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Harry Potter And The Wicked Witches And Wizards Of The World

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It was nearing winter, and Hogwarts was in a festive mood though fall was about to end. The end week of October was rough for a certain witch and wizard. Padma Patil, fifth-year Ravenclaw. The prefect, was very concerned for her boyfriend, Harry Potter. As it was the time of year, his father and grandfather were murdered. She usually keeps him in a decent mood, but a lot was pouring on him. Padma usually would take him to RoR for sex, urging him to pound her plump buttcheeks. Or she often tries sucking away his soul with a good nob slobbing. However, he was really out of it. She dares to say he was in one of his gloomy moods. They were both prefects and had rounds with one another. Padma loved his charm and chivalry attitude but enjoyed his sex and green eyes. 

Currently, they were making their rounds and talking. Mostly Padma was talking as Harry was really out of it. "Harry! Are you okay?" He shook his head and frowned. Harry and Padma would often talk or fuck as no one really was about when the prefect were out. They often trade-out as both were tops. So they usually allowed each other to dictate who wanted to pound the other. "I'm fine. I'm fine, Pad. Just that time of the week, you know." She nodded. She took his hand and squeezed it tightly. She stared into his gorgeous green eyes and brought him into a hot passionate kiss. Their tounges battled into the deep and hungry kiss as they would twist and curl around one another. Padma's hands went to his flushed cheeks while his went towards her juicy bottom. His grip was an appropriate signal that he wanted to pound her juicy round shaped ass. That aroused Padma to wrestle with his belt. 

She was about to suck the hot cum from his balls until they heard whispering. Padma lightly groaned out of frustration as it was getting hot and sexy. The whispering came from around the corner in an abandoned classroom. Both silenced their footsteps and made their way to the renounced room, ready to blast with a light bombarda spell. Padma was knocked off balance when the door slammed into her, then the student ran around the corner. Harry followed the student, and with quick thinking, Padma sent a transparent shield to the doors of the abandoned room as the other student also tried making a run for it. However, thanks to the translucent safeguard, the student was repelled back. Padma would later in the week thank Harry for teaching her the charm. She made her way through the shield and found the culprit. Funny enough, it was a  fifth-year Slytherin. And she could consistently remember that blonde hair and icy blue-eyed witch. 

"Well, isn't this something. I never expected you to be the type to sneak out, Greengrass. Or Ms. Ice Queen." Padma smirked, gazing gleefully at the blonde Slytherin witch. She narrowed her icy stare towards the Indian Ravenclaw. Padma kept her wand trained on the icy witch. Hearing footsteps and grunts confirmed that Harry had caught the other student. She had no doubt her boyfriend was able to capture the darting student. 

"Seems your partner in crime will be joining us," Padam replied confidently. Harry passed through the security with another fifth-year Slytherin witch, Pansy Parkinson. Her hands were bounded by the wrist and her mouth gagged. The future lord placed her next to Daphne. Both looked like they wanted to curse them, but both knew they be bested within seconds. Padma praised Harry for capturing Pansy with a full kiss. 

"Well, I hope you both know you're in real trouble," Padma expressed nonchalantly. Pansy grunted. Daphne had other things to say. "Fuck you, bitch!" 

"I imagine that what you two were doing. Though finding that both of you are fully dressed. I find it that you two were probably discussing something. What do you think, babe?" Padma inferred. Most students would often be found slamming into one another or on their knees, slurping the other up.

"I searched the area of magic of any kind. I got nothing, so they most likely were conversating," Harry responded. 

"Clearly, your intelligent Potter! Seems Patil wears the big boy pants in the relationship." Daphne spewed, trying to irritate them.

"Well, we both have big boy pants, but from what I hear. Your more bark than bite, Greengrass." Harry retorted, making Greengrass flush from either some truth or embarrassment. Padma conversed with Harry, and the Ravenclaw told him of an idea that could get him out of his mood. Once she was done, he smiled and informed her to prepare her hole for tomorrow as she better be slick. She gave him a peck on the lips. 

"Now, as for your punishment and the fact, that one of us had to chase you down. I think twenty points each will be taken from your house, and three weeks of detention sounds about right," Padma stated. She was about to put her plan into motion until the blonde spoke out, looking worried.

