. I glanced over at Izuku, who looked like he was about to start sweating bullets, but there was a determined gleam in his eye. He went stiff as Aizawa-sensei suddenly stared at him.

"Speaking of irrational," Aizawa-sensei continued, "usually, you would've been told your rankings when you received your acceptance letters. This year, for a rather tiresome reason, the faculty decided not to share that information." He paused, continuing to stare hard at Izuku. "Midoriya. You placed first in the entrance exam."

Izuku's jaw dropped. "W-What?! I did?!?!"

"Whoa! That's awesome!"

"He did? That's hella manly!"

"I remember now, he was the one who stopped the zero-pointer!"

"...what. WHAT. WHAT THE FUCK?! NO WAY!"

"Quiet," Aizawa-sensei growled, and the class shut up, even if some of them were giving Bakugo disapproving looks. "As I was saying. Midoriya placed first, with a respectable amount of villain points as well as the highest rescue point score in the exam. For those of you who saw him in action, what do you think his quirk is?"

I suddenly understood what Aizawa-sensei was doing, some combination of intuition and a flash of past-life memory. As the rest of the class started speculating aimlessly, asking if anyone'd seen Izuku use his quirk, I turned to glare at Bakugo. If I knew him, he was going to ruin it...

Too late. "Are all you extras complete morons?! Deku doesn't have a quirk! He's a useless cheater!"

"He is not!" the cute round-faced girl leaped to Izuku's defense. "He saved my life!"

"Then you're an even bigger moron the other morons, Round Face!" Firecracker pops started to go off Bakugo's hands.

"Hey, don't talk to her like that!" a cute blonde boy spoke up, sparks of electricity flashing around his body.

"Enough!" Red light poured from Aizawa's eyes, and I felt the ever-present harmony of life cut to utter silence. My quirk... our teacher... he was!

"Eraserhead!" Izuku exclaimed. "Those goggles, that scarf. You're the Erasure Hero! You have the power to erase the quirks of anyone you're looking at!"

As he continued to blanked us in the quirk-interdiction-field generated by his eyes, his hair and his scarf billowed up, floating around him. That... wait, it make sense that his capture weapon could do that. I'd listened to Izuku talk about it before, but his hair. Why did using his quirk make his hair float? What did that have to do with suppressing the quirks of others? Was that just... raw battle aura? Or did his quirk have a secondary effect due to some form of waste energy produced by the interdiction field? I really wanted to grab Izuku and poke at this question together over his hero notebooks; I made a mental note for later.

"Midoriya," Aizawa-sensei snapped. His eyes stopped glowing and his hair and scarf fell back into place. "We're wasting time."

"Um, s-sensei? What...? Oh! Um." Izuku slowly turned around, catching my eye before facing the rest of the class with mustered courage. "Um, you see, it's true. I'm actually quirkless. I trained really hard, and I tried my very best, but I'm honestly completely shocked that I got first place! I would've been happy just to get in at all."

The class was silent for a long moment.

"Oh my gosh that's even more amazing!"

"First place, without even having a quirk? That's hardcore!"

"Incredible, to think a quirkless hero is even possible."


"Dude, he's earned it."

I smiled as Izuku started tearing up at the out-pouring of acceptance, but before it could go on, Aizawa interrupted again.

"A battle trial is one thing. Today, you'll be participating in a series of tests to determine your raw physical potential. All of you can use your quirks however you wish. This will allow me to observe and determine the extent of your natural potential to become heroes."

"Using our quirks as much as we want? Heck yes!" exclaimed a skinny boy with weird elbows.

"However." Aizawa's voice was like the crack of a whip that punished enthusiasm. "Your potential to be a hero depends upon your physical abilities and the advantages you can gain from using your quirks intelligently. Midoriya, being quirkless, lacks any such advantages. That means, anyone who scores below Midoriya in these tests will be judged to have no potential and will be expelled."

"""""""WHAT?!?!?!""""""" I shouted right along with the rest, because that was a hell of a spot to put Izuku on and I was angry on his behalf.

"But it's only the first day!" Izuku's probably-future-soulmate protested. "You can't kick anyone out already! That's not fair! Especially not to Midoryia-kun!"

"Fair?" Aizawa-sensei growled. "You think villains, or natural disasters, will be fair? You're here to become heroes. Did you think that would be all fun and games? You only have three years to learn everything you need to become pros. To have any hope of living up to the demands of the job, you're going to have to go beyond. Plus ultra style."

"Tch. What are you losers complaining about," Bakugo snarled. "If you can't beat one quirkless weakling, you'll never deserve to be a hero!"

Aizawa-sensei ignored that. "Line up at the lanes. We'll start with the fifty-meter dash."

Izuku looked like his soul was about to leave his body. I broke ranks, and on a wild impulse I grabbed the pink-cheeked girl's wrist. She let out an 'eep' as I dragged her over, but went along without protest when she saw where we were going.

"Izuku?" I said gently.

He was muttering to himself and barely noticed my presence. "...but if I prove myself I'll be dooming all these people who deserve to be here more than I do but if I throw the tests for their sake what if that sets me back in their eyes I can't figure it out both courses of action seem overdetermined to result in everyone hating me what do i do what do i do..."

I slapped my hand over his mouth. He jolted and snapped out of it. "Izuku, it'll be okay. Somehow. Not sure how."

"Midoriya." Aizawa-sensei had even more bombs to drop, apparently. "You had better not hold back for their sake. Know that any student who remains because you felt sorry for them will probably go on to become a murder victim shortly after graduating. You'd be sending them to their deaths. So know this. If I see you giving this test less than your absolute best, I will expel you without hesitation."

"B-But..." Izuku trailed off as Aizawa walked away.

Suddenly, the cute girl who's name I really needed to ask for let out a determined, "Hm! You know what, sensei is right. Give it your all, and we'll all do our best too! No holding back means no regrets!"

For some reason, that struck me as an especially ironic thing to come out of this particular cinnamon roll's mouth. Go figure.

Iida and Asui, the girl with the frog quirk, went first. They both shot down down the fifty-meter lane, though Iida pulled ahead rapidly. I had to wonder how much of Iida's speed was actually his quirk. Surely he had to extensively train his running technique too.

Uraraka. Now I had a name to go with the adorable face. And she apparently had a five-point-activation anti-gravity quirk. It didn't help her much with the dash, though.

Izuku and Bakugo went up against each other. Izuku shot off the starting line, sprinting for all he was worth. He actually pulled ahead of Bakugo until the explosive boy blasted off and flew the rest of the way to the finish line. Four point nine seconds.

"Midoriya-kun beat my time, ribbit."

When it was my turn, I was up against the gorgeous girl with the ponytail, Yaoyorozu. I was accustomed to being the hottest girl in my class, but I thought she had me solidly beat, at least on looks alone.

At the start, we both gave each other startled looks as neither of us started running immediately. Her skin glowed as a pair of roller skates appeared out of nothing. The skin on my ankles bulged as I formed a pair of tentacles out of my own skin, not having time to do it more cleanly. She shot off the starting line, and I energized my tentacles as hard as I could. The tentacles dug into the earth twisting into a tight coil as I dropped to all-fours and then launched forward.

I shot past Yaoyorozu and hit the finish line at a skid, almost tripping over my own tentacles.

"Five point zero seconds. Six point one seconds."

I shared an uneasy glance with her. Neither of us had beat Izuku's time. I would've, if I'd already been wearing my tentacle suit, I thought irritably.

After we were all done with the dashes, we went into the nearby gym to use the grip-testers.

Shoji, the tall muscular boy with six arms, got first place. I once again grew some tentacles out of my own skin, and managed to get third place after Bakugo, who proved that handling explosions for a decade had in fact toughened his hands to the point where he could come in second on raw natural strength. Izuku got fourth, just barely beating out Sato, the sugar guy, and Tokoyami, the bird-headed boy with the animate shadow.

Next we did the long jump. There wasn't a time limit this time, so I could grow out my tentacle grieves properly and then launch myself really far. I came in third, after Uraraka and Bakugo. Izuku got ninth.

In the side-steps, it was Mineta, the little dude with purple balls on his head, who got first. Izuku and I got fourth and fifth.

When it came to the ball throw Uraraka got an easy first by sending the ball into space with her quirk, leaving everyone else to compete for distant second. Izuku pulled off a spinning aerial flip to add force to his throw, managing one-hundred and eleven meters, putting him in fifth place. I got creative and found a twig on the ground, then used it as a base to grow a giant organic sling-shot. I hauled the tendon-band back to the very edge of the circle, falling on my ass when I let it go, but the ball shot off into the sky, leaving me in third place behind Yaoyorozu, who one-upped my slingshot by making a gunpowder cannon of all things with her own quirk.

The distance run was outright unfair. Izuku and I got first and second place, leaving even Iida behind as his engines started sputtering halfway through. Iida still got third place, of course.

Izuku also won the sit-up competition outright, and then I won the toe-touch.

Finally, Aizawa-sensei gathered us all up to show the results. No one except Bakugo was glaring at Izuku about the whole thing, but there was a palpable air of anxiety. Even I was nervous. I didn't want to believe that half the class would actually get expelled, but I didn't disbelieve that it could happen. The world wasn't fair, and that included even the institutions that made it up. Aizawa-sensei wasn't wrong about that.

The results went up, and a moment later so did gasps of horror.

Izuku was in eighth place. More than half the class had failed to beat his score. I was in sixth, but that didn't make me less on-edge about what would happen next.

"Oh, by the way. None of you are going home." Aizawa-sensei grinned. "That was just a logical deception so you'd try your hardest on the tests!"


Chapter Text

I split off from Izuku as the class returned to the locker rooms, still reeling from Aizawa-sensei's emotional roller-coaster. I went to my assigned locker at the end of the row and started changing back into my uniform.

"Gosh that was scary," Uraraka sighed from behind me. "I can't believe Aizawa-sensei tricked us like that! It was so nerve-wracking..."

Yaoyorozu turned from her own locker to address the room. "Expelling us on our first day isn't a very credible threat. I'd thought that would be obvious to everyone. Maybe I should've said something."

All the other girls gave her a dirty look, but something stopped me from joining in. A flash of past-life insight, or intuition, maybe. Yaoyorozu's words sounded plausible, but something made me doubt her conclusion.

I glanced around at the other girls as I stripped, going over their names in my head so I'd remember them later. If I didn't make a deliberate effort to memorize them, I'd probably forget all their names by tomorrow.

Uraraka and Yaoyorozu, obviously. I didn't think I'd have trouble remembering the adorable gravity girl or the only girl in class with a sexier body than mine who even had a quirk that was a little bit like mine. Ashido, pink and acid. Asui, frog-girl. Jiro, punk hair and earlobe jacks. Hagakure, invisible.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Jiro sneaking a glance at Yaoyorozu. Hmm. I relaxed my senses, taking in everything without focusing on any one thing, and started tracking all the girls' gazes. How many of these girls were into girls? Ashido, sneaking peaks. Asui... can't tell, too chill. Uraraka, not looking around at all, so maybe, but she might just be bashful. Jiro, yes. Hagakure, no idea. Yaoyorozu, I was sure she snuck a glance at my butt as I wiggled into my uniform skirt. At least half the girls were at least bi. That was a thing.

A mostly-dressed Ashido shut her locker and bounced in my direction as she did up the last of her buttons. "Hey, Kinohana! Uraraka!"



"What's the deal with Midoriya, huh?" Ashido asked excitedly. "You both were talking to him like you knew each other! Is he really quirkless?"

Uraraka brightened at that. "Oh yeah!" She smiled sheepishly. "We met during the entrance exam when he basically saved my life from one of those zero-pointers. You should've seen him, he was super awesome! Like woosh, and shing, and yaa! And, then the robot was tied up and couldn't crush me!"

I giggled. Uraraka managed to be at least as cute as Izuku, and that was a high bar. Only fitting for his future soulmate.

"What about you, Kinohana?"

"We met in middle school. Izuku, Bakugo, and I were all in the same class. Since me and Izuku both wanted to get into UA, we decided to train together. He might not have a quirk, but he sure as hell has everything else a great hero needs. I believe in him."

"Ohhhh, neat! I've got a middle school buddy in class too, Kirishima-kun! He's a manly sweetheart."

I smiled, and lowered my voice to ask, "Are you two Like That?"

Ashido laughed, her voice dropping into a conspiratorial whisper. "Nope! We mmmmmay have 'experimented' a bit, but we have a pact about that."

Uraraka gasped. "You just admit that on day one?!"

"I know how that is." I giggled as Uraraka's head snapped over to me.

Ashido contained a squeal. "Really?! That green bean? But he has such an innocent face."

"Doesn't he?" I agreed, putting some deliberate swoon into my voice. "He's even more of a cinnamon roll than he looks. It's great."

Ashido giggled. "Oh, so that's how it is."

I offered a more genuine smile. "He's the real deal. The best of us. You'll see what I mean once you get to know him."

Everyone finished changing while we were talking, so we shut the lockers and left the bots to wash our gym clothes for next time. As we emerged, I spotted Izuku among the boys, lost in thought. I smiled as I watched him mutter to himself, then jogged over to walk beside him.

"Hey! Wait up!" Uraraka called, running after me as Izuku looked up. "Are you going to the station? I'll join you guys!"

Izuku gave her a brilliant, welcoming smile. "Sure! It was amazing how you got infinity on the ball throw test by the way; you have such a cool quirk!"

Uraraka laughed bashfully. "It's called Zero Gravity. And I'm Ochako Uraraka!" She glanced between us. "I know you're Michiko Kinohana, and your name is... is it Deku Midoryia, or is it Izuku? I'm sorry, I wasn't sure, Bakugo called you Deku when he was yelling earlier but I also heard Izuku so..."

"Oh, my name actually is Izuku," Izuku explained with a reassuring smile. "Kacchan just calls me Deku because he liked to make fun of me when we were kids."

"I didn't realize, I'm sorry." Ochako suddenly brightened. "You know what, though? I like Deku! I think it'd make a great hero name, plus I think it sounds kinda cute!"

Izuku looked at her in surprise. "C-Cute? Really?"

"Mm!" Ochako nodded energetically. "It's like it's saying 'you can do it!' like you can do anything you put your mind to! Deku makes me feel fired-up and optimistic about the future!"

Izuku's eyes got very wide, as though he was having a revelation. I had to hold in a giggle. Also, I knew I heard a lack of quotes around 'Deku' in those sentences, even if Ochako completely missed her own slip. Too, too pure. Too adorable. Aaaaa.

Izuku's brain rebooted. "Wow, that's like a total paradigm shift, I've never thought of it like that. Feels kind of like my world is upside-down..."

Ochako peered at him, head tilted quizzically to one side.

"Ah! Don't worry about it," Izuku said, laughing it off. He smiled at her. "I'll definitely keep it in mind, I kinda like the idea of, well, making 'deku' into something positive, so thank you so much! It's something I think I'm going to have to think about, though. Oh! But, um, you can go ahead and call me Izuku if you want!"

"Okay! I'll do that," Ochako said. "And likewise!" Smiling, she turned to me expectantly.

"I like being called Michiko. I never make anyone use my surname."

Ochako nodded. "That's super valid. And it's super nice to meet you, Izuku-kun, Michiko-chan!"

"You too, Ochako," I said warmly.

Izuku nodded, grinning sheepishly.

"Oh! That's right! Michiko-chan, what's your quirk like? I saw you jump like Asui-chan but then you made a twig grow into a giant slingshot and that was so cool but it kinda made me confused about what your quirk is."

"It's called Cultivation." I had one of the tentacles I'd made during the test slither out of my sleeve and wiggle. It was glossy and slick, a dark iridescent green that matched Izuku's hair. "It's officially classified as a cell-activation quirk..."

"But it makes a lot more sense to describe it as a cell-transmutation quirk," Izuku chimed in. "Cultivation does 'activate' cells as a secondary consequence of some of the ways it can change those cells but its functional method is to change cells from one state into another. Available states depend on the genome of the cell as well as the expression of the quirk's use, so it can be used to provide caloric energy directly, up to and including the generation of new cells via matter-creation, or the opposite, to suppress bacteria or other pathogenic cell types. It's flashiest application is in the creation of biological constructs like the one Michiko used in the ball throw, or more commonly the multi-purpose tentacles that she invented."

Ochako blinked at him, looking a little overwhelmed.

Izuku blanched. "Oh no, I started rambling again. I'm sorry."

"Eh?" Ochako shook her head and beamed at him. "No! That was an impressive explanation. You're really smart, Izuku!"

Izuku looked a little overwhelmed himself, but I'd done a good job desensitizing him to compliments, apparently. "Ah, that's nice of you to say, Ochako-chan. Analyzing quirks is kind of my hobby."

"Really? What did you think of the rest of our class?" Ochako asked earnestly.

We parted from Ochako at the train station. Her train was boarding when we got there. Once she left, Izuku and I waited for our train in silence.


"I know."

"Michiko, Ochako."

"I know."

"She's, she's wonderful, and so nice..."

"I know, right?!?!"

"She took 'deku' away from Kacchan!!!"

"I know!!!"

"What do we do?!"

"Brew some Green Tea?"

"...heh. Puns."

I giggled and rested my head on Izuku's shoulder. "So. We have a crush on Ochako. That was fast."

"Um, yeah," Izuku agreed with a sheepish smile, rubbing his cheek against my hair. "She's... just so great."

"We'll invite her to hang out with us over the weekend?" I suggested.

Izuku nodded and made an affirmative noise.

Our first day of normal classes at UA High was a breath of fresh air compared to Aldera. The school day was divided between normal academic topics, and hero studies.

In the morning, we had the normal stuff like Japanese Language, Maths, and Social Studies. During lunch, we got to eat food cooked by Lunch Rush himself in the great dining hall. Izuku and I sat with Ochako and Iida, but all we could talk about was how great the food was.

Finally, once lunch ended, we returned to our classroom, ready and excited for reason we were really here: learning heroics.

"I AM HERE! Coming through the door like a hero!"

My jaw hit the floor. Izuku's jaw punched a hole in the Earth's core. Our teacher was All-Might!!!

"Whoa!" the hot lightning boy exclaimed. "I can't believe it's really All-Might!"

Kirishima made a fist to pump in excitement. "So he is a teacher. This year is going to be totally awesome!"

All-Might strutted up to the podium, almost stopping to pose with each step. It should've been comical, but on him it was somehow impressive.

"Hey, look," Asui spoke up. "Is he wearing his silver age costume?"

"I'm getting goosebumps... It's so retro!" That was the boy with the tail, who's name was O- something.

All-Might blasted us with his famous smile as he addressed the class. "Welcome, to the most important class at UA High! Think of it as HEROING ONE-OH-ONE. Here you will learn the basics of being a Pro. And what it MEANS to fight in the name of GOOD." He dramatically held out a small poster-board with 'BATTLE' written on it. "Let's GET INTO IT! Today's lesson will PULL NO PUNCHES!"

"Fight training!" Bakugo snarled excitedly.

"But first! One of the keys to being a hero is, LOOKING GOOD!" All-Might slammed a hidden button, and one of the classroom walls opened up to reveal a series of costume cases. "These were designed for you based on your quirk registration forms and the requests you sent in before school started. Get yourselves suited up, and then meet me at training ground beta!"

As All-Might continued to smile, we the students scrambled to collect our cases and rush to the locker rooms.

Once we arrived, I carried my case over to a bench with some trepidation. The sounds of unsealing cases filled the girl's locker room, Ashido and Ochako and Jiro cooing loudest over what they found within.

Reaching for my own case, I popped the seal. With a soft hiss of escaping air, the stench of rotting meat filled my nose. I slammed the case shut again with a wince. I couldn't even blame the support company for storing my first tentacle suit incorrectly, because sending it on without any instructions was entirely my fault.

"Ew, what's that smell?" Hakagure called out.

I sighed, picked the case up and went over to chuck it in the garbage chute.

"Kinohana? What are you doing?" Yaoyorozu asked, staring shocked at the chute hatch.

"Sorry gals," I said. "My hero costume is actually a living thing I made with my quirk, but it must've been sitting in that case for a least a month; it died."

"Really? Oh no! What are you going to do?" Ochako exclaimed.

I waved her down. "Don't worry, that was just the first prototype, I can make a new one easy, just watch."

I went back to my locker and stripped out of my uniform, including the underwear. I could feel at least some of the girls' eyes on my bare body as I closed my eyes to concentrate. Jiro said something I didn't catch.

I started with a bit of skin at the nape of my neck, growing it, detaching it, then converting it into stem-cells. Slowly, I grew those cells into a tentacle, then those tentacles into my tentacle suit, the iridescent black-green tendrils curling around my body and hooking into place. Thicker coils formed up around my arms and legs, forming the boots and bracers where I kept most of my loose tentacle mass. Finally, I made the complete suit contract, cinching itself down tightly onto my body for stability and also because it emphasized my curves.

I opened my eyes and turned around, only to falter slightly. All six of the other girls were staring at me, their own costumes forgotten. The five with visible faces were blushing, even Asui. Ochako was the least thrown; she'd seen me in my tentacle suit once before.

"...almost worse than being naked," I thought I heard Jiro mutter.

"That's, um, quite a unique look, Kinohana-san," Yaoyorozu said genially.

Ashido giggled. "I think you mean hot."

"Your quirk requires skin contact, doesn't it?" Yaoyorozu asked stiffly.

"Yeah?" I confirmed.

Yaoyorozu nodded, smiling a little. "My quirk is similar; the objects I make emerge from my skin so I can't create over my clothing."

Asui put a thoughtful finger to her chin. "Your quirks sound very different when described but they have a lot in common on the practical side."

"We did kind of solve the ball-throw the same way as each other," I agreed.

"Indeed," Yaoyorozu said. "We should hurry up and get changed, though. We do have a class to attend, after all!"


I put my uniform away while the other girls scrambled to finish changing.

It was hard not to feel like a badass as all twenty of us, in full costume, fell into step with each other in the tunnel, before emerging into sunlight inside the fake city of the training ground.

Izuku looked good in his new costume. I was glad Himiko had talked him out of the bunny-rictus hood-mask before Inko had seen his notes. The main color was a basic dark green that matched his hair, and my tentacles, but it was trimmed in white to match the shiny new belts and holsters that held his home-made weapons, contrasting against the dark metal plating on his boots and gloves.

