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Harry Potter And The Wicked Witches And Wizards Of The World

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Azkaban, a dark, cold fortress in the middle of the North sea. The Birth Place of Dementors. A place close to Hell, some would say for its depressing and heartless appearance. Not to be seen by humans or muggles, for the wizards and witches of the magical world. But if there was a crime against a witch or wizard, and the severity was of real dire circumstance, then they would find the impossible, possible quick they could blink. It held dark and awful witches and wizards, some probably innocent souls. Their crimes and disgusting actions landed them where they deserve to be. 


Most that occupied its stoned floors and walls were mostly, Death Eaters. The dark lord's followers, He-who-shall-not-be-name, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Lord Voldemort. The most dangerous and Terrifying presence to the wizarding world since Gellert Grindelwald. Hundreds of his followers to be imprisoned there before and after his resurrection and after his fall again. It would still be used as such, but the dementors were no longer used to guard the fortress. Not many have occupied it either because they were dead or haven't been found. The majority of them still filled the baron fortress. 


One of his followers, his most faithful and loyal servants, was none other than, Bellatrix Nuphiemia Black nee Lestrange. The most dangerous witch of her time, crazed, sadistic, and downright deranged. She had sided with the dark lord at first for 'the pureblood movement.' A movement in which pureblooded witches and wizards would side for more pureblooded traditions. But it turned out to be nothing more than a front for their leader was half-blooded himself. He would use it as a way to subjugate the wizarding world for power, Pronounce himself as the supreme ruler of the world. Her reasoning change when she started to develop feelings for him, she loved him. And would be willing to follow him to death. Unfortunately, that did not happen instead he was expelled away twice by the Savior of the Wizarding World, the Boy-Who-lived, and now the Man-Who-Won, Harry James Potter. 


Currently, in Azkaban, it was going through its routine security sweep with everything being clear. Though a certain prisoner was currently being visited by the Head Auror for private information. Down on the main level of the fortress stood next to a large reinforced door was Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks, Head Of Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and next to her was her aunt, Narcissa Dorea Black nee Malfoy. They were currently waiting for the warden and Head Auror to be done with his surprising visit.


"How long do you think this is going to take? I'm not overly fond of standing in this wretched place." Tonk stated, she always was antsy and could never sit still, it what made her skill in the auror academy useful that and her metamorphic abilities. "Calm now, Dora let our lord do what he needs to do, I'd say about twenty minutes or less, he likes to be thorough when extracting information," Narcissa replied calmly, she was always the more patient member of the black family.


Tonks just huffed and gave her aunt a sour look. Narcissa just smiled and replied with "Just have some patience, you never know something could always present itself." 


Behind the reinforced door was heavy panting, grunting, and moaning. Along with loud slapping noises of flesh impacting each other, and the sound of rattling. Of course, the noises of sexual intercourse were coming from none other than Harry and Bellatrix. Harry was hardcore plowing the dark lord's most faithful servant, one of his hands was grabbing the neck of Bellatrix making her arch her back, while the other was on her hip. Bellatrix's hands were the only support from her not being face-first into the large desk, her mouth was open constantly grunting or moaning like a whore. Bellatrix's physical feeling was like nothing else, through all her experiences this was effortlessly the best, having Harry Potter's cock in the cunt was easily the highlight of her life. 




"UGGGHHHHH!!!! FUCK ME!" Bellatrix yelled out in pleasure as harry gave her ass a hard slap. 








Bellatrix squeals and continues to moan as three more hard slaps come down on her ass. Harry then lets go of Bellatrix's neck, and with both hands slams them down onto Bellatrix's juicy onion butt. The action is enough to drive her over the edge, her walls clench around his girthy cock and attempt to extract every bit of cum from his balls. Her attempt manage to get a loud throaty groan from him, but none of his baby nectar. Her eyes roll into the back of her head, and her tongue lolls out of the mouth, her arms no longer have the strength to support her position. Her body then falls into a slump on the large desk. Heavy panting comes from Bellatrix Black as she just received her fourth consecutive orgasm, the first was physically overwhelming, but the last three were almost inhumanly crazy and did it without passing out briefly. She finally started to regain some reality, in the process of her orgasm harry cock slid out of her, in which she noticed his dick was no longer inside her and he hadn't came once.


She was disappointed she couldn't get him to come yet, she even spent a sufficient amount of time sucking him off as if her life depended on it. 


"What did I tell you bitch, when I said head to my desk?" Harry's voice was cold and sharp. Drawing Bellatrix out of her disappointment. It made her spine shiver, and now she realized she fucked up and was going to have to make it up to him.

"Put your hands on the desk and keep them there, all while arching you back like the death eater slut you are, my lord." She reiterated precisely what he said, and failed.


"Well then, I guess I don't need to make any more visits, hmmm." Harry didn't move from the spot he was standing, he already knew what was coming.

"No! no, please, my lord. Please, I'll serve you in any way I can, your cumdumpster whore, your fierce warrior, whatever you want, just please don't go." Her voice was frantic and pleading, and was all truthful. Harry only smiled and lays his 12-inch cock between Bellatrix's ass cheeks.


"I believe you, to tell the truth, so with that, you've got a minute to prepare my cock again, then I'm shoving it up your ass," Harry said with a grin.


Not needing any encouragement Bellatrix quickly gets to her knees and wraps her mouth around his cock. Having suck his cock no long ago, she eagerly swallows nine inches of the intimidating slab of thick man meat, firmly with both hands strokes the rest of his cock. Bellatrix didn't go at a slow pace slurping and gagging all over his cock, it manages to get a groan from him which encourage her to keep up her process. Harry looked down at the woman who took his godfather away from him, slobbering and moaning all over his cock. He grabbed her dark curl locks and aggressively thrust into her mouth, more of his cock was swallowed by her. Something that impressed him was her eyes never left his face, her eyes showed enjoyment and hunger. With a few more sputters and throat raping, Harry decided to give her the punishment.


"Now, bitch get up and assume the position, I'm going to make you a buttslut. You are going to enjoy having your ass fucked by your new master."


Bellatrix got up, saliva still all over her mouth and chin, bent over the desk spread her ass cheek for her master. She beings to feel Harry press his monstrous tip against her bumhole. Slowly Harry inserts five inches of his cock into her ass, her eyes widen as it happens and as each inch is inserted, she has a throaty groan. Harry with at least seven inches feel some give and thrust bottoming out, Bellatrix shouts and her eyes go cross-eyed. Harry then wandlessly bounds her arm behind her back. Harry decides to hammer home into Bellatrix with   powerful  force, the whole desk shakes from each thrust.


"Yea...Take it Bitch...Take...My...Cock..." Harry groans every thrush accompanying each word. "Your...Going...To Be...My...Cum....Dumpster...Fuck Yea..."


Bellatrix groans loudly from each thrust relishing having her ass destroyed. Harry Thrust becoming faster, like a jackhammer, rattling the desk and her moans becoming louder, like a true slut.




Harry oblige every word he was going to ake her his anal loving whore, to the point she would bend over without asking. He will himself to cum and he did pumping a thirty-second orgasm into her ass. Bellatrix gushed all over herself, all she saw and thought of was a blank white space. As Harry pulled out a wave of white cream came out of her gaping ass.


"Understand, we're not done Bella, you have two more loads from me," Harry stated. Bellatrix who recovered surprisingly wiggled her ass at him.

"I'm all for you my lord, fill me up, pimp me out. Do whatever you want with me just please give more of that cock." Bellatrix had her signature grin, harry got exactly as he wanted.


They continued the same way, Harry told her potions would be brought to her to keep her from being to warn out. As Harry opened the door he found some rather interesting. He found Tonks with her jeans a pooled around her ankles slamming into Narcissa's wide plump ass from the back, he knew of her ability to change into men but not their organs, he guesses she figured it out.


"UGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! FUCK YEA!!! THIS PUSSY IS SO TIGHT! WHO DO YOU BELONG TO MY BITCH!!!" Tonks was jackhammering her aunt from behind. Harry didn't want to interrupt, not wanting to give tonks blue balls.


"YOU MISTRESS!!! GIVE ME THAT EIGHT-INCH COCK!!! FUCK!!!!" Cissy was in a world of pleasure, been four years without cock. She tried to get Harry, but he never turned her way for some reason.


"HOLY SHIT! GOD, YOUR ARE SO TIGHT!!! UGH! I'M CLOSE, CISSY! FUCK, I'M GONNA FILL YOU UP! CALL ME MOMMY DEAREST!!! TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT MY CUM!" Tonks was hammering faster and showed a lot of dominance. Harry wondered if they have done this more than twice.


"YES, MISTRESS!!! FILL ME UP!!! FILL ME UP!!! OOH!!! FILL ME UP MOMMY DEAREST!!!" Tonks Came first grunting out her orgasm and Narcissa squealed and shook violently.


"Merlin, That was amazing" Tonks exclaimed. Narcissa just smiled and waved her wand and vanish their mess. "Do you think he is done?" Tonks asked, but before her partner could respond Harry spoke up.


"Yes! I've been done for five minutes that was quite the show you two put on." As Harry walked to them, their red faces show how much embarrassment was showing. Narcissa left to wait outside and let tonks deal with Harry. 


"Mommy Dearest?" Harry asked with a laugh.


"Shut up. Harry."

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The last four years have been rough for Narcissa. She sits at home alone and bored, asking her family house-elf for a bottle and glass of wine got real sad and depressing. Draco got married to the youngest Greengrass, which was the best thing for him as Astoria could handle his attitude, some would say she has the bigger ball in the relationship. His mother was happy for him, but not surprisingly scared because she now knew she be alone in the giant manor. Her husband was in Azkaban for life, her son was whipped by his wife, and she had no friends. 


She occasionally had moments she thought about her life before it all went so far and wrong. How she go with her sisters to shops and chat with andromeda about boys. She misses those times, and silently tears up when thinking it went so south for the black family, it started with that monster she had to call her lord. Then Bellatrix getting envolved, but what did it was andromeda leaving her family for the muggle-born for love. That had hurt all of them, none more than Bellatrix. Her extremist ideals and less than sane judgment, made her go berzerk. She remembered that day very well siding with her family, feeling betrayed. Her marriage to Lucius Malfoy was not the worst or the best moment of her life, but it Brough Draco into her life so it made it bearable. Shame he turned to be more like his father.


Narcissa brooding was cut short when her house-elf alerted her that the Head Auror was her for a weekly routine sweep, the family had to submit to it after the war. Nobody, all except Harry Potter believed and trusted her. As she makes her way to the floo, and sees the green flames appear, along with the green-eyed wizard. She put on a smile to welcome him.


"Good afternoon, Harry."


"Good Afternoon to you too, Lady Malfoy," Harry responds formally. She notices he's changed a bit over the last four years. He was more fit and full looking than the malnourished. His scar has faded, barely noticeable. Narcissa caught herself, thinking why she noticed these things. She didn't before, but now she was checking him out. She blamed it on the idea she may be a little drunk, she did have a whole bottle of wine.


"I believe we should do the sweep then. I don't want to bother you or take up much of your time." Harry stated.


' You can take as much as you want. ' Narcissa thought. She mentally shook her head. She nodded firmly, and they walked throughout the manor, Harry waving his wand and using scanning charms, he knew he wouldn't find anything as Narcissa didn't indulge in dark objects as far as he knew. Narcissa currently focused on Harry's body scanning and all the while asking common questions. As Harry turned Narcissa got a look at his butt to which she responded by biting her lip and hiding a small moan within her mouth. She had to briefly look away to conduct herself. It had been a good seven years since she had sex and okay sex at that. Never really having a good lover.


"So, Harry, I hope I'm not intruding or being rude by asking, but I've heard you are no longer with the weasly girl." She was nervous, she didn't know how he was going to react. She had hoped since they had previous chats in the past that she would get an answer from him.


"Uh, no, I don't mind. Ginny and I are no longer together. It truly just didn't work out ginny was in the spotlight due to quidditch and being your boyfriend is Harry Potter helps get more tickets in the seats, isn't all that bad. However, that really wasn't it, she loves the spotlight, I don't honestly, I like quietness and simplicity. I don't think I'll get with a weasly." After the war He was tired. All his life was death threat and Voldemort trying to kill him, along with people obsessing over his Boy Who Lived moniker, he was tired of it ginny wasn't.


Narcissa wasn't expecting all that, but she could see he never like or loved his fame as much as her son says the opposite. She could tell he was kind, caring, selfless, and humble. To her All the things that made him undesirable.


She wanted him badly, and Narcissa had a plan on getting exactly what she wanted.


"Alright, I believe thats it, As I suspected nothing illegal or dark with evil intent. I may have to file something to say this is utter rubbish." He spoke with a charming smile that made Narcissa panties wet.


"Oh, I wouldn't do that now, Harry. Your probably not looking in the right spots. Who knows, if you look a bit more thoroughly you might find it and other things." Narcissa had no idea what possessed her to say that, but the smile show exactly what she meant. "Are you saying you're hiding some under your robes, Mrs. Malfoy?" He was now allowing that charming personality to come out, and Narcissa wanted to see how far he would go.


"Maybe, you never did ask me, but I am willing to commit to a body search if that would be satisfying for you." Narcissa's voice had a sultry tone, in which Harry walked up to her and delicately put his hands around her neck, and slowly but sensually, they roam down to her shoulders. Harry could see the hunger in Narcissa's blue eyes they were mentally stripping him down. His hands found her beautiful breast, much like the black women she was very much above average. Narcissa let out a moan as Harry " searched " her breast, kneading the soft flesh. 


'Oh, Meave!!! God, I'm going to have you in me, Harry Potter.'


Harry felt done with her breast and roamed past her hips, and firmly grasped Narcissa's voluptuous plump ass. Harry could hear her breath hitch as grabbed it, she had a smile that would melt men. Her hands found his cheek and without any hesitation, she attacked his lips. She moaned through the kiss, both of them deciding to fight for tounge dominance. Narcissa pushed him against the wall and pulled from their kiss, she then grabbed the visible erection showing for him. She undid his belt and pants quickly, in doing so she revealed the ten-inch slab of cock meat. She giggled and grabbed it her inner Nympho was coming out, she drop down to her knees and spits on Harry's cock. 


"Hmmm, I wonder why nobody has trapped you yet, this monster could probably impregnate 5 witches in a row, along with these cum filled balls." Without any reluctance, she opens and closes her lips around Harry's cock. Swallowing eight inches she gags and sputters, all while looking up at Harry Potter. His face shows both astonishment and amusement, having Narcissa Malfoy gagging all over his cock was glorious. Narcissa's lips came off his cock with a pop, moaned at the taste, and circled her tounge around his cock, and then repeating her previous process. She bobbed her head back and forth quickly taking eight inches with pride. Harry had his eye close, Narcissa was his best blowjob by far. He grabbed her blonde hair down to the scalp and thrust cock into her mouth, making her take all his ten-inch meat. His balls slapped against her chin, she doesn't know why, but she was loving the thrusting of Harry, forcibly making her his whore. To her maybe it was fun to see harry lose his naturally honorable self, and take what was his, she was enjoying this. She didn't even notice her hand was grabbing his ass cheeks.


Harry started thrusting faster, he could feel his balls getting ready to unleash five months of frustration. Narcissa just took the throat fucking and she didn't mind, her throat would clench every time shove all of his dick down her mouth. Narcissa knew what was coming and couldn't wait for him to blow his load in her mouth.


"GAGHK! GAGHK! GAGHK! GAGHK!" Harry's ball clenched and with three more thrusts, a wave of thick cum encompassed Narcissa's mouth, she gulped all of it down, Harry groaned each time she did as if she was extracting it from his balls. Five total gulps and she came off with a pop, pumped his cock a few more times to get more. All while cleaning his thick meat.


"HMMM!!! Fuck your seed is sweet! And you are still hard, good cause you're not leaving here until you finished your search." She giggled and got up and then ripped her behind her down the middle. She could feel the air hit her bum, as she turns around and heads to the living room, she bend over showing her fat plump ass to Harry. She is on all fours on the living room sofa, in a ready position to be pounded by a Harry Potter. "Come, Auror Potter, fill my cunt up with your seed, I need a good pounding. I need you to fuck me like the good pureblood whore, I am." Harry wasted no time and made his way to her. It was a blessed sight her wiggling her ass for him, Harry would always stare at her ass, beside her blonde hair her ass was another prominent feature. Harry slid his cock against her wet pussy and with a powerful slap to her ass, he slid in.


Narcissa took a big inhale when he slid in. Not having anything more than four inches was a lot, she could only imagine how stretched out she was going to be. Harry took what she said lateral slamming home into her snatch, treating her like whore. "Fuck, you're tight. You love this don't you Narcissa be fuck like a whore." Harry snatch her hair making her arch her back, the loud sound of her thick ass slapping against his hip filled the whole manor. "Fuck yes, I love it. Pound my pussy, Fuck it, Auror Potter. Turn me into your whore, breed me please." Harry slammed harder and faster into her, she moaned and grunted like a wanton whore. Narcissa's walls squeeze tightly around his cock and she squealed, she gushed all of harry dick. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head, Harry continued to fuck her through her orgasm, but to came inside her filling her up as she wanted. Harry gritted his teeth as her cunt seem to milk his cock. He pulled out and took a step back to admire his work. God Narcissa was sexy, his mind was all for her. He then heard her giggle again she rose her head and turned to see him. 


She wanted more from him. 


"Oh no, Auror Potter. You are not done with your search yet, you still have one more area you have to check." She spread her ass cheeks to show her bumhole, Harry's eyes widen. She wanted him to fuck her ass, he has indulged in that at Hogwarts with Pansy Parkinson deal she had to execute between them." Turn over, I want to see your face when I place my cock meat into your sacred hole." Narcissa obeyed turning over showing her sexy body. She spread her legs for him, her cum filled pussy was also something that made her look like a goddess. As Harry made his way between her legs, he lowered himself face to face with her and gave a passionate kiss. The kiss turned into like the last one, Harry use that to slide in her ass. She growled when he did and attacked his lips, even more, her ass gave him more access than he thought. He started with slow pumps inching more and more into her bum, Narcissa moaned each time. They separated and there was nothing but hunger and desire in her eyes, she wanted him to fuck her.


"Fuck me, Harry. Pound my tight hole, fuck my slutty hole." Harry followed her orders and proceeded to pound her hole. Harry attacks her neck biting with just the right pressure to make it pleasurable. Narcissa was having fun, in her head, this is what she missed. She clamped her legs around his torso making his thrust longer and harder just how she loving it. She so whispers naughty words into his ear. "Fuck, thats it, fuck my ass, fuck my ass with that ten-inch cock meat. Turn me into buttslut, make me your anal whore. Fuck Draco's mummy Harry Potter, Fuck your rival's mother's ass." Those words pushed harry over the edge, and he filled her gut up with his hot cum. Narcissa moaned and came again her breathing was fast pace, Harry slipped out and rolled over. 


"I think my search was thorough." He chuckled, Narcissa laid her head on to his chest.


"I think you just turned me into an anal whore. Also if you are up to it, I was thinking we can have another session like this after some rest." Harry Just laughed and nodded. Narcissa's smile said everything she was thinking.


' God this was fun '

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Harry was angry at the twins. They somehow got him in trouble again. However, this time it was a week's worth of detention. He at least was serving it with his head of house, Minerva McGonagall. She wasn't much fun though, she really didn't seem the type to have fun. Maybe in her younger years, but now she resembles constant seriousness and conventional. War had done its number on her, she had lost her husband and sons, if that didn't change you, what would. Harry found her as a mother-like figure, though it be from the sidelines. He could see her appreciation for Quidditch, evident from her grudge on wanting to beat Slytherin. Though if Harry was honest with himself, he could see the physical beauty in her. Magic persevered her well as witch age slower than traditional muggle females. Her body had that lithed ballerina build, with a bit more curves in the hips, and her breast wasn't big or sagged as you would have thought for her age. They were just right. For Harry to be imagining this way would make him bile. That was another problem, his erection was screaming for it to be released. Harry didn't want to even bother his professor with that problem. 


He went to madame Pomfrey and embarrassingly enough to ask what was wrong with him, and she asked the content of something he drank and replied with, just pumpkin juice. He had been spiked a potion that increased his male libido, he wanted to kill the twins when he found out too. She had told him it would subside in two hours, well it was past that, and his lower area was hurting. He couldn't focus on the study material at all and hope that his detention was over. "Professor, how much time of my detention is left." He tried to keep his voice reeked of strain, Minerva realized it and would definitely investigate her student. "As long as I wish, Mr. Potter, but may I ask why do I ask." She looked at her favorite student and saw the pain in his eyes, which alerted her. Harry tried to hold a grunt within his mouth, but it was loud enough to where Minerva heard it from her desk.


"Mr. Potter, in good merlin sake what is wrong with you, and out with it the last time you withheld information of your care, Delores had use a blood quill to write on your hand." Minerva was beyond furious as that woman had not only harmed one of her lions but her godson. James and Lily had previously held that responsibility to Alice Longbottom, but she was permanently in Saint Mungo's care. Harry thought about not telling her but caved when he saw the concern in her expression. Harry sighed. "The twins spiked my pumpkin juice with a potion that would increase my libido, madame Pomfrey said it would pass after two hours,b-but I don't think that is the c-case." His voice was strained, and the pain could be heard in it. Minerva shook her head, those damn twins were going to be the death of her. Then she remember his drink was spiked, her head shot up in worry. "Harry, what color was your pumpkin juice, was it the same as it looked though, tasted sweeter than traditional like sugar cane. Harry started getting nervous as her voice scared him, as to how bad this incident really was. 


Minerva knew what exactly it was, it was a Scottish-rooted potion. She stood and rushed to her godson. "Harry, can you stand or walk?" He lifted himself from the chair and winced in pain, and made his way to her slowly. Her face showed deep concern and a mixture of anger. Those twins were in very profound trouble, not weeks of detention trouble, but like four months of it. As she guided him to her living quarters, she went to her potions cabinet and retrieved yellow, red, and cyan vials. She quickly made her way to her godson and looked at him. 


"Harry you were given ' incrementum praeter amor vincit omnia ' in the common tounge it means  growth beyond love conquers all.  It's a hormone potion that is given to older Scottish men in case of...sexual p-purposes." She didn't want to look at him when explaining this to him, what was going to take place was something she would have never thought would happen. "Professor it jus s-sounds like a muggled-drug viagra. I-it could be that b-bad, could it?" She paled when she heard the downplay of the sottish potion." Does it cause magic to implode in your body when not released?" Harry's eyes widened, and no it did not base off his expression. 


"Alright, Mr. Potter, I wanted to tell you this when I first met you, but Dumbledore forbade me. But knowing I'm posing and oathed to protect you, I must tell you this, and I know you'll be angry. I am your godmother." Harry's eyes widened and then narrowed, a jumble of emotions came all at once anger, betrayal, and somewhat a relief. Minerva knew this was such a bad moment to tell him, but she had to do he duty. "You have every right to be upset at me and, we will talk about this later, but right now we need to fix your magical implosion problem. Harry drop his emotions at the time and looked at his professor slash godmother now. He asked what he needed to do, and Minerva's face was a flustered red. "You need to drop your undergarments, so we can how far along you've progressed." Harry himself flushed red, he didn't expect to show his shlong towards his professor. He was hesitant, but the fact that the threat of magical implosion was in the process, he didn't stall. He undid his belt and slid down his pants and boxers, and revealed his cock. 


Minerva tried to keep herself composed, but it's not like every day you see your student's massive cock. A small gasped came out of her mouth as her eyes laid upon the biggest cock she has ever seen, Ten inches of meat was erected, long, and girthy. It would twitch, and the veins were protruding more than a normal penis would. She should be glad Harry was looking away from her cause if he paid attention, he would have seen Minerva licked her lips. She looked hungrily at the monstrous cock, she hadn't had sex in over 10 years, and witches' sexual craves didn't stop ever. She shook her head, she could believe she was sexually thinking of having sexual thoughts about Harry potter, her student, her godson. 


Minerva focused on the tasked at hand and read over a scroll that went along with the vials. She paled as she would have to sexually relive her godson. Red blush filled her face and neck, she was gonna have to do it for every hour, five hours have passed. She put down the scroll and walked towards Harry with the vials. "Here, Harry drink these, it will stop the magical implosion." Harry did so, but then felt his lower region tightened, and he groaned in the process. He looked down and saw his balls looked bigger than they should. He looked up to his godmother, out of concern. "Harry, calm down it's the potions doing their work. H-Harry five hours have passed, but it will block the passage to your body and focus it on your lower region. For it to be released...I'm going to have to... relieve you." Harry's eyes widened yet again by her statement, he wanted to complain, but his crotch area was burning and feels like it's going to explode. "I-its fine, professor let's j-just get t-this over w-with, it's painful." Minerva nodded and told Harry to turn around and face the wall, she came behind him. She was two inches taller than him, so she could see what she was doing, not that she needed to, Minerva was going to make this pleasurable for him.


She unloosened her green robe a bit so her breast would be a bit free. As she pressed herself against her godson, she could feel him stiffen as her breast was pushed against his back. They were a lot bigger than he thought, they didn't sag either. Her lips came up to his ear, he could feel her breath against it. "Alright, Harry are you ready, just tell me when I can get started. She reached out a single hand and wrapped her delicate fingers around his ten-inch cock. He groaned again, and, suddenly seeming unable to help herself, McGonagall stroked him several times. She could hear the shakiness in his breath, the light moan coming from his closed mouth. That encourages her to stroke him all the way, starting from the base to the tip of his cock. It was so hard and thick. Minerva was trying to keep herself from enjoying it, but that would be too impossible. Much to her disappointment, she was enjoying wanking her godson, his body would respond to her stimulation with eagerness, wanting it faster. She obliged and started stroking him quicker. Harry moaned and closed his eyes, he felt like he shouldn't be enjoying it, but her delicate hand was working his cock better than he ever did. 


Minerva would twist her hand and now when stroking him up and down. She looked over to her left to see, her jar of magical oils when she felt her sex drive begin. She used her left hand to scoop the oil in her hand, and she then us both hands to stroke him. Harry couldn't stop the groans that came from his mouth, nor could he prepare for the next sensation a warm, slick-like substance was coated around his cock, it gave off a vibrating sensation that combined with McGonagall's wanking technique, was a great sensation. "Is that good, Harry." He nodded and moaned. He didn't even notice he was thrusting his hip into her hands. "Thats it Harry, pump your hips into my hands, that it, come on." Her sensual soft voice was driving him close, his ball clenched and his penis twitched, and suddenly he exploded. 


Hot cum launched all over her hands, it sprayed the wall and floor. Minerva moaned to the thick, gooey substance that continued to coat her hands, floor, and wall. She kept pumping him even after he stopped thrusting, his moans sounded erratic. His orgasm last and good fifteen seconds which was rather, abnormal for any wizard. "Harry, that was an experience, but we have to do this four more times." Harry couldn't respond, he just had one of the best orgasms of his life, she guided him to her bed, and she sat on the edge of it. She fell to her knee and began to stroke him some until she did something neither of them expected. She wrapped her mouth around his cock and eagerly began sucking it, her tongue twirling around the head as her cheeks hollowed. 


Harry threw his head back in pleasure, but his eyes were open and in shock, his Transfiguration teacher was now sucking his dick. She cradled his heavy balls in her hand and played with them while moaning, making her throat vibrate. In surprise by the skill of his godmother and teacher, he slid his fingers into her hair, the soft locks of grey and white. Minerva show her skills in dick sucking, and a master she was. Minerva, being a true master woman, did not gag like a lot of women would have. She milked Harry’s rock-hard cock into her hungrily sucking mouth with hands. With a single long, slow and dramatic, snakelike swallow her nose pressed deep into his short pubes, and her chin was being swaddled by the flesh of his testicles. Harry groaned as she slowly dragged her fantastically tight and flexible airway back up the length of his shaft. Minerva continued to bob her head up and down his rod, slurping and wiping her tongue across the tip of his cock. "Professor, I-I'm close, good." Harry busted in Minerva's mouth, and Minvera greedily gulps down his ejaculate. 


Minerva continues to suck his cock after his orgasm ends, milking him until she felt satisfied. Coming off his cock with a pop, she moans with her eyes closed and thankful for achieving some type of sexual satisfaction. It all ended when she opened her eyes and remember what she was tasked to do. Her eye meet her godson's and shame, horror, and embarrassment all came at once as she had just sucked her godson cock like a masterful slut. "H-Harry, I-I am sorry...I don't know...I just didn't control myself." Harry stared at her in disbelief that was easily the best blowjob of his life, and it came from a teacher who usually came of as strict and conservative. "P-professor, It was quite brilliant, honestly." Minerva tried to take the compliment, but she still felt as if she was a horrible person. Harry snapped her out of her though when he grabbed her sharp cheeks and kissed her. 


Minerva's eyes were shocked, but the kiss was by far the best, she should be kissing her godson or student like this. Oh, no man had ever kissed her like this, not even her late husband. This amazing kiss sends her body into a lustful overdrive. She wraps her arms around him as her lips move against his and her pussy gets wet. She wants more, so much more from this handsome young stud. She was too far deep into it, she wanted this young hung stud now. She shrugged her green robe off she her illustrious boobs, her toned flat stomach, and clean shaved pussy. Harry broke the kiss and stared into her soft, intricate grey eyes and saw hunger, lust, and the all-powerful will to have him fuck her.


 She lay back on the end of the bed with her legs invitingly spread open to give Harry a not-so-subtle hint of what she wanted. She gave him the finger and harry did not disobey and crawled to her with his head between her legs. Her puss was already wet from her imagination, but it was now about to be devoured. As he slid his tongue against the length of her slit, making her scream. And then keep screaming, as he began devouring her pussy as though it were the finest meal he ever tasted. He licked, slurped, and nibbled on her tender clit as Minerva threw her head back to moan and wrap her legs around his head. She pushed his head closer into her and gyrated her hips against his face. The fire spread through Minerva's loins. She couldn't comprehend anything other than the blissful pleasure going through her body. She shrieked through a series of orgasms that he made her experience, her legs trembling. Minerva's hips closed down around Harry's head as she came all over his face. "Sweet merciful merlin, Harry that was amazing, but I need you." 


She was hungry for him, she turned over and showed him her backside. In his view was a nice full rounded ass. Harry moved behind her and gave her ass a good slap, in which she moaned and shook her ass at him. He slid his cock against the wet pussy, he spears himself into her with one smooth thrust, making her eyes roll back in her head as she let out a very vocal scream. Oh, this was a powerful stud, that worried Minerva, strictly cause harry could involuntarily make her almost constantly need him to have sexual intercourse. Harry drilled his cock inside of her tight cunt, which stretched around him. His balls slapped against her legs and she moaned in pleasure as she bucked her hips back against him. "Fuck godmother your so tight. Merlins you're beautiful." Minerva blushed at Harry's assessment of her pussy and body. He slowly started a series of long powerful thrusts, that made his godmother grab the sheets. That change when he up the pace slamming into her cunt. Harry may have been rough to her because of the effect of his problem, otherwise, he be a bit softer. She could hear her ass slap against his hips from the rough sex she was receiving from her godson. Her grip on the sheet tightened, and her mouth was constantly open filling her living chamber up with sounds of her moan, grunts, and whimpers. "Oh shit. thick. So...big …ugghhh. I'm coming." Her voice was quiet whimpers and moans, Harry hammered her through her orgasm, and didn't even know it. Her fluttered from the ongoing pounding.


Minerva received a huge plowing, one she thought she deserved for a very long time. It was stressful dealing with hormonal teenagers all day, so it was nice to have her needs catered to, except this catering was coming from her godson, and she was loving it. That was the scary thing she was falling in love with his cock. She had just came again and harry was still plowing her tight wet gushing pussy. She could do nothing but feel amazing as he stuffed her tight pussy full. Harry grunted from her coming, he was close, and she had to warn him." Harry, please...D-don't come...i-inside of m-me...OH MERLIN!!!. Harry heard her and pulled out and blasted her ass cheeks and back of cum, and just like the others, it was a lot. Her body seized up and shook violently. If this was the first round of their fucking, it wasn't if she fell in love with him. It was a matter of when. 


Their next round was similar to the last, except Minerva rode his cock cowgirl style. Slamming herself on his cock, the slapping of her ass impacting his thighs, Harry was looking up at the mature goddess who gave his cock the best sex of his life. The moment Minerva came, and her walls contracted up around his cock, Harry had to raise her off of his cock and shot it over the bedsheets. Minerva spread her legs waiting for him, Harry without hesitation, slid in her pussy. Minerva was now to suck into Harry's magic, she loves the pounding she's getting from him. Her hands grab the face of her godson and kisses him passionately tonguing him with her heart content. "Thats it Harry, that it. Give me that cock.  irrumabo!!!  Cum for me, cum for you godmother." Harry's balls clench and his cock twitch, he tried to pull. Minerva slammed her tone smooth legs against Harry's torso trapping him. "Fuck me, harry. Spill your seed in me, fill me up. Fill your godmother up, Love!!!" Harry couldn't escape, and his cock spurted into his godmother. He grunted as her snatch, seem to be milking his rod. She moaned as she felt the seed boiling with her snatch as Harry felt his cock deflate, he rolled over on the bed. He just had sex with his Godmother.


"Harry, I failed you. I shouldn't have let you stay with those monsters. I don't want you thinking this my apology. I'm glad you gave me this, it's been years since I had good sex, but I'm sorry. I'll always be on your side always." She leaned her head on his chest. 


Harry held her, and they slept peacefully. 

Chapter Text

Head of the DMLE Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks was in a world of stress. She hasn't had the best life after the war, with Shacklebolt as the minister, he felt as Nymphadora was right to be promoted. That was happy and all, but she now had a child she had to raise. Her mother took over for her a lot, she made it a routine to have Harry on the helm, so she could spend time with Teddy, which he was fine with. He was the godfather, the long hours, paperwork, meetings, and not to mention funding issue was much more than she anticipated, but what was worse was her sex life. Tonk had a high sexual appetite, she was a metamorph. She would jerk herself off and get release but slamming or being slammed into was completely different. It had been seven months since she had a good fuck. She was now a figure of the wizarding world, she couldn't just stick her cock in anyone anymore. 


She was now dreaming of sex, which in her case was extremely terrible. Dealing with egos was another thing that irked her, the number of small dick people she had to deal with was absolutely unprecedented. Always complaining about promotions and tasked with patrol, they weren't as bad as the ones who felt entitled to positions, such as Draco Malfoy. Those were the ones she wanted to strap to the table and shove her big cock up their tight holes. Man the anger she had to consume was enough for her hair to almost fall out. However, she was traveling to Head Auror Potter's office to give him reports on the newest raids that were accomplished. She always had a soft spot for him, he took a load off her in work of course. She could never ask him to have sexual ideals not because she never asked, but for the fact that Harry just kept shooting her down. Before Remus passed, she would get peeks at Harry's body, he wasn't muscular but definitely fit, and had an amazing butt. Tonks mind was having an effect on her erection, she didn't want to make it work weird, but honestly, the wizarding world is rather slutish. She might ask him for a reliever, if not she could use the ' I'm your boss'  card, who knows it might work. As she arrived at his office door she knocked waiting for him to say something or open the door. Nothing, she knocked again and still nothing. She then open the door unannounced and saw him nowhere, just a large desk, cabinets, papers, and another door, for times when they get jobs of the night and feel so tired they can't go home. They both understood that.


She laid the file on his desk and was about to leave. When her curiosity got the best of her like it always did, she headed over to the door, it didn't open. She pulled out her wand and cast alohomora, as the door peak open just enough to peep in. She peeked into the room her eyes widen as she sees Draco Malfoy bent over on a sex swing getting pounded by Harry Potter. The grunt or growls from Harry were almost inhuman, seeing him slamming into Draco's good-looking bubble butt, was by far the hottest thing she has seen in her life. Her erection justifying that, hardening at that very moment. Harry was brutally slamming his cock into Malfoy's ass, tonks somewhat felt sorry for how hard and fast Harry was wrecking his bumhole."THATS IT, BITCH TAKE MY COCK. TAKE IT LIKE THE GOOD BUTTSLUT YOU ARE!!! FUCK! TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE MY COCK BITCH BOY!!!" Harry's voice was much like a growl, which made tonks want to moan. Nym knew she should end this but knowing how much Draco had been a bitch, it was sexually thrilling seeing him get drilled by Harry. Tonk proceeded to scramble her pant down just enough to pull her cock out and start jerking off to the excellent Grade O Porn in real life. "OOOH YES, I'M YOUR BUTTSLUT, MORGAN I LOVE THE WAY YOU SMASH MY HOLE DADDY, KEEP SLAMMING ME INTO OBLIVION DADDY POTTER, FUCK MY ASS!!!" That damn near made Nym cum, hearing Draco moan and beg for Harry's cock was absolutely the best thing of her day. 


They move position to wear no longer was Draco on the sex swing he was now bent over on a bed face down ass up. Tonks then saw the massive hardened meat that belong to Harry Potter, Twelve inches of cock meat. Tonks's eyes were wide, she had seen Harry flaccid and it was about six inches, but that thick monster was definitely twelve inches. Tonks licked her lips looking at it imagining getting it in her mouth slurping up Harry's cock. Tonks then notice a massive pool of cum where Draco was on the sex swing, she inferred that they must have been at this for a while. The slap of flesh brought her back to the show." Fuck! you've got a good juicy bubble butt, must run in the black family. Asses like this should be up for auction." Harry stroked his cock and spit on the tip of it. Then spread Dracos juicy ass cheeks and spit in and onto his gaping hole." BUT THIS EXCEPTIONAL BUBBLE BUTT IS MINE, BITCH!!!" Harry slipped into Draco in bulldog doggy style. His ass easily accepts Harry's cock, Draco moaned like a little bottom bitch, at this point he was nothing but a hole for cock. The slapping of flesh, moaning, and grunting from the two had tonks lost in pleasure as she matches harry's thrust to her strokes. She was close, just a few more strokes, and she was going to cum like a fire hydrant.


Draco felt pleasure and nothing else his prostate was dust at this point, and yet he can still feel Harry's cock crushing it. Draco's cock twitch, his ass cheeks clenched, making Harry growl." CUM BITCH BOY!!! CUM LIKE THE BUTTSLUT YOU ARE!!! FUCK! IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES YOU'RE GOING TO GET ON YOUR KNEES, AND I'M GOING TO BLESS YOU WITH MY SEED, HEAR ME BITCH!!!" Harry growled out and just like that Draco came squirting out cum, and along with tonks grunted out her orgasm cumming all of the floor and wall. Her orgasmic sounds were covered up with Draco's moans and Harry's furious pummeling. Harry pulled out of Draco, as soon as he did Draco like a robot got on his knees and begged for Harry's cum. He blasted a large load all over Draco's face, Draco like the whore he was moaned and swallowed harry's cum and attacked his cock slurping up more. Harry pulled his meat-free of Draco's lips with a pop. "Enjoy my seed bitch, I'm going to contact your mother tell her I need more assistance with that ass of yours." Harry was making his way towards the door when saw it ajar, Harry wandlessly banished the door, and the person behind it hearing a grunt. He ran to see who the culprit was and his eyes narrowed, then widened when he saw it was his boss.


"Tonks, the fuck are you doing here?"


"Wotcher, Harry." She nervously greeted. She propped herself up and leaned against the desk.


"Tonks, you want to explain why you're seeking into my office?" Tonks head shot up quickly, surprised he just went over the fact she caught him with a co-worker sexually. "Thats rich. Are you going to explain why you were fucking Draco Malfoy?" Harry ruffled his hair in frustration and let out a heavy sigh. 


"Well, I guess since you are my boss, you should know the deal between his mother and me." Tonks nodded as if to say  'uh yeah' 


"Well, it started when I got a tip from one of my undercover Aurors. They told me that the Malfoy's been into collecting dark items for years, so I went over to Malfoy Manor and found exactly that. Narcissa was somewhat shocked at how much her husband collected over their time together. I was going to arrest them, but she offered a deal. She and her son become my concubines, and with my protection over them, they offer favors." He explained. Tonks was heated, one for Harry not letting her know about the incident and two not letting her get some ass. If he had let her know, she would finally have a good ass to unleash her sexual pent-up frustration on. Tonks now could use that against him, she would not be denied of some sex. "Well, I want in on this." She exclaimed. Harry raised his right eyebrow. "Oh no, don't give me that, I'm your boss and didn't tell me. Thats one of the things you've withheld. And the other, I haven't had any sex lately thats going to change now." Harry understood what she meant, before the deal with Narcissa he wasn't getting any sex either. "Alright, I'll have to alert our aunt that you've found out meanwhile Draco is all your." Harry didn't need to argue as he knew he was in deep shit.


Tonks made her way to the back room, where she spotted Draco putting on his clothes. She was finally gonna get some relief and pounding Draco 'bitch boy' Malfoy was the best way."Ah ah ah, no, I take those clothes back off if I were you." She startled him, his eyes got big, and his face got red. He was about to say something when tonks cut him off. "Oh yes, I know you've been getting your ass creamed up and slobbering all over your rival's cock. I just caught you guys, so I had a convo with him, and now I'm part of the deal. You have been a bad boy recently, and now you get to make up for it." Tonks took off her clothes and was now in her comfort zone. Draco was now at the mercy of his boss, who he knows she been frustrated and he being the main problem in her department. He then got a glimpse at her cock, and he seen and dealt with larger. "Don't let this fool you, I'm a shape-shifter remember, I going to destroy that beautiful ass of yours. You took Harry's twelve-inch monster now, lets see how you deal with my monster." Tonks was very excited to use her abilities with sex again. Draco's eyes widened as Tonks cock got longer and more girthy, her balls size also increased as it kept growing, Draco got paler each time. He was now staring at a 14-inch cock that was concerningly girthy, his ass was in deep trouble. 


"Now to you, I'm madame Tonks or Mistress Tonks and that's how you will address me. Do you understand me bitch boy?" Tonks smile scared him, there was mischief to it, and her voice was very assertive. He nodded."Good, Now get on your knees and crawl to my cock, bitch boy." Draco did as he was asked, Tonks intimidating factor was at an all-time high as of right now, with monster between her legs Draco just followed every direction, hoping she would think about taking it easy on him. Tonks gripped his blonde locks with a firm hold.


"After watching you gobble up big cock, I say your a straight bottom submissive bitch. So be that for me, and you'll do just fine." Draco blushed from the embarrassing truth, it all started when he was under polyjuice, and Hermoine bent his butt over and had his way with him. Trying to find secrets about the trio, ended up backfiring. As his body fell in love with cock in his ass and mouth. So much that he became like his father a hole for his mother. She loved him very much, but after his father's failures, they both became bottom bitches for her. "Yes, Mistress Tonks." Tonks chuckled.


"Now, you've got two minutes to prep this cock, because it's going in that ass when they're over, so if I were you, I get to it." Tonks huskily spoke to her new bottom bitch. She was gonna have fun with him, having him come in her office for bottom bitch procedure. Draco wasted no time slurping up tonk's cock, she threw her head back and closed her eyes, she was in ecstasy.


As Harry wrote his letter to Narcissa about what transpired and how it was safe and dealt with. He looked back into the past with all the Hogwarts, and how he learned of witches' anatomy, everything was just so simple, the world they were in was free, but also terrifying. Bellatrix made that very evident and so did Voldemort, but a lot of change has happened after five years. He and Ginny weren't together, nor was Ron or Hermoine. Narcissa and, He engaged with heavy sexual visits. Even before their deal, they were flirting and conversing after the war. Their moment in the forbidden forest was more than her just saving his life. It was saving their world, a first Harry thought Narcissa a cold, careless, and prejudice. That was somewhat true, but he could see she wasn't like Bellatrix at all. They weren't in Azkaban because he told the court of her actions, hoping they didn't punish her. He helped Draco, find a job in the ministry as an Artifact researcher. That seemed to entice her because he received a letter from her to visit their home when he was free. Harry first got an apology, and afterward, they began to talk about each other's past. And near the end of the visit, Narcissa felt she need to apologize for her family's violations, by promptly bending over. And they had a lot of sex that night, and more that kept happening. The more he started to feel for Narcissa Malfoy.


Coming out of his thoughts, he realize the letter was nearly complete, he just needed to know when tonks was available. He got up from his desk and headed towards the door. Upon heading to the door, he could hear the sound of slapping flesh, moans, and strain grunts from the room as there was no longer a silencing charm on the door. As Harry opened the door he saw tonks just pulverizing Draco's juicy ass. Tonks positioned herself slamming down like a jackhammer, showing no mercy to Draco's anus. The state of Draco was somewhat funny but also scary at the same time. His eyes were up in his skull, his mouth was open moaning while drool just lingered out, and there was a massive pool of his own cum between the legs of the bed. Tonks was positively enjoying herself, she was grunting, growling, and verbally abusing Draco Malfoy, Harry was not at all concerned, he had done worst to Draco."UUUGGGHHHHHHH!!! FUCK! YOU WERE RIGHT, HARRY!!! HE DOES HAVE A CUTE JUICY ASS, JUST MADE FOR COCK!!! TELL HIM BITCH BOY! TELL HIM YOU PUREBLOODED BUTTSLUT!! YOU. JUST. LOVE. COCK!!!"Tonk put more strength into her thrust, at the end of her sentence. Making Draco's cock squirt out more cum. "YES MISTRESS, I LOVE COCK. I LOVE IT IN MY HOLES, SHOOTING HOT LOADS INTO ME, WAS WHAT I WAS BORN FOR!!!" Draco's orgasm ended and his whole body went limp, with his boss's cock slipping out his ass.


Harry shook his head and chuckled. "Tonks, I near finish with the letter, I just need to know when you are available for Narcissa to come and meet with you." Tonks's raven-colored hair made her look more like the black's than her usual punk rock pink hair. Her bob-style cut, along with her aristocratic black family features, turned her into more of a short-haired Bellatrix. Though her eyes were as green as Harry's, her body could vary due to her gift, but she currently looked like the sexiest thing alive. She had an hourglass body, with an athletic tone, build, with an amazing six-pack, and steller perky double D breast. Her ass was absolutely one best he had seen, a beautiful heart-shaped ass, with unbelievable juiciness to it. Harry never looked at his boss this way. He mostly saw her as a sister, and now a mother. She had to be the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. "The third week Monday, the two weeks are filled with this one, bottom bitch procedure. I'm not done with you yet bitch, so assume that go to position bottom bitch, I'm gonna fill your bowels up with horse size cum in a second." Draco stood up and with all his willpower and adrenaline. Extended his arms up against the wall, arched his back, presenting his juicy bubble butt to both Harry and Tonks. Tonk moved behind him and slapped both hands onto his backside, enticing a moan out of him. "Oi Harry, do you want to have a go at him." Tonks had asked as she hot dog her cock with Draco's ass cheeks. Harry shook his head and, says he'll be waiting for her at his desk. She proceeded in sliding her monster into Draco and started slamming into him at a rough pace. 


It was after fifteen minutes Tonks came out, sweat glistening her body causing her to look more attractive. "I think I might have broken him, but I feel better already." Tonks reverted her cock back to her four-inch cock, and as did her balls. Tonks then looked at the delicious sight that was Harry Potter. Harry muscled up considerably after the war, he stood at five-foot elven inches, defined pecks and broad muscular shoulders, along with hard chiseling eight pack. Along with a fit bubble butt and that monstrous cock, he was truly desirable, and tonks wanted it all. 


"Trust me you didn't, I've put him through more than you can think. How many loads did your fire off on him?" Tonk's face showed shock. as she was trying to figure out what Harry has done with Draco Malfoy. "About five to seven loads worth, including my horse size. How much have you shot off?" Tonks asked in both curiosity and fascination. Harry smirked. "I've got off about eight to ten before." Tonks's eyes bugged and her mouth dropped open. "Where in Morgana's ball did you get that much stamina, Harry. And what type of batter are you carrying within those balls." Tonks was even more interested in that, she truly wants a taste of Harry Potter. "I don't know, I've always been like this, but I believe your satisfied, aren't you." This was tonks moment, her heart was racing just thinking about it, and her cock was getting hard again as well. "Actually no, because there is still one more thing I want." Harry raised an eyebrow, as to thinking she literally spent more than thirty minutes pounding Draco.


"I want you and I to fuck each other like rabbits. I've secretly waited for this, from the moment when we became close friends, Harry Potter. I will not be politely declined anymore. As your boss, Potter, you and I are going to have sex, fuck, and make love. That's a fucking order." Before Harry could utter a word tonks swiftly attacked his lips, aggressively slipping her tounge into his mouth. Harry responded by accepting tonguing her back with equal force, moans and heavy breathing coming from the two filled the room. Harry's hand gripped tonk's ass cheeks, he knead the soft beautiful flesh giving it a good slap. Tonks pulled back from the kiss and moaned, she then gipped his  'sword'  and started stroking it. "No more waiting, I'm going to gobble your cock up and see just how much you have of that ball batter." Tonks got on her knees and looked hungrily at the twelve-inch monster, she licked her lip in preparation for the taste.


Tonks smiled mischievously, preened like a cat at their attention. And then slowly took the head of Harry’s cock into her unnaturally flexible mouth. The devilishly erotic woman was clearly showing off exactly how relevant her shifting skills could be to sex and sexual situations. She had quite literally zero trouble swallowing absolutely every inch of Harry’s huge cock until it was balls deep down her throat, and then she tightened her throat up again to make her esophagus feel like a silky soft, skin-tight sleeve. By the time she was finished altering the makeup of both her mouth and her neck to conform around Harry’s cock, her lips felt like cashmere pillows, her unbelievably nimble tongue was over twice its usual length, and there was a visible dick-shaped lump filling every inch of her unbelievably tight sucking throat. Harry released a not so silent whimper and felt his head lolling back against his chair. Tonks’s downright miraculous dick-sucking skills shouldn’t have come as any shock to him, but they had, and he was reeling as a result.


Harry softly combed his fingers through Tonks silky smooth raven-colored hair and growled at the steller blowjob he was receiving. Tonks also starting stroking her cock as well, making sure she didn't go soft, but more fully wanting to shoot her load at the same time as her lover. Tonk’s started bobbing up and down his meat like a vacuum made of wet, hot, and rippling throat muscle. "Fuck! Thats really good boss!" Tonks looked up at his face. They locked eyes and, she didn’t look away. She intensified her efforts to push the man into cumming down her throat. "UUUGGGHHHH! Fuck Morgana!" Tonks was extraordinarily excited and she was aiming to impress. After pulling her skin tight lips up off the meat of Harry’s shaft, she wound her tongue in a full circle around his crown. Then, once her tongue was nice and tight around Harry’s entire head, she pulled the appendage back in a slow wringing motion and then drove her mouth back down his length. Finally, when she was bottomed out on his cock again. She swallowed as hard as she could about half a dozen times, squeezing his shaft in a fist-tight prison of slippery sucking flesh. Harry's grip on her hair tightened, and his legs shook a bit, and he tried desperately not to cum. Tonks repeated the effort over and over again. With a happy little humm in her throat that vibrated against every inch of Harry’s shaft. 


That seems to bring Harry over as his balls unloaded into Tonks's mouth. Tonks finally got the taste she so desperately desired for, she tightened her throat making sure to gulp down that thick tasty fluid from his balls. Harry's gripped on her hair tightened. The feeling of tonks vacuum-like mouth was an inhuman experience, he could hear her moans and audible gulps she took when swallowing his cum. When it seem like she got all of it out of him, her pillow cushion lips came off his cock meat with a pop, her eyes flutter and her facial features show she very much enjoy Harry's cum. "Hmmmmm! Merlin, you taste fucking amazing. Now I need this monster up my ass." Tonks stood up applied a cushioning charm onto the desk, climb up and position herself in doggy style, giving harry a marvelous view of her unbelievable fat juicy ass. "Come, Potter, pound my ass. I want that thick juicy cock in ruin to my asshole. Make me your submissive bitch, that is an order. The sexy huskily voice made him feel he was in another world. As well when she wiggles her sexy ass at him. 


He approached her and slapped his cock between her ass cheeks. He gripped them with hands kneaded them against his cock. He growled into her ear which warranted a dark chuckle out of her. "I don't know if I could tame a beast-like yourself, Dora. Always so free and mischievous, and along with your abilities, I dare say it's impossible." Tonks giggles darkly. "If there is anybody who could tame me, Harry, it's definitely you. And as for my abilities, I won't use them. You get to take my ass as it was when I was born. Now, enough speak Potter, turn me into one of your bottom bitches." With that Cupped his hand and put it in front of tonks lips. She grinned, she like the way he was thinking. She spat a good amount of spit onto it and Harry use to lubricate his cock. He slid into her backside no problem, although she was tighter than expected. They both moan when he entered her, Harry had to infer that she usually wasn't the bottom as o how tight she was. 


Harry started with a series of smooth long thrust, inch by inch sunk into her ass." Ooo...ahhh...Ooo...Ooo Fuck. Lord of Shit! My Lord, you're making me a new asshole...FUCK!!!" Tonks's cock sprinkles cum over Harry's desk. Harry darkly chuckled. "Damn you are tighter than expected, almost like your a virgin. But cumming already tonks I've already can smush your prostate, and we still have four more inches to go. And, my Lord? Am I superior now, Madame Tonks?" Tonks was loving the ass training she was receiving and the dirty talk and role play. She never got that while with Remus, it was always vanilla. She giggled cutely. "Fuck...your definitely g-gonna stretch m-me o-open. Maybe my desire f-for you and your cock m-made me a b-buttslut for y-you. And of course, you're my s-superior, my lord. Especially when you f-f-fuck my ass like that." Tonks's cock was rock hard, and her balls were waiting to unleash a good load." You think I'm fucking you huh? I've just been training your ass." Harry grinned at his comment, Tonks was head of heels for him."Then, by all means, my lord. Fuck my tight hole, and show my ass what it means to take a real cock." Tonks wanted to get fucked, royally anally fucked. 


Harry obliged without warning Harry slid the remaining inches into her ass, obliterating her prostate. Tonks groaned into a chuckle, her eyes fluttered, and her cock and balls spasmed. Busting nuts all over the tabel. Not sooner, afterward, harry started applying fast long powered thrust into her tight virgin-like hole. Tonks gripped the top of the desk in front of her, eye closed, mouth open grunting and moaning, and a face of hard concentration. Savoring, appreciating, and experiencing every pleasuring thrust of his hips slamming into her sexy juicy fat ass. The thrust were so powerful they would rock his nailed to the floor desk. Harry slapped tonks ass and grabbed her beautiful hips, and applied faster long-drawn stroke thoroughly and effectively pulverizing Tonk's asshole and prostate. "OH GOD, OOH GOD!!! FUCK ME!! I'M COMINNNGGGG AGAIN!!! UUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! SO GODDAMN GOOOOOOD!!!" Tonks's eyes widened at the pleasure, as yet again her cock spasmed as did her balls that were currently under a beating from being smashed by Harry's. Long, pulsing gets of cum painted the same spot she came last time, her orgasm didn't end until the eighth shot. Her hole and butt cheek clenched during her orgasm, and Harry didn't even cum. Harry pulled out, and tonks whimpered in disappointment. The feeling of fullness disappeared and used enough strength to turn her head.


" What are doing? Don't stop, you're not done with this ass. Your bottom bitch needs your thick baby batter, my lord." She wiggled her butt at him, her large gaping asshole wanted more. Harry just chuckled, came back over, and slid himself back into her ass. It was, of course much easier due to her gaping bumhole. Tonks moaned into a giggle. "Yeaaahhhh...thats it. Right, where it belongs." Harry gave the juicy ass a slap watch how it ripple made do it again. "Are you sure you want more tonks? I'm not holding back this time." Tonks actually laugh. "Oh I know that wasn't your best. Why do you think I asked." She swayed her ass side to side with his cock in her, enticing move on her part. Yet again without warning, Harry started slamming into tonks, only much more violent, faster, and powerful. His balls smashed against hers, the nailed-in desk rattled, tonks eye rolled into her head, mouth open moaning and groaning again, and her cock busted another load onto his desk. The sound of her butt cheek being meet by his hip filled the room, along with her moans. Tonks was so far in pleasure it was riddled into her face."UGGGHHHH! MERLIN! FUCK MY ASSHOLE!!! YEAH, FUCK IT! FUCK MY ASS, MY LORD!!! FUCK YOUR BOTTOM BUTTSLUT BITCH OF A COUSIN!!! FILL ME UP!!! FILL MY BUTT UP!!! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR THICK, HOT, JUICY, DELICIOUS CUM!!!!" 


Her dirty talk set Harry off, as fire hydrant pressure of cum, shot out of his dick. It also set tonks orgasm as well. Harry growled while tonks screamed out her orgasm. Painting more of his desk with her white thick substance. Tonks groaned still as harry's orgasm didn't end just yet. Still shooting waves of cum out of his penis. Harry pulled out all while shooting five thick strands on tonks back and ass. Tonks had enough energy to roll over onto her back, a loud splat sound came from the waterfall amount of cum from her ass that hit the ground. Harry walked over to her and gave her a passionate kiss. "Give me a couple of minutes and I'll pleasure that cock some more." Harry chuckled her metamorph powers kept her energy up. Though she was breathing erratically like she had just ran a marathon. "I guess, I don't have to ask you. You've now put me in the mood, so I'm going to fuck you and occasionally suck you off till the morning." Tonks smiled and kissed him again. "You don't have to ask my lord, if you feel the urge, just pull me aside somewhere secret and shove it up my butt. And thank you, Harry, I love you." 


