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Mark could barely keep his eyes open as he squinted at the circuit board before him. With a frustrated huff he dropped his soldering iron onto the table and pressed his fingers over his eyes. He regretted wearing his contacts today. After hours of staring at the tiny components on the table, his eyes felt like they were going to shrivel up into raisins.


He lifted his head and glanced around the study lounge. Almost every class had recently finished midterms, so most students were out doing whatever it was that relieved college students did with their free time. Mark, however, had needed an extension for his project, so he had no such opportunity for leisure. The study room he had been toiling in all day was nearly empty, save for Jaehyun sitting at one of the Macs on the other side of the big study table. His head was resting on his fist, his eyes half open as he watched the screen.


Mark watched him for a bit, desperate for any sort of distraction from his own work. Jaehyun was completely motionless, so Mark felt it was safe to assume that he wasn’t particularly invested in his own project, either.


“Hey, Jaehyun,” Mark called out.


Jaehyun jolted suddenly, startling Mark. He sat up straight and looked over towards Mark, his eyes bleary.


“Oh, holy shit, were you asleep?” Mark said with a laugh. “I thought your eyes were open.”


Jaehyun looked like a sleepy, disgruntled cat, the way he frowned and squinted around the room. He lifted his arms above his head and groaned as he stretched. “What time is it?” He slurred.


“Um…” Mark glanced at his watch. “Oh, shit. Almost one in the morning.”


Jaehyun mumbled something incomprehensible.


Mark laughed again. “Sorry, I thought you were awake.”


Jaehyun covered his face with both hands and sighed. Then he lightly slapped his cheeks with his palms a few times, blinking his eyes open wide. “Jesus, this project is killing me.”


“I know how you feel.”


They both turned back to their respective tasks. As Mark stared at his circuit board, his brain felt exactly like the burnt inductor that he had been trying to fix for the past hour. When he looked back at Jaehyun, he couldn’t help but smile.


Jaehyun was mindlessly tapping at the space bar on his keyboard. His eyes, despite being pointed towards his screen, were glazed and empty.


“Dude,” Mark said, “Let’s take a break. I need to get my mind off of this for a bit.”


Jaehyun glanced at him, then back at his computer. It seemed to dawn on him what he had just been doing, and he let out a heavy sigh. He put his hands behind his head and stretched his back again, then nodded. “You wanna get some food?”


“Not much open at this hour.”


“Mickey D’s closes at two.”


Mark tilted his head with a baffled smile. “Mickey D’s?”


Jaehyun mirrored his smile. “McDonald’s?”


“What?” Mark laughed. “I’ve literally never heard anyone call it that.”


Jaehyun snorted. “I don’t know how that’s possible, but okay.”


Mark laughed again, which made Jaehyun smile a little wider.


“Okay, how far away is it?”


“Uhh… We could DoorDash it.”


“That sounds good.”


Jaehyun flashed a quick thumbs up, then stood up. He stretched yet again, his arms reaching way above his head. His shirt and jacket both rode up a bit, exposing a sliver of his midriff.


Mark didn’t bother to try to hide his stare. He even tilted his head a bit to try to get a better look at the tiny glimpse of a happy trail.


When Jaehyun noticed this, he laughed and lowered his arms, covering his stomach with his hands. “Dude!”


Mark laughed, but he didn’t feel the need to pretend to be embarrassed. He just stood up and stretched too, leaning forward towards the desk to arch his back and get a good burn in the back of his thighs.


When he looked up, Jaehyun was watching him quietly. He grinned.


“Have I mentioned that I’m taking a yoga class this quarter?”


Jaehyun shook his head. “I don’t think so.”


“It’s just to fill the minimum credit requirement. It’s pretty fun.”


“Uh huh.”


Mark twisted his torso around a few times, then planted his feet apart and reached for his toes.


“You’re getting flexible?” Jaehyun asked.


“I think so! Check this out.”


Mark put his feet together, straightened his legs, and laid his palms flat on the ground.


“Oh, wow,” Mark heard Jaehyun say.


Mark laughed and straightened back up. “You’ve been sitting at that desk for a long time today, are your legs or wrists sore?”


“Um… A little, maybe.”


“Do you want me to show you some exercises you can do? Like this one,” Mark demonstrated by holding his arm out and using the other hand to gently pull his wrist back. “Or, wait--”


Mark closed the distance between the two of them and reached for Jaehyun’s hand.


“Can I show you?”


Jaehyun wordlessly held his hand out.


Mark smiled. “Here.”


He held the back of Jaehyun’s hand, palm up, and used his other hand to press his thumb into Jaehyun’s palm.


“It’s important to massage here every hour or so.”


“Mm hm.”


“My hand gets so sore using that soldering iron all the time, and this helps a lot.”


Mark worked his thumb into Jaehyun’s palm for a bit. He was trying to think of another hand-related exercise to demonstrate, but his mind was going blank. He laughed despite himself and shook his head.


“Sorry, uh… Geez, your hands are so big.”


Jaehyun laughed quietly.


Mark looked up at him, smiling. He noticed how red Jaehyun’s ears had become, which made him giggle.


“Wait, for real though, can I see how big your hands are?” Mark asked.


