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Call Me Alpha

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The nape of Rey’s neck prickles with warning, but all she hears is the hint of a growl before something heavy slams into her.

The breath chuffs out of her lungs as the weight hits her, like a wall of living brick — and though she knows exactly who’s responsible, she can’t even say his name as he knocks Rey onto her bed.


She flails beneath him, fury whistling in her ears as she sucks in air. “ BEN!

He laughs, flush with victory. It almost used to be funny, him pretending to “catch” her when they were fifteen and more or less the same size, tumbling into a heap of gawky limbs as Qi’ra shrieked and Han muttered something about boys being boys. But Ben’s filled out since then, Alpha hormones broadening his chest and shoulders, defining the iron musculature that sets him apart from Beta and Omega males.

Biology hasn’t been as kind to Rey. She’s always had a wiry sort of power, tenacity honed from years of trail running, but nothing that can compare to Ben’s hulking strength.

It’s not fair — none of it. Most of all the easy way her stepbrother grins down at her, his flannel pyjamas slung low on his hips as he kneels over her, pinning her to the bed.

“Get off me!” She shoves at his chest in vain. “And get out of my room, you creep!”

The way he leans forward over her torso, planting his fists outside her shoulders and grinning down at her … it’s maddening. “Make me, Omega .”

There it is. The difference between them, the reason he’s been such a shit to Rey since they both started to present as their designations. Because Omegas are meant to serve, and he knows how badly that grates on her.

For a moment it seems like she might be getting the edge on him, working her legs outside his bent ones — but he’s only taunting her, letting her think she’s winning.

His leer widens as she hurls her weight against his chest. Rey’s skin tingles as she flushes with the effort of fighting him, the sensation sharpening to an aggravating, inescapable itch.

His scent is so powerful from this close, the aromas of orange and hinoki wood and Alpha musk coiling from his body like intoxicating tendrils. The pupils of his eyes are blown to hell, too, making his rich chocolate eyes look darker than midnight.

They’re a hunter’s eyes. The eyes of a predator.

Rey’s heart skips, slamming at her ribs in the next instant with redoubled force. Does he realize there’s only the thin towel around her body? He usually doesn’t even look at Rey when she’s hurrying back to her room from the shower, let alone talk to her. 

He’d never dare to touch her.

“I like it when you squirm,” Ben breathes — and something about that damn look in his eye makes Rey’s stomach lurch with warning.

My phone. It’s there on her bedside table, the rounded corner just barely visible as she twists her head. “I’m calling Mom.”

She twists an arm free, but Ben’s faster, one of his huge hands darting out to catch her wrist. Manacling her as he forces her arm up over her head, holding it down against her pillow. “Your mom’s busy getting fucked by my dad. She can’t help you tonight.”

“Seriously, get off me, ” Rey hisses.

Ben’s gaze glitters darkly. “No.”

Heat pools at the apex of Rey’s thighs as he nudges his hips flush against hers — and she gasps, pulse skittering as something unyielding nudges against her inner thigh. “Are you—”

She breaks off, unable to say the word. Unable to ask her stepbrother if he’s hard, because she already knows the answer.

His hips twist again, and Ben’s full lips part in a breathless grin as his rigid length settles against her mound. “What do you think?”

“Stop it,” Rey mutters, afraid to move as he rolls his hips, dragging his thick erection against her right there .

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” He leans so close that locks of his ebony hair trail against the column of her neck, sending goosebumps rippling over her skin. His face heats her skin as he inhales. “I can smell it on you. How much you want it.”

It’s so wrong , but he’s right: her body’s responding like it does when she touches herself, right here in this bed. His scent — which has always seemed musky and overbearing — is mouthwatering now, her lips burning to be kissed.

And maybe it’s just the lingering traces of the shower, but her crease is wet — she can feel it without moving, without wriggling, as he pushes himself against her again.

“Don’t you have some girlfriend to be sexually harassing?” Rey manages, trying to ignore the way her mating gland is throbbing, awakening at his touch.


No. Not him. Anyone but him.

Ben lifts one shoulder in a lopsided shrug, his plush mouth curving in a smirk as he moves against her. “You’ll do.”