Harry conjured a bed and fucked tonks all night, and rested until the morning when they had to work. 


"You know we forgot our bitch boy, and your morning wood is extremely active as is mine. You thinking what I'm thinking. Tonks smile was clearly evident to what she was suggesting. 


"Alright fine, but I get his mouth." They got out of bed and head to the back door and silenced the room.

Chapter Text

Hermione Granger seemed to be thinking about a lot. Classes, relationships, job searches, and Ron Weasly. Her classes were that classes, nothing different she excelled in all of them, except runes, Greengrass, always seem to best her at that subject. It was her sixth year. Nothing was unconventional, except her relationship with people. For her best friend, Harry Potter, she developed a hidden crush. Through the Tri-Wizard tournament, she feared for his life every second, while Ron just roamed in his temper and jealous behavior. It grew more and more until a night where she and Harry, had a sexual moment. They had a heart-to-heart moment where she kissed him and the shared oral sex with each other. At first, it was just that, and now it was eating away at her for more, the intoxication for him was unreal. Her brother-like relationship was thrown out the window went they properly fucked each other, Hermoine asking if they could. Harry wasn't opposed to it, but wanted to know if she was positively wanted it. So they had sex a lot of times, but kept it secret from Ron as they knew how he would feel, as he like her. 


So her relationship with Ron was as normal as it was, but a strong layer of guilt came every time she was horny for Harry. Much like Harry, she liked ron, but she didn't like the bickering from him. It would lead to a lot of fights, and while he had his own charming features, she couldn't bring herself to find them attractive all the time. Most of the time, she found them annoying not really charming. With Ginny, they kept their distance as Ginny found out. She would slut-shame her, call her all sorts of names. And the toxic tension would be so thick you wondered when they would duel or throw punches. Ginny would promptly say that Harry was her's and she had stolen him, which was far from the truth. So, that relationship soured, and Harry had to keep ginny from spilling the truth by also having sex with her. Just to keep this whole mess from spilling, Hermione wishes she had just kept her legs closed and never had sex with him, but the moment she think of that, the more she wanted Harry's cock in her.


Hermione was pulled out of her thoughts until she heard a noise from an empty classroom, as a perfect, she had to sort this out. As she made her way closer she could hear moaning and grunts, along with slurping and gagging of sex. Hermione was a custom to that when she would please Harry. She casted a silencing spell to quiet her steps, this was rather routine as she dealt with couples fucking in broom closets and other spots. It wasn't till she peek into the classroom, where she had to cover her mouth with both her hand to keep herself from making a noise, She saw her best friends in sexual practice. Ron was on his knees just gobbling up Harry's big cock as if it was Hogwarts feast. Harry had his hands gripping the red locks of his best mate, his face show pleasure and a dominating concentration. Hermione wanted to end what was happening, but was mesmerized by her two best friends' intercourse. It wasn't unheard of gay wizarding relations, but seeing her lover's cock in her redhead male friend's mouth was something surprising.


She was rather impressed Ron was taking harry's cock well, she had to practice a lot just from the sheer size of him. Which made it a question. How long has this been going on? "Ugh! Fuck! Suck my cock like a good little slut. Morgana, this mouth is a blessing. I'm going to fill your mouth up." Harry started thrusting into Ron's divine mouth, Ron happily accepts the long meat thrusting into his gullet, he truly was a slut. Harry balls slapped against Ron's chin, he was close and he was gonna blast his best mate. "Ughhhh! Ready for your treat bitch!" Harry came cum filling up Ron's mouth, his best friend gulp it down like it was pumpkin juice. As soon as Harry was done, he pulled his cock out of Ron's mouth, and slapped it against his lips. 


"Good boy, pull those trousers down, bend over and spread those ass cheeks so daddy can get you ready for his cock." Ron didn't hesitate a second, he pulled his lower garments down, laid himself on the desk, and reach behind and spread his thick juicy ass cheeks, showing his wrinkled hole. Harry moved behind and started licking his wrinkle hole. "Ohhhh," Ron moaned as he felt Harry's wet and fleshy tongue poke, prod, and lap at his hole. Harry was enjoying the thick juicy cheeks in his hands. He lifted up to see a gracious sight, Ron had a fat juicy plump ass. Even Hermione herself could say that ron had a fat bottom, she envied for an ass like that. Angelina Johnson, Daphne Greengrass, Susan Bone's, and even Pansy Parkinson, all have amazing asses. And Ron Weasley could be put on that list. Harry slapped his best mate's cheeks for a minute, kneading the fat plump ass. "If I can remember, I heard Victor Krum was ramming into this ass. Sent me a letter saying he was enjoying the smashing his friends gave him, is that true, Ronnie boy." Ron blushed and nodded. Shocking Hermione, Ron was bisexual and probably loves cock more than pussy. Harry chuckled and slapped the meaty ass again stifling a moan out of his best friend. 


"I'm going slam my cock into your ass. Give you a good fuck. Now spread those cheeks for me, and prepare for the ass reaming of your life." Without any hesitation, Harry slid into Ron's backside. They both moaned as he entered, Harry bottomed out and started slamming back and forth. The loud slaps of ass and hips collided and permeated the air, rough and intense fucking was taking place. Ron came not even three-time in ten minutes. Hermione being on the end of Harry's thrust, she understood the power and control that sex could have on a person, it was why she kept coming back to him. She couldn't lie seeing Harry fuck Ron was the hottest thing she saw. The domination Harry had when slamming forward made her knickers soaked. "Tell me, buttslut. Am I the best to bless your tight hole with the best fucking ever?" Ron was in heaven his best mate's cock was the best thing ever. The thickness was just right, and the length was more than enough to fuck him to completion. "AAAAHHHH! FUCK YES, DADDY! POUND THAT ASS!!! IT'S ALL YOURS! I'LL BE YOUR BOTTOM BITCH ANY TIME!!! JUST DON'T STOP! UGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Ron's cock spasmed and shot seven loads all over the floor. With his asshole clenched, it threw Harry over the edge and promptly sent his friend into another ball-busting orgasm. The hot thick load that Harry, shot into Ron's juicy plump ass was beyond normal, it was like a twenty-five-second orgasm. When he pulled out of the tight ass, he cum hit the ground with a splat. Harry chuckled and slapped his friend's fat ass."We're not done yet, my cock slut. We still have four more rounds, now assume the position on the mattress over there and get ready for daddy potter." 


Harry had conjured a mattress and ron obliged, he was cock hungry and would do anything to have cock in him. Harry rammed his twelve-inch rod into Ron's plump cushion-like ass. He was nothing but moans, grunts, and orgasms. In the second and third round, he was in Harry's favorite position face down ass up getting pummeled into the earth. Enjoying Thick cock plowing his slutty hole, he fell in love when Victor Krum, offered a deal. He get Ron's family free tickets to the next world cup quidditch match if Ron gave up his bum. With hesitation, Ron simply bent over, not really knowing how to feel, but regardless he would take cock for his family's joy. He ended up being a cock slut and enjoying ' daddy krum' a lot more than he thought. He had it bad, he then found he was a natural bottom, take order or in his instance cock, but not give it unless asked. He would approach Krum again, but when he arrived found out Krum invited six of his schoolmates. That didn't stop Ron from slurping, gagging, and getting his holes filled up by each cock, Krum being last. He had a limp for a week and kept asking for more. 


Harry had eventually figured it out, Ron asked him not to tell. Harry being who he was did what his friend asked and had been his honorable self. It wasn't until Ron asked Harry to ' clap his cheeks' some slang he learned from the Bulgarians, that it got to the position he was in at this very moment. Harry didn't at first until Ron explained what he magically was in that world. They had a real heart-to-heart talk that ended in ron sucking his best friend's cock and offering his phat ass to be pounded. Ron then discovered he love big cock, as the Bulgarians weren't big like his best friend, but found a love for big cock dudes. Harry had declined Ron's offers until in Grimmauld Place during the summer, he would accept eventually due to him feeling bad for not helping his friend. That was when he found out he was an Ultra dominant mage, where he could dominate any witch or wizard through sexual acts. He loved seeing his friend's ass cheek giggle and hearing him moan for his cock. He loves hearing him choke on his big cock and slapping his cock against Ron's bare ass cheeks. He owned Ron at that point calming him, if he told Ron to get on the table and spread his cheeks for him, with everyone attending Ron would do it without any hesitation.


Harry turned ron over on the mattress and pounded harder into his best mate. And let out a huge growl fill up Ron again. He pulled out finishing their session. He stood up a looked at his bottom bitch of a friend. He laughed and snapped his fingers, and Ron in almost a trance turned a round push his fat ass in the air towards in owner and wiggled it at him.


"Hermione, come on out. I think you should join us." Harry didn't even turn. Hermione gasped and as if compelled to came out from where she was hiding and presented herself. Harry stroked his cock, looking hungrily at her. Hermione didn't know why, but she felt a desire to suck his cock. And like that, she got on her knees and crawled over to him. "How about you suck my cock, get me ready for him again. Then you could take his place when I'm done with him." 


Harry was an Ultra Dominant Sex God, and he was going to  Dominate .


Chapter Text

Pansy Parkinson was in deep shit. Her family we're in deep debt to the Malfoy's. Something she wouldn't have feared unless it involved the dark lord. Draco could no longer protect her family or her. They owed a debt. And it would some way get paid. She knew how it would get paid, her parents murdered, and her being a nice piece of ass for the dark lord's death eaters. She did not want that, being anything but ass and pussy to them. And when they were angry, they would torture and abuse her. She learned of this from her mother. Unlike her father, who saw her as a piece of ass so he could pawn off to some pureblood heir. Her mother cared for her, she hugged her like the last thing ever, which touched her severely. Her mother told her to find a way to protect herself in any way possible. Even if you don't like it, even if you feel sickened to the core. Do it, her mother begged her to find a way. So she now was heading to find the only person who could protect her, she looked everywhere for him. 


Exploring the compartments of the Hogwarts Express. She then discovered him. He was alone, oddly enough. That was good. She didn't want to deal with the idiots, let alone explained what she needed from him. She took in a deep breath and slid the compartment door open, till she was faced with Harry Potter. "What do you want Parkinson's to harass me, then you could piss off. Why aren't you with Malfoy anyway?" He gave her a nasty glare and a facial feature of disgust. Pansy was about to say something snarky but remembered she needed him for her protection. "He can't really do much for me anyway." Her voice tried to show some strength but came out sounding defeated. Harry took notice of that but was still on edge and had his hand on his wand, ready for action. "I need to speak with you, Potter. I...It's important. I need your help." Her face showed neutrality, but her voice and eyes showed so much more desperation. Pansy could see she was being read, and as much as she didn't like it, her true emotions were showing. "Fine. What do you want?" He didn't take his hand off his wand but certainly didn't feel as violent to react. "My family owes a debt to the Malfoy's for his father's failure. For his debt, he must give himself to the dark lord, and offer me to...service his followers." She was seated as she spoke to him, her emotion was somewhat in check, but he saw she was discomforted when speaking. Harry didn't really know what to do or why she came to him for help. But seeing her situation. It wasn't just bleak, it was pitch black. Sure she was a bitch, but to be raped and tortured for Draco's father's failure was just disdainful and ugly. If he could help her out of it, then he would try.


"I see you're situation, but I don't see how I can help you. What do you need from me?" He could see her demeanor change, as it was doubtful and disinterest. It became hopeful and engaging. "What do you know of the servant and concubine act. Or do you know anything about pureblood customs?" She looked as if she was going to have to explain a history section and the mentality of the pureblood agenda. He raised the Potter family ring and the black family ring. He was now head of the two most noble ancient families, which leads pansy somewhat shocked and a bit surprised, she expected Draco to have the black family ring. "Judging by your facial expression, I say you thought I was some witless Gryffindor. No one has ever heard this not even Ron or Hermione, but the hat nearly put me in Slytherin. But yes, I know some customs and the mentality. I am still learning, but I briefly remember reading it." She was thrown through a loop, she had a bunch of questions. On why would the hat, put him in Slytherin. How he had the black family ring. She had to compose herself and complete the goal, of making sure she survived this war. 


"Are you sure you want that Heiress Parkinson, that would mean giving up your house and title?" Harry didn't want to take this deal, because he would have utter complete control over her life. She looked at him and the masked fell, utter anguish was shown on her face. "I'm absolutely sure. My mother told me to find any way to survive, and if I have to give myself up to you, then so be it. Truth be told I'd rather whore myself to you than be whored and tortured by beasts, who enjoy raping little girls." Her voice sounded mighty, but tears lined her face, the pain in her eyes showed what it meant for the world to come crashing down on top of you. Harry nodded, they linked hands and said the oaths. A bright glow came around them and disappeared, pansy could feel her family magic leave her, and be replaced with the potter family magic. 


They knew what was to come next. Pansy without hesitation, straddled harry's legs and furiously attacked his lips. Her lips were plump and soft, she and her new lord were tongue fighting each other. She moaned into the kiss, Harry Potter was a way better snog than Draco. Her hips grinded into his crotch area, stifling a growl out of her new lord. Harry broke the kiss, heavy breathing filled the compartment, along with sexual tension. Her dark-colored eyes showed nothing other than hunger and desire, She relieved herself of her robes, and with that revealed a green lacy bra and panties to match. Harry was either never paid attention or just had genuine hatred for her when they were enemies, Pansy was hot. Her smooth tan skin glowed when the sun seemed to shine on it. Her plump full lips were just right, for her facial features. Along with her dark eyes, her body is very well pleasing to look at. Perfect perky C cup breast, going down to her toned flat stomach and an ass that all the guys looked at. It was her most notable feature, a round-shaped juicy ass, she arguably had one of the best asses in school. He was surprised he never notice all the other features though, he would also sneak peeks of her backside.


"Do you see something you want, My lord?" Pansy could see her lord staring hungrily at her, knowing she had a sexy body. He nodded. Pansy got on her knees and move between his legs, she undoes his trousers and underwear. Releasing his massive meat stick, pansy stared at the monster cock. Her reaction gave Harry a chuckle. "Do you see something you want, Pansy?" Even though she was shocked, she really wanted to suck his cock and give him the best blowjob of his life. Though she only handled five inches, this thing had to be at twelve. She only had to show her lord more all-embracing gratitude by mastering his cock. With that, she spat a wad over his cock, with both hands she began to pump his cock from the tip to the base. Occasionally she would spit on his cock, glistening it with a sheen. With her plump cushion-like lips, she sank onto his cock and swirling her tounge around the tip like a cock hungry whore. She slowly inched down his cock and bobbed her head up back and forth at a quick pace, her wrist would twist when coming up his cock when soothing pumps. Loud slurping and occasional moans would come from her. 


The taste of him was intoxicating, pansy would not admit it openly, but she love sucking cock. She was a bit of a slut and she knew it, but now she was Harry's slut, and she hoped he allow her to blow him more often. She was going to show him what type of slut she was. Pansy shows him this by shaking her head from side to side on his cock, swallowing down nine inches. That got Harry's attention as he groaned loudly, and she felt his hands go to the back of her head. "There is a good girl. Take me as deep as you can." She gagged and sputtered when trying to fit another inch, she came up slowly and plucked her lips off with a pop. She then went below to his smooth hairless big balls, she tried to fit both of his balls into her mouth. After a moment of struggle, she settled for one, but she made the most of it. The suction from her mouth was wondrous, not forgetting about the massive meat in her hands. She came off his balls pulling her head back to add more crazy sensation and letting go with a pop. Harry gasped at her action, she giggled and gathered all the silva she could muster up and spat it all over his meaty thick wand. Gathering it all up she willed her hands into a quick wrist-twisting handjob. Giving him a series of rapid pump strokes to the sensitive tip and then give him long sensual wrist-twisting pumps on the whole twelve-inch meat. All while slurping up one of his smooth balls, tonguing the organ like the slut she was. "UUUGGGHHH!!! Fuck, you're an insatiable Slytherin slut!" Pansy giggled off his balls but still kept up the masterful handjob. "I'm your insatiable Slytherin slut, my lord. I'm your cock devouring servant. Your slutty voracious cumdumster whore, if you asked me to drop to my knees and suck on this meaty cock in front of the whole school. I will because I'm your slutty submissive bottom bitch." She ended her dirty talk, by slapping his cock on long juicy tounge multiple times, sliding nine-inch down her throat. 


She started bobbing her head down on his massive piece of meat, taking most of his cock down her throat, but the last two inches were haunting her. She never failed to deepthroat a boy before, and this one wasn't going to break that. Pansy gagged and suppered, pressing forward for those last two inches. She pushed herself down and conquered the monster, getting all twelve inches. Her throat was tight but had no problem wrapping around his shaft. Half of his cock was tightly confined by her throat. Pansy then began to show how she was the blowjob queen of Hogwarts. Bobbing up and down, coming up to the middle of his cock and down to the base. Throat fucking herself on his cock at a painful-looking pace. It was nothing but ecstasy for her, harry's grip through her hair tightened, his legs would sometimes visibly shake when she touched the bottom. "UGH! Fuck...I'm...Pansy, I'm come." His cock had one big twitch before she felt the first spurt come out of the tip. As soon as his cum hit her tongue, she wished every guy had this taste, as she would gladly swallow every load if that was the case. His cum tasted so sweet she almost wished he would glaze all of her sweets in the great hall. She swallowed the first three bursts of cum but it was clear he wasn't stopping soon. Gulping down his sweet cum wasn't easy when it came out like a waterfall. Seeing Pansy guzzle down all of his cum had been such a turn-on. Eventually, she must have had enough because she had to pull back when he was still cumming. Taking his cock in her hand she moved to paint her face. Rope after rope covered her features, luckily she had already closed her eyes in preparation for what was coming. "I have never seen a girl want to eat cum so bad, you really are a slut." Pansy giggled and slid the tip of his cock in her mouth to clean him off. 


Harry waved his wand and cleaned pansy's face. He was still hard and pansy was glad she wanted to get fucked by the behemoth mass cock. She got up went over to the cushion seat parallel where harry was setting, and bent over, showing him her pretty juicy round ass. She taunted him by smacking and wiggling it at him. It got his attention as he wrapped his arms around Pansy’s slender body, and grabbed her by the arse. The smooth juicy round globes were a blessing by a higher being. "My lord, please don't be gentle with me, give all your pumped-up anger and destroy my pussy, please, my lord. Fuck me into a begging bottom bitch." After probing between her legs and finding her already wet for him, he wasted little time in sliding his cock forward and entering her. "UGH! FUCK!!!" Pansy moaned. He wasn’t tender about penetrating her. Slow and gentle sex wasn’t something she wanted. She was sexy and sluttish. And if she wanted him to give her a shag, so be it. Pansy's cunt was snug, enough to give him plenty of pleasure as he slid his cock back and forth inside of her. Slamming his hips into her butt cheeks, gripping them for support. And letting all his frustration out on her round backside. For the first time all day, he was able to forget about his godfather's death and focus on the feel of a cunt gripping his cock as he pulverized her ass cheeks. Harry kept a firm hold of that arse the entire time he fucked her, groping and clutching her rounded cheeks while he pounded her against the compartment wall. He doubted this was a suitable position for Pansy, but he didn't care much at all about that. Given the way she moaned and shrieked as he fucked her, it didn't seem like she cared too much either.


"Merlin, yes!" Pansy exclaimed. "Fuck, yes, give me that cock! Give it to me! Show my pureblood pussy what a real cock is like!" A part of Harry was taken aback by what she was saying. "Fuck! So...big...and thick. Fuck my cunt! Pound that slutty hole, My lord. Show me who I belong to. YEAH, JUST LIKE THAT!!!." Pansy shouted, and then she grunted as a particularly hard thrust rocked her body back. She then came, and her wall clenched around his cock, making harry groan and pull out. Pansy whined in disappointment. "Lay your head down onto the seat, arch your back, and put them round juicy globes in the air, my Slytherin slut." Harry demanded, he spat on his cock and stroked himself. Pansy's chuckled darkly, and she quickly obeyed her lord. "Come and get it, big daddy," she said, wiggling her arse at him. He stepped forward growling, gave her a slap on the bum that made her gasp, and then slid his cock back inside of her. He quickly got back to fucking her every bit as hard as he had been before, admiring the view before his very eyes. He held onto her hips and slammed into her from behind, making her ass ripple every time he smacked against it. Pansy could do nothing but take the pounding, like the good submissive bottom slut, just the way she liked it. "You love that don't you, my slut. You love getting fucked like a whore!" Harry was ravishing her pussy applying monster-breaking force, and pansy was loving it. "Ohh!!! Yes, I love it! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me, big daddy! Pound my slut box, my lord! UGH!!! Fuck big daddy! Pound me into the earth, big daddy Potter!!!" Pansy never experienced sex like this, as she wasn't a virgin or new to cock but, this was mind-breaking sex. Harry could watch her bum as he fucked her, and that's where his eyes focused. He loved looking down and watching that ass jiggle from the force of his thrusts, and he had a feeling he could inevitably become obsessed with admiring this view. He also took plenty of chances to spank her throughout the fuck. What made it even better was how much  she  seemed to enjoy it.


"Yes, spank me!" she shouted as his palm connected with her right cheek three times in quick succession. "Spank my arse harder, Daddy Potter! Spank it, spank it! I've been a bad girl! Show me, daddy. Give you little slut her spanking!" Harry was happy to do exactly that. He would have done so regardless of what she said. But her encouragement got him to swing his hand that much faster and tougher. His handprint was easily visible on both otherwise tan cheeks of that plush bum, but the real story was that between his spanks and the force of his fucking, Pansy screamed and came around his cock. 


Harry felt her walls clench around his monster meat again and this time couldn't hold any longer, and like a pipe bursted, into her slutty vaginal hole. Filling her up as she wanted from the beginning. His ninth spurt was his last, as he pulled out and stepped back, he stares at the marvelous work he bestrode. Pansy was breathing hard, her ass was still in the air. She had a crazed pleasure-looking smile, her dark-colored eyes glazed over with delight. She recovered and cum ran down her leg as she stood up and approached her lord. "Gods of all, are some sort of sex god. You're still hard as a rock. I want to ride that cock, big daddy," She had it bad for his cock. Harry didn't stop her, if she wanted it, she'd get it. With that she rode him like a whore, he finished inside her again, afterward they cuddle up, they had three more hours of track till they reached Kings Cross. She talked about how she was going to stay at his manor and send a letter to her mother. To ensure her mother knew she succeeded two hours later they got back into their clothes and cleaned themselves off. Applying scent charms and other forms of magic, though pansy couldn't help herself and asked if she could give him a quick blowjob, in which Harry nodded. It was swift and clean for the most part, as Pansy only knew one way of presenting a good cock suck, sloppy. She swallowed him all and tucked him back into his pants


Once they came to a stop they swiftly got their luggage before anyone could ask. They apperated to Potter manor and as soon as they entered pansy attacked him again. They fucked all afternoon and slept through the night. Waking up looking at each other pansy broke the silence. "Morning, my lord. Your morning wood is very active, It's my duty to make sure it is dealt with. She goes under and eagerly starts giving him a sloppy blowjob. 

Chapter Text

Minerva was having a rough day. Along with the grading papers and teaching, this weekend, she now has to prepare for detention. Having to deal with students is already taxing, but dealing with their egos was another. Draco Malfoy had made it a point to hex Katie Bell. Harry Potter defended his friend by punching Draco. Not knowing how to fight, Harry manages to send his rival to the hospital ward. The week after, he was caught out of bed snooping about, was apparently coming out of an abandoned classroom. Minerva knew most likely what had taken place, as rumors of Angelina Johnson was also missing that night and had been glowing and smiling the next day. Minerva wasn't too upset about that one, as she used to sneak out and have sexual fun. However, his rule-breaking didn't end there. He somehow locked all the teacher rooms without them noticing. Though she knows that didn't sound like him, more ideally, the Weasley twins were the cause of that. Though he was caught around the Hufflepuff section of the castle. 


He had been a nuisance last month, and the Hogwarts staff had to ask Minerva to discipline him someway. She gave it some time and found the best way to structure him. As it was the start of the new month and she was definitely going to   restructure  him correctly. She found she had a couple of minutes. So she went to her living quarters to change into her private attire. Something in her chest she hadn't worn since her fifth through seventh year of Hogwarts. Also adding, her early teaching days. She missed those days sometimes. As she puts it on and conceals it with her signature green emerald robes, her wand vibrates, signaling Harry has approached her classroom door. She walks out to get this detention commenced. 


"Mister Potter, it seems you actually showed up on time. I do wonder why you can't do that on the regular." Her lips thin-lined as usual. She was an intimidating stoic figure, regal-like. Harry wanted to rebuff but saw her eyebrow raised. As if to challenge her statement, but instead just blushed. "You see, mister potter. The teachers, including myself, are all wonderful. Why have you been examined beating a student, snooping around in abandoned classrooms, and messing with our living quarters?" Her voice sounded agitated and disappointed. "Professor, you were there when Malfoy hexed Katie. I felt I needed to defend my teammate, and I never would mess with the living quarters. That was the twins." His rebuttal for the two incidents she could let slide, but snooping around the castle a night for some ass is something she wouldn't let slide. "I will not reprimand you for defending a teammate of our house. As I would have done the same, I know our Slytherin rivalry is...primitive. And I know it was the Weasley twins that pranked us with their charms. I have already given them weeks' worth of detention, but snooping around and having sexual relations with Hogwarts witches won't have that now, mister Potter." 


Harry was shocked that she had found out. How the hell did she know? Yeah, he was caught out of areas, but that wouldn't pertain to actually having sex. "" Her demeanor changed, walking up to him as if a bully trying to impose themselves on another. She was a tall witch at six-foot, as Harry was only five foot nine inches. Her already no-nonsense attitude made her intimidating, but if Harry had to be, honest she looked almost as scary as Voldemort. Her eyes narrowed, showing not anger but steel coldness. Harr audibly gulped as anyone would. Her voice became a smooth hiss. "I was not born yesterday, Mister Potter. Angelina Johnson was missing from that night as well. And the following morning, she had this smug smile, and she was practically glowing. The same could be said for Susan's bones, giving you this longing look. Tracy Davis couldn't stop looking at you from across the great hall all last week. Answer me this, are you trying to sample all the houses of Hogwarts women?" Harry blushed out of embarrassment and shook his head. "Then I see you like the feeling of dominating witches that have an interest in you." Harry nodded. Minerva couldn't blame him as she to was the same way. Any wizard or witch that eyed her and pursued her she couldn't say no to. Back in her schooling days, she was the head queen of dominating, taking dominant men and turning them into submissive bottoms. And The witches had no chance, to begin with. All of the brave ones ended up on their knees. 


Minerva softly sighed and backed away from him. Her cock started growing hard when she saw him relaxed. "I guess I can't blame you, mister Potter. I had done the same when I was your age. But that doesn't mean you are out of detention. If I let you go, you'll just think of yourself above the rest. And I can't have my authority question now, can we?" She had a mischievous smile that made Harry's spine tingle. "Hand on my desk, mister potter. And bend over." Harry's eyes widened, but the commanding and cold tone of her voice didn't make him think twice. He followed her orders, but turned his head around to see what she was doing. She was right behind him, towering over his smaller height. "Turn your head forward, Mister Potter. And don't make state that again." Harry did as she as quickly. Minerva's dominating persona was now in control. "Now, you will address me as Mistress Minvera or mommy. You naughty undisciplined boy, is that understood." Her toned showed not funny business Harry's body was not used to being submissive, but it was going to learn quickly. "Yes, Mistress Minvera." Harry Replied, She chuckled as that her cock started to respond, hardening under her robes. "You like dominating witches just like I like commanding wizards. Your punishment is I am going to restructure you, Mister Potter." 


With that, she pressed herself against his body till his backside was grounded against her groin. Her mouth against his soft ear. It sent chills throughout his whole body, with cat-like reflexes. She undid his belt and slid down his trousers along with his undergarment. Revealing a twelve-inch cock, large smooth balls, and a cute fit bubble-butt. She let out a bone-chilling chuckle. She grabbed his thick cock and examined his specimen. As well placed another hand on his smooth left ass cheek, kneading it feeling, the juiciness behind the firm muscle. "Mmmm, you have a very impressive cock and balls. I see how you were able to dominate those sluts. Although an ass like this belongs to a bottom. And since you'll be my bottom bitch it'll definitely do the job for my cock." She stroked his cock till it was half hard, she waved her wand, and a cock ring was formed around his balls and cock. Keeping the blood around that area. "Now I control your orgasm. Even if your body wants to cum, it won't until I let you. Now you're going to answer my questions if you don't answer or hesitate. A powerful slap came down onto his ass, he groaned in pain. The sting on the slap was crazy. "Do you get the message, Mister Potter?" She rose, and with a wave of her wand, summoned a leather paddle. "Yes, Mistress Minerva." 


"Good Lets Begin." She had the best position to slap his ass. "How many times have you been to that abandoned classroom?" Her voice was calm, and her eyes filled with glee. "Seven Times." SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He realized his mistake in not addressing her correctly. "Seven times, Mistress Minerva," Harry exclaimed swiftly, not want another power slap from the paddle. "Better. Give me the names of all the witches you've dominated." He hesitated, and five powerful slaps met his left ass cheek, moaning in pain. "Now for your hesitation, you'll receive five slaps even if you give me your answer! And I will add the number of slaps to how many names I hear, you naughty boy. Now answer the question!" She shouted at him for the disrespect. She was gonna have to discipline him harder.

"Tracy Davis. Ugh! Susan B-Bones. Fuck! Ugh! Angelina Johnson. MERLIN! Cho Chang! Oh shit! Ugh! Ugh! F-Fay Dunbar. Ugh! God! Merlin! Alicia Spinnet, Ugh! Fuck! Ah! Ow! Morgana!" Minerva continued to slap his ass cheeks, giving each cheek an equal stinging disciplining strike. When she was done his, bottom globes were a burning red. Fifteen strikes for each cheek. His ass was a blistering red mess. "Now that I've got what needed out of you. I'm going to give you a reward." She placed the paddle on the desk and walked around. Harry's body was shaking, his head down rock from the pain. "Mister Potter, you know it's rude to not look at your mistress. Look upon me, for you will worship me like a goddess." 


She unveils her emerald robes and reveals her body, outfitted in her signature dominatrix lingerie. She wore a sexy, sizzling, piping hot elegant 4 piece green mesh dominatrix lingerie. Sheer fishnet stretchy mesh fabric along with striking gold O rings with metal detailing. A Suspender belt with and garter-style leg straps. With black laced leg stockings with an assless thong bottom. She looked every bit seductive, erotic, and daring. But her body sold the sexy skin-hugging lingerie. Her grey and white hair were no longer in a tight bun, as it now was cascaded down her back in a wavy pattern. Her pale tone skin complimented her lithe build. Perky C cup breast was just as good-looking as some girls. In addition, her long slender torso was praised by her toned-out midsection. Coming down perfectly to an excellent perky full firm heart-shaped ass. Still, her most prominent feature was an unyielding, girthy fourteen-inch veiny cock. It sent Harry into worry as he knew his mistress was going to fuck him with that monster. To conclude it, her long smooth toned hairless legs completed her goddess-like body. Harry's thoughts came to a conclusion, Minvera Mcgonagall was hot. "Judging by your expression, mister Potter. I can only assume you find your mistress extremely attractive. You aren't the first, many wizards have been swayed by my body. Just they have never been your size." 


She could see he was barely able to keep himself up. She stroked her heavy cock, as she wanted to fuck him into submission. Just thinking about it made her lick her lips. "Now on to your next step. I'm going to fuck into submission. I believe that will correct your rule-breaking behavior. Lay on the desk and spread those, firm juicy ass cheeks. I am going to prepare you for my meat stick." Without any thought, Harry did as he asked. He softly grabbed his blistering red cheeks and spread them to the point you could see his wrinkled hole. As Minerva walked elegantly around her desk till she could see the position she loved to see most wizards in. She squatted down and rested her hands against the back of his thighs, she could tell he hadn't been fucked in some time. She placed her head towards his hole, Minerva's tongue dipping out from between her soft lips as he neared Harry's flexing and twitching hole. She swiftly moved forwards and pressed her lips softly against his ass, eliciting a moan of surprise and deep pleasure from Harry. Her tongue began to trace around his hole, dancing back and forth as she sought to pleasure him. She built up a rhythm, one that had her spurred on by lusty and pleasurable moans from Harry. "Ugh! Fuck that good, mistress." Taking it as a sign of assurance, Minerva let her tongue wild and watched as his leg began to twitch and writhe. 


He Tasted absolutely scrumptious. As she rested her tongue in the middle of his arsehole, she plunged her tongue deep inside his tight asshole. Causing him to moan deeply, his eyes rolling back and mouth falling open. Pushing deeper, her tongue slipping further and further in, sending more and more pleasure through his body. Exploring the inside of harry's hole, Minerva let her tongue run amok, finding the most pleasurable spots. Harry had never had his ass eaten, but from what Alicia told him it was a highly pleasurable experience, and he could see why. His cock hardened in response to his mistress's ministration. There was something so deliciously perverse and pleasurable about the intimacy of a tongue. Minerva's tongue was rapidly moving back and forth inside his butt. 


She gave a few more wiggles around his hole and pulled back. She spat into the wrinkled hole. "AAH! Fuck. That was intense." He whispered out with a sigh. Minerva chuckled darkly. "If you thought that was intense. Wait until I fuck your tight ass with my cock, intense is not a word that will come from your mouth. You should thank your mistress for preparing your hole." He thanked her. Standing up, she placed her hand in front of him and told him to spit. As sure he did a couple times, using it to lube up her monster dick. Stroking her shaft with his spit, she spat into her hand for added lube. She then slapped her shaft onto his ass cheeks, which made him gasped as his bottom was sensitive from the spanking. Though Harry was pretty sure, he wasn't going to be able to sit for the next week. Slamming her meat between his cheeks, she slams her hands down to them with force. Harry moaned in pain, much for her pleasure. She kneads them, slapping them with soft taps. 


"Now, You're going to beg for my cock, mister Potter. Tell me how much you want me to fuck that ass." Her voice sounded sensual but also commanding. "Please, Mistress Minerva, can you fuck me! Please fuck my ass!" He begged loudly. Minerva chuckled darkly and responded. "As you wish, mister Potter." McGonagall drew her own hips backward and pushed forward, carving her cock between his cheeks steadily, bringing them both to the edge of anticipation. Minerva only to angle her cock towards his entrance and let loose the pent-up desires of decades of sexual longing and frustration. Pulling back, her hand grasped the base of her cock, and she readied herself for bliss. Pushing the head of her cock against Harry's asshole. Applying gentle pressure, Minerva watched as her entrance caved inwards, slowly allowing the tip of her cock to slip inside. "Ahhh! Fuck!" Moaning steadily, the two of them gasped in unison as the head slipped in, her puckered entrance tightening once more around the tip. McGonagall's eyes rolled into the back of her head and as she let go of her cock, simply savoring the tight haven that now engulfed her cock-head. Steadying her stance, savoring the warm tightness clasped around her shaft. Harry pushed eagerly backward onto her cock without him realizing. His ass, wanting to be full of the thick cock. 


McGonagall snapped out of her haze and reminded her that she was here to discipline Harry Potter and fuck him so hard she restructures his ass. Holding onto his red bubbly cheeks, she reaffirmed her position, steadying herself as she prepared to slam her hips forwards. She wanted to submerge her cock instantly in the boy's ass. Easing forwards, she watched as her massive length disappeared inside of his hungry ass. Harry groaned as seven inches was well within his ass, his cocked twitched uncontrollably, but nothing came out. "UUUGGHHH! FUCK! So...big." Minerva laughed gleefully, not just because she had an ass around her cock. Aaaaaah! Thats right, take my monstrous cock, bottom bitch! Thank your mistress, you are going to receive an exhilarating ass fucking." She forced a few more inches quickly, enticing a moan out of him. His ass stretching, due to her girthy length. With five inches left, McGonagall finally thrust forwards with purpose and power. "UGGGGHHHHH! MORGANA! FUCK ME!" He roared out with a growl at the end. Pleasure racking his body, legs shaking uncontrollably, and balls wanted to be unleashed from all the build-up. He felt the professor's smooth-shaven crotch against his juicy buttcheek, her own balls being smothered by the older woman's heavy and more massive pair. "OOOH! DON'T YOU WORRY, I WILL!!!" She roared out. 


The cock was buried all the way inside of him, throbbing and pulsating, filling Harry to the brim and stretching him in the way could imagine, all feeling great. Unable to wait any longer, McGonagall began to pound her cock back and forth. Both of them grunted and groaned in unison as the wet slapping of flesh resounded through the room. "YEAH!!! YEAH!!! Thats it, take my cock! Take it! I am going to discipline you, Potter! Restructure your hole for my cock! You're going to fall in love with this cock, when I threw with you! Tell your mistress you love her cock! TELL ME!!! TAKE IT!!! TAKE MY COCK, BITCH!!! TAKE IT!!!" She yelled to her heart content, ramming her cock hard into Harry's ass. "AAAAHHHHH! FUCK! OOOOOHHH! SHIT! I LOVE IT, MISTRESS MINERVA!!! I LOVE YOUR COCK MISTRESS!!! FUCK! IT'S SO GOOD! PLEASE MORE, MISTRESS! MORE MISTRESS!!!" Harry never really liked being a bottom but would submit because he would want the same if he was one of the girls. However, Minerva McGonagall was showing him pleasure from being a bottom like no other. He would still be a top, but when it came to her. He bend over for her anytime. The swelling of that thick cock inside of him. The rigid veins and ridges that were thrusting against his insides. The labored breathing of the older woman claiming his ass just mentally simulated his body even more. Her slamming her crotch forward, buttfucking him with such intensity just seems to captivate him a little more. 


McGonagall had never felt anything more intense than the sensation of her student's asshole adjusting and stretching to fit her enormous cock. Each push and plunge of her cock were met with a new wave of intense bliss. Bliss that she couldn't help but get swallowed by. She didn't care for the wellbeing of the arse, she was fucking. "Mmmmm! Such a great ass!" She moaned out, giving it a slap. Enjoying Harry's asscheeks ripple on each impact of her hips. She wanted nothing more than to hammer herself into his ass until she exploded into momentous orgasmic intensity. An intensity that was quickly dawning on the pair of them. "You cum when I cum, Potter. Fuck I'm close...beg for it bitch. Beg for mommy's cum. Bad Boy beg for their mommy's cum. Who's your mommy Harry Potter?" Minerva was gonna take ownership of him. She wanted all of him. In her mind, she was his and no one else's. "Fuck! Please give me your cum, mommy! I've been a bad boy, mommy. Please give me your cum.Please mommy Minerva!" Everything was peaking to a new level of heavenly pleasure. With their bodies rutting grinding together as they both pushed each other closer and closer to explosive orgasm with each movement. Smiles stretched across both their faces, their ultimately wound themselves right towards their ends, their bodies shaking with delight as they finally unloaded. " Cum with me, my baby boy! Cum with me! Take mommy's cum, Baby! Take it! UUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!! UUGGHHH!!! UGH!!! MORGANA'S BALLS!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUCCCKKKK!!!" Their bodies collided faster and faster, their heated breath catching in their throats as they came closer and closer. Harry was the first, letting out a loud low growling groan of delight as he sprayed sixteen thick strands of pent-up cum down onto the floor. His cock getting milked with each push and thrust of the older woman's cock. His ass clenched and tightened around McGonagall's cock, sandwiching it in place and causing her cock to explode into orgasm. Unlike Harry, McGonagall had a much larger load from pent-up frustration and time. As she unloaded twenty-five strands of dense cum into his abused ass. When she pulled out twelve strands painted all of harry's ass and back. All the cum from his ass came down with a splat. She waved her wand, vanishing it and from his body. She then walked over and poured a pepper-up potion down his mouth. He gasped awake. Harry was bout to get up until Minerva placed a hand on his back to stop him. "No no, Harry, mommy is not done with you yet. We have two more rounds to go." He didn't have a chance to brace himself when she slipped her cock back into his abuse butthole. She immediately picks up with a powerful, pumping pace.


After their session, Harry had detention with her the whole new month every three days he would come to her for his  detention.  The first week he spent getting his ass punished, with her stapping him down on a wooden-like structure where he was bent over. He was lucky she brought some type of Scottish numb potion so he could walk. The second week she trained his mouth to suck her monstrous shaft, if she had to grade him, she'd give him an O. He was a natural cock sucker, downing twelve inches at most with training. Painting his face was becoming one of her favorite things. The third week was her favorite as Angelina Johnson, had been given detention for two weeks for sneaking out of the common room during curfew. She had broken down Angelina just like harry but a lot quicker. She liked the girl's body for quidditch captain had a fat juicy ass. Probably the best in Hogwarts, she had once got Angelina and Harry, fuck each other while she jerked off. She then takes both of them for herself. Minerva was finally having her sexual tension released. Her favorite is when she has Harry lick her ass and have Angelina deepthroat her cock. 


As the month passed on, they no longer showed up mandatory. But she left her mark on them as currently, she was rewarding Harry with a blowjob. He was surprised that his mistress blessed him with a blowjob, and she was by far the best. It only took her five minutes to finish him. 


She was in her comfort zone and was looking for more students to dominate.

Chapter Text

Harry Potter was a bit of an enigma. He was a bit of a lady killer as well throughout his third and fourth year. Harry somehow dominated witches into submission, not in owning them. But he sort of be became this sex god. Even Minerva McGonagall and some teachers were part of the list of witches he fucked. Fleur Delacour was his fiancee and loved every bit of her but still had an urge to dominate witches if they came to him. At one point, he grew to dominating wizards, slamming his meaty dense cock into their virgin tight holes. He didn't know what did it for him but, when Justin Finch-Fletchley came to him wanting to be fucked, by the boy-who-live and slayer of witches. He was curious. He found it just as great or extraordinary, having a male on their hands and knees praising your big cock, calling you by dirty superior names it brought a different feeling of power to your mind. As for Justin, he wasn't a bad-looking lad. He had a nice round bubble butt. Which made him question if it was a man's ass, as the juiciness was so familiar to Ginny Weasley's it made him question male asses. As his following, partners came to him after he had his fun times with Justin. Cole Sicomore, Zacharias Smith, and Anthony Goldstein, were all coming to him for some grade O cock pummeling. 

Harry felt the need to tell fleur about it, hoping she wasn't mad at him. She handled it well, actually calling it hot. She knew Harry was an immensely robust wizard, but to turn male wizards into cock loving bottom sluts, that turned her on like crazy. She wanted to see him do it, he agreed, and she picked Roger Davies. She watched in fascination and arousal as Harry turned the headstrong boy into a cock sucking, anal-taking buttslut. He became a bottom bitch within seconds as Harry entered his hole, Roger had a fat plump ass. One of the best asses harry has seen and been in. Fleur played into the domination role as him being her master and her being the mistress to all his bottom bitches. Fleur came up with a name for Harry's dominant personality, giving him the moniker 'Daddy Potter,' It stuck, and all witches and wizards under his domination list. He had fun with his wife more than ever, he created a magical strapon for her, so she could fuck his bottom sluts. It would give her the real sensation of a cock. Fleur had two favorite bottom bitches too, Hermione Granger and Daphne Greengrass. They showed a bossy demeanor, but the moment they were with Harry and Fleur, they were desperate cumsluts. Hermione had masterful dick-sucking skills, she didn't have the best body but made up for it in skillful techniques and enthusiastic dirty talk. Greengrass had a busty body and was one fattest asses in Hogwarts. Harry love running his cock through her backside as it giggled extensively any time his hips impacted her juicy bottom cheeks. They, of course, affected the older women of the wizarding world, One being fleur's own mother, Appoline Delacour. The nuisance reporter of the Daily Prophet, Rita Skeeter. And Harry's favorite out of the three was no other, his arch rival's mother, Narcissa Malfoy. 

The First time they got hold of Rita was when she asked for an interview to see why they were married. And to essentially stir up trouble for a juicy story. Both of them came to the conclusion was to make her a begging cumdumster slave. Then she got there, they wanted to give her a show on why they got married. Involving her, of course, she soon found out they weren't going to be gentle to her. They tied her spanked her, facefucked her, and double penetrated both her hole, she soon was begging for more, as she was now their slutty pet. They soon moved on to fleur's mother, the woman who had the body of a curvy goddess. She wanted to demonstrate the sexual furry of a veela when she got behind harry, and while on her knees, she spread his ass cheeks and ate away at his wrinkled hole. Managing to slip it inside and run amok. Fleur got the jest of what her mother was speaking about before she came to their manor. She got on her knees as well and gave Harry her usual skillful blowjob, the sensation was crazy to Harry, already thinking of using this position on his bottom bitches. After Harry came into his wife's mouth, they fucked her mother plowing both her holes at the same time, alternating holes. They did double penetrate her, that was when one of their bitches messed up. 

As they were done with her after a week, Narcissa came around. But not as a visit, but to strike a deal with them for her son's behavior. She would submit Draco and herself to Harry Potter as servants, for protection from the dark lord. They excepted it her first rule was to get on her knees and suck off her new lord. She did that well, the next thing was to bend over the bed and spread her ass cheek. When she revealed her body, she to was bless with a goddess-like hourglass figure. Big beautiful breast and yet one of the finest asses he'd witness, the list of great asses were continuing. Along with the list of Justin Finch-Fletchley, Roger Davies, Angelina Johnson, Daphne Greengrass, Madame Pomfrey, and now Narcissa Malfoy. She followed their orders, and she gasped when Fleur started lapping up her asshole. Just like her mother she was skillful with her tounge, she would offer her master a lick and jerk, and he would gladly accept. She came, and that when fleur commented she was a buttslut so with that harry skillfully fucked her ass, no pain just overwhelming pleasure. They had given her the same treatment as her mother and wanted more. She'd come back with Appoline and have tremendous fun. 

After that, Harry would use the deal against the Malfoy son. Draco knew but was on high alert steadily, avoiding him. It wasn't until Harry caught him in the bathroom. That faithful day Draco became Harry's go-to bitch boy, he was a natural cocksucker. He laughed when he thought of the saying his mother warned him bout 'He's a lot like his father, a natural and skilled dick sucker.' He was at the top of the list, he was also blessed with a juicy plump bubble butt, just like his mother. Harry would have a lot of fun with Draco, slamming his cock into the boy, have Draco slurp and gobble down on his cock. He would often paint Draco's face and then tell him to get back to sucking his cock. Draco, at one point, enjoyed being Harry Potter's bottom bitch. Taking it in the ass with pride and same for sucking cock, moaning while slobbering all over his daddy's cock. He loved hearing the moans and grunts from his master, how harry painted his face. The ass pounding he would take and hear Harry's compliment on his marvelous ass. He loved it all, like a true bottom bitch. At one point his others started getting jealous, that he wasn't sharing his cock. So he called them into a bathroom told them to pick a stall and wait for his cock. But not before you lick each other's ass so daddy potter can slide right into their slutty holes. He Filled them all up ad had no problem going through a second time, as stamina was never a problem for him and his wife. They once fucked for three days straight. 

Eventually, Ron kept asking Harry why Malfoy and the others would ask for him often. Hermione answered, with he had to please his servants. Ron asked what she meant, Harry had then came up with a plan. He told his best mate that he show him, and told him to meet him in an abandoned classroom. When ron did, just as Draco. Harry turned him into a cock loving bottom buttslut. Ron was easier to turn, first thing Harry learned about him was he was also a natural cock sucker, just like ginny but highly better. Though Ron could take most of his cock and be sloppy just like Draco and Fleur, where the only difference was Ron could take all of harry's cock, unlike Draco. Fleur could as well she was the best, ron was second, then Draco and Hermione. It shouldn't surprise him Ron did gobble up food like it was nothing, only made sense he could gobble up a cock. Ron had something Draco didn't, a very healthy fat juicy ass. Harry swore it was exactly like Daphne's and Angelina's. That made it all the better, Harry loved a fat ass, something he could grip and slap with fun, watching it giggle any time her rammed his hip into one. The heart-shaped ass made his cock happy, another good thing was Ron was a slutty buttslut. He loved having his ass played with, Harry love licking Ron's wrinkled hole cause he got to grabbed and slap his plump juicy rear globes. 

After a bit, he relaxed a bit with fleur, had great sex, and talked about their future. She had to leave off Gringotts business. For his birthday she gave all their bottoms slut BDSM clothing they would sometimes wear assless g stings or jockstraps. Harry's favorite was full body cage staps with a large ring right where their slutty hole would be. Harry was having a great life. His favorite thing to do was fuck his favorite bottoms into oblivion. Like he was doing in the second-floor girls' lavatory. Grunts and moans could be heard coming from the bathroom, but nobody went down there due to the Moaning Myrtle. 

Who was currently watching Harry Potter pounding the ass of Ronald Weasley from behind. All while Draco sat on a toilet seat pumping his seven-inch meat, he was waiting his turn for a third go from his master's big thick cock. "Yeah, that's it, daddy pulverize Weasley's ass, show him how great it is to be fucked by your monstrous cock." Ron sounded like a whore in the ally. Harry was giving the fat plump ass a hardcore pounding. Each slap of his balls against his best mate's flesh was enunciated by moans and groans, from both of them. Crashing his hips back and forth, the sweet echoing sound of flesh smacking against flesh filling the bathroom. A pleasure delirious grin was on Ron's face as he enjoyed being destroyed by Harry's dense shaft. "That's it, you thick plum ass bitch! Take my cock! Give daddy that ass! Who ass is this, slut! Tell me who owns this lush ass!" Harry gave Ron's right ass cheek a powerful slap and regripped both his friends' cheeks to give him more powerful thrusts. The slap composed a slutty moan out of ron, throwing his head back in pleasure. It was always a great day when his ass was getting pounded by Harry. 

"It's your big daddy! This slutty fat ass is yours, daddy Potter! Oooooh! I love your cock! I love how it fucks my hole! I love it when your slam your hips into my fat plum cheeks, big daddy Potter!" Ron was a massive slut for harry's cock. Harry gave him another powerful slap to the ass again. Ron's arms were supporting his arched back, giving Harry a very enticing view of his juicy booty.  Ron's own cock had been hard for twenty minutes, Harry had full complete control over when his favorite bottom slut could come. "Yeah, I know you do, baby. I know you love my cock. Ahh! This hole was made for cock, just the right tightness. Damn! This ass is good! NOW! CUM! FOR! ME! SLUT!" Harry roared out his command, his thrust change to a hard lengthy back-breaking thrust. Hearing his master say to release, he did. His hardened cock bursting seven hefty strands of cum on the ground. During his climax, his throaty groan of pleasure got Harry excited. As Ron's butt clenched around his shaft. With his ass clenching down around Harry's cock, massaging it with a new intensity that only made Harry pound him harder. "UGGGHHHHHH!!! FUCK YEA!!! CUM BITCH! CLENCH YOUR DIRTY HOLE AROUND MY COCK!" Ron's cock twitched uncontrollably continuing his previous orgasm, rocketing strands of jet stream cum painted the ground. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, the mouth was open by a silent moan that couldn't be heard, from the hard slapping of his ass cheeks meeting his superior's hips. His prostate was being annihilated by a powerful magical thick cock. One that seemed to grant him unimaginable pleasure. 

Harry was close and felt he gave his favorite bottom enough pleasure. He willed his balls and hosed Ron's tightening hole with fire hydrant cum, unloading a week of unrelieved balls. His best friend's contracting hole got tighter essentially, trying to extract more of his seed. Harry laughed and growled. "That's it, my gracious bottom bitch. Take my blessed cum up your ass. Your ass just loves my cock." Harry pulled out of Ron's ass with a delicious-sounding pop. As his hole stretched, trying to keep the cock in. Harry then turned his thirteen-inch monster hard and not wavering. He looked at Draco and stroked his cock. 

"Get over here, Draco. I need my meat stick clean and sucked." Draco early stood, got on his knees, and slurped seven inches in his mouth. "Ahhhhh! Good boy. Daddy may reward you." Harry wove his hand into the blonde's lock, gripping them down to the scalp. Draco was pridefully sucking his master's cock with glee.  Draco also had such a delicious way of stroking cock. His hands twisted as he drew them downwards, applying more pressure. Sucking inwards, Malfoy savored the taste of cum and ass splashing directly onto his tongue. His lips becoming coated in the glossy shimmer of Harry's delicious cum and Ron's ass juice. Draco loved having complete control of a cock, being able to coax and tease it, master its shape and rhythm; all of that was the joy of it. Slowly, his lips rolled across the halfway mark of Harry's cock, Draco's throat tightening almost at will, clutching tightly around the thick shaft of his master's length. Not a single hint of a gag or splutter shuddered through Draco's throat as he remained temperate in his movements, continuously working his lips at the same steady rhythm. "Ugh! Fuck! I see our mistress's lessons taught you well. Now show daddy Potter more of what that generous mouth can do." Harry had his eyes closed, Draco made sure to always give his best, when it came to sucking daddy off. The pleasure of Draco's lips and mouth all seem to get him excited. As he slurped more of the cock down, his hand dropped to the pair of balls swinging beneath the meaty shaft. Lightly squeezing them, Draco abandoned his plans of a slow methodical sucking and simply worked his lips down to the base of daddy's cock. Pushing as far and as firmly as possible. He gagged a bit, not accustomed to downing all of it. "AHHHH! FUCK!!!" Harry moaned.

Pulling his beautiful lips back, Draco gave Harry a long and salacious blowjob. With his lips constantly pulling back to daddy's cock-head, before working all the way back down to his base. The pace was slow enough that Harry could feel every silky inch carving into his bottom's gullet, driving deep into his throat. The moment her balls smacked against Dracos chin, his tongue trying and roam daddy's balls, seemingly trying to swallow his sack in tandem with his cock. "Dirty bitch. Fuck, show me how much of a cock whore I turned you into. Show daddy." Draco moaned, he took that same tantalizing pace as he worked his lips back along harry's cock, keeping his entire length a moderate glossy shine, ensuring that whilst her blowjob was slick. Harry then pulled cock from Draco's greedy lips. "Get up. Daddy Potter is gonna fuck your ass. And get into position 3 for me. Harry stroked his glistening cock, as Draco when into a stall, placed his hand on the wall, and arched his back, sticking out his juicy cute bubble butt. "Come, daddy. Pound my ass in, big daddy." Draco begged for him, wiggling his ass to taunt him, he would get his answer. As Harry entered the stall, he slapped Draco's ass watching it ripple. He growled and slapped his cock on his delicious cheeks, Harry's cock prodded his rear entrance, throbbing against his hole. 

With one quick adjustment, Draco's loosened ass eagerly swallowed his cock, with Harry able to sink himself deep inside her without stalling. With his cock lodged firmly in her ass, he adjusted his position slightly, drew his hips back, and hammered home. Erotic pleasure hit Draco vigorously, he was getting what he wanted, his ass being pounded by his master. Harry didn't hold back, hammering his cock suddenly and with immense power. With rapid slamming, slaps of ass and hips filled the room once more. "Ugh! Fuck! Yeah, Daddy just like that! Bully my hole!" Harry loved when Draco talked dirty, it kept their sex interesting. Of course, having your rival being your bottom bitch was interesting enough. The talk made harry increase the speed in his thrust, Draco's eyes rolled close. His Harden cock shot spurts of cum all over the toilet below them. "I see, my buttslut could keep it in. How sexy, How many have licked this hole. I know I haven't fucked you for a week." His hole was easier to slide into but didn't really matter. "Four daddy, I was hoping you claim a bit sooner." Harry chuckled and slapped Draco's right ass cheek. "I'm pleased. For I have a few more rounds for two sluts. Merlin, this is such a fine ass." Each thrust was slamming deep into Draco's ass, sending intense moans of pleasure through both of their bodies. Draco's prostate shrank beneath each thrust only to throb in desperation for another plunge. 

Harry kept that up for ten minutes, till he shot a massive load into his favorite bottom bitch. Once he did that, he conjured a mattress. He ordered them to sandwich each other as Draco front faced up and ron would lay on top of him. Harry smashed both their holes once again finishing all over them. Once he felt he had his fun, he left. But before he turned he snap his fingers, out of the corner of the entrance. Five of his male buttslut came out of the shadows. He told them to have fun with each other, and they circled around Draco and Ron. As he was making his way to the Gryffindor common room, he ran into his head of house. "Mister Potter, you shouldn't be out so late. 

What is it you were doing?" She asked, rather knowing the question. "I was with Ron and Draco, Professor, as they were very greedy." Harry didn't really feel any punishment. She raised an elegant eyebrow. She smirked, her voice became different. "Perhaps it best you adventure with me to my living quarters, there is a spell that needs to be used on my fireplace. And it needs some oil to fill it as well, it hasn't been in quite a while." Harry knew exactly what she meant, as he agreed. When they got to her quarters, they fucked like crazy. With Minerva being sexually deprived she gave him a long session. After that, he cuddles up with her until the morning.

Harry was loving his life.

Chapter Text

Daphne Greengrass was currently walking down the hall, just coming from the Slytherin common room. As she was submitting her work to the Astronomy teacher, 13 inches of linework. Next was Charms, Transfiguration, and then Runes. Though her day was a tad bit better as her best friend Tracy Davis was bent over leaking cum from her bum. She loved sex just like everyone else but was very secretive about it. Tracy and she, grew up as childhood friends, so plainly they grew curious and started banging each other, finding out Tracy preferred to take rather than give. This was okay with Daphne as she liked both but favored giving the dick. 


