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Griffon transformation story for Anon

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“That dream again...”

I sigh as I stretch out my hands. Heh... I still remember when they were smooth... I wonder how long ago was that? Maybe even hundreds of years, or just a few? Who knows?

Since I’m awake, that can mean only one thing... Visitors!

Hmm... I should brush my feathers a little. Should I sharp my claws too? I took a quick glance at them. I think they are fine.

I stretch out my legs. They seem fine, but my wings... definitely need some fixing. I sometimes sleep on them and they become messy. I can’t let my “guests” see me in a messy way, can I?

I hop out from the makeshift bed and stretch my legs, too. The bed looks more like a nest rather... Did I really start thinking like a bird? Whatever, I need to fix the feathers... and my hair too.

I walk to the mirror next to my resting place.

I look so messy... I quickly start brushing my hair, combing the feathers, including the ones on my arms and my legs, and tidying myself up overall. Cleavage obviously out. There! I’m done.

It’s been a while since I had some raiders... the last ones just ran away... Ah... Should I use this skirt? It looks like a carpet... I wonder what will the raiders think about it. Not that I have a lot of options here.

Hmm... I can smell them now. It still amazes me how super sharp my senses are. It’s easy for me to even hear them through these thick walls.

I let out an enormous yawn.

They are STILL in the first room? Talk about amateurs... The last one reached the second so much quicker... I could even take a bath by the time they reach the third room. I hope they don’t get afraid of the illustrations on the wall. What the hell was that stupid snake thinking? She said to show authority, yet all of it causes adventurers to run away from the tomb as quickly as possible. Maybe it's the adventurers too. They got softer too in these years, it seems.

I look at the golden goblet next to me on a display. I have been here for so long… I can’t even say this thing’s value. Does it even go upwards by time or stay the same? It’s hard to tell when someone sleeps years in a tomb... or some call it ‘treasury’. I have absolutely no idea how the outside world looks like.

Hoo... they reached the second room! Nice. Not the best time, but still acceptable. Should I visit them now? Hmm, it would kill the mood, but I don’t want to wait!

“Ah... screw it!”

I’ll pay a visit to them!

I leave my room to be greeted by the familiar scene of darkness, but I can still see perfectly fine. Since that doesn’t apply to them, I can use this as my advantage. Slowly walking towards the end of the second room while watching the engraved pictures on the wall makes me wonder: who has so much time to do these? The snake or someone else really went full out... anyway, should I light the candles up before they reach here? It would set the mood, but they would think someone else was here, and it wouldn’t be a big surprise... It would kill the shock factor.
I think I’ll close the door behind them when they get inside, then light up the candles. Yeah! That would be such a wonderful scene, definitely memorable!

I walk back to the end of the room.

What poses should I make when they come? Should I spread my wings out? Maybe that would look too frightening, but I want them to see them... I combed them after all. I think I’ll let them see more of my boobs that will definitely drop their guard down!

I adjust my bra, take a deep breath, and exhale. Here they come!

“Shh, there might be something or someone waiting for us!”

“Pfft... I don’t care, I’m not scared of some reanimated corpse even.”

One confident, and one careful... I love how I can even hear what they are saying through these thick walls! Oh, they are pushing the lever. The door opened. I’m getting excited!

“Slowly, Dex.”

“I know... I know...”

A torch came into the room. Boys... you will not see a lot with that tiny light source... Just come closer~

“I think it’s safe...” The torch got followed by a face of a young adult. Damn, he’s pretty cute! He has typical poor man’s rags... hmm, that takes me back. He’s... kind of handsome...

I gulp. I’m feeling... weird when I look at him, but I chase the thoughts away… come on Lisa, concentrate on your job!

“Is that some kind of statue?”

Statue? I’m not a statue, you dingus... Wait, they probably can’t see as well as me.

“Maybe we should go back...”

“Shut up already, Rab, and stick close! You are the one who wanted to come! I don’t want to lose you in a damned tomb!”

The youngster named Dex looked behind at the teen. I could finally see the other guy’s face. He was definitely younger, a teenager, in the same cheap-looking clothes. This kid kind of resembled the man named Dex. They are probably brothers! He’s cute too... but what is such a child doing here..? Tomb raiding is not for children... he might get hurt. Thank the Gods that stupid snake didn’t put any traps here.

Ah finally! They got in.

They look pretty healthy too, despite their appearance.

Let’s do this! One... two... three!

I lit all the candles in the room with some magic and closed the door behind them. They got really surprised. Okay, here goes my speech!

“Greetings, humans!”

“Oh... hi.”



I look at the two guys, dumbfounded. Why they are not shocked? Why they are not afraid? What kind of reaction is that? You are seeing an almighty griffon, after all!

“Uh... excuse me.” I clear my throat. Maybe my introduction was not ‘mighty’ enough.

“Greetings humans! I’m the great griffon guardian of this treasury!” I spread my wings and assume a pose, then cross my arms. Hmph! I bet I look really mighty now. I gaze down at the two guys smugly, but they just look at each other.

“Wait... How come you are not afraid?!”

“What? Why would we?”

The older brother looked at me as if I asked the dumbest question.

“I... I mean, I’m strong, and look how threatening I am! I’m a monster, you know!”

“Yes... you are kind of cute too!” The little boy smiled at me.


Wait... was that just... flirt?

“Okay... okay... there is certainly a misunderstanding here... I’m Lisa, the great griffon guardian! You were SUPPOSED to be afraid of me. As you can see, I’m a monster!”

“Uh... miss, we know you are a monster.” The man shrugged.

“Yeah, monsters are pretty common nowadays.” The younger brother, Rab, added.

“I... I don’t get it. Why are you guys so calm about this?”

“Why wouldn’t we? Our mom became one too.”

“What... what?!”

“Yeah... we get that surprised look a lot. Our village's women got monsterized, and we were born before she changed.”

“Ah, I get it now.”

I didn’t get it at all.

“But... you are in this treasury of the great Lady Larabelle!”



“Uh... we were just told to retrieve one cup from her...”

This whole situation raises more questions now...

“Miss, you seem to be confused... we got paid to come here and-“

“You got paid?! By her?”

“Yes, we need to retrieve a cup. That’s the only thing that’s left here. Also, we were told to wake you up. She said she’s too busy.” Rab nods. This situation can’t get any worse...

“Miss, can please give us the cup and let us out?” The older guy looks at me with anticipation. Well... they came all the way here, so why not?

“Y-yeah, sure, I’ll be here in a minute.”

I go back to my room, and grab the goblet, and give it to the older brother.

“Thank you, miss!”

“You are welcome, you can now go back to the surface.” I smile a little awkwardly and then try to open the door by snapping my fingers. The door won’t budge.


I do it again and again, but nothing.

“Boys, please step aside.”

I try to push it, punch it, but nothing. This is bad...

“Boys... I have a little bad news for you... I think the magic just malfunctioned.” Damn that snake, she didn’t say these things run out of juice! There is a safety mechanism, which opens all doors even if they run out of magic, but it’ll take at least a day if I remember correctly to open up.

They look at each other in horror.

