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Midoriya Izuku and the Hands that saved him. Part 1

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Toshinori Yagi had always knew he was a rookie when it came to being a teacher, but he began to realize something was wrong with his personal student. He had texted that he had gotten into U.A, but something was off. He spotted faint signs of trouble, at their first meeting, seeing his reaction to Aizawa's intimidation tactic during the apprehension test, to even Bakugou's attempted assault of him. So there he was, standing at Dagobah Beach in the dead of night, and watching a red-eyed Izuku walking up to him and appearing to be exhausted. As the boy approached, he said "H-hey, All Might." 

"Young Midoriya, what happened?" All Might inquired.

"It's nothing..." Izuku said, rubbing his eyes.

It was something 

All Might could tell it was something that provoked him to cry, taking the initiative and saying " Young Midoriya, you know its rude to lie."

"W-Wha-What? I'm not lying." Izuku defended.

" Are you sure, because if this was poker, you would be going broke." The skeletal Man said.

Deep down, All might wanted to write it off, but he could hear 7 voices telling him to "pay attention" and a female voice pressing him to "take the initiative". Hearing them made the symbol of peace finally realize he has been a fool. Bowing before Midoriya at a 90 degree angle, All Might said "Young-Izuku. I'm sorry." 

Taken aback by the sudden bow, Izuku stammered out "Uh? Wha-what-whatareyoudoingAllMightsensei?!" 

"When we first met, I had noticed things that showed that there were serious problems in your life that I didn't act upon because I was more prioritized with the damage control of you finding out my secret." The Symbol of peace said.

"What do you mean?" Izuku said, sounding scared.

" I noticed one of the shoulders of your uniform had burn damage. Second, the notebook I found when you were out cold from the villain attack had a faint scent of Cinnamon that was still a little potent." The hero said.

"Oh." Was all that Izuku could say at what his mentor was saying. The pro continued "When Aizawa did his little scare tactic on you for your lack of control on your power, you genuinely TERRIFIED of him. You were even afraid when Bakugou charged at you on his little rant. I was negligent, I gave you poor advice when it came to helping you in the entrance exam, and put you on his radar, and for that, I am sorry."

As Izuku was stunned by the hero's sudden apology, the pro continued with "Now, can you please tell me what is bothering you and why you came to me with red eyes?"

Letting out a *sigh*, Izuku pinched his nose as he said "I.....I got into a fight with my mom." 

"Why would you two fight?" Toshinori Inquired.

"Because...she thought I was being ungrateful for how I wasn't happy for Ka-Bakugou getting into U.A and how I didn't want to attend dinner with her at Auntie Mitsuki's." Izuku said.

"She thought you were being ungrateful for not celebrating his success?" All Might said.

"Yeah....I screamed at her that we were NEVER friends, and then...I stormed off to meet you here." Izuku said.

Resting his hand on Izuku's shoulder, he said " There are some benches nearby, let's talk." 

All Might pondered the story that his now crying student that was sitting in his arms had told him. Bakugou, who was supposed to be a good friend, was his number 1 tormentor throughout his entire life. From trying to help him up after he fell into a river, only to be rewarded with an explosion to his face, to openly using his quirk on him throughout their school life. The story of how Izuku was forced to take the fall for Bakugou's actions, the falsifying of his grades, allowing Bakugou to destroy the boy's items and verbally degrade him for the slightest things; from speaking his dream of being a hero to just being nice. He was supposed to be the Symbol of Peace, and THIS was how they were living in it! Forcing his student to live with a fear of adults, to treat his life with little value, and to leave him with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?!

Holding Izuku tightly, he said "Izuku, this goes BEYOND simple damage control. I am going to help you." 

"*sniff* Wha-What are you going to do?" Izuku asked.

" First, WE are going to back to your home and address this issue with your mother. She's been believing that her boy is a disrespectful, problematic, delicate child that can barely stand for himself, not even realizing that she has been lied to by everyone. That is not good for the mental health of you and her." All Might started.

"Are you sure?" Izuku asked.

"Yes. Second, I'll be having a word with Nedzu and Aizawa about this and we'll deal with Bakugou, while you will go and see Hound Dog first thing tomorrow." All Might explained.

"Really?!!" Izuku exclaimed.

"Yes, and there will be no arguments on that. You have grown up in a toxic environment, and it has gotten so bad that you are left in Denial about your life ever being a living hell. What you went through was criminal, and you do not need to continue to suffer in silence while the criminals around you get away with their actions." The symbol of peace declared as he held Izuku tightly. 

Hearing that, Izuku finally caved and broke down once more, prompting All Might to hold him even tighter. The cries of help he wanted to let out for so long had been heard, and his own idol was there to save him...

"Is there a reason why I am being taken out of my class today?" Aizawa inquired, annoyed.

" Yes. It would appear that All Might is requesting that I expel a student from your class. Katsuki Bakugou." The principal explained.

Sitting down on the couch, Aizawa looked at the chimera as he said "Why? I don't see any problems with him. He's got good grades, he's a top ranked student, and he has actual combat tactics and stratagem that has bolstered his potential." 

"Yeah....and he cultivated those skills by using Young Midoriya AS TARGET PRACTICE." All might said with a raging anger.

The underground hero froze at that statement, one student was practicing his quirk on another? Midoriya only has a strength augmentation quirk, not Kirishima's hardening ability. It's clear in their faces that something was wrong, something he was not seeing as it had disturbed All Might and puzzled even Nedzu. The principal chirped in with "Could you please, clarify All Might?"

"I'd be happy to." All Might said.

The two listened as he explained every single detail of the story that Izuku told him. Though the two remedied the situation involving Inko, who apologized to her son for falling to stop the actions against him, but grounded him from watching hero videos as a punishment for not being honest with her. By the time that the symbol of peace had caught his breath, both principal and teacher had gone through a sea of expressions at hearing the backstory of the student that Aizawa had labeled as a "Problem student". They had shifted through shock at the level of attacks Bakugou carried out on Izuku, disgust and outrage for the ZERO actions from his teachers to deal with the issues, to even disappointment and anger when Bakugou and his classmates were suicide-baiting him. Moving his mouth finally, Aizawa stammered "So....that's why he was terrified of me when I gave the warning..."

" Exactly. He's treating you like he treated the teachers at Aldera: just WAITING for him to screw up and expel him." All Might said.

" With his level of quirk control, he's on thin ice." Aizawa commented.

" Actually, it's time we explained it to him, Toshinori." Nedzu explained. 

" Explain what?" Aizawa inquired.

To unwind from that emotional story, All Might explained "My Quirk isn't what the tabloids call it. It's called One For All....and Young Midoriya is my successor, so he possesses it now." 

"You GAVE your quirk to him?" Aizawa said. 

"What you saw at the Entrance Exam was the poorly provided advice I had given him on the spot since I gave him the quirk the exact same day." All Might said before adding "I need your help, Aizawa, I can't teach for shit because I have been a hero for 25 years and a teacher for none of them. My whole job here is both HPSC social approval, and me wanting to teach Izuku in a controlled environment."

Nedzu chimed in with " All Might will be working as an assistant teacher here for a while and will become a full time teacher once he acquires his license. He has asked that we develop a plan to help him control his quirk. Meanwhile, I will be helping him assemble evidence to bring against Aldera for its discrimination against the boy." 

"Fine. But if he screws up once, he's out." Eraserhead said.

" If you wish, you can have that candidate that you had in mind to take the seat of whatever student you expelled...once he has shown growth." Nedzu said.

All Might could have swore that he heard the underground hero swear under his breath. Looking to the Principal, All Might added "By the way, Nedzu, I think you might enjoy what I have to say about Young Midoriya…" as he pulled out a damaged notebook from his suitcase.

Izuku followed through his promise to All Might and spoke with Hound Dog, and felt an overwhelming sense of comfort as the counselor was genuinely worried for the Young man. The two assembled a schedule for the two in order to help Izuku with his traumas, and he received a full apology from Aizawa for his behavior, revealing that he has not truly recovered from the death of Oboro, his closest friend. He had his burn scars treated by Recovery Girl, who openly berated All Might for not telling her about the boy's role as the successor.

Bakugou was demoted to Gen Ed and placed onto probation, only allowed to rejoin the course if he managed to do well in the sports festival and had NO incidents reported. That didn't last, when he attempted to launch an assault on Izuku following his modern heroics class, in which he was expelled on the spot and placed on house arrest for his involvement at Aldera, and had to attend court-mandated anger management classes before he could even go anywhere near a hero course. His mother managed to hold onto a friendship with Inko, but they both never let Izuku or Katsuki near each other.

Aldera crashed and burned at their trial, shifting between either throwing Bakugou or Izuku under the bus. Some teachers tried to condemn Izuku as a fraud, accusing him of getting a quirk through criminal means. Aizawa and All Might fought the urge to commit homicide, in which the #1 hero spoke up and condemned the teachers for indoctrinating their students to see little value in the life of a quirkless, revealing his own late bloomer status to the public and crediting the late Nana Shimura for helping him master it and the retired pro Gran Torino for helping him control it (Torino took Izuku for his internship later, trusting Izuku with permission to use his quirk in a combat environment). In the end, the school had to close their doors and pay reparations to the Midoriyas. 

Inko herself had to atone for her own mistakes, revealing that she lied about Hisashi and that he had an affair with an American Girl and moved after she was discovered to be pregnant. She became a fan of Izuku's after seeing his first place victory at the sports festival and became president of a fan club that formed among some the kids of her apartment block.

1-A was shocked to learn of Izuku's past, with Mina, Momo, Kaminari, Jirou, and Ojiro coming forward with their own experiences with bullying. They didn't hesitate to berate Ilda after Hosu, finding out he attempted to make a move on Stain. He also helped the police organize their evidence when the Number 2 hero's crimes against his family came to light...

Nedzu was ecstatic to learn of Midoriya's analytical skills, taking him on as a personal student to help hone them to incredibly high standards. They would regularly enjoy tea on the weekends, discussing the usual topic of heroes and Izuku became the first Human that Nedzu was ever to trust outside the teachers. 

Izuku rose to fame as the new #1 hero for averting a war with the reformed Meta Liberation Army by forming a peace agreement after besting its leader, Re-Destro, in a duel. He also defeated Tomura Shigaraki, cementing his status as the Number 1 after the villain tried to decimate Deika City.

Izuku was more than a Symbol of Peace, he was a symbol of hope and revolution. 


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Inko has always supported her son. She loved him ever since Hisashi stopped coming home, leaving Izuku as her only family, and when his quirk had appeared, she was as overjoyed to hear it. Her son could finally have his chance, he could be a hero...

But, a single shadow hanged over her as a danger to that support he needed. A single SAGA of stories, all leaving her with an image that blinded her from seeing the potential hero her son could be. For the time she watched Izuku grow up, he always came home with some manner of injury or heard some story from his teachers of how he supposedly instigated some confrontation between him and Bakugou, claiming it was all about Jealousy towards his classmates due to their quirks. Some days, she wanted to just keep him at home and get him away from heroes all together. She was quick to suppress such feelings, because all that might do is drive him to become a vigilante or worse...

For the first time, she could tell something was wrong as the school had called both her and Mitsuki, as both their sons had a hostile confrontation during an exercise. Nedzu asked both mothers to take their children home to try and piece it together. Though, Inko was certain that teacher of theirs wanted them gone from his class, as the man's annoyed gaze could state that he was supposedly considering it. However, Nedzu decided that his staff wasn't enough to resolve this issue and asked for their help to find it out. 

After closing the door, Izuku was in the middle of taking off his shoes when Inko spoke up "Go to the living room and sit down, we both need to talk." 

"Fine." was all her son said as he walked out to the living room and sat down on the couch while Inko decided to get some water for tea on standby. Sitting down on a chair facing her boy, Inko spoke "You and Katsuki got into a fight, again? I thought you two had grown past this." 

"I didn't start it..." Izuku said.

"Don't. I've heard enough, why are you so interested in picking fights with Katsuki? You two are supposed to be friends, supposed to work together, so why are two fighting?" Inko demanded. 

Izuku began to look as if he were struggling to contain something, in which the matriarch decided to speak up and say "If you going to lie, I will call Nedzu and have you removed from the hero course...." 

"WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS!!" Izuku screamed.

Inko fell silent, she never heard Izuku scream at her like that. He stood up fiercely and began to pace, explaining through a slowly breaking voice and gritted teeth "For 11 years, I was seen as quirkless. We stopped being friends when his quirk came in, as everyone showed him favor, and treated me as if my life wasn't worth their time and energy. All the things you heard, LIES! Every school we went to lied so Bakugou's record stayed clean, so I took the fall for EVERYTHING.HE.DID!" 

Unbuttoning his uniform shirt, Izuku pulled it off  and saying "If we were the "friends" that you and Auntie believe....." slamming the shirt onto the floor and shouting "WHY DID HE FORCE ME TO HAVE THESE!" 

Inko's expression became frozen in horror at the sight that she was now bearing witness to. Izuku's body, painted in a myriad of burn scars of different sizes and shapes, some shaped like dark stars, while others....were shaped like a human hand. The matriarch looked to her son, his face covered in flowing tears, and came to a realization that drowned her further into horror. All this time, she began to realize that she has been neglecting her son by taking the word of his teachers over trying to listen to his side of the story. She was supposed to be his mother, and instead, she chose to listen to lies and believed his tormentors...

Tears began to form in her eyes, Inko stammered out "Why.....Why....Why didn't you tell me?!" 

Struggling to hold his tears, Izuku said "How?-You kept getting worried over me every time that you heard about me from the schools...and...I just got used to it. Silence over my quirkless problems....that's all that I felt I could do." 

Inko stood up, marching up to her son  and picking up his uniform shirt, pulling her son into a tight hug. As she held him close, she began "I'm so sorry, Izuku. I should have tried to listen to you." 

"I....Should've spoken louder for you to hear." Izuku said, reciprocating the hug.

Resting her hands on Izuku's tear-smeared cheeks, Inko said "We both have something to atone for. I was supposed to be your mother, your rock, and I let you down." 

Izuku responded "I was supposed to be your son....and I failed you at that."

Gently shushing him and hugging him tightly, Inko said "All we can do right now is make sure your dream can't be stopped. I won't let your dream die for my mistakes." 

Izuku began to break down, hugging his mother tighter as he murmured out "Tha-Thank you."  

"Now....let's start from the beginning so I can talk to Nedzu." Inko said as she comforted her son.

In his office, Nedzu sat on the phone and talked with someone on the other end, closing out his conversation with "I understand, thank you for the explanation Mrs. Midoriya" as Aizawa and the skeletal All Might entered.

Turning to the two men, the principal said "Thank you for coming, you two." 

"It was just convenient timing, I was already planning to come see you." Aizawa said, holding two expulsion forms in hand and setting them on the table. 

Noticing that the forms were for Izuku and Bakugou, Nedzu clicked his tongue in disappointment, in which he grabbed the Midoriya form and...dropped it in the trash.

Exasperated; Aizawa demanded "What the hell are you doing?!" 

Placing his paws together, Nedzu "It would seem....that the three of us, and U.A, have grossly misread the history that Izuku and young Bakugou have." 

The underground hero and the Number 1 were in disbelief, in which Toshinori said "How? How could we have misunderstood a childhood rivalry?" 

Staring down the two men, Nedzu's tone became much more serious as he began " I was just on the phone with Miss Midoriya. She had confirmed her son's side in the story, and the details were....shocking. Both boys were never rivals, Bakugou was in fact Young Midoriya's TORMENTOR, and we have done NOTHING to deal with this, despite promoting a strong Anti-Bullying policy. Ever since that boy got his quirk and Young Midoriya didn't, Bakugou grew out of control and regularly tormented Young Midoriya constantly, even the nickname that Bakugou uses for him is a derogatory insult directed at him!  And that's not all, any of the educators who ever taught them both BLAMED Midoriya for Bakugou's actions! They continued into Aldera, where Izuku's grades were either lowered and he had tests failed because they wanted BAKUGOU look good. They completely destroyed Izuku's ability to trust Teachers, and have completely BRAINWASHED an entire generation of students to hold little value for the lives of QUIRKLESS. So, you can understand why I would rather not expel Young Midoriya." 

Both men froze at hearing Nedzu's rant, their minds flooding with all manner of thoughts:

Aizawa prided himself for thinking logically, wanting to prepare and educate students for the real world. Therefore, he judged students by potential and expelled those who had none. He was insistent that Izuku Midoriya had no potential, but now, he was feeling that He had no potential as a teacher. He wanted nothing more than to educate the students, teach them to be heroes, and get as much sleep in for a long shift as an underground hero. Now, he was dealing with an emotional bomb and a brainwashed teen who's a sociopath.  He dismissed their activity as a rivalry since they were at odds, but he wanted to ensure that there was no hinderances to class and his sleep schedule. All he could think, is how he became the opposite of what Oboro wanted. But, Midoriya's potential was in question as he had little to NO control over his quirk....

All Might has acknowledged his inexperience as a teacher, as he only had his position thanks to the HPSC wanting good publicity. He chose Young Midoriya for his heart of a hero, but didn't factor control for Izuku to use One For All. Now, he felt only remorse as he never bothered to check Young Midoriya's mental and emotional health before shouldering him with such a heavy burden. He felt less like a hero, and more of a criminal who took advantage of a child who was in emotional hell from all the toxicity around him. Deciding on a new course of action; All Might said "I feel ashamed. I should've noticed when I was working with him." 

"Working with him? On what, exactly?" Aizawa questioned.

"Are you certain of this, All Might?" Nedzu asked the Number 1 hero.

"Yes, I should have told him before Midoriya got accepted." All Might said, turning to the underground hero and saying "I was training Izuku for a single receive my quirk."

Inko received a formal e-mail of apology from Nedzu, apologizing for failing to notice that the troubles that Izuku had suffered and invited them both to talk at U.A to reveal their decision. In a formal meeting, both were surprised to learn that Izuku would remain in the hero course, but would have a week's detention for the incident while Bakugou was expelled. The other conditions for Izuku to stay was;

- He had to attend mandatory counseling and therapy with Hound Dog to deal with the emotional trauma that he went through.

- His detention would consist of quirk counseling under Aizawa's guidance, as he now possessed knowledge of One For All. 

- He would become Nedzu's student on hero analysis after All Might explained what he saw in Izuku's notebook.

All Might had been demoted to a Teaching assistant position and was personally quizzed by Nedzu and Gran Torino to take the exam for his teaching license. He was allowed to interact with Izuku, formally apologizing for his lack of guidance. 

Aizawa had lost the right to expel students for good, with Nedzu and the board assigning him a mandatory assistant teacher and if he wanted to expel a student, he would have to give a solid reason other than "No Potential". During his quirk counseling sessions with Midoriya, he grew to sympathize with the kid more and see his potential much clearer. He was able to get Shinsou into the Hero course, with him taking the seat of Bakugou. 

Inko had also begun to improve and atone for her mistakes to Izuku, having both informed that Izuku was the Ninth Holder of One For All and that Aizawa was willing to make amends with her son. She became more honest with Izuku, revealing that his father had left them both for an affair that took him to the United States under the guise of a "work trip". After Bakugou's expulsion, she and U.A both sued Aldera for criminal negligence and child endangerment, winning a high sum of money from the school as the building had to close down. The teachers had all lost their jobs, with a large number of staff having ties to a resurgent Meta Liberation Army. Mitsuki formally apologized to her friend for failing to stop Katsuki's bullying, both maintaining their friendship and keeping Katsuki away from Izuku at all times. 

1-A was much different with Bakugou gone, and the word "Deku" was NEVER spoken ever again when the truth of the name's history came to light. Uraraka actually apologized for using an insult as his nickname, and each had formed friendships with Izuku over their shared experiences with bullying. 

Years later, at the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart, a woman wearing a hero-themed sweater flooded an enter booth at the announcement of the new #1 hero: Dekiru.



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Naomasa Tsukauchi was walking through streets following the rampage of the Sludge Villain at the request of Toshinori, who admitted to the detective that he felt Izuku was "the one" to receive One for All. Wandering the streets and looking around the corners, he eventually found the kid that Toshi talked about in a state that he never expected to see. The kid was curled up by a pole, his face buried in his knees, and his uniform covered in burn marks and his schoolbag slightly burnt. His instincts kicking in, the detective carefully crouched down to the boy's level a good few feet from him, asking "Hey, Kid..."

Izuku flinched, raising his eyes slightly from behind his knees, which made the detective's heart sink. His green eyes looked to have a glassy haze, in which he appeared to be experiencing severe disassociation. Tsukauchi said "Is it okay if I move a little closer to you?" 

Looking at the man, Izuku quietly spoke "Who are you?" 

"My name is Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi. I'm a detective with the police force." The man said, holding out his badge for the teen to see.

Izuku seemingly retreated into himself, which alarmed the Detective, meaning that revealing his position had inadvertently sparked and triggered an emotional trigger for the boy. Putting his badge away, the detective cautiously asked "Is it okay if I ask you ONE question, young man?"

Izuku looked to the detective again, giving a gentle *nod* in which the detective inquired "Did something happen between you and the police?" 

The street they were on was gripped in the tense silence between the teen and detective, in which the detective took a moment to text Toshinori....

TrueMan:  Toshi, I found him.

#1Toshi: Great, text me the address so we can talk.

TrueMan:  No, meet me at the station.

#1Toshi: What? Is there something wrong?

TrueMan: Someone attacked your candidate. I'm trying to get details together now.

#1Toshi:  Okay. I'll see you there.

Putting his phone in his pocket, the detective noticed Izuku staring at him and saying " texting?" 

"Just All Might. He wanted to talk you about something, but you were already gone from that market street." Tsukauchi said.

Squeezing himself tighter, Izuku quietly said "I....Have an answer for your question". 

Leaning in a bit, the detective calmly said "Okay. I will listen." 

Izuku gently waved his hand, allowing the man to move a little closer as he said something that the Detective was unprepared for....


"Because the police....never helped me." 


