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Harry Potter And The Wicked Witches And Wizards Of The World

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Azkaban, a dark, cold fortress in the middle of the North sea. The Birth Place of Dementors. A place close to Hell, some would say for its depressing and heartless appearance. Not to be seen by humans or muggles, for the wizards and witches of the magical world. But if there was a crime against a witch or wizard, and the severity was of real dire circumstance, then they would find the impossible, possible quick they could blink. It held dark and awful witches and wizards, some probably innocent souls. Their crimes and disgusting actions landed them where they deserve to be. 


Most that occupied its stoned floors and walls were mostly, Death Eaters. The dark lord's followers, He-who-shall-not-be-name, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Lord Voldemort. The most dangerous and Terrifying presence to the wizarding world since Gellert Grindelwald. Hundreds of his followers to be imprisoned there before and after his resurrection and after his fall again. It would still be used as such, but the dementors were no longer used to guard the fortress. Not many have occupied it either because they were dead or haven't been found. The majority of them still filled the baron fortress. 


One of his followers, his most faithful and loyal servants, was none other than, Bellatrix Nuphiemia Black nee Lestrange. The most dangerous witch of her time, crazed, sadistic, and downright deranged. She had sided with the dark lord at first for 'the pureblood movement.' A movement in which pureblooded witches and wizards would side for more pureblooded traditions. But it turned out to be nothing more than a front for their leader was half-blooded himself. He would use it as a way to subjugate the wizarding world for power, Pronounce himself as the supreme ruler of the world. Her reasoning change when she started to develop feelings for him, she loved him. And would be willing to follow him to death. Unfortunately, that did not happen instead he was expelled away twice by the Savior of the Wizarding World, the Boy-Who-lived, and now the Man-Who-Won, Harry James Potter. 


Currently, in Azkaban, it was going through its routine security sweep with everything being clear. Though a certain prisoner was currently being visited by the Head Auror for private information. Down on the main level of the fortress stood next to a large reinforced door was Nymphadora Lupin nee Tonks, Head Of Department of Magical Law Enforcement, and next to her was her aunt, Narcissa Dorea Black nee Malfoy. They were currently waiting for the warden and Head Auror to be done with his surprising visit.


"How long do you think this is going to take? I'm not overly fond of standing in this wretched place." Tonk stated, she always was antsy and could never sit still, it what made her skill in the auror academy useful that and her metamorphic abilities. "Calm now, Dora let our lord do what he needs to do, I'd say about twenty minutes or less, he likes to be thorough when extracting information," Narcissa replied calmly, she was always the more patient member of the black family.


Tonks just huffed and gave her aunt a sour look. Narcissa just smiled and replied with "Just have some patience, you never know something could always present itself." 


Behind the reinforced door was heavy panting, grunting, and moaning. Along with loud slapping noises of flesh impacting each other, and the sound of rattling. Of course, the noises of sexual intercourse were coming from none other than Harry and Bellatrix. Harry was hardcore plowing the dark lord's most faithful servant, one of his hands was grabbing the neck of Bellatrix making her arch her back, while the other was on her hip. Bellatrix's hands were the only support from her not being face-first into the large desk, her mouth was open constantly grunting or moaning like a whore. Bellatrix's physical feeling was like nothing else, through all her experiences this was effortlessly the best, having Harry Potter's cock in the cunt was easily the highlight of her life. 




"UGGGHHHHH!!!! FUCK ME!" Bellatrix yelled out in pleasure as harry gave her ass a hard slap. 








Bellatrix squeals and continues to moan as three more hard slaps come down on her ass. Harry then lets go of Bellatrix's neck, and with both hands slams them down onto Bellatrix's juicy onion butt. The action is enough to drive her over the edge, her walls clench around his girthy cock and attempt to extract every bit of cum from his balls. Her attempt manage to get a loud throaty groan from him, but none of his baby nectar. Her eyes roll into the back of her head, and her tongue lolls out of the mouth, her arms no longer have the strength to support her position. Her body then falls into a slump on the large desk. Heavy panting comes from Bellatrix Black as she just received her fourth consecutive orgasm, the first was physically overwhelming, but the last three were almost inhumanly crazy and did it without passing out briefly. She finally started to regain some reality, in the process of her orgasm harry cock slid out of her, in which she noticed his dick was no longer inside her and he hadn't came once.


She was disappointed she couldn't get him to come yet, she even spent a sufficient amount of time sucking him off as if her life depended on it. 


"What did I tell you bitch, when I said head to my desk?" Harry's voice was cold and sharp. Drawing Bellatrix out of her disappointment. It made her spine shiver, and now she realized she fucked up and was going to have to make it up to him.

"Put your hands on the desk and keep them there, all while arching you back like the death eater slut you are, my lord." She reiterated precisely what he said, and failed.