“Now, now don’t panic! Eventually, it’ll definitely move... I think. Haha... worst case someone will come down to find you!”

“I can’t believe I’m going to die here...” Rab looked down and started to sniff.

“H-hey we won’t die, right, uh... Lisa?” The older brother tried to comfort him.

“Your brother is right, don’t cry!” Something deep down tells me I should... comfort this boy. Should I pat his head? I got claws and all... maybe that’s a bad idea. I squat down to the kid and hug her.

“It’ll be all right, ok?”

The kid calmed down. Oh, he actually stopped crying. That was a good idea! W-wait, what is he doing?

“Hey... you don’t need to hug back.”

“You are so fluffy...”


“R-really? I mean, of course! I’m very fond of my soft feathers! Touch them as much as you want... uh... mortal!”

I think I nailed this. I can feel his body heat... it’s so soothing. N-no, I can’t think of lewd things now... we need to figure out what’s next, besides I’m not that kind of woman, who just rapes what she sees... I’m different from that damned snake! I know! Maybe I should tell them... hmm, I’m not very fond of riddles, like a sphinx, so I think I’ll tell them my story.

“So boys... I think I have a good idea to kill time.” I pull my skirt off and put it on the ground. “Please sit down, I’ll tell you a story.”

Both guys sat down on my skirt. Damn, it really looks like a rug... whatever.

“We might as well hear it if we have to wait...” Dex sighs.

I sat down next to the boys, not too close, not too far, and took a deep breath.

“Now where do I begin... oh yeah.”

“It all began when I was still a human slave.”

“How long will this be, miss?”

... Why would you do that?

“Hey... I didn’t even begin...” Damn, this Dex guy really has some nerves... “Anyway-“

“Will the doors really open?”


“Yes... they will after a day.” Or they should, just as the snake told me. “So where was I? Yeah, that I was a slave girl and-“

“Can we speed it up?” He asked again,

“Tch- Next time you cut in, I’ll... I’ll rape you!”

I can’t believe I said that! It seemed so natural to say it, but it seems like it was effective.

“S-sorry.” The guy curled up a little. This only makes me violate him more… damn, I need to chase the lewd thoughts away.

“Okay, now listen well!”



“You did a pretty good job, as usual, Lisa.”

The head of the house, my master nodded towards me. I’m glad he was pleased.

“Where we would be without you?”

The wife of my owner named Clara smiled at me as she was eating fried fish. I got very lucky with my ‘family.’, they were both so nice to me... despite being just a mere slave girl.

“Excuse me, I’ll go now and do my morning duty.” I stood up and bowed in front of them. The old man nodded as he got into his meal, too.

I left the house I was allowed to live in with this wonderful couple and looked upwards. The sky was as beautiful as always. On the horizon, there was a palace, I think, and the big city, where they bought me. These people had a very different idea of slavery, it seems, since not that bad as I assumed it’ll be. I can barely even remember what life was before this. I'm not from this land, but one thing was for sure... since I have been with these two lovely people, my life improved a lot. I also noticed on myself I smile more often.

With a great mood, I entered the stable next to this place I could call my house. It’s still strange for me to even think of it... home. The stable was pretty basic, but I guess they never wanted a bigger one either. It did its purpose to keep a few animals in there, but nothing big like a horse or a cow.

The stable was quiet, it seems the chicks were probably still asleep. My owners were waking up very early every day, which was also a rare thing amongst slave owners. I reached out for the bag of seed laying on the corner and poured it into their feeder. Ahh, they are so cute when they are grouped like this, like a ball of fluff.

I put the bag of seed back in its place after I was done with this regular task. As I was searching for eggs, I was wondering what happened to the other slaves... I wonder how are they now… I have a gut feeling that I definitely lucked out... It was quite surprising the Master choose me... I mean, I’m just a plain-looking girl after all... probably below average too, and a foreigner...

I spent most of my life in these sand kingdoms, despite I was born on the steppes. I don’t really remember who my father and mother were, but at least life was good... for now. Sometimes I was a little jealous of the girls from normal families and that they can just play around, get a husband, be a wife, and things like that, but I can’t get greedy. Especially not with these two, who are so kind to me... they even said I’m like their daughter.

With a smile, I put some eggs in the basket. This was the best scenario for me, after all... I stood up, fixed my clothes, and with the egg basket, I walked back to the house.

These clothes are nice too... the fabric is so soft, it doesn’t hurt my skin like the one I was wearing when I was living in the slaver’s house. It's best not even to think about those times.

I get back inside the house and I’m greeted by the two people who treat me like a normal human being... if only they could have a proper daughter...

Master Clara was sewing and smiled at me.

“Take a seat, Lisa. We’ll see how far you got, okay?”

“Yes!” I said that with more enthusiasm than I wanted... I put down the eggs and sat down. I got a lot better at sewing now, hence Master Clara was an excellent trainer, and I was practicing every day, too.

“Well then, girls, I have to go now! Bye Lisa, Bye Clara!”

“Bye, Master!”

“Bye, dear!”

Master Adofo stood up and gone outside. His work always required him to wake up early, but both he and Master Clara adapted to that.

I hopped on a chair and picked up the sewing needle, but I put it back down immediately because I could hear someone knocking on the door.

As I opened the door, I could see a woman with such a beautiful appearance I have never seen before. She was so beautiful; it was hard not to gaze at her. Her hair was sparkling, and so did the jewels on her. Her face looked like the Gods sculpted it. Eyes green like emerald... Even her attire looked magnificent. A dark blue, somewhat transparent cloth, which I have never seen on a person. Not to mention her incredible body! Even her slightly brown beautiful skin looked like she conditioned it every day!

“Hello, there young one! You certainly look like a foreigner. Are your parents at home?”

“Uh, hello...” P-parents? I felt like my world was spinning already from her beauty...

“Lisa, dear, who is that?” Master Clara came in from the kitchen, and she had the same reaction as I did.

The woman realized the situation right away it seems.

“Oh, sorry... so you are a slave... well you look rather healthy for one.”

“Of course we took great care about our Lily, she’s a family member after all.”

I gulped, ah I can even feel my face turning red!

“Well, I have some incredible news for you lot! The great priest Kafka has finished his treasury! And you are all invited to the event Saturday right afternoon!”

“Oh... that is very nice!” Master Clara clearly didn’t know what kind of emotion to make, and I shared her feelings. I knew about Kafka. It was impossible to not know him after all. He was a very money-hungry man, he wasn’t evil... but he definitely knew how to abuse his power as the head priest. And he also loved to boast about his wealth.

“That applies to you too, dear serf.” She looked at me with a neutral expression, then her gaze wandered back to Master Carla. “Of course the participants will receive gifts too, so we HIGHLY recommend for you and your family to come!”

“Okay, I’ll tell my husband when he comes back from work.”

“Splendid! I must go now and tell the news to other houses too. Farewell!” The brown-skinned woman bowed down and left the house.

“That damned priest trying to show off others how much better life he has... Still, we have to go...”

“Do we really?”