Naomasa felt his heart sink and his blood begin to boil; this kid was in some kind of trouble and the police REFUSED to help him? Toshi did something wrong, this kid was clearly suffering emotionally and the man did nothing to address. Working to keep his composure, Tsukauchi said "Why? Why did they not help you?"

"Because....I'm quirkless….they thought I was lying....trying to get attention...." Izuku stammered out, tears pouring from his eyes.

The detective quickly took to his side, pulling the sobbing kid into his arms and holding him in a gentle hug. The man was now genuinely worried; this kid had a good heart and instincts of a hero, but was in complete and utter emotional and mental turmoil. He was clearly subject to something that he had tried to report to the police, only to be turned away because of his quirklessness. Pulling the packet of tissues he had always on hand from his trench-coat pocket, he offered them to the boy, who took one to wipe his eyes before blowing his nose. Speaking up, Tsukauchi said "Is it okay if I asked to what you were trying to speak to the police about?" 

Izuku gave a *nod* and began to explain his situation to the detective....

Tsukauchi walked the kid back to his cruiser, sitting him in the passenger seat, and having a silent drive to the station. The weary and fatigued Izuku sat with his schoolbag sitting in his arms, while the Detective continued to process all the details from the emotional outpouring that the young teen had given him. At the station, Tsukauchi was met by All Might, who the Detective sent immediately to a nearby conference room while he took Izuku to his office. Sitting the kid down, he summoned two of his coworkers to his office to check out his injuries and give a minor psych evaluation on him. 

Going to the conference room with a manila envelope, he heard the sound of raised voices. He opened the door to see All Might in an argument with Sir Nighteye, which he could obviously tell what the topic was....



"YOU ARE NOT THE USER!" Toshinori retaliated.

Both men were silenced as Tsukauchi shut the door loud enough to catch the attention of both of the two men. The detective looked at the two men and said "Okay, children, Big brother is here to talk.

Nighteye said "Detective, this is not the time for-" 

"Sit" was the only response that Tsukauchi gave to the two pros, in which they complied and sat down at the table and said "First, why are you two risking One For All's exposure in a fully-staffed police station?" 

Nighteye began "I am trying to get All Might to understand that my input is for his own good...and that he shouldn't choose some random stranger to wield an incredible power." 

All Might responded. "I was trying to get Mirai to understand that he can't just force me to accept a boy as a successor....especially since he just wants to create another me." 

"Society needs a strong pillar to uphold the peace you built....Mirio is our best bet to see that happen!" Nighteye argued.

" We need more than just a pillar, Mirai!" All Might exclaimed.

Slapping the folder onto the table and silencing the two once again with a booming "ENOUGH!", the detective began "Do you remember my text to you, Toshi? About your candidate?" 

Looking to the detective concerned, All Might said "You said he was attacked, what happened?" 

"The kid that the punk with the Sludge quirk took hostage? He was the one who did it...and he and Izuku have quite a history." The detective explained.

Both men listened to the detective as he explained the story to the two men, noting their rapidly shifting expressions. Izuku Midoriya, the young man who All Might wished to be the ninth holder of the most powerful quirk in existence, was the victim of the rampant abuse and discrimination towards the quirkless. Teachers blaming him for the problems of their quirked students to keep their records clean, deliberately failing his grades, allowing their quirked students to abuse him with no signs of stopping, suicide-baiting, destruction of the boy's property, dismissing any of his own issues, to even POLICE dismissing any of the crimes and incidents he was trying to report as him either "lying" or "seeking attention".  Naomasa concluded with how we was going to report the officers who dismissed Izuku, while the two men processed all the information that was given to them...

"....My god." All Might said.

" I still wish for Mirio to wield One For All, but I can't help but feel ashamed that this crime had gone rampant for so long." Nighteye said, still reeling from the story. 

" Same. Maybe..." All Might said, before Tsukauchi slid the folder in front of the skeletal man.

"That is the other topic I wanted to discuss with you." Tsukauchi said.

All Might looked down and saw the name on the folder, which had a medical emblem on its surface, and name that All Might found to be all too familiar.


 All three men received the updates for Izuku from Naomasa's colleagues, which further worsened All Might and the Detective's fears. The numerous scars that became like a "second skin" for the boy dated back YEARS, meaning that this boy had been haunted by his tormentor, Katsuki Bakugou, and nothing was done to stop him, and that his mental health was in seriously bad shape as a result. All Might decided to assemble a group to help Izuku control One For All and help him heal, mentally and emotionally. He recruited both Hound Dog and Aizawa, both briefing them about One For All and explaining Izuku's story to the counselor. Hound Dog performed one on one sessions with Izuku, while Aizawa helped Izuku learn how to fight while using his quirk, and Nighteye helped him deal with stressful situations.

Nighteye had been dismayed by the contents of Shinomori's file, fearing the possibility of the same fate befalling Mirio. He and All Might made amends, coming clean with Mirio about the truth behind Nighteye recruiting him. Despite feeling betrayed, Mirio still wanted to continue his work study with the hero in the hopes of becoming a strong hero to achieve his dream. Upon seeing his notebooks, both he and Tsukauchi felt that he had much more to him beyond the heart of a hero, providing him advice on organizing and encrypting his notes. With Nighteye's help, Izuku managed to garner attention of Nedzu, who took him on as a student.

With their encouragement, Izuku pressed charges against Bakugou and Aldera for the years of abuse and endangerment he was put through. Bakugou lost his Hero Course application and was charged as equal to an A-class villain, and Aldera burned at their trial after the principal went on a rant against Izuku and the Quirkless. Further investigation of the school unveiled that numerous staff of the School District had ties to a resurgent Meta Liberation Army, which disavowed them for "abandoning the mandate of Destro" by educating discrimination against Meta Users and Quirkless. 

Tsukauchi and Nighteye reprimanded Inko, citing her obsessive nature to protect Izuku as he was the last of her family as abuse of the son she was trying to hold onto. She apologized to Izuku for not taking action to help him, and worked to atone for her mistakes by wholeheartedly supporting him and becoming more honest with her son and revealing that Hisashi abandoned the two of them after Izuku was diagnosed quirkless. 

Izuku would be accepted to U.A's Hero Course, with Aizawa forming a unique mentorship with the boy and claiming he would have been willing to give him a chance as a quirkless. Izuku revealed his past to his classmates, who shared in his feelings towards bullying and appreciated that Izuku had exposed how the company which manufactured their costumes prioritized appeal over use. With his advice, all itineraries for the school had to be copied to the staff's mobile devices and all hard copies they received were to be shredded and disposed of (This delayed the USJ, but it was found out thanks to a league informant, a gen ed student resentful of being denied a spot in the hero course where the "quality merchandise" (the girls) were.)

Izuku would win the sports festival, and help Aizawa with getting a potential apprentice into the hero course, whom the green-haired teen formed a pseudo-brother bond with. He also bonded with Mirio, who helped him improve his style and became a good friend to him. He would help him control some extra "features" that One For All picked up...

He grew to be a kind and well respected hero, becoming the Number 1 hero and operating a top ranked agency alongside some of his former classmates...

Chapter Text

It was a long day at work for one Hisashi Yamada, the voice hero: Present Mic. Dealing with school work, going on his patrol route, checking up on some renovations at his agency/station, left the man having to pick up his usual coffee on the way back to the school. With the dormitory system in place, it shortened his commute so he didn't have to go back to his apartment and saved him from further exhaustion. As he walked past the dorms, he came across a sight that he didn't expect or see coming; 

Sitting on a bench nearby Heights Alliance 1-A, was Izuku Midoriya, the silent green bean of 1-A. He was dressed in his usual leisure attire, but something was off; the knuckles on his right hand were wrapped in a bandage, and he looked like he had been crying for a bit. Something clearly happened to this kid, something that had him worked up and must have either taken him or driven him out of the dorms for some time. Approaching the boy carefully, the voice hero said "Hey, Lil Listener." 

Looking to the voice, the boy said "Uh. Present-Yamada sensei." 

Taking a seat beside him, Hizashi asked "What's bothering ya, Kid? You're not usually this down in the dumps." 

"Are....Are you sure you will listen?" Izuku asked, as he were on the defense. 

"Well, I technically have three jobs that require me to do so." The voice hero commented, adding "Though, you seem rather defensive about that..." 

"Well...T-Teachers before....never listened to me." Izuku said.

In that Moment, Izuku turned to his teacher and saw something that he hadn't expected. Mic appeared to be clearly torn between wanting to scream like a madman, to sheer horror at what the green haired student had just said. Sliding his glasses back up, Mic stammered out "Wh-Why, Why wouldn't they listen to a kid like you?" 

" Because...." Izuku began as tears reformed in his eyes; " I was Q-Qu-Quirkless for 11 years before U.A sir. Every-Everyone treated me badly for not having a quirk. No one hanged out with me, teachers ignored or sabotaged me, blamed me for things other kids had done. At the school I went to before here, they allowed me to be bullied and harrassed, even joined in sometimes. I had quirks used on me, Equinox lilies placed in my desk and locker, suicide-baited, had my stuff broken or destroyed...."

Mic shifted through a sea of expressions from horror, to rage, to sadness, to fear, to anger, to even possible malice as Izuku told his story to him, admitting that he was a late bloomer and the first full use of his quirk was the entrance exam, that he only felt proper control AFTER his internship with Gran Torino, and the "advice" All Might had given him on the day of the exam. He admitted he wants to trust the teachers at U.A, but feels only ashamed as he feels that he cannot stop his traumas from stopping him as he still operated under the mentality and things he thought were the norm. He finalized his rant with "By the time I graduated from Aldera, I had both my graduation certificate and PTSD, Anxiety attacks, trust issues, physical and emotional scars, panic attacks, and the list just goes on! The one thing I hate the most is that.....I just got used to it all and thought I had actually LEARNED something from my time at that....that....HELL!!!"

The dam had finally broke for Izuku, in which he fell into Mic's arms as he cried. The Voice hero hugged him tightly, but also felt just as ashamed as Izuku did for not addressing his issues before hand. He's supposed to be a hero, and he didn't do anything to help this kid as he was suffering clearly from his past. 

"The worst part....I wanted to just scream in rage that Bakugou was in the same class as me." Izuku said.

"Why would you be upset about that?" Mic inquired.

"Because.....he was the worst out of all of them....and THEY protected him for it." Izuku said.

After walking Izuku back to his dorm room, despite the concerns of his classmates, Mic marched to the teacher dorms with a sense of anger and a LARGE amount of Information that NEEDED to be addressed. U.A was supposed to promote a strong anti-bullying policy and creating successful pro heroes and heroines, yet they are doing NOTHING about the fact that one of their students was in severe emotional hell and his #1 abuser and tormentor was given a place in the hero course. Entering the dorms, Mic noticed the teachers each going about their own business, Midnight was scrolling on her phone, Nedzu was reading one of his favorite books, Vlad and Cementoss were playing cards with Power Loader, Thirteen was most likely in her room, Hound Dog was watching T.V with Chiyo, and Shouta was sleeping on one of the couches in his usual sleeping bag. Putting two fingers into his mouth, and thinking of a low output for his quirk, Mic got all of their attention with a single, loud *WHISTLE*, throwing the room into chaos...

"MIC, WHAT THE HELL?!" Midnight screeched as she picked up her phone from the floor.

"Mic, that was seriously uncalled for." Aizawa said as he exited his sleeping bag, an annoyed scowl painted across his face. 

"You're right, that was uncalled for." The pro said as he approached his underground colleague and punched him in the face, saying "That however, was not." 

All Might entered the room after hearing the commotion, saying "What's going on here?"

"Yes, I would like to know why myself." Nedzu inquired, a hint of malice hidden in his voice.

" U.A...have fucked up." Mic said.

"Oh? And how have we "fucked up" Yamada?" Power Loader inquired.

"I just came from a rather...enlightening conversation with Izuku Midoriya, our resident hero fanboy." Mic said.

"Really? What did Young Midoriya have to say?" Nedzu inquired.

"Oh...just the fact that he's been a victim of an 11 year string of abuse and discrimination by the school district he was a part of before coming here, that we were WRONG about his relationship with Katsuki Bakugou, that Shouta doesn't actually acknowledge the reality of the situation, that he's a genuine late bloomer with his power and that it took his INTERNSHIP to learn actual control because no teachers here helped with advice on his quirk, and that his old school was committing serious crimes against him and his confidence has been suffering because his experiences there have left him with a bad impression of society and trust issues!" Mic ranted.

The teachers fell silent after listening to their colleague's rant. Mic acknowledged his rant was something that they never expected to do, but he decided to help Izuku by being the voice that Izuku didn't have. All Might was the first to speak up "Young Midoriya….was abused?"

"Yeah, and he even told me about the "advice" that you gave. "Egg in a Microwave", I can think of a thousand different ways that could have been handled, you Hercules-in-need-of-a-sandwich!" Mic snarked.

"Why didn't Young Midoriya come forward with this information?!" Midnight exclaimed, sounding worried. 

"Because, Nemuri....that "bad impression" has him thinking that because of his quirkless status that his life has little value and that he should just be silent about his problems." Mic explained.

"That's not good for his mental health, woof, he should have come forward with this information before. " Hound Dog commented.

"I should've noticed it too." All Might said, hanging his head in shame. 

"How could have we misunderstood a pointless rivalry?" Aizawa said.

"Oh, it's more than a rivalry...." Mic said as he decided to educate his coworkers on how they failed a student.

Izuku was surprised the next morning to summoned to Nedzu's receive a formal apology from the headmaster himself and All Might. With Tsukauchi present, Izuku recited his story and both All Might and the detective were horrified by the fact that the Detective's quirk didn't register a single lie in the story. Izuku was admitted to therapy under Hound Dog, which greatly helped his mental and emotional health while Nedzu, Tsukauchi, and All Might carried out a full investigation into Aldera. 

Aizawa had been removed from 1-A and took over Mic's classes for Gen Ed. He was assigned by to Nedzu to assist with the investigation into Aldera, in which he returned to U.A visibly changed. He apologized to Izuku for failing to help him, and wanted to take a full semester off before he would return to even going near the Hero Course. Mic was named the new head of 1-A and helped the students understand the truth of the name "Deku".

Bakugou was expelled, violently blaming Izuku for ruining his chances at "showing the extras who is the true #1". He was coldly confronted by All Might, who exposed his "heroic spirit" was a myriad of crimes that classified the boy as an A-Class villain. He was sentenced to a minor jail sentence before enrolling him into the Villain Rehabilitation Program at Ketsubutsu, where he talked with Izuku through a pen pal program and attended therapy and the two found a modest degree of peace. 

The Teachers at U.A also apologized, each working to help the student resolve his issues that haunted him from Aldera. Each began to provide their own counseling and therapy for Izuku, and eventually forming their own relationships with Izuku as he continued his time at U.A. Izuku grew to see each of them as a "second family" with them giving him encouragement to confront his mother with the truth about his abuse and helping them make amends.

Years later, a group of retired pros gathered at the Hero Billboard Chart to celebrate the newly named #1 Hero: Dekiru.....

Chapter Text

Tsutumi Kaina, the former heroine Lady Nagant, looked through the various letters and emails she received. Letters and messages from former fans that wanted to know why she was retired, and individuals looking for advice on being a "better hero" since the scandal that lead to her retirement. She thought back to her early days...

The Chairman asked her to look into a mysterious vigilante who was making waves in the hero not technically being a vigilante. "Green Eye" they call them, known to have been present at various locations that would turn into crime scenes. Green Eye also maintained a password-protected blog that they would send emails to pros and invite them to check it out and crafting their own profiles. Nagant was lucky enough to receive an invite, crafting her own password that provided her some semblance of humor, and was welcomed in....

The "Blog" was actually more helpful than the HeroNet.  It showed provided images and details to possible cases that the Net never bothered to bring up, providing things such as statistics, the details about the individuals in question or the contents of suspicious cargo, or even sightings of kids that may have gone through a traumatizing quirk awakening and were on their own or were abandoned for the nature of their quirks. Heroes could leave comments on the matter, provide links to mental health sites for advice or links to the websites of professionals who could help. There was also a channel for advice to pros on their quirks, but a pro had to get an invite to access that channel as a part of the invite to join the blog. Some of the pros ended up getting new cases solved added to their record, others criticized the blog and Green eye for being "nosy" and should stop. This allowed her to determine which pro heroes were the "genuine article" and which ones were "fake". 

One day, she actually had encountered Green Eye assembling his gear into a silver case he wore on his back. His outfit consisted of a black track suit and hoodie that had no logos on either, makeshift armor, a pair of similarly armored boots and gloves. His face was covered by a metallic looking mask that only showed a pair of green eyes shining through. He had just finished assembling info, and Nagant decided to approach, saying "Oi, you know a lot of folks have been asking about you."

"Have they now?" Green Eye said. 

His voice was distorted, a voice disguiser, Nagant thought to herself. This individual had thought about almost everything, gloves to prevent finger prints and a voice disguiser for possible vocal recognition. Shelving her thoughts, Nagant inquired "Why go out of your way for stuff like this? Why put yourself in so much danger with all this espionage work." 

"Because Heroes need to pay attention more. They're getting lazy." 

"As much as I may be inclined to agree with you, kid, a lot of people think you're being reckless. And....some might take advantage of those who need help...." Nagant trailed off.

Green eye looked to the heroine, who seemed bothered by something, but he could tell what it was. He looked to the heroine and said "It's starting to feel fake for you as well?"

Looking to the masked stranger, Nagant began " does. I....was once told that I could be a hero by someone. But now, I don't feel it, that sensation when a pro does good work, it just doesn't come to me anymore. My superiors at the HPSC say they want me to look into you, but I've grown to see the underlying goals that people have; they either want me to recruit you for them, or take you out, like the others..." 

Green Eye was taken aback by how swiftly the mysterious woman in front of him changed. She sounded remorseful, as she was being forced to do things that she didn't appreciate or wish to do. Her mental health was clearly suffering, and no one was doing ANYTHING about it, something that he hated seeing occur. Slinging his case onto his back, Green Eye said-no, declared....

"You are clearly suffering and no one is doing anything about what you are going through. But, I may do something for you out of respect for your skill as a heroine...."

He departed, leaving the heroine in stunned silence...

Sitting in her apartment, Kaina wondered what Green Eye meant with what he said. But, he was genuine with the fact that he could tell that she was in a form of mental torment. Every job, every....kill, it all took its toll on her physically, mentally, and morally. She began to question society's worth, growing to question as to why she had to do things all for "the sake of peace". She had been in her stupor for an unknown amount of time, as what had finally broken her free from it was the sound of her phone vibrating in her pocket. 

Pulling it out it was a text notification from her junior, Hawks, which caught off-guard:

From: Flyboy

Sent: 7:30 pm


Pulling up the news on her T.V, Kaina was surprised to see that the first news article was "HERO PUBLIC SAFETY COMMISSION UNDER FIRE! PRIME MINISTER OPENS INQUIRY." 

An email came to her phone; one that came from an unknown individual;




Kaina gave a slight smirk, knowing that full well that he was responsible.

The days since that message, were chaotic for the heroine. It was discovered that an anonymous source had accessed the servers of the HPSC with the aid of a turncoat employee. They forwarded a large stack of data to a member of the Prime Minister's Advisory Staff, who in turn shared it with the PM at the next meeting. All HPSC operations were suspended as government assigned inspectors and evaluators poured over years of reports, documents, financial records, case files, and anything pertaining to the activities of pro heroes. 

Due to how close she and Hawks were to the Higher ups, Nagant and him had to undergo a mandatory psych evaluation on the Prime Minister's orders. Within a week's time, the verdict was decided; the chairman of the HSPC was charged with corruption, bribery, and the HPSC itself was charged with the production of child soldiers. The Chairman argued that the agenda behind Hawk's and Nagant's recruitment was to for the goal of "ensuring that the peace that All Might had create will last". The advisors are argued that utilizing "Controlled Quirkism" would create an equilibrium between the number of Villains and Heroes. However, All Might testified against the group's actions, citing he was trying to keep peace for all instead of their mandate. In the end, the chairman and several higher ups were arrested for criminal charges of corruption, child endangerment, criminal abuse, bribery, and the illegal creation of child soldiers. A new administration was assigned to the HPSC whilst with the results of the evaluation, Hawks had to attend mandatory therapy in order to remain as a hero while Nagant was given a "Medical Retirement" from heroics and was enrolled in Therapy. During her therapy, Kaina got a license to operate as a freelance contractor and worked as a P.I to do something to take her mind off of the past and not let her skills go to waste, creating the "Nagant Investigative Service". 

Presently, her therapist recommended "Convo" a special program created for retired pro heroes and heroines. It allowed retired pros to receive mail or use chat rooms to engage and talk with their fans and answer many questions. 

Most of the mail that had been for her consisted letters of fans asking for why she had retired, and her most used response for those questions is that she made a mistake that was bad for her health and the new leaders had decided that her having to retire would be the best to help her heal. Most of the responses to that were get well wishes, with a few actually lecturing her for being so careless with her health. 

She maintained a secret side case that she had interest in. Following the exposure of the HPSC's corruption, Green Eye seemingly dropped off the map; the blog had vanished, with all of the pros receiving a collection of cases that he wanted to post in their inboxes. She wanted to meet the vigilante who freed her from the corruption of her former superiors, and to her surprise, had her chance after sending off a villain trying to hide in a storage facility. 

Walking to a single unit, she tapped on the door and saying "You can come out..." 

The gate rose, in which she came face to face with a young boy with green hair in a school uniform with a black eye and his uniform a mess. Looking him over, She dropped the comment "You look like someone beat the shit out of you." 

"Is that obvious?" The boy jested. 

"Yeah. What brings you here anyway?" Nagant inquired.

" I was checking on some things for my mom. She wants to consider selling some of the stuff in here." The boy said.

"That doesn't explain why it looks like you were assaulted by fireworks." She inquired.

