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Torched House and Mind

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The farnsworth rang until Artie picked it up, greeted by Myka’s face. She’s breathing a little heavily, but a smile is plastered on her face. After catching her breath for a second, Myka speaks. “We got it. One stone carving.”


“Great work.”


Helena pops into the picture, “although I still don’t fully get what this artifact is .”


“Show it to me.” Artie waits while the stone carving moves into frame of the farnsworth. “Ahhh” walking over to a book and flipping through it, he continues, “it look like the ancient Aztec god, Quetzalcoatl.” He holds the book up to the farnsworth, open to a page with a picture of the being in question. “It explains the urge to give a blood sacrifice.”


Helena’s face changes from confusion and curiosity to understand. “Ahhhh, well I suppose it’s a good thing we’re bringing it to the Warehouse then.”


“Ah, yes, about that. Pete’s going to be bringing it back to the Warehouse. You two are going to Cardiff.”


“What!?” The disembodied voice of Pete yells out, only coming into shot after. “Why am I the one who has to bring it back? Can’t we ship it or something?”


“Because I said so. And don’t you remember what happened last time we trusted the post office.” Arties usual face of annoyance stared at Pete as realization dawned on his face.




“So why are we headed to Cardiff?” Myka’s quizzical face pops back into screen as Pete moves to take up less screen space.


“We got a ping. People are suffering from short term memory loss. And a few have started growing scales.”


“Scales?” Helena and Myka look at each other in confusion.


“Yeah. Your flight’s in 4 hours.” Then Artie turns the farnsworth off, leaving the team with many questions that can only be answered in Cardiff.




After their flight it was rather late, so they both decided to begin the investigation in the morning. They checked into their hotel and sat down, doing a little research, until Myka spoke up. “So, I’m a little hungry for food. How about you?”


Helena looked up from the file Artie had sent to the hotel ahead of them. “I wouldn’t mind a bit to eat, especially if it’s not plane food.”


Myka smiled lightly. They looked through the delivery options at the hotel, but unimpressed by the options, they left to find somewhere to eat.


As they walked they chatted about the case. Eventually they walked down a pair of stairs into a tunnel. A man ran past, slightly bumping Myka, not stopping. They turned to look at him, only getting a glimpse at him. He’s tall, with brown hair, and a long coat that’s flowing behind him as he runs. As they turned back, another man runs straight into the both of them. Reaching out to Helena to stabilize himself. “I’m very sorry” the man says in a British accent  


“It’s fine” Myka responds. He’s also on the taller side with brown hair, but he’s skinnier and wearing a suit. As he looks up he’s already moving to follow the other man.


Helena sees his face quickly before he turns fully back to run. She inhales a quick, sharp breath. “Wolly?” She speaks out in confusion. The man doesn’t seem to hear because he doesn’t turn back. Myka turns towards her with a questioning face.