Her sexual relations soon expanded, branching out to Susan bones, friends who understood each other's ideas of the wizarding world. Pansy Parkinson, though that was more of a challenge, between them was a rivalry. Pansy wanted to be the top queen in Slytherin, but everyone believed that belonged to Daphne as her moniker was The Ice Queen of Slytherin. From a few insults traded and diplomatic arguments, they made a deal. The one who is victorious in a duel with being the Head Queen of Slytherin and the loser will be their bitch for the remainder of the school career. Daphne won easily, schooling Pansy in the duel. She simply stated she was the best, and none were above her, amidst all of that. As soon as she gave her speech. She immediately made her position solidified by making pansy suck her cock to completion, bent her over, and rearrange her inside's. After that squirmish, some felt they needed to knock her off her throne as she was just a girl. In reality, it was only one, as typical Draco tried. But just like Pansy, he got fucked into submission. They both limped some days as there, turns only came when daphne was angry or upset at something. Plus with her being the biggest in Slytherin, their asses would be sore often three times a month. 


Her relations would branch into the Gryffindor side as Draco fell in line with the other. His harassment dwindled, in which Harry Potter talked to her, as he thanked her for pegging Draco down. He gave her a supreme blowjob, in which she heard he doesn't give much, so it made it much greater. Not wanting to seem intitled, she dropped to her knees and gave him one as well. Afterward, she sent him a letter and asked him to speak with her again. For a truce between Gryffindor and Slytherin. When they met up, they learned a lot about each other, how Harry was raised muggle, and his treatment from them. About the real traitor of his parents and he is the Head of two ancient and noble families. Daphne explained, her childhood was nothing compared to his, but a lot of loss. Another was her marriage contract to Malfoy, even though he was her bitch, she didn't want to marry him by force. While her dad feels discouraged he couldn't have a son, not that he was mad with his daughters. 


They shook hands and gave oaths to establish their house's truce. However, Daphne had one more thing she needed from him. She reminded him of the time he casted the Patronus that saved Astoria and her from the dementors. He didn't remember them, but she told him they were discussing a family secret from outside the castle that day when the dementors came for them as well. And as for that, she wanted to give him compensation for saving not just her life but her sister's. Moreover, she undid her robe and shrugged it off, revealing her body and a sexy, spicey BDSM outfit. Harry was a bit shocked at daphne's commitment to her life debt, as she was dress in her submissive outfit. An upper BDSM leather, body, chest, bra, and belt Harness. All coming together as a metal choker hugged her neck. Her lower half was just as sexy, a premium leather harness garter belt, along with legless attached to the garter. She was bare, no panties. She fell in love with him that night, she didn't know it then, but she did. Their relationship was secret, only letting their most loyal friend know, Hermione Granger and Tracey Davis. That day she had the best sex, the way he fucked her mouth and ass was glorious. They would come back, and suck each other off until they both felt empty. 


She referred to him as her king, and she was his Queen. She had to focus on going to Charms to deliver the rest of her theory work. She was heading there until she got slammed into by someone who was at a hurried pace. She rubbed her head and saw Hermione Granger looking dazed, then she gasped, Daphne followed her eyes, and hot angry rage boiled in her. Her theory work was being eaten up by acid, a vial cracked right over her papers and notes. When Hermione saw her face she gulped, the mask of the ice queen turned to ash. Blue flames seemed to have erupted in Daphne's ice-blue eyes. Her voice gave shivers down Hermione's back, some of her portraits even grimace from her tone. "Come with me, Granger." They walked into a nearby abandon classroom, the ice queen closed the door warded, and placed silent and privacy charms around it. Before Hermione could utter an apology, Daphne drew her wand thinking about blasting the bushed-haired girl into oblivion. A blue spark lit at the end of her want, brightening more and more until it faded. Hermione finally let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me." 


Daphne got control of her breathing, but her mask was brewing a different type of emotion other than calm. "Sorry, is not gonna bring my theory papers back, Granger." There was so much venom in saying her name she would of she was a parselmouths. "Six long months of study, practice, and endless sleep. Not even counting the sexual offerings I had to decline. What were you in such a rush for anyway!" Hermione blushed something daphne notice, she did not want to tell at all why she was in a hurry to get back to her dorm. 


Daphne was going to find out one way or another. "From the way your blush is almost the color of Weasley's hair, I'm going to determine you were having, a very naughty sexual experience." Hermione's eyes widened in fear, showing daphne she had her. She chuckled darkly. "You're going to answer me, or I'll report you. And no, I won't get in trouble, I have a pass from the Headmistress, so answer the question." Hermione was boxed in a corner, she had no way out. She put her head down, anticipating the embarrassment. "I...I was... I was getting...Gangbanged." That raised an eyebrow from daphne. "How many three, four?" Hermione's embarrassment kept going deeper and deeper. "Five." She answered quietly. Daphne laughed darkly, she began to walk up to Hermione, the bushy-haired girl didn't step back, not entirely scared. The Ice Queen told her to look up, when he did she saw amusement in her eyes. She asked if Harry knew, she shook her head. "I don't believe it the Gryffindor goody to shoe bookworm is a first-class wholesome cockslut. If they weren't gryifs, then they had to be ravens or puffs." Hermione didn't know why, but she shook her head. Daphne actually shows surprise. "Slytherin's, huh? Seem someone is a nympho, as she likes gobbling up cock and getting plowed in the ass, perhaps two in her bum while she pumps the rest, hoping they don't blow their load. In love with the way they degrade you, makes sense in a kind of way. You loved the idea of being owned." Hermione's eyes showed vulnerability, and Daphne hit the nail right on the coffin. She was a first-class cumslut the first time ever she had sex, she wanted more and more. Harry seems to talk degrade her during sex, that when she found dirty talk got her more turned on. She was a sex nympho with an extremely high sex drive.


"Well, hears a way you can repay for your digressions, you are hereby to services me by Queen's demand until the next month." Hermione's eyes widened, and she took a step back. "But...but." Daphne just smiles darkly. And told her she could do nothing as the truce gave power over her. Hermoine and Daphne went over the rules of what she can and can't do, if daphne wanted her to strip down naked in front of the whole school she had to. "Now as I am your Queen, you will refer me as your highness or Mistress, is that understood, Granger." Daphne was gonna enjoy this, as she walked nose to nose, and with a suddenly raised hand, she slapped it down and tightly gripped Hermione's surprisingly juicy ass. "Yes, your highness. 


"Good." Daphne undid her bottom robes and pulled out her hard, girthy Elven-inch cock. She stroked it, all the while staring hungrily at Hermione. "Since you love Slytherin cock. You get on your knees and satisfy your Queen. I want to sample that muggle-born mouth." Without any hesitation, Hermione dropped to her knees, it wasn't Harry's that was twelve inches. Nevertheless, it looks tasty that Hermione bit and licked her lip, and soon going to get a taste of it. She reached out to touch it, flexing her fingers as she curled them into place around the cock's base. Daphne hummed to the touch of the soft hands. Lifting the thick cock with both her hands. Leaning forwards, she planted her lips firmly against the exposed tip of Daphne Greengrass's cock, softly kissing the sensitive flesh. Her tongue flicked out, curling across the bulbous head, licking away the ethereal shimmer of pre-cum that coated the dark pink flesh. "Ahhhh! Damn, does it feel good to have lips around my cock again." Hermione to part her lips and welcome the bulbous tip into her mouth, hollowing her lips as she gently suckled on the throbbing head. Moaning softly at the taste, she continued to caress and stroke the thick length, pumping her hands back and forth to her own rhythm, working more and more. The taste of Daphne was delicious elicit deep-toned groans of satisfying pleasure. The hum of her satisfaction droned through Daphne's cock, making for an even more enjoyable blowjob. 


"You like the taste of my cock don't you?" Daphne asked. Hermione pushed her lips a little further along her cock. She would always pull swiftly back to taste the tip of the cock. Daphne moaned as she felt her lips go further. "Your mouth is so hot and wet." Of the oral talents among her slut, this was one of the best. Harry was first, the love she had for him seemed to enhance his masterful skills of sucking cock. Hermione felt a cut above the typical. Instead of rigidly bobbing her head back and forth, she allowed her tongue to work in tandem with her hands. Ensuring that there was a constant consuming pleasure coursing through the entirety of Daphne's cock. Daphne's right hand grabbed a held of Hermione's bushy hair, gripping it firmly down to the scalp. Not making her take her cock just yet, but letting the muggle-born show off her skills. "Mmmm! Thats it, please your Queen with that mouth. Fuck!" Hermione was steadily busying herself. Bouncing her lips over the first half of Daphne's cock, swapping her rhythm between steady, quick bobs of her lips, to slower more methodical ones as she made a point of lapping at the engorged tip of the Slytherin's tip. It wasn't much of a surprise when Hermione began to feel her cock hardening between her thighs. The arousal of gorging herself on a nice fat and juicy cock, always serving to make her moan. Saliva began to drizzle along Daphne's cock as Hermione took the opposite approach of completely, forgoing any attempt to maintain a nice clean blowjob. "Damn, slut you love making dick sucking sloppy. Show me then, ugh! Give me that sloppy mouth slut!" Hearing her highness, she was going to show her. The joy was always hearing that sloppy slurp as she worked her lips up and down. Feeling the saliva lathering across each inch. Layering again and again until it breached the seal of her lips and began to roll along her chin. Her hand continued to pump religiously across the Slytherin's cock, taking that spittle and using it as a sticky lubricant to make for an even more enjoyable experience. 


She could hear daphne's moans and grunts as she was loving it. Enjoy Hermione's skills with a cock. Her other hand was cradling the hairless smooth balls, lightly squeezing and toying with them as she worked to coax out the pent upload in the Ice Queen's balls. She could tell from a simple squeeze that she had been declining sex for a fair while. Hermione continued to work Daphne's cock, slurping happily at her own pace. Frankly, she relished the feeling of cock pumping into her throat to such an extent that she silently admitted she'd rather enjoy doing this for an entire evening. Daphne was on the verge of release, the girl was skilled, but She needed to come. Suddenly, Daphne began thrusting into Hermione's throat. Each thrust was loudly announced by her balls smacking aggressively into her sluts chin. "Uggghhhh! Fuck, this throat is good. Take it bitch! Take my pureblood cock! UGH! Fuck! Get ready slut! I'm about to fill you up!" She thrust a few more times before burying her cock inside Hermione's throat. Holding her skull tightly against the base of her shaft. 


 She felt her balls tighten, and she suddenly shot deep into Hermione's throat. She felt the hot batter being released directly into her stomach. Her cum was thick and creamy, being forced down by powerful contractions. Hermione moaned as the taste hit her, wanting more she pumped the rest of the shaft as Daphne pulled back. Gulping down more of the cum, once it stop cumming she plucked her lips off of the cock with a sexy pop. She licked her lips and eased her breathing. "Fuck. I see why Harry loves your mouth. You're a goddamn funnel. I'm going to have you do more of that." Daphne had only come that hard when harry fucked her or finished her off in any way. Hermione came back into reality, she grabbed her highness's cock and licked the tip clean. Pumping her to get her ready for round two. "As long as I get more of that delicious seed, you can ask me anytime, my lady." As she stuffed the cock past her lips, Daphne smiled into a moan. The second round she faced fucked her like the end of the first round. Making her take all of it commanding her to suck it with no hands, Daphne couldn't lie the muggle-born was talented. She ended up painting her face calling her derogatory names spicing up the dirty talk. The third ended with an easy blowjob. 


As the week went on, Daphne would sometimes find Hermione after some classes and sneak her in a broom closet with no one looking. She would command her to suck her to completion, sometime twice or three in one day. Harry knew what his best friend was doing as she gave him a letter explaining the whole deal. As of the current moment, Daphne was mouth fucking Hermione in one of their signature broom closets. Thrusting as if it was an exceptional ass. "No hands bitch. I want to use your mouth and, you are going to take the way I use your mouth this time." Hermione blushed, the bushy-haired witch did as she was told and placed her hands on Daphne's thighs, swallowing her cock into her open maw, Hermione moaned as her gullet was getting slammed into. Daphne grunted, her hand going to Hermione's hair. "Ugh! Fuck! Merlin's beard, this is a magnificent throat! Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Take it while my cock is being slammed into your slutty throat! UGH!!! FUCK!!!" Hermione's breasts heaved as she had cock hitting the back of her throat, slobber gathering, and was dripping down her chin as she drooled around Daphne's massive member. The Ice Queen's ball slapped loudly against her chin. Hermione looked up, observing pleasure all over her queen's face. Her mouth was open, grunting and moaning. Her frosted blue eyes showed lust and hunger, along with determination. Daphne brought her other hand up as well and used her dual grip on her hair to thrust forward down her throat more effectively. Hermione choked and gagged, uselessly as the ice queen began to force her to deep throat her entire cock. But her hands never left her thighs. 


"Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh! MMMMM! HMMMM! MMM! Gagkh! Gagkh! Gagkh!" More drool and slobber escaped from her open mouth as Daphne continued to piston in and out of her throat, a bulge appearing in her neck with each deep dive. Soon enough, her breasts were covered in her saliva, as was Slytherin's cock. At the same time, the ice queen was now managing to get his entire length into her mouth and down her throat. Her blonde pubes tickling her nose and daphne's balls smacking against her chin with each thrust. Daphne fucked Hermione's face like this for several minutes before the tight feeling of her spasming throat as she tried to breathe around her cock finally got to her. "UGH! FUCK! I GOING TO CUM! BLOW MY HOT LOAD DOWN YOUR GULET! FUCK, SO CLOSE! TAKE MY CUM, BITCH! UGGGGGHHHHHH! With a roar, Daphne began to cum. She was already pulling out of Hermione's throat though, and she only choked a bit on her seed before her queen had her cock out of her mouth entirely. Daphne enjoys directing her release all over her slut's face. It struck her across the eyes, across the cheeks, across her brow. Her face, hair, and tits ended up covered in. Hermione moaned as it touched her skin tasting a bit as her tongue was stuck out, managing to swallow some. Daphne helped Hermione, up and gave her a heated kiss. She grabs the bookworm's juicy cute ass lifted her up, and pressed her against the wall. A furious snogging was occurring between them, maybe it was the heat of the moment or just seeing her cum all over Hermione's face that made her want to kiss her. Daphne could taste herself, the bookworm swallowed her seed, she could still taste her essence. And by Morgana's balls, it was tasty.


"Fuck, I want to fuck you right here. But that will be another time for right now. Clean yourself and meet me back in here. Round three, you're going to show off your skills again." Hermione just nodded, Daphne put her down standing, and gave her a chaste kiss. Then left for Runes class and coming back getting round three of getting her cock sucked. 


That happened a couple weeks as Hermione was not allowed to cum until daphne allowed it. One day during breakfast she received a note from the ice queen, telling her to meet her at the Slytherin entrance as soon as her last class was over. Hermione did so and was accompanied by Tracy Davis. She lead her to Daphne's room, and when the door opened. The ice queen was in her dominating BDSM outfit. Daphne was a busty thick girl. numerous of the boys and girls took peaks at her. Her long straight blonde hair flowed freely down her back, her aristocratic features only enhanced her beauty, as her eyes were a snow icy blue. Along with full plump lips. She had the all goddess hourglass body. Her chest was her most prominent feature, everyone stared at them. She possessed a perfect 34 double d breast. Ruther down her, flat smooth stomach show some tone. Moving to her curvaceous hips and a stellar fat bubble butt that everyone tries to get a glance at. Her slender full legs ended her body's much perfection. Her outfit spoke volumes of her personality, an emerald green wire-free bra with harness straps, green laced crotchless panties. And black laced leg stockings to complete her outlay.  


"Good you arrived. Tracy, be dear ward the door and close it. I don't want any distractions." As her best friend closed it, a blue glow encompassed the door letting her know it's been warded. As daphne sexily walks towards the robed bookworm, getting into her personal space. She de robes her getting a good view of her growing body. Hermione knew she wasn't the best body-looking girl, but knew she was far from ugly. She had an ectomorphic body thin and narrow, but as harry suggested some rituals. Her body began to get a bit more fuller, hips were curvier, breasts a tad bit bigger. As more healthy fat came attached to her body. She no longer supported a b size breast, now in her current body, she developed a c near d size. Her ass no longer was a perky small butt, but a delicious heart-shaped bubble butt. Her bushy hair was not all bushy but wavy. Her teeth, thanks to Harry were traditional straight white. She looked stellar and, daphne gave her a few pecks on the lips. Grabbing Hermione buy the curvy waist, she initiated a lustful kiss much like the one in the broom closet. Though daphne removed Hermione's panties and started pumping her cock. She moaned into the kiss, swapping spit and tounge with the bombshell Slytherin queen. Daphne broke off and dropped to her knees and took Hermione's cock into her mouth. Giving her one of the best blowjobs of her life, Daphne's plump lips worked her cock, providing the perfect cushion as she bobbed her mouth back and forth. The girl started bobbing her head enthusiastically, taking more and more of the cock in her mouth. Her saliva liberally coated the dick. Daphne would take about half of the shaft in her mouth and then pull back, creating a vacuum in her mouth for just the tip, before taking the cock out of her mouth entirely with a loud 'plop'. That noise alone made Hermione rock hard. Before she decide to stand up she swiftly put a cock ring around her penis and balls. Runed with magical engravings, it squeezed tight and glow green. She told Hermione that she would only cum until she was allowed to. Daphne got up and looked at her servant. "Are you ready to be fucked by your queen? To be under me while I slam into your hole." Daphne was ready to demolish the wavy hair brunette. "Mmmm, fuck yes, your highness. Place me in whatever position you want, I am your cumdumpster." Daphne could hear the seduction in her voice. It made her cock twitch, she was going to ram Hermione a new hole. She told her to put on the outfit on the bed, get on top and place herself on all fours.


Hermione put on the submissive clothing, a Two-piece metal Slytherin elastic harness. The Slytherin symbols are made from metal 8cm wide. The harness is embellished with round studs and chains. It hugs her body perfectly, her as looked wonderful to daphne. It wasn't wide, but it had a giggle to it. She got onto the bed and positioned herself behind the ass. She placed both hands on the cute soft globes and spread them, studying at a tight hole. Without saying a single word, Daphne pushed her face and tounge firmly into the Gryffindor's ass. She pushed her tongue out and wriggled it across Hermione's hole. Tickling and dancing across the wrinkled entrance and coating it in liberal amounts of saliva, all to Gryffindor's appreciative groans of pleasure. Deeper and deeper into her ass, buried between her ass cheeks, she lapped up her ass as a slut would. Daphne skillfully plunged her tongue as deep as she could inside Hermione's ass, receiving a deep, orgasmic groan from the Gryffindor bookworm. For Hermione to have her ass eating up by her queen was pleasurable beyond all belief. "Ooooooh! Fuck! It's so goooood, your highness." Wiggling her arse backward, she tried to push it deeper and deeper inside herself. Groaning in pleasure as Daphne's skillful licks continuously graced her prostate, sending incredible buzzes of satisfaction through her body. Attacking the bulb of flesh, the simple act of an affectionate and subtle lick causes Hermione to shudder. The familiar intense moans of pleasure came from the bookworm's lips, followed by a swift grunt of enjoyment and several groans. The familiar intense moans of pleasure came from her lips, followed by a swift grunt of pleasure and several groans. Nothing came out, which frustrated her cause it was like exploding only the explosion would be imploded staying right where it was. 


"My, my, you are slut! Essentially orgasming from an ass licking. Don't worry, you're going to be making those noises when I insert my girthy meat pole into you. Now place your legs together, I want it to be tight, so I can stretch you out, bitch." Hermione did as her Queen asked, daphne casted  incarcerous  on Hermione's legs and ankles. Thick ropes secured them tightly. Daphne came off the bed and retrieved a thick orange potion and untopped it, and drank it. Her balls felt heavier and the batter in them thicker, just as she hoped. She then grabbed some oils and grabbed them, she headed and climbed back on top of the bed. She poured the oils over the Gryffindor's cute globes and smeared it all over, giving the ass a delicious sheen. Daphne bent over behind Hermione, feeling too good to kneel, spread the girl's creamy glistening cheeks. She gave them a powerful two-handed slap, in which Hermione moaned. The ice queen pushed the tip of her cock up against the bookworm's tight ass. She rubbed her head up and down Hermione's sumptuous arse crack, smearing the oil and freshly new spit from daphne's mouth, along her skin until the curves of her cheeks glistened. "Now, my muggle-born cumdumpster slut. Beg, for my cock." Daphne's voice was a sensual commanding voice, but a coldness that made Hermione shiver. "I beg you, Mistress… your worthless slave, want her tight butthole fucked. Plowed by your massive meat pole. Fuck my tight little slutty asshole to your heart's content." Hermione grinned as she knew what the ice queen wanted to hear. She received a healthy slap to her ass. "As you wish, my slut." Without further ceremony, she eased herself forward, sliding in much easier due to the oils and tounged ass. She sank several inches deep inside the woman's tight hole, Daphne savoring the sensation of being inside a tight arse. 


"AHHHHHH! FUCK!" They moaned in unison. Hermione's cock twitched rapidly wanting to release three weeks' worth of pump frustration. Three weeks she could finish herself off, she would get hard but never get to finish. 


"So tight. Daphne exclaimed with her eyes closed. 


"So...big!" Hermione said at the same time as daphne describe her asshole.


Daphne began to push forward. Even with her cock being lubed up from their previous activities, she could feel the hole clenching around her girthy cock. She began to thrust back and forth with the six inches she had in, feeling the constricted hole squeeze her cock. 


"Ugh! Oooooh! Fuck, you are amazingly tight, just the way I like my sluts." Hermione's balls were clenching and unclenching. All the while, her cock kept twitching up and down with a frenzy. Her body wanted to unload the backed-up seed. " Please, mistress, can I please come. I beg, please, ugh. Fuck, it's so good, and yet so full of cum." The bookworm asked desperately, and daphne grinned with an excellent idea. She didn't respond, but she kept thrusting back and forth. Then all of a sudden slams the rest of her inches in her clenched hole, bottoming out. Mushing the girl's prostate. Hermione and Daphne groaned in unison pleasure, and as daphne moves her head to Gryffindor's ear, she whispers.


"Cum." Hermione groans and moans as massive amounts of cum, are blasted below her. Her eyes roll up in the back of her head, as her butthole and cheeks clenched, Daphne decides to fuck her through the massive orgasm. Hermione then let out a loud gasp between a grunt as she felt a familiar sensation before her, spurting out more thick white cum. Daphne grinned as she continued to thrust in and out brutally and methodically. "THAT'S IT, BITCH! CUM..CUM...FOR YOUR...QUEEN!!! That's right, I'm plowing your prostate to dust! Be, good bitch, and paint the sheets below you!" Hermione's body twitched, and she exploded again discharging out thick, dense strands of cum. Her balls, just disposing out the cum that was held for three weeks. "AAAAAAHHH!!! OOOOOHHH!!! FUCK!!! OH GODDDSSSSS!!! So...much. UGH! UGHHH! UGH! UGH! OH! FUCK! I..ITS...NOT! UGH! SHIT! IT'S NOT STOPPING...UGH... MISTRESS!!!" Daphne laughed, her plan of applying the ring and potions was a great idea. She grabbed the leather harness above Hermione's ass cheek and pulled on to get more force in her thrust. Practically throwing Hermione's hips back towards herself with every thrust. Eventually, Hermione's orgasm stopped much to her pleasure, but with her queen's skillful and deep thrust, she was on the verge of another. She panted as the queen of Slytherin's massive head crushed her prostate each time it moved in and out. Daphne was making more progress every time she pushed her length back inside her welcoming ass.


Damn! You're a perfect little butt slut." Daphne exclaimed in excitement. The bookworm just nodded as her mind was blank of everything besides pleasure. As she fucked her raw, she firmly slapped the Gryffindor on the ass providing a sting that made her moan. Every spanked caused her to clench harder around the massive cock that was driving her insane. 


"All my little butt sluts love a slap on the ass!" Daphne kept thrusting and Hermione suddenly felt her massive balls smack forcefully into her pair. It felt so good, she came with a grunt painting the bedsheets again. Daphne was close ready to blast the girl. The potion of her creation boosted their ejaculate quantity. She let out a loud moan as she buried herself deep in the Gryffindor's ass and unloaded another massive load of her thick cum deep into Hermione's bowels. She felt her insides heat up with the massive amount of cum being forced into him. His orgasm finally came to an end as Daphne stopped thrusting. Daphne pulled out slowly as her cream began to leak slowly from her gaping hole. She lapped her meat in between the girl's reddened ass cheeks. "Did you like that hot creamy load, Granger." Daphne wasn't out of breath, she was ready for seven more goes. 


Hermione giggled and went slumped, daphne undid the ropes around her leg. Hermione was now in the prone position. "Fuck, yes mistress. That was the best orgasm I've had in a long time." Daphne grinned and slid her cock right back into Hermione's cream-filled hole. They moaned in unison, but daphne chuckled into hers. "Oh, don't worry. You've got seven more fuck like that tonight." She lifted her hips and slammed away at the cum filled hole. Daphne enjoyed every bit of fuckin he bookworm goody to shoe slut. At one point she put Hermione in a headlock while in the prone position. Daphne took her bent over, prone, missionary, cowgirl, and standing up. Cum was everywhere around the room That night daphne passed out from over-exerting herself, literally falling asleep inside of Hermione. The next couple of weeks were Daphne finding her favorite slut and pounding her in anywhere private, once in the Hogmead forest. Hermione was getting pounded into a tree from daphne. Most of the time it, was Daphne and her in a broom closet with daphne taking her from behind. Hermione would wear her submissive outfit under her robes. Every now and, then she invites Harry and they double fuck Hermione or spit roast her. Daphne loved all the moments with her, she grew to get to know Hermione. 


Though the last week of the month, Hermione was summoned to the Slytherin common room. Where she found daphne and a whole bunch of Slytherin boys waiting for her. As she knew now she was going to get gangbanged. Daphne had the first go at her mouth, came right inside her. After that fourteen boys formed a circle around her. All waiting to get the cocks suck to completion for the Gryffindor bookworm cumdumpster. Hermione was in heaven, hearing their moan of how good she was with a dick was music to her ears. She would down their cocks with ease, only two being a challenge. After she finished off each boy, daphne commanded her to strip down to her outfit, and suck off daphne until she said stop. Daphne laid on a short couch, while Hermione was busy worshiping her cock, boy would from a line in wait to slide their cock into her slutty ass. They pounded her whole into oblivion, and Hermione cheered them on. "Mmmm! Fuck, yeah! Slam that Slytherin cock into my muggle-born ass. Fuck me like a whore you own. Fill this mudblood bottom-up with Slytherin cum!" They weren't many that made an impression on her bum, only two that had to be a possible eight or ten. She had downed four loads of daphne. One painted her face, which made one boy call her a hot slut. She asked him to fuck her hole, he did. He wasn't that big but had a powerful load. Some would spit into her mouth something she asked. 


Daphne smiled and asked if she was enjoying herself. She responded with a fuck yeah and went back to servicing her queen, gulping and painting her face. She was a mess, but she love every part of it. The pulverizing of her hole, the derogatory dirty talk, and slurping on the biggest cock. Daphne didn't invite Malfoy as he was assigned to Harry for calling ginny Weasley a worthless piece of ass, she needed real pureblood cock. SHe guaranteed he probably getting pounded by Angelina johnson, who was ripping his hole a new one. She notice the boys started to get tired as they were at the end of the second round. "Are you boys really done, is there anyone who wants her ass. Show her where her place is amongst us." A tall handsome dark-skinned boy, by the name of Blaise Zabini, stepped up and placed himself between Hermione's backside. He was also the one who had the ten-inch girthy monster she enjoyed. "There you are, you left quite the impression on this hole." Hermione love big cock and was a sucker for anyone who could give her outstanding pleasure. " Have I. Then it seem you may just like anybody in your filthy slutty ass." He flirted with her. Hermione smiled and show him her juicy ass, her hole gaping but a sight nobody could turn down. She wiggled it at him, shaking it to taunt him. "Well, not everyone. Those before you couldn't give me shuddering pleasure. But your thick pureblood meat gave me something I only feel from three others, one I'm currently sucking off. So get over her big daddy, and show how big black cock can destroy my hole." Daphne laughed at Hermione's seduction skills nobody would turn that down. 


The boy spat on her hole and gave her a powerful slap on the ass. He then stuffed her with his girthy meat. They both moaned, he drilled her hole hard, slamming her onto Daphne's cock. "That's it Blasie, show what that cock can do. Fuck her. Show her muggle-born ass, it's nothing but a hole for cock." She could her hemione moan as it sent vibrations all around her cock. Blaise was stretching Hermoine out, more than daphne did, he also was reaching her prostate smashing it. When she came off of Daphne's cock she praised him for a great fucking. "Thats it! Yeah just like that! Fuck my hole with your big black cock. Give me that big black dick! OOOOH! GOD! I'm...going to...cum! Don't stop! Fill me up, baby! Give me that pureblood seed!" The dirty talk pushed him over the edge, filling her ass up with his thick seed. She moaned and whimper around her queen's cock. Which also pushed her orgasm into her mouth, she continued to suck up and gulp down her cum. 


Hermione asked daphne for him to fuck her next week. She allowed it. Her and Blaise had a lot of sexual meeting, along with daphne. Daphne had a great slave.

Chapter Text

The Gryffindor's Quidditch Captain was bright and Happy. Angelina Johnson was driving the team to transcendent victories. Thanks to the stellar job of her best friends and chaser's Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet. Though her beaters did a great job of running mayhem against the opposing team. Their keeper kept the score under a hundred, which was amazingly splendid. However, the real star of their team was none other than Harry Potter, the youngest seeker of the century. No seem to best him when it came to catching the snitch. The game seems to come to him easy, much like his father. She would always congratulate him, much like always, but something made her want to find out what he had under her pants. Her life was pretty much quidditch, but other than, that she loved sex. There was a reason she was called the Queen of Lions. You could call her a slut, but in reality, she was very picky. More than twice, she dragged that lucky person and essentially declared their cock. She was much of a beauty. 

She had one of the best asses in Hogwarts. Behind her was Daphne Greengrass or Susan Bones. All boys wondered how they could get that ass around their cocks. For her, if they could work hard for it, then they might possibly get it. Her being a dark-skinned beauty made her somewhat a minority, but she rarely cared. Boys just want their cock wet. Though the rumors around Hogwarts, say Harry Potter was packing a thick wand. And the quidditch captain of Gryffindor wanted to find out herself. News has it that Harry was around ten to fourteen inches and from deep within. Greengrass was seen limping when leaving a broom closet, the very same one Harry entered not long before class. Ginny Weasley was told to have seen the monster as it was known he spent his time with the Weasley family. She said to have not seen it, but all the girls felt she was lying. Granger said she loved him like a brother, and it would ruin their friendship. The juiciest story was Padma Patil was heard getting fuck from an abandoned classroom, calling out his name. Another was she was getting fucked in the ass, tell him to pound her bum into next week. The limp she walked with the next day was evidence enough. 

Angelina wanted to find out herself. The following weekend, she asked Harry to arrive a the quidditch tent so they could talk strategy. He, of course, reported expecting the quidditch team but only found Angelina in a white exotic lingerie harness outfit. She didn't need to do much other than a few dirty sexual words and filthy but sexy snogging. As of current, Angelina was on her knees, blowing Harry's world away. She found out the boy was hiding a ten-inch monster and was thicker than her broom. But she was going to conquer his cock, for she was the Queen of lions. 
Angelina looked into his eyes as her pink tongue darted out and licked a circle around his swollen head. Angelina’s mouth was stretching far more than was natural, as she never had anyone thoroughly this big. But she would not be denied. She swiftly began to bob her head up and down across eight inches and efficiently managing to deepthroat those eight inches. "Merlin, Angelina," he breathed. Her raven dark hair was in between his fingers, caressing her head. Her throat slipped up and down his shaft with ease. Saliva poured from her mouth and dribbled down his dick. The quidditch captain moaned around his cock. He grunted as it sent a vibrating sensation around his cock. With a slurp up and pop, her tight lip came off his cock. She spat over his cock and strokes him while staring at his delighted face.  

"How come you never told me you were part snake, Harry? This does not belong in the Gryffindor House. How do you even ride a broom with this thing?" They touched foreheads and looked at each other with arousal and lust.  Harry gave a swat and grab of her thick fat ass. "I could say the same about you. How the hell do you balance yourself on the broom with all this juicy ass." Angelina chuckles. "How bout I show you. Lay on that couch and let me ride this monster like I ride my broom." Harry walked over and lay on the couch. Angelina straddles Harry's thighs, her calfs parallel to his thighs, giving him the best views a man would want. Harry got a look of the best ass he has ever seen. Her ass is the perfect ideal butt. Fat and round shape, the jiggle to it was the most enticing thing ever. Harry desperately wanted to bury his face in that thing. He slapped and kneaded the fat wide pillowy ass. Angelina knew she controlled the boys with her backside. 

"Now, are you ready to see how I ride my broom?" Her voice was sexy and low, giving harry chills. He nodded, and with that, she lifted up slightly, and placed the tip within her, and dropped her lovely ass down, claiming his meaty dick. Harry groaned. His size easily, filled her beyond what she was used to. Her eyes fluttered as her wet, silky walls stretched around him. Angelina Johnson's ass bounced up and down on his cock, flipping her hips up and down, showing her core and hip dexterity. Angelina loved doing this to wizards, it was something magical. Her being half-blooded but lived in a muggle world. Dancing at clubs was something she found fun, just as twerking on boys was her favorite thing to do. When she applied it to sex, she made one boy bust early though he was barely any good. Harry was doing very fantastic. His dick was hitting spots most boys never touch, so she threw her hip faster. Slapping onto his thighs. Loud clapping noise filled the room. She was bouncing on his cock so hard that her extensive juicy ass was rippling from the contact. “Fuuuuck,” Harry growled as his hands were softly placed onto her thick ass. 

Angelina slowed her hip movements into long sensual rolls, making sure to give him her best. She then, turned them into long slams and then her rolls her pussy up against his cock. Her pussy gripped him so hard, Harry's eyes rolled shut with rapture. "I never imagined this being so good, fuck.” He gave her ass a pleasuring slap in which set Angelina over. That sent her over as her pussy clenched around his dick. Harry groaned the vice lick hold she had was a crazy experience. Angelina started emptying out her lungs in a long whorish moan as a wave of her female cum suddenly splashed Harry’s shaft, balls, and inner thighs. Her body shuddered, and Harry's cock came out with a spring. But her whole efforts were enough as he bursted all over her butt cheeks and back. It was a pretty sight as Angelina's dark skin gave commendable contrast to creamy white cum. After she recovered from her orgasm, she giggled. No one has ever set her off like that, not like a gushing waterfall. "I guess you loved that ass, huh." Harry brought himself to his knees and shuffled behind her glorious ass. He slapped his massive meat on it. And swat one of the meaty globes of flesh. She took that as a yes, and judging from the way his cock was all ready for another round. She wiggled her booty. Enticing him to slide it back in and go to work. 

Harry did just that, slamming his veiny thick meat into her. A resounding clap from their flesh impacting filled the room again. Harry lasted ten minutes, pounding her from behind, giving her powerful and speedy thrust. Then when he felt her gush again, he pulled out and decorated her cheeks with his cum, again. Next week followed, and they were back at it again and again. Angelina became intoxicated with him. More for his sexual prowess, but also he tried to please her first. They would often find a broom closet and trade oral pleasures. At times Angelina got very horny and simply, drag him to an empty spot and bend over, telling him to fuck her pussy. Like how that was happening in an abandoned classroom. If entered you would find Angelina bent over a desk having her pussy hole smashed into. Harry was plowing into her snatch with vigor and speed, all while griping the fat juicy black ass of Angelina Johnson. The slapping sounds of her ass cheeks crashing into Harry's hips filled the room, along with their groans and moans. Plus, Angelina cursing up a storm. "Oh yeah!  Oh yeah! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it! Fuck it, with your white big cock! Come on. Yeah, baby." 

Harry pressed on faster and harder, hitting her sensitive spot making her cum and spasm. The tightness of her snatch succeeded in chasing his orgasm. "Ugh! Fuck, Angie!" Harry's cock blasted cum into her. Stuffing her glorious pussy full. "That it, Fill me up, baby! Fill me up! OH! GOD!" His orgasm went on for another five seconds and pulled out. He sat down on a chair behind him, exhausted. He had been plowing her from behind two load finishings. Angelina was a workhorse. Harry wasn't sure if he was going to have his dick after this. As she recovered and told him, he better get ready for round four. They did two more rounds after the fourth Angelina did the work. Slapping her perfect ass onto his thighs and him finishing inside her. She had fallen in love with his cock, and Harry was glad she did.

Chapter Text

Hogwarts was the usual, spells, classes, and talkative teenagers. However, there was a different feeling in the halls and houses of Hogwarts. An aggressive aroma of competitive spirit seems to permeate the castle. Those who didn't really pay attention to quidditch were suddenly oozing house spirit, vastly hoping they would win the quidditch house cup. Everyone went on and on about their roster of talented players, comparing them to other houses players. Most went on about the chasers and seekers, while some went on about the strategy rather than raw talent. Although, everyone knew Gryffindor had the best chance of winning the cup as they had one of the best seekers since Hogwart's years of quidditch. Harry Potter was always the safe key as narrow games came close. He would always outfly the other seeker, either with his talented skill at the position or from his wistful and courageous dive strategy. 


However, everyone seems to put that out of their mind. As everyone thought, any house had a chance to win. Angelina Johnson thought they were foolish, as being captain of the Gryffindor team. She always believed they win the house cup. They had her fifth year and principally due to Harry and his firebolt. She gave him a very personal thank you for that as well. She remembered that night very well, as she became his bottom partner that night. Witches magical prowess had to be exerted in different anatomy, so instead of pussys, they had cocks. And depending on how powerful the witch was usually pertained to how big their package was. For herself, Angelina prided herself on having a big cock. She was talented with magic, not like Harry Potter. But the girl could wow and impress some with her spell work and big  wand.  That night she found out she wasn't the biggest in Gryffindor, with Harry being around as monstrous fourteen inches. She was thirteen, as the stereotype of her dark-skinned race matched the truth. Angelina was frequently the top and rarely was the bottom. On that night, though, she became nothing more than his bottom slut. He knew how to use his size and punish her, fat juicy bottom, gripping and slapping at it. Watching the giggling action when his hips impacted the dark, beautiful backside. She had never came for being fucked, but how Harry made her bust all over the floor and herself, she could see why some loved having their bum fucked. 


The next day her ass was sore, and she walked with a limp. But the mild pain was worth it. She would go back to Harry and trade some fucks with each other, but not many as they both didn't want to be sore. However, everyone was talking about how Ravenclaw was going to be their new rival. Cho Chang had a lot to say as she was their seeker and won most of their games. With a few new spots with good talent. They were surveyed as the second favorite to win the cup. Angelina couldn't say they didn't have talent as Cho Chang was their best player. But when it came to her team, they were far from the best. The following weeks Cho was going on non-stop about how they were about to pound the Gryffindors a new bumhole. Angelina was growing tired of it genuinely. As she wanted to pulverize the Asian girl's ass. And judging from her perky firm backside, she would really enjoy that. Rumor has it Chang was like herself, a primarily dominant top. Angelina had a plan to quite the slut, and get herself some fresh tight ass. 


One day when she bumped into Cho and her small group, she saw her opportunity. Cho went on and on about how Ravenclaw would be top victor, and Gryffindor would be nothing but second place bottom whore. Angelina was getting heated and asked if they wanted to place a bet to increase the winnings and back up her words. Cho eagerly agreed. Angelina stated the terms, Cho had a sly smile. Just what Angelina was hoping for, they consented to the terms and chanted the oath signifying their commitment. They agreed that when playoffs came, whoever's team lost to each other would submit themselves to being the bottom bitch of the winner for the rest of the year. Cho boasted about her cock and how she was about to enjoy hearing the Gyriffindor's captain moan and rave about her cock. She went on about how Angelina would place herself before their team and get stuffed full of cock. Gripping her fat ass. Slamming her hips into the fat meaty ass. Angelina would use her descriptions to fuel her competitive spirit. She simply smiled and told Cho to have her ass slick and prepared for her ass will never be the same.


As the regular season came, she told her team that this was about to be a well-disciplined and ferocious team. Their training was unlike anything Oliver Wood put them through. They went over strategies day after day, then translated it on the practice field. After months of non-stop practicing and plays, they all began to wonder why she was so diligent in preparing them. Harry asked her what was it that made her the second coming of Oliver Wood. She told him about the bet between Cho and her. Harry couldn't lie. Cho was starting to become a pest and would regularly try to sabotage Angelina or the team. They had a moment between them when they talked about that night as Angelina expressed she never had that much fun being fucked. Harry agreed, and not after agreeing with her, she pounced on him. They took turns sucking each other off and as Angelina bending over, giving him one of the best sights ever. He plowed her bum with no mercy. The sound of her dark skinned juicy ass slapping against his hip resonated around the room. Angelina Cheered him on, asking him to pound her into the earth. He, of course, finished on her ass cheeks. The contrast of his thick creamy white cum painting her dark-skinned ass and back made an absolute masterpiece to him. Angelina sucked him clean and fucked his hole just like her's. They shared good sex, and it didn't bother them.


Next month the season started, and Gryffindor was dismantling everyone by a hundred points. The training Angelina put them through was paying off and showing on the pitch. However, maybe through delusion or pride, Cho Chang didn't see any competition. As they only lost their regular-season games to Gryffindor. However, she wasn't frightened by it as everyone knew playoffs were different. Her overconfidence would become her own undoing as playoffs came about. They faced Gryffindor first and were unconditionally fucked. The score at the end of the game was 340-80. Cho was devastated and now realized as she stood under the warm shower, her butt was positively in trouble. She kept herself hidden well until Angelina spotted her and stopped her. Cho hoped Angelina wasn't backed up, and the Weasley twins took the full brunt of her ass-pounding wraith. Poorly she didn't know the Gryffindor had a crazy sex drive and stamina. As soon as they were in an abandoned classroom, Angelina made sure to cast privacy charms and wards so no one would interrupt them. 


She wasted no time in putting Cho to work, telling her to open her slutty mouth. Angelina spat into it and undid her robes to reveal a sexy leather dominatrix outfit. Cho had to acknowledge Angelina Johnson was essentially a dark-skinned Goddess. Cho looked up to the five-foot-ten chaser. Her rich dark skin falls across her body, a shade darker than Alicia Spinnet. Her straight, sleek-like raven black hair was pulled back into a large ponytail. That sat down her back. Her deep brown eyes and luscious lips held this deep emotion of power. Two firm mounds were sitting on her chest, looking no more than a handful. Nevertheless, firm and perky, with small dark brown nipples sitting rigidly at the peak. Her body shines, with a firm outline of a six-pack at her stomach. Accompanying with well-toned muscles running up her arms and legs. Resting against her thigh sits a thick thirteen inches of rich brown cock, already beginning to stiffen and rise. Her viscid girth easily rivaled Cho's nine-inch cock. Cho feared for her ass as the monster length of Angelina was definitely going to change her butthole. 


Angelina wasted no time in getting into the Asian bitch. She grabbed her raven-colored hair like a vice and forced her cock into her mouth. Cho didn't really suck cock. Only every now and then, she would prove she could handle big dicks. However, she was learning that her skill was not meant for gigantic monsters. Angelina forced her to take nine inches, which was all Cho's could handle. Angelina simply stated that her skills wouldn't due. As she needed her slut's to deepthroat her monster with ease. Cho had a good tounge game but was shit at putting it together. Angelina was gonna have plenty of time to train the Ravenclaw bitch. The Gryffindor captain slammed her cock into the asian's throat at rapid speed, hearing choking and sputtering. Music to her ear's and eventually, she reached to a blow and painted the Asian girl's face. Grunting her orgasm, telling her to open her mouth. She had a massive build-up due to three weeks of preparing for playoffs. For witches, they needed a regular release. Not just from pumping themselves but satiating their ass conquering. Angelina was now going to lay in the pounding that she had been waiting for. She told Cho to get on her hands and knees and position her ass in the air. Angelina was honestly surprised with the firm perky butt. It had a great shape and enough meat for the right amount of giggle. She loved juicy asses. For the reason of hearing and seeing it bounce and impact her hips. That is why she unusually went to Katie Bell, her teammate, for a good release as one, she had an amazing ass, and two, she loved receiving it in the ass.


When Cho felt the Gryffindor spat on her tight hole and pressed her massive head against it, she prayed she didn't become addicted to her big dick. Otherwise, she was going to be visiting the medical ward every day. Unfortunately, she was going to have to attend after this ass ramming session. Angelina went slow in sliding her big dick into the tight hole inch by inch. If it weren't for Cho's moans, she would have thought she was a virgin with how sheathlike she was. Due to the saliva of the throatfucking, her cock easily slid inch by inch into her. She started with slow and graceful thrusts as Angelina rolled her hips into her thrust. It was like that for a few minutes until she wanted to remind the Asian slut about her warning after they agreed to the bet. And with one powerful and precise thrust, she bottomed out clubbing Cho's prostate. They both sent out loud throaty groans, Angelina's from the magnificent tight squeezing of Chang's contracting hole. And Chang's from the sudden fullness and spike of pleasure and pain.


 At that moment, Angelina went to work and laid an ass quaking pace. Hard and swift thrusts met the asian's firm butt cheeks, slapping permeating the room, along with moans and harsh taunting from the Gryffindor and Cho's grunt as massive cock seemed to beat her hole into a new shape. Cho had never been butt fucked like this. Her last ass fuck was two years ago when she promised her friend to do her theory paper. Angelina was sending body shattering thrust with the quickness of a Nimbus 2000. Though every time it would club her prostate, it would give that pleasurable shiver. Making her somewhat enjoy the massive cock. Angelina kept up the pace for ten minutes. She wanted to make sure Cho limped back to her house room. Eventually, the Gryffindor roared into one of her thrusts and sprayed her cum into the Asian bottom. Cho also came spattering the ground below her, her eyes rolled into her head, and her body shuddered from the immeasurable pleasure that Angelina gave her. Her orgasm didn't end until the dark-skinned beauty popped her cock out from her ass. Cho Chang had never came so hard in her life. Being bottom fuck by the Gryffindor quidditch captain was painful at first. But then a new colossus size of satisfaction came from the gigantic cock. 


Angelina wasn't done with the Asian seeker. She told her to stand and bend over on the desk. Cho did so, also applying to what the chaser wanted next. In which, she spread her ass cheeks for her, furthermore the Gryffindor chaser slapped her meaty monster right onto the asian's cum filled hole. Angelina stated that Cho was nothing more than her bottom bitch, a fuck toy, an Asian cumdumpster. She was a slave, and Angelina was her mistress. And will only refer to her as Mistress Johnson. Angelina smiled, content with the obedience. She slipped back into the butt and plowed the Asian with the force and speed of a rhino. Angelina would finish two more times in the Asian Ravenclaw, then put her house robes on. But before she left, she told Chang to meet her at the corresponding location for her daily practice and lessons. Cho Chang was now figuring out she was royally fucked and was about to get more of that. So after that encounter, she limped throughout most of yesterday, and everyone in Gryffindor and Ravenclaw knew why. After her classes were over, Cho headed to the abandoned classroom where Angelina would fuck her up. Deepthroating and blowing her or getting fucked till she was limp, just moaning, grunting, and busting her load.


That happened many days after. That week Cho could have sworn her butthole was a different shape at the end of the week. Two weeks in, and she finally understood what Angelina liked and loved. Her oral skills increased exponentially and showed how Angelina would moan and praise her tounge and abilities. Her control of ass muscles seems to drive the Gryffindor into a crazed animal. She would sometimes ride the big black dick and find ways to change up the sex positions. If she exceeded expectations, then she be rewarded with a blowjob or a skilled handjob. Gryffindor made it to the finals utterly butt reaming the Hufflepuffs 440-110. And celebrated in their house hangout, of course. Angelina had her fun time with harry, so Cho was not needed that night. However, they had a free week until the finals, whereas of right now, in a mid-size broom closet. Cho Chang was currently on her knees pleasing, her mistress. 


Sounds of slurping, gagging, sputtering filled the room. As Cho was dining on her mistress's cock as if it was Hogwarts feast. One of her hands was at the base of the black cock, giving sensual wrist-twisting strokes. While her soft lips and skillful throat were pressed tightly around ten inches of thick black dick, bobbing her head back and forth rhythmically with swift but smooth movement. Angelina was enjoying the grand cocking sucking she was receiving. "Mmmmm, fuck.That it, my fuck toy. Suck on my big black meat. You love sucking my cock, don't you bitch?" 


Cho moaned in response. Angelina's hand had gripped the asian's silky black straight hair for command of her menstruation. 


"Fuck! Damn, I'm glad your practice with my cock has paid off. Now make your mistress cum." With that, Cho sped up her sucking and stroking. Angelina's breathing was becoming erratic, and her moans became more like whimpers. Cho felt her mistress's shaft jolt. She pulled back and stuck her tounge out just in time for her delicious snack. 


"Ugh! Fuck! Thats right, pump that cock for your treat, bitch! Here comes my heavenly ball juice! Ah! Fuck!" Angelina shot into Chang's extensive mouth, painting her tounge and mouth. Her massive load was gold for her slave as she could hear Cho moan like a whore as she felt it hit her tounge. Chang swallowed all of it and suckled the tip of her mistress. She would slap it against her tounge making Angelina growl.


"Fuck, that was good. You are a beauty when you have a cock in your mouth, huh." Angelina enjoyed the girl's mouth as it never got boring. She smiled at the Chinese beauty. 


"I hope to please you again, Mistress." Cho slapped the cock against her tounge again, then gave it a few licks. The action made Angelina once again growled at the effect giving the Chinese Ravenclaw a lust-filled smile, which Cho gave her as well. Seeing her impact on the Gryffindor when sucking her cock, gave Cho somewhat power, and if it meant sucking a big meaty black dick, then she was up for it. Angelina didn't really care as she was getting her shaft slopped on. 


"Oh, you will. As your going to give me another one right now, my beautiful Chinese fuck toy. Suck my cock, now." Angelina demanded. 


"With pleasure Mistress Johnson." Cho didn't hesitate. However, Angelina was going to take charge of this affair. With a hand wrapped around Cho's head, she pulled the Asian girl's lips towards her shaft, pressing the bulbous tip of her cock snugly against her closed pert lips. The Gryffindor growled into a chuckle. She never got tired of her slave's mouth. Angelina slowly slides her cock forwards, her lips parting more extensive and more voluminous. Cho's lips swiftly enough enveloped the massive cockhead, wrapping tightly around the flesh. Sliding her second hand around Cho's head. Angelina began to apply a soft amount of pressure, gently coaxing the young Asian girl to take more of the thick dick. A second inch slipped inside her experienced mouth. The tip probed deeper as her tongue was pinned in place, unable to move as saliva pooled in her mouth. Angelina squirmed a third inch into her mouth, the tip of her cock prodding against the back of Cho's throat, begging for access to her tight, clenching, and spasming depths. As the peak brushed against her throat, she started to gag, spluttering saliva along the thick black shaft, dribbles of drool running down her chin. 


"UUUGGGGHHH!!! Fuck, this throat is always good. Just how I like it, tight and warm." Angelina loved to invade the depths of her pleasurable tight and sumptuously warm throat. 


Holding her cock in place, Angelina waited for Cho's mouth to fill with spit, saliva starting to pour down her chin and onto her supple teenage breast. Cho really started to grow used to doing the sucking of the black cock. Not the furious throatfucking her mistress would give. She knew that as soon as she swallowed, that cock would plunder every morsel of pleasure it could from her throat with little regard for Cho herself. Moaning unconsciously around her shaft, Cho swallowed a small amount, except unwittingly consuming it all. Angelina's cock slipped forwards, the tip sank several inches into her tight throat, Cho's hands lunging at Angelina's thighs. The thick black invader that now had full access to her throat. And was quietly savoring the first two inches of her tight, spasming, gagging throat.


"Fuck, yeah. I'm going to fuck your slutty throat." With the tip of her cock inside Cho's throat, Angelina savored the new pleasures, the young girl's throat relatively untouched. Being so used to sucking Angelina at her pace was easy. But having Angelina plunge her cock deep into her throat in such a hardcore fashion was entirely different and challenging due to her size. Applying more pressure to Cho's throat, Angelina slid her cock deeper and deeper, the tip of her shaft carving through her throat with ease. Cho's eyes were wide open, watching the black girl's shaven crotch push nearer to her. After a few moments, her lips were pressed snugly against the girl's crotch. Angelina's heavy large balls smacked against her chin as she relished the entirety of Cho's impressive throat. 


"Ahhh! Ahh! Fuck! Sooo gooood! Yeah, take it, take it bitch. Take my big black cock, take those fat black balls to your chin, fuck slut. I am going to share you with my team when we win the cup. Do you hear that! You are going to be the Gryffindor quidditch fucktoy!" Cho had a feeling her mistress was going to have her gangbanged eventually. But for some reason, it turned her on. 


Moaning loudly, Angelina began to thrust gently into Cho's throat. Moving a couple inches back and forth, savoring the wet slapping and slurping sounds that were filling the room, saliva dribbling steadily down Cho's chin and onto Angelina's balls. Thrusting harder and faster, Angelina savors the warmth of the young girl's mouth. With a few more thrusts. Angelina slowly pulled her cock out of Cho's mouth, pausing as she gasped and breathed rapidly, coughing and spluttering as she was finally allowed to exhale. Looking up at Angelina expectantly, Cho waited to be told what to do like a dutiful whore she knew to be. 


"Oh…I am not done with you yet. Stick that gorgeous slutty tounge of yours out, my lovely fucktoy." Cho responded without any hesitation. Angelina slapped her cock on her tounge as if she was playing whack a mole. Angelina also struck Cho's saliva-stricken face, her chin almost as glossy as Angelina's cock, her cheeks glowing red and flush. 


"Awww! Now get to work on my cock, slut." Angelina ordered, gently slapping Cho's face again. The Asian girl parted her lips and enveloped the meaty cock, sliding her mouth along her shaft until eleven inches were in her throat and mouth. Angelina cursed and told her to jerk herself till completion. Her hand that rested on Angelina's thigh went down to her cock and started pumping herself with quick strokes. Causing herself to moan all over her mistress's cock. She steadily bobbed her mouth back and forth along the dark cock. Her lips were able to slide back and forth with ease, her tongue dancing around her shaft as she did so. Closing her eyes, she lovingly dragged her lips along the black dick. Lubing it to an already deliciously glossy shimmer, beginning to softly moan, her lusty vibrations humming along Angelina's cock. Bringing a soft moan to the dark-skinned girl. As her cock was enveloped again and again by a deliciously skilled mouth. 


"Fuck. You've done good with sucking, but now I want that ass. Get up and bend over that crate. I'm going to bang that ass." Cho plucked her lips from the cock with a pop and did what Angelina told her, her ass fully exposed. 


"Mmmm. What a fine ass. I never tire of looking at this." Angelina lifted her two hands and sharply spanked the girl's cheeks, causing her to squeal and arch her back. Angelina's hands struck her arse cheeks again, the sharp spanking sound echoing throughout the room. Her cheeks were burning red. 


"It's gotten juicier, just the way I like it." A second spank came, her arse turning red raw as she was spanked. Several sharper spanks came, ringing through the room as her arse burned, her cheeks jiggling beautifully, muffled squeals of pain filling the room. Tiring of spanking the young girl, Angelina peeled her pert bum cheeks apart, revealing her relatively intact rear entrance. Angelina put her hands in Cho's mouth and told her to lick them like her dick. The Ravenclaw did that successfully, and her mistress told her to spit on them. Angelina slipped two of her fingers into her lips. Using her and Cho's spit, lubing them to a glossy and sloppy shimmer. She lowered the digits to her little hole, gently pressing both of them up against Cho's bum. Giving them access, Cho found her bumhole to be no match for Angelina's lust as both of the fingers slipped inside. Angelina stretched Cho's tight back entrance, slowly getting her ready for her cock. Cho moaned as she felt her body tingle as her arse was peeled open, wanting more. Easing the two fingers in and out of her bum, Angelina watched eagerly as her rosebud clutched and pulled at her fingers. Grinning wildly at Cho's eagerness, Angelina slipped a third finger inside. Moaning loudly as a third finger entered her. Cho subconsciously began to push her ass back greedily on Angelina's fingers, trying to sink them deeper inside her. Bringing a massive smile to Angelina's face as she deemed she was ready for a fucking.


"It seems my slut desperately wants my cock up her ass. Is that correct my, bottom bitch?" Angelina purred, spanking Cho's arse one last time, her cheeks a glowing red. Angelina reached up and pulled her head backward. Cho's grunts and groans were entirely audible. 


"Yes, Mistress. I want your presumptuous black cock in my ass." Cho confessed. As she and her ass has grown to the adoration for the girl's thick, throbbing black beast of a cock. Angelina smiled widely. She slapped her massive black beast against Cho's firm but juicy perky butt. 


