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Journey to be King

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AN: Welcome to my first One Piece Fanfiction
constructive criticism is always welcome!
I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

Chapter 1

In the East Blue a passenger ship is currently being raided by the feared ‘Alvida’ Pirates. The pirates’ cabin boy, a small unassuming afraid looking boy with pink hair, is searching for a place to hide. In a storage room he stumbles upon a large barrel. “Phu… maybe if I bring them this Lady Alvida won’t hit me with her iron club.” He muses. With great effort he starts to roll the barrel towards the exit when three of his fellow pirates find him. “Hiding again like a coward eh Coby?” they jeer. “N-no… I was j-just going to bring this barrel of sake” he stutters in reply. “Ho? Sake? Let’s take a break guys!” one of the pirates exclaims. As he lifts his arm to break the barrel open, the top suddenly flies off and something punches him in the face and knocks him out cold.
A young girl about 17 years old, wearing a red summer dress with black edges and a black bow in the back,along with a straw hat on her head, pops out of the barrel stretching. “Maa, that was a great nap!” “Who are you?!” the two remaining pirates exclaim while Coby is cowering full of fear in a corner. “Eh? Who are you? And your friend will catch a cold sleeping like that” the girl answers, her eyes sparkling with amusement. Enraged the pirates try to attack her with their swords drawn but before anyone knows what happened their swords are stuck in the ceiling and the girl is holding a fan in front of the lower half of her face and laughing at them. “Nufufufu, you should be careful with those swords, they could hurt someone.” Screaming the pirates grab their friend and run away, presumably to warn their captain. The girl just shrugs and turns to Coby asking him if he knows where to find some food. At first he doesn’t answer so she starts to walk away to search herself. Suddenly something is holding on to her arm like a monkey. “You have to escape! They will surely tell Alvida-sama and she will kill you!” Coby shouts while trying to pull her away. Unbothered she continues walking to the food storage room.
Once there she finds a barrel of mikan and happily starts eating. Turning to the young boy she asks “Where are we anyway? Is this a pirate ship?” “No this is a passenger ship currently being raided by the Alvida Pirates. I’m Coby and who are you?” “Me? I’m Monkey D. Lian and I’m going to be King of the Pirates!” the now named Lian exclaims while pumping her fist in the air. “King of the Pirates?” “Un.” “That means you are going to the Grand Line to search for One Piece.” “Un.” “Impossible, impossible, impossible.” Coby shouts while violently shaking his head. He only stops once Lian hits him lightly over the head. “What did you do that for?” Coby cries while holding his head. “Because becoming the Pirate King is my dream, if it is impossible I will just have to make it possible! I don’t care if I die on the way; at least I tried my best and will have no regrets.” Lian passionately explains. “Don’t you have a dream?”
“When I wanted to go fishing I mistakenly ended up on a pirate ship instead but…but I always wanted to be a Marine. No! I will become a Marine and then I’ll catch pirates like Alvida!” the suddenly confident Coby declares.
There is a loud crash and the wall breaks as a heavy iron mace hits it. “Who will you catch? Eh Coby!” A large female screams. “Tell me who is the most beautiful on all the seas.” Coby just starts to answer when he is interrupted by Lian. “Who’s the fat whale?” “What did you say?! I am Iron Mace Alvida the beautiful Lady Pirate!” full of rage Alvida attacks Lian with her club but she jumps out of the way with Coby secured under her arm. Escaping to the main deck she puts Coby down again. Suddenly they are surrounded by the pirate crew. Pulling out her two fans, Lian flicks a hidden switch which releases sharp blades, revealing them to be tessen. Smirking, she seemingly dances through all the enemy pirates’ sword attacks and knocks them unconscious either with the blunt side of the tessen or with a sharp kick. In short order all the pirates are defeated. As Alvida shows up again she looks at her downed men and then at the slip of a girl who just single handily defeated her crew. “Who are you? A bounty hunter?” she asks calmly. “No a pirate.” Lian states. “Hmpf that means we are enemies! Coby I’ll give you one last chance! Who is the most beautiful pirate on the seas?” “A-Al-Alvida-sa... Alvida is the most ugly fat whale faced hag!” Coby screams, remembering Lian’s speech from earlier. You could hear Alvida’s last nerve snapping as she roars in rage and launches herself at Coby with her spiked club lifted high in the air. Scared and believing he is going to die Coby closes his eyes. When nothing happens he opens them again and stares with disbelief at Lian confidently stopping the heavy club with one fan. “Well said Coby! I’ll take care of it from here on, just relax”. Shocked that her attack failed Alvida prepares her next attack. Lian easily evades and crosses her arms in front of her chest and stands in attack position. Focusing she breathes in and then quickly moves and calls out “Cho no Tsubasa”. Nothing appears to happen and then suddenly Alvida falls over defeated with 4 x-like slashes across her front. Lian spots something in the water just beyond the railing and grins. Before she can say something however a Marine ship arrives and starts shooting cannonballs at the two ships. Grabbing Coby once again she jumps over the railing into the boat she saw, startling the occupant, an orange haired girl. “Nufufufu, Nami! I didn’t expect to see you here!” Lian enthusiastically greets the girl. “Lian, you’re as troublesome as always. At least you were a decent distraction so I could rob them easily without being noticed.” Nami replies. “You know her Lian?” Coby uncertainly asks. “Of course! She’s my navigator.”