"What! You can't do that! I have something that requires me to be there!" Daphne exclaimed. Pansy as well grunted through her gag. It seems both have a place of requirement throughout the three weeks. Though it wasn't the plan, Padma found it played right into their hands.

"Well, I can. Thanks to this prefect badge, I'm supposed to enforce the rules of this establishment, and that's what I'll do." Padma voiced, confident that they'll take the bait. Daphne looked at Pansy, as did the bound one. Their eye contact told all. They needed to find a way to attend this important meeting, or it was deep trouble.

"L-Look w-will do...anything. Just we need to be there. S-so...please, we'll do whatever you want." Daphne stammered through her sentence. Pansy hesitantly nodded, and both swallowed their pride. Padma widely smiled as it was time to enact her plan. 

"I guess we'll let this go. But both of us know you owe us. Before we had to deal with you lot, I was gonna end this miserable week by having hot sex with my boyfriend here. It's been weeks since we've had fun, and you fucks ruined it. But that's alright cause for the next three weeks, you'll be are bottom bitches. Pleasing our cocks as good sluts do. If you don't want to concede, then we will proceed with the traditional punishment. Your choice." Padma layed out their selections, and both to the Slytherin witches were impaired. However, they rather be bottom bitches than outcasts of pureblood society. Both nodded and agreed to be bottom bitches to the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw couple.

"Do you want to choose your personal cockslut, Pad? Or do you want me to be the first!" Harry asked, smiling as he already knew it didn't truly matter. 

"I don't know why you asked. I'm not passing up the setting of you hardcore pummeling Pansy Parkinson. After all the trouble she's caused you. Though it did result into my lips and arse blissfully pleasing that fat fourteen-inch cock of yours, Love." Padma responded, making sure to note how big Harry was. As she saw both Slytherin witches' eyes widen, Pansy frankly looked alarmed as she never heard of that much meat in an individual's possession. The only one confirmed to carrying that much length was Angelina Johnson at thirteen.

"Well, I have seen your treatment of those you love referring to your fucktoy's are pretty legendary. Ron was limping around for three weeks. He asked me when he could bottom for you again." Harry voiced, also giving much notable praise to her power topping treatment. Both moved to their chosen fucktoy, Harry removed the gag from Pansy's mouth, whose face showed defince though he knew that would change.

"This is all your fault, Daphne! You never were as clever as you thought you were. You're only good for being a natural nob-slobbing slut!" Pansy shouted as Harry stood her up by her bounded wrist. Padma laughed, enjoying the entertainment. "So, the ice queen has some slut skills, huh!? A natural cock slobber?" 

"That's rich! At least you were chosen by someone you secretly fancy, whore! You've been crushing over him since third year, hoping that big daddy Potter bends you over and floods your insides! I heard you are natural bottom as well! So if anyone is going to call out natural nob slobbers, look in the mirror! You trifling bottomslut!" Daphne retorted, angry that Pansy blamed her for getting caught, then outing her secret to being a natural bottomer. She hoped that if they didn't get corrupted by the couple. She would tie up pansy and place her in the middle of Slytherin's main room and watch her get bred.

"Now thats something. So you fancy me? Well, I'll make sure your fabrication comes true! As that will be what you'll refer to me as! Am I understood?" Harry seized her cheeks with his right hand, holding her face in place as she stared into his stunning green eyes. His last sentence, his voice became low, confident, and commanding. It made Pansy shiver, as this was one of the many fantasies coming to light. And she responded in a soft girly tone, "Yes, Daddy." 

Padma laughed, while Daphne was shocked as even though his voice was low, the sexy tone and confidence even got her stimulated. Harry took Parkinson's away close to her house dorm. Padma knew Parkinson' was going to fall in attachment with Harry's big dick as she's heard she gives it up easy to those packing big meat. Also, now knowing she had a secret crush on her boyfriend made it even better as both were gonna share their bottoms with one another.