Mark held his hand up and Jaehyun laid his palm flat against it. Mark burst out laughing when he saw how far Jaehyun’s fingers extended past his own.




Jaehyun laughed, embarrassed, and buried both hands into the pockets of his jacket. His sudden bashfulness made Mark giggle even more, which just made Jaehyun’s ears burn even redder.


“Um,” Jaehyun said, turning around so his back was to Mark, as if the flyers posted on the wall behind him were suddenly of utmost interest. “So did you want to get McDonald’s?”


“Sure, I’ll order it,” Mark said, reaching for his phone in his pocket.


“Nah, I’ll get it,” Jaehyun said quickly. He turned back around and reached for his bag on the ground.




“Yeah, I have, um, a coupon.”


Mark wasn’t always the best at picking up on things like this, but even he could tell how obviously untrue that was. With a small smile, he said nothing but a quick thanks man and watched as Jaehyun pulled out his phone to order big macs for the both of them.


“You want soda?” Jaehyun asked, his eyes on his phone.


“Sure, Coke.”




A few more taps, then the order was placed. Jaehyun put his phone on the desk and put his hands back in his pockets, awkwardly sucking a breath between his teeth.


Mark smiled and resumed his stretches. He touched the floor again, this time bending even lower than before, then stretched his back with his arms above his head. Out of the corner he caught Jaehyun eyeing where his hoodie rode up a bit, which just urged him to stretch further. When he was done, he pulled up the bottom of his hoodie to wipe at his face. The white tee he was wearing underneath kept his chest covered, but it raised high enough for most of his stomach to be exposed.


“It’s kinda hot in here,” Mark said with an innocent smile as he pulled his hoodie back down over his stomach.


“Mm,” Jaehyun agreed.


Mark had to hold back his laughter at the sight of Jaehyun’s cherry-red ears.


“So,” Jaehyun said as he cleared his throat. “What are you up to these days? You got a girl or something?”


Mark smirked. “No. You?”




“That’s kind of surprising.”


Jaehyun fought down his smile and looked away. He shrugged.


“What is it?” Mark prodded with a grin. “You got a boyfriend?”


“A b-- No, um, not really.”


Mark leaned forward, gave a slight tilt of his head, and put on his best innocent eyes. “Wow, really? No judgement, by the way. I had a boyfriend last year.”


Mark couldn’t decipher the look that Jaehyun gave him.


Jaehyun’s eyes darted over towards the door. “Uh…”


Mark followed his gaze, then blinked back at Jaehyun. “I don’t think anyone else is coming in here tonight.”


Jaehyun was silent. He was giving Mark a certain look that Mark couldn’t quite place.


Mark let out a small breath through his nose and glanced towards the ground. He couldn’t figure out if Jaehyun was aware of his intentions quite yet, so he decided to make it easier for him.


“Um, so, I think you’re really hot,” Mark said. Despite his own confidence from earlier, he could feel his cheeks start to heat. “Are you, like, interested in me? I’d like to do stuff with you, like, right now. If you want.”


Jaehyun laughed, which caught Mark off guard.


“What?” Mark said as he lifted his head, his eyes wide.


Jaehyun was grinning at Mark. “Yeah, dude. I’m interested in you.”


“Oh.” Mark flushed. “Okay, good.”


“I didn’t think you’d need to ask.”


“I don’t know, man, I’m not good at that sort of stuff.”


“Could have fooled me.”


“I just mean, like, knowing . You know? Like picking up on what other people are thinking. I wasn’t sure if you knew what I was trying to do.”


Jaehyun laughed again, a little softer this time. “I think anyone would know, dude. But,” He added with a thoughtful tilt of his head, “I know I tend to forget to talk in situations like this. So maybe that sent the wrong message. Sorry.”


Mark let out a quiet ahh of understanding. “Well, I’m glad I asked, then.”


Jaehyun smiled and nodded.


“So…” Mark said slowly with a flustered smile. The heels of his sneakers scuffed the ground awkwardly. “Can I show you some more stretches?”


Jaehyun nodded, and Mark took him by the hand and led him over to the beanbag by the stairs.


“If you’re sitting for a long time, your legs might get sore,” Mark said, as Jaehyun laid down in the beanbag. “So it’s important to loosen the muscles here…”


Mark kneeled on the ground between Jaehyun’s legs. His hand was still lightly holding Jaehyun’s, so he let go and let both his hands lightly drift over Jaehyun’s thighs.


“Can you let me know if this gets uncomfortable?” Mark said, as he started to gently work the heel of his palms into Jaehyun’s inner thighs.


“You’re good,” Jaehyun mumbled.


As Mark massaged with his palms, he used his thumbs to rub soft circles into Jaehyun’s muscles as well. Fortunately the fabric of Jaehyun’s shorts was pretty thin, but Mark still wished he could directly touch Jaehyun’s skin. Soon, hopefully.


“Can I move my hands up a bit? Is that okay?” Mark asked.


“Yeah dude, just go for it. Oh hey, quick question though.”


Mark froze in place, blinking at Jaehyun. “Yeah?”


“Did you actually have a boyfriend last year or did you just say that as an excuse to tell me you’re gay?”


Mark’s jaw dropped. His mouth moved wordlessly for a moment, then he managed to stammer, “How did you know that?”