"Oh...." The boy said, continuing to shuffle around the locker, as if he were trying to either avoid answering her or take his mind off something.

Kaina knew something was wrong, but before she could speak, she laid her eyes on a case hidden among boxes and noticed it was familiar.....

The case a certain vigilante had....

"Hey." Kaina said.

"Yeah?" The boy responded.

"Ever heard of the vigilante Green Eye?" Kaina inquired.

The retired heroine noticed how he was startled by the fact she knew Green Eye, in which he said "Uh....W-Why would y-you ask?" 

"He was the one who had got me out of a bad deal that went on for too long." Kaina said.

In that moment, Kaina tapped the case with the tip of her rifle and caused the boy to freeze up. She said "We got a bit, kid. So, how would you like to enlighten me as to why you became such a popular informant that heroes could rely on....then disappear after taking down the group that meant to manage heroes?" 

Setting the box in his hands down, he began with "Because I was always told that I couldn't do anything, my mother taught me to be kind.....but she didn't know that it could backfire. And my name is Izuku, by the way." 

"Kaina." She said in response.

"'re the first adult that I can tell my story to...." Izuku said, nervously.

" This is why I don't see heroes in the same light anymore." Kaina said as she dragged her hand down her face. 

" You don't look at heroes in the same light anymore?" A teary-eyed Izuku said.

Kaina looked to the shaking, teary-eyed teen by her side and began "It all started to be a sham in my eyes, and your story kind of cements that deep. If these modern heroes were the real deal, then you wouldn't have so many mental health problems because of those fucktards that you call teachers. If they were the genuine article, they could have saved your ass from that school and maybe been gave you a shot. You got analytical skills that are borderline prodigal, they could have helped you hone those to higher levels and make you a top-ranked analyst and maybe....the world's first quirkless pro." 

Hearing those words, Izuku broke down and nuzzled up to her as he sobbed, much to the woman's bewilderment. She awkwardly pat his back since she never really had much experience with kids due to her declining mental health. She noticed the burnt notebook to their side, grabbing and continuing to analyze it as Izuku worked to relax and calm down...

"Hey, kid. I have a bit of an offer for you." Kaina started.

"An-A-n, Offer?" Izuku said.

"Yeah." She said, closing the notebook and handing it to him as she continued "You got real talent, and the things in that notebook are a double-edged sword if you're not careful. Villains will always persist and evolve, just like how the heroes will now have to with the new HPSC. Your skills as an analyst make you a golden target for all manner of people, from villains looking for an edge against heroes, to fraudulent bastards calling themselves heroes that want to one up the people who are supposed to be their allies. That's why; I wanna teach you a couple of things."

After their discussion at the lockers, Kaina took Izuku home and explained the situation to his mother about what she was offering to teach him. It was mostly advice on creating ciphers and code for his notes, while also being able to tell the intentions of others that hear of his notes. Revealing to them her former status as a pro, it was only fair that she would be willing to help someone who would have had strong potential for heroics. As time went by, Izuku grew to see Kaina as a big sister figure and having her around was great for him since he had no older figures he could look up to besides Inko. Every time she had come by, it was always on the day that she didn't have therapy and she was kind enough to look after Izuku when Inko had work....

"Hey, Kaina-nee." Izuku asked.

"Hmmm? What's up?" The older woman asked.

"You said you were in a bad deal as a hero, what was it?" Izuku asked.

Kaina leaned back and rested on Izuku's bed, beginning "I had a rough life growing up. My quirk, to a lot of people, meant that I was dangerous because my quirk could technically be seen as an unregistered firearm. My parents forced me to wrap my arm to prevent me from using it, and everyone always looked at me differently or treated me with caution because they assumed that I was going to shoot them. One day, a couple of suited folks came to my folks and made an offer that they just didn't turn down; they could live better lives and in exchange, I could become a hero without having to go through a hero course program. What my folks didn't was that....I got verbally berated for each failure I had, I had to make enough bullets to the point my scalp started to go numb, I was forced into lessons where every mistake ended with a caning. Every time I missed a shot with my quirk, they would make me feel bad by saying the number of civilians dead by MY negligence...."

"That's awful...." Izuku said.

"Yeah....then I got older and became a pro, they collected on all their investments in me by making me do all kinds of dirty jobs for them behind the scenes." Kaina commented. 

"They made you kill." Izuku said, recalling what he saw back as Green Eye.

Kaina nodded as she said "Villain upstarts, vigilantes who just wouldn't quit, anyone who looked at the HPSC or hero society wrong was fair game. The job I would've gotten if you didn't expose the bastards was that they would have had me kill pros that the HPSC deemed problematic due to their popularity far exceeding things.

Izuku got up from his chair as the woman sat up and he hugged her, saying "You didn't deserve to be forced to do such horrible things. You deserved to have a say in what your path was supposed to be." 

In a room plastered with the visage of the symbol of peace, a retired pro heroine had begun to cry in earnest for the first time.....

"Young man....You too, can be a hero. I deem you worthy of my power." 

Izuku was on his knees crying before the Symbol of Peace, the man who acknowledged him for doing what no others would. As he cried, Kaina had been around the corner as she chased the boy to scold him for his recklessness. But, hearing All Might's story, she needed to do something because he was about to give the kid she had grown to see like a younger brother such a heavy burden when he has something already haunting him....

"Oi, Emaciated Hercules!"

The two looked to see Kaina turning the corner, with Izuku saying "L-Lady Nagant?!" (He does so to protect her true name, they agreed to it.)

"I haven't been Lady Nagant for over a year, kid. I've been retired since that scandal." She explained.

"What is a retired pro like you doing out here? I've never expected you to come to Musutafu." All Might said.

"The neighborhood I live in is nice, and where my P.I office is, the rent is cheap. But, my choice of retirement destination is NOT the subject I need to talk to you about." Nagant said.

Looking at her with curiosity, All Might asked "What exactly would you like to discuss? Since you clearly listened into our conversation." 

"Before you saddle him with the largest responsibility straight out of hidden history, you should actually do SOMETHING about him if you are supposed to be a hero." Nagant argued.

" He's got the heart of a hero. I'm helping him on the path to realizing his dream of becoming a hero." All Might argued.

Groaning in annoyance, Nagant said "Okay. Then what about the 10+ years of abuse that this kid had to go through? Or the fact that EVERY teacher in the schools he went to treat him like a plague victim? That he has been told constantly that the life he has lived is worthless because he doesn't have a quirk? Or the fact that the kid that sludge fucker took hostage doesn't hesitate to blast him with his quirk on the grounds of "teaching him his place"?! Before you go saddling him with a quirk that you may have NO IDEA on how to teach him how to use, do you even know how to teach him how to use a quirk? Or even treat his PTSD, Anxiety attacks, his fear of feeling unsafe in a school environment, his phobia of heat and explosions, or the fact that he's afraid of teachers because they might accuse him of being a distraction or even get rid of him because they don't think he's WORTH THEIR TIME?!!?!"

All Might looked to the retired pro with a horrified look on his face, sometimes shifting his gaze back to the young man on the ground behind him. But he knew she was right; he was better at training a full grown adult like he did with her back during his stay in America, not a child. And if Izuku's mental health was SO bad because of his quirkless and he IDOLIZED him, then he needs to show Izuku that his idolization of him would be worth it....

"Young Midoriya, is what she said true?" The symbol of peace asked him. Izuku responded by giving him a teary *nod*.

All Might's heart sank, he knew that the quirkless were treated poorly, but not this bad before. And here he was, ready to teach a successor for his power and at U.A, with ZERO experience and the fact that the kid he chose was in mental turmoil that a retired pro heroine had tried to do more about than he did. Collecting himself, All might asked the retired veteran "What should we do?" 

"First, we need to deal with that school of his. Second, his mom has been acting under the wrong impression about her boy. and Third, you need a damn team to back you up on training him." Nagant said.

With Nagant's support and encouragement, Izuku revealed the truth of the abuse he suffered to Inko and deeply apologized for keeping it from her as she would worried so much for him. Inko made amends with her son, admitting her own failures towards him and admitting that Hisashi had abandoned them both when he found out about Izuku's diagnosis. 

On her advice, All Might worked to build a group to help him with Nedzu's guidance while reexamining his contract with the school. On Nedzu's suggestion, he brought Recovery Girl onboard to help him medically, Gran Torino to teach him control of One For All, Aizawa to help him learn how to fight (much to the underground hero's reluctance), and Hound Dog to counsel Izuku in some one-on-one sessions that would continue once he got into U.A. At the same time, Izuku revealed his story to Tsukauchi, All Might's police friend, who commissioned Nagant to have her assistance with the investigation into the Aldera School District. With his new contract, All Might would be in a Teaching assistant position and each teacher would grade the Symbol of Peace's interactions with the students, and Nedzu tutored him for his teaching license exam. Though, the Symbol of peace now had another teacher to fear....

At U.A, Bakugou was removed from the hero course by having him transferred to another school, and Izuku gained the confidence to decry the explosive blonde as a villain for everything he did to him thanks to Nagant. When the blonde retaliated, Nagant revealed to the teen that his actions towards Izuku were in fact criminal and could have him classified as an A-class villain. For her efforts to help him, Nagant got a new job on Campus as the teacher for the new "Combat heroics class" that helped students build their own fighting style after getting a license with the instruction of Gran Torino. All Might would later bond with her over their shared trauma of him...

With Hound Dog's Therapy and her counsel, Izuku would confront a certain pro over his bias towards the boy and earn his respect.

Years later, Nagant would watch from the offices of U.A with a smile on her face the declaration of the new #1 hero...

The Symbol of Change: Dekiru.

Chapter Text

"You're expelled from the hero course. Report to Gen Ed." 

Those were the words Izuku heard from his teacher, Eraserhead. Forced into Gen Ed, Izuku began to feel for the first time in his miserable experience; anger. Despite having a heated argument with All Might, Izuku began to train on how to use One For All with Gran Torino every day after school. The boy had one goal now, get back into the hero course and become a hero, no matter what others say. 

His goals only heightened after hearing about the USJ. He found Ochako, the only 1-A student who was ever kind to him, and he offered that kindness as he comforted her after she suffered a panic attack of her own following that day. There, he learned of what happened; Mineta Minoru, the student he could tell was a pervert, was brutally killed by the villain Tomura Shigaraki, and the students Kaminari Denki and Shoto Todoroki were going to be medically discharged from the course due to severe damage to their bodies because of their quirks. This furthered his growing anger, resulting in him angrily declaring that he hates Shouta Aizawa, revealing his analytical skills could have saved them from hell! He bonded with the 1-A kids, in which they agreed with Izuku and declared they also hated their teacher for both expelling him and not even considering things that Izuku could have provided. They all admitted that they want him back in, even rooting for him when the Sports Festival came around...

He won. He won the sports festival by defeating Hitoshi Shinsou, taking the number one place while Tokoyami took second and Shinsou took third. 

Now, having re-earned the seat he was denied, he was now faced with a final obstacle of his dream: the teacher who robbed him of it. Sitting in Nedzu's office, the pro had accused Izuku of turning the class against him, so the principal summoned him to the office so they would sort the matter out.

"So....You think I did something to turn the class against you?" Izuku commented.

" Ever since they started hanging out with you, they've started to give me dirty glares, talking about me behind my back....What the hell did you do to them?" The underground hero demanded.

" All we did was talk about our anger towards you. Because if we officially acted on it....we'd all become the oasis for thirsty travelers in Tartarus." Izuku said.

Aizawa cocked an eyebrow at the statement, in which Izuku began "Oh? Do you honestly think that everyone felt the same about you after the USJ? They call your ability to teach a class into question, but they don't have as much hate for you as I do." 

Aizawa was shocked by the boy just said; he openly hates the teacher for expelling him. Aizawa said "You may have gotten control to win the sports festival, but where was it on the first day, or the entrance exam? If you had actually shown that you have control......" 


Aizawa was taken aback by the shout, the reason the young man had such poor control was because he was a late bloomer. Izuku was fuming with rage, continuing "You could have tried to help, could have at least ATTEMPTED to understand why I had such shit control of my quirk, because now I'm spelling it out for you; I haven't used a quirk in 10+ YEARS so I was in uncharted territory. I was trying advice All Might thought would work for me, but all it did was hurt like a son of a bitch but hey, I have been known to have an unusual pain tolerance thanks to years of abuse at the hands of students, teachers, all quirkist bastards who kept branding my life as useless! One of those pieces of shit you allowed to stay, but I was the one out! You act like your smartest man in the room, but look at what has unfolded, you have a student dead, two more out the door, and a class that questions your worth as a teacher! I get that you think you are being logical, but you can't even see that I had suffered for so long and was looking for someone who I could trust! You think I'm some illogical brat, but I have analyzed and studied heroes long enough to find ways that could have helped. I could have been the edge you needed, but your logic said I wasn't worth it!, You were supposed to be a hero, someone I could trust, but all you have ever been in my eyes.....IS A FREAKING MORON!"

The room was filled with a heated and tense silence. Izuku grabbed his bag and sat down, looking in to reach for something as he said " Before you go making assumptions, No, I did not say shit to the villains who attacked you. I'm too stubborn, my dream is my priority, and stooping to such a low level is just a bloody migraine and would ruin my dream. Detective Tsukauchi could attest to that." 

Izuku slammed a notebook titled "Hero Analysis for the Future. 14" onto the table, Aizawa grabbing it as the boy spoke "I wrote that meeting with your surviving students and they were all present to talk about it at all times with given consent. I'm looking into ciphers and coding so I could create encrypted copies of all my journals." 

Aizawa poured over the contents, and his heart had only sunk deeper as he knew that Izuku was right; he could have been the edge they needed to surviving the USJ. Each page detailed scenarios of the flaws each student had, with the back of the page dedicated to ways they can improve (support item suggestions, combat styles, costume improvements, etc.) Each page was dedicated to a student, and was organized and detailed accordingly. He expelled him because he thought he was illogical and reckless, but he instead expelled the most logical student out of all of them....

Nedzu chimed in "Young Midoriya, have you been abused by teachers before? And what did you mean by "One of those pieces of shit, you allowed to stay?" 

"Katsuki Bakugou is not my rival, he's my number one abuser from my old school. The only reason his record looked so good and mine looked questionable is because my old school deliberately SABOTAGED me so their so-called "hero prospects" will have a better chance at getting in here." Izuku said.

"I see. This does create problems." Nedzu said.

"Well....Allow me to resolve one." Aizawa said.

1-A felt relieved to see Izuku joining them, alongside their new classmate, Hitoshi Shinsou. They were also joined by transfers from the different schools, taking the place of now students gone from 1-A. Bakugou was subtly removed from 1-A by having him sent to one of the other schools, and they bonded with Izuku alongside his classmates after learning of his history as a late bloomer, apologizing for not defending him at the apprehension test. 

Aizawa resigned from U.A, his confidence as a teacher gone following the revelation about Izuku and the USJ. 1-A was temporary led by Midnight until the class was taken over by a pro who worked originally at Shiketsu. 

Nedzu took Izuku on as an apprentice, teaching the young boy about ciphers and code to allow him to develop the encrypted journals. He also revealed the advice he developed to pro heroes, becoming an unofficial source of advice for pros and gaining good friends. 

Izuku began visiting Hound Dog more often to control his anger, learning to cope and keep himself collected to testify against his old school for their crimes against him. The school would later close its doors and pay hefty reparations to the Midoriyas, while Mitsuki and Inko split off from one another after having a falling out, which Izuku helped mend. 

Izuku would manage to promote change, arguing that more villains will rise as long as stagnation runs wild. His encouragement motivated a former instructor into selling out the HPSC's corrupt activities and their treatment of Hawks and the former investigator Lady Nagant, and how Endeavor was purposefully being protected by the HPSC, which covered up his abuse of his family. Change continued to rise as those attending the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart several  years later, as they shouted out loud "Please, give a warm welcome to the Symbol of Change and our new #1 hero....DEKIRU!!!!" 

Chapter Text

Nedzu, Principal and Leader of U.A High. Once, he suffered cruelty at the hands of others due to being one of the only known animals with a quirk. Now, he sits as the head of Japan's top hero school, crafting a new generation of heroes to protect society. But, he had lingering suspicions about some of the new batch of kids to enroll in the school this year, something didn't sit right with him. 

Two students in particular were the center of these feelings; Midoriya Izuku and Katsuki Bakugou. Both of their records told a story, but the stories did not match the main characters who were the centerpieces of both. One painted as a reliable leader and popular, the other as constantly picking fights out of envy for his classmate's quirks and a constant distraction. As he approached his office after a meeting, he found sitting at the waiting chairs....Izuku Midoriya, visibly exhausted.

"Young Midoriya, what brings you here?" The principal inquired. 

"Oh...Principal Nedzu." Izuku said. 

"Let's talk inside." The principal said to the young man, ushering him into his office.

Walking with the young man into the office, Nedzu offered the boy some tea and handed him a cup as they took their seats on the couches as the cryptid asked "Now then, what brings you to my office looking as if you are a young Aizawa?" 

Letting out a loud *sigh*, Izuku spoke......

"I.....I don't know if I should have come to U.A"

Nedzu almost choked on his tea at hearing his statement. Izuku was considering leaving U.A High, leaving the principal dumbfounded as to what could be driving the young man to such thoughts. Setting his cup onto the table, Nedzu inquired "Oh....What...What brought this train of thought?"

"I just......I just don't know what to do. I...can't stop my fears from getting the better of me, All Might hasn't taught me a thing about using this quirk and left me on thin ice with Mr. Aizawa, who does NOTHING TO HELP ME, and I'm stuck in the same class as the one person I am afraid of." Izuku explained. 

Hearing those words solicited a low *growl* from the cryptid, startling Izuku. But a single set of words caught Nedzu's attention: "I can't stop my fears from getting the better of me". Hearing those words sounded alarm bells in the cryptid's advanced brain, and realized that there was something about Izuku Midoriya that the school was NOT addressing. Hopping over to the student's couch, Nedzu asked "Is there something bothering you, Young Midoriya? I'm willing to listen." 

Hearing the earnest sound in the Principal's tone of voice, Izuku began "I've...never had good experiences with teachers and principals. Everyone at my old school hated me for my quirkless before I got One For All. They blamed me for other kids' actions, humiliated me, destroyed my things, let kids use their quirks on me, raised their voices at me whenever I was doing some good on my tests. One teacher caned me for doing better than the other kids and accused me of cheating on my tests, then claimed I was distracting my classmates. Everyone hated me, the nurse at my old school refused to treat my injuries after I got beat up by my classmates, I was always attacked by my classmates for the smallest things. All that school did was leave me with a fear of teachers, the possibility that my classmates might lash out at me, PTSD, anxiety attacks, a phobia of explosions and high heat, and the lasting impression that my problems and my life don't matter." 

Nedzu felt his heart sink at hearing this boy's outpouring, a feeling he hadn't felt before since he became the head of U.A. Carefully approaching the boy and resting a paw on his cheek, the cryptid said "I can understand your fears, though our origins were different. For a time, I could not trust the humans around me since my freedom from the labs that harmed me, but an old friend helped me overcome those fears. He was the hero who had freed me from the experiments, and helped me hone my intellect to the point it is today. He taught me that a "Shared ground serves as the base of the strongest mountain."

Izuku sniffled as he said "Really?" 

"Yes." Nedzu responded as he continued "Now, will you mind filling me in as to your issues with all Might?" 

Nedzu let out a groan of annoyance after hearing about how All Might had done absolutely NOTHING to teach Young Midoriya how to wield One For all properly and safely, and the only advice that the symbol of peace gave was "Clench Your Butt cheeks and yell "SMASH!!". Leaning back into the couch, Nedzu muttered something under his breath....

" didn't follow my rules...."

"Huh, what are you talking about?" Izuku asked.

Correcting himself, the principal said "You see, Young Midoriya, when All Might came to me looking to apply at U.A in search for a successor, I had set some "unofficial rules" when it came to assembling his contract. Should he find a successor among the student body, he would inform the teacher of the class that the candidate is in of the situation so that the teacher could "create a cover" and provide outside input in handling the power. But if he were to find a candidate outside the student body, he would inform myself so that I could reach out to Recovery Girl and possible teacher candidates to help him assist the student with training. However, it would seem that he has failed in this task." 

Izuku's eyes widened at the cryptid's reveal of the rules All Might was SUPPOSED to follow. Nedzu continued with "If Aizawa has either not noticed this situation or has and not addressed it, it is clear that he hasn't over came that...." 

"Overcame what?" Izuku asked, worried.

"It is a rather tragic tale, but first, do you know the Shirakumo Award?" Nedzu said.

"You mean that award U.A gives to Students for excellence in performance and grades?" Izuku said.

"Your teacher, alongside Midnight and Present Mic, were present when the student who the award was named after....had died in the line of duty. Midnight and Mic both took time to attend therapy to cope with his passing, but Aizawa simply buried himself in his work." The cryptid said.

Izuku fell silent, no wonder Aizawa was always so harsh with the class and thinking with logic; he didn't want to see any of the students end up as Oboro did. That explains as to why he was so strict enough to expel and re-enroll a whole class as a "lesson". 

"But, I digress. Now, I would like to know why you are particularly afraid of your classmate Katsuki Bakugou." Nedzu inquired.

Aizawa and All Might didn't know what to expect when they both received emails from Nedzu that simply said "My office. now.". It was clear he seemed to be upset about something, but why were they summoned? Aizawa was already on the way due to asking for Midoriya's whereabouts, but the email only served to catch both men off guard. 

Entering through the Mahogany door with the skeletal man, they found Nedzu sitting at his desk and wearing the muzzle he would wear whenever his mood was foul. The cryptid was breathing through the muzzle heavily, as he stared down the men and said only one word...."Sit."

Both men sat down , beads of sweat racing down their faces as Aizawa said "I was...wondering if you had seen Izuku Midoriya, sir." 

"Young Midoriya is currently with Recovery Girl and Inui at the nurse's office, treating the scars from the abuse he suffered at the hands of Katsuki Bakugou." Nedzu explained, his voice sounding angry.