Ochako caught side of him and rushed over, leaving me to trail behind her. "Hey, Izuku-kun!"

"Oh, hi!" Izuku froze for a moment, staring.

"I love your costume," Ochako said cheerfully. "Not too flashy, very practical, y'know?" She grinned sheepishly. "I should've been more specific about what I wanted. This bodysuit is skin-tight."

It sure was, all pink and white and clinging to her every curve, showing off her body in a very wholesome and cute way.

Izuku gave her a bright smile. "Not at all. It suits you really well! I think you look great. It's an approachable and trustworthy look! Even if it is also, um, very flattering."

I nodded in agreement. It did suit her, and both Ashido and Yaoyorozu had more revealing costumes than Ochako's, not just me.

Ochako lit up in the face of his sincerity. "Oh gosh, you think so? You're too kind."

I heard a sigh from behind me, at waist-height, warning me of a short boy's presence. "I love this school," Mineta said to no one in particular.

Izuku and Ochako both jolted, like they'd both forgotten they weren't alone. Cuuuuute.

All-Might stepped out into the middle of the street to greet our class with a thumbs-up. "They say that the CLOTHES make the PROS, young ladies and gentlemen, and BEHOLD: YOU ARE THE PROOF! Take this to heart, from now on, you are all, HEROES IN TRAINING!" His trademark smile widened. "This is getting me all revved up! You look so cool!" His eyes gleamed. "Now, shall we get started, you bunch of newbies?"

The class cheered an affirmative. How the number-one hero managed to be that much of a ham, that much of a dork, and that charismatically intimidating all at the same time was a mystery for the ages.

"Now that you're ready, it's time for combat training!" All-Might announced.

"Sir!" Iida's voice echoed out of the suit of gleaming white armor styled like a race car. "This is like the fake city from our entrance exam. Does that mean we'll be conducting urban battles again?"

"Not quite!" All-Might stated. "I'm going to move you TWO STEPS AHEAD. Most of the villain fights you see on the news take place OUTSIDE. HOWEVER. Statistically speaking, run-ins with the most dastardly evil-doers take place INDOORS. THINK ABOUT IT! Backroom deals. Home invasions. Secret underground lairs. Truly intelligent criminals stay HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS. For this training exercise, you'll be split into teams of GOOD GUYS and BAD GUYS, and fight two on two INDOOR BATTLES!"

"Isn't this a little advanced?" Asui wondered.

"The BEST training is what you get ON THE BATTLEFIELD!" All-Might held up a warning finger. "But remember. You can't just punch a robot this time. You're dealing with ACTUAL PEOPLE now."

"Sir," Yaoyorozu spoke up. "Will you be the one deciding who wins?"

"How much can we hurt the other team?" Bakugo added.

Ochako chimed in too, sounding worried. "Do we need to worry about the losers getting expelled like earlier?"

"Will you be splitting us up based on chance or comparative skill?" Iida asked, piling on with his own question.

Aoyama struck a pose. "Is this cape pretty?" I guess he just wanted to be included.

All-Might had some kind of brief fit. "I wasn't finished talking!"

It was kind of amazing to see first-day-teaching jitters on the famous Symbol of Peace. Our class sheepishly shut up.

"Listen up!" All-Might consulted his notes. "The situation is this. The villains have hidden a nuclear missile somewhere in their hideout. The heroes must try to foil their plans. To do that, the good guys either have to catch the evil doers or recover the weapon. Likewise, the bad guys succeed if they protect their payload or capture the heroes."

"Sounds like a classic action movie setup," I heard Izuku mutter.

"Time's limited, so we'll chose teams by drawing lots!" All-Might announced.

"Isn't there a better way?" Iida asked.

Izuku pounced on the question before All-Might could answer. "Think about it. Pros often have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot, so maybe that's the reason we're seeing that here."

"Yes, I see," Iida said. "Life is a random series of events." He snapped to attention. "Excuse my rudeness!"

All-Might slapped a pair of plastic boxes down on the pavement. "No sweat! Let's draw!"

Everyone shuffled forward to draw a ball. As I was grabbing mine, I heard Ochako exclaim happily.

"Wow, what are the chances?! We're a team!" Ochako enthused at Izuku.

I blinked. What were the chances that Izuku and Ochako would end up paired in this exercise? That was some otome destiny bullshit right there.

I looked at my own ball. Team C. I looked around and saw the little purple guy holding the other 'C' and looking at me like he'd just won the lottery. I shrugged and went over to him.

Once everyone had their partner, All-Might shoved the boxes off on a bot and declared, "I declare that the first team to fight will be, THESE GUYS!" He held up the balls marked 'A' and 'D'. "Team A will be the heroes, Team D will be the villains. Everyone else can head to the monitoring room to watch."

Ochako and Izuku against Bakugo and Yaoyorozu. It was hard to tell from the camera angle on the monitor but Izuku looked nervous while Ochako was encouraging him. Izuku gave her a determined smile. Bakugo, of course, looked angry, while Yaoyorozu seemed pained. It looked like she was trying to strategize with him, but he wasn't listening.

"So, uh, hey. We're teammates, huh?"

I glanced down to see Mineta gazing up at me with a smirk on his face. He looked kind of ridiculous in his yellow cape over what was basically a purple gimp suit. With a hard plastic diaper? What even was his costume. Did he lose a bet?

"Since we're teammates and all, maybe I should call you Kino-chan. I'll let you call me... any time," he said in overly-suave tones.

I blinked at him, nonplussed. "Was that... a pickup line?"

Mineta wilted. "Maybe...?"

"Needs work, Anytime-kun," I deadpanned. "Just call me Michiko."

Scowling, Mineta opened his mouth to reply, and just stopped, like his brain had jammed. I watched him curiously, but before he could recover his wits, All-Might announced the start of the first battle.

I turned to the screen, rapt.

Izuku parkour'd up to a third-floor window, then turned to catch Ochako as she floated herself and jumped up to join him. Once they were inside, Izuku quickly showed Ochako how to clear corners and the two of them started moving through the maze of interior corridors with alacrity.

"Since when can Uraraka make herself float?"

Bakugo immediately set off to prowl the corridors, leaving Yaoyorozu alone with the fake bomb. She set to barring the doors and windows with quirk-produced sheets of metal.

"It looks like Yaoyorozu is trying to seal herself in with the bomb," Ojiro commented.

"Won't that leave her and Bakugo separated if something happens?" Kaminari asked.

"It could be a viable strategy if Bakugo believes he can defeat Midoriya and Uraraka single-handed, or else delay them until the time limit," Iida said.

"No," I said, watching Bakugo stalk down a hallway. "Bakugo is ignoring the objective. He's only after Izuku."

Kirishima glanced over at me, barely giving the creamy flesh and generous curves exposed by my tentacle suit a moment's pause. "Oh yeah, you went to middle school with them, right Kinohana?"

"They used to be friends," I said, "until Bakugo let his quirk go to his head and turned into a raging asshole. Izuku's never stopped admiring him, though, and Izuku's not the type to admire something without striving to understand, even imitate, it. This fight has been coming for a long time."

I caught All-Might himself giving me a concerned look before refocusing on the screen. Izuku and Ochako cleared the third floor and climbed to the fourth. Bakugo descended from the fifth, approached an intersection, and suddenly stopped. That was the same intersection Izuku was about to cross!

"Hey look!" Hagakure exclaimed. "Bakugo found them!"

Bakugo burst around the corner, palm crackling. An explosion cratered the floor as Izuku dodged back, tackling Ochako out of the way. He twisted as he hit the floor, throwing Ochako back up onto her feet. Izuku shouted something at her, and Ochako took off running back the other way.

Izuku kipped upright. Bakugo opened his mouth in a snarl, but before he could get a word out, Izuku blurred forward. Bakugo had to throw himself backwards to avoid a kick to the face. He threw one hand behind himself, using a small explosion to change direction in an instant, his other hand rising to let off a blast at Izuku's face.

Izuku dropped into a leg-sweep, smashing Bakugo's feet out from under him, then pulling on Bakugo's arm so that the next explosion hit the floor instead of his gut. Izuku rolled upright and sprang forward, his fist slamming into Bakugo's side while he was off balance. The force of the blow sent Bakugo spinning into the wall, slamming into the modular plating hard enough to dent it.

Izuku followed up with a leaping kick, but Bakugo fought through the pain and dodged. Izuku's strike smashed a crater in the wall. Izuku used the rebound to right himself, on guard for Bakugo's follow up.

But Bakugo was on the ground. I could see the incredulous rage on his face, and the shock on Izuku's own face as he realized he was winning.

"Holy crapballs!" Ashido exclaimed. "Midoriya's got some moves!"

"Heck yeah!" Kirishima agreed. "Bakugo is super powerful, but Midoriya is fighting him to a standstill!"

"We actually started learning martial arts at the same time," I informed them. "I was ahead of him when we started, but I haven't been able to match his progress. I had to start using my quirk in our spars just to have a chance. And Bakugo? Bakugo still thinks Izuku cheated his way in."

"Ribbit. Kinda sounds like Bakugo's a sore loser."

Bakugo snarled something at Izuku, his face twisting into a smirk as he pulled the pins on his big grenade-looking gauntlets. The cameras whited out for half a second, and as the image came back we felt the boom in real life. Bakugo's blast had blown a hole clear through the side of the building behind Izuku.

A flash of movement. Izuku rebounded off the ceiling, dropping down on Bakugo's head. Bakugo recoiled in shock as Izuku's fist cratered the floor. Izuku's eyes gleamed fiercely, out from under his singed hair and burnt costume.

Izuku bolted forward again, dropping into a slide as Bakugo let off another blast, before tucking and then kicking up with both feet. Bakugo managed an arm-block, but the force of Izuku's kick still sent him hurtling up toward the ceiling. Backugo threw both of his arms behind himself, blasting the ceiling with both hands to stop his ascent.

Izuku shoved off, using his arms to throw himself upward while Bakugo was wide open. There was a bare instant of shock, hatred, self-recrimination on Bakugo's face, before Izuku's fist broke his jaw.

Izuku kicked off the wall to change direction, getting around behind Bakugo in mid-air with his capture tape in hand. He looped it around Bakugo's neck while Bakugo was still stunned, then flipped them both over, sending Bakugo face-first into the floor with a scream of effort.

The sound of shattering cement faded, and there was a moment of silence.

"Bakugo has been eliminated by capture!" All-Might announced.

Izuku staggered and slumped, panting for breath. He took a moment to check that Bakugo was still breathing, backing off immediately when Bakugo twitched, then bolted for the stairs.

Asui visibly relaxed. "This class is intense."

A trembling Bakugo started to get up, but the cameras cut away, showing us Ochako. For some reason, she was on the roof of the building across the street from the villain lair. From her vantage point, she had a straight shot at the metal-covered window leading to Yaoyorozu and the bomb, though.

I smiled. Clearly, Izuku had a cunning scheme. I couldn't wait to see what it was.

Reaching the top floor, Izuku drew his homemade depleted-uranium tonfa and started beating on the metal sheeting that blocked the doorway. From another camera, we could see it as Yaoyorozu startled at the noise.

The metal was starting to buckle inward under Izuku's attack, but Yaoyorozu rushed over and started producing more to reinforce it.

Meanwhile, Ochako floated quietly across the gap between buildings, fetching up against the sealed window. She had a small, shiny object in her hand.

I pointed at the screen. "That's Izuku's knife."

Ochako pressed her ear up to the metal, then her lips moved, like she was counting? She wedged the knife between two of the metal sheets, counted again, then wrenched back on the knife.

Inside, the sheet of metal popped off the window and fell to the floor. Yaoyorozu... didn't react at all, remaining focused on the buckling door. Ochako repositioned the knife between the next two metal sheets.

"Oh, I get it," Jiro spoke up. "Midoriya is striking the door in a regular, repeating pattern. One-two. One-two. One-two. The first blow covers the sound of Uraraka prying the shield-bar free. The second blow covers the clatter of it falling."

"So Yaoyorozu has no idea Uraraka is even there? Ma~an," Kaminari whined. "Midoriya's some kind of genius mastermind or something. I never could've thought of something like that."

"It's the execution more than the idea that's impressive," Jiro disagreed. "Midoriya must have calculated exactly how long it would take each shield-bar to fall; look, he's hitting faster now that Uraraka's on the lowest one. Onetwo. Onetwo."

The last of the metal sheets popped out. Ochako slipped inside, floated across the room, and latched onto the bomb.

All-Might sounded the victory horn. "HERO TEAM WINS!"

Yaoyorozu spun around and gaped at the sight of Ochako sliding down the side of the bomb. Even through the camera feed, the devastation on Yaoyorozu's face was plain to see.

Then Ochako fell over and barfed all over the floor.

"Whoa, is she okay?!"

Yaoyorozu snapped out of her despair and went over to gently rub Ochako's back. So, even in the face of despair, Yaoyorozu maintained a strong sense of empathy. She was a real sweetheart underneath the haughtiness, apparently.

After healing Izuku's burns, Recovery Girl fixed Bakugo's jaw. And nose. Actually most of his entire face. After that, All-Might asked us who we thought the MVP of the match was.

"Pretty obvious it was Midoriya," Asui suggested. "He anticipated his opponent's strategy, devised a clever counter-stroke, and executed it flawlessly."

Izuku scratched the back of his head and chuckled bashfully as Ochako beamed at him and nodded. "It's just because Kacchan is kind of predictable when it comes to me..."

Bakugo, uncharacteristically, remained silent.

"No, I don't think so," There was something softer, more vulnerable, about how Yaoyorozu spoke, now. "You predicted my tactic as well. Your defeat of Bakugo was an impressive feat of martial prowess, but inventing a ploy to deceive me in such a way as to secure victory before I was even aware of the threat... that was inspired."

I reached up to pat Izuku's fluffy head. "You were amazing. When are you going to start believing people when they tell you you're awesome?"

Izuku gave me a sheepish smile and bowed to Yaoyorozu. "Thank you very much."

I caught Mineta and Kaminari catching each other giving Izuku a strange, suspicious look. And I realized, it probably did look a bit odd for the fluffy cinnamon roll to be more flustered by receiving complements on his performance in class than by receiving affectionate headpats from the half-naked tentacle girl.

"NEXT UP!" All-Might boomed. "Team B as the heroes, versus Team I as the villains!"

Todoroki froze the entire building, instantly defeating Ojiro and Hagakure before they or Shoji had a chance to do anything at all. The matches after that one were more even, and varied in level of excitement.

Finally, it was my turn.

"Team E as the heroes, versus Team C as the villains!"

The bots led me and Mineta to our bomb, and All-Might gave the announcement over the PA system that we had five minutes to prepare. Mineta walked behind me, ogling my butt the whole time. I hoped he didn't think he was being subtle, but it wasn't like I minded.

"So we're up against Iida and Ashido," I began, turning around to face Mineta, breaking his line of sight on my ass. His eyes trailed upward and stopped at my boobs. "This matchup is going to depend on countering Ashido's acid, I think. We're both natural hard counters to Iida."

"V-Very hard." Mineta obviously wasn't listening.

I stared flatly at him, then bent at the hips to put my cleavage right in his face and had the tentacles cupping my boobs tighten up, pressing into my flesh like groping fingers, but I kept the resulting shiver of pleasure out of my voice. "So what I'm hearing, is that you're hard."

"Yeah..." Mineta suddenly blanched. "I! I mean! This is gonna be hard! Yeah! Iida's super intense and stuff!"

I straightened up, rolling my eyes at his denial. "So you were too busy ogling me to hear a word I said? We only have five minutes to figure out what we're going to do, Anytime-kun."

"You can't expect me not to look when you're wearing that!" Mineta whined. "If a girl wants a boy to be interested in what she's saying then it's her own responsibility to be more interesting than her boobs!"

I opened my mouth to respond, and paused. "Okay, I think I actually have to agree with that one."

Mineta froze, then gave me a hopeful look. "Wait, really?"

"But," I said sharply, "if it is in fact a girl's own responsibility to be more interesting than her boobs, then you also have a responsibility to notice a girl being more interesting than her boobs. By, say, actually listening to the words coming out of her mouth."

"Why should I listen, when you're always saying the same crap," Mineta grumbled. "Calling me a pervert and a creep and being all mean and boring."

"I was talking about battle strategy," I deadpanned. "And I don't care if you perv on my sexy body; that's what it's for. Ogle me all you want as long as you're also paying attention."

Mineta did a double-take and then stared at me for a long moment. "That's a trap."

I sighed in exasperation. "Whatever. We're in the middle of our fucking first heroics exercise. Can we focus? How does your quirk work?"

Mineta startled, like he'd honestly forgotten we were in class. "Right. My quirk is Pop Off." He pulled one of his purple balls off of his head. "The balls that grow on my head are super sticky and will stick to anything, but I bounce right off."

"It doesn't stick to your costume either?" I asked, frowning at the ball in his hand.

"Nope. My clothes don't stick, and I can unstick other stuff if I grab it and pull, but only if I'm right there. Also, my balls last about a day before drying out."

I held out my hand. "Can I have one?"

"Huh? But it'll stick to your hand."

"You can pull it off before the match starts," I said. "I just want to check something."

Mineta shrugged and placed the purple ball in my hand. I probed, and a harmony unlike any I'd felt before resonated up my fingers. I smiled.

"Did you know your pop balls are made of living cells?" I asked. "They're alive, like a detachable organ, not just a ball of glue!"

Mineta gave me a blank look, jerking his eyes up from my boobs again. "That's not what the quirk counselor said."

"Hm, the interior is some kind of rubberized bone, do you have to get a lot of calcium in your diet to use your quirk a lot? But the most interesting part is the skin. It's not actually sticky. There's a specialized cell organelle that's actively generating an inductive van der waals force. If I just..." I suppressed a note in the ball's harmony, and it instantly slipped out of my hand. It hit the ground and bounced, rolling away to fetch up against a wall.

Mineta stared at the rolling ball in absolute shock.

"Give me another?" I asked. "I want to try something else."

Mineta numbly pulled another ball off of his head and handed it to me. "W-Wait! What was that about bone?!?! The quirk counselor told me to avoid calcium in my diet!!!"

That pulled my attention away from the ball in my hand. "That makes no sense. Unless... Anytime-kun, was this quirk counselor you're talking about also someone who gave you costume suggestions?"

"Yes? How the hell did you know that?"

"I think your quirk counselor hated your guts, Anytime-kun."

Mineta scowled. "You mean, he lied? But... Hey! What's wrong with my costume?!"

Well, if he was asking. "You look like a diaper baby in a gimp suit caught in the middle of scrubbing a toilet."

"What?!?!? No I don't!!! I'm a bowl of grapes!"

"Whoever told you that was definitely lying," I said bluntly.

Tears started to well up in Mineta's eyes.

"TIME TO START!" All-Might's voice bellowed. "HERO TEAM, MOVE IN!"

"...shit!!!" I spun around and rushed to implement the fragment of a plan I'd come up with the moment I'd felt Mineta's balls.

"Waah! It's starting already?! I wasn't ready!" Mineta cried.

I ignored him, focusing on my quirk as I slapped the pop ball down on the concrete next to the bomb. I drew deep on my quirk, pulling in a massive amount of energy. And the ball in my hand surged, swelling upward, rapidly growing more of itself as it formed a wall.

I didn't have time to make it pretty. I just threw energy into the mass of tissue as hard as I could. Slowly, but far more quickly than anything I usually made, a thick, lumpy, tumorous cocoon enclosed the bomb. I carefully suppressed the cells in contact with my skin and pulled my hand away, stepping back from the towering mass of stickyball flesh.

Mineta stared at the cocoon, jaw dropped. "What is that?!"

"My quirk is Cultivation," I quickly explained. "It's a cell-transmutation power that lets me energize cells as well as create flesh as long as I have seed material to work from. The cocoon should have all the same properties as one of your balls, still, so we'll win if we can stop Ashido from melting through it."

"Right," Mineta agreed. "What about Iida?"

"What about Iida?" I replied wryly. "You're basically his hard counter. Just stick him to something so he can't help Ashido get past us."

Mineta nodded nervously, fidgeting as he turned to watch the doorway like it was about to eat him. I moved around to where I could keep one eye on the window, too. I tried to think about what I'd do in Ashido or Iida's place, what sort of clever plan would they come up with...

I pinched off a bit of tentacle in my hand and started growing it into a new shape. Seven tendrils from a central node, three on each size, and a long tail at one end. The texture of its skin changed, then, as I awoke the notes of acid-resistance found in stomach linings. I added a pair of simple reflexive nerve triggers, then had it curl up in my hand as I heard the hero team approaching.

A few moments later, Iida came charging into the room with Ashido skating along on a trail of slick acid right behind him. They fanned out on either side of the doorway, Ashido grinning, Iida unreadable in his helmet.

"Halt, evildoers! Prepare to be thwarted!" Iida declaimed.

But I wasn't paying attention to Iida. I was watching Ashido's eyes. I held my breath, and in the moment Ashido's eyes moved, I took a step to the side and then held perfectly still. Himiko was better at this than I was, and I was better at it than Izuku, but the technique was Himiko's original invention as far as we knew. Ashido's eyes moved, and I took another step.

Ashido yelped. "Crap, where did Kinohana go?"

"What?" Iida glanced over at her then pointed at me. "What are you talking about? She's right there!"

Ashido looked back and forth frantically. "What? Where?!"

"Now is not the time for jokes, Ashido!"

Ashido turned to yell something at Iida directly, and Iida's head turned. I lunged forward, my arm snapping out, hurling my payload across the room. It unfurled in the air, its long tail stabilizing its flight. Ashido jolted, seeing it out of the corner of her eye, and looked back at me just in time for the tentacle construct to splat onto her face, triggering the reflex that make its six tendrils latch onto her head and hold tight.

"Mff?! MMHPMFFMMMNMNHHPH!" Ashido clutched at her face as she fell back in surprise, tripping and landing on her butt.

"Ashido!" Iida cried.

I dug my tentacles into the floor and blasted forward, flying across the room myself, twisting into a spinning kick, tentacles trailing my whirl like the spiral arms of a galaxy as I slammed my foot into Iida's head.