"Like you heard Greengrass. Big daddy is gonna have fun with his fucktoy. Like how Mommy is about to have fun with her fucktoy. Right?" Padma was very commanding and dominant. She was much the opposite of her sister. Her reputation of being a rough prevailing power topping witch was exceedingly truthful. When people discovered she pounded Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley on the Hogwarts express last year. It put a lot of people on notice that she was no subservient bitch. And as of right now, Daphne was in front of a frustrated power topping witch who was gonna use her as a cumdumpster. She nodded as she didn't want to get on her sinister side.

"That's a good bitch. Now undo my tight trousers. I want to see if there's any truth to you being a natural slob nobber." Padma commanded hastily, wanting daphne's plump full lips around her cock. The Indian prefect couldn't lie the Slytherin bitch was hot. With Greengrass being pureblood, her aristocratic features came with very sexy model-like looks. Her straight silk blonde hair made her seem like a virgin princess everyone wanted to fuck. She had a very developed hourglass body. She had distinctive large breasts that many goggled at, as she and Susan Bones probably had the biggest in their year. Traveling down to her lower region though she was a thick witch, she had a slim waist and a fat juicy bubble butt. All students would often took a glance at her fat ass. Padma inwardly was raving that she was gonna corrupt Greengrass into becoming her eager personal cockslut.

Once Daphne undid the laced thong and tight jeans of Padma, she got slapped with a girthy long veiny cock and fat brown balls. Daphne's icy eyes widened in shock as the shlong that belonged to the brown Ravenclaw was immense and intimidating. She gulped at the concept that it was about to go into her throat and eventually her butthole. "Now that you see what you're working with,. Give me a proper cock suck, whore!" Daphne nodded.

She wrapped her delicate ladylike hands around the base of the Indian's cock. Slowly jerking it along her dick with an inquisitive face. Breathing rather calmly as the blonde Slytherin started to jerk her cock, Padma's bulbous tip leaking a dribble of pre-cum. Daphne's hand slowly glided up and down Padma's cock, gently squeezing her and milking drop after drop of glossy pre-cum from her tip. She ogled the girthy cock, the warmth beneath her hand pulsating as she slowly stroked the thick brown dick. Reveling in every inch and vein, every bump and a soft patch of flesh. She secretly her meaty shlong, gently and lovingly caressing each inch with abject passion. 

"I expect you to wrap those fat soft-looking lips around my dick. Cause if I wanted a handjob, I would have asked for one. Do what your a natural at and give me a nob slobbering, my Slytherin fucktoy." Padma commented, waiting for the bliss feeling of lips around her dick. She placed her right hand on the blonde head of daphne. Her fist gathered some blonde locks and moaned as she saw and felt when Greengrass leaned her own plump lips in towards the base of her thick, glorious shaft.

"Mmmmm! Fuck, yeah! Finally, where some plump cushion-like lips belong! Seem you are a natural. You're going to be doing this often, so enjoy the taste of my cock." Padma moaned. Daphne could already feel her submissive bottoming side kick in, much to her embarrassment. She bushed when Padma praised her.

Pressing the flat of her tongue against the base of the indian's cock, her tip wriggling against her sweaty tasting balls. Greengrass slowly dragged her tounge up along Padma's shaft. Letting it dance around the prefect's cock, her tip covering every inch she graced with saliva. Daphne moaned subconsciously, the familiar flavor of cock was enough to make her own twitch to full mast. Her soft hand followed after, making sure to stroke her saliva across Patil's brown cock. Rhythmically jerking her cock as she rounded her tongue onto her tip. "Ah! Fuck! That's good skill! Yeah! Pleasure mommy's fat girthy meat, bitch!" 

Gurgling at every delicious drop of salty pre-cum, Greengrass let her tongue aimlessly glide around Pad's cockhead. Tracing itself along the sensitive bulbous edge of her cock. Flicking across her cock-slit, claiming the pre-cum before it had time to dribble across her purplish tip. Daphne replaced the glossy sheen of pre-cum with her own saliva slick sheen. Her hand never missed a beat, finding an almost robotic rhythm and constantly jerking the slippery saliva Greengrass provided. Padma's subdued moans turned into her mouth open, breathing swiftly from the pleasing cock sucking her fucktoy was giving her. Daphne was itching more and more into bottoming for Padma.