All Might was shocked, quickly asking "Abuse? What are you talking about?" 

"You will speak when spoken to, All Might." Nedzu snarled. 

The skeletal man fell silent as Nedzu began "We have made a critical error. We have dismissed a 10+ year string of criminal abuse and illegal quirk use that had been carried out against the young man, and we have dismissed Bakugou's role in all of it as a mere "childhood rivalry".

Aizawa was baffled, had he ignored a genuine case of abuse? Rather than ignore it, he decided to press the matter by saying "Do you have proof of this case, Rat?" 

"Izuku utilizes a hero concealer, plenty of hero concealer, to conceal numerous burn scars that mark his body. Furthermore, he is marked with severe psychological issues that are the source for Izuku's apparent "reckless" behavior, Inui will be testing him to identify them." The cryptid explained.

"If he's truly psychologically afflicted, he should be removed from the Hero course and admitted to therapy." Aizawa said.

"That would be the case....had All Might not did what he did." Nedzu said.

"What?!" Aizawa exclaimed.

All Might did not answer, he was hanging his head in shame for not noticing the issues that plagued his candidate. The cryptid chimed in and caught Aizawa's attention "Before I explain what I meant, allow me to provide you with an explanation of context. All Might's quirk is capable of being transferred between people, He is the Eighth holder of this power......and Young Midoriya is the Ninth." 

Aizawa's eyes widened at the discovery; a quirk that could be transferred between people. Such a thing could easily transform modern society, and create such chaos if it were to ever find its way into the wrong hands. His "problem child" was the Ninth holder of this dangerous power, and All Might has done something wrong with him, setting alarm bells in the pro's mind. Nedzu continued with "When All Might came to me in the hopes of joining the staff to search for a candidate among our students, I had him agree to specific rules that he did not follow." 

"Rules? What are you talking about?" Aizawa said, now sounding possibly angry at the Number one hero.

"Had he found a successor among our student body, he would inform the teacher of that student of the situation. But if he found one outside the numbers of U.A students, he would inform me and I could arrange for Recovery Girl's medical counsel, as well as volunteers among our teachers to help the candidate prepare for enrollment into a hero school. He had done neither." Nedzu growled.

That was the final straw that set Aizawa off. All Might had been negligent towards Izuku's health, and since the punk denied him critical, NEED TO KNOW information; he has worsened that mental health with an image that didn't match the boy's personality. This only caused the teacher to feel worse as he had specifically viewed himself as logical about who had potential as hero course students. Nedzu rested his paw on the collection of notebooks to his right, adding "I've reread your reports on Izuku, Aizawa, and I have to say he is FAR from Illogical. He shared with me his notebooks, which contain analysis that has far surpassed my own analytical skills. He apparently cultivated this skill as a "hobby" that he delved into to see if it will make up for a lack of a quirk that he was born with. What is NOT stopping Bakugou from using such a dangerous move that had clear intent to harm during the Battle Trials. All Might." 

"I....understand." All Might said shamefully. 

Placing his paws together, Nedzu began "This revelation has left U.A in a predicament. We have allowed an abuser to join the hero course on the pretext of falsified records and documents from his previous institution. Furthermore, we have neglected to address a student's mental health by attempting to place him in the same class as the one who spearheaded the abuse he suffered. I have brought this matter to the board, and we discussed a fitting punishment for you both; Aizawa, you are hereby placed on administrative suspension for a total of 2 weeks, and during this time, you will be assisting in an upcoming investigation into the Aldera School District for criminal negligence, child endangerment, discrimination against students, and illegal quirk use. During that time, I will determine whether or not you will be allowed to teach 1-A upon your return."

"I...understand, sir." Aizawa said.

"As for you, All Might. You will be removed your teaching position to have your teaching license under review, and you will not be permitted to approach Young Midoriya until you can earn your license on your own. For that, you will be on sabbatical from hero work and Gran Torino has agreed to oversee Izuku's training with One For All for the time being." The cryptid instructed.

All Might solemnly nodded, giving no argument to the principal's order as the cryptid continued "Furthermore, Bakugou Katsuki will be removed from the hero course and placed into Gen Ed and mandatory anger management therapy under the supervision of an associate of Hound Dog's. 1-A and 1-B shall run joint class efforts together under Vlad King and Midnight until your position is decided upon, Eraserhead."

Izuku was enrolled into Therapy under Hound Dog, receiving a written apology from All Might for failing to not notice his issues. The teachers were briefed on Izuku's issues with trust following his time at Aldera, and each worked to improve their classes to better improve the young man's experience. During his therapy, Izuku began to let go of the wrong impression that the cruelty he had been exposed to engraved in him. 

1-A was briefed of the situation, being informed of the abuse their classmate had suffered, with some of the students coming forward and revealing their own experiences with bullying. They each became friends with Izuku, and were there when Izuku managed to get Shoto to come clean with the truth of his abuse at the hands of Endeavor...

All Might obeyed his punishment, reclaiming his teaching license and entrusting Izuku's training with others besides himself. He formed an alliance with Aizawa, who returned to U.A following the investigation with a refreshed perspective. Both men agreed to help Izuku, Aizawa forming a mentorship to the boy and All Might doing what he could to look into the pasts of the previous users of One For All. Their hard work and determination allowed Izuku to have control of One for All at 12%, giving him the opportunity to last longer at the USJ.

Through their efforts, the two men supported Izuku as they confronted Sir Nighteye, who was adamant that Izuku wasn't worthy of One For All. Nedzu, having researched himself the past users, uncovered evidence of one of the past users; 4th user Hikage Shinomori, having died from old age at the age of 40. Piecing details together, Nedzu deduced that the growth of One For All's energy has pushed the Quirk beyond Singularity, thus making it lethal and dangerous to quirk users and their bodies. Izuku and Nedzu revealed a theory of the function of Nighteye's foresight quirk that the two had cultivated together during their sessions together on improving Izuku's analytical skills, convincing the pro to stand down from his aggressive persistence on controlling the quirk's fate. 

Nedzu and Izuku formed a close Mentor and Student relationship, helping Izuku confront his mother over her behavior and how it had grown borderline abusive since his quirkless diagnosis. The two worked to make amends for their own wrongdoings, with Inko wholeheartedly supporting her son and Izuku becoming more honest and open with her. Izuku helped Aizawa find a replacement for Bakugou following the USJ, resulting in Hitoshi Shinsou taking his place, and the two forming a brotherly bond for being the underdogs among their peers. 

Aldera was forced to shut their doors, with a large number of staff members being discovered to have ties to the infamous Meta Liberation Army, and the district had to pay reparations to both the Midoriyas and numerous families. 

Izuku rose to the new number one after defeating Tomura Shigaraki by driving him away from All For One after exposing the Villain's plans to the villain, and forming a peace agreement with the Meta Liberation Army. 

Nedzu watched with a smile on his face as new students who enrolled into U.A talked about their favorite hero that inspired them to become heroes, the Number 1 hero, Dekiru.......

Chapter Text

All Might cursed under his breath as he looked at the situation he was in. It had just been a normal day, but Mirio managed to single-handedly defeat the WHOLE of 1-A by himself with Izuku being the last man standing.

Mirio's actions showed to the former symbol of peace just how determined his ex-sidekick had been in finding and cultivating the perfect successor.......and how far behind he set Izuku....

Pulling Izuku off to the side, he asked Izuku to relinquish the quirk to Mirio. This solicited protests from his student, but he persisted, saying that he should've trained him better, because he will die fighting Shigaraki. This was the final straw as Izuku screamed at him "THEN THAT'S YOUR FAULT!" and stormed off...

All Might ran up down the campus in search of the boy, trying to get him to understand why he said what he said, but when he arrived in Ground Beta, he was stopped by an Ice wall, and confronted by a furious Aizawa, 1-A, Nedzu, and to his shock....Mirio, who held a sobbing Izuku close like a big brother would.

"You really have some balls, don't you All Might?" Aizawa snarled.

"Shouta, I don't know what he said, but this is....." All Might argued before Bakugou snarled "WELL IT'S NOT ANYMORE, ALL MIGHT." 

"Young Midoriya told us everything, Toshinori. I'm afraid to say, but the time for you to reverse your decision has passed." Nedzu said.

"Nedzu, he's not ready, but with Mirio........." The former symbol of peace said.

"You don't get to make that decision sir!" Ilda chimed in.

"Greenie's got the heart of a hero, no one should take that way." Jirou argued.

"You already passed the torch, All Might, you can't simply try to take it back after the holder has come so far." Shoto declared to the man.

All Might wanted to get angry with all of them, they all knew of One For All; and were now willingly putting Izuku AND themselves in mortal danger by refusing to try and understand. In that moment, the symbol of peace growled "WHY?! Why are you all willing to put yourselves in danger? If you know what One For All is, then he's gonna come for you, he'll use any of you to go after Midoriya and he'll get it!"


Mirio carefully handed Izuku off to Uraraka, who held him in a tight hug while glaring at the retired Symbol of Peace, as he said "You're being really selfish right now. You saying such hurtful things about him AFTER you promised his mom that you would keep him safe."

"I am trying to, young Togata, He's so far behind using it because of me that he won't be ready to battle BOTH All For One and Shigaraki. But you, you've learned so much to prepare for heroics, you've got so much potential as a hero that you could be so much more, all you need to take One For All." All Might argued.

"Then you didn't get the message behind why I fought this class." Mirio said, leaving All Might stunned.

Everyone listened in as he began "I chose to have 1-A fight me because it wasn't about showing that I'm better, it was to teach them about the Work Study Program and the benefits that it would bring them. When Izuku told me that you wanted him to give the quirk to me, that SIR wanted him to, I honestly felt I was betrayed by two great heroes that I looked up to. YOU BOTH didn't consider my feelings, you didn't tell me the truth, you didn't ask me if I wanted to be the next you, and you didn't try to even explain the whole situation to me. Had things been different, I would have accepted your offer, but now you were trying to get me to KILL his dream. DO YOU KNOW HOW QUIRKIST YOU SOUND?!" 

Each word that left Mirio's mouth felt like daggers being stabbed into the former symbol of peace, He was just trying to protect Izuku, but he was being treated like a villain. Aizawa came forward and began "If you had told me the truth after the Entrance Exam, that you didn't factor any quirk control lessons into his training, I would have adjusted my curriculum and had him undergo regular quirk counseling after school or during study halls. My job as a teacher is to help my students achieve their dreams, to help them go beyond, but you kept it secret. So I had to spend an ENTIRE Semester thinking he was irresponsible and negligent, worsening already numerous issues we both FAILED to see." 

"Nedzu, are you willingly allowing this?" All Might said.

"Yes, and I will have to side with them on this matter. Izuku already possesses his provisional license, if you wanted to stop him under your "protection" should have never given him the quirk from the beginning." The principal explained. 

"I doubt that would have done anything, Principal...." Bakugou said.

"After what you explained to us, I can sadly agree." Nedzu responded.

All Might was now curious, the situation had changed as Bakugou explained "The day that you met Deku.....was the day I had just suicide baited him." 

The former symbol of peace stood in shock, saying "What?" 

The explosive blonde continued with "I was an asshole to Izuku our whole lives growing up. I was blessed with a quirk, and he was not. But, he was more heroic than I ever was, and I hated him for that. I hurt him countless times, and all the grown ups at EVERY school we went to did NOTHING to stop me from blasting him with my quirk. So when he got in, I wanted to smack him for being such an idiot and thought he was going to get himself killed. Even if he did what you asked, I doubt he would have stopped in trying to become a hero, so why waste your breath."

Though he could feel his anger, All Might couldn't escape the crushing weight in his heart as he knew that they were right. Tears began to form, he began "You all....I had to watch my mentor, my idol, be murdered by All For One. I was so powerless, I had to watch a good person die so I may live on to become the hero that you all know me to be. Because I was careless.......then Midoriya will die....because of me."

Aizawa stepped forward and spoke "The reason I am so harsh with my students is because I know that pain too. I was one of the people present on the day that Oboro Shirakumo died, as I was trying to help stop the villain that caused his death. The reason I make the decisions that I make so that no one has end up or go through that pain, so that they are ready to face any challenge. That's the only thing that you and I have in common." 

All Might froze as Aizawa added "So, when I heard that you were going to take away his quirk and his dream to be a hero because you thought he wasn't ready, the feelings that I felt when I first heard that you were joining the teaching staff here finally became true. They should've never allowed you to teach here, because you don't have the right mentality to even teach the kid YOU had decided to name your successor." 

Mirio spoke once again, declaring "I'm not taking One For All. Because if I have to take away a kid's hope after you had built it all up, then I'm not a hero or worthy to take your place and will just be a villain." 

That was the final straw, and the group watched as the man who had built up a peaceful society and gave people a reason to smile, fell to his knees and wailed in despair....

All Might had resigned from his teaching position at U.A and told both Nedzu and Nighteye that he would be entering therapy with an associate of Hound Dog's. The former sidekick to the Symbol of Peace was dismayed that Mirio refused to take One For All from Izuku, and was even more shocked that Mirio demanded that the hero teach him in earnest to be a hero and to be honest with him more. 

Izuku was enrolled into therapy with Hound Dog, and Aizawa worked to help Izuku refine his Shoot Style before the boy took up a Work Study with Miruko. Both joined in the Hissaikai raid operation, in which Nighteye and Izuku made amends under Mirio's supervision, with the pro acknowledging Izuku after seeing his Quirk Analysis and offering to teach Izuku to better organize them and see about applying his talent to working on cases. With Izuku having a new control of OFA, he was able to save Nighteye from death and take down Overhaul with the aid of Eri.

Izuku became the personal student of Nedzu on his analysis skills, with the chimera promising Izuku the chance to become U.A's first analytics teacher in the future. They revealed what All Might had attempted to do in a conversation with Inko, who was deeply infuriated by the man's actions and vowed to support Izuku no matter what the man may try to do.

Bakugou and Izuku testified against Aldera for what they did to Izuku, with the school paying serious reparations for what had been done to him. Bakugou was suspended from the Provisional License Program and placed into Anger Management, but the blonde was willing to make amends for his mistakes. 1-A stood beside Izuku when he began to manifest some of the new quirks from OFA, Bakugou joining as well once he was eventually granted the chance to return to the License Program.

All Might cried tears of joy when he heard the news: with the help of his classmates and pros, Izuku defeated Tomura Shigaraki and All For One after Endeavor was slain by the villain. For the first time since they last saw each other, All Might was there to comfort Izuku after an emotional breakdown from that incident. 

Years later, there were stories told of Dekiru, the number one hero, paying respects at the grave of his late predecessor....... 

Chapter Text

Saint didn't know how to feel about being in a world without the traveler, as it was strange all the same. Thanks to that bitch Savathun, he was sent through a portal and found himself in another world. A world where most of humanity had superpowers, the Traveler had never come to Earth, there was no such thing as the Darkness, Fallen, Hive, Vex, or Cabal. NONE of the old enemies of humanity or even the awoken existed here, a world where the suffering he witnessed during his time in the dark age had never happened to the people.

Still, why did the Queen of Lies deposit him in Japan? He would have expected to arrive in Russia, but not Japan. He arrived in the middle of something called the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, a place were "hero students" studied rescue in different situations, and a bunch of thugs were attempting to kill a group of children. 

The thought angered Saint, thinking back to the times he saw fallen from the House of Rain devour children as they raided a settlement. Readying his shield and Paradox, Saint leapt into the fray, fighting his way through the villains, until a man with grey hands clasping to his body ordered the monster called "Nomu" to kill "the special surprise boss" that emerged. At the same time, a blond haired man who was a MOUNTAIN of muscle, stormed into the building to the Hero of the Battle of Six Fronts fighting the colossal Nomu. An armored, Russian man fighting the Nomu off with a shotgun, a shield made of unknown energy, and his bare hands. What the most shocking...was that man was winning.

After his story was told, the creature that was called Nedzu managed to create a cover story for why he was dressed in his armor, saying that his quirk made his body extremely volatile, and the armor kept his power in check. This protected his Exo identity, keeping him from being exploited due to being a robot that is controlled by a human mind. Concealing his Light as a "Quirk" while he lived in this world was a necessity, and Geppetto was classified as a Support Bot to monitor his output and vitals....

Since his arrival, the pro was living a life at U.A high, with only the teachers knowing the history of the life Saint had lived during his time in his world. Between Nedzu and Geppetto, Saint scored a teacher's license and worked as an instructor at the hero school. His training courses were seen as illogical to Aizawa, but the two held a modest degree of respect for each other. He attended therapy with Hound Dog from time to time, and formed an unlikely friendship with Snipe over firearms as the man sang praises of Perfect Paradox and the firearm blueprints he shared with the man. Having them patented scored the Saint a good sum of money, and he became nicknamed "U.A's metal grandpa" since he had the usual habit of feeding some of the birds which landed on the campus, which earned him a slight awe from 1-A's Koda.

"Excuse me, sir?" A shy voice asked behind the giant.

" What is it?" Saint asked, his voice sounding friendly through his Russian Accent.

The titan looked to his rear to see a green-haired boy in a U.A uniform slightly fidgety and with his shoulders raised a bit. The guardian knew who the boy was, Midoriya Izuku from Class 1-A. He had been in the gaze of the Guardian for sometime, as the man could tell that the boy had some form of talent, but was suppressing that talent for unknown reasons. 

"Ah, Young Midoriya....why are shoulders raised? It's unusual for you to try and act turtle." Saint joked.

"Oh....I'm just a little nervous." Izuku said as he added "I.....kind of wanted to know how your power works."

Noticing Izuku winced when his left shoulder moved, Saint commented "Oh, I was wondering if I could talk to you about yours." 

"Um....Why? Why would you be interested in mine?" Izuku stammered.

"The nature of it, it reminds of a group of warriors from my comrades back in my world." Saint explained.

Izuku was stunned, The titan knew that the boy had been able to deduce his true secret that the teachers tried to guard against. The two walked over to a bench and sat down, Geppetto opened up and radiated a blue light, she flashed Izuku with it before saying in a female voice "Sorry, Izuku. But Saint and I worried about you, and what I just scanned kind of proves it..." 

"Show me." Saint said.

Izuku watched as Geppetto brought up a holographic version of the greenette, just without the upper half of his uniform. Saint let out small sounds of shock as the hologram lit up with numerous red alerts, on his left shoulder, his abdomen, his arms, even a few areas under his pants. The left shoulder listed off details that concerned the Titan, in which the giant exo gently nudged the arm as the shoulder finally dropped, revealing a sight that worried Saint. Inflamed and blistering skin, the signs of being near something hot....

"Izuku, what happened?" Geppetto asked, concerned.

"It's nothing." Izuku said.

"That does not look like nothing, little bird, you can tell us." Saint said, his tone sounding authoritative.

Izuku flinched, Saint was determined to find out the root of his problems. He couldn't trust adults, not after Aldera, but Saint.....he's not like most adults. He's an outsider, he doesn't know of the suffering that the quirkless went through, what He went through, and that means he has an unbiased view towards the teen and his experiences. Shakily, Izuku spoke " won't judge for what happened to me?"

Saint sat back, his head moving as if he were bewildered, asking "Why? Why would I be judge of you?" 

Letting out a shaky sigh, Izuku began "I was quirkless before the U.A entrance exam, so that means I lived my life everyday being treated like my life was useless and not worth anyone's time. I had my stuff destroyed, quirks used on me, had equinox lilies placed in my locker and desk, teachers overlooking numerous acts against me, some JOINING in the acts. My mom wanted me to be kind, but at the cost of my confidence and self-worth, so I had to put up with regular bullying, harassment, and my mother had taught me to avoid violence. The quirkless are treated poorly, police do nothing, heroes may not save them, and they don't have much in the way of opportunities since quirks have gained dominance in the world. When I first met All Might, he initially told me that I couldn't be a hero, and left me on a roof the day I had been suicide baited by someone I once called a friend. By the time I had exited my school, I had anxiety issues, PTSD, a phobia of explosions and heat, fears of teachers and adults, trust issues, and times where I had considered suicide!" 

Izuku began to cry as Saint quickly pulled him into a hug, Geppetto gently nuzzling up to the boy's cheek as Saint held him close. The titan could hear the sounds of Izuku's tears tap against the metal of his armor. The titan was always good with kids, treating them like they were little birds, he looked after them with care and listened to them and their issues. This kindness, this compassion, earned him the love and adoration of both guardians and lightless citizens alike in the Last City, allowing him to be seen as a hero to the people. Now, in his arms was a child in need of such compassion, as this world had been just as cruel to him as his own world had been in the Dark Age.....

"It is not wise to bottle these problems up." Saint said.

"But....I don't how to release them....I can't even talk to the adults in school without getting nervous." Izuku sadly said.

"Simply talking about them with someone can help. You've already taken the first step by talking to the big lug here." Geppetto said.

"Izuku, if it helps, would you be willing to talk about your power with me to unwind?" Saint inquired.

After talking with Saint, realizing that "Egg in a Microwave" is a terrible Idea, the titan dropped him off with Hound Dog and explained the situation to the counselor, with  Geppetto having both a recording of Izuku's story to go along with the scan data she took, and she messaged Recovery girl to come take a look at the burn on Izuku's left shoulder. The halls of U.A rumbled with the heavy footfalls of an armored figure that marched in the direction of Nedzu's office, slightly growling under his breath.

As he approached the office, he opened the door and entered as Nedzu was just concluding a meeting with All Might and Aizawa as Saint said "Gornostay, we have something to discuss. You both have some part of it as well." 

"Oh? And what would be the problem, Saint?" Nedzu inquired.

"Geppetto, play it." Saint said.

The ghost opened up and began to pulsate as audio began to play out. All three were stunned as they listened into the recording of Izuku's story, with Aizawa and All Might showing some forms of remorse, while Nedzu looked with both concern and worry. Once Geppetto had finished the recording, Saint began "I thought it would be best for you to pay attention more often." 

