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Quiet, you might piss somebody off

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Warwick stormed through the corridors. “Shh.” He heard the taunting voice, saw the man from the corner of his eye. “Quiet Dick, you might piss somebody off.”

Was that not the point? He ignored Hastings completely as he stormed into the king’s bed chamber. Elizabeth Woodville saw him first, covering her breasts as she screeched at the unexpected intrusion. “Get out.” Warwick whispered, tossing her dress to her.

“You do not get to…” she began in her haughtiest tone. She realised her vulnerability he assumed as she smirked, looking at her. He did not need to speak to piss anyone off.

Though he chose to. “I said get out.” He whispered. Edward nodded to her, she wrapped the sheet around her entirety, running from the room.

“How fucking dare you?”

“I dare.” Warwick snapped. “Get dressed.” Warwick growled. “I won’t insult a man whilst he’s naked.”

“You do not order me.”

“I do.” Warwick scoffed. “Always have, now dress.”

To his amazement, Edward reached for his hose, struggling to dress quickly. His face slightly reddened. He was ready to punch him, Warwick knew that he had raised anger in the King. Yet not one fuck could be given.

“You’ve been at this too long, cousin.” Edward whispered.

“At what.”

“Politics, it’s making you bitter.”

“And it makes you weak.” Warwick shrugged, looking at Edward as the man stood. A boy still in all but build… that was how Warwick saw him. A petulant child. “You stand in front of me and bite the hand that feeds.” He sounded disappointed. He knew that. So clear was it that it made Edward freeze.

Only momentarily. The younger man shook his head. “You know, you’ve betrayed me. Dick. You never had loyalty for me. You saw advantage for yourself and took it. Your self righteousness is wearing thin.”

Warwick shook his head. “Lies, they’re inside your head, Ned. They’re your worst enemy, but you act as though they’re your best friend.”

“Lies? You speak like someone embeds them.”

“They do, William Hastings, John Tiptoft, Anthony Woodville… they’re the disloyal ones, Ned. And I wish you’d see that. I’m trying to help you. That’s all I’ve ever done. You throw it back at me.” Edward scoffed. “I’ve shed blood for you-“

“No Dick, your heart bleeds. But not for fellow men.”

“You look in broken glass, Edward, and you see a fake reflection. That’s what they want from you.” He sighed.

“I’ve had enough.” Edward barked “it’s time for something real. I don’t respect the words you’re speaking. You’ve gone too far.” Warwick rolled his eyes.

“Edward! Won’t you listen to me!”

“I’ll be damned if you count me in as part of your generous hypocrisy.”

“You’re collecting enemies, Ned.” Warwick bit his tongue. How much he wanted to say. “Edward, please, listen.” Warwick gripped Edward’s arms as the king came closer. “Excuse the obscene and ignore the untrue. It’s the depictions we see, try and get through. I’ll admit my mistakes you admit yours and hopefully, Ned, you’ll see I don’t want to go against you. I fought for you to be here.”

“Worthless man.” Edward whispered.

“There’s no need for us to bury you.” Warwick whispered, letting Edward go as the King continued with his words.

“There you go with a selfish agenda, again.”

“Right this way, your grace.” Warwick snapped, knowing his next words would cause fury. “You’ve dug your own grave.”

“Get back here.” Edward snapped as he turned, storming from the room.

“Shh.” William Hastings said to Edward, trying to stop the king. “Quiet, you might piss somebody off.”

“It’s too late for that.” Warwick shouted back as he turned, walking backwards.