"That's what I thought. You like this big black cock...I knew that the moment I slid into this tight satisfying ass. Now you're my Ravenclaw Quidditch slut, and I'm going to get the ass reaming of your life." Angelina pressed the fat tip of her cock against Cho's tight, constricted arse. Angelina gently pushed forwards, being met with an incredibly well-built and resistant hole. She thrust forward, pressing the tip against the center of her hole. Watching as it slowly began to peel apart, her arsehole allowed the meaty black dick to slice it open. Easing the tip inside of her arse, Angelina moaned as Cho gasped.


"Ahhhh. Fuck. Snug and well plowed. Just how I like my slut." 


Running her hands along Cho's red arse. Angelina took hold of Cho's hips and gently began to pull her backward onto her cock. Watching as her arse undoubtedly gave away to each and every inch of her shaft. Her tight hole flexing and stretching. Giving the girl a moment to adjust, Angelina began to gently fuck her, shifting a couple inches in and out, loosening her relatively unscathed hole. A moan escaped Cho's lips, bringing a devilish smile to Angelina's face and spurring her onto lodge the entirety of her shaft inside Ravenclaw's Harlot. Sliding forwards, she also began to ease Cho's bum backward, sliding more and more of her cock inside. Cho felt Angelina's cock hit her prostate. An unbearable and familiar wave of pleasure hit her body as her fat tip massaged her prostate, sending massive bursts of entertainment through her entire body. Her cock twitched in excitement. Cho loved the ramming Angelina gave as the insertion was always painful, bearable, but still unpleasant. However, as her mistress reached her prostate, thats when the unholy ecstasy racked her body, and she became comfortable. Each inch that slid inside from that point onwards milked morsel after morsel of pleasure from her sensitive spot. Until Cho felt Angelina's shaven crotch push against her tender bum cheeks, the heavy pair of balls dangling beneath the colored girl softly smacking against Cho's balls.


"Uggghhh! Fuck! Please, mistress, don't stop. Keep going." Cho was biting her lip, her eyes clouded by lust and pleasure. 


Angelina darkly chuckled and proceeded. Moaning in unison, Cho didn't ever think that such pleasure would be given by such an enormous shaft. But she was moaning loudly, borderline squeals lurching from her mouth.

Taking that as encouragement, Angelina slid half of her cock out of the young Asian broad before sliding slowly back in. Speeding up a little, Angelina was slightly dissuaded by just how vocal Cho was. Breathing, panting, squealing, and almost screaming into the room, Cho was letting everything out as she started to get eagerly sodomized by the equivalent of a baseball bat. Angelina moaned lustily as her hips crashed against Cho's arse, as her squeals and grunts of pleasure filled the room. Angelina no longer wanting to go at this pace. Started plowing Cho's bumhole like she usually would with power and ferociousness. Pulling her hips back all the way, her hands grabbed Cho's waist and eased her forwards. Thrusting forwards suddenly, Angelina drew her ass backward onto her thrust, the resounding slap filling the room and sending shivers through both their bodies. Cho again let out a squeal of pleasure, moaning intensely as her ass giggled from the dark-skinned hips meeting her bum.


This was the vibe Cho got from Angelina, was that she loved delivering power and impact. Angelina always set a clear and powerful precedent for how hard she hammered into her ass. Next was the pace in which she would continue for minutes of hard ass plowing. Each long and powerful thrust reverberated through her body, her breasts bouncing and jiggling beneath her, as ripples pulsed through her firm ass cheeks. Angelina loved mauling her ass cheeks with her hands, squeezing and caressing them. Using them to pull her ass back, leaving bright handprints in her flesh as she began to force herself backward onto Angelina's meaty cock. The way Angelina's fat black dick punished and milked her prostate. Cause Cho's cock to leak like a fountain onto the floor below them. The Gryffindor sped up, sawing her hips back and forth. Grinding herself against the Ravenclaw's ass cheeks and making sure each thrust drove pleasure as deep into Cho's ass as possible.


"Mmmmm, fuck! You love this, don't you? You love getting fucked by my big black cock, huh, Ravenclaw slut. I know you do. Your ass and body are articulating just as powerfully as your slutty moans and grunts. Oooo! Fuck, so good. This heavenly ass has enjoyed the pleasures my dick has brought. So, tell me who your mummy is, bitch." Angelina relished every single moment. Cho Chang's tightness, her clutching warmth, the shaking of her body, the squealing of sounds of satisfaction, the way she couldn't deny her love for Angelina's colossal black meaty dick. It made her lick her lips and growled like a hungry sexual animal.


"You are Mistress! You're my big dick, Mummy Mistress. Ahhhh! So good, Mummy! It, sooo fucking good, Mummy Johnson. Fuck me! Harder! Oh, fuck yes! Fuck me, Mummy. Fuck my fucking ass!" She bellowed out, begging for him to fuck her with more intensity. 


Angelina was gonna give it. Removing her hands from the Ravenclaw's hips, she grabbed Cho's shoulders. Angelina pulled her back, forcing her to take the more powerful slamming thrusts she was giving. Biting her lip, Angelina kept her rough momentum, pounding harder and harder into Cho's hole. 


"Love that, don't you! You love it, powerful and rough, huh!" Angelina roared. 


"OOOHHH! FUCK, YEAH, MUMMY! FUCK, YEAH!" Cho cried. Angelina was close, and in a few more body-shattering thrusts, she was going to explode like a fire hydrant into the Asian Ravenclaw's ass.


"Oh, Fuck! Get ready, bitch! I'm bout to stain your insides white!" Angelina cried out.  


"YES! YES, PLEASE, MISTRESS! FILL ME UP! FILL MY SLUTTY ASS UP!" And with that, it threw Angelina over. Angelina came and came hard. Roaring several grunts of ecstasy. This was undoubtedly one of the hottest encounters of her life, and her orgasm showed it. Thrusting while in her orgasm, jet-like strands of thick hot cum painted Cho's insides. The hot cum seemed to overflow the Asian butt as it started to leak out from Cho's cock stuffed asshole. Not only for Angelina, but it was also one of the hottest encounters for her as well. Shooting an unbelievable amount of shots on the ground below her. She, too, grunted out her long orgasm. 


As soon as Angelina plucked her big dick from Cho's ass, the large quantity of cum leaked out heavily. Cho laid her pleasure-consumed body on the crate as exhaustion hit her. As the pounding was absolutely the hardest, she had been fuck by the Gryffindor Captain. Angelina took a long, satisfying look at the gaping bumhole of Cho Chang. She slapped the juicy ass to get the worn-out girl's attention. It worked as a small whimper came from her mouth. 


"Looks like I did a number on you. Turn around. I want to observe your pretty face when I give you this sensual fuck." Wasting no time, Cho turned over, spreading her legs for her big dick mistress. Angelina slid in easily and gave her smooth long but powerful thrusts. Cho loved this pace as well, making it even more thrilling. She hooked her legs around Angelina. She finished in her again less cum, but the same satisfying feeling as she came over herself. They shared a passionate kiss and went to sucking each other off.


About a week later, Gryffindor won the house cup. They celebrated first in their house's common room. Angelina had her fun time with Harry as he was the main reason they were in the championship. Though she loved slamming herself into wizards and witches, there was something different when Harry and she had their sexual sessions. The way he fucked her with his monster seemed to bring out the bottom bitch in her. Which was always liberating for some odd reason. She just couldn't explain it to Harry or herself. She loved it when he gripped her plump fat cheeks. Especially when it came to fucking her from behind. He never missed giving her the best orgasms, not counting the last one with Cho. As that was different, it was somewhat forced because of the bet, but with Harry Potter, it just felt right. Rarely taking dick in her bottom was something that was a part of her personality. Except as soon as she ran into Harry, she would simply comply in bending over for him. Letting him be the top, maybe it's magic, or perhaps she loved Harry Potter. Nevertheless, it felt unbelievable, and she didn't want it to stop when he lodged his massive cock in her. Clapping her cheek as the muggles say never got boring, as she would ask him from time to time when she couldn't have Cho for her release. In which she realized anytime he asked if she wanted his ass, she would hesitantly take it. It was mindboggling to her that she was hesitating to fuck someone's offered ass. There would be times where before class would start, she take him away into some private area. Simply pull her skirt up and flash her big round naked bum at him, and he obliged like always. But when it came time for the roles to be reversed, she would either hesitate or ask him to fill her hole up again. 


Regardless it didn't always fill her mind. Like as of today, she was going to gift her team a real prize for winning. As she asked them to come by the quidditch room for a moment. As the main crew was all there, George, Fred, Alicia, Katie, and Harry. They asked why they were there. Angelina responded with, she had a gift for everyone's hard work. She called out Cho, who came from the shower room, as they all gasped at the sight of her. She was bare with nothing but a Full body harness lingerie set with matching leather color cuffs. Angelina told them of a deal they made, and Cho simply was her bitch now. She wanted to share the ass that was in front of them. As without them, she couldn't have won the bet or the cup. They agreed to the special prize and gratitude. Everyone strip down to their naked bodies. Meanwhile, Cho examined the Gryffindor team.


 The weasly twins were cute with the fact that they had identical bodies, which wasn't surprising. They were tall at six foot three, with slender but tight athletic builds. Remarkable six-pack to their long torso and their dicks similar to the other at eight inches and their cute plump bubble butts.


 Next was the chaser, Katie bell. Standing at a short five foot five. The elegant cream of her skin is highlighted by flushed pink expanses as her body sheens in sweat. Her light brown hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, her soft rounded face is highlighted with a light coating of soft pinks as her bright blue eyes glow. Her body was much thicker than her fellow chasers. She had the most magnificent chest on the team. With her soft mounds gently resting against her body topped with small pink nipples, eagerly hardening. Her body retains an athletic aspect, but with soft curves. Though there was defined muscle in every essential part. Her stomach showed a well-toned six-pack as well though less defined than the others. Her ass was probably the best viewing out of the rest of them besides Angelina. It was a beautiful round shape with it looking voluminous, firm, and plump. It was something most girls would die for. But between her legs was a girthy eight-inch cock. It was like the twin's length, except it was girthier, twice the size of theirs. A small strip of soft brown hair sits above with two smooth balls below.


Next to Angelina was her lighter dark-skinned chaser, Alicia Spinnet. The smooth brown expanse set off by her form coming to a tall five foot seven. Her blonde wavy hair was set in a tight braid against her head. In contrast with her light brown skin. Accompanying with her rich hazel eyes. Made her stand out the most of the chasers. Her rich and smooth caramel skin looked deliciously lickable. Her breast somewhat matched Angelina's to the point of the look identical. Defying gravity and sitting perky on her chest, rigid dark brown nipples sitting at their peak. Below, tight muscles run down her stomach, with the apparent outline of her six abs glistening, further accented by her powerful arms. Her eyes fall lower to Alicia's long ten-inch shaft falling softly against her thigh, a small line of curly black hair sitting above with two large, smooth balls sitting below. The intimidating size of her girth.


With the Chasers and beeters examined that only left their seeker left the boy who lived, the youngest seeker of the century, and her rival and Crush. Harry Potter. He was unseasonably hot in her mind. Not just because of his hot body but who he was as a person. He stood five foot ten. His raven-colored hair had its traditional wild messy look. His boyish but rough facial feature gave him a loveable rogue look. His bright and intoxicating green eyes matched his whole makeup. Letting her eye go to his exceptional physic, he possessed a defined body of lean muscle. His pecks were well-toned, along with his arms. His torso was a real treat to look at as he held shredded eight-pack abs. Cho wanted to lick them and everything else on him. Finally, she arrived at the real entertainment of him. She was startled to see a long, meaty, thick fourteen-inch cock. Cho was not one to lick her lips for cock. Though after being with Angelina, she became attracted and desirous for big dick. 


Angelina caught her eyes staring at Harry. She smiled as often she would sexually refer to Harry as daddy. She whispered into his ear what Cho was looking forward to. He blushed heavily, as he didn't think his crush was into him that sort of way. Getting on with the show, Angelina order Cho to get on he knees and crawl to her. She did it with no hesitation. She quickly saw the Gryffindor quidditch team circle her. All of them make comments about her mouth. Angelina asked Cho who she wanted to suck off first. She had to crawl to them, and reluctantly she chose Katie. 


"Well, I feel somewhat special. Well, get to it, slut." Katie commanded the Asian.


Licking her lips, Cho looked up and saw Katie smiling down at her. The intimidating girth didn't really bother her all that much. However, she was up for the challenge. She gripped Katie's dense cock and spat all over it. Seeing a look of determination settle over Cho's face Katie watches as she leans forward. Wrapping her mouth around the head of her cock, swiftly taking the first inches within. Moaning, Katie gripped the Asian girl's head. Watching as Cho did an astronomical job of sucking her girthy dick. Her mouth stretched and slid along Katie's shaft until the entirety of her length was lodged in her mouth, the tip dipping into her throat, but not enough to cause her to gag and gabble. Katie gasped in surprise and pleasure, not really expecting the wonderous skill of Cho Chang. 


Angelina laughed. "What Katie surprised at her skills. You know how I love a skilled mouth all over my dick. She needed some lessons and tips, but after a week or two, she became an expert." Katie may have underestimated the Asian, but definitely, knew what Angelina was talking about.


"Hey, slut. Others need to be pumped. Katie will fill your mouth up. You worry about the dicks on the side of you." With that, Cho let her hands go to the weasly twin's cocks, that were on either side of Katie, who was basking into the great blowjob. She started her on steadily jerking them off. Running her hands up and down their cocks, hearing them moan in unison along with Katie's was music to her ears. Katie started slow thrusting into Cho's mouth. The Ravenclaw moaned at the taste of Katie, eager for more. The twins dribbled a mouthful of saliva down onto their cock's to satiate their desire for a slicker, less dry handjob. Cho's hands began to speed along their slick, shimmering cocks, bringing more moans to the twin's lips. For Angelina, Alicia, and Harry. They spat on each other's hands and started pumping themselves, watching the real-life porn, waiting for their turn. Plunging her lips back and forth along with Katie's thrust, Cho began to fall slowly in love with the perfect girthy length that was Katie's delicious shaft. While most of the time, she lavishes over big long thick dicks. Cho found Katie's dense cock incredibly satisfying, her lips able to slide back and forth with ease, her tongue dancing around her shaft as she did. Closing her eyes, she lovingly dragged her lips along her shaft, lubing it to a deliciously glossy shimmer. Beginning to softly moan, her lusty vibrations humming along Katie's cock. Bringing a soft moan to the white girl. As her cock was enveloped again and again by a deliciously skilled mouth. Katie was already close, not expecting the moans or skilled tongue for the Ravenclaw. She pulled her cock from the skilled lips and rapidly stroked her cock. With a few grunts, she unloaded it all over Changs face. Cho stuck her tounge out just in time for load to hit her mouth. She moaned as she got a taste of Katie. 


Katie had a big load as it had been three weeks since she had a good release. Katie looked down at Cho's cum covered face and called her hot. She then thanked her and asked if she would do that again sometime. Cho giggled and kissed the cock, letting Katie know her answer. Angelina told everyone to form a line, the first being George in which Cho dispatched of him rather quickly, gulping down his impressive load. He praised her abilities and walked over near Katie, where she pumped herself watching. She did the same with Fred, and next was Alicia. Cho had fun with her as the girl was a bit bigger, but nothing Cho couldn't handle. She slurped, stroked, and showed out on Alicia's cock. Swallowing down Alicia’s cock once more, Cho feels the thick mushroom tip pressing deep inside her throat as her nose pressed against the soft curls of her landing strip. She fucked her throat along the black meat. Alicia's moans were a prime example of how good Cho's throat was. Soon the Carmel skinned chaser couldn't hold it any longer. She pulled out and blasted her larger load of the mouth and face of Chang. 


Angelina was next and enjoyed every bit of the skilled sucking of Cho. Bobbing her head down on her massive piece of meat, she had no problem taking most of the cock down her throat as she was accustomed to the thick black flesh. Looking up at her mistress, Angelina saw lustful fun in the dark eyes of Cho. She was enjoying this. Angelina moaned as that brought her to the edge. Wasting no time, she grabbed hold of her the Ravenclaw's head and pulled her down as far as she could. Her throat was tight as always but had no problem wrapping around her shaft. Half of her cock was tightly confined by her throat. She took no moment and just started thrusting her massive black meat into the gullet of Cho. Her fat-filled balls slapped against Cho's chin. Cho gagging and Angelina taunting the Asian girl filled the room. 


"I'm cumming, Bitch." Angelina felt her balls tighten up as she came. Her hands were still holding onto Cho's head. Her cock was so deep she felt her throat contract around her as she pumped her load directly down her gullet. Cho swallowed all of the ball essences of her. Angelina plucked her cock from the girl's lips with a pop, then slapped her dick on her cheek and tounge. Next was her crush, Harry Potter. She wasn't overly intimidated by his size, but it made her concerned as she wanted to please him like Angelina. As he walked up to her, she looked into his, green intoxicating eyes. 


"Hey, Harry. Are you enjoying the show?" She smiled at him, as she grabbed the monster dick and kissed it. All while giving him some licks too.


"It's been entertaining, watching you gobble up cocks. Seem you finally found out your mouth's real purpose." He answered back. Gently caressing her head.


"It seems so. Though there is one thing I never did that held that back." Harry raised an eyebrow as to say what. Cho giggled. And spat all over his cock. She needed used two hands to jerk him off.


"I have been wanting your cock in my mouth since I saw you on the train fourth year. I have dreamed many times about how big it would be, and I must say now that it's in front of me. I can actually call you big daddy now." Cho giggled at the end of her sentence and looked him deep into his eyes. And placed the tip of his throbbing shaft in her mouth and gently sucked on it. Harry moaned, encouraging Cho to slip more and more of it into her mouth. He now understood what Angelina spoke of Cho's experience and is now an expert at the art of fellatio. He was experiencing it right now, the same as Katie, the twins, and Alicia.


Cho's tongue gave a virtuoso performance in pleasure, licking and lapping at his tip, triggering every nerve ending it could find. "God, Cho!" Harry exclaimed. " Fuck, thats good!"  


Cho treated his kind words with a reward, suddenly slamming her mouth down on his cock and taking most of his length, leaving only two inches left. He was as thick as Katie, but an inch longer than Angelina, surprising herself at taking the monster before her. 


"Fuck!" he exclaimed as the sensations around his cock changed, and he felt the tight constrictions of Cho's throat. Harry's vibrant green orbs met Cho's playful darker ones, and in them, Harry saw precisely what Angelina saw lustful fun and hunger. Interpreting this look, he hoped correctly, Harry placed his hands on the back of Cho's head and forced her nose deeper into his smooth hairless place. Harry began to vigorously fuck Cho's mouth. By her loud moans around his shaft and the glazed look of lust in her eyes, Harry concluded that he had indeed interpreted her wants correctly. Harry thrust his cock back and forth, Cho taking him all the way to the base this time.


" You like that, don't you, slut?" Harry taunted. "Like my big cock in your whorish throat, huh?" Cho loved it evident by her hard erection. She was getting precisely what she wanted. Throat gagging and mouth spluttering. She was definitely enjoying the rough treatment immensely. She had quickly discovered this side of herself with Angelina, and now she could not get enough of it. Having Harry potter thoroughly fuck her mouth and throat with his big meaty dick was everything she was loving.


"Fuck, Cho, I'm gonna…!" Harry exclaimed, burying his cock all the way into her throat and then releasing his load with a, very loud growl. He fired several shots of thick cum into her stomach. The moaning for Cho only made it more hot and sexy. "That was so good, Cho," said Harry as his orgasm subsided. "If you want me to gobble you up again then just tell mommy. And I'll happily do it some more, daddy." She whispered to him. He blushed, wondering how much had Angelina been talking about their sexual events with each other.


Angelina told them to come around as she had another surprise for them. She had six vials of a red potion. Angelina explained to them that they increase stamina, longer-lasting erections, and increase ejaculate amount. They all down the liquid, and instantly their lower regions were up and ready to attend to anything sexual. Angelina then promptly orders Cho to get on all fours and show off her ass. 


As everyone got to see the slick and tight hole of the Asian girl, the twins went right after her. Spit roasting chang. George positioned himself on his back with her face next to cock, quite accessible for a blowjob. As for his brother, Fred positioned himself behind the Asian beauty. Slapping his meat onto her firm but juicy ass. Giving her a smack on the firm cheek getting a moan out of Cho. With that being done, he slid his cock into her tight bum surprisingly easily. Cho prepared her ass with oils, fingering techniques, and a muggle sex toy called a butt plug. He gasped in unison with Chang, who quickly got to sucking off George. Fred focused on how tightly she was gripping his shaft. Grabbing onto her hips, he thrust hard, burying his impressive length deep in her bowel. All three of them moaned as Fred and Cho both let out moans as he bottomed out, rubbing against her prostate. George because while getting a blow from the Ravenclaw Asian, the humming stimulated the tip of his cock. Fred then just started plowing the hole that was gripping his shaft. The slapping sound of his hips hitting her ass echoed through the room. While Cho was getting happily fuck from behind by one of the twins. She was slurping and throating the other. 


Meanwhile, Harry was slamming into Katie from behind, her fat juicy ass slapping against his flesh. Harry was in the mount position, Katie's favorite position. As Harry was more than able to meet her prostate from the regular doggystyle. But in the mount, he was able to go deeper and powerful with his thrust. It was very effective as Katie was close.


"Ugh! Oh, Yes. Baby fuck me. I love it when fuck me good and proper." Harry knew Katie was a buttslut and would almost let anyone with a big dick plow her plump ass. She was also a talker, a shit talker at that. She didn't like slow and sensual. That was regularly what Harry would give to witches unless they asked for a pounding like Katie. This wasn't their first plowing, as most of their fucking would take place after practice. Katie was in one of her moods and needed some dick, and Harry was the only one available which was just her luck cause he had a monster dick like Angelina. Right in the shower, she would bend over and let him fuck her ass like a jackhammer to concrete. She loved Harry plowing her because he had the biggest dick, and she prided herself on taking big dicks. But mostly cause he tried to hold out for her finish. 


Harry was hurling his massive cock into Kaite as if she was just a hole. And hearing the moans, grunts, and comments from her. She was loving it. Harry pulled his shaft backward until only the tip remained inside her tight flexing asshole before hammering home once again. Causing her to gasp and squeal in pleasure, the words 'yes' pouring from her mouth each time he slammed his cock all the way back inside her. The room filled with the slapping sound of his balls against hers. As well the audible ripple of her arse jiggling. The sight of her bum shaking with each thrust was enough to turn, Harry's attention to the fat bubble butt before him. 


"Harder! Fuck me harder! Oh! Fuck, I'm bout to cum, baby! Plow your slut, baby! Oh fuck, baby! Plow my fat juicy ass, baby! Fuck your dirty slutty quidditch whore!" Katie begged as she was a few thrusts away from blowing a load on the floor. Harry began to speed up, crashing his hips back and forth, the sweet echoing sound of flesh smacking against flesh.


Fuck, you filthy Quidditch slut…" Harry moaned, reaching forwards and grabbing Katie's ponytail, jerking it sharply backward, causing her to grunt in pain. That did it for Katie. Her cock spurted out large abnormal thick spurts of hot cum. A pleasure delirious grin was on her face as she enjoyed being destroyed by Harry's more rough treatment. As Harry continued to slam into her. Each thrust milked more cum from her length, creating a pool of ball juice was forming below her knees. While during her orgasm, her hole clenched on him like a vice. Except that did not deter him from pounding into her as she wanted. He groaned and pulled out. Katie's eager asshole still wanted the big dick, so as he pulled out, an audible pop was heard. She whimpered at the loss of fullness in her ass, just as she went limp. Harry gave her a minute to recover, and when she did, she looked up at him with a lewd gaze. 


"Fuck, that never gets boring." Her smile told the story of what she was feeling. He asked if she enjoyed it and wasn't too rough. She shook her head with firmness.


"Then put your hands against the wall, arch that back, and hold that gorgeous juicy bubble butt out for me. I'm not done with you or that fat ass yet, Katie." Harry commanded. Rarely did he ever use his dominant personality, but Katie always seemed to bring it out of him. She gave him an entertained-filled smile and did as he'd asked. He slapped her ass and watched as it giggled. 


"Give it to me, hard and rough. Professor Potter." She taunted him. Adding more to his ego. Without hesitation, he slipped back in and plowed on with the same solid and robust pace.


Also next to them were the dark-skinned queens of Gryffindor, Angelina johnson, and Alicia Spinnet. Alicia had her hand on the end of the couch and perfect backside being banged into by Angelina's big black meat. Building a good rhythm, Angelina was fucking her hard. Somewhat letting off some sparse steam as Katie took Harry away into the corner. Maybe she did love him as she had never been possessive of him before. However, poor Alicia was taking the reaming of her life as Angelina was rutting into her abused hole.


"Uh? Ugh! Fuck...oh...fuuuck. Ugghh! Ahhhh! Damn, Angie... do you...think you can...oh fuck...let up...a bit." Alicia was feeling pleasure and pain in the most intoxicating way. As ordinarily, Angelina was gentle with her teammates, knowing the damage she could do with her cock. Alicia's pert and toned bum cheeks resembled hand clapping, as Angelina was just looking to have a hole grip her big black meat rod.


"Fuck, no, slut! Take my big black cock!" She demanded. She gave a powerful slap to one of Alicia's pert ass cheeks seizing it fiercely. It made Alicia moan out, Angelina gripped Alicia's braided ponytail, jerking it securely. Making the blonded hair girl scream out a pleasure-sounding grunt. 


"You like that, don't you, Alica? You like being fucked like a whore. Tell me how you love my big black cock plowing your black arse." Alicia couldn't lie it was magnificent and very pleasurable. But Angelina's dominant personality was really coming through. 


"Oh, Fuck! Oh, Merlin's balls! I love your black cock in my black arse! I love it, boss!" Alicia cried out. Angelina's hips became a blur, suddenly rutting and pounding Alicia's neat black booty. They both roared out orgasm-type moans but didn't come. Angelina pulled out of her, white cream all over her cock. She walked around telling Alicia to open her mouth once she did. She sucked off her dark-skinned captain. Giving her a long slurp and quick bach and forth bobs. 


Looking over at the twins, they stood over a limp Cho, pumping their cocks. The with simultaneous grunts, they exploded all over her. Covering her face and body in their hot thick cum. Angelina thought it was a hot-looking view. With Alicia's dark lips doing work on her cock she damn near came. She plucked her lip from Alicia's plump lips and told her to come along as she and her were going to stretch a Ravenclaw. Cho came back to life to see her mistress and Alicia standing above her, stroking their dicks. They had a look of dark desire, Cho assumed her natural position, doggystyle. 


"This slut needs some cocks up her arse," Angelina purred, spanking Cho's arse. 


"Looks like we'll have to share," Alicia smiled, Cho's eyes widening as she heard this. She had never taken two big dicks in her bum. But as of now, she didn't have a choice. Cho had slowly grown accustomed to Angelina's thick cock. Except taking two cocks at once was going to be impossible, let alone Angelina and Alicia's big black mammoth cocks.


"Do you want to go underneath...We know she loves black dick, but since you are the boss, what do you think?" Alicia suggested, keeping her eyes on the admirable ass of Cho Chang.


"I'll let you take from behind this time, but next time it's me behind her," Angelina smirked, stealing a kiss herself from Alicia. 


Sliding beneath Cho, she positions herself where she and the Ravenclaw were chests to breast. Lifting and adjusting the Cho, Angelina robbed her of any ability to stop their impaling cocks. Alicia grabbed Angelina's cock for her, guiding the bigger, more robust shaft towards Cho's gaping cum filled ass. Working the tip inside with complete ease. Thanks to the twins. Chang's ass was already creamed-up. Groaning pleasurably, Angelina grasped Chang's hips and pulled her downwards. Flattening her position and lodging every inch of her massive black cock inside the Ravenclaw's rear. A soft groan came from Cho's lips at the sudden intrusion. Yet that was nothing compared to the groaning and straining that hit her when Alicia's throbbing, thick cockhead wormed its way against her hole. Starting gently, Alicia slowly pushed the head of her cock inside, moaning softly as the tight hole enveloped the tip of her length. Gently massaging the sensitive bulb of purplish flesh with her sporadic clenching. Grabbing Cho by the hips, Alicia sank her hips into the girl. Inch after inch of her silky black cock overpowering its way into her well-used arse. But still stretching her to entirely new limits. Alicia's cock instead reminded her of the subtle pleasure that a good anal fucking could give her. The combination of Alicia's less extensive cock and Angelina's comparatively thicker one had found a balance that was incredibly pleasant for the slutty Ravenclaw. Moaning at the idea of big dicks double penetrating her hole.


It took a bit of work, but Alicia sank her entire length into Chang, bottoming out and both letting out a hoarse groan. "Fuck! She's tight. Get ready for an arse reaming, bitch." Savoring the tight depth, Alicia she slowly began to draw her hips back and forth, the gentle massage of her ass, combined with the delicious friction of Angelina's big dick. Fucking Cho hard, knowing that Angelina would appreciate the deeper thrusts and added pressure against her own cock, their moans joining Alicia and Cho's moans. It was a sight to watch, the two chasers' cocks slamming in and out of the Asian rear, their balls smacking against flesh as they moaned and groaned.


"Ugh! So...much. So...big. So...full. Fuck! Morgana's cock... it's good! Ah! Mmmmm!" Cho couldn't believe she was stuffed to the ass of big black meat. As Alicia was pulling out, Angelina was all the way in, ready to hammer back home. In a delicious rhythmic haven of extravagant pleasure. The added friction of their cocks grinding and sliding together set the two Chasers moaning uncontrollably.


"That's right, bitch! Take are big black cocks. This isn't going to be your first double dick invitation to your slutty hole. Were gonna reshape your arse! Now tell me you love black cock in your arse!" Angelina was definitely going to do this again. As it was a pleasure for all of them. 


"Oh! Yes, I love big black cock. I love being double stuff, mommy johnson. I love cocks in my arse. Plow my arse! Ugh! Oh, fuck!" Cho cried out. She suddenly came as her cock twitched and spurted all over Angelina's six-pack. In which Cho's orgasm started a reaction, as her ass clenched around their big meaty cocks. Alicia and Angelina were being set off by the sudden spurting torrent from Cho and her contracting hole. The large amount of cum that filled Chang's ass flooded the double stuffed butt leaking out. All three moaned as they felt the hot flood that was the chasers orgasm. As they pulled out of her and got to her feet they looked at the giant gaping hole that was Chang's butt. Alicia wanted another got at the Asian but, Angelina told her it was Harry's go. Harry overheard them and was done with Katie as she was now getting stuff by the twins.


He walked over to Cho, who was a slutty mess but looked sexy and beautiful as ever. Cho seemed to be energized when Harry was around her. She promptly got into position aging her ass facing him wiggling it at him.


"Come and get it, big daddy potter." Harry positioned himself behind her wigging pert juicy booty. Giving it a hard slap. Cho squealed and giggled. He slapped his meat onto her juicy cheeks admiring the fine ass. Cho, who was growing impatient pleaded for him to fuck into next week. She wanted to be paraded in front of the great hall and have Harry Potter claim her bottom hole. And so he lined his meaty pole to the abused hole and thrust right into her with no mercy. No slow and sensual, just plow and wreck her poor ass. Her ass, though fucked beyond conventional, gripped his meat like a vice. Cho instantly came spurting a load of cum at her knees. As in one thrust, he was able to obliterate her prostate. 


"So big and full just for me," Cho said appreciatively moaned loudly. Smacking Cho's ass several times as he verbally humiliated her. "Your ass was made for my cock!" Harry instantly starts pounding himself balls deep into the Asian Ravenclaw. "You love being used like a slut don't you?" 


"Yes, big daddy potter," she squeaked as Harry powerfully fucked her from behind. Harry drew her ass backward onto his thrust, the resounding slap filling the room and sending shivers through both their bodies. Cho let out a squeal of pleasure, moaning intensely as she wiggled her arse at Harry, her cock sprinkling cum from her second orgasm. Her tight ass seized his cock tighter. 


"Oh, Shit! Oh, Fuck!" Cho screamed as Harry's cock pistoned in and out of her ass with some speed. "That's it, fuck me! Fuck my slutty whore ass with your big cock! Fucking pound my ass like that big daddy!" Cho shouted as Harry continued to advance and retreat upon her cavernous depths. Harry groaned as he felt Cho's ass flex around his cock.


"I can feel you getting close to cumming, slut," Harry said. His cock speared her over and over again. With a desperate pace as if he had not cum for weeks. And with a rough pounding Cho came once more spurting white strands at her knees. 


"Ugh! Oh! daddy, fill me up. Fill your fucktoy up! Give me your cum, daddy!" It took Harry's concentration away and felt a familiar sensation rush to his balls. Her tightened ass caused him to start cumming too, pouring forth his seed into her clutching ass. Emptying a heavy thick load Cho's eyes widened then went cross-eyed. Cho's body began to contort, groans escaping her lips as her ass tightened again suddenly. Her cock was jetting cum out, splattering against the floor beneath her. He pulled out of her tight gripping ass and painted her ass and back. Cho collapsed and thanked harry for a great fuck. 


Everyone was staring at him. He asked what, they all were surprised by the control of his orgasm. Angelina really wasn't surprised as she knew he was like some sort of sex god. He had the ultimate touch as for some his size he could really hurt someone like he could of Cho. But for Angelina, he knew how to use his size in making it pleasurable. Like her first time with him, she was a little scared but as soon as he entered it was one of the best feelings ever. She was already rock hard but thinking about him and her that night made her want him now. She walked over to him and guided him over to the couch she and Alicia were at. She gave him a passionate lust-filled kiss in which he returned. They went in deeper into the sexy snog gabbing at each other's erections pumping one another, moaning into each other's mouths. Harry backed from the kiss, much to the complaint of Angelina, yet he then went low and licked her colored cock. Not expecting it, she gasped and moved her hands into his messy raven-colored hair. Harry was gonna give her a good mouth job as he felt they had a connection they discovered the day they first fucked. Licking his lips, Harry looks at the rock-hard 12 inches of deep black cock. Thick veins ran along her girthy dark-skinned shaft. The suspense in which he was giving her in anticipation of his mouth closing around her cock was mind-numbing. And yet she gasped when his lips had parted and enveloped the tip of her cock. His tongue ran circles around the bulbous tip of her black cock, lapping at the delicious taste of it. 


Moaning as her star seeker's mouth wrapped around her cock. Harry always had a soft spot for blowjobs, especially Angelina for he respected her and had somewhat of a crush. Angelina was savoring the good precious blowjob she was getting from harry. Her eyes were closed, feeling deep bliss. So warm and tight. Sumptuous and silky. His hand continued to jerk back and forth. Milking a couple more drops of salty pre-cum onto his tongue before she positioned her head above his cock and slowly began to push downwards. Letting his lips inch down her juicy thick shaft. As he pushes downwards, he felt Angelina's tip prod against the back of his throat. Determination settles over him, she watches as Harry swallows her cock, impressively. Harry enjoyed the deep moans coming from the witch above him. With his mouth stretched so, deliciously, he freely soaks in the pleasure from worshiping her swollen length.


"Oh! Yes! God, you are so good, baby! Keep going." Angelina pushes firmer Harry relaxes his throat, groaning as he feels her thick, bulbous head begin to push inside. With her hand gently cupping his head, Angelina gently feeds him more of her cock. Staring down in surprise, Angelina watches as inch after inch makes its way down his throat, firmly being massaged by his tight mouth. With shock, she feels as the young wizard's lips press against her balls and the wiry hairs above her shaft. He was surprised that his throat didn't clamp down and began to spasm immediately. In fact, it was relatively comfortable. Commanding his throat to tighten and clench around her shaft, he spewed a mouthful of saliva down and along her cock. His hand steadily jerked back and forth, smearing it across Angelina's big black dick. She squirmed under harry's blowjob skills, never receiving a blowjob from anyone like this. Harry lets out a deep moan, his sound feeding into the pleasure being given to her cock. Harry began to pull his lips back along with his cock, quickly withdrawing a couple inches before easing her throat back down. 


“Mmm, I could spend all day fucking this throat Harry,” She was loving it. He suddenly developed his rhythm, bobbing his head up and down, his hands steadying himself, planted firmly on her thighs. Angelina's grip tightened around his messy black locks, grunting at his skillful ministration. He then dropped one hand down to her balls, gently massaging them and using the saliva that occasionally dribbled out of his mouth. The room quickly filled with the sound of a deep, sloppy blowjob. He kept that up for five minutes until Angelina couldn't handle any more of his skills. She warned him and with that warning, he plucked his lips from the tip of her dick and jerked her rapidly. Angelina let out a whimper and a good size load shot into his mouth coating his tounge. As soon as her shot stopped coming, he grabbed her chin and kissed her. She eagerly accepted they tounged and swapped her cum into their mouths. Moaning amongst each other. Once they stopped their kissing and swallowed their share of her cum. They stared at each other with intense sensual longing.


"Morgana, that was hot. We need to do that more often." Angelina was breathless from their sexual kissing exchange. Harry smiled. 


"Oh, we will, love. But right now, I want to eat your ass. So bend that delicious plump ass over for me. I need to eat my dinner." Angelina swore this was a sex god being in front of her. Without any hesitation, she showed him her ass. 


Her ass was envied by most of the girls in Hogwarts, it had a perfectly round shape that was perky. But was plump and juicy, with giggle nobody could resist. Everyone stared at her ass, wondering if they had a chance of plowing it. Firmly and sharply upon the rear of her arse, her cheeks jiggling as he spanked her sharply. A tiny moan came out of her mouth, which turned into a chuckle. He struck her other cheek, and she let out the same reaction. Harry managed to land one last slap, clipping her bum and but this time, she shook her fat juicy ass at him. She swore she heard a growl from him. Angelina continued to wiggle her ass but also started to jerk herself off. Stroking her meat with enthusiasm. Harry slid down onto his knees between her plump ass cheeks. A smile came to her lips as she realized what was coming. Gripping her firm and perky but fat and fleshy round cheeks. Harry gave her a cheeky wink. Harry's hands pushed her booty cheeks apart, showing the tight brown wrinkled hole. Lowering his head downwards and pressing his tongue against her hole. Angelina had forgotten just how much pleasure could be attainted from a simple lick to her back entrance. Sure, sliding a thick, meaty cock inside there was nice enough, but the slick, wriggling precision of a tongue, especially one that knew what it was doing, was simply divine. 


Even the first lick was enough to make her moan. And there was plenty more to come from there.


Merlin's beard…That it. Fuck, yea! Eat that fat arse! Mmmm, so goood! Lick my black arse! Eat it up like some suckle tart, baby!" Angelina moaned. Spitting on her hand to make her skilled handjob better. Stroking it with quick calculating pumps.


Harry had started to trace her hole, running quick circles around her bum, flicking the tip of his tongue back and forth. Grazing the most sensitive parts of her puckered posterior. Gently prodding her entrance, he threatened to push inside, the thin tip of his tongue inching slowly forwards. Taunting and teasing Angelina with the sumptuous pleasure of a proper Rimjob. Coaxing his lips to her arse, he kissed the wrinkled ass. Harry spread her arse wider, his tongue sliding easily inside, wriggling deeper and deeper until his lips were pressed snugly around her ring. Dancing back and forth inside her arse, Harry made sure his tongue swept every inch, probing deeper and deeper. Trying desperately to graze that sensitive sweet spot that was deep inside her ass. 


"Oh… yeah…Just like that. More, eat that black booty! Get me ready for that fourteen-inch monster! Eat me up like Hogwarts feast!" His tongue erratically moving back and forth inside her hole, the tip managing to gently graze her prostate, she was breathing rapidly. The pleasure of having even the slightest portion of her sweet spot massaged by a tongue caused her to spasm. Harry relished the effect his tongue had on her. It was never about enjoying sliding his tongue inside someone's ass because frankly it was a rather monotonous endeavor and bore him little pleasure. It was about how she writhed and spasmed as his tongue moved inside them. There was something about having something small and quick that made being rimmed feel oh so incredible. Harry went deeper, his tongue sinking a tiny little bit deeper. It was never about depth, as the tiniest movement deeper with a tongue was like an entire inch of cock. At least when someone talented was lodged deep inside. And Harry was wholly talented.


"Oh, shit! Fuck, Morgana! I'm bout to...Uggghhh! Fuck, Morgana's big dick! Fuck! Fuck! Merlin's Fuck!" Angelina felt the starving sensation to cum and she bursted. Continuously stroking herself, she busts an enormous load on the cushions and kept going until the feeling dissipates two minutes later. Harry knew if he licked her prostate it would send her over the edge. And the moment he did he felt her hole tighten around his tounge. After she relaxed, he slipped his tounge from her hole and slapped his hardened meat in between her ass cheeks. He slapped one of her ass cheeks. She moaned and then giggled.


"I'm gonna have to dine in for your arse more." Harry chuckled and then gripped the fat cheek that appealed to him.


"Yes, you are. Maybe after class, you slick my arse up, and after the day, you slide your big dick in it and make cum like a river. Like right now, I want you to finish the job, daddy potter." She wiggled her ass again at him. He watched as it giggled and moved like an ocean current. Harry then spread her firm dark ass cheeks apart, angling his cock towards her entrance. Harry let out a muffled moan as her hole gave away with ease, eagerly and hungrily inviting his cock deeper inside. The tip of his length immediately sunk into her hole, her tight ring clutching around the bulbous head, drawing him deeper into her tightly clutching ass. 


"Ugh! Fuck! Slid that big dick into my tight black ass, my love. Pound my fat, delicious bottom for mummy." Harry thrust suddenly and sharply forwards, burying every inch inside her welcoming hole, a grunt of pleasured delight escaping Angelina's lips. 


Harry's moans quivered as he felt and heard her arse jiggling and bouncing, the soft flesh springy to the touch, shuddering as a result of his momentous thrust. Deep down, he had missed that feeling. The feeling of an ass bouncing in response to a slamming thrust, the flesh rippling against his crotch. Evidently, the sensation was just as pleasing to Angelina, who had to rely on the hands grasping her hips for maximum pleasure. With his cock buried in her ass, Harry reached his other hand around her body. Tightening their embrace as his hips moved of their own volition, lightly fucking her ass. Occasionally thrusting sharply forwards and savoring the rippling of flesh that occurred. His hand explored across her toned ab stomach and down to her cock, grasping her shaft by the base. The quivering, pulsating meat felt marvelous in his hand, and he could tell that something a simple as a pump of his fist along her cock was made all the more intense by the cock lodged in her ass. 


"Ohhh! That's good! Jerk me off, baby. Jerk me while you plow my fat arse." It was so intense that Angelina's eyes rolled up into her head, and her body fully convulse. He was mercilessly jerking her off and fast-tracking the orgasm that she was steadily building towards. 


"Fuck, Angie! You're damn tight! Fuck, I love this ass!" Together, they drew their hands back and forth along her cock, matching one another's pace as Harry maintained his steady pounding of her buxom rear. Their moans grew deeper, the slapping of flesh louder. The pleasure of their sexual activity was more intense than they could describe, with their bodies seemingly tingling. Every nerve seemed to be hive and harbor for enjoyment. Every point of contact between their bodies appeared to bristle with pleasure, despite the areas being decidedly innocuous to the act of sexual satisfaction. 


The thrusting of Harry's cock into Angelina's rear and the jerking of her cock by their hands in tandem, united together to create pleasure that neither of them could quite fathom. Despite it being wrought upon their incredibly sensitive bodies. Both of them knew that their orgasms were not far off, and despite being surprised that they had lasted this long, neither of them wanted it to end any time soon. However, the needs of the flesh outweighed their desire and with one last final thrust into his girlfriend's delightful arse, Harry set off the chain of events that would act as the explosive culmination. Burying himself inside her asshole, he let out a deep grunt of pleasure as the first strands of cum spurted from his tip, spraying themselves deep inside of her. Groaning in unison as he filled her to the brim with his seed. Harry pumped his hips back and forth a couple times, draining the last couple drops from his heavy balls and ensuring that every last bead was lodged inside of her. All the while calming his racing breathing. With his mind and body relieved of the pent-up pleasure, he drew his hips backward, his cock softening as it left her rear. 


Angelina came right with him. Their hands didn't cease their movement across her cock, meaning that as he was pouring himself inside of her. She, in turn, was turning that sensation into her own satisfaction. Being filled turned into pleasure, and pleasure turned into an orgasm, sending strands of cum spraying forwards and onto the couch cushion below her. Milking herself dry with the help of Harry's hand, she relieved herself of her load, draining her balls onto the ground. All the while relishing the sensation of her ass being filled and her lover's cock steadily hard inside of her. Breathless and exhausted after their session of fun, the two of them almost collapsed at the moment their orgasms ceased. 


"Merlin's fuck. You certainly know how fuck a person, love. I'm going to need this more than often. Mummy wants this cock at least three times a day." Angelina turned showing off her beautiful toned body glistening in sweat. With him between her legs, she grabs his shoulders and brings him in for a few peck kisses.


"Well if that's going to be the case, then daddy potter, going to need some pepper-up potions to handle, mummy johnson's, sex drive." They stared at each other for a while and chuckled. They were then brought back to reality when they heard grunts coming from behind the couch they were laying on. Cho and Alicia were going at it. Mostly Alicia plowed Cho with no mercy. More than something, Cho was eating Katie's ass in the process with the twins jerking off watching. Getting up and joined the group after Alicia was done spewing her balls into the wrecked Ravenclaw. Angelina then told them to clear the way as she and Harry were going to spit-roast her and trade places. Everyone had their fun with Cho and soon started fucking each other until their cocks deflated.


After their week and nonstop celebrations, everything went back to normal in Hogwarts as it normally did. However, after transfiguration's class, if you went up to the second floor and in a broom closet. You would find Harry, Angelina, and Cho half-naked. Harry was plowing Angelina from behind gripping her hips and watching her plump-toned ass cheeks clap against his hips. In the corner, you would see Cho jerking off watching the real-life interracial porn. Harry finished inside of the dark-skinned goddess. Angelina pumping herself dry from his ass fucking and her slick skilled handjob. Giving each other kisses, they turned their sights on Cho Chang, who finished on the floor. They both agreed to alternate between her ass and mouth. Enjoying the Asian Ravenclaw who submitted herself to them. 

Chapter Text

The Hogwarts Express was on its way to its high esteem magical school. The school had its prefects in order and were going about their rounds, helping out first years. They were a lot of different feelings after the last year. Harry Potter won the dueling tournament, beating the upper years and with ease. That made everyone look at him as the new dumbledore. Though if anyone really knew him, he was much of a Slytherin, as he was Gryffindor. Daphne Greengrass was his queen as their betrothing was public knowledge. Though every girl wanted him as he was humble and polite. Though someone got on the wrong side of Greengrass, as they ended up spending time in the infirmary for a week. Some ductless girl tried to steal him away from her, even slipping him a love potion. As Daphne's moniker, the Ice Queen of Slytherin, came to the truth when everyone saw as she declared a witch's duel. And sent a shard of ice into the dumb girl's leg and launched quaffle size hale at the girl. 

They were strictly for each other and nobody else. Besides, maybe Tracy Davis. Greengrass best friend. It was heard leaving Hogwarts on the train to King's Cross Station. They were spit roasting Tracy Davis. All hearing bout how Potter tame both with his meaty big cock. Also heard that Daphne sometimes fucks his hole and is usually dominating Potter. Hogwarts was like a typical school, filled with gossip and rumors. As the word was Draco Malfoy was apparently Harry Potter's bitch. As someone heard on the fifth floor, they could overhear grunting and moaning, also the slapping of sex. They then heard Potter's name, and coming out with a limp was Draco Malfoy. It wasn't unheard of gay relations with wizards, and the Malfoy's seemed to owe the Potter because of the recent duel Draco lost to right his father's name. He lost, of course, as he was no match for Potter. There was a deal made by his girlfriend Greengrass. No one knew for sure, but hearing from, Slytherin's there was a lot of grunting coming from Greengrasses room, as it sounded as she was plowing a male. That was not Potter in her quarters. 

Even the well spread news of Ronald Weasly being a total buttslut was out in Hogwarts as he was a cock whore. As he would bend over for anyone who had a big dick. As multiple people have said, they fucked his bottom before, saying he had a plump juicy bottom. Some say it rivaled some witch's asses. It would have the perfect giggle when your hips impacted it. As that rumor turned out to be fact as ten people in Gryffindor Tower said to have seen Weasley gangbanged by the Gryffindor chasers, the boys in his shared quarters, and the girls. Angelina Johnson, Captin of the Gryffindor Team. Has said she watched and jerked off to the most wonderous hot sex of Weasley sucking and getting fucked by Potter. Moaning like a submissive whore, she said it was one of the most lustful things she's ever seen. Saying Potter's thrust could possibly make the world shake. 

Hogwarts was filled with rumors and talk. Though some prefects were riding the train to Hogwarts, Padma Patil was hard at work slamming her hips into a juicy bubble butt of a fifth-year male Ravenclaw. The compartment was filled with moans, grunts, and slapping flesh. Padma plowed the fifth year with reckless abandon, gripping his hips forcing him backward into her thrust. Glancing at the rippling ass that impacted her flesh. 

"Take my cock! Take it, disobedient slut! Are you going to stop sneaking out of the dorms fucking witches?" The boy was enthralled by her plowing and wrecking of his ass. 

"Yes! Yes, miss Patil! Fuck! Oh, Merlin!" He answered. His prostate was getting obliterated by the furious pounding of her.

"Yeah! Good because your gonna be my bitch now. You've already fallen in love with my cock. Don't you bitch! Tell me you love my brown cock, bitch!" Padma gave the thick-bottomed boy a couple swats on his ass, falling in love with the juicy butt. 

"Ugh! Fuck, yeah, miss Patil. I love your big brown cock! Please don't stop." He moaned out as she was pummeling his prostate. Pleasure he's never felt became a world stopper as right now he just wanted more of the ass pounding she was delivering. As she had no intention of stopping.

 Cedric Diggory was a popular seventh-year Hufflepuff as he was their quidditch star and best overall talent. And was thinking of a long-term idea of working in the ministry or playing professional quidditch. Though that was interrupted by something in his peripheral. Looking at what it was, he looked into the compartment. And found a dark-haired brown-skinned goddess slamming herself into heathy looking fat male bubble butt. Padma had a twin Pavarti. She was a tad bit short and slender. Padma was a thicker, as he saw beautiful long silky black into a tight bun. Her rich brown skin glowed vibrantly due to the sunlight. Full plump lips. With rich light brown eyes. Her skin was smooth and had no blemishes, her perky c-cups stood proud on her chest, topped by hard dark brown nipples that looked like they had been dipped in chocolate. Her plump juicy butt giggled and rippled throughout as she would impact her partner.   A moment happened as her big cock slipped out and was briefly shown. Cedric Diggory was a submissive cockslut in secrecy. As with his girlfriend Cho Chang, he mostly took over in the bedroom. But after being fucked in the ass by Cho. He fell in love with the fullness of cock in his bum. He then found he loved dick from witches in general as he would often give blowjobs to Cho whenever he could. Looking at Padma's reminded him of that as his own cock was hardening at the strong sexual prowess she was showing. As Her cock was girthier than most and more than cho's. Her cock was ten inches, and her balls were smooth.

He watched and licked his lips as it soon looked like she was about to blow. She was until she saw a figure in the side of her eye and looked to see Diggory. Padma stopped. She pulled out of the fifth year, hastily opened the compartment door, and grabbed the Hufflepuff seventh year. She pushed him into the opposite seat. She questioned him why he was watching them. Diggory didn't have a response as, he knew he was caught. She could then see the hard-on that was straining his pants. She came to her conclusion and told him to watch the show, and he was next. She then slid back inside of the plump butt of her Ravenclaw housemate and continued her previous pace without hesitation. Cedric watches, mesmerized by the stamina and the strong thurst of Padma. Her round ass giggling from her thrusting action, he was so ready to bend over for her. He was going to get his turn as Diggory heard the boy grunt and unloaded all over the seat below him. Padma, without, stopping kept plowing his fat ass. The grip of his ass tightened around her cock.

"Ugghhh! Fuck! Take my load, bitch! Take it! Morgana balls! Fuck!" With a few hard thrusts, she filled his hole up with a big load. She would continue thrusting through her orgasm but with power and firmness. The boy relaxed and let out an orgasmic sight. Padma gave him a powerful slap to his right butt cheek and gripped it, massaging the plump juicy cheek.

"You'll make the perfect buttslut. A fine arse, plump, and snug, just right. Don't let me see you sneaking out again, or all the girls are going to have a delightful time with your ass." The boys nodded and limped out the compartment.

She then turned to Diggory, looking at him with a fierce lustful gaze that made him gulp. She didn't have enough time to test all the boys. "We don't have a lot of time. So pull those trousers down and bend over. Momma Patil wants to see that cute ass." With eagerness, something Padma adored, Cedric promptly pulled down his undergarments. Showing a ten-inch cock though skinnier than hers. As he turned around, showing off his cute toned bubble butt. Padma's cock was still stiff after her orgasm, and his ass was just ripe for her. She was going to enjoy claiming Diggory and turning him into her buttslut. 

"Mmmm, damn, thats a nice ass. I can't wait to fuck your hole. And don't worry, you get to be a horny cockwhore." She walked behind his bent-over form and slapped her hand onto one of his butt cheeks. He moaned in response. 

She told him to beg for it. Beg for her to fuck his hole. He did with eagerness, pleading to have his bum plowed by the brown-skinned prefect. She spat on to her cock that was still slick from her previous partner. She then spread his cheeks and spit eagerly into his hole, the dribble of spit running down his flexing asshole. Massaging the lube in with her thumb, she spanked his ass. Padma then slapped her ten-inch thick meaty brown cock in between his perk buttle butt. Resting the tip of her head against his hole. She pressed forward, splitting his ass in two with ease, his hole eager for big girthy dick. Cedric groaned, feeling it penetrate his rear. Padma growled out satisfaction. 

"Fuck! This is a good ass. Sung and willing. Just how I like it." She commented on his excited hole. 

The brown-skin Ravenclaw grabbed his hips, widened her stance, and pulled his ass back onto her thrust, moaning as every inch of her cock plunged inside of him with ease. Like a hot knife through butter. The pair moaned in unison as her hips collided with his ass, the scene reminding her when she accidentally walked in on Angelina fucking Katie plowing without mercy. Her hands loudly and sharply spank Cedric before starting to roughly fuck his tight little ass, her cock eagerly spearing him.

"Yeah! That's how it's going to be. From now on, you're going to bend over for me, Diggory! Suck my cock when I tell you! Bend over when I tell you! And spread those legs when I tell you! You are nothing more than my cockslut, a fucktoy! I am your, Mistress! And right now, I am going to reshape your bumhole! So take my cock!" Reaching forwards, she grabbed his tousled hair, using it as an anchor to pull him backwards onto her shaft, getting her cock deeper and deeper. Slamming in and out, she savored the sounds that filled the room. The sound of her saliva slick cock plunging in and out of his arse, echoed by the sound of her lubricated balls smacking against Cedric's small balls, his cock hard due to the painful pleasure coursing through his arse. 

"Fuck! Ah, fuck my ass, Mistress! Merlin, so...goood! Punish my prostate, please! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stoooop! Ohhhh! Fuckkkkk!" Cedric shrieked as Padma's sizeable cock battered through his ass, bulldozing its way ten inches into her and then bulldozing its way back out again. 

His tightened hole clenched around the immense shaft invading his insides. His prostate pressed firmly against the purple cock head inside of him, and he felt his own cock twitch with pleasure. Both of them were now moaning uncontrollably as Padma picked up the pace. Her thighs repeatedly smacked against Diggory's tight ass cheeks, and he couldn't deny how well the massive log was crushing his prostate into oblivion. He clenched tighter and tighter as she continued thrusting and soon felt he was ready to burst.

"You gonna cum for me whore?" Padma asked, feeling his hole tightening.

"Fuck yes! Don't fucking stop! Your fat cock feels so fucking good in my ass! Please, oh please, please, please don't fucking stop!" Cedric rambled in incoherent shouts.

Hearing that he was about to cum, the Indian goddess gave a firm smack to both of his ass cheeks, causing him to clench tightly and shove her head one last time against his prostate. "Fuuuuuuck!" Diggory groaned as he shot spurts of cum into the cushion below him, all while Padma continued her thrusting. As she continued pummeling Cedric, his orgasm became prolonged to the point where he was drooling. 

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum in this slutty ass!" Padma exclaimed as she fucked him.

The Hufflepuff's tight ass became too much to handle, and she bottomed out one last time. She sank her cock to the very lowest depths of Diggory's hole before unloading a massive amount of baby batter. He could feel the heat inside him as girl cum rushed deep into his bowels. He was so tight that some of the cum forced itself back out. Once done filling him up, she pulled out and looked at the job done. She now had two bottom sluts that would eagerly bend over anytime. 

After getting dressed, they went to their separate ways. Often when in the Ravenclaw tower, she invites the fifth-year boy to her room. For some extra work. That required his bum to be hers. It was fun slamming into his thick ass, but when she would get her hands on Cedric. It was different. As she fell in love with his sexual performance, he was gifted the talents of riding a cock like a broom. And even more skilled with slurping up cock as well. They would have few encounters as Cho would mostly be around Cedric. That's why it made the sex so much better when they finally got their hands on each other. They could go wild and have hot sex with each other.  Like as of right now, on the Hogwart's Express, that was leaving Hogwarts for Christmas break. They were currently in a bathroom stall with Cedric actively and passionately sucking his mistress cock. 

"Ohhh, so good," Padma moaned as Cedric's nose was pressed against her clean-shaven crotch.