His arms came up in a cross block, protecting his skull, but my kick still threw him back, away from Ashido. He tried to recover, but I barely touched the floor before I was streaking toward him again. I flashed in under his guard, landing three quick punches to his armored gut, bone-plated tentacle-knuckles against carbon fiber. I heard the breath whoosh out of him.

With a high-pitched roar, the exhaust pipes on his leg ignited, driving his boot up into a kick. I pulled my tentacles in to cushion the blow, grunting as the force tossed me up and away.

I flipped over in mid-air and caught the ground with both feet and one hand, skidding to a stop.

Iida's engines revved. My tentacles coiled. We both exploded forward, hurtling at each other. Iida raised his leg for a kick, then flipped around, bringing his other leg to bear in a slashing roundhouse. I twisted myself under his leg, lashing out at his first leg with a kick of my own. He dodged, and we flew past each other, ruffled only by the air pressure of our speed.

But my tentacles weren't past him. I caught one of his legs and one of his arms, tentacles snapping taut as we were both wrenched to a sudden and violent stop. I was ready for it. Iida wasn't. He flipped end over end and slammed hard into the floor.

"Anytime-kun!" I shouted. "Lock him down!"

Mineta let out a rather pathetic war-cry and started pelting Iida with purple balls.

I pulled out my capture tape and hurried over to Ashido, who was... laying unmoving on the floor? Bullshit. I wasn't falling for that. I stopped, sending my tentacles out to wrap around her instead.

Sure enough, Ashido spun into a break-dancing move, slashing through my tentacles with acid-coated hands and feet. I pinched off the burning stumps and pulled my tentacles back. Ashido brought her acid-coated fists up in a fighting stance, calm and wary despite the tentacle construct clamped onto her face. I had to admire how easily she rolled with that surprise. Unfortunately for her, she was facing one of the concrete pillars, so apparently her spacial awareness was not so much. She realized her mistake and spun to face the sound of Mineta's voice, but by then I was already circling around.

"HHF! Mfh'rr nmh mmnmm mf mhph mh mnhh mmfmnh!" Ashido's muffled voice sounded cheerful and smug.

"IIDA HAS BEEN ELIMINATED BY CAPTURE!" All-Might's voice announced.

I focused on the tentacles Ashido had burned through, waking the notes for bone. The tip of each tentacle thickened into a heavy, rigid flail, almost a knobby cannon-ball. I began tightening those tentacles into coils.

"Sorry about this Ashido-chan," I said.

She spun to face me and lobbed a glob of acid.

I dodged the acid and took aim. "Special Technique: Bludgeon Spring Cannon."


I fired from my right arm, the recoil jolting my shoulder. Ashido flung herself into a back-bend, limboing under the first shot. This, unfortunately, caused my second shot to impact directly between her legs, on the crotch of her unarmored tie-dye leotard.

Ashido crashed against the wall, fell to the floor, and curled up into a small ball of agony. Silence descended over the battlefield.

"Oh fuck!" I yelped. "Ashido! Are you...? Fuck!"

I raced over, wrapped the capture tape around her ankle, and touched the tentacle construct. It went limp, and I tossed it away, revealing Ashido's sweating, agonized face.

"Ah, VILLAIN TEAM WINS!" All-Might announced.

I followed the medbots to the little old lady who still went by Recovery Girl. Getting to see her quirk in action was fascinating. It was like a passing symphonic metal band suddenly performed a drive-by cover of the harmony I could feel in Ashido's cells.

"She'll be fine, young lady," Recover Girl assured me. "You should get back to your class, now, though I suppose there's no harm in walking back together."

"Y-Yeah," Ashido spoke up, slowly uncurling. "Haaaa, that sucked..."

"Sorry," I said again, holding her steady as she stood up. I probed with my quirk, and startled at what I felt. "Hey, you have... your harmony is, like, quieter than it should be?"

Ashido blinked at me as she cracked a yawn. "My what?"

"Are you referring to the feedback from your cell-activation quirk, Kinohana-san?" Recovery Girl asked me.

"Yeah," I said. "It was like you turned her harmony into a symphony, but now it's... tired?"

Recovery Girl merely nodded. "That's the way my quirk works. I can heal even terrible injuries, but it uses up your own body's resources to do it, so don't go expecting miracles. Relying on my quirk too much can drain you dry and kill you."

"Oh damn, that's a heck of a warning label," Ashido said.

I slowly firmed my grip on Ashido's arm. "But... I can, I mean, the way my quirk works is by replenishing the body's own resources. I'm doing it a tiny bit already just to feel what's going on."

Recovery Girl's eyebrows shot upward and she leaned in to peer at Ashido more closely. "Hm. Ashido-san does appear less exhausted than she ought to be. Can you amp it up for me, dear?"

I shrugged and let my power flow, recharging all of Ashido's cells and bringing her harmony up to perfection.

"Hey, I felt that!" Ashido exclaimed. She grinned. "Actually, I feel awesome now. I'm not even sore!"

"Oh my," Recover Girl said. "It would appear our quirks synergize quite well, Kinohana-san. Hmph. It bears testing, but with you around, I might even have to stop giving my standard warning. I'm not happy about this, you know. You youngins are already too reckless. Perhaps it's time I demand another pay raise..."

Ashido and I shared a look, feeling the sweatdrop. That's what she's worried about?

Recovery Girl waved us off, and the pair of us left the infirmary to head back to training ground beta for post-match analysis.

As we set off across the campus, I gave Ashido another apologetic smile. "Sorry again, you know. I promise, I'm going to work harder on my aim."

"It's cool," Ashido said. "I can laugh about it now. Of all the ways for your tentacles to get introduced to my crotch, though! Hentai has lied to me."

I sporfled. "Oh my god you're right. I'm a terrible X-Rated Heroine."

"Ooh, X-Rated Heroine? Like Midnight is the R-Rated Heronine?" Ashido asked eagerly.

"Yep," I said, smiling. "Midnight is my favorite hero, and my dream is to surpass her."

"Cool, cool." Ashido nodded. "So." She turned to me and gave me a shit-eating grin. "You bitch. You facehugger'd me!"

A memory landed, of an ancient, classic movie I'd seen once. "Oh my fuck I did."

Ashido looked delighted. "So you have seen Alien. You know, riffing on the xenomorphs is supposed to be my thing!"

"Weren't the xenomorphs one big allegory for being afraid of sex, though?"

"You can interpret them that way, I guess," Ashido conceded. "Wait, if you're trying to be a sexy hero, wouldn't that make xenomorphs, uh, anti, uh, ana, uh..."


"Yeah! That's the word. Wouldn't it?"

I shook my head. "Taking something that's about being afraid of sex, and making people horny and not scared with it, is like taking an insult away from a bigot and turning it into a source of pride."

"Heck, that's valid." Ashido grinned at me. "How about this? Xenomorph buddies!"

I returned her smile. "You know what, sure. Xenomorph buddies."

"Woo!" Ashido cheered. "First names? I'm Mina!"

"Of course, I never make anyone call me by my surname," I told her. "Mina-chan."

"Alright! Let's get back to class so All-Might can tell everyone about how you kicked my butt, Michiko-chan!"

I giggled and followed her as she skipped ahead.

Chapter Text

"No," young Kinohana interjected, her tone unexpectedly firm. "Bakugo is ignoring the objective. He's only after Izuku."

'Izuku' was young Midoriya's given name. Toshinori glanced over at the young girl who was dressed only in the wriggling black tendrils of her own quirk. She had a surprising amount of focus in her for a girl who'd present herself that way. It remained to be seen if the exhibitionist girl would live up to Midnight's example, or if she'd live down to Uwabami's.

Or worse, Jigslut's.

Toshinori quickly shook off the second-hand embarrassment from that fiasco. Just based on his first impression of her, Toshinori was optimistic about young Kinohana. Either way, if she was correct about young Bakugo, that was concerning.

"Oh yeah, you went to middle school with them, right Kinohana?" young Kirishima asked.

"They used to be friends, until Bakugo let his quirk go to his head and turned into a raging asshole." That was even more concerning. "Izuku's never stopped admiring him, though, and Izuku's not the type to admire something without striving to understand, even imitate, it. This fight has been coming for a long time."

That was useful context, even if Toshinori had no way to account for bias until he got to know his students better. Young Kinohana noticed him observing her. Good awareness, that.

"Hey, look!" young Hagakure exclaimed. "Bakugo found them!"

Indeed, he had. As young Uraraka made a strategic retreat, what followed was a stunningly vicious exchange of strikes and maneuvers between the two boys, a display of skill wielded with an intense focus on victory.

When he'd taken the job as a UA teacher, Toshinori had of course reviewed the recordings of the top scorers in the entrance exam. When he'd witnessed a small, quirkless boy place first, it had shaken him. For one with no quirk to rise so high through skill and training, on top of what had to be a significant amount of raw talent, it was inspiring. Young Midoriya's actions against the zero-pointer especially; defeating with cleverness a foe that ought to have been beyond his strength, all to protect a peer from danger.

"Holy crapballs!" Young Ashido exclaimed during a brief pause in the action. "Midoriya's got some moves!"

Young Kirishima shared in her enthusiasm. "Heck yeah! Bakugo is super powerful, but Midoriya is fighting him to a standstill!"

It was true. Despite being up against a foe with a powerful quirk, young Midoriya's technique simply out-classed young Bakugo's. Young Midoriya's every move was tactical, and his ability to predict his opponent was impressive. But, Toshinori wondered, without a quirk of his own, what would happen when young Midoriya's quirked classmates began to close the gap in skill? How much higher could young Midoriya rise than he had already risen?

Young Kinohana spoke up with some backstory, and Toshinori listened keenly. "We actually started learning martial arts at the same time. I was ahead of him when we started, but I haven't been able to match his progress. I had to start using my quirk in our spars just to have a chance. And Bakugo? Bakugo still thinks Izuku cheated his way in."

Young Asui ribbited her way into the conversation with a blunt statement. "Kinda sounds like Bakugo's a sore loser."

The fight resumed with another sequence of rapid and vicious exchanges, culminating in young Midoriya maneuvering young Bakugo into leaving an opening that young Midoriya exploited ruthlessly to decisively end the fight.

Toshinori keyed his microphone. "Bakugo has been eliminated by capture!"

Young Asui put words to the feeling in Toshinori's chest. "This class is intense."

Toshinori winced in sympathy at the battle-ending blow. He called the end of the match and sent in the medbots to collect young Ashido.

"All-Might, sir? My quirk can be used for healing; I don't know how I can help but Recovery Girl can make that decision if I'm there, so I should go with Ashido, right?" Young Kinohana spoke into her earpiece, still looking stricken.

"I'll allow it, young Kinohana, go on," Toshinori replied.

Toshinori turned away from the screens. To no one's surprise, most of class 1-A was also wincing, many of them standing knock-kneed. Toshinori gave them a few moments to collect themselves while young Mineta and young Iida returned to the observation room.

"Right!" Toshinori declared. "While we wait, who wants to take a stab at naming the MVP of this match?"

This began a round of speculation among the students. They agreed quickly that it wasn't Mineta. Cocooning the bomb in Mineta's quirk was a strong tactic, but in the end it had never even come into play. Young Kinohana had defeated first Young Iida and then Young Ashido before either had a chance to test the sticky defenses. Toshinori noticed that young Bakugo wasn't participating in the discussion at all, instead standing apart, glaring at his classmates, fists clenched, body trembling. The boy's ego had taken several serious blows today, and Toshinori made a mental note to speak with him later.

"Nah, man!" Young Kirishima was saying. "Mina-chan's favorite movie is Alien. She probably thought Kinohana's facehugger move was hella hype!"

"It was pretty amazing how she kept fighting even with that thing on her head," Young Uraraka said. "I guess that's not enough to make her the MVP, though."

"So we're agreed, the MVP is Kinohana?" Young Sero asked.

"Indeed!" Toshinori exclaimed. "Though you were right that it wasn't as clear-cut as it could've been, I agree with your assessment, newbies! Now! Let's get our next match started! Wouldn't want to run late, would we?"

The final two teams headed out onto the training ground, passing young Ashido and young Kinohana on their way in.

"Aw man. We missed everyone talking about us!" Young Ashido complained. "I wanted to hear that stuff."

"Apologies, young Ashido!" Toshinori said. "But our schedule is tight!"

"Ah! I can catch you both up!" Young Midoriya offered earnestly. "If that's alright?"

Receiving a nod from Toshinori and a bright smile from young Ashido, young Midoriya went over and began to summarize the discussion.

"That's a wrap! Super work!" Toshinori praised the collective class 1-A. "You really stepped up to the plate! And we didn't have any major injuries, except for Ashido. You should be proud! Excellent first day of training all around."

Young Asui let out a pleased ribbit. "It's nice to hear some encouraging words after our homeroom class. Aizawa-sensei was kind of a buzzkill."

The entire class nodded in fervent agreement. Toshinori was starting to feel the strain of maintaining his muscle form, so he decided to cut things short. He covered his straining with a boisterous laugh.

"I'm happy to bring such staggering positivity to my alma-mater. That's all for now, folks! Now watch how a pro exits: like he's got SOMEWHERE TO BE!"

Toshinori turned and sprinted down the connecting tunnel toward the administration building. He still needed to speak with young Bakugo. The boy was truly overflowing with pride. His ego may have been justified, but a school like UA was bound to shatter it. As his teacher, it was Toshinori's sworn duty to counsel him well.

But it would have to wait.

Toshinori reached the security door to a faculty-only area and hit the button, darting through and quickly sealing the door behind himself. He couldn't hold his muscle form a moment longer! It slipped from him, his body deflating with a burst of steam.

Toshinori had to pause to catch his breath, the strain lingering. He barely had enough time to teach a class. Shit!

After a short rest, Toshinori changed out of his now-baggy costume and into his favorite formal attire. An unremarkable man haunting the hallways of UA.

Once he was presentable in his smaller form, Toshinori made his way across campus and up to 1-A's homeroom. He needed to find young Bakugo, and he was also curious, wanting to know more about young Midoriya especially.

Toshinori crept up to the concealed teacher's entrance and perched against wall just outside, to listen. He sighed to himself. He felt like a stalker. It was awkward.

Voices, from within, and then, "Tokoyami! Stop using that desk as a chair! Get off it this instant!" Young Iida, it seemed.

"Dude, you need to chill." Young Jiro's voice.

"You're carrying a lot of tension," Ojiro agreed mildly.

"No one understands..." Iida lamented. "I cannot condone actions that disrespect these desks! Not when great men and women, our upperclassmen, once used them!"

"Man, Midoriya, I still can't believe you held your own against Bakugo. He's super strong!" That was young Sero's voice.

"You did a great job!" Ashido's voice agreed excitedly. "Your moves were like whoa!"

"Ah, thanks so much, Ashido-san. I was just doing my best." Young Midoriya sounded bashful.

"Hey, me and your bestie Michiko are xenomorph buddies now. You gotta call me Mina-chan!"

"R-Right, sorry."

"I can't believe you can still break-dance with a face full of alien wing-wong," Sero joked.

Young Ashido let out a sputtering laugh. "SERO!!!"

"I left that part out when I built the facehugger, Sero-kun," Kinohana said blandly. "I wouldn't do that to a classmate." Beat. "During class."

Toshinori choked on a bloody cough and had to wipe some blood off his lip. The timing of that cough was a pure coincidence, he swears.

"Are you okay, Mina?" That was young Asui's voice. "You kinda froze up for a moment there."

"Haha, yeah. Is it weird that I'm kinda disappointed she didn't?"

"There's no accounting for taste, ribbit."

Whatever might've been said in response to that revelation was interrupted as the main door to the classroom slid open.

"...wanna grab a bite sometime?" Young Kaminari. "What kinda stuff do you like?"

"Anything sweet..." Young Uraraka, sounding distracted. "Hey! Izuku!"

"Ura- I mean Ochako-chan! Are those the handbooks?"

"Yep! Here you go."


"""Yeah, thanks, Uraraka!"""

An audible sigh, from Kaminari.

Midoriya's voice, again. "Hey um, have you seen Kacchan? He never came back to the classroom."

"Bakugo? Um... actually yeah. I think he was lurking around the entrance?" Uraraka said uncertainly.

"You're gonna go talk to him?" Kinohana asked, sounding resigned.

"I think I have to," Midoriya said, sounding both resolved and worried. "Maybe, now that I've beaten him, he'll respect me enough to listen."

"Good luck," Kinohana sighed, with a wry note.

Midoriya hurried out of the classroom, and Toshinori got up to follow him.

"Hey, Kaminari-kun." Young Kinohana's voice, low enough the words could barely be made out. "Don't sweat it. Those two are like a pair of orbiting cinnamon rolls destined to collapse into one super cinnamon roll. It's no shade on you."

"Dang Kinohana. You're saying that? Isn't Midoriya, like, your boyfriend or something?"

"Definitely more like an or-something..."

Toshinori moved out of earshot. He continued along. According to the guidebook Principle Nezu gave him, there ought to be an escape hatch somewhere... ah. There it was.

Toshinori bulked up and smiled his Mighty smile. He could see Midoriya attempting to speak with Bakugo in the courtyard below.

"...come here to rub it in?!" Bakugo was shouting. "I lost! And to make matters worse it was to you! AGAIN!" He positively writhed with frustration. "It's even worse than that. When I was watching that ice guy, I realized I couldn't beat him either! CRAP!!! I even agreed with what that girl said! My gauntlet attack was so stupid! DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT!!!"


"Enjoy it while it lasts, Deku," Bakugo snarled. "I'm just getting started, you got that?! I'm gonna end up the number one hero no matter what!"

Bakugo spun around and started stalking away.

"You'll never beat me again, you bastard..." Bakugo growled. "Don't even try! You'll never look down on me again!"

"I've never looked down on you, Kacchan," Midoriya said softly, but despite the disparity in distance, it didn't look like Bakugo even heard the words.

Toshinori decided to hurry up and step in. He leaped from the building, dropping smoothly down. "There you are!" He landed and twirled his body into a proud stance. "Baku-Go! I found you!"

Bakugo stopped. Midoriya stared at him, wide-eyed.

Toshinori tried a comforting hand on Bakugo's shoulder. "Just so you know, pride is an important attribute to have. But though you have the abilities to become a Pro, there's still plenty you have to learn." There, that should help, right?

"Let. Go. Of me. All-Might." Bakugo trembled, his voice a low snarl. "Right now. Save your speeches. I'll be more famous than you, and I'll do it without your help."

Toshinori removed his hand. That had not gone the way he'd hoped. At all. "Uh... right."

Bakugo stalked off, leaving just young Midoriya to be dealt with. Toshinori scrambled to collect his wits and say something salient. "Your heart was in the right place, young Midoriya. I'm sure, when he's ready, you'll be able to reach him."

Midoriya gave him a look of awe. "You really think so, All-Might?"

"One can never be sure, but it's good for a teacher to remain optimistic about his students, wouldn't you say?"

Midoriya nodded. "Yes sir!"

"Good work in class today, young Midoriya," Toshinori added. "I look forward to seeing your progress."

"Yes, thank you, All-Might!" Midoriya's eyes sparkled. "I'll do my best!"

Toshinori chuckled inwardly. This kid. A quirkless fanboy... with the heart of a true hero and the drive to excel. Toshinori would be watching Izuku Midoriya closely, going forward. It was too early to be sure, but, could this unassuming boy be the one?

Chapter Text

I heard my phone chime as I finished repacking my uniform and classroom supplies. I went over and grabbed it off my nightstand.

[So I asked my mom if you could sleep over tonight, Michiko.]

I waited, and when he didn't send anything else, replied, [And?]

[And she said it was fine,] Izuku sent. [She took about ten years off of my expected lifespan before she agreed, but she agreed.]

I giggled. [Great. I'm heading over there now.] I added a playful stuck-out-tongue emoji.

Himiko chimed in, [Dang it. I wish my parents let me have sleepovers like at all. They still don't know enough about either of you to disapprove!]

[I know you spent all afternoon with Jin,] I sent.

[And you!] Himiko replied.

I shook my head, smiling. [I need to let Jin scan me again if he's going to keep doing that. The dissonance when the memories come in is starting to make me worry about continuity-loss...]

[Yeah, he said it's getting harder to summon you,] Himiko sent.

I put my phone away and headed out the door, half frowning, half smiling. Smiling because Himiko had decided to start fucking Jin, and I'd gotten to be there to help. Frowning, because the memories of being there to help were alarmingly tenuous, like they'd happened in a dream. The experience was stretched like taffy across two wildly different timestamps in my brain, simultaneously superimposed over me doing my homework after coming home from UA, as well as inserting itself into my months-distant memories of meeting Jin for the first time.

I slowed down and pulled out my phone again. [Tell Jin to stop using that scan. I'll drop by after school tomorrow and let him make a new one.]

[Oki-doki!] Himiko replied.

I shut the door to Izuku's room with a smile as Inko bid us goodnight. It seemed that Izuku's mother had decided it was more fun to make Izuku blush about having his lover over by being Very Supportive than to play the traditional parent and get in the way.

Izuku's arms went around my waist as he buried his red face between my shoulder blades, groaning. "My face is dead."

"Maybe you'll get permanent blush spots, and then you'll match Ochako," I teased.

I turned in his arms, and he let me, lifting his head away from me just long enough for me to get my chest in front of him before he buried his face in my cleavage, his posture not shifting at all. The heat coming off the smooth skin of his face warmed the soft slopes of my breasts as I gently stroked his fluffy hair. Among the many fringe benefits of our incredible fitness is that we could hold awkward poses without any discomfort or strain. Izuku had grown since I met him, and was now the same height as me when we both stood up straight.

"I guess she did promise," Izuku finally said, peering up at me from between my boobs, with a slightly cheeky smile. "To support me with everything she had. I didn't think she meant this, but..."

I giggled softly and pushed him away. I stripped off my school-issue black tank-top, skirt, and socks, leaving me in just my panties. Izuku watched me strip, a simple, content smile on his face. I loved how free and comfortable he'd managed to become with nudity and intimacy and sexual things, even if he was still only that comfortable in private. I was okay with that. I knew that the wall between my private self and my public self was much, much thinner than most.

I peeled the blankets down on Izuku's bed while he stripped out of his own clothes, and flopped face-down into his pillow, turning my head to continue watching him, even as I let out a yawn. "Today was kind of a lot."