“Unfortunately, yes... When she said she recommends for us to be there, it’s a direct order.” The old woman sighed as she sat down.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I changed the litter for the chickens, washed the dishes, cleaned around the house, and got back into sewing. Every day, I learn more about it. Finally, I can even fix my attire. Master carl.

Soon, master Adofo returned home as we both were occupied. Master Clara told him the news, and as I suspected, it did not thrill him, but he just shrugged it off.

“At least we’ll have a gift...” He laughed and sat down at the table. I put some chicken soup in front of him, which he finished quickly. Master Adofo was a very messy eater, and he often got scolded by Master Clara for it. He suddenly nodded at her wife, and put down the spoon.

“Lisa, you knew how we always wanted a child, but unfortunately the Gods didn’t gift us with one.

“Yes, I know Master Clara.”

“We have been thinking about this for a long time and I and Adofo agreed that... you should be free...”

I nearly stabbed my palm with the needle. Free?

“What... what do you mean by free, Master Clara? I mean... I want to be here out of my will.”

“Listen well, Lisa... We are not getting younger, and you are past your twenties... we want you to live your life.” Added Master Adofo, while he looked right into my eyes.

I didn’t understand the words escaping from their mouths... or rather I did, but didn’t want to.

The old woman sighed.

“Sit please next to me Lisa.”

I immediately obeyed and sat next to Master Clara. She put my hands on the back of my hand. Master Adofo sat in front of us, looking with a very complex expression. He wasn't sad... but still.

“The reason we always tried to be on the good side of that damned priest, because he has the power to grant you human rights... We can only send you away, but not grant you rights officially. If someone would catch you... you’ll need papers with the priest's official seal.”

“I... I understand all of that, but I’m happy here! In fact, I have never been happier in my life!”

“Dear, you have been a slave since you could barely walk... It’s time for you to live your own life, not wash dishes under some old couple. Even if you liked it here, we want you to be free!” Master Adofo leaned in and he put his hands on mine.

“Also, it’s time for you to stop calling us Master. Even an adopted child doesn’t call his foster parents that.”

My vision got blurry.

“I got it... but still... now that I have a family, I don’t want to abandon you two...”

“There are a lot of things you have to do what you want. It’s the law of nature for the birds to fly away from the family nest. It’s scary, but you have to do it. We hope that you’ll live your life to the fullest.”

She put her hand on the top of my head as I leaned on her shoulder.

“I will... mother and father.”



“And these were how pretty much my days went. Farming and chores around the house, but I was happy.”

I puff my chest and look at the two boys. The smaller one is about to cry again... oh damn.

“H-hey don’t cry! We didn’t even get to the sad part...”

“I-it was really touching.”


“Should I continue?”

“Yes, it sounded like you cut off at the best part. Don’t mind my bro.”

That’s some unexpected enthusiasm from this Dex guy... One of them looks excited, while another one is on the verge of crying... 

“I’ll do so then. Now where was I? I started calling them Mom and Dad...”



I easily adapted to not say “master” anymore when I addressed them. After all, I thought about them as my parents. Mom helped me to change into some new fancy clothes they bought me. The dress was so pretty, I felt like those girls from wealthy families!
All three of us left our home and started walking towards the place. Kafka wanted to show his wealth. It was quite close to us and the city. It was his idea to put it as close as possible to the road which led to the city so everyone who wanted to go there would see. I suggested to them they should take some kind of transport, but they said they were used to walking. Poor Dad and Mom... none of them were strangers to hard labor. I always wondered about being wealthy so I could improve their life, but of course, that was just a dream. A slave can’t have big dreams, because it’ll only make her bitter. Still… I had a few thoughts about every night, that if I’ll become officially eligible to have rights could benefit them too. Maybe I could send some money to them too! Finally, our life would get better. Still, we needed that priest to sign it.

“Thank Gods it’s close...” Dad murmured.

Indeed, we saw where quite a few people gathered. Did that lady visit every single one of them?

As we got closer, it was easy to see a podium. I looked around. Where was that treasury? It should be already here-

Kafka stepped on the podium. The beautiful lady was next to him. The crowd immediately fell silent, as if he taught them to do this. They knew bad things can happen if they didn’t obey him.

“My dear friends, I welcome all of you to this ceremony where I announce-“

I felt someone grabbing me from behind!

“LET ME...-“

The hands are muffling my voice with a towel! Mom and Dad... I was trying to break free, but the hands didn’t let me go... Mom and Dad are next to me and are also being held down! I can’t see their faces clearly, but... they look like they are women...





“They kidnapped you?”

“Yes... unfortunately.”

“B-but how come no one else did act on that.”

I lean against the wall and sigh.

“Slaves don’t have rights guys... you should know this much.”

“What a bunch of assholes not helping you, and your parents! I totally would help you there!”

“Heh... thanks, kid. You’ll grow up to be a fine man one day!” I smile at him. Heh blushing!

“Can I ask...what happened to your parents?” Dex looked at me to ask a very uncomfortable question.

“They are probably dead by now. They were already old and very prone to become sick, so... yeah...”

I bit my lips to hold back tears. I cried a lot already about this stuff, but I learned to accept it. Both boys fell silent.

“Oh... this got awkward... Boys, listen. Death is a part of life, so you have to accept it... Anyway, I think I’ll just continue...”



“Have you slept well miss?”

I heard a voice next to my ear. My eyes popped up, but my movement was restricted! I felt my hands are stretched and so are my legs... those are iron cuffs! This place is like a torture chamber, and I’m on the top of a cold stone, and only candles are giving light... I can turn my head left and right, but I couldn’t see anything, really. Where the hell am I?! Where is Dad? Where is Mom?!

“HMMM!” There is something in my mouth too! I can’t scream...

“Hush little girl, yelling for help will not work...”

I can’t see the person the voice belongs to... But I can see something... it's like a huge needle.

“We don’t want to hear you screeching all over this place. After all, it’s a pretty rude thing to do so in her highness’ presence, don’t you think?” The hands touched my face from above... They are feminine, just like the kidnappers! That needle started to move left and right.

I fidget around, but the cuffs won’t budge.

“H-hey what is that girl?! Why did you kidnap a person? Are you guys crazy? My reputation will be over!”

What? Why is he here?! I can hear the priest’s voice!

“Who let you speak? You insolent pawn of a failed god?”

“You said you want an innocent, obedient girl, who is also more talented than the average slave. I told you where she is, and that’s all! There was nothing about kidna-“

“Shut your mouth! As if you were interested in her well-being in the first place, you mongrel.”

“Your highness!”

I couldn’t see who this ‘highness’ person was, but I could hear something like a hit. I could also feel... something BAD... and it’s close to me! My body screamed to run away, despite not seeing anyone in the room.

“Ah, so this is the girl, huh?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Pure hearth, and a slave if I’m correct.”

“Of course, I’m almost certain she’ll make a fine specimen.”

Fine specimen?

“Oh, relax girl, we’ll not hurt you... in fact, you’ll feel amazing! Just endure this little needle...”

My captor’s head showed in my vision... By the Gods, her face was purple... she had slit yellow eyes, like a snake! The hands which held my hands were purple too! I couldn’t even get surprised, because I immediately felt a needle entering the skin on my left arm.