His lips easily slid downwards, his throat parting eagerly and the tip of her cock sliding almost all the way down his throat without even a single gag. Nearing the last couple inches, he felt his throat finally snap. Clenching down around her cock as he coughed and spluttered loudly, spewing saliva down the remaining two inches of her shaft. His hand collected the spittle and slid it down to her balls. His fingers delicately massaging them and coating them to an identical lubed shimmer of which her cock was covered. 

 “Damn. Thats so fucking hot, baby,” said Padma, sexual energy now coursing through her. Leaning backward against the magically locked stall door, she allowed Cedric to do his work, the boy diligently bobbing his head up and down her shaft. Confident in his pleasing her as he always showed exceptional skills. 

Sliding his lips up and down her shaft, he coated it in a sloppy shimmer. Deepthroating the majority of her shaft, Diggory finally slammed his lips downwards. Pushing his clutching and spasming throat to the limits as he finally coaxed the last few inches into his tight, warm throat. Padma let out a deep guttural groan of pleasure. Cedric's moans vibrating like sensual hums through her cock. His own hand furiously jerking himself off whilst his other hand gently squeezed and pulled at the girl's heavy and full balls. 

 "Fuck, I love your throat. But get up, I need that fine ass." she moaned. 

He plucked his lips off of her cock and bent over the placing his hands on the wall. Showing his perky bubble butt. 

"Slid that cock into my ass, Mistress. Please give me that brown-skinned cock."

She gripped her cock and lined it up against his hole. Hear him moan as she applies pressure, she slides into his bumhole and instantly gripped her like a vice. Cedric moaned loudly, the lubrication of his saliva turning into pure bliss. 

"Of course you like this, you little slut," Padma growled loudly. 

She continued to slam in and out of the boy. She was a power top and a great one at that. She jackhammered back and forth. Slamming in and out of him, her cock pounding his puckered ass and leaving a firm, and noticeable impact. Moaning herself, Padma let her disheveled hair fall across her face, her eyes focussed on Cedric's rear end. Infinitely enamored by the sight before her. The way his cute arse cheeks jiggled with each thrust. The way his asshole warped and shifted to adjust to her cock slipping in and out. Her length slid with ease, in and out of his eager, hungry ass. 

"I bet your cock is rock hard at this treatment," the Ravenclaw guessed correctly. "You just love my big cock in your ass too much, slut!"  

Biting her lip, she lost herself in her own fantasies, her cock singing with pleasure, each smack echoed by the grunted moan from Diggory's gritted teeth. "Yes, mistress," said the Hufflepuff.

She didn't let up, and he adored it. It wasn't that he was a bitch, but he treasured being used in that sense. Only in sex though. It was a fantasy, a charade. He wanted to be dominated. His eyes rolled closed as he savored the crushing thrusts of Padma's cock, sandwiching his sensitive prostate between her fat cockhead and the walls of Cedric's asshole. Her hands grabbed and pulled at whatever flesh she could find, using it to get deeper inside of him, leaving red hand marks over his body where she roughly tugged at his body.

“Fuck my ass… skewer me on your cock… split me in half… just fuck me!” He begged for more. Padma smiled as she was going to give it to him.

Slamming, again and again, Padma slid her hands up to his shoulders and got a better anchor to drive herself deeper into his ass. The pleasure cascading through both their bodies was intense, the two of them building steadily towards that blissful orgasm. Groaning and grunting in tandem, the two of them began to work up a sweat. Padma, high on pleasure and the eroticism of the situation, snaked her hand up to Cedric's head, grabbing his hair and tugging it sharply backward.

"Fucking take it, you fucking slut!" Padma cried as she slammed into Diggory with mercy far from her mind. "You're a little cockslut aren't you? A fucking anal whore!" she shouted. Ron's increasingly loud moans only encouraged her.

"Fuck yeah! Oh, yeah I'm your cockslut! Fuck my ass, mistress! Fuck your little anal whore!"The submissive in Cedric had completely taken over his body. As her taunts threw him over the edge, his hardened cock spurting several hefty strands of cum all over the toilet below him.

Padma felt his orgasm before she saw it, with his ass clenching down around her cock. massaging it with a new intensity that pushed her over her own limit as well. A few clumsy thrusts into his tightened arse. and the Ravenclaw spilled a meek, orgasm inside of him. Moaning as she milked herself dry, she eventually pulled out, breathless. They rested, and Padma asked for round two, in which he offered his ass again. 

Cho Chang was looking everywhere for Cedric. Once in the bathroom, she heard grunting and the sound of sex. Listening to the sex, she could make out her boyfriend's voice. She rushed to the magically locked stall and undid it finding Padma Patil ramming into her boyfriend. 

Chapter Text

As of today, the train ride from Hogwarts was boring for Ginerva Weasley. Her brother was off somewhere, probably getting railed by some big dick witches. Hermione was doing her prefect rounds, and luna was nowhere to be found. Her sexual fun at Hogwarts was promising as she had her dick in many witches and wizards. Her brother was her favorite. As his ass was as plump as their mother's. She enjoyed slamming into his fat bottom, watching it ripple with every thrust. Hermione and her shared a two-way moment. With both of them not really being bottoms, but dominant tops. They enjoyed fucking instead of getting fucked. The list went on to Parvati, Lavender, Katie, even some others. What she really wanted was Harry Potter. For her crush, on him was nothing more than an obsession. She wanted him terribly, and her shyness disappeared after her third year. When she offered her bum up to him during the yule ball, she essentially asked him, and he gave her polite decline. He had gone with Daphne Greengrass as they were actually talking to one another.


She was hurt, of course, but she got over it with fucking some fourth-year Gryffindor. Much like her mother, she was a total slut for ass. As she really didn't care who it was, if they were willing to give their hole to her, she would eagerly oblige. As of right now, she was in need of a desperate fucking. Her covered weapon was begging for some good ass. She went to head to the bathrooms as slut would always be there getting gangbanged if they needed cock. Her mind was running through the idea of banging her brother until she bumped into someone. At first, she thought it was Malfoy. As blonde hair was the only thing, she remarked before a feminine voice replied.


"Damn, Weasley, watch where you're going. What are you doing anyway?" Replied Daphne Greengrass. She was called the Ice Queen of Slytherin, as her cold demeanor and haughty attitude were all you saw from her. Ginny couldn't lie to herself. The girl was gorgeous, probably one the best-looking girls in Hogwarts. Her pureblood features were her weapons of seducing wizards and witches alike, along with her silver-blonde hair and ice glacier blue. 


"Sorry, ice princess. And I was head to the bathrooms if you wanted to know?" Ginny replied coldly. She didn't like the Slytherin as she saw Harry and her plowing each other like rabbits. Her jealousy towards Daphne was ever more potent than with other girls. As daphne seems to have some sort of power to convince Harry Potter to go out with her.  


"Ah. I see, trying to get rid of the obnoxious hard-on. Tell you what, I have it too. So, maybe we can come to a more  exhilarating  troubleshoot for both of us. If you are for that." Daphne's voice changed from icy to warm. Not only that her, but her unamusing frown also shifted to a mischief smile. Ginny understood what she was talking about, and it came to her head. An opportunity to get her hands on Harry Potter. She was going to try and turn Daphne Greengrass into her bottom bitch.


She nodded and followed daphne into an empty more, spacious compartment. She explained that nobody but the Slytherin's or important officials use the back of the bus. So it is much more private and concealed. With a wave of her wand, the ice queen moved the curtains into blocking the compartment opening window. She then stated that they would come to a sexual agreement, ginny echoed that in the same manner. They both asserted that they were not bottoms, clearly seeing each of their personalities were very dominant. Though they would occasionally bend over for a good fuck in the ass. Daphne also stated that only one person has ever claimed her, and she would bend over periodically for. Ginny already knew who it was as she had seen them in action.


"So do think we should trade, I blow you, and you blow me. Then go to you bend over, and I bend over." Ginny stated, somewhat spicy. Daphne agreed.


"Well, I guess we reveal ourselves, huh. Well, I want to see what I am dealing with. As your brother held a nice fat plump bum. However, knowing from your quidditch play. I gander you don't have one of those, now do you?" Daphne simply asked. In which Ginny actually laughed at.


"No, but us Weasley's carry cute butts. It runs in the family. And my brother takes mostly after our mother. Though he doesn't have an ounce of dominate in him. Nothing but a juicy fat bottom that loves bending over big dick." She replied to daphne. Noting her raised an eyebrow about her brother's bottom. In which she responded with, "Would you blame me for sticking my cock up his fat ass." Daphne grinned and agreed. Ginny unveiled herself over her clothes and sighted when her cock was free from the strained confines.


Daphne got a full view of Ginerva Weasley naked. Every inch of her petite, creamy white body was revealed. Her family's signature red hair, was straight and silky. The red hair came down her shoulders. Her soft small breasts were sizable enough to be C cup size. Two pert little handfuls, capped off with two tiny little nipples, each one erect. Coming down to her mid-figure were four well-toned abs. From her bending over, the Slytherin got a good glimpse of a cute round plump bubble butt. Its perkiness made it more pronounced, but the globes had the juiciness that all witches and wizards loved. Turning around her eyes traveled downwards, over her taut little stomach, through the trimmed mesh of fiery red pubic hair. Lay between her legs was a large, thick cock with a pair of balls dangling beneath it. Standing tall at around eleven inches long, the cock was quite thick at three inches, and every inch of it was throbbing as she slowly stroked her hand across it. 


"Well, it looks like I haven't disappointed, and judging from your expression, you can't to get some of this." Ginny felt she was something of a petit goddess. As she felt her cock was a game-changer. Though the way daphne giggled at her made her angry. Sensing, that daphne spoke with conviction.


"Oh, my apologies as you are something delicious to look at, and your meaty cock is well impressive. It's not the largest that's made me think of a challenge. How bout I show you what you're about to witness." And with that, Daphne vanished her clothes and saw the mouth of Ginerva Weasley open with a gasp. 


Revealed to her was the Ice Queen goddess. For she was at tall witch at five foot eight three inches taller than Ginny. Her cream-colored skin looked ever so smooth and elegant. Her straight blonde hair appeared to glow due to the sunlight. Moving down to her chest was just beautiful, two perky double D breasts with tiny pink nipples. Next, she saw her mile-long smooth legs that led to a shapely plump heart-shaped ass. Her curves spoke for themselves as every witch and wizard would look at her as some prize sex toy. Her slim-toned waist set up the rest of her body in an hourglass way. However, the most mesmerizing and polarizing feature of her goddess-like body was what laid between her legs. A fourteen inches long veiny cock stood flexing. Every inch of her hard meat stick was shockingly beautiful. Beneath her shaft, two pairs of huge balls swung gently, waiting to unleash a torrent of girl cum. What truly awed, Ginny though, was the size. Daphne's cock wasn't just incredibly long. It was also thicker than her by twice the size. It was almost like a butterbeer cup.


Ginny then realized she was in trouble, and her plan was not going her way. Daphne could tell as she walked over to her, gripped her soft, delicate cheek, and gave her a full kiss. Their lips locked, and it was only a second before Daphne forced her tongue between his lips, exploring his mouth and savoring the taste. Ginny noted that the girl's snogging game was stellar, moaning into the kiss. Daphne smiled against her lip and backed away. She then slapped her hand on the plump little bum of ginny and seized it with a courteous grip. The Slytherin then pecks her neck, adding little satisfying bites. Some bites turned into licks. She suddenly went low, capturing one of Ginny's tiny but perky mounds. Earning her a sensual gasp from the twirling of tounge that was pleasuring her nipple. Lower Daphne went and licking up and down the girl's abed-out stomach till she reached the thick eleven-inch cock that now rested in her other hand.


"I will say that your cock is quite delicious looking. Maybe my skills will please you beyond any of the other sluts that have been around this beauty." Daphne's voice added sultry and seduction at the highest form. 


"Please." Was all ginny begged for, as the ice queen seemed to have a way with sexual teasing. 


Daphne obliged. The ice queen was sufficiently adept at sucking cock as she was a natural talent. And as Harry had the same size cock. Also, she loved his face when she stared into his beautiful emerald eyes. Ginny's breath was torn away from her as Daphne parted her lips and swallowed four of her elven inches. Her mouth was velvety and warm, sending the redhead's cock into bouts of pleasure. Her hand was pleasurable enough, but her lips were incomparable. Her hand continued to jerk back and forth across the remaining five inches, stroking her to keep her whole shaft pleasured. Ginny comforted daphne's head. She was experiencing the best blowjob of her life. All the others who were talented in their own way, had dung shit on the blonde below, who was drastically the best.  


Keeping her throat clamped clenched around Ginny's cock, Daphne pushed her lips all the way along the redhead's shaft. Swallowing every last inch, she could offer with incredible ease. Breathing through her nose, the Slytherin kept exceptional composure. Where most girls would be gagging and spluttering. The ice queen was casually toying with Ginny, her tongue wrapped sensuously around the base of her dick, milking more and more pleasure. Bobbing her head up and down, she deepthroated all eleven inches. Plunging every inch in and out of her throat every time. Savoring the sensation of her cock filling her throat every single time. Dropping her hand down to Ginny's smooth balls, she gently began to squeeze them before sharply pinching them.


"Fuck! Morgana's big good. Yeah, just like that." Ginny moaned. Her body was plunged deep into more pleasure than before, the contrast almost enough to buckle her knees.


Pulling her lips off Ginerva's cock, Daphne smirked, proud of her work. Both her hands wrapped around the redhead's cock, and she began to jerk her off with both. One hand focussed on the base, squeezing and milking every drop of pre-cum out of his tip as she could. While the other hand concentrated on her peak. Massaging the pre-cum across the head of her cock and the top of her shaft. 


"I see you're enjoying my lovely cocksucking skills. Well, don't get so excited you have to give me a good cock suck as well." Ginny's mind went back into reality. As she looked down at the monster meat that was Daphne's fourteen-inch cock. Daphne stopped her jerking and stood up. She gave the redhead Gryffindor a few lip pecks that ginny too gave. It then transformed into a small snog contest till daphne seized Ginny's read hair. 


"Now, how bout you get down there and suck my big cock." Ginny was a little sacred as Daphne had this glint in her eye. She had tried to make daphne's life more hell by doing brother-like pranks to her. Now she was bout to be on her knees, and soon her butt was going to take the fourteen-inch monster up the ass. Daphne lowered ginny down to her gigantic meat. 


Ginny's hands went the massive cock. Her fingers were barely able to wrap around it. The weight of the incredulous hunk of meat was incomparable. Slowly sliding her hand up and down Daphne's thick monster, Ginny bit her lip, the size now presenting an overwhelmingly daunting challenge. Ginny spat onto the hunting meat, using it to lubricate as much of the large shaft as she could. Leaning in, Ginny puckered her lips planting, them softly upon Daphne's tip. Her lips were swiftly coated in her pre-cum. Lapping the shimmering liquid up, she parted her lips, attempting to swallow the thick shaft. Daphne let out a satisfying gasp.


"That's it. Put those beautiful lips around my cock." 


Stretching her lips, she managed to take the tip of the ice queen's cock into her mouth, her lips pulled tight and taut around the cap. Her tongue was trapped between the bottom of her mouth and the sizable invader that was prodding gently at her throat. Begging for access. Saliva began to pool in Ginny's mouth as she struggled to swallow it. The liquid dribbled down the side of Daphne's cock and even rolled down Ginny's chin and onto her plump, freckled titties. Continuing to slide her hands up and down the cock, she slid them swiftly down towards the base and dipped down between Daphne's thighs. 


"Fuck! That's good. Show me how to suck a real cock. If you can do that, then you could fuck my fat plump bubble butt first." Daphne sounded challenging. As she knew, the redhead had never dealt with a size like her. 


Steeling her resolve and never backing down from a challenge. Ginny pushed herself, letting the ice queen's cock push snugly against her throat without plunging deep inside her tight little throat. Shifting that little bit, Ginny was able to gulp down a third inch, her mouth straining painfully to accommodate such a wide cock. Gagging and stammering, she spewed a mouthful of saliva down the Slytherins's cock, her hand quickly jerking and massaging it up and down the entire shaft, lubricating it with her drool. More saliva dribbled down her chin and landed on her breasts, dripping down over her erect nipples. 


"Well, great effort. But let's train that throat of yours. Get ready, Weasley!" Daphne warned. Ignoring Ginny as she wanted to get back at the jealous redhead. With all those pranks in the back of her mind, Daphne was going to give the female Weasley a fresh deepthroating lesson. Wrapping the fiery red hair in her hands, she made a good hold on to her head. 


She began to push Ginny's head down. But quickly found she couldn't force more than her current few inches into her mouth and throat. She then began thrusting back and forth, sawing in and out of the Gryffindor's throat. However, not making any new progress, she seemed to be exceedingly appreciating the sensation around what she could fit. Her loud moans were anything to go off of.


"Ahhhh! That's it, enjoy that cock. It's soon about to go up the cute butt of your." Daphne could feel the redhead trying desperately to retreat for air. Daphne's python cut off almost all air when she shoved her fat head into his tight throat with every push.


Finally, she pulled the head back into Ginny's mouth. A mix of the redhead's saliva and Daphne's precum made her shaft shine like it was freshly polished, which she supposed it was. Seeing that enormous cock shine as it pulled out of her mouth made her start to relax again. Ginny coughed, and silva dropped from her mouth. Sucking as much air as possible. She then realized she was not in any position to be relaxed, as the ice queen was not done with her throat. Taking a step forward, she pushed her cock into a downward angle, lining up more directly with Weasley's throat. She gave an immense thrust, and the female Weasley felt her throat give way as if flood gates inside her had been opened. Four more inches of huge girl cock shot down her throat, and she knew she was gagging harder than before.


"That's my little slut," Daphne purred as Ginny's throat stretched around the thick center of her cock. For whatever reason, she let out a moan around Daphne's rod. 


"Seems someone got used to my cock. As expected. However, I think thats enough. Now it's time to fuck that cute little plump bum of yours." Daphne pulled back, taking her cock out of the redhead's mouth. She then let go of the girl's hair. 


"Get over there and bend over." The Slytherin commanded. She watched as the Weasley placed her hands on the window, spread her slender legs wide, and arched her back. Presenting her petite plump bum to her. Biting her lip and stroking her massive meat, the butt was beautiful.


It had been a long while since Ginny had been fucked in the ass. Four months ago, off of a bet with Luna Lovegood. For some odd reason, knowing her butt was about to be rearranged and never the same. It excited her. For she didn't expect to be the one receiving big dick, as she was usually more significant than her other partners. She was taken out of her thoughts as she received two firm ass slaps from the ice queen.


"You have a cute bum, Weasley. Kinda like your brothers, juicy, plump, and a very nice round shape. The only difference is the thickness and size. Yours is more dainty and petite." Daphne spread her legs on either side of Ginny's. She then took her massive shaft in her hand and dropped it right down between her plump ass cheeks. Moaning ever so slightly, Daphne began to push the redhead butt cheeks around her cock and saw back and forth slowly. The mix of saliva and cum still covering her massive rod eliminated any friction, and she glided smoothly back and forth.


"Beg for it." Daphne whisper in a sexy tone. Her plump lips basically touched the Weasley's ear.


Ginny's horniness and desire to cum had been building for weeks now, taking over as she purred, "Please fuck my ass, Daphne. Fuck me with your big cock." Daphne smirked and chuckled.


Spreading her cheeks apart, she took a good look at her tight rosebud, admiring the view. Dribbling a mouthful of saliva over Ginny's tight, winking arse, Daphne spread it across the hole, lubricating it. Doing the same for her cock, she lubed as much of it as she could to a lubed shimmer before resting it against Ginny's ass.


"Relax. I promise you're going to enjoy it. Prepare for the ass reaming of your life." Daphne suggested. 


Nodding tentatively, Ginny felt pressure building at her ass. Scrunching up her face, she felt the thick, bulbous cockhead, slick with saliva prodding at her arsehole, begging entrance as it poked and pushed. Trying to find a way to wriggle the tip inside, Daphne kept supporting her cock. One hand wrapped around the sizable cap. While the other supported her heavy shaft, trying to maneuver the stub inside. Even the simple graze of her sensitive point against Ginny's wrinkled asshole was enough to elicit a moan of indescribable pleasure. 


Gritting her teeth, Ginny felt the ice queen's cock slowly pry its way inside her with the very tip of her bulbous dick settling in the nook of her arse. Tenderly and slowly pushing forwards. Daphne still struggled to attain admission, but Ginny's hole was slowly giving away. Spreading her legs a little wider, Ginny relaxed as much as she could, her cock twitching at the prospect of the ice queen entering her. Her hole began to gradually expand, her tight ring giving way for the Slytherin's cockhead. Grunting in pain and ever so slight pleasure, Ginny bit her lip as Daphne slowly slipped inside her. It took a moment of adjustment, but soon her arse was wrapped snugly around the blonde's cockhead. The first inch of her shaft lodged inside her butt and stretched her to expanses that she couldn't imagine. 


"Fuck…So...Big..." Ginny groaned, her eyes bulging as she felt the tip settle inside her, the bulbous head spreading her arse more extensive and more spacious. Her hole ached as she felt herself stretch, but she tried her best to remain calm, her eyes gently rolling back into her head as she slowly got used to the new invader.


"Ahhh! Damn, this is a fine tight ass. Your cute little plump arse is going to do just fine. You're a bit snugger than your brother, but I love tight butts. As I said, you're going to enjoy this cock in your bum." Ginny blushed at Daphne's compliments. 


Supporting her sizable cock, Daphne slowly moved her hips back and forth, shifting her cockhead back and forth inside Ginny. "Ahhhh! Ooooh! Oh...god! Oooooo! Please, go slow...its been a while." Ginny purred. 


Daphne was careful as she was going to fuck the girl at her pace. Enough to push the limits of Ginny's arse and to send more pleasurable sensations rushing through her cock. Daphne began to shift forward. Even with her cock being lubed up from their previous activities, it was a not-so-easy fuck. She made steady progress, and after a few more inches were in, she began to thrust back in forth. She kept the tip in, opting against stretching her hole to the extreme again. Ginny became increasingly aware of how sweaty she had grown, her body glistening in the sunlight. They moaned and groaned, pleasure slowly building in both their bodies as ginny grew more and more accustomed to the thick hunk of meat between her plump petite cheeks. Feeling Daphne's compact tip probing more inward and deeper inside her, Ginny gasped as the sixth inch entered her. Daphne began to move faster, making steady progress into his ass.


Ginny bit her lip, moaning at the big cock stretching her tight hole. Which was starting to trouble her as she was falling in love with it. The pain was slowly fading, and the pleasure of fullness and warmth was taking over. Daphne understood the moans. She moved her hands from Weasley's ass to her hips, pulling firmly as she buried her massive meat stick even more profound into her clenching ass. Ginny suddenly let out a loud gasp as she felt a strange sensation she'd never felt before while getting fucked.


Daphne grinned as she continued to thrust in and out methodically. "I told you that you would love this. That's your prostate that I'm crushing right now. Take it, Weasley!" 


Ginny couldn't comprehend the sexed filled ecstasy she was feeling. The Slytherin's big cock was splitting her butt open. No pain was being considered. The only thing was an eye-rolling pleasure, her mouth open like O shape, her eye up in her head, her moans and grunts as the cock destroyed her prostate and ass were loud. Her hard elven inch meat was hard and wanted attention. But she felt if she reached down and stroked herself, she collapse from the ass-splitting thrust of Daphne Greengrass. Daphne could see ginny thinking of handjob action, so she obliged. Thrusting the rest of her meaty cock into the redhead, who yelped into a moan. Taking four more inches was almost enough to make her cum, but somehow she held on. One of daphne's hands dropped down to Ginny's cock and grabbed it. Wrapping her delicate soft fingers around the base of Ginny's dick, she began to furiously jerk her back and forth. 


It causes the Weasley to whimper. Daphne began to plow harder into her, and now with the full meaty length of the ice queen in her, her ass was stretched too far new depths. Practically throwing her hips into the plump bum, sounds of loud slapping filled the compartment. As Daphne's hips impacted ginny's ripple bum, a view in which pleased her so much, she grunted. Her orgasm damn near bursting. The two girls cried in pleasurable. The sounds of panting, moaning, and grunting happening were really all around sexy to them. Biting her lip, Ginny tried to curb her moans and focus on enjoying the pleasure, but her lips parted, and she moaned loudly. And soon begged for daphne to finish her. 


"Ugh! Fuck! I'm...close! Please, please fucking finish me. Pump my cock, please. Fuck my ass!" Ginny was desperate for a good release, and she was very close. Daphne chuckled and began to furiously jerk the Weasley off. The redheaded Gryffindor squealed in pleasure as she was stroked over the edge. Several strands of cum spurted into the compartment wall and floor. Strand after strand of cum erupted from her pleasure-ridden cock as she shook violently. As she milked the last few drops from her cock, her orgasm spasming ass made her pleasure supplier groan and growl.


"Fuck! Ugh! Shit!" Daphne gritted through her teeth. She thrust through the girls clenching vice of an asshole.


Ginny panted. Yet still was getting plowed by large meaty cock, much to her happiness. She no longer cared for fucking Daphne. She wanted this big dick to ream her insides some more. Each thrust ground Ginny's into body shivering pleasure. In between pleasured moans, Ginny managed to murmur, "Fuck! Please...don't stop...Please, don't stop. Please, don't stop. Fuck my bum! Plow my hole! Give me your big cock! Mmmmm!" Daphne laughed. She had corrupted the female redhead like her brother.


"I have no intention of stopping. I'm not done with your arse. Tell me what you are. Who is your Mistress?" Daphne shouts in toxic sexual pleasure.


"I'm your cumslut. You're bottom...Ah! Bitch! Mmmmm! Fuck! So...good! I'm yours, Mistress Greengrass. I'm your bottom bitch. Just please...don't stop. Harder! Fuck me, harder!" Ginny hastily replied. Panting hard and fast. 


"Oh, don't worry, my slut. I'm going to fuck you raw! Tell me you love my big cock in your arse! Tell me how much you love mommy's big thick cock, bitch! Tell me how much you love this slut!" Daphne roared. Her hips became a blur. Every thrust made her hips smack satisfyingly against her ass as she buried herself to the hilt over and over.


"OH! Oh, god! I love your big cock! I love it in my ass! Oh, I love your thick meaty fourteen-inch cock in my ass, mommy! I love it!" Ginny carelessly confessed. With a loud grunt, Daphne busted. Unloading into the redhead's ass. Cumming hard, she spurted several thick strands of cum deep into Ginny's arse, filling the redhead up with copious amounts of cum. Ginny squealed as she felt a torrent of heavy hot cum rush through her bowels. Dribbles of cum came pouring from her ass as Ginny moaned loudly. Her orgasm happened, extending Daphne's as she came on the floor. 


Ginny's butt was gaping, and she set her back onto the cushioned compartment seat. Daphne was still hard, told ginny to spread her legs. With a smile, she did as she was told. It was easy for her to slide back in the gaping cum filled hole. She ruined Ginny again and rammed her like the last. Ginny, of course, enjoyed it. They shared a passionate kiss like before, and Daphne calmy but sensually whispered, "We should definitely do this again sometime." Ginny eagerly nodded. 


Daphne Greengrass just sexually conquered Ginny Weasley.

Chapter Text

Three whole weeks into the Investigation, plus they've been in a secret hideout waiting for any suspicious activity. Head Aurora Bellatrix Black was growing tired of the tedious wait. Looking out for any sign of the dark wizard Lestrange and Barty Crouch Junior. It became moderately quiet after they rounded up some in the first raid operation. However, that was a month ago in England. She was currently staring out a window where she could see the central conversing spot for dark wizards. With boredom, she began to relive her life. How she refused to be a broodmare for the family and instead took up the Aurora Academy. They were all somewhat surprised. However, agreed that her skills in dueling would benefit her in the career. So it did. Years down the line, she became Head Aurora, and her best friend became her boss. Occasionally, having a go at each other when the job got stressful. In the same volume of years, her favorite nephew and niece looked up to her and would take up her career choice. 


Both exceptional and gifted, one seemed to be a tad more like her father and the other like his mother. In which they were both fun and adorable. Harry Potter was a true prodigy. And in her own opinion, one of the most gifted wizards she'd ever seen. Handsome and brave, though the most surprising thing that made her so perplexed. Was his Slytherin perception, even though he was placed in Gryffindor. It made it somewhat hot and cute to see it play into his school career. As she took off one year from the Aurora's to teach defense at Hogwarts. There she saw how Slytherin the Gryffindor was and could be. Her other favorite niece was more of an eccentric character. The witch who was assigned with her on this tedious assignment. 


Nymphadora Tonks was an exceptionally talented witch and a supreme witty jokester. Care-free and bubbly until you called her by her first name. Then the firey red hair comes, and the signature black family temper would show. As she came into her fourth year, the girl knew what position she wanted to be in the magical world as she saw her aunt as her personal hero. Going through the Aurora Academy like her aunt, she passed with flying colors. Her ideal position would be undercover work as she was a Metamorphmagus. A rare ability to change her physical appearance at will, without the need for a potion or a spell to assist. Conceiving she was well trained for the Aurora's Bellatrix took her under her wing as her prodigy. The Hufflepuff was clearly pleased by it and never wanted to fail under her aunt.


She was interrupted by the opening of the door. On purely trained instinct, she immediately went to her wand and aimed it at the door. She then relaxed as the hood came down to reveal her niece Nymphadora. Letting out a sigh and lowering her wand, she went back to staring at the window. Tonks greeted her and laid down on the single bed that was in the middle of the room. Tonks huffed.


"You know when you told me that the job was important. You could have said it would be tediously important. All this waiting has been a bore." Tonks said in an unpleased tone. She was merely an undercover Aurora, chasing or stealthily sneaking into hideouts, the more fun and active roles of the job.


"You never were for patience, Dora. The job is not always sneaking and chasing." Her aunt commented. Still looking out the window for any erratic behavior outside.


"Hmph! We have been out here for three whole weeks. And we've got nothing. Only leads about a stone-cold building that held meetings for dark wizards. Man, I wish I was with Harry." Tonks complained. She missed her boyfriend very much as he was currently at Hogwarts, probably in defense class. Teaching the first years magical theory and first-year charms. 


"Yeah. I do too. Hopefully, something comes about, then we can go back home and be back into tradition." Bellatrix whispered. 


Harry brought out a different side of Bellatrix. She was usually stoney, firm, and calculating. Though around him, the woman became vulnerable, affectionate, and spontaneous. The opposite of her everyday persona, she knew some wrong and repugnant feelings were to play. Her crush and never-ending affection for him didn't dwindle, not even the slightest. When she was teaching defense in his fifth year, and he asked her about the magical theory of shielding and transforming it into an invisible space of an energy-absorbing wall. It damn near made her cum at his brilliance.


"You know, we could have that amazing night we had last week?" Tonks seductively hinted to her aunt. She came off the bed and, with a sway of her hips, walked towards Bellatrix. Her hand dropped down to the groin of Bellatrix. Her aunt scoffed.


"No, Nymphadora! That was a moment of weakness for both of us. We hadn't had a proper release in a month, and we were desperate. That should and never will happen again." Bellatrix hissed. She had wanted to desperately forget about that night as her dark madness came to the surface.


"Oh, come on, Auntie! It was marvelously fun! You were clearly enjoying it. Your legendary stamina and expert thrusting technique were on pure display that night." Tonks reminded her aunt in sensual whispering. 


"Nymphadora!" Bellatrix hissed again, this time in a more warning tone. It didn't stop the optimistic puff, getting closer till she was nose to nose with her aunt. Going on describing the steamy night. 


"So fucking hot. The way you gripped my juicy bottom with your elegant hands. Slapping it, Kneading it as if you owned it. The way you fucking skewered me with your big thick cock was liberating. The power and quickness of your thrust were just like his. Hmmm, fuck! The loud slapping of my juicy fat bum impacting your hips and thighs was glorious." As tonks went more into detail about the night, Bellatrix wanted to leave the room. Her hard erection became a nasty reminder of the dark black madness. As her niece and nephew became close together, it didn't bother her. Though for Harry, her feelings for him became more than family-related. She wanted him bad, nothing more than hot passionate sex between them. 


During her time as the defense professor, she jerk herself off, thinking of harry. The image of him slamming his big cock into her big firm butt, unleashing his pent-up load into her bowels. Her masturbation would then end with long thick strands of cum paining the ground or her desk. Later, she has was disgusted with herself afterward. She was his aunt, also her best friend and lover would probably kill her if she slept with her son. What happened with tonks was her sexual desire for release, and self-satisfaction was the only thing that made her break. However, she knew she was telling herself a lie, as the Hufflepuff was right. She did enjoy fucking her niece. The lewd and primal sex they had felt glorious, and it scared her because that was her madness in full effect. If Harry had approached her with the same idea as Nymphadora. She dropped down to her knees and worshiped his cock. 


The more she kept hearing the details, the more her dark madness wanted to takeover. It was becoming hard, just like her cock, which her slutty niece was stroking under her tight jeans. 


"Come on, Auntie. Let's just have fun. Let me show, please. Let me gobble you up." Tonks whispered. 


Using her good slutty persuasion skills, Bellatrix let her kiss her. Slipping her tounge past the full lips of her auntie, tounge battling her for dominance. Nymphadora tounge got pinned as she could see Bellatrix was the dominant mistress, and she was her slutty obedient slave. Bellatrix backed away, and Tonks saw the uncontrollable lust and desire. Tonks then smiled and lowered herself to her knees, unworking the many buttons on her aunt's tight black jeans. Once, she was freed of her jeans, showing Bellatrix's powerful and smooth-like sprinter's legs. She removed her aunt's lacy black panties and glamors revealing, her powerful, juicy, veiny, and thick Fourteen-inch cock. Tonks eagerly licked her lips and grasped the massive meat. 


Leaning forward, her plump lips wrapped around the large head of the cock. Gliding them down three whole inches, using her talented tounge she twirled it around the head as if it was a lollipop. The taste excited her, much like her aunt, who gasped as Tonks slid the length into her mouth. The eagerness of the metamorph surprised Bellatrix as her hand instinctively went to the black locks of Tonks, clutching them roughly. Tonks moaned at the action, including looking up at the lustful eyes of her hero. Looking up, she saw nothing more than a sexual beast who wanted sexual desire. Tonks pushed her lips down five more inches, tightening her throat passage around the solid meat stick. Gaining from doing that was a grunted growl from her aunt. Considering that as her cue, the metamorph passionately and rhythmically bob her head back and forth, moaning and enjoying the juicy and well-tasting cock. 


"Fucking slut! Just like your father, talented in taking cock. Andie, Cissy, and I enjoyed his plump ass and tight slutty throat. Mmmm! Fuck, suck that cock!" Bellatrix didn't know why she said any of that. Of course, it did happen. Nevertheless, didn't know why she felt to say any of it. Her dark madness was peaking through and going to her personality. As she was a completely different person when sex became involved in her life. 


Though Nymphadora seemed to like the dirty talk, as she followed her superior's orders and slid to more inches down. Bobbing her head faster, she encouraged the fat meat into her throat. As she had no gag reflex thanks to her metamorphic abilities, she was having no problem with the long and dense cock. Head Auror Black was savoring every bob and slurp. The throat her cock currently occupied was tight and warm. It was not her first time in the throat, but she knew her niece was well talented when accidentally walking in on Tonks blowing Harry. She could now see why he was spasming and grunting, being the whore below her was a cocksucking master. Hearing her niece moan, it sent a familiar vibrating sensation through her cock.


"Gahh! Fuck! Here take all of my cock, slut. Let see how much you can take!" Bellatrix Growled out through a spine-shivering grunt. Now the dark madness had taken over. Tightening her grip on her niece's hair and suddenly stepping over tonks shoulders. Bellatrix slammed the rest of her thick veiny cock in the metamorph's slick tight throat. Letting out a muffled yelp Tonks gripped her superior's fat juicy ass. 


"Prepare yourself, Nymphadora! I'm going to fuck your slutty throat! So enjoy my big juicy cock!" Showing no mercy, she rapidly began to thrust her hip into Tonks. Basically, fucking her niece's throat like she said, feeling the slick wet warm tight throat. Hearing the muffled grunts and moans of Tonks. Only proved that the black family blood had a natural affinity for rough sex. It took tonks a few seconds to get accustomed to the throat fucking that was being bestrode upon her. When she did, she tightened her throat some more, making the feeling of her throat more incomprehensible. Bellatrix clearly notices as the saliva-filled mouth and vice-like throat seem to conform to her dick's profile. Letting out a gasping moan, she used her other hand to cup the head of her niece, allowing her to place more powerful thrusts. 


"Take it! Take my cock, fuck slut! Uggghhh! Fuck!" Bellatrix roared in sexual ecstasy.


"GAGKH! GAGKH! GAGKH!" As she choked on thick cock, her aunt growled. Enthralled by the gracious pleasures of a tight throat hole. It was thrilling for her as well as, she adored a solid pair of big balls slapping against her slick glistening chin. 


Tonks moaned as Bellatrix laid a pounding to her throat. Her eyes began to flutter shut from the sheer savage thrusting her aunt was bestowing upon her. Noticing it, she retracted the dense meat from the clutching mouth. Leveling her saliva-shimmered cock at the face of her niece, she steadily jerked herself off. 


"Open your mouth, slut! Ugh, I'm bout to blow a fat load! Here is your treat!" Bellatrix passionately spoke. Tonk heard her aunt and obeyed, sticking out her unnaturally long tounge. Her mouth opened for the cum she desperately wanted. 


With a tight grip around Nymphadora's hair, she pulled it down her face pointing upward to the big shimmering dick that was bout to deliver a massive load. Seconds later, throaty grunts of release came from Bellatrix, as did the large thick strands of cum that painted her niece's face. It was a beautiful sight seeing Nymphadora moaning as the thick white strands covered her face, tounge, lips, and mouth. After her orgasming died, she could see she was still rock hard. And also had a feeling it was going to be a while when it ultimately obtains its satisfaction. Tonks reached out and gripped the thick meat and stuffed it in her mouth to clean the tip of the dick. It got her aunt's attention as she heard her moan. She twirled her tounge around and gave little bobs back and forth. Once she felt she had done enough. She came off the big dick with a loud pop. The first class Auror smiled up at her superior in hoping their night didn't end. 


"Stand up, cadet Tonks. Walk over to that desk and spread your leg apart. Wide." Bellatrix was no longer thinking about the morals of it being her family. She now has holes to fuck as long as she desired. 


The young Auror did as she was told, walking over and spreading her leg wide. 


"Bend over," Bellatrix commanded. Tonks smiled as she could see where this was going. Her cock twitched with excitement. 


Seeing the juicy bottom of her niece excited her and her monster length. She slowly walked over, undressing her top Auror robes. Revealing her alluring, firm, and fit body. She naturally had skin very pale, almost white. Though sweat was giving her pale skin a glistening sheen look. Her large breasts had no sag as they promptly sat firm and perky on her, appearing to be soft plentiful double D's. Below her stomach reveals an athletic six set of abs, the muscles clearly defined and glistening from a layer of sweat. Her arms were defined, edged with muscular lines showing the power she held. She was a fit hourglass goddess.


"You indeed have a succulent bum. Much like all the black women, though the shape is very much like your mother's." Bellatrix then swatted the bum, watching it giggle as her hand impacted it. A red handprint showed. Seeing where and how hard the hand affected the juicy butt of tonks. She then gave her niece four more of the same swats on each cheek. Hearing how her niece moaned at the strikes told her she was relishing the spanking.


"Spread your bum, Cadet. We're going to proceed to the next assignment of this course." Doing as she was told. Tonks reach behind and spread her juicy bum cheeks to reveal her winking hole. 


"If I may ask, Head Auror Black? What is my next assignment?" She asked. Her smile was wide, and her voice was filled with sexual excitement. 


"Your next assignment, Cadet. Is me fucking your anal passage. Taking my cock is a part of your grading. And let's see if you can take it." Bellatrix was now directly behind her niece, looking at the tight hole. 


Throughout her sexual escapade, Bellatrix always favored giving instead of taking. As her dominant personality really came into sex. During her Hogwarts days, there would be constant rumors of her having the largest dick in Slytherin. One that would reign true as many of the males Slytherins would bend over out of intimidation. And with Bellatrix, the only way she knew how to set the rumor true was to fuck that person's bum hard. Many fell under her cock, always begging for more. In which she would humbly accept. Soon broom closets would be spied on, in which she never cared as she would often perform her best under watchful eyes. And like that, Bellatrix Black's reputation of being a dominant experienced power top was then expansive knowledge. 


No longer taking a pause, she lifted her cock and smacked it firmly between the bubbly bum of her niece. Moaning softly, as she carved her cock gently back and forth, relishing the light friction of the delicious ass cheeks. She was going to pound her niece's ass into oblivion. Guiding the head of her cock towards Nymphadora's asshole. She gently probed her hole, delighting in how easily it pried apart to accept her thick cock-head. Bellatrix let out a deep moan of satisfaction. With her dark black madness unhinged, she was reverting back to how she would fuck an ass. But refrained, even though she knew Nymphadora could take a furious pounding. Bellatrix noticed the girl's hole was tight and snug, just how it felt when they fucked last time. Sliding her hips forward inch after inch filled up Tonk's bumhole if she could tell maybe five to six inches of thick aunt meat was within her. Her ass would spasm as her superior slid into her deeper. Her cock was rock hard and was pointed down to the ground due to the bent-over position.


Now ready to give a go into the fucking of her niece, Bellatrix pulled her cock back slowly. To the point that the tip was the only thing in the spasming asshole, then slammed the rest of her cock forward with swift and firm thrusts. Bottoming out in her niece was a blessing, as she often didn't get much action due to the long stressful job hours. Tonks let out a loud throaty grunt, as feeling all of the fourteen girthy inches being slammed into her ass sent shivers down her spine. The familiar feeling of the cock crushing her prostate made her want to bust a load over herself for the powerful and ass-changing fuck she was about to receive.


"Ohh! Fuck! So...Big..." Tonks groaned out. Bellatrix lingered a bit, allowing the bottoming and hum of the thrust to vibrate throughout her cock. 


Repeating her movement of a slow and controlled pullback and then a responsive, fast, and assertive sharp thrust forward into her niece's tight hole. It was a steady start to a good ass plowing, as they both would moan at the sexual action. 


"Fuck! Damn, this is a tight ass. Yeah, I can tell you like a big dick up your ass. The way this hole is gripping my cock shows me just how much of a buttslut you are. From now on, you report to me. You're going to be my personal bottom bitch, taking my cock in your ass will be your assignment every week. IS. THAT. UNDERSTOOD. Cadet." Bellatrix's pace quickened throughout her lust-filled rant. No longer slow pullbacks but rough and intoxicating thrust that rolled all over Tonk's prostate. Along with the powerful slamming thrust, Bellatrix placed at the end of her spill.


"OH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! UGH, OH GODDDDD! Yes, Head Mistress Black! So...goood, fuck!" Tonks replied while the body-pleasing fuck she received was bout to send her over. 


Tonks was biting her lip and moaning loudly, as her hole was being punished by her magnificent aunt. Bellatrix's hips were a blur at this point, constantly plowing the hole that was excitingly contracting around her large meaty cock. Tonks lust-filled eyes were glazed over and rolled up into her skull. The constant loud clapping of her juicy butt and Bellatrix's hips made on impact was filling the room. Along with her pleasured grunts and moans coming from her open mouth that was glistening from the sloppy throat fuck she received. For Bellatrix at this point. It was just another bottom that she was going to conquer and use for her release and enjoyment. Watching the juicy butt ripple as she slammed her hips into the fleshy globes was eye-pleasing. Hearing the tender grunts and moans coming from the bottom taker was ear candy. And at the end of it. Was a blissful explosion of your cum blasting in or onto the slut below you. But for Tonks, it was the long naughty ideas of her respected and well-skilled aunt, plowing her into juicy heart shape bottom. The pure thought and now live-action made it even more satisfying. So much that the familiar feeling of her balls tightened and seizing came into realization, she was bout to blow a big load. At that same moment, Bellatrix grabbed her niece's shoulders for a better dominant position, and in a better case, it helped as she reached new and untouched areas of the metamorph's asshole. As an anchor, the position allowed her to speed up. Allowing for her cock to submerge herself deeper and deeper with each pounding thrust. Her breast continued to jiggle smoothly as she battered into her niece's ass. Bellatrix bit her lip to steel the orgasmic sounds of pleasure she was about to emit, hoping to make Nymphadora think she was in control. 


"Oh, God! Fuck!" Tonks grunted loudly. As the new position sent her over the edge. 


Bellatrix then felt her niece's ass clench around her grith long length. She continued to plow on. Fucking Nymphadora through her body convulsing orgasm. "That's it, baby… cum for me. Fucking cum for your Head Mistress, slut. You're my cumdumpster! " Whimpering in response, Tonks blew her big load down below her while getting fuck. 


Like a hose, she felt her cock erupt, spurting several thick long strands paint the wooden floor below. Almost creating a pool below her. With ass being clenched so tightly around her dick, it tipped her aunt over the edge. Letting out a demon-like grunt, she bursted. Unloading a massive orgasm, several strands of cum came rushing out of the monster length the eldest black carried. Bellatrix had never let out such an immense pent-up load, overflowing her niece's hole. Her thick cum started to flow out of the tight hole. The orgasm still continued as strand after strand was just flowing out from her balls. The bum of her niece just kept milking her, and soon she was on the balls of her foot, her cock was fully inside cumming all over Nymphadora's prostate. She let out a pleasure-filled cry, throwing her head back and rolling her eyes closed. Tonks feeling the first couple of strands moaned as they seemed to fill her ass up, most hitting and rolling over her prostate. But her eyes widened and cruised back into her skull again for the simple reason as her aunt's orgasm was still going. A loud grunt left her open mouth as the powerful precision-like strands just kept battering her prostate, almost like she was getting fucked. It jumpstarted an orgasm she wasn't even ready for as she blasted a long thick strand at the small cum pool that was below her feet. 


Soon the orgasm lessened, and when Bellatrix pulled out of her niece's clutching ass, a cute bubbly pop noise was made. Letting go of tonks' shoulders. The girl crumbled into the table, it was one of the best fucks of her life. She was panting heavily, and her ass was full of hot confection cum. Bellatrix admired her handy work and was very pleased with herself as the cum filled the gaping hole of her niece was a fair small hand size. 


"You did very well, cadet." Bellatrix praised, stroking her nonetheless hard cock, the was glistening from cum. She swiftly went back up to her niece and slipped the big dick into her niece's ass. The lower-tier aurora whimpered.


"But that was just round one. We have multiple sessions we have to get through for you to pass your buttslut exam." And with no hesitation, she went right back the blur plowing pace from not long ago.


Bellatrix took tonks on a sexual rollercoaster. Changing positions from the ground to the floor to the bed. Nonetheless, the position she would mostly place the color-haired changing metamorph in, was the reliable doggstyle. She would then sometimes change up her thrust pattern or pace to long hard slamming thrust for the whole time till she came. Or she changed to quick fast, and steady thrust. When she felt she needed a temporary rest from thrusting. Nymphadora would either drop to her knees and slap her aunt's dick into her mouth or drop her bubbly butt onto the meaty elongate dick. Tonks was nothing more than Bellatrix's sex toy, and she was loving every last bit of it. Bellatrix just kept going trying to satisfy her primal sexual hunger. Fucking her niece harder or sensually. Tonks then wanted to show out her tounge skills by lapping up Bellatrix's tight asshole. Spreading her big fat juicy cheeks and going to dinner licking, lapping, or fingering away at it while jerking off her fourteen incher. It was a great experience as it was a very skilled rimjob that made her burst all over the floor. Afterward, tonks would get right into the go-to position in which she lay on the bed, ass up in the air, on hands and knees while her chest was smush into the bed. Bellatrix would take her bum and go all out, all while tonks moan and grunt in the pleasure of being taken by, Supreme Mistress Black. 


Their sexcaspde was coming to an end as Bellatrix was finally reaching her final round. As currently, they were in the missionary position. Bellatrix plowing tonks gap cum filled hole. While being plowed, tonks gripped slapped and Bellatrix's fat ass. Furthermore, while having a passionate snogging affair swapping tounge and spit, sucking on each other's plump full lips. Moaning as both of them enjoyed the other cock and hole. 


"Fuck me! Fuck my hole, Supreme Mistress. Fuck me hard! Oh! Oh, just like that, auntie! Just! Like! That!" Tonks exclaimed. She has always been a bottom. A lover for taking cock. 


It probably started to make sense when she saw her father and mother going at it. It was her fifth year and came from Diagon Alley. Andromeda was plowing Ted over the dining room table, yelling obscenities and derogatory names in a sexual consent manner. Tonks didn't interrupt them as she didn't want to give anyone blue balls. But when it came time, she asked her mother about it. Her mother simply stated that she may have taken more of her father's submissive magic. Thus making it more ideal for why she liked to simply bend over the majority of the time. Back to the action tonks eyes rolled closed as Bellatrix drew back some more with each thrust. Sending a burst of pained pleasure through her body, pushing grunts and groans of similar quality from her lips. The steady continuous slaps of her aunt's balls hitting her flesh filled the room.


"Fuck! This is an extraordinary hole. Take it! Morgana's big dick your such a slut! Maybe I should bring harry into our sessions use both your holes at the same time. A little spit roasting for my slut. No, maybe I should have him stretch my tight hole while I fuck you. Or, maybe I give him a slutty rimjob as he's plowing this slutty bum! Fuck! Tight little bitch aren't you. Better yet, let's have the whole family gangbang you holes. Watch as Andi fucks her daughter slutty bumhole. Trading place in sliding in these dirty holes! How bout it my, little cumdumpster!" Bellatrix raved. Truly basking into her dark madness.


Tonks's cock twitched and spilled pre-cum between them as her nipples grew harder, prodding against her aunts. Bellatrix was close as she had been plowing the toxic slut for ten whole minutes. Bellatrix gave her niece a few peck kisses on the lips and drew her lips to the neck of the metamorph. She nimble and tounge the flesh giving her a sexual rush.


"Fuck. Please cum, Head Mistress. Please. Fill my slutty hole up with your sweet cum. Show your cumdumpster who she owed by. Please. Fill me up." Tonk begged whispering into Bellatrix's ear. Desperately wanting to feel her hole get filled to the brim of her aunt's hot thick cum. She got her to wish as the whispering pushed her over. With several loud grunts and audible whimpers from her niece under her, Bellatrix blew her fat load into the clutching hole that was desperate for her cum. Her cock twitched wildly, spraying cum over the metamorph's prostate, strand after strand came overflowing it. Bellatrix gave a few more hard thrusts to milk every last drop. Finally feeling her satisfying sexual fury gone and she laid to the side thinking of the greatest session she ever had up until now. Extremely impressed by her niece, not thinking she could take this much punishment.


"So how was that auntie. Wasn't it fun?" Tonks asked. Her face showed what amazing sex could do to a person. A gigantic glowing smile.


"That...that was astounding. Well, have to do that again once we get back. I guess since all the rule-following and caution in my career may have taken a bit of the sexual thrill-seeking out of me. But you just awoke a monster Nymphadora, so I hope you are ready. For the beast can come out any moment. If I were you. You better have your ass slick and ready through the morning and lunch break. Cause I plan on fucking you throughout the next month." Tonks moan at this new Bellatrix. She finally seeing the fun and exciting auntie.


"Oh, don't worry this ass will always be ready for you and Harry. And perhaps the family." She gave her ass a hefty swat. She turned over and went to sleep. Bellatrix did the same and could only think.


What have I done? And can I stop it?


This Story Is To Be Continued...




Chapter Text

The train ride to Hogwarts was more than fun for Harry as he met up with his betrothed, Daphne Greengrass. They missed each other horribly, as most of their time together is in secret. Only two people know of this arrangement, Tracy Davis. Daphne's best friend and closest confidant. Nymphadora Tonks, one of Harry's jealous love interests and friend. Tracy being Daphne's tightest friend, she knew of it quickly from her blonde best friend. For Tonks, it was more of an accident. As she went to Grimmulds Place to speak to harry about her feelings for him, she found Harry and daphne in the moment of rough hot sex. Pummeling her fat juicy bum and spilling his contents within her. When they finally noticed her, they screamed and closed the door. Tonks was virtually surprised as she thought harry would pick a Gryffindor or the Asian Ravenclaw with the cute bum. Even a Puff, but a Slytherin was relatively surprising. Though she didn't judge as she heard the snake pit girls were freaks and sheets in the bed. 


Harry would ask why she was there. Tonks embarrassed, didn't want to say and made a horrible lied. He asked again, but daphne merely read tonks like a short exam. When he found out, he was a little thrown. Not at all thinking tonks was in love with him. Yeah, he saved her from the dementors, but he didn't think she fall in love with him after that. Tonks then told the story of when he comforted her when she went through a rough breakup. It was extreme as she lost control of her metamorphic powers for a bit. However, once she thought of Harry. Or was just around him, she have in complete control, so she did that. Harry certainly, thought of tonks as a girl he date or be fun with, but he was with daphne. Never had he handled girls who fancy him a lot but was in a relationship. While tonks sat sadly and Harry confused, Daphne thought of a genius idea. She positively share him with tonks, both of them shout what. But as daphne explained that tonks was a woman trying to find love and most of her dates just wanted to plow her and leave. Harry was the best as he was a very successful lover and had a lot to give after what she heard in his life. So if they could agree on it was an all go. As daphne genuinely wanted to tounge Tonks juicy bumhole. They agreed and had a hot threesome. Tonks was really into him as she had done many tricks to harry's dick. 


Currently, Harry was roaming the halls getting to class as lunch ended. He thought of what his girlfriend said while they were on the train. After their hot 'miss you sex' they pretty much cuddled until Daphne gave Harry permission to bang any witch as long as she approved. He was surprised by her openness though he knew she played both sides. Nevertheless, to have a so-called harem or passes. Was something Harry never thought daphne allow. He then thought of the hot sex between daphne, tonks, and himself. Two fat asses that would honestly bend over at any time was a bonus in his stressful life. The picture of their lips around his balls and dick was going to be glued to his memory forever. Or the sixty-nine position they were in while he banged Tonks's bumhole and daphne ate away at her pussy. Only for him to spill his load in her and daphne suck him clean.


Not paying attention, he bumped in front of a fellow student coming from the side corridor that led to the grand staircase. 


"Sorry, Harry. I didn't... I really need to watch where I'm going." The shy voice spoke. 


Harry knew the voice as he couldn't forget it. Same as the signature red hair.


"Susan. Sorry. No, it's my fault...I...was in my own head and wasn't paying attention." He apologized, helping her pick up the books and papers he knocked out of her possession.


"I honestly need to be thanking you, Harry. Because of you, my aunt is alive and is safe for the time being." He replied by saying he was doing his part of their old sacred alliance. 


Curiosity, rumors, and her ambition made her look at harry's crotch to see a very mighty  wand . She quickly and stealthily looked back to his eyes. Susan has been desiring Harry Potter for a stretch. Ever since the third year, not sexually. But ever since the fourth year, she licked her lip and dreamed about Harry Potter's nob taking her down. Susan was far from a virgin but secretly a nymphomanic freak. Finding that out by her previous transgression in asking a fellow fifth-year for anal. The boy obliged but wasn't enough to satisfy Susan. Harry was right here erect and ready to fuck. 


"I see what's...been distracting you, Harry." Susan innocently looked at his groin and inwardly smirked.


At first, Harry was confused till he followed her eyes and saw his erection. "S-Susan...I didn't..." He stammered. Susan cut him off with an eye-widening reply.


"I can help with that...if thats okay with you?" Susan said in her shy voice. Harry was a bit thrown as Susan was a hot witch. But so was daphne. However, Susan was the opposite in some ways. Shy, reserved, and unsure at times. Then he remembered what daphne spoke to him about on the train, and Harry was going to follow her word.


"Yeah...sure, Susan," Harry replied. Still a little bit of shock in his voice. He also could have sworn in seeing her eyes almost change. Almost a predatory-like glint to them.


Susan grabbed Harry's hand and rushed him to a secure broom closet. As soon as the door closed, she attacked his lips. He let her tounge find his drawing a moan from both of them. Susan was right in the ecstasy tunnel, he was the best snog ever for her. The way his tongue seemed to set her in place, dominating it was so hot. His hands then went to fat juicy round ass, kneading the shapely globes. For Susan was a thick witch with a slim-fit waist, big juicy bum, and goddess ideal set breast. Susan pulled away noting they had limited time. 


"Morgana! I need you in my ass, Harry. Pleaseeee, fuck my juicy bum." A little setback as normally he didn't just stick it in the bum right away. But with the way Susan was begging, he couldn't resist. He merely whispered for her to bend over and show him her fat ass. He conjured a bed, and like he said. She went onto her hands and knees, placed her head down onto the bed, and had her ass exposed to him. 


As he walked over and was right behind the big bottom, it was a sight to behold. He gave the massive butt a swat in which Susan moaned to it. Removing her skirt, he saw a red mark of his hand. Using both hands he gripped the juicy cheeks and spread them to see her tight wrinkled hole. With a smile on her face, she challenged Harry with a wiggle of her ass. He accepted her challenge by undoing his belt and zipper and then pulling out his robust beater's bat. Taking it and slapping it between Susan's juicy plump bum. Susan's eye widened as the size and thickness of it was unholy, her bumhole was going to be brutally stretched. He spat onto the wrinkled hole and his monstrous knob as he didn't want to hurt Susan. Probing her hole Susan consciously relaxed and pushed her bubbly bottom towards the enormous invader. Eventually, her bumhole gave away, splitting her in two. She let out a whimpering gasp as Harry let out a grunting moan. 