"Yeah," Izuku agreed with a small chuckle. "A good kind-of-a-lot, though. UA is just as amazing as I thought it'd be."

"All-Might," I said, not needing to elaborate.

Izuku giggled. "Well, yes. Midnight is supposed to be one of our teachers too, right? Maybe we'll meet her tomorrow."

"I will try to contain my fangirling to a single squee," I jokingly promised.

Izuku crawled naked onto the bed behind me, settling between my legs. His hands caressed my thighs, warmth and tenderness, before sliding up to my butt and squeezing the globes of my ass. His fingers roamed higher still, to the waistband of my panties, and then he pulled, slowly peeling that last bit of fabric away from my skin to reveal my flushed, throbbing vulva.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of that," Izuku commented, his tone warm and sincere.

Letting him pull down my panties himself really did it for Izuku. It still wasn't a kink I really understood the appeal of, myself, but I was happy to accommodate him. I was a little glad that he didn't have the kind of kink where he cared about the panties once they were off me, because I wasn't actually a perfect paragon of lewdness and did have my own tastes, but I wouldn't have held that against him either, obviously.

"Um," Izuku said, sounding more hesitant. "Can we still try to be quiet? Even if Mom knows what we're doing, I don't want her to hear it..."

"Sure, Izu."

With my panties around my knees and out of the way, Izuku slid his body upward, straddling my thighs as he lined up his cock. I wiggled my hips, feeling his cock glide between my cheeks, and heard him groan softly. He pushed in, and his cock slipped between my walls, it's familiar girth sinking deep into my core as his weight came down on my ass.

I moaned into his pillow, clenching around his cock as he covered me with his body and kissed my ear, my neck. "Ohhh. Being quiet? Not... gonna be an issue... I'm... more pent up than I thought."

He wasn't even moving yet, but already there were pulsating waves of pleasure condensing in my loins. I rolled my hips against him, shuddering at the intense sensation as his cock stirred my insides, and clenched down on him hard. The waves of pleasure spiked, swelling and swelling despite the minimal stimulation, until I let out another moan, my body spasming between Izuku and the bed.

"M-Michiko," Izuku breathed. "I can feel you squeezing... are you cumming?"

I nodded, writhing happily against him, drawing my orgasm out until I was sweating. Izuku moaned into my hair, staying buried in me as he rode out my convulsions. He slipped his hands under my chest, propping me up slightly on my elbows to give him room. He crossed his wrists, hugging me to his chest as he palmed each of my breasts in the opposite hand, kneading and squeezing my luscious, needy tit-flesh. I slipped back down, his weight flush against my back, my boobs pressing his hands into the mattress.

"I, I guess me too," Izuku said softly. "I'm close already. Why does it feel so, so much, tonight?"

"Dunno. C-Could be, several things. Long day, distracting," I moaned. "Relief. Accomplishment. Or maybe, your room. Never fucked here before. New, but safe."

Izuku started moving his hips, shivers of impending orgasm running through his body, but he made only slow, grinding thrusts into the unresisting puddle of blissful aftershocks that was me. He moaned softly in my ear, honest and unreserved as he savored my body. I stayed pliable, letting him set his own pace, trusting that he'd let himself cum when he wanted to.

Or, his slow thrusts could compound in my core, bliss boiling over into renewed throbbing tension. I let the second orgasm take me, writhing and rolling my hips to fuck myself on Izuku's cock. He shuddered against my back as the extra stimulation pushed him over the edge and he let out a long, low whine as his hips jerked into my butt, his cock pumping me full of cum.

He sighed happily and kissed my cheek. His hips continued to slowly, gently thrust against my ass even as his cock softened a little. Neither of us made a move to definitively resume or disengage, floating undecided in those post-orgasmic moments while we were still joined.

Our alarm went off. I woke up sticky but well-rested, my legs tangled with Izuku's under the covers, sharing breath as we slept with our foreheads almost touching. We'd fallen asleep still undecided, apparently, but somehow shifted around onto our sides, facing each other while we were unconscious.

Izuku made a cute sleepy noise and blinked his eyes open, smiling when he saw me. I kissed him, then rolled over to turn off the alarm. I stretched out on the bed, then swung out one leg and kipped up off the bed, landing on my feet.

"Shower together?" I asked.

Izuku shook his head. "We'll be late. Turns."

"Right," I agreed, because he was right.

He put on a pair of boxer shorts to cross the hall in. I followed him without putting anything on. I could hear Inko moving around downstairs, but I had no shame. Izuku hopped in the shower while I brushed my teeth, then we swapped. We shared a quick kiss and hurried back to his room to get dressed.

Downstairs, Inko fed us breakfast and low-key gushed about her baby boy growing up and doing adult things with girls, much to Izuku's distress. I just giggled and hugged him.

Later, on the train to UA, I had a notion and pulled out my phone to start looking up art of a particular flavor. That flavor? High quality xenomorph hentai. The really good stuff.

Izuku glanced over at my phone screen and his eyes widened. He gave me a slightly anxious, curious look.

"Meant to do this last night," I muttered. "I want to put together a," I glanced around to make sure no one was listening, "a schlick-basket for Mina-chan. She wasn't exactly subtle about being into this stuff. I want to encourage her."

Izuku nodded in understanding. He smiled, a little cheekiness insinuating itself into his tone. "Are you gonna send her a selfie too?"

I giggled. Izuku was usually too nice for sass but he had the capacity. "She's already seen me naked in the locker room," I reminded him.

"Oh, right."

Reporters. A sea of microphones and cameras and entitled shouting, like the world's most annoying moat. And there was no draw-bridge. Izuku and I exchanged a look and hurried over to where Ochako was awkwardly smiling at a woman looming over her with a live mic.

"Please! Tell us what All-Might is like!"

"What's he like?" Ochako said uncertainly. "Well... he's super muscle-y." She brightened. "Yeah!"

The reporter was clearly disappointed by that answer, even though it was cute as fuck. Izuku and I managed to reach Ochako just as one of the reporters made the mistake of asking Iida to elaborate. While the tall boy was busy orating, the three of us ducked through the gate onto campus. We heaved a collective sigh of relief and headed into the building, only for a loud buzzer sound to go off behind us.

Heavy steel shutters slammed down over the entrance gate, sealing off the outer wall. Izuku gasped, and proceed to explain about the schools defenses while Ochako and I listened attentively.

We made it to class right on time.

Unfortunately, Izuku and Ochako were both seated separately. Izuku and I were in the third row, separated by Sero-kun. Ochako was last in the fifth row, all the way on the other side of the classroom. I settled into my seat behind Kaminari-kun, and in front of Kirishima. Mina-chan was up in the second row to my left, though, and I had Tsuyu on my right.

"Decent work on yesterday's combat training, you guys," Aizawa-sensei opened. "I saw the video feeds and went over each of your teams' results. Bakugo. You're talented. So don't sulk like a child about your loss, okay?"


"Let's get down to business," Aizawa-sensei said, lowering his voice ominously. "Our first task will decide your future."

The class was dead silent, waiting for the bomb to drop.

"You all need to pick a class representative," Aizawa-sensei deadpanned.

Oh good, it's just a normal school thing.

Thereby ensued a cacophonous catawampus of proposed leadership selection, and what even was this grammar inside my own head. Even though being a class rep in the hero course was pretty prestigious, I didn't speak up. I knew my path, and it did not lead toward the Top Ten. I did see Izuku shyly raise his hand.

"Silence! Everyone! Please!" Iida stood tall, speaking over the ruckus, chopping at the air with his arm. "The class representative's duty is to lead others. It's not something just anyone can do." His shouting leveled out to a calm tone once he saw that he had everyone's attention. "You must first have the trust of every student in the classroom. Therefore, the most logical way to fill this position is democratically. We will hold an election to chose our leader!"

"Is this really the best idea?" Kaminari asked.

Tsuyu spoke up in agreement. "We've only known each other a few days. How do we know who we can trust?"

A good point. First impressions could be misleading.

"Besides," Kirishima added. "Everyone'll just vote for themselves."

That was actually a more important point, though. A systemic flaw rather than a mere uncertainty. The entire thing would ride on the opinions of whoever was too insecure or uninterested to vote for themselves, which wasn't the worst selection effect, but hardly a good one either.

"Most people will," Iida said dismissively. "But that means that whoever does receive multiple votes must truly be the most suitable person for the job." He turned to address Aizawa-sensei. "It's the best way, right sir?"

"Do whatever you want," Aizawa-sensei grumbled. "Just decide before my nap's over."

Iida bowed. "Thank you for your trust!"

I pouted to myself. No one else was speaking up against Iida. Right, guess I'll do it myself. I stood up sharply and proclaimed, "That's not his trust! That is a test! And if it isn't, you still ought to treat it like one."

"Kinohana?!" Iida's head whipped between me and our teacher a couple of times. "Please elaborate!"

"Yeah, what've you got, Kinohana?" Kaminari asked.

"Your suggested method has a serious flaw, Iida-kun, which Kirishima immediately pointed out," I said. "Rather than admit to that flaw, you bulled forward with convincing platitudes that don't fix the problem. While that may be exemplary behavior for a politician, we're here to become heroes."

Iida recoiled like I'd stabbed him in the heart, and I stopped talking because I hadn't meant to inflict nearly that level of verbal damage. He turned away, hunched over, staring off into the distance, his glasses hiding his eyes. "She's right..."

"Did you have a better idea?" Tsuyu asked me bluntly.

"Two, actually." I gave Tsuyu a smile. "First, we make a rule that you can't vote for yourself. An impartial volunteer can vet everyone's votes as they hand them in, to enforce that." I paused dramatically. "Then we ignore the votes and make that person our class rep, because clearly they're the one we all trust the most."

Half the class looked like they wanted to facefault. I held in a giggle.

"""""But that won't work if you've already told us the twist!""""" Sero-kun, Hagakure, Mina-chan, Ochako, and Kaminari all objected.

"Yes, I know," I said wryly once everyone calmed down. "Which is why we should just use ranked-choice voting."

"Ranked-choice voting?" Izuku repeated thoughtfully.

"How would that work, though?" Ochako asked curiously.

I shrugged. "How about each of us lists everyone else in the class in the order in which you'd pick them to be entrusted with something important to you. Everybody can start with twenty points. We take the average of each person's ranking from every list and then subtract that number from their starting twenty. Whoever has the most points remaining is the winner."

I looked around to see everyone staring at me, and suppressed a blush. I thought I was getting more of an impressed vibe than a baffled vibe, but.

"Unless someone who's better at math than me thinks that won't work?" I asked, less certain.

"It sounds really complicated!" Hagakure complained from her seat in the front row.

"I believe Kinohana's proposed algorithm is sound," Yaoyorozu spoke up, giving me a warm, unfairly gorgeous smile.

I blushed despite myself. "Right. Thanks, Yaoyorozu. So. That's how I propose we do this. Is everybody good with that?"

"Just fucking get on with it, Fanservice!" Bakugo snapped.

"I'm on board," Kaminari said.

"Yeah!" Mina-chan agreed.

"Kinohana's proposal does seem more robust than Iida's," Tokoyami opined.

"Quite elegant," Aoyama agreed.

Iida snapped out of his minor crisis or whatever and agreed with an arm-chop. "Indeed! I apologize for my overconfidence!"

"It's cool, man," Kirishima said, trying to calm Iida down.

"Very well. Let us begin!"

As everyone started contemplating their lists, I got out a sheet of my own and considered. If I imagined that I was in some complicated manner of peril, and one of my classmates showed up to save me, who would I want it to be? Besides Izuku, obviously.

I wrote, [Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, Asui,] as my top three, filling in the middle of the list mostly at random, and ending with, [Mineta, Aoyama, Bakugo.] Mineta, because he might stop to grope me at the worst possible time and get us both killed. Aoyama because he might be too busy posing to make it to me in time in the first place. And Bakugo because he probably wouldn't spit on me if I was on fire.

Once everyone had their lists, we stuck them up on the whiteboard to tabulate. While Yaoyorozu handed out calculators, I glanced over everyone's lists, curious, only to frown.

"Oi, Anytime-kun," I called out to Mineta. "You misspelled my name."

"What? No I didn't!" Mineta protested.

I pointed, with a deadpan expression. "Yours is the only list with all seven girls listed first, and your ranked them by attractiveness rather than trustworthiness."

I thought I heard Jiro mumble something disgruntled about being in seventh place.

"If you think that, shouldn't you expect to be in first place?" Mineta asked smugly.

I deadpanned harder. "Self-evaluation is an important skill. I know Yaoyorozu's prettier than me."

"...I am?"

Mineta floundered. "Well maybe it's not my fault if your name is weird!"

I just rolled my eyes. "You wrote Kinohana as 'tree-blossom'. It's supposed to be 'demon-flower'."

Mineta huffed. "Appropriate..."

I chose to ignore that. I glanced over and saw Bakugo scribbling something on his notes, scowling at it.

"We have our results!" Iida announced, capturing everyone's attention. He looked pained as he turned to write on the board. "In first place, our new class representative is... Tsuyu Asui with fourteen points!"


Yaoyorozu stepped up beside Iida, looking a little put out. "And in second place, our vice representative is... Izuku Midoriya with thirteen points."

"How did I get thirteen points?!" Izuku exclaimed.

Yaoyorozu pouted in Izuku's general direction. "I was only one tenth of a point behind..."

Bakugo slammed his hands on his desk. "Okay you idiots, who voted for Deku?!"

"Dude, did you honestly think anyone was going to give you a high rank?" Sero asked blandly, getting an incoherent growl in response.

I looked over the lists again, feeling vaguely like something had gone wrong and that it was my fault, even if, logically speaking, the results were quite promising. No one in the entire class had ranked Tsuyu first, but most of her ranks were clustered around her actual score, and that consistency put her in the lead. Izuku's rankings were more disparate. He was actually in first place on four of the lists, one of which had to be Ochako's.

As Tsuyu and Izuku got up to stand in front of the class, Iida and Yaoyorozu returned to their seats, looking disgruntled and dejected respectively.

"Woo! Go Tsu!" Mina-chan cheered. "I can definitely get behind you and Izuku-kun!"

"Yeah, Midoriya's cool, I guess," Kirishima agreed.

"I, for one, welcome our new froggy overlord," Kaminari joked. "She's got an honest face!"

Tsuyu tilted her head, tapping her chin with a finger. "Thanks?"

Izuku looked nervous. I caught his eye and gave him an 'I believe in you' smile. He bowed to the class and promised to do his best.

"I'll also do my best to live up to your expectations, ribbit. Thank you for your trust."

I set down my lunch tray and slid into the seat next to Izuku. Ochako plopped into the seat next to Tsuyu, across from me. Mina-chan waved at me on her way to sit with Kirishima, Kaminari, and Hagakure. I returned it with a smile.

"So, Asui-san," Izuku began.

"I told you to call me Tsu."

Izuku rubbed his head sheepishly. "Right. I knew that. So, um, Tsu, how do you feel about being class rep?"

"Surprised, and a little nervous," Tsuyu said bluntly. "I don't really consider myself a leader, ribbit."

"I'm the same way," Izuku admitted. "I guess all we can do is be there when our class needs us, and do our best."

Ochako bounced in her seat a little. "You'll do great, Izuku! You too, Tsu! You're both really smart and you've got that diligent vibe, y'know?"

"I think Iida-kun and Yaoyorozu-chan wanted it more." Tsuyu looked at me while her tongue darted down and yoinked a meatball off her plate. "If we'd used your other idea, they'd be our class reps now, wouldn't they, Michiko?"

"I guess they would. They were the ones who ran the election and calculated the scores, even once everyone was going with my ranked vote suggestion, and no one seemed to have a problem with it being them doing that."

Izuku looked at me uncertainly. "Do you think... it should've been them after all? I mean, I basically tied with Yaoyorozu..."

"I know who I'd feel best about following," Ochako said earnestly. "You're not just representing a class, right? It's kind of like leading a hero team. In a normal school, it doesn't really matter who the class rep is but in UA it's kinda like saying you're the number one hero of your class!"

Tsuyu gave Ochako a strange look and ribbited softly. I caught her eye and gave her a look of wry agreement. Ochako didn't notice. I held in a smile. Ochako had such an obvious crush on Izuku and was just as obviously completely oblivious to her own feelings. It was adorable and kind of hilarious.

"O-Ochako-chan, no, that's too much!"

At that, I giggled. "Alright, actually, if you want to know what I think, I think all four of you should cooperate and share the job between you. All four of you have valuable, applicable skills."

Izuku gave me a sheepish smile. "Isn't that too unorthodox?"

"But not unreasonable," Tsuyu said thoughtfully. "That's a good idea, Michiko."

I smiled at her, but before anyone could say anything else, the cafeteria was suddenly filled with the blare of an alarm klaxon.

And all hell broke loose.

"What's going on?!?!" Ochako shouted as half the school's population stampeded toward the exits.

"That's the evacuation alarm! It means there're intruders on school grounds!" One of the nearby upperclassmen shouted by way of explanation.


I grabbed Izuku's and Ochako's arms so we wouldn't get separated in the press as the flowing crowd swept us toward the exit. The press of bodies was way too frantic to be fun as the three of us got squished.

"Haa!" Izuku breathed, shoving open a space in the crowd with a burst of strength. He caught my eye and leaped. I shifted, letting him use my shoulder as a springboard, and he sent himself sailing all the way up to the cavernous ceiling.

I caught a random elbow to the face. "Fuck!" But I could see Izuku clinging to a small utility pipe far above us. He was looking out the window, frowning, then I saw his eyes widen in understanding.

"Tsu!" Izuku called down. "Use your tongue!"

"Ribbit?" But Tsuyu complied, shooting her tongue up to wrap around Izuku's waist. She shot up out the crowd, reeling herself up to join Izuku on the ceiling, where she stuck to the surface easily. Izuku pointed first out the window, then down at the crowd somewhere I couldn't see.

"Asui-san!" bellowed a familiar voice. It was Iida. "Catch!"

"...told... call... Tsu," was just barely audible as the frog girl caught the thrown object: a megaphone. I finally managed a glimpse and saw Iida sheltering Yaoyorozu, both pressed up against the glass to one side of the corridor. Tsuyu switched on the megaphone.


A yelp of surprise rippled through the crowd, capturing a large share of the panicked attention. Heads turned and confusion replaced fear at the incredibly loud frog-girl noise. Even Tsuyu winced a little, fiddling with the megaphone for half a second before speaking, holding the device with her tongue while she spoke into it.

"We are not in danger! It was the press that triggered the alarm! There's no need to evacuate! There is no danger! Only a false alarm caused by trespassing reporters!"

The crowd, thankfully, calmed down and stopped crushing each other. A couple of students I didn't recognize had even pulled out their phones to take pictures of Tsuyu.

By the end of lunch, the [Ceiling Frog] memes were all over school.

"It was you and your quick thinking that let us calm everyone down, you guys," Izuku was saying to Iida and Yaoyorozu on our way back to class. "So I think it would be fine to have three vice reps in our class. I believe the four of us together can lead better than any pair of us alone."

"I have to admit, this is unexpected..." Yaoyorozu hedged. "But not unwelcome."

"I am honored, Midoriya." Iida chopped the air with his arm. "If you believe sharing this responsibility is what best serves our class, you have my support."

We reached the classroom and filed in, taking our seats along with the rest of the class.

"Man, yesterday's battle trial was so awesome," Kirishima said. "I wonder if they're gonna hit us with something just as manly today!"

"You think we're gonna have a lesson with All-Might again?" Sato wondered.

Ochako bounced in her seat. "A lesson with All-Might two days in a row would be plus ultra!"

"Regardless of the lesson, we must approach learning it with all our hearts!" Iida pontificated.

"I wouldn't be surprised if they switch it up, though," Jiro commented.

Aoyama flipped his hear. "If we shall not be learning from the symbol of peace..."

"Who will it be?!" Mina-chan cut him off.

The classroom door slammed open. "And that, my lovelies, is my cue."

A voluptuous feminine figure stood brazenly in the doorway, wrapped in a skin-tight white bodysleeve, a black underbust corset, boots, belts, and faux handcuffs on her wrists. Long, spiky black hair and a thin domino mask accentuated the hungry smirk on her face.

"Midnight-sama," I breathed, a slow grin of excitement stealing its way across my lips.

"That's Midnight-sensei, Kinohana-chan," Midnight said. To me! With an amused grin. "But I like the subtext!"

I blushed even as a tiny joyful giggle bubbled out of my throat. Because these were the first words Midnight had ever spoken to me and they were a, a lewd values-handshake. I'd, kind of, just a little, said her name the way a submissive would say their dominant's name. Only sort of on purpose? But she'd instantly picked up on that and riffed on it in a way that showed she understood what I meant by it!

"Our teacher is the R-Rated Heroine: Midnight?!" Mineta exclaimed. "This is the best thing ever! UA is truly the greatest school in the world..."

"Tch. Great. This is gonna be fun," Bakugo muttered in tones of heavy sarcasm, slouching in his seat.

In the seat directly in front of mine, I noticed Kaminari discreetly slip his hands into his lap, blushing as he fidgeted slightly in his chair.

I leaned forward and lowered my voice. "It's different seeing her in person. She's got such a presence."

Kaminari stiffened, blushing harder. "Yeah, no kidding."

Midnight sashayed to the front of the room and leaned on Aizawa's podium. "Alright class, my name is Nemuri Kayama. And yes. You may call me Midnight instead of Kayama-sensei if you like. Welcome, to Modern Art History."

There was a long pause. A pregnant silence, you might say.

"Art history, sensei?" Tsuyu inquired.

"Yeah, I thought we were only supposed to have hero-course stuff after lunch, not normal school stuff?" Ochako asked from her seat in the back corner behind me, sounding confused.

Midnight smirked. "Tell me, class, what is the difference, between a hero, and a Pro Hero?"

" it that Pros are licensed?" Yaoyorozu offered tentatively.

"You know," Midnight said conversationally, "there was a time when I could've said 'that too' but in modern society we already reserve the word 'hero' for those who have a license. Also that wasn't what I was going for at all!"

Yaoyorozu wilted.

"Stop wasting out time and just tell us already," Bakugo grumbled.

"You want to know what the difference is?" Midnight smirked, leaned back, and spread her arms dramatically. "PRESENTATION!!!"