Jaehyun laughed. “You’re really not good at pretending, Mark.”


“Really?” Mark said with genuine shock, his voice jumping up two octaves. “I really thought I was being smooth...”


Jaehyun covered his mouth with the back of his hand as he laughed harder. “Sorry, you did fine. Didn’t mean to mess up your groove.”


Mark laughed with quiet disbelief at himself, then cocked his head and resumed massaging Jaehyun’s thighs.


“Okay, but you’re definitely good at this ,” Jaehyun said, easing more comfortably into the beanbag.


“That’s good.”


As Mark finally moved his hands higher, his fingers pressing into the sensitive crook right below Jaehyun’s hips, Jaehyun made a small throaty noise and settled deeper into the beanbag. Mark hitched the fabric of Jaehyun’s shorts a little higher to make it looser around there, giving himself more leeway to touch him. He spread his fingers and laid his hand flat over Jaehyun’s thighs, his thumbs sliding down between his legs. He kept his hands carefully clear of Jaehyun’s actual crotch area, and he pretended to not notice the shape that was beginning to poke up underneath the fabric. Instead he rubbed little half circles around the area, occasionally moving back down his legs or around to the sides of his hips.


Eventually he moved his hands down the bottom of Jaehyun’s shorts and slipped the tips of his fingers under the hem. He pushed a little higher until the limits of the shorts stopped him, then directly massaged Jaehyun’s thighs for a bit.


“I think those are getting in the way,” Jaehyun said.


Mark smiled at him. “You think so? Wanna get them out of the way?”


“If you’ll let me.”


Mark took his hands off of Jaehyun’s body and tucked them into the pockets of his hoodie. “Don’t let me stop you.”


Mark watched as Jaehyun started to shimmy out of his shorts. He had to move out of the way to let Jaehyun take them fully off his legs. Once Jaehyun was done, instead of moving back into the same position as before, Mark crouched down lower until his face was level with Jaehyun’s hips. He put his hands back over Jaehyun’s hips, over the thin fabric of his boxers. He could easily see the outline of Jaehyun’s growing hard-on, and he couldn’t tear his eyes away.


One hand resumed its teasing massage of Jaehyun’s thigh, while the other slipped up Jaehyun’s boxers. He gently grasped Jaehyun’s half hard cock and gave it a small, curious tug.


Jaehyun gasped, his hips twitching up into Mark’s hold.


Mark smiled at this response. He took his hand out of Jaehyun’s boxers, gave it a quick sloppy lick, then moved it back and took hold of Jaehyun’s cock again.


Jaehyun was watching wordlessly, one hand clapped tight over his mouth. It seemed that he was actively working to restrain himself, which only hardened Mark’s resolve to perform as well as he could.


Mark put his hands back over Jaehyun’s thighs and moved his face forward. He mouthed at Jaehyun’s cock through his boxers, dampening the fabric until he could properly feel the shape of his girth on his tongue. He closed his mouth along his length and gave it a little suck, glancing up at Jaehyun to check his reaction.


Jaehyun nodded hungrily and buried his hand in Mark’s hair. “Come on,” He urged quietly.


Mark lowered his gaze and continued to mouth at him over his clothes, relishing the tiny, frustrated little noises that he was managing to coax out of Jaehyun.


Finally, he reached for the hem of Jaehyun’s boxers and pulled it low. As soon as Jaehyun’s cock was freed, he took hold of it. The drag was too dry, so he let go just long enough to spit onto his palm. As he started to stroke, he leaned over the length and let a mouthful of spit dribble onto the tip and over his own hand.


“Fuck,” Jaehyun breathed. His fingers buried deeper into Mark’s hair.


“Are you ready?” Mark asked, pausing with his mouth hovering right above Jaehyun’s cock. He parted his lips to let his tongue peek out, just shy of touching the tip of Jaehyun’s length.


“Just go ,” Jaehyun said desperately.


Mark smiled, then focused on collecting moisture in his mouth in preparation. He made sure to hold eye contact the entire time as he lowered down, first closing his lips around Jaehyun’s tip then slowly sinking further and further.


Once he made it all the way down, he started to bob. His throat made ridiculously depraved squelching noises every time, which sent a rush of excitement down his spine. Anyone could walk in right now, and they would probably hear that noise before they even saw what was going on. The thought alone made him moan, and the sudden vibration made Jaehyun cry out and jerk his hips forward.


“Sorry,” Jaehyun said, breathless. “Didn’t mean to do that.”


Mark tried to shake his head, as if he forgot that there was a cock shoved down his throat. He pulled off with a loud pop and wiped his mouth. “You can be rough,” He mumbled. “I don’t mind.”




Mark nodded and went back down. As he resumed his bobbing, he put his hand over Jaehyun’s, which was twisting tentative curls into Mark’s hair.


“How hard?” Jaehyun asked, his voice hushed. “This hard?” He tugged Mark’s hair lightly.


Mark gave a garbled moan.


“This hard?” Jaehyun tugged a little harder.


Mark moaned again and tightened his fingers around the back of Jaehyun’s hand. He pulled off once again, just long enough to groan, “Harder!” then immediately went back down.


This hard?” Jaehyun said with a rough jerk of his wrist.