Harry gripped the beautiful meaty globes that were Susan's cheeks for a good handle. They were so soft and juicy it was probably one of the best asses he ever held. Daphne would have probably severed his balls if she heard him say that out loud. Moving a bit, Susan moaned, giving Harry the queue to thrust steadily, and inch by inch, the thick puff's asshole would tightly grip his length. As soon as he bottomed out in her, he would draw back till the tip was only left and slowly slide back in all the way. An enticing move by him, as the redheaded Hufflepuff moaned and would throw her fat ass into his slow thrust. 


"Ooooo! Right there! Fuck my fat ass! Yeah! Ahhhh! S-So Good!" Susan was surprised by his skill in pleasuring her anally. Making her ideally come to the conclusion he's done this before and many times. However, she wanted to be fucked out of her mind. Ravaged and plowed by the Boy-Who-Lived, not sensually fucked. 


"Harry! Please, fuck me like a slut! Not the slow sensual shite! Use that fat cock and pound my ass like the good little buttslut I am! Take my ass!" Susan exclaimed.


"Are you sure that what you want?"


Susan smiled and wiggled her plump bottom. "Yes, Daddy." She purred.


Without being told by Susan again, Harry forced himself forwards. Plunging his entire shaft inside her, Harry reveled in the delicious sound of his hips colliding with her bum. A sound he was all too familiar with as both tonks and Daphne had juicy fat bums. However, Susan's was meatier and rounded, also easier to grip as well. Moaning loudly from the tough mighty thrust Susan groaned out, "Fuck..." 


Now seeing that Susan had a bit of slut in her. Harry didn't hold back, firmly grabbing her hips and plowing ahead like a sexual manic. Slamming into her ass, thrusting like with a blur and grunting like a heavy monster. Watching the enticing ripple that her ass would make as he slammed his hips into her juicy plump bottom. The redheaded-bones girl, gasp and squeal in pleasure, like dirty words of cursing poured from her mouth each time he slammed his cock all the way back inside her.


"Oh! Merlin's balls! Yeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh yeah, Fuck my fat juicy bum, daddy! Just like that, daddy! Fuck you naughty bumslut, daddy!" Pinned into bed with her back arched, Susan kept pushing her ass back into Harry's powerful thrusts, forcing his cock deeper inside her ample plump behind. The room filled with the slapping sound of his balls against pussy as well the audible ripple of her arse jiggling. The sight of her bum shaking with each thrust was enough to turn Harry's attention back to the fat bubble butt before him. As he slammed forwards again, he raised both his hands and sharply spanked the Hufflepuff's behind. The pleasurable spank sent her over cumming all over the sheets below her. The sensation of having her bum fucked by her crush made her shake slightly, along with the world-altering sex she was receiving. 


The raven-haired Gryffindor continued to fuck her through her orgasm. As he could feel the gushing pussy juicy make a wet slapping sound as his balls impacted the unctuous snatch. Speeding up, Harry found his rhythm, his body starting to ache from the fury of his fucking. His mind overthrew his body, speeding his movements up as a thin layer of sweat formed over both Susan and himself. Hammering back and forth while gripping one of her fat asscheeks, Harry began to spank her every now and again. He'd unload a series of quick sharp slams onto her arse, her skin turning redder and redder with each slap, almost blistering as he continued his attentions.


"Yeah! Like that! You love having your ass fucked don't you whore. You love it when daddy's cock skewer your ass, don't you? Merlin's, your fat ass is exceptional!" Harry raved, clearly lost in the sexual haze.


"Oh, yeah! Yes! I love it in my bum, daddy! It's all yours, daddy! Fuck yeah, I love it when your big dick is in my ass, daddy Potter! Fuck me, daddy Potter! Fuck your, cumslut!" Susan purred on. Her eyes glazed with sexual pleasure. She gripped the sheets tightly, loving the impact and mind-numbing ecstasy Harry was giving her.


Harry soon approached his last thrust and emptied into Susan's anal passage. Flooding her bum with long thick strands after another. Susan moaned each time she felt another hot thick strand stain her Bowles. After his orgasm ended, Harry gave the thick juicy bottom one last slap. He watched as the redheaded Hufflpuff moaned and came, her legs giving away as he pulled out of her gaping bum. Cum leaking from the abused passage. He made a cute comment about Susan's alter ego, which made her blush and thank him. They cleaned themselves up, and Harry casted a numbing charm on her bum. Hoping it was enough to get through the day. They then checked to see if the corridor was cleared and went to their classes. He sent Daphne a rune charm alert. After dinner, they met up, and Harry told of his experience of today. When it came to Susan, Daphne laughed and kissed him. She told him he picked great, as she also wanted to know how Susan Bones was like under the sheets. They had amazing sex with daphne sucking and riding him to completion. 


Three weeks went by, and in those weeks. Harry approached Susan in private, asking her if she fancies having another go. And like last time, her eyes said it all. They would have amazing sex trying new positions, Susan showing off her sensational deepthroating skills. Harry also fell in love with Susan riding him when it came to it. Front or back, it was an enjoyment watching her breast jiggle and move around as much as her as would in reverse. Eventually, he let her in on Daphne and his betrothal situation and harem idea, and with Daphne being their it made it easier for the story to be complete. As of now, in a large broom closet on the fourth floor. Susan Bones was on her knees gobbling up his thick twelve-inch cock. 


With two hands jerking his long impressive, Susan was throwing her bobbing head back forth with efficient effort. Taking ten inches of thick cock to the throat was something she was secretly proud of. Gagging and slurping up the silva glistening cock, making sure to give her boyfriend her best. She often forces her throat to tighten when she occasionally drops down to take it all. As Susan was going to work. Harry currently was enjoying the eye-rolling deepthroat blowjob he was receiving, making moans and grunts periodically. His hand clenching her crimson hair. 


"Fuck! Suck daddy's cock! Damn, you're a monster, Susan." The crimson-haired puff moaned at the praise. 


Susan closes her soft lips around the girthy shaft, gradually slurping up to the head of his cock. Twirling her skilled tounge around it, receiving a guttural groan from the green-eyed wizard. The crimson-haired girl popped off the delicious tip. Her grey eyes looked up to her boyfriend giggling while enjoying the sexy thrilled reaction of Harry Potter.


"Oh! Forgot my manners, silly me. Happy Birthday, Harry. Now, just enjoy these slutty mouths and lips. For it will be your best night as I been starving for your thick delicious cum. Prepare yourself for three rounds, love." Susan then stuck her tounge out and slapped the meaty appendage against it afterward she slipped it back into her mouth. 


With her wrapped her lips around the bulbous tip of Harry's cock, curling her tongue to catch that drop of pre-cum. A squirt of pre-cum splashed across her tongue as she did so, eliciting a soft moan of pleasure from Susan as she gently pumped her fist back and forth along the very base of his cock, all the while working her lips slowly forwards. Humming softly, the Hufflepuff swallowed, taking the cock into the depths of her throat, only gagging and spewing a few times. That bulging feeling of a cock plowing into her gullet was a delight for Harry. Watching his cock disappear down his girlfriend's throat was a sexy mind addicting action. Ready to send him reeling, she plunges in a single motion. Her throat engulfed the entirety of his thick immense dick. Causing harry to grunt out loud. His knees shake from the glorious descent. Susan began to bob her lips back and forth, happily sucking and slurping on the thick veiny length, impaling her gullet with enthusiastic fury, her lips gliding and suckling on every juicy inch that she could. She was so fucking horny, the wet dampness below her skirt told all of how much she was enjoying blowing her boyfriend.


"Fuck! Susan, I'm...bout to." Harry strained as he was a few bobs away from coming down her throat.


Hearing this, Susan didn't stop. Instead, she removed one hand from the base and down to his smooth hairless balls. Fondling them with fun supervision. With a few deeper bobs and Harry let out a strained grunt as his balls emitted hot thick cum down Susan's throat. Susan's eyes flooded with lust, moaning as some hit the back of her throat. As she slid back, a couple of strands hit her tongue in which she enjoyed the sweet taste of his baby batter. As she pulls off the girthy long dick, he was still coming. Some splotched her lips, face, and hair. She stuck out her tounge and moaned as some did, hit the mouth appendage. Once his orgasm was through, Susan slid the head of his cock into her mouth. His hips tried bucking away, but Susan's beautiful lip kept his cock from going anywhere, as she loved doing a bit more extra to the tip of his dick. The way he twitch and knees tremble made her extremely wet.


"Fuck! Su-Susan. Please. You incredible witch!" Harry's breathing was ragged and was filled with exhaustion. As Susan, as daphne love to call it 'snatch his soul' though daphne was usually the best at it.


"Don't try and run, Harry. We still have a lot of time together. Your soul will definitely be mine.


As Harry prepares for the soul-snatching head game from Susan. He could only thank daphne for placing the idea that he was going to have a harem.


Chapter Text

Hogwart's was standard with witches and wizards mingling and conversing. Chating about classes, relationships, and juicy, rich gossip. The year seemed relatively decadent. For everyone was pleasantly themselves. The Ravenclaws were their witty selves though everyone was chatting about the well-known rumor of Cho Chang being rear-ended by Harry Potter after the Quidditch scrimmage. Promptly his teammate knew for that they could hear the slapping of Cho's asscheeks being impacted by his vigorous thrust. As she also worshipped Potter's cock, pronouncing him as big daddy. They all gave them space as they didn't want their star seeker getting the case of blue balls. So for about thirty minutes, they could hear the ever proficient sex between the Gryffindor prodigy and Chinese Ravenclaw beauty. As for the aftermath, they were constantly harassed and selected by many peers. Often finding when walking past each other, clapping of the hands by everyone would be the signature butt of the joke.

Other than the ever-going rumors, the three Gryffindor's were sitting around in the dorm room. Chatting away at the idea of Harry banging one of them though secretly they all had a moment with him. For them, each one told of a sex story with the green-eyed wizard. For Katie Bell, she had him shagging her bum in one of the abandoned classrooms stating she understood why Cho was limping after their little escapade. He was a firm thruster with an endless endurance ethic. The others all echo the statement. For Angelina, she shared the time they gave each other rimming handjobs. She descriptively talked about how good his tounge game was. Making a joke about how he should have been sorted in Slytherin for his skilled tongue. When she mentioned his cute bubble butt, the girls all hummed in agreement. It was adorable and rather noteworthy for witches to find a cute bum from the males. For Alicia talked about when Harry and she shared sensual blowjobs. His skills with a cock were to die, for he could really deepthroat and give extraordinary soul-changing sensation to the balls of a witch. While they were talking and describing their sexual encounters with the raven hair prodigy. Alicia then noticed she was particularly stiff down her lower region.

"Seems all the talk got you all bothered, huh Alicia." Katie teased.

"It's been a while since I've had a proper release. Maybe you should be an appropriate dear and bend that meaty bum over for me, huh, Katie." Alicia replied with a recognized hint of sexual activity. 

Angelina had to shut them down, for they had Quidditch practice in three days. Knowing how much Katie likes it rough in the bum, she wouldn't be able to sit on a broom right. Or recover for it fast enough. Angelina promptly told her she was gonna have to find someone willing to give up their bum. Which was not that hard, for Hogwarts was fullied of wizards and witches who would bend over for a pleasurable assfuck.

"Looks like your gonna have to ask for the old Gryffindor request. Tail and Release." Angelina commented. Every house had a saying when the sexual release for witches came around.

As she was leaving, she bumped into Harry, who was freshly done training for the Under-18 Dueling Tournaments that was coming up. She asked if he had enough gas to promptly fuck the white baby makers out of her. He had to, unfortunately, decline as he was magically exhausted. She was a glum letdown but understood, for his hot body was glistening with sweat making his eight-pack abs standout. Examining for a long while, biting her lip and staring at the Gryffindor eye candy. She grabbed him by the back of the neck and gave him a toe-curling snog. The snog turned into a tounge battle, then ended with Alica backing away. Not before harry gripped her juicy ass. 

"Mmmm! Fuck! When I get back, have yourself rested. For I want you to fuck me gaping open. Is that understood?" Alicia loved the way he snogged, for it got her in the mood every time.

"Understood. Miss Spinnet." Harry replied in a low husky voice. Giving her juicy bum a lovely squeeze.

As she went to the 'pride' as the houses call it. As she was making her way there, she bumped into Lavender brown. Who was also heading to the same destination. Both apologizing, they both came to the same conclusion of their goal.

"Tail and Release?" Alicia asked. The curly blonde nodded.

"So, do you prefer to take or give?" Alicia asked the gossipy blonde.

"I mostly enjoy taking, but sometimes both." 

"Good, for your going to take it Hard. Let's find a secure location." Alicia grabbed the girl's sweater and gripped the cute, delicious butt.

They found an expansive broom closet and silenced it. Not wasting any time, Lavender went straight to her knees. Undoing Alicia's skirt and panties and being bestowed upon a black girthy ten-inch cock. It was incredibly girthy, for she knew she was gonna be stretched out. Licking her lips hungrily, she griped the thick cock at the base of it, her dainty fingers barely wrapped around the length. Alicia let out a low breath, waiting for the mouthy Gryffindor to suck the life out of her cock. As caramel-skinned chaser heard that the chatty blonde girl was one of the best cock suckers in her house. Shivering in anticipation for what was obviously to come, Alicia waited as Lavender's breath hovered tantalizingly closer to her cock, the wetness of the blonde's tongue inching nearer and nearer. Humming softly, Alicia watched, not wanting to miss a second of the gossipy bitch Lavender Brown salivating around her cock. Not a second later. Did her visualization evolve into reality as Brown's lips latched around her girthy dick.

Alicia's eyes rolled closed while she threw her head back. Letting out a lengthy, pleasured, filled moan, it had been a while since she had her shlong enveloped by some soft skilled lips. Lavender heard the long waiting moan inferring that it had been a while since the caramel-skinned chaser had a blowjob. With the situation being what it was, she then was gonna make it her goal to give Spinnet a devoting skillful cock sucking. With her lips around Alicia's length. Lavender willfully sank half of it into her mouth, effortlessly enveloping the girl's thick cock into her throat, her tongue curling and flicking hungrily around the shaft. Being much broader than most of her other counterparts, she had to relax her throat and swallow the cock into her throat. As supposed to slide inch by inch into her proficient throat. Tightening her lips, she began to gentle suckle, gorging herself as her tongue lapped wildly across the cock, eagerly bathing the thick length in saliva and spittle. The warmth tightness of her throat was mere inches away from consuming the entire cock.

"Ah! Fuck!" The Gryffindor chaser grunted out.

Alicia then gripped a handful of Brown's curly blonde locks. Yet she repressed that urge to fuck the busybody's throat. Instead, Alicia allowed the girl to plunge her mouth down of her own accord. Immensely salivating as she pressed her lips against Alicia's neatly trimmed crotch, the thin bristles rubbing against her nose. Humming happily as her throat swelled to accommodate. Alicia was superbly impressed by the eavesdropping Gryffindor, as only Harry was able to deepthroat her cock so effortlessly. Lavender's hand dutifully fell to the dark-skinned balls, gently squeezing and massaging them. Deftly bouncing them between her digits as she drew her lips back and forth across the Gryffindor Chaser's thick knob, demonstrating the depths of her oral abilities. To see the mouthy gossipy bitch that was Lavender Brown skillfully sucking her cock was an eminent sensation. She savored the heavenly warmth and soft, supple feeling of her lips dragging themselves across her cock. Despite her cock being bathed and lathered in saliva, Brown made foolproof that her lips continuously reduced the shimmering layer to a neat thin glossy. Ensuring that the sloppy mess of oral efforts was kept fully within her throat. Each bob of her lips elicited a moan from Alicia as she relished being serviced in such a brilliant way. 

"Fuck! That's it slut! Suck my cock! Please, that thick black dick!" Alicia exclaimed, treasuring the skillful and prominent blowjob.

Hearing her, Lavender moaned while the thick cock was bathed in saliva. For she loved being talked down to. Making it evermore, prevalent she was an effective bottomslut. For an odd reason, Lavender reluctantly plucked her lips from her cock with a delicious pop sound. Alicia then found out the reason, for in one smooth sexy motion. Lavender stuck her skilled tounge out and slapped Alicia's thick dark meat against it. And with slick, quick ease, slid down the cock, slurping up to the tip and proudly dropping down to capture one of her dark balls. Alicia held herself from busting a load. It was skillfully one of the best actions she saw. Lavender was far from showing out her fellatio skills, sucking the tasty ball that belonged to the dark-skinned chaser. Hollowing her cheek, she added dazzling suction while tugging away for ridiculous pressurized feeling. The action received a throaty grunt from Alicia as her legs visibly shook. Not leaving thick dark cock alone, she promptly added quick wrist-twisting pumps. For her last ball-pleasing endeavor, she collected both the dark-skinned balls popping them in and out of her mouth before lazily lapping her tongue back across them. Also passing, them back and forth between her tounge swirling them in her mouth like mouth wash. 

"Oh! Morgana's big tits! Ugh, you fucking slut!" Grunted out, blown away by the oral craftwork. 

Lavender moaned at the taste of the sweaty orbs. Letting them go with a pop, she licks the thick dick up and down. However, not before swirling her tounge around the big tip. Lavender giggled, knowing she had done an absolute proficient job giving Alicia her best felicio.

"Mmmmm. You taste fabulous. I hope you were pleased by my cock sucking skills, Mistress Spinnet?" Lavender had a cute smug smile, for she knew Alicia would accept the roleplay as she was a naturalistic top, winking at her dark skin mistress. Understanding the roleplay Alicia would play along smiling.

"Well, my little cockslut. I was exceptional please by your skills. For I always enjoy slutty throats. As yours stands out with another. Still, I want to experience more, so get those cock sucking lips and slutty mouth back around my big black cock." Alicia was going to enjoy this session. For it was going to be a tremendous release.

"Yes, Mistress Spinnet." Back to it, Lavender moaned against Alicia's flesh, her tongue running across her cock, all before she quickly took the Gryffindor chaser back into her throat. Giving her a few deep plunged of her gullet, slamming her lips firmly against the dark skin chaser's base, her throat stretching and bulging as the cock carved its way through. Moaning with her mouth full, Lavender noted that she enjoyed Alicia's thick meat. For the mere idea she was expertly making the dark-skinned chaser moan, grunt, and shake was a thrilling sense. As the color of the dark cock and her saliva made tantalizing shimmer to it when drenched in drool.

"Mmmm. This is just perfect. A cockslut right where she belongs, between some thighs and on her knees. Sucking big dick for her mistress satisfaction. Perhaps I'll make you my personal cockslut, my lovely cumdumpster. Ugh, yeah, that's what you'll be." Alicia groaned, casually tweaking one of her covered nipples as she gently thrust her hips to meet Brown's deep plunges. 

The gentle clap of her lips against her base was a delectable sound, especially when paired with the colliding smack of her balls against Brown's slightly slickened chin. Agreeing, Lavender moaned into the deep thrust, loving the dirty talk of Alicia Spinnet. Also, the pair of big wet smooth balls gently slapped against her chin. Lavender, in a moment of passion. Allowed a strand of spit to roll down her chin. Adding to the slapping sound in such a mesmerizing way. There was nothing quite like the wet slap of colliding bodies, making her cock below her hardened. Alicia loved the well splendid blowing she was getting, but she wanted ass. It was one of her favorite parts of sex that she loved enrapturing herself in. As she knew her thick monster size would take many witches and wizards to new chasms, they never experienced.

"Fuck! Thats enough, my cockslut. Get up. Your Mistress requires that plump arse of yours." She commanded.

"Of course, Mistress. For my ass is your when and where ever." Lavender purred. Plucking her lips from Alicia's cock and slowly clambering up along her body, their bodies melding against one another as Lavender thrust her lips up against Alicia's. Drawing the girl into a deep and endless kiss. Their mouths moaned happily amidst each other's tender embrace. Both were now undoing their clothes as Alicia's lower garments were already in the corner of the room. Yet her plain white button-up shirt was now unbound by her roleplaying slave. Revealing her beautiful body.

Lavender examined her roleplaying Mistress, coming to a genuine validity. Alicia Spinnet was a caramel-skinned deity. The rich caramel skin was a breathtaking sight, the smooth brown expanse set off by the glistening sweat falling across her body. Her honey-blonde hair was set in a tight braid against her head, with her face devoid of makeup aside from some deep eyeshadow highlighting the rich brown tones of her eyes. Due to Quidditch and challenging workouts, her powerful five-foot-eight form was purely fitness at its finest. As tight muscles ran throughout her entire body. Down her stomach was a clear outline of her cut abs. Further accented by her powerful arms. Regardless of her muscular form, she had well-placed fat in the best places. Her chest was the perfect plump handful size that didn't sag or drop. Properly balanced and well-formed. Sitting perkily on her chest as rigid dark brown nipples sat at their peak. The Gryffindor chaser also was blessed with a well-rounded juicy bum, not fat like her other dark-skinned chaser but perky and firm. An undeniable butt, as she would catch both witches and wizards staring at as they passed her. And, of course, her ten-inch girthy shlong was right in the middle of some powerful thighs and legs. 

"Seeing how you're staring at me, I'll take it you like what you see. Well enough staring for we will have time again another day. Right now, I want to see those fantastic tits and succulent fat arse." Alicia's voice sounded husky and a tad impatient, for she wanted to hammer Lavender's bumhole. 

Hearing her roleplaying partner getting impatient, she rushes out of her clothes, showing off her plump curvy body. Alicia watched as the gossiping Gryffindor undressed her, glad the girl had bumped into her, for the girl was a solid pick. Stoking her saliva glistening black dick, she looked over the witch. Lavender's body was plumper and juicier, her ass round and squashy, her cheeks lightly drooping beneath their own heavyweight. She tossed the plain tan bra that covered her rather plump and voluptuous tits. If you had to ask who had the most prominent breasts in Gryffindor House, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone's larger than hers. They were large, and much like Alicia's, they stood had no drop or sag to them. They hung delectably on her body. And combined with her rather slim figure, made her look gorgeous. Dropping her skirt, she peeled off her simple cotton panties, tossing her bra to one side as well, leaving her entirely naked. Her cock was around seven inches and wasn't anything to call home about compared to the other lovely ladies of the house but was still relatively large. 

"Looks like your the ideal bottom plump and curvy with all the right fat and a decent cock. Maybe I'll le you in my bum when you've earned." Alicia huskily spoke. Really stepping into her new role, for she was a naturalistic top. But something was thrilling and lively when someone referred to you as their Mistress. Still close, they went back to their groping of each other while having a sexy snogging. As Lavender went to her perky breast, Alicia went to the plump ass of her cockslut. Gripping at the juicy rear, giving it a few swats. Both of them moaning into the kiss, the gossiping blonde yelping a few times when the dark-skinned chaser swats her ass, her fingers quickly sinking into the soft, plump flesh. Alicia pulled away, noting she wanted what she came for. 

"Get over there near those creates and stick out that juicy bum. I'm going to prepare your hole for the fucking of your life." Alicia's voice was firm. Lavender gulped, hearing how assertive her roleplaying Mistress was.

Doing as she asked, Lavender placed her hands on some crates that stood stacked up against the wall. She spread her legs wide and arched her back, giving Alicia easy access to her asscheeks. Alicia commented on the beautiful sight of Lavender giving her ass up. Walking right behind her, Alicia lowered herself to Brown's plump bum. Bringing her hands to the girl's meaty behind, Alicia peeled apart her cheeks and revealed the Brown's tight rear entrance. Leaning forwards, Alicia lapped at her arsehole, sending Lavender into a fit of moans, her knees almost buckling beneath the delicious sensations that were rippling through her behind. The dark-skinned Gryffindor's tongue traced back and forth across the sumptuous hole. Making sure to cover her whole rosebud in a layer of saliva before spreading her cheeks even wider and securing access to the depths of the girl's arsehole. Plunging her tongue deep into Brown's anal passage. Lavender was shaking from the ass-eating endeavor, as she was not expecting Alicia to be so skilled in licking bums.

Alicia wanted to show she could give Lavender mystical pleasure, for she had grown into eating a bum when she was going to fuck someone. Wrapping her hand once again around Brown's cock, the Gryffindor chaser jerked her quickly off. Using the saliva from her balls to make her hand slick and swift. Her other hand left the girl's cheeks, letting the plump flesh crash back into place, slapping playfully against Alicia's face. As she dove deeper and deeper into her bumhole. Her fingers pressed their way in between her delicious cheeks and rested gently against her tight asshole. Plunging three deep into her arse. Causing the girl to nearly collapsing from the sudden insertion. Her leg quivered from the sudden pleasure of three fingers being dipped into in tight rear. Alicia stretched Brown's sealed back entrance. Slowly getting her ready for her girthy cock that begged to be introduced to her hole. Moaning, Lavender gripped the crate for support of collapsing. Easing the two fingers in and out of her bum, Alicia watched eagerly as her rosebud clutched and pulled at her fingers. Trying desperately to keep them lodged inside her whenever Alicia attempted to pull them out. Grinning wildly at loud mouth's eagerness, she took that as a sign that she was ready for her cock. 

"Seeing how your bumhole is gripping my fingers. I believe it is time for you to take my black cock. Don't you think?" Alicia spoke with conviction and firmness. She was going to have Lavender's bum. 

"Yes, Mistress. Please, fuck my fat arse. Stretch my tight arse to your liking. Ream, my precious tight arse." Lavender excitingly begged for the girthy dick. Wiggling her plump bum to signal Alicia to split her into.

Standing behind the arched back and plump ass of Lavender, Alicia gripped the soft fleshy asscheek, spreading it to see the tight wrinkled hole. Lining up her shlong and pressing the fat tip of her cock against her tight, constricted arse. Lavender was fearful a bit, for she never took a cock that had Alicia's girth. Intrinsically a bottom, but even as eager her asshole was there, were some nerves. Going through all the feelings in her mind, she was still excited about receiving an authentic hardcore pounding, liking it rough and powerful. Alicia gently pushed forwards, being met with an incredibly tight and resistant hole. Adjusting her angle, she drove forwards. Pressing the tip against the center of her hole and watching as it slowly began to peel apart, her arsehole was unable to resist the slow advancing push. Easing the tip inside Brown's arse, Alicia let out a throaty moan, finally experiencing a tight hole, damn near blowing her load as she entered.

"Merlin's Balls! Fuck! So big!" Lavender moaned out loudly. Loving the big tip penetrating her tight hole. 

"Morgana's fat tits! You gotta love tight, snug bums. Merlin! You are going to be my personal buttslut. You gotta be one of the best arses I've entered. Prepare yourself, my cockslut. For I'm going to show how your Mistress loves fucking her bottomsluts holes." Alicia ran her hands all around the plump fat ass. Taking hold of lavenders hips and firmly began to pull her backward onto her cock. Letting out a pleasured pain grunt. Brown got a sense that Alicia was gonna show no mercy to her bumhole. She then relaxed her hole, no longer straining to slowly allow inch by inch entrance for her big dick, Mistress. A near regret as once Alicia felt her bum loosen and relax, she slid the rest of her girthy length forward in one going. Bottoming out into the fat bum with a resounding slap, lightly pushing onto the girl's prostate. 

"Ugh! Fuck! Mistress!" Lavender moaned out. A single strand of cum coming from her hardened seven-inch cock. Her eyes widen, then cross sliding up into her head. Her body shook, knees quivering, feeling her anal passage widen further than ever.

Alicia chuckled. "Already blowing a load from insertion, my you are a buttslut indeed." Alicia had given a few moments for the whore to get used to the size of her. Now she was going to make Lavender her personal bottom bitch. 

Alicia sharply pulled her hips back, far out of the gossipy blonde, till the tip was the only thing still inside. She promptly slammed forward with power, her hips impacting against Lavender's plump backside. The blonde's mouth was open, moaning from the ever decisive thrust. Her eyes still haven't come from inside her skull as she gripped the wooden crates hard for support. The resonant slap of flesh filled the room, the smacking sound lingering for several seconds in Brown's ears, her cheeks still rippling from the impact. The moan that escaped her lips was heard only by herself as she could barely force a sound out before a groan was drawn swiftly after. Alicia had a wicked lust-filled smile, for she was getting what she needed, an ass to pound at. She swiftly gave the same thrust again, impacting the fat bare ass of Lavender. Watching as the juicy ass rippled, making the glorious slapping sound. She produces the thrust for a third, fourth, and fifth time biting her lip. She then began to hear the grunts and moans of the blonde gossiping bitch. Brown was allowed only a momentary spasm of the empty sensation before she was filled once again with a big black cock. As more, grunted moans escaped her lips, becoming more audible. Firm and measured moans came from Alicia's lips, with a mix of controlled breaths. Alicia then could feel Brown's asshole quiver in tightness near the verge of spraying her heavy pent-up orgasm below the ground and crates. Alicia mentally let out a dark chuckle.

Living up to her firm hardcore sexual statement of showing her how she fuck her bottomsluts. Grasping firmly at Brown's hip and steeling her orgasm in the back of her mind, she drew her cock backward. The dark-skinned chaser used her strength to shift Lavender forwards slightly, allowing her thick dick to travel further down the loosening hole of Brown. Ideally, gaining the ability to punch the girl's prostate with her sufficient and powerful thrust. She proudly thrust forward aggressively, pulling the loud mouth Gryffindor backward onto the thrust and once again filling the room with the sensual sound of wet flesh colliding. The intensity of the pleasure managed to overcome the pain of the fierce thrust with ease, her entire body seemingly convulsing in the aftermath. With a heavy whimper, she steadied her position, resisting the urge to allow her body to buckle. Several more thrusts followed, with each one seemingly coming quicker and harder. Alicia wanted to let the gossiping whore know how she delivered pleasure. While also wanting to learn if she could break through the girl's limit. Going so far as to launch, a sharp barrage of quick successive thrusts before drawing back into a slow pace. Each increase in passionate power brought Lavender to her first orgasm, with her the peak of the pleasure coming from Alicia's skillful sexual activity.

"Aaaah! Thats it bitch! Cum! Cum for your Mistress! You whore! Cum like the proud bottom bitch you are! Take my blissful pounding! Take my big black cock!" Alicia roared. Feeling her ass spasmed and clenched around the girthy black dick randomly, her hole hugging at the thick cock as her own stiff shaft shot off five to seven strands of thick cum. Moaning grunts came from her open mouth as her cock sprayed the wooden crates and floor. Not to mention Alicia fucking her roughly through her orgasm. Afterward, her cock flailed after her intense orgasm, Alicia's giant balls slapping against it, making a wet ear pleasuring sound. 

Alicia resumed her thrusting beatdown of Lavender's hole. However, instead of grasping the hip, she gripped the ever so plump pulpy bum. Running her hand throughout the spheroidal ass, squeezing the soft succulent butt. For this was her favorite thing, big bottoms. Every witch and wizard adores a fat ass. But for Alicia, it made her overly excited when she was slamming into a fat juicy bum. And as Lavender's body was on the plump and curvy side, she was really going to enjoy the thick cockslut. Enjoying the tight constricting hole, she commanded Brown to close her legs together and bend over with her back still arched. In doing this, it made fucking the asshole more sealed. While it also showed off Lavender's perfect round bottom. Alicia slowed down the speed of her thrust but made them into body quaking blows. She was now more able to bully Brown's throbbing prostate. The slapping of her hips and balls smacking against Lavender's more miniature balls and fat ass resonated around the room.

"OH! Oh, Morgana's dick! Fuck me! Harder, Mistress! Bang my arse! Take your cumdumps arse! Take it! Fuck! I love your big black cock!" Lavender cried out. Loving the ass fucking she was receiving, moaning with every thrust.

Alicia made her inquisition happen, plowing her hips into the fat ass stronger and swifter. The thick length pushed and prodded more firmly against Lavender's prostate, with each thrust milking more intense satisfaction. Heavy breaths became mired amongst each thrust as Alicia was willing herself to keep pace with the gracious hole that gripped her thick shlong for dear life. While the sounds dripping from Lavender's limp lips were only of pleasure, another thing that kept the dark-skinned quidditch player at pace. Lavender then heard Alicia groan, but instead of orgasming inside of her. She placed a swat at her plump rear, brown cried out in pleasure. Alicia then gripped the hip once more. Now she planted her feet and changed her thrust from powerful blows to fast, brisk thrust, loud slapping of their flesh filled the broom closet. Alicia's body now glistened with sweat from the hardcore pace the dark-skinned goddess was fucking her cockslut with. She knew she was losing the will to control her heavy orgasm. Alicia snatched the blonde locks of Lavender to the root. The girl moaned at the aggressive action, nearly sparking her orgasm.

Moderate levels took a sharp turn in intensity, with Brown's moans interrupted by each thrust. No longer holding back on the Brown, Alicia unleashed the full power of each of her thrusts. With Lavender's ass cheeks perpetually bouncing as they grew a darker and darker shade of red with each swinging thrust. The pace was insatiable, with each thrust launching immediately into the next, without a single second of reprieve. The caramel-skinned lewd animalistic fervency was on full display, not thinking of the person she was fucking into oblivion. Only thinking of the hole that squeezed her thick black dick that battered it. The sheer intensity was enough to quickly kindle Brown's second orgasm, unleashing a hidden load from her hardened dick. Spewing out, thick, shots of cum littering the floor of white witches' ball batter. Grunt after grunt, Brown felt her cock unleash thick hot cum while being pounded by the black shlong that continued to beat up her abused prostate. In a moment of sexual lewd behavior, Alicia spanked the fat ass of Lavender. She then yanked the blonde locks in her hand downward. 

"Fuck! Such a nice tight arse! Ugh! Are you ready, bitch! Are you prepared for me to fill you up! To besmear your slutty insides white! Are you inclined to be my personal bottom bitch! My very own cumdump! Black cock slut! Fucking whore! Fucking Fuck! So Tight!" Alicia snarled and roared, for her immense ever pent-up release was about to be unleashed into her gossipy bottomslut.

"Yes! Fuck! Yes! So good, so thick and big! Yes, fill me up, Mistress Spinnet! Fill my arse with your glorious thick hot cum! Morgana's big tits! I'm ready to be your bottom bitch! Make me your bitch, please! Bugger your cumdump, Mistress! Fill me up, please! Fucking Bollocks! I want your hot load! Fuck! Oh! Fuck! I'm yours, Mistress Spinnet!" Lavender honestly and excitingly cried out to be Alicia Spinnet's personal bitch. Falling in love with the immense girthy black cock thats reaming her asshole.  

Knowing that their final orgasms were on the horizon, neither of them held back, allowing their moans to turn to grunts and growls. Their unpure desires to maintain some element of social decorum devolving into the most erotic and primal of behaviors. Their bodies glistened and gleamed with sweat. The ache of their muscles was only made bearable by the pleasure that tempered each dull spasm of weariness. Thrust after thrust; slapping flesh amidst slapping flesh; grunts of delight mixed with squeals of ecstasy. It took very little to finally bring their quivering bodies to their explosive climax. Lavender was first, as another tremendous hidden orgasm erupted. Her orgasm-wearied body required very little to satiate. Her arms began to shake, the power of Spinnet's last wild thrusts threatening to buckle them beneath the impact. Sending her face down into the wooden crate. Her eyes fluttered into the skull, drool leaking from her mouth being open. Her body shook violently and her ass clenched around the girthy black shlong. Eager to embrace that sensuous orgasmic feeling of being filled with a thick and well-deserved load.

"Fuck! Take! My! Load!" Alicia was more than happy to oblige, allowing her orgasm to boil over with each thrust until it exploded wildly into the girl's depths. Burying herself up to the hilt, Alicia let out violent, guttural, throaty grunts as she emptied herself. Sending an enormous thirteen mighty jets of cum deep into Lavender's ass. Her arse was stretched and filled to such an extent that the cum quickly rolled back along Spinnet's bulging cock. With several thick beads of cum escaping the girl's well-used, well-fucked ass and trickling over her skin. Milked dry, Alicia plucked her thick cock from the lavishing ass causing the girl to collapse onto the wooden crates. Alicia and Lavender were breathing laboriously as they pushed each other to one of their best orgasmic releases. After a minute or two, Lavender came about. Somewhat able to walk over to a sitting Alicia, who watched as cum leaked from the gaping hole that was Brown's bum. Brown then dropped between Alicia's legs taking the semi-hardened cock that destroyed her anal passage. And slipped it into her mouth, feeling she needed to clean the Mistress of her ass juice. While also getting a taste of the fine witch.

"My goodness, Mistress. If you fuck me like that often, I might not be able to walk forever. And my aren't you delicious" Lavender giggled, plucking the cock from her mouth drunk off of pleasure, the only thing that was keeping from the aching pain her ass was in.

Alicia slightly laughed. "Well, I know you're not going to be able to walk for a week. But I'm still going to use your arse, regardless, as I see fit. But until your fat juicy arse is back to the norm, your going to keep that slutty mouth of yours to work. Like right now, I need a sensual sloppy blowjob. Get to it." Alicia spoke with conviction and firmness that had a soft measuring tone. One that turned on Lavender, as does the lovely sex-filled smile that was on her dark-skinned goddesses face.

Lavender then gave her skillful blowjob, slurping and throating the thick black dick with slut like enthusiasm. Having done a great job, Alicia finished on her face lavender licked some of the tasty cum that painted her lips and chin. They cleaned up and redressed themselves, parting ways, but not before Alicia captured Lavender's juicy bum and brought her into a passionate toe-curling kiss. Then told her to meet her in the same spot next week. As she came back to her house's main room. She saw Harry sitting on the couch studying his upcoming matches and opponents. Remembering the moment they shared and the proposition she laid out for them. She smiled. Her cock hardened yet again, for when it came to Harry Potter, Alica couldn't resist. Walking around the couch, she then got on to her knees and slowly crawling over in between Harry's thighs, surprising him for he was totally into his study.

"Well, I see you got your release. So who was the particular person to receive and fucking from the great Alicia Spinnet?" Harry asked, noting she was glowing and in a much less strained mood.

Alicia giggled. "Lavender Brown, the noisy bitch got a fantastic arse and an acceptable throat. You should join us in our next meeting. I think daddy potter could use some extra arse." Alicia responded, feeling in the mood to share. She also wanted to spit roast Lavender with Harry. For it was to her many fantasies to have a threesome with him.

"I'll take you up on that. I'm free after two in the afternoon. Yet, I feel like you want something from me." Harry looks at Alicia's brown eyes, a particular sexual hue to them.

"I hoped you didn't forget about when I snog those skilled lips and asked you to fuck my cute juicy arse." Alicia's voice was a low sultry husk, one that seemed to jog his memory. As he kissed her forehead. She skillfully tugged at his belt undoing it.

"Oh, I didn't forget. I'm well-rested and ready to fuck you for four rounds if need be. How bout you get me ready with those beautiful skilled lips of yours." Harry was ready more than ever, for when she obtained his thirteen-inch cock it was hardened and prepared to plow. 

"Fuck! I never get tired of this big dick." Alicia says, before she spits on the immense shaft and swallows half of its length. Harry throws his head back and closes his eyes as Alicia then thoroughly gives him a sloppy experienced deepthroat. Slurping and gagging on the thick meat, enjoying as it punches her throat. Not leaving his big smooth balls out of the picture as she works them with her mouth as well. Feeling she got him prepared enough, she then strips down to her bare caramelized skin and turns around, facing the well-sized fireplace. She proceeds to get on all fours, showing off her juicy cute bum. Giving it a firm slap and tauntingly wiggling the juicy bum at Harry. 

Come get it. Big boy." Alicia proudly purrs to him, her face still looking at the fire. Hearing him come from the couch and to his knees, she then feels his callous hand spread her fat asscheeks showing her tight rear hole. Alicia was biting her tounge in anticipation of his next action. Lowering his face toward her juicy butt, he proceeds to give her a body-shaking rimjob. Lapping up her delicious hole. Alicia's eyes fluttered close from the feeling of his tounge seamlessly vibrating into her ass.

"Fuck! Eat that ass up, big daddy! Eat that ass like Hogwart's feast!" Alicia moans, eyes closed. Her body trembles from the expert ass eating by her future boyfriend. In deep, Harry flicks his tounge against her prostate, making her want more consciously push her ass against his face. As he retreats, Alicia whimpers and tries to ask for more. But is halted when a massive slab of meat lands between her asscheeks. Knowing what comes next, as harry spits on his slobbered glistening cock, she grips the rug below her and begs harry to split her in two.

"Please. Please skewer me with that god-size cock. Make me your bottomslut, big daddy. Please, show your naughty girlfriend who big daddy Potter is. Show me how I'm your personal cumdump." Alicia excitingly pleads. Getting her wish, Harry lines up his big tip to her tight unused hole. As Alicia relaxes for him, her hole finally gives away, allowing the head to penetrate her tight eager ass.

Alicia grunted into a chuckle from the exact penetration. "Ugh! Fuck! Right, where it belongs. Morgana's big dick, it feels so good. All the way! That's it place all of that thirteen-inch meat in its rightful hole." Harry, at first, slowly inched his way into her ass. Till four inches were left. He used her relaxed hole and stuffed the rest in with a swift thrust. 

His torso came into contact with her juicy adorable bum. The familiar slap of their flesh was music to Alicia's ears. Alicia took a few seconds to let her bumhole get used to the robust meat. Once it did, she pushed back, making sure Harry got the signal that he could plow forward, in which he did. Gripping her hips and pulling back enough till only the head of his dick was left. Then swiftly but powerfully thrust forward, his hips impacting her bum that rippled from the thrust. He picked up the pace fucking Alicia like lavender. Though maybe not as rough, as he usually likes to comfort witches with sensual sex. But Alicia was not having it egging him on to plow her ass into the floor. Harry kept this hardcore pounding for fifteen straight minutes, for his stamina was legendary. Within those fifteen minutes, Alicia had managed to come twice. Spray the floor of her hot thick cum, one in which Harry jerked her off to completion while he plowed through her orgasm.

Coming to his orgasm, large jets of cum sprayed into Alicia's gaping butt. A glorious feeling, as she could feel the hot strands coat her prostate. She went limp. Despite egging Harry on some more for she wanted him bad. He pulled out and laid next to her stating he didn't want her to limp the rest of the next day. 

Alicia laughed." Gods, you have to be some sort of sex god, for no one has ever fucked me like that."

"If you want. I'll do it again. Just find a nice private place." Harry said as he cuddled the dark-skinned chaser.

"Oh, I have just the place, big daddy." Alicia purred. Knowing who she was going to bring for Harry to fuck.

Chapter Text

It was mid-summer throughout the year. And currently, Molly Weasley was doing her typical housewife routine cleaning dishes, preparing food for next week, and doing laundry. Her routines were different in times when the kids were away. When there was no time for laundry and cleaning dishes. She privately workout, noticing her body around her youngest third year was a life-changing reality. No longer wanting to look fat and humiliating, she secretly worked out. She used her son's friend's workout regiment. With it started her on the right path of looking slimmer and fit. She knew she could never look like the supermodel type, but that didn't hinder her beliefs nor slow down the idea that, Molly could achieve what she wanted. The first two months were grueling, but once she started to notice the results. That is when it all changed. Every month she would set a strenuous workout three times a day, five days a week. With a little bit of magic and some brewed potions in about a year. The fat she had for plus years was no longer existent. Now she looked more like her seventh year in Hogwarts, a voluptuous witch with big tits, a slender waist, and a wide plump ass.


With all the work done, she thought about surprising her family. But when she did, it then dawned on her. That the only person that noticed her weight loss was Harry. Commenting saying she looked great, which for some reason made her heart flutter and blush. But the rest only asked why, besides her daughter-in-law, Fleur Delacour. Who told her she fit the bill of a proper witch. Her husband congratulated her but never really cared about her weight for most of the time. He was at work for a vast amount of time. That's when another problem occurred, her sex life wasn't as active usually, she had a go at her husband's hole, but that lessened more and more into the next year of her weight loss. Now resulted in handjobs and toys to contend with her wild sex drive. For Molly losing her weight was a significant achievement but the reward for it wasn't as satisfying as she thought it was gonna be.


Finishing up the dishes and heading up to her room, she saw Ron's shirt and socks on the couch. Sighing, she picked them up and headed to the stairs. Reaching the room, she was silently gonna sneak in and place them into Ron's room. When she went to open the door, it wouldn't open. She was confused, for she never allowed the door locked magically. Retrieving her wand from her room, she cast the opening charm and slightly opened the door ajar. Looking into the room, she gasped. As she saw a mind-boggling wild scene. The scene consisted of Harry Potter thrusting swiftly and vigorously into her sons' plump rear. Molly could hear the wet slaps of flesh impacting each other as her son's moans and grunts, ones definite of sexual pleasure. It was rather astonishing and alluring as she had to admit that Harry could really plow into an ass. But also seeing her son getting bent over by his best friend and to her future son in law, enjoying the ass reaming he was receiving.


"Fuck! This is the perfect ass for a bottomslut. Take it! Take my big cock, slut!" Harry raised both his hands and brought them down on Ron's arse. The cracking of his hands against the soft, supple flesh of his arse echoed through the room. His friend's hand gripped them with firmness, enjoying the feel of the juicy, satiny, plump globes of the rear. His best friend moaned out loudly, pleased with the hard spank. Harry's pace of his thrusting picked up, getting deeper, stronger, and quicker. Feeling the head of his big shlong beating in the abused prostate.


"Bloody Hell! Fuck! So good! Fuck my arse! Fuck it, big daddy! Plunder my fat arse! Make your cumdumpster relish your mighty cock! Oh! Fuck!" Ron egged on his friend slash master, for he loved when his best mate slammed his big dick into his eager hole.


Molly's eyes widened to what she had heard. This wasn't no ordinary sex. This was something that they'd done before she concluded. She knew her kids were sexually active, and all seemed to hold a high sex drive, especially her youngest two. However, it didn't stop the idea that her youngest son was essentially a cockslut. Though she could understand, for she was a whore back in her Hogwart's days though she was the top and rarely the bottom. No matter to see that her son was a naturalistic bottom only spoke to the fact he was like his father. Always preferring to receive versus giving, which was fine by her. The only problem was it thrilled her, as the stiff hardest in her workout tights was telling all. She liked the idea of her son being a bottomslut, probably because she secretively wanted to fuck his plump bottom. For her, sex drive was screaming for any type of pleasure, and it didn't matter who. She wanted sex. Rough, steamy, and primal sex. 


She then heard grunts and moans, noticing as Harry unleashed his orgasm into her son, which was hauntingly hot to Molly. He was buried into Ron's bumhole all the way to the hilt. As the raven-haired teen pulled out with a shivering wet pop, cum leaked from the gaping abused cum-filled hole. Harry came off the bed, walking over to the drawer closest to the door. Molly was about to retreat until she saw the big cock that seemed to make her youngest son into Harry completely obedient bottom bitch. Standing rock hard between his legs was a girthy, veiny long cock that made Molly lick her lips. Thirteen inches of thick long meat was between his thighs. It made Molly want to drag him to the living room and shag him all day. Molly had seen her fair share of big dicks, for she possessed one herself at eleven inches, but hers was skinnier and long. Harry's was much thicker than hers. She was impressed and jealous that her son was getting some considerable dick action. Harry grabbed a towel and wiped his sweaty body down, much to Molly's disappointment. She was enjoying the, fit lean body of her future son-in-law, chiseled abs, muscular built arms, and big thick dick. Not to mention his cute bubble butt she would enjoy lapping up. 


When Harry walked back to the bed, her son attacked Harry's cock, enthusiastically sliding the thick shlong into his mouth. Skillfully sliding his lips down the giant appendage, taking most of the cock in a whole swallow. The skillful action received a satisfying moan out of the raven-haired teen. He gripped the redhead locks and slightly applied thrusts feeling the tight throat of his best mate.


"Ahhh! An eager slut aren't we. That it! Suck that cock, slut! Make this cock slick! Get it ready for your slutty bum. I'm going to reward you for round three!" Harry exclaimed. Molly was at a loss for words. Boys seemed to have the endurance of a Hippogriff. She then told him to bend over and present his cushiony ass. Once Ron eagerly did, Harry slid his big shlong into the gaping anal passage, easily bottoming out. Giving a second, he slammed away at the plump bum showing no mercy, though his receiver wasn't complaining. Ronald enjoyed the ass plundering he was receiving, submitting fully to his best friend. Molly watched on as her son took a brutal ass pounding. Eventually, she would leave, hoping that the discovery that her son was Harry's personal bottom bitch wouldn't hinder her sleep.


The problem was it did for several nights, in fact. Molly couldn't forget her son's grunts and moans, the stong quick thrust of Harry. Nor could she forget the big cock that lay between his legs. It invaded her dreams, often him plowing into her big plump bottom while he praises his mother's fat juicy ass. She would wake up with hard-ons after many nights. When she saw him or talked to him, she saw a grown man instead of an orphaned teen. One with sexual control of a sex god, and one who didn't stray away from danger. Often he greeted her with formal salutations but made it an effort every now and then to tell her she looked great and ask her how her workouts went. She would blush and politely accept the compliment. Molly's sexual desires were becoming taxing, so much she would sneak a peek and jerk herself off when she found out harry was bashing her son's asscheeks in. It was at the point she couldn't trust herself to be alone with him. 


Well, the next day, she was making up some lunch while everyone went to Diagon Alley for a time out of the house. She thought she was alone until Harry came downstairs. She asked why he didn't go with Arthur and the kids, he replied, saying he was not really in the mood. That he had some other duties. Heading outside with his broom, he went on a tear while flying into the sky and twirling and diving. Molly then looked up to see the toned, muscled teen without his shirt, for it was blazing hot outside. Something in Molly snapped, and her sexual drive kicked into gear. She went into a drawer and plucked a vial. It was a clear liquid. She then made a glass of water for Harry to drink. She poured the potion into the water. She made the potion for Arthur in moments he couldn't get it up. Soon Harry came down from the sky and walked in. Molly handed him the glass of water. He drank the whole thing and sat down at the table, reading through a journal of notes. In ten minutes, Molly could then see he was in some discomfort. For she knew it was gonna make his massive meat ridiculously hard for it would have Arthur ready to go in a matter of minutes. As five more minutes passed, Molly felt it was time to fix the problem in his shorts and finally get some big hard cock.


"Harry, dear. Are you okay? I've noticed you have been in some discomfort ever since you flew outside." Molly behaved innocently.


"I...I'm fine, Mrs.Weasley." Harry responded, trying to take the strain out of his voice.


"Non since dear. I'm sure...Oh my!" She did her best acting when she walked around the table, seeing his immense dick outline his shorts. Internally she had a sexually hungry smirk. Harry was in deep embarrassment.


"Mrs. Weasley...I'm going to go and...Take care of this." Harry said, standing up about to go upstairs until Molly said the most unforeseen thing.


"Harry dear, as much as this is an awkward dilemma, I doubt whatever your going to do will take care of...that. If...If you would...I'll take care of it." Harry's eyes blinked about three times, trying to comprehend what his best mate's mother just said. He argued with it not being necessary but then looked down and saw that no mere handjob was going to satisfy his gigantic stiff shlong.


He sat down awkwardly, essentially accepting Molly's bizarre request. Inwardly smiling, Molly finally got her prey right where she wanted him. She was ready to take him into another world and bless his formidable cock and soul with her skilled lips, tounge, and mouth. Though it had been years since Molly sucked off anything this gigantic. Nevertheless, she was up for the challenge. She got on her knees and placed herself between harry's athletic thighs. Molly then slid his shorts and undergarment and examined the thick immense thirteen-inch cock that was painfully hard. Grasping the luxuriant throbbing shlong, she gave it a few pumps, her hands barely fitting around the monster length.


"Merlin! You sure are...meaty. My goodness, this is very big." Molly commented. Harry was looking anywhere else but between his legs. As though Molly was hot, she was also a mother figure to him. Not also including his girlfriend and best friend's mother.


"Alright. Harry dear, think nothing of this. Just try to enjoy the feeling. This will be our little secret." Molly was far gone from any moral ideals. Her nine weeks of lonely action had blurred her judgment.


Harry peeked down for a second and swore he could see sexual hunger in Molly's brown eyes. With her plump lips not far from the thick throbbing veiny shlong, Molly Weasley revealed her true colors when it came to the biggest secret of the wizarding world. Her usual kempt and authoritarian persona slipped into deviancy. Pure, elated deviancy. Harry gasped when she spat onto his big dick and seized it with both hands. Ang began jerking him with purposeful precision, revealing just what she was like when faced with a thick and juicy cock. Spitting preferably sharply and sluttily, she added more lubricant to her handjob. Letting her hands become as glistening and gleaming as Harry's cock, the sound of her hands slapping against the base of his crotch becoming intense and sumptuous. 


A sound the redheaded woman remembered when giving O skilled handjobs to her fellow students. Now she had her daughter's thick boyfriend's cock glistening and gleaming in her hands as she jerked his juicy thick meat. Her own shaft throbbed between her thighs, and while Molly was somewhat desperate for relief of her own, she was in control of her horny mind enough to know that she shouldn't spring her own cock on Harry. No, she'd take her personal relief in simply playing with his cock, jerking and sucking him off. Maybe convince him to fuck her fat juicy ass, leading to her receiving a good fuck. One that she has seen Harry produce for her son. With her own libido raring to be let go, her true nature when it came to cock already peeking out. Mrs.Weasley finally snapped and stopped holding herself back, simply wanting to have Harry cum and cum hard. 


Lunging forwards, Molly parted her plump lips and with a single plunge. She had eleven inches of Harry's thick, engorged cock, buried down her tight, expert throat. It was such a swift and immediate inhalation, one that smothered Harry's cock in immense pleasure. He instinctually looked down to see Mrs.Weasley's lips stretched around the base of his cock, her nose hitting his smooth pubic area. A sight that he had to admit was really hot. With the height of pleasure. Harry let out a deep, hoarse groan as Molly began putting in work. Her tongue performed around the bottom of his cock, slurping and suckling on his shaft. Slathering his cock with her tongue, all the while massaging and fondling his balls. One of her hands was flattened against his crotch, her thumb and forefinger still wrapped around the very base of his cock. Harry now knew where ron got his natural cock sucking skills from, as he then felt Molly inch down the remainder of his dick. 


"Fuck! That's good! Morgana's tits!" Harry grunted out.


Moaning as she pulled her lips slowly backward, making a point to drag her tongue across every inch of his cock. The hand flattened against his base followed her lips, resuming its tight and powerful grip around his shaft. Pulling all the way back to his tip, she plucked her lips from his cock with a loud pop, glancing up at Harry and seeing his eyes now firmly locked on her. Watching enraptured awe as Mrs.Weasley displayed talents worthy of lending a deep blush to a pornstars cheeks. 


"What a tasty cock, Harry dear. You should let me do this for you more often. Sit back and let me suck your soul away." Harry blushed from the dirty talk of Mrs.Weasley. Seeing now she was a real slut when it came to sex only making his best friend's submissiveness more understandable.


 With a smirk, she began to wildly stroke his cock, her hand moving so deftly along the thick meat that Harry had to tighten his grip on the chair below him as his legs quivered. Her lips went back to work, only this time, they dropped down to his balls, collecting them both in a single movement. Tightening her lips around the point where they connected to his body, holding them in the warm wet haven of her mouth. Her tongue once again displayed just how quickly and precisely it could move, darting and ducking across his balls, lathering them with saliva. While she created an air of suction around his balls, tightening and loosening the pressure to maintain such intense pleasure. She let out muffled moans, enjoying the taste of the circular hanging appendages. The moaning sent an incredible vibration throughout, making harry grunt. Taking a moment from his ball, Molly asked Harry to stand up, saying she was gonna show him some true-to-life skills. Standing up, harry gripped the table and let out a gasp when she went back at his balls. Her other hand, not bothering with her own cock, latched onto his tight, juicy ass cheek. Fondling It but using It primarily to keep Harry steady and in place while she lavished his cock in every pleasurable way she could conceive. All the while savoring the sweet sounds of satisfaction that escape the young boy's lips. Oh, how she missed the shy naivety of youth. Nothing more satisfying than making a boy blush, unable to look away.


She popped each of Harry's balls out of her mouth with a wet slurp, returning her plump experienced lips to the head of his cock. Harry's legs were a quivering mess, as the Weasley mother did indeed try to suck out his soul. Wasting no second, she uses her tounge, darting and curling around his engorged pulsating tip, threatening to push him into orgasm at a moment's notice. Thankfully Harry could control his orgasm to a certain extent. However, if Mrs.Weasley continues to bless his cock with her deadly fellatio skills. He would proceed in busting his load in his girlfriend's mother's mouth. Molly quickly found her preferred rhythm and sequence of movements. After lavishing his cock-head with her tongue, she once again suddenly and swiftly sheathed his entire cock in her throat. Her hand flattened against his base as her tongue continued to circle his thick shaft. She began to draw her lips backward, her tongue working restlessly as her hand followed. Right the way back up to the head before she plunged back along, repeating, again and again, her free hand working his slickened balls. Allowing for a more sticky and enjoyable massage. Harry could swear that Molly was enjoying this. Enjoying his big juicy cock in her mouth, giving him one of the best blowjobs of his life. Her moans clearly show how much joy she was getting out of slurping, gagging, and cupping his balls and shlong.