Half the class jumped in their seats, surprised by her sudden outburst. I blinked, my head tilting to one side.

"Is that from a movie?" I asked.

"Maaayyyybe," Midnight sing-songed. "But it's true. In my lessons you will learn about the history of how heroes have presented themselves throughout the generations. I'm here to teach you everything you need to know to manage your image, cultivate your brand, and navigate the theory behind becoming an icon! Now doesn't that sound exciting?"

A murmur of agreement built up around me even as I nodded eagerly. Not everyone was excited, but I didn't care. It was only fitting that it would be Midnight teaching me about my most important weapon in my fight against sex-negativity. I would learn from her. And I, standing on her shoulders, would succeed where she failed.

Chapter Text

On the train home, Mina's phone alerted her that she'd received an email from Michiko. Her xenomorph-buddy had sent her something! She thumbed the alert.

The message was short and sweet. [A little something I put together for you. Hope you have fun with it. Don't open it until you're alone.]

Oooh, a mystery. Mina positively vibrated with anticipation to see what her new friend had sent her. She had a suspicion, which was the only thing stopping her from ignoring the advice and opening the attachment right there on the train, but only because she couldn't think of what else it might be.

After sixty billion years the train reached her stop, and Mina bounced. She made it home quickly, calling a quick greeting to her parents as she skipped into her room and shut the door.

"Okay, let's see what she sent me." Mina giggled. "I'm gonna be embarrassed if its not what I think it is."

She thumbed her phone and sent the attachment to her laptop. It was an image album. The first image popped up: a beautifully composed painting... of a naked girl with a slimy facehugger clamped onto her head, back arched, skin glistening, a xenomorph between her legs, penetrating her with its tongue as she struggled to free her limbs from the hive's bio-resin.

Mina's pussy clenched, her insides going gooey. She hugged herself, letting the little shiver of lust run through her body.

"H-Hah, I was right!" Mina laughed to herself. "Michiko, you thoughtful bitch!"

Mina glanced at her closed bedroom door, confirming she locked it, then took her laptop to her bed and stripped. With a wiggle and shimmy her uniform was on the floor and her bodacious pink bod was bare and ready for some fun.

Stretching out on her bed, Mina pulled the laptop close and scrolled through the first few pics. Guh. Where did Michiko find half of these? Mina only recognized maybe one in three pieces of hentai art as something she'd seen before. Michiko must've already had this collection just laying around, because there was no way the intense green-eyed pigtailed hottie had time to go hunting for xenomorph porn in the two days they'd known each other.

Grinning at making a friend who for totes sure shared her kink, Mina let a hand wander down between her comfortably spread legs, rocking her hips upward, pushing her pussy into her hand as she smeared her slickness over her smooth outer lips.

Her mind wandered back to yesterday's battle training. Watching those tentacles sprout over Michiko's nude body in the locker room, slithering over her and clinging to her flesh. Then, during their trial, losing track of the other girl before suddenly having that shape flying at her head. Feeling the slick, warm flesh hug her face. Realizing what Michiko had done and wanting to squee.

Now that she let it, her imagination ran wild with the memory.

Mine imagined herself in tiny, revealing, army-fatigue booty shorts and tube-top, crawling through a jeffry's tube with one eye glued to her motion-detector, staring at the blinking dot that was right on top of her, even though she couldn't see the alien anywhere. Michiko's be-tentacled figure darting through the shadows. Turning to flee, only to get a face full of alien wing-wong, as Sero-kun had meme'd.

Mina giggled to herself, then moaned, plunging two fingers into her pussy as she spread the fingers of her other hand over her own face, imagining that slimy alien tentacle-dick forcing its way down her throat.

One of Mina's secret talents: she naturally lacked a gag reflex. She'd talked Kirishima into letting her try to suck his dick that one time, and had buried her chin in his balls before she'd even realized it. The feel of that hard meat throbbing in her gullet had made her soak her panties, so she could easily imagine how it'd feel for the facehugger to force an egg down into her stomach.

Of course, in her fantasy, Mina didn't have to worry about gruesome death. Nothing sexy about that, in her opinion. She imagined instead that the egg was some kind of fertility drug, making her tits leak and her womb ache, just in time for the Michiko-morph to lunge out of the shadows and take her from behind, breeding her with a big, thick, throbbing ovipositor cock...

Mina arched up off her bed, her pussy gushing around her fingers as a powerful orgasm raged through her.

Despite oversleeping a bit, Mina made it to UA on time and skipped into class with her usual energy, just in time to have that energy sapped by trigonometry. Such is life.

At least the eye-candy was good. Kaminari was a total snacc, and Ojiro was handsome too. Even the back of Aoyama's head wasn't a bad view, with all that silky blonde hair. If she turned sideways in her seat, her xenomorph buddy was right there behind Kaminari, and their cute froggy class rep was right behind Mina herself.

During the brief break between subjects, Mina bounced out of her seat and perched herself on Michiko's desk. "Has anyone told you that you've got awesome taste, Michiko?"

"I have ever been told that before," Michiko said, her eyes roaming appreciatively over Mina's body before meeting her gaze and bringing a warm smile along with. "I hope it wasn't all stuff you've already seen?"

"Not even most of it." Mina blushed. "Shit, girl! I know you didn't have time to find all that since school started."

"I already had most of it," Michiko confirmed, totally blase. She even gave Mina a small, proud smile. "The rarer a tag the more precious are the high-quality works in that tag. So I usually save or bookmark the exceptional, on principle."

So her xenomorph-buddy had principles, Mina mused. Naughty principles! That was hilarious and great. Mina grinned. "We should totes hang out, and like, compare collections if you know what I mean."

It was weird, Mina noticed only now, how much Michiko's icy green eyes seemed like they'd be cold and hard when you saw her from a distance, but the moment she turned those eyes on you, they revealed themselves to be full of warmth and affection. And the way she smiled; it transformed her face from dour to adorable in an instant. Like a kuudere! That totally fit Michiko. Mina was suddenly very curious what the other girl would look like with her hair down out of those pigtails.

"We should," Michiko agreed. The warmth in her eyes suddenly a heat. "Maybe we'll find something new. Something, inspiring?"

Mina giggled. "That would be awesome."

"Do I want to know what you're talking about?" Kaminari asked, a friendly smirk on his face.

"Don't worry about it, Kaminari!" Mina gave him a guileless grin. "It's just girl stuff!"

Michiko snorted, loudly, and proceeded to bite her knuckle as her shoulders shook with quiet laughter. Mina rolled with the good vibes even if she didn't get the joke: girls-looking-at-porn was definitely a girl-thing, especially if they were doing it together! Mina was looking forward to some sororic sapphicality herself, but alas, school waits for no girl.

Ectoplasm swept into the classroom, and Mina had to return to her seat.

At lunch, Mina again sat with Kaminari, Kirishima, and Hagakure. She picked out a light meal, and wound up chattering about her favorite music videos with Hagakure, or Toru-chan, rather. Her new invisible friend was super great, and Mina felt like they just jived.

Kaminari was fun, too. He continued to be a total snacc, and he was full of happy energy, drawing her horn-buddy into the conversation whenever he'd been quiet too long.

After she finished eating, Mina bounced out briefly to use the restroom.

Returning to the lunch hall, Mina scouted out her class's seating choices. The class reps were all sharing a table over there, Izuku and Iida-kun across from Yaoyorozu and Tsu. At the table next to theirs, Uraraka gestured exuberantly at a smiling Michiko, while Mineta-kun stared at Uraraka's jiggling chest and Sato-kun dug in to an entire chocolate cake.

"...the best shape from what the engineers calculated that made the warp bubble work better was flat and round," Uraraka was babbling.

"Like a flying saucer?" Michiko said.

"Yeah! Isn't that wild?" Uraraka bounced in her seat. "Somehow, the right shape for an interstellar craft came up in folklore way before science figured it out!"

"That is wild. Makes you wonder." Michiko laughed. "Hey, wait, is that how your quirk works?"

"I had the same question!" Uraraka exclaimed. "The quirk doctor said they didn't have the equipment to measure gravitational fluctuations that fine, so if I was generating a warp bubble like that they wouldn't know."

"Well if it's true, wouldn't it be easier for you to lift something wide and flat than something tall and skinny?" Michiko asked.

Uraraka beamed. "Oh my gosh you're right! I need to try that and see!"

Izuku broke off from his conversation with Iida, totally nerdsniped. "You can only lift things straight up, right Ochako? Have you ever been able to make something float sideways?"

Uraraka shook her head. "Nothing I've tried works. It's floating only, for me."

"But you can control the amount of lift," Izuku said thoughtfully. "I've seen you do that. Hm, if the point about the warp bubble holds then the asymmetricality of an optimal field envelope might be interacting with the local gravity to forcibly re-orient the field regardless of it's initial axial basis... but wait, wouldn't that force oddly shaped objects to have an aura of weightlessness? From what we've seen, Zero Gravity doesn't produce any effects outside the objects you float, so..."

Uraraka watched Izuku mutter, rapt, while Michiko nodded along. Heh, nerd love.

Mina grinned at them as she joined the class rep squad at their table. Huh, 'class rep squad'? Didn't have much of a ring to it. Mina giggled to herself. Tsu was the actual rep, with the other three sharing vice rep, and Michiko came up with the election process, and it was already kinda obvious that Uraraka and Izuku were going to end up joined at the hip. Four actual reps and two kinda-sorta not-quite-reps... Mina bet that added up to five reps! Math! And since they needed a better name than 'class rep squad', Mina took it upon herself to provide!

"Heyyyy." Mina leaned on the back of Izuku's seat. "Frog Force Five! You mind if I borrow your green bean for a bit? And Michiko! You too."

"""...Frog Force Five?""" Tsu tilted her head to one side and put a finger to her chin.

Izuku turned in his seat to look up at her with those big innocent green eyes of his. "Oh, um, what did you need, Ashi-er-Mina. Chan?"

"Just wanna have a quick thing about a thing," Mina explained with a reassuring smile.

"A thing?" Uraraka wondered.

Michiko slipped out of her seat and stood up. "Sorry, Ochako. We'll be right back, probably. C'mon, Izuku."

"It's fine!" Uraraka waved them off.

"What do you suppose that was about?" Iida wondered.

"It's probably none of our business, ribbit."

Mina shot Tsu a grin as she led Izuku and Michiko out of the dining hall and into an empty service hallway around back, swinging her arms to an imagined beat. Once they'd left the sounds of the lunchroom behind and were properly alone, Mina stopped and spun around, planting herself in their path.

Izuku startled a little, but Michiko just seemed curious. "What's up, Mina-chan?"

"Well, it's like this, xenomorph-buddy," Mina said with a grin. "More than a thing it's a fling I want to bring to the ring of consider-ing, and yo, now that I've got you listening I'm here to talk about your emotional bling!"

Michiko looked impressed, and like she was holding in giggles. Izuku just looked confused.

"She wants to know if we're dating, Izu," Michiko said mirthfully. "Also, did you just come up with that on the spot?"

"You got it!" Mina giggled, herself. "Both of those."

Izuku's confusion cleared up. "Eh? Oh. Um..."

"Like, to lay my cards on the table," Mina said, "I am totally down for some naughty fun with you and your quirk, Michiko, but like, we've just met, right? And there's things, things I'd usually just pick up on, but 'cause it's too soon to be picking up on things, I gotta ask instead..."

Michiko held up a hand to stop her, giving her a smile. "That's cool Mina-chan. Really. I admire that kind of forthrightness."

Mina laughed, a bit relieved. "I figured you would! So yeah, like, I gotta get my footing, you know, on the relationship-landscape, before I do any fancy dancin', if you know what I mean."

To her slight surprise, Izuku nodded earnestly. "It's like Michiko says. I appreciate you being so considerate, um, Mina-chan." He turned to Michiko. "I guess it's okay to tell her stuff?"

Michiko giggled, pulled him against her, and nuzzled the side of his face with her cheek. Mina had to grin. That was adorable.

"So, you two are dating?"

Both of them shook their heads, to Mina's surprise. "No? So what kinda what is your relationship?"

"Izuku and I had sex for the first time almost exactly a year ago," Michiko stated simply.

"It was kind of a shock, when Michiko asked me to take her virginity, um, what was it, about ten minutes after we spoke for the first time?" Izuku gave her a sheepish smile. "Michiko was very clear that she wanted a training partner, not a boyfriend, and at first I was probably just going along with her because she was the first person to believe in me." He gave Michiko a very warm smile. "But now? She's Michiko. Not any... Type of relationship? Yeah. Not anything like that. She's Michiko, and only Michiko, and everything Michiko. Um, if that made sense."

Mina was about to reply but instead she shut the fuck up so as not to interrupt Michiko melting like hot butter and pulling Izuku into a deep kiss. She watched them make out, giddy at this spectacular reveal of just how into each other they were.

"Eeeee, so romantic!" Mina finally squee'd.

Michiko giggled into Izuku's lips, causing him to break off the kiss. "No. Not romantic. What I have with Izuku is better than any romantic thing could ever be."

Mina opened her mouth to address that oddness, realized it was so sideways that she didn't know where to start, and shrugged it off. "It was also hot as fuck."

Izuku and Michiko both giggled bashfully.

Michiko turned to Mina. "So, the relationship landscape. It's still not too complicated. I'm sure someday it'll be a fucking labyrinth, but so far... I'm having sex with Izuku, and we're both having sex with a friend of ours who doesn't go to UA. Himiko. You'd like her, I think. She's energetic. She has another lover, an older guy, who I occasionally fuck too. Izuku and I both have a crush on Ochako and we were going to try to further befriend and maybe seduce her this weekend."

"Hah," Mina laughed. "That makes sense."

Michiko smiled. "You think so?"

"Uraraka-chan's got that way-too-pure vibe but when the green bean is around it's obvious she's only got eyes for him.. unless you're nerding at her apparently!"

"Oh gosh, you mean I'm really not imagining that?" Izuku asked, sheepishly hopeful.

Michiko nuzzled him again. "It's nice to have independent confirmation."

Mina giggled. "Yeah it is."

"Do you want to join us on Sunday?" Michiko suddenly asked. "We don't know what we're doing yet but we can make it like a double date thing and enjoy the critical mass of cinnamon roll in our midst."

"Now you're speaking my language!" Mina bounced with excitement. "And then... Alien stuff?"

"Slimy tentacled breeding pits complete with creepy Geiger ribs," Michiko promised, prompting Izuku to blush.

Mina felt a little hot under her collar herself as she laughed nervously. "This is so nuts, but I cannot pass that up, oh my gawd."

Michiko gave her a very warm look. "Cool."

"Very," Mina agreed. She pulled inward a little with a sudden tinge of shyness. "It'll be just you and me, for that, right? 'Cause like, a kink-date with another girl is one thing, but I'm not that eager to get naked and horny around a boy I've only known for a few days, even one as obviously full of cinnamon as our green bean here, you feel me?"

Izuku gave her an earnest nod and a reassuring smile. "Of course, Mina-chan."

Mina nodded happily and began to bounce back toward the dining hall, only to pause as a thought struck her. "Something to keep in mind when you're making plans, oh xenomorph-buddy... I totally don't have a gag reflex!"

"...I hate you," Michiko deadpanned, giving her a wry smile when she glanced back.

Mina laughed wildly and led the way back to lunch, where she found Iida standing up and exuding pride.

"He's my elder brother!" Iida exclaimed.

"Izukuuuuu!" Uraraka called, spotting them approaching. "Guess who's related to Ingenium!"

Iida's brother was who now? Gasp!

Mina panted, sprawled out naked on top of her bed, covered in her own juices. Her laptop played through Michiko's xenomorph album, but Mina wasn't even looking at it anymore.

"Tonight, tomorrow night, the night after that, and then Sunday," Mina whined to herself. "That's too long!"

On impulse, Mina rolled over and grabbed her phone with her clean hand. She opened her messages, her thumb dancing.

[Say, xenomorph-buddy, how do you feel about being naughty on a school night?] Mina sent.

Letting her arm flop, Mina turned her head to watch scenes of xenomorphs ravishing pretty girls scroll by for a bit, until her phone chimed with a reply.


Mina's thumb jabbed. [YES!]

[Haha. Alright. I'm finished with my homework. Want to meet somewhere in an hour?]

[Heck yeah,] Mina replied. [Where?]

[Somewhere that a thousand kilos of living meat won't cause a fuss.] Mina stared at Michiko's message. Right. That would be a concern, wouldn't it. [I had a place in mind. Let me make sure we're good to play there and I'll send you the location.]

[Awesome,] Mina sent.

Mina dressed herself in thematically-appropriate camo-shorts and a hiking vest, then followed her phone's directions toward the ocean. The beach at sunset was a classic setting for a romantic rendezvous, but this beach in particular was a complete mess. Dagobah Park used to be one of those on-the-water amusement parks, from the looks of things, but a small one, without so much as a ferris wheel to its name. The sandy shore it overlooked was packed with trash, though fortunately not the kind that smelled. Mostly old appliances and broken cars.

There was a soft thump, behind her. Mina spun around with a grin. There Michiko was in all her glory, rising from a crouch where she'd landed, her tentacle-adorned but otherwise bare body on display.

"Heya," Mina greeted her new friend.

"Hi." Michiko's face softened into a warm smile. "This is gonna be cool."

Mina did a little shimmy as she grabbed Michiko's hand and started looking around. "Totally! This place is gonna work?"

"There's a riptide," Michiko explained, gently tugging her toward one of the still-standing facades. "It's why the beach closed down; kids kept getting dragged out to sea. They like to say that all the trash washes up here but none of that junk has ever been in the water, you can tell just by looking. People see a big pile of trash and figure they can add theirs to the pile without anyone noticing, that's all."

"That's kinda a downer, not gonna lie," Mina opined.

Michiko shrugged and gave her hand a squeeze. "Makes it perfect for us, though. I can grow a proper hive, and you can melt it when we're done."

"Huh. Neat!"

"Over here." Michiko gave her a promising smile. "We got super lucky that this is still here."

Mina let the other girl tug her inside one of the dilapidated structures, and gasped as she was greeted with a dozen smudged reflections of the two of them. "They had a hall of mirrors?"

"Yeah. You thinking what I'm thinking?"

Mina grinned. "Oh heck yeah. Kinky!"

Michiko giggled. "I think objectively the mirror thing is way more vanilla than anything else we're planning on doing."

Pouncing on the perfect setup, Mina gave the other girl's hand a tug, pulling her closer. "Even this?"

Mina kissed her. Michiko melted into it with a soft noise of enjoyment, and Mina took advantage to latch on to the other girl in a salacious sapphic embrace. Her hands wandered over slick tentacle-flesh and smooth, silky skin. Michiko was just as eager, sliding one hand up the back of Mina's vest while shoving the other down the back of Mina's shorts to grab her bodacious booty. They moaned into each other's mouths and started sucking on each other's tongues.

The making-out lasted a while, but Mina was super into it. Michiko was a good kisser and really fun to feel up. Michiko was good with her hands, too, but for some reason she was holding back with the tentacles.

"Good point," Michiko said, breathless, once they came up for air.


"We definitely weren't not going to make-out, and making-out is objectively more vanilla than the mirror thing."

Mina laughed. "Nerd."

"Absolutely," Michiko agreed.

"So..." Mina said.

Michiko took the hint. "Gimme a few minutes to work. I've never grown anything this big before."

"Yeah?" Mina prompted.

"Yeah." Michiko stepped back and extended her tentacles onto the floor. "My power is linear. Bigger means slower, and I have to sculpt the result in real time using only my own skill. And I've been focused on training for speed, mostly."

"Makes sense."

Mina watched in eager awe as slimy greenish-black flesh spread across the floor, forming decorative ridges in concentric circles around them. Once the growth reached the mirrors, tentacles twined upward around the frames, lifting them into position against the wall. They formed a half-circle, angled downward toward the center of the rings.

Michiko shifted, and Mina watched as a new shape bulged up from the center and began to take form, large and rounded... Mina gasped. It was that classic shape of the xenomorph itself, rendered crudely by Michiko's quirk and lacking any detail beyond the rough shape, but the rough shape was very recognizable. It lay on its back, fused with the rising floor, with only its long, segmented tail free to move.

It was all made of the same smooth, slick flesh as Michiko's tentacles. No chitin or hard spines. Mina figured that would've been uncomfortable anyway. But despite the lack of authenticity, it nailed the Alien aesthetic well enough to already be making Mina hot.

Michiko let out a breath, showing the effort of using her quirk this much. She didn't seem tired yet, though, which was awesome. As the other girl knelt down, concentrating hard on a spot on the fleshy ribbed floor, Mina ran a hand over the xenomorph flesh-statue's glossy head, grinning wildly. She turned to see what Michiko was doing now, and shivered in delight.

Three facehugger eggs stood between the xenomorph statue's feet. Michiko looked up at her and giggled proudly.

"Fucking damn, you weren't kidding about going all out!" Mina exclaimed.

"I get it, you know? So of course I'm gonna do it right," Michiko said sheepishly. "You ready?"

Mina hugged herself and shivered, then nodded. "So how do we do this?"

Michiko stepped close, her lips grazing over Mina's. "Limits? Things I should avoid?"

"Nah." Mina giggled chasing the kiss. "I'm down to get wrecked... as long as I can still make it to school tomorrow."

"Cool," Michiko said with a small smile as she pushed Mina toward the xenomorph statue. "Then I'm going to do everything to you that I've wished I could do to myself."

Mina gasped. "You've never done this yourself?!"

"I don't have the neurological knowhow to automate my constructs, yet." Michiko pouted. "I have to puppet them using biofeedback and reflex triggers, and that takes concentration."

"Ah." Mina nodded sagely. "And that's just not the same."

"Nope," Michiko agreed. "Right. If you need me to stop, just make the same noise three times, like 'uh uh uh'. Easy to do, and you won't do it by accident."

Ooh, like a safeword. Mina was glad Michiko remembered that. "Got it!"

"Good. Take off your clothes and come here, then."

Mina toed off her shoes, slipped off her vest, and then wiggled out of her shorts, leaving her glorious pink self entirely nude. She climbed up onto the xenomorph, following Michiko's direction to lay on her back. It was surprisingly comfortable. Squishy-firm and molded to her body; her back fit into the xenomorph's sunken chest, her head nestled under its jaw, and her butt settled nicely into the hollow of its belly.

