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She has been here for many months. So long, in fact, that I have lost count. Though when a being, such as myself, has been around as long as I- with endless days and never-ending nights- there is no use to keep track of time. In all my four hundred years, I have never known a creature such as Alice.

Her family had brought her to us fearing that she was being possessed by evil beings. Her name was Mary Alice but she insisted on being called Alice. Her parents seemed more afraid of her than anything else. It was her older sister that showed any remorse at all. Tears streamed down her face as she hugged Alice and promised she'd visit. However, neither her parents or sister ever came back.

I've become very protective of Alice. Her treatments were beastly and I hated myself for subjecting her to that pain. I refused to do the treatments myself. Afterwards I'd sit next to her, holding her hand, trying to calm her down. Some days I'd slip her a sleeping pill just to ease her into a painless slumber.

It wasn't until James that I worried about her safety. He had caught her scent on a jacket of mine I had wrapped around her fragile form in comfort after one of her more lengthy treatments. It was the next day I saw him walking through the halls of the asylum, passing himself off as a worker. I could see his black, thirsty eyes searching for my Alice.

That afternoon I was off; taking Alice with me, fresh from another treatment. She had changed from the day I'd met her. Her eyes were distant, no sparkle lived in her beautiful eyes. She hardly spoke anymore; she only whimpers and moans.

No one would even notice her disappearance. I was the only one who cared or even knew her name. I will return and mark in her file that she had died the same night she was admitted. A suicide would earn no questions from staff or family.

My last attempt to protect her is the hardest thing I've ever done. The only sure way to protect her from James' blood lust was to take away the interest. She didn't even notice as I lowered my lips to hers for a moment. She didn't scream or cry as I sunk my teeth into her neck, just above the collar bone.

Her blood was sweet. It was then that I realized how sweet she smelled. I launched myself backwards as I realized what I was thinking. This was my Alice, not some random girl I'd chosen as a meal. She would live, live free from James.

I kissed her one last time as she groaned from the pain of transformation. She would be safe now. A tear rolled out of one eye as she spoke my name.

I could smell him. He was searching for her again. I had to leave; he would know I'd be with her. Leaving would keep him away. I didn't know if I'd see her again. All that mattered was her safety.

"Goodbye, sweet Alice." I said before leaving, my demise almost surely would be the end of the day but she was safe. Alive. Alive for all eternity.