"Ah! Fuck! Please, keep going. Damn, this is so good. Bloody Hell!" Harry's hand went down to the redheaded curly lock and caressed Molly's head. Pleasurably shocked at the toe-curling, leg-shaking experience he was receiving. He looked down, enjoying the sight of Ron and Ginny's mother sucking his knob, moaning all over his salvia gleaming dick. With Molly now in better shape and the body of a busty fit milf, he couldn't deny she was hot. And better than anything, he couldn't deny how outstanding she was at sucking cock and how good she looked doing it. The strange paradox had Harry's mind reeling, all ultimately coming back to the concrete revelation that he should simply enjoy the pleasure.


Molly didn't halt her sucking, throating the meaty cock, her lips open to the point you could hear sexy lewd slurping, gaging, and moaning. Harry's eyes flutter closed, feeling Molly's throat accept his juicy thick dick. Molly's hand that gripped his tight juicy butt promptly slipped a finger into his anal passage, surprising Harry. Getting deep inside his bumhole, she worked her finger in and out, curling it when the digit pulled backward. With the additional level of pleasure that was beyond his capacity to resist, he couldn't hold it any longer. Harry let out throaty grunts, in tandem with his grunts was Molly moans. As his tasty salted cum splashed her into mouth and tounge. She tightened her lips to make sure none of his cum came spilling out of her mouth. Strand after strand arrived out onto the skilled throat and tounge of Molly Weasley. The mother to his girlfriend and best friend eagerly gulped down the thick scrumptious cum, moaning in the process. Removing her finger and popping the cock from her plump lips, Molly's eye's fluttered and let out a guttural moan. No longer caring that she sucked off her daughter's boyfriend and gulped down his semen as if it was pumpkin juice.


"That was a heavy load, Harry. And a tasty one as well." Molly smirked as she came back from her blissful cum swallowing. Noting she was hard, and Harry's cock hadn't died down yet. She was ready for him to fuck her fat juicy ass.


"My, my, your still hard as marbles, dear. We can't have that, now can we, Harry." She stood up from her knees and turned around, facing the table. Molly pulled down her tight workout pants and bent over, arching her back, displaying her wide fat bubble butt. Harry stared at the big, round meaty ass that perfectly sculpted her tone but curvy thighs. And now, with a slender waist and perky fat tits, Molly Weasley had the ultimate hourglass look. 


As Harry made his way towards the bent-over Weasley's mother, he peeled apart her fat asscheeks and spat onto her wrinkled tight hole. Molly smirked, for she was about to receive an assertive fucking from her future son-in-law. Harry then lined up his tip to her bumhole, Molly hoping to help make sure he speared her fondly. Molly used her hand to spread her plump cheeks. Pressing his girthy length against her hole, Molly relaxed, and thats when her asshole gave way. Harry groaned, as did his mother law when he skewered her. With one deep plunge, Harry bottomed out in her. His hips collided with her gigantic juicy bottom, making a resounding slap that was all too familiar. Clearly noticing that Molly's age and experience led to a well-trained asshole that could take cock.


"Ugh! Fuck! Damn, that is a well-trained hole. Clearly, you were a slut back in your Hogwarts days." Harry finished his statement with a heavy swat to Molly's fat ass. One she enjoyed as she giggled.


"Of course. All wizards love slutty holes. None can resist a well-trained suited bumhole. Now give mommy that fat cock and plunder my hole like proper bottom bitch! Give it to me hard and furious!" Molly begged eagerly, excited.


Harry grinned and pulled back briefly, giving Molly a feeling of emptiness till he sharply thrust forward again, colliding with the plump ass of Molly. It was a soft thrust, but even it made her big juicy asscheeks clap. A promising note in the future. Molly gasped as she felt the thick dick punch her prostate. Grinning, Molly shifted her body forwards, working in tandem with Harry. Ensuring that every inch of his cock was pulled out of her. Leaving only the tip inside her tight hole. And then, in synchronized unison, they pushed together, with Harry driving forwards and Molly slamming back. The sound of their bodies colliding filled the room, alongside Molly's ass cheeks rippling and slapping against themselves. Harry swiftly and powerfully set an ass wrecking pace as his mother-in-law wanted. The resounding slaps of their flesh got louder, as did Molly's grunts and moans. He gripped her fat ass and watched as they rippled from his godlike thrust. 


"Ahhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck! Just like that! Just like that! Fucking claim my fat arse! Claim it! Give me that big dick, Harry! Wreck mommy's plump juicy bumcheeks! Aaah!" Molly squealed out in ecstasy. She was getting exactly what she craved for so long. Slamming himself into her ready and willing hole, Harry hungrily pounded her from behind, his hand firmly gripping her big fleshy buttcheeks. She could tell part of him wanting to maul and pull at her ass cheeks. Yet the almost hypnotic way in which her ass rippled. And shook was too much of a visual delight for him to sacrifice for a mere couple of squeezes. 


Doing her best to keep up with him, Molly quickly felt his youthful vigor take over, the boy's hips moving faster than she could. Resulting in her body falling still as Harry pumped into her from behind. Her face contorted in bliss as pre-cum leaked along her thigh. Feeling his big balls impacting hers, she could only just get pounded by the young sex god. She became impressed with his stamina. As for seven straight minutes, he was beating in her asshole with never wavering swiftness and force. Her body was thrumming with pleasure as she coursed closer and closer to her orgasm.


"Fuck! Such a nice fat arse! Take it! I'm going to make you worship my cock! You love the way my cock carves up your greedy hole! Don't you, Mrs.Weasley!" Harry snarled. Hammering harder against her prostate, he could feel Molly's legs begin to shake. Sensing she was close, he pulled her backward into his powerful thrust, adding more alluring punishment to her greedy asshole. Molly could only grunt as she was one thrust away from blowing her load. And on time, that thrust came and sent her over. 


"Ohhhh! Fuck! Ugh! Morgana's tits! Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop!' Molly shrieked as she blew her load. White thick strands came shooting out of her flaccid cock, as she could still feel Harry ramming her through her orgasm even though her tight hole clenched around him intensely. His balls were still beating against her's. The cum hit the floor below her and kept coming as her son-in-law abused her prostate, extending her orgasm. Molly let out a guttural moan, her legs shook intensely, and the redheaded woman's eyes went cross-eyed. Harry continued with a few more powerful thrusts but then found out the tight asshole of his mother-in-law to be overstimulating. He indeed wanted to flood her bumhole with his thick fat load, but the meaty asscheeks of Molly consumed his mind too much. Both breathed a groan when Harry plucked his fat dick from his adopted mother's insatiable asshole and jerked off his thick shlong. Aiming it at her gigantic juicy bottom. With vociferous grunts, Harry launched warm thick strands all over Molly's ass and lower back, painting it with his cum. It was a beautiful picture before him, something he felt embarrassingly proud of.


Molly finally came back to the world they lived in and saw Harry was no longer hard as a rock but needed some cleaning up. She skillfully slurped and suckled his cock clean with her experienced mouth. With hungry eyes, Molly sent him to his room. She leaned against the table, thinking about the magical sex she specifically had with her son-in-law. She thought of embarrassment, but it never came to her heart. It only made her more horny and greedy for his dick. She cleaned up the mess they both made and aired out, the smell of sex. Taking a shower and falling into a restful nap, she thought of the delicious sex she wanted again. And that would happen a lot once the pair were alone. As soon as the others left, Molly would sneak Harry to her room and magically lock the door for the sexual sensations. Often it was Molly on her hands and knees, head laid onto the bed with her plump, exquisite ass in the air. Harry would often plow the redheaded mother from behind but now got a new appreciation for reverse cowgirl. Watching the beautiful milf bounce up and down with his fat cock plunging into her tightly clenching asshole. While getting a nice view of her asscheeks rippling whenever butt met his torso. 


Many of the times, it only happened when her children would often leave the house for fun, including her husband. However, after nearly getting caught by Ginny, Harry had to call them a quits for the time being. Molly was gorging herself on the big slab of meat. Till a knock on the door of her room made her stop. Luckily Harry prepared for that as he had the invisibility cloak and waited till Ginny came for whatever. So Molly suggests that they take their fun sex to Grimmulds Place. It worked out many times as Molly would get ravaged or suck off Harry. Like she was doing currently, slobbering all over his cock. Throating the giant cock and massaged his wet balls due to her mouthy work on them. Harry caressed the head of his mother-in-law, closed eyes and ragged breathing with subtle moans and grunts. Molly was honestly the best cock sucker he's ever had. Fleur was great and skilled, but Molly had a lewd naughty approach that made it more fascinating and thrilling.


"Ahhhh. Merlin's beard, this is good. Mommy, slobbering all over my thick cock! Enjoying the taste of me! Ugh! Such good skills!" Harry praised. Molly smiled while slurping back and forth, sliding her plump fat lips across his veiny cock and twistingly stroking the base. Molly popped off and dropped to his fat balls that held to her the golden juice. She swirled her tounge around each testicle and within, one move clasped it tightly around her lips with great suction. The impressive lewd action earned a rugged grunt from Harry. Moaning around the delicious balls, she didn't leave the thick shlong alone, giving it smooth twisting slick strokes from the head to the base. Bringing her focus back to the balls that were under her control. She took both into her mouth. Completely enveloping his entire sack, her tongue weaving back and forth, lapping at the sensitive balls. Her moans once again began to shudder through his flesh, adding another dimension to the physical pleasure. Pulling her lips away, she admired her handiwork. Both his shaft and balls were layered in a healthy amount of saliva. 


"Mmmmm! Oh, I just love these flavorful cock and balls! I'm going to drain you with this slutty experienced mouth all night. Mmmmm! Fuck, yeah! I can't wait till you splash that delicious cum all in my mouth! Come on and fuck mommy's throat!" Molly smirked and opened her adept mouth, ready to be throat fucked by her son-in-law's juicy big dick. Harry held the head of Molly, gripping the curly red hair at the scalp. Once he lined up his fat shlong, he pushed into the skillful mouth of beauty that belonged to Molly Weasley. Once he was in her mouth, his cock punctuated her throat, the redheaded matron closed her fat lips tight around the dense cock. The moan she let out gave off a vibrating sensation Harry never got bored of. Harry hummed softly to Molly's embrace throat and mouth. No longer in the waiting mood, Harry thrust forward pushed more of his cock into Molly's mastered throat. Her lips remained tight as she had reached his base, his balls pressed against her slick wet chin.


Harry looked down and admired the gracious sight of his mother-in-law fully taking his cock. It was such a hot sight he didn't want to blow his load early. But Harry needed to tell himself to look down at the alluring naughty milf that was gonna receive a throat fucking. He eyed his sexy mother-in-law, tightly squeezed the hair that threaded between his fingers, and drew his hips back. Saliva streaked across his cock, shimmering and shining, all before powering suddenly and sharply forwards. The speed of Harry's thrust rendered Molly's throat defenseless, just how she loved it last time. Instantaneously, the raven-haired hero caved into the familiar tight depts of Molly Weasley's gullet. Several inches of big hard dick sank past the point of no return and is lodged in the close-knitted warmth. Molly hummed gloriously. Her warm sexual hungered eyes fluttered close. The familiar sensation and sound of his big tasty wet balls slapping against her saliva slick chin was music to her ears. She was consumed by subtle gags and spews, with saliva leaking along her slippery chin. Molly maintained her lips to tightly hold his cock, knowing every witch and wizard enjoys tightly skilled lips during a good throating. 


"Fuck! Merlin! Ugh, your throat is as good as your arsehole!" Harry praised. Continuing to hammer deep into Mooly's gifted throat. Harry could tell at his rate he would cum in no time, but it felt too good to stop. He could never get enough of his heavy cum-laden balls smacking firmly against Molly's saliva-streaked chin. Breathing deep, Harry pumped his hips back and forth, slamming his meaty shlong into the clutching throat of his mother-in-law. Spilling pre-cum deep into the milf's throat, saliva gleaming and glistening across his shaft as thick strands of the substance lathered both Harry's shaft and Molly's chin. The Weasley matron's eyes stay fixated on Harry, watching his expressions of pleasure trace all over his face, with his subtle grunts and moans. Harry's pace had sped up, and now he began to feel the all too familiar tightness in his balls. The creeping of his intense orgasm was approaching fast. And with a couple more deep thrusts, it arrived, his fat shlong spammed and twitched. Sending out thick hot strands into the throat and mouth of Molly, who could feel all of the delicious cum fill up her mouth. She eagerly gulped down the flavorful treat she worked for, milking him of every last drop.


"Ugh! Morgana's fat arse!" Harry heavily sighed. Molly swirled her tounge around the head of his cock and pulled off with a loud pop. She smiled happily, though Harry could tell she wasn't done with him. For she dragged him to the head of the table and sat him in the chair. Falling down to knees again. Sexual hunger glossed within her eyes. "I told you, Harry. I'm going to gobble up and suck you dry all day. Mommy gonna have such fun with your fat cock." 


She went back to slapping the cock into her mouth and bobbing up and down, slurping away at his cock with her fat plump lips.


Chapter Text

Winter of Hogwarts were some of the best times, as the festive school spirit and spellwork were dazzling to look at. The snow sticking to the ground outside the castle, the great smile of the teens and teachers. Yet, there was another problem during the Winter of Hogwarts, Pranks. Many would happen, from poor foul orders in the mail to trapping students and teachers. It was irritating and foolish. Minerva was getting fed up with them all. One of the stunts involved her being stuck inside her classroom for sixteen hours. Suddenly no one felt safe, and the Weasley twins made comments saying it wasn't them, but whoever it was, they bowed before them.


Lily started growing suspicious of her son, who had his father's old prank journal. She asked him, and he gave her a look of complete insanity. Lily expected that. Harry wasn't like his father but merely a combination of his grandmother and herself. Really stoic and profound, the reason he was sorted into Slytherin. Giving her the idea that he would come up with these ridiculous stunts. They were pretty crafty and ingenious. She made it a memorandum on keeping track of him, watching his moves closely. It was late, and prefects were around. She was done grading some charm papers and was going to the fourth floor to discuss some magical theories. Until she heard banging coming from a broom closet. She thought nothing of it until the bangs on the door became urgent and pleading. Lily rushed to the door to open it and realized it wouldn't open cause it had no handle. As she plucked her wand from her holster, she used an overpowering charm spell. Expecting the door to swing violently open and disable any prankish magic. Instead, she found herself dropped into the broom closet. Looking around the oversize broom cupboard, Lily saw a student she could make out yet, with their forehead on the door. 


"You there. How long have you been in here?" Lily asked, seeing that it was a girl and she was indeed very frustrated. Also, making it into the fact that she was prefect.


"I've been in here for twenty minutes. I heard the door creak close and went to check it out. I didn't see anything when I opened it, so I used a location spell, and that was when it pulled me in with the door slamming shut. I saw the handle vanish away and panicked." Lily could tell she was Scottish through her accent. Furthermore, with the only light source being the moonlight shining through the small windows, she could see the girl belonging to the Ravenclaw house.


"Do you have a name, miss?" Lily asked.


"Chang. Cho Chang." Lily's eyes widen and then narrow. This was Harry's girlfriend, the Asian slut he was fucking. Lily had to control her mothering instincts to stun the girl and interrogate her. She did not like the Asian harlot even though she didn't know her well. Lily had her reasons. One she was banging her son, and the other she heard was she was a naturalistic top. Who had a collective amount of bottoms in her station.


"Well, Ms.Chang. I am Professor Potter." Lily heard Cho gasp, more out of embarrassment. She expected a formal hello or upstanding welcoming as most students did. Years ago, when Harry was in his first year, Lily slew the dark wizard Malthus. Who secretly infiltrated the castle, looking for her son. He was after James Potter's son so he could repay a deadly favor for sending him to Azkaban. She challenged him in front of everyone, asking for a duel to the death. If she lost, he could have him. If he lost, he would find his head removed from his shoulders. And in a one-sided battle, she extracted his head from his shoulders with a dagger. It let everyone in the wizarding world know she was possibly the strongest mage in their world. Malthus terrorized other wizarding countries before James put him in Azkaban. So his influence was enormously influential, but never could he threaten England soil, for the Potters made sure he knew his place. She was a famous witch and now had the Order of Merlin around her neck, stating she would protect England's soul from any threat.


"I'm sorry, Professor Potter. P-Please mind m-my attitude." Cho stuttered, embarrassed that she sounded like an insufferable bitch to her idol. Lily had a sickly devilishness simile now knowing that the girl was a giant fangirl and turned into a respectful student.


"I'll let it pass, Ms.Chang. However, I'm proceeding to drop my teaching mantle and approach you person to person, witch to witch, and as a mother. What are your intentions with my son, Ms.Chang?" Lily's voice at the beginning was a warming calm till she asked her question. The room got cold and dark with funneling magic swirling around the Potter patrician. The warm voice then turned into a cold icy hiss. Lily's eyes stare right into Cho's soul. She had closed the distance between them, nearing face to face with Lily looking down at Cho.


"I-I admire you f-for raising a g-good man. He's given me a better u-understanding of m-magic and who I am as a w-witch. H-He is brave, kind, and powerful beyond any students in the castle. He's...also one of the most incredible people I met. I actually genuinely like him." Cho was scared for her life throughout her confession. She knew this was nothing more than a mother protecting her child, looking out for him. But it made her very fearful if she put Harry in a bad situation or hurt him in any way. She would get it worse than Malthus.


The room easied, as did the redheaded professor. Cho was relieved and was definitely good to try and be on the good side of Lady Potter. They looked for any way of getting out. Lily cast a revealing charm as something in her gut told her the prankster behind this left something. As this was meant for teens, not teachers. And on the sidewall next to a bed, that was revealed through her charm was a note. As she ready it, she inwardly laughed and shook. Cho asked what she found and was handed the letter, Cho blushed red with embarrassment as secretly she was okay with bending over for Professor Potter. Though the idea of getting fucked by her boyfriend's mother made her somewhat awkward. Lily sighed as it was going to be a weird night, but it had been a long while since she had sex. After James had passed unexpectedly involving him saving Nymphadora Tonks from a killing curse, it was hard finding any partner. In an ironic position, it ended up being the young Aurora getting pounded by Lily. As in some aspects, it comforted them both in some sad erotic way. It ended after two years when Lily felt guilty about fucking Andromeda's daughter, who was one of her best friends. Though the bubbly metamorph still would come by and chat though Lily had to keep them on track even if she missed Tonk's juicy bum. It had been three years since she had sex, so the poor Chinese Ravenclaw was about to be limping back to her room. 


"Seeing how you want to be a part of the family. This could be a way of proving yourself. Even though this is a...fascinating circumstance. Though you are a captivating talented witch." Lily articulated with an alluring husky voice. Cho found the situation quite appalling but seeing how both of them didn't want to be stuck there, she was willing to have sex. 


"T-Thank you, but...Lady Potter. I don't usually...take." Cho insinuated to the powerful redhead embarrassingly. Who had closed the distance again with Lily's mature smoking boby next to Cho's athletic one. Cho could feel the sexual superiority oozing off of her idol, and it was intensely arousing and intimidating.


"Oh, I know, Ms.Chang. I've heard your quite the conquering witch. But even a conquer knows she must submit to a goddess." Cho swore that was one of the hottest things she's ever heard. As the husky, seductive whisper touched her ears, Lily even placed her finger around Cho's chin and brought her into a hot steamy forbidden kiss. 


A kiss she swore magic was involved, as Cho tried to fight the mature redheaded noblewoman tounge, but ultimately and humbly got bested. Lily owned her in every aspect, running her hands all over the athletic body of the Chinese prefect. Cho then subtlely traced her hands throughout the mature hot body of Lily Potter, and she could see why James Potter picked this top dominating goddess. Getting deeper into the kiss, Lily could hear Cho moaning. Telling her the Asian Ravenclaw wanted more eager to discover who was bestowing her this outer body snog. Lily pulled away with Chang chasing for more, Lily chuckled.


"Oh, don't worry, there will be more of that. But let's get this straight, Ms.Chang. I am at the top here. I am the alpha witch. I am your, Supreme Mistress. Is that understood, my precious slut." Cho, without any hesitation, nodded. Lily told her to undress, wanting to see the Ravenclaw quidditch seeker's body. And the sight of the girl was pleasing. Cho was an athletic girl due to her quidditch skills, her breast was the perfect size handful, sitting up and no sag or drop. Her toned-out torso showed an impressive cut six-pack. Lily enjoyed that in some manner. Possibly when she and James had sex, she loved to feel his abs. Even though Cho had an athletic body had a juicy ass, one that both witches and wizards would look at often. And between her long tone, slender legs was a hard thick cock of twelve inches. 


"Mmmmm! Not bad. I can see my son knows how to pick a witch. Now feast your eyes amongst your supreme mistress." Lily waved her hand and vanished her clothes. With the moonlight shining upon her. Cho was, even more, convinced this woman was a gift. Lily Potter's body was so perfect in its proportions. Embodying the perfect balance between stunning plumpness and curves. Her round fat ass, not quite heart-shaped, but holding a more apple-like arc, round, plump and juicy, was captivating in its allure. The bulging spheres that were her breasts, held plumpness with shapely perfection. Her skin was a pale and illustrious white, creamy and alluring in its untouched brilliance. Cascading down her back was her long silky auburn-colored hair flowed with a wave. And standing at five-foot elven, her long shapely legs put it all in one. However, the most prominent and eye grasping body part of the redheaded sovereign, was the thick monster dick between her legs. Raging hard between her legs was a thick veiny dick at a startling sixteen inches with big balls that looked ready to unload. Cho's eyes couldn't come off of the monstrous shlong, for she's never seen a cock that big. For wizards and witches, their penis sizes came from their magical abilities and power, knowing she was one of the most powerful magical users in history, it made sense for her size. 


"Now that you've seen your, Supreme Mistress. It's time to please her. Present yourself, Ms.Chang." Lily commanded the young Asian. Looking hungrily, she stroked some of her dick, ready to turn Harry's girlfriend into the potter cumdumpster.


Meanwhile, in the Ravenclaw common room. Meritta and others were currently worried about cho's safety. "Cho wouldn't be gone for this long even if she was pounding into a good arse. I hope she's okay." Meritta asked, concerned for her best friend and long-time top lover.


"Meritta, calm down. I'm sure she is good. And if she been gone for this long, that person taking it is in for a long night." One of the Ravenclaw males ensured.


Cho was currently deepthroating Lily Potter's sixteen-inch shlong. In reality, she was deepthroating fourteen inches of the sixteen, but she was making it pleasurable. Lily held the head of Chang while she thrusts into the sometimes spasming throat. In the beginning, it was a few subtle licks, but Cho wanted to prove herself to lady potter. So she pushed the cock passed her soft lips and swallowed ten inches, making Lily groan in satisfaction. She worked her bobs down to fourteen inches and tried to do more, but her throat spasmed and gagged, sputtering wildly. Cho began to fall slowly in love with the tremendous cock of Lily, yet it would still do a number on her. Her lips were able to slide up and down with ease now, while her tongue danced around Mrs.Potter's shaft as she did so. Closing her eyes, she dragged her lips along her shaft, lubing it to a deliciously glossy shimmer. Cho then began to softly moan, her lusty vibrations humming along the charm professor's cock, bringing a soft moan to the redhead teacher as her cock was enveloped again and again by a deliciously skilled mouth. Cho couldn't throat all of Lily's cock yet, but was about to make sure those fat balls got played with. Using the silva that dribbled all over her chin, she gathered it into her hand and seized Lily's balls. Fondling them with gracious intent. Lily steadied her grip and initiates sharp thrusts forward, making sure her shlong hit all of Cho's throat. The Asian girl gagged around her mistresses dick as she did her best to give the thick object some blissful pleasure in fucking her throat. Moaning at the pleasurable sensation, Lily adorns the spasming lips and throat, hearing the Asian slut moan, gag, and sputter all over her gigantic shlong was an absolute victory. However, she wanted to breed the Asian bitch, make her the Potter's personal bottom bitch. She plucked her cock from the plump cushiony lips and slapped Cho's face with the meaty appendage. 


"You suck cock like a slut. That's good. I see that my son's dick has taught you well. With a bit more time, you'll be deepthroating my whole cock in no time. That chin will meet these balls at some point. However, get in position on that bed. It's time for your breeding, Chang." Lily's voice was stern, but it had this sexual allure that made you follow her orders. Cho nodded with a "Yes, Supreme Mistress." The Asian Ravenclaw climbed onto the bed and faced towards the end of it. She spread her legs far apart and propped her juicy backside up in the are air. At the end of the bed was a gold railing. Lily then told her to grab ahold of it. Once Cho did, with a wave of her hand, Lily conjured golden shackles around the asian's wrist and a golden ring that attached itself to the gold railing of the bed.


 Lily then climbed up on the bed and positioned herself in front of the Chinese juicy bubble butt. She gripped the fleshy buttcheeks with her soft hands, Cho moaned to the touch as her boyfriend's mother kneaded her perfectly, round plump rear end. Mrs.Potter lifted her sixteen-inch cock and slapped it in between the juicy buttcheeks, it was a sight Lily was long familiar with. As she too, used to carve her cock in between both James and Tonks's bubble butts. With another wave of Lily's hand, Cho gasped as she felt a warm liquid materialize onto her butt. Her ass glistened from the magical oil that lily charmed over her ass. Lily gave the juicy bottom of Chang another slap and watched the rippling motion throughout the plump flesh. Peeling apart the fleshy buttcheeks, the Potter matron got a view of Chang's undamaged wrinkled hole. Smiling, Lily slipped two of her fingers into her lips, lubing them to a glossy and sloppy shimmer before lowering the digits to her little tight hole, gently pressing both fingers in against Cho's bum. Reluctant to give her Supreme Mistress access, Cho found her hole to be no match for her superior's lustful skill. As Lily's two fingers eventually slipped inside and started stretching Cho's tight back entrance. The fingers slowly got Cho ready for Potter's cock which was begging to destroy a tight bumhole. 


Moaning audibly to the sudden of fingers penetrating. Cho felt her body tingle as her ass was peeled open, a feeling she had only ever obtained from one other person. Ironically it being Lily Potter's son. The Chinese witch wanted more, but her dominant pride and attitude kept her from begging for more. Lily smiled as she knew no one could hold out against her sexual skill and dominance. Easing the two fingers in and out of her bum. Lady Potter watched eagerly as Chang's rosebud clutched and pulled at her fingers, trying desperately to keep them lodged inside her whenever she attempted to pull them out. Lily could feel the Asian girl's dominant mindset decrease as she could feel Chang pushing back into her fringers. Grinning wildly at Cho's eagerness, the muggle-born witch slipped a third finger inside the clutching butthole, Cho moaned once more and, as expected, subconsciously began to push her arse back greedily. As she was trying to sink them deeper inside her, along with fact that her cock was raging, brought a massive smile to Lily. As that gave her enough evidence that the Cho was ready to be broken in and become House Potter's personal cocksleeve. 


"You've done well, Chang. It is time you become part of the family. You're going to take my thick cock and love it!" Lily exclaimed, sending a heavy smack to Cho's juicy backside once more. The Chinese sixth-year squealed and shook a little. Lily peeled apart the juicy buttcheeks of the Ravenclaw and held the tip of her cock at her entrance, pressing the fat head against it. She commanded Cho to beg for it, give her a reason to fuck her hole.


"Please! Please, Supreme Mistress Potter! Stretch my slutty hole! Plunder my juicy bottom to your heart's content! Turn me into the family bottom bitch! Wreck my tight arsehole, Mommy!" Cho confessed loudly. Lily wickedly smiled, for that was just what she wanted to hear.


"As you wish, my bottoming daughter-in-law," Lily whispered. Just audible enough for Cho to hear her. Lady Potter gently pushed forwards, being met with an incredibly tight and resistant hole. Adjusting her angle, she propelled forwards. Pressing the tip against the center of her hole and watching as it slowly began to peel apart, Cho's arsehole was unable to resist the slow advancing push. Easing the tip inside of her arse, Lily let out a throaty moan as Cho groaned from the enormous intruder. Lily had to hold out by just sending a hard, swift thrust. It has been three years since she's been in a tight ass, and now she is about to have unlimited access to Cho Chang's bumhole. Cho expected pain. However, there was none, as the stretching feel became a pleasant sensation. Cho now understood when Lily said she was about to enjoy her gigantic cock. The feeling of the intruder was vastly different in the idea it should have caused pain and discomfort. However, it was the exact opposite in it was pleasing and accommodatingly blissful. Biting her bottom lip, Lily ran her soft regal hands over Cho's oily gleaming bubble butt and took a hold of her hips, and gently began to pull her backward onto her cock. She relished watching as Chang's ass smoothly gave away to each and every inch of her shaft, her tight hole flexing and stretching graciously as she reached halfway. Lily then gently started to fuck Cho, shifting a couple inches in and out, loosening her relatively pristine hole. 


"Fuck! Mmmmmm! More, please! Morgana's big dick its stretching me so good! Fuck, it's so thick and big!" Cho moaned. As the blissful stretching of her hole and the feeling of fullness sent her great enjoyment. The satisfying pleasure was about to send her over the edge. Her cock was twitching subtly, and she could feel her balls tighten, knowing if her Mistress bottoms, she'll explode.

Lily smiled at the reaction of Chang as this was just the perfect victory.


"Greedy and eager slut aren't we. Perhaps, I should give you detention here and there. Yes, you'll please my cock with this tight hole. That'll be perfect. Now, take my cock! Please, your Mistress, in being the Potter's cocksleeve." Lily slapped the oily red asscheek of Cho and went back to grasping her hip.


"Yes, Supreme Mistress! Let me please this cock and be the best cocksleeve for you and your son!" Cho clamored. Hearing the Chinese Ravenclaw submit brought a devilish smile to Lily's face and spurred her to lodge the entirety of her shaft inside Ravenclaw's Harlot. Sliding forwards, lady potter also began to ease Cho's bum backward, sliding more and more of her cock inside. Lily moans to the sensation of Cho's bumhole stretch and adjusts for her size. Once twelve inches was lodged into Cho's bum, Lily suddenly felt Chang's hole tighten around her meaty appendage like a vice. The Potter matron inferred she hit the girl's prostate, which she gleefully smiled at. Cho felt her Mistress's cock hit her prostate. An unbearable wave of pleasure hit her body as her fat tip massaged her prostate, sending massive bursts of bliss through her entire body. And like she knew, Cho got pushed over the edge, and her orgasm hit her. Cho's cock spasmed, twitched, and her balls unleashed a heavy three-month load. The Asian Ravenclaw let out a loud series of guttural grunts as her shlong blasted thick strand onto the bed below her. Cursing as she unloaded three months of build-up. During her vicious orgasm, Cho's body shook aggressively, her eyes rolled closed, and she gripped the gold rail so hard her knuckles turned white. 


However, Lily still wanted to bottom out. So she slid forward. Each inch that slid inside from that point onwards milked morsel after morsel of pleasure from her sensitive spot until Cho felt her Mistress shaven crotch push against her tender bum cheeks. The big heavy pair of balls dangling beneath the colored girl softly smacked against Cho's balls. Cho's body again shook, and she let out a long atrocious moan as she could feel her prostate get crushed by the sixteen-inch monster. Lily growled as she bottomed out. She was now going to fuck the magic out of Chang. Not needing encouragement, Lily slowly slid half of her cock out of the young Asian broad before swiftly and powerfully thrusting her cock back in. Both grunted in unison but for entirely different reasons. Lily was sexually hungry to fuck up Cho's tight asshole and make the Asian harlot her bitch. She groaned out of sexual aggressiveness, letting Cho know she was about to be limping back to her common room with a gaping hole. Cho grunted from the blissful suddenness of a cock slowly easing out of her clutching butthole and abruptly pushed back in her with tremendous force. Cho could see how this was going to turn out, with her slutting out and blowing loads. Lily let out a series of the exact same thrusts, all of them having identical results. Lily relished the familiar sound of her torso meeting Cho's juicy buttcheeks. She had missed the sound of her hips meeting a bare ass, the constant loud smacking sound was the best thing about sex. Along with watching the plump rear ripple from your robust, snappy thrust. 


Plowing into the sixth-year Ravenclaw and feeling her fat balls meeting Cho's was abundantly pleasurable, especially considering how tight she was. She barely even had to move to have her cock plunged into an immensely satisfying state. However, Lily was no longer was gonna let the Asian whore have powerful slow strokes. Taking her hands off her the Chinese prefect's hips, she moves one of them down to Cho's plump, succulent right bumcheek and the other onto Cho's toned left shoulder. With Cho in an arch doggy position, this was about to give Lily more depth into Chang's tight asshole, while plunging into her juicy asscheeks with more rugged power. In doing this, Lily changes her thrusts, making them longer and more decisive, with snappy quickness. Cho's bliss shot through her ceiling, she didn't expect faster and harder thrusts. These crushed her prostate to dust while the others punched. They became addicting real quick as they gave her soul seizing pleasure, the only time she was ever addicted to thrust like this was when she bottomed for Harry. She started to understand that these were not just remarkable, powerful witches and wizards, but also unrelenting and revitalizing sex gods as well. Cho was turned into nothing but a wanton whore. Breathing, panting, squealing, and almost screaming into the room, Cho was letting everything out as she started to get eagerly sodomized by the equivalent of a baseball bat.  


"That's it, bend to my will, bitch! Bend to it whore! Accept your position of being our bottom bitch! Accept in becoming the Potter's wanton whore! Ugh! Take that dick!" Lily roared. Feeling Cho's second orgasm unleashing as the hole became tight again. Lily was entirely in sexual ferocity mode, plowing Cho harder and faster even through her intense orgasm. Cho yet again fired lengthy strands of cum all below into the sheets. Grunting not only from the intense orgasm, but the eye-widening power and speed of Lily potter's thrust. 


Lily kept up her sexual onslaught for an impressive seven minutes. Her soft regal hands smacked and groped the juicy bottom that kept meeting her torso, causing loud ear-pleasing smacks of sex. But even she had a limit as she felt the familiar testicle tightening sensation. Her thrust shortened but still carried power, Cho's eyes were closed as she was captured by the incredible blissful fuck she was receiving from her idol and future mother-in-law.


"Fuck! I'm close! Time for you to become our bitch! Uh! God! Are you ready to become our personal cumdumpster!? I asked you a question, Bitch!" Lily proclaimed. Cho was so into the pleasure of the fuck, she didn't recognize Lily was speaking to her. Lily then snatched her hair by the root and tugged at it. Not wavering in her pace.


"Yes...Yes, Supreme Mistress! Please...please make me the potter cumdump! Fill me up! Fill me up! Fuck, so good!" Cho responded with excitement, really wanting to just be filled up.


"That a good bitch! Ugh! Now, take it! Fuck! Here it comes! Ughhh! Uhhhh! Morgana's tits! Take every drop! Uhhh! Take it...all!" Lily unloaded into the tight asshole, filling up Chang's hole. Lily watched with great satisfaction as her meaty dick would throb and release huge thick hot loads of cum. Cho wailed, grunted, and moaned throughout her Mistress's orgasm. Her body once again shook vigorously, and her eye's fluttered close due to she was being filled up with the equivalent of horse size cum. Cho was so filled up that she didn't even notice she had another orgasm as cum leaked from her flaccid cock. Lily pulled out from Cho's tight hole and took a look at her sexual work. A huge smile came to her face when she pulled out a wave of white cream came pouring from the gaping destroyed hole, Cho even went limp with her butt up in the air and her face down on the mattress. Lily chuckled and slapped her meaty appendage on Cho's juicy buttcheeks. She waved her hand, and the restraints around the Chinese witch disappeared.


"Were far from done, my slut. It's been a while since I've had a tight proper arse. So, come alive for mommy and lay on your back." Lily commanded softly, but the hard slap to her bubbly bottom said otherwise. Something in Cho made her come alive and follow Lady Potter's orders. 


She did exactly that, and got into the missionary position, where her Supreme Mistress placed herself in between Chang's long tone legs. Not wasting time, Lady Potter slid her thick meat into Cho's gaping butthole and plunged into the Asian whore effectively, probably of the excess cum leftover. Cho moaned and grunted through Lily's sexual onslaught, like the last their incursion Lily started with long quick thrusts, but after three or four, she immediately assailed Cho's battered asshole. Cho was encouraging whimpers and moans, while Lily was ravaging grunts and snarls. Cho immediately slinked her legs around Lily's torso, making Lily's thrusts short but more robust and gladdening her prostate. Lily degraded Cho by calling her bitch, whore, and cocksleeve, but it only made Cho hornier and the sex more pleasing. The dirty degrading sex talk from both female witches became routine and satisfying. As the Ravenclaw encouraged her Supreme Mistress to wreck her whorish hole and use her as nothing but a fuck toy. Both witches explored each other's bodies. With Lily traveling to cho's perfect breast and cut abs and Cho doing the same. Feeling herself close, Lily changed from short, fast thrusts to hard, bed-shattering ones. Cho had came on herself both times as Lily would often help her reach her orgasm by jerking her off with a skill slick handjob. 


As the Potter matron came close to blowing her load, she closed the distance between them with a heated steamy kiss, tounge battling. She would revert back to the quick, powerful thrusts. However, Cho would reach behind her Supreme Mistress and snatch up her fat voluptuous bubble butt, gripping, kneading, and pushing down on it. Lily snarled into her orgasm, flooding Cho's butthole again, but not like last time. They peck each other's lips, and Cho suggests she show off her broom riding skills on her Mistress's long fat cock. Lily totally agreed as they got into position and committed to their roles, Lily became impressed with how well Cho adapted to her cock as the Asian Ravenclaw slammed her tight gripping hole all the way down to her base. The redheaded matron, at one point, grasped at Chang's hips and brought her down while she thrust upwards. It became a steamy session in Cho asking her Mistress to pounder harder and fill her hole up again. Lily gave the greedy bitch just that by blasting her load into Cho's guts. 


Lily had to call it as her slut became too addicted as the wanton whore wanted to fuck from the back again. Lily slapped her bottom and told her to get dressed. Following her own orders, Lily approached a fully clothed Cho and gave her sweet kisses. 


"Now, my slut. When we're alone, you will refer to me as Supreme Mistress or Lady Potter or Mum. Is that understood?" Lily ordered. 


"Yes, Lady Potter." 


"Good. You will be severing detention with me for two weeks because you should have been more aware of these foolish rooms." Cho nodded as she knew that would entail getting more dick from her Mistress.


As they left, both went their separate ways. Lily smiled as she was back in action and wanted more. 


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Chapter Text

Into the third month of the magical schooling, it was regularly the same as always some gossip here and there, bullying, and duels over boys. The female population in the wizarding world was interesting, to say the least, as for every three witches was one wizard. Many boys in Hogwarts were scarce, and if you were lucky, you hoped to find a good one. Many of the boys felt they owned witches and were a rare commodity. This was very factual. However, it made finding a good wizard extremely rare, and there weren't many that were single and young. Either they were old and married to good witches. Though some were the exception, as the most sought after was Harry Potter. Gryffindor's best and not to mention Hogwarts best, every witch wishes for his cock in their mouth. Handsome, polite, powerful, and very charming without knowing it. Even the Slytherin witches want his cock between his legs and primarily to become royalty within the magical world. Yet, there was one witch that was persistent and unrefined in her approach. 

Ascella Malfoy was very much a bitch to those she saw beneath her. She was a beautiful blond witch with a hot body. However, the moment her pretentious attitude was shown she became very non-attractive. She was the most adamant in saying she deserved Harry Potter, even though he was half-blooded and she followed the pureblood agenda. Harry being around the girl multiple times during class, would try to keep his distance, but in a few instances throughout their school years, made it problematic. Often she tried securing the green-eyed wizard into a marriage contract or made a hardcore advance on him she thought was clever. Harry couldn't lie, Ascella was a stunning witch, but he found her personality very disinteresting and rude. Never could he see her as a potential girlfriend or significant other.

Currently, he was making his way from the great hall Ascella ambushed him. She had arrived with her close friends Pansy Parkinson's and Dreulla Black. "Potter, good morning. I find it very odd that you are by yourself. I was expecting Weasley and the mudblood bitch to be by your side."

Another thing that made her unattractive was her blatant prejudice toward those not of pureblood. Harry hated that word with a passion. One boy had used to degrade his best friend, Hermione Granger. It resulted in the boy being sent to saint mungos with severe burns. Ascella was extremely bold. "Good morning, Malfoy. I left early to do my morning workout, then had breakfast. Now, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that word from your mouth. And I'll be on my way to class." 

Harry's eyes glowed with power, and the three females backed away slightly. But Ascella would hold her ground, not moving out of his way. She could tell there was something about his mood that screamed irritation. She made a mental note to keep her speech in check. "I see you are a bit...irritated. Perhaps I could relieve you of your aggravation. I could do wondrous things if you accompanied me." She slowly licked her lips to show off her long tounge. Hearing the low lewd sultry in her voice implied that she wanted to give him an exemplary slob on the nob. 

Harry scoffed and told her she had a better chance of being his whore than his wife or pureblood royalty. He walked passed her seething form and made sure his wand was at the ready in case she wanted to curse him in the back. Making his way towards charms, he enters the classroom greeting his mother. She noticed his tone but was too busy preparing her lesson. She made a quick note to ask later. Once all of the fifth-year students arrived in the classroom, including his friends Rinerva Weasley and Hermione Granger, his mood started to sink, till he saw Ascella enter the class giving him a saucy smile and wink. Rinerva and Hermione could see that Harry was vastly irritated. Probably from the prejudice bitch that was Ascella. Rinerva leaned over to Hermione, whispering she would take care of it. Rinerva and Harry became friends even before Hogwarts when they first met each other at Diagon Alley. Looking at the Quidditch shop and eyeing up brooms. She came off as very tomboyish but never cared. Until her third year came, where she had a glow-up, she was on the thicker side, but that slimmed down a lot. Her breast became double d's that stood up, then her red hair was no longer outlandish or unkept in some spots. It became looked silky, straight, and very much tempered. She started to become a woman and boys began to look her way. As the lesson for charms ended, Harry got up with his friends he commenced to stroll away from them to his next class. However, Rinvera snatched his hand and led him away from his route. He wanted to tell her to stop until she told him to be quiet and follow her. She then told him his anger was affecting her mood. 

Meanwhile, Hermione sat in defense silently writing out her notes until the teacher called on her. "Granger, could you tell me where Weasley and Potter are? And why they think it's important to skip my class?" The defense teacher asked, annoyed by students skipping her class. 

"They went to the infirmary. Harry wasn't feeling well after class, Ms.Tonks." Hermione lied. She didn't know where they were or what they were doing when Rinvera took away Harry to calm him down.

Around Hogwarts on the second floor, Harry Potter and Rinerva Weasley were locked in a broom closet. Harry's right hand rested in the redhead fiery locks of his best friend, who was presenting a sloppy nobbing over his big thick meat. Rinerva eagerly slurped, sputtered, and pumped his cock with great vitality. Swiftly she bobbed her head close to his base and back to the head of his dick. Her hands jacked him off with swirls and twists, keeping the dick and her hands slick and glistening. Harry could hear and feel her moans while she sucked this thick shlong. Rinerva's plump cushioning lips tightly secured Harry's wide beater's bat. She never let the fat cock go anywhere except her mouth and gullet. Moaning at the taste, Rinerva flooded his cock again with gentle orgasmic vibrations, causing Harry to moan alongside. Harry watches with eminent fixation as she swiftly plunges her lips down his shaft, swallowing every single inch of his cock and pressing her plump lips against the base of his cock. She held herself there, feeling his fat balls pressing against her slick chin. Rinvera coughed and sputtered as silvia started to occupy her throat. Harry moaned as she flexed her throat, and slowly pulled her mouth back up his shaft and plucked her lips from his cock before letting her hands start to jerk him steadily. Using the saliva that flooded her mouth, she spat all over his thick thirteen-inch cock to make his meat appendage slicker and delicious-looking. Rinerva also used the spittle to slick up his balls, giving the testicles a shiny glisten.

His redheaded mate smiled at him, one that was sexually excited." God, I love it when I can make you moan like a little bitch. You can't lie that you have fallen in love with my throat." She spoke with heavy sexual conviction, knowing she was a natural talent when it came to pleasing his cock.

"Merlin, Your right. However, once your bent over, you become my bitch." Harry responded playfully and caressed his best friend's head.

"I don't know about that. Once my fat juicy arse and tight pussy come into play, you always seem to lose yourself. You fuck like a savage beast who feels he owns it." She replied, enjoying the dirty conversation one another is conveying.

"You enjoy being fuck like a cocksleeve. Don't deny it. If you bend over right now, and I buggar your pussy you'll be calling me daddy."  Harry replied smirking. Rinerva stood up with a challenging smile and pulled up her red and gold skirt, revealing she had no panties, just her fat juicy bare ass. Now showing she was ready for any action her best friend wanted, she moved to the stone wall and arched out her back. Giving Harry a familiar view of her round, plump, succulent backside. 

"Get over here, Potter! And make me call you big daddy! Give it to me hard! Fuck me like a slutty whore!" Rinerva confidently challenged, shaking and wiggling her fat bottom. 

Without any hesitation, Harry moved right behind the swaying fat butt of his best friend. With both hands Harry dropped them down onto the juicy globes, squeezing and kneading the succulent rear. Showing he enjoyed his redheaded friend's backside. She moaned at the rough treatment of her fat butt. She loved being a thick witch as most boys in Hogwarts loved a fat ass, she enjoyed the attention but only loved it when Harry's hips met the meaty backside. Harry then lined up the head of his cock to her tight wet pussy and like a knife through butter, entered her tight snatch. Both moaned as Harry was engulfed by wetness, warmth, and tightness. While Rin was punctured by a thick protruding meat stick that made her walls conform to his size. Wasting no time, Harry pushed forward, slamming all of his dick into the tight pussy. Rinerva grunted into a chuckle, thrilled to finally have some alone time with her sexual partner. Harry's hands went to Rin's hips, gripping them firmly but not before swatting at the round, fleshy bottom. The raven-haired wizard began to thrust back and forth, pumping his redhead friend with long and powerful strokes, diving as hard and far as he could into the savoring, clutching warmth. They grunted and moaned into Harry's rough fucking, enjoying the pleasures of wet tight pussy and hard thick dick. From the potent barbaric pumps, the typical slapping of torso meeting asscheeks resonated around the room, filling the somewhat large broom closet with lewd sexual action. Rinerva bit her bottom lip, and her eyes rolled closed, enraptured by the very cock that was giving her bliss throughout her body. While Harry enjoyed not only the warm wet walls of his friend that hugged his shlong tightly. But also the intoxicating sight of Rin's fat, round buttcheeks rippling from each mighty thrust.

"Ugh! Fuck, yeah! Just like that, baby! Pound that pussy! Fucking grip that ripe fat arse!" Rinvera aggressively begged. She was in her favorite position, she love riding him but having him plunge into her like some random slut was the best. She squealed out when he slapped his hand down onto one of her juicy buttcheeks, gripping it with roughness.

Rinerva's moans and grunts became harsher, as did Harry's technique. It had been over a month since they'd had sex. So he must've learned with someone else as his cock was hitting different spots that made her closer to blowing. Also, he was managing himself better, as his moans were much more controlled than in the last session they had. Yet, that didn't matter, it was fucking good, and she didn't want it to stop. Suddenly her pussy tightened her arousal quite literally dripping along her thighs, her legs a mess of slickness as a result of the pleasure. Her legs were starting to quiver, and she was about to cum all over his dick.

"Don't stop, please! I'm cumming! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Keep hammering, big daddy! More big daddy! Finish all over those plump juicy buttcheeks! Morgana's tits! Ahhhhh! I'm cumming all over this fat cock!" She roared as a small hose rushed from her puss,y showering Harry's cock that continued to pound her. Her legs gave out from the intense shaking orgasm, no longer could her hand stay against the walls to support her. Luckily for her, there was a crate below her where she could rest. However, Harry Had more for her, and there was gonna be no resting.

"No, you don't! Take this cock! Take it like a good little slut! Fuck, these arsecheeks are mine!" Harry sped up, hammering home with blurring speed. Rinerva became a fucktoy for him and loved it. The fleshy slaps got louder and faster, and her fat buttcheeks rippled and clapped against each other. For five minutes, he plowed with great power and speed, occasionally sending slaps to her fat ass, it was impressively enthralling. However, his balls began to tighten, and he pulled out unloading on both the fat juicy globes. Rinerva moaned as she felt the hot creamy cum land against her butt. 

They both rested a couple of seconds and got dressed, smiling at each other. As they left the broom closet, making sure no one saw them together, they headed to the Gryffindor common room. During their walk back, Rinerva had to ask something she wanted to know.

"The way you fucked me? That was new. I want to know who else? Cause that was different than all the other times." She stated wanting to know who else had his dick. She saw him lightly chuckle as he knew she would notice.

"Angelina Johnson. She been stressed with quidditch and pulls me aside when she wants to relieve her stress." Harry replied, wondering how Rin would take it.

"She got a fat arse and fat tits. Along with a smoking body, lucky bastard. I see." She responded. Harry could sometimes forget she could be very tomboyish. Before they entered the common room, she kissed him on the lips and left for her dorm room. 

Harry just wondered how his relationship would turn out with fucking his best mate.

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Deep within the Ministry of Magic, on the magical law department floor. It was empty for the day, as it generally was constant chaos. Many of the Aurors were on missions they were assigned to and were finding info about the secret death eater meeting. Though in the bathroom of continuous stalls were two witches having rough primal sex. 

Bellatrix was furiously slamming her thick monster into her partner slash prodigy and niece Nymphadora Tonks. Nymphadora was all but noisy, euphoric grunts and moans while the topping witch behind her was ravenous snarls and moans. Bellatrix was wise enough to put a locking and silencing charm on the stall. As not only was their grunting, snarling, and moaning noisy, but the lewd sound of Black's athletic torso impacting her niece's fleshy round heart-shaped butt. She watched with great satisfaction her niece's fat butt ripple from her swift but decisive pumps. Tonks's eyes crossed and rolled all around. She relished the rough power topping sex from her aunt Bellatrix. As her fourteen-inch cock could crush and obliterate her prostate with a soft thrust. However, with the hard swift plowing, Bellatrix was giving her had simply dusted her prostate. She could feel herself getting ready to blow her load. She steadied herself with her hands on the toilet lid, but in a few more thrusts, she was about to need the sturdy stone wall for more efficient support.

"Oh! Ugh! Fuck my arsehole, Mistress! Fuck it hard! Wreck your cumdumpster! Fucking flood me with your generous load! Oh, Fuck! Morgana's Fat Tits!" Tonks felt herself erupt. Blasting long thick strands of creamy cum all over the toilet seat below her, she groaned out each strand while her aunt maintained fucking her tight hole. She could feel her aunt's big balls smacking against hers and the battering feeling of her prostate getting bashed repeatedly by a long thick dick. All the euphoric sexual actions of her aunt milked her like a cow. She rushed her hands to the stone wall as the blissful rush started to slow. Though Bellatrix's meaty dick was pushed over by the tightening asshole. "Ughhhh! Fuck! Take my fat load, slut! Enjoy this warm thick flooding! My God!" 

Moaning loudly, Black's cock pulsed out thick hot strands into Tonks. Flooding the metamorph's tight hole, Nymphadora whined into a soft chuckle feeling the warm thick cum entering her and flowing onto her prostate. Bellatrix pulled out her semi-erect cock from her niece's eager hole with a wet pop and slapped it between tonk's juicy buttcheeks. As she breathed in and out, the sexual darkness left. Looking at the work she had put in, she frowned and had a face of disgust as it was always the post-orgasm clarity that brought her back to reality. After that wrongful night of fucking her niece during that mission, she couldn't contain the darkness that thrives for profound sexual freedom. Often it is Nymphadora who initiates the sexual activity. However, for the last three weeks, she had been ordering her niece on her knees below her desk deepthroating her meaty cock, or bending over and receiving her buttfucking in the room behind her office. She just couldn't help it, and it was becoming a sickening problem as she thought.

Getting out of her thoughts, she cleaned her cock with a wave of her wand and pulled her purposely tight trousers up. She told tonks to get her pants on so they could report to Amelia like they were supposed to. Tonks needed a few seconds as Bellatrix battered her hole and sent her into an intense orgasm. On her way out, Tonks kissed Bellatrix on the lips. Without Tonks knowing, Bellatrix let out a conflicted sigh and exited, walking in tandem with her prodigy. Once arriving at DMLE's office, Amelia's assistant pressed a small red button. Knowing their appointment was already scheduled, she didn't need to ask if they had one. There was a sudden clicking sound, and the red button turned yellow, signaling they could go in. Once they entered, Bellatrix unusually gasped with widening eyes while Tonks smirked at the presumed unforeseen setting. As it consisted of Amelia Bones, director of magical law enforcement, on her knees, tounge out, jerking off Hogwart's very own Harry Potter. Harry was leaning against her large wooden desk for support. His legs shook violently, most would imagine, as he grunted out his orgasm. Lunching off strands of white cream over most of Amelia's tounge, one or two long strands landed across Amelia's face. Though she didn't seem to care, moaning at the taste of his ball juice. 

With his eyes closed, basking into the blissful feeling of lunching your passionate orgasm across a hot older witch's face, he didn't notice the two witches in the room. With his eyes now open, seeing two drastically different facial expressions, one of sexual fascination and desire. The other of surprise and jealousy, which was more curious than anything. Freaking out, wondering how they got in, not feeling the yellow button under his hand. Harry quickly separated from Amelia's hungry grasp and in urgency tried pulling up his trousers. Amelia was in confusion about why he hurried to pull up his pants. Unwisely turning around, seeing as she had thick cum over her face, she saw Bellatrix Black and Nymphadora Tonks standing there in full view. She quickly turned around and retrieved her wand, and casted a cleaning spell disappearing the creamy liquid. She embarrassingly bid Harry a farewell. He nodded and quickly exited through the floo. Bellatrix did her best to keep her composure, as did Amelia, but she was also failing. Both being friends looked at one another and understood this was going to be talked about, but first, the information about their leads.

As they sat down and talked about the various leads into who's running the secret meeting, it also came into Harry Potter being the central target for some weird but evident reason. As of next year, Harry Potter was going to be Lord of the Most Ancient House of Potter. And seeing how he was enormously mighty and wise beyond his years, they wanted to deal with the most significant threat as soon as possible. Bellatrix was severely scared for her favorite nephew, but also cause she loved him much more than she should. The houses formed a wise and powerful contract stating that once Harry Potter is Lord of his ancient house. House Black will be the leading protector and ally until the contract is wronged by the house leader. And seeing how it was Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather. It didn't seem virtually possible. Still, it worried Black that Harry was the leading priority for the dark witches and wizards, bothering her deeply. After the sobering talk, Bellatrix broke the veil of embarrassing and complicating circumstance.

"Amy. I want to know why you were pumping my nephew's cock and gulping down his semen as if it was pumpkin juice?" Bellatrix asked curiously though her eyes were very steel and narrowing.

" Shite. Y-you, see. When I asked you to go on that mission, I knew you would take Nymphadora here. Taking away my favorite sex partner. In doing that, I needed someone else to release me and asked Tonks if she was willing to allow her boyfriend to keep me from losing my mind." Amelia replied, knowing how it would look bad to ask an employer if she could have casual sex with her boyfriend when your away. Who's underage.

"Why not ask your assistant Conny? We all know she a bottom bitch." Bellatrix responded back.

"I even enjoy that tight arse and skilled mouth. And I relish bottoming." Tonks added. Noting that all of them have had a go at Amelia's assistant.

"Well, of course, you would definitely know Bella. However, it didn't turn out that way with Harry. Besides, Conny was on leave, and Rachael was not interested in fucking." During her explanation, tonks held a giggle inside knowing, Harry took amelia to pummlesville. Bellatrix put it together, her eyes widening at the sexual revelation.

"You bottomed, Amy?" Bellatrix asked, surprised to find out that in nine years Amelia Bones bottomed for Harry Potter. She nodded with an embarrassed look. She was a power topping witch, never bottoming for anyone. Even when she attended Hogwarts, her reputation for having many bottom bitches was legendary. It baffled black.

"I don't know what it is. But the moment we had our first sexual interaction, he had me. I see why Tonks here enjoys the times when he pumps her hole. He's...incredibly skilled with his cock." Amelia stated. Unsettled by the fact that a fifteen-year-old boy turned her into his bottom bitch.

"Well...I see this is quite the...Revelation for you. I will keep this between us. I will use your floo to depart. I hope you have fun now that you have your slut back." Bellatrix made her leave, exiting the premises by green flame.

"He was outstanding, wasn't he." Tonks smiled. Knowing that Harry could make anyone bottom under him.

"He's some kind of sex god, I swear. I'm actually excessively jealous you have him. However, you and I have some sexual activities scheduled. My Fucktoy." With her last sentence, Amelia stood and walked around her desk, making her way to the seated spiky black-haired auror. Her voice now, commanding and sultry. Like a dominatrix. Amelia finally stopped in front of her subordinate, though her crotch was so close to the metamorph face she could feel her breath.