Michiko took each of her arms one at a time and moved them out to where the statue's hands awaited. The boneless fingers wrapped around her forearms, pinning her arms up out of the way. A pair of more ordinary tentacles slithered up the sides of the xenomorph at Michiko's command and bound Mina's legs, pulling her ankles down to either side and forcing her legs to spread.

Mina had the perfect view, looking down past her bare body to the trio of facehugger eggs standing front and center. The same sight repeated in the mirrors above her, where she could see her own nude self splayed out within the scene of alien flesh, exposed and ready to be bred.

Michiko slipped down behind the statue, out of sight, leaving Mina 'alone' with the eggs. Fuck, this was perfect. Mina couldn't wipe the grin off her face, even as her bound limbs trembled and her heart began to pound in anticipation, her body flush and her pussy dripping with excitement.

The first facehugger egg began to flower open, four wedges of flesh parting to reveal its slimy interior. Michiko had done an incredible job with this one, because it looked almost like it came right out of the movie. It was a pale, milky color, and was detailed. Though from the way it moved, Mina could tell it was boneless, with tentacles rather than articulated fingers, and it looked soft and slippery where the real thing ought to be bony or chitinous. But still! Mina was watching a facehugger come out of its egg right in front of her bound, vulnerable, nubile body. This was her fantasy come to life!

It crawled out of the egg, slithering over the edge. Mina watched it in the overhead mirrors as it wriggled its way up between Mina's spread legs, once more emerging into her proper line of sight as it reared up on its tail. It's underbelly pulsated and split open, revealing a fat, tubular cock made of glistening translucent flesh.

Mina stared in wide-eyed awe as a bulge traveled up the length of that shaft, until the tip split open and spat out a small black ovoid. Mina shuddered, and her pussy throbbed.

The facehugger hugged her hips, grasping at her with its 'fingers'. She felt the slick ovipositor press at her folds, before easily slipping inside her, filling her eager birth canal with its thick girth until it bottomed out. Mina threw her head back and moaned.

Her horns got stuck in the xenomorph's chin. Mina twisted her neck to pull them loose and immediately pretended that hadn't happened, instead focusing on the other facehugger eggs, which were both flowering open as she watched.

A facehugger slithered out of each remaining egg. One of them crawled up onto her body, its wriggling limbs licking at her belly and breasts as it approached her face. Mina swallowed heavily, her pussy clenching down on the ovipositor already kissing her womb, as the new facehugger's fingers snaked over either side of her head. It's own ovipositor cock shot out, hot and wet as it bumped up against her lips.

Mina gasped, and the facehugger took advantage, yanking itself forward and driving it's alien egg-cock into Mina's mouth. It shoved itself down her throat, and Mina shuddered as the warm underbelly pressed to her face, the throbbing heat in her throat sending shivers through her aroused flesh. Unlike the one from the battle trial, it didn't cover her eyes, so she could still see herself in the mirrors above.

The third facehugger followed, climbing up onto her chest, but it settled there, tentacle fingers wrapping around her big pink tits as its tail rubbed circles on her belly, just above her womb.

Mina drank in the sight of her reflection, her naked body restrained in the center of the makeshift Alien hive, face and crotch claimed and penetrated, her boobs standing out in the grasp of the third. Shivering, sweaty, aroused, covered in facehuggers, held down by the unbreakable grip of an adult xenomorph.

She felt the ovipositor in her pussy bulge, pressing against her walls as an egg traveled up its length, and Mina convulsed in pleasure, taken by an orgasm that filled her with a dizzying molten heat. The orgasm continued to roll through her as the facehuggers forcibly filled her with alien eggs, pulsing and squeezing against her flesh as their ovipositors pumped.

A note of confusion, of curiosity, as her first orgasm waned. She could feel the slime drooling out of her pussy, but egg after egg seemed to vanish as it reached her womb. And her stomach felt empty, egg after egg forced into her gullet likewise vanishing. It had to be some kind of clever trick Michiko was using to prolong the sensation, letting her feel countless eggs forced into her body without having to worry about how much actual room there was inside her. Mina dismissed the thought and just let herself revel in the experience.

She watched herself in the mirrors, the sight sending a throb of lust through her guts, and it wasn't long before she felt a second orgasm coming. Mina couldn't believe how hot this was. She was going to cum again already? Just from the slow massaging squeezes of the facehuggers and the feel of those egg-bulges traveling steadily into her body? That was so fucking weird and awesome!

Mina's body tightened up, tried to curl up as a second orgasm rolled through her, but the restraints held firm, giving the pleasure nowhere to go. Mina shuddered, writhing in her bonds as the orgasmic spasms tormented her muscles.

Finally, Mina slackened, laying there limply in the afterglow even as the eggs continued to push into her holes. It still felt really fucking good, but the warning signs of a third orgasm were nowhere to be found, for the moment.

Michiko emerged from the shadows, nude. Her icy green eyes blazed with carnal hunger, her face flush with lustful excitement. Mina shivered with a new surge of arousal, and also a warm glow of kinship. Watching this was turning Michiko on just as much as Mina. They shared this. This fantasy, this kink. In this, they understood each other perfectly.

Mina shuddered as Michiko ran her hands up Mina's legs, playing with the skin of Mina's spread thighs, stroking and fondling the bare pink flesh. After a moment, she reached between Mina's legs, touching the crotch of the xenomorph statue. A thick, round-headed, ridged cock sprouted up and stood at attention, forming itself of glossy black flesh.

The xenomorph's tail curled up behind Michiko, forming a backrest that Michiko leaned against as she straddled that big alien cock. Mina was treated to a front-row seat as Michiko's gorgeous bare pussy split open around the blunt head of that cock, and then sank down, swallowing each bump and ridge along its length, inch by inch. Michiko took the whole thing, bottoming out with a sultry moan.

"I can't... do much more than watch you enjoy my work," Michiko murmured. "But I can do this much. Like a threesome, you, me, and the xenomorph, together..."

Mina let out an appreciative moan around the shaft in her throat and nodded eagerly. Michiko reached down and pushed the third facehugger off Mina's chest. Then the xenomorph statue bucked its hips, rising to push Michiko forward. She bent down, squeezed Mina's breasts together, and took both of Mina's nipples into her mouth at the same time.


Mina's back arched, feeling the touch of the other girl on her body, feeling her nipples suckled by Michiko's hot, wet mouth. Michiko's weight pressed the crotch-hugger against her clit, grinding its slippery underbelly into her vulva. The xenomorph's tail curled to lay against Michiko's back more firmly, pushing her down even more, pressing them together.

Several times, she felt Michiko cum, the other girl's body shaking against hers. Michiko eventually pulled away, letting Mina's boobs spring apart and jiggle into their natural shape. "Bored yet?"

Fuck no. Mina shook her head.

Michiko smiled. "Too bad, actually, 'cause it's getting late. I'm gonna finish you off."

Mina let out a whine, but she was also eager to see what Michiko had up her sleeve. She moaned and nodded.

Without warning, the ovipositor in her cunt slurped most of the way out of her, only the tip remaining within her gates. The questioning noise she tried to make choked off as she felt something like a tiny mouth latch onto her clit and suck. The ovipositor cock suddenly slammed back into her deepest reaches, but only for an instant. Michiko made the crotch-hugging facehugger fuck her hard and fast while it sucked on her clit and Mina was so high on lust and arousal that it forced her to orgasm almost immediately.

Mina choked and gasped and moaned, thrashing in her organic restraints as orgasm was ripped from her pussy, and then another, and another. The brutal stimulation continued and Mina's body was helpless to resist it. Each subsequent orgasm was wrenched painfully up out of her core, only for the pleasure to take her yet again and make her want to keep going.

It never quite got to the point where it hurt enough to spoil things, but before too much longer she started going numb instead, the feelings in her pussy fading to a dull shadow of pleasure or pain.

Michiko must have realized, because she slowed everything down to a stop right after, leaving Mina in a limp, panting daze. Ovipositor cock slid out of her throat, then out of her pussy. Tentacles released her arms and legs. Warm lips kissed at her cheek and neck, soft skin and sweat pressed against her.

In the mirrors above, two naked girls cuddled on a xenomorph statue, one pink and wrecked, one pale and nuzzling.

"Wow," Mina eventually said, turning her head.

Michiko grinned at her like a proud puppy. "How'd I do?"

"Wow," Mina said again, in exactly the same tone.

Michiko giggled.

"This was, fuck, I can't words, but you totally got it right," Mina sighed happily.

"Getting lewds right is my signature move," Michiko said, but Mina could tell she was deeply pleased. She smiled and snuggled against Mina more firmly. "Fuck, that sure looked like fun."

"It was." Mina giggled, the sound coming out a bit drunken. "Tell you what, that was so awesome, you've totes got permanent booty call privileges. I'll go down on you, anytime you want, just say the word. Just promise we'll do this again someday."

"Like hell am I never doing that again. Even if a part of me is jealous as fuck that I can't be on the receiving end, that was fucking awesome to actually pull off."

"Awesome." Mina giggled again.

"Can I say the word if I'm with someone else? Like Izuku, for example?" Michiko asked. It wasn't teasing, or pressure-y. Just a simple, earnest question.

Mina smiled. "I'll get back to you on that, but maybe, once I know him or whoever, better."


Mina nuzzled her xenomorph-buddy. "Hey, who else in our class do you think has a kink this kinky?"

"No idea! But I'd love to find out. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a lot of them. Awesome people tend to have awesome kinks and our class is supposedly the best of the best."

Mina laughed. "Damn right. Hey, I bet you know Izuku's..."

"I do," Michiko agreed. "Do you know Kirishima's?"

"No!" Mina whined. "I know he's bi leaning toward gay, but the dude isn't into any porn!"

"No porn?" Michiko sounded kind of aghast, which was objectively hilarious for how her it was. "Are you sure he's not lying?"

"He's not!" Mina exclaimed. "Lying about that is unmanly! Or so he says. And he looked and fapped and stuff when I showed him some yaoi I thought he might like, but he never went looking for more or anything."


"I know, right? But he's my horn-buddy, I don't judge."


Mina hummed. "Our class is full of snaccs."

"I noticed," Michiko said.

"Hottest boy in class, go," Mina said whimsically.

Michiko didn't hesitate. "Todoroki."

"Oh shit you right! I forgot about Todoroki. He's so quiet, he doesn't come to mind much." Mina grinned. "Second hottest?"

"Kaminari, obviously."

Mina gasped. "Yeah! He's scrumptious. And super cute."

"If we're talking cuteness, Izuku super wins that." Michiko smirked. "And that's not just my personal bias talking. He's objectively fucking adorable."

"Okay, sure." Mina giggled.

"But Kaminari is cute and hot, so overall he kinda stands out, I guess," Michiko said.

"Right?" Mina agreed. She turned and threw an arm around Michiko's waist. "Alright, hottest and cutest girls. Go."

"Yaoyorozu and Ochako, is there any doubt?"

"Bet you Toru-chan would be cuter if we could, like, see her," Mina suggested.

"I haven't actually, like, talked to Hagakure yet?" Michiko said. "I don't think anyone's gonna knock Ochako out of the top spot, though. Way too pure. We're gonna drown in cinnamon when we go on that double date this weekend, I'm telling you."

Mina giggled. "Sure sure. Okay, who, besides you, has the sexiest quirk?"

"That depends," Michiko said wryly. "Can you make non-acid? Like, lube?"

"I wish," Mina laughed. "I can get close, but like, not all the way to neutral pH? And only if I'm concentrating on that. To make my acid slick I have to focus on that, and the pH drops a bit from my theoretical maximum. My aunt Daita can make real lube, though. That's her whole quirk."

"Neat." Michiko idly fondled one of Mina's breasts. "In that case... gotta be Yaoyorozu again. All the sex toys."

"Oh damn, yeah, no contest." Mina yawned. "Y'know what, second place has to go to Tsu though. Dat tongue."

"That's a good point, but maybe Shoji'll turn out to have her beat on fun appendage possibiliites and we just haven't seen him use his quirk much yet."

"Huh." Mina thought about it. "You might be on to something..."

"Now I'm wondering if Kaminari knows anything about electrostim," Michiko dropped out of nowhere.

Mina gasped. "Fuck, that's a mental image. I'm so asking him about that sometime."

Michiko giggled. "Good plan."

They continued to snuggle for a while, but it was, in fact, kind of late. So, reluctantly, Mina let Michiko talk her through disposing of the Alien hive, and then they headed home. Mina boarded her train on wobbly legs, shooting one last grin and a wave at Michiko as the doors closed.

Chapter Text

On the train to school, at the end of the week, Izuku beamed at me and showed me his phone. There was a headline showing that All-Might was stopping crimes on his morning commute.

"Look, Michiko! All-Might's already stopped three major incidents just in the last hour!"

I pressed up against him, chin on his shoulder, so I could see the screen while he kept reading, himself. Most recently: a hostage situation, resolved in an instant. A high-speed chase, ended abruptly. And a handful of lesser sightings of the man, all in that terrible yellow tweed suit of his.

The train arrived at our station, Izuku put his phone away, and we jogged up the hill to the school gates together.

Arriving at our half-empty classroom, Mina greeted me with a grin. "Morning, xeno-buddy!"

"Hi, Mina-chan." I perched myself on the edge of Kaminari's currently-empty desk. "You finish Cementoss' assignment okay?"

I'd only found out the day afterward that our kinky Alien fun had cut majorly into Mina's homework-time. During our Hero Studies period, Cementoss had given us a series of mock-after-action-reports from fictional heroes and told us to go through them and find all the places where we thought the fictional hero made a mistake. It was a really absorbing and free-form assignment, especially compared to typical rote schoolwork. I'd blazed through it in plenty of time to be free when Mina'd messaged me.

Mina, apparently, hadn't. "Almost! Only four reports left."

"There's only six reports, total," I pointed out blandly.

"I know," Mina whined. "They're fun to read, at least. I just gotta figure out what to say about 'em. I wasn't expecting six whole essays just from one class in the first week of school!"

"Pretend you're shitposting," I suggested.

Mina let out a sudden laugh. "W-What?"

I giggled. "Yeah, like, 'essay' is just the boring way to say 'effortpost', and I don't think Cementoss told us to write essays in particular? So, like, just pretend you're arguing with someone on the internet."

"You are my favorite nerd," Mina said, gaping. "That's brilliant. Ooh!!! Brainwave!"

Mina pulled out her phone, opened a notes app, and then pulled the assignment out of her bag. While her thumb was flying over the keyboard fast enough to strike particle effects, I turned to the back of the classroom where Izuku was chatting with Ochako.

"...we're going out to lunch together tomorrow," Izuku was saying. He gave Ochako a sheepish, earnest smile. "If you're not busy, would you like to join us, Ochako?"

I held in a proud giggle. Izuku was asking Ochako out! Without my help!

"That sounds like fun!" Ochako said cheerfully, though she seemed a little hesitant as she said it.

"Mina's coming too," I broke in with a smile. "We were thinking buffet-style."

"That's right. Maybe that place by the R-line?" Izuku suggested.

"Oh, yeah! I can af-, I mean, I'd love to go there with you," Ochako agreed happily.

Izuku smiled at her. "I'll look forward to it!"

Ochako giggled, and smiled back.

I glanced over as Iida came into the classroom, saw most of us scattered around, and frowned. His mouth opened, his chest swelled...

"Me too! But we should get to our seats, it's almost first bell," I said loudly.

Iida deflated a little, then turned his glare on me. I gave him a sheepish shrug as I sat in my assigned seat. It was like deflecting a punch; I just reacted to the imminent Iida-ness without thinking. I probably needed to work on that.

"Ribbit," Tsuyu greeted as she took her own seat.

Kaminari was almost late, but showed up with scant seconds to spare, dropping into his seat in front of me with a relieved sigh.

Aizawa popped up behind his podium. "Today's training will be a little different. You'll have three instructors. Me, All-Might, and another faculty member will be keeping tabs on you."

The class took a moment to process that, and then Sero raised his hand. "Sir? What kind of training is this?"

"Rescue." Aizawa held out a placard with the word 'RESCUE' on it in bold blue letters. "You'll be dealing with natural disasters, shipwrecks, stuff like that."

Kaminari glanced over at Mina. "Natural disasters, huh? Sounds like we're in for a big workout..."

"Totally!" Mina agreed enthusiastically.

"Real hero stuff!" Kirishima leaned forward in his eagerness, bumping my shoulder. "This is what'll separate the men from the boys."

"Oh this'll be much better than fighting each other!" Iida opined.

I glanced back at Kirishima. He settled back into his chair, grinning and clenching his fists. "I'm shaking with excitement!"

"Finally, I'll get to show off how good I am in the water, ribbit."

"I'm not finished yet," Aizawa deadpanned, drawing everyone's attention back to him. "What you wear in this exercise is up to you. I know you're excited about costumes." He hit the button that released the class's costume cases from the classroom's special locker hatches. "But keep in mind that some of you haven't gotten used to them yet, and they might limit your abilities." He stepped away from his podium. "This training will take place at an off-campus facility, so we'll be taking a bus to get there."

"That's still super hot," a naked Mina commented happily as she watched me grow a new tentacle suit, unabashed.

I shared a smile with her, and she turned around to step into her tie-dye leotard. Tsuyu glanced over, looking between me and Mina briefly, a thoughtful cast to her stoic face. As usual, Ochako was focused entirely on her own clothing, ignoring the rest of us with an air of comfortable politeness. Jiro was sneaking glances at Yaoyorozu again.

A few minutes later, we met the boys out front where a big shiny bus sat waiting.

Iida marched over to Tsuyu. "Asui-san, I have a suggestion."

"I told you to call me Tsu."

"Tsu-san, I have a suggestion!"

"Ribbit. What is it?"

"If we were to line up by student number in a line two-abreast, boarding the bus will be orderly and quick!"

"Isn't that overkill, Iida-kun?"

"As our class representative I will defer to your opinion on this matter, but surely it is better to be organized!"

"We'll give it a try, ribbit."

As Tsuyu went around collecting everyone into a pair of organized lines, Aizawa arrived and opened up the bus. We filed in, but as soon as I got a look inside, I had to bite down on a giggle. The seats weren't arranged conventionally. Instead, the front half of the bus had an open layout with long benches facing the aisle. Iida looked stricken.

Sato, Izuku, Tsuyu, Kirishima, Iida, Mina, Aoyama, and Kaminari took the long benches as the rest of us shuffled past. I let my fingertips brush over Izuku's chest as we parted ways, idly affectionate.

I followed Ochako and Yaoyorozu to the seats at the back, and ended up sitting next to Mineta in the row in front of other two girls. I noticed Mineta linger in front of his seat instead of sitting down, and saw that he was blatantly ogling first Yaoyorozu's then Ochako's butt. I couldn't blame him for noticing a pair of gorgeous butts right at eye-level, but he wasn't just noticing, he was leering, almost sneering. That was not a face that said, you have a nice body that inspires me to lewdness. That was a face that said, you have something valuable and I'm getting away with stealing it.

I sighed, letting my expression shutter into deadpan exasperation. Mineta met my gaze and blanched, quickly scrambling into his seat, acting like he'd just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I rolled my eyes as the bus rumbled into motion.

"You really don't have the first clue, do you, Anytime-kun."

Mineta's head snapped around to face me. "You're still calling me that?! It was one pickup line!"

"I'll stop when you've learned your lesson," I joked.

Mineta pouted, and his wandering eyes raked over my mostly-bare body, making the full circuit before stopping on my chest. "Why are the hot ones always the meanest ones..."

I frowned. Now that was just unfair. I wasn't mean. I fundamentally wanted everyone to be happy and fulfilled, even the people I didn't like. And I didn't even dislike Mineta. If I was coming off as mean, something about the way I communicated myself wasn't working right.

"I don't want to be mean, though," I said softly.

That actually got Mineta to look at my face again, before his own face twisted into a conniving leer. "If you really wanna be nice to me you could let me sit on your lap."

And I was back to the deadpan stare. "Try asking that again but this time without sounding like you're tricking me into selling my soul."

Mineta huffed and folded his stubby arms. "See? Mean."

"Oi." Now I was the one pouting. "Well, if I'm mean, then you're a tease, Anytime-kun."

Mineta's eyes snapped back to my face, his mouth falling open. "Huh?!"

From behind me, I heard a faint, nauseous, "Ulp."

Ignoring that for the moment, I raised an eyebrow at Mineta, not expecting such a shocked reaction. "Tell me this. During the battle trial when you used that 'pickup line' on me. Did you honestly expect it to accomplish anything at all? For real, the truth."

Mineta squinted at me, suspicious. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"Everything," I said seriously.

Mineta tried to speak a couple of times, but nothing came, out. He turned away from me with a huff. That was answer enough in itself, though.

Ochako's cute face popped up over the back of Mineta's seat. "I was wondering where that nickname came from. He really hit on you back then, Michiko?"

I turned in my seat a little to give her a smile. "That's what I'm trying to find out, Ochako-chan."

Ochako's head tilted in innocent confusion. "But didn't he hit on you again just now?"

Mineta twitched, squirming in his seat, sweat visible under his purple gimp mask.

"That depends," I said. "Anytime-kun. Do you actually want to sit on my lap?"

"I'm not answering that!" Mineta's eyes darted between me and Ochako like a cornered animal. "You'll just be mean again!"

I pouted. "Then you're being a tease again."

"That doesn't even make sense!" Mineta cried.

"I have to agree," Yaoyorozu murmured behind me. "Please stop saying that..."

I glanced back at the slightly queasy girl, but I wasn't sure what to say. This level of disgust directed at Mineta was kind of jarring. Yes, he was abrasive, he was frustrating, and his hero costume was so incredibly unsexy it needed its own content warning... but maybe that was the problem. Yaoyorozu might be into the gimp thing. And Mineta was like a walking ruination of her fetish.

Yaoyorozu looked away and let out a small, dainty burp.

Or maybe she just overate in preparation for using her quirk today. That could also be the case. Not every mystery had a secret fetish behind it.

I noticed Mineta had gone back to staring at my thighs and at the curve of my hip, eyes drawn like magnets to the largest areas of exposed skin on my body. He was almost glaring, though. I sighed. He was making me miss the random train perverts. They were much less difficult. I felt like the fact that Mineta wasn't on my lap molesting me was a failure to live up to my ideals, but I wasn't even sure of that much.