Mark cried out and tried to nod, his hips pitching forward and both hands flying forward to grasp Jaehyun’s hips.


“You take it so well,” Jaehyun marvelled. He started to move his hips in time with Mark’s bobs, pushing himself deeper down Mark’s throat.


Mark’s eyes fell shut, but he quickly snapped them back open to try to hold Jaehyun’s gaze. His eyebrows were drawn tight together as he fought back the tears that sprang to his eyes every time Jaehyun reached the very back of his throat.


“Holy fuck,” Jaehyun cursed, “Christ, you look so hot like that.”


Mark groaned around Jaehyun’s cock.


“Where the hell is your gag reflex?”


Mark just let out a heavy breath through his nose as Jaehyun thrusted deep again.


Mark kept this up as long as he could, but eventually his throat was burning so bad he couldn’t help but pull off.


“Sorry,” He spluttered. “I’m kind of out of practice.”


“What?” Jaehyun said. His hand loosened its grip on Mark’s hair and started to gently pet him instead. “Mark, that was insane.”


Mark laughed. “Okay, that’s good.”


“What do you want to do now? You wanna keep going?”


Mark smiled and gave him a look, as if this was the most absurd question he had ever heard. “Um, yes please.”


“What did you have in mind?”


“Um,” Mark giggled nervously for a moment, then regained his composure. “Can I show you some more stretches? There’s one in particular that I practice a lot.”




“Okay, good, so… Um.”


Mark shakily got up to his feet. His knees felt wobbly from putting weight on them for so long, and the excitement of the situation made him feel a little dizzy. He had to put his hand on Jaehyun’s knee to steady himself. When Jaehyun put his hand around Mark’s wrist, Mark felt his heart rate jump.


“Feeling okay?” Jaehyun asked.


Mark nodded, then bent down and pulled his pants off. He could feel Jaehyun’s eyes watching his every move, which made every inch of his skin tingle.


Now that they were both in their boxers, Mark put both his hands on Jaehyun’s shoulders. He awkwardly climbed onto Jaehyun’s lap, his knees tucked and planted on either side of Jaehyun’s hips. The tent under his boxers brushed against Jaehyun’s hard, spit-slicked cock. Once he was situated, he giggled quietly, which made Jaehyun smile.


“So,” Mark said, “This is kind of both a stretch and a massage.” He desperately wanted to sound cool and smooth, but he knew his voice was shaking.


“Okay,” Jaehyun said. The corners of his mouth twitched as he rested his hands on Mark’s hips.


“Um,” Mark stammered, flushing, “Do you know how to do a prostate massage?”


A smirk played at Jaehyun’s lips. His hands slid underneath the hem of Mark’s boxers, gently cupping Mark’s soft ass.


Mark let out a shaky breath. His hands tightened their grip on Jaehyun’s shoulders.


Mark felt Jaehyun’s hands explore his ass for a bit, then one hand took hold of a cheek and gently pulled it. The other hand slipped in between and prodded one finger at his rim, which made him shudder.


Jaehyun pulled his hand away to lick his fingers, then slipped it back under the fabric. His finger rubbed quick little circles around Mark’s hole, then pressed flat against the rim.


Mark’s chest was pounding. Every rub of Jaehyun’s finger against the outside of his hole sent little pulses of electricity through his body. He clung tight to Jaehyun’s broad shoulders, feeling as if he would expand full of air and float away if he let go for even just a moment. His hips stuttered against Jaehyun’s, the only thing between their cocks being the thin fabric of Mark’s boxers.


 Jaehyun pulled his hand away again to quickly wet it some more, then went back in to press the tip of his middle finger inside.


“Oh, you’re loose,” Jaehyun said with quiet surprise.


Mark leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Jaehyun’s neck. “I told you I practice this one a lot.” He buried his face in the crook of Jaehyun’s neck, taking comfort in the scent of Jaehyun’s cologne on the soft fabric of his jacket.


Jaehyun didn’t say anything, but Mark could hear the slight hitch in his breath when his finger effortlessly pushed further inside.


Once Jaehyun was as deep as he could reach, he crooked his finger and pressed against Mark’s walls. Mark’s back curled forward to arch his ass into Jaehyun’s hands. Jaehyun pulled out again to drop a tongueful of spit onto two fingers, then they both slipped inside Mark with ease.


After some shallow finger fucking, Jaehyun muttered, “I don’t think I can find your prostate like this.”


Mark liked the intimacy of this position, but he begrudgingly agreed that it wasn’t ideal for the “massage” that he had brought up earlier.


They decided on a position with Mark on his knees and elbows on the beanbag, underwear discarded on the floor, and Jaehyun half-kneeling against the end of the beanbag behind him. Mark arched his back and peeked over his shoulder in time to see Jaehyun staring silently at Mark’s ass.


Mark would be lying if he said he wasn’t aware of the effect his ass could have on people, and he had no problem using this to his benefit. He spread his knees a bit farther and wiggled back and forth, cheekily inviting Jaehyun to take what he wanted.


Jaehyun’s broad hands cupped Mark’s cheeks, squeezing and pulling with hungry fascination.


Mark leaned eagerly into every touch. The positive attention sent a warm curl of pleasure up his body. In the past he might have gotten impatient and needy by now, but he had learned to appreciate the comfort of simply being admired.