Standing above her Tonks's smile grew wider as she knew she was about to slob Amelia's knob. Confirming this director Bones waved her wand, vanishing her professional clothes, revealing her four Piece Black Mesh Dominatrix Lingerie Set. The super sexy four-piece set consisted of a choker, bottom meshed bra, meshed thong, and meshed suspender belt with garter-style leg straps. Undoubtedly, Amelia was elated about fucking her fucktoy as she most likely was wearing it under her dark Auror apparel. With another wave of her wand Bones vanished the mesh thong unveiling her thick veiny thirteen-inch shlong. Her cock hadn't been pleased in a week as she was mostly being dominated by the Potter scion. Gripping her cock by the base, Amelia slapped it across Nymphadora's cute face. The enthusiastic metamorph moaned at being smacked by her boss's thick meat. Amelia commanded her fucktoy to stick out her tounge. Tonks did so with no hesitation. Her superior continue to slap her face with her dense meat and occasionally slap it onto the unnaturally long tounge. 

No longer wanting to wait, Amelia seized the spiky black hair of tonks, her grip firm and steady. Easing forward, Bones slowly pushed her cock toward the plush, plump lips of Nymphadora Tonks. Breathing inwards, Amelia moaned softly the moment Tonks took her cock into her mouth, tightening those tender lips around her bulbous head. Immediately, Tonks went to work, her tongue weaving and carving across the soft purplish tip, leveling copious amounts of pleasure down upon the older woman's tip. "Ahhh! Right, where it belongs. In between this whore's fat soft lips! Bloody Fuck!" 

Amelia's sounds of pleasure were just what Tonks wanted to hear. This was her wheelhouse. Not long ago, her butthole was getting plundered by her aunt, now she was suckling her boss's thick cock. She loved being a slut, it pleased her every day. During her time at Hogwarts, she take four dicks at a time. Often have huge gangbangs of witches with big dicks plunder her juicy hole. If a boy more than ten inches asked to fuck her, she trade-off, slamming her dick into his hole. She was a certified slut and loved it. Never really needed to please her cock with a mouth or bumhole. The satisfaction of suckling on Amelia Bones' cock was pleasure enough. Slowly, Amelia pushed her cock down Tonks's eager mouth, the metamorph swallowed her thick length into her throat. Amelia was in heaven already, with the mere idea of a deepthroat being something often she relished. Yet, Bones pushed further into Tonk's mouth, exploring the tight, clutching depths of the willing throat. With little difficulty, Nymphadora fastened her lips around Amelia's base, her nose thrust into the untamed hair above the woman's cock, her heavy balls churning against her chin. Feeling the tightening of the metamorph's lips Amelia pulled back and enjoyed the sensation of tight lips gliding tightly along her cock. Pulling back a quarter of the way, she slammed forward, plunging her thick dick into the tight gullet of her subordinate. Taking Tonks's head firmly into her control, the metamorph waited for her boss to use her throat as if it were just a toy at her disposal. Closing her eyes and breathing through her nose, Tonks felt the push forward. Her lips slid with ease along Bone's thick cock as she felt her head get pulled backward. Amelia worked her thrusts in tandem with the tugging of tonks head, making the deepthroating sensation additionally blissful. 

"Oh, yeah! Fuck! This throat is just as good as your hole! Throat that cock, slut! Take those fat balls to the chin! So good!" Amelia moaned.

Nymphadora's deep lusty moans reverberated along Amelia's big dick. Having control over her fucktoys's throat was incredibly satisfying as she fucked it good, sliding her lips up and down in tandem with her thrust. Bones's moans started to turn into grunts, she could feel saliva start to dribble and pour down her dick. With both hands, Bones grasped Tonks's head holding it in place. No longer tugging her head forward and backward, Amelia opted to only thrust into her mouth instead. The older witch slammed her hips into her subordinate's mouth, her cock plunging deeper into Tonks's throat than before. Her fat balls slapped audibly against her wet, saliva-slick chin. Amelia was practically radiating sexual delight. Her return to being a top in the sexual world to be so intense and consuming was utterly unfathomable. She felt an overbearing tightness in her core that was added with each passing of Tonks' tightening gullet. The immensity of the pleasure came as a result of the fact that Tonks' throat was already amazingly satisfying. Director Bones's grunts were becoming louder, and her breathing was hitching. Along with her thrusts that were faster and harder, much to Tonks's glee. Knowing her boss was close, the bubbly metamorph wrapped her hands around Amelia's round fat bubble butt holding the woman in place.

"Fuck! Get ready, my fucktoy! You are about to receive your treat! Ugh! Bloody hell! Swallow it all, bitch! Glup it down like the cumdumpster you are! Merlin's Balls!" The woman's cock spasmed and twitched deep within her, suddenly pulsating as the pleasure began to mount. It didn't take long for Amelia's moans to increase in intensity, her lips parting as her eyes rolled closed. Hollow breaths of ecstasy rushed from between her lips as the unfamiliar feeling of an orgasm rushed through her body. Her squeals and childish squeals of delight were tantalizing, as her cock erupted like a cannon in Tonks's throat, spilling a thick and copious load deep into Tonks' gullet. Even spasm sent more cum into Tonks' mouth, the woman diligently swallowing it, taking every last drop as Amelia's body twitched in place. Her orgasm lasted a while, but once it ended, she pulled her thick meat free from the hungry lips with a wet pop. 

"I should have expected that from you...Of course, my auror slut would use her powers flippantly." Amelia chuckled through hoarse and deep breaths. Her eyes looked down onto tonks, seeing the wet plump lips and slick silvia chin pleased her.

"Absolutely. What type of slutty fucktoy would I be if I couldn't rightfully please my boss slash mistress." Tonks purred in response. Enjoying the fact that she had three significant superiors when it came to her life besides her mother. A master Harry, a supreme mistress aunt Bellatrix, and then her boss slash mistress Amelia. Her boss backed away and moved to the side displaying her desk, while she stroked her still stiff thick meat.

"You and I both know we're far from done. Now undress, go over to my desk, bend over, and spread those fat round arsecheek so I can plunder that juicy arsehole." Amelia softly commanded. Tonks did so by striping down, displaying her body. Her full double D breast, toned abs, curvy hips, and fat round heart-shaped butt. Once she made over the table, she bent over from the waist and pushed her whole upper body into the wooden desk. Reaching behind, she gripped her fat juicy buttcheeks and peeled them apart, revealing her slightly agape asshole. Amelia looked at the breath-taking sight, and placed herself behind the slutty metamorph. She could see Tonks's bumhole was put through the wringer, though that didn't matter to her as once she entered the butthole would automatically cling around her meaty dick. Not wanting to wait anymore, Amelia placed the tip of her cock against Nymphadora's bumhole and forced herself forwards. Nymphadora's well-used arse gave her cock access with ease. Plunging his entire shaft inside her, Bones reveled in the delicious sound of her hips colliding with the metamorph's juicy bum. Tonk's let out a chuckling grunt, happy about a thick logging dick inside of her hole again.

"Yes. Just how you like it. Finally, my meat is where it belongs. Now, no mercy. No brakes." Amelia stated, now comfortable and ready to obliterate a fat bottom.

Meanwhile, after Bellatrix left Amelia's office, she went by Grimmualds Place to tell Sirius about the death eater's secret meeting and their main priority, which is to capture and kill Harry Potter. Sirius made her swear by oath and contract that she be his sworn protector. Bellatrix signed and gave the assurance without thinking. After a few more talks of politics, she headed out to see how he was doing. On her way towards Potter manor, she ponders on what she saw when entering Amelia's office. Not the scene itself, but the fat thing between his legs. She was ashamed of herself as nobody noticed her secretly licking her lips when eyeing the juicy stout meat. It was the same length as hers, fourteen inches, but considerably much thicker than hers. It was constantly on the back of her mind, along with the other quality traits that he bestode in his life. As she passed the gate and made her way inside. She looked around the large white manor, knowing it had more than fifteen rooms. She picked the very ideal spot Harry would be. Finally, she found him in the library, one of the darker areas of the house. He was reading over the spell crafting, he has previously stated that he was looking into making his own charms and offensive spells. 

Silencing her footsteps, she snuck up close to him. He must have sensed a disturbance cause he looked up from his book and surveyed his surroundings. He was about to cast a counter charm, but Bellatrix undisillusioned hers and belted out, "How was her fat arse!" 

Harry slightly jumped, dropping the book in his hand, much to her joy. Bellatrix laughed, holding her hand above her mouth. Harry gave her a stern look but noticed he wasn't serious, "Yeah. Okay. That's very funny. Are you happy with yourself?" 

"Oh. You have no idea. But you didn't answer my question." Bellatrix replied, now finally done laughing. She noticed his eyes look down to his book and his cheek blushing out of embarrassment. Bellatrix's chuckling started back up and waved her hand in the air, signaling she was done. She told him she was serious now, which he scoffed at. "Are you ready to be the lord of a great house?" She saw his expression sharpen and his green eyes glow with a light bounce. The sight of him made her breathe in and discover. He's been ready ever since his grandmother gave him her journal and political bookings. 

"I see house Potter bringing the wizarding world to its rightful place, teaming with fantastic and fair magicals around this world." She could forget how much he acted like Charlus and Arcturus, stoic and unmoving. It made her fucking horny for him at times, and right now, she was not truthfully in control of the sexual darkness that was ready to pounce on him. She closed the distance between them and grabbed his hands, she looked into his glowing green eyes, and her dark violet beamed with his. "I swore to be forever loyal to you and your future family. I will follow your every judgment, bad or good. My wand and heart are yours...My Lord." She whispered, and suddenly she realized she disclosed her feelings to him, the low-end secret she tried desperately to hold. 

Bellatrix didn't know what came to her head. Maybe her sexual darkness had overlapped cause suddenly, she pushed her fat soft lips firmly up against his, pulling him into a deep and hungry kiss, one intensified by the years of deep hidden emotion. As he returned the heat and passion, her darkness turned into hungry sexual energy he could secretly sense. He waved his wand towards the doors, silencing them shut and locking them with a potent lock charm. Their lips bouncing against one another, his hand lowered to her round fat butt, gripping and kneading at the juicy buttcheeks that hid behind her thin robe. Curling and thrusting against one another, their tongues twisted back and forth, their snog becoming more heated and passioned. Every throbbing inch of their desires was pushed firmly together, only held apart by the thin fabric of his jeans and her robes. Bellatrix no longer wanted to tounge fight anymore, pulling away and dropping to her knees. She undid his belt and zipper and curled her fingers within his undergarments. And with a swift pull down, she revealed his hard, mighty thick fourteen-inch meat. Grasping it by the base with her soft hands, she examined the gigantic cock. She growled and licked her lips, looking at the fat juicy beaters bat with pulsing veins around it. Harry's manhood throbbed in her fingers, her lips parting as she salivated at the sight. She was finally going to have his fat meat in between her exquisite plump lips. 

The badass witch that happened to be his aunt, quickly offered up a trifle of pleasure. With her lips parting and enveloping the bulbous tip of sensitive flesh, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum instantly and letting out an unbefitting growl of satisfaction as her tongue curved across the purplish flesh. Harry leaned his head back and moaned, his body leaned against the massive desk, becoming utterly enthralled in the simplicity of his aunt's blowjob. His hand moving onto his aunt's silky dark curly locks, he had no intentions of making her suck his dick. Bellatrix was doing just fine with that on her own. Harry simply savored the bliss of watching the gorgeous lips of the delicious-looking auntie go to work, paired with her cock-hungry smiles and salacious stares.

"Fuck! Bella! So good! " He moaned out. It took only a few seconds for her to have cleaned his cock-head of all the pre-cum he had to offer. Despite it almost being replenished by the second. Moans flooded her lips as she dropped her hands away from his cock, holding it upright with only her lips. Effortlessly, she angled her throat upwards and slowly plunged her mouth downwards, swallowing inch after inch of deliciously sumptuous cock. He grunted loudly with his eyes rolling into his skull, his legs shook from the skilled throating. Tonks was the only other person that done that to him with ease, Amelia struggled the first couple of strokes, but with determination and proper technique, she was able to provide him a terrific throat job. A shudder of pleasure tingled through her own cock as she savored her long-time secret lover's cock. Adoring every vein and throbbing inch of his shlong as it filled her throat to the brim, stuffing her gullet nice and tightly. It took a few moments for her to rest her lips against his base. His pulsating cock shuddering in her throat, being lathering In saliva and spittle as she stared at his blissful expression, her lips bulging with cock. Running her hands along his muscular thighs. She simply fell in love with touching and feeling his body, all the while shifting her lips tentatively along the first couple inches of his cock, not moving too quickly and simply teasing him with the promise of a swifter and slicker series of sloppy movements. Her tongue curled and slipped around his thickness, the enchanting head auror marveled at how his cock was so deliciously thick, silently fantasizing about the intense pleasure she would feel when he spreads the ring and insides of her asshole. That promise of enjoyment caused her to salivate, more saliva streaming along his cock as her hunger grew more intense.

Now that she's had her fun teasing her skills and savoring his taste. She was about to show she could be a demon to his cock. She would make it away to have her be his most loyal demon slut. Driven by her carnal, dark desires, auntie Bella began to display her deepthroat skills. Talents she naturally mastered over the previous year and ones she was more than happy to see exercised. Drawing her lips back to his cock-head, Black pulled them right over the purple, glossy flesh, her hand quickly rushing to ensure it remained upright. The head auror's palm grew slick from the layer of saliva smeared across his cock. Jerking him nonchalantly, she keeps her juicy fat lips pressed against his tip, her hot breath emanating across his engorged shaft, teasing him with what was to come. Without comment, she once again engulfed his cock, right down to the base, her throat swelling with each inch. Bouncing her lips up and down, she slurped hungrily and eagerly on his cock, the wet slaps of her lips meeting his crotch filling the room, her saliva dribbling down to coat his balls. Making sure her strokes were as long and fluid as possible, she graced every inch with her mouth, moaning with passion as she bobbed back and forth, impaling her throat again. Consumed by pleasure, Harry's legs shook with more vigor, and his chest heaved up and down constantly. He didn't expect such a demon-like sloping from his aunt. He now made it a reminder to never let tonks or Bellatrix try and team up in sucking his dick. He wanted to live to see his dream of the wizarding world come true, and death by two demon cock suckers was not the way he wanted to go out. Instead, he lost himself amidst the blur of curly dark hair bouncing on his cock, slurping madly, like some cock-starved nymph, desperate for her fix of cum.

 It was quite a delicious scene, to say the least, with Harry falling once again in love with the subtle details of his sexy aunt's movements and skill. How her cheeks hollowed as she drew back, or how her back curved downwards, fulling accentuating the delightful curves of her fat juicy ass. Her robe tightly fitted to her big and rounded cheeks. As her throat was pounded and filled repeatedly, Bellatrix's arousal sky-rocketed as her arousal was screaming. Not wanting to disrupt the rhythm of the sexy blowjob that had her lover slash nephew's legs shaking. She wandlessly made a slit in the middle of her lower robes to make it easier to please her  cock. Unhooking the pair of black laced panties that contained her heavy, rigid cock. Flopping free from its confines. Quickly Bella collected the shaft in her hands, and she jerked herself slowly. Finding the pleasure that she needed. Moaning around Harry's cock, Bellatrix was surprised he remained hard and had not yet cum. Bobbing her head back and forth a little slower. She cleaned his cock of the liberal saliva, dragging her lips back and forth until it lightly shimmered instead of dripped with the substance. Smacking her lips as she popped them from his cock, her hand jerked him a couple of times, the girl sharing a lustful grin with her beloved. 

"Merlin! You demoness witch! I thought you were trying to suck out my soul!?" Harry ruggedly exclaimed, still trying to recover from the strenuous bliss his skilled aunt demonstrated. With a light cackle and licking of her lips, she spat on his dick and jerked him off. Bella rose and pressed her forehead to his. Thanks to her heels, she was able to do such action. 

"What makes you think I wasn't, my lord? Your demoness slut needs to please you correctly. And that might leave you soulless next time. However, I need this fat monster in my arse. Morgana's fat balls, please lodge your fat beaters bat in between my big juicy bumcheeks. I need to feel you stretch me open, my lord." Bellatrix begged to be fuck though her voice seemed similar to a little girl begging if her daddy could buy her a toy. It got Harry excited for some odd reason as both knew it was wrong, but both had gone too far.

"As you wish, my loyal servant. Bend over the table and present that fat bum to me." His voice was low, confident, and commanding. It got Bellatrix eagerly excited.

The sexually crazed auror placed her hands on the table and arched out her back, giving her lord a blissful sight of her fat round bubble butt. Much like tonks, it was juicy and meaty. Most of the black women commonly had fat meaty butts. Though Bellatrix was rounder and exceptionally bigger than all her sisters. Harry licked his lips, eyeing the meaty fat ass that belonged to his aunt. Crouching down behind her delightfully glamorous bum, Harry sharply spanked her, watching with eager eyes as bright red handprints grew on her butt cheeks. "Oh, yeah! Spank my fat bum, my lord! Teach me not to run! I've been a naughty demoness witch!" Bellatrix moaned, savoring the sharp pain that ascended from the burning red handprint on her plump, pale skin. Harry felt his cock twinge in arousal from auntie's sultry words. He gladly indulged, her lifting his hands and striking her painfully once again. Where other girls would gasp and groan in pain, Bella moaned lustily, the pain being a delicious kink of hers.

Spanking her sharply once more. Harry instead of peeling his hands away to do so again, peeled her juicy cheeks apart, revealing her tight, constricted asshole. Bellatrix knew his following intentions, so she shook her ass at him. Taking that as eagerness. His tongue plunged straight for her hole and ran circles around her rosebud. Bella audibly growled from the attention. She pushed her arse back, hoping his tongue would pierce her hole. However, Harry had other ideas. Refraining from diving deep into her ass, Harry instead teased her. Prodding her hole and teasing her with the sentiment of his tongue wriggling deep inside her delectable hole. He waited for a moment, his sudden push inside her bum was accentuated by his loudest and sharpest slap, eliciting a squeal of pleasured pain from the head auror as her arse ran red raw. 

"My Merlin! Fuck, yes! Ruin those buttcheeks, my lord! Oh my! Tounge my tight unused hole! Feast on it like dinner!" Bellatrix whined, her legs shaking from bliss. Massaging her cheeks while his tongue pushed inside, Harry began to explore her tight hole, his tongue nestled in the crook of her arse. Letting her cheeks fall back in place, almost smothering him, Harry rose his hands again and spanked her hard. The sharp slap caused her hole to tighten around his tongue, pulling him deeper and deeper into her ass. Black always had a soft spot for oral action.

Sensing as though he's done enough to ready his demoness slut, he spat at the spit glistening ring for the last action. Harry pulled away and stood up behind her, flopping his big meaty cock down between her fat cheeks.

"Please, my lord! Fuck my fat arse hard and rough! I want to be fuck like a cocksleeve! Make me take it like a whore! Don't give me that sensual sex! Give it to me rough and proper! Please!" She begged madly, this was the second time she ever bottomed, and she didn't want it slow. She wanted to be owned by Harry Potter. Meaning she wanted to be fuck like a useless cumdumpster. Harry pressed the head of his dick against her tight asshole. Hearing her beg like a beatdown whore gave him exhilaration. He forced himself forwards, and Black's tight unused ass gave away surprisingly easy. Plunging his entire shaft inside her, Harry reveled in the delicious sound of his hips colliding with her bum. Both moaned, but Bellatrix's eyes comically widened. It was a while since she bottomed, and the sudden fat long intruder brought unbelievable bliss. Typically, Harry would wait a moment and allow his aunt to adjust to the rather sudden and massive intrusion. However, Bellatrix basically told him she was not a soft type of woman. Harry pulled his shaft backward until only the tip remained inside her tight contracting bumhole before hammering home once again, causing her to gasp and squeal in pleasure, the words 'yes' pouring from her mouth each time he slammed his cock all the way back inside her.

"Gah! Yes! Yes! Fuck, yeah! Pound that arsehole! Pound it hard! Yes! Morgana's fat balls! So thick!" Bellatrix was in deep heaven. Being pounded by her long-time secret love was almost enough to send her over the edge.

Black would push her fat ass back into Harry's powerful thrusts, forcing his cock deeper inside her plump bottom. The room filled with the wet slapping sound of his balls against hers as well the audible ripple of her arse jiggling. The sight of his aunt's fat juicy ass rippling from his thrust was glorious, knowing he would grow addicted to fucking her from behind. As he slams forward, he lifts one of his hands and sharply spanks one of the fat asscheeks of Bellatrix. She squeals and cackles, clearly lost in her crazed sexual pleasure ramblings, moans, and general mutterings becoming louder and louder with each powerful fuck. "Yes! Gahhh! Fuck me! I love that fucking thick cock! My juicy arsehole loves clutching your meaty monster! Pound your loyal bitch, my lord." She bellowed into chuckling.

Speeding up, Harry found his rhythm and delivered more formidable and swifter thrusts. A thin layer of sweat formed over both Bellatrix and Harry. Bellatrix basked in the rougher treatment as she was a sadist. Even though it didn't hurt, she knew tomorrow limping was about to be unavoidable. Hammering back and forth, Harry began to spank her multiple times. Now and then, he'd unload a series of quick sharp slaps onto her arse. Her skin turned redder and redder with each slap, almost blistering as the Potter scion continued his attention. His cock was in an exceptional state of pleasure as he sank back and forth into her tight ass. Moaning in unison, the future lord saw that Black was slipping, her legs weakening from the rather rugged attention he was giving her. He seized her dark curly locks and tugged her backward. She grunted, and she was placed on the wall. She used the wall for support. She tried to drop one of her hands down and pump her cock, but was commanded by Harry not to. He sternly told her she would cum like a bottom slut, hands-free.

"Morgana's fat cock! I can feel your thick cock crushing my prostate! Gahhhh! Ahhhh! It feels so fucking good! Harder! Fuck my slutty arse harder, my lord! Talk dirty to your loyal fucktoy!" Bellatrix begged as Harry began to speed up, lifting his hands to spank her again and again, watching her creamy pale ass turn a delectable ruby red. Rubbing his hands across her behind, Harry sank his cock into her arse entirely, simply enjoying the slower pace for a moment before speeding up once again, crashing his hips back and forth, the sweet echoing sound of flesh smacking against flesh filling the Large library.

"You love my cock, slut!? You love it!? I'm gonna turn you into my cumdumpster! My slutty cumdumpster servant! Like how that sounds, bitch! Take my fat cock!" " Harry snarled, reaching forwards and grabbing her curly black locks, jerking them sharply backwards, causing her to grunt in pain. With a blissful euphoric grin on her face, she enjoyed being destroyed by Harry's more rough treatment. It thrilled her like never before, her whorish moans becoming satisfying grunts of euphoria. Harry knew he could make formidable topping witches into bottom bitches, his first was Angelina Johnson. The dark skin chaser needed a sufficient release after quidditch practice, and something about his power and influence made her bend over. Next, it was Daphne Greengrass, then Cho Chang, Padma Patil, Alicia Spinnet, Aurora Sinistra, even Fleur Delacour, and male wizards. It came naturally to him.

"Yes! Fuck, yes, my lord! Yes, make me your fucking cumdumpster! Please, flood my tight arsehole! Just don't stop! Oh my! I love your hot torso meeting my fat arsecheeks!" Bellatrix wailed. She felt a tightness growing from her balls that were being beaten by Harry's. He continued to hammer his cock in and out of her. Harry groped her bum cheeks, spreading them wider to give his cock more access, getting deeper into her unbelievable arse. Bellatrix could sense her orgasm coming soon, and as he spread her fat asscheeks wider Harry's thrusts started battering her prostate with each jab bringing unfathomable delight. Each powerful thrust pushed her closer to euphoria, milking more and more pre-cum out of her cock. Each slap of his balls against her flesh was enunciated by moans and groans from both of them. 

"Ugh! Fucking cum for me, Bella!" Harry moaned. That was enough for the head auror, her cock spurting cum like a fountain. Strands flowing from her thick cock staining the wall and floor. Her grunts and moans became louder as Harry continued to slam into her. Each thrust milked more cum from her cock, and as she ran dry, each pound made her cock sing with extremely sensitive bliss that was borderline painful. With her orgasm as her orgasm started to fade, Harry's erupted. He unloaded strands of cum into her tight, clutching bumhole. He grunted while Bellatrix moaned, feeling his hot thick creamy load fill her up. She bit her lip and hummed as Harry pulled his cock from her still clasping ass. He watched as cum leaked from her butthole, traveling down her leg. 

"My goodness! That was fucking remarkable!" Bellatrix exclaimed. She came off the wall with a limp, making her way towards Harry she brought him into a kiss. Both moaned into it, Bellatrix finding it very pleasing. Pulling back, she smiled and took his hand. "I don't want this to be done. Can we continue this in your room, My lord? Perhaps I could show you how I ride your cock." 

"You want to fuck all night, huh. I see. You want to end up in tonks position, ass up and head smashed into the pillow." Harry chuckled. She smiled and led him through the doors.

"Harry? I am home!" Lily shouted. Not seeing him, she went up the large staircase and made a right to his room. As Lady Potter made it to his room, she could feel a strong locking charm on it. Thinking nothing of it as he probably brought one of his bottoms home, she opened it ajar and gasped at the scene. Harry pounding into Bellatrix from behind, Lily was shocked and somewhat hurt, but not cause of her son. Bellatrix had told her she didn't have that type of emotional feeling for him, she could see more clearly than ever that was a lie. She closed the door and made her way to the family main room. 

Lily was going to have a serious conversation.


Chapter Text

It was nearing winter, and Hogwarts was in a festive mood though fall was about to end. The end week of October was rough for a certain witch and wizard. Padma Patil, fifth-year Ravenclaw. The prefect, was very concerned for her boyfriend, Harry Potter. As it was the time of year, his father and grandfather were murdered. She usually keeps him in a decent mood, but a lot was pouring on him. Padma usually would take him to RoR for sex, urging him to pound her plump buttcheeks. Or she often tries sucking away his soul with a good nob slobbing. However, he was really out of it. She dares to say he was in one of his gloomy moods. They were both prefects and had rounds with one another. Padma loved his charm and chivalry attitude but enjoyed his sex and green eyes. 

Currently, they were making their rounds and talking. Mostly Padma was talking as Harry was really out of it. "Harry! Are you okay?" He shook his head and frowned. Harry and Padma would often talk or fuck as no one really was about when the prefect were out. They often trade-out as both were tops. So they usually allowed each other to dictate who wanted to pound the other. "I'm fine. I'm fine, Pad. Just that time of the week, you know." She nodded. She took his hand and squeezed it tightly. She stared into his gorgeous green eyes and brought him into a hot passionate kiss. Their tounges battled into the deep and hungry kiss as they would twist and curl around one another. Padma's hands went to his flushed cheeks while his went towards her juicy bottom. His grip was an appropriate signal that he wanted to pound her juicy round shaped ass. That aroused Padma to wrestle with his belt. 

She was about to suck the hot cum from his balls until they heard whispering. Padma lightly groaned out of frustration as it was getting hot and sexy. The whispering came from around the corner in an abandoned classroom. Both silenced their footsteps and made their way to the renounced room, ready to blast with a light bombarda spell. Padma was knocked off balance when the door slammed into her, then the student ran around the corner. Harry followed the student, and with quick thinking, Padma sent a transparent shield to the doors of the abandoned room as the other student also tried making a run for it. However, thanks to the translucent safeguard, the student was repelled back. Padma would later in the week thank Harry for teaching her the charm. She made her way through the shield and found the culprit. Funny enough, it was a  fifth-year Slytherin. And she could consistently remember that blonde hair and icy blue-eyed witch. 

"Well, isn't this something. I never expected you to be the type to sneak out, Greengrass. Or Ms. Ice Queen." Padma smirked, gazing gleefully at the blonde Slytherin witch. She narrowed her icy stare towards the Indian Ravenclaw. Padma kept her wand trained on the icy witch. Hearing footsteps and grunts confirmed that Harry had caught the other student. She had no doubt her boyfriend was able to capture the darting student. 

"Seems your partner in crime will be joining us," Padam replied confidently. Harry passed through the security with another fifth-year Slytherin witch, Pansy Parkinson. Her hands were bounded by the wrist and her mouth gagged. The future lord placed her next to Daphne. Both looked like they wanted to curse them, but both knew they be bested within seconds. Padma praised Harry for capturing Pansy with a full kiss. 

"Well, I hope you both know you're in real trouble," Padma expressed nonchalantly. Pansy grunted. Daphne had other things to say. "Fuck you, bitch!" 

"I imagine that what you two were doing. Though finding that both of you are fully dressed. I find it that you two were probably discussing something. What do you think, babe?" Padma inferred. Most students would often be found slamming into one another or on their knees, slurping the other up.

"I searched the area of magic of any kind. I got nothing, so they most likely were conversating," Harry responded. 

"Clearly, your intelligent Potter! Seems Patil wears the big boy pants in the relationship." Daphne spewed, trying to irritate them.

"Well, we both have big boy pants, but from what I hear. Your more bark than bite, Greengrass." Harry retorted, making Greengrass flush from either some truth or embarrassment. Padma conversed with Harry, and the Ravenclaw told him of an idea that could get him out of his mood. Once she was done, he smiled and informed her to prepare her hole for tomorrow as she better be slick. She gave him a peck on the lips. 

"Now, as for your punishment and the fact, that one of us had to chase you down. I think twenty points each will be taken from your house, and three weeks of detention sounds about right," Padma stated. She was about to put her plan into motion until the blonde spoke out, looking worried.

"What! You can't do that! I have something that requires me to be there!" Daphne exclaimed. Pansy as well grunted through her gag. It seems both have a place of requirement throughout the three weeks. Though it wasn't the plan, Padma found it played right into their hands.

"Well, I can. Thanks to this prefect badge, I'm supposed to enforce the rules of this establishment, and that's what I'll do." Padma voiced, confident that they'll take the bait. Daphne looked at Pansy, as did the bound one. Their eye contact told all. They needed to find a way to attend this important meeting, or it was deep trouble.

"L-Look w-will do...anything. Just we need to be there. S-so...please, we'll do whatever you want." Daphne stammered through her sentence. Pansy hesitantly nodded, and both swallowed their pride. Padma widely smiled as it was time to enact her plan. 

"I guess we'll let this go. But both of us know you owe us. Before we had to deal with you lot, I was gonna end this miserable week by having hot sex with my boyfriend here. It's been weeks since we've had fun, and you fucks ruined it. But that's alright cause for the next three weeks, you'll be are bottom bitches. Pleasing our cocks as good sluts do. If you don't want to concede, then we will proceed with the traditional punishment. Your choice." Padma layed out their selections, and both to the Slytherin witches were impaired. However, they rather be bottom bitches than outcasts of pureblood society. Both nodded and agreed to be bottom bitches to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw couple.

"Do you want to choose your personal cockslut, Pad? Or do you want me to be the first!" Harry asked, smiling as he already knew it didn't truly matter. 

"I don't know why you asked. I'm not passing up the setting of you hardcore pummeling Pansy Parkinson. After all the trouble she's caused you. Though it did result into my lips and arse blissfully pleasing that fat fourteen-inch cock of yours, Love." Padma responded, making sure to note how big Harry was. As she saw both Slytherin witches' eyes widen, Pansy frankly looked alarmed as she never heard of that much meat in an individual's possession. The only one confirmed to carrying that much length was Angelina Johnson at thirteen.

"Well, I have seen your treatment of those you love referring to your fucktoy's are pretty legendary. Ron was limping around for three weeks. He asked me when he could bottom for you again." Harry voiced, also giving much notable praise to her power topping treatment. Both moved to their chosen fucktoy, Harry removed the gag from Pansy's mouth, whose face showed defince though he knew that would change.

"This is all your fault, Daphne! You never were as clever as you thought you were. You're only good for being a natural nob-slobbing slut!" Pansy shouted as Harry stood her up by her bounded wrist. Padma laughed, enjoying the entertainment. "So, the ice queen has some slut skills, huh!? A natural cock slobber?" 

"That's rich! At least you were chosen by someone you secretly fancy, whore! You've been crushing over him since third year, hoping that big daddy Potter bends you over and floods your insides! I heard you are natural bottom as well! So if anyone is going to call out natural nob slobbers, look in the mirror! You trifling bottomslut!" Daphne retorted, angry that Pansy blamed her for getting caught, then outing her secret to being a natural bottomer. She hoped that if they didn't get corrupted by the couple. She would tie up pansy and place her in the middle of Slytherin's main room and watch her get bred.

"Now thats something. So you fancy me? Well, I'll make sure your fabrication comes true! As that will be what you'll refer to me as! Am I understood?" Harry seized her cheeks with his right hand, holding her face in place as she stared into his stunning green eyes. His last sentence, his voice became low, confident, and commanding. It made Pansy shiver, as this was one of the many fantasies coming to light. And she responded in a soft girly tone, "Yes, Daddy." 

Padma laughed, while Daphne was shocked as even though his voice was low, the sexy tone and confidence even got her stimulated. Harry took Parkinson's away close to her house dorm. Padma knew Parkinson' was going to fall in attachment with Harry's big dick as she's heard she gives it up easy to those packing big meat. Also, now knowing she had a secret crush on her boyfriend made it even better as both were gonna share their bottoms with one another.

"Like you heard Greengrass. Big daddy is gonna have fun with his fucktoy. Like how Mommy is about to have fun with her fucktoy. Right?" Padma was very commanding and dominant. She was much the opposite of her sister. Her reputation of being a rough prevailing power topping witch was exceedingly truthful. When people discovered she pounded Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley on the Hogwarts express last year. It put a lot of people on notice that she was no subservient bitch. And as of right now, Daphne was in front of a frustrated power topping witch who was gonna use her as a cumdumpster. She nodded as she didn't want to get on her sinister side.

"That's a good bitch. Now undo my tight trousers. I want to see if there's any truth to you being a natural slob nobber." Padma commanded hastily, wanting daphne's plump full lips around her cock. The Indian prefect couldn't lie the Slytherin bitch was hot. With Greengrass being pureblood, her aristocratic features came with very sexy model-like looks. Her straight silk blonde hair made her seem like a virgin princess everyone wanted to fuck. She had a very developed hourglass body. She had distinctive large breasts that many goggled at, as she and Susan Bones probably had the biggest in their year. Traveling down to her lower region though she was a thick witch, she had a slim waist and a fat juicy bubble butt. All students would often took a glance at her fat ass. Padma inwardly was raving that she was gonna corrupt Greengrass into becoming her eager personal cockslut.

Once Daphne undid the laced thong and tight jeans of Padma, she got slapped with a girthy long veiny cock and fat brown balls. Daphne's icy eyes widened in shock as the shlong that belonged to the brown Ravenclaw was immense and intimidating. She gulped at the concept that it was about to go into her throat and eventually her butthole. "Now that you see what you're working with,. Give me a proper cock suck, whore!" Daphne nodded.

She wrapped her delicate ladylike hands around the base of the Indian's cock. Slowly jerking it along her dick with an inquisitive face. Breathing rather calmly as the blonde Slytherin started to jerk her cock, Padma's bulbous tip leaking a dribble of pre-cum. Daphne's hand slowly glided up and down Padma's cock, gently squeezing her and milking drop after drop of glossy pre-cum from her tip. She ogled the girthy cock, the warmth beneath her hand pulsating as she slowly stroked the thick brown dick. Reveling in every inch and vein, every bump and a soft patch of flesh. She secretly her meaty shlong, gently and lovingly caressing each inch with abject passion. 

"I expect you to wrap those fat soft-looking lips around my dick. Cause if I wanted a handjob, I would have asked for one. Do what your a natural at and give me a nob slobbering, my Slytherin fucktoy." Padma commented, waiting for the bliss feeling of lips around her dick. She placed her right hand on the blonde head of daphne. Her fist gathered some blonde locks and moaned as she saw and felt when Greengrass leaned her own plump lips in towards the base of her thick, glorious shaft.

"Mmmmm! Fuck, yeah! Finally, where some plump cushion-like lips belong! Seem you are a natural. You're going to be doing this often, so enjoy the taste of my cock." Padma moaned. Daphne could already feel her submissive bottoming side kick in, much to her embarrassment. She bushed when Padma praised her.

Pressing the flat of her tongue against the base of the indian's cock, her tip wriggling against her sweaty tasting balls. Greengrass slowly dragged her tounge up along Padma's shaft. Letting it dance around the prefect's cock, her tip covering every inch she graced with saliva. Daphne moaned subconsciously, the familiar flavor of cock was enough to make her own twitch to full mast. Her soft hand followed after, making sure to stroke her saliva across Patil's brown cock. Rhythmically jerking her cock as she rounded her tongue onto her tip. "Ah! Fuck! That's good skill! Yeah! Pleasure mommy's fat girthy meat, bitch!" 

Gurgling at every delicious drop of salty pre-cum, Greengrass let her tongue aimlessly glide around Pad's cockhead. Tracing itself along the sensitive bulbous edge of her cock. Flicking across her cock-slit, claiming the pre-cum before it had time to dribble across her purplish tip. Daphne replaced the glossy sheen of pre-cum with her own saliva slick sheen. Her hand never missed a beat, finding an almost robotic rhythm and constantly jerking the slippery saliva Greengrass provided. Padma's subdued moans turned into her mouth open, breathing swiftly from the pleasing cock sucking her fucktoy was giving her. Daphne was itching more and more into bottoming for Padma.

Parting her lips, she pressed them against Patil's tip, her mouth quickly enveloping her tip. Daphne always feared bottoming as she knew she could never get away from her nature. Most of the Greengrass family were bottoms. Her mother was a topping witch, and Daphne was a daddy's girl. Closing her icy blue sapphire eyes, she simply enjoyed the pulsating warmth of Pad's tip. Her hand continuing to milk dribbles of pre-cum onto her long tongue, which she greedily swallowed. Beginning to breathe through her nose. She adjusted her position and prepared to take her mistress's cock deep into her eager teenage throat. 

With one slowly and deep push. Daphne commenced sliding Padma's cock deep into her tight, flexing throat. Patil felt inch after inch get graced by the blonde's soft, plump lips, and her cock probed deeper and deeper into her warm wet mouth. Moaning loudly, Padma watched with sufficient fixation as Greengrass swallowed half of her cock without a single hint of a gag. The brown-skinned prefect got excited even more as the blonde-haired girl continued down. Her lips greedily swallowing inch after inch until her nose was nestled snugly in her thin pubic hair. Her fat lips clamped tightly around the base of his cock and pressed firmly against his crotch. "Merlin's balls! You definitely a natural slut! Now, show how much you want to please your mommy." 

Padma could see daphne was enjoying the thick meat, and the idea of pleasuring her, made her smile with great joy. As Patil enjoyed having her entire cock submerged in a tight, wet convulsing throat. The ice queen commenced drawing her lips speedily back and forth along the brown witch's girthy shlong. Saliva dribbled from her plump lips as soft, wet suckling sounds filled the room. Bobbing her head back and forth with hunger, taking every inch of Pad's cock with each deeply devoted pass. Greengrass followed her lips with her hand. As she drew her mouth back up Pad's meaty dick, her hand followed and as she engulfed each inch, it led her lips back down to Patil's base before flattening out and allowing daphne to press her soft lips against her base. "Morgana's fat balls! I want to see your throating skills, no hands bitch! That's it! Give mommy that tight throat!" 

She did as her mistress asked, letting go. Honestly, she was somewhat tired of jerking Padma. Though Greengrass continued her oral ministrations, but dropped her hand down to her mistress's big balls. Mildly handling each one in between her fingers and firmly squeezing them. Eliciting a brief hint of pain, which was quickly enveloped by overwhelming pleasure. Grunting and moaning, Padma watched as Daphne feverously and passionately deepthroat her cock, her shaft shining and glimmering with saliva as she sloppily sucked her cock. Daphne moaned around Padma's cock, the delicious vibrations emanating through Pad's thick dick, adding to the pleasure and bringing a deep and throaty groan to the tip of the prefect's lips. 

Padma, at one point, pushed her hips forward. Sinking her fat girthy dick into the icy Slytherin's skilled convulsing throat. Gagging slightly, she slowly pulled her lips off her cock with a satisfying pop. She looked up at her superior, who was in a blissful haze because of her. Daphne smiled at the image of bringing Padma to a heavenly state of pleasure. Using her free hand, she held Patil's shlong steady as she pressed her lips softly against her cockhead. Her tongue fleeting back and forth across the engorged and sensitive flesh. Padma surveyed with prominent delight that the Ice Queen of Slytherin had her slobbering mouth lolling over her cock. "Fuck! You're an extraordinarily skilled slob nobber! Get low, whore! Please, my fat sweaty dangling balls!" 

Greengrass slid her tongue down that girthy length, stimulating every inch of the veiny shlong. Lowering her position, she did as her mistress told her. Wrapping her plump lips around her mistress's balls, she lapped at the sensitive organ, washing them back and forth. Popping them in and out of her mouth. Her tongue batting at them like a cat would a ball of string. Softly kissing each one, she made foolproof Patil's entire sack was lubed to a glossy shimmer. Removing her lips from her mistress's balls with a pop, she smiled wildly at Padma.

"Looks like someone's enjoying themselves." Padma moaned. Smiling at the lust-filled eyes of Daphne, seeing she was thoroughly in her bottoming condition. 

"I not going to lie. I enjoy pleasing an admirable pair of cock and balls." Daphne stated deliriously smiling as she continued to pump the girthy dick.

"Well, you're going to be doing more often. Now, put those delicate hands away. I'm about to fuck your throat, fucktoy." Padman commanded as she was close and ready to bust her load.

"Yes, ma'am. Fuck my slutty throat, mommy! Give me that fat girthy meat!" Daphne purred. 

Padma used both hands to grip Greengrass's blonde lock. Daphne's plump lips effortlessly spread for Patil's juicy fat cock. She suckled the tip, swirling her tounge around the pre cum tasting tip. Padma was not about to be gentle with Daphne throughout the three weeks. She was gonna corrupt her and mold her into adoring her rough treatment. Padma slammed her torso forward, the Slytherin's lips pressed firmly against her mistress's base. She held daphne there making her take all of her twelve-inch girthy meat into her proficient convulsing throat. The blonde hair bottom sightly gagged and spluttered, but as Patil pulled back to the head of her dick, she moaned. Sending plentiful pleasing vibrations throughout her thick dick. Padma slammed her torso right back into Daphne's throat and started to present rough, swift thrust into her gullet. Padma fucked Greengrass's throat like an ass. The Slytherin's lips spasmed and twitched around the base of her cock, her nose buried in her dark thin pubic hairs. The heavy pair of balls that accompanied her thick length slapped against her chin audibly. Padma snarled, grunted, and moaned at the pleasurable sensation, feeling dribbling down her shlong. Daphne's saliva was found dripping onto Pad's balls, streaking across the full sack, making her shiver slightly. "Fuck! Yeah, Bitch! Take it! Suck my fat cock! Such a sluty fucking bottom whore! Fuck!

Padma was having fun as her cock was constantly pleased by Daphne's skilled tight throat. She began to thrust harder into the Slytherin's throat, her balls smacking against her chin again and again. Leaping slick imprints of saliva on her rapidly reddening chin. However, the familiar rushing orgasm would always arrive. Patil could feel it coming, so she pulled her cock from the ice queen's throat, leaving saliva streaks hanging from her cock and daphne's mouth and chin. Padma angled her cock toward the Slytherin's face, furiously jerking her meaty dick. The saliva from the rough throat fucking made the pumping much more effortless.

"Shit! Here comes your treat, bitch! Are you ready for a hot thick load, slut!? Are you prepared to become mommy's cumdump!?" Padma snarled, pumping her saliva gleaming cock. Ready to be encompassed by bliss.

"Yes, Mistress! Give me your hot thick load! I'm ready to be your bottom bitch, mommy!" Daphne moaned, eager for Padma's hot load.

"That's a good fucktoy! Now stick out that tounge and take my fat load! Uhhh! Fuck! Take it, bitch! Merlin's! fuck!" Padma grunted out. She aimed for Greengrass's mouth, but her orgasm was much more intense than she expected. Her cock spasmed and twitched, sending several thick strands of cum pouring across Daphne's face and tounge. The Slytherin moaned to the feeling and taste of cum painting her tounge and face. Groaning softly, Padma took a perverse satisfaction in drenching the blonde witch in her cum. As her orgasm ceased, she sighed heavily but still noticed her cock was hard. Seeing this Daphne swallowed the cum that stained her tounge and used her hand to grasp her mistress cock. Still feeling her bottoming nature active, she swallowed the cum tasting cock till her plump lips hit Pad's base. 

"Mmmmm! Someone sees I have another go in me. Well, make it quick." Padma stated, grinning. Seeing that she now had Greengrass as her bitch. Greengrass gave her a sloppy blowjob that ended with another fat load, though it ended down her throat. Padma then told her tomorrow she best have her fat bubble butt slick cause she was gonna take her to pound town. Daphne regressed back to being her icy self, but she knew it would crumble once Padma was around. Daphne went towards her house's entrance, while Padma went to find her boyfriend. She located by the staircase and called out to him. 

"So how do you feel now, and how was Parkinson's? Or should I say your fucktoy." Padma asked, seeing that he had a bit more bounce in his eyes.

"She head over heels for me. A complete slut. Tight, sung, and skilled. After she found out Draco liked it up the ass by wizards, her focus shifted to me. Big daddy now has Pansy Parkinson's fully into my sexual future." Harry informed, also telling her that she had a fat juicy butt. Not like Greengrass's were it large, meaty, and rounded, but more rounded heart-shaped, and smaller. She only rocked a seven-inch cock fully hard.

"I didn't get to see the thick body of Greengrass, though she can suck a mean dick! What Parkinson said was true. She was a very skilled natural." Padma went on about her slut. Both knew they would trade off and fuck the other's slut.

Both went to their house rooms, but not before giving each other a blissful kiss. The next day was rather interesting, as during the morning Padma found Harry and took him to a nearby broom closet. They both sucked each other off, but once it came to who getting plugged by one another. Padma made sure Harry got some great ass pleasure. When both went to the Great Hall and sat with their friends, they secretly met their bottom's eyes. Who blushed and looked somewhat embarrassed. It was about to be tough for Pansy and Daphne. They primarily had a lot of classes together. During potion's class, coincidently, Pansy was partnered up with Harry. Pansy often requested when or where they were gonna meet up to fuck. Harry confidently and smoothly placed her hand onto her juicy backside and said soon. She shivered and quietly moaned. As class ended, Harry was taken by Pansy. She found a lonely classroom and eagerly pulled down her green skirt and bent over a desk. Harry got to see her heart-shaped butt. Parkinson's used her hands to spread her juicy bumcheeks to reveal her asshole. Harry wasted no time getting behind the Slytherin and taking his thick meat out of his trousers. He spat on the tight hole and pushed his whole cock into her greedy bum. Pansy grunted with a delirious smile as she knew she was gonna receive a splendid pounding. 

Daphne and Padma were currently in a broom closet on the third floor. Daphne sucked off Padma with great skill and keenness, slamming her plump lips against Pad's base. Padma watches with extravagant satisfaction as the eager blonde slob nobber pleased her cock with swift bobs. Greengrass had sent a note during class about when they would fuck, much as Pansy did with Harry. Padma grinned and responded after class and asked if she was slick and ready for the epic reaming of her asshole. Daphne blushed, and behind her and nodded. So when class ended, Padma took her to the third floor and told her to get her ready, prompting Daphne to get on her knees and do what her mistress desired. Daphne came off the brown girthy cock and went low to the dangling balls, pleasing them with sucking, licking, and gargling. Padma moaned into a chuckle as the scene of Greengrass using her lips, mouth, and tounge to gladden her cock and balls was most enjoyable.

"Mmmmm! God, I could watch you treat my cock like a great feast all day. But we both know I want to pound your fat juicy arse. Get up, arch that back, and present me that juicy booty." Padma was ready to punish the fat ass. She had some underlying anger to take out against the icy Slytherin, and Patil was about to drive Greengrass into loving barbaric anal fucking. Daphne removed her lips from the testicles with a pop. She stood up and undid her green Slytherin skirt and green laced panties. Walking over to stacked crates in the corner of the room, she spread her long smooth legs apart, arched her back, and presented her desirable fat bubble butt. Padma stared hungrily at the round plump butt jerking her girthy glistening cock. Making her way behind the thick blonde Slytherin, she raised both her hands and brought them down forcibly. A hard-smacking sound resonates throughout the broom closet, as well as Daphne's yelping grunt. Patil could feel some oily substance around Daphne's butt, seeing that she also applied it around her tight wrinkled hole. 

"Beg for my cock, bitch!" Padma demanded. Spanking her bottom once more.

"Ahh! Please, plunder my fat bum! Ream this juicy arsehole! Give me that fat girthy dick, mommy! Please!" Daphne eagerly beseeched. She was slightly worried as Daphne heard that Padma was a ruthless power top. Most often would steer clear of the hardcore Indian Ravenclaw, knowing they would either end up being dominated or limping back to their house room. Padma smiled devilishly. With one of her hands, she spreads one of Slytherin's buttcheeks apart, flashing her tight oiled asshole. Grasping her cock she wasted no time pushing her tip against the hole. Padma effortlessly sank herself inside, hammering home without a wasted breath. Her torso met the fat butt of Greengrass, creating a pleasing flesh-smacking sound that was music to Padma's ears. She was extraordinarily tight as not many have claimed her hole, but the oily substance she used to ready herself made it easy to fuck her hard. 

"Fuck!" Both groaned out. Daphne's icy blue eyes were wide. As she has never taken anything that big. Her hole tried adjusting to the girthy shlong, though Padma was ready to take her with force. The brown-skinned top only savored the tight hole for a second. She swiftly drew back and roughly threw her hip forward into Daphne's gorgeous fat rear. The bottoming Slytherin grunted again to the roughness of Padma. Knowing this was coming, she prepared herself for a punishing reaming. Thinking how long could Padma last, her thought was intercepted by another harsh pummeling thrust. Instead of a grunting type out of pain, a gigantic wave of blissful ecstasy came over Daphne. Her eyes rolled close, and her mouth hung open, never experiencing this type of pleasure. Padma chuckled as she felt Greengrass's butthole clench tightly around her. Knowing she hit her prostate. Patil repeated her rough thrust and sent a series of them into the blonde Slytherin's butt, aiming her cock at Daphne's prostate.

"Ugh! Uh! Oh, my! So good! Fuck!" Daphne groaned and moaned as she experienced rough efficient thrusts that punched her prostate. 

"Like that, huh!? Thats my fat cock hitting your prostate! It's remarkable isn't it, whore!? You'll soon fall in adoration with getting fucked by your mistress and master! Now, take mommy's meaty dick, Bitch!" Padma bellowed. Grabbing Greengrass's hips, Patil picked up her tempestuous pace. Slamming into the icy Slytherin's tight hole, burying herself deep into the tight rectum. Hearing pleasuring grunts, moans, and whines come from the hot blonde Slytherin. The pounding and thrusting into Daphne were thrilling and incredible. The Indian prefect was savoring the way her round, fleshy bum bounced and jiggled with each thrust. Wet fleshy smacking filled the broom closet, as did Padma and Daphne's grunts and moans. Not to mention, the painful but blissful impact of Padma's fat balls slapping against Daphne's smaller ones. Daphne was growing very comfortable with being fuck like a useless whore. The idea of hardcore assfucking being enjoyable was exceptional. It scared her how much she was enjoying the feeling of a torso slamming forward into her plump juicy bottom. The fact that a big fat dick could punch her prostate and give her leg-shaking pleasure was quickly becoming devastatingly appealing.

"Ohhh! Uhhh! Please, don't stop, mistress! More! Merlin's fat balls, this is so good! Fuck! Fucking hell!" Daphne moaned. Pleasure racked through her body. Never really having a good size cock battering her tight hole. The biggest was only six inches which weren't all that good, for the girl was not skilled or large. Patil was remarkably adept and knew how to top a bottom, giving Daphne her very first ever pleasurable butt fucking.

Padma brushed a strand of dark out of her face. Sweat formed above her forehead. Biting her lip, she focused on her swift, rough thrusts and watched the mesmerizing fat buttcheeks of Greengrass that bounced and jiggled as it impacted her torso. The Indian Ravenclaw could tell from just body language that Daphne was shaping into her perfect bottom bitch, loving the fat girthy shlong that wrecked her innards. As the Slytherin didn't even notice her cock pulse and twitch. She leaned further into the thrust or the fact that she sounded like a complete whore in a brothel. Padma could sense her bottom was close to blowing her load. "Fuck, yeah! That's it! Take it like a good little bottom slut! Uhh, I can feel you slutty hole trying to milk me! The grip it's bestowing my cock is glorious! Now, do mommy a big favor and cum for me, bitch!" 

As if on command, Daphne moaned loudly. Her cock twitch wildly ejecting out long thick strands of cum onto the ground and crate. It was an intense orgasm as it had been weeks since she blew her load. Padma elongated it by not stopping trying to prompt her orgasm. It worked as the tight clutching hole pushed her over as well. Padma grunted as her cock flooded the Slytherin's hole. Launching thick strands against the punished prostate, the warm thick ball juice staining Daphne's insides. Feeling her orgasm subsiding, Padma removed her girthy dick from Greengass's gripping hole. She watched with a bright lustful smile of white cum arriving out of the ice bitches asshole. "Damn...That's a good bumhole. You're still standing? Seems you are also built for a natural pounding as well. Got to love natural bottomers." Padam breathed somewhat heavily. As she did set in extra work to corrupt the bottoming whore. 

Daphne, however, was just thinking of the splendid pleasure she precisely received. Never had she ever come so hard in her life. Even when she topped for the first time, this was what her mother meant once she bottomed for an experienced top. The icy blonde Slytherin had found out why her father chose her mother, and the extra noise that would come from their room. She wanted to experience it again and for anything. Padma told her that they should get going and was about to fix her clothes until Daphne spoke up. "Wait! Wait. Can...can we go again, Mistress." 

Padma lightly chuckled as she apparently just turned the cold stony ice queen into a begging buttslut."Seems like you enjoyed the hardcore pounding I introduced." 

Daphne was blushing hard from deep embarrassment as it was true. As she was still in the arched position. She had been corrupted. However, she didn't care, as the bliss that the power topping Ravenclaw brought was far more worth it. " Yes! It was the best thing ever! Please, pound my fat arse again! Disturb my innards with your fat girthy cock! Please, dispense your fat load into my hungry arse, mummy! Please, fuck my arse, mummy!" Daphne eagerly purred. Begging for Patil to give her undescribable bliss. Even going as far as to wiggle her fat juicy butt at her.

Padma couldn't turn the sight of that down, walking toward the fat ass blonde. As the Indian Ravenclaw arrived behind the juicy rear, she dropped her right hand onto the bottom. Daphne moaned in response to the slap, feeling Patil knead the fat global buttcheek. "Since you asked rightfully." 

Daphne then felt her asshole spread and accept the thick intruder. She let out a long groan as Padma pushed deep into her hungry hole. And Patil went back to plundering Greengrass with no mercy. 

Throughout the rest of the week, Daphne started to ask Padma to pound her fat butt. She was growing into having a thick meat rod in between the buttcheeks. Often they would meet up before breakfast and during their free period. Daphne would often have to ask Harry for his invisible cloak to make it back to her room without being questioned about why she was limping. Most of the time it starts with her sucking Patil off, making it easier to slide her girthy cock into her. Some of the time, Daphne would use her special oils to slick her ass up. Padma was having the best time of her life. Her boyfriend was strongly delighted with herself and his newest bottom. And like her, she had another bottom bitch that was quite frankly her favorite. Padma enjoyed making Greengrass her bitch, as plugging her meat in between the Slytherin's juicy buttcheeks was very satisfying. 
Daphne often didn't wear any panties below cause she wanted Patil to have easy access to her hole. When the next week came into view, Padma and Harry switched bottoms. Both talked late at night about the greedy whores. Daphne enjoyed being fucked by Harry as he was longer, making it easier to destroy her prostate. Daphne often liked to ride him as it gave her prostate a better sensation. Padma found out that Parkinson's was a giant slut as she didn't care who it was as long as a cock was near. She effortlessly swallowed her cock, giving her a skilled deepthroat. Patil also found out that Parkison's loved it rough. As she often had to make Harry pound her plump bottom hard. Though with Padma that wasn't the case. When they went to Hogsmede, Pansy needed a desperate fucking. She simply begged Padma to ream her bumhole, so the power topping Ravenclaw took her deep into the woods and pounded her hole. Finishing all over her face while Pansy finished on the ground. The greedy slut wanted another round. Patil was still hard, so she obliged. Filling up the cock hungry Slytherin, blowing her fat load inside Parkinson's. 

When the day came when Pansy and Daphne had to meet with their parents, Daphne's mother could already tell her daughter had become someone's bottomslut. Pansy's mother already knew her daughter was a whore, just like her father. Their conversation was about selecting their future husbands slash the next holder of their house. Already knowing their answer, Daphne and Pansy stated their choices, and their parents were shocked. Daphne noticed her mother smiling and knew why she had chosen the individual. Pansy's parents were a bit taken in the back though her mother took over the surprising decision. But they agreed. Daphne and Pansy blushed extremely hard when their mothers called them greedy bottom sluts during conversation. As both headed back to the castle, both grabbed their topping lovers and told them of the situation. The result they got was hardcore sex in the Room of Requirement. Padma and Harry would trade out bottoms, emptying their loads into each other's bottom bitch. Throughout the rest of the weekend, they had relentless, passionate sex. Often taken them back to their prefect rooms giving Pansy and Daphne blissful undoubting pleasure.