In the ensuing lull, my attention drifted to the conversation going on up front.

"..have Pro quirks," Kirishima was saying, "it's Todoroki and Bakugo."

"Sure," Tsuyu agreed. "But Bakugo's always angry. So he'll never be that popular."

Bakugo leaped out of his seat, snarling. "What did you say?! I'll kick your ass!!!"

Tsuyu pointed at Bakugo and continued in the same tone as before. "See?"

"Y'know, we basically just met you?" Kaminari addressed Bakugo with a smirk. "So it's kinda telling that we all know your personality is flaming crap mixed with garbage."

Bakugo rounded on Kaminari. "You're gonna regret the day you applied to this school, you loser! I'll kill you!"

"Threatening your fellow students again?!" Iida exclaimed.

"Like lightning struck an outhouse," Kaminari added, goading.

"Oh yeah?! I'll take your flaming crap and ram it up your ass where it'll explode!" Bakugo snarled.

I leaned over and caught a glimpse of Izuku watching this tableau in a state of awkward shock. He probably wanted to defend Bakugo, but seeing the communal teasing turn against Bakugo was clearly rocking Izuku's worldview. Still, it wasn't rocking him as much as it could have, as much as I could almost see it breaking his brain in a flash of false memory.

"This is an even more disgusting conversation," Yaoyorozu complained, sounding queasy.

"Yeah," Ochako said cheerfully. "But its kinda fun to listen to."

I made a mental note. Yaoyorozu, surprisingly squeamish. Ochako, adorably not squeamish.

Our class got off the bus in front of a massive dome. There, waiting for us, was our instructor for the day. White, puffy space-suit with capped fingers and a dark visor.

"It's the Space Hero, Thirteen!" Izuku said excitedly. "The chivalrous Pro who's rescued a ton of people from disasters all across the world!"

"Yahoo!" Ochako cheered. "Thirteen is my favorite hero!!!"

This is gonna be awesome.

Thirteen led us into the giant dome, through a large set of doors. We emerged into a vast indoor space, twice the size of the dome itself as the area inside was dug out several stories to make more room. We came out on a huge footbridge, a red tile path leading down the center to a humongous staircase that descended down to the floor of the facility, opening out onto a plaza with a brick rotunda around a fountain.

"Holy crap," one of the boys said. "It looks like some kind of amusement park!"

My feet stopped moving as I took in the sight before us, my vision doubling as a past-life memory of this exact view washed over me. The others kept moving forward, passing me. Even Izuku was too focused on Thirteen to notice. My eyes darted to the left: a broken cityscape, jagged mountains. To the right: a big blue dome, and behind that, the lake and a water-slide. Beyond that, another dome, this one red. I'd seen this place. I'd seen exactly this place from exactly this viewpoint, and it meant something bad. My heart started to pound, sweat breaking out on my skin.

Thirteen herself gestured grandly, pride in her voice as she explained. "A shipwreck. A landslide. A fire. A windstorm. Etcetera! I created this training facility to prepare you to deal with different types of disasters. I call it, the Unforseen Simulation Joint! Or USJ for short."

Just like Universal Studios Japan. The thought passed through my mind unnoticed, adrenaline surging through my system as my head snapped here and there. Those banks of lights up on the side of the dome, why did my heart skip when I spotted them? A flash of memory, a dark purple vortex, ominous but without context, as I stared down at the central plaza again.

This past-life stuff was just a fun inside joke! I was just imagining things and getting nervous for no reason! Right?!

"Shouldn't All-Might be here already?" Aizawa asked tiredly. "Let me guess. He booked an interview instead."

"Actually," Thirteen began.

I interrupted. "Aiazwa-sensei! Something's wrong."

Kaminari startled. "Whoa, Kinohana! Are you okay?"

"Michiko?" Izuku spun around at the sound of my name.

"Wrong?" Aizawa prompted dully.

"Yes! Something's wrong!" I turned, scanning the scenery around us, trying to find any hint at what was setting off my fight or flight response this hard.

"What is it?" Aizawa asked, narrowing his eyes and glancing around warily himself.

"I don't know! I just..." I made a frustrated noise. "I don't know. But I got a really bad feeling as soon as I saw this place. Something's off. We need to get out of here."

Aizawa's eyes pierced into me, without any help from his quirk. "This doesn't seem like a prank, so I'll hear you out, but I'm going to need a reason to cancel your hero training for the day."

I clenched my teeth, wracking my brains for some concrete observation I could point to. Then, the banks of lights I'd noticed earlier suddenly flared, and went dark with a popping noise. I sucked in a breath.

"Sensei," Tsuyu spoke up, sounding slightly nervous. "Is that part of the training?"

Aizawa and Thirteen spun around, and I felt my veins turn to ice. A vortex of purple mist swirled in front of the plaza's fountain, just like in my vision. A moment later, a man in black, covered in severed hands, stepped through. An entire horde of miscellaneous thugs streamed out of the portal after him. I felt the ice in my veins crystallize into clarity. The attack. Not an attack. The attack. Deja vu thrummed through my mind, and everything made sense... even if it made no sense at all that it made sense.

"Hey, who're those guys?" Sero wondered.

"Stay back." Aizawa's voice was even sharper than usual. He slowly drew his goggles down over his eyes. "Those are villains. Real ones."

My focus narrowed as the class chattered around me. Forget how little sense it made. I'd seen this. What happened next?

"Thirteen." Aizawa, no, he was entirely Eraserhead right now. He stepped forward. "Protect the students. I'll handle the villains."

And next, Izuku would, "Sensei? Can you really defeat so many? An open crowd, without the element of surprise; this is a bad match-up for your quirk..."

"You can't be a pro if you only have one trick," Eraserhead said. "You should understand that better than anyone, Midoriya."

As Izuku let out a soft gasp, Eraserhead sprang forward, launching himself into the air. He cleared the entire three-story stairway and landed in the plaza far below, effortlessly rolling to soften the impact and coming to his feet, capture-scarf already floating.

I, along with the rest of the class, watched breathlessly as Eraserhead demolished villain after villain after villain, weaving through the attacking horde like smoke, whipping the thugs around with his capture-scarf, using their bodies as counterweights and bludgeons. He was untouchable.

It was awe-inspiring, but... a flash of an image, like I was down there with him, hearing him talk to himself. He was pushing himself, and he was only a single unit on a chaotic battlefield. He couldn't stop them all, and he was about to blink at the worst possible moment... there!

The purple mist guy next to the guy with the hands suddenly folded in on himself and vanished. An instant later, purple mist bloomed in our midst. Thirteen immediately moved to put herself between us and the villain, but she only succeed because the purple mist man paused to loom over us.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. We are the League of Villains. I know it's impolite, but we've decided to invite ourselves into this haven of justice, to say hello. Isn't it a fitting place for All-Might, the symbol of peace, to take his last breath?"

Movement at Thirteen's side caught my eye. One of her finger-caps was open, the hero preparing to use her Black Hole quirk. "You'll never get the chance."


Bakugo, flying through the air, Kirishima at his side. Thirteen flinching back, her finger-cap snapping shut.

An explosion covered the mist villain in smoke, and the deja vu made me dizzy. Bakugo and Kirishima started bragging about getting the villain, but... I knew they hadn't. I knew what happened next.

A memory crystallized, a flash of intuition: groupings. Wordless but instinctive. My Izuku was quirkless. The Izuku in the memory wasn't. When the villain scattered us, he'd end up in the lake with Tsuyu and Mineta. Conclusion sprang from disparate observations: if that happened now, Tsuyu would be the only one who could fight. And she would. She'd die defending Izuku and Mineta. I had to interrupt the ordering. It was too late to stop the mist man, but I had to change the groupings.

The villain emerged from the nitro-smoke in a billow of his much darker mist, and my tentacles moved without thought. Izuku and Ochako were at the front, out of reach. My other classmates screamed and cried out as the tide of darkness swept over us. I caught a glimpse of Shoji tackling Mina and Sero out of the way as I sent one tentacle shooting toward Kaminari while I dove at Mineta. The tentacle caught Kaminari's waist and yanked him off his feet, but...

Cold, dark, tumbling in free-fall, my arm wrenched as that tentacle went taut and then ripped free.

I crashed into something squishy, warm, and soft. A voice cried, "Ow!"

"Hagakure? Is that you?" I wheezed.

"Who else?" the invisible girl groaned. "Oh ew ew! Get off! Your tentacles are touching me!"

Ew? You feel the tentacles and you say, ew? This did not bode well for us ever being friends. Rolling my eyes, I pushed myself up and stood, looking around warily. We were on a slope of packed mud. The landslide zone. And a crowd of thugs was waiting for us a short ways down the slope.

"...why would the mist villain give us the high ground?" I muttered softly.

"It won't matter." Todoroki was here too, that was right. "We won't even need the advantage."

I blinked, watching Ochako pick herself up behind him. Ochako was here? I shook my head. Ochako was here. Good. I'd managed to mix up who ended up where. That was good.

I hoped.

I had a sinking feeling that actually Ochako being with us was a bad thing, but I couldn't see the reason. What the fuck was up with my weird past life?!

I took a deep breath and turned to focus on the villains. Todoroki was already striding down the hill toward them. More than half the amassed villains weren't even paying attention to him, instead leering hungrily up at me and Ochako. Seeing the crude lust on their faces helped ground me. These were just dudes, and if I needed to I could kick their asses.

A fat guy with claws, a skinny guy with gray skin, and a woman in a metal hockey mask lunged at Todoroki, but he didn't even break stride, ice exploding from under his foot to engulf the pair. The charge that they began, faltered.

"...come on, you cowards! You scared of a little snow? Let's kill this punk and then we can have some fun with the slut!" The speaker pointed up at me, and his fellow thugs cheered.

"Invitation accepted," I whispered coldly.

As Todoroki effortlessly iced another wave of attacking thugs, I drove my leg tentacles downward and blasted into the air. As I sailed over Todoroki's head, I forked a pair of tentacles from my shoulders, sprouting curved scythe-blades of bone from each. Four blades, because I didn't think I could manage six without accidentally decapitating someone.

One of the thugs slapped the ground and raised a barrier of mud. I coiled my tentacles and then shot my blades out, coming down on him with my weight behind them. The blade-tentacles obliterated the barrier and slammed into all four of the thug's major joints. My mind offered up the suggestion of sprouting spurs from the blades, permanently destroying his shoulder and hip sockets, turning him into a quadruple amputee. But no. That was excessive. He'd need months before he could walk again as it was.

My tentacles cushioned my landing, but while I could have landed whisper soft, I was going for intimidation, so I kept enough of my momentum to kick up some dirt as I hit, skidding ten meters further down the slope on top of my maimed thug's body.

I rode him right to the feet of the loud guy who'd identified me as a slut. I severed the three small tentacles that made up the crotch of my suit, and let them fall away. Locking eyes with the head thug, I grabbed the crippled thug's hair and mashed his face into my bare pussy, muffling his cries of pain.

"This is what you wanted, right? Here it is. Have a taste." The mud-guy made a strangled shrieking sound. "No?" I dropped his head to the dirt with a thud and stood, twisting my lips into an evil, challenging, rictus grin, as I jerked each blade free of mud-guy one by one, getting a new scream of pain each time. "I thought you wanted to have some fun with the slut. Well, the slut's thirsty pussy is right here, boys. Come and get it."

I could see the battle of anger, fear, and lust on the thugs' faces. One of the more scared-looking ones popped a fear-boner and hunched over to hide it. I didn't react. For all my talk, I was dry as a bone and too full of adrenaline to feel any pride at getting such a reaction out of them.

"She's, she's crazy, man..."

With a snarl, one of the thugs lunged, and I moved. Tentacles and bone-scythes and fists and feet. I unleashed untempered violence on the dozen or so attacking men, only sparing half a thought for avoiding lethal blows.

The last thug fell, the crackle of freezing ice a backdrop to the thundering of my heart, and I stood over them all, bladed tentacles poised behind me, my whole body covered in blood. But none of them were dead. Yet. I took a moment to catch my breath and regrow the crotch of my tentacle suit.

I turned, glancing up the slope to check on Todoroki. He, like me, was surrounded by defeated thugs, though in his case they were like statues of ice, not moaning piles of brutalized meat.

He glanced down at me, then blinked and looked again, eyebrows rising. He seemed surprised and impressed, and also a little wary. I coiled one of my non-bladed arm-tentacles around the head thug's neck and started up the hill, dragging him behind me. Further up, Ochako and Hagakure were huddled together, Ochako white-faced and wide-eyed but not looking away from the carnage.

I caught Todoroki's eye. We need to learn their plan.

Todoroki approached one of his ice statues, his face going hard. "With your bodies frozen, your cells will start dying from the cold. Fortunately for you, I want to be a hero, so I'd like to avoid any unnecessary cruelty." He held out his frosted right hand threateningly. "So I need you to tell me how they plan to kill All-Might. That's the only way you're going to survive."

The thug, a spiky-haired martial-arts type with a thin green mask, quailed. I dragged my own defeated thug up the hill, passing them without looking at them, though I heard the whimper of fear as I hauled my thug upright, his eyes bulging, his face purpling as he scrabbled weakly at the tentacle around his neck.

"The clock's ticking," Todoroki said, menacing. "It'll start in your extremities. First, your skin will die, and turn hard. Brittle. Then your blood will start to freeze. The ice crystals in your veins will sever your nerves, so that even if they thaw you later you'll lose a finger. A toe. A hand. A leg."

I was pretty sure that wasn't medically accurate but it was fucking intimidating. Todoroki was good at this.

"P-Please..." My own thug wheezed desperately. "We... d-don't... know... any..."

"I think you do," I growled. I grew tentacles down into the dirt and then up around his feet, snaking them slowly up his pants, climbing his legs like creeper vines. "I think you wouldn't have dared to try this if you didn't know the plan."

"You should tell us quickly," Todoroki said. "You might survive losing a leg to frostbite, but once your blood cools far enough, ice will start forming in your heart. It'll tear apart the valves, the muscles, every beat shredding your vital organs." He moved his frost-coated hand closer. "You don't have long."

I ran my palm over the crotch of my thug's pants, finding him completely soft. I pulled him close, our faces inches apart as my tentacles continued to climb, their tips reaching and slipping under his underwear. Not even a twitch of response from his cock, just bug-eyed terror and agonized whimpering. Fine. That worked too.

"You don't have long either," I said, breathy, as my tentacles crept between his thighs. "My tentacles can keep growing until I make them stop. How long is the human digestive tract? I can never remember. I wonder if I can make it all the way through before your friend's heart explodes?"

I let one of the tentacles prod at him, and he shrieked. "Tell them! Just tell them! The boss man has a monster!"

"He calls it the Nomu!"

"It's supposed to be able to kill All-Might by absorbing all his attacks!"

"They talked about it having multiple quirks!"

"Yeah, it has more than one power!"

I halted my tentacles' growth before they could actually violate the man, then reached further in with my quirk and added a core of solid bone to each tentacle, locking the thug in place. Meanwhile, Todoroki waved his left hand and the ice receded enough that none of the villains would die. Severing my tentacle suit from the thug, I joined Todoroki as we trudged back up the hill together toward Ochako and Hagakure, out of earshot of the thugs.

"That was well done," Todoroki said to me. "I didn't expect it of you."

"I've got layers, y'know," I replied, shooting him a little smile, though the effect was probably ruined by all the blood on me. "The sluttiness is a choice and an ambition, not the totality of my nature."

"I see," Todoroki murmured, thoughtful.

Hagakure's powder-blue gloves flailed through the air. "That was really freakin' scary and weird!!! But more importantly how are we gonna warn All-Might?!"

"We'll make our way to the plaza to reinforce Eraserhead," Todoroki stated. "Once that's dealt with, the teachers will contact him."

"But..." Ochako visibly firmed her resolve. "But if they could contact All-Might, why isn't he already here?"

"They're jamming the signals." Popping lights. A tall, thin, muscle-man in a skull mask. Electrical interference. A moment of vertigo.

Hagakure's gloves fluttered in my direction. "What do you mean? Jamming?"

"Kinohana's right," Todoroki said flatly. "It's the only explanation. One of the villains must have a quirk that's jamming the security and communications systems. Once we've warned our teachers we'll have to deal with that."

A flash of an image: Yaoyorozu and Jiro backed against a cliff face, surrounded by men armed with swords and axes. "The mountain zone. We to get to the mountain zone. Fast."

Todoroki gave me a look. "Why?"

"A feeling, a hunch, I don't know, but I think that's where the jamming is coming from," I said, frustrated at myself for not having more information than that.

"Hm." Todoroki gave me another thoughtful look. "You had a feeling before, about the attack itself. Somehow, you saw it coming. I think, if you feel that way again, we should trust it."

"Thanks, Todoroki."

"How're we gonna get there, though?" Hagakure asked.

"I don't think I could float us all for that long," Ochako hedged. "I get nauseous when I use my quirk on myself for more than a few seconds."

"We may have to split up," Todoroki said.

I grimaced. "Yeah. I can fly over easily if Ochako'll float me. Just give me a moment to make some wings."

""You can make wings?!"" Ochako and Hagakure both exclaimed.

"It's not good for much, usually. Too heavy to fly. But." I gestured at Ochako as I closed my eyes and focused.

"Right! You can count on me, Michiko!" Ochako proclaimed.

The blade tentacles fell to the ground, severed. From the stumps I sprouted new tentacles. These were thin like ribbons, flat and delicate. The core of each, I laced with a delay-amplification nerve circuit, so the triggered impulse would travel down the length of the wing at a predictable, steady rate. The four long ribbons of flesh unfurled behind me like a cross between dragonfly wings and the tendrils of a jellyfish, and started rippling, a wave traveling down each. I staggered a step forward as the thrust pushed against me, and I let the tentacles slither back and forth in the air rather than stop and collapse under their own weight.

I turned to Ochako. "Do it."

She tapped me, and the earth fell out from under my feet. I yelped and almost crashed into the hillside before getting my wing-tentacles under control. But after a moment my flight leveled out, and I was soaring through open air.

I felt a grin steal onto my face as I flew across the gap to the mountain zone. As I got used to controlling my wings, I dove and swooped low, skimming up the side of the artificial mountain.

I spotted the fight, ahead: tiny but recognizable figures of Yaoyorozu and Jiro, their backs against a cliff face, surrounded by thugs armed with swords and axes. Just like my not-memory.

I scanned the crowd urgently, having only seconds before they noticed me flying in. There! Tall, black clothes, silver skull mask, muscular but kind of gangly. That was the guy!

Tentacles at both of my arms coiled, building tension as their tips sprouted hard knobs of bone.

I streaked into the crowd, inches off the ground, firing both Bludgeon Spring Cannons straight at skull-mask guy. He turned at the sound of my approach, but it was too late. Both hunks of solid bone slammed into him, hard. His mask shattered, blood spraying as his head twisted to the side. Ribs crunched as the second shot took him in the chest and flung him into the cliff face hard enough to shatter stone.

Then he let out a choked gurgle as my own momentum slammed into him anew, pressing him again into his own crater in the cliff face.

I grunted from the g-force as I came to a stop in mid-air, then rebounded a little, finally yanking my bludgeon-tentacles back. I whipped them around in a wide sweep that knocked three more thugs away from my classmates.

"Kinohana?!" Jiro had a sword, presumably Yaoyorozu-sourced. It kind of suited her. "What the hell?!"

"Explanations later, ass-kicking now!" I raised my wings upward, shooting myself down toward the ground. I slammed down, thrusting my tentacle-bludgeons into the stone, cracking it with enough force that shrapnel blasted out at the crowd of thugs.

On instinct, those closest raised their weapons to shield their faces, flinching away. Oh good. That worked. I took out their legs, breaking bones as I sent another few thugs sprawling. I felt Ochako's quirk drop me, and landed prone.

As the dust settled, I rose up from the ground to evaluate the enemies still in front of me. Several of them eyed me in return, their faces aghast. Oh right. I was still covered in blood.

A wire net suddenly unfurled out of the air and tangled up two more of them; I glanced back and saw Yaoyorozu with her arm outstretched. Jiro stomped, her earjack plugged into her boot, and a thundering bass beat rattled the mountainside as the sonic wave knocked a third villain off her feet.

I darted forward, swinging my bludgeon tentacles.

The tide of battle turned.

Jiro charged into the remaining thugs, swinging her sword. The blade never connected but her earphone jacks stabbed out like bullets, shocking her enemies into twitching heaps. Yaoyorozu spun her metal pole with a dancer's grace, deflecting blades with a loud shing that threw sparks, before slamming into hands, heads, and guts.

I slammed one last thug's face into the rock and watched, waiting for them to need my help, but the last few thugs went down like chumps.

"Is it just me or are these guys all really bad at fighting," I wondered at the pair of panting girls.

Yaoyorozu frowned. "Now that you mention it, they did seem to be relying on their numerical advantage against us, more than skill."

"Kinohana, is that your blood?" Jiro asked neutrally.

"Not one drop of it," I stated flatly, because it was true.

Jiro opened her mouth. Shut her mouth. Then shook her head. "Right then. Do you know what the hell is going on?"

"I..." I hesitated. "I think one of these guys was jamming signals, and now Thirteen and Eraserhead should be able to call for backup? Yaoyorozu, can you make us some binoculars? We need to see what's going on in the plaza."

"Of course, Kinohana-san." Three pairs of binoculars emerged from the gorgeous girl's cleavage.

Jiro took a pair too. "What are we looking for?"

"Whether or not I was right about the jamming coming from one of these guys." I jogged to the edge of our plateau and dropped onto a cushion made of tentacles.

I put the binoculars to my eyes, feeling Yaoyorozu and Jiro crouch down on either side of me. Down in the center of the plaza, Eraserhead was still kicking ass, but he was panting, soaked in sweat, obviously pushing himself.

"Sensei is most impressive... but his efforts do not appear sustainable," Yaoyorozu said.

I frowned. "There are more thugs on the ground than still standing, but I agree. He probably hasn't even noticed that his radio's working." I panned over to the entrance bridge. "Shit, Thirteen is down."