“Ben, come on ,” she whines. The way her body is reacting to him is loathsome, welcoming him even as she tries to resist. “Stop fucking around, this isn’t funny!”

“Go on, fight me.” The tip of his nose skims along the curve of her neck as he scents her again, and his cock throbs against her, magma-hot through the thin layers of his pyjamas and her towel. “It only makes me harder.”

He’s serious — and as she snakes her other arm free, he only catches it, too, pinning it above her damp hair with the other as he twitches against her.

“Just like this,” he murmurs into her skin, making her shiver.

The towel is wrinkling between their bodies, riding up her thighs and down from her chest now that she can’t touch it. “Ben— Ben, my towel—”

“Oh shit.” He pauses, hips still pinning Rey to her lavender comforter as his free hand moves to the top of the grey terry cloth — but instead of pulling the towel up, he drags it down to bare her breasts.

Ben! ” she shrieks, but it’s too late.

“God, your tits are fucking perfect,” he rumbles as he stares down at her. His hand is big enough to swallow her breast as he palms the full swell, cupping it with a mix of reverence and hunger.

“This is so wrong,” Rey pants as he teases one of her nipples, tweaking it gently between his thumb and forefinger, tracing the pale circle of her areola. “You have to stop, Ben, please—”

“You like wrong? I can give you wrong.”

He lifts his hips, and for a heartbeat she thinks this is it, he’s finally done with this insanity, he’s going to leave — but he only grunts, his hand fumbling against the hem of the towel as he shoves something down.

Then he’s raw against her, his fiery shaft slotting into her slickened folds and spreading her beneath the towel’s edge.


His groaning breaths tickle the shell of Rey’s ear, and she shudders with pleasure as the ridge of his cockhead rubs her clit, awakening an ecstasy within her that should be left to slumber.

“Just like this.” He taunts her with a series of slow, wet kisses, tracing a line from her earlobe to the hollow of her throat. He grinds his cock against her pussy with the same slow deliberation, refusing to let her escape his touch. “Just like this and you’d be mine.”

“Ben,” Rey whispers — and golden bliss gathers in her belly as he thrusts against her, his shaft slick with her need. “Ben, we can’t…”

“Who’s going to stop me?” He laughs breathlessly as he rips the towel out from between their bodies, throwing it aside. “ You?

“You can’t fuck me, I’m your sister!

But even as she says the words, she doesn’t believe them.

He’s going to rape her. That’s why he attacked her now, tonight, the day their parents left for their vacation. So that no one could get in the way.

All those times he’s glowered at her … maybe it wasn’t resentment Ben was feeling, but something else. Something truly taboo.

Her stepbrother hums with satisfaction as he runs his hand over her helpless body, fondling her breasts and skimming down to the curve of her hip.

“Bet you didn’t think your first time would be like this,” he rasps as he works himself against her. The wet sounds are enough to make her body clench, but his hand moves lower, sliding between their bodies. “Don’t worry, Reyby, I’ll take care of you.”

The childish nickname is almost as sinful as the way his hand settles on her sex, his thumb finding her clit and sending rapturous jolts through her nerves.

A moan twists out of her, guttural with wanting. 

Ben chuckles again, and her spine arches as his breaths warm her swollen mating gland.

No, not that, not that

His tongue scrawls a wet ribbon over her gland and she gasps again as a wave of pleasure weakens her limbs.

“Good girl,” he croons as she sags back against the bed, caged beneath his half-naked body. “Good Reyby …. you’re such a good sister, making your brother feel so good…” 

“Stop saying that,” Rey manages weakly as he rears back and notches his naked cock against her dripping cunt. Slick covers her inner thighs, and there’s no fighting him. Not anymore, with her body begging for him. “Ben, please—”

His tongue swirls over her throbbing gland, and she whines as he pushes into her.

“Relax, Omega,” he croons. “You were made to take this.”

Rey sobs as he penetrates her, his rock-hard cock slowly burning into her core until she’s whimpering and full.

