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Want to Be Like That

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"Oh, that's so cute!"

The girls rushed the windows to see, and some guys wandered over as well, apparently just to be with the girls.


"I want to be like that at that age!"

Conner put down the box he'd been sorting and went over out of sheer curiosity. Outside the dorm, there were wandering freshmen with boxes, and also various family members helping as well. Conner could see Clark and Lex as they headed out to the parking lot to get more of Conner's stuff. He couldn't see anything that was worthy of getting everybody's attention.

"What?" he finally asked. Information was better than the false appearance of looking stupid.

The girls looked at him in surprise. Some of the guys did too. Others looked relieved that he'd asked.

One girl pointed. "It's so romantic – they're holding hands!"

Conner blinked and looked back over the scene outside. There was only one couple in sight holding hands... "What, my parents?" It hadn't even crossed his mind that that was what people were looking at. Maybe recognizing Lex... but she'd said the hands thing. Maybe it was because they were two guys. But that didn't even seem to be the issue. Holding hands?

"They do that all the time," he added. It didn't look at all strange to him, because they did.

"Those are your parents?" That was from one of the guys and he sounded slightly wistful.

"Yeah." Conner tried to look at them through other eyes. There were multiple pairs of parents wandering around. And no... none of them. His parents were the only ones holding hands casually as they strolled along.

"How long have they been together?" asked one of the girls.

"My whole life," Conner replied softly, his attention on his parents. If anybody checked that against his paper background, it wouldn't match, but it was truth all the same. Five years of life, and four of them with his parents and their love. It was his life.

He'd always known he was special for having their love. Now, seeing how many of his peers regarded him with envy and wistful hope, he realized he was also special for their love for each other. It was something to treasure.

Conner watched his parents and vowed he'd never forget it. "All my life," he said again, meaning it.