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Midoriya Izuku and the Hands that saved him. Part 1

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Momo Yaoyorozu, the vice representative of 1-A, the hero Creati, and heiress to the Yaoyorozu enterprise. She was kind, respectable, and like any other teen her age...shouldered with her own issues. She grew to see 1-A as companions and friends on their path to becoming official heroes, each helping each other in their own way....

But, there was one that Momo was worried about....Izuku Midoriya. The class 1-A analyst, hero fanboy, and resident green bean had always been an enigma to the vice rep; he  was soft spoken whenever not in a hero situation, jumpy and anxious.  His notes were exceptionally useful, and he was always courteous and respectful towards her and the rest of his classmates. Something else bothered her; the teacher treated Bakugou and Midoriya as rivals, and yet there was NO evidence of such. Their relationship was clearly troubling, so one day as the class began to depart to the dorms, Momo followed Izuku as he was dragged by Bakugou who said slanderous things...

"What are you doing Kaachan?!" Izuku pleaded.

" Putting in you in your place....give up and go. Get out." Katsuki said as his hands began to spark. 

" Kaachan, we're in the hero course together...." Izuku tried to defend himself.

" YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE HERE!" Bakugou screamed as he blasted Izuku with explosions. 

That was the last straw, she needed to step in and created a baton that expelled out her open palm; clasping it as she swiftly bashed him over the head and shouted "LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU DISGRACEFUL DEGENERATE! I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE TEACHERS!"

Her shout drew the attention of the rest of 1-A, who saw their explosive Pomeranian on the floor clutching his head as Momo grabbed Izuku's hand and ran away fast with the shaking greenette beside her...

Momo worked to relax and lower her adrenaline, she had just struck a classmate with a baton and just brought the victim into her room. However, her focus shifted to the shaking Midoriya, who was violently trembling and gripping the end of her bed tightly to the point his knuckles were whitening. Carefully approaching the boy, the heiress said "Midoriya, please calm down and mind your breathing...."

"O-O-Okay...." Izuku stammered out.

She worked to help him control his breathing, following the motions as she said "Mid-no, Izuku, is it okay if I give you a hug?" 

Izuku froze for a moment, quickly nodding and hugging the heiress tightly, she hugged him back and took note of his grip and could tell this was a clear sign of touch starvation. Sitting him down, Momo decided to ask the appropriate questions as she said " it okay if I ask you a couple of things and if I call you Izuku?"

Izuku gave a shaky *nod*, in which the heiress decided to ask "Izuku, is Bakugou really your rival?"

Izuku was silent, as if he were conflicted about telling her his story, fearing potential judgment and bias towards him. Momo noticed his hesitation, saying "If it helps you out, I won't say anything until you are finished. My judgment can wait until you have spoken..." 

"P-P-P-Promise?" Izuku said.

"I promise on the name of the Yaoyorozus." Momo said.

"O-O-Okay. I'll tell you." Izuku said.

Momo was now furious, Izuku sat on her bed with her blanket draped over him and his damaged uniform shirt was draped over her desk chair. The scars, the fact Aizawa negligently didn't bother to ask Izuku if he had prior experience with his quirk, that none of the teachers at U.A or his old school helped him! All of it made her blood boil! Izuku was tired and red-eyed, so Momo's phone went off with a message from Jiro:

Gothwithacrisis: Midnight just showed up looking for you. She wants to talk to you about Bakugou...

Godisawoman: Bring her and some water for Midoriya.

Gothwithacrisis: Sure, but what was that business with Midoriya? 

Godisawoman: Bring the water and Midnight to my room, I have a discovery that Midnight NEEDS to see.

Momo waited for a bit, in which there was a knock at her door and she let Midnight and Jirou in, Jirou noticing the state of Izuku....

"Greenie...what happened?" Jirou asked as Momo carefully took the glass from her and handed to Izuku, who gulped it down carefully.

"Miss Yaoyorozu, could explain why you assaulted your classmate with a Baton?" Midnight explained.

"Because Bakugou is a degenerate and an abuser." Momo argued.

" That's a bold accusation...." Midnight said.

" Izuku has plenty of proof..." Momo said, walking over to the green haired teen as he polished off the water. She spoke to him, saying "It's okay, you can show them. Midnight is not from Aldera..."

The teacher noticed Yaoyorozu's reassuring and comforting tone, in which Izuku agreed with her and removed the blanket and unveiled a sight which horrified Midnight and Jirou. Izuku's torso and arms were a myriad of scars that appeared to have been made by blades, some form of chemical, and scars that were shaped like black stars and...human hands. Midnight said "What....What the hell happened?!" 

"Midoriya was abused by his peers and on occasion....the teachers of his old school." Momo explained, venom seeping from her mouth at the mention of the teachers.