Is she a virgin anymore? Probably not. He’s on top of her, inside her, his weight pressing her into the mattress as he claims her. The worst part is how perfect it feels as he throbs deep in her belly, stretching her open.

“You’re so tight.” He kisses her gland, lingering as he bottoms out inside her, straining against her soft inner walls. “ So tight … and you’re all mine, no one can save you from me… ”

He moves slowly. Tenderly, almost, withdrawing a few shallow inches only to push deep in her again.

Rey cries out as he thrusts — and then his lips are crushed to hers in a brutal kiss.

Ben … oh, Ben…

A moan burns in her throat as he forces his tongue between her lips, stroking her and filling her mouth with his perfect taste. Rey doesn’t notice the moment when he releases her wrists, but then she’s clutching at him, her arms thrown about his neck as he rocks into her harder.

She can feel every ridge, every vein as he grinds into her, his huge body shivering with need. His fingers tighten on her soft flesh, groping her tits, the curve of her arse, wrapping her legs around his narrow waist.

Even with a dildo it’s never felt this good. He’s so hot, so hungry for her … and his mating gland’s swollen, too, just there before her lips. Rey prints a tentative kiss on the distended skin, reveling in the way it makes him slam into her harder, growling with desire.

Fuck , Omega…” 

Blissful oblivion is calling to her — and shame curls through her, making her brace her hands against his chest in a useless bid to stop him. “Ben … Ben, you have to stop, I’m going to come.”

“Good.” His hand knots in her hair, forcing her head back to meet his. His obsidian eyes are raging with primal need, and he only fucks into her more ardently. “Come on my cock, I want to feel it.”

“Ben, I can’t —”

“Call me Alpha.” His teeth graze her jaw, and he drops his head to her gland again as he slams into her. “Say it and I’ll let you go.”

She won’t give him the satisfaction. He’s taken so much from her already tonight.

Rey clenches her jaw and violently shakes her head.

“Say it.” He sucks on her gland — gently, but it’s enough to make her mewl with wanting. “Call me Alpha or I’ll knot you Reyby, I fucking swear I’ll do it…”

She doesn’t answer. She’s too lost, her body rent apart by the ecstasy that’s building.

Ben cradles her closer, his movements unforgiving as he pounds into her. He’s close, his massive frame trembling as he shudders in her cunt.

His tempo quickens, and there’s no hiding from the rapture that claims her, the world lost in a whiteout of electric euphoria as she falls apart.

Fuck ,” her stepbrother grunts, pistoning deep into her cunt — and then he cries out as heat floods her womb.

She’s full — too full. His seed pours into her, but there’s more pressure in her pussy, too, threatening to tear her apart from violence of her bliss. “Wh-What—”

“I told you I was going to knot you,” he murmurs into her neck, punctuating the words with a soft kiss. “You’re so wet, I couldn’t help myself.”

“No,” Rey moans, but her body is eager for him, taking the knot so tightly that only a few trickles of slick run down her crack.

The world spins as Ben rolls onto his back, carefully arranging her legs so that she’s splayed over him, slumped against his chest.

“Good girl,” her stepbrother purrs, running his palm down the length of her spine so lovingly that she trembles. His knot throbs in her cunt, lodged inside her so tightly she can hardly even think. “That’s my Reyby, taking her first load like a champ.”

Her lips stumble numbly: “ First load?”

“Mm-hmm.” He kisses her forehead, curling stray tendrils of hair around her ear. “There’s so much more in me, you’ve got to wring it out.” His dark gaze finds hers, and they hiss together as she clenches, urging another few beads of heat into her wrecked pussy. “And trust me, you will call me Alpha before we’re done.”

“Never,” Rey manages — but even in her half-daze, the word tastes like a lie.

His cock stiffens inside her at her defiance, and he slowly sits up, dragging her along with him. His arm is tight about her waist, bonding her close, and she groans as he urges himself deeper into her. "What was that?"

Rey can't remember how to speak as he thrusts, the movement muted by his knot but no less agonizing, no less blissful. He kneads her breasts, rocking her in his lap as she clings to him, her nails leaving crescent-shaped marks on his flesh.