"I can't believe that I didn't notice this....." Aizawa said.

"With the sleep schedule you have, I cannot be surprised that you can see anything." Saint remarked.

"Where is Young Midoriya now?" All Might asked, sounding worried. 

"I have left him with Hound Dog after explaining the situation, he's working with the young man." Saint explained.

"I also notified Recovery Girl for a severe burn on his left shoulder. The recording pretty much told you who it was." Geppetto said.

"Yes. It would seem we made a mistake." Nedzu said.

"And I made the worst one." All Might said.

Izuku began to regularly see Hound Dog for therapy and counselling, while also attending minor sessions with an apologetic Recovery Girl to treat the numerous scars from his abuse and properly address the issues with his arms. Saint took over for All Might in training Izuku with Aizawa's assistance in helping him training One For All, with Izuku learning to reach a higher voltage with his power. 

Bakugou was removed from 1-A, the reveal that his actions towards Izuku warranted that he would be classified as an A-Class Villain. The blonde callously tried to spread rumors about Izuku to ruin his chances at being a hero before his arrest, but Geppetto was there to dissuade the rumors and confirm Bakugou's lies. Bakugou was held in prison, but was allowed to regain his chance as a hero by joining the Villain Rehabilitation Program at Shiketsu, and he became the legal ward of a hero due to his parents disowning him for his actions towards Izuku. 

Saint helped Izuku confront his mother over her behavior, in which she had remorsefully apologized to Izuku for her behavior due to the fact Izuku is the last family she has. Her own family disapproved of Hisashi, and he abandoned them both due Izuku's quirkless diagnosis. Upon hearing that, the titan ended up bonding with Izuku and became a father figure to the young man, helping him confront Nighteye when the pro tried to force Izuku to give up One For All. Saint gained fame in both Kamino, where he protected All Might and eliminated All For One with a single throw of his void shield, and during the Hissaikai raid where he protected Mirio and Eri from Overhaul, supporting Izuku as he rescued Eri and defeating Overhaul. His actions warranted plenty of attention from the pros on the raid, who recognized him as a worthy hero. 

All Might took a teaching assistant position, and Mirio became close with Izuku after saying that he will not take One For All. With information provided, both Nedzu and Geppetto theorized that One For All has gone past Quirk Singularity, meaning that the quirk had become fatal to quirk users after discovering the signs that the fourth user had died from advanced age triggered by the quirk. The revelation left Nighteye dismayed, in which he began to try and make amends with Izuku by offering him counsel on utilizing his analytical skills for a crime scene, growing to see the boy's value.

Aizawa and Tsukauchi took part in the investigation of Aldera, exposing the school's corrupt actions and criminal endangerment of students solely depending upon the nature of their quirks. The investigation discovered the school district to be involved in the Meta Liberation Army, with Saint leading the raid on the Junior High for their criminal actions towards Izuku, shield in hand...

Saint stood by Izuku as he confronted Shigaraki in Jaku, with the titan managing to sever one of the villain's arms, allowing Izuku to deliver the blow which allowed him to be rendered unconscious. 

During a live televised interview, Izuku was inquired by the reporters as to why he decorates his office with a wall of stars, with the Number One hero explaining that the stars are for the lives he saved, and he only add stars when he has saved a specific number of stars. He attributed this hobby to a mentor and father figure he adored....

Chapter Text

Izuku looked over the letter that sat in front of him. He had just typed it up, printed it out, and was now looking over the contents as he ponders whether or not it will have a good choice. Taking a breath, he said to himself.....

"This is the point of no return." 

Aizawa sat on his bed as the doctor's removed the casts on his arms, allowing him to move his limbs more freely.  As the doctor helped the man through his exercises until they concluded, Aizawa felt prepared to leave as the Doctor said "Oh, a young boy in a U.A uniform dropped off that paper on your nightstand for you while you were asleep. "

Aizawa looked to the table beside him, and saw a folded up piece of white paper with the word's "MR. AIZAWA" written on it. The underground hero turned to the doctor and asked "Do you recall anything about the student?"

"The nurse on the desk when he came by recalled that he had mossy green hair." The Nurse said.

"What does problem child want now?" Aizawa thought. 

Grasping the paper and unfolding it, Aizawa was unprepared to see that it was a letter from Midoriya and its contents were shocking....

Dear Mr. Aizawa.

I'm going to be blunt with you. I know that I am on thin ice in your eyes, and I know that I have demonstrated poor quirk management. But, it is my fault for not  telling you this sooner. 

There is a clear difference between me and my classmates. They have years of experiences with their quirks, me? I got mine the day of the entrance exam and managed to get my seat in the hero course thanks to rescue points. I haven't had counseling because all manner of thoughts came into my head when I found out, What quirkless kid suddenly gets a quirk? Did he use some fancy tech or make a deal with a villain?  To top it all off, I was already enrolled into the entrance exams and had nothing to go on but "advice" that someone who was working with me on cleaning up Dagobah Beach for strength training (the advice was picture an egg in a microwave not exploding, it sucked.)

I don't know if this will end my time in the hero course, but I don't blame you. I didn't tell you because....I've never had a good experience when it came to teachers and a classroom. Ever since I was diagnosed as quirkless, my life went from normal and peaceful into a battle for survival and just getting through the day. I've had teachers deliberately FAIL me on specific tests just so their quirked students have a better shot at getting into places like U.A. One teacher realized that I had done far better on a test than the rest of the students, and she caned me 10 times in front of everyone. One teacher deliberately set me up with bad school equipment so I would fall behind in gym class. On a single day before I worked on the beach, my teacher at the time DELIBERATELY revealed that I had applied to U.A so he could kick back and watch as the WHOLE class turned on me.

One of the main reasons that this happened, was the workings of Katsuki Bakugou. Ever since he got his quirk, he was treated and praised for having "Such a heroic quirk" that people looked the other way whenever he decided to turn the school against anyone who had what he considered as a "weak" or "villainous" quirk. He blasted me with his quirk on more than ONE occasion since we were kids. Back then, the scars didn't stay, but the bruises he left did and they hurt just as much. We are not rivals at all, he genuinely HATES me because he thinks I am looking down on him solely because I have everything he lacks. I am kind and caring, so much so that I tried to save him from a villain that attacked me before him. Growing up, the nurses at my schools would take care of my injuries from his beatings, but when I got to Junior High, they stopped caring and said "Be a big boy" and "Stop picking fights all the time" with an annoyed scowl painted on their faces. 

The day that happened, he suicide baited me after class, saying "If you want a quirk so bad, take a swan dive off a roof and pray for a quirk in the next life.". The same day, I had met All Might....only to have him crush my dream initially and leave me alone on a roof. He made up for it after promising me to help me grow stronger after "seeing my heroic heart" (Only if he could see my scarred soul). 

I do analysis about heroes, it was both a hobby turned coping mechanism for all the stressful situations that I found myself in. I recalled that it's a skill that you actually value in the pros that you work with. By now, I SHOULD have up to 59 filled notebooks of hero analysis, but I am only left with 14 (one is damaged thanks to Bakugou). Every time I tried to write in a note book, it was taken away from me by the adults around me, and my analysis has been called creepy by countless kids and people. I'm telling you this because if villains set us in the crosshairs, I hope to discourage any assumptions about me because I have been called PLENTY of things solely for my hero analysis. I am dead set on being a hero, and I don't want to risk anything that could endanger that goal.

I have no idea what you are probably thinking right now, and I can't decide what route you are taking. If it is a good decision, I will work hard to prove to you that I can be a hero and not let you down. But the true summary of this letter is; I am taking a risk and saying....

I need help.


Izuku Midoriya.

Aizawa never felt his heart sink so deeply from just words on a slip of paper. How could he have screwed up? Is his sleep-deprived brain that affected he cannot see that he has not been dealing with an ACTUAL BULLY and his victim in his classroom?! 

Midoriya said that asking for help was "Taking A Risk", has he really been this abused that he finds it risky just to TALK TO HIS TEACHER?  The underground hero felt like a complete imbecile for not bothering to even see if this kid had any real issues, and has been treating him as if he were already experienced in his quirk or just that STUPID. He must have decided to tell him about his analytical skills because he thought that since 1-A may now be in the crosshairs of this "League of Villains", he must have thought that if there were more attacks later down the line, suspicions of a traitor might loom and he might be targeted. 

Now, he couldn't sit idly while this continued. First, he had to haul his ass back to U.A and talk to the rat, Katsuki Bakugou need to be expelled from the hero course and placed under watch because if the letter was accurate, that brat has done enough that he should be classified as an A-Class villain. Second, he needed to brief the teachers about the situation and get Izuku into therapy with Hound Dog and see if the rat will give him quirk counseling. Third, he needed to smack down All Might for doing NOTHING to stop Bakugou in the Battle Trials and for the crap advice that has made the man neglectfully view the boy in a negative light. And Fourth, explain to Chiyo that her "tough-love" is not what Izuku Midoriya needs right now...

U.A Teacher's conference room

"I need a student expelled from my class, and another enrolled into quirk counseling and therapy." Aizawa said as he entered the room.

"Really, Sho? Straight to the climax without dinner or a number?" Midnight joked.

"Save it." Was all that he could say, dropping the letter in front of her and explaining " Read That. The student that I need expelled is Katsuki Bakugou, and the student who needs quirk counseling and therapy is Izuku Midoriya." 

"Midoriya, that kid you were contemplating expelling?" Snipe commented.

"Well...there's been a change of plan." The underground hero said.

"Dear god." Midnight said in shock, catching the teacher's attention.

The heroine proceeded to hand the letter to Mic, the pro who sat next to her, and he handed the letter to the next pro after developing the same horrified expression. The pros around the table had each developed their own horrified and disgusted reactions to finding out what Izuku had gone through. Finally, the letter was in Nedzu's paws as he looked over the letter and said "Oh my, this is concerning." 

"How could we have not noticed the signs?!" Ectoplasm growled.

"I thought something was off about those two." Cementoss said.

"I strongly think we should definitely get rid of Bakugou. He's disrespectful, brash, rude, and acts as if he is the center of attention." Mic said.

" I agree, but the kid is determined to be a pro hero, so if we simply just expelled him, he'd go on the vigilante track." Hound Dog said.

" That is correct, so I have a potential idea that might be able to resolve the issue for us." Nedzu said.

"Speaking of students, there's some things that Recovery Girl and I wanted to bring forward...." Midnight said.

Izuku was surprised to learn he would be staying in the hero course, but under mandatory therapy and quirk counseling. All Might was forced to come clean about One For All after being confronted by Aizawa, in which the pro managed to help Izuku get it to a controllable level so that he could participate in the Sports Festival. 

Bakugou was removed from U.A by having him transferred to Shiketsu, only finding out the deception after receiving the Shiketsu Uniform and learning that his mother returned the U.A one. He was then placed on Academic Probation following his attempt to attack Izuku, accusing him of being the reason why he lost his position at U.A. Mitsuki and Inko managed to keep their friendship, refusing to let Katsuki go anywhere near Izuku. 

1-A was surprised by the sudden changes that were brought to their class. Aside from learning the horrifying story of Izuku's past, there were a few who received new changes to their schedule.

  • Mina joined Izuku in therapy for past bullying towards her appearance, which unveiled a deep secret that she hid; scars on her scalp around her horns from when a bully grabbed them too hard to the point that they almost ripped them off. She bonded with Izuku, forming a close friendship with the boy (and presumably relationship with him)
  • Izuku managed to get Shoto to come clean about his family life, in which the boy exposed the abuse inflicted upon him by Endeavor. He was enrolled into therapy, with his siblings and mother being moved into protective custody to avoid retaliation. The HPSC quickly turned on the disgraced #2, but they fell under their own investigation later on...
  • Mineta was demoted to Gen Ed, and later expelled and arrested for sexual assault. No one missed him.
  • Aldera was shut down following an investigation, with Inko receiving a large check for the reparations that the school had to pay.
  • Tokoyami himself entered therapy, revealing he was traumatized when Dark Shadow first went berserk and hurt a small group of kids who bullied him for his appearance.
  • Uraraka received support from Midnight, who took the girl shopping and purchased her new clothes and new furnishings for her room.
  • Jiro and Kaminari both received support items to help them with their quirk drawbacks. Kaminari also began treatments for the Acute Neuron Damage that he suffered from his overcharged attacks.

Izuku won the sports festival, landing an internship with Gran Torino and furthering his control of the quirk, and eventually learned of All For One from All Might, who had become a teaching assistant at U.A. 

Learning of Izuku's analytical talent, Nedzu took him on as a student on analytics. He set the greenette up with a brand new laptop and tablet, both possessing high levels of security. He decided to entrust the physical copies to the principal, who had them secured away with his own analytical research to avoid potential theft. Thanks to those lessons and the therapy with Hound Dog, Izuku became more assertive and open with his classmates. One such case was when he identified a potential way for the villains to track the students to the summer camp in the form of the buses' GPS System number, and the fact that the villains could have uploaded a virus into the computer system at the school. Both suggestions were tested, with the uncovering of the League's Information source; Giran, being the result as members of the charter company U.A had dealings with had employees on his payroll, and a malware program being concealed in U.A computing systems. Both discoveries, coupled with the enlisting of several extra teachers for the camp ruined the Vanguard Action Squad's attack, with Himiko Toga and Compress' capture.

All For One lost at Kamino to All Might, and Shigaraki was captured following the Hissaikai raid during a confrontation after the league sought resources from one of the various factions across japan.

The world watched as Izuku battled the Villain Re-Destro in a duel, defeating him and having the Meta Liberation Army agree to a peace agreement. Since that day, the world watched the strides and progress of the new #1 hero, Dekiru...


Chapter Text

Mirio Togata, the hero Lemillion. The young man had arisen from learning to manage a challenging quirk to becoming a skilled hero student and part of the U.A Big Three, all thanks to his mentor, Sir Nighteye. Nighteye was a man that he admired and respected, learning so much from the pro while on his way to becoming a certified pro at his graduation.

But, something changed after a single phone call from All Might. Sir became much more brooding and stern, working to overhaul Mirio's training until he recruited Izuku to the agency. He was ruthless to his Kouhai, saddling him with strenuous tasks and paperwork, forcing him to act practically as Mirio's training dummy (that was stopped when Mirio refused to even swing at Izuku unless Sir explained his reasoning, only for the pro to simply just call off the match entirely), and to even restricting Izuku's role during patrols. This bothered Mirio, why hire Izuku if you just going to treat him poorly? As they went back to U.A for their day off, Mirio said "Hey, Midoriya."

"Uh...yeah?" Izuku said.

"Would you mind if we went for a walk after we dropped our stuff off?" The upperclassman offered.

"Uh, sure. Though I have that one task for Sir to do...." Izuku trailed off. 

"Don't worry, I'll help you with it after." Mirio said.

"Oh...ok." Izuku said.

Dropping off their stuff at the dorms, Izuku and Mirio walked around for a bit after telling Aizawa their intentions. Mirio lead Izuku to his favorite destination in U.A, a large lake that is normally used for lakeside rescue. The upperclassman began "I like this place because it helps me when I am stressed. Seeing this preserved slice of good reminds me of why I became a hero. I wanted to become a hero so that I could create a world were people can keep smiling, so that as long as their happy, I can be as well. I admire All Might and Sir, All Might for making things peaceful and Sir for helping me on my path as a hero by helping me wrap my head around the craziness that was my Permeation. But, there's something bothering me..."

"Oh." Izuku said.

"Ever since Sir had a bad phone call with All Might, he became much more stern. And then he brings you onto the team, but doesn't treat you like a team member. He's cruel to you, like you had done something wrong to him." Mirio commented.

Izuku felt his heart sink, Mirio was his upperclassman, and he was supposed to receive One For All but All Might gave it to him instead. Mirio said "Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me with the dilemma? Why would Sir bring you onboard but treat you like he wants you to quit?"

Realizing Mirio was showing worry for him, Izuku began to tear up as he said "Okay, I'll tell you the truth...." 

"Oh? What's up?" Mirio said.

"I'm....I....I need serious help." Izuku said.

"So, All Might gave you his quirk when Sir wanted it to go to me, but All Might didn't consider the level of abuse you suffered at your old school. He also thinks you and Bakugou are "just rivals" when he suicide-baited you on the SAME day, he didn't teach you how to control his quirk and you learned actual control from his old combat mentor, and Sir only recruited you so that he could force you into giving up the quirk All For One is hunting to me, because he thinks I am more worthy?" Mirio recited.

Izuku tearfully nodded, in which Mirio snarled "THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE! I TRUSTED SIR!" 

"He's Might..." Izuku stammered.

"By being a Quirkist towards you?! He should understand that is NOT good for your mental health!" Mirio growled.

"Mirio...senpai..." Izuku sniffled as he fell into Mirio's arms and wailed.

Mirio held his underclassman close in a tight hug, with him feeling Izuku grasp at him tightly, alarming the Senior with the discovery that his Kouhai was SO touch-starved as he was clinging to him as if his life were on the line. Holding him close, he didn't see All Might walk up to him and say "Young Togata, I heard that you two were here." 

"Hello, All Might." Mirio said harshly.

"Young Mirio...." All Might said, taken aback by Mirio's harsh response.

"You and I need to talk." Mirio said to the retired pro.

Realizing that Izuku must have told him, All Might said "Alright. What do you wish to discuss?" 

"Firstly, how you could you have been so blind? Izuku is in a bad way, and you didn't teach him to control your quirk?" Mirio said.

All Might went pale as he recited Izuku's story to the man, from the abuse he suffered, to All Might's failure to help him properly and how he did nothing about Bakugou in the battle trials when he's genuinely out to ruin Izuku's chances at being a hero. All that the former symbol of peace could do after hearing such a story was say...

"I see. I'm sorry, Young Midoriya." 

" WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE NOT TAKING ONE FOR ALL?!" Nighteye screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Sorry, sir. But I am already on my way out of U.A, so that means I won't have the time to work on the quirk and I'm not sure I wanna come back here after I graduate." Mirio explained.

"Are you saying that you're done with me?" Nighteye said accusatory. 

"I'm saying that I can't trust you right now. " Mirio said.

Nighteye grew frustrated with Mirio, he had poured so much hard work into training Mirio to be the perfect successor to wield One For all, and now Mirio has refused to take it from Midoriya. Standing up but not facing the boy, the underground hero said "How much do you know?" 

"Enough. And More." Mirio said.

"And what is "More"?" Nighteye inquired.

"That your methods are detriment to Izuku's mental well being, that he was abused and neglected by his old school before U.A, that you have disregarded my feelings, that you only want a pawn who can keep One For All out of All For One's hands." Mirio listed.

Facing Mirio, a stern scowl painted on his face, Nighteye said "Is that what you think of me? Of everything that I taught you?" 

"I respected you, I trusted you, but you lied to me. I have learned so much about controlling Permeation from you, and It has helped me reach the level I am now. But you are willing to undo so much progress just because you are adamant that I NEED this power." Mirio argued.

" you even understand the threat that All For One poses? If he gets One For All, everything that has come will be undone. All Might irresponsibly chose an untrained kid to wield his power, He needs to give it up or he will die." Nighteye said.

"Don't act like I didn't watch Kamino, I saw what he's capable of. DO YOU even know how One For All operates?" Mirio countered.

"Mirio, I have worked with All Might for..." Nighteye stated, before Mirio interrupted with "How All Might wielded it was just ONE way, ONE! And It's a stockpile! All manner of power can be added to it!"

Nighteye froze at Mirio's words, in which the blonde explained "After I talked with Izuku and All Might, we sat down with Nedzu and talked about One For All. We talked about a few theories All Might and Izuku had, and we came to an agreement on something. If One For All stockpiles power, could it have stockpiled more than just Energy that the past users cultivated. And this quirk stockpiled as much power just like All For One stockpiled as many quirks as he has over the years, and it has gained more thanks to Izuku. Would it even be safe for me to use?" 

Nighteye realized that he was in deadlock with Mirio, the pro relied on his quirk while Mirio worked better with Izuku than he did. But, Nighteye was certain that the future was dead set, and he knew that he had to avoid it no matter what. Looking Mirio dead in the eye, Nighteye activated his quirk and tried to focus on seeing Mirio's future...


Mirio staring down a defeated Shigaraki....

....A larger shadow was cast over Tomura......

....."Good job, Dekiru"....

....Midoriya stood above, Tomura's hands were shackled in quirk suppressant cuffs....

.....Mirio hailed as the number 2 hero....

.....Midoriya was the new Symbol of Hope....

....All For One dying in prison....

Nighteye was in disbelief, he saw futures were Midoriya would meet his end, but now he was seeing the future as Midoriya becoming a new Symbol. Why?

"Your future change Mirai?" All Might said.

"Why? I saw Midoriya die, I saw you die.....why is it changing?" Nighteye said.

"Because....I was honest." All Might began.

Nighteye and Mirio listened to All Might as he explained "I became the symbol of peace because I thought it would make things better. It did, but also became a veil that obscured my sight. I should've seen how the peace would be abused to justify the criminal actions of the society that would be born from my efforts. Midoriya's story opened my eyes to that, and I am horrified. The Quirkist movement has gained hold of society, rampantly using the peace that I CREATED to justify sending quirkless to their deaths, to justify excluding countless others from the peace. Nedzu cited that this has created what has been considered the "Ouroboros Phenomena"  where society is purposefully creating villains to keep heroes around."

"You couldn't have known, Toshi...."Nighteye said.

" That's another reason I chose Midoriya. I don't want another me, Mirai, because if we keep creating just symbols of peace to uphold society, heroes will grow more complacent. Another league of villains or another hero killer will rise, and heroes will fall again when another crisis arises." All Might said.

"So.....what can we even do?" Nighteye said.

