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Siren of the Storm

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Ariel could smell the storm brewing by the charge in the water. Storms were fascinating. All sorts of things could happen in storms. Treasure raining down from the surface that she could hoard in her grove. One time she had even found a prince that perfectly matched the statue in her grove, and had rescued him from drowning. She'd fantasised about joining him on land, but in the end had thought with her brain instead of her lady parts and realised it wasn't worth giving up her voice and freedom in the water. But honestly he was very good looking. She still found herself hanging around his kingdom's shore in the hopes of catching him bathing naked in the ocean. Once she'd even thrown a pile of seaweed on his fiancée, and laughed herself hoarse and the way she had jumped and shrieked.

Yes that was a good storm. This one was even bigger though. She swam her way to the surface and was rewarded with the visceral feel of aerated water in her lungs. The charge of the atmosphere played on her skin and as she emerged from the water she was rewarded with a flash of lightning that flashed on her retinas.
Ah yes, that was the feeling. Hair whipping in the wind, thunder in her ears and waves that threw her and dipped her like a dance.
A ship was nearby, and she swam closer like a shark smelling blood. The sails were down as it tried to weather the storm, but they clearly were unprepared. She could hear the sound of silverware clattering in the cabinets and the breaking of porcelain. A grin crept onto her face.

Now mermaids may not have legs, but not many people realise that they make up for this with extraordinarily strong arms. Ariel flexed her thick fingers and claws extruded from her nail beds. Harder than diamonds and engineered to cling to rocks in storms, they were just the thing for climbing up ship hulls.
The wood splintered in her grip as she pulled herself up the swaying ship. She was confident that no one would hear her in this storm.
She climbed to an isolated area of the deck just behind the captain's quarters. Her scales produced a thick mucus, allowing her to slide with ease across the deck. She crawled from shadow to shadow and observed the chaos before slipping down into the hold. Let the humans fret, she was after the shinies. Bingo, the kitchen stood completely unguarded.

She quickly clawed her way to the cabinets and threw them open. Cutlery flew out like glitter and she grinned, grabbing fistfuls of the silver and shoving them into her primordial pouch. Ah yes it was beautiful, so much silverware. For good measure she grabbed a few goblets and forced them down her unhinged jaw to sit in her stomach for later retrieval.

Suddenly the sharp sting of arrows met her flesh. She hissed, turning around to see a kitchen hand staring at her agape.
He didn't get to finish his sentence before Ariel spit a gob of acid at his running back. He shrieked and tried to call for further help before he macerated into a foul smelling heap of foam.
Ariel searched his body. He didn’t have much on him. There was a soft squishy toy of a giant whale which she deemed worthless. Instead she tore a silver chain off his neck that she thought would be a nice addition to her collection. She heard footsteps pounding nearby and turned around, happy grin on her face and poison already hucking up in her throat. Oh man, this was a big one coming, she thought. Sometimes they'd get a little stuck down in the venom sac and that was when you knew you had a good one. She heaved it up all over the pirate who had opened the door. It felt good but unfortunately she was pretty sure she'd just dissolved all the metal on him. Useless.
She clawed her way up the stairs, gouging slashes through the ropes. The captain got one look at her and then ran in the opposite direction and jumped over the side of the boat. It was fine, she could hunt him down later. For now she was sure there was more cutlery hiding on the ship, and she would not stop until she had stuffed her primordial pouch full of all the silver forks and cute little spoons and ornate knives that would fit. Then she would heave her heavy body over the side of the boat, hunt down any stragglers, and let the weight of her hoard sink her back down to her grotto.

Ah yes, she was so glad that she didn't give up this pleasure to hunt down her favourite human prince, even if he had the most wonderful gold capped teeth.