Parting her lips, she pressed them against Patil's tip, her mouth quickly enveloping her tip. Daphne always feared bottoming as she knew she could never get away from her nature. Most of the Greengrass family were bottoms. Her mother was a topping witch, and Daphne was a daddy's girl. Closing her icy blue sapphire eyes, she simply enjoyed the pulsating warmth of Pad's tip. Her hand continuing to milk dribbles of pre-cum onto her long tongue, which she greedily swallowed. Beginning to breathe through her nose. She adjusted her position and prepared to take her mistress's cock deep into her eager teenage throat. 

With one slowly and deep push. Daphne commenced sliding Padma's cock deep into her tight, flexing throat. Patil felt inch after inch get graced by the blonde's soft, plump lips, and her cock probed deeper and deeper into her warm wet mouth. Moaning loudly, Padma watched with sufficient fixation as Greengrass swallowed half of her cock without a single hint of a gag. The brown-skinned prefect got excited even more as the blonde-haired girl continued down. Her lips greedily swallowing inch after inch until her nose was nestled snugly in her thin pubic hair. Her fat lips clamped tightly around the base of his cock and pressed firmly against his crotch. "Merlin's balls! You definitely a natural slut! Now, show how much you want to please your mommy." 

Padma could see daphne was enjoying the thick meat, and the idea of pleasuring her, made her smile with great joy. As Patil enjoyed having her entire cock submerged in a tight, wet convulsing throat. The ice queen commenced drawing her lips speedily back and forth along the brown witch's girthy shlong. Saliva dribbled from her plump lips as soft, wet suckling sounds filled the room. Bobbing her head back and forth with hunger, taking every inch of Pad's cock with each deeply devoted pass. Greengrass followed her lips with her hand. As she drew her mouth back up Pad's meaty dick, her hand followed and as she engulfed each inch, it led her lips back down to Patil's base before flattening out and allowing daphne to press her soft lips against her base. "Morgana's fat balls! I want to see your throating skills, no hands bitch! That's it! Give mommy that tight throat!" 

She did as her mistress asked, letting go. Honestly, she was somewhat tired of jerking Padma. Though Greengrass continued her oral ministrations, but dropped her hand down to her mistress's big balls. Mildly handling each one in between her fingers and firmly squeezing them. Eliciting a brief hint of pain, which was quickly enveloped by overwhelming pleasure. Grunting and moaning, Padma watched as Daphne feverously and passionately deepthroat her cock, her shaft shining and glimmering with saliva as she sloppily sucked her cock. Daphne moaned around Padma's cock, the delicious vibrations emanating through Pad's thick dick, adding to the pleasure and bringing a deep and throaty groan to the tip of the prefect's lips. 

Padma, at one point, pushed her hips forward. Sinking her fat girthy dick into the icy Slytherin's skilled convulsing throat. Gagging slightly, she slowly pulled her lips off her cock with a satisfying pop. She looked up at her superior, who was in a blissful haze because of her. Daphne smiled at the image of bringing Padma to a heavenly state of pleasure. Using her free hand, she held Patil's shlong steady as she pressed her lips softly against her cockhead. Her tongue fleeting back and forth across the engorged and sensitive flesh. Padma surveyed with prominent delight that the Ice Queen of Slytherin had her slobbering mouth lolling over her cock. "Fuck! You're an extraordinarily skilled slob nobber! Get low, whore! Please, my fat sweaty dangling balls!" 

Greengrass slid her tongue down that girthy length, stimulating every inch of the veiny shlong. Lowering her position, she did as her mistress told her. Wrapping her plump lips around her mistress's balls, she lapped at the sensitive organ, washing them back and forth. Popping them in and out of her mouth. Her tongue batting at them like a cat would a ball of string. Softly kissing each one, she made foolproof Patil's entire sack was lubed to a glossy shimmer. Removing her lips from her mistress's balls with a pop, she smiled wildly at Padma.

"Looks like someone's enjoying themselves." Padma moaned. Smiling at the lust-filled eyes of Daphne, seeing she was thoroughly in her bottoming condition. 

"I not going to lie. I enjoy pleasing an admirable pair of cock and balls." Daphne stated deliriously smiling as she continued to pump the girthy dick.

"Well, you're going to be doing more often. Now, put those delicate hands away. I'm about to fuck your throat, fucktoy." Padman commanded as she was close and ready to bust her load.