Once Jaehyun seemed to have his fill of treating Mark’s ass like bread dough, Mark felt a wet finger push past his rim once again. He groaned and dropped his head to hang below his shoulders, his hips pushing back against Jaehyun’s hand.


A second finger went in, then soon a third. Mark took it all with ease, with only the slightest feeling of a stretch around his rim.


Jaehyun fucked him shallowly like this for a little while, three fingers pushing in and out and occasionally pulling apart to stretch him wider. He had to frequently pull out to deposit more spit onto his fingers, which left Mark feeling uncomfortably empty every time.


Finally, Jaehyun pushed deeper with the intention of locating Mark’s prostate.


“I’ll tell you when you find it,” Mark said.


Jaehyun ended up needing no such warning, because as soon as his fingers brushed against that bundle of nerves, Mark gasped in a pitch about twelve octaves higher than any noise he had made before. Jaehyun smiled and zeroed in on that spot, the pad of his middle finger rubbing tiny circles.


“Oh wait, wait,” Mark said quickly, turning slightly to grip Jaeyun’s wrist with one hand, “Go a little softer. A little gentler.”


Jaehyun did so, and Mark melted.


He let out a long “ ohhhhh ” as his eyes rolled back, and his head lolled between his shoulders again.


After only a brief time, however, Mark winced and reached for Jaehyun’s wrist again.


“Shit, it’s starting to feel dry. Can you get--”


He grimaced as Jaehyun pulled all the way out.


“Um--” Mark stuttered, his mind short circuiting from the sudden change in sensations.


“We need lube,” Jaehyun said.


Mark looked over his shoulder at Jaehyun. “Do you have any?”


Jaehyun stared back at him for a moment, glanced down to his hole, then back up at him again. “No.”


Mark furrowed his brow. It was easy to forget that not everyone lived their life constantly anticipating impromptu fucking.


“That’s fine, I have some in my bag,” Mark said.


As Mark stood up, Jaehyun had to grab him by the arm to steady him. Mark stood there for a moment on shaky legs, then went over to where his bag was sitting under his chair at the table. He could feel Jaehyun’s eyes on his ass. When he reached his bag, he made a point to bend down with his legs straight, showing off those round cheeks. He dug through the front pocket with his hips slowly swaying side to side. Once he finally located his little bottle of emergency lube, he turned around and held it up triumphantly.


“Found it!” He announced cheerfully.


He pretended to not notice the ravenous look in Jaehyun’s eyes. As he walked back over to the beanbag, he hoped Jaehyun couldn’t see the little shiver that went down his spine.


Mark handed the bottle to Jaehyun. Just as he started to get situated back on the beanbag in the same position as before, a hand on his waist stopped him.


He glanced over his shoulder. “Yeah?”


Jaehyun seemed to need a moment to remember how to speak. He licked his lips, then finally said in a low voice, “I know something else we could do.”


Mark feigned obliviousness. He raised his eyebrows and gave Jaehyun a curious little pout. “Really? What is it?”


“Get up.”


Mark obliged and stood to the side. His eyes were wide and fixed on Jaehyun, pretending as if he had no idea what Jaehyun might have in mind.


Jaehyun dropped down heavily onto the beanbag. The lube bottle clattered to the floor beside him. He leaned back and spread his legs, getting comfortable, then reached forward and grabbed Mark by the wrists.


Mark was pulled roughly down, then Jaehyun’s hands were on his waist, manhandling him onto Jaehyun’s lap.


Mark laughed. “This is the same position as before!”


Jaehyun just cast him a glance as he reached to the side to retrieve the bottle.


Mark’s bottom lip caught between his teeth as he watched Jaehyun slick himself up with the lube. This time there was no barrier between their two cocks, of which Jaehyun took full advantage. He took hold of both of their lengths with just one hand and jerked them off at once. Mark’s head spun as he considered how big Jaehyun’s hands were, and how tiny his own cock looked next to Jaehyun’s.

Jaehyun slathered more lube onto his fingers and reached around Mark’s waist. He didn’t even bother to start with one this time; Instead he started right off the bat with three fingers pushing right into Mark’s hole. His other hand kept jerking the both of them off, and Mark’s brain was caught between wanting to rut forward into Jaehyun’s fist or push backwards against his fingers.


“Do we need condoms?” Jaehyun asked raggedly.


“I’m fine without, if you are.”


Jaehyun made an intense, throaty noise at this and tightened his grip on their cocks. “Mark Lee, you are unreal.”


An embarrassed laugh bubbled out of Mark’s chest, which quickly dissolved into a whine when Jaehyun stretched him wide with his fingers. Finally Jaehyun pulled out, and his hands on Mark’s waist steadied him as Mark moved into a kneeling position over Jaehyun’s slick cock.


“Hang on just a second,” Jaehyun muttered, hastily squirting some more lube onto his length and stroking himself a few more times for good measure. “Okay.”


Mark giggled. “Geez, you like it wet.”


“Felt bad for fingering you so dry before,” Jaehyun mumbled, flushing, as he set the bottle back on the ground. “Don’t want to hurt you.”


Mark just laughed again. He gripped Jaehyun’s shoulders and started to lower himself down.