“Shh... relax... You’ll be a fine guardian.”

The needle got out... but now I felt dizzy, and something else... damn, why am I... suddenly aroused? In this situation?!

“I’m so sorry that we cannot accompany you anymore little girl, but unfortunately I have a kingdom to run... also you’ll better get accustomed to being alone now!”

She smiled at me and left. Just like that.

I could hear something like being dragged away from this place and a door shutting down. I needed to get these chains off right away! My nipples are poking out into the fabric... I seriously never felt this horny before!

To my surprise, the chains just dropped out of my hands, the gag in my mouth dropped out too. I immediately began masturbating, not caring about anything else in the world, just to feel good.


Incredible! Incredible! INCREDIBLEEEEE-!


I drenched my fingers in my own juices, even when at first I got scared I might hurt myself while doing so I just couldn’t stop! My pussy demanded more. It actually closed down on my fingers, sucking them in!

After a while, I got incredibly exhausted. I think I got multiple orgasms too... My body felt heavy like it was made of stone... The corner of my eyes became dark, and I couldn’t see despite my eyes being fully opened.



“Did you really have to tell this with this much detail, how you touched yourself?” Dex asked with a smug expression. When I finish this story, I’m definitely going to punish you for this, you little rascal...

“I got a little enthusiastic there. Nothing wrong with that! So... Here’s what happened when I woke up:”




The next thing I felt was something tickling my nose... I regained my consciousness and lazily looked around. It’s the same room. My hands... they feel weird...

I look up to my forearm and there are some fuzzy things on it... but it’s not fur... they look like tiny feathers! My voice won’t come out, I’m so shocked that as if my body forgot how to scream.

There are FEATHERS coming out of my forearm!

I try to touch them with my other hand, but... my hand looks yellow-ish! The light is not the best, so I can’t tell for sure, but I can also see something really disturbing claws. My hands look like an eagle’s legs!

Gods... help me... I can feel like I can move something on my lower back... It felt like another pair of arms.

I touch my lower back.


I dug the nails... or rather, claws into the skin. Something… is there! It grows out from my back... I move this thing horizontally and I can feel my heart stopping for a few seconds.


On both sides, I have wings.

I don’t know if I should scream, get angry, sad... or whatever emotion to make.

I stretch out my leg, but it seems like my mind accepted that it will not look normal.

My legs... are of a cat’s! Or rather, a lion’s.

I think I want to cry... but- The strangest part is that it doesn’t feel bad...


Why does it feel so good? It feels like I’m used to it... And my mind doesn’t freak out by this. Wait, even my hair feels longer, it grew out too.

And... oh.

I was too busy noticing my other parts, and somehow I didn’t realize, but... what.. what are these things? My breasts… This big? Are these really mine? I need to grab them, just to make sure.


So sensitive! So soft...

Calm yourself down, Lisa... you are not in the position to masturbate. Again.

I look around the room after somewhat getting used to my new body. I carefully tried to put my feet on the ground. Wow, I didn't expect this... it seems so natural to walk on these lion-like legs.

What if I jumped a little-


I... tried to do a small hop and my head nearly smashed into the ceiling, which is around five meters above me! I feel... crazy strong. In fact, I really want to try out my strength right now... I do a few punches in the air. Damn, my movements are fast too!

“Hmm, I thought you’ll masturbate again until you pass out, but it seems you are enjoying yourself in another way.”

That voice!

I spin on my legs and see that purple face again... but now I can also see her body, too. Gods...

I jump backward and crash into the wall. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all.

“Oh please, I know I’m pretty, but your reaction is a little off.” The purple-skinned snake-woman flips her hair. Wait for a second.. that hairstyle... that voice... and that face!

“You are that beautiful woman who visited me at my parent's house!” I point at the woman with my clawed fingers.

“Well, thank you! I’m indeed beautiful! Ohoho~ Call me Larabelle~” The woman made a smug laugh, while she puts the back of her hand in front of her mouth. “You became such a fine griffon, perfect for the job!”

“Griffon? Job?”


She coiled around me and told me every little detail about this job. In short: I’m going to guard this place for a long time until someone approaches.

“But... what about Mom and Dad?!”

“Oh, you worry not. They are aware of that. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see them... for a while.”

“They are now old! They can... they will...”

“Relax your feathers... I’m not THAT bad to not give them a little payment for exchange. Think of that as the ‘gift’ I was promised. They’ll have a long life now since they are monsters!


“Oh, my... don’t look at me like that... just think of yourself. You are quite fond of this body, no?”

I hated to admit it, but she was right. Since I changed, I felt fantastic.

“Monsterization also comes with a ‘side effect’, their sickness and feebleness are long gone.”

“I... I don’t trust you.”

“Oh, you better will, since I’m now your boss! Besides, you can’t really have a choice now can you.”

“Tch...” I became more furious. What if I...

“Don’t even think about that... trust me, I’m WAY stronger than you can imagine. I have been a monster for a lot longer than you, also do you really think my army would just let you run away? Don’t be foolish.”

“Y-you are right...”

“Good girl! Now, since this is your first day, let me show you around, my guardian!”



“And so she showed me around here... but as you can see, she is not as perfect as she describes herself...”

“Yeah, we can see that... but this ended up better than I expected.”

“Maybe you are right, but still I can’t forget how she separated us... I mean, I’m glad they had a long and healthy life. Despite that, it hurts, you know...”

I look down as I still think about Mom and Dad...

“I think you should search for them after we get out.”

“What? Why would you say this?” I look surprised at the younger one with disbelief.

“I... I mean monsterization comes with a longer life, no? Maybe they are still alive!”

“You have a very positive mindset, kid. You’ll be indeed a good man when you grow up. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a hero one day!”


“Well... who knows?”

“Hah, heroes are not afraid of dark places...” Dex comments.

“You’ll be happy if you don’t get raped by the time this door opens!” I look at him with resentment. That’ll teach him!

The guy just looks away as if he doesn’t care, but at least this made him shut up. I want to pin him down and teach him some manners.

“Let’s change the topic... so why exactly do you guys want to retrieve this goblet?” I point at the shiny treasure I gave to Dex.

“Well, a scorpion lady who is the apophis' soldier sent us down said that the lady wants her last treasure.”

“Last treasure?”

“Yes, it’s her last one.”

“Wait... this place... the fourth room is filled with mountains of gold an-“

“That was already spent by her.”

I look at the boys in shock, quickly stand up and run towards the end of this room.

“Wait, please there for a minute!”

The fourth and the last room was where the riches were. What did that damned snake do while I was sleeping? I only wake up when raiders come here, but not if she comes down!

The door to the fourth room opens, the candles light up, and... nothing. There were MOUNTAINS of treasures here! Even a dragon would be jealous of it since she took Kafka’s wealth too!

I shake my head and walk back slowly to the guys.

“You were right... there is nothing left but that thing. How the hell did this happen?”

“Well... from what we have been told, she is horrible with money management. The situation is pretty bad up there, because of her...”

“I can see that... I bet she didn’t even know that the treasury was supposed to sustain her kingdom, not herself only... And she separated me from Mom and Dad and ruined other lives too...”