"Yes, ma'am. Fuck my slutty throat, mommy! Give me that fat girthy meat!" Daphne purred. 

Padma used both hands to grip Greengrass's blonde lock. Daphne's plump lips effortlessly spread for Patil's juicy fat cock. She suckled the tip, swirling her tounge around the pre cum tasting tip. Padma was not about to be gentle with Daphne throughout the three weeks. She was gonna corrupt her and mold her into adoring her rough treatment. Padma slammed her torso forward, the Slytherin's lips pressed firmly against her mistress's base. She held daphne there making her take all of her twelve-inch girthy meat into her proficient convulsing throat. The blonde hair bottom sightly gagged and spluttered, but as Patil pulled back to the head of her dick, she moaned. Sending plentiful pleasing vibrations throughout her thick dick. Padma slammed her torso right back into Daphne's throat and started to present rough, swift thrust into her gullet. Padma fucked Greengrass's throat like an ass. The Slytherin's lips spasmed and twitched around the base of her cock, her nose buried in her dark thin pubic hairs. The heavy pair of balls that accompanied her thick length slapped against her chin audibly. Padma snarled, grunted, and moaned at the pleasurable sensation, feeling dribbling down her shlong. Daphne's saliva was found dripping onto Pad's balls, streaking across the full sack, making her shiver slightly. "Fuck! Yeah, Bitch! Take it! Suck my fat cock! Such a sluty fucking bottom whore! Fuck!

Padma was having fun as her cock was constantly pleased by Daphne's skilled tight throat. She began to thrust harder into the Slytherin's throat, her balls smacking against her chin again and again. Leaping slick imprints of saliva on her rapidly reddening chin. However, the familiar rushing orgasm would always arrive. Patil could feel it coming, so she pulled her cock from the ice queen's throat, leaving saliva streaks hanging from her cock and daphne's mouth and chin. Padma angled her cock toward the Slytherin's face, furiously jerking her meaty dick. The saliva from the rough throat fucking made the pumping much more effortless.

"Shit! Here comes your treat, bitch! Are you ready for a hot thick load, slut!? Are you prepared to become mommy's cumdump!?" Padma snarled, pumping her saliva gleaming cock. Ready to be encompassed by bliss.

"Yes, Mistress! Give me your hot thick load! I'm ready to be your bottom bitch, mommy!" Daphne moaned, eager for Padma's hot load.

"That's a good fucktoy! Now stick out that tounge and take my fat load! Uhhh! Fuck! Take it, bitch! Merlin's! fuck!" Padma grunted out. She aimed for Greengrass's mouth, but her orgasm was much more intense than she expected. Her cock spasmed and twitched, sending several thick strands of cum pouring across Daphne's face and tounge. The Slytherin moaned to the feeling and taste of cum painting her tounge and face. Groaning softly, Padma took a perverse satisfaction in drenching the blonde witch in her cum. As her orgasm ceased, she sighed heavily but still noticed her cock was hard. Seeing this Daphne swallowed the cum that stained her tounge and used her hand to grasp her mistress cock. Still feeling her bottoming nature active, she swallowed the cum tasting cock till her plump lips hit Pad's base. 

"Mmmmm! Someone sees I have another go in me. Well, make it quick." Padma stated, grinning. Seeing that she now had Greengrass as her bitch. Greengrass gave her a sloppy blowjob that ended with another fat load, though it ended down her throat. Padma then told her tomorrow she best have her fat bubble butt slick cause she was gonna take her to pound town. Daphne regressed back to being her icy self, but she knew it would crumble once Padma was around. Daphne went towards her house's entrance, while Padma went to find her boyfriend. She located by the staircase and called out to him. 

"So how do you feel now, and how was Parkinson's? Or should I say your fucktoy." Padma asked, seeing that he had a bit more bounce in his eyes.

"She head over heels for me. A complete slut. Tight, sung, and skilled. After she found out Draco liked it up the ass by wizards, her focus shifted to me. Big daddy now has Pansy Parkinson's fully into my sexual future." Harry informed, also telling her that she had a fat juicy butt. Not like Greengrass's were it large, meaty, and rounded, but more rounded heart-shaped, and smaller. She only rocked a seven-inch cock fully hard.