"In other words, no one is calling for backup," Jiro growled. "Yaoyorozu, can you make a radio? I mean, do you know the right frequencies?"

Yaoyorozu winced. "I'm afraid not. I know the standard police bands, but UA uses a proprietary multiplex and a nonstandard encoding format..."

"Phones!" Jiro patted herself down until she found her smartphone, only to scowl at it a moment later. "Damn. No bars."

"Even without the jamming, the main power is off," Yaoyorozu said. "The USJ must have it's own cell tower. It is certainly large enough."

"Shit." I scanned around the other zones, and saw Izuku swimming to shore alongside Tsuyu and Kaminari, none of them looking hurt. Fuck, that was a relief. "Start broadcasting on the police bands anyway, it's better than nothing."

"Yes, I suppose it is." Yaoyorozu made a blocky radio and started fiddling with it.

I twisted to look up at the dome over our heads. "Or. How are you at rocketry?"

"Oh!" Yaoyorozu exclaimed. "That's brilliant! I could make a launch system for a firework rocket with a signal-payload of some kind!"

"That'd probably be faster," Jiro mused. "Can you get an explosion that taps out the morse sequence for S.O.S.?"

Yaoyorozu gave Jiro a beaming smile. "Excellent suggestion! Yes, I can!"

As Jiro and I watched her work, I decided to do something about all the blood. I sprouted a new tentacle from the nape of my neck, and curled it over to point down at the top of my head. I created a crude eye-socket and then built as many tear-ducts as I could fit into the inner lining. I pushed with my quirk on the cells that would shed water for the tears, keeping them full, and...

Hah. Tentacle shower.

...kinda salty. I'd have to fix that in case I needed to do this again. I shook the water off as best I could, wiping myself dry with my hands until a pleased-looking Yaoyorozu handed me a fluffy towel.

She was unfairly gorgeous when she happy'd at you like that. I caught myself blushing as I thanked her.

"It's ready," Yaoyorozu said. "Please, stand back. The first stage is a military-grade propellant. I wanted to be sure it could break through the dome."

"Good thought." I gave the rocket some space, Jiro backing up next to me.

"Launching!" Yaoyorozu did something at the launch stand and then dove out of the way.

With a screaming roar, the rocket surged off the stand and streaked straight up, blasting a hole in the dome an instant later. Half a second after that, the staccato bursts sounding out S.O.S. began echoing down from above.

"Nice, Yaoyorozu." Jiro clapped the other girl on her bare shoulder.

"Indeed," Yaoyorozu agreed happily. She turned to us, serious again. "We ought to meet up with whoever we can and rejoin the rest of our classmates. Kinohana-san, were you alone?"

I shook my head. "I was in the landslide zone with Todoroki, Hagakure, and O, er, Uraraka."

"Right then, let's go!" Yaoyorozu declared.

I severed my wing-tentacles and left them on the ground, running after her and Jiro.

The six of us had just met up with Ojiro and Mineta outside the fire zone when Hagakure cried out.


A massive black hulk with a pointy face and an exposed brain had Eraserhead pinned on the ground. Even from the other end of the plaza, we could hear the snap as the... man? creature? broke one of Eraserhead's arms. If that wasn't bad enough, now that the pressure was off, the rest of the thugs were starting to recover.

The pale guy with the hands all over him was ranting, or gloating, or something like that. We were too far away to hear what he was saying.

"Is that... the Nomu thing?" Ochako whispered, pale.

I blanched. A monster, meant to kill All-Might. A monster with more than one quirk. And it had Eraserhead at its mercy.

"The heroes are coming, but we don't know when," I said, feeling sweat bead on my brow. "It might be up to us to stall the villains until they get here."

"Are you crazy?! We have to hide before they see us!" Mineta fretted.

"Dude," Ojiro said, sounding tired. "Are you sure this whole hero thing is really what you want to be doing with your life?"

"I didn't think I'd be risking my life the first week of school!!!" Mineta cried. "It's weirder not to be scared! Those guys were trying to kill us!"

"Yeah, trying and failing miserably," Jiro scoffed. "Kinohana's right. Are we just going to stand here and watch Aizawa die?"

"No, no we are not." Yaoyorozu took point, turning to face the distant villains. She knelt, then pulled the front of her revealing red costume completely off, baring herself from the waste up. "Plus ultra..."

"Guh." Mineta stared, drooling.

Ojiro put his hand in front of his face, but seemed torn about whether he should look away. Jiro tore her own eyes away long enough to smack Mineta with one of her jacks as she jumped in front of him, blocking his view with a glare, also reaching out to push Ojiro's hand the rest of the way in front of his face.

By the time Jiro did that, a massive cylinder of metal was already slowly emerging from Yaoyorozu's bare chest, obscuring the view. Across the plaza, some of the recovering thugs were pointing our way, having finally noticed us.

"Jiro," I said in low tones. "Worry about her modesty later. We have incoming."

Jiro's head snapped around. "Shit. Look alive, boys."

I split the difference in offensive weapons and kept my bludgeon tentacles, growing only two new tentacles from my back to become bone-scythes.

A wave of thugs charged at us.

"Protect Yaoyorozu!" Jiro shouted, leading the charge.

I dug my leg tentacles into the pavement and shot forward, crashing into the line of villains to Jiro's left. Mineta let out a desperate warcry and started throwing sticky balls at the right flank. Ojiro darted in, his tail smacking down a villain who got past Jiro. I ducked a clumsy punch, blocked a clumsy crowbar swing, and then drove bone bludgeons into a pair of unguarded guts, leaping into the air from the recoil and tucking into a spin to then lash out with my blades at another pair, cutting deep into arm and shoulder.

"Clear my line!" Yaoyorozu shouted.

She stood, still topless, behind a gleaming steel tank turret with an extra long two-pronged barrel and a small cockpit housing the firing controls. She swung it around with the soft whirr of electrical motors, sighting on the Nomu.

"What the shit is that?!" one of the thugs cried.

Another thug grabbed his wounded side. "Why are these kids so freakin' overpowered?!"

Todoroki took that as his cue. A line of frost shot out before sprouting ice in an inverted wedge shape, knocking the remaining thugs out of the canon's firing line and freezing them in place.

Yaoyorozu's eyes locked on the Nomu. "This is a KKT-42 Dakka-Corporation brand anti-battleship rail cannon. Now get your hands off of our sensei."

"Whoa," I heard Jiro whisper. I glanced at her and saw her staring at Yaoyorozu like she'd just fallen in love.

A sonic boom. Followed by the recoil jerking the cannon, and a line of anti-light burned into my retinas. The pressure wave... ruffled Eraserhead's and the hand-villian's hair. The fourteen-inch metal spike had stopped dead as it hit the Nomu's chest. The monster didn't even stagger. The spike fell to the ground with a loud clang.

We all stared in shock. The spike wasn't even damaged. That was impossible.

"W-What?" Yaoyorozu's eyes flew wide. In an instant, she glared down the sights and pulled the trigger again. And again. And again. Every time, it was like a stationary spike of metal just appeared at the Nomu's chest, followed by the sonic boom and recoil from the gun itself.

"It's... it's that strong?!" Hagakure gasped.

Mineta screeched. "Ohgawd we're really gonna die!"

"No." That was impossible. "Look at the projectiles!"

"Hm." Todoroki got what I was saying immediately. "Its quirk must be canceling the force of impact outright. That... isn't good."

"What better counter to All-Might than an immunity to impacts," I agreed, my voice shaking. "Fuck."

The hands-villain said something and pointed at us. My heart leaped into my throat, and I barely managed to scream a warning before Yaoyorozu's railgun exploded like it'd been struck by the fist of an angry god. Shrapnel blasted out from the dark blur of the Nomu's arrival.

Screams, cries of pain. On both sides. Pieces of torn metal had impaled more than a few of the thugs. More than half of my own tentacles were damaged beyond repair, forcing me to sever them as I sprang backward. Ochako: on the ground but intact, furthest from the blast. Ojiro: bleeding heavily from his tail but conscious. Mineta: shard of metal poking out of his calf, crying. Todoroki, safe behind a wall of ice. Yaoyorozu: protected by the cockpit, but now pinned under it. Jiro: safe behind Todoroki's ice wall. Hagakure... Shit. Where the fuck was Hagakure? I didn't see her gloves or boots anywhere.

I landed from my leap and darted over toward Todoroki and Jiro. The Nomu rose from the center of the wreckage, it's head slowly swiveling around as it focused its dull, empty eyes on each of us. I had one idea, and that was it. A slim chance. My only chance. All I had to do was touch it before it killed us.

A breeze swept through the USJ.

And with that breeze, a presence.

Tiny, distant, a figure in dull yellow. But instantly recognizable all the same. All-Might was here.

"Nomu!" the hands-villain shouted.

The monster flashed across the intervening space, arriving at its master's side in an instant. I fell to my knees with a gasp, panting and shaking from the adrenaline and the relief.

In the distance, All-Might vanished, flickering out of existence for a moment before reappearing with a massive smash that scattered all of the remaining thugs in one blow.

The next thing I knew the air was rushing out of my lungs as an immense but somehow still gentle force compressed my ribcage, wind screaming in my ears before the speed-blur of my surroundings resolved into the base of the entrance stairway. I found myself squished between Todoroki and Ochako under All-Might's dress-shirt clad arm.

"Worry not, students, because I AM HERE, to keep you safe." All-Might set us down, his usual smile more of a grimace as he turned his attention back to the Nomu and the hands-villain. As he strode forward, the skinny purple mist guy appeared out of a vortex next to the other two villains.


I turned, and instantly threw my arms around Izuku. "Izuku!"

""I'm so glad you're okay!""

Izuku gave me a beaming smile and then turned that smile on All-Might. This was it. It was over. All-Might was invincible. It didn't matter if the Nomu couldn't be punched. All-Might was so much more than his fists.

A vision struck me like a hammer. A man, with hair like All-Might's, but this man was sickly, frail, and weak. And in terrible danger. Steam, rising from All-Might's muscles.

I choked, my own smile falling off my face. What the fuck was that? Who was the frail man? What had I just seen and why did it fill me with a terrible ominous feeling?

Still, what happened next was awe-inspiring. Yaoyorozu, Mineta, Izuku, Todoroki, Jiro, Kaminari, Ojiro, Ochako, Tsuyu and I all got a front row seat to All-Might punching his way through an immunity to punching.

Just as my ominous feeling began to fade, the hands-villain and the portal-mist guy intervened. A punch deflected by a portal, All-Might off-balance, a grapple turned into a trap with yet another portal. All-Might, caught halfway through, awkwardly bent over. We all flinched at All-Might's hiss of pain as the Nomu dug its fingers into his ribs.

"C'mon, All-Might," Izuku breathed, nearly vibrating, eyes locked on his idol. "C'mon, All-Might! You can beat them. You always find a way to win. Always!"

"Is, that," Tsuyu pointed with a shaking finger, "blood?"

It was, blood was staining All-Might's white shirt, dripping from his side where the Nomu gripped him. The hands-villain said something I didn't catch, then the purple mist guy rose to taunt All-Might in turn.

"...blood and viscera... warp gates, but... ...hero as great as you... ...make an exception."

The portal began to shrink, contracting around the two halves of All-Might, and still, All-Might wasn't breaking free. I glanced at the others, and I could see the denial, the disbelief, but also the shocked dismay. All-Might grunted, then roared in pain as the portal began to crush him. I turned to Izuku, and his eyes met mine, bright and desperate.

He's not going to win on his own. We have to help him.

Wordlessly, we turned to the scene of All-Might's defeat. I flung myself into a back-bend, dropping flat to the ground. I brought my legs up, tentacles coiling tight. Izuku jumped up and landed on my feet. I took aim between my legs, then kicked out, tentacles springing forward, launching Izuku at the villains. I sprang up, flipped over, and drove my feet and then my leg tentacles into the ground, propelling myself after him.

The pair of us flew like javelins, arcing across the plaza. The mist guy flinched, flinging out a portal at the last instant to stop Izuku from smashing into the hands-villain. I hardened the tentacle around my leg to bone, sharp and jagged, and lashed out at the glint of solidity within the mist, hoping my blow would at least land and distract him from Izuku.

The loud bang of deforming metal heralded the mist guy flying back to collide with the hands-villain. All-Might let out a gasp of relief as the pressure lifted. He was still stuck, but at least he wasn't being actively crushed. I decided to fix that. I barely touched the ground before I was darting in, my crude bone-shiv tentacle brushing the Nomu's arm.

I didn't even bother to sense his harmony. My first and only order was silence. Crushing the genomic expressions in a thin sliver of flesh down to nothing. A bit of stray tentacle, caught in the effect, melted into red mush in an instant. The Nomu? It roared as it's arm jerked free and separated from its body.

"Haah!" All-Might roared, twisting to get leverage and then hurling the Nomu through the portal, freeing himself in the process.

Meanwhile, Izuku wove a blurring wall with his tonfa, grim determination on his face as he danced around the hands-villain's attempts to grab him, while also striking at the mist villain. Dangerous but prudent tactics, going after the teleporter first.

"Young Kin-"

The Nomu roared, charging at All-Might again. It had both arms. It could regenerate! The severed arm was still on the ground! All-Might blurred to intercept the monster, and I threw myself at the hands-villain.

"Disintegration! Five-point contact!" Izuku shouted to me.

I grinned at the villain's frustrated snarl, and lashed at him with my shiv-tentacle. The mist guy intercepted it with a portal, but Izuku bent out of the way, and I severed the tentacle before it could get caught. The distraction cost him, Izuku's tonfa slamming into the metal-clad body under the mist and sending the villain hurtling backward.

I slid in close and struck at the hands-villain, but he was trained, and fast. He struck at me in turn. I knew I couldn't let his fingertips touch me. I snapped my arms up to block, deflecting his arms as he lunged at me, slipping past and throwing a knife hand at his throat. He bent backwards, my fingers clipping the hand-mask on his face. I twisted with my momentum, bringing my leg up to kick aside his counter. I threw an elbow into his ribs, but he rolled with the blow, opening up enough distance to swipe with his other hand. I sacrificed a tentacle and jumped, lashing out with my heel as I felt the simplistic artificial harmony crumble along with the flesh.

He caught my leg. The hands-villain with the five-point disintegration quirk caught my leg. My heart stopped.

A wave of silence swept up through the flesh of my tentacle suit. I jerked free, kicking into a backflip as the dying tentacle flesh sheathing my calf tore off in the villain's grip. I landed on one bare, dusty foot, my tentacle suit crumbling to my other hip and all the way up to my neck. My right breast bounced free.

"What're you?" the villain said in a parched, whispery voice. "A third-party H-Scene DLC? What a waste of time."

I blinked, then scowled thunderously. "Did you just call me bad porn?!"

Before he could reply, a powerful wind slammed into us, making us both stagger. Thunderous booming blasted out from a blindingly fast barrage of All-Might's punches, slamming into the Nomu over and over and over. And the Nomu felt the hits. All-Might truly had punched through punch-immunity.

With a final mighty blow, All-Might smashed the Nomu into and through the USJ dome, adding a second hole and sending the deadly monster rocketing into the sky.

"No.. no no no!" The hands-villain started furiously scratching at his neck, muttering to himself, something about All-Might and being lied to. "Fine. Fine. Kurogiri we're leaving."

"Very well, Tomura Shigaraki."

That was too easy. Izuku caught my eye as he spun his tonfa into guard position, ready to resume the fight. He knew it wouldn't be that easy either.

"But. Before we go." His eyes locked with mine. "We'll kill some of All-Might's students. I wanna see the look on his face."

My breath caught. I was scared to die, yes, but even beyond that, the reason this Shigaraki guy wanted to murder me was pure sadistic pique. Not even to accomplish a goal, not even because I was just in his way, but solely because he wanted to cause suffering as petty revenge for his plans not working. There was nothing redeemable in that. I felt a cold anger awaken in my heart.

A portal burst open, Shigaraki's hand already emerging, too fast for me to dodge.



I didn't try to dodge. Driven by that surge of cold anger, I discarded self-preservation and met Shigaraki in the middle, my hand clasping his wrist. Agony lanced up my arm as his own fingers bit into my flesh, my cells dying rapidly as his quirk tore them apart.

But in that split second, I had him.

My quirk raced up his arm faster than his quirk could destroy me. I let out a strangled scream, feeling my flesh dessicate and crumble, as I held on as hard as I could, reaching with my quirk up past his shoulder. I felt my hand go numb, watched it turn completely gray.

I crushed the harmonies of Shigaraki's cells, everywhere my quirk reached. I'd expected the pain. Shigaraki, it took by surprise.

He recoiled with a guttural scream as his entire right arm and most of his shoulder turned to red mush and fell to splatter on the pavement. He staggered, falling to the ground as he continued to scream, staring at his ruined side in horror.

"Did you know she could do that?" I heard All-Might's voice ask weakly. "I didn't know young Kinohana could do that."

The clump of ash shaped like a hand went with him, breaking off from my forearm and leaving a crusty, oozing stump. Things were kind of a blur after that.

They wouldn't let me see Izuku.

I was in a daze as Midnight and Vlad King helped me onto a stretcher, the babble of conversation around me going unparsed.

They wouldn't let me see Izuku.

Midnight had tried to ask me something. I wasn't sure what. I thought someone mentioned Recovery Girl, which was probably important. I was missing a hand.

They wouldn't let me see Izuku.

Ochako was there. She didn't know where Izuku was either, and seemed almost as upset about that as I was.

But they still wouldn't let me see Izuku.

Finally, after looping on that thought for what felt like ages, the wrinkled old visage of Recovery Girl appeared in my field of vision. She said something, and when I didn't respond, she slapped me.

"Gah!" I bolted upright, more startled than I'd ever been in my life, no matter how little sense that made. I paused, my severed wrist suddenly a blazing torment. "Aaa... Ow. Ow."

Recovery Girl leaned on her cane. "Back with us, dearie?"

I looked up at her. "My hand."

"I know, dear. Unfortunately, my quirk alone will not restore your missing parts to you. However. You'll recall the incident with Ashido-san. If your own quirk can change the outcome of your healing today, it is very important that we not squander that opportunity, young lady."

I nodded in heartfelt agreement. "I, I don't think I could grow a new hand by myself either. I'm not that good with my quirk yet."

"That's only to be expected." Recovery Girl did not elaborate. "Based on what we saw with Ashido-san, I'm optimistic, but I expect there will still be some margin for catastrophic failure. Healing quirks are always the most complex of powers, so I want you prepared to react."

I took a shaking breath and nodded. "I can do that."

"You had better. The last thing I need is to lose a promising new healer."

Recovery Girl's lips smooched my forehead, and for the first time I felt the harmonies of my own cells come alight in symphonic splendor. I could feel the dissonance, the missing notes at the boundary of my stump. I pushed there, with my quirk, energizing the symphony...

I let out a sobbing gasp of relief as the symphony took that energy and bloomed. New flesh grew from my stub of a wrist, and it was easy. I wasn't building a structure cell by cell like I had to when I used my quirk to create flesh normally. I was just guiding the symphony, nudging it and corralling it to keep it in harmony. My metaphor kind of broke down at the edges. But growing my hand back was purely an interaction between our two quirks. The structure of the hand itself emerged in the interplay, without my having to build it manually, as long as I kept playing the right notes, kept giving it the right cells, the correct tissue types to fit the pattern.

An intense pins-and-needles tingling slowly faded from my new hand as I flexed the brand new fingers. I held it out, next to my other hand. They matched.

"It worked!" I laugh-sobbed.

"Well I'll be darned," Recovery Girl agreed.

" worked." I sniffed sharply and rubbed away my tears, pushing myself up off the stretcher. "Who else was hurt?"

"First thing's first, dear. You're a bit indecent."


I slumped into a seat on the bus, the back of my head resting against the window glass. A vibrant sunset lit the clouds outside.

Recovery Girl and I had healed everyone up, sparing Aizawa in particular weeks of hospitalization. Then the cops had moved in. They were polite, but thorough, taking each of our statements individually in a process that took hours.

Izuku still wasn't with the rest of us, though Principle Nezu himself had finally deigned to explain that Izuku had been taken back to UA already at All-Might's request, and assured us that he was fine and we could ask him about it tomorrow.

Our exhausted and emotionally-wrung-out class piled into the front of the bus, ignoring most of the rear seating in favor of the open area. Yaoyorozu was leaning on Jiro on the bench across from me, with Mina, Ochako, and Tsuyu bunched up on my right in that order, leaning against me, with Kaminari and a subdued Sero on my left.

A shell-shocked Mineta plodded over to me. "Hey, Kinohana? I almost died today. I don't want to die without ever getting to feel your boobs. Can I sit on your lap and feel your boobs?"

"Sure," I said, patting my thigh.

"Huh?!" Mineta's mouth fell open, and his eyes suddenly sparkled with perverse glee. "That worked?!"

I gave him the flattest possible look. "Why am I suddenly suspicious that you're not as shook up as you want me to think you are."

"I'm plenty shook up! That was the scariest thing that's ever happened to me!" Mineta cried.

I let my head fall back against the glass. "For fuck's sake, I'm too tired for this. Do you want to feel my boobs or not?"

"Obviously I do!" Mineta ranted. "Any man would! They're tied with Yaoyorozu's for the most awesome boobs I've ever seen in real life!!!"

I ignored the disgusted looks the other girls were giving Mineta. "Thanks for the compliment. Now either stop being obnoxious and just grab my boobs already, or fuck off. I don't even care anymore."

"Kinohana! That is highly inappropriate! And Mineta, such perverted behavior is unbefitting a hero!"

"You can fuck right off too, Iida," I said, not opening my eyes. "What do you think Midnight-sensei would say if you said that in front of her?"

At that moment, Aizawa stepped onto the bus. "She'd probably say that what is fitting behavior for a hero is unique to that hero." He paused. "Even if some behaviors are more irritating than others. Sit there, Mineta. Now."

Mineta squeaked and scurried over to sit across the isle from a disinterested Bakugo.

"Kinohana." I lifted my head and blinked. Aizawa continued, "We don't stand on tradition at UA, but keep it Rated T for Teen in front of the faculty, understand me?"

I pouted. "If you insist, sensei."

He gave me a nod and went to sit in the driver's seat. The bus rumbled, and pulled out, trundling away from the USJ at long last.