I imagine the face of the purple snake in front of me and form a fist and punch.


“Uh... Lisa...”


I look at the younger guy in anger.

“T-then door... you broke it...”


I look at the solid stone slab, or rather what’s left of it... whoa!

“Sorry boys for scaring you... I didn’t know I can do something like this... anyway, take the goblet and go, you are probably hungry and thirsty too. I’m going to pay a visit to a certain snake.”

I crack my knuckles. You’ll pay, you damned whore!

“I... I don’t want to get into your revenge, but I think you should search for your parents instead...” Said Dex, while he hid the goblet away.

“Mmmm...” I don’t even remember myself being this angry... like ever.

“You are right... I lost my cool, let’s go boys, leave this accursed place.” They both nodded and followed me like little ducklings follow their mom.

I didn’t even bother to wait until the stone slabs move out of the way, just crushed them. It felt great!

“P-please don’t hurt someone while you are on the surface.”

“Oh... don’t worry.” I pat Rab’s head. “I focus my anger only on that person.”

This is it... we get closer and closer to the entrance. Is that... Sunlight!

Wow, it really is!

I step outside and have to close my eyes... damn it’s so bright; I use my wings to make a shadow for us three to hide from the sun. I look back at the entrance. This damned place... just when I had the chance to escape slavery, I became one again. I kick and punch it a few times until the whole thing collapses. Never again.

“You okay boys?”



“Good, go back to that man, I’ll search for Mom and Dad.”

“O-okay, if you need our help or a place to stay, just contact us. We live in the eastern village called Larakapsa in house thirty at the edge of the village.”

So she named a village after herself too...

“I’ll visit my old place and start the search there.” I look down at the boys...

“Do you guys want a ride? I mean, I never flew before, but... I think I’ll manage.”

“I-is that safe? I mean we can walk.”

“I want to try it Dex!”

The little brother got enthusiastic, whereas his older brother was shaking. How the tides turn...

“Okay then.” I get on all fours.

“Take a ‘seat’ guys.”

“Bro, we will fly!”

“Y-yeah.... we will.”

I smile smugly at the older brother.

“J-just let’s get done with this.”

First, the younger one, then the older one sits on my back. They are pretty light... or did I just become that strong?

“Are we ready to go?”



I can feel Dex shaking...

“Relax... I will not drop you! We are off!”

I tense my leg and arm muscles, spread my wings wide to launch myself into the air. Wow, this is so cool! It also feels so natural! I’m levitating in a place. This is amazing.

“Look, bro! I can see our house from here!”

“It looks... nice...”

“I think your bro has his eyes shut down. Worry not, we’ll be there soon.” I dive a little to move towards the village.



The little brother seems to enjoy this as much as I do, but the older one is screaming. I just fly towards our destination, where I can see the residents doing their daily duties. They don’t even notice me... It seems like monsters became daily occurrences since I see a lot of inhumans too. The world changed while I was down there... When I was still a human, I remember we freaked out, even at the thought of monsters. There is a nice little pond there, hmm... maybe later... I can with Dex... oh, let’s forget that.

Soon I landed on the ground on all fours. Rab quickly hopped down while Dex was still grasping into my feathers.

“You can let it go now, but if you insist on clinging on me, I don’t mind.”

“A-as if!”

Dex jumped down too and let out a gigantic sigh.

“See, it wasn’t so bad. Goodbye guys, I’ll visit you sometime.”

I nod and try to launch myself upwards, but Rab grabbed on my wings.

“Goodbye, Lisa!”

“Bye, little one!”

“Bye... Don’t do something that you’ll regret.”

“Heh, that was very mature from you, Dex, don’t you worry. I won’t.” I nod and wave to them. Rab releases me, and I launch myself upwards. Well, it’s time to visit my old place.

I fly away while waving to the two brothers. I wonder if Mom and Dad are still alive, still I have to do this, even if they aren’t.

There it is... the small house. It doesn’t look like it’s broken; it looks like there are still people who live in it.

Maybe new residents? There is only one way to find out.

I land in front of the house. Oh, Gods, my heart is so heavy. I don’t even know what is pulling me back right now, but why is it so hard to reach for that door handle? Should I just come in, or knock? I think I’ll knock. After all, what if there will be someone else...

“Hello... do you want something, Miss?”

Damn, that surprised me!

I look to my left and there is a tiny snake girl with a red tail and short-cut hair smiling at me. It somewhat reminds me of that accursed snake... she’s pretty cute. She kinda reminds me of Dad even...

“Hi, little one... is this your home?”


“Can... I talk to your parents?”

“Of course, go right in. Mom is at home, but dad is working.”

Mom and Dad...

Okay. I’ll just probably ask them a few questions...

“Mom, we have a visitor!”

The little snake barged into the house by slamming the door open.

“Rita, how many times did I tell you don’t do that! Hello there miss, how can I help you-“

From the kitchen, a lamia slithered on the floor. Damn, she looks so pretty! It’s like I’m seeing Mom... wait... The lamia made the same face as I did.

I point at the lamia.



I can’t bear it any longer... the emotions are overflowing me.

“MOM!” I ran in to hug her... “I missed you so much!”

“L-Lisa... my dear Lisa!”

Mom hugs me with significant force.

“W-wow you got stronger!”

“Hah, you are the one to talk!” She wipes her tears away. “You became so big and feathery!”

“Well... you got younger and longer too!”

“It seems like this monster’s life has some pleasant benefits too!” She grabs my hands, and I hold hers.

I can’t believe all of this is happening. I don’t even care if I’m a monster or she is… I wanted this so much... just to see them again.

“I missed you so much, Mom... I prayed every day to just see you two again...”

“Same here Lisa... The apophis told us you are safe, but still... It’s been so long since we saw you!”

“B-but are you two okay? I mean, I can see you are now monsters too!”

Heh, don’t you worry Lisa, we still are alive and kickin’! Besides, I think I want to introduce you to someone. Rita, this is your older sister Lisa.”


The cheerful little lamia girl hugged me.

“S-so I’m your big sis now!” I hug back the girl, as my Mom hugs me again too.

“I must say Lisa, it feels really good to hug you! You feel like a pillow!”

“Mom, please... don’t embarrass me...”

We both laugh it off as I wipe my tears away.

“Wait until you see your dad, the old geezer became so energetic it’s hard to stop him!”

“I can’t wait!”

“Hey, why don’t we sit down... we have so much to tell you!”

“I have little to share with you guys, but I’m so happy that I can see you again.”

All three of us sat down at our places. Mom sat down and gestured for me to sit next to her.

“So Mom... can you tell me what happened to you two after... that.”

“Well... when you got kidnapped, your dad wanted to free you, but of course, that was impossible. We got an offer from the apophis: we can stay here and see you again one day if we change into monsters. The truth is, if we didn’t take it, we probably wouldn’t be talking here right now...”

“I understand...” Mom is right. They definitely would have died already if they didn’t turn, and yet...

“Lisa dear... I know what you want to do next, but trust me, that is a bad idea...”

“Well, I-“

“Hi, honey, Rita! Do we have a guest?”