~Flashback start~

7-year old Lian is sitting in Party’s Bar eating dinner with her grandfather Monkey D. Garp. Her small body is full of bandages because she just survived a training exercise with her crazy grandpa. “Ne Jii-chan let’s go on an adventure together!” Lian exclaims with a large grin. “Bwahaha and where does my adorable little granddaughter want to go?” “Conomi Islands! I heard they have the best Mikan there! If we go I’ll make you donuts with Mikan filling!” she states, knowing that her grandpa would agree if she is going to make him her special donuts. “Bwahaha all right we will leave after dinner, you will make a fine marine wife one day!” Lian sweat drops and thinks to herself that she doesn’t want to be a marine wife let alone a marine, but she knows better than to say it aloud if she doesn’t want to suffer a Fist of Love.
The next morning they arrive at the port of Cocoyashi Village. Excited Lian runs up ahead where she instinctively knows her precious mikan are. Arriving at the house with the orchard she comes upon the scary sight of some weird fish people threatening some inhabitants. Purposefully ignoring the obvious tension she loudly states “Yo! I’m here to buy some Mikan!” while slightly drooling.” The villagers look at her in askance because she doesn’t acknowledge the danger she is in while the shark man drops the woman he is holding up by her neck. “Shashasha I’m in control of this Island now, you have to pay 50,000 beri!” “Eh what happens if I can’t pay that, I’m only here to buy mikan anyway?” “Then I’ll kill you Shashasha and your precious mikan have to wait the owner doesn’t have enough money so she’ll have to die.” “I won’t let you kill the nice mikan lady!” “What can a twerp like you do anyway” all the fishman start laughing. “Me? Maybe nothing… Jii-chan rape!” Lian suddenly yells really loud. Suddenly everyone hears an enraged roar from the direction of the coast. “Get your filthy hands of my granddaughter pirates!” roars an enraged Garp the Hero before he barrels into the group of pirates. In the blink of an eye the whole fight is over and the fishmen lay broken and bleeding on the ground. “Thanks Jii-chan you’re the best!” Lian exclaims and tackle hugs her grandpa. The villagers still stare shocked at the two and Lian grins the infamous D grin at them and shows the peace sign. Garp and Lian are invited to eat with Belle-mère and her two children Nami and Nojiko as thanks. This is how the three girls became friends while Garp convinced Belle-mère to take up a position as a marine again.

~Flashback end~

“Ne Nami, let’s head to the closest marine base, Coby wants to be a marine!” Lian grins at her first friend. “Hai, Hai, that would be the marine base at Shells Town. I was going to steer us there anyway because I heard that they have a Grand Line Map.” Nami calmly answers as she sets their course. “Shells Town? There is a rumor that the demonic bounty hunter and swordsman Roronoa Zoro is imprisoned there. He is supposed to be really strong.” Coby worriedly informs them. “If he’s a good guy I’ll ask to join my crew. We still need a strong swordsman, let’s go~” Lian excitedly grins.


Cho no Tsubasa – Wings of the Buttefly (according to GoogleTranslate)

Lian’s Tessen: Her tessen are special and a present from her father Dragon. They normally look like regular fans. There is a hidden switch which “turns” them into tessen. On the back side of the fans instead of small bamboo sticks holding everything together it is made of metal. Now when she flicks the hidden switch, from inside those metal bars an extension flips out which is knife like with sharp edges on both sides. It extends about 10cm over the top of the fans.