Nighteye felt his pencil snap at listening to the Aldera Staff as they tried to rationalize their abuse of Izuku. The underground hero apologized to the boy, growing to appreciate his analytical skills after seeing his journals. When rumors of a traitor at U.A surfaced, Nighteye protected Izuku from the witch hunt with All Might by having him by their side at all times to discourage rumors. The "traitor" was revealed to be a combination of Mineta and a Gen Ed student, who was the nephew of Giran, the info-dealer for the League of villains. Both were arrested.

Following the investigation into Aldera, Izuku came clean with his story to Aizawa and the class, and was taken aback by the outpouring of apology and emotional support. Bakugou was expelled and removed from the Provisional License Program, and Uraraka apologized for using the name without understanding the meaning. However, the ordeal also created the rumor of "the mystery of the 1-A Water Line Break" when an unusually high volume of water poured out of Class 1-A, yet there was no damage to any pipes. 

Izuku took a momentary hiatus from the work study program to begin therapy with Hound Dog and improving his shoot style with Aizawa's assistance. He would later land a position with Miruko, who became like a big sister figure to him and also helped improve his mental health through their interaction. 

Mirio became a big brother to Izuku, helping him as he improved with his quirk. The two worked together to take down Overhaul and the Hissaikai, protecting Eri from Kai at the initial meeting and Izuku subduing him with Blackwhip, which had emerged during his training. 

Izuku defeated Tomura in Jaku with support from Lemillion, with Lemillion earning the name "Symbol of Determination" while Izuku arose to fame as Dekiru "the Symbol of Hope". And both were watched by the two men who brought them up as they ascended to the Number 2 and Number 1 positions....


Chapter Text

"Kid, you need to have a more realistic dream...." 

Those cursed words came from the mouth of the man he looked up to. Izuku couldn't believe it....ALL MIGHT WOULDN'T SAVE HIM.

As the skeletal man went to the door, unaware of the hyperventilating, sweating, shaking, crying teen beside him, and the man's world changed in a single instant right as he reached for the doorknob....


All Might froze at those words, was he doing something wrong? His train of thought ran at high speed as the boy continued through a breaking voice; "Everyone says I can't be ANYTHING, all because I am quirkless. They say I should just die, spare everyone the trouble of dealing with "another headache", My teachers, my classmates, NO ONE cares for the quirkless kid with an impossible dream! I'M SICK OF IT! MY TEACHERS DON'T CARE, THEY BLAME ME FOR EVERYTHING TO PROTECT THEIR QUIRKED STUDENTS' RECORDS, FAIL ME SO THEY LOOK GOOD, AND DID NOTHING TO REPRIMAND MY CHILDHOOD-NO, MY BULLY FROM TELLING ME TO JUMP OFF A ROOF AND PRAY FOR A QUIRK IN THE NEXT LIFE! SO WHY?! WHY MUST I SUFFER JUST FOR BEING BORN WITHOUT A QUIRK?! WHY CAN'T ANYBODY SAVE ME FROM THIS HELL!?!?!?!!!!"

The boy began to sob and cry, in which All Might turned away from the door and did something that he had never done for a while....he turned the boy around and pulled him into a hug. This boy was in clear agony, his life has been a nightmare solely for the single detail in his genetic make up, and All Might was just about to abandon him on a rooftop after the boy had found out his secret. Holding him tightly, he spoke, his tone calm and sincere, "I'm sorry, kid, I made a poor assumption and that motivated me to say that harmful thing to you." 

Izuku stopped crying for a moment as he said "All...Might..."

All Might said "The reason I said because I knew someone who was good as you. She had the heart of a hero, and I....watched her die at the hands of the villain who gave me this injury. So, I thought I was trying to keep you safe......but I was clearly doing more harm than good. And for that, I hope that I can find a way to atone for saying such hurtful things to you." 

Kneeling down to stare Izuku in the eye, All Might asked "Before we head down....would you mind telling me your story?"

The Symbol of peace felt a raging anger boil within him as he stood at the vending machine, watching the water bottle exit, then handed it to the red-eyed boy beside him. When he created the idea for a "Symbol of Peace", the scope was to ensure an equal peace for everyone to enjoy happily. Aside from his declining time that he could be a pro, All Might's perspective had gotten narrower than that of his time window. The Young Man's tale was both heartbreaking and eye opening for the man lauded and hailed as the Symbol of Peace. To be sabotaged educationally, be victimized by brutal attacks from ILLEGAL quirk use, framed for numerous things that were the doings of others, treated like a plague, all because of one element of your genetics?! All Might turned to Izuku as he put the bottle cap on, asking "You okay?"

"I...I feel a little better." Izuku said.

"I'm sorry that I had you reveal that, I just needed to know the full scope of your situation." All Might said.

"It's alright....You're just trying to help." The greenette responded.

Before he could speak, All Might heard the sound of an explosion and the two ran outside to see a column of smoke billowing and people running up the street. All might ran quickly, despite his hindered form, to the scene. Located on a market street, the villain that All Might had chased and attacked Izuku was now holding a new hostage; Katsuki Bakugou.

Despite HATING Katsuki for what he has done to him, Izuku willingly risked his neck and tried to save him from the villain, leading All Might to save them both. Izuku walked away, feeling dejected after the pros lectured him for trying to save his tormentor and praising Bakugou for "being brave", and right as he was about to reach the intersection; All Might slid ahead of him and said " I AM HERE!" 

"Whoa, All Might!" Izuku said, caught off guard.

Deflating, All Might said "What you did back there was incredibly reckless....but also heroic." 

Relaxing a bit, Izuku said "I don't know I why I saved him. After everything he did......" 

Noticing Izuku starting to break down a bit, All Might said "The best heroes don't know why they save certain people too....they just do. But, debating simple hero philosophy is not why I am here." 

Izuku stared All Might down as the pro said "When I saw you take the initiative when the pros did not, you showed me that you have a heroic heart. I was overjoyed, I thought I had found someone just like me. Someone who I could entrust it to..." 

"Entrust what to?" Izuku asked.

With a slight smile on his face, All Might said "Listen well, My quirk is not my own. It was entrusted to me by my late mentor, someone whom I thought was a true hero among heroes. A sacred torch that allowed me to become the Hero that everyone admires and respects, and I was willing to offer it to you, but under the wrong mindset. What you told me on that roof, your story, has been on my mind. If I offered you my power immediately on the spot, I am no better than the bastards that I fight everyday, taking advantage of a fan who looks up to me for my own benefit." 

Izuku was stunned by All Might's explanation. He was going to offer Izuku something, but the way he was going to do it was wrong and it clearly bothered him. All Might spoke again saying "Because you have a heroic heart, I am going to make the offer to you. But, this you will have to agree with my terms."

"Your...terms?" Izuku asked, unnerved by the statement.

"It's a rather simple set." All Might started, laying out the terms.

Aizawa didn't know what to think when the rat summoned him and Inui to his office, only to find the skeleton that was All Might sitting with a stern gaze on his face while Nedzu poured over a notebook in his hands. The two entered quietly, sitting down as Nedzu said "Welcome, Gentlemen." 

"Why did you summon us, Rat?" Aizawa asked.

"Yes, I'm quite curious." Inui said.

"All Might has a personal venture that he would like your assistance on. I'll let him explain." The principal said.

Clearing his throat, All Might began "First, some important context so that you will understand. My Quirk is not the quirk that media has talked about; it has a much more..... complicated history than that."

"What is your quirk then? And How is it complicated?" Aizawa said, skeptical of the Symbol of peace.

All Might laid out everything, from the origins of One For All in the body of All For One's brother, to its history of being passed down successor to successor in the hopes of accumulating power enough to topple and end the threat of All For One. He explained how he is the Eighth in line, having inherited the power from the late Nana Shimura and being witness to her brutal killing at the hands of All For One during the Narita Crisis. Aizawa and Inui were surprised that All Might was QUIRKLESS before he received the power from her, and how she and Gran Torino helped him control it and taught him how to use it.

"All Might, you and I should probably have sessions about that...." Inui said, sounding concerned.

"I know...but that's not why I had Nedzu bring you two here." All Might said.

"You found a successor that you want to give the quirk to, and you want our help to prepare him." Aizawa said.

"That's one reason." All Might started, continuing with "My former sidekick, Sir Nighteye, is adamant that he's going to craft a successor for me. I haven't told him that I have found one on my own, and....I don't believe he has found a good candidate." 

"What's the problem?" Inui inquired.

"Nighteye's candidate is a Third Year by the name of Mirio Togata, of Class 3-A. All Might and I agree that the decision of handing One For All does not belong to him, and choosing someone who has already close to their graduation from our institution is not a wise decision." Nedzu explained.

"Mirai is solely focusing on Logic, and believes Mirio's Permeation ability will be useful in keeping One For All out of the hands of All For One." All Might said.

" That's not a logical decision; saddling him with this quirk will undo all of his progress, no doubt it will even cause problems for his health down the line." Aizawa said.

This is why I want him on board." All Might thought to himself.

"So, is there a reason why you asked for me as well?" Inui asked.

Letting out a sigh, All Might said "My candidate is quirkless like I was, but I almost made his situation worse because I was under a wrong impression."

The two listened in as the symbol of peace continued with " For my career as the Symbol of Peace, I was under a false assumption that the Quirkless still had the same level of protections that they did in my time. But, my candidate had opened my eyes to the truth after I had initially turned him down after he asked me if he could be a hero without a quirk.....and I chose to say no, a decision born from the stress created by the fact he was the first person to find out my secret and the fact that my time ran out." 

Aizawa proceed to step up....and deck All Might in the face. The underground hero growled at him "I practically have to fight quirkless for hero works, you jackass. This is why Underground Pros and Limelight Ones don't see eye to eye, we see potential where you morons don't. I have quirkless colleagues after all." 

The reveal stunned All Might more that the punch, but he understood the man's reasoning. He would have introduced the two together if things had gone differently as part of a countermeasure.

Regaining his stance and composure, All Might said "This is why I am here for this meeting. Aizawa, I would like your assistance with training my candidate, but Inui is here because of the other matter." 

"Hmm?" Inui said.

All Might rubbed his jaw before saying "After initially turned him down, I inadvertently caused him to suffer an emotional meltdown. In his breakdown, he revealed to me that he has been constantly persecuted and bullied for solely having the desire to be a hero despite his quirklessness. He explained to me everything, that he has been academically sabotaged and forced to shoulder the blame for the actions of his quirked classmates so their records would remain spotless in order to try and join the hero course. Furthermore, his former childhood friend had been his number one tormentor and abuser throughout their lives." 

"So you are giving the strongest quirk in history to a quirkless child and abuse victim, is it out of pity or genuine faith?" Inui pried. 

"Actually, faith and a bit of possible logic." All Might said.

"Aizawa, you pointed out the potential risk to Mirio's health by him receiving One For All? Well, All Might and I share a similar belief following his falling out with Nighteye." Nedzu said.

"Oh?" Aizawa said.

" After my battle with All For One, I went into an unresponsive coma for a few days. During that time, I had an...unexpected encounter with them." All Might explained.

"Them?" Inui said.

"As One For All has existed for as long as its origin counterpart, it has evolved with plenty of other features. All Might and I have classified one of these elements as the "Vestiges", fragments and avatars of the past One For All users BEFORE All Might." Nedzu explained.

"So sentient avatars of the previous holders of this power?" Aizawa inquired.

"Yes. Nedzu has a theory that supports your claim that One For All could prove hazardous to Mirio's Health: That One For All is on approach to the Singularity Point, and our research into the past users has uncovered the possible signs of that being true." All Might explained.

"One of the past users, the fourth in the line, was discovered to have perished at the age of 40 from the mysterious signs of advanced age." Nedzu explained.

"If he died at Forty, that means he inherited One For All during his 20's." All Might said.

"So, your quirk is hazardous to quirk users. After all, it was a STOCKPILE quirk that started this thing." Aizawa commented.

" Yes. In regards to my candidate, rather than simply offer it, I set some terms for him to follow. Before this meeting, he and I discussed his story with his own mother and Detective Tsukauchi. Naomasa is going work on opening a case into the school." All Might said.

"I have helped All Might with one of the terms; I will take over the rest of the young man's schooling as All Might does not wish for him to return to the school that has abused him." Nedzu said.

"The other terms involve seeing if you will assist me. I'll be working with Chiyo to modify my plans and I would like your assistance in that regard, Aizawa, and your insight for quirk control will help him. Inui, I want to set some days during training him off to the side for you to have some one on one sessions with him to help him, and should he get into U.A, would you be willing to continue once he joins?" All Might said.

"Of course. You'll have my support." Inui said.

"And you, Aizawa?" All Might asked.

"If you are going to train an inexperienced rookie in quirk use, I can't leave all up to you." Aizawa said.

Thanks to a modified plan, Izuku began minor therapy sessions with Hound Dog and trained under All Might and Aizawa on preparation to receive One For All. Inko was supportive, following the recipe plan provided by All Might, prepping all manner of healthy meals to help Izuku grow stronger.

Izuku grew to see Hound Dog as an uncle figure, growing to let go of his negative image in his mind.

Aizawa grew to be seen as a father figure by Izuku, which the underground hero felt a slight sense of pride at that, even accepting him for his analytical skills that were improving under Nedzu.

Bakugou was blacklisted from U.A and placed under Academic Probation for his actions at Aldera, eventually evolving to be sent to Juvenile Hall after attempting to ambush Izuku on his way to U.A. 

Izuku's flourishing skills allowed him to survive the USJ, even expose the fact that Toru Hagakure was a victim of abuse and was keeping herself invisible to conceal the physical scars of torture and abuse to force her into being the spy for the League. Rumors began to circulate that she formed a relationship with Izuku and that the girls of 1-A formed a "Protection Squad" to protect their friend. 

Izuku won the sports festival, and worked with Shinsou, who joined 1-A after claiming second place and Mineta being expelled for his sexual deviancy. 

Years later, after crushing the villain Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, Izuku was hailed as the Number One Hero, Dekiru...

Chapter Text

Izuku had done it. He had been granted the chance to become a hero, entered U.A, and was on his way to becoming the greatest hero. But, he felt a great deal of pressure on him that he knew the origin from.

His homeroom teacher, Mr. Aizawa, reminded him too much of them, treating him as if he were a liability and haunted him. 

After getting his stuff together, Izuku noticed Aizawa standing at the door, a stern expression painted on his face. The underground hero stared the boy down as he asked "Kid, mind answering me a question?"

"Oh-O-Okay." Izuku stammered.

"Why don't you have control of your quirk? Are you that irresponsible?" Aizawa asked.

Izuku began to panic, sweat poured down his face as he stammered out "'s o-only just awakened." 

A heavy silence filled the room, as Izuku's heart continued to pound in his chest as all manner of thoughts raced in his head. The silence was broken by Aizawa, who asked....

"Let's talk. I need to get my head around what you just said."

Aizawa groaned in annoyance, but was secretly baffled by the fact that he had a student who completed a physical education plan that was normally reserved for a much older individual and did it in 10 months, all under ALL MIGHT'S supervision. But, something about the boy still bothered him, when he did his "scare tactic" (a routine that he did for any student he considered problematic) Midoriya showed genuine fear of him. He also noticed a few other things about Izuku that set off warning bells in his sleep-deprived brain...

  • First, the boy panicked IMMEDIATELY after Katsuki Bakugou charged at him with hostility and used his quirk, hinting at some deep trauma.
  • Second, Aizawa noticed what appeared scarring located on his lower back that was in what appeared to be large volume.
  • Third, he heard Izuku mutter "He's different than Aldera" on repeat after he walked passed him. What happened at his old school?

Taking the initiative, Aizawa did a formal bow and said "Kid, I'm sorry that I thrust you into that test if you were a genuine rookie with your quirk."

"Uh-Uh-What?" Izuku stammered out.

"I sometimes let my logic get the better of me and I am prone to mistakes. I should have read your file before going to class." Aizawa explained.

"Y-You m-make mistakes, t-that's n-normal." Izuku said.

" You're right. But...there's something that I think is not normal about you." Aizawa said.

"Oh...." Izuku said.

" Your pain tolerance is way too high, you have scars on your body, and you're genuinely afraid of Bakugou...What is going on?" Aizawa inquired.

"K-Kaachan's just m-my-child-childhood friend. He-had a tough time-controlling his quirk." Izuku stammered.

Aizawa felt his brow furrow, this kid was trying to protect the one person he was generally afraid of. That was wrong, as he was encouraging this kid to bully him further. 

Gaining his composure, Aizawa said "Kid, this is U.A, not your old school. If you actually have Problems that they did not address, please....bring them forward to us." 

In that moment, the underground hero was caught off guard as tears began to run down Izuku's face at the Sincerity of Aizawa's voice. The boy had begun to shake more as he stammered out as his voice began to break "Are you......being honest?"

Aizawa slightly relaxed as he said "Yeah, I am. All of your teachers are pro heroes, why wouldn't we?" 


Aizawa went pale at every word that this kid had said, his heart also began to sink at the mention of quirks being used on him. He said "They...they used quirks on you?" 


"THAT'S IT" was what Aizawa screamed in his mind as he held out his arms and said "Kid, come here."

Izuku practically rushed into Aizawa's arms, now practically wailing as the emotions buried within were erupting like a volcano. Aizawa held the boy close, one hand resting on his scalp, while his other arm was carefully wrapped around his back to avoid possibly agitating the scars. Holding the boy close, the door opened to reveal Midnight standing there, having been drawn by the noise, asking as she saw the wailing Izuku, "Sho....What happened?" 

"Nemuri, I need you take Midoriya down to Chiyo and make sure Inui is with you." Aizawa said, carefully handing him off to the +18 heroine.

"Okay, but...what's going on?" Nemuri said as she held the crying Izuku close.

"Midoriya just explained something to me that needs to be addressed NOW." Aizawa growled. He then carefully rested his hand on Izuku's shoulder, calmly saying "Go with her to Chiyo, show them the scars, they can help."

Izuku tearfully nodded, in which Nemuri took Izuku down to Recovery Girl's while the Underground hero FURIOUSLY marched to Nedzu's office like a man on a mission. EVERY fiber of his being screamed in rage, this kid was abused to a level that is borderline-no, INHUMAN, and one of the people responsible for what he went through was IN THE HERO COURSE. Reaching the Principal's office, he stormed into the room and said "Rat...we have a problem." 

"Oh...and what would that be?" Nedzu inquired.

" We need to investigate Aldera Junior High immediately." Aizawa said.

"I have a few suspicions, but it seems you have something that will turn those into confirmation." Nedzu said, certain by Aizawa's tone.

" Young Midoriya just confessed to me that they have used him as a quirk training dummy." Aizawa explained.

A monstrous growl echoed through the room as he said "What?!"

"He's currently with Chiyo and Kayama, though I instructed her to bring Inui with her when she brought him." Aizawa said.

"I see....thank you for bringing this to my attention. Is there anything else?" Nedzu said, trying to restrain himself.

" I need a student from my class expelled. Midoriya..." was all Aizawa could explain as he got a message from Kayama...

FROM: Sleepytime+18


"Kayama needs us. Now." Aizawa said.

"Then let us be on our way." Nedzu said, hopping up to Aizawa's shoulder.

The two made their way to the infirmary, where the air was heavy. Midnight paced back and fourth with a hand over mouth, a patch on her costume, and she looked visibly pale and green. Inui was chewing on a "special treat" that he used for relaxing whenever he was going "mad", and hunched over as his sight never left Midoriya, who was asleep under a blanket. Recovery Girl was clasping her cane with whitening knuckles, her eyes blocked by the kind of shadow you see on anime characters after something has left them distraught...or mad as hell.

"Kayama...what has happened here?" Nedzu inquired.

"The kid was explaining the situation to us....removing his shirt and showing us the scars....when he broke down into a panic attack and....I had to use my quirk." Midnight explained through a voice that was clearly trying to not break.

Resting his hand on her shoulder, Aizawa reassured her with "You did the right thing, Nemuri."

"I's just...there were so many..." Midnight explained, visibly horrified.

Looking to the nurse, Nedzu asked " bad is this situation?" 

"How much faith do you have in the human race right now?" Chiyo asked the Chimera in immediate response.

"If it is for humans in a school district by the name of Aldera...." Nedzu said.

"Here's your answer. Inui." Chiyo said to the Counselor.

The Counselor and Nurse each grabbed a corner of the blanket that was over Izuku and lifted it up and folded it down...and Nedzu's fur began to rise as Aizawa's eyes gained a red glow. Izuku's torso was a portrait of the pain he had suffered laid bare....a myriad of large burns, scars that looked as if they were the doings of blades, pink bumps that were clearly puncture wounds, triplet scars that were the doing of claws, and some the burns...were shaped in the form of human hands.

Letting out a whimper, Midnight said "Sho...what the hell did this kid go through?"

Growling, Aizawa said "This a victim of something that goes beyond the limit of what is considered to be abuse. He was used as a quirk training dummy by his school whenever they sentenced him to detention." 

"There are burns on his back that I identified as chemical based....a low grade corrosive...." Recovery girl said.

"The kid said they poured something on his back whenever he made any noise..." Aizawa said.

"That's...." Midnight said.

" What I could make out....growl....was that the nurse wouldn't heal him as they had to cover his body in hero concealer." Inui growled.

" My "tough love" approach will NOT extend to him. It's clear he will have issues with the Medical authority of the school from Aldera, and I do not want to worsen any issues." Chiyo said.

" This situation goes beyond requiring my attention....Detective Tsukauchi must be notified IMMEDIATELY." Nedzu said as he pulled out his phone.

" There is a carving on his coccyx, the words "USELESS DEKU" were made with clearly what appeared to be a blade quirk." Chiyo explained.

"I know who did the hand burns. A student that had been accepted into the Hero Course and also from Aldera.....Katsuki Bakugou." Aizawa growled.

"He will not escape from this....I assure you." Nedzu said.

All Might entered the room as the air was filled hostility, saying "Chiyo, have you seen Young Midoriya? His mother has been calling and She's...." as he froze at the situation....

Staring the Symbol of Peace down with razor daggers, Aizawa said-no, growled "You.....we need to talk."

