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you're my night and day (waiting for you in this street, drawing you again)

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Shen Wei’s headache couldn’t get any worse. His students are doing worse and worse in his classes as the days go by. He’s unsure how to make the lessons easier to learn. Then, Zhao Yunlan keeps sticking his nose in matters that didn’t concern him. Shen Wei has to rush from his job just to save him and then rush back so his cover isn’t blown. He’s immortal but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve rest.

He gazes outside the window. Storming, extremely hard. A flash occurs, he sits there counting. 15 seconds later, another flash occurs. It’s three miles away, which means that he will probably run into it on his way home. He hangs his head and looks at the clock. 1:30. He usually doesn’t get off until 4:30, so hopefully , it would have died down by then.

Shen Wei loses himself in his work, grading papers and giving feedback to students who really need it. He doesn’t realize it’s time for him to leave campus until his TA comes in to check on him. He feels his cheeks warm a bit as he hurriedly grabs his things and an umbrella. He checks to make sure that the coast is clear and teleports to the block before his apartment complex. He walks to the front and stops in shock.

Zhao Yunlan is standing on the corner, completely drenched and shivering. Shen Wei has to take a deep breath before he loses his shit at him. As he approaches him, Zhao Yunlan lights up with a smile and a lollipop hanging from his lips.

“Professor Shen! Lovely to see you!”

He puts the umbrella over his head and Zhao Yunlan’s. “Detective Zhao, what are you doing out in the rain without an umbrella? You’re going to catch a cold.”

“You know, it’s a very funny story. I left work on time, but Da Qing had to go out and conduct some investigations so he wasn’t going to be home for a while. So, here I was, on my way to the apartment when it started storming! I ran up to the door and I realized I didn’t have my keys. I came out here, to wait for you.”

“If you’ve been out here since the storm started... Zhao Yunlan! It’s been 3 hours! Why didn’t you call Da Qing or wait somewhere else?”

He smiles guiltily . “My phone died so I couldn’t call anyone. Plus, I really wanted to wait for you. I knew you wouldn’t take long.”

Shen Wei pinches his nose and stares at him with a disapproving look. “While I very much do appreciate the idea of you thinking of me, it was very irresponsible of you to sit out here shivering like an abandoned dog . Let me take you up to my apartment to get you dry and you can wait there until Da Qing comes back.”

His smile grows wider, more mischievous. “Wow, Professor Shen~ I didn’t think you were that type of man. Inviting me into your home on a stormy day like this. I would like you to know that I’m a very delicate and innocent maiden-”

The heat rushes from his cheeks to his ears. “Shut up! Do you want to be dry or do you want to stand out here all night?”

“Please lead the way!” They begin to walk together, their footsteps falling into a slow pace. They climb the stairs. Zhao Yunlan almost slips on the water he dripped everywhere, and Shen Wei catches him by his coat sleeve.

“Can you please be more careful?”

“Yes, but I know you’ll be there to catch if I fall.” Zhao Yunlan’s smile blinds Shen Wei, and his grip loosens ever so slightly . He sees the slight flash of panic in Yunlan’s eyes. His powers act in an instant, pushing him back into Shen Wei’s arms.

“My knight in shining armor.”

“Shut up.” Zhao Yunlan keeps trying to make conversation but he gets ignored until they are on Shen Wei’s doorstep. Yunlan gets ushered in and sat down on a soft chair. Shen Wei disappears behind a door he can only assume is his bedroom. So, he’s left there waiting and shivering inside of Shen Wei’s apartment. It’s not the first time he’s been here, but every time he comes, it’s more nerve-wracking than the last visit.

Shen Wei comes back and throws a towel at him. “Here. You can use that to dry yourself and then you can take a shower. The bathroom is the second door when you walk in. I also laid some clothes on the bed that I thought would fit you. Tell me if you need anything.”

“Thank you so much once again.”

“Yes, just make sure you don’t do something like this again.”

Zhao Yunlan stands up, and when he looks behind him, he notices the large man-shaped wet stain he’s left on the chair.

“I am so sorry-”

“It’s fine. I’ll take care of it later. Go ahead and take a shower.”

Zhao Yunlan blazes through Shen Wei’s bedroom. Because he knows that if he took a look around, he would start obsessing over details. He can feel a cough at the back of his already. Shen Wei’s bathroom had soft overhead lighting and a large mirror over the sink. The washcloths matched the towel Yunlan had in his hands and the shower curtain. The things he had on his sink counter were pretty basic: skincare products, a single toothbrush, a contacts case that seems a little dusty . And what Yunlan considers as the sexiest thing ever: a tube of toothpaste with the cap on and closed tightly .

He tries not to think about it as he steps into the shower, but it’s hard not to. The body wash, shampoo, and conditioner(all in three different bottles, again very sexy) were all coordinated in their scents and weren’t overwhelming . After a very nice and warm shower, Yunlan wraps the towel around his waist and walks back into Shen Wei’s bedroom. The clothes laid out on the bed were clothes he had never seen Shen Wei wear. It consisted of an oversized sweater and loose shorts. He never imagined him as a shorts person, but then again he never really imagined him in a towel in Shen Wei’s bedroom.

The sweater sleeves fall over Yunlan’s hands. The shorts are loose enough to fit. But Yunlan feels like if there was a strong gust of wind, he would have more things to apologize to Shen Wei for than the chair .

Outside of the room, Shen Wei was losing his shit, to put it gently . After he walked into his room, his mind started racing. What if he finds something really embarrassing? There’s nothing in his bedroom that would blow his cover right? What if he does something crazy and escapes out the window or something?