"Greenie....Why didn't you tell us?" Jiro asked concerned.

"How could he? He was misdiagnosed, so he had to spend his life being branded as quirkless until his quirk fully awoke in the Entrance Exam. Would you be able to talk to people properly after being treated like that?" Momo explained.

"He's a late bloomer? Then Sho's reports...." Midnight said coming to the same realization.

"Yes, but worst of all, he's got SEVERE social anxiety to the point it is on borderline paranoia. of the makers of his scars was allowed to join the hero course." Momo said.

"What?" Midnight said in disbelief. 

" Bakugou is NOT his rival, Midnight-Sensei, I saw him blast Izuku with his quirk and calmed him down from entering disassociation before he could tell me his story." Momo explained.

"So that's why you hit him with the baton..." Jiro said.

" I can officially say that I am willing to call U.A's teaching practices into question when they have allowed Izuku's abuser and BULLY get away with attacking Izuku and not reprimanding him properly." Momo said, her tone sounding authoritative. 

Silence filled the room, in which Midnight said " are right. While you will still be punished for attacking Bakugou with a baton, I think your sentence deserves to be a little lighter since you brought a serious matter to our attention. I'll be sending a message to Recovery girl and Nedzu, they need to be notified of this, and Inui as well....."

"You.....You're...You're gonna..."Izuku stuttered out.

" It's over, Izuku, you do not have to suffer anymore." Momo said as she gently hugged him, provoking the boy to wail in her arms.

Nedzu, Recovery Girl, and Hound Dog were horrified to hear of Izuku's past experiences with his teachers and classmates. The nurse apologized to Izuku and helped arrange a schedule to oversee the removal of his scars, even mending the damage done thanks to One For All. Inui tested Izuku, uncovering the numerous psychological issues that plagued the young man and requesting he visit him more often to help him heal mentally. 

Nedzu reprimanded Aizawa and All Might, confronting the two for their negligence to Izuku's well-being. All Might was forced to come clean about his poor training advice and One For all, which provoked Aizawa enough to assault him. Aizawa had been suspended from teaching 1-A, Midnight taking over while the underground pro assisted in the Investigation into Aldera, which unearthed years of Quirkist negligence and criminal abuse of the students and indoctrination of students, revealing a large number of staff arrested for having ties to the Meta Liberation Army. Aldera School District was charged with Academic Fraud, Illegal Quirk Use, Child Endangerment, Suicide Encouragement, and charges of physical and emotional abuse.

Bakugou was demoted to Gen Ed, and placed into anger management and therapy.  He was only allowed to rejoin by entering 1-B, and passing a mandatory psych evaluation once it was confirmed he was mentally sound. His vacant seat was taken by Shinsou, and Mineta's seat was filled by a transfer student from Gen Ed. 

Momo and Jiro helped Izuku come clean to his classmates about his past, but were caught off guard when Izuku came clean about writing pages dedicated to personal aspects of them out of paranoia and publicly ripped each page out before them to show his sincerity that he was both sorry for his actions, and not a danger to them. They all apologized for failing to notice his issues, each coming clean about their personal issues. He also helped Nedzu build a plan to protect Shoto after he came clean about Endeavor's abuse, earning the principal's respect and the privilege to become his student on analysis....

All Might laid off Izuku, taking leave from U.A to earn his teacher's license of his own volition. When suspicions of a traitor at U.A came to light, All Might joined the group with Momo to protect Izuku and watched over him to ensure he wasn't a spy.

The heiress helped Izuku stand up to Inko and call her out for failing to stand up for him and teaching him the wrong things. Inko was dismayed to learn of the abuse that Izuku went through, falling into depression for failing her son and working to make amends. She asked Momo to be there for Izuku, as she needed to learn "how to be a parent again".

Years later, following All For One's defeat and Shigaraki's capture, Izuku gained the rank of Number One hero. Following the Second Meta Revolution Attempt, 1-A and several students from the different hero schools banded together to form the Hero Assembly Network; a new communication network for heroes since the HeroNet was taken offline after Re-Destro attacked and killed dozens of HPSC officials at the headquarters. At the ceremony and gala for the commemoration of the Hero Public Management Bureau (the successor for the HPSC) and the launch of the Assembly, Momo met with Izuku outside on a balcony and spoke "We've come so far since those days." 

"Yeah...we have." Izuku said.

" I'm surprised that you decided to come out here rather than join the party." The young successor to the Yaoyorozu name said.

"Well...I was waiting for you, actually." Izuku said as he put his hand in his pocket.

Momo cocked an eyebrow as Izuku pulled out a small box and dropped to one knee, as Momo looked to him with surprise as he said...

"You were my hero in my darkest day, Momo, would you like to go beyond....and be my wife?" 

Touched by the effort, Momo broke down into happy tears as she said only one word....