I jump out from my seat as I see a younger version of Dad. He looks great! So healthy and strong!

“I-its me Dad! Lisa!”

“O-oh... LISA!”

My dad runs into me and buries himself into my feathers as I hug her.

“Lisa... I missed you so much...”

“D-dad... is that really you? I thought you were monsterized!”

“He is, dear! He’s now what is called ‘incubus’. By appearance, they look like humans, but they are actually monsters.”


“Yes, Lisa.” Dad pulls back himself to kiss my forehead, and I kiss his cheek. I missed his warmth so much...

“You look so lively, Dad!”

“Of course, since we met Lady Larabelle our lives improved... if it wasn’t for her we didn’t have Rita either.”

I bit my lips.

“Adofo, dear... I think Lisa still has some resentment towards her.”

“I can understand that...” He puts his warm hands to my face to hold my cheeks.

“Lisa... we can’t control your actions. As we said, we want you to be free... but as if it wasn’t for her, things would have been worse. You knew it too. We had little time left when we were separated. This is our second chance to live... and to meet you again!”

Dad’s words were spinning in my heart like a knife. I take a deep breath and slowly exhale.

“It was a horrible thing for her to separate us... but we are not perfect, Lisa... and neither is she. She made a mistake and-“

“She never let me see you two...”

“Yes... we understand... but people change, dear, and now she even needs help. She realized the mistakes of her past and apologized many times. Unfortunately, separating our family wasn’t the only thing she did wrong. You probably already know this, but she messed up our economy too, and now she needs help more than ever. She’s probably at Kafka’s residence.”

“S-she needs MY help?”

“She needs the help of our entire village, not just you. She needs support from everyone here... besides, she apologized already.”

This is so messed up... As if a simple apology is enough! However...

“Dad... Mom... Rita... I’m going to pay a visit to her and discuss this. Even if I can feel my anger boiling inside me... I’ll try to remain calm and rational.”

“You are a good girl Lisa... I’m proud of you.”

Dad hugs me again and sighs.

“Uh... Dad... Mom... I wanted to ask this, and uh.” I look at Rita.

“Oh... if it’s THAT kind of question, trust me, monsters mature a lot sooner.”

“O-okay... so since I have been awake for a long time, I got this urge to... well... I don’t even want to say it, but just basically... well... ahem... have sexual intercourse with a man... even if he’s, you know, unwilling...”

“That is natural. Don’t make a fuss about it.”


That was surprising.

“If you are a monster that is totally natural that you get urges like that, so happy hunting!”

“B-but you were against violence...”

Dad just shrugs.

“That is a different matter. Getting a man is another. Since you are a monster, that’s just how it works.”

I didn’t expect this kind of answer.

“So... should I just...”

“Go for it Lisa, you are probably really thirsty by now, and trust me, no amount of food and water will quench that. So go ahead fuck a man!”

Mom suddenly spoke up. I never thought I’ll hear saying my Mom something so obscene as this...

“Go for it!” Rita cheered me on.

I shook my head.

“Well, there is someone I know... so I think I’ll visit him first.”

“Oh, you met a raider inside the tomb?”

“Something like that...” I can feel myself blushing.

“Just go for it, Lisa!” Dad gives me a head pat, and Mom holds my hand.

“Don’t forget dear to give him some time to rest... the first course will be a rough one for him. I speak from experience with your father, who nearly passed out!”

“Y-yeah, but only because I was still a human!”

Somehow I don’t want to imagine that scene...

“Okay, Dad, Mom... I’ll come back sometime when I’m finished with this business... and with the snake.”

“We’ll be waiting for you!”

“Yes, take the man you love!”

I nod and hug Mom, Dad, and lastly my little sister Rita.

“I'm so glad that I could see you guys again. I'll go now.”

“Bye Lisa! Don’t forget to introduce him to us too!”

“Mom! I barely know about him...”

“Lisa dear... please don’t forget what I said about the apophis...” My Dad looks at me with a very serious expression.

I nod to Dad, acknowledging his words. I wave to my family and take off towards the guy who I know would be suited for the ‘job’... and that man is Dex.

It’s getting late, I hope I can catch him. Finally, it’s his village! I descend and get to the edge where I dropped off the boys. Strange... I could smell them before, but now... It’s like there is some kind of connection towards him, I really need to find him as soon as possible!

I ran across the street, I’m getting closer and closer. Dammit, where is he?! Where is that house?

My breathing becomes heavier as I see the number thirty on the house... He’s here... but should I just barge in? I mean, it would be inappropriate, right, yet...

I felt like something changed within me. Something which I never knew was there, almost like when I got angry and broke the door, but this thing was stronger. I could feel my nipples poking into the fabric of my bra, and a shiver runs down my spine.

I can’t wait anymore. With the urge overwhelming, I grabbed the door handle and barged in the most impolite way possible.


I can see four people, including Dex and Rab, looking at me dumbfounded. That man must be their father and that woman the mother. She's definitely a monster, with those horns and wings, probably a succubus.

“Hello, Lisa!” Young Rab smiles and waves at me.

“...Hi.” Dex still just looks at me with a shocked expression.

“Uh... Hello... I need to take Dex out for a while... we’ll be back... sometime.” My heart is pounding by just seeing him!

“Mom, she’s that monster girl we have told about you!”

“I’m sorry for the uninvited appearance, but we need to go!”

I quickly take steps to the table, grab Dex’s arm and pull him out of the chair and quickly get outside. The poor guy can’t even react to this.

“I’m sorry again.” I bow down in front of his family, grab his legs, and pick him up


“I’ll tell everything later!”

I jump, flap my wings, and fly away to that tiny pond I saw. He’s so close... I can feel my feathers touching his skin!

“What’s going on?!”

Ah, I frightened him... I feel bad for doing this, but I really need a guy right now... I need him.

“I’ll tell you soon, just hold tight!”

There it is! The pond and there are no people either... It’s perfect!

I land on the ground as gently as possible and put Dex down.

“I’m... really, REALLY sorry for this Dex, but I have something only you can help with!”

“What?! You just barged in and kidnapped me!”

He looks angry... ah damn I... I screwed up.

“Look... I...” I bite my lips while trying to catch my breath. The urges... they are getting really strong.

“Hey... are you okay? You are breathing like crazy, you didn’t fly for that long...”

“Dex.” I put my hands on his shoulders. The poor guy shakes a little.

I look at his eyes. They are fixated on me... his hazel eyes... I can see my reflection in them.

“I know you are creeped out... but I need this... Dex, I’m going to have sex with you... no, I NEED to fuck with you right NOW!

“W-what?! But... why me?”

His expression is weird. I thought he'll be more surprised. I think he knows that monsters have that time where they just really can’t hold back.

“I don’t know! In fact... I... I don’t know anyone but you two... I mean, you were the only ones talking to me for so long, and I didn’t even notice when we first met, but now... this might be my monster part or my heart, but I think... I love you!” I’m looking down at the dirt. So embarrassing… I’m way too afraid to make eye contact with him.

“Are you sure? I mean, we just barely know each other.”