In the aftermath of the Revelation, All Might was distraught at the discovery of the level of abuse that his student and successor suffered. When he arrived, All Might had never seen Tsukauchi shout so loudly in anger before, and he watched as Midnight and Chiyo comforted his horrified mother....

The case warranted more than just an lead to a large scale Raid preparation. When the full scale of Aldera's depravity was unveiled, numerous police and pros immediately signed on to mobilize. A whole raid force stormed all of the Aldera institutions, with All Might himself leading the Raid charge on Aldera Junior High, and dragging the Principal out of his car when he tried to flee. From what the reporters and heroes could see, he bore no smile on his chiseled face.....

It was not just the teachers who faced the consequences of their actions, the students suffered as well. Each student who had managed to get into a hero course or even just the different courses of the schools found their positions lost and given expulsion, but also were immediately taken by uniformed officers and even pro heroes for their actions. Bakugou lost his hero course seat, and was arrested by Aizawa and Midnight, angrily slandering Izuku on the way out from U.A and warranting a knockout from Midnight. At the trials, every teacher tried to justify their actions through balancing out that they were giving "Heroic quirks" a fair and fighting chance and that "There are always quirks that are meant for the Villain's role". Some even tried to justify Izuku's abuse by saying his role is "the character who DIES in the villain's rampage", saying that he must have lied or used criminal means to acquire a quirk. All Might SMASHED those claims by citing his own late bloomer status, crediting the retired Gran Torino for helping him master it for heroics, and the late Nana Shimura for helping him control it. Their fates were sealed; large numbers of the teachers were sentenced to Tartarus and the other prisons, and most of the children were sent to Juvenile Detention Institutions across Japan. Bakugou was sent to a Juvenile Correction Facility, and was later diagnosed with severe clinical depression following an incident. Despite his A-Class villain ranking, He was soon offered a chance at redemption and a place in a Villain Rehabilitation program should he pass a psych evaluation and have ZERO incidents reported.

Izuku was allowed to stay in the hero course, with the now mandatory requirement that he attend therapy with Hound Dog and quirk counseling and Training under Aizawa and Nedzu, with the former now possessing knowledge of One For All. All Might laid off Izuku for a while, only speaking to him to answer any questions pertaining to One For All or the past users, while the symbol of Peace became a teacher's assistant and studied to obtain his official teaching license. His classmates were briefed on the situation, each one coming forward with their own bullying experiences and bonded with Izuku, each helping him with developing helpful coping mechanisms for stress. With Izuku's help, Shoto Todoroki had come clean with Aizawa and Nedzu about his family issues....

Recovery girl kept her word, treating Izuku as the only exception to her "tough love" rule. The two formed a friendship, with Chiyo privately admitting to Inko that she had grown to see Izuku as her own grandson. 

Aizawa became a strong mentor figure to Izuku, who helped him with Shinsou, and Aizawa had formed a fatherly relationship with Izuku due to his lack of a father figure. Having Shinsou in the hero course helped Izuku, who still had minor panic attacks stemming from his experiences at Aldera, and Shinsou's quirk was exceptionally useful. 

Stories of Aldera's heartless depravity reached the ears of several figures, ranging from a certain "handsy" villain, to even a notorious serial killer and revolutionary leader. A new investigation looked into the mysterious and bloody deaths of several Aldera teachers in the walls of Tartarus and several prisons, several pro heroes whom had been aware of Izuku's experiences at Aldera but did nothing, were found to be brutally killed. Inko received a get-well gift for Izuku from the leader of a known political party, and were surprised to learn of the contents....

At Jaku, the hero course students of 1-A, led by Dekiru, alongside several pros, subjugated and defeated Tomura Shigaraki. 

To get the other members of the Paranormal Liberation Front to stand down, Izuku personally challenged Re-Destro, now Acting Grand Commander, to a duel to decide a treaty. Izuku won, and certain members of the PLF were granted lighter sentences in exchange for providing assistance with recovery efforts following the war, and Izuku and 1-A held a forum to better understand the group's goals and learn of ways to better improve society. Himiko Toga, a member of the PLF, was granted a chance at redemption following an encounter with Uraraka and Tsuyu, saving them from a rapist hiding in the ranks of the PLF, and earning a place in a Villain Rehabilitation Program.

Everyone watch the once-broken Izuku rise as Dekiru: the new Number 1 hero...

Chapter Text

All Might felt his head was heavy, his sight was groggy, and the sound of "roaring wind" had overwhelmed his hearing. Opening his eyes, he found himself at the front of a classroom that was not one of U.A's. The school was much more different, and when he looked outside the window, he saw just a few buildings and the sky....

The sky was a black void and the sound of the roaring wind that he heard. Sitting in a chair, towards the back, was none other than Izuku. He attempted to reach out, only to see his arm was a golden mist. In that instant, he heard a voice from behind him...

"Don't, Toshinori-kun."

Looking to his left, standing beside him, was a young man with snow-white hair, a pale complexion, and a sickly frame. Toshinori knew who this man was; this was the First User, Yoichi Shigaraki, which meant only one thing....

He was inside One For All.

"Before you say anything; that is not the Real Nine at that desk. You are seeing a reflection." Yoichi said.

Are you suggesting...that it's an avatar of Izuku?" All Might said.

" Yes, we know what your intentions are, Eight, and we're showing why that is a horrible idea." Yoichi explained.

Before All Might could even speak; a splashing sound disrupted his speech as he saw a man standing by Izuku, having splashed him with coffee in what appeared to be a mocking fall. 

" Sorry, Midoriya, I lost my footing there."

All Might wanted to punch the man, but he immediately realized that Yoichi was showing him Midoriya's own memories. The first user commented "This one aspect of the life he lived...let's continue."

The room began to break apart and transform, the two now standing at the back of the room and Izuku whimpering at the front with his pants down, and a female teacher standing over him with a CANE in hand...

"You can't be this disrespectful towards your peers, trying to show them up with your mind is denying them a fair chance to become heroes....and that makes you a VILLAIN Midoriya." 

Where they stood constantly shifted, showing Izuku's torment and agony at the hands of his peers and Bakugou. When Bakugou gave his "advice" to Izuku, All Might felt as if his heart was ripped out by All For One as well as his stomach. He now stood before Yoichi and the other vestiges, with the vestige of Izuku in the arms of Nana, who stood with the vestige of the 6th.

" Eight, you cannot make Nine do this." Yoichi said.

He's not ready, he's too far behind, he won't survive BOTH Shigaraki and All For One at the same time!" All Might argued.

" You should have recruited Sorahiko to help you when you began to train him!" Nana growled.

" Easy, Seven. He needs to know the truth." Hikage, the 4th user vestige, said.

Stepping forward, Hikage stared the vestige of All Might down as he began "We had hoped to discuss this with Nine, but now, we have to explain it to you both. Eight, I received One For All from Three before the Vigilante Corp I was a part of....had fallen to All For One." 

All Might knew what he meant: The Vigilante Corps were collective groups of quirk users who despised All For One's rule and waged a secret war on All For One's vast array of comrades. He listened to Hikage as he continued "I was 20 when I got it, and retreated from society to train how to use it and get stronger, but in my later 30's, that's when the trouble began." 

"Trouble? What kind of trouble?" All might asked.

"Everyday was some new form of pain. First, these scars on my head formed during a session and my body had already started to ache and creak." Hikage explained.

" I had to take him to a doctor who was an old friend of ours 3 times a week." Daigoro, the 5th user vestige, said.

" The reason for my death, Toshinori....was old age." Hikage explained.

"Old age?" All Might said.

" My body was just unable to keep up with the changes that One For All was doing to me, because by the time I had received it from Three, it had the output of a small reactor. But by the time I was approaching 40, I had already raised the output of the quirk to that of a Volcano." Hikage explained.

"He handed it off to me after a visit....and I found him dead the next day." Daigoro said.

"Wait, are you all suggesting...." All might said, horror overwhelming him.

The vestiges of Daigoro, En, and Nana all began to remove something from their costumes. Daigoro removed his jacket, revealing his arms to be lined with scars in identical to Hikage's head scar. En pulled his mouth covering, revealing his mouth to be carved with scars, and Nana's hands and lower legs were marked with scars.

"We've gone beyond the singularity. Each one of us would've have perished to One For All inevitably.....all because we had quirks." All Might said.

But I had it for so long.....because I was quirkless." All Might said.

" If you force Nine to surrender it to that boy Nighteye trained, that boy will not live to even reach 20." Hikage said.

"Tomura Shigaraki has already declared him his rival, Toshi. So, to deny Shigaraki an opponent that only he recognizes as worthy to fight him...." Nana said.

"...He will be even more dangerous than he is now." All Might said.

"So what you need to do is...MAN UP, EIGHT!" Daigoro exclaimed.

"You've seen his abandon him now is to send him to his demise." The Third User vestige said.

"You've already given him One For All...and you would leave him defenseless?" The second user vestige chastised. 

All Might felt ashamed as the vestiges vanished, and he awoke in the conference room he booked, quickly storming out to a bathroom where he vomited loudly.

Aizawa was summoned to Nedzu's office, surprised to find All might like he learned something horrific and the rat looking at him furiously as his fur stood on edge. Aizawa calmly shut the door and asked "What has this big lug done now?" 

"He's resigning after he almost made...THE WORST DECISION ever. So, he wants to brief you on something important." Nedzu said.

"Oh?" Aizawa has he sat down.

"I should have told you this sooner, namely the start of the school year." All Might said, adding "My quirk has the ability to transfer between hosts.....and I entrusted to Young Midoriya."

Aizawa had assaulted All Might for keeping secrets from him, but then apologized to Izuku for failing to understand his status as a late bloomer. He helped Izuku improve his Shoot Style, though groaned in annoyance at finding out he was going to soon manifest new quirks.

All Might followed through on his word, resigning from U.A and informing Nighteye of the disturbing revelation that the users laid bare to him. This dismayed the Foresight user, who took Izuku on for a work study and grew to appreciate his talents in analysis. 

During that time, Izuku also began to attend Therapy with Hound Dog after school, learning to break his savior complex and cope with the traumas of his past.

Bakugou was removed from the hero course, and placed into anger management. 

Aldera was investigated for its criminal actions, revealing the group to have ties to a resurgent meta liberation army, and all institutions were raided and staff were arrested for their actions.

During his work study, Izuku unlocked Blackwhip under Nighteye's tutelage and mastered it, furthering his growth with One For All. He also helped mend the relationship between Nighteye and Mirio, who felt betrayed by Sir for keeping secrets from him. With Nighteye's help, Izuku made amends with All Might, who delegated his time to researching the past users.

Izuku defeated Shigaraki at Jaku, with All For One venting in anger......

Everyone watched as a new Symbol arose....the Symbol of change, Dekiru. 

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

"Are you serious?" Izuku said.

"Yes....I'm sorry, but please give One For All to Mirio." All Might said.

Izuku had couldn't believe what All Might had said; the greenette had come so far in the hero course, surviving the attack on the USJ, facing off against Stain, surviving the attack on the camp, furthering his control of One For All under the council of Gran Torino, and have freshly acquired his provisional license. Now, after just learning about all that he can experience from participating in the work study....All Might has decided to call off EVERYTHING and is now asking Izuku to hand over One For All to Mirio and undo all his progress......


"No?" All Might said.

"You heard me. No." Izuku said.

"Young Midoriya, This is for-" was All Might could say before Izuku snapped "For you to finally reveal how you truly feel." 

"Izuku...." All Might said.


All might had never seen Izuku be this furious at him before, in which he spoke up to defend himself "Izuku, I'm trying to keep you safe. There are plenty of other things you can do to help others...." 


"Izuku, it couldn't be..." All Might said.

"Let's see.....I had literally been told to kill myself more than once....I've been called a "villain" by my teachers....." Izuku said.

"Why would they call you-" All Might said before Izuku interrupted with "FOR BEING SMARTER THAN THEIR HERO COURSE PROSPECTS!"

"And it's not just MY FEELINGS you are's Mirio-senpai's too." Izuku said.

"Mirio is more experienced, he'll take to One For All under Nighteye's tutelage...." All Might argued.


The man once hailed as the symbol of peace finally froze, what if Mirio refused to take it? Would it even work with him? All Might was desperate now, He needed Izuku to understand, inside the mind of the former pro, feelings that he once had were finally breaking through....

"Izuku.....Please. I don't want to see you die." The former symbol of peace pleaded.

Izuku simply stood up and walked over to the door saying "Then you shouldn't have shouldered me with a chance." 

All Might began to break down and sob, this was his making; his student just laid out his pain into the former Symbol of Peace-no, the man that Izuku had once admired. Izuku walked out, leaving All Might to sob as his phone vibrated in his pocket....

Hound Dog was walking to his office following a regular security patrol, one of many new common occurrences that came with the dormitory system installment and improvements to U.A following Kamino.

What he never expected....was to see Izuku Midoriya shakily trying to get his breathing under control, his eyes beginning to tear up, and trembling. Carefully approaching Izuku, the pro asked "Are you alright, Young Midoriya, woof?

"Oh....Hound Dog." Izuku said.

"Are you alright? You seem to be on the verge of a panic attack...." The pro said cautiously.

"Oh....yeah.....Could we...go in your office....I got something I REALLY need to get off my chest, which feels really tight right now." Izuku said.

"Of course, pup, let's head inside." Hound Dog said.

All Might decided to take a sabbatical from U.A following his argument with Izuku, briefing Aizawa about One For All and apologizing to him about withholding information. He stepped down as 1-A's modern heroics teacher, taking a teaching assistant position in Gen Ed to properly develop his teaching skills. He laid off Izuku, only finding moments of peace with him when Izuku needed assistance with understanding the past users and their quirks.

Hound Dog began therapy with Izuku, who in turn briefed Nedzu about uncovering the horrific scale of abuse that Izuku had suffered. Nedzu opened a case into Aldera, and Bakugou was expelled from the Hero Course and removed from the Provisional License Program due to his actions. 

1-A was briefed about Izuku's past, apologizing for not helping him and Uraraka ceased calling him "Deku". 

Izuku came clean with Mirio, telling him the truth of his quirk, which inadvertently lead to Mirio having a heated fight with Nighteye over the matter. Lemillion refused to take One For All, and DEMANDED that Nighteye earnest and cease his efforts against Izuku. 

The therapy helped Izuku, he learned to control the pent up anger and emotions he had and gained the confidence to press charges when Nedzu opened the case into his past. 

With his classmates by his side, Izuku defeated Tomura Shigaraki at Jaku, and helped Shoto defeat Touya in battle.

As the league was now carted off to Prison, All For One cursed Izuku Midoriya....the young man who had surpassed All Might and became the new Symbol of Hope.

Chapter Text

Nedzu left the conference room after the meeting had concluded, the new substitute, Mr. Takaoka, would cover Aizawa's class until his return from assignment. As he arrived outside his office, his secretary, Sylvie, said "Oh, Principal, sir." 

"Yes, Sylvie?" Nedzu inquired from the Elven-appearing woman.

"Izuku Midoriya is waiting for you in your office. And..." The woman said, trailing off.

"Is something the matter?" The principal inquired.

"He...he seemed really rattled about something. Kind of panicked. I heard him muttering "He could stop him" under his breath when he went inside." Sylvie explained.

" I see. Thank you for notifying me, I'll take care of it." Nedzu responded.

Nedzu carefully entered the office, where his sight laid upon a concerning scene. Izuku Midoriya appeared to be visibly pale, sweat pouring down his face, trembling signs rippling across his body, his eyes glazed over, and his voice rambling at high speed. The principal felt his heart sink as he knew exactly what was going on with him....

The boy experiencing disassociation....a VERY BAD bout of it.

Hopping onto the couch, the chimera took to the young man's side and gently tapping him as he said "Young Midoriya...please focus on my're disassociating...please focus." 

At his urging, Izuku snapped back as he said "Oh....OHMYGOSHI'MSOSORRYPRINCIPALNEDZUITHOUGHTIHADITUNDERCON-" his rambling stopped by a pair of paws resting on his cheeks.

Nedzu began; " Young Midoriya, you were experiencing a very bad bout of disassociation. You have no need to apologize; because right now, I believe your mental well being matters at this moment, but first, I would like to know what brought you to me." 

"Oh....I-it's about Mr. Takaoka. I have...history with him." Izuku stammered out. 

"Yes...he is currently employed at Aldera Junior High and he comes highly recommended." Nedzu said.

"If you only knew..." Izuku said, his voice sounding grim as he clutched something in his coat pocket.

Catching onto Izuku's tone, the principal said "Is something the matter, Young Midoriya?"

Izuku pulled an all might themed flash drive from his pocket and offered it to the principal, explaining "My old life before here.....was hell. I thought that I'd never have to use this, but, I just can't take it anymore. Mr. Takaoka, he was cruel to me because I was quirkless before coming here to U.A, and now....I'm afraid he took your offer so he could get to me. Before coming to U.A, I gathered all manner of evidence with the hopes of protecting myself, even knowing it could easily end my chances at being here."

Taking the drive carefully, Nedzu said "Please have a seat, Young Midoriya. I'll look this over before I make any judgments." 

Izuku sat down as Nedzu inserted the flash drive into his computer, and watched the numerous videos stored on it. As each video depicted the story of Izuku Midoriya, the principal went from concerned to VISBLY DISTRAUGHT. A student at U.A was a victim of years of abuse, and the heroes that are supposed to be helping this young man and trained to identify abuse victims, were doing NOTHING to help this boy. And the newest substitute that was filling in for the hero course first-year teacher....was the leading man on numerous videos.

"Young Midoriya..." Nedzu said.

"Uh....Yes sir?" Izuku asked.

"Would you be willing to hang around in my office for a bit and do you mind if I summoned Inui here?" Nedzu said.

"Oh....okay." Izuku said.

1-A arrived in class the next day, only to see Nedzu himself standing atop a robotic platform at the teacher's podium, saying "Hello students. Please take your seats." 

"Principal Nedzu? What's going on?" Kaminari said.

"Nedzu, would happen to know why Young Midoriya hasn't come out of his room?" Ilda asked.

" I'll be getting to that." Nedzu said as the students took their seats.

Once the final student sat down, Nedzu began "Firstly, Mr. Takaoka will not be teaching you for the duration of Aizawa's departure."

"You got rid of that new substitute?" Momo said.

"Evidence of certain actions he was involved with had come to light, in which he was escorted by police for questioning. As for Izuku...." Nedzu said.

"What's going on with Deku?" Uraraka asked.

"Young Uraraka, please refrain from using that name." Nedzu said.

Uraraka raised a confused eyebrow at the principal explained "Young Midoriya has been given the day off to attend therapy with Hound Dog. He's granted me permission to explain the situation to all of you..."

All Might was mortified to learn of the abuse that his student suffered, while 1-A was distraught to learn of their classmate's misery. Izuku continued his therapy with Hound Dog, while 1-A worked on improving their relationship with their classmate.

The arrest of Mr. Takaoka opened the floodgates as Aldera fell under investigation; Bakugou lost his hero course seat alongside Mineta, who lost his due to his sexual deviancy. 1-A was under the management of Ectoplasm until Aizawa's return, which the underground hero was briefed about the situation upon his return and swiftly apologized to Izuku for failing to see his situation.

Izuku trained One For All under Aizawa's care, All Might taking a sabbatical to learn how to properly be a teacher for his students. Nedzu explained the situation to Recovery Girl and Inko, with the mother working to make amends with Izuku by supporting him and Recovery Girl apologizing to Izuku for failing to see his issues and atoning by making him the ONLY exception to her "tough love" rule.

Uraraka was distraught at learning of the true meaning of "Deku", avoiding Izuku for sometime and learning to push the word "Deku" out of her mind. She referred to him solely as "Midoriya" for a time, before calling him "Zuku" with the help of Mina. 

As the therapy continued, everything looked up for Izuku Midoriya, the boy would become the Symbol of Hope....

Chapter Text

U.A was on high alert from this mess of a disaster. First, the USJ fiasco, now the special training camp had been attacked and some students were injured and TWO were now missing. Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou, 1-A's problem children, were both taken by the league of villains and right on their watch! Aizawa had never seen All Might be so frantically worried for someone, as he was as frantic as Ms. Midoriya over Izuku's abduction. After the press conference, He was now doing a minor patrol when he spotted a van driving up to the street corner across from the U.A gate.....

And two league of villains members, Dabi and Himiko Toga, stepped out with two megaphones in their hands with a third, suspicious object....

"All staff to the gate, villain sighting near the gate." Aizawa said into a walkie.

As the teachers rushed to the gate at the ready for a fight, Dabi turned on his megaphone and spoke "Oi heroes! Listen to us or Izuku Midoriya goes up in a fireball!

The teachers froze at that statement, Izuku Midoriya was in their custody and as seen by the shadow inside the van, they were legit. Being handed a megaphone by Mic, Aizawa responded "What do you want?

Raising her kitty-themed megaphone, Himiko spoke "Hey hey! Here's what's going down; we got THREE stories and Izuku Midoriya, we'll hand him over to you in exchange for one simple thing...." 

Aizawa clicked his microphone again and asked "What is it that you want?"

"You listen to our stories. Since Izuku's pretty beat up from the camp, I'll handle explaining his." Dabi explained.

Aizawa turned to his colleagues and Nedzu while Vlad and Snipe watched them, saying "Do you think they're being honest?" 

"Why go through all this trouble for us to hear their stories? And why bring just Midoriya?" Mic asked.

"It seems they must know something that we don't about him, and they said three stories." Nedzu said.

"Dabi even admitted that he was going to "explain His story". Midnight said.

"What's your call, Nedzu?" All Might said.

"Let's humor them, if they are deceiving us....well, they've made it easier for us to arrest them." Nedzu said with a smirk.