Jaehyun kept one hand on Mark’s waist and used the other to hold his length in place.


They both groaned when Mark’s hot, loose hole enveloped Jaehyun’s cock. Jaehyun’s was more of a restrained, breathy sigh, while Mark let himself moan freely, pressing his face into the shoulder of Jaehyun’s jacket as a half hearted attempt to muffle himself.


Once Mark was all the way down, he wrapped his arms tight around Jaehyun’s shoulders and just sat there for a bit, catching his breath. This was always his favourite part: Getting used to the feeling of a new cock completely filling him up for the first time. He flexed his muscles, tightening and loosening around Jaehyun, relishing the way that Jaehyun’s length twitched with every stimulation.


Jaehyun’s hands smoothed up and down Mark’s back. “You good?” He murmured.


Mark nodded, then realized Jaehyun couldn’t see him. “Yes,” He said breathlessly. “You feel so good.”


Jaehyun groaned quietly and tightened his arms around Mark. “So do you.”


Mark started to bounce a little, his hips rolling every time he bottomed out. He leaned back and steadied himself on Jaehyun’s shoulders again, then fell into a good rhythm of bouncing quickly on Jaehyun’s cock.


It was entirely too hot, the both of them still fully clothed from the waist up, and with Jaehyun even wearing his boxers still. Mark was already breaking a sweat, and he could see a slight sheen on Jaehyun’s forehead beneath him. He wondered if his own face was as red as Jaehyun’s now. He could feel a wet film of sweat in the crook of his knees, bent against the sides of Jaehyun’s waist.


Adding to the wet stickiness of the sweat on his skin, he could feel precum and lube leaking out of his hole every time he bounced. He was certain some of it must be getting on the beanbag, and he wondered if it would be in the public’s best interest to set it on fire once the two of them were done.


His own cock was dribbling, bouncing against his stomach and leaving little wet marks on his yellow hoodie. He was dripping onto Jaehyun’s clothes too.


“When I come,” Mark said raggedly, his voice jumping every time his hips dropped all the way down, “What do you want me to do? I don’t want to stain your shirt.”


Jaehyun seemed to snap out of a haze at the sound of Mark’s voice, and he looked up at him with a baffled blink. “Are you getting close?”


“A little,” Mark said, lifting a hand to push his sweat-slicked hair out of his face. “But don’t worry--” He grunted, “I always go at least two rounds.”


“Fuck,” Jaehyun swore under his breath, then he was gripping Mark firmly by the hips and thrusting up into him.


Mark cried out from the sudden force, and he fell forward with his hands on the beanbag above Jaehyun’s shoulders. He arched his back and let Jaehyun do all the work, helpless moans falling from his lips every time Jaehyun’s hips slapped against his ass. A particularly sharp thrust had his body jolting forward with a loud cry, and he leaned down to bury his face in the crook of Jaehyun’s neck.


“Holy fuck,” Mark babbled desperately as Jaehyun picked up speed, “Oh my god, oh fuck, fuck, shit--”


His litany of curses hiked higher and higher in pitch as his orgasm got increasingly nearer.


“But your shirt,” He whined urgently, “Your shirt, I’m gonna stain it--”


“Do it,” Jaehyun growled, his hips pounding harder, “Come on me. I want to see it.” His hands gripped Mark’s ass cheeks, holding them apart as he fucked Mark’s wrecked hole.


Mark keened desperately, pushing his hips back against Jaehyun’s thrusts in a hungry frenzy. With one hand like a vice on Jaehyun’s shoulder, he reached down and pumped his own throbbing cock once, twice, three times.


He let go as soon as his orgasm hit him. His hips stuttered as he came, thin ropes of cum splattering onto the logo of Jaehyun’s tee.


Jaehyun started to slow down, but Mark grabbed his arm and shook his head.


“Keep going,” Mark gasped, “Faster.”


Mark cried out from the overstimulation as Jaehyun continued to fuck him through his orgasm. His cock managed a few more pulses of cum onto Jaehyun’s stomach. Since Mark didn’t touch himself during his orgasm, his cock stayed hard, standing at attention over the streaks that it had left on Jaehyun’s clothes.


“Holy shit,” Jaehyun said, breathless. “You’re insane.”


Mark let out an exhausted laugh as he slumped against Jaehyun.


Jaehyun ran out of stamina and slowed his thrusts. Mark leaned back and planted his hands on Jaehyun’s knees. He started to roll his hips up and down, giving Jaehyun a clear view of his still-hard cock bouncing against his stomach, as well as where his hole sucked in Jaehyun’s cock. He knew he looked like a mess, his hair damp and matted against his forehead, his eyelids heavy from the remaining bliss of his orgasm. The hungry, unfaltering look in Jaehyun’s eyes as he stared at Mark sent a delicious tingle through his skin.


Across the room, Mark heard the generic ringtone of an iPhone. “Is that yours?” He asked, still maintaining his slow rhythm.


Jaehyun nodded. “Ignore it.”


Mark did so.


A minute after the ringing stopped, it picked back up again. Mark gave Jaehyun a curious tilt of his head.


Jaehyun leaned his head back and groaned. “I guess I should see who it is. Ugh, sorry.”