“I’m sure dammit! Even if it sounds absolutely crazy, I ...I’m sorry.”

I pull the dumbfounded man close to my face and exhale into it.

“L-Lisa... it’s fine, okay? Besides... I mean, I have been thinking about you too... I mean, I don’t know if you noticed, but the way you looked at me all the time, even down there... that made it obvious.”


“You knew?”

“Lisa... Every time you looked at me you looked like someone who can pin me down every second... you just probably didn’t notice.”

“You are probably right. It seemed like I unconsciously resisted so far... but... that will not happen now!”


“Dex. You. Are. Fucked!” I drool and lick his face, but after this, I felt like my brain stopped working and all I felt was a pleasure. I heard Dex’s voice mixing with moans and whatnot, as time flew, and I completely lost myself.



“Aaah... Guh...”

My eyes can barely open up. The only thing I remember is that I got aroused and... Wait, who are these people?!

A few people look at me. One of them has horns and wings. She’s smiling at me smugly, winks, then she goes away. I feel like I saw her already... hmm, something pushing into my wings.

Oh damn.

Below me there is Dex. I think... I did something which felt incredibly good.

I... I think I raped him...

“D-Dex... wake up.” I nudge him, but he just grasps on my feathers harder.

“Well, we can stay here too...” Ah, he sleeps so peacefully. Do my feathers feel that good?

But now... my heart is racing... all these people probably saw us screwing each other, but they did nothing... Maybe that is a monster thing to not ‘disturb’?

I put my hands under him and lift him up, while he’s not letting me go... Not that I mind.

I carry him towards his house. As much as it pains me, I still have to take care of a certain someone. I don’t want him to see that... I’m in front of Dex’s house.

“H-hello, I brought Dex back,” I say out loud, and after a few seconds, a woman opens the door.

Wait, it’s the same woman!

“So, you bought my boy back?”

“You are... his mom?!”

“Yes!” The woman with horns nods. “Thank you for taking care of my boy.”

Taking care of him?

“Oh, you look surprised. I knew it when I first saw you fancied Dex, and I knew what you’ll do with him.”

“You did?! You are not angry?”

The woman just shrugs.

“Why would I be? I’m happy!” She pats my head. “You know Dex didn’t show interest in most of the girls here... and I would describe him as a ‘problem child’, but now seeing him sleeping in your arms just says everything.”

“Well... I’m glad you feel like that, but I’m also sorry to say this out of a sudden. I came to put him back to bed because I need to... well, take care of things.”

“Okay, you can put him down on that couch over there, don’t worry, I’ll support your decision while dealing with Larabelle, and take care of my sleepy son. Just please return to him after you are done.”

I nod as I put my sleepy prince on the couch. He’s so cute... This house is so cozy too when I dragged him, I didn’t even notice it. It seems like Dex and Rab have both a nice place to live in.

“Got it, I’ll be back! Wait... how do you know about that?”

“Dex told me about everything. Even your backstory, I knew it immediately, he’s into you, you know a mother can feel these things, especially as a monster mother.”

She gives me a warm smile and holds my hand.

“Please don’t do anything you will regret later Lisa, even if she... well, she did screw up. Dex will wait for you here too!”

I take a big inhale and nod silently and leave the house.

It’s time for my showdown with the snake. I launch myself into the air and fly towards the most fancy-looking building on the horizon.

I wonder if this is a good idea... Dad and she both warned me... one part of me wants to listen to them, but my other one wants the exact opposite.


I bite my lips. What will he think about me?

Still... I need to do this. My heart and mind cannot rest until it's done.

The magnificent building is in front of me. A lot of pillars with very detailed motifs on them hold the structure’s second floor, where is a balcony. I feel out of the place. Even the ground looks luxurious, not made for common folks, that’s for sure.

It’s strange that there are no guards. I can remember when I was a human they swarmed this building with them, and now I feel like I can go inside freely.

I need to do this... I need to do this...

I gather my courage and walk right in, where I’m greeted with a front door. I don’t even know if this type of wood even exists in our land... Now that I think about it, this apophis bathed in luxury while she ruined people’s lives. This somehow got me a courage boost.

Without a knock, I try to open the door and it just opens... not even locked? She’s... waiting for me?

As I open the door, a lot of shiny things get into my vision. I have to squint.

Marbles as long as I can see, I can even see the sculptures of our Gods! The walls are decorated with colorful tiny...stones? Some of them are gems... but I don't know the rest. They all mesh into motives. I don’t know if this was because of Kafka or Larabelle, but this definitely could rival a king’s residence, if not better. My bet is on the priest. Probably he was the one commanding someone to sculpt him on these statues in the room’s sides. Even if I stand out, it still feels like I’m welcomed by them. Like I'm watched by them. Now to think that the old coot often told us: ‘Don’t be greedy!’ while he himself lived like this... I walk forward as I touch the statues. I recognize the Sun God, which we worshipped mostly, but not the others. This one looks strange, definitely not a local one...

“Are you fond of Bacchus, the wine God, Lisa?"

A shiver travels through my entire body. I can recognize that voice.

"Welcome... little or rather... big girl."


I turn away from the statue and I see the person who I wanted to meet so badly. She’s mostly the same as I remember her, but her appearance is not as tidy anymore. Still, that sinister aura is around here. Even her voice tone is high and mighty. Those glowing eyes... are mesmerizing.

“Oh, this is how you greet your boss? Your employer... and perhaps your friend?”


“You!” I walk towards her but suddenly pause. “I got separated from my parents because of you!”

The snake shuts her eyes down and crosses her arms.

“Hmph, that’s how you thank the person who saved your foster parents?”

I can feel my muscles tensing up.

“Quit the bullshit! You kidnapped me and ruined my life! I was locked in a cell for years, while you were too busy ruining the country!”

Larabelle opens her eyes and frowns.

“Excuse me! I just granted long life to your family, while I gave you a beautiful body! I bet you felt wonderful. Your personality changed too. You are much more direct and confident and not a feeble slave girl. You should be thankful! Also, I did my best, It’s not my fault you... commoners are so useless.” She shrugs, as her forked tongue plops out. Ugh... This woman is really like a snake. So repulsive... no wonder the Gods resent them in our history.

“You are getting on my nerves... but there is some truth in your words.”

I want to beat her up... but I can’t. She’s right about my family. I can't even argue with her...

“I take your silence as an agreement! Oh, I specifically sent two boys too! As a gift! I didn’t know your tastes, so you got a younger and an older one, two in one.”

“You didn’t care about the treasury... Or rather about me for many years... besides they came because the only treasure left was still there, and the others you spent it on... whatever I don’t know, and I don’t care either.”

“Tch! Y-You insolent... How dare you speak to me like that! A ruler has its needs! How else would this place look the way it is right now? You admired the walls too, well they are made of actual valuable gems!” She slithers close to the wall and runs her finger through them. “Oh... so beautiful... not as beautiful as me, of course, but still... I'm pretty fond of this architecture, unlike that stupid priest who-”

“You are just changing the topic now...”