"I didn't get to see the thick body of Greengrass, though she can suck a mean dick! What Parkinson said was true. She was a very skilled natural." Padma went on about her slut. Both knew they would trade off and fuck the other's slut.

Both went to their house rooms, but not before giving each other a blissful kiss. The next day was rather interesting, as during the morning Padma found Harry and took him to a nearby broom closet. They both sucked each other off, but once it came to who getting plugged by one another. Padma made sure Harry got some great ass pleasure. When both went to the Great Hall and sat with their friends, they secretly met their bottom's eyes. Who blushed and looked somewhat embarrassed. It was about to be tough for Pansy and Daphne. They primarily had a lot of classes together. During potion's class, coincidently, Pansy was partnered up with Harry. Pansy often requested when or where they were gonna meet up to fuck. Harry confidently and smoothly placed her hand onto her juicy backside and said soon. She shivered and quietly moaned. As class ended, Harry was taken by Pansy. She found a lonely classroom and eagerly pulled down her green skirt and bent over a desk. Harry got to see her heart-shaped butt. Parkinson's used her hands to spread her juicy bumcheeks to reveal her asshole. Harry wasted no time getting behind the Slytherin and taking his thick meat out of his trousers. He spat on the tight hole and pushed his whole cock into her greedy bum. Pansy grunted with a delirious smile as she knew she was gonna receive a splendid pounding. 

Daphne and Padma were currently in a broom closet on the third floor. Daphne sucked off Padma with great skill and keenness, slamming her plump lips against Pad's base. Padma watches with extravagant satisfaction as the eager blonde slob nobber pleased her cock with swift bobs. Greengrass had sent a note during class about when they would fuck, much as Pansy did with Harry. Padma grinned and responded after class and asked if she was slick and ready for the epic reaming of her asshole. Daphne blushed, and behind her and nodded. So when class ended, Padma took her to the third floor and told her to get her ready, prompting Daphne to get on her knees and do what her mistress desired. Daphne came off the brown girthy cock and went low to the dangling balls, pleasing them with sucking, licking, and gargling. Padma moaned into a chuckle as the scene of Greengrass using her lips, mouth, and tounge to gladden her cock and balls was most enjoyable.

"Mmmmm! God, I could watch you treat my cock like a great feast all day. But we both know I want to pound your fat juicy arse. Get up, arch that back, and present me that juicy booty." Padma was ready to punish the fat ass. She had some underlying anger to take out against the icy Slytherin, and Patil was about to drive Greengrass into loving barbaric anal fucking. Daphne removed her lips from the testicles with a pop. She stood up and undid her green Slytherin skirt and green laced panties. Walking over to stacked crates in the corner of the room, she spread her long smooth legs apart, arched her back, and presented her desirable fat bubble butt. Padma stared hungrily at the round plump butt jerking her girthy glistening cock. Making her way behind the thick blonde Slytherin, she raised both her hands and brought them down forcibly. A hard-smacking sound resonates throughout the broom closet, as well as Daphne's yelping grunt. Patil could feel some oily substance around Daphne's butt, seeing that she also applied it around her tight wrinkled hole. 

"Beg for my cock, bitch!" Padma demanded. Spanking her bottom once more.

"Ahh! Please, plunder my fat bum! Ream this juicy arsehole! Give me that fat girthy dick, mommy! Please!" Daphne eagerly beseeched. She was slightly worried as Daphne heard that Padma was a ruthless power top. Most often would steer clear of the hardcore Indian Ravenclaw, knowing they would either end up being dominated or limping back to their house room. Padma smiled devilishly. With one of her hands, she spreads one of Slytherin's buttcheeks apart, flashing her tight oiled asshole. Grasping her cock she wasted no time pushing her tip against the hole. Padma effortlessly sank herself inside, hammering home without a wasted breath. Her torso met the fat butt of Greengrass, creating a pleasing flesh-smacking sound that was music to Padma's ears. She was extraordinarily tight as not many have claimed her hole, but the oily substance she used to ready herself made it easy to fuck her hard. 