Mark giggled and climbed off of Jaehyun’s lap. “It’s all good.”


As Jaehyun got up and went over to his phone, Mark collapsed back onto the beanbag. He turned onto his side and fingered himself absentmindedly, not wanting to feel empty for too long. He watched as Jaehyun answered his phone, then laughed quietly at the baffled look on Jaehyun’s face.


“Oh right,” Jaehyun said to the other person on the line. As he awkwardly tucked his hard cock into his underwear with one hand, “Okay, thank you. Thanks.”


Jaehyun had a strange expression as he hung up and went back across the room. Mark watched him curiously, waiting for an explanation, his fingers still fucking in and out of himself slowly. Instead of going to Mark, however, Jaehyun went past him and up the steps to the lounge’s door.


“What are you doing?” Mark asked.


Jaehyun just opened the door a crack and peeked outside. He opened it further and stuck his head out, glancing both directions before looking down. Mark watched him lean down and pick something up behind the door, then he straightened up, turned around, and shut the door behind him.


Mark burst out in raucous laughter at the sight of the McDonald’s bag in Jaehyun’s hand.


“Oh my god, I forgot about that!” Mark cried. He stamped his feet on the ground as he laughed harder.


Jaehyun stood there on the landing dumbly, bag in hand. “I did too,” He said.


Mark covered his face and threw his head back, unable to contain his amusement. The sight of Jaehyun standing there in his underwear with a bag of burgers, mere moments after fucking Mark to orgasm, tickled his funny bone in a way that he couldn’t begin to put into words.


Jaehyun huffed in disbelief at Mark’s elation as he came down the steps and put the bag on the table. He couldn’t help his smile, however, as he watched Mark struggle to calm himself down.


“So… Did you want to stop and eat these now, or…?” Jaehyun trailed off.


Mark shook his head, waving his hands around as if to shoo his own laughter away. “No, no,” He said, fighting back the last bubbles of glee, “No, sorry, let’s keep going. We can eat afterwards.”


Jaehyun nodded. “Sounds good.” He started to move towards the beanbag, then paused with a thoughtful cock of his head. “Do you want to try a different position?”




Feeling energized by the quick break and promise of food afterwards, Mark hopped out of the seat. “What were you thinking?”


Moments later, Mark found himself bent over the big study lounge table, mere feet away from the circuit project he had been working on for the better part of the day. Jaehyun stood directly behind him, a hand on his back urging him to arch further against the top of the table. He heard some shuffling of clothes from Jaehyun, and he peeked over his shoulder to see Jaehyun stepping out of his underwear and shucking his jacket and tee off.


Well, shit, if they weren’t going to bother worrying about someone walking in anymore, Mark had no reason to stay in this furnace of a hoodie. He straightened up slightly and pulled both layers off at once, dropping them onto the floor beside him.


“Um…” Jaehyun said hesitantly.


Mark looked over his shoulder again. “Huh?”


Jaehyun looked embarrassed. “Would you be willing to keep the hoodie on?”


Mark blinked. “Really? Why?”


“You just,” Jaehyun flushed, “You look really really hot in it.”


Mark snorted. “Really?”


“Yeah. And if it was the only thing you were wearing, that’d be really…”


Mark sighed. “Yeah, okay, fine.”


He leaned down and picked his clothes back off the floor. He peeled his sweaty tee out from inside the hoodie, then pulled the hoodie back over his head. It was slightly cooler without the undershirt, so at least Mark had that.


“Thanks, Mark,” Jaehyun said.


Mark laughed quietly. “You’re welcome?”


Mark settled into a position with his elbows resting on the table. The hoodie slipped up his back a bit as he arched, and the loose fabric hung low beneath his chest.


Jaehyun lubed himself up some more until his cock was practically dripping. He jerked himself quick in anticipation as he started to push inside Mark, the other hand holding Mark’s hips steady. He started slow, giving Mark some time to get used to this new position. Once he got a good rhythm with his thrusts, he twisted a fist into the hem of the back of Mark’s hoodie, his other hand slipping around Mark’s body to grasp his chest under the fabric.


Jaehyun was leaning far enough forward that Mark could feel his breath on the back of his neck. He tried to arch his back further, craning his head back in an attempt to get closer to Jaehyun. Every thrust of Jaehyun deep inside him surged a choked little moan from his mouth.


“I wanna see how flexible you’ve gotten,” Jaehyun muttered, the close proximity of his voice to Mark’s ear causing Mark to shiver. “Can you show me?”


Mark nodded and gave a breathy noise of affirmation. Without disrupting Jaehyun’s rhythm, he turned to the side and kept himself propped on just one elbow. He lifted one leg, then winced.


“Hold that leg up. Put it over your shoulder or something.”


Jaehyun did so, holding Mark’s leg up with one hand by the underside of his thigh. As he guided Mark’s knee to his shoulder, his cock slipped out.


Mark whined with displeasure at the sudden emptiness.


Once they were situated, Jaehyun pushed all the way back in with one quick thrust.


Mark cried out and grasped the edge of the table with his hands to ground himself, now moaning loudly with every thrust as Jaehyun fucked him sideways. His eyes squeezed shut, and his head was jostled to the side every time Jaehyun pounded into him.


