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Building Foundations

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It's the second day of the Inter High and your mood couldn't be better. Your team along with you will advance to the finals the next day.

You just won against Datekou and it was your toss to Hinata which scored you the last point.

He's walking right next to you in the hallway and he's grinning like the idiot you like to call him but right now you don't even care because you're feeling the exact same way he does.

"Kageyama-kun, that toss was perfect!" he says joyfully and jumps forward high up into air as if to imitate the movements he did during the game but the moment his feet hit the floor, he almost trips over a dark object lying on the ground.

"Dumbass!" you yell at him, while he still manages to catch himself before he falls flat on his face.

"What was that?" He asks confused and after you're sure he's okay, you go after the object HInata just kicked away.

"I don't know." you answer as you pick it up and almost immediately after you correct yourself. "It's a wallet."

"Oooooh! Someone must have lost it!" Hinata says in a loud voice and it doesn't take him long to be next to you again. "Who does it belong to?"

You open it and there is an ID card inside with a name and face you know to well.

"It's Kunimi's"

But Aoba Jousai's bus is already gone, and they won't be here tomorrow either.