Ben kisses her gland, and a frisson of terror skitters along her spine as he settles his teeth against her vulnerable skin.

It's a warning.

She sighs in relief as he only licks her, nuzzling into her neck as his knot tugs in her cunt, a reminder of how thoroughly he owns her right now.

“Say it.” Ben trails a fingertip along the tight bridge of skin between her pussy and asshole, and Rey trembles at the simple touch. His other arm is still locked about her waist, and he bounces her harder in his lap, cockhead nudging at her cervix until she’s panting with lust. “Tell me I’m your Alpha, Reyby.”

“No,” she groans.

His free hand knots in her hair again, dragging her head back to bare her throat. His lips find her mating gland and she gasps as he sucks at her skin, tugging at her in rhythmic bursts that match the way he’s fucking her.

Rey’s cunt flutters violently from his ministrations, and she doesn’t have breath left to gasp as more of his searing essence gushes into her. She digs her fingernails into his shoulders and he snarls, fucking so hard that he lifts her bodily as he thrusts.

Her muscles clench around his knot, and then there’s more cum in her belly, wrung out of him as they move together.


The way he growls the word sends a shudder of joy through her. She almost doesn’t care that he scoots to the side of the bed, swinging his legs over the side and splaying her over his lap. Somehow he’s able to rut into her harder like this, tonguing her gland as he violates her.

Her lips move as she gasps the unthinkable: “Al … pha…”

Ben’s muscles seize at the word, and he crushes her to him as he slams deep.

Her stepbrother is her beast, her monster, her destroyer.

He’s hers .

She drags her fingers through his silk-soft hair, and as she cups his stubbled jaw, he rakes his teeth over the mound of her gland.

“Kiss me, Alpha,” Rey begs — and mercifully he does, slanting his mouth over hers, his breaths puffing against her cheek.

He sinks back, and her palms are braced against his chest again but it’s only to steady herself as her thighs engage, burning as she rises and tugs against the knot. Another rush of cum blazes into her — and she knows it’s her stepbrother that she’s riding, her stepbrother who’s ravaging her pussy, she can’t stop.

“Alpha.” Even the word tastes good, the syllables punctuated by the way she shoves her hips down against his. “Oh, fuck, Alpha…”

“That’s my girl,” he hums. His hands claim her hips, helping her as they work against each other. His cum is flooding her faster now, the knot starting to ease, but he’s still hard as ever. “Good little Omega.”

The rapture is building again, and she leans forward to kiss his gland. He tastes like sweet orange, like oiled wood, like his musth, and she dares to lick him, reveling in the way it makes him surge beneath her.

“Say you’re mine, Reyby,” he grinds out. “You’re my little sister. My Omega.”

“I’m yours, Alpha,” Rey whispers.

Ben drags her beneath him again, and she’s wet, so wet, his cock moving freely inside her as his knot loosens. He’s so thick, but she can take him now, meeting him in every harsh thrust.

They’re beyond speech, beyond laws. Just two bodies warring together, striving against each other.

“Rey,” he finally gasps — and she knows he’s close because he’s shaking again, his movements strained as he snaps his hips.

She kisses his gland and he roars, sheathing himself deep in her.

It’s just what she needs — and she comes undone as he pounds into her a few final strokes, groaning as he floods her again.

Her stepbrother collapses onto her, his breaths skimming her cheek as he stills. One of his hands finds her breast and he cups her, idly caressing the soft curve.

Reality bleeds back as Rey recovers herself, and horror coils through her gut, curdling the pleasure that’s settled heavy in her limbs.

Her brother. Her own brother.

Even if they don’t share blood, what he’s done to her is an abomination.

And she called him Alpha … it’s unthinkable.

“Every night,” Ben murmurs, and his lips brush her hair in an exhausted kiss as he twitches, finally softening in her slick- and cum-soaked cunt.


“We’re going to do this every night until Dad and your mom come home.” His black eyes burn like stars. “You’re mine this week, Reyby. No one can save you from me.”

He cups her face, holding her to him as his mouth reclaims hers in a ravenous kiss … and Rey’s almost relieved to not have to speak, because she doesn’t know whether to laugh or sob.