After giving the two visitor passes, they discovered the "Detonator" that Toga had was just two candy bars wrapped in a twist tie with a wire going up the space between them. An exhausted and fatigued Izuku was taken to the Infirmary, where he was treated by Recovery Girl and two EMTs while the two villains were taken to a private meeting room with most of the teachers present. Dabi pulled a water bottle from his pocket and set it down on the table, prompting to say to the heroes "It's for my story, don't worry..."

"Mind if I get a blood bag? If I don't drink some blood, I tend to...get stabby." Himiko said.

"I'll go get one." Snipe said, quickly leaving.

"Now, would you mind if I asked some questions first before we get started?" All Might asked.

"Whatever you say, Skeletor. " Dabi said.

"Why come to us? And Why turn on the league by bringing us Young Midoriya?" All Might inquired.

" Kid's got a good heart, and he's got a good analytical mind that you're kind of wasting." Dabi said, looking at Nedzu.

"Is that so?" The chimera said with a cocked eyebrow.

" He nailed the drawback of my quirk, and why that day happened..." Himiko said, sounding slightly bothered as Snipe returned with a blood bag.

Taking the bag from the man, Himiko gulped down a bit of the contents before saying "My quirk allows me to transform upon drinking their blood and Izu-Kun had actually realized the drawback that I didn't see."

The teachers listened in as she continued "I can't help but want to drink blood. My parents hated the idea of having me drink blood, so they forced me to try and "be normal" for as long as they wanted."

"They were forcing you to stay away from blood...." Vlad commented.

" I was forced to feed off animals, but they even caught me doing that. So one day, I was attending my graduation from my old school and I ended up blacking out....when I came to, my crush was on the floor in a small pool of blood, a blood-stained box cutter and straw were in my hands....and tears were going down my face." Himiko explained as she got a little teary eyed.

All of the teachers knew what she was talking about...and dreaded her story. Himiko was wanted in connection with a brutal attack on a student during their school's graduation, and that boy was in a coma and anemic for weeks. But, all that was said in the interviews and the investigation were negative comments directed at her, no one bothered to understand her, or even realize that her quirk had a blood-requirement and damning drawback, even her own parents condemned her. Out of all the seasoned pros in the room, only one was acknowledging the girl's pain as she finished off the bag that Snipe had brought her. Vlad spoke up with "If I had been made aware of the truth of your circumstances, I would've stood by your side and maybe even saved you from all that." 

"Um...What do you mean?" Himiko said as the pro carefully approached her.

"My quirk has a blood-requirement as well, and I faced my share of scrutiny and bias before I became a hero. Though our drawbacks are different, I become anemic if I use my quirk too much, while you are saddled with a crippling addiction." The pro explained.

Himiko teared up further and fell into Dabi's side as he pat her head, the scarred man looking at Vlad as he spoke "You know, you're alright Vlad King, maybe I had the wrong impression of you." 

"And what about you, punk? What's your story?" Aizawa commented.

" Thought you'd never ask, first...." Dabi said, picking up the water bottle.

The teachers watched as the scarred man unscrewed the top before sitting Himiko up....and dumping the bottle over his head. The teachers watched as the man's oily black hair shifted to gray before finally settling on the color white. Doing a joking gentleman's bow, "Dabi" spoke "Here's my true name...Touya Todoroki, at your service." 

The teachers all froze in shock; the eldest son of the Todoroki house was now in front of them, despite him having been officially dead for some time. All Might was the first to speak up with "That's...That's Impossible! I was at your funeral! Your family wept for you!" 

"Rivers run through forests, small might." Touya commented. 

" They found a were incinerated, reduced to ash....." Midnight said in disbelief.

" There was someone spying on me...probably thought I was fascinating enough. I was only in that forest thanks to my old man." Touya explained.

The teachers listened in as Touya explained his roots...and confirmed that everything heard about the number two hero was true. He was initially born to see if he was going to be born with the quirk that Endeavor had wanted. However, when it was discovered he had poor constitution and an affinity solely for ice and a fire quirk, Endeavor had given up and stopped training Touya like he had done before the discovery was made. All the son had known was that he was supposed to be better than All Might, so he turned to training himself while Endeavor and Rei sired his siblings, while Shoto had been their final success. The growing neglect took its toll on him, as rather than praise him, Endeavor continued to tell him he couldn't do it...

"Touya...." Midnight said.

" When my flames turned blue, I couldn't stop crying as I watched the flames burn around me. Though I had come so far...I despaired at the fact that I knew he was never going to acknowledge me." Touya said.

" This is why you could have easily trained under me, my quirk is perfect for cases like yours." Eraserhead said.

" Yeah, but dear old dad just wanted me to be a stronger him. He was just that insecure about the fact he was not gonna beat you." Touya remarked, glaring at All Might.

" He told that "Advice" that you gave him..." Toga commented with a venomous tone as Recovery Girl entered.

"Chiyo, how is Young Midoriya?" Nedzu asked.

" He's sleeping for now, the doctors and I got his limbs in new casts and he's asleep." The nurse said as she sat down in a chair.

Realizing that the two had shared their stories, Aizawa commented "You've shared two Young Midoriya's the third?" 

"Yep." Toga said, emphasizing the P with a *Pop*.

" Gather round kids, our story for you is titled...."How U.A and Society failed Izuku Midoriya." Touya snarked.

The teachers felt a slight feeling as if a dagger went through them all at the same time at hearing the title's name, in which Touya said "When we held Izuku captive, he didn't panic or freak out. Most kids his age would be flipping the fuck out at being kidnapped, but not him, the only thing he had on his mind was fighting through his pain and staying conscious. So, we pried him for details, and what we found was baffling. This kid had the WORST life before he got his quirk: He kept getting the snot beat out of him for NO reason other than he was quirkless, his dear old dad was never around, and for school....he was always sabotaged, teachers failed him for the slightest tests, made him shoulder blame for the stupidity of their quirked kids, barred him from participating in things, and practically indoctrinated his dear old mum to believe her baby boy was lashing out of envy and was being genuinely ungrateful. For example, Katsuki Bakugou was generally a VILAIN to this kid and even used his quirk on this kid for most of his damn life growing up!" 

"I never saw any evidence of that! There isn't-" Recovery Girl exclaimed.

" He's got a tub of hero-quality concealer stashed in his stuff, old lady!" Toga argued.

The nurse was taken aback by Toga's comment, as Touya continued "Because dear old mom was such a worrywart and believing lies about her son over him, he started using a concealer he bought to cover up all the burn scars that Katsuki left him with. By the time he got his quirk, he had been told by All Might that he couldn't be a hero without a quirk, only to backpedal when the kid almost got killed trying to do what a bunch of pros couldn't do when that Bakugou punk was being suffocated by that sludge jackass. He's the reason Izuku kept breaking his fucking bones each time he used his quirk...was thanks to his so-called advice." Touya snarked.

" I had a limited time frame, he had to be at the entrance exam...." All Might said.

" Well, Anal Might, you screwed up." Touya said.

" What was the advice?" Aizawa inquired, a hint of rage seeping from his voice.

" Clench your butt cheeks and yell Smash!" Toga said in a mocking voice.

" Were you teaching a sex technique to use for his partner? Or trying to teach him how to use his quirk?" Touya added.

All Might was now hiding behind a desk as Aizawa's bloodlust forced him to hide, while Touya finalized "This kid has been told constantly that his life doesn't matter, his mom taught him the wrong stuff, so now he's had this idea in his head that his life will have a purpose if he dies as a hero! And you have done NOTHING to show that you care!" 

The teachers fell silent as Touya took a drink of water from a second bottle he had, processing what the long-presumed dead Todoroki had just laid into them. Each one ran through the emotions, wondering where they went wrong. All Might appeared visibly distressed, he entrusted Izuku with One For All....but let his personal excitement at Izuku's heroic heart blind him to the suffering that he was under. Nedzu never understood and saw eye to eye with humans, so he decided to inquire "Why? Why would Izuku Midoriya's story be so moving for you to turn turncoat from the league?" 

Looking to each other, Touya said " His story made us think and do something we never expected; look back. Comparing our stories to his, our misery was just one circle of hell...he was being stuffed into a cannon and shot PLUS ULTRA through all nine EVERY day of his life. We were practically acting as privileged as the bastards who hurt him, thinking our misery was more important than his. Plus, he was literally beginning to cry at the fact that we listened to him."

"If you still wanna save that Bakugou....head there." Toga said as she dropped a slip of paper on the table with venom in her voice.

That information Touya shared dragged the hearts of the teachers down, had no one really listened to him? Nedzu spoke "Normally, you'd be shipped off to jail for what you did at the camp. But, since you graciously provided us with...enlightening information, you deserve a reward for opening our eyes to a grave mistake." 

Thanks to the information that the two gave, the heroes rescued a captive Bakugou, while All Might defeated All For One and exhausted his use of One For All. However, things were never the same since Kamino...

Izuku was placed into therapy, where he finally learned to trust adults again as the teachers worked to improve his view of being in a classroom. His burn scars were treated by Recovery girl, and All Might apologized to his student for his negligence and entrusted Izuku to Aizawa's care after briefing the teacher of One For All, allowing him to pursue his teaching license of his own volition. 1-A was briefed about the nature of his history, in which they apologized for not helping their friend in dealing with Bakugou and protecting him. Uraraka laid off Izuku for a bit, until she learned to create a new nickname for him...

Bakugou was saddled with restrictions upon his return, demoted to Gen Ed and only re-earn his hero course seat after a review under Nedzu's watch. He was sent to anger management and therapy, but instead of retaking his seat, Bakugou transferred to Shiketsu of his own volition. 

Toga became the ward of Vlad, who arranged for her to go to therapy and learned to cope with her traumas. Under the villain rehabilitation program, Himiko learned to become a Hero and made amends with Ochako and Tsuyu. 

Touya had become the ward of Midnight for a time, moving in with Rei and his siblings after having a tearful reunion with them under the watch of Hound Dog, who had therapy sessions with him and Izuku. He and Toga remained friends with Izuku, supporting Izuku as he confronted his mother for her overbearing behavior and belief he was ungrateful and laying the truth of his torment in front of her. Inko caved under the weight of what Izuku revealed, breaking down as she despaired at failing her son and letting her feelings blind her to seeing her son's pain. The Midoriya Matriarch worked to make amends with her son, promising to ease off him and hoped they find peace once again. 

Izuku's analytical skills were recognized by Nedzu, who had actually admitted he began analyzing to cope with his own trauma of the experiments he went through. The two formed a close Mentor/Student relationship as Nedzu became his personal tutor, providing him with the means to protect his notes digitally and the greenette left his notebooks in the principal's care, keeping the one All Might signed. 

Endeavor didn't become the next Number One after All Might's retirement, Touya testified against him and exposed his corrupt past to the public. Nedzu also exposed the HPSC's efforts of using "Quirk Selectivism" as a means to control society and create a perceived equilibrium of heroes and villains to keep the former around, drawing the ire of the Prime Minister and the World Hero Association. An investigation unveiled that Endeavor and numerous pros were indoctrinated to spread their message, as well as Hawks and Nagant's illegal training as the equivalent to child soldiers for the HPSC. Hawks was given a requirement to remain as a pro hero; mandatory therapy, while his former colleague Nagant was released from Tartarus on probation. Izuku actually befriended Nagant alongside Touya, who was rumored to have entered a relationship with the latter while promising Izuku to "take him down" if he were to become a fake. The former number two lost his hero license, and he was arrested for his past actions.

Despite the chaos that had been created with the retirement of All Might, the arrest of Endeavor, and the HPSC's corruption; Pros worked hard to bring a semblance of order as the new #1 Best Jeanist promised society heroes will atone for their mistakes. All Might supported Izuku as they confronted Nighteye, whose insistence that Mirio was the only worthy wielder for One For All had reached a point that All Might was no longer tolerant of his behavior. All Might had finally laid bare the truth that Nighteye didn't want to hear; All Might was approached by the Fourth User during the coma he went into following his first battle with All For One, and the man revealed his story. Nighteye was dismayed to learn that the fourth was the only of the past Seven to die from One For All, and he was ready to send Mirio to his own possible death solely because the pro wanted to protect All Might from the future he saw.  Izuku helped him and Mirio make amends, with the Foresight hero working to atone for his mistakes and began to teach Mirio in earnest. 

Toga cemented her status a rehabilitated villain with her assistance in taking down the league during the Hissaikai conflict, impersonating Compress and rescuing Eri while Izuku defeated Overhaul with Mirio's help.

Touya incapacitated Shigaraki after he attacked the police convoy transporting the villain, though he was held under scrutiny after Compress killed Snatch with some of Touya's fire. Touya prevented the league from getting their hands on the quirk destroyer bullets, earning himself great respect.

Years after the defeat of Shigaraki and the peace agreement with the Meta Liberation Army, Himiko Kan and her friends, the pro heroes Uravity and Froppy, watched the naming of the New  #1 Hero, the reforged Hero, Dekiru (therapy helped him make a new name.)

Chapter Text

Momo Yaoyorozu, the vice representative of 1-A, the hero Creati, and heiress to the Yaoyorozu enterprise. She was kind, respectable, and like any other teen her age...shouldered with her own issues. She grew to see 1-A as companions and friends on their path to becoming official heroes, each helping each other in their own way....

But, there was one that Momo was worried about....Izuku Midoriya. The class 1-A analyst, hero fanboy, and resident green bean had always been an enigma to the vice rep; he  was soft spoken whenever not in a hero situation, jumpy and anxious.  His notes were exceptionally useful, and he was always courteous and respectful towards her and the rest of his classmates. Something else bothered her; the teacher treated Bakugou and Midoriya as rivals, and yet there was NO evidence of such. Their relationship was clearly troubling, so one day as the class began to depart to the dorms, Momo followed Izuku as he was dragged by Bakugou who said slanderous things...

"What are you doing Kaachan?!" Izuku pleaded.

" Putting in you in your place....give up and go. Get out." Katsuki said as his hands began to spark. 

" Kaachan, we're in the hero course together...." Izuku tried to defend himself.

" YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE HERE!" Bakugou screamed as he blasted Izuku with explosions. 

That was the last straw, she needed to step in and created a baton that expelled out her open palm; clasping it as she swiftly bashed him over the head and shouted "LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU DISGRACEFUL DEGENERATE! I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE TEACHERS!"

Her shout drew the attention of the rest of 1-A, who saw their explosive Pomeranian on the floor clutching his head as Momo grabbed Izuku's hand and ran away fast with the shaking greenette beside her...

Momo worked to relax and lower her adrenaline, she had just struck a classmate with a baton and just brought the victim into her room. However, her focus shifted to the shaking Midoriya, who was violently trembling and gripping the end of her bed tightly to the point his knuckles were whitening. Carefully approaching the boy, the heiress said "Midoriya, please calm down and mind your breathing...."

"O-O-Okay...." Izuku stammered out.

She worked to help him control his breathing, following the motions as she said "Mid-no, Izuku, is it okay if I give you a hug?" 

Izuku froze for a moment, quickly nodding and hugging the heiress tightly, she hugged him back and took note of his grip and could tell this was a clear sign of touch starvation. Sitting him down, Momo decided to ask the appropriate questions as she said " it okay if I ask you a couple of things and if I call you Izuku?"

Izuku gave a shaky *nod*, in which the heiress decided to ask "Izuku, is Bakugou really your rival?"

Izuku was silent, as if he were conflicted about telling her his story, fearing potential judgment and bias towards him. Momo noticed his hesitation, saying "If it helps you out, I won't say anything until you are finished. My judgment can wait until you have spoken..." 

"P-P-P-Promise?" Izuku said.

"I promise on the name of the Yaoyorozus." Momo said.

"O-O-Okay. I'll tell you." Izuku said.

Momo was now furious, Izuku sat on her bed with her blanket draped over him and his damaged uniform shirt was draped over her desk chair. The scars, the fact Aizawa negligently didn't bother to ask Izuku if he had prior experience with his quirk, that none of the teachers at U.A or his old school helped him! All of it made her blood boil! Izuku was tired and red-eyed, so Momo's phone went off with a message from Jiro:

Gothwithacrisis: Midnight just showed up looking for you. She wants to talk to you about Bakugou...

Godisawoman: Bring her and some water for Midoriya.

Gothwithacrisis: Sure, but what was that business with Midoriya? 

Godisawoman: Bring the water and Midnight to my room, I have a discovery that Midnight NEEDS to see.

Momo waited for a bit, in which there was a knock at her door and she let Midnight and Jirou in, Jirou noticing the state of Izuku....

"Greenie...what happened?" Jirou asked as Momo carefully took the glass from her and handed to Izuku, who gulped it down carefully.

"Miss Yaoyorozu, could explain why you assaulted your classmate with a Baton?" Midnight explained.

"Because Bakugou is a degenerate and an abuser." Momo argued.

" That's a bold accusation...." Midnight said.

" Izuku has plenty of proof..." Momo said, walking over to the green haired teen as he polished off the water. She spoke to him, saying "It's okay, you can show them. Midnight is not from Aldera..."

The teacher noticed Yaoyorozu's reassuring and comforting tone, in which Izuku agreed with her and removed the blanket and unveiled a sight which horrified Midnight and Jirou. Izuku's torso and arms were a myriad of scars that appeared to have been made by blades, some form of chemical, and scars that were shaped like black stars and...human hands. Midnight said "What....What the hell happened?!" 

"Midoriya was abused by his peers and on occasion....the teachers of his old school." Momo explained, venom seeping from her mouth at the mention of the teachers.

"Greenie....Why didn't you tell us?" Jiro asked concerned.

"How could he? He was misdiagnosed, so he had to spend his life being branded as quirkless until his quirk fully awoke in the Entrance Exam. Would you be able to talk to people properly after being treated like that?" Momo explained.

"He's a late bloomer? Then Sho's reports...." Midnight said coming to the same realization.

"Yes, but worst of all, he's got SEVERE social anxiety to the point it is on borderline paranoia. of the makers of his scars was allowed to join the hero course." Momo said.

"What?" Midnight said in disbelief. 

" Bakugou is NOT his rival, Midnight-Sensei, I saw him blast Izuku with his quirk and calmed him down from entering disassociation before he could tell me his story." Momo explained.

"So that's why you hit him with the baton..." Jiro said.

" I can officially say that I am willing to call U.A's teaching practices into question when they have allowed Izuku's abuser and BULLY get away with attacking Izuku and not reprimanding him properly." Momo said, her tone sounding authoritative. 

Silence filled the room, in which Midnight said " are right. While you will still be punished for attacking Bakugou with a baton, I think your sentence deserves to be a little lighter since you brought a serious matter to our attention. I'll be sending a message to Recovery girl and Nedzu, they need to be notified of this, and Inui as well....."

"You.....You're...You're gonna..."Izuku stuttered out.

" It's over, Izuku, you do not have to suffer anymore." Momo said as she gently hugged him, provoking the boy to wail in her arms.

Nedzu, Recovery Girl, and Hound Dog were horrified to hear of Izuku's past experiences with his teachers and classmates. The nurse apologized to Izuku and helped arrange a schedule to oversee the removal of his scars, even mending the damage done thanks to One For All. Inui tested Izuku, uncovering the numerous psychological issues that plagued the young man and requesting he visit him more often to help him heal mentally. 

Nedzu reprimanded Aizawa and All Might, confronting the two for their negligence to Izuku's well-being. All Might was forced to come clean about his poor training advice and One For all, which provoked Aizawa enough to assault him. Aizawa had been suspended from teaching 1-A, Midnight taking over while the underground pro assisted in the Investigation into Aldera, which unearthed years of Quirkist negligence and criminal abuse of the students and indoctrination of students, revealing a large number of staff arrested for having ties to the Meta Liberation Army. Aldera School District was charged with Academic Fraud, Illegal Quirk Use, Child Endangerment, Suicide Encouragement, and charges of physical and emotional abuse.

Bakugou was demoted to Gen Ed, and placed into anger management and therapy.  He was only allowed to rejoin by entering 1-B, and passing a mandatory psych evaluation once it was confirmed he was mentally sound. His vacant seat was taken by Shinsou, and Mineta's seat was filled by a transfer student from Gen Ed. 

Momo and Jiro helped Izuku come clean to his classmates about his past, but were caught off guard when Izuku came clean about writing pages dedicated to personal aspects of them out of paranoia and publicly ripped each page out before them to show his sincerity that he was both sorry for his actions, and not a danger to them. They all apologized for failing to notice his issues, each coming clean about their personal issues. He also helped Nedzu build a plan to protect Shoto after he came clean about Endeavor's abuse, earning the principal's respect and the privilege to become his student on analysis....

All Might laid off Izuku, taking leave from U.A to earn his teacher's license of his own volition. When suspicions of a traitor at U.A came to light, All Might joined the group with Momo to protect Izuku and watched over him to ensure he wasn't a spy.

The heiress helped Izuku stand up to Inko and call her out for failing to stand up for him and teaching him the wrong things. Inko was dismayed to learn of the abuse that Izuku went through, falling into depression for failing her son and working to make amends. She asked Momo to be there for Izuku, as she needed to learn "how to be a parent again".

Years later, following All For One's defeat and Shigaraki's capture, Izuku gained the rank of Number One hero. Following the Second Meta Revolution Attempt, 1-A and several students from the different hero schools banded together to form the Hero Assembly Network; a new communication network for heroes since the HeroNet was taken offline after Re-Destro attacked and killed dozens of HPSC officials at the headquarters. At the ceremony and gala for the commemoration of the Hero Public Management Bureau (the successor for the HPSC) and the launch of the Assembly, Momo met with Izuku outside on a balcony and spoke "We've come so far since those days." 

"Yeah...we have." Izuku said.

" I'm surprised that you decided to come out here rather than join the party." The young successor to the Yaoyorozu name said.

"Well...I was waiting for you, actually." Izuku said as he put his hand in his pocket.

Momo cocked an eyebrow as Izuku pulled out a small box and dropped to one knee, as Momo looked to him with surprise as he said...

"You were my hero in my darkest day, Momo, would you like to go beyond....and be my wife?" 

Touched by the effort, Momo broke down into happy tears as she said only one word....