"Fuck!" Both groaned out. Daphne's icy blue eyes were wide. As she has never taken anything that big. Her hole tried adjusting to the girthy shlong, though Padma was ready to take her with force. The brown-skinned top only savored the tight hole for a second. She swiftly drew back and roughly threw her hip forward into Daphne's gorgeous fat rear. The bottoming Slytherin grunted again to the roughness of Padma. Knowing this was coming, she prepared herself for a punishing reaming. Thinking how long could Padma last, her thought was intercepted by another harsh pummeling thrust. Instead of a grunting type out of pain, a gigantic wave of blissful ecstasy came over Daphne. Her eyes rolled close, and her mouth hung open, never experiencing this type of pleasure. Padma chuckled as she felt Greengrass's butthole clench tightly around her. Knowing she hit her prostate. Patil repeated her rough thrust and sent a series of them into the blonde Slytherin's butt, aiming her cock at Daphne's prostate.

"Ugh! Uh! Oh, my! So good! Fuck!" Daphne groaned and moaned as she experienced rough efficient thrusts that punched her prostate. 

"Like that, huh!? Thats my fat cock hitting your prostate! It's remarkable isn't it, whore!? You'll soon fall in adoration with getting fucked by your mistress and master! Now, take mommy's meaty dick, Bitch!" Padma bellowed. Grabbing Greengrass's hips, Patil picked up her tempestuous pace. Slamming into the icy Slytherin's tight hole, burying herself deep into the tight rectum. Hearing pleasuring grunts, moans, and whines come from the hot blonde Slytherin. The pounding and thrusting into Daphne were thrilling and incredible. The Indian prefect was savoring the way her round, fleshy bum bounced and jiggled with each thrust. Wet fleshy smacking filled the broom closet, as did Padma and Daphne's grunts and moans. Not to mention, the painful but blissful impact of Padma's fat balls slapping against Daphne's smaller ones. Daphne was growing very comfortable with being fuck like a useless whore. The idea of hardcore assfucking being enjoyable was exceptional. It scared her how much she was enjoying the feeling of a torso slamming forward into her plump juicy bottom. The fact that a big fat dick could punch her prostate and give her leg-shaking pleasure was quickly becoming devastatingly appealing.

"Ohhh! Uhhh! Please, don't stop, mistress! More! Merlin's fat balls, this is so good! Fuck! Fucking hell!" Daphne moaned. Pleasure racked through her body. Never really having a good size cock battering her tight hole. The biggest was only six inches which weren't all that good, for the girl was not skilled or large. Patil was remarkably adept and knew how to top a bottom, giving Daphne her very first ever pleasurable butt fucking.

Padma brushed a strand of dark out of her face. Sweat formed above her forehead. Biting her lip, she focused on her swift, rough thrusts and watched the mesmerizing fat buttcheeks of Greengrass that bounced and jiggled as it impacted her torso. The Indian Ravenclaw could tell from just body language that Daphne was shaping into her perfect bottom bitch, loving the fat girthy shlong that wrecked her innards. As the Slytherin didn't even notice her cock pulse and twitch. She leaned further into the thrust or the fact that she sounded like a complete whore in a brothel. Padma could sense her bottom was close to blowing her load. "Fuck, yeah! That's it! Take it like a good little bottom slut! Uhh, I can feel you slutty hole trying to milk me! The grip it's bestowing my cock is glorious! Now, do mommy a big favor and cum for me, bitch!" 

As if on command, Daphne moaned loudly. Her cock twitch wildly ejecting out long thick strands of cum onto the ground and crate. It was an intense orgasm as it had been weeks since she blew her load. Padma elongated it by not stopping trying to prompt her orgasm. It worked as the tight clutching hole pushed her over as well. Padma grunted as her cock flooded the Slytherin's hole. Launching thick strands against the punished prostate, the warm thick ball juice staining Daphne's insides. Feeling her orgasm subsiding, Padma removed her girthy dick from Greengass's gripping hole. She watched with a bright lustful smile of white cum arriving out of the ice bitches asshole. "Damn...That's a good bumhole. You're still standing? Seems you are also built for a natural pounding as well. Got to love natural bottomers." Padam breathed somewhat heavily. As she did set in extra work to corrupt the bottoming whore. 

