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Letter to my love (Eternally yours)

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My dear Caius

How are you? I don't think I've told you how marvelous this afternoon I got to spend with you was. After you led me back to the Cullens, we all got home safely. Dad was absolutely furious. How dare Bella and I go to Italy? 

We are both grounded, and beside school the only place where I'm allowed to go is the library, since I work there my dad can't stop me. I don't really mind it because like you know as long as I have good books I am happy. He also severely restricted Edward's visits at home, but as you can guess it is not that much of a problem for a vampire.

I wanted to thank you for the winter wear you got me. The black coat is incredibly warm, and truly beautiful. It looks like you got it straight from a gothic fairytale, and I love it. The pair of New Rock is amazing, and I've been wearing them everyday since I got them. I am adding to the letter a picture of me wearing them that Rosalie took for me. While I am enjoying Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper's company a lot, I am not that close with the rest of the family. And you already know what I think of Edward. I spend a lot of time with the three of them, and surprisingly a lot with Jasper. He has way more self-control than Edward gives him credit for. 

It had only been two weeks, but I miss you dearly. Does your heart ache too when you think of how far away we are from each other? It is really hard to be away from your soulmate, but what keeps me going is the promise of an eternity with you, even if it's not long at all. How romantic that my love will be the one turning me! 

I love you dearly my king.


Eternally yours,

[Y/N] Swan