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That Fic Where Gamzee and River Song Are Moirails

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regeneratedScherzando [RS] began spoiling terminallyCapricious [TC]

RS: Hello there! Do not be alarmed, I mean you no -
TC: WoAh
TC: ThAt Is SoMe DoNe UnExPeCtEd TeXt RiGhT tHeRe
TC: WhAt ThE fUcK iS gOiNg On My MiRaCuLoUs UnKnOwN bRoThEr?
TC: Or SiStEr I gUeSs
TC: HoNk
RS: ...
TC: HeY nO nEeD fOr ThOsE mOtHeRfUcKiNg PaUsE pArAdEs
TC: WhY dOn'T yOu JuSt ChIlL bAcK aNd SpIt YoUr MoThErFuCkInG nAmE aT mE?
RS: My name is River Song, but you must excuse me -
TC: Of FuCkInG cOuRsE mY bRoThEr! TC: YoU gOt NoThInG yOu NeEd To Be ExCuSeD fOr
TC: We CaN aLl Be ChIlL, sLaM sOmE bUbBlY-aSs FaYgO aNd ShArE sOmE mIrAcLe PiE, yOu DiG?
RS: Sister, actually, but I seem to have made a mistake.
TC: HaHa No FuCkInG wAy!
TC: WeLl DoN't LeT aNy MiStAkEs YoU'vE dOnE cOnJuReD uP hArSh ThE mIrAcLeS tHaT aRe AlL aRoUnD yOu
TC: OkAy, My WiCkEd SiS?
RS: I must leave, and not waste any more of anyone's time
RS: I have a paper on Cross-Universal Extinct Species Relations that I need to conduct original research for
TC: HaHa RiGhT tHe FuCk On
TC: YoU wRiTe ThEm FuCkInG wOrDs WiTh YoUr BiTcHiNg ThInKpAn!
RS: And I was under the impression that I was contacting an intelligent lifeform

regeneratedScherzando [RS] ceased spoiling terminallyCapricious [TC]