Daphne, however, was just thinking of the splendid pleasure she precisely received. Never had she ever come so hard in her life. Even when she topped for the first time, this was what her mother meant once she bottomed for an experienced top. The icy blonde Slytherin had found out why her father chose her mother, and the extra noise that would come from their room. She wanted to experience it again and for anything. Padma told her that they should get going and was about to fix her clothes until Daphne spoke up. "Wait! Wait. Can...can we go again, Mistress." 

Padma lightly chuckled as she apparently just turned the cold stony ice queen into a begging buttslut."Seems like you enjoyed the hardcore pounding I introduced." 

Daphne was blushing hard from deep embarrassment as it was true. As she was still in the arched position. She had been corrupted. However, she didn't care, as the bliss that the power topping Ravenclaw brought was far more worth it. " Yes! It was the best thing ever! Please, pound my fat arse again! Disturb my innards with your fat girthy cock! Please, dispense your fat load into my hungry arse, mummy! Please, fuck my arse, mummy!" Daphne eagerly purred. Begging for Patil to give her undescribable bliss. Even going as far as to wiggle her fat juicy butt at her.

Padma couldn't turn the sight of that down, walking toward the fat ass blonde. As the Indian Ravenclaw arrived behind the juicy rear, she dropped her right hand onto the bottom. Daphne moaned in response to the slap, feeling Patil knead the fat global buttcheek. "Since you asked rightfully." 

Daphne then felt her asshole spread and accept the thick intruder. She let out a long groan as Padma pushed deep into her hungry hole. And Patil went back to plundering Greengrass with no mercy. 

Throughout the rest of the week, Daphne started to ask Padma to pound her fat butt. She was growing into having a thick meat rod in between the buttcheeks. Often they would meet up before breakfast and during their free period. Daphne would often have to ask Harry for his invisible cloak to make it back to her room without being questioned about why she was limping. Most of the time it starts with her sucking Patil off, making it easier to slide her girthy cock into her. Some of the time, Daphne would use her special oils to slick her ass up. Padma was having the best time of her life. Her boyfriend was strongly delighted with herself and his newest bottom. And like her, she had another bottom bitch that was quite frankly her favorite. Padma enjoyed making Greengrass her bitch, as plugging her meat in between the Slytherin's juicy buttcheeks was very satisfying. 
Daphne often didn't wear any panties below cause she wanted Patil to have easy access to her hole. When the next week came into view, Padma and Harry switched bottoms. Both talked late at night about the greedy whores. Daphne enjoyed being fucked by Harry as he was longer, making it easier to destroy her prostate. Daphne often liked to ride him as it gave her prostate a better sensation. Padma found out that Parkinson's was a giant slut as she didn't care who it was as long as a cock was near. She effortlessly swallowed her cock, giving her a skilled deepthroat. Patil also found out that Parkison's loved it rough. As she often had to make Harry pound her plump bottom hard. Though with Padma that wasn't the case. When they went to Hogsmede, Pansy needed a desperate fucking. She simply begged Padma to ream her bumhole, so the power topping Ravenclaw took her deep into the woods and pounded her hole. Finishing all over her face while Pansy finished on the ground. The greedy slut wanted another round. Patil was still hard, so she obliged. Filling up the cock hungry Slytherin, blowing her fat load inside Parkinson's. 

When the day came when Pansy and Daphne had to meet with their parents, Daphne's mother could already tell her daughter had become someone's bottomslut. Pansy's mother already knew her daughter was a whore, just like her father. Their conversation was about selecting their future husbands slash the next holder of their house. Already knowing their answer, Daphne and Pansy stated their choices, and their parents were shocked. Daphne noticed her mother smiling and knew why she had chosen the individual. Pansy's parents were a bit taken in the back though her mother took over the surprising decision. But they agreed. Daphne and Pansy blushed extremely hard when their mothers called them greedy bottom sluts during conversation. As both headed back to the castle, both grabbed their topping lovers and told them of the situation. The result they got was hardcore sex in the Room of Requirement. Padma and Harry would trade out bottoms, emptying their loads into each other's bottom bitch. Throughout the rest of the weekend, they had relentless, passionate sex. Often taken them back to their prefect rooms giving Pansy and Daphne blissful undoubting pleasure.