"Well then, I guess I don't need to make any more visits, hmmm." Harry didn't move from the spot he was standing, he already knew what was coming.

"No! no, please, my lord. Please, I'll serve you in any way I can, your cumdumpster whore, your fierce warrior, whatever you want, just please don't go." Her voice was frantic and pleading, and was all truthful. Harry only smiled and lays his 12-inch cock between Bellatrix's ass cheeks.


"I believe you, to tell the truth, so with that, you've got a minute to prepare my cock again, then I'm shoving it up your ass," Harry said with a grin.


Not needing any encouragement Bellatrix quickly gets to her knees and wraps her mouth around his cock. Having suck his cock no long ago, she eagerly swallows nine inches of the intimidating slab of thick man meat, firmly with both hands strokes the rest of his cock. Bellatrix didn't go at a slow pace slurping and gagging all over his cock, it manages to get a groan from him which encourage her to keep up her process. Harry looked down at the woman who took his godfather away from him, slobbering and moaning all over his cock. He grabbed her dark curl locks and aggressively thrust into her mouth, more of his cock was swallowed by her. Something that impressed him was her eyes never left his face, her eyes showed enjoyment and hunger. With a few more sputters and throat raping, Harry decided to give her the punishment.


"Now, bitch get up and assume the position, I'm going to make you a buttslut. You are going to enjoy having your ass fucked by your new master."


Bellatrix got up, saliva still all over her mouth and chin, bent over the desk spread her ass cheek for her master. She beings to feel Harry press his monstrous tip against her bumhole. Slowly Harry inserts five inches of his cock into her ass, her eyes widen as it happens and as each inch is inserted, she has a throaty groan. Harry with at least seven inches feel some give and thrust bottoming out, Bellatrix shouts and her eyes go cross-eyed. Harry then wandlessly bounds her arm behind her back. Harry decides to hammer home into Bellatrix with   powerful  force, the whole desk shakes from each thrust.


"Yea...Take it Bitch...Take...My...Cock..." Harry groans every thrush accompanying each word. "Your...Going...To Be...My...Cum....Dumpster...Fuck Yea..."


Bellatrix groans loudly from each thrust relishing having her ass destroyed. Harry Thrust becoming faster, like a jackhammer, rattling the desk and her moans becoming louder, like a true slut.




Harry oblige every word he was going to ake her his anal loving whore, to the point she would bend over without asking. He will himself to cum and he did pumping a thirty-second orgasm into her ass. Bellatrix gushed all over herself, all she saw and thought of was a blank white space. As Harry pulled out a wave of white cream came out of her gaping ass.


"Understand, we're not done Bella, you have two more loads from me," Harry stated. Bellatrix who recovered surprisingly wiggled her ass at him.

"I'm all for you my lord, fill me up, pimp me out. Do whatever you want with me just please give more of that cock." Bellatrix had her signature grin, harry got exactly as he wanted.


They continued the same way, Harry told her potions would be brought to her to keep her from being to warn out. As Harry opened the door he found some rather interesting. He found Tonks with her jeans a pooled around her ankles slamming into Narcissa's wide plump ass from the back, he knew of her ability to change into men but not their organs, he guesses she figured it out.


"UGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! FUCK YEA!!! THIS PUSSY IS SO TIGHT! WHO DO YOU BELONG TO MY BITCH!!!" Tonks was jackhammering her aunt from behind. Harry didn't want to interrupt, not wanting to give tonks blue balls.


"YOU MISTRESS!!! GIVE ME THAT EIGHT-INCH COCK!!! FUCK!!!!" Cissy was in a world of pleasure, been four years without cock. She tried to get Harry, but he never turned her way for some reason.


"HOLY SHIT! GOD, YOUR ARE SO TIGHT!!! UGH! I'M CLOSE, CISSY! FUCK, I'M GONNA FILL YOU UP! CALL ME MOMMY DEAREST!!! TELL ME HOW MUCH YOU WANT MY CUM!" Tonks was hammering faster and showed a lot of dominance. Harry wondered if they have done this more than twice.


"YES, MISTRESS!!! FILL ME UP!!! FILL ME UP!!! OOH!!! FILL ME UP MOMMY DEAREST!!!" Tonks Came first grunting out her orgasm and Narcissa squealed and shook violently.


"Merlin, That was amazing" Tonks exclaimed. Narcissa just smiled and waved her wand and vanish their mess. "Do you think he is done?" Tonks asked, but before her partner could respond Harry spoke up.


"Yes! I've been done for five minutes that was quite the show you two put on." As Harry walked to them, their red faces show how much embarrassment was showing. Narcissa left to wait outside and let tonks deal with Harry. 


"Mommy Dearest?" Harry asked with a laugh.


"Shut up. Harry."