“The topic?” She looks at me with resentment. “The current topic now is that you dumbass peasants can’t do anything right! And some of you even deflected to that pharaoh! By the Demon Lord, you commoners are like dogs! May she bring dark hours and disaster upon you!” She points at me with her long fingernails, heavily breathing and gritting her teeth.

I’m surprised... I thought I’ll be the one who will need to calm down, yet she is the one who is completely mad.

“I first raise the taxes so your dirty kind can contribute something worthwhile, but NO, you don’t want that! I ask you to train to grab weapons and become a militia, but NO, you don’t want that because you don’t want to abandon your mud and plants, or you are not loyal enough! I ask you VERY nicely to guard my treasure, change you into a beauty, but NO that's not good either! AAARGH!

She pummels the ground with the end of her tail while fuming. I don't even know how old she is, and yet she acts like a child... How unsightly...

“Hmph! It won’t be my fault when the Order or the Pharaoh shows up! You’ll be recoiling in your... ugh... mud-hut, while they take the land, but guess what? I’ll live since I’m the great, powerful, and beautiful Nyx Larabelle Badr!” 

She’s so unaware of herself. What an egoist...

“Besides, my loyal underlings would even give their lives for me!”

“What underlings? There is no one here.”

The snake bit her lips. I think I got her.

“The country is in ruins and on the verge of war!” I yell at her. The snake's hands form a fist.

“Shut up!”

“No! I won’t shut up! Your attitude is the worst! We might end up being slaughtered by the Order if they see this, how weak we are! I don’t want to lose my family because of you!”

“Then go away! Run! Like everyone else did! Abandon your homeland!”

“I don’t want to! I...”

What should I say... She’s so damn annoying...

“LOOK I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW, OKAY?! I KNOW I FUCKED UP! Do you know how hard it is to maintain a queen’s appearance when you are between two forces who might overrun you anytime?! What to do, highness? How can we survive, highness? Can you resign from my position, highness? Do you know many times I heard this? Every damn day! And... I... can’t answer it! I don’t know what to do!”

She grabs her hair ornament and throws it on the ground, then punches the wall... With her forehead against it, she's sniffing... Is she... crying?

“I can’t... I want to... but I can’t...”

The smugness and royal aura completely left her... All I see now is a pitiful mess. Now I get why all of this happened...

“You... you gave me a new chance for my family... If It wasn’t for you they both would be already dead... and Rita wouldn’t be here either. I don’t want to see my homeland, or Rav and Dex, or their parents suffer from war.”

I form a fist, as I can feel my feathers being ruffled.

“I despise you... but you need to defend your land, Larabelle, you are the one responsible for this...”

“Easier said than done! I already apologized to you guys too, so you better get ready to defend your homes!” She waves her hand.

“I doubt that you actually meant that apology...”

“Tch... Damn peasant...” She bites her nails, then shakes her head.

It seems like she's starting to cool off a little cooled off a little while having deep thoughts.

“Can’t you ask some other rules... high-ranked monsters to help you?” Maybe this was a stupid question since it seems like everyone hates her...

“Very well, now that you mention that, I think I do have a plan.”

What a surprise... you finally use your damned head.

“I need to gather back my followers who left... and radicals from other lands... hmmm the radical faction... they might be more eager to help me, than these honorless dogs.”

They'll be more eager to help you than your own people, that’s for sure. I shook my head. What a horrible person...

“Worry not, slave girl, I’ll win them over with my negotiation skills.”

“I don’t care about your affairs. I just want my country to be safe, for my family, for Rab’s family, and... for our family in the future...” I can feel the blood rushing into my head. Did I really say that?

The apophis sighs.

“Well... I wanted to make a paradise for men and monsters... back then...”

“Yet you screwed it up.”

“Yes, I did! I understand! I got it! By the Demon Lord, I don’t need to be reminded constantly!”

It seems to me you DO need to be reminded...

“Uhm...” The apophis clears her throat and exhales. “Thank you, slave girl... As a token of my appreciation to you, I grant you the right to shake my hand! You earned it!”

She reaches out to me. As if this was like a gift... Still, I don’t think I should refuse it.

“Thank you for saving my family...” I take the handshake.

“So when are you going to reach them out, or leave?”

“Well... I have to pack my stuff, prepare the carriage, which, of course, I need to find someone to do, take a good bath, find someone to take care of my hai-“


“SHUT UP SLAV-... I-I mean... Argh FINE! I’ll do it myself, and leave today! Now screw that Dex boy, which I gifted you, by the way... no need to thank me for that!”

“I... I actually thank you. He’s the man I love and I don’t think we would meet if you never send them into the treasury.”

The apophis’ yellow eyes inside her black sclera got wide.

“Y-yeah… I mean, you are welcome, commoner! Best regards to you and your current and future family. Now make haste I must prepare myself...”

She turns away from me and slithers towards the stairs.

I put my hands on my hips and just shake my head. Let’s hope she got that through her thick skull and doesn’t mess up everything again.

Let’s forget about her, Dex is waiting for me!

I ran out of the building and launch myself up to fly to Dex’s home. The breeze on my face feels so nice. Finally, I can return to Dex! I really thought we’ll end up fighting, but it ended up better than I expected.

Dex... I wonder what he’s doing now. Will he be affected by monsterization too? As I spot his house and a familiar face. It’s Rab!

The kid is waving at me! So cute...

I land in front of him, and he greets me with a hug.

“Lisa! You came back! Dex is waiting for you!”

“Waiting for me?”

“Yes, he said he can barely move, because you two played so hard he is tired even after sleeping! Next time I want to play what you guys did too!”


“Y-yeah, one day you’ll play that with your... lover! Hah... now excuse me Rab, I need to see your brother.”

“He’s still laying on the couch!”

So, he didn’t move after all...

The door opened, and I got greeted by a familiar face. Dex’s mom and dad.

“Hi, cutie!” She greets me as she flaps her wings.

“Hello, Lisa, worry not! We’ll take Rab to a picnic.”

“Dad! Mom! I want to see what game will Lisa and Dex play...”

“You’ll see that when you grew up, Rab!” The dad smiles and nods at me.

“Thank you both!”

I bow down before them, as they walk away towards that pond. I thought that can be our special place, but oh well…

Walk into the house.

Dex turns his neck around... he’s still there lying, just like when I left him.

“Lisa, what happened?”

“Erm... long story short, you were... well, uh... you are no longer a virgin. Sorry for that...”

“Ah, don’t worry about that. It was quite enjoyable around midway, but at the end, I could barely hold my consciousness.” He sighs.

I chuckle and sit next to him, ruffling his hair.

“Lean up a little and put down your head on my thighs.”


He does so, and his face turns red. Heh... I knew he’ll love this!

“Hmm, it’s good isn’t it?”

“Yeah... like a really good, stuffed pillow.”

His face says it all. I could watch him all day like this. If it wasn’t for the apophis I would never meet this man. If I wasn’t monsterized, he could never rest on my feathers or we would never fly together. Dad and Mom would never have an actual child either... I suppose I can forgive her after all.

No matter what will happen... I’ll protect you, Dex.

I lean in and kiss his forehead.

I wonder if I can still sew after all these years. He would look so good in a nice sweater.