Breathe, Shen Wei. It’ll be fine. Run through the steps:

  1. Fill the kettle and put it on. He’s not a tea person, but he also shouldn’t have stood in the rain. So, he'll just have to suffer.
  2. Check the fridge for something quick you can whip up. But you haven’t gone grocery shopping yet so you’re just gonna have to settle for stir-fry noodles. Again.
  3. Gather the few ingredients you have.
  4. Try not to become distracted and burn yourself thinking about Zhao Yunlan in your apartment- and fuck, your wrist. It’ll be fine. Ignore it.
  5. Plate the food and sit at the counter waiting for him to get out. And don’t think about how the shower stopped five minutes ago but he still hasn’t come out of the bedroom and you think you picked out ill-fitting clothes and he’s gonna hate you.
  6. Startle at the door opening and try not to drool at the sight of him in your clothes. He looks like he’s getting swallowed in it. Shit, you’ve been looking at him weirdly. You should say something. Say something. Say-

“Wooooooow! It smells amazing, what did you cook?” Zhao Yunlan rushes over and stares at the plates in front of him.

“Oh, I just whipped up something quick because I wasn’t sure how long you would be in the shower.”

“Well, I am so prepared to eat. I didn’t have the time to eat lunch today because of this case we were on and all I had was a bagel for breakfast….” He trails off at the look Shen Wei gives him. “Okay, in my defense, it was a very hectic day-”

“Sit. Let me give you some tea to warm yourself up, and then you can start eating.”

“Yes, sir.’ He says in a mocking tone, missing how Shen Wei’s hands stutter and his ears grow pinker by the second. He hands Yunlan a mug full of green tea and sits across from him without another word. They eat in silence, except for the rain hitting the windows and Zhao Yunlan’s loud slurping. Zhao Yunlan finishes his plate with a contented sigh and then attempts to chug the tea but is unsuccessful because-

“Be careful, it’s hot!”

“Yeah, I can kinda see that!! Fuck me, my tongue hurts like fucking hell.”

Don’t let your mind wander again, Shen Wei, you bastard. He thinks as he grabs Yunlan a glass of ice water. Yunlan, meanwhile, is beating himself up for both his choice of words and looking like an idiot trying to drink boiling hot tea as fast as possible . They settle back into silence, Shen Wei watching Yunlan very carefully and Yunlan wishing he could die on the spot.

Shen Wei speaks first. “Oh, while you were in the shower, I charged your phone. You might want to try and call Da Qing to see where he’s at.”

Yunlan gives him a pout. “Shen Wei, I’ve injured myself and you’re already trying to dump me off onto Da Qing. Do you dislike my company that much?” Shen Wei would have been more endeared if he didn’t have his tongue in the glass of ice water. He just stares at him until Yunlan gets up and checks his phone.

Yunlan walks over to his phone, almost hesitant to pick it up. If Da Qing tells him to come back home, then he’ll be forced to go back to his place. But, if he’s busy for the rest of the night, Yunlan is going to make a fool of himself again and he doesn’t think his pride can handle it . His phone buzzes to life.

Old Cat: 10 new messages

He inhales and unlocks his phone.

hey! i think this is going to take a while, so i might not be home for a little bit.

they want me to bring some documents back to the office, so i am DEFINITELY not gonna be back for a while.

i’ll just sleep in your office because i’m fucking beat

dude, your keys are on your desk???

so is your wallet???

chief zhao, i swear to god, if you are in the fucking rain, it’s over for you



if i get a cold from you, i’m quitting and then i’m suing you

ugh you’re either dead or shen wei has picked you, so ig ill see you in the morning. or not

Yunlan chuckles a bit and then looks back at Shen Wei. “Da Qing is sleeping over at the office tonight, so I don’t think he’s gonna be home tonight.”

“Oh.” Shen Wei isn’t really sure how to answer. On one hand, he’s ecstatic to have Yunlan stay over. He is genuinely worried about him catching a cold, but also it’s...electric having him in a space as personal as his home for hours on end. On the other hand , he feels like the longer he’s with Yunlan, he feels like he’ll expose his powers and be faced with endless interrogation and disappointment from him. “Let me change the bedsheets so you can sleep in there.”

“Then, where are you going to sleep?” Nice, Yunlan. It’s not bad enough he’s taking care of you, now you sound desperate. I mean yeah but we can’t let him know that. Yunlan quietly panics.

“It’s fine! The couch is really comfortable plus I have many papers to grade and I don’t want to keep you up so I should work out here.”

“Okay...well, I’m not tired yet. Do you maybe wanna watch a movie?”

Shen Wei smirks, and Yunlan’s knees buckle slightly . “Sure. Your choice.” Yunlan grabs the remote and starts looking through Shen Wei’s dvd collection. He huffs at the collection, first calling it ancient but growing more and more excited at all the ones he’s memorized .


“Oh, a student gifted the series to me but I never got the chance to watch it.” Yunlan stops in his tracks and looks at Shen Wei in dead seriousness.

“Shen Wei, this is considered a war crime. We have to watch them right now!” He grabs his hand and leads him to the couch. The screen starts up, music blaring and all. Shen Wei feels him buzz in excitement.

“I didn’t take you to enjoy sci-fi, especially not with your job.”

Eyes still trained on the screen, he says “Yeah, well. Science fiction makes it easy. Everything is solved in a couple of hours and the good guys always win. Who wouldn’t love a story like that?” He glances over. “Unless you’re one of those people who gets all science-y and says none of it is possible?”

Humming, Shen Wei thinks for a moment. “I’ve never really been a type to get into fiction. I love history and I love science, so it never appealed to me. But I think …” Yunlan shushes him as a lady with a strange haircut appears as a hologram. He mouths the words and laughs afterward, deep and hearty and full of joy.

I think I can grow to love it. Shen Wei thinks.