Mark’s moans suddenly jumped higher as he felt his orgasm start to approach. He quickly dissolved into a babbling mess, struggling not to squirm too much to maintain the position they were in.


“I’m gonna…” Mark managed to choke out amidst a slew of unintelligible noises, “It’s coming, holy fuck-- Don’t stop, go faster--”


Mark’s second orgasm slid through him gradually, filling him all the way from head to toe. His neck went slack, his head hanging down below his shoulders as Jaehyun continued to jostle him. He was barely even aware of the noises he was making, the blinding pleasure of his climax blocking out his senses for a few blissful moments.


Once it passed, Mark looked down to see a couple small streaks on his hoodie. He frowned, thinking of how hard it’ll be to get the stains out in the morning. Then he watched Jaehyun’s hand reach down and wipe a finger across one of the streaks.


Mark turned his head just in time to see Jaehyun run his tongue along his finger. Mark groaned at the sight, his drained cock already starting to twitch back to life.


“Can you go another round?” Jaehyun asked, his voice jumping with effort at every thrust.


“Of course,” Mark said shakily.


“Let’s do a new position.”


Mark nodded, breathless, and slumped against the table when Jaehyun dropped his leg and pulled out. He hobbled after Jaehyun towards the couch across the room, then fell backwards onto it with a heavy grunt.


“Are you okay?” Jaehyun asked.


“Mmm…” Mark closed his eyes and reached down to stick two fingers into his hole. “Yes. Can I take this hoodie off now, though? I’m, like, melting.”


“Oh yeah, of course. Sorry.”


With some effort, Mark pulled the hoodie off then resumed his slow fingering.


“I wanna…” Jaehyun started hesitantly.


Mark blinked up at him curiously.


Jaehyun was staring down at him with a dark look in his eyes. “I wanna bend you in half.”


Mark laughed. “You’ll have to do that yourself. I’m already exhausted.”


“Yeah? I can, though?”


“Go for it, big boy.”


Jaehyun went for it, grasping Mark by the thighs and pulling his legs up above Mark’s body.


“How flexible are you? Can you put your feet behind your head?”


Mark chuckled. “We can try.”


Mark let Jaehyun push his legs further, then he lifted his head to provide space for his feet to go. His eyes snapped open wide when his feet actually managed to reach behind his head.


“Wow, I did not think that would work,” He said with a small laugh. He grinned up at Jaehyun, but the smile quickly faded from his face when he saw the absolutely ravenous way that Jaehyun was staring down at him.


“Mark,” Jaehyun breathed. “Holy fuck.”


Mark caught his lower lip in his teeth and raised his eyebrows at Jaehyun. “What are you waiting for?”


Jaehyun looked down just long enough to make sure he was lined up. He held eye contact as he pushed in, drinking in the way that Mark’s face melted when he was finally filled up again.


“Do you want me to go slower this time?”


“Holy shit, no ,” Mark keened, “Go as fast as you can. Break me.”


Jaehyun cursed sharply at this and immediately started fucking as hard as he could manage.


Mark cried out, his eyes twisting shut and mouth falling open. Every thrust forced a loud groan from his throat.


The burn in his thighs quickly became too much to bear, and he had to move his feet from behind his head. He let Jaehyun continue to bend him in half, however, with Jaehyun’s hands on the back of his thighs holding his knees right by his shoulders. His legs were bent, his toes curling next to Jaehyun’s arms. He felt so small, so open and helpless, pinned underneath Jaehyun’s strong form.


It was always the last orgasm that hit Mark the hardest. Somehow, the lack of room for foreplay or buildup always seemed to force the most powerful climaxes into Mark’s body, as if every previous orgasm was just practice for the real thing.


He got mere seconds of warning before his third climax crashed into him. His entire body went rigid, his face twisting up as a high, thin whine curled from his throat.


He didn’t need to look to know that he was almost completely dry at this point.


It didn’t take long until Jaehyun finally came as well. He pulled out and quickly jerked himself through his orgasm, shooting thick streaks of cum onto Mark’s spent body with a long, low moan.


Mark hummed with quiet satisfaction and ran his fingers through the cum on his stomach. He lifted his eyes to Jaehyun’s, holding his gaze as he pushed his sticky fingers between his own lips.


Jaehyun’s shoulders sagged as he let out a small, disbelieving laugh. “I don’t even get how this is possible.”


Mark raised his eyebrows. “What?”


“Everything you do is so ridiculously fucking sexy. I feel like I could already get hard again.”


“Oh god,” Mark groaned with a laugh, leaning his head back. “As if I wasn’t already going to be limping tomorrow.”


“Can… Can I? Can you do any more?”




Mark considered his options. He could either stop and eat his McDonald’s burger, stop and go back to his midterm project, or…


Fuck it. He probably wasn’t going to get any more progress on his project tonight, anyways. And the burger would still be there later.


“Fine,” He surrendered.


Jaehyun’s eyes lit up. “Really? You wanna keep going?”


Mark laughed.


“Yeah, dude. Go for it.”



< subject: notice of absence >



8:49 a.m.


hi professor kim,

i won’t be able to make it to lecture this morning. unfortunately i injured my leg and can’t walk all the way across campus today